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05-18-02, 06:32
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05-22-02, 20:29
Just back from my first trip to Jakarta, and I have enjoyed sex action very much there. I now now that Indonesia is as good as Thailand for sex, even maybe a bit cheaper, and the Indonesian girls are as sweet and as good in bed as their Thai colleagues. I wonder why I waited so many years before testing Jakarta. The bad side is that there aren't any gogo bars or open sex life like in the red light districts of Thailand, and you don't eat well in Indonesia, contrary to Thailand where food is excellent. Also the night begins too late, around 12 pm. This is ridiculous. But the good side is that they have several "Themae" style discos or bars, with very relaxed athmosphere. Also, Indonesian girls seem to have less problems with BJ than Thai girls. Do you agree ? I will sure return to Jakarta soon.

Apac Boy
05-29-02, 07:56
just wanted to say that if u ever fly to BKK from LAX, NEVER fly China Airlines...their awful flight record over the last 10 years is enough to scare EVERYBODY away. Another crash by CA, this time, it's a short flight from TPE to HKG....i think the statistics are like 700 passengers DEAD over the last 10 years...SHEESH...

I am flying CAL on my way back to the States next week...pray for me please


Ting Tong
05-29-02, 10:35
Originally posted by tapioca
I am flying CAL on my way back to the States next week...pray for me please


God Bless You

05-29-02, 22:12
Just a little correction, Tapioca, in order to be fair to CA :
CA is Air China. CI is China airlines, the bad one.
CA, the company of mainland China, has a very good security record, although it has had its first crash ever two months ago, in South-Korea.

06-01-02, 23:50
Its a bit funny. I was taking a class in Mandarin Chinese in
Washington, D.C. The Instructor, a woman from Taiwan
discussed travel to China during a class. She said..."Whatever
you do...do not take China Air lines....the planes are old and
they do not maintain them.." This was almost a year ago.

06-01-02, 23:56
In retrospect.....Find a good US Airline that flys to Asia. To
Freeler....I hope the impact is sustainable....If so, you just have to worry about the sharks feeding on your broken body

Deep File
06-02-02, 03:21
On the other hand, CI is going to have to dump their rates into the tank to attract passengers over the next few months... so if you want to roll the dice you can probably save some serious money on your transpacific flight...

Just a thought...:)

Joe Zop
06-15-02, 15:36
Ricrok -- You'll end up paying a premium for an all-inclusive trip as opposed to doing air and lodging separately. It's easy enough to find lodging to book either in advance or as a walk-in pretty much anywhere in Thailand. Where to go depends on how long you're planning to stay and whether mongering is your sole purpose. Flights into Thailand come into Bangkok which is a fine place to start a trip, and/or as a last stop before leaving.

Pass along a few more details, and it will be easier to give info.

06-20-02, 08:33
Hi Guys
I'm planning to go to Thailand in about March or April and could use some advice. In the 1st place a couple of people said that this is a bad part of the year to go. I don't have much choice on that but would like to know why. The other question is that I'd really like to find young pretty gal to spend a few days maybe a week with me instead of a quickie. Can that be worked out? I also recall seeing a website about a Thai resort, Paradise Farm, but can't even find the site again since my old HD crashed. Does anyone know anything about the place?

06-24-02, 00:15
Any info on Hua Hin? I'll be staying at the Hilton resort in Hua Hin in mid July and would appreciate any info on the action in this town.

06-27-02, 06:10
Considering adding Thailand to my résumé and I am wondering, what is the toilet situation over there? If you need to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) can you just walk into a bar and [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and walk out? Or will they hassle you? Are there hags guarding the bathrooms like in parts of Europe? Is it "pay as you go"? Is the toilet a pipe sticking up out of the ground like some places in Korea? I'm sure it varies but in general what is the deal? Thanks.

06-29-02, 17:11
hehe.... shouldn't be a problem finding a girl. just remember Thai girls over a period of 3 or more days are like heroin and cocaine. easy to find... expensive or cheap (depending on quality), but not terribly expensive (in the short run anyway).... and a hard habit to get rid of.

next thing you know.... you might start dreaming of opening a club or bar (because you gotz some fresh ideas!).



Originally posted by najene
Hi Guys
I'm planning to go to Thailand in about March or April and could use some advice. In the 1st place a couple of people said that this is a bad part of the year to go. I don't have much choice on that but would like to know why. The other question is that I'd really like to find young pretty gal to spend a few days maybe a week with me instead of a quickie. Can that be worked out? I also recall seeing a website about a Thai resort, Paradise Farm, but can't even find the site again since my old HD crashed. Does anyone know anything about the place?

06-30-02, 03:16
I'm planning a trip to thailand in november, and I would like to be able to score some nice thai sticks to smoke while I'm there. Does anybody know any good discrete ways of finding herb in thailand.

On The Road
06-30-02, 10:07
too_big: Next month will be my first trip to Thailand, so my anwers should be useless 'cos I'm not expert, but I'm reading a lot 'bout the Kingdom... faggetaboutit, just forget about it, it's really better for you. As a farang you should face very big problems dealing with drugs in this country. I'm a ganja lover, in my country and elsewhere in the world, but I think I'll have no good or bad ganja, there...
Just my little cent...

On The Road
06-30-02, 10:43
Now a little question 'bout my travel itinerary.
I'll be in Thailand for 17 days. I would like to stay some day in BKK, then a week or more away in a good beach, then coming back to BKK.
I'm trying to decide on which beach I should try, to be in the action. Now I'm thinking on Phuket, but I'm not so sure.
Any suggestion on how spending good times trvelling around for ten days?
And which is the best way to travel? Is it sure to rent a car and drive around alone? And is it cheap to rent a car in BKK?
Maybe I could have enough time to see something different from only sea, so what sould I do, there?
Thanks a lot. My mail is RRunner3@hotmail.com. Thanks again.


On The Road
06-30-02, 18:05
Thanks a lot, freeler. Good infos.
I'll let you know... ;)


06-30-02, 18:39
Has anyone ever had experiences with adult tours that go to Thailand? I'm considering a trip to Thailand next year and I was hoping someone could tell me if it's worth it to go it alone or go with a group of like-minded people.

Joe Zop
06-30-02, 18:55
Depends on your personality, and whether or not you're comfortable travelling alone. I've never done a tour, but honestly, it's pretty hard not to have a good time in Thailand, and if you've read this forum at all you probably know enough to manage on your own, as the main areas are pretty tourist-friendly. There's usually a pretty fair concentration of farangs around, and it's not hard at all to hook up, as many folks here have done.

07-01-02, 06:15
Derking72 go alone I just went a couple months ago and this was a first time trip besides border towns in Mexico to foriegn lands alone. The advice on this board for the most part made me feel very good and I loved the trip went to the tuoristy places in the day bars and gogo's at night. Did go to a couple of the message places also. Will I go back alone again yes. It was stated to go for at least ten days in earlier post I would say that is bs If this is your first Iwould stay for at least twenty days to get ajusted, relaxed, and a feel for how you want your trip to end. My trip to short eleven days. I do really want to go back soon.

07-01-02, 06:55
I'm going in August. What hotel did you stay at, and can you give me a report?

07-01-02, 07:02
A question from the ancient one. Is it true that Thailand has some restriction on nudity? I am a naturist. Are there nude beaches or resorts?

07-01-02, 10:16

it is an understatement to say that Thailand has some restriction on nudity.

In fact, public display of nudity is stictly forbidden. Do it and you will land in jail. Serious.

Besides, Thai people are rather shy. Even a hardcore working girl, who was dancing in the nude at NEP will wrap herself in a towel when getting out of the bathroom, in the privacy of your hotel room. And that is five minutes before you can have anal sex with her ! This goes a long way to tell how Thais feel about nudity.

If you are really serious about going about in your birthday suit, there is no shortage of secluded beaches on isolated islands. But be forewarned that it is strictly unlawful.

07-01-02, 16:16
I'm planning on visiting Thailand in August and need some advice. I'm currently working in Korea so Thailand is a short and cheap vacation, so I'm hoping you can answer some basic questions. I've read over the board looking for them.. but it seems most of you have been around so long its mostly conversations geared towards those already "in the know".

I'm looking for the basic "sex tour" package, not formal, just the best place to go. I don't want to go to Bangkok so I'm deciding between Pattaya and Phuket. Any suggestions on which one? Between shags I'd like to do the general vacationy stuff.. such as scuba, jet-ski etc etc.

After airfare, I'll have about 20,000 baht in spending money, is that enough to ensure a good time? Food, hotel, leisure, girls etc? For about 5-6 days.

Also if there is a FAQ somewhere, please point in the right direction. Appreciate your input.


PS. If anyone is planning to come to Seoul I can give you all the advice you need. Sadly girls here cost a fortune compared to thai girls, but girls are just as easily accessable.

07-01-02, 16:58

I guess you are right. This board is increasingly a chat between regulars, which is great for us, but maybe not so enlightening for newbees.

However, feel free to ask your questions, as you just did. So let's go about it:

Go to Phuket. Pattaya is far less pleasant as a holiday resort. Pattaya can be defined as Bangkok Beach, with vibrant nightlife, as they say, but pollution, lots of people etc. Phuket is a large island, you can get all the nightlife you want and still enjoy a tropical paradise that Pattaya has never been. An alternative to Phuket is Koh Samui.

About budget: it is a most personal matter, but quite frankly, 20,000 baht will not go far if you want a good time. Most Thais live on less than that per month, but we are not Thai, and we are on holidays. Money flies.

Accomodation and food are relatively inexpensive (2,000 a day, maybe), but the fun bits are more pricey. I figure that between a nice hotel, good meal, intoxicating drinks, recreational sex etc. a minimum would be 6,000 baht a day. Others may disagree.

Obviously, the most expensive line item in your budget will be girls and girl-related expenses. You will have understood from reading this board that there is much flexibility.

In LOS as anywhere else, you get what you pay for. Still, it is a buyer's market, and a lot of what you can buy is not even for sale in much of the rest of the world, and definitively not at that bargain price.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for more. IBtw, I may be in Seoul later this year on business.

Apac Boy
07-01-02, 22:52
he's going on the "sex tour" package...goto Pattaya...don't goto Phuket. Yes, more things to do in Phuket...but there are far more girls in Pattaya than in Phuket. Weren't u the one that went to Phuket and couldn't find a girl so you had Traveler talk a girl into going to Phuket to see u???

as for money....20,000BHT for 5 days is about 4,000BHT/day. Conservatively, I think you're ok if ur staying in a room about 600BHT/night. damn sedlitz, 6,000BHt/day!?!? Let's just split it in half and go with 5,000BHT/day for an unbelievably GREAT time. But I wouldn't stay in the 600BHt/day rooms..go get rooms about 1,000-1,500/night.

don't need a map when u get there...just follow the smell of pussy to ur nearest gogo or beer bar.


07-02-02, 02:20
Thanks for the advice to everyone who posted directly to my question. I'm already browsing through the reports and the archived forum and taking notes. Hopefully, by this time next year, I'll be in Thailand putting the information to good use. Here's another question: How does your average working Joe and Jane in Thailand view foreigners and their Thai "girlfriends?" What I've read so far I get the impression that not many care or, if they do, they have a laid back approach to it.

07-02-02, 04:41
Hey guys, thanks for your responses.. but, could you give me a break down on the costs? 5000-6000 baht seems kinda high?

What would be your typical expenses for a day/night be for example?

Considering, from what I've read here... you can get a girl LT for between 700-1000b? ST even less..

Food and beer can't be that expensive can it?

And hotel for between 600-1500?


07-02-02, 05:01
About the budget.
I don't drink, I'm in recovery, but I do like good food. As Tapioca said I'm not likely to disco all night. What I do like is pretty women and slowww sex. As far as horels go I want clean, comfortable and girl-friendly. I saw the web site for the Penthouse Hotel in Pattaya and it looked OK but I don't know if I can go by that.
By the way I'm not a feeble old guy as many my age choose to be. Most people think I'm 10 years younger and I think I'm 25, but I have slowed down on the nitelife but that is also because I've been there done that... a lot of that. I'm like a lot of other mature people. We aren't sure what we are supposed to do. We are told a lot that many things aren't appropriate. At the same time we still want to party, just not as often and as hard.

07-02-02, 05:22
hi lighter 9000
i am going to seoul on july 11th and to bangkok later. can u give me some advice on seoul plz...i dont have or know any korean froends or language..
thanx..plz email to slhyd@hotmail.com

Apac Boy
07-02-02, 06:20
at ur age, u'll prob HATE the Penthouse....

shoot me an email...i'll tell u where to stay in Pattaya...great clean rooms for less than $20USD/night. SOOOO much better than the Penthouse.



07-02-02, 08:11
DErking72 I stayed at Nana hotel. It like a motel six. But with better service 2or 3 dollar tip or gets you everything you can ask for even at 2:ooam in the morn. I had a room cleaning twice at that time. While there. As far as cabs at the hotel do not take them go to street in front and get a metered taxis. Never take a taxis to a message place just walk there are plenty. Get map at http://www.anglefire.com/super/sanukmaps/images/Sukhumvit.com . Right across the street or even at the beer garden at the hotel is a very good selection of girls. Why it took me five days to figure out that at most or all beer gardens all girls are available is beyond me I'm stupid. Bar fines are from 350-600 bht. Girls 1000-2500 includind bar fine. Or should I say I had girls 18-28 for 25-60 dollars short and long time. One good thing to note is ask for toilet not mens room bathroom or other about pissed my pants off before hitting the right phrase. Outside of the Nana area I walked around also and never felt threatening. It is hard to brush off some girls but be persistent. The ones who you pick and do kiss and fondle you at the bar are the ones who will do the most kinky stuff and and your request at your room. With me I only had 1 bad session she got me in the room mine we showered she did the bbj a little too long and after 5 minutes in side I exploded was ther less than 40 minutes. Seen her the next nite I had to try it again. When she got thur dancing and came over she said u bar fine I said no. She asked why not I said your too rushed. And she said the obvious I do good. I didn't no if I trusted her but after she had to dance again and she gave me the show took here. She was great even knowing it was short time gave me another go.37$ you can't go wrong. My trip cost less than $3000. Inclundinding trips to TJ before and after which the after sucked. Hotel the nite before in LA by the airport. Most days with three girls aday with two overnighters and no extra charge with the hotel. Just keep this in mind exchange your money there. and 1000bht is 25$ more or less. Got a bad rate here in the US at Lax like 36-1 when the rate was 42.5 over there. Take a metered taxis to your hotel.

07-02-02, 08:53
Hi Tap,

in my budget estimate, I was including stuff like renting a jeep, that gives you a lot of freedom in Phuket (or Samui).

And yep, you are right, I asked Traveller to get my NEP sweetheart to join me in Samui, but that was because I could not be bothered with finding a local girl. There were plenty available, but I just enjoyed that Bangkok one. I realised that when I was on the plane to Samui. It is just me being weird.

I should have taken her with me down south in the first place (as she had suggested). On the other hand, it gave her the opportunity to show me how nice a girl she is. She paid her own bar fine and ticket with her own money to fly south to a place she never had visited to meet a near complete stranger.

What a great kid.

07-02-02, 15:11
Another Question:

Is it possible to purchase Viagra over-the-counter in Thailand (I heard it was) and if so, how much is the going rate.

07-03-02, 06:45
Freeler I thought it oh why start an aurgument as we less traveled people have to learn mostly on our own.... bathroom, comode..... these came to mind. As far as the beer garden girls no one really mentioned on this site dirictly... and it was a pleasant surprize. I'm glad to be a prudish American. Guess us earning less than 65k a year can stick with the best of them. I thought it to be a comical event, not the most, on learning a strange and pleasent land. Still your advice and others helped me. Yet I will not throw out the bs you just did thanks for the phrases and hope you get over your hangover or illness so you can go back to helping people vs. trashing them. Have a nice day. :-) 's from us simple minded folk. Freeler...I would have bought you a couple of drinks while there but now I know why I did this on my own. Read my folks learn and if you ain't there for 6 months do the best you can.

07-05-02, 20:39
Freeler no harm taken and I'm sorry to the board for my reply to you. Just remember lemons may be limes in another country (San Blas Islands in Panama). Thailand is a fun place both lady wize and scenic. It should not be passed up as a first time trip out of any country.

07-06-02, 04:21
Got your post, thanx. My e-mail program is down now due to some strange mail I've been getting, wierd mail for someone else.
I'll drop you a mail when it gets fixed.

07-08-02, 00:56
hi lighter
i ll be arriving in seoul on july 11th. will be there for 12 hrs..
any day time activities available?

07-08-02, 12:18

Plenty of daytime action in Seoul. Check the Seoul section of the South Korea board on this site.

Hooker Hill has chicks working in the juice bars as early as 1pm.. these work similar to go-go bars in Thailand.. just more expensive.

And Yongsan red-light district has girls working as early as noon.. not alot of selection but they are there.

07-10-02, 15:21
If anyone can give me some advice here that would be greatly appreciated. I want to know if you can rent safety deposit boxes (like at a bank) for a secure place to store some TC's.?? Or open a bank account? What do most people do that goto Thailand for 1 or 2 months or longer?? Thanks in advance.......

Joe Zop
07-10-02, 18:43

Good advice, as always. Do you still get favorable exchange rates on travelers checks at Thai emporiums? Last time I was there it was high enough above cash that I made a profit, since I get American Express checks at my local bank at 1.5% surcharge.

But I never have much trouble just using my ATM card anywhere in the world these days.

Joe Zop
07-10-02, 20:18
Yeah, I only used cash as a baseline rate comparison. Mostly I will use the ATM card as well. But I like to spread my options around just a little bit, simply from a protection standpoint, so in case something negative happens to my card I'm not too stuck. So I take some traveller's checks as well as my ATM/VISA, and then generally keep them as an available reserve. And particularly for my upcoming trip, which looks to be several months long, I don't want to be caught with only one option for getting funds.

With the Thai generosity toward TC's (which I presume allows them some further degree of currency speculation flexibility to justify the better rates) it can actually be cheaper that way as opposed to more expensive once I've figured in ATM surcharges.

Do you know, btw, if ATM surcharges apply if you withdraw money inside the bank as opposed to via machines? I got cash advances on my VISA that way when I was in both Australia and Africa and was delighted to find that there weren't any local fees as there were when I used the machines. But I've never tried it with my ATM card.

07-10-02, 21:52
Thanks for the input regarding safety of TC's, use of ATM's etc..., helps me prepare for my trip from the end of August until the end of September. Anyone travelling around that time care to meet up, lets hook up and exchange notes! I'll be going all over the place (Samui,Phuket,Korat,Chaingmai) and seems like 1 month isn't enough. Thanks to everyone's FR's here, and I'll post in the appropriate forum upon touch-down....until then!

07-10-02, 23:09
My computer crashed 1 month ago. A friend clesred everything out for me loaded it with windows 98, plus several microsoft prorams word. excell. ect. purchased at pantep plaza, and he registered it to me when he loaded it. since then i've downloaded from the micosoft sight with no problem. Registration works.

Joe Zop
07-11-02, 02:16
Well, sorta, huckster. Skinless is referring to the new registration schemes present in WindowsXP and OfficeXP, among others. Those weren't present in Win98 and older versions of Office. Skinless, I can't answer that one for you for sure, -- but I have versions of those programs (from legit sources, since I get them cheap) that allow for unlimited installs without registration. Since those versions exist, it may well be that Pantip has copies of those.

Joe Zop
07-11-02, 19:43
Yeah, most times you end up paying some kind of premium on cash withdrawals on credit cards as opposed to ATMs, but that all depends on your card and your payment strategy. It truly pays to find out the rules for your particular card. That's actually related to my earlier question -- on one of my cards I will pay a higher interest percentage and also a percentage fee on cash withdrawals. If, however, I go inside the bank and ask them to advance me the cash instead of using the ATM, I will only pay the higher interest fee. So no penalty or cost if I just pay things off quickly, other than sometimes a low local bank fee. On another one I pay the same percentage rate for cash advances or purchases, but they'll charge me the percentage fee regardless of whether I withdraw in the bank or at the ATM. That's why I tend to go with the ATM card for cash, credit cards for purchases (meaning hotels, travel, and such) and TC's for backup. Just like to have a flexible portfolio of cash-flow options when I'm far from home :) so I don't get stuck like our pal in Pattaya. (I once had my bank unexpectedly expire my card while I was in Africa, as they went to a new system, and it was a good thing I had backup.)

And XP really isn't that bad -- you can do the same thing you want, Freeler, via Windows Explorer. I've found it to be far more stable than 98SE, and I've got a system crammed with stuff that's pretty well choked on every previous version but Win2000. Same thing for OfficeXP -- it's got its quirks and bloats, but overall is decent enough and has a few nice advances.

You're right, Skinless, that the Pantip guys will just tell you anything, but by this point the real open versions ought to be floating around (hell, they're all over the net) and your investment is fairly minimal in any case.

07-13-02, 07:32
This one is a computer error. I tried to delete my message but it said I wasn't authorized so I deleted the words but couldn't get out until I wrote something so "The quick brown fox, etc."

07-13-02, 08:02
I lost my ATM card the day before I left for Europe so I had to go with my credit card cash advances. My charged me different fees on each card. The lowest was 5% or minimum of $5 on each transaction. They also charged me an exchange fee. The $.85 Euros cost me in excess of $1.05. They also charge a higher APR on cash advances, about double, than on purchases. Fortunately, I had enough in my, inaccessible over there, checking account to pay these off immediately when I got back here to my new ATM card. I figure the whole business raised my travel costs about 10%.
I am now desolated because my favorite and very first card, NextCard went out of business. It was 9.9 APR and enabled me to build my credit rating. Now I have others but can pick which ever one that offers peripheral services that I want such as the AAA Visa card that gave me free car rental collision insurance.
By the way, I have ME and like it pretty much.

07-16-02, 09:00
Thanks for the credit card tip. My credit card co. does not have any hiiden charges when traveling abroad.
I've read on this board that the best exchange rate is with TC's.
do the exchange booths charge service charge to convert tc's to BHT? If not that would be the way to go for me as I get TC's at no cost. I've also read when using ATM's the exchange rate is done by your bank in your home country which is not as good as Tailand. Is this true?

Been to Bangkok
07-16-02, 09:45
I bought an MP3 disc in Bangkok (Thai pop songs) but my comp will not recognize the files. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Been to Bangkok
07-16-02, 18:42
The problem is that the file names appear as underlines in Windows Explorer. Maybe the file names are in Thai. I tried Thai fonts but does not work -- still underlines. Cannot even get to subdirectories. Check of the CD "properties" tells me there are MP3 files on the disc.

Been to Bangkok
07-17-02, 09:24
I see "______.mp3" for file names but I cannot rename or copy the files. Subdirectory names with underlines in them will not open. WinAmp does not play the underlined mp3's. The files are about 2 to 6 megs each. The entire CD-rom has 695 megs on it. There must be a way to hear these songs!

07-17-02, 10:13
Thanks again Freeler, I'll check with my Bank on the ATM's, but my primary will be TC.

Does anyone plan A trip in the middle of august?

On The Road
07-17-02, 10:15
Hukster, Me and a friend of mine will be in LOS from 12 to 28 August.
Happy to have a beer together, if it will be possible...


07-17-02, 14:08
I'll be there from Aug.28th till Sept 26th.......when do you leave the Kingdom?

07-18-02, 01:52
I'll be in Bankok on 8-17-02, pattaya on 8-21-02, back in bkk on 8-28-02 or 8-31-02, and leave on 9-8-02.


07-22-02, 14:06
I'll be in BKK on 8-28-02 (arriving around midnight..grrr), and will be staying in BKK till the 30th where I'll head off to most likely CM (5 days) ChiangRai (1 or 2 days), and MaeSai( 1 day) and then back...the remainder will be spent in Pattaya I guess....I'm in Thailand for only 2.5 wks from the original 1 month...maybe the 3 of us can link up in Bkk for a drink! I'll drop you guys a line when I land.

07-23-02, 04:10
Thats A good Idea. Maybe we can get together on Pattaya, as I will be there from 8-21 to maybe 9-1-02.

08-04-02, 19:36
I want to try Thailand, but maybe a scene that's less busy than Bangkok. Any recommendations for where outside of Bangkok (or outside of the usual scene in Bangkok) to start?

08-06-02, 19:54
Where can I buy Viagra in Bangkok, and how much do they cost ?

Also, what about these Russian hookers that are supposed to be wandering around the streets of Bangkok ? Are they worth bothering with ?

08-07-02, 00:18

The Russians girls I have seen in Bangkok have been dowm right ugly and dirty looking.... I think they were kicked out of Russia and sent to Thailand. Why? Who knows.... A few Russians girls hang out at the Grace Hotel coffe shop (basement) go there and see for yourself....


09-16-02, 17:16
Y'all (freeler)
I just back from Thailand a few days ago...b4 I left the board went down, so I couldn't file anything while I was there! Had a great time though....may post something in the relevant sections.

Joe Zop
09-16-02, 20:43
Please do, Chikan -- it's always good for those of us planning trips to get recent reports on what's what.

Joe Zop
09-18-02, 00:50
And btw, Skinless -- a truly great job on the FAQ.

09-20-02, 04:05
Yeah, you gotta be careful here with that. Some people naively believe the trafficking is an equal opportunity business. Often (this is scuttlebutt and perhaps part gossip) your supplier sets you up. They let the police know where you are, you get busted, and the police sell the supply back to the supplier. It's not like back home where you have to worry about the deal going bad between you and the supplier.

You'd probably have better luck trying to open a brand new 300 million Baht massage parlour. haha. If you have some spare time, take a day out of your trip and go visit the falangs (or Thais) hanging out in Bang Kwang Prison. They could probably give you some language tips on picking up the language and becoming 100% fluent.


10-07-02, 00:51

I'm just after a couple of translations. I've scoured the net but can't find anything that'll work. the two translations I'm after are:

"Kid teung...kid teung Khun mak mak!!!" &
"Kid teung Khun mak na ka!!!"

Thanks a lot!


10-07-02, 13:32
nice ending Wildman.... very funny conclusion but true...

10-07-02, 15:01
Also, they can say:
"Kid Teung Jung Loei", which also means "I miss you a lot"
Just wanted to add to the little Thai Language Lesson. :D

Originally posted by wildman

"Kid teung...kid teung Khun mak mak!!!" &
"Kid teung Khun mak na ka!!!"

both mean "I miss you a lot", but the second form is more formal and polite.

kid (actually 'keet') means 'think' and 'keet teung' means 'think of', i.e., miss. Khun means 'you', and 'mak' means 'much', 'mak-mak' means very much. 'na' is a softening word, makes the sentence more personal, and 'ka' is the polite particle used by female speakers.

'na ka' indicates polite familiarity, sort of hard to grasp.

In total, it all probably means you are about to be asked for some cash :)


10-07-02, 23:02
Thats beauty!

Thanks very much.

I'll send her some money if she asks, sure, monopoly money!

It amazes me, I only knew this girl for three days. Since then she's professed undying love almost everyday for the last 5 months - I'd be surprised if she even remembered my face and what we did and where we went.

I'll carry on sending this girl email, and maybe play along until she asks for money. I haven't told her I love her or like her, damn, I've even told her that there's no way that I can go back to Thailand (little white lie so I can be butterfly.)

Anyway, thanks for the translation. When the email comes asking for money I'll post it here!


10-14-02, 04:27
I've been conversing lately (electronically) with a Thai Girl.
I read somewhere (forget where) that in Thailand there is a
"marriage fee" required, which is said to be up to several thousand US dollars, but not sure if this is for purchasing a prostitute only, or all women, or what.

Could someone tell me the deal?

I don't want to ask her (and risk embarassment if it's not the case), or worse make her think I am THAT serious so soon.

If there is such a fee, what is the real going rate? From what I
gather, she's not poor (has her own PC/TV), lives with her parents, is very sheltered (not allowed out at night).

Also, having never dated let alone slept with a Thai, anything I
might expect that might be different from other girls?

Thinking of planning an upcoming vacation, and Thailand is a
definite consideration as a place to visit.



10-14-02, 05:10

Proceed with caution. If you marry a Thai woman (bar girl or otherwise) her parents (the mother really) will ask for a dowry from the would be husband....

From reading about dowry and talking to various asian friends as well as Thai hookers the price for the bride varies and in some situations half of the dowry may be returned to the couple... The dowry system is based on the social status of the girl and her family.

Here is what I have found: ( these are Thai currency not dollars)

Poor girl with little or no education up to 50,000 baht
Bar girl 20,000 - 50,000 (of course they will ask for more)
Middle class girl 50,000 - 150,000
Upper class girl 200,000 - 250,000 (they say westerners rarely have access to these girls)
Rich girls........ according to my info westerners don't have access to these girls.

I would recommend you find out as much as possible about this girl and question everything. Good luck.


Joe Zop
10-14-02, 05:18
As far as what's different with a Thai girl -- tons, some good, some bad. I would suggest you do some heavy and wide reading on the subject if you're truly serious about pursuing this, as the cultural differences are very significant.

Baby Huey
10-14-02, 14:01
Besides the sometime charge marriage fee to the family. The other thing you need to worry about or know about. No matter how the girls relationship is with her parents, good or bad, the girl will respect her family and know that she will help support her family unit.

So after you are marry, expect to be sent her family money for support. This is especially true for the girls coming from poor family, but all levels really. The extreme of this is to balance the family out, I have hear of people from the west supporting the whole family unit. If you do not do this, she will be dis-respecting her family unit and in turn you will be judged as a poor husand and son-in-law. Even if the girl said before you marry her, that she does not want to this, you will hear about it later.

This is true for most asian countries, supporting the family unit. It is just part of marrying a Thai or any other Asian girl. This is one of the items that lead to so many marriages to fail, between a Asian and a Western. Because in the west, each person is a indivual, and in Asia they a part of family unit. Living in Asia, and traveling heavy in Asia now for 20 plus years, there is something to this family unit, and I like this system better than the western system of being a indivual.

If you are plannig to marry a Thai Girl or any other Asian be prepare and understand all customs. Marrying a Asian girl can be one of the best marriages you can have, but if you do not open your mind, it will be very, very BAD!!! Do not race track a marriage to the girl, get to know them and there family first. Understand their culture, believes, wants and needs, than it will be good. If you do not do this, there is a 50/50 chase tha the marriage will last.

10-14-02, 14:24
So if I go with a Thai girl, marriage fee is mandatory?

I'm just wondering if this is a "tourist trap" so to speak. I've got no problem sending money to the family if need be, or paying a
fee. Just want to be certain as to the specifics.

She's still just a prospect, as I've also been getting favorably
in the know with a cute slim 19 year old beauty from Chengdu, China, acouple other Thais, etc..

I like to keep my options open.

I guess you could say I've become turned off by the stuck up local bitches. Foreigners seem to attract me alot more lately. Afterall when was the last time some "barely-legal" supermodel-type took an interest in a middle-aged average-looking hunk like me here in the states?...NEVER...well rarely.

Anyhow, thanks for any and all information and advice.
Research is always a good thing to do, and fore-warned is fore-armed.

Baby Huey
10-14-02, 14:38
No, these fee's are paid by a Thai male that is marrying someone daughter too! It is not a fee for just the foreigners.

10-14-02, 20:19
Also wondering, is the "marriage fee" the actual marriage?

If not, what is a traditional Thai ceremony, assuming it is any different from a western-style wedding?

Someone mentioned that a poor girl was cheaper on the marriage
fee, while a wealthier girl isn't often seen by western tourists.

Why is this so? What do these more wealthy girls offer that a
poorer, less wealthy girl doesn't, besides perhaps education?

I've heard somewhere that sometimes a girl will bail on you, even after you've shelled out thousands for a marriage fee. Is this more common with a poorer girl, or for all?

Baby Huey
10-14-02, 22:21
ChrisC30 do not take this in the wrong way, but you need to understand Asian culture alot more before you get marry to a Thai Girl. If this is why you are asking these questions.

This fee has nothing to do with the ceremony. This is a common fee paid to a family in respect to them. A better term for this fee, is a present to the family by you, to be able to marry their daughter. The reason for the differences in the amount paid to a family, as to do with their status in Thai social class. Basically 1000 Baht to a farmer and 1000 Baht to Business exec. means different things.

On girls bailing, this would common at all levels. How to know this is not going to happen, the following is a few things you can do. I do not know much about you, and how you and the girl got together, but here some information;

--First insure that you know the girl. There is no way you know a girl after 2 weeks of being together, not even after 6 months. This is not done by sending e-mail, etc, it will help, but this is not a relationship. This done by see each other daily for months and months. Anybody can live the fantasy life over internet, letters and phone calls. Some of the TG will do anything for the money, include coming hours from a marriage or even getting marry for a few years to get more money to help her and her family.

--Next make sure she is willing to take you to her home, and has you meet the family and friends at home. Not just the friends from work, the people from the home town. Because in a Asian marrage, you are just marrying the girl, YOU ARE MARRYING HER FAMILY TOO! You will be helping the family one way another.

--See if she willing to go to your home country to live for any period of time before the marrage. Sometime this is hard because of Visa laws in your home country.

--The best is thing, is as rude as this sounds , go for a test drive on the marriage thing before you get married. Live together for a while.

--Make sure she loves you for you and does not love you for your money. This happens alot! Sometime this is hard to find out the truth.

--Read books and look for any information on marriages to asian. To know what you are getting into!

--Also look for local support groups in your local area, to support the girl in gaining the information that she would need to make the changes to your country.

Make sure you know what you are getting into. Marrages to Asians can be good and can be very bad, why go down the hard road.

If you have more question, e-mail them to me at jimhart69@hotmail.com.

10-15-02, 00:03
jimhart69 -

Thanks for the advice. I do know alittle about asian culture, just trying to separate the fact from fiction, and get abit of info on the specifics.

I've been corresponding with the TG for afew weeks via email and live internet chat. So far it's nothing serious, just looking to the future if it should come up.

I like to know what I'm getting into before it happens. No stranger to asian culture, but didn't know the specifics of Thai culture, as every country has its own little nuances.

A "test drive" doesn't sound like a bad idea. I agree, getting to know someone via emails and letters can provide information to an extent, but it's best to spend real time with them to know their moods and little quirks to their personality firsthand.

10-15-02, 01:28

I got his from a website:

The dowry is supposed to be a gift to thank the parents of the bride for raising their daughter - which is generally cash - and practically to cover the wedding expenses. The bride's family generally takes responsibility for the wedding ceremony and traditional Thai weddings are expensive.
The following analysis by a farang teaching at a university was published in the Bangkok Post, October 13th, 2000:
Although there are no absolutes, the amount of the dowry is pretty well fixed vis-a-vis the girl's social standing and is rarely negotiated. If the girl comes from a good family (i.e. honest, not necessarily rich), a good portion is usually returned to the bride and groom.
A symbolic show of commitment on the part of the prospective groom, indicating his ability to support his bride, it is given back to help the new couple start their life together.
In general, the amounts according to social standing are as follows:

* Lower-class up-country girl, 30,000 to 50,000
* middle-class girl, 50,000 to 100,000
* upper middle-class girl, 100,000 to 200,000_
* upper-class girl, 200,000 plus.
* For a girl from a well-established Thai family, expect to pay 1,000,000 and up.

As for bar girls: What they should get (about 20,000 to 30,000 Baht ) and what they demand (whatever the traffic will bear) is outside this tradition as they have no social standing in the minds of the Thais, and aren't known to follow the rules (i.e. they keep all the money).
The chances of any farang getting into the 200,000 strata is pretty remote, if not nearly impossible. At that level, the Thais are a particularly clannish and exclusive lot, viewing most farang as barbarians, even if they are rich.


10-15-02, 19:16
I expect it will be brought to my attention, should things go that way. I asked at a forum like this because I'm not quite dumb enough to speak directly to her about it (and risk alienating her, or worse making her think things are getting to that point), but as I mentioned before I like to know what I'd be getting into beforehand.

The chinese girl seems to be far more talkative lately, so the Thai may be doubtful anyway.

Setting aside actual marital arrangements, anyone have any suggestions if someone were looking for a "steady" girlfriend in Thailand (as opposed to the trial and error method of banging alot of bar girls and hoping one becomes attached)?

Baby Huey
10-15-02, 23:01

I have a quick questions for you; I take it you have decided that you want to marry a Asia Girl, which is great, but going about it like buying a car can be a problem later. Where do you live? How much time have you spent in Asia? How much time are you planning to spend with the girl before you get married? Remember, there is more to a marriage than the bedroom. Which alot of the western guys fall in love with the sex and do not think about the rest.

Go on a long test drive before the marrage, is great way to know each other. But, in most cases to going for the long test drive is impossable, because you do not work and live in that country.

I am not saying marring a club girl is a good or bad thing, but I had many friend marry club girls, and some time the trust thing is hard to have from both sides. And thus the marriage ends.

I have heard some hard stories about guys marrying TG's, to the point of missing body parts. No good! I would think hard about marrying a girl without having a good knowledge of the girl and the culture. Good Luck!

10-15-02, 23:31
I haven't "decided" on marrying an Asian necessarily, but I've reached that point in my life (30 years old) when I want to have a family, and basically fed up with american girls (live in Florida).
For some reason I tend to be drawn towards asians, but I can find attraction pretty much anywhere, just how it turned out.

I don't look at it like buying a car, I'm simply asking for some bits of advice regarding the situation.

I've been interested in asian culture for years, spent abit of time there (alittle under 5 years, give and take), know enough not to be surprised at by being referred to as a "farang" in Thailand, as well as the other terms they use here and there to refer to westerners.

I don't imagine I'd go looking to marry a club girl at all, not saying I'd turn one down. It's possibly my sense of self preservation to assume that if I tried to settle down with a club girl I'd get taken for every cent I own. I tend to be more attracted to the type who doesn't frequent the bars/clubs, difficult to find, but possible.

Most of the "girlfriends" I've had who were of asian descent were Thai, but many were here in the US (born/raised) so it's hard to compare their demeanor to a traditional TG.

Baby Huey
10-15-02, 23:54

I totally understand your feeling on American woman, and if you are open to new ideas in life, being married to a Asian girl can be great! The born and raise Asian Girls in the U.S. are not like the real thing. Why don't you send me a e-mail to my e-mail address, jimhart69@hotmail.com. And I can tell you more! Also I'm coming to Florida on business tomorrow!

10-17-02, 10:27
Has anyone been to Hua Hin, Chang Am area. It is about 2, 3 hours drive south of Bangkok. I shall be very grateful if any recommendation is offerred.

10-17-02, 11:06
i can give you some update on hua hin;

nice, quiet little seaside city, p4p scene is all bars
maybe 30 - 50 (?) bars with girls in varying quality, although the (looks) level is generally lower than in bkk
no MP's or gogo's
prices, as far as i can remember:
barfine around 400 - 600 bht, LT 1000 bht

all bars are in a small street (and a few sidestreets) smack in the center of town
cannot remember the name or better directions, but hua hin is so small, do not worry you will find them.

10-18-02, 00:15


First a little background history on me: For the past 6 years I have been celebrating the coming of the New Year in a different country. As an example - Going back to 2002 it was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In 2001 I was in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Last year my adventures took me to Angeles City, Philippines. I’m assuming that the celebration of New Years is not a big deal in Thailand but I've decided to make it this year's destination anyway.

I am really a newbie when it comes to vacationing in Thailand. I've been in-country on several occasions but only twice on holiday. Besides the obvious (Bangkok) I could sure use some recommendations on where to go to celebrate. Yea, girls are obviously needed in the equation but I am looking for somewhere were the festivities might be similar to what most Farangs would expect. I would expect that anywhere were there is a high concentration of expatriates could be a place to go but I just don’t know enough about it.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


10-18-02, 00:36
Celebrate in Pattaya, or, if you BYOG and plan to be there for afew days, try Koh Phi Phi Island (twin moon bays I believe it's translated to).

Koh Phi Phi is breathtaking as far as the scenery goes, and can be quite a diversion if you aren't looking for a crowd of beer-guzzlers.

10-18-02, 04:25
Thank you guys for your useful tips for Hua Hin. I am sure I will have a good time. Really, really appreciate it. I hope I would contribute a bit more once I am back from my trip to Thailand.

10-18-02, 19:58
Greetings, requesting some info here on a place called Korat. The last time I was there was during my VN days. Used to fly in there when we were getting hit and some of the most greatest times of my life. There was one very large 10 story hotel, think built for only aircrews. The town I think was very small and there was a Royal Thai Airforce Base there. There used to be many bars, prices really cheap etc. Thinking about a trip to Thailand next year and if there is still anything there in the way of good bars, party etc might stop there for a day or two to get out of BKK. Any info on the current status would be appreciated. I know that 30 plus years probably has changed it drastically-- maybe for the better.? Thanks devildog

10-18-02, 21:10
Hey, what happen to some of the responses to my New Year's request? I could have sworn Freeler had made some recommendations and comments. Could you post about it again? I think you recommended Hua Hin(sp?). I didn't plan on bringing my own entertainment so what are the pickings like there? What about Phuket?


10-18-02, 22:22
Thanks Freeler,

I cut and pasted it to a word document. Delete away!!! I will be landing in BKK on Dec 25 then heading down to hook up with my buddy in Pattaya. I believe the plan was to get out of Pattaya by the 27th or 28th and head elsewhere...


10-18-02, 22:24
Freeler, thanks for the info. Its hard to believe-- but then not maybe. The coffee shop was a great place to pick up the honey's late in the evening if you couldnt find anything in bars-- which was unlikely-- remember those bigass very tasty Water Buffalo Steaks for $3.00. I remember the very first time I went there. Landed in Korat, turned in the crypto, checked into the hotel. Still in flight suite the door bell rang, a boy with a very large round tray filled with beer, Thai Whiskey, a Lucky Strike pack fill not with Cigaretts, some white power type stuff in a small bowl and five sweeties standing in back of him. Thinking I was a 21 year old stud, took the beer, whiskey and three honeys. Handled the beer, whiskey and from what I remember two of the honeys but think the third one really put a hurt on me-- Oh hell it sure was fun trying and quickly showed me my limits. Caught all kinds of hell the following morning from the hotel staff as we took the matress's off the two beds and turned it into one big bed on the floor. Moved the beds together which I think were probably secured to the wall--originally. God the good ol' days. Thanks for the info. What do you think Prog??? was hoping this would be a winner as I wasnt to impressed with Patong the last time I was there but then I didnt have a guide either. semper fi devildog

10-19-02, 03:14
Dam devildog!

Sounds like a great story about Korat. I'm impressed. Would love to hear the non-reader's digest version someday. I'm sure you'll regale PI Joe with your stories of the past. Myself, being an ex-squid, enjoy a good sea-story every once and awhile. Even when it comes from a jarhead. Wish I could be there in AC with you. I can picture all those young dudes sitting around the table at the Orchid, with their mouths wide open, listening to you two recall the good ole days. I'm sure we'll hook up somewhere and sometime in SEA.


I have a feeling if you encourage devildog he'll begin with those tales of the past and we'll never shut him up. Only way would be to put a beer in one hand and a LBFM's titty in the other...


10-21-02, 17:15
Prog, hell dont plan on me sitting around the resteraunt at the Orchid very much. Will sit there and buy Joe a few beers but mostly will be out bar hopping. Hate to stay in one place very long. I like to move, play pool and find that very special honey-ko or two. Most of my tours have been in P.I., VN, Guam and Thailand which were all very enjoyable. In fact Guam can be a very good place to party but you have to get involved with the locals and the nationality -s that frequent the small bars. Hopefully next year maybe the Thailand or the P.I. for sure. FYI, I will be in Guam for four days the middle of Jan. Keep safe all-- devildog

Baby Huey
10-22-02, 19:53
Has anybody seen or hear about more security around Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy in the last week or so? I seen on a another board, that they are increasing L.E. around these areas for security reasons, because of Bali. The security thing is good, but the other police related things are not good, now that things are starting to go back to normal slowly in Bangkok for the clubs. I hope it does not get back to the Police ending fun more again. Last year, December and Janurary police change the fun for everybody, with the enforcement of everything!

Also, they raid many of the clubs in Soi Cowboy last week, why?

10-22-02, 20:37
jim -

As with most "events" caused by international concerns, it'll all pass by once things settle down. I don't think it'll last long enough to effect us as long as we're not causing trouble and keeping to the law. Security or not, they don't want to risk losing tourist money.

I've heard the whole region is stepping up on security. This will hopefully deter future attacks and slowly relax the situation.

10-26-02, 23:45
Originally posted by jimhart69
Has anybody seen or hear about more security around Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy in the last week or so? I seen on a another board, that they are increasing L.E. around these areas for security reasons, because of Bali...

Yes, this was in the news because they worry about terrorist attacks.

10-27-02, 12:03
speaKING about terrorism and security, I read in the "Japan Times" yesterday., the Thai government said they were increasing security in the southeren parts of thailand.Where they think some terror groups are working in. They named Hat Yai and another island near phuket where they will monitor more closely. Anybody hear bout this

Cebu Local
10-27-02, 13:24
I just came back from BKK for a trade show,one of the workshops covered security,direct from the horses mouth from people like minister of tourism and the deputy governor of tourism authority of thailand,the reason for the hightened security is the latest al queda guy caught confessed under interrogation that the next wave will be small scale attacks against bar and club districts frequented by westernerrs,i was at a meeting at philippine dept of tourism last week talking to one of the undersecretaries and that also was the alert.that is why they announced in the bangkok post that they have increased the number of plainclothes cops from 40 to 100 in patpong,that is why if you check the philippine AC posts why the police are cordoning off fields avenue to prevent carbombs,or why singapore special forces are patrolling orchid towers and clarkes quay.working in the the travel industry at a senior level gives me access to this type of info.other potential targets came up as patong in phuket,burgos in makati as well as boracay but fields as the most tempting target,cebu doesnt have the bars and clubs in one place that is why even though security here is tighter,it is a lesser target,the advice was go during off hours,select a honey then take out,play safe regards

Cebu Local
10-27-02, 13:44
the reason the thais are watching southern thailand is because the moslems of thailand are concentrated there,hatyai is majority moslem so is most of the nearby provinces of pattani,narathiwat etc.dont forget that the malaysian states just across the border are controlled by PAS the islamic fundamentalist party of malaysia,Kelantan and Terenganu are filled with osama lovers who would love to give us "crusaders"a thrashing or two regards

10-28-02, 15:10
Dow Jones News...8:30-9:00 AM NY time...2 headlines...first, PM Howard warns Australians not to vacation in Thailand...second, Bin Laden warned Australians were al-qaida target-BBC

10-30-02, 02:02
After many attempts I may be able to join in the fun of Thailand. The first couple of weeks I would like to spend with an imported friend. Yes, it is like bringing water to the sea. Does anyone know a place where I can find a hut (accommodation) on the sea or mountain , nice and clean, no touristic place but, local village? Romantic , going for long walk..... I may not be able to ask for air conditioning in such a place but, it would be welcome. The time
will be around February/March and I would like to keep the price as, low as, possible. Possibly under 500 Baths.

There must be many locals that can use some money in exchange of a clean accommodation for two a little noisy in bed. Hard to explain but, I am sure you understand what I am looking for.

One room/shower and little privacy....

Your reward will be my report at the end of my visit.

10-30-02, 05:37
If you are thinking of going to Thailand and want to see what some of the working girls look like, go to http://asianthumbs.org/main.htm

If you then go "Edit" then "Find (on this page)" and type in "Thai" it will come up with all the links to Thai girls. If you just look at the sex ones and also in the archives, you will find many links to Thai working girls. Some are reasonable and others are not, but take a look.

If you are a web surfer and want links to free site, send me an e-mail at harryrose_nz@hotmail.com and I will send you a word page with many links on it, mainly to Asian sites, my preference. You don't need to pay for porn on the web.

Baby Huey
10-31-02, 14:15
Quick question for everybody, it is the season for alot of us to be making a trip to Fanasty Land. I am going to be there the 11-20 December, Firedick is also going there in December, is any of the other regulars or new people to the board going to be there in December? We all could get together for some Beer, some bull shit and fun for a few hours. Any taker??? E-mail me
(jimmhart69@hotmail.com) or post a answer on the board. Need the dates when people are going to be there, so we can pick a date and place. It could be fun!

Baby Huey
11-01-02, 14:51
Lets setup the get together for beers and bullshit at the Living Room on December 13, Friday Night at 7:00 p.m.. Any takes come and join us.

11-03-02, 22:32
After many attempts I may be able to join in the fun of Thailand. The first couple of weeks I would like to spend away from the action, in a rural area, no tourists, nice bungalow on the sea or mountain where long romantic walks are on the menu. I am looking for a clean place to entertain a special lady (imported non Thai). It must be clean, with some privacy, shower and POSSIBLY air conditioner but, I can see that as impossible. It must be relatively low cost and good food must be available. Time will be about February/March.
I have been suggested to go to Hua Hin but, without some local knowledge I am food for the Lions. looks like a popular place and not really what I am looking for. Anyone that understand what I am looking for please post a reply or email me at yogo10@hotmail.com
Thanks in advance

Dick Johnson
11-09-02, 00:34
I might be there in Dec.

I had an unbelievable time last times(May and July).

11-11-02, 13:53
Hey Friends ,

Does anyone know if Bangkok International Airport has
Massage Parlour / Sauna ? Do the provide HJ/BJ/ML or is it
veggie service only ?

Thanks for your reply in advance

Baby Huey
11-12-02, 22:01
This sounds great for us that are brave and do not worry about the problems in the world. Less people in the clubs and a weak baht, means more fun for us. And just maybe it will not be standing room only in some of the bigger bars, lets party!

11-14-02, 04:30
what's da difference between Viagra and Penagra?

Is there a price difference?

As I read before these drugs keep your pecker up, but it does not increase your wad load or your endurance.

If you are using any of these drugs (say a quarter or half of a pill) and you blow your wad, does little willy still stand at attention?

If I want to do a day by day sex trip in Thailand, Are there drugs or things to do to refill my wad? I tried this kind of sex trip in HK and I was out of gas by the fourth day, not to mention the pain too.

What's the point of having a hardon, if I'm shooting blanks.

11-14-02, 04:52

Originally posted by JTL
Christyusa - Try the Amari Hotel which is connected to the Airport through a sky walk, just look for the signs in the arrival area near the exits. I think it's on the 5th floor, but look for the health club sign in the elevator once inside the hotel. It was quite expensive, if I remember around $80 USD for about one hour. Nice clean room, queen bed, shower. I paid with a credit card to so that may have increased the price, in any case it didn't seem negotiable. A girl came to my room after about 5 mins, and was very nice. Got a little bit of everything. Left feeling very refreshed ready for my nect long flight back home to Korea. If you only have a few hours and need it bad, this is a good option.

Joe Zop
11-14-02, 12:59
Originally posted by dlite_me
what's da difference between Viagra and Penagra?

Is there a price difference?

As I read before these drugs keep your pecker up, but it does not increase your wad load or your endurance.

If you are using any of these drugs (say a quarter or half of a pill) and you blow your wad, does little willy still stand at attention?

If I want to do a day by day sex trip in Thailand, Are there drugs or things to do to refill my wad? I tried this kind of sex trip in HK and I was out of gas by the fourth day, not to mention the pain too.

What's the point of having a hardon, if I'm shooting blanks.


Penagra is simply Viagra manufactured in India, using the same ingredients but a different process (required lest there be a copyright violation under Indian law.) Works the same, and is about half the price.

Once your wad is blown, it's the same as normal. If you're the type to recover quickly, you do so, if not, not. All these drugs do is keep you hard -- if you've no problem with that, then there's really no reason to use them.

As far as replenishing your juices, I've heard that Lecithin can aid in the process, but I've no first-hand experience. If I recall my reading correctly, and it's been a number of months, Monsterfacial in the Kuala Lumpur area swears by it -- you might ask him.

11-14-02, 17:25
MEGA , Thanks Buddy for your help. This would surely help.

11-16-02, 14:49
Can someone tell me what's the airfare cost (roundtrip) going from LAX to Thailand? I did a search a singapore airline and found the cost to be about $1500. That doesnt sound reasonable.

11-16-02, 16:51

Thai International charges about 750 USD for a direct flight. There are cheaper options too, if you care to search. Don't you have access to an airfare search engine ? Or do you find it so much easier to ask us ?

Do your homework...

11-16-02, 17:17
If you read the posts i had given out some ways to find the cheapest fare. Thai In'l is from $550 (low season) to $800 (high season) RT. I have gone to BKK as low as $400 + 5,000 miles on Northwest.

Baby Huey
11-17-02, 14:51

Right now, rates are every low, when compared to past years. This is because of fear of terrorists, War in Iraq, and people are just not spenting money. 1000's of people that would be traveling this time of the year to Thailand are not traveling or staying in their home country for a trip. For $1500.00, I beleive you would be able to buy business class ticket for that. About a month ago, there is alot of information on getting cheaper tickets here, go back a few weeks, you should be able to find the info.

11-20-02, 14:17
Friends , Some good news about Bangkok International Airport.
yes its possible to get some extra service there . Go to the Transit lounge and follow the Blue signs of Beauty Saloon , its
right at the end of the Transit Lounge near the Men's room .
Ask the lady at the reception that U wish to have Thai massage ,
I had only HK $ with me so , they asked for 500 Hk$ , I am sure it's possible to negotiate and bring them down a bit . The duration is 45 Mints . The lady early 30s shall take you to the Day Service rooms just next to the Parlour and start the body massage and shall touch your balls or dick during the massage , pretending she didnt realize . once you show intrest she would offer a hand job for a tip , asked me 500 HK$ , finaly agreed at 250 Hk$ , I am sure if I had time I could have brought her down to 150 - 200 . Anyway HJ using oil is what you get finaly .
Not one of the best experience but good to keep you going on a long haul flight .

Apac Boy
11-21-02, 05:09
if ur in LA, forget trying to book the rates on the internet...

there are wholesale travel agencies in thai town (North Hollywood) where they buy a shitload of tickets. They can get u a very VERY good rate.

don't ask me which travel agencies...i just know there are some in Hollywood...its like 2 miles from the 101N off of Santa Monica. Just drive around Thai town and if u see "travel agency", go in and ask...or call...


11-21-02, 06:38
Jackson, all,

Thanks to Jackson for putting the complete FAQ's, with proper credits, back where they ought to be.

11-21-02, 07:36
Jacskon: Please remove the FAQs I wrote which you previously removed. i ask you do this as you are censoring me by treating my posts differnetly to everyone else's.
The credits are not important; why they were removed in the first place is. I asked Joe_Zop, our man in C Mai, how he got rid of sweetie #1 to meet sweetie #2. I go back to look and phht, my post is gone.

I see I am moderated. For what? For writing up the FAQs which were subsequently removed without notice? For being flamed by a troll saying I let Thai transvestites fuck me up the ass? No answer, just the invisible hand.

Freeler, Joe_Zop and others: do you support me being treated as a second class citizen?

Jackson should make up his mind whether he wants the FAQs or not. Personally, I feel if this is how he treats their authorm he should remove them.

Freeler, are you also going to thank Jackson for introducing an apartheid system here?

Baby Huey
11-21-02, 14:54
I am having a few of my posting delete also, wildman reposted skinless's first timer information last night and I thank him for the posting and now it is gone???? This was happen a few weeks ago and now it is happen again. Why? Nothing bad were in my posts.

11-21-02, 16:33

I don't think you should be treated a second class citizen, not on this board anyway:).
You started the FAQ's and although they are not perfect, they could lead to a lot more easy-access-info for all. It seems not everybody thinks of the FAQ's in that same manner.

There are some excellent sites out there that can tell visitors how to get about in BKK, but that would mean they won't stay on these pages. FAQ's might keep them here... A good half page in the FAQ's can be enough to tell any newbie where to go and how to get there in BKK and no-one would have to go to any other site on the web.
And the BKK section could be for FR's and stuff.

'Apartheid' system, hmm, a bit strongly put, Mr. Skinless. But if it is 'apartheid' why not kick out the trolls instead of removing informative answers and good questions?


I sent a spam report to admin last night and asked him to remove the FAQ's, because the reposter left 2/3 of the credits out AND doesn't really have a history of informative posting. In fact only TWO of his posts where informative, one on KohSamui and the one about the area behind AsiaHotel near MKB.
I don't want a troll like that to take the credit for something he stole. I also asked admin to put the FAQ's where they belong, in a seperate section.
It now is made clear by Jackson that he did not know that the FAQ's had gone. That explanation is good enough for me.

<<<The FAQ's were more or less the second draft version. Skinless, Joe_zop and myself were in the process of reviewing them when disaster struck and they disappeared some weeks ago.>>>

11-21-02, 23:52
For a moment I thought I was reading poetry in your last 2 postings...Then your words of wisdom referring us as a: "...bunch of pipsqueaks on a sex board could so much as be noticed in the grand scheme. Awakened to the fact of your insignificance, I will sleep soundly from now on... "

Come on, stay awake for us to be your "insignificant" entertainment... Better yet, why don't you write and contribute to this board with your opinions and experiences so that we can be enlighten with your knowledge and wisdom...

Sleep tight.


11-22-02, 04:56
You make some good points and I respect your comments. I'm not sure what you are looking for in this forum and as you say it may not be the right one for you. I think there is so much you can intelligently write about fucking hookers, etc., and there is a point where all of us here run out of things to say. I'm one of the guys in here that writes trash to get people going and sometimes it works and at other times people read too much into it.

As far as the demographics of this forum goes, I don't know that you can make a blanket judgement about the "quality" of people that post in here as I personally see this forum as a way to say pretty much what I want to say and only 2 people that post in here actually know me in person...

It is true about the Thais just tolerate foreigners although they don't mind the money we bring in at all. In fact, they use prostitution as a viable income source for their economy. But, don't forget that the Thai prostitution scene is much bigger than the "Farang" scene and is very profitable. We are just a fraction of the fucking business.


Apac Boy
11-22-02, 08:40
not all of us are and ever will be considered a farang.

just because we speak english don't mean we're white.

oh, i remembered where in hollywood to get those cheap ass tickets to bkk...
from downtown LA:
take the 101N, exit Santa Monica Blvd, go east (make a right), hit the 3rd light, make a left, go straight until u hit hollywood blvd, make a left again, then go about 3 more blocks...look at the left hand side, its on the 2nd floor of a small shopping center/complex.


phom pen con jin

11-22-02, 13:22

Have you ever seen a Thai bar girl drunk or a pissed off hooker in the streets of Bangkok? Have you ever seen girls yelling "Hello, handsome, where you go?" Or, the tuk-tuk drivers showing you pictures of girls and following you while you walk to sell you pussy? If anybody is to blame for loosing face and being obnoxious blame it on the Thais. How about some of the go-go girls and service girls all wanting to get you to buy drinks or bar fine them and sometimes on your face? Sometimes they are so obnoxious that I have seen guys leave the bar. Maybe they learned it from us but I doubt it.

Sure, sometimes you see the stupid drunk Farang in a bar or a go-go. But mostly, you see guys visiting the sex scene areas look pale walking like zoombies from so much fucking (funny sight) including myself.

Don't forget all the many little schemers hookers that want you to take care of them and will do just about anything to get you hooked on them for money.... The Thais are money obssesed, just like the west but a lot more desperate. One thing that pisses me off a lot is the doule pricing for just about anything. There is a Thai price and there is a Farang price. This is blatant and intentional rip-off and they don't worry about loosing face as long as you pay.

Outside the sex scene, Thailand is a gentle country and for me the beaches are great. Unfortunately, there are few places left in Thailand where you won't be hassle to buy pussy and enjoy your stay there. I love to go to remote beaches and relax with the locals and be part of their culture (as a visitor) but it is very annoying when you can't get away from someone trying to sell you something...

I don't take anything in here personally. I think you do, I think you are looking for something you won't find in here . Guys in here talk about pussy, where to get it and for how much. There many tourists forums where hookers and pussy are not mentioned and I'm sure you will find better writing too.


11-22-02, 20:01
I'm a relatively new poster on this forum, and I've tried to respect the veterans on here by keeping silent during off topic debates. But this type of post is growing like a cancer so I am now speaking against it:

You can't, in truth, extrapolate someones behavior on the street from what they post here. While lying is just plain wrong, it is obvious that people take on a personna here that often has a bit of character acting in it. No harm done.

Lesson: try not to take everything everyone ever says in a post literally.

This BS about the ugly American has to stop and shouldn't be tolerated. Just go to Cancun Mexico at Spring break and behold that the ugly american stereotype has some truth. The problem is that there is ugliness in all countries, and anytime a country gets wealthy enough to where whole classes of its people can travel, there will be problems. Now one can even see ugliness in poor countries since terrorist have found a way to get world press.

Lesson: Humanity has ugliness in it, and money and power magnify it. Remember the ugly Colonialist? The ugly Roman? How about the ugly Caveman? Recent history... The ugly Arab.

Probably the the thing that irritates me the most is the "old boys network" found here. I dislike it in golf country clubs, on the boards of big countries, and on forums about sex in Thailand. I met several ex pats in Thailand including the guy who does the Thailand A to Z website. These guys, in my opinion, had nothing to brag about.

There is plenty of ugly in this forum, and I know not just Americans post here, so there is blame enough for all. It is the rule rather than the exception to flame posters on this forum and that is wrong. Thus the proverb...if good words stick in your throat than try to speak less.

Joe Zop
11-22-02, 21:20
Ok, I've been trying to be nice about all this stuff, because that's basically my nature, and also because I feel not to be is counterproductive to the health of such a forum. I've done my utmost to stay polite to you, Wildman, even as you've done your best to do precisely the opposite to a fair number of folks in this forum, apparently to live up to your chosen moniker. I'm not going to go through and defend this or that poster, because I frankly don't really care about your personality wars as I find them immensely childish and dull, but I'm truly forced to conclude, and this series of posts puts it in stark relief, that the end result is that this board has become less valuable than it was before you arrived. And since I've now somehow managed to get on your honor roll, I will make one single response on this point.

It appears to me, finally, as much as I've been trying to see the opposite, that Skinless has it exactly right in calling you a troll -- the bottom line truly is that you don't know a damn thing about any of us, and what you mostly post are puerile and infantile pyschological extrapolations which seem to come from an immense ego and a complete inability to do anything but attack people, and your posts mostly are designed to get a rise out of people. If that's not troll-like, then you're at least hanging out pretty near the bridge. You've got no problem throwing crap on people, but yelp like a little puppy that's been stepped on when anyone does it back in the mildest manner or contradicts your solemn right to proclaim the essential superiority of the good old USofA, and then you go on proclaiming your righteous need to retaliate. Jeez, enough already -- if you want to take your toys and go play on another board, then please do so!

Apparently because I don't conform to your particular behavior standards of constantly being a prick in this forum it demonstrates weakness to you. Well, whoop-te-do. I obviously happen to use this forum for a different purpose than you, in that I'm here to have cogent discussions of issues and to share and gather information and experiences as opposed to engage in sophomoric brawling and attempts to intimidate other posters. I happen to like hearing other points of view and trying on different ways of thinking, and jabs from you about my stability or my heart or whatever speak volumes more about you than me. You're fond of giving Freeler and Skinless the old "they started it" thing, which I find ironic given that you also chide them for running to mommy -- tell me, did I also start something with you as well? Is this why I'm now treated to your dull-bladed autopsy attempts? (I suspect it's far simpler: the fact that my name was brought up in relation to the FAQ -- not by me, I might add, either during its creation or during this current dance. And since your approach to war is basically dirty thermonuclear, I guess I've got to go as well since I'm now a labelled collaborator.)

I, too, find it unfortunate that Skinless and Freeler now choose to delete their posts, and I've been clear and consistent in saying so, but please make no mistake about it -- it is in direct response to constant and ongoing gibes and pokes from you, and only from you, and the sum of the process is that it damages the overall value of this board, as both have been longstanding and valuable contributors. From my perspective as a forum user, I don't really care who's right or wrong on any of this -- I simply want a useful place to post and read information, and your activities have helped lessen that.

"Posters who are whole people, with integrity, warmth, and respect for their fellow man, who don't get their self-esteem from being 'better' than the next guy, or from degrading women, or each other..." Right, I like this dream, as it's not so different from my own -- but please point out some few of those posts from you, ok? It's truly been quite a while since I've read one that didn't take a poke at someone or another at some point. It's simply entirely possible to disagree with someone or something without turning the whole thing into a flame war, which were boring wastes of time back in the eighties, and are still so.

11-22-02, 22:45

Fine. You have unleashed your frustration. Well written, even by my standards. OK?

I agree, this is boring and tedious.

Good luck.


11-22-02, 23:23
...this is getting interestig... maybe we all need to relax a little....

Best Spot in the World to Unleach frustrations Via Cheap Sex

Best Spot in the World to be Asked to Buy Sex 24/7


Joe Zop
11-23-02, 03:50
No disagreement from me, Juice, on any count. I've had my say, and I'm done with it as none of this has anything to do with the purpose of the board.

11-23-02, 12:45
Freeler: I have incorporated all of your changes into the FAQ. I wil check back periodically and maybe send it to Jackson before December. Any other suggestions welcome

Dick Johnson
12-05-02, 01:54
The Bangko tailors section has been removed? Anyway I got my suits done at the 'famous' Majestic Suits and found I paid a premium for suits that did NOT impress the hell out of me. Though it wasn't bad.

Dick Johnson
12-05-02, 01:58
Alright I don't know the reasons you guys are bashing Wildman. But Wildman, you stole my screenname a long while back. You denied it but it was just too coincidental. Peace.

12-05-02, 02:21
Dickhead: If you scroll down the FAQs, the tailor stuff is at the end of it. I will be there in Feb, getting some suits made up and getting laid as I wait. Wildman sent in a particularly extreme flame to which Juice replied but either Wildman or the moderator removed it. Let's simply ignore this name stealing troll from now on.

I phoned up the BB One yesterday to wish her happy birthday (19). Seems depressed, didn't mention being pregnant, but a guy, maybe the Czech, answered the phone first time round so she must be still turning a trick.

Dick Johnson
12-06-02, 01:14
Don't you remember the old forum. Back then anyone can use anyone's screennames and you didn't have to register your email? There were some guys using other's screenname and Jackson got pissed and got a new webhosting software. Before were people posting as Dick Johnson and talking shit.

Of course I wouldn't want it back, esp since it is battered ;-)

skinhead, thanks for your reply but you can just call me Dick or DJ.

Member #3407
12-14-02, 23:14
Taxi Dave where are you?

Seeking "Taxi Dave" currently living somewhere in Thailand, formerly living in Santo Domingo (and New York City). Dave is a great guy and I would appreciate it if someone could put me in contact with him. I will be visiting Thailand soon and it would be great to see him. Is he still providing a taxi and tour service for visitors? Please let me know. You can contact me at DanDaMan93906@yahoo.com.