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05-21-02, 01:25
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05-21-02, 20:10
FKK 35 is a relativly new club and is already getting some good reviews and becoming quite popular with both the local germans and even a few tourists .

F35 Frankfurt
Franzius Str. 35
60314 Frankfurt
Telephone : 069-498794
opening times . 11-4 AM
Homepage: http://www.f35.de
entry: 50 eu
price: 50 eu girl

06-25-02, 01:52
Does anyone know if any of the women here are in anal?
I will be going here in a few weeks and this sounds like the easiest to find in Frankfurt. If there is a better/ easier to find one please let me know!

06-26-02, 16:54
Originally posted by across69
Does anyone know if any of the women here are in anal?

Only some general information:
- there are always a few girls in a FKK Club who do anal
- with some it's a matter of sympathy
- and on top of it, it's also a matter of size ;)
- ask the bartender, which girls offer that kind of service (sometimes the bartender can give you this information)
- politely ask a girl - if she doesn't do it, maybe she'll provide you the information which girl does anal


07-06-02, 22:26
Details stated below for F35 can be confirmed.
Some notes on the general atmosphere in the club should be added. The place is very freindly and clean with sufficient space to make yourself confortable with the girls as long as its not the busy hours.
6-8 rooms will be found upstairs with large double beds. Kinky equipment is available in some if you fancy it. I visited the place on an afternoon when there where approx. 6 other men in the place so their was a lot of choice on the rooms. Things will be different during the busy hours, especially during the weekends or on a party night.
Most girls working there right now are from eastern europe earning a few extra euros to make ends meet at home.

07-07-02, 00:50
The best looking woman I have ever seen in my life or on TV or movies was in an FKK around Koln, she was half German, half Turkish and it was positively a fabulous combination. I was on the bus today in NY and saw a woman that looked somewhat like this Goddess I met at the FKK, but when I took a closer look this woman on the NYC bus wasn't even close, her arms were chubby, her hair was sloppy, and her legs weren't smooth, her skin had imperfections, also her face was a bit chubby. There's nothing that comes close to this German-Turkish beauty in America, nothing. This beautiful woman took my heart.

07-07-02, 17:37
very relevant message :
who cares about who you met in a bus in NYC and this is about Frankfurt so you dream girl in Koln ....
This is the typical no information post.
To be positive tell at least where was this girl ?
FKK what where... her working name...

Forum is an information place not a substitute to your analyst...

07-07-02, 23:54

Is it possible that you go under the name Sexxapade on another board and are talking about Chanel from Babylon in Elsdorf? Just wondering! I will try and see whether anyone on the german boards knows her whereabouts.

07-08-02, 18:30
Peter, yes I am talking about Chanel from Babylon, have you met her? I thought she was wonderful, I definitely think she's a 10 in my book. Would you happen to know if she is at a new club?

07-08-02, 18:46
I am not sure. I did not know anyone under this name, but I did not visit Babylon last year. I have an idea who it could be, but please give a more detailed description of her. I put a post on a german board, maybe someone will know.

07-09-02, 16:55
Chanel stopped working at Babylon last year in fall or late summer. So far neither I, nor any other friends from the German boards found out if she is still working.
All I was able to find out during a conversation with the bartender Jaqueline at the Babylon was, that Chanel has stopped working. Usually Jaqueline gives me sime hints if a girl started working somewhere else, but not this time.


09-15-02, 06:25
How far is F35 FKK club from the main train station in Frankfurt. Is it hard to get there on foot or is a taxi best best. Also any suggestions on hotels in the area?


09-15-02, 17:59
Originally posted by dfwdude
How far is F35 FKK club from the main train station in Frankfurt. Is it hard to get there on foot or is a taxi best best. Also any suggestions on hotels in the area?


It's about 4 km from the railwaystation. Taxi is the better option I think. For hotels, check out: http://www.hrs.de


09-18-02, 01:49
you can also take the tram #11 to fkk35 get on right in front of the train station, not the side entrance of the station in front of the station but you have be going in the right direction on the tram,the easy way is to catch the 11 tram on MunchenerStrabe it runs about every 10 minutes during the day, take the tram going away from the station to Riedenhofen stop which is third stop after ostbahn stop, then walk back to first street make left down street their is a Porsche dealership on the corner,walk to the end of the street then make slight left, there is a small red sign that says fkk or fkk35 walk down stairs,ring bell and your in pussyville. also tram 11 runs back to the train station as late as about midnight or 1 A.M. the timetables are at each stop, Good Luck..

10-16-02, 19:42
Well I am happy to report that fkk35 is still offering fine service.
I stopped by this afternoon and found 4 or five girls there.
Had a great time. ;)
Entry was 50 euro and 50 for the girl

02-02-03, 08:04
Hello everyone,
I will be in Frankfurt for a cat trip from 12-20 February. Has anyone been to F35 recently? Is it worth the trip, or should I go to Oase and Atlantis?

Any info will be greatly appreciated


02-03-03, 07:04
F35 is much more relaxed and informal than Atlantis. Only 5-8 girls there, but VERY friendly and not pushy. It's the place to go for a local quiet and unrushed night out. If you go to a place like Sudfass (also in Frankfurt), you will find maybe 25 girls and as many guys, but you will find the girls VERY aggressive and somewhat annoying, especially if you are trying to just look around and size up the prospects. F35 has a sauna out back (outside, actually) in a garden area, a jacuzzi/open sex room one floor down from the bar/couch/tv area, and of course private rooms upstairs. BBBJ in the public couch area, plus kissing, fondling, conversation (3 of the 7 girls on my last visit spoke English, as did the admissions/desk girl), and free non-alcoholic drinks and free peanuts. Hannah, a redhead from Russia, is my personal favorite, even though she only speaks Russian and German. You forget all about language with her.

As mentioned in other posts, you can get there and back via the trams. If you're staying in a Frankfurt hotel, you can buy a 2-day tram pass for about 6 euro. I did this on a regular basis, because I believe in paying for services rendered, but in all the tram riding I did in Frankfurt (a lot!) I was never asked for my ticket and never saw any tram personnel asking anybody else for one, either.

02-03-03, 20:27
Originally posted by whitey2
in all the tram riding I did in Frankfurt (a lot!) I was never asked for my ticket and never saw any tram personnel asking anybody else for one, either. [/i]

It is true that on German public transit you are not usually asked for your ticket. However, keep in mind that they do have ticket enforcement officers who randomly board trains and ask to see all the passengers’ tickets. If you do not have a valid ticket it will cost you a 30 to 50 Euro fine. Keep in mind that when you buy a day pass it must be validated in a time stamp machine. These are usually located either on the platform or sometimes on the train itself. Even if you have purchased a day pass it is not valid until it has been stamped and you can be fined for riding a train with an unvalidated ticket.


02-04-03, 03:59
Whitey 2,
do you know the websites for sudfass? Did you see any younger girls at F35 and/or Sudfass (I am in my mid 20's and prefer girls 18-24)? How do they compare to Atlantis and Oase? What are the prices?

Thanks a million,


02-04-03, 08:34
Website for Sudfass (not that informative, really) is on my other post. F35 had one 19-year old French girl, very slim body, very minimal English. Nice looker. Sudfass has lots of young girls in lots of shapes and sizes, but as posted elsewhere they are kind of aggressive. Keep in mind that girls come and go quite frequently, so what I saw ain't necessarily what you are going to find.

Atlantis (didn't go to Oase) has girls that could EASILY fold out from the pages of Playboy, although there are also 6-8's there too. Atlantis is heads over other FKK's for a couple of reasons: it's big, and there are lots of girls there pretty much all the time. When five o'clock rolls around it's time to put your libido back in your towel and go chow down, because they have a FINE buffet at five on the dot. Free, of course.

F35: 50 euro entry, 50 euro BBBJ and condom fuck. An extra 50 euro if you're into CIM.

Atlantis: 60 euro entry. Otherwise same song.

Sudfass: 30 euro entry. 50 euro condom fuck & suck. Forget CIM. Don't forget an extra charge of 25 euro to "rent" a room for a half hour. Full hour is 50 euro "rent" and 110 euro for the girl (go figure: cheaper and more varied to have 2 girls for a half hour each).

02-05-03, 15:48
Hey Whitey2, what good hotels can I stay at which is near all three of these clubs?

02-19-03, 18:11
Day Four After Action Report: FKK F-35

After hitting Oase, I decided to check out some new territory. I went to FKK-F35, which is only about a 10 minute taxi ride from the bahn hof. This is a quite cozy place on the river. The attendent spoke clear English and gave me the grande tour. I saw about 8 girls in the lounge, ranging from 6 to 9. An OK looking Cubana target me and started chatting with me. Well, I had my eyes on a cute and petite brunette. After making my get away from the Cubana, I asked the brunette to sit with me. Her name is Maria and she was from Hungary. She was 20 years old and was guite extraverted. We sat and chat for about 10 minutes then went off to the room. In the room she was a wild beast. Her vocals sounded quite authentic and she really looked great. When we were finished, she asked if I would sit with her in the lounge and I agreed. After nearly an hour making out in the lounge, It became obvious that she was just trying to make easy cash from me (I figured she was charging me while making out in the lounge). I told her that It was time for me to let other guys have that chance to be with her. She totally refused and told me that she did not care about the money. Now, I am really thinking this is a scam, but since I had an hour already invested, I decided to do her again. In the room, she was even wilder than before. She let me unleash an entire roll of film on her in the room naked! Afterwards, we took a shower together and she asked if she could come to my hotel the next day. I definately did not really want her at my hotel, so I declined. She was quite persistant, so I "agreed" and gave her a false name, hotel, and room number. She really gave a great GFE, but attached was too much attached. A real sweet heart and she DID NOT charge me for the time in the lounge. I gave her the 50 Euros for the second round and a small tip for letting me take pics. Her name was Maria and I hightly recommend her. I did want to check out a hot blonde from Russia, but Maria would not let me go. This place also has the best whirlpool of any of the FKK clubs. After this, I took a cab to the Bahn hof and went back to the hotel.

02-19-03, 23:33

It is not against club rules for the girls to arrange private meetings outside.

Remember that the club is just a facility for men and women to meet. women pay the same entrance fee as men and are free to come and go as they want. The club does not get a cut of each session. The girl pays her entrance fee and keeps whatever she makes. It is a lot like cab companies.


I am surprised that a Hungarian would get so attached, that is usually the domain of the Latina crowd.

02-20-03, 01:16
Efrog, aren't you being a bit overly agressive towards JT, who is kind enough to take time/effort to report his experiences, as he seems them, for all our benefit? Just as you reproach him for possibly giving the petite Maria the wrong impression about male guests, etc., your own post could be construed as a foul-mannered, over-reactive attack and thus put off JT and others from perhaps sharing their stories. No?

JT was there, we were not. If in his opinion Maria was being too "in-your-face" aggressive and couldn't read the body language that JT wasn't too thrilled about out-of-club company, then maybe JT did her a favour by teaching a lesson. Live and learn Maria, you'll get a better feel for people and their sincerity through real-life experiences.

And, as Peter correctly points out, there is no code of honour about not seeing anyone outside the clubs. I recently had some GFE experiences with a blonde 27-year old Siberian babe, Julia, at Atlantis, who came down from Berlin to work the club during a series of Messe events. She was just there to earn some quick cash over a few weeks and then go back to Berlin. A true free-lancer. I had four sessions with her and, during the last session, I told her I would be flying away and wouldn't see her again over the next few days. She insisted that I sit and eat with her afterwards and we talked deeply and exchanged mobile phone numbers. She made a big deal over the fact that our birthdays were only a day or two apart (day, not year!). She flirted with me about getting married and adopting children together. She wanted me to pick her up at Atlantis and give her a lift to central Frankfurt in two weeks. She keeps sending me messages, and wants me come to Berlin and see her, etc. etc. I didn't see her now for two weeks but she keeps sending SMS messages. Finally I called her up last night and started to talk to her. When I asked her: £On a scale of 0 to 10, you are a solid 9. You can have any man you want. Why are you so interested in me?" Then she got weird and said she was in a public place and didn't want to talk about these personal things until she was alone. She said she'd SMS me back when she could better speak...I'm still waiting! Weird, man, really weird.

02-20-03, 02:43
Guys, you need to know the real story. Efrog is French!
If JT, or some of the other posters were French, he wouldn't have been critical of them. However, they're American, and he lets politics take over and becomes abusive, mostly towards Americans.
Efrog has had a number of posts deleted by Jackson for causing trouble on other boards.
Just ignore him, and hopefully, he'll go away.
For the record, I don't believe that he is representative of most of the French posters/readers. Most of us fortunately, stick to info about women, not politics!

02-22-03, 01:41
Regarding Maria: Yes, I gave her a false name for my hotel and false room number, but she also gave me her cell phone number and told me to call when I wanted her to come. I would NEVER (intentionally) make a girl come to a falso hotel room. She was not to come until I phoned her.
Another thing, she wanted to come to my hotel room for business (500 Euros for the day).

I have been *****mongering for a long time, and I developed a defense mechanism for situations like these. Lie! Sometimes you need to lie or you could be ripped off or hurt the girl's feelings. I treat these girls with respect and will only lie if I am cornered. She just wouldn't take no for an answer. Also, if she realized that I wasn't interested in hotel action, she could've charged me for the entire time talking with her in the lounge.

I apologize for any confusion.


02-22-03, 02:39
as you read the last message, I think we agree.
In order to cut purposeless argument, I have deleted both last messages.
I prefer pass on Thor understanding anything... lol

Sorry also for the too agressive 1st message.

Let us talk better about WSG topics.
Beside Atlantis, out of any classification...
how did you rank the clubs you did, as you made a lot...
Did you check the bar at the Hilton ?
This is also, beside the FKK , a nice place for picking girls... but expensive...

02-22-03, 03:32
I visited the following FKK Clubs and I am ranking them in order.

1. Atlantis

2. Oase (almost tied with Atlantis)

3. Planet Happy Garden

4. F-35

5. Babylon

6. Chantel Cavelier Exklusive

7. Sudfass

02-22-03, 11:41

Great trip! Nice week, better than a week in Michigan!


02-22-03, 23:26
you rock! - 6 days of the finest FKK pussy. I am in awe of the European Tour de Puss.
I see that you have picked Atlantis as your preferred venue. Guess I'll have to tell Bulgarian Maria that you need some convincing :-)
I'll be back mid- march If you'd like to hook up again. A German buddy told me about the party treff scene and gave me contact for best one in Germany. may go that way on my next stopover.

02-25-03, 10:40
Im Chinese American and dont speak of word of German, but I'll be in Frankfurt for business. Heard about FKK F35 - first of all, what would be a not so busy day to go and as an Asian not knowing a word of German, will I have a hard time communicating and/or face any discrimination at FKK F35 ??? Also, are the rules the same for all the clubs - you just go, pay, shower, go outside, find a girl, have your fun, pay up, and leave ??? Wow, they dont have anything like that in the states. Never had the European experience, so its all gonna be pretty new to me.

02-25-03, 17:59
Originally posted by smacker111
Im Chinese American and dont speak of word of German, but I'll be in Frankfurt for business. Heard about FKK F35 - first of all, what would be a not so busy day to go and as an Asian not knowing a word of German, will I have a hard time communicating and/or face any discrimination at FKK F35 ??? Also, are the rules the same for all the clubs - you just go, pay, shower, go outside, find a girl, have your fun, pay up, and leave ??? Wow, they dont have anything like that in the states. Never had the European experience, so its all gonna be pretty new to me.
Smacker, your questions:

The least-busy days and times tend to be weekday afternoons. Notable days at FKK35 are Wednesdays, during which the ladies are in lingerie and not nude, and Thursdays, during which they serve a free buffet.

Not knowing German is not much of a problem. A lot of the ladies speak at least some English. If you want, ask the counterperson to introduce you to some English-speaking ladies when you enter.

You probably will not face any discrimination for being Asian. I've been to clubs with Asian friends and none of them had any problems.

Regarding the rules, you seem to understand the basics. At FKK35, you keep your wallet in your locker along with your clothes. After your session, the lady will follow you to the locker room to collect her money.

Finally, I'd like to add that these clubs were set up for locals and not for us, so if you do what the others do, you'll be fine. Don't do anything out of the ordinary, like overpay for service or create a disturbance.

Hope this helps.

02-27-03, 06:08
Arnie is correct. You should have absolutely no problems hooking up with any women in any FKK club. Stay away from the RLD, as many of the women are junkies and intend to rip you off, especially if you are not from there.

I only had one experience with discrimination in Germany and it was in a bar/*****house near the Frankfurt RLD. A German girl actually asked me if I was a Jew. I am not, but still took offense at her question. I shouldn't matter if I was or wasn't. Anyways, in FkK Clubs, you will definately have a great time with a great diverse population of beautiful women! Have fun!


03-01-03, 06:03
Thanks for all the help guys Arnie and JT, I really appreciate it.
I'll definitely report back to this forum with the experiences when I get back !

03-07-03, 09:26
Hi this site is pretty cool hey

Well I'm posting my cherry post to ask something.

I was on this site a while ago and saw a guy from some other site post his link here. It had a tour him and his friend did of the FKKs in Germany.

It was pretty funny and cool but now I lost the site name (link).
it was a similar concept to this...

BTW this site rocks

I will be in Eastern Europe later this year. I wanna check out some of these places but I'm too chicken to go by myself..be pretty weird.

Anyone wanna hook up and split road costs etc?

I'm 26

03-09-03, 14:40
I decided to avoid the crowds at Atlantis last night and went to F35 instead. BIG MISTAKE!! Only four girls working and none of them were any better than a five. Finally ended up going upstairs with the least undesirable of the group for a very unenthusiastic 30 minutes. It was a very disappointing experience to say the least.


03-25-03, 23:43
Sixpack try www.**********.com used to be arranged a bit different, but still the same content.


04-26-03, 12:47

Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant time.

I tend to like FKK-35 usually I have a good time and find a nice girl, but it is a little hit or miss at times. But the management is quite friendly so they still have my vote. Maybe I just like the quaintness and being near the main river I do go at off hrs like a tues or thurs in the after noon

After to being to both I can see were there is a large selection at Atlantis ... and the place is huge

But my vote is still Fkk-35 just a little more relaxing for me is all and a bit closer

That all being said isn't great we have the choices here

05-07-03, 22:34
sixpack, where in Eastern Europe are you going? and when? valmont1976@yahoo.com I'm 26 as well. Let's talk.


08-06-03, 15:01
I went to the club during my last stay in FRA. It was a very pleasant experience. It was a very short drive by cab from the hotel in which I stayed, the airport Sheraton, therefore I recommend it.

The guy at the entrance gave me first a tour, and I could have a look at the ladies. Then put my stuff in the closet and went to the bar. I talked with my poor German to a women form hungary, not really my type, then I went to see an Egyptian one. She was pretty hot and we started on the couch. I wanted to have BJ or even FS with her in the public place but she refused. Obvisously this place does not allow such practice. So we went to the room, and it was a good time, nothing very special, but she enjoyed (I think).

After that I paid her and went back to the bar. Thanks to the Viagra I had taken, I could go to a second load, with another Hungarian. She was ok, pushing me a bit to shorten the FS.

08-07-03, 13:30
Well Iwas at Fkk35 last Fri in the afternoon

I saw a girl by the name Rafiel (sp) She was pleasent great body. Black hair a small tatoo on her brest and one on her shoolder. No rush all the usual amenties.

As of late the selection has been a bit slim there were about five ladies there all about average and seemed abit older. Rafiel was the best looking and nice slim petiite body.

As always things change at this club the girls seem to move in and out quickly. So what is true one week may not be the next .

08-18-03, 12:50
Hello everybody (especially RENE02)

I will be going to Frankfurt in a few days. Need to know the following:

1) How to reach F35 by tram or bus.
2) If by taxi how much ?
3) Rene02 said there was an egyptian girl, what's her name ? Arab girls are hot, i've had some experiences. Did she do BBBJ?
4) How much is the entry & the session.
5) Do all the girls do BBBJ ?

Thanks in advance


08-20-03, 12:26
@ Tim

Entry is 50 euro
each girl is 50 euro

There is a tram but a preaty good walk.
I believe if you research the borad a bit more, all you questions will be answered. If I remember corectly Kalue has posted barnhalf directions.
Hope this helps.

08-29-03, 15:49

the Egyptian name was Rayna.. Reina.. I do not know how to spell it.

09-15-03, 04:22
Anyone been to FK35 lately with a more up-to-date report? I have a 7-hour layover in Frankfurt in a few weeks. Not long enough time really to go to Oase or Atlantis. So my options are the train station area action but i'd prefer the FK35. Whats the scene like there around noon-6pm? Thanks.

09-15-03, 06:00

FKK35 has seen better days. You'll have a better selection, nicer women, and it'll cost you less at FKK Dietzenbach - and it's accessible by public bus from central Frankfurt or the airport. See my posts in appropriate places.

10-20-03, 05:03
This experience at FKK F35 in Frankfurt took place last winter (Nov. 2002), but from what I have read, the experiences lately are similar. I don't speak German, but I had not problems finding this club or getting service. This was my first FKK experience.

I rode the U-bahn U6 to the end of the line beyond the zoo, and then took a long walk down Hanauer Landstr., but this walk could have been replaced by a ride on a streetcar.

I visited FKK 35 on a Friday afternoon. The lady in charge spoke English just fine, and I was welcome. 50 Euros at the door ($50), and then 50 Euros for each 30 minute session with a lady. I got undressed, put my stuff in a locker, took a shower, and went upstairs to the bar and lounge area (wearing some towels). Some of the girls spoke English, and the woman behind the bar also spoke enough English. I also met one fellow customer who spoke English well, and so I felt comfortable. I observed for a while, and eventually one woman approached me and we chatted a bit, and then went upstairs. After our 30 min of fun, she walked with me down to the lockers where I gave her the fee. I took a quick shower and returned to the bar/lounge area. After some rest, I sat next to another young lady, and after a bit of talk, we went upstairs for round two. This young lady was a bit inexperienced, but that made it all the more fun.

There were 7 ladies working that day, and they ranged in looks from 6-8. I had a fun session with Sylvia from Hungary (mid-late-20's, spoke English well), and with Lena from Latvia (18-20, spoke passable English). I got tired after 3 hours and 2 sessions. I thought this FKK Club concept is fantastic! I highly recommend it.

Ice Cream Man
11-12-03, 11:11
I wanted to second an opinion I saw in a posting from CT1 - I find Club FKK-35 to be at the top of my list of clubs to visit in the Frankfurt area. It is easy to get to from downtown and the girls and management are very accommodating. I know the quality of the experience can vary greatly depending on the girls but I also think the management sets expectations for the establishment. My visits to FKK-35 have always been satisfying. I think a big part of that is how the place is run and what the managers expect of the girls working there.

I recently returned from a two week trip to the Frankfurt area. I had a weekend and a half to explore and took advantage of it. I visited FKK-35, FFK Atlantis, and Dietzenbach during my stay. I must say I had a good time at all three but my experience at FKK-35 was by far the best.

FKK-35 Entry price was 50 Euro and 50 Euro for each ½ hour session. I arrived on a Sunday evening. The woman at the front desk was very friendly and assured me I would have a good time. She was right. There were about 8 girls working that evening. Not an overwhelming number but enough to have a good selection. Most were older, 30-40 although there were a couple of girls in their early 20s. All were very personable.

I first met Tanya who was about 35 with a great face and body (no sags and firm C cup breasts). She said she was Russian. We chatted for awhile, than walked outside to go to the sauna. There she started on an enthusiastic BBJ while another couple who were in the sauna looked on. She kept looking up at me and then over at the other couple and commented on how large my cock was (it isn’t but she sure put on a good show for me and the others). She even went so far as to make little gagging noises. After about 10 min of this I suggested we go upstairs although I am sure she would have been OK with me popping right there. Upstairs she was unhurried. She brought out candles and spent some time chatting and cooing, all the while making sure I kept hard, teasing me, brushing my cock over her breasts and lips, and generally just keeping me on the edge. Finally I told her I needed to fuck her and she asked me if I could fuck her from behind first because she would get off sooner. Not my favorite position but by that time I was sure she was going to give me a great ride. True to her word, after just a few minutes of doggie style, full of moans and lots of crying out loud she seemed to get off. She then set me on my back and rode me cowgirl style while I played with her breasts. She seemed content with this and would have gone on as long as I wanted. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer, rolled her over on her back. The vision of her holding her legs open and moaning for me is probably most memorable vision of the trip. I finally finished after some great action full of moans and shrieks. Afterwards she did not seem to be in any hurry to leave and we chatted for awhile before going back down stairs.

Once downstairs I paid up then she took me to the couch near the stairs where she said I would have the best view of all the girls and they went past. She was right. It was a great place to rest up and scope out my next choice. Tanya was one great actress and my most memorable session of the whole trip.

The other girl I met was Uli - Tall, blond with a classic Teutonic face - probably about 25. She had been pretty busy that evening so I had to wait about an hour for her which was just fine with me - I needed the time to rest. She was also very engaging and we talked for a bit as she played with me. Then she went down on me on the couch in the main room. She had the gentlest touch and as her mouth glided over my cock it was almost as if she wasn’t touching me at all. I could feel the heat from her mouth but there was almost no friction or sensation of touching. It was incredible. Gradually she increased her touch and was soon in full tilt BJ action. The gentle start was an incredible turn on. When we went upstairs she had the same soft gentle start to our fucking building up to a great finish for me. Again, the entire session was unrushed.

As I left FFK -35 that evening the woman at the front desk took the time to ask me whether I enjoyed myself. She asked which of the girls I was with and whether I thought I would come back. I guess she was doing a little quality assurance and some marketing. At the end of our conversation she hugged me and said she hoped I would come back. It was a nice touch as I left. The FKK-35 will remain at the top of my list in the Frankfurt area.

Ice Cream Man

12-05-03, 07:14
I am planning to go to FKK-35 (or Oase) on 22nd of December, which is Monday. I was wondering if you think there will be enough women/action during that time.

Also, how can I be sure that clubs will even be open? They don't shut down around Christmas, do they?

Thank you

12-05-03, 23:14
pup, if you want some company, I might make a trip around then too.


12-16-03, 04:39
I was in Frankfurt for 2 days 3 weeks ago. One of the first things I did was visit FKK 35.

I took tram #11 from Braubachstrasse near Römer and got off at the Riederhöfe stop. From there it was about a 10 minute walk down Intzestrasse to FKK 35.

I paid my 50 Euros, got undressed, showered, put on my robe, and headed upstairs. There were 7-10 women working on that evening (Wed.). Their looks ranged from 6 to 8 out of 10. The going price was 50 Euros for 30 minutes upstairs with a lady. Most ladies wanted extra for BBBJTC (CIM) (usu. 50 Euros more). The best strategy is to sit at the bar while upstairs and just relax and look around and chat with any ladies who walk up to the bar. Do not sit next a lady on a sofa unless you have already decided that you will go upstairs with her. Once you sit down, chat with her, and soon she will be stroking you and asking if you want to go upstairs.

The first lady I took upstairs was Sarah. She was an early 20-something blonde (dirty blonde) from the USA. Unfortunately, while it was fun to converse with her, her attitude was typical of a provider from the USA. She wanted 50 Euro extra for BBBJ and another 50 Euro for CIM (which it sounds like she usually does not do at all). A rip-off, but I was in a generous mood, and really wanted to unload in her mouth, and so I agreed. She took it all and swallowed. I knew that if I had seen her in the States this would have cost me $500+ with her.

After a shower, and a rest back up at the bar, I turned my attention to Assya (spelling?). She was a cute, ~30-year old of Turkish descent, though she grew up in Germany. She had a very nice body, and piercing golden eyes, dark skin, and brown hair in braids. She did not charge extra for BBBJ, but wanted 20 Euros to come on her tits or 50 Euros to CIM. I passed on these extras and just enjoyed her bbbj and some good doggy style with us both standing up with her wearing her heels and leaning forward onto the bed to match my height. Nice.

Back to the shower and then again to the bar for some chit chat and free soda and peanuts for about an hour to rest.

My final adventure was with Marianne. She was a cute early to mid-20's gal from the south of France. She said she was a student in Wurzburg and that this was her first day on the job. How could I pass up this opportunity? We went upstairs to the room with the round bed. This room has a flimsy divider and a second bed, and soon another couple came in. We still had a little privacy, but could hear each other. Marianne had a very nice BBBJ technique, and I decided against paying extra for CIM. She climbed on top for some good cowgirl action, followed by some doggy. I finished with more bbbj and a hand release.

After that I was spent for the day. Another shower, and soon I was on my way back to the tram stop for the ride back to central Frankfurt. Overall a great time, and a new record for me: 3 times in 3 hours with 3 different ladies. :-)


P.S. I forgot to mention that I didn't have any language problems at all, and I speak only a few phrases in German. Have fun!

Member #1071
01-26-04, 16:42
Last time I visited KK35 was a year ago. Plenty of girls some really good looking and good overall service.

I visited Frankfurt last week and decided to visit this club, as my past experiences there were good.

Took a taxi, went there paid my 50 Euros entrance fee, changed my clothes, put on a towel and went to the lounge.

I was CHOCKED, the least to say.....

Bearly three ladies all are OLD over 40 and UGLY.

I was really disapointed and decided to leave. Suddenly on my way out I crossed an ebony beauty reaching the lounge. This is the first time that I really fancy a dark skinned lady.

I approached her and she was very friendly, her name was Sofia from Nigeria.
We chated and drank, took our time since there were nobody there and no customers.
Then we headed to the room. Her body was that of a top model and her face nice. Very firm ass and nice medium sized boobs. No traces of scars usually found on african girls. Her skin was so smooth. She asked me if I wanted a BJ, I said of course. Then she asked me if I want it with or without rubber (what a question???).. I told her of course without rubber. And she gave me one hell of a BBBJ. She asked me if I wanted to fuck, and I said no just keep your BBBJ, which she did. Accelarating sometimes and slowing down some other times. I was determined that I will hold as much as I could. Indeed I managed to keep it up for about 20 minutes and she did not complain, but kept blowing me and letting me caress her all over. She knew when I was finishing and moved our her mouth and finished me with a nice hand job. We chatted for about another 45 minutes. She was in no hurry as she knew there were no customers down there. I to ld her I might go for another round with her.

We went down showered and paid her the 50 Euros.

She then came back to the lounge and sat next to me, we talked about every thing.

She was indeed very friendly.

At that time a customer showed up and sat with one of the three ugly ladies there.
After about an hour I decided it was time for another round. We went upstairs and she told me she was going to take me to a special room. The room had those hand cuffs and a wooden black cross. I told her I wasn't into this type of activities. She told me not to worry, all I had to do is relax and she will take care of everything. Which I did. She tied up my hands and went down on her knees and started to give me a wonderful BBBJ. Then she pulled a condom put it on, turned back and put my manhood inside her. She started to go and come like a wild cat screaming and moaning until I was done. She then untied me, and told me to sit next to her on the bed. We started talking and talking and talking. After an hour or so she gave me another blow job, took me by the hand to shower. It was late then, and still no sign of action in the lounge. I paid her 50 Euros (which usually buys you one shot and a max of 30 minutes). She told me the reason there is not much girsl was that because the police was cracking down all the clubs making sure that no one is working there without a permit, this has kept all the eastern european girls away.

An adventure to remember

01-26-04, 21:22
Member 1071,
I guess YMMV regarding this club. I was there last April and hooked up with a tight ass 18 year old Hungarian hottie. Sweet as can be. She stayed with me for five hours and made out and banged three times. She only charged me 100 Euro. She met me at my hotel the next night and I had her all night for the same price. It was awesome.

02-21-04, 21:35

The great days of the F35 are already gone. Simply they heavily relied on Eastern European women on tourist visa. While the legal aspects have been changed late last year, this line of supply is closed.

I enjoyed F35 for a number of visits, living in the greater Frankfurt area, but have to say it is not worth to go. Being one of two city clubs it was always convenient; however the value for money you get is much better with the other establishments.

Once I called them and asked how many girls will be available and were told eight. I told them I will arrive there in some 20 minutes and do not like to hear any lame excuses, however when I arrived there were 2 repeat 2 only.

It was a huge discussion before I got my money back. I never trust the numbers mentioned at the phone, however the rule of the thumb is approx. half of the number quoted.

As far as I am concerned I do not recommend the F35, instead I would warn to use it. To be fair others may feel comfortable with it – I definitely do not.



06-08-04, 20:44
I stopped in at the F35 twice in the last month. It appears to be closed. The only one in Frankfurt that I know of is The Palace which was the Paradise until it was renovated in February.

06-29-04, 20:49
The F35 has got a new management and wants to come up with new girls. Perhaps it´s a good idea to give them a new chance.

I´ll give you a report as soon as I know more.

07-06-04, 13:16
Any new reports on F35?

07-06-04, 13:52
Wow, that is too bad about FKK35. I enjoyed my visits there. And now I notice a very poor review of Club Dietzenbach on the Other FKK Clubs board. It looks like the choices in Frankfurt have become limited.

I hope the new management of FKK35 do something good with the place.


07-06-04, 13:57

Sorry but there are no new reports available, not even at the german fkk-forums. But you could jump at the chance to do some basic research... ;o)


09-15-04, 16:45
A new management again - and F35 is now called FKK-Beach.

The new homepage is www.fkk-beach.de

The opening-party will be on Sept. 17th, from 8:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m. next day.

The management also runs www.starlight-melanie.de, where you can have a look at the girls that will be present at least on Friday evening.

09-17-04, 03:53
MAN, I'm glad to hear that this FKK is opening up again. When I'm in Frankfurt I usually stay at the Holiday Inn in Sachsenhausen, and it's only about a 7-minute drive from there to FKK35 (excuse me, FKK Beach).

It's not a big FKK, and it's not all that fancy, but it's still a neat place. I have a lot of fond memories from there.


09-18-04, 12:41
I read the first report about the opening party this morning.

There were 15+ girls, the place didn´t change too much, although it has been renovated.

The entrance fee was 60 €.

Service prices are similar to other Clubs in the Rhein-Main-area: 50 € per 30 min., French Kisses and BBBJ included.

At the moment there are no informations about CIM, COB and anal available.

The opening party yesterday must have been OK. We´ll have to watch, how this place develops. The management is known to offer girls of high quality in the apartment mentioned below. Let´s hope that their scouting for talents will show similar success for this new club.

09-24-04, 21:11

Since I can't seem to access the Roemerforum at the moment, I have been unable to read the reports about Fkk beach. There is probably no chance that Melanie is working, but I am curious if Maria/Viktoria will be working there.



09-24-04, 21:23

It seems, that the girls of Melanies apartement will work at FKK-Beach on certain days (each of them on different days, I think. Otherwise Club or apartement would be withaout girls) . To get more information about their schedules it seems best to call.

Phone number: 069/498794

Hessen Bub
09-29-04, 12:29
@Dedalus: Maria (see picture) has been seen at FKK-Beach.

Hessen Bub

09-29-04, 15:05
Hurrah!!! Thanks for the information and the Photo (Be Still my Heart!)

I will have to pay this place a visit soon.



10-01-04, 03:10
Took one for the team guys...
Had 2 unplanned stopovers in FRA a week apart. No rental car ordered on either of these stops, so first night took trains from airport Sheraton to Palace - normal visit, nothing special so no report. Enjoyed Dilara, Diana and Michele.

I've been waiting to read some reliable reports from FKK- Beach since the re-opening. It intrigued me as I had was one of my first FKK experiences here a few years ago on a beautiful summer day, with the girls sunbathing outside alongside the river right in the city. However after discovering the pleasures of Atlantis, Oase, World, and Palace, and with the decline of this club, I hadn't been back in a while.

It's hard to get to at night without a cab as it's in a dark deserted industrial estate and the nearest public transportation is a good 15 minute walk. Total cab trip from the Holiday Inn Airport north - about 12 minutes.

So here's the story - reopened about 2 weeks ago under the management of Melanie, of Oase fame, also manageress of the starlight-ladies house in Bad Homburg. They've redone the paint job and I think retiled the bathrooms and spruced up the bar. Otherwise I didn't see any other marked changes. Nice cold buffet served outside and available all night. Great male masseur.

When I entered I asked the desk lady how many women were there and she said 8 women and only 7 men. Well I found the 7 men, but only 5 women. All of the women are on the staff of starlight-ladies. You can see all of them on the gallery page of www.starlight-ladies.de. Every day/night 3-4 women stay at starlight and 5-6 women go to FKK Beach.

The place was quiet except for 3 raucous Arabic speaking men, whoi didn't have any sessions the whole night I was there, but just watched the film and tried to finger the women. At a club this small with so few men and women, it's easy to enter into long conversations with everyone there. Spoke with the women and all except for one, Natalie, that night were from Poland.

I enjoyed the company of:
1) Karolina- Polish, poor Englidh, young, dark-haired stocky,34B, 7 body(great full ass), 6 face, 6 performance, 8 attitude. Not really the type that I would normally choose, but she was sweet and had that glint in the eyes that I look for.

2)Natelie - Czech, fair English, small, thin, blonde, lots of energy. 32A, 7 body,8 face, 9 performance, 9 attitude. I was watching her couch action with 2 customers, using her body all over the place, very free and open. Drew her over to sit near the bar and we talked when a fellow client says," Do her she's great", so I did and she was. Has been around the block - worked at OASE, world, starlight for the last year+.

3) Alexandra (Ola) - Polish, good English,24, blonde, amazing porn star body. 34C,9 face, 9.5 body, 9 perorfmance, 9 attitude.
Pinch me, is this real. Gorgeous woman. She's a working pro back home where she makes 100 zlotys( about 25 Euro) for hour long sessions, so she comes to DE for a couple of weeks at a time to make some dough.

Summary - some good sessions. Great way to try out the starlight ladies. But with small woman selection it's hard to understand how they will stay in business with the upscale Palace just across town, Atlantis reborn, and OASE and World going strong, unless Melanie has some other trick up her sleeve to spur business. A 5 Euro d****unt at entrance won't do the trick.

10-02-04, 12:06
"unless Melanie has some other trick up her sleeve to spur business. A 5 Euro d****unt at entrance won't do the trick."

Better still, if she were to get back into the game, then that would do the trick.


10-02-04, 12:52

Melanie is pregnant. So, at the moment it would be a thing for the guys with a "special taste".

Ans after haven given birth to a new world citizen dhe will most probably take care about this one. No big hope she will return in the near future.

Hessen Bub
10-02-04, 18:03
Entrance fee is down to 50 EUR. Wonder if this will pull more guys in ...

Hessen Bub

10-03-04, 11:22
Good call on Melanie's part. I would think that the "outdoor" appeal of this place will start to wane now that Fall is upon us. I will try to make a test run at this place sometime next week.



10-04-04, 00:34
Melanie has had a baby recently. (It's probably not mine), so don't get your hopes up on a quick return to business.

As of 5 days ago the entrance fee was 60 Eur. When did that change?

Hessen Bub
10-04-04, 06:57

It was lowered to 50 EUR on 02-10-2004.

Hessen Bub

10-04-04, 11:13
"Melanie has had a baby recently."

Wow! I had not heard that bit of information. Although she would not be the first Mummy to work as a provider, you are likely correct that we may not see her back in the saddle for awhile, if ever.

Iseeu, if it was your kid, then I am sure that you had fun making it.



10-04-04, 23:32
I guess Melanie read my report - got us a 10 Eur discount. Still I don't think it will be able to compete unless they increase the variety of women and add some other incentives - hope she reads this too :-}

10-20-04, 08:39
I visited FKK-Beach on sunday for the first time since 2002.

This club (at that time named F35) was the first club I ever visited. And I never went back there, because my experiences weren´t too good.

But with the new owners, this place seemed to have improved dramatically, so I decided to return to the place of my "club-defloration".

At the reception I met Silke, a former FKK-World-receptionist who is now executive director of FKK-Beach and we had a nice and long talk about the club.

The club was taken over an Sept. 14th and reopened on Sept. 17th. So there was no time to change the interior dramatically. But now the whole club was wonderfully clean. And they are working on renovations and improvements, for example a bigger sauna ans a huge outside-yacuzzi.

On sunday they have a "happy hour", in fact it´s a "happy day". You pay 35,- € entrance fee the whole day.

On fridays and saturdays they serve cocktails from 8 p.m. to closing time.

On sunday there were six girls working, enough to serve the 10 to 15 male guests I counted on that day. Everything was very relaxed. The new management seems to prefer quality of service to quantity of girls. Imho this is a good thing.

All girls were friendly, open minded and willing to serve, never rushing or forcing the guests into the rooms. At FKK-Beach they don´t have a barmaid, so you get your drinks served by the girls. A nice opportunity to get in contact.

I had two sessions with Miriam:

name: Miriam
hair: blond, shoulder-length
size: ~ 1,65 m
figure: slim, A/B-breast
origin: slovakia
born: ~ 1978
tattoos/piercings: tattoo on left ankle, pierced belly-button
service: passionate GFE
other: charming, intelligent, good conversation possible. Pictures available at http://www.starlight-melanie.de

The first session was very passionate, including BBBJ, Cunnilingus, 69 and sex in several positions.

The second session - hours later - was more relaxed, adding intense french kissing and a very gentle massage.

Miriam is a very nice and customer-oriented young lady and earned herself a 100% recommendation from my side.

All in all this club is much more intimate than the "big four" and the club management seems to understand how to make this a "unique selling point" for FKK-Beach.

I won´t wait another 2 years before I´ll visit this club again.

11-10-04, 11:40
I wanted to include this short description of the club into my latest report. But then the report would have been too long, so it´s published separately:

FKK-Beach is separated into three generally accessible levels in-house (a fourth level with the “private rooms” is accessible with a female companion only), a terrace and a garden area directly beneath the river Main.

The in-house levels:

The first level:
Entering Beach you are standing right at the reception, where you receive, two towels, a pair of bathing slippers, a locker-key and that horrible bracelet that has to be worn in nearly every FKK-club in Germany.
Passing the next door, you get into the locker room. Bathrobes are available at no additional cost here. At the end of the room you will find a single shower, a toilet and the stairs to

The second level:
Left hand you will find two additional showers before you reach the “relax-area”. In this area you will find the whirlpool, the massage and a huge “playground” with a small TV-screen in its ceiling, showing the usual XXX-stuff, right hand there are four small “playgrounds”. At the end of this area you will find the solarium. Going back to the stairs you can reach

The third level:
Most probably this is the main area during your visit. Seven couches arranged in three groups invite you for a rest – or a small-talk with one of the women who wait for your approach, when you are tired by the boring XXX-stuff that is presented on a huge TV-screen. Animation is not common at FKK-Beach. The bar in this area offers soft drinks and several variations of coffee. At FKK-Beach there is no barmaid serving you. Instead, the non-occupied girls will ask you for your wishes. This is a nice opportunity to get in contact with the girls. When you found a nice girl, she will show you the way to

The fourth level:
Beach has nice and clean rooms, bigger than in most of the other FKK-clubs. Some of them have doors while some are made for semi-public action.
When you had a shower after your session, most probably you will return to the third level. From there you can get to

The terrace:
the terrace is completely roofed. Here you find the buffet, some Gym-equipment, the small sauna (that will be replaced by a new one within the next weeks) and several seats offering a rest in the warm seasons. There is also a bar that is closed at the moment. It may be opened during parties or in summer.
From the terrace you can reach

The garden area:
Open – of course – only when it is warm enough to enjoy lying there, directly at the waterside of the river Main. Be aware, that this area is visible for everyone passing by ship. So officially it is not an FKK-area anymore, you have to wear a towel. Getting intimate with a girl would be more public than is allowed in Germany. For these purposes an Indian Wigwam is placed in the garden, like the one you eventually know from “Atlantis”.

I hope this short overview will be a help during your first visit.

Have fun!

Some details:

FKK-Beach is opened daily from 11:00 a.m. to 05:00 a.m.

Dinner from approx. 07:30 p.m. until nothing is left

Entrance fee Mon. to Sat. 50,- €; Sun. 35,- €

Friday and Saturday Cocktail party from 08:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m.

Sunday breakfast until dinner time


Franziusstr. 35
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 498794
Internet: http://www.fkk-beach.de (German only)

11-10-04, 11:44
sunday noon, i am packing my bag for my weekly travel to stuttgart. twenty hours left till work and all private duties done. this is a good time to visit a fkk-club. shall i drive to fkk-world? no, it is too far to drive to work in the morning. or shall i visit fkk-palace? no, i am not interested in that oriental style today. i decide to visit fkk-beach, because it is a nice little club with wonderful women and so promises a nice sunday evening.

i reach the beach at 2 p.m. and receive a very warm welcome by silke at the reception. breakfast is served since 11 a.m., but there is still a lot of food left.

i shower, shave and take a seat at the bar after getting myself something to eat. i take a short look around and count five women and three men. in my opinion this is a very nice ratio. my plan is to stay her until 5 a.m. and drove to my office in stuttgart directly in the early morning. so i feel i have lots of time today. so i make use of the sauna three times and enjoy some latte macchiato before i decide to join justin:

name: justin
hair: brown, curly, shoulder-length
size: ~ 1,75 m
figure: curvy, b-breast
origin: ???
born: ~ 1981
tattoos/piercings: pierced bellybutton
service: gfe
other: pictures available at http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies_detail.php?id=11 . she added some weight since the photo-shooting.

she approaches me after some intensive eye-contact. her youthful charm and her soft kisses convince me that i am on the right track. we change from the couch to a room upstairs for further action. dfk, bbbj, daty before she begins to ride me wildly. we end up missionary. all in all this session is normal club-standard. but i believe justin could have performed better, if i had been less “success-oriented”. if you want a girl to show all of her talents, you have to give her a chance. i failed to do so…

coming back to the bar after showering i have to realize that i am the only male guest in the club. a dangerous – or better: expensive – situation. fortunately reinforcements arrive very soon.

the female troops counterattack with nathalie arriving. a forum colleague re-establishes the balance of power.

at this time i know my future program for the evening: nathalie and anita. only the sequence is uncertain yet. but my newly arrived colleague has an eye on anita, so i decide to go on with nathalie:

name: nathalie
hair: blond, short
size: ~ 1,70 m
figure: slim, a-breast
origin: czech
born: ~ 1983
tattoos/piercings: tattooed coccyx
service: passionate gfe
other: pictures available at http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies_detail.php?id=3 .

nathalie acts completely unrushed that day and so we are still chatting on one of the couches when my colleague returns from his session with anita, smiling all over his face. this seems to be a good sign for my later plans. but for the moment i concentrate on nathalie. the dinner has just been delivered, so we decide to have a meal before the action. my colleague, nathalie and i have a funny conversation about waste separation after that. if you ever want to tease nathalie, discuss this issue with her intensively… ;-)

after that we go to something completely different – and therefore upstairs.

i am willing to enjoy this session to the full, and nathalie shows great talent from the very beginning. she starts with passionate, deep french kissing before making her way down slowly to welcome “novize jr.” and pamper him with a deep, wet bbbj, altering speed and pressure to my maximum delight. every time i open my eyes she immediately establishes eye-contact. nathalie takes care about every inch of junior, my testicles and the whole surrounding area and soon i feel i need a break.

i am a dilettante compared to her, but that can not prevent me from trying to pay back. my efforts are gladly accepted and end with a greatly performed illusion of an orgasm (i do not believe in female orgasms in a club. and i do not care. well played is good enough for me).

after this daty-intercourse nathalie takes over and finishes the job she had done before. and this time the orgasm surely was not faked… ;-)

after that i have a longer chat with my colleague before he leaves me for his second session. i take the chance for an exercise in extreme-relaxing but can not sleep. tomorrow will be a fine day at the office…

returning from my exercises i can see my colleague sitting on one of the couches chatting with anita. my last victim! (anita, not my colleague)

after a while, my comrade is leaving the club, but not without introducing anita and me to each other and arranging my next date – thanks for that! – and finally i am alone with anita:

name: anita
hair: blond, long
size: ~ 1,60 m
figure: slim, b/c-breast
origin: polish
born: ~ 1982
tattoos/piercings: none
service: passionate gfe
other: pictures available at http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies_detail.php?id=10 .

imho anita is the most beautiful woman available this day. she has a very nice and friendly face, wonderful breasts and a slim figure with a very sexy little stomach. i am happy i did not approach her earlier – you have to save the best for last.

sitting together on the couch we get closer and closer, change the first kisses and soon she is lying in my arms while we pet each other gently. we decide (in fact, of course, she decides) to go upstairs. from the “technical” perspective the session is a nearly 100%-replay of the session with nathalie. but everything is a little bit more intimate, and i interrupt the action several times just to feel her soft skin, caress her body, smell the sweet redolence of her hair or just look at this beautiful woman. she seems to be unaccustomed to a situation like that, but i enjoy it to the full. an experience one can seldom get for money.

afterwards i lie on one of the couches with closed eyes, mentally repeating this session and memorising the details. i leave the place physically tired but wide awake mentally.

duty calls. i drive to my workplace with a big smile on my face. this was a day i will remember for long.

11-12-04, 18:35

Good report from the front lines of fKk'ing. I checked out the Starlight girls and if those are accurate pics I think I will have to check it out. I will be in the FRA Main area for a night before I head back to the States,, tough decision to decide if I want to go to Beach on a Monday night or go to Oase.
Oase will surely have a better selection BUT the transportation issue makes it an interesting choice.

World will get most of my attention over the weekend but I will have access to a car thanks to Ortos so I may be able to see some of the surrounding clubs as well,

See you soon,


11-13-04, 11:18

all pictures on the starlight-homepage are real, but they show the girls in a very positive lightning.

Nevertheless, the girls are really nice, friendly and willing to serve. I shared the room with four of them until now, and it was always a good experience. Imho Anita is a real beautie.

If you´re looking for a club close to the airport, Palace is the best choice. FKK-Beach is located in Frankfurt East. Although it´s very close to the highway, the drive to the airport will be slightly longer.

11-22-04, 12:14
I visited Beach again yesterday. It is my favourite place for relaxing in the Frankfurt area. Many girls were ill, on vacation or had at least a day off - 6 girls were serving ~35 men over the day.

Since all my favourites were off duty, I introduced myself to

name: Sarah
hair: black, long
size: ~ 1,70 m
figure: slim, A/B-breast
origin: Macedonia
born: ~ 1982
tattoos/piercings: non
service: hardcore

Perhaps nice to read for most of you: her english is better than her german.
She´s not working at Starlight Ladies, so there are no pictures available.

Sarah is working at Beach for one and a half week now, I never met her at any other Club before. The Small Talk on the couch was quiet impressing, so I decided to share a room with her for a little while.

Her kissing is below average, using her tongue as a sword - hardly a chance to reach her lips. She´s definitly not a GFE. But there´s no use arguing about that in the room, so I decided to lean back and let her do what she wanted to do - and I received a very good pornstyle-BBBJTC while looking at her gorgeous body. Generally not my style, but I enjoey it so much, that I repeated this programm some hours later.

For GFE-addicted mongers like me, Sarah is not a recommendation. For those who like it more passionate than tender, she is surely worth a try.

The old sauna didn´t work properly yesterday, but it shall be replaced by a new one within the next two weeks. I´ll have to give it a test, then. ;)

DR Looks
11-27-04, 05:35
I only had two evenings in Frankfurt - and since I had decided to go to the Palace on Sunday, I decided to go to the Beach on Tuesday.

It had been some time since I had been to this place - my last visit was when it was F35.

As noted by many here, the interior isn't much different from the old days, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere as a change from the larger clubs. Since there were only 6-7 girls that night, and 5 guys, the attention by the girls was very good - and I would note that the service I got from two of the girls was excellent.

They seem to take more time with you since the atmosphere is more relaxed.
I don't remember the girls names - one was from Poland (older blonde), and the other was German (young blonde, no english).

If you are staying in Frankfurt, and don't want to travel far - and want another option other than the Palace, this should be considered.

12-03-04, 05:17
I stopped in FKK Beach last Sunday evening. The 35 Euro entrance fee was nice. As others have said, the interior is pretty much the same as when it was FKK 35, but it has been touched up a bit here and there. I had been to The Palace twice during this week, and really enjoyed it, but I also very much enjoyed the more relaxed, smaller scale of The Beach. I never saw more than 3 or 4 other guys in there at the same time, and I saw about 7 or 8 ladies, varying in looks from 6-9.

The first cutie that I talked to was Nathalie. You can see her pics on the Starlight web site, but I think she looks much better in person than in the pics. http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies.php She is about 21 years old, maybe 5'6", with perfect B-cup breasts, and a body with no fat. She has brown eyes and had colored blonde hair half way down, and red color the other half. She is from the Czech Republic. Her English was not fantastic, but it was good enough to communicate. After chatting with her a bit, we went up to the room. She did DFK and BBBJ for basic 50 Euro/30 minute price, and asked for the usual 50 Euro extra for CIM. I really enjoyed my time with her, enjoying multiple positions, and my only complaint was that the fantastic doggy style with me standing was hampered because the bed was so low. We finished with great BBBJTC (CIM).

After some relaxing, and a bit of food at the free, small buffet and a little time in the sauna, I came back inside to the bar, and began talking to Evetta (sp? Yvetta?). She was a cute ~21 year old from Poland. Brunette, about 5'7", C-cups or larger, great round butt. Again her English was good enough for us to communicate, and we sat and chatted for about 20-30 minutes before I asked her to go upstairs. I was pretty tired and since it was my second session of the night, I decided to pretty much go for BBBJ only. She was also a very passionate DFKisser! Wow. Kissing and BBBJ, and HJ, and then 69, and finally BBBJTC with CIM. I was drained. Euro 50+50, and I am sure we were in the room for more than 30 minutes. We even got into another passionate DFK session for at least 5 minutes before we finally left the room.

Sadly, all too soon it seemed I had to leave FKK Beach and make the 10 minute walk back to Hanauer Landstrasse to catch Tram #11 for the short ride back into Frankfurt, but I will be back the next time I am in town.

12-07-04, 20:30
Beach will celebrate a XXXmas-Party on Saturday, Dec. 18th, beginning at 8 p.m.

They plan to inaugurate their new sauna on the same day.

12-10-04, 06:41

after long time I went back to the Club called FKK Beach, formerly F35. Of course some modifications in furniture but management and attitude remained unchanged. Were told 10 girls will arrive in the afternoon, when I came at 4.pm only 3 were available. All mulled in towles far away from being a FKK club. Stated it was to cold while i felt hot. I asked several time about some more and again were told they will come in 30 minutes or so. At 6 p.m., now with 4 girls, I asked the receptionist about the girls and were told "afternoon" means until 7 p.m..

I waisted my entry fee of ? 50,00, which is far to much for three girls, and went off. Personally I can not reccommend the club, because the experience is exactly the same I had before. It is a kind of a "riop-off".

Ownership and management seems to be the same than before so this might be the reason why. No value for money at all. From the three girls there one could be around 40 the other both younger, but notmy taste.

Other clubs in the Frankfurt region seem to be more reliable.

Take care,


12-10-04, 11:02
Brief impressions.

It is really nice and relaxed - I went there on a Sunday afternoon (13.00) so I got the 35 reduced entrance fee. There were four or five girls there and three men, all very pleasant and friendly. As Novize has said the pictures at Starlight show the girls in a flattering light - unfortunately none of the girls who were there were the ones I fancied.

What I liked was that they were willing to sit and talk a bit - it had the friendly atmosphere which World used to have. It seemed a good place to relax. The only problem being the small size (compared to World or Oase) and the few women (obviously Sunday afternoon is the quietest time). It seemed designed to charm and relax one into sessions, rather than World where the current approach is to wind you up into sessions with loud music and the cattle market approach (where men and women stay in isolation from each other until a purchase is made)

Unfortunately I didn't go with anyone - I had on my mind my planned visit to World with Cordelia later that day so didn't feel able to settle for long relaxed chats (or long sessions in rooms). I had gone to Beach mainly for a look (while Cordelia entertained a wsg member at the hotel before her visit to World!).

The daytime food was several cuts above World - as a vegetarian with a dairy intolerance(!)it was a relief to find something I could eat - so I was very impressed.

The only sour note was that Silke, on reception, who used to work at World was extremely offhand, so that by the time I had paid my entrance my mood was one of irritation. For 35 euros I expect to be treated as if I am at least a person, and not ignored completely apart from handing the money over and a perfunctory "Viel Spass". I guess she was just having a bad day as normally she is very nice

However all in all it would be well worth a try if you are in Frankfurt - it's only five minutes from the A661 . I liked it. And if it isn't any good for you and only 30 minutes drive from World or less to Oase (outside rush hours)

12-15-04, 23:56
Shiatsu and Tom, I'm sorry you both did not have an enjoyable time. I took Novize's advice and decided to try it out on a Sunday night. Not looking forward to the one hour trip each way, my thoughts on the €35,- entry fee took over. My trusty new Garmin Streetpilot got me there with no troubles and Silke? was happy to let me in. The shower and locker facilities are nothing to speak of, but I do like the option of choosing a robe.

I proceeded upstairs and within a minute, Justin offered me a drink and I was all too happy to accept and sit next to her at the bar couch. Lucky for me, I remembered her name and found that she can speak very good English. Having arrived a bit late (around 1900), I was hungry, but she told me the hot food would not be served until 2000. "Let's go to a room, then eat later," she suggested. I was happy to oblige and came (no pun intended) away 30 minutes later quite satisfied.

A quick shower and a check of the food had me impressed. They had roast beef, potatoes and knödel (sp?), and some reddish, sweet cabbage? whose name I forgot. Anyway, the point is: it was the best food I’ve had since I started going to FKK (the big 3) earlier this year. I also met a nice man who works in the USA as well as Deutschland and we had a few good laughs. We promised to talk more later, but I suppose we were just too busy. :) The whirlpool was unused the entire night as the water seemed a bit cool for the already cold club. The small sauna was quite welcome though.

A few hours since Justin, I feel like I can do one more session and seeing Nathalie?, with her cute lower back tattoo walk around got me feeling up again. Numerous eye-contacts with her wasn’t enough for her to come over to me. Luckily for me, I met Anita, whom I considered to be the number one out of the approximately 8-10 girls there. A blonde, fit, perfect, 22-year old from Poland, We struck up a conversation and she warmed up to me. She had perfect b cup breasts and the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen. She looks better in person than her pictures on starlight. A longish 30-minute session later, I’m determined to learn some Polish and visit that country as well. I love the girls from eastern Europe!

€135,-, good food, great-looking girls, a relaxed, if cool, atmosphere, it’s hard to be Beach. That said, I just might have to make the trip up to World next week and see if I can meat Gabriella and Andrea again. A special “damn you,” goes out to Novize and Beffen1. Thanks a lot; I found a new way to spend some euros! :) See ya this weekend!

12-16-04, 08:38
Acacia - glad you had a good time. I just want to make clear that I thought the Club had a really good atmosphere and would recommend anyone to try it. Really good food as well

Tom Schilders
12-16-04, 17:10
Being a Tom as well, I am sorry my fellow Tom didn´t have a good time at formerly FKK 35 and now FKK Beach. I was there in September, and must say (just like before at FKK 35): GREAT STUFF!
I fucked some polish chick, and the sex was really without TABOUS (as the receptionist promissed me). So the fact that you didn´t have a good time (other Tom), was probably a bit of misfortune. I´ll be back in Frankfurt soon, and will 100% go again.
By the way, even if there were only 3 or 4 girls, none of the were fuckeable?

12-16-04, 18:00
Unhappiness often is a reaction on unfulfilled expectations - Tom thought of 10 women to choose from - and got just 40% of it. I can understand that.

But I have to say that I have never been misinformed about the number of girls working, when I called at Beach (since it´s running under the new management). But I have experienced, that girls scheduled to work didn´t appear for reasons of illness or other causes...

In a small club two or three girls missing is much more disappointing than in a big one.

12-20-04, 19:04
I entered the Beach at half past twelve for a day/night of fun and relaxation before heading to my office for the last time this year. Upon entering I was told that there were just two ladies present at the moment. But since Beach had celebrated a party the night before I was quiet sure that some ladies just needed to sleep a little longer than usual. So I went in anyway for a nice shower, shave, breakfast, coffee and the expectation of some more girls to appear (over the day I counted more than a dozen women, which is enough for this club). After my first coffee I realized a new face (for me): Jola from Poland:

name: Jola
hair: artificially blonde, shoulder-length
size: ~ 1,60 m
figure: slim, A/B-breast
origin: Poland
born: 1982
tattoos/piercings: none
service: ???
other: pictures can be found at: http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies_detail.php?id=19
location: FKK-Beach

Jola had been working the night before until the party had ended and so she was very tired. Her German was awful (I didn´t test her English skills), but her French kisses, were smooth, wet and promised a nice GFE. So we went upstairs to one of the semi-public rooms. In the light of the day I could see the deep shadows under her eyes (she looked like I feel now sitting in front of my PC), stopped her very nice tries to care about my pleasure and began to pamper her. That´s why I can´t really give a rating of her service – I just didn´t give her a chance to serve me. Instead, I fondled and kissed her entire body before concentrating on her vulva with one tongue and eleven fingers. It was fun, watching Jola while she relaxed and enjoyed this treatment. I finally penetraded her, slipped out, penetrated agein – she seemed to enjoy this moment as much as I did. After 45 minutes of foreplay it didn´t take a long time to finish…

Jola´s lack in language skills made an After-Sex-SmallTalk nearly impossible, so we went downstairs again. An unusual, but nevertheless great session.

Coming back from the shower I wanted to give the new sauna (that should have been set up the day before) a test – but there was no new sauna. So I went back inside and did, what I can do best: extreme couch-potatoeing…

I stopped my extremely intense exercise in this discipline when I came to sit opposite of Anita, the imho best looking girl in the club, who is really worth to pull oneself together for heavy eye-contact. When she wanted to smoke a cigarette, I even moved 2,5 meters forward to give her a light. We are the nice guys, aren´t we? We´re sparing no efforts to please the girls. Heroes we are … ;)

During my adventurous action I came to sit besides Anita accidentally. We had a nice chit-chat, until Anita asked me what we could do next. I suggested, she could dance for me in the hall, but she refused. Instead, she wanted to go upstairs with me. These young girls are always thinking about just the one thing. Upstairs I went with

name: Anita
hair: blond, shoulder-length
size: ~ 1,60 m
figure: slim, B/C-breast
origin: polish
born: ~ 1982
tattoos/piercings: none
service: passionate GFE
other: pictures available at http://www.starlight-ladies.de/ladies_detail.php?id=10
location: FKK-Beach

Reaching the private rooms, I suddenly suffered a dizzy spell, which was perfectly handled by Anita with a great tongue-to-tongue-treatment before she decided to continue the therapy by reanimating Novize jr. with a skilful performed oral stimulation (a so-called “French Therapy”, as I learned). She held eye-contact nearly all the time and I was really impressed. But Novize jr. seemed to get a cramp – at least he got stiff and relaxed after having thrown up only. All in all a wonderful treatment by a nice, charming, beautiful and knowing nurse. 2,5 meters that payed off… ;)

Soon after this session a german friend came and we talked for a while (before and after his first session). He told me, that FKK-Beach will close its doors in Frankfurt forever after December 23rd. The Beach-team is planning to reopen the club at a new location in or near Dietzenbach, a small town near Frankfurt in January or February 2005. I´ll try to keep you informed about the new location.

We also met an honourable member of this great forum who was here for the second Sunday in row.

After midnight, both guys went home and I looked out for the last victim of the night. I finally decided to go with Sarah again.

name: Sarah
hair: black, long
size: ~ 1,70 m
figure: slim, A/B-breast
origin: Macedonia
born: ~ 1982
tattoos/piercings: non
service: PSE
location: FKK-Beach

Sarah is still not a good kisser, but her BBBJTC made me feel like having a porn actress in the room. It´s just great looking at her making a hollow-back with her butt high and sucking your little friend as if there were no tomorrow. Not a must-be, but from time to time a very nice experience.

So, over the day/night I had three very different sessions and nice talks with friends. I will miss this nice little Club and hope for a soon opening of the new facilities. For the time in between, most girls will be available via Starlight Melanie.

I plan my last Club-visit for this year for Dec. 22nd at Worls (I want to win the motorbike). Since I don´t know when I will be able to report about this last visit in 2004, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and nice days (and nights) “between the years”.


12-22-04, 19:42
I received the "official" confirmation just ten minutes ago: FKK-Beach will be closed from tomorrow on. It is not 100% sure that they will reopen at a new location. We´ll have to wait and see.

12-24-04, 03:05
If what Novize says, then it's truly unfortunate that a quality place has closed. It was the cozy, relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful girls (well, mostly Anita) that brought me back. Hopefully, they'll find another location because that €35,- entry on Sundays is just too good to pass up.

Sunday was a nice day. I arrived in time for dinner, but instead got distracted by an absolutely gorgeous brunette by the name of Sarah. Her green eyes and beautiful body were just too much for me to resist. No, she’s not a good kisser, but the bbbj was good. After warming me up, we proceeded to start with missionary position. I just had to see that fine ass, so I decided to switch to doggie, but then she says, “you’re finished.” “What? No I’m not,” I said. I know that wasn’t expiration of time, but by her pointing at the little one, I assumed that she thought that I had spilled the juice. “Yes you are, look,” she said to me. “I haven’t finished, yet,” I exclaimed. I think I would know if I had come or not. She seemed unwilling to continue and I realized that arguing would not have helped so I capitulated and just lay back to enjoy her company in my arms for the remainder of the session. What a shame; she must have really been tired from the previous night. Well, I can’t say it was a bad session, but it just wasn’t as good as it could have been and after being with Justin and Anita the previous week, my expectations were quite high.

At least I could go enjoy a good meal. Last week, there was plenty of food through the evening so why should it be any different tonight? Well, it was. After my session, there was no food left except for some salad and a few potato wedges. Oh well, that’s what I get for not eating when it first came out; I won’t make that mistake again.

Lounging on the couches, I had an opportunity to view the fine number of women there. Anita, a 22 year old blonde from Poland was my number one most attractive girl from the previous week, but Sarah’s darker complexion and dark hair gave Anita some competition. Anita has nicer breasts, but Sarah’s lips were nicer. Oh well, I decided to take a break in the alcoves by the masseur.

Good thing for be because a fine lady of Italian/Venezuelan descent “cornered” me. My first clue that I would have the best session ever was the kissing and caressing. She did know how to kiss and was quite passionate. Luckily for us, one of the VIP rooms was open (I don’t care for the semi-public rooms in the back). I was in for a treat because she really seemed to enjoy herself. How could I tell? Well, as the session continued on, she had become wetter and wetter and she enjoyed the daty. She proceeded to cowboy and her pace quickened until we both collapsed in a sweat and exhausted from our session. You can’t fake that and I was glad to have met her. She only was going to be at the Beach for a week before returning home for the holidays. Perhaps she was an amateur, enjoying the time there and making a few euros for the holidays? Either way, we both enjoyed ourselves and I hope I can meat her again.

So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the beach will open up again somewhere. It’s time to take a break until next year. Happy holidays all!

12-26-04, 02:47
I hate to say it, but in my original post right after it re-opened, I questioned how they would manage to keep it open in the long stretch.
I was there on Weds. evening last week. Slow, slow, slow. Went to Palace and it was hopping even with the depleted staff.
Not enough traffic, too much local competition, mediocre facility, location, small lineup of sp. The novelty has also worn off of having an Fkk right in FRA. The slightly lower entrance fee just wasn't enough to draw in some of the local business.
It's a shame, because there was something to say for the intimacy of the small club, but it also just couldn't generate enough business by staying small and cozy.

12-27-04, 02:43
Well, I must admit that I had never been impressed with the club. And I never understood the business model in which many of the girls are also available though the Bad Homburg address of starlight.

I would have been sad to have the beautiful Anita vanish from the mongering menu, but that does not seem to be the case, even with the demise of Beach/35.


12-28-04, 19:37
I really liked the club. But not because of the rooms and furniture. There was no pool, the saune was the only one I ever got cold feet in and the furniture was quiet old. But the girls were great and the personnel was friendly and managed to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

So I hope that the ongoing negotiations about the new facilities will be finished successfully this year. Then we can expect to meet Anita & Co. again in a nicere environment from Mid-January on.

01-19-05, 13:04
The club will reopen tomorrow, Thurs., Jan. 20th.

It will be run by a new management (the owner of the house, who kicked Melanie Co. out of the location), the Starlight-Ladies will not work there.

I don´t feel like going there, but if someone else is interested to visit that place,

Have fun!


Langsuan Man
01-28-05, 12:05

Do you have any more information on the club. What will the name be? FKK F35 or FKK The Beach?

Since you indicated earlier that it would open in a new location do you have that information?

I will be more than happy to visit and report but must know where to go.



The club will reopen tomorrow, Thurs., Jan. 20th.

It will be run by a new management (the owner of the house, who kicked Melanie Co. out of the location), the Starlight-Ladies will not work there.

I don´t feel like going there, but if someone else is interested to visit that place,

Have fun!


02-22-05, 13:49
the Club in Frankfurt Franziusstr. 35 is now called "F35 FKK-Beach" and is run again by Rosi, who had run down the house already once. Their new (german) Homepage is http://www.f35-fkkbeach.de

All girls that have been reported to work at FKK Beach left the house - most of them work at Melanie´s Apartement-service "Starlight Ladies" now.

Rosi has recruted new women, as far as I have heard mostly from Romania.

The club is openend daily from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The entrance fee increased from 50 € up to 60 €, on Sundays they have a "Happy Hour" from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with 40 € entrance fee.

Melanie and her Starlight Ladies have been looking for a new location in Rödermark. But since there is a school very close to the planned club, they didn´t get permission to run an FKK-club there. They are still looking for a new place, but so far without any success.

02-24-05, 06:13
Is the reopened club still in the same location, near the tram 11?

02-24-05, 07:47
Not the building changed, but the staff.

The builing itself is still standig at the old place. ;)

05-26-05, 08:02
Hi mate,

I will be in Frankfurt next week and try to have a visit to see the beauty ladies at Starlight Ladies.Can you give me the exact address to have a quick watch there?
I really appraciate your quick response.



the Club in Frankfurt Franziusstr. 35 is now called "F35 FKK-Beach" and is run again by Rosi, who had run down the house already once. Their new (german) Homepage is http://www.f35-fkkbeach.de

All girls that have been reported to work at FKK Beach left the house - most of them work at Melanie´s Apartement-service "Starlight Ladies" now.

Rosi has recruted new women, as far as I have heard mostly from Romania.

The club is openend daily from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The entrance fee increased from 50 € up to 60 €, on Sundays they have a "Happy Hour" from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with 40 € entrance fee.

Melanie and her Starlight Ladies have been looking for a new location in Rödermark. But since there is a school very close to the planned club, they didn´t get permission to run an FKK-club there. They are still looking for a new place, but so far without any success.

05-26-05, 19:22
Here´s the address:


Ober-Eschbacher-Straße 48 • 61352 Bad Homburg

Tel.: 06172- 662938 • E-Mail: info@starlight-ladies.de

Homepage: www.starlight-ladies.de

It´s outside of Frankfurt, close to FKK-Oase.

Have fun,


05-27-05, 05:05
Hi mate,

I will be in Frankfurt next week and try to have a visit to see the beauty ladies at Starlight Ladies.Can you give me the exact address to have a quick watch there?
I really appraciate your quick response.



There is a recent report in the FKK Palace section that Nathalie, who formerly worked for Starlight and at FKK 35 The Beach, is now working at FKK Palace.


11-15-05, 19:57
I'm interested to know if anyone has any current information about Beach/FKK35. Is it even open anymore? It used to be a destination of mine because I had a habit of staying in Sachsenhausen at the Holiday Inn - just a 12-minute cab ride away. Although there were a lot of less-than-glowing reports about it, I always had a fairly good time there. Quiet and laid-back (okay, boring after enough time). I did a lot of whirlpool time there, which is an excellent way to get over jet-lag.

Anybody got any current info?


11-16-05, 06:11
I'm interested to know if anyone has any current information about Beach/FKK35. Is it even open anymore? It used to be a destination of mine because I had a habit of staying in Sachsenhausen at the Holiday Inn - just a 12-minute cab ride away. Although there were a lot of less-than-glowing reports about it, I always had a fairly good time there. Quiet and laid-back (okay, boring after enough time). I did a lot of whirlpool time there, which is an excellent way to get over jet-lag.

Anybody got any current info?


Their web site is up and running. I had forgotten about this club, and had it in my mind they were closed. Othewise I would have checked them out during my last Frankfurt visit. I will be back there in a week, and maybe I will give them a visit on Sunday. The pictures look good, but it would be nice to hear some reports about the ladies.


11-16-05, 23:47
I went tonight between 8-9PM. I think I did everyone a service by going because all I have to say is DON'T waste your time by paying this place a visit. First, the positive comments. The place is immaculate. Lockers, towels, sandals are all clean. Absolutely no sign of wear and tear. Here's the catch, there's NO WOMEN! There were 3 'girls' working. One black, sounded African and very annoying (not pretty), one German (overweight) and one Spanish - Old. That's it! There were only 2 other customers. Waste of time but I hope that my recon mission will save some else the trip of coming out out of curiosity.

12-07-05, 05:55
I went tonight between 8-9PM. I think I did everyone a service by going because all I have to say is DON'T waste your time by paying this place a visit. First, the positive comments. The place is immaculate. Lockers, towels, sandals are all clean. Absolutely no sign of wear and tear. Here's the catch, there's NO WOMEN! There were 3 'girls' working. One black, sounded African and very annoying (not pretty), one German (overweight) and one Spanish - Old. That's it! There were only 2 other customers. Waste of time but I hope that my recon mission will save some else the trip of coming out out of curiosity.

Thanks for the update, Rogers!
I never made it there during my recent stay in Frankfurt, but now I am glad I did not waste my time. If I ever hear positive reports, I might reconsider going there, but until then I will stick with The Palace.


04-26-09, 23:12
Dude - I thought that place had closed down by now. 35 was the first FKK I ever went to. It sucked ass back then (about 8 years ago) and I see things haven´t changed.


Solo Traveler
01-09-14, 08:33
I checked their website. (www.fkkbeach.net)

This club is still opening.

Anyone has been there recently? Is this place worth visiting?

01-12-14, 22:35
Anyone has been there recently? Is this place worth visiting?One way to find out, please report back after your visit. LOL.

01-12-14, 23:28
One way to find out, please report back after your visit. LOL.What is the reason to check clubs like that? There are plenty of proven options in Frankfort area.

Hessen Bub
01-12-14, 23:52
Why would you want to go there? 4-8 girls, worn down interior. 50€ entry. Mainhattan is 5min by car.


Vito Corleone
04-09-15, 10:05
Big boss O,

Is FT available here? If yes, do the girls keep sucking as you cum or quickly pull away & splash on their mouth?

06-25-15, 07:01
........... is FT available here? If yes, do the girls keep sucking as you cum or quickly pull away & splash on their mouth?I was visiting this place regularly in 2002-2005, as the atmosphere was always very good at that time, the service given as well and the selection of clubs at that time still limited (only Oase, Palace, Atlantis).

Nowadays I'm even surprised that there is still a website available on which four girls shown on pictures advising the potential guest, that these women are there not at all simultaneously. I went to this place until May 2005 and checked out once more an evening in 2011 in order to see what going on. I was astonished to meet there a Polish woman; Magda, I knew already a long time and who, at that time, was at least 47 years old. But a great performer, as I got several perfect sessions with her in Malibu Club in Nidderau in 2006/07 (a long time ago). I left the palce "fuckless" that day.

I suppose that currently nobody can give you reliable information on that location. Concerning the features offered I always suggest to ask the woman with whom you want to share time on what she's offering and what to pay for. That doesn't depend on a club.

By the way. In Warsaw I regularly enjoy CIM included in the standard price, but swallowing is extra.

In Samya in Cologne you pay extra for CIM (25 Euro) and swallowing (50 Euro).

Hessen Bub
06-25-15, 09:48
Haven't read about the club or heard from somebody visiting it for years, didn't even know it is still existing. Can't find even one single reason to visit with the choices around Frankfurt: Palace, Mainhattan, Sharks, Oase, World, Atlantik, Rom, Royal, Bahama.


12-30-15, 09:42
Seems closed.