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05-21-02, 01:28
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05-29-02, 15:40

Wildenrath changes pricing scheme starting from 1st of June (same prices as at Planet Happy Garden then):

Entrance: 50 €

Prices: 25 € (intercourse w. condom/BJ w. condom), 50 € (intercourse w. condom/BJ wo. condom), 75 €/hour


07-14-02, 14:13
As Kaleu has said they have taken over the pricing from Planeth Happy Garden. They are also sharing some of the same girls.

The facilities are quite nice, but use the shower on the upper floor.

I felt comfortable here a couple of weeks ago, next time I head up to the Cologne area I will be sure to check out this club again.

The girls are a little pissy if you book the 25€ package, One girl tried to tell me that for that price it is a shorter program and you aren't allowed to touch her. If this happens be assertive. Tell her you want to break it off and talk to the boss. You will be surprised how quickly she stops talking crap like that. The 25€ program should be the same as the 50€ program except that oral is with a condom. If the girls aren't up for this deal then they should move to another club.

07-16-02, 03:15
Peter -- why use the shower on the upper floor, as opposed to the one on the lower floor?

07-16-02, 06:40
The shower upstairs does not have a time limit. Downstairs it always goes off automatically after 30 seconds if you don't press again. I really hate these type of showers.

07-17-02, 16:10
Ah ... that makes sense.

07-29-02, 09:38
Hi Kaleu, I was just looking at Parksauna Wildenrath's website and they are advertising 1 session 75 euro,2nd session 100 euro,3rd session 125 euro. that is different than the prices you have on your site,since I do not read German could not figure it out,also is there a buffet served and when is the grillparty. your website and posts are always very helpful. thanks again..

07-29-02, 21:30
Hi t-rex,

I agree, the prices on their web page are a bit missleading, but nevertheless, easy to explain

Entrance fee = 50 €
"Discount" session (french with condom) = 25€

makes => 75€

Add another Discount session and you end up with 100€
and so on...

They have a buffet Mon + Wed-Sat
Tuesday is Grill-Party (if the weather is ok) otherwise buffet as well.
Sundays they only have sandwiches or pizza.

hope it helps!


07-30-02, 09:10
Kaleu, thanks for clearing that up, that makes very good sense,Parksauna Wildenrath sounds like a must visit on my list.I will post my review when I return..

07-31-02, 15:44
Originally posted by t-rex
Parksauna Wildenrath sounds like a must visit on my list.I will post my review when I return..

Be carefull at Parksauna Wildenrath, it used to be my favourite club, but at the moment I prefer Planet Happy Garden at Tönisvorst and Cocoon in Wuppertal. They've lost a few top girls in Wildenrath and you have to select very carefull (my favourites there at the moment: Ewa from Poland and Tatiana from Bulgaria - both not the perfect ten, but I prefer service over looks - give it a try).
When you go to Planet Happy Garden check out: Gop from Thailand, Catherine from Kenia, Nadine from Russia or Ebru from Turkey.
At Cocoon you can test: Rose from ?, Maria from Brazil or Jasemin from Persia.

BUT, this Information can be wrong next week, it's a fast business and some girls change clubs, the way we change clothing :D

Find addresses for both clubs on my page.


05-26-03, 20:19
Currently Wildenrath is my favourite club. I like the atmosphere, I like a couple of the girls and I even like the girls who work behind the counter. I feel comfortable here, much like I do at Fantasyland. Some people don't like this place but for me it's tops.

About my Saturday...

Had a horrible time at Planet Happy Garden and after 4 hours decided to invest 40 minutes in a car and 50€ entrance to try my luck at Wildenrath. Pulled up around midnight. Greeted by Nadeen and told her how bad a time I had at PHG and I didn't want to be dissapointed again. she said there were 18 girls there, but quite a few guys and I should stay at least a couple of hours to make sure I would have a good time. since this place is open until 4AM, I decided to stay.

Paid my entrance, got changed and saw that there were no girls I recognized in the downstairs area. So I headed upstairs, which is usually empty. There were a lot of people up there watching the Eurovision song contest and partaking in couch action, something I haven't seen in this club in a long time.

Mina, a very attractive Turkish/persian girl was giving a guy a fabulous BJ followed by a multiple position fucking that had yet to meet its match. She mounted the guy while he was sitting, then switched positions to let him give her some head then took it missionary, then bent over the back of the couch and then got onto the round sofa in the middle of the room and got rammed doggy style for all to see. I had had a so-so session with Mina once before, but what I saw really made me curious (More on that later).

Romy, a classic greek godess beauty (but skinny) from Bulgaria, was also on the couch with a customer, as well as two other girls that I did not recognize. Apparently all the rooms were booked, so sofa action was back on the plan. Shame it isn't like that more often. It really helps the atmosphere.

Took a shower and saw Monica, one of my personal favourites. she is a tiny little polish girl with a mousy face and a skinny body. Looks like she should see a chiropractorbecause something is wrong with her spine, but otherwise exactly my taste. Met her in the shower and said I wanted to book her soon. she said she needed a break, but a little later would be fine (all the rooms were booked anyway).

I headed back downstairs and then Mina approached me. I don't like this aggressive marketing, but I didn't want to turn her away, especially after the session I witnessed upstairs.

Got down to the room where she asked me whether I knew the price structure. I have been to this club at least 10 times so I damn well know the price structure, but I let her explain it.

She said there is a 25€ session which is a rush job and not very good (quote) and the 50€ session is with kissing and everything. This totally turned me off, so I decided to just book the cheap session (which I never really do) and get it over with. She was visibly dissappointed and was quite mechanical, even tried to talk me into an upgrade mid session. I just got it over with quickly, it was very unenjoyable and we simply have no chemistry. I saw her give another customer a world class session, but I get no vibe from her at all. I was a little dissapointed when I paid and she claimed she couldn'T give me all the change (paid 50€, she gave me 20€ back instead of 25€ and promised to give me the rest later).

Crap session, even though I like the look it is nothing for me.

Then I hung around and saw that there really were 18 girls there that night. About 5 or 6 were really my taste, but for anyone except Kaleu or other dark meat fans there was something. I tried to figure out whether I should book Romy, or the tall Dark haired girl or whether I should go to a tried and true favourite like Beate (27 Y/O polish girl with a drop dead gorgeous body) or Monica.

After some relaxation I decided to pick Monica, mainly because Beate was booked and I really had some great exploration sections with Monica.

In the room I immediately told her I planned on booking a full hour, maybe longer. this gives her the signal that we can really take our time and have a great session for both of us.

She explored my body slowly while enticingly positioning her naked ass towards the mirror so that I could have a clear view of her ass and gash. She has the nicest genitals I have ever seen, anywhere. I started kissing her allover, and except for her toes she let me do whatever I wanted. I spent about 40 minutes giving her head and rimming her. She visibly and audibly enjoyed my attempts to please her. Her nipples were hard as nails and her clit swelled increadable. I fingered the hell out of her, while she stroked my member with her feet, this girl is great. I got on my knees and she greedily took my dick in her mouth. The only complaint that I have is that she doesn't really give a great BJ. We also had deep french kisses that played into the perfect illusion.

When I agressively went back around to rim her again she asked me if I were up for Anal. I asked how much? she said add 50€ and said, "that's a good price for anal!" Just a side note, after checking on e-bay 50€ really does seem to be a good price for anal. this girl is all about value for money.

I took the upgrade. She said I could either go straight in the back or screw her in the other hole for a while first and then finish in the out door. I went for the first option. First attempt and I noticed quickly I wasn'T really up for the task. She quickly turned around and we got into some wild passionate kissing which got me hard again. Then it was all tradesman's entrance for me. I spent a good 7 minutes doing her doggy style, it was tight and smooth, it was amazing. She even fingered herself in the other entrance while I was inside her, and feeling the manual pressure of her finger through the membrane was great. After a couple more minutes I was finished. We lay on the bed for a while, kissed some more and then we showered together. It was a fabulous session and the best 125€ I have ever spent.

I really like this club and as long as Monica and Beate and Romy work there I see myself returning time and again.

Here is a link to a picture of Monica :


05-29-03, 08:42
Thanks, Peter, for your vivid and most helpful account of Parksauna. I've often thought about going to Wilderath instead of PHG, but was always a bit put off by not knowing exactly how to drive there.

Now, as I plan a drive down from Amsterdam to the Frankfurt area clubs in a couple of weeks' time, I'm starting to feel the influence of your report: Maybe this time I should ditch the idea of hitting PHG on the way down to Frankfurt and head to Parksauna instead. Can you provide any tips or short driving instructions to get there? I've got the drive down to PHG down pat. Is it that much more complicated to find Parksauna?

Oh, also, on another track: How normal is it that a customer like you can get away with taking photos of the girls? It really added a lot of "colour" to see a photo of Monika at the end of your report! Wish we could always see the contenance of the girls we read about, eh? But I though that some clubs ban the practise of photos, or at least get irate when a customer whips it out...a camera that is...

Thanks again for a great report,


05-29-03, 09:31

Not my picture, from their home page.

Clubs are very uncamera friendly, which is also understandable because neither the girls nor the guys would appreciate being outed. Some clubs even ban cell phones because some of them have a digi-cam.

About getting to Wildenrath, if you found PHG then it is a piece of cake.

From Amsterdam:

Get down to the A52, and take it towards Roermond.
If you are on the A52 take exit 3 "Niederkrüchten", take a right at the end of the exit and just drive straight on that street for about 10KM. You will pass through a couple of towns like Arsbeck and other names like that. stay on the same road, then the road goes down into a valley and woods and then comes Wegberg. Once you get into the town it is immediately on your left hand side. At night you cannot miss it, during the day look for the BP gas station.

Or just put the address in a map site:

Heinsbergerstr. 35, 41844 Wegberg


In my opinion it is also one of the easiest clubs to find.

Have fun,


05-29-03, 15:12
Danke, Peter, ein tosand mal! Those instructions have now been entered into my FKK-Tricorder location device and they will make possible nice experiences, to be sure.

If I get there, rest assured I shall pay back with a fresh and vivid report about my times there and the girls I see.\

All the best,


02-04-04, 01:34
I thought I would post pictures from the home page of some of my favourite girls:

I'll start with Natascha, who I hear is now working in PHG.

02-04-04, 01:36

02-04-04, 01:37

02-04-04, 01:38

02-04-04, 01:39

Wry Cooter
02-04-04, 04:01
I remember seeing the pictures of Sylvia. Very hot, especially in those clothes. Just wanted to double check and make sure she is available and not just someone working behind the counter only.

02-05-04, 00:31
Yes sylvia works in front of the counter now. Some days she is still behind the counter, but hardly ever anymore, the other girls complained. she used to work the counter in Happy Garden. I have yet to book her, because she won't go with me because I write in the internet. Reports I have heard are good though.


Wry Cooter
02-05-04, 17:27
So Peter, do you think if I went on a Sunday or Monday, I might be able to talk her into a session? Why did the girls complain?

Mr Bluenose
02-07-04, 00:08
Decided to try this place after looking at their website and checking the feedback on here. I was initially a bit wary as I hadn't been to one of these type of clubs before. I've done a bit of mongering down at the Bahndamm at Dusseldorf but not any longer! Not after being here.

My command of the German Language is 'schlecht' to say the least and I'm a bit self concious about this. Got to the door and I was let in by an attractive brunette. She spoke fairly good English and gave me a good basic explanation of the set up. I got changed and felt quite secure, went out and sat and had a coke and sized up the talent!

There were some real beauts in there and plenty of variety. Eventually settled on a petite blonde called Valerie or it may have been Vivienne. She showed me round the club and I opted to go for the €50 half hour option. She also offered me a €25 upgrade to come on her tits. She spoke very little English but I think she said that come in mouth and anal were not on offer.

Started with good deep kissing followed by pussy play and some oral on her which was nice as she was clean and tasty. Then onto oral on me (without). This was very good indeed, lots of eye contact and dirty (in german) talk. Onto sex with her on top and then me behind, with a great cum on her tits, which incidentally had lovely erect nipples. All in all excellent value for money.

A bit later I tried Laura, a tall blonde, German girl. She speaks fair English but I guess we just didn't really connect. She was nice enough but not in the same way as the Polish girl. Didn't try to kiss her or play with her pussy (I think she sensed my inexperience and perhaps wasn't going to offer it if I didn't ask). Oral without followed by me behind her. Finished off by hand.

There were plenty other girls downstairs that I would have liked to have tried but I was on a tight time schedule. Anyway as I said, I can't see me going back to the Bahndamm now that I have tried this place.

02-07-04, 23:04

Don't mention the Internet and you'll be fine. I talked to her about it last night (she was working behind the counter). She doesn't object to people posting about her on closed forums (like some of the german ones), she just doesn't want anyone writing about her on the Wildenrath home page because her mother checks out that page and she thinks she is only working behind the counter.

Just a general hint, if you see any of these girls in the clubs, DO NOT say you saw her picture in the Internet.

But Dominika (who is my current favourite) was very happy with what I wrote about one of our encounters in a german forum.


Glad to hear that you had a good time. Vivienne is a really good girl, excellent service and these insane eyes that just stare at you when she is blowing you. Not sure who Laura is, but I think it is a fatter girl that I am in no way interested in. Although I have had good experience with many nationalities in Wildenrath, they have some absolute top service excellent looking Polish girls.

Last night I hooked up with dominka (excellent), Naomi (some good public action) and the thin bulgarian girl witht he sort of ugly face who goes by Nicky or Tezza (not bad, but she should get her money and get back to university as soon as possible, she is not meant for this job). Quite a busy night, but no real problem getting a girl or a room if you are a little patient.

I met two americans there who were in an FKK for the first time, and they spent all the money they had with them (about 900€) entertaining Monica and Leila with multiple sessions and chanpagne. they looked like they really liked it. If they read her give a report.

Leave the Bahndamm alone, FKK's are the way to go. there also are a couple in the city of DDF. Not as good as Happy Garden (in Oedt, near Krefeld, a little less far away from DDF than Wildenrath) or Wildenrath, but a lot better than Bahndam. I found Dolce Vita passable.


Mr Bluenose
02-08-04, 06:13
Thanks for the advice Peter. I will certainly not be going back to the Bahndamm now that I have found this place. I will however be back for more of Vivienne!!! I know exactly what you mean about the eyes!!! I also saw the American chaps you spoke of and yes, they did look to be having a great time!!! I'll be trying to improve my command of the German Language over the next few weeks to try and maximise the benefits of the FKK. I'll certainly be trying the HG as well in the near future so I'll report on my findings when I do.

Happy Hunting!

Lover Boy #2
02-09-04, 10:39
When asked to "upgrade" to cum on tits, please do not even entertain this. You are being a nice guy by doing this and should not be asked to pay extra. Usually, this is done manually, so the friction is not otained from her sex organ. If she wants you to "tear it up", then go that route. There is no reason to pay extra for this and it starts a bad attitude in the girls thinking that this is some extra service. I have been to HG over 100 times and I was asked once to pay 25 extra for sperma on tits (very recently). That was the last time I would ever pick that girl, and other monger regulars also agree with this as they have been charged that 25 by her also. There is no reason to pay this, it was never considered "extra service" in the past. Perhaps the internationalization of HG will ruin this for all the regulars. Boycott girls who want extra to receive some sperma on tits. Sperma on face is 25 extra however!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

02-10-04, 02:58
I had a couple of problems at Wildenrath a couple of years ago and haven't been back since.

One girl made me pay 50e in advance for cim and then when the time came acted like I had misunderstood because it was com not cim (cum ON my mouth, not in it).

Another girls let me cum in her mouth for 25e extra but some of it it spilled onto her tits so she tried to make me pay an additional 25e (total 50e) for that. I refused and left.

Also neither girl would kiss.

But that was 2 years ago. Maybe things are different now.

03-07-04, 14:20
I have been there saturday 06 march and I find about 15 girls, of whom I selected 3 girls from their beauty.
The first I approched, Larissa, did not speak english, so, since I speak not very well German, I left her after a while.
Unfortunately because she is beautiful, about 22 y.o., smooth black long hair, about 170cm tall, pretty face, not too slim,
sophisticated piercing on the belly navel.
Then I was called by Vivien, very nice and active in engaging with people. 24 y.o. platinum blonde hair (lenght to the
shoulder), very beautiful face and eyes, about 165cm tall, little bit large waist. She is from Poland, speak little english
but at the end we finished to speak german (at this point I could have stayed on my previous girl, but who care).
After about 20 min conversation, she proposed me to go to the room with her friend Monica also from Poland, but I refused to
have a threesome cause I wanted first to see how good she was alone.
The number in the room was very good, I gave her oral, she made me a BBBJ (little too hard at the beginning but after I told
her to be more delicate it was ok), then 3-4 position sex.
Very good fuck, wet and large pussy, partecipative. In total 1h sex = 75Euros.
I recommend her.
There was another girl, italian/turkish type I would like to be with but she was occupied and it was too late for me, so I
left. About 165cm, not so beautiful face, lot of make-up, long curly brown hair.
Monica is serving at the bar now.
Other girls seen: Beate (friend of Vivien), Natascha, and the girl appearing at their homepage at http://www.parksauna-wildenrath.de/Gallery/Gallery_1/Gallery_1/gallery_1_1.html (I do not know the name).

Mr Bluenose
03-09-04, 23:59
Went here for my second visit this evening. What a day!! I had originally intended to visit the Tag und Nacht Cafe in MG - Sittard. I got there about 1930 and the place was closed. The Website said open at 5 but it certainly wasn't. Pissed off I headed across to Wildenrath and I'm glad I did. I had my first FKK experience here last month and it was much better tonight (it was very good last time). My German is still schlect but I managed to conduct one transaction entirely in German with no problems!

Anyway, there were about 15 girls in the club of varying types. Mainly between 5 and 8 out of 10 in the looks department. Sat in the lounge for an hour checking the place out. Eventually settled on a girl called Lana from Germany. Tall and Blonde with smallish tits she was very good looking and friendly. Checked she did Zugenkusse, beiderseits and away we went. She gave a good BJ and her pussy tasted very sweet. She was also a good kisser. She wouldn't go on top though but was responsive in both missionary and doggy. I got so hyped up I blew in 15 minutes!! Good value but I wouldn't see her again as she doesn't go on top.

Retired to the lounge and played the Automaten whilst having a refresh. A little girl (who had her breasts out all night) asked if she could press my buttons. I said yes but unfortunatley she couldn't turn my €20 into 50 multispieles if she did I would have given her a go. She had a bit of belly but was quite pretty with a cheeky smile.

For seconds I settled on a German Blonde called Janice. I had seen her early walk through the bar with her breasts exposed and I thought, yes, very nice. Anyway spoke to her in my pigeon German and she did all the things I was looking for.

I lasted nearly the whole 30 minutes this time and she gave a firm and energetic BJ which was nice. Her pussy was very responsive as were her nipples. She gave good kissing and was really very attentive. We were at the 25 minute point and I asked her to ride me this she did with great gusto and it was really enjoyable.

A good visit and I now have plenty of confidence going here, even though my German is scheisser! Retired to the bar and consumed a few brews to get my strength back. There was a dark haired girl who was on the door last time I was there but she was busy. Pity, I'd have liked to check her out. The only negatives were: one girl who wouldn't speak to me, no correct that she wouldn't even lock eyes with me. Don't know why. Possibly because I wasn't German. Or maybe she didn't like the look (I'm no oil painting). It could not have been body odour as I was fresh out of the shower and smelling sweet as roses. The other was that time and run out and I had to make my way home. Ah well, till next time.

Mr Bluenose
03-15-04, 17:43
Had a free afternoon so decided to head for the Parksauna.

Got there just after 12 and there was only 5 girls on. " of these were coloured, possibly African and one was of asian descent. Initially struck up a conversation with a German girl called Larissa who has a cheeky smile, long brown hair and a nice set of tits. Her bum is a good size also.

Mr Bluenose
03-15-04, 17:58
Had a free afternoon so decided to head for the Parksauna.

Got there just after 12 and there were only 5 girls on. " Of these two were coloured, possibly African and one was of Asian descent. Initially struck up a conversation with a German girl called Larissa who has a cheeky smile, long brown hair and a nice set of tits. Her bum is a good size also. She didn't do french kissing so I decided to stop the transaction there. A pity she looked like she could be good fun. I may try her in the future. Just after 1 o'clock a few more girls had arrived and I settled on a nice brunette from Bulgaria called Eva. She was sat with another girl who looked very like her and could possibly be her sister.

Anyway, she had small tits, but was slender and long legged. Oral was light and so was the kissing. She wouldn't let me kiss her pussy which was a shame. The sex was with her on top and then me behind. All in all a satisfactory session but not as good as some of the others that I have had here. Still good value for 50 Euro's though.

For seconds I quite fancied trying the asian girl but she was proving popular and no sooner was she back in the bar someone would be onto her straight away!!

Anyway by this time a little girl with nice sized tits, a nice smile and long hair had arrived. A fellow had just had a session with her and I could tell by his reaction that it was good. I beckoned her over and found out she was Jessica from Italy. She spoke good English and had these amazing coloured contact lenses on her eyes which looked really cool. She had lots of make up on but this did not put me off.

Off to the room with her and it was a real GFE. Good kissing all over, great oral both ways and a superb screw with first her on top and then onto missionary. She was really good pulling me into her like she was really enjoying it (I doubt it but it made me feel good!!). Anyway I was drained by the time she had finished but it was well worth the €50. Came into the shower with me and I got another good look at her quality body. This was a nice touch and I must say I'm well into this!! She works here Thursday through Monday. Most assuredly my best FKK girl so far.

Anyway drained as I was I didn't think round 3 would be possible so I had a couple of beers and made my exit, drained and happy!

Mr Bluenose
03-27-04, 22:35
Had a few hours free so decided to head for the Parksauna. It being Saturday the place does not open till 4pm. I decided to hit there about 4.15!!! Mistake number one, on entering I was told there was no girls but they would be there by 5 o'clock!!! I could come in and get showered , have a drink and chill out. Shit. Mistake number two, not eating before I got there. I was starving but the food didn't start until 6.15pm!! Martine the hostess offered me some fruit (I would have liked to have tried her fruit!) but I declined.

Initially went for a session with a Negress from Ghana called Enna. Nice body and tits. My thinking was to go for a €25 shot first up as I usually get overexcited the first time and come quickly. She tried to get me to upgrade to the 50 Euro session only once but I was firm and stuck to my guns. Anyway she was very good, GFE. Looks probably about a 6 but she had a nice body with good size tits. French kissing, oral both ways, her on top with a finish in Mish. All in all good value for €25. The only disconcerting thing was that for the other 5 hours I was in the club nobody else went near her. No takers at all. She works there every day but I guess it was just a quiet night for her as perhaps there were not any fans of dark ladies in.

About 6 o'clock it got busier with both girls and more guys. A lot of the usual girls seemed to be there. Vivienne, Eva and Janice who I have previously had sessions with. Anyway after some delicious "schweinfleish" I settled on a little lady I had seen previously. She had been giving me the eye a couple of visits ago when I was playing the Automaten. I struck up a conversation with her and found that her name was Leila, from Germany I think. She didn't appear to speak English so I tried conversing in German. The only thing she didn't do was "finger streichen" (sic) which I took to mean finger fucking. Went for the €50 session here and it was worth it for the Blow Job alone. She really gives a cool BJ. Got some oral on her and she was nice and tasty and made all the right noises. She kissed but only mangaged about 2 or 3 before she wanted to ride me and I wasn't going to argue. Her on top for a while with her nice sized tits bouncing away. A lovely smile on her face all of the time. Finished in Doggy just as my time was up with her yet again making nice noises which, fake or not really makes you feel good!!! I certainly had a good time with her and would do so again. She has a bit of a tummy, but hey, who am I to complain. Downstairs again for some more Food and I really fancied a session with Vivienne but just as I was about to make my move somebody got their first. There was another tall blonde with big tits that I fancied but she was also in conversation with a guy, for ages it seemed.

I hung about for another 20 or so minutes and had a beer but as there was no sign of Vivienne I decided to head for home.

There are still a few girls here I would like to sample so I think I'll be going here for some time to come. Although I really should be more adventurous and try PHG or Fantasia. But, hey if you like the set up, go with what you know.

Wry Cooter
04-12-04, 22:48
Had an excellent time here about four weeks ago. My friend and I spent a great week split between Dusseldorf and then Frankfurt. On the first night, we went to FKK Cocoon in Wuppertal which wasn't all that. Maybe it was because it was Sunday night. Also, the hood ornament on our Mercedes E200 (which was a dream to drive) was stolen in the parking lot. At any rate, we went to Parksauna the next day and had a much better time. My friend really liked the facilities and the fact that you get robes to wear. He suggested we go there the next day and that's just what we did. So I was on a mission to meet and spend some time with the lovely Sylvia. Her looks and body-type are right up my alley. And I was lucky enough to have a few great sessions with her. But my very first session was with Victoria, a tall willowy Russian with a very tight body. You could bounce quarters off her stomach. And she likes to look up at you while she's giving you an above average BBBJ. No kissing however, which was too bad. And I believe CIM might be on the menu if you take too long and she gets frustrated with how long you're taking (hee hee). Spent a very good two hour, two round session with Sylvia to end the first (Monday) evening. She's a real sweetheart and she seems to have a following. She'll really go the extra mile to make sure you come. Great kisser and if you're interested you can "fuck my ass" as she likes to put it. Didn't take her up on that but I most surely will have to the next time I'm in Germany. She encouraged me to come back the next day and see her again (which we did). Also, I like the food there. Deep-fried pork (is this schweinfleisch?) with the outer skin all nice and crispy. If you know Phillipino food and have had Crispy Pata, then you know what I'm talking about. I like that you can just get your own sodas, beers, water, or soda/beers from the fridge. Very nice space. Really curious what it looks like in the summertime. As for the second night, I had a great time with Vivienne for my first session because Sylvia had been booked up by some guy for three hours. But I was quite happy with Viv's performance. Very affectionate kisser (she likes to lick your face) and really seems to enjoy giving a blowjob although I found it a bit "toothy". But a great rump which I pounded away at until I couldn't take it anymore. I noticed from the previous evening that she and Sylvia seemed to be friends so I booked the two of them together when Sylvia had gotten out of her three hour long session. And let me just say, that was a great half hour of the three of us licking and kissing each other all over. No intercourse this time, I just had them finish me off orally at the same time as I came in their mouths on and their faces. That was a great highlight to the trip. We sat around and smoked cigarettes for a little bit afterwards (at least Sylvia and I did; Vivienne is a non-smoker) and I told myself that I would have to come see these two again. Food on the second night wasn't as good but was still hearty and filling. My friend had some forgettable experiences there but his last one at Parksauna might have been the most stunning woman we saw all week. At least to me, Donna (sp?), a tall leggy Romanian was really hot. Her ass was just perfect. It was like a little shelf that jutted out of her body wtih an amazing pair of legs underneath them. My friend had a great time with her and found out that she is a dance teacher (I'm not surprised) somewhere near Koln. I regret not being able to try her out but hopefully that'll happen on the next trip. Because we went to Parksauna two nights in a row, we weren't able to visit their sister club, Happy Garden, which is supposed to be even better. Looks like I'll be going out for another visit later this year.

Mr Bluenose
04-21-04, 22:41
Was in Dusseldorf for a meeting that should have been finished by 1230. Great I thought ,Wildenrath here I come!! Wrong. The CEO thinks he can fuck my day up by calling "work groups" in the afternoon. These go on till 7.30 pm at which point my division boss says go grab a shower and a bite to eat and meet in the bar at 2300 to discuss the days events!! These guys are now officially designated assholes in Mr_Blues book!! Fuck this I thought, my balls are busting and headed up the A52 to Wildenrath.

Got there at 8.30 pm and there were no guys, repeat no guys in the club. There were however 15 girls all in the Bar Area. Some I had seen before, Leila and Enna, some not.

Anyway time was short so I figured 1 hour with 1 girl and back to Dusseldorf. Was having a coke, surveying the scene when this striking Brunette sits next to me and begins to speak. I find out she is called Victoria and is from Russia. She is just my type with a fantastic body, smooth, nice sized tits and a lovely ass.

Go for the hour option with me cumming in her face at €100. Showered and off to the room. I hadn't been in this room before and it was bigger than the others with good mirrors and a raised bed.

She put on some sounds and we were down to action. Fantastic kissing and BJ. All mouth and very deep throat, it was quality. Onto an extended period of pussy licking which made her come. I've been with many girls and most have faked it. This girl certainly did not as I ended up with loads of her juice. More BJ from her before it was on with the rubber for her on top riding me hard. All action and it really was great her leaning back so I got a great view of her riding me. Suddenly she started groaning again and convulsing another definite come for her. She really is one horny girl!!! Switched to me behind and she thrust back onto me for all she was worth whilst I watched in the mirror. Superb. Anyway at the 55 minute point I could stand it no longer and pulled out and deposited 7 days worth on her face!!!! Excellent.

She smiled and it was so horny. Cleaned up and had a bit of chit chat in Russian, German and English. She said that her "man" couldn't make her come by pussy licking alone and he had to pork her to make her come. This made me feel really good whether it was true or not!!! I say again she definately came and she is my first WG I can definately say this about. She works Wed, Thur, Fir, Sat but not for the rest of the week as she is off to Gran Canaria for 5 days as she has stress with her "Manner". (Her words not mine).

All in all fantastic value for money and hopefully she will remember me next time as I gave her a small tip to go towards a cocktail or two on her holidays.

I had a quick shower and was still sweating big style when I got to the bar. Had a quick Bitburger and got dressed. There were a lot of good looking girls I wanted to try but didn't have the time.

I recently posted a report on FKK Fantasia Viersen. The Parksauna blows it away in terms of ambience and quality of girls. I will be back again next month and will be having more of Victoria is she is about!!!!

Why am I typing this now at 2339? Well I got back at 2255 only to find that they had a change of plan and have gone to the Altstadt for beer. Bastards. I'm now quaffing the mini-bar and I've got a hard on again thinking about Victoria. Damm Management.

Mr Bluenose
04-28-04, 22:41
Had some spare time after a meeting in Dusseldorf this afternoon. Flight back not until tomorrow!

Decided to head for my favorite, The Parksauna. Got there about 7.30 and the place had quite a few girls and quite a few guys in. Had some food and settled on a Lithuanian called Naomi for 1st pop. The girl is a 9 in terms of face and body. Very attractive with nice sized tits. Had all the ususal, BBBJ, kissing, DATY (nice fleshy fresh pussy), her on top and then me behind. All in all a very pleasant experience. Not much eye contact and not much in the way of noise coming from her. Would recommend her though as she really is a doll, even though she speaks no English and didn't seem to understand my German efforts too well.

For seconds settled on a little Polish beauty called Monica. I had seen her in the bar on previous visits talking with the excellent Vivienne. Very attractive facially with a lovely body and the tightest arse imaginable!! Off to the room for a €50 session. Not so much of a GFE it was more of Pornstar Girlfriend Experience! Enthusiastic isn't the word. She really is quality. Excellent BBBJ, kissing and DATY. Kissed my body all over and pitched in with some enthusiastic moaning (fake probably but who cares?). Wen't straight in from behind and pumped away for what seemed like an age before it was condom off, oil on and an excellent HJ to finish. She has a beautifully shaved pussy that tastes really fresh. Paid up and then showered together. A kiss from her and off to the bar for a few beers for me!

The place had got even busier and I think there may have been an occassional backlog waiting for rooms. There really are some quality fillies at this stable and I can see myself visiting just about every time I can get over here!

05-02-04, 11:54
Got there a Saturday at 17:45 some weeks ago. Found 8 girls and 6 men. At 19:00 other girls arrived, at the end there were about 15 girls.

Round 1: Monica (Poland, blonde smooth hairs shoulder-long, 22 y.o., about 165 cm tall, B-cup, girly face, speak enough english) together with Larissa (german, smooth hairs shoulder-long, 18 y.o., about 165 cm tall B-cup, nice ass, nice face, no english). A lot of body licking, no french kissing, good BBBJ from both of them, 3-4 positions before ending (I was too charged, I was over after 25 minutes), all in all a wonderful experience.

Round 2: Carina: german, long blond hair, 18 y.o., about 170 cm tall, top model face (a 10), wonderful body (a 9), A-cups. Could not resist, she is too beautiful, in fact after this experience I waited for her for another round but she was constantly booked. A real girlfriend experience, due to the fact that she just started to work. Light french kisses, 69, fingering, missionary and I was over.

Round 3: Sara (German, french speaking, blonde long curly hairs, about 175 cm tall, about 26 y.o., nice face, tongue piercing). She was constantly booked too, but I got her at the end. Nice sex, more active by her side in comparison to the others. Standing BBBJ, riding, missio, doggy.

Other noticeables girls I have seen:

Dominique (Domi), tattoo with roses on the back, brunette, tall, very slim, nice face, constantly booked (otherwise I would have get her), speaks some english, kiss a lot.

Vivien, platinated blond hair to the shoulder, top model face (eyes specially), not very tall, does not speak english. I tried her in the past, she is a pornostar experience, but no french kiss.

Niki, blond long curly hair, A-cup, constantly topless, slim, tall, english speaking.

I like this club because the atmosphere, the service and quality of the girls is better then PHG, I must say. All in all I payed 375 Euros, money very well spent.
Bye for now.

05-02-04, 18:33

Sounds like ou had a great time in my favourite club.

I celebrated the entrance of 10 new countries in the EU at midnight on Friday with my dick in Monica's A**. Monica is really good, surprised me she didn't offer DFK, she always does with me. If you want a double team with her, Vivien is a great partner.

In not booking Domi(nika) you missed my current personal highlight anywhere. She is the most beautiful, charming and intelligent girl that I have ever met in the business. Her service is also great, although she is starting to lose a bit of the nympho enthusiasm she had when she just started. But since she is well booked she tends to choose her customers. I think that is OK, so that she is really only going to the room with guys she wants to Fu**. But don't feel bad if you get turned down. She ususally does it by saying she is waiting for a regular. Please don't push the issue if you get the bruush off, it wouldn't be a good session anyway.

This friday I didn't go to the room with her, because she was a little down. She let me know that and said let's go next time.

But I did find a new Polish Pearl named Carmen (22) really elegant looking face, a little bit on the chubby side, but otherwise quite attractive. Got to the room, turns out she also works a couple of days in an S&M studio in Düsseldorf, absolutely not my thing. I spent a good 40 minutes going down on her and she was very receptive claiming to have come 3 times (I thought she kept coming close but that I couldn't manage to finish her off, but she claimed differently). Then she performed one of the 5 best BBBJ's I have gotten. Nice and smooth, with a an excellent use of the tonge in a knocking way on the underside of the shaft. If she would spend a little more time on the balls it could well be the absolute number one. I find some of the other girls I session with in Wildenrath use a little much tooth for my taste. Carmen was excellent in doggy again and it was a good first one hour session. She will definitely be added to my regular rotation.

Haven't seen Dana in a while and Beate hasn'T been around my last couple of trips. I would miss these girls if they don't return.


05-02-04, 19:47
Thanks and salutations to both Gyg66 and Peter for great reports on PS at Wilderath.

Peter, a question or two, if you will:

Could you possibly clear up what exactly is the relationship between ParkSauna and Happy Garden? Are they indeed sister clubs, i.e. under the same ownership/mangement? And are there girls that work both clubs, or do girls pretty stick with one club or the other?


05-03-04, 20:57

Seperate owners, but they are friends. From what I understand they might once have been owned by the same person, but now it definitely isn't the case

They both have the same pricing. For customers as well as for the girls. The bosses seem to meet every once in a while and trade strategies and experience. When Wildenrath had trouble getting girls a couple of years ago there were some girls who were getting sent there from PHG, but now there is no such Bussing system. Every once in a while a Wildenrath regular will try her luck in PHG for a week or the other way around. In the last 6 months I have seen more migration from PHG to Wildenrath, but that changes every now and then.

for those who don't know the price structures. In both clubs the girls pay 75€ a week and they keep everything they earn. It is not a daily rate it is a weekly rate, and if they sleep at the club it is in the price. This means that for girls who work 3-5 days a week they are some of the cheapest clubs to work at.

The prices for the men are the same, 50€ entry, 25€/half hour, one time up charges for BBBJ 25€, another 25€ for CIM, 50€ for anal etc.

What Wildenrath has also started recently is if you go with 2 or more girls to the room the woman behind the counter will ask exactly what you want and quote you the price. This is to avaid the girls from making up prices when they go to a room for a threesome. That means if you take 2 girls to a room for an hour where you want them both to blow you without a condom (75+75) have sex (incl.) screw one anally (+50), have them both dyke out on each other (25+25), and then to come in both of their mouths (25+25), the girl behind the counter will quote you 300€. It is a little unnerving to tell a clothed girl who has never been a hooker what exactly you want to do (especially if you like really kinky sh*t), but it keeps the prices sane.

Also the rumour that if you don't like it at one of the clubs that you can get free entrance to the other on the same day is 100% BS. The only place where i still know of that deal is Babylon and Wiago which are definitvely the same owner.

That is about all I know and can think of at the moment. any more specific questions feel free to ask.


05-03-04, 22:16
Thanks a million, Peter. What a comprehensive answer to my questions...I'll have to digest it all, before I can even contemplate another question.

You sure paint a fine picture of sex at Wilderath, I give you that!


05-04-04, 01:40
Thanks Peter,

Great info about this club. I will try it once this summer. Does anyone know if it is possible to sleep over at this club (Parksauna) and how much is costs?

05-04-04, 20:10

Sex at Wildenrath is my favourite hobby, I hope I can paint a nice picture. I also try to be very precise so that an answer doesn't lead to more questions or confusion, on the board as in real life.


There is no club where men can sleep, but most can recommend a good cheap place to stay nearby. Most cost 40€ a night including breakfast, but book ahead.

05-04-04, 20:49
OK thanks Peter, But that's not true. I slept over at World. If you order a VIP room, you can sleep over. It will cost you €100.

You have to leave the room before 11.00 am next morning, but since they use these rooms during the evenings, you will not have the key before 1.00 a.m. You have full access to the breakfast the next morning and if you manage you can from 10.00 a.m also take a morning session without paying another entrance feel

I have spent most of my time FKK mongering in the Frankfurt area, but will try NRW next time in May


05-08-04, 12:54
Thanks for the information, Peter.
I was there last week and I found again the very beautiful girl Karina, of course booked her again.
The other girls I would like to be with are Larissa, Naomi and Domi, but till now no luck (only Larissa together with Monica).
They start to tell that they are on pause, that it is too late, they go to the other room for a long time, etc.
I get it, no need to go further.
I think they are really choosing customers, expecially locals. Maybe cause not all speak english, they prefer to know you better before going to the room.
Can you better describe Victoria, Carmen, Eva, Janice, Donna (hair colour-lenght, tattoos, age, height)?
If you want, e-mail me at ragniname@yahoo.com.

05-08-04, 18:57

I am guessing about 23 Y/O
Tall 5'10" at least
Thin with a rock hard stomach and very nice breasts (B-C Cup)
Mid Length very straight brunette hair
A real bedroom look bordering on boredom (but sexy)
I don't remember any major tatoos, but possible

Again 23
About 5'6"
A Little chubby, but it works for her
Sort of curly Hair with a blondish Red dye job, she wears it in a big bun on her head
Cute small nose and nice eyes

About 30
Picture further down in this part of the forum

I don't know who the other girls are (Janice and Donna)

Donna, might be Dana

Again 23
About 5'6"
Dark hair and one of the most elegant fascinating faces I know of
Thin with a decent size bust, but has a real bubble but. Used to work in PHG and from the front I always wanted to book her, but her ass was really a little too voluminous for me. In wildenrath she is a lot more friendly, and I book her whenever she is there. Certainly not a GFE, but I see it as a challenge and in the meantime we work well together.
She has absolutely no tatoos

There are some girls who don't speak english well or at all and tend to avoid those customers because it is tough for them with the language barrier. If you happen to be British, they have a bad reputation there at the moment, due in large part to the young british soldiers and their behaviour who frequent the place. They have it set in their heads to drink the entrance fee back.


Mr Bluenose
05-20-04, 06:46
I'm so glad that my boss thinks that I'm the ideal man from the firm to visit Dusseldorf! Got a short notice trip to visit Dusseldorf yesterday and the meeting finished super early as my German clients wanted to finish early as today is a Public Holiday in Germany.

So into the hire car and off to the Parksauna for me. Got there about 7.30 and it was already fairly busy. Lots of girls and guys and this may have been something to do with the good weather. I was initially a bit wary of the reception having read Peter's post about the behaviour of young British Soldiers in the place. Got in no problem and there was no adverse reaction. There also appeared to be no solidiers. I suspect that it was the wrong time of the month for them as they only ever seem to have money for about the first week or so after getting their salary!

Went for a session with Monica, the gorgeous Pole first up. She really is a star with the freshest pussy I've ver tasted. This girl is right up my street and she is so friendly. Excellent 30 minute session with her finishing me by hand.

For seconds I went with a Turkish girl called Jenny. She had a fuller figure but seemed to be quite popular with the other guys. She gave a reasonable service but it seemed to me that she was in a bit of a hurry to get out for the next guy. What a shame that I managed to keep going for the full 30 minutes!! I quite enjoyed fucking her whilst looking in the mirror! The only downside was that her pussy didn't seem at all fresh with quite an odour coming off. I suspect it may have been that "time" of the month for her. I wouldn't see her again as it was just too much of a rush.

There was about 5 or 6 girls that I hadn't seen before in the Clubroom so maybe they've had a bit of transfer activity. The place had got really busy now so I had a few drinks and some food and headed back to Dusseldorf. Got a call on my mobile from the boss saying that I might have to come back on business early in June. What a damm shame. It's a dirty job but I'm the man to do it!

05-20-04, 14:34
Mr. B,

I guess the FKK visits rub off on you so positively that you are better able to deal with your clients in a work situation. That is the beauty of these places, sadly you have troble writing it off as a business expense.

Monica really does have a super fresh pussy, even though I have eaten it out for at least 15 ours total time.

This Thursday is Fathe's Day in Germany, which can be a dangerous day to visit clubs, as father'S day in Germany is a day when fathers can do whatever they like with immunity. This means that all get really drunk, and many head to the brothels. Not always agood combination.


05-20-04, 19:24
"as father'S day in Germany is a day when fathers can do whatever they like with immunity. This means that all get really drunk, and many head to the brothels."


Makes you want to go out and procreate, don't it?


Mr Bluenose
05-20-04, 19:45
You are 100% correct Peter. I used to visit the Bahndam whilst in Dusseldorf but it was less than perfect. Even a mediocre experience in the FKK is so much better. I feel drained but refreshed after every visit and I'm sure this rubs off when I am dealing with clients. (apparantly my boss has been getting good reports from them!)

Monica is such a star, I could eat her pussy for 15 hours in the one visit! Victoria is also one of my personal favorites. Didn't manage to hook up with Victoria last night but hopefully I will get with her on my next visit in June.

I contmeplated giving Viersen another spin last night but I enjoyed myself so much in Wildenrath that I'm glad I didn't!

05-21-04, 11:26
It is true Vathertag is not a good day to visit FKK.
Yesterday Bernds sauna club was closed, and few girls in Calygula & Cocoon.

Easy Go
05-24-04, 23:17
Visited Wildenrath on Sunday. Things were slow and the place never really developed any energy. After a single session with a beautiful brunette Hungarian with an awesome body but somewhat perfunctory nature, I abandoned ship and went to PHG. Much more energy there and I had a good session with the much lusted after Sammy.

05-27-04, 01:17

If you are not married and have not procreated every day has the immunity of Father's Day!


Mr Bluenose
06-24-04, 11:43
Visited the Parksauna again last night as I was in town on business. Got there about 7.15 and there were quite a few guys already in. The atmosphere was surreal as most of the guys and many of the girls wanted to watch Germany at Euro 2004!!

I was starving having driven straight from work but I was frustrated to find out that all the hot food had gone! It must have been a busy day.

First up I decided on a session with the little pole Monica. She really is a fragrant delight. I've heard guys talk about her back as she has a funny shape to it. I hadn't noticed it before but last night as I was banging her from behind I could feel it! It's like a plateau at the base of her spine. You could rest a pint of beer on it as it is so flat. Another quality session munching on her tasty pussy. The girl is a star performer.

Retired to the bar and watched the Football. Most of the girls seemed to enjoy the fact the Germany lost and Holland won. Strange really.

For seconds I opted for a Bulgarian called Aggy. A 6 or 7 in the looks department but with a lovely slim body. She also has the most amazing long jet black hair which goes all the way to the bottom of her ass. Quality 1 hr service from this girl who had a tasty pussy (tasted of cocunuts to start off). Good kissing and light BJ followed by her on top and then me behind. No rush after I had finished with a bit of chat. I really enjoyed playing with her long, long hair. I will see her again.

Got talking to a Polish girl called Eva in the shower. She is a slightly older blonde but seems very bubbly. The type of girl who looks like a lot of fun. I will give her a try next time I am in town.

Happy Hunting

06-28-04, 20:41
@Mr B

If you like Monica you will love Eva. Eva is 30 and I don't really go down on her much. Her BJ is energetic, but she uses a little tooth, which I don't like (Her Boyfriend complains about it too).

But she gets really enrgetically into sex, and we have had some sessions where the bed would have broken if they weren't all made of steel.

I didn't book her at first because she was out of my age range, but she is an excellent provider.

Also you should check out the new website, there are lots of great pictures.


Mr Bluenose
06-28-04, 21:35

Thanks for the info. I'll certainly try Eva next time I'm in town. She just has that dirty look that I love. Not normally in my age bracket but she sure looks worth a spin.

I had a look at the new pictures on the site last week and yes they are pretty good. There were some really excellent ones of the Lithuanian Naomi. She really is one beautiful looking girl!

It's going to be at least the first week of August before I get back again and it is really pissing me off!

I want to try their Grill Party on a tuesday night next time I'm in town.

Happy Hunting.

Mr Bluenose
07-01-04, 20:25
Yahoo! I had to pop across to Dusseldorf on "Urgent Company Business" yesterday at very short notice. Completed my tasks within an hour after finding out that it was not important and headed to the Parksauna.

Got there about 2 o'clock and there were 5 girls on and only a few customers.

Most of the girls I had seen or had before so opted initially for Patricia, A Nigerian with a good figure and 6'ish in the face department. Excellent service from her with a good BJ, nice pussy licking, Enthusiastic riding and excellent come in her face. Very good service. Has only been at the Parksuana for a week or so after working in Germany for 2 years prior to a return to Nigeria for a year. I don't know if she will be permanently working at the Parksauna.

Thought about one of my personal favorites (Monica) for seconds but had my eye on a little German called Linda. This girl has a lovely body with a pretty face and cheeky smile. Excellent BJ followed by 69 on her oh so sweet pussy. Enthusiastic riding from her followed by an extended missionary session till I came. After I had cum she gave me a nice massage until time was up. She insisted on washing my cock and balls in the basin in the shower room prior to sex and this was a nice touch (Although the water was too cold!!). Nice friendly attitude throughout.

Sat outside in the sun for a while and chatted until it was time to toddle off back to the airport for the flight home. A nice unexpected bonus visit to the Parksuana for me!

07-26-04, 12:32
I have been saving up for a FFK trip for some time At fist PHG seemed th most likely but the rports here seem equally as positive. Two quick questions? Are the photos of the girls on the clubs web site genuine? And does anyone from the East Netherlands who visits this club fancy sharing transport costs etc?

Mr Bluenose
07-28-04, 08:03
The pictures are very much genuine. Some of the girls are real stars.

Mr Bluenose
08-09-04, 22:54
Popped into Wildenrath at around 6.30 this evening. The weather was so hot so most of the girls and guys were outside enjoying the hot sun.

First up I went for Eva the Pole. As Peter has mentioned she is slightly older but gives excellent value for money. Good energetic BJ followed by DATY on her. She really got into this and grabbed my fingers and stuck them in her. She got really wet at this point. She rides nicely and thrusts back when in the doggy position. Finished in her mouth, she kept it in her mouth for a minute or so before spitting it into the bin. Went downstairs for some food and she was happy to sit with me and spend time with me.

Next up was Elena a tall blonde Russian with a full figure. She gives a real GFE with good kissing and caressing. She also bites your nipples and this can get quite sore!! Her blow job is frenetic but pleasant and her pussy is a joy to behold. Her labia are the biggest and most elasticated I have ever seen. They filled my mouth when I was sucking on them. Sex in Cowgirl, Doggy and mish with a finish by hand. She got some on her face such was the force of my come. This is not normal second time for me so she must have been good.

I will see Eva and Elena again in the future. The only downside was a little brazilian called Lillian who kept following me around. She speaks no English and only a bit of German (didn't know what o-saft was when asked for a drink). I told her I was too tired for her but she was always hanging about right after I finished with Eva till the time that I left. She was also bugging a couple of other guys. She was nice enough but I found the face that she was constantly hovering a bit off putting.

08-15-04, 02:03
Parksauna directions? A hotel anyone can recommend nearby?

Traveling Male
09-08-04, 13:53
Went to ParkSauna last night, and there were plenty of pretty young girls there. Got there around 6:30 PM, there were at least 10-15 girls, many of them were a 6-7. As this was my second time, I already saw a couple of girls I recognized from last time, and surprisengly, the girls rememberd me!

I sat outside and noticed a pretty petiet blond getting a massage. She had a very nice golden tan, very tight body, I give her body an 8, and very cute and small face... I waited then saw her sitting with Eva the polish girl I recognized from last time, so I approaced her and said: Wie kommen Sie? and they both started laughing hard.... oops I guess I meant to say Wo Kommen Sie, but with my poor German, it translated to: How do you cum? instead of Where do you come from? they both started cracking up... anyway, it was a funny start, a little small talk followed, turned out the pretty girl I saw was Monica from Poland. I asked Monica to the room, and on our way up, one of the girls that recognized me from last time said commented something like: "oh you got the American guy!!" lol we laughed again...

Inside the room, Monica gave me a nice sloppy CBJ, followd by a very nice fucking doggie style, and since I was horny, I exploded in her pussy with her face on the bed and her ass flying high facing me doggie style, very nice and tight pussy... cost only E25 as I came very fast... well sorry Monica, but I was very horny for you... I gave her E30 any was, and went to eat.

Later in the night, I noticed more pretty girls started to show up, but there were more guys coming in too. Finally I saw Laura, a beautifull full size German blond. Laura is 24, Blonde, with a body like Anna Nichol Smith, about 5´11" tall, big boobs, German golden tan, and a very bubly personality. I gave her an 8. Well, a little small talk with Laura, and off to the room. This time we spent 2 hours! very nice experience, more than GFE, we did DATY, 69, CBJ (by my request) then finished doggy style again, with her round beautifull butt in my face... mmmm then we cuddeled for an hour. Really had a very good time with her. She is starting school in October, so she is trying to make money for schole before then. Overall I give her an 8 on looks, 9 on performance. session cost E150 for two hours... not bad at all.

Well fellows, today I`m heading to Golden time, hopfully I can find it as this will be my first time. And will write a report when I get back....

If any one is here for the rest of the week and would like to go together to PHG and the rest of Dusseldorfs clubs, PM me. I´m staying here until Saturday, and would be nice to hook up with other fellow mongerers from the board.


09-14-04, 17:18
Having been at Goldentime on a few occasion (see Other) I thought I'd try PS. In one word...crap! The girls were average looking and the place i.e. the rooms were smelly and not very clean. I went on a Sunday evening at around 10:30 pm.

All in all, there were sbout 10 girls working.

09-16-04, 20:20

It is stated at least 10 times on this site that Sundays are slow and a bad day to visit clubs, especially the ones in the Golden Triangle. It is always the day with the least visitors and the least girls. I have to say I haven't been to Wildenrath for about 6 weeks and I have some fear the talent level is down. 3 clubs is too much for the area. The girls at all 3 clubs are complaining about a lack of customers.

That the rooms are smelly is something I have never heard before and never noticed. Sometimes the rooms smell like Marijuana, but sually only after Victoria or Dana have been there.


Mr Bluenose
09-16-04, 20:31
Went to the Parksauna last evening and due to business committments didn't get there to very late. I drove like a bat out of hell from Duesseldorf and it didn't help that I wasn't concentrating and missed my turn off on the A52 and almost ended up in Roermond.

The place was winding down a bit in terms of customers and girls so I settled for a one hour session with an attactive German redhead called Tanya (false colour) with a fine body. Her tits were a nice size and the nipples nice and responsive. She gave a nice massage, competent BJ and oral on her was pretty good. She wasn't too keen on kissing and sex with her on top was not the best but it was more than passable in Doggy. She finished me by hand.

I was rather distracted and this was not my best visit to the club.

I might try this Golden Time the next time around.

09-21-04, 23:39
For most mongerers, discovering FKK is a milestone. My first FKK was Wildenrath, so this club will always remain special for me.

Finding Wildenrath was very easy, even by night. Once inside, I was a bit disappointed about the size, but very impressed about the quality of girls (about 12 girls average age 25 I rate between 8 and 9+, except two rated 7). I have to say that I prefer mediterranean style girls, and Wildenrath seems to offer more brunettes than blondes comparing to other FKK.

My very first FKK session was with Mina, a very attractive young 23 aged Greek (probably Turkish) with long dark hair. She didn't follow the lingerie policy and just went around naked, showing proudly her perfect body. As it is exactly my type of girl, I rate her 9. There was a good chemistry so the session was GFE. I was so horny during this first session, I had to stop her enthousiasm several times as it would have ended my session too early. Anyway, it just ended too early.

After the session, I went back to the bar, having a drink, looking around the beauties, wondering if all where really sex workers (remember, it was my first FKK). Mina came back again to me, chatted a little bit. She had noticed during the session how impressed I was about her physical attraction. And I still enjoyed watching her during our chatting. So, she decided to check under my bath robe if I was ready for another session. And I was instantly. So I just couldn't say no, even if my first intention was to try as much different girls as possible.

Well, sometimes it's good to listen to your dick instead of your head. The second session with her just half hour after the first one, became the best session ever of my entire experience as a mongerer.

Incredible!This time, I could make it last as long as possible. Mina knew it, but she had energy enough to follow. She did everything to drive me crazy, numerous positions. She enjoyed making such effect on me. When I finally came, it was very intense.

That first night I managed to get another session with a polish girl (forgot her name) also a very good experience, even after Mina. But time was runing, and we were getting close to closing time. Yet there where still several girls on my list I really wanted to go with. I discovered a 9+ German brunette, blue eyes, 20 years old and perfect slim and firm body. She was resting inside the sauna. I tried for a last session, but she made me understand it was too late.

I left the club a little frustrated, even after 3 session included the best ever, with this silly feeling that may be not all the girls will say yes. Remember again, it was my first FKK.

09-22-04, 13:40
Being not far to the NW german border, I decided to check the Parksauna's scene and to make a comparison with my beloved FKK clubs (World, Oase and the -finally- re-opening Atlantis).
I choose Parksauna for it's opening role (until 4am) and the easy way to be reached (the easiest in my experience)
I arrived at 4pm and found a relaxed atmosphere and decided to take a sun bath in the garden
after a couple of hours spent in looking, taking sauna's and showering, I headed up to a cute girl from Latvia, Naomi
unfortunately she spoke no english but...who cares?
the second one was a heavy dark-haired german girl, Bianca, for sure the worst looking but very involved in (she works just for passion...), really a wild session
I have been talking with all the girls in the place but 4 of them always away from the group of the others and looking bored
this group was composed by 2 beauties and 2 so-so girls and I didn't know how to approach them (I noticed that they didn't speak english and also their german was poor -like mine- and they looked not willing to please the guests)
I had my chance wandering around the group like a hungry shark:
one of them (the best) was making a massage to the second best and I gestured that I was willing to substitute her while her friend was absent-minded
she laughed and left me her place and for about 15 minutes I made a massage at the back of the girl
once broke the ice, I had 3 sessions in a row with the 2 best looking girls and with 1 of the second draft choice
never spent better my time: 3 great half-hour sessions that left me almost dead...
I can remember just 2 names on 3: Violetta and Isa (both highly recommended)
all these girls come from Poland...what a great country!
Compared to the Frankfurt area scene, this club has poorer facilities and has a less nice atmosphere but the level of the service has been great without any exception tough I might speak english with just 1 girl
it looks more like a club than a huge brothel, with a small turnover of girls and guests and where the most of the girls has their "special guest", a usual guest treated like a sort of paying boyfriend

09-22-04, 19:49

Glad to hear you had great sessions in my favourite club.

I am one of these "special guests" and yes, my sessions are like a paying boyfriend. I don't need all the schnick-schack in the Frankfurt clubs. Wildenrath has the advantage of free drinks and a well stocked buffet. If the weather is good, hanging out in the big yard and playing badminton with some of the girls is all I need. I never really get in the pool or whirlpool in the Frankfurt clubs anyway, either it is full of bacteria or has so much chlorine that my skin would itch for a week. The only whirlpool I have ever gotten into in a club has been in Golden Time, and only because two of my favourite Wildenrath girls (Beate and Victoria) wanted to wind down the day there with me (no financial interest). We had a nice conversation, that is it.

What I really like about Wildenrath is that it really is a club feeling, not a brothel feeling. If you want facilities go to the Frankfurt clubs. You pay 15€ more entrance and if you are into longer sessions (1 Hour plus) it gets a lot more expensive. this club has a good family atmosphere, and the service level is excelllent, for guys who treat the women well.


09-23-04, 08:20
I totally agree and I share your toughts but I have to remark a couple of things just in order of giving an help to our friends, the WSG readers:
as a not german speaker, this club is less "friendly" because few girls speak english and the girls don't approach you so you have to "work" a little more (but it might be even funnier...);
the facilities are too poor even if you don't mind it (a couple of couchesdown and a couple up where there's no action at all).
Personally, I love that World or Oase facilites where I spend hours, especially in the whirlpool (hopefully with a girl).
On the other side, the more commercial, supermarket style of these places (Atlantis overall) doesn't guarantee a GFE as a result of our attitude (while, as I wrote in the earlier post, at Parksauna I have had a 100% good response on it).
at the end I have to say that my choice to head up to wildenrath (instead of GT or PHG) has been made reading the precious Peter's post.

09-29-04, 22:54
After about 2 months of abstinence from my all-time favourite club it was time to head back to Wildenrath last night.

I felt a little guilty for not being there for such a long time, especially because I had 3 mediocre Golden Time visits, one Schieferhof and one so so PHG visit in that time. Dammit, this is my favourite club and I had been frequenting others, I'm a stupid unfaithful bastard.

Well, what had they done to counter the competition of Golden Time down the road...A Hell of a lot.

Bigger Buffet including DESSERT every night (according to Monika)
New Towels
Hangers for the robes in the rooms
Pillows on the beds
New Mattress pads
Room Numbers clearly on the doors
About 7 new girls, including PIA, who might be about 28, German, and screams of sexuality.

The only thing they didn't finish on the "to do" list is replace the timed showers on the ground floor with ones that you can actually shower for more than 5 seconds hands free in.

I had some high quality reunion sessions with Monika and Viktoria, and sadly didn't manage to get a session with Pia, but I will definitely make that up next week.

I have to take my hat off to Peter and Frank for really stepping up to the plate and making my favourite club a little bit better. It's a shame that Domi is out of the game (maybe for good, maybe for a while), but even without her I still find more girls that I want to sleep with in this club than in any other. If you want a club with a familial atmosphere, then Wildenrath cannot be topped.


10-01-04, 14:36
don't neglect too much your friends
as a special guest you have to keep in "touch" often...

I wish I was there!!

please say hello to my beloved polish squad from this sad italian man


10-19-04, 11:59
Hey guys,

I took a look at the site of Parksauna Wildenarth and noticed that under "info" they have an "extra" section, its about Nici "Bizzare Erotiek". Since I dont understand german, could any of you guys tell me what the deal is on Nici?

Would appreciate it very much ;)

10-19-04, 12:04
Nici used to work in an S&M studio and still has all the regalia. I think she is still recovering from a Breast operation, but she will be back soon. She offers Dominatrix services, that is basically what they are saying. From what I understand she offers quite a broad range of services, some which don't really fit into the normal price structure. I think you have to call and book something like that. I think she offers locking you in a box for 15 hours and all sorts of stuff like that which I cannot understand how anyone gets into.


Mr Bluenose
10-24-04, 02:36
Visited the Parksauna on Wednesday of last week. There was about 15 girls on. Many regular girls but a few that I had not seen before. Settled on a little blonde Polish girl called Magdalena first up as she reminded me somewhat of the delicious Vivienne, who I now believe works at Goldentime.

Magdalena was only working in the club for a week as she likes to move around to different clubs all over mainland Europe. She was a petite blonde, about a 8/9 in terms of looks and body. The service she gave was exquisite and this is not an over the top assessment. A full GFE, the girl almost devoured me during DFK and oral. Clearly well educated her conversation was interesting and her technique totally stimulating. I had a full hour with her and she really drained my batteries as she attacked her duties with a zeal I had not come across before in this establishent. All the usual activities were on the menu with cowgirl, doggy, mish and deep oral. Finished me off by had with an interesting technique of as she wanked me she kept my foreskin over my bell end so that when I came all my juice was still stored under my skin. Christ it did fill up and expand and no mistake!!

For seconds I had another session with Tanya, who I have previously reported on. This girl really is nuttier than a fruitcake but she gives good service, with excellent BJ and ball sucking coupled with energetic sex. One tip though, do not tickle her feet as this sends her into fits of laughter that incapacitate her for about 5 minutes! She talks almost non stop and the only way to shut her up is to stick your dick in her mouth. She can be a bit pushy in the bar and this may put some off.

A good visit with some good sessions.

11-12-04, 12:36
Been there 2 weeks ago on a wednesday, not much action (both girls and customers). Maybe due to Golden Time opening?
Went first time with Laura, German but Russian as origin. Blond lond hairs, about 165cm, 24 y.o., not slim but very firm body, speak some english.
Very good experience, she takes her time, one of the best BJ ever seen.
Second time I tried Tanya, Polish, reddish halflong hairs, tall, slim, nice girl. She told me normally on friday /saturday there are more people and grisl there.
I confirm the intimate atmosphere of this club which makes its difference with the two other clubs of the golden triangle.
bye. Gyg66

01-02-05, 21:23
I finally visited Parksauna. I've been to PHG a few times but wanted to check out someplace different up in that area. There were some good looking girls and the place has a nice "vibe" but being there by myself I got a little bored between sessions (unlike World or Oase that are so big and there are more things to do and places to wander in between sessions). The highlight was my sesson with the recommended Polish girl Monica. She had a great attitude. My plan was to take advantage of the price structure there so I went for a full hour with CIM (100 Euros, at Oase or World that would cost 150 Euros). She was a real tropper, didn't get tired and sucked almost non stop for almost an hour. She made some nice noises and also had a good personality.

I would go back to Parksauna but probably for a good priced CIM or Lesbi-Threesome, not to hang out for too long.

I'm planning another trip the last week in Feb.. Thinking about checking out GoldenTime this time. How do you guys (Peter, etc.) think GoldenTime compares to Parksauna and PHG (especially now that its been open for a while)? Does anybody know which days the "real germen students" work at GoldenTime? Any recommendations for a "real lesbi-threesome"?

Mr Bluenose
01-02-05, 22:34
I managed to get a quick visit in the the Parksauna the Tuesday before Christmas. It was a bit of a strange visit but enjoyable nonetheless.

First up I had a session with Aline/Elena a Russian girl I have previously reported on and this was up to the high standard that I had had with her before.

Secondly I had a session with my old favorite Monica and I enjoyed very much about 20 minutes going to town with my tongue on her oh so sweet pussy. Again the session was of the highest quality.

As it was Christmas I treated myself to a 3rd session with a girl called Jana who said she was german. She looked good from a distance when partially clothed but was something of a let down when undressed. It turned out she was not German at all and was Russian. The service was perfunctory and nothing to write home about. Quite uninspiring.

There was a guy there mixing non alcoholic cocktails and this was provoking a lot of interest from the girls. So much so that some of them were pretty hard to approach as they were more interested in what he was doing. The showers were also freezing for about 2 hours and a lot of the girls were just having a quick wipe around rather than joining you in the shower as is the norm with many of them. Hopefully I can return early in the New Year!!

01-04-05, 15:11
Travel 100

Supposedly the "Real German Students" have moved on to Samya in Cologne. They study in Cologne so it is closer for them. They were working weekends only, and only when they had time. Optically they are nothing to write home about, but since they are rather conversational and have a really good attitude and put on a good performance many were blown away.

I did have a good, but not stupendous, session with Franzeska, and have a bet with her regarding our next session, but I won't go out of my way looking for her.

There used to be the most gorgeous "real german student" working at Wildenrath, but sadly she has been out of the game for 6 months. I truly miss Domi.

I am not the worlds biggest Goldentime fan, but the club is doing very well and a lot of people really like it there. I find there are often too few of the Monica types there, and too many big boned girls, but that is just my personal feeling.

Mr Bluenose
01-16-05, 13:41
Swung by the PS on Wednesday night and had another quality visit.

I got there about 7.15 and the club had quite a few guys in it. So much so that it was pretty cramped on the new sofa that they have in the lounge. I got sat next to this old retired German guy who spoke excellent English so we had a chat about the FKK scene and punting around the world, specifically South Africa and the UK. We were both in agreement that FKK is probably the best value punting experience money can buy.

After about 45 minutes of chat I noticed a favourite of mine the Polish girl named Magdalena. I have previously had a session with this girl and it was excellent. She does not work at the PS full time so it was a bonus to catch her. I remarked to the old guy that she gave me a really good service the last time and that I was going to chat to her. I went to the toilet and by the time I came back the old boy had got up and had gone over to her himself!! He chatted to her for about an hour before deciding that he did not want to take it further. I was well pissed off!!

As soon as he moved away I got straight in there and soon we were off to a room. Magda remembered me and asked if the old guy was a friend. When I replied no she said she thought he was never going to shut up!!

Decided to go for the hour option and was glad I did. Total GFE from Magda who seems to really enjoy her work. Very enthusiastic kissing and BJ. Totally committed fuck and the best I have ever had in the missionary position. Paid for or otherwise. She liked to stick her fingers in my mouth while we were at it and I found this a bit strange.

As it turns out this was her last night in the club although she will be back from 10-20th Feb. I just need to work out how I can get back to Germany on these dates!!

Sat in the lounge and was approached by a couple of Slovakians (Miriam and something or other) who were not very attractive. They offered a two girl session but I really didn't like the look of them and scuttled off to the sauna. It was their second night in the club and I don't know how long that they will be there for.

Went back to the lounge and had a beer and a play on the "Spieler". Was winning and this attracted the attention of Beya and Monica. Monica is well documented and Beya is a petite, chain smoking Turkish girl with a reasonable face. They managed to con me out of €5 each as their share of helping me win!!! Hindering me from winning more like. I would have tried Beya but Magda had drained me so it was off back to town with a smile on my face after being shown the door by the beautiful Martine (hostess). I wouldn't mind a session with her but I don't know if she works or not.

Mr Bluenose
02-13-05, 22:38
Managed to make up a bullshit excuse to visit Dusseldorf and the boss fell for it. Got the job done on the Monday and had the Tuesday free!! It was of course a ploy to visit the delightful Magda who was back in the club. Another really excellent session with her that really hit the mark. So much so that I really wasn't up for a second session. She will be back during the month of March and thankfully so will I.

A small tip though. If you go on the Tuesday of Carneval, go early as it gets really busy after about 9 o'clock. There was however a good number of girls working although Victoria (nice looking Russian) was in a bit of a bitchy mood and I found her to be quite surly. I thought about her for a second session but her offhand attitude sent me on my way back to Dusseldorf in search of premium Alt.

02-16-05, 21:21
Victoria can be surly, but she does give excellent service. If you treat her nicely she really returns the favour. She has an amazing body, and I just love exploring it. She always has that sleepy look though, it is natural.

Mr Bluenose
03-06-05, 17:02
Managed to swing by the PS on Tue 1st of March and it was a tale of two Monica's from Poland for me.

The club was fairly busy as I guess it was pay day for the majority of guys in the club. First up I settled for a session with Monica from Poland who I have had many previous sessions with. There were no rooms available and the plan was for us to session on the couch upstairs next to the massage table. However when we got up there one of the rooms had become free and she asked if I would prefer this. Monica pals about the club with a small Turkish brunette called Beya who also had a guy at the same time. I got the vibe that they were having a competition as to who could finish their client off first. Monica was very hurried and this is not usual for her. A few minutes of BJ followed DATY then Cowgirl and Doggie and she wanted to finish me by hand. We had only been in the room 15 minutes! She seemed a bit disappointed that Beya had finished first as she called out to her on leaving the room and Beya was already in the shower!! All in all not as good as I have had previously with her and I won't be sessioning again with her in the near future. She still does have the most delightfully tasty and tight pussy though. Pity she seemed more interested in Schalke against Hannover.

After some food I settled for a taller blonde girl, also called Monica and also from Poland. She's a little bit older but she gave very good service and her pussy was a delight to taste and naturally blonde. Good BJ followed by DATY and her on top with missionary to finish. We went over the 30 minutes by about 9 minutes and she only charged me €50. She has been there for about 5 months and I would try her again.

Not my best visit to the club but it still beats ANYTHING in the UK.

03-06-05, 17:46
Mr. BN,

If Beya has not so great skin on her face, really nice breasts and butt, and a tattoo of a dolphin on her shoulder then she is Hungarian, not Turkish, and it is Bea.

Shame about what happened with the classical Monica. I have had times when she has been weird, then I talked to her about it before going back to the room, and she really shaped up. She is a great girl and she might play a couple of school girl pranks every now and then, but she will always say sorry if she does something wrong.


Mr Bluenose
03-07-05, 20:28

That indeed is the girl. I could have sworn she said she was Turkish. Ah well, that's my poor command of the German Language for you! She does have a great body and looks as if she could be really dirty in bed and I might have to session with her next time I am in town.

I know I said I wouldn't session with Monica again for a while but I know as soon as I'm back in town I'll be dreaming about that oh so sweet pussy of hers and I might not be able to stop myself!!

03-07-05, 22:58
Bea is a good girl, but not dirty in bed. She will go along with you, but she will not fuck you to death. That is Eva'S territory.

Make sure you tell Monica you were dissapointed with what she did. She will try extra hard to make up for it.

If you get her when she has had something to drink, she is amazing.

Bun Biter
05-03-05, 00:11
Was recently at Parksauna Wildenrath, twice within 4 days. Went to Germany for CeBit in Hannover, but decided I’d try the FKK scene after reading so much about it on this incredible board. Noticing so many positive reviews on the 3 FKK’s in the Dusseldorf area, and it not being exceedingly far from Hannover what with the autobahn and all, I decided to fly into Dusseldorf instead of directly into Hannover.

So as planned, I landed in Dusseldorf on a Thursday evening at about 7:30 pm and finally managed to find the Hertz counter and pick up my dinky little VW Lupo with a 1 litre engine and all of 50 horsepower… (hey, what do you expect for €129 for 5 days with free milage). I’d printed out information on Planet Happy Garden and Parksauna Wildenrath but I hadn’t really had much time to read and digest the driving directions beforehand. I did however notice that several mongers had mentioned that finding PHG can be really difficult. So I opted for Parksauna Wildenrath as it seemed to be much easier to find. Which it was after I finally found it.

I got into the dinky little VW Lupo and opened up the complementary map of this part of Germany which Hertz so kindly provided with the car. So I’ve got my bearings, exit the airport area but can’t find the autobahn signs for Mönchengladbach. Head towards the city center and eventually do a u-Turn and after not too long find myself on the A52 autobahn heading west towards Holland. Eventually get to exit number 3 and head south on the 221. But I immediately make a wrong turn towards Wegberg… BIG MISTAKE! The reason I did this is that before leaving for Germany I’d used mapquest.com to plot the location of the FKK and it kept locating it in Wegberg for some stupid reason. Anyway, needless to say I got lost. By this time it was 9 p.m., I was in the middle of the German country-side and not a soul to be seen anywhere. Drove around till I saw what was an inn. A taxi had just arrived and I asked the cabby for directions. I asked him for directions for the street address and he immediately asked whether I needed to go to Wildenrath. Apparently I wasn’t the first out-of-towner to ask him for this particular address… He pointed me in the right direction and to make an already long story slightly shorter, I eventually found it, but not before getting lost a second time and having to stop at a restaurant and ask for directions yet again. The moral of this is that when you get off the A52 and head south on the 221 just keep going for another 9-10 kilometers. You’ll eventually enter Wildenrath village limits (you’ll know because of the sign telling you you’re entering) and in another few hundred meters come across a villa with colored neon lights in the windows on the left side of the road and adjacent to a petrol station.

By the time I finally found the place it was already about 9.45 p.m. and I decided to continue on to Wassenberg and the hotel/restaurant which is right smack in the middle of the round-about in Wassenberg. Its only a 5 minute drive from the FKK. The hotel (don’t remember its name) was relatively new and had only a few rooms, which were very nice and clean with individual bathrooms and showers. Very good value for €50 including breakfast.

So after a quick shower I jumped into the car and drove back to PW. Parked the car in the secluded parking area, walked up to the front door, was buzzed in after 15-20 seconds and went thru a second set of doors. Was met by a fully clothed 20ish girl (Mandy?) who didn’t speak any English (my German is very poor) but who was very helpful and pleasant. She explained to me how things worked, showed me to the locker room and collected the €50 entrance fee. After that I was pretty much left to my own designs. So after stowing away my clothes, donning the bathrobe and slippers I went exploring my first FKK.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with how small the common area downstairs is. I had expected something bigger and classier. Anyway, found the beverage rack and had a soft drink and took in the scene. About 10 girls and 3 or 4 mongers, yours truly included. None of the women approached me, which surprised me. I had expected at least one of them to sense a newbie on the premises, but apparently solicitation is not permissible, a bit of important information which I had completely missed while reading the forum! Need to check those glasses…

There seemed to be a clique of Polish girls and then there was the rest. I noticed Monica, the small Polish girl which I had read a few positive reviews of, but she was much more interested in chatting to her friends than paying any attention to any of the mongers. I didn’t like this Polish clique. I had a feeling that they were commenting the various mongers, making fun of us, mocking us in their language. It was very intimidating and for a while I was wondering if the FKK scene was at all for me. After about an hour of whiling around, looking at the TV and listening to the Polish gaggle, I went to the sofa and sat down beside a darkish girl/woman. Turned out she was from Brazil, in her mid 30’s, cute and with a nice figure for a woman her age and a 10 y.o. kid. Her name is Maleh (spelling?), and divorced from a German guy but had decided to stay in Germany. Her English was more than adequate. I explained that this was my first visit to the FKK and asked if she would show me around the facility. After showing me the little there is to see on the ground-floor, we headed upstairs and the Kino-room with the projector screen showing porn. Sat on a sofa watching the action on the screen, one thing led to another and within 15 minutes she was collecting a set of towels and sheets for us. I right away opted for the 1 hour €75 option so she’d know not to rush things. We took a quick shower and headed to the room.

She started with a very nice and slow BBBJ. I eventually moved her around into a 69 and reciprocated on her. She was appreciative of my efforts, making the right noises which didn’t seem to be fake (who knows?), she got nice and wet and seemed genuinely into it. Got around to the main event, I dragged her down to the corner of the bed, put her feet behind her ears and gave it to her missionary style. She’d done a pretty good job getting me excited, plus she was remarkably tight for her age, so I didn’t last more than 3-4 minutes, but it was good.

Afterwards she filled up the tub and we jumped in for a rinse. After about 10 minutes of this, we got out and I thought I was ready for round 2. But it wasn’t to be the way I’d planned it. The full day at the office, flight, hassle of driving around in the dark and getting lost twice had its toll. She did however manage to bring me off with a good, oily HJ. Good girl! All in all a pleasant experience, but nothing spectacular. Headed downstairs after a quick shower and fished out the cash for Maleh.

Went back into the common area. By now a group of Turkish mongers had shown up. It seemed that they were quite familiar with the place and some of the girls. By this time I was feeling quite tired and I knew I had a long day ahead of me driving 260-270 km to Hannover and then trawling the fair for the remainder of the day. So I called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

Spent Fri, Sat and Sunday at the fair and drove back to Wassenberg and the same little hotel on Sunday afternoon/evening. Had dinner in the hotel restaurant around 7p.m. and after a short rest headed out to PW again. This time around I decided to be a bit bolder. Sat around for a while and took in the atmosphere. Very few mongers at that time of day and probably even less since it was a Sunday afternoon. A repeat of the Polish clique, but not as intimidating as last time. Spoke to a German girl who called herself Sandy. Long blond hair, 19 y.o., a bit chubby (but then so am I), she claimed to be Scottish, but she must have moved from Scotland a long time ago since neither her English nor her accent were up to par. I hadn’t seen her on my first visit so I played dumb and asked her to give me a tour of the place. So we ended up in the big screen room pretty quickly (surprise surprise). After some groping and petting we ended up in a room for a 30 min. session. Asked if she’d do anal, but got a thumbs down on that. Kissing, an alright BBBJ but a bit toothy and some DATY. She let herself be fingered and I tried to find her G-spot and I might have succeeded judging by her moans, the resulting wetness and contractions… Could have been a good act thou.

After a quick shower and paying off Sandy I settled down to ponder my next move. Rested for about 45 minutes, tried the sauna for a while and then had a bite to eat. There was an attractive Polish girl I had noticed on my previous visit. Blond hair pulled back in a bun, wearing a sash around her waist. On my last trip I had seen her perform with a monger up in the Kino area on the bed in the back of the room by the bar. She has a nice curvy body and seemed to enjoy herself with the guy. So I called her over for a short chat and asked whether Greek was available, but unfortunately not. Too bad. She had a good attitude though and I’ll probably take her on my next trip if she’s still there. I’m not sure, but I think her name was Magda.

Called over another chubby girl who turned out to be from Slovakia. Bleached blond girl, around 30 y.o. pleasant enough but nothing to write home about. Turned out she spoke some Serbo Croatian which I do as well (long story related to a previous life) and Greek was on the menu! Well, that sealed the deal for me. Up to the room, a much better BBBJ. I turned her around for a 69 which she seemed to enjoy. She later claimed she came 3 times, which may be true judging from her movements and noise. I was ready for her backdoor so she fished out a condom and put it on junior. It must have been a Slovakian condom because it seemed to have been made of the inner tube of a bicycle tyre! Industrial strength! Didn’t think it would work for me as I imagined the thickness of the condom would ruin the experience for me. It turned out that she was so tight back there that I didn’t need to worry. Did her from behind for a few minutes before finally finishing deep in her bowels. If anything I’ve become an even greater fan of Greek after this experience.

Thus ended my first FKK experience. I’m contemplating a quick trip to the Dusseldorf area in July and do another stint at the FKKs but this time around I’ll definitely try Golden Time and PHG as well as a return to Parksauna Wildenrath.



05-03-05, 03:26
Great report, Bun Biter! And welcome to the fraternity of FKK junkies. It's amazing to experience this, isn't it. Once one has been to an FKK, one cannot help but wanting to go back again and again.


05-03-05, 07:41

Excellent report on my favourite club.

The polish girls are not making fun of the customers. Monica often does that as a manner of flirting. If you know her you understand that since solicitation is very disapproved of she uses that so people take notice of her and talk to her. She is one of the most comfortable girls there and is flirty like a real girl (meaning she can shoot you down every now and then).

Wildenrath can be a little tough for first timers. They are not always overly friendly to newbies, and to english speakers it can be tough sometimes, especially brits. They have bad experiences with the many drunk soldiers that frequent the place (they get really drunk, have trouble cumming, and sometimes don't bring enough money to pay for the services they request).

Leaving the ariport you automatically get on the 44 highway and if you just stay straight on that across the bridge and under the tunnell you are on your way. To be honest Happy Garden is the closest to the airport. Next time pay 30€ more for the car and book one with a navigation system. At Sixt every mercedes starting at the A Class has navigation. If you have a credit card that covers insurance make sure you opt against the insurance on the home page, that will save you a tonne. Otherwise get a CC that covers insurance (most gold cards do) you will save the fee of the card on one rental.

Stay on the 52 until you get to the Niederkruchten exit (also marked with a yellow 221) then turn right at the exit and then 12km straigth and it is on your left.

Goldentime is easy enough to find from there. Just go back down the 221 until you get to the highway 52 and keep going on the 221 for about another 10km (it takes a turn to the right - take that turn) and then it will be on your left next to a buildig supply store.

On e afirst trip I am always for trying multiple clubs. Each persons taste is different. I like the homey atmosphere of Wildenrath, but some people like the giant clubs.

If you thought the drive from Düsseldorf to Hannover was manageable then if you head here again you can also drive down to Frankfurt to check out one of the giant clubs down that way. It is only 2 hours of driving.

But opt for the car with navigation, and request a diesel on the home page as well, it will save you a lot of money on gas.

Great report! I wish there were more of that calibre!

Bun Biter
05-03-05, 16:45
Thanks Euro100 and Peter.

Peter: I was originally planning on going to 2 clubs of the 3 (PHG, Goldentime and Parksauna Wildenrath), but after I found PW and saw how easy it is to get to I didn't bother (I was a bit time constrained as well) trying one of the others. Plus I was hoping to see whether Monica appeared more approachable on my second visit. As it turned out, she wasn't even there when I returned.

Thanks on the insight on the solicitation rules. I imagined as much, but its good to have an experienced monger confirm it. I'll keep that in mind next time I go (and yes, there definitely will be a next time).

I'm hoping to go back to the Dusseldorf area in the beginning of July. Germanwings has very cheap tickets from my home-town to Cologne. Probably stay 2 or 3 days and try Goldentime and PHG as well as another trip to Parksauna Wildenrath.

As for trying larger clubs in the Frankfurt area, I don't know. I'm more into quality than quantity, good service/attitude rather than looks. I think I feel more comfortable in a smaller place. But I imgine I'll try one of the larger places sooner or later.

Thanks again guys!


06-11-05, 22:43
Spent 3 nights in D-dorf a couple of weeks ago. Spent 1 night at PSW and 1 in Mettman. On the other night I couldn't get out of a business commitment which ended at 1 a.m.. Tool late to go to any of the clubs even PSW which suposedly closes at 4 a.m. See below.

Landed in D-dorf late, and by the time I got the car and went to the hotel it was 10:30. After a quick room service dinner. Decided on PSW mostly for it's late closing time.
Got there at 11:30. Found 10 sp and 10 customers of whom 4 were drunk british soldiers and getting drunker by the minute. Later all the girls I spoke with confirmed what Peter has written previously about the British soldiers' behavior in and out of the room.
The Polish clique problem was causing problems as the hostess had to ask them 3 times to break it up and make themselves available to the men. It was impossible to make eye contact with them for most of the night.

Following a recommendation from the most sober of her majesty's finest, I went with Maya - A german with a truly full statuesque figure, nice eyes, good personality. It was a good session and she puts her heart into it.

I had planned to stay until closing but it was increasingly hard to get anyone's attention and when the british guys went back to base at about 2 a.m., I got the feeling that the staff would just prefer to go home already.

Talked up Sandy, who as reported below claims to be Scottish but speaks English vit a teutonic accent. Plans to open a Scottish restaurant when she gets out of the business - yummy Hagis in NRW! Told me that the british guys she went with that night were horrible to her. She looked exhausted, but the conversation was going well so I told her that I'd make it up to her, but she said that her last customer was a journalist writing a piece on the clubs in NRW who spent their entire session asking her questions and she was too tired and just wouldn't do me right in the room. An honest sp too.

Asked for a recommendation and she brought over Polish Monica, but not the Monica discussed here. A little taller and alot shyer. She's been in the club 4 months. Comes and goes back and forth to Poland every 2 weeks. I had noticed her blonde beauty and quiet smile earlier, but she was unapproachable in the midst of the Polish pack. Very sweet, great GFE, top session. Had fun showering before and after. Highly recommended.

When we came down just after 3 a.m. all the lights were out in the bar/central area and only the hostess was in sight. So I guess 4 a.m. closing depends on the rate of business.

06-12-05, 09:55

Nice report.

The other polish Monica just got back from a 6 week break in which she got her new fake tits. They look pretty natural, and even though I am against fake tits I accept it on her because she went from non existent to a decent A-B cup. I am attaching a pic from their home page which shows that Monica before the OP.

The polish clique thing is worrying, but it depends on the night. When there is a horde of Drunk Brits they cluster more and more, sort of for protection. It is amazing how much those girls don't like Brits, and then it is even more amazing that the most gorgeeous girl ever to work in a club (Domi) is marrying a brit.

I closed down the club on Friday and it was 4:10 when I left. Had another amazing session with the other Monica. I have been going to the club and Monica for 3 years, but the last two sessions have really been something special. sometimes it takes RRREEEEAAALLLLYYYYY long to build up the full chemistry.

08-30-05, 17:19
Was visiting Dusseldorf last weekend on a tourist trip. Drove down to Parksauna Wildenrath and reached there early in the evening around 5 pm. I never expected this place to be right in the middle of the town as. It is bang right in the middle of the town next to the petrol station.

Entered the place and was welcomed by the lady there who explained that it was 50 Euro entrance and 50 Euro half hour session and 75 euro full hour session. A black girl from Ghana who spoke English showed me around the place. You are given a bath robe to wear unlike only towels in the Frankfurt area. The girls here also are not nude and have their bra and panties on. On entering the main area, you find the bar on your right side with the bathroom and toilet on your left. The main area also has a spacious area with sofa. There are also a few tables with bar stools. The bar area opens out to the garden where there are a few tables and in the garden you have lounge chairs to rest on. On the first floor there is a kino with nobody around there and the rooms alongwith another set of bathroom and toilet.

There were around 10/12 girls. However compared to the big clubs in Frankfurt area, the girls will not approach you and you have to take the initiative to talk to a girl and take her. Most of the girls also do not speak english.

Took a Polish girl with her name something like Adriana (I am sorry, but my memory is bad). Had a nice session with her. No DFK. BBBJ followed by FS and a bit of soft massage.

Things were slow with dinner arriving and all the girls sitting near the bar and the guys relaxing with no action at all. Decided to have another final session before leaving.

Had another session with Carmen another Polish blonde with nice body. She explained that she did not speak English, but .... does not need any language and had a great session with her. She also did not do any DFK, but had a long BBBJ, DATY and finally a nice FS.

Somehow found the place a bit slow. Maybe the locals going there frequently may find the place comfortable and relaxing, but for newcomer with not a good german vocabulary and limited initiative, the atmosphere there is a bit intimidating sometimes. But overall it is a nice place to relax an unwind yourself without being bothered by girls like the big 3 clubs in Frankfurt area. Anyway I had expected this as I had read the previous reports and did not have any great expectations. A visit well worth the money and a nice experience.

08-30-05, 20:33

Having headed back to palace and Oase recently I have to say I share your opinion.

Wildenrath is my favourite club, because it is sort of like my "pub around the corner". It is a comfortable place which I can just head to and relax. Going to Oase always seems like a trip to disney land or so. The frankfurt area clubs have different expectations, they seem like a trip. Wildenrath is sort of a place to hang out and relax. They don't have a barrage of girls, but I have rarely left the club unable to have picked 3-5 girls I wanted to go to a room with. But I will admit the talent level at the moment is about half as good as it was one year ago.

I was blown away with Oase recently, but I still would take wildenrath before Happy Garden, Palace and Colloseum, which I had all visited recently.

Glad you enjoyed it for what it is.

To all those planning on heading to my home club, don't expect fireworks, and you will enjoy yourself.

08-31-05, 17:05

Having headed back to palace and Oase recently I have to say I share your opinion.

Wildenrath is my favourite club, because it is sort of like my "pub around the corner". It is a comfortable place which I can just head to and relax. Going to Oase always seems like a trip to disney land or so. The frankfurt area clubs have different expectations, they seem like a trip. Wildenrath is sort of a place to hang out and relax. They don't have a barrage of girls, but I have rarely left the club unable to have picked 3-5 girls I wanted to go to a room with. But I will admit the talent level at the moment is about half as good as it was one year ago.

I was blown away with Oase recently, but I still would take wildenrath before Happy Garden, Palace and Colloseum, which I had all visited recently.

Glad you enjoyed it for what it is.

To all those planning on heading to my home club, don't expect fireworks, and you will enjoy yourself.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your comments. In fact I read the full reports for both PSW and PHG and it was based on your earlier reports that I decided to visit PSW over PHG. Having read all the reports, I was mentally prepared and did not go with high expectations like the Frankfurt based clubs. As you said it is a nice homely place to relax and spend your time.


09-12-05, 20:47
parksauna wildenrath was my very first fkk experience already a few years ago, and the beginning of a strong addiction. i never went back there since, as i preferred to discover the other fkk. i decided to come back once again, as i was curious if my first impressions were due to the fact that it was my first fkk visit or not.

i was looking forward meeting again mina from greece, that unforgettable girl that took my fkk virginity, but unfortunately she was not there. i entered the club at about 6pm, which is quiet early for psw. i was the first customer, and it was quiet impressive entering the main area with 15 fkk stars watching me as if they were saying: ”how dare you young boy entering our place, as we could easily [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) you in a giant gang bang!” yes, i felt like a virgin college girl entering a bar filled with horny truck-drivers! i preferred to take a coke outside. the second and third customer entering had probably the same feelings, as they all came to take a drink outside! strange situation, three horny bastards discussing together outside while 15 sexy girls were waiting for us inside!

i decided to enter again, but the only familiar face was tania, that nice petite blue-eyed german girl formerly working at goldentime at the bar. strange that the only girl i cannot have sex with in an fkk is the one that attracts me most. i started conversation with her, as she is much more relaxed at psw than at goldentime. i even dared to pop her a very personal question i wanted to ask her for nearly two years. (no guys, the question was not: ”do you want to fuck with me?”). in fact, tania was the girl i had the most contact with that night.

all this confirms the very first impression i had about this club. it is not easy having contact with the girls. starting conversation is nearly closing the deal. i know the girls are working and cannot spent much time discussing for free. but still, i need to discuss first with a few girls before i can make up my mind. the girls have fun together, leaving the customers discussing together. they act if they don’t really need to find customers, they don’t try to start conversation or even make eye contact. as this club is not very big, it becomes quiet boring. you probably need to come more often and get the girls to know better before you can really enjoy this club.

my very first impression was also that at psw the girls were top quality. and yes, at very first sight, they looked better than at other fkk. i think it’s just because at this club for a change there are no romanian and russian girls. in fact, nearly all girls are from poland, with a few german and exotic girls. i confirm also that once in the room, the girls’ attitude changes completely. during all the time you pay, the girl is your girlfriend, she gives everything she has. this is probably also because psw caters mainly for regular customers.

my best session that night was with monica 2 (there are two monica from poland), the blonde one with beautiful blue eyes and a very nice smile. she seems fatter than monica 1 who has a perfect slim body. but once naked, monica 2 has the most perfect firm body with very nice tanned skin. she is not naturally c cupped, but they look and feel great! she seems very hygienic, as we started first with a shower together, which i like. she was very tender and had the exact timing for becoming nastier at the end of the session, while changing several times of position. i recommend!

i had one deceiving session with shereen (i believe this was her name) from morocco. she is 24 years old, with very long black hair and a charming exotic middle eastern look. she is new at psw. in fact, nothing to say about her attitude. the problem is that without bra she has the most horrible hanging tits i have ever seen in fkk. i didn’t want to hurt her, and tried to hide my disappointment. as i had problems focusing with those horrible tits, i preferred to take her on doggy style. this made me remembering the belguel’s coffee table, which didn’t help me focusing better (those who have never heard about the belguel case, that major international sex scandal involving wsg, please read the moroccan thread)! sorry for the girl, the bad session was not her fault.

i had a last session with sandra, a dark haired blue eyed girl from poland with a perfect slim body. we were a bit in a hurry, because it was just before closing time.

all in all, a nice evening, confirming my very first impressions and closing quietly my fkk tour after a crazy time at oase and palace.

09-12-05, 23:19
The exact location is Heinsbergerstr 35 Wildenrath Wegberg (phone 02432-908535).

Get down to the A52, and take it towards Roermond. If you are on the A52 take exit 3 "Niederkrüchten", take a right at the end of the exit and just drive straight on that street for about 10km. You will pass through a couple of towns like Arsbeck. Stay on the same road, and then the road goes down into the woods and then comes Wegberg. Once you get into the town it is immediately on your left hand side. At night you cannot miss it, during the day look for the gas station next door.

The club has a website: http ://www.parksauna-wildenrath.de

Take care for the opening time, as this club opens and closes later than Goldentime or Happy Garden: daily from 2PM till 4AM and from 5PM till 2PM on Sunday. Not much action before 6PM.

The Club looks like a big Chalet. There is a parking in front, but also at the back (if you need more privacy for your car). Push the buzzer for entering. The girl on duty at the bar will open, and you can pay the 50€ entrance fee. This includes free drinks (soft drinks, coffee and beers) and a food buffet at 8PM. She will ask your shoe size and if it is your first time. Don't be afraid to tell it is your first time, you will then receive some additional explaination.

You will receive a locker key and a bathrobe, the sandals are waiting for you inside your locker. You can take your first shower, the towels are in the locker room.

Once entering the main area, there is a main bar where all the girls are sitting. There are a few sofas also, close to the food buffet. The cold drinks including beer are self service, the coffe or tea can be asked to the lady behind the bar.

There is an outdoor garden, but is not very usefull as this club starts when it's allready dark. However the Chalet in the back of the garden can be a funny for a change instead of going to a normal room.

There is also of course a sauna on the main floor. Upstairs are the rooms, another shower room and the kino room with sofas, a chimney and a large round bed. This place is nearly always empty, but coach action happens here sometimes.

The girls: expect about 15 girls, age between 20 and 30, most from Poland with a few German and a some more exotic girls. They are all beautifull, rated 7 and 8, with a few 9. The dressing code is lingerie, not naked. Most speak German, and some speak English.

The girls will not come to you, you have to go to speak to them, but no need to be shy. The price for intercourse and BBBJ is 50€ for 30min, every addiditional 30min is 25€.

Parksauna doesn't belong to the list of bigger clubs like Oase, Palace, World, Goldentime or Happy Garden which have more than 30 girls each. But it has top quality girls giving excellent service. Take care however that for a first timer, it is not easy discussing with the girls between the sessions. There is however a good contact with the other customers, as it is not busy. Don't be shy starting discussing with the other customers, they get bored also waiting between sessions. This more intimate club is best for regular customers.

09-14-05, 20:29

Tania used to work in front of the counter, if that was your question, but that was years ago back in Relax in Limburg. She is a nice girl, and really prefers the work at PSW to Goldentime. I can just say the major advantage at PSW is that the club management is just much nicer than at any other club. They also have decent taste in women, and know it is better to have 15 good looking women than 50 ugly ones.

The girls there really don't hassle as much as at other clubs, and sometimes it seems that they are content with less rooms and earning less money. I have never been to a club where women are more likely to quit after 4 rooms a night than there. Girls like Naomi or Victoria really do call it quits after a couple of rooms, or if there is a customer they really aren't into.

Monica2 just got back from a boob job about 3 months ago, before that she had really tiny horrible looking breasts. she is abo0ut 30, but still looks very good, although I prefer the original Monica.

Shereena does look OK in clothes, and she appears to have massive tits, but they are officially the ugliest breasts in the world when unleashed. She would have gotten a breast reduction paiod for by the Health Insurance when she was under 18, but her father forbid it due to some screwed up religious reasons. I agree that she needs surgery soon. It was a total turnoff to me as well, and someone should mention it to her so she gets it done soon.

Otherwise great report, and great directions. I have a FAQ about this club somewhere here on the site, which says it in a similar way.

There are some russians there, specuifically Victoria, who is amazing, and Naomi, who is half Lithuanian, half Russian, and she could be the most gorgeous girl in the history of FKK's, at least face wise.

Here is a pic of Monica2 before the OP, with Naomi behind her:


Just noticed it is the general photo page. Monica was the one with virtually no tits whatsoever.

09-14-05, 21:16

Thanks for your reaction and all these additional info, as I know you are a regular from PSW. I dared to make a general description, as there is no one anymore on this board (maybe in the archives).

Do you know by the way where is Mina, that unforgettable Greek/Turkish girl that took my FKK virginity?

09-14-05, 21:43
Mina is sort of in semi retirment. I have seen her in Goldentime once about a year ago, then once at Samya in Cologne, but I heard that was first and last day. I heard she was at Badda Bing in Holland together with the all the old time PSW girls that were there for the first month.

I think she is not working anymore, unless she can find a place where she can make money like before.

Wry Cooter
09-15-05, 04:25

Sounds like Victoria is still around. This is great news. I don't suppose Vivian from Poland or the buxom brunette Sylvia is still around, is she?

09-15-05, 07:44
Last I heard Vivienne was working at Palace in frankfurt, but I did not see her on my trip.

Sylvia is in full retirement. She is back living in Liepzig and studying from what I understand.

Math F
10-07-05, 18:59
Correct, Victoria is still working. Mostly after 6pm.


Bun Biter
10-08-05, 10:26
Hi guys,

Looks like I'll be in the vicinity of PSW mid-next week. I'm hoping that Polish Monica (the petite girl with the slightly crooked back) will be there. But do any of you who've been there recently have other recommendations? Preferrably "three holers".

Really looking forward to getting back to PSW. I'll be making a huge detour to be able to spend 4-5 hours there.



Wry Cooter
10-08-05, 10:35
Hello All,

Dropped by Parksauna last night with my friend. Things were going fairly well. My friend had just had a good session with Victoria and I was tempted to follow suit when local law enforcement showed up. Made us all gather in the main room downstairs. Asked each of us for our papers/identification one-by-one and then left. After that, we all got back down to business. I had a very enjoyable, sweaty session with Victoria. She really has a great, tight body. Very tall and model type proportions. Very little English but we managed to communicate okay. Then my friend and I enjoyed a fine meal (chicken stuffed with ham, potatoes au gratin: yum) and scouted out the staff for our second sessions. I finally chose Maryam (sp) who is half Serbian/half Sardinian. Very tan girl with a firm, toned body. Has a few tattoos of someone's name on her body (I didn't ask). Very passionate girl. Did whatever she could to make sure I enjoyed myself. All in all a good night. Despite having to show my passport to the police, I walked away a happy man. It seemed very routine (though the owner said this is the first time it's ever happened) and as I understand it, this is done mainly to weed out any women who are illegally working in Germany.

Wry cooter

10-09-05, 14:42

Monica is no longer a 3 holer. Not really sure which girls there at the moment are. Feel free to ask monica, she would probably know. There are tonnes of girls to recommend at the moment. Almost the whole polis contingent, as well as Naomi, Victoria, and the newly returned Maryam.

Wry C,

That does sound strange. I always make sure to only take my drivers license with me to the club, as I figure that would offer the least possibility to find out more about me. Thank goodness I have never been in a raid, but if one went on, then that means it will be quite a while until another one is due.

Victoria is one of my new all time favourites. When she lets her guard down then she really goes wild. Maryam is back after being gone for about 3 years. She has a tigt body, and I enjoyed my time with her too. She volunteered the info about the two tatoos of the same name. The one on herback is her brothers name, who has moved full time to Serbia, and who she misses, and the other one was a boyfriends name, which she had altered to be her brothers name. Felix, the club manager really tries to avoid girls who have obvious pimps in his club, but fully avoiding it is impossible. From what I gather she really is working fully for herself at the moment. Sounds like you have similar taste to me.

Wry Cooter
10-09-05, 23:34
Yes, I certainly hope that showing them my passport won´t end up biting me in the arse. That would be tragic if I wasn´t allowed to return to Deutschland because I was present there during the raid. I guess I can always say `Hey, I didn´t know it was a house of ill repute. I was invited there by a business colleague. I thought it was a real sauna!´

Yes, Peter, I think we do have similar taste in women (definitely go down to Augsburg then! Young women galore!). I was a big fan of Sylvia just based on her pictures from last year. Shame she´s retired now. But Victoria is still looking as good as ever. Went to Goldentime tonight. Try Agnes from Poland if you have a chance. Very nice body, very sweet girl (as most Polkas tend to be). Very nice garden area at GT. I´m thrilled to read that Parksauna will be making more use of their outdoor areas. It really adds another dimension to the FKK experience.

10-10-05, 08:06
Yes, I certainly hope that showing them my passport won´t end up biting me in the arse. That would be tragic if I wasn´t allowed to return to Deutschland because I was present there during the raid.

Don´t worry. It isn´t illegal to visit a club, so you don´t have to expect any troubles.

It would have been a different thing if you would have provided your services there... ;)

You can get more problems if you don´t have your ID with you. They could take you to the police office for identification then.

Generally spoken, teh police is much more interested in the girls´ papers. In nthe Rhein-Main area, they are currently looking mostly after the girls´ "business papers" to find out if they pay taxes, social insurraaance fees and so on...

Have fun,


Langsuan Man
10-10-05, 22:32
I visited Park Suana Wildenrath on Saturday night the 8th and I can see why Peter is so fond of the place. Since I had visited Happy Garden on my last visit to the area and have been to Goldentime three times, a milestone of sorts has been passed; I've done the triangle.

If you know how to find Goldentime and start from there you just go out to the main road and make a left at the traffic light and just keep on B221 going toward Wildenrath (South). Once you pass the intersection of A 52 you will see you are entering Wildenrath and immediately will see a large house outlined in a soft blue glow. If that wasn't enough, next to the entrance is an Aral (Blue) gas station. I pulled into the parking lot at around 7:30 P.M. and was surprised to see so few cars in the ample lot.

The usual buzzes in routine and the girl didn't speak English but when I gave her the 50 Euro bill she just assumed that I knew what I was here to do. She ran the bill through this reader on the shelf at the entrance. At first I thought it was some kind of credit card device. But evidently they have to verify the 50's?

Unfortunately this is one of the places where you need a quick tour by the attendant. Once I was ready for the shower I realized that I had to find it since the dressing room did not have access to it. So I had to remember to reach down and get a towel and then exit and make a left through this swinging mesh gate to the showers that are to your left. That have without a doubt the shortest timed shower I have ever had at a FKK club period. It was so fast that you literally could not take you hand off the control and use that hand for washing. Next time I'll either not shower till I session or go upstairs and use the door BAD that has the real showers, no timers and good pressure.

Once you finish your shower and whether or not you had to deal with the swinging gate again you enter the bar area which is basically L shaped with one couch at far right and some short chairs for that end of the bar. The rest of the seating is along the bar on stools. There was a regular TV on and it was just a German TV channel that some of the girls were watching.

I could not believe that at 8 P.M. on a Saturday night I and maybe 5 other guys had the pick of at least 15 girls. I still refuse to give grades since everyone’s tastes differ but there was enough eye candy to go around. But I will have to say that it is a place where if you don't speak German you are at a real disadvantage. Unlike Frankfurt area clubs where you can at least sort out the English speakers by their approach, at Wildenrath you have to approach them directly to determine if they speak English. I finally talked to two guys that I judged spoke English and got them to ask the hostess which girls spoke English. She described them to him and he translated for me. So after being there for about an hour I finally had an idea of which girls I could communicate with. Not that I'm there to discuss literature but it helps to be able to make your wishes known to your service provider.

I eventually went exploring and found the upstairs lounge room with the soccer game projected big screen on the wall. There were several well appointed rooms and the shower mentioned before. But it was deserted so I went back down stairs to the bar.

I will have to say that the girls were not absorbed in conversations with each other, as reported by other posters, but were all just sitting there waiting for some one to just walk up to them, say a few words , and off they would go to get sheet , towels and keys. With the limited choices of English speakers I finally decided on Kristina (with a K as she was quick to point out) from Poland who the barmaid had indicated spoke English. I walked up to her and asked her if she spoke English and she said “no” and as I started to walk away she grabbed my arm and said “but I understand English but don't speak much". That was enough for me since the night was not getting any younger.
I asked her if she would like to go to a room and she smiled and said she would be right back. She returned and we went upstairs to a very large room. It turned out that she spoke enough English that we were able to converse. I don't know if it is the routine at this club but she insisted that we shower in the big shower room together. After that we returned to the room for a very GFE session. She was a great kisser and took her time and gave the illusion of enjoying it. Smallish but sensitive breasts and a very tight young body. DATY was returned with her offering to 69, which we did and I toyed with the 25 Euro CIM but she just wasn't at the right angle. I attempted to move so that she could concentrate only on me but she interpreted this to mean that I wanted to f.... Next thing I know she has the condom on me and has lowered herself cowboy style. After a few minutes of that I try her in a few other positions eventually ending up missionary when I finally unloaded. Afterward she was still not rushed and we cuddled on the bed for a time and then showered again, and said goodbye with a kiss in the downstairs hallway.

I then had some chicken and rice that had been laid out buffet style earlier. Since there were not a lot of people in the club, even at this time, there was still some left. Something that I am sure would not be true at the other clubs in the area.

Since I had a good session I decided to leave a winner and after coffee went back to the changing room and put on my street clothes. By this time the Sally Fields look alike hostess was on duty and let me out after asking if I had a good time.

For a German speaker I would have to say that this club deserves the positive reviews it gets from most posters. But it is definitely a club where you would have to be a regular to know who to session with since there is no “testing" as in the Frankfurt clubs.

Plus other than sitting at the bar watching the TV there is nothing to do between sessions. If you could talk to the girls I am sure it would easily pass the time plus you could see if there was enough chemistry to enhance a session. The girls at this club are not as approachable as in others but not because they are in conversation with each other or in little cliques but because of the layout of this club that does not lend itself to casual conversation.

Respectfully submitted.


Bun Biter
10-17-05, 23:06
Was in the Stuttgart area on business for a few days but didn’t manage to sample the local providers since the days were quite full (8 a.m. til past midnight). Finally managed to wrap things up on Wednesday afternoon at just before 5 p.m. and hit the road. What I hit was rush hour traffic… snail’s pace for the first 45 minutes. An extra 40 minutes were wasted because I missed an exit and had to drive back to it… and who knows how much all the roadworks slowed me down. I finally made it to Wassenberg at 10:30 p.m. Went straight to the Croatian hotel/restaurant in the round-about and tried to get a room there, but they were full. They suggested a bed-and-breakfast across the street and thankfully they had a room available (€35 incl. breakfast – sink in room but you share toilet/shower with the other guests). Checked-in, paid and headed straight out to PSW.

I was in the door by 11 and was met by a wafer-thin girl with long curly hair and glasses. She was pleasant enough, collected the €50 entrance fee and showed me to the locker room. After a few minutes a chubby black girl showed up and asked if this was my first time at PSW. I played dumb and said yes. This has worked well previously. Apparently, newbies are assigned a “tour guide”. She showed me the little that there is to see and after taking me upstairs to the big-screen TV room left me alone after finally realizing I wasn’t interested in her services. This girl, along with most of the others, showed absolutely no interest in me (or any of the other mongers), didn’t smile once or try to flirt. Much colder atmosphere than my previous 2 visits in March.

As I walked into the main salon I took a quick look around. 7 or 8 SPs and it turned out that another 2-3 were in the rooms with mongers. I counted 4 Polish girls, 1 chubby black girl and another much lighter, thin black girl with long curly dyed hair. 2-3 slim German girls, two slim, latin girls with long dark hair but fluent German speakers, and 1 chubby girl who turned out to be from Slovakia. Most were relatively attractive. To begin with there were only 5-6 mongers on the premises, but 3-4 more arrived later.

Only 1 girl showed any interest and she had this mischevious smile on her face. It was the chubby Slovakian girl with dyed blond hair. As I shuffled around the place in the plastic sandals and bathrobe every time I glanced at her she would be looking at me with the same sexy smile. I lounged around for a while to see who might come down from the rooms, went upstairs for a while and took in some of the night’s World Cup qualifying football results (soccer for you Yanks) and eventually drifted back downstairs. Chubs was still giving me this naughty smile which held promise of great things to cum (pun very much intended)! So I shuffled my way to where she was sitting and was shocked at the sight that met me! Not only was she chubby (but then who am I to judge…) but far less attractive than the dim lighting and lack of glasses had led me to believe. Her makeup couldn’t quite hide what must have been a bad acne outbreak. As if all this wasn’t enough she had bad and teeth as well. What had I gotten myself into???? The sucker that I am I didn’t have the heart to back away. She was really sweet though, went thru all the right motions, smiling and caressing me, and as none of other girls could be bothered, well, I just couldn’t turn her away. I asked her what was on her menu and it turned out to be everything but Greek (shucks!). Her name is Sasha, 23 y.o. about 1.60cm tall (5’3”). The big corner room with the big tub was available and she got it for us. We quickly undressed and hopped into the tub for a quick pre-coital scrub. Toweled down and hit the big bed. She nuzzled up, fooled around a bit and then went down on me. Nice BBBJ for about 5 minutes. I asked her to turn around so I could reciprocate. Not the nicest muff I’ve seen, but clean and shaved. After a few minutes she started getting wet so I introduced my middle finger and tried to locate her G-spot. I don’t think I found it, but she seemed to enjoy my efforts. She came up gasping for air a couple of times when she didn’t really need too and let me know that she liked it. Her hips were gyrating and the wetness was increasing. I was contemplating giving her back hole a little attention but didn’t want to spoil the moment. By this time I was ready to get to the main act. So I rolled from under her, she put a condom on junior and I dragged her ass down to the corner of the bed lying on her back. Raised her legs and mounted her missionary. She was tighter than I expected but she then pressed her legs together and that made a big difference. Pounded away for 4-5 minutes and had a nice, if not spectacular finish. I then collapsed on the bed and she cleaned me up and lay down beside me for a post-coital nuzzle. This was a total GFE as any I’ve encountered. Whatever she didn’t have in looks and body she made up for it ten-fold in the attitude and performance department! Only minus was her lack of anal.

30 mins. had passed by and we went to shower. She was still very friendly and sweet. Went down together and I fished out €50 from my locker and handed it to her. Settled down and had a soft drink, watched some TV, tried to gather my strength for another session. I was looking earnestly for the next provider. 6-7 available and some in the rooms. Another 45 mins. passed, but still no one is giving me any attention. Went up to the big-screen room and watched some porn which got me in the mood again. Eventually went back down again to have another look see at the available talent, but to my own surprise, I went up to Sasha and we were soon back on the same bed again. Only this time I did her from behind. She was till as nice and sweet as the first time around. On a scale of 1 to 10 this girl is probably a 4 (with proper make up a 5+) but she knows it and so no attitude and hopefully more business.

After the second round I was drained, physically and mentally. The last few days’ long hours, the hassle of the long drive up from Stuttgart had caught up to me so I called it a night and was in my hotel bed at around 2 a.m. Slept till 8.30, had a quick breakfast and hit the road to Hahn for the flight back home.

I liked PSW more on my first 2 visits in March. The changes this time seemed to be: a) newbies get assigned a tour guide to show them around, b) according to the hostess who let me in (can’t remember her name) services start at €25 but everything is negotiated individually with the girls), c) atmosphere was slightly less inviting (for non-regulars?). I didn’t negotiate with Sasha because I didn’t ask for any extra services and we were only at it for 30 mins/session. So she got the standard €50 each session.

Although there were a number of Polish girls, there was no hardcore Polish gaggle which was so intimidating last time. To sum it up, I did have an OK time and I will be returning (in March). Just have to work on my approach skills and I think I’ll do better next time.



10-19-05, 01:56

If you are in Stuttgart why oh why would you head all the way up to PSW. You drive by all the Frankfurt clubs all the way up to Duesseldorf and beyond to get to PSW. I like the club too, but not enough to skip all the other clubs to get there.

The real problem in the club is and remains that the girls don't approach the guys, and I doubt that will ever change. If you go to this club, realize this and don't expect them to approach you. Look for a girl you like and go up to them, or ask the girl working behind the counter (Nadine on the night you visited) to help you.

Excellent Report.

Bun Biter
10-19-05, 22:41

If you are in Stuttgart why oh why would you head all the way up to PSW. You drive by all the Frankfurt clubs all the way up to Duesseldorf and beyond to get to PSW. I like the club too, but not enough to skip all the other clubs to get there.


Sometimes we (as in I, Bunbiter) do strange things! In this case it was a combination that I like the club and it does get good reviews here, I was hoping to see the (for me) elusive Monica 1, plus I knew exactly where the club and surrounding accomodations are located. The route planer calculated a trip time of just under 3 1/2 hours but it turned out to be about 5 1/2. Plus, I like driving, especially in Germany.

I will be back in March and sooner or later will sample some of the clubs in the Frankfurt area.


Math F
10-24-05, 22:35
FYI: PSW homepage has been revamped with a lot of new pics (incl. Victoria, Nici,...)


German only, but you can give Babelfish a try.

Dick Rambone
10-29-05, 17:05
If you guys want to stay in Wegberg and take the bus from there to PSW:

1. from Wegberg, Busbahnhof Bus 413
to Wegberg, Wildenrath Dalheimer

From Wegberg, Wildenrath Dalheimer it's only 400 meters to PSW. Plenty of Hotels in Wegberg and also has a Banh Station.

Place to stay:

Burg Wegberg Top Hotel Hotel
from $89.63-$155.35 (€75.00-€130.00)/night
Tel. (49) (2434)-98220

Dick Rambone
10-31-05, 20:20
This Hotel might even be closer to PSW:


Dick Rambone
11-10-05, 21:31
This is only 1.7km away.


11-21-05, 00:39
Parksauna Wildenrath FAQ

Table of Contents

How to Get There / Directions
Hours of Operation
Contact Areas
Meeting the Girls
Food & Drink
Girls Behind the Bar
Best Times, Worst Times
Girls, Girls, Girls

1. How to Get There / Directions

From Düsseldorf / Mönchengladbach take the A52 Exit # 3 Niederkrüchten. Take a right at the light and follow the (B221) through a couple of small towns (about 10 KM) until you hit Wildenrath and it will be on the Left side beside a BP Gas Station.

If you are coming from another direction check out the directions on the Homepage or under Kaleu’s Clubindex (http://www.kaleus-clubindex.de/kaleu/deutsch/detail.php?area=Heinsberg&file_name=wildenrath).

Address: Parksauna Wildenrath, Heinsberger Str. 35, 41844 Wegberg, Tel. 02432 / 908535 or 0171 / 1556801

Homepage: Parksauna Wildenrath (new) (http://www.parksauna.info/index.html)

There is a Bank Machine in the Center of Arsbeck. If you are coming from the A52 in the turn in front of the Church on the right side. (If that one is not working there is another Bank Machine 50 Meters further down the street) There is also another bank machine right next to the club where I have seen people go to in the bathrobes.

2. Parking

Ca. 20 - 25, with Closed Circuit Video, partially visible from the street. If it is full you have to park on the street.

3. Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 2PM – 4AM, Friday: 11AM – 4AM, Sundays and Holidays: 5PM – 2AM. Entry until 1 hour before closing. Closed: Christmas Eve & New Years.

4. Prices

Since the first of June 2002 they have adopted the same price scheme as Planet Happy Garden: 50€ Entrance, which includes all drinks and food (see point 10 Food & Drink), full use of the facilities (which include a large sauna and outdoor deck) including unlimited towels as well as use of a bathrobe and sandals. The entrance fee is paid upon entry, and you pay the individual women immediately after leaving the room. You can either keep your locker key on you or deposit it at the bar. Since the key doesn’t have a long armband like at many other clubs it is advisable for people who don’t have a bathrobe to deposit their key. For First time visitors it is also advisable to get a guided tour by one of the girls.

The rest of the price structure is as follows:

First 30 minutes are 25€ for covered Blowjob and Sex (always covered), if you go for BBBJ and Sex the first half hour is 50€. All the girls prefer the 50€ session and you will get much better service, so don’t cheap out on this, otherwise the service might be spotty.
Every additional half hour after that is 25€, and you only pay for extras once. There are some girls who consider each hour to be at 75€, but the official rules are that the second hour is 50€, and that is what I stick with.
Cum on Body is included in the base price.
CIM costs 25€ extra
Anal is 50€ extra (although not many girls are offering it)
Not sure what other sort of extras people are into.
If you take two girls to the room it is generally double the price. Light Lesbo show costs 25€ extra per girl, with a more Hardcore Lesbo show coming in at 50€ extra per girl

5. Contact Areas

Most of the men and women hang around in the Bar on the ground floor, on the sofas in the first floor (which is usually empty) or on the Deck in the Garden.

6. Atmosphere

Detached house with 4 Floors (the 4th floor is Private), was once a Night Club (Bar), and has been renovated numerously in the last two years. The Bar was completely rebuilt in summer 2002 and bears no resemblance to it’s old incarnation. It is very bright and friendly and doesn’t offer an erotic atmosphere. The same materials were used as the Nachtcafé at the PHG; Birch-veneer bar with Blue/Green countertop, Leather chairs (6), sofas (2), stools (20) and tables (2) all located in the bar area to the right side of the entrance. This is also the new home of the Buffet (No longer upstairs). The Starfish, which survived the renovation, have been integrated in an in-floor decoration behind a thick glass panel (I guess since there are so many semi-naked people that the whole place is supposed to have a beach theme). The bar extends all the way to the sliding glass patio door. The TV downstairs is usually on RTL (Muted) and set into the wall. Sadly there are also two coin-operated Video Games. There is also a Glass Front Refrigerator filled with non-alcoholic beverages from which you can help yourself. There is a second glass front fridge where salads and desert is kept. There is also a Cigarette Machine in the Foyer. The ground floor also is home to a room with room for 6 to shower (these have the annoying timer function, the showers upstairs don’t), a bathroom with 4 Toilets ad 2 Urinals, a rather new sauna . Immediately on the left after entering you will see the changing room with 70 lockers (Closed Circuit Video), which is poorly ventilated. The sauna was completely rebuilt and features access to both the patio and indoors. Be careful, the tile floor can be very hot! Supposedly the Sauna adjusts the temperature automatically which can lead to it being rather lukewarm at times.
Upstairs in the bar area is a large round bed and 6 leather sofas, a large screen TV (this one is usually set to a Porn Channel), an unattended bar and another glass front Refrigerator. (I have not seen the upstairs bar area used in any way). Upstairs there are also 4 rooms (2 with bathtubs), a shower room with 4 shower heads, and a bathroom. There are some glass tables in front of the couches so that you can place your drinks there.
The garden area has also been rebuilt. The Tile covered Patio is no longer covered but features 3 tables and 12 chairs, one Umbrella an attached outdoor shower. There is also a grill area in the far corner of the garden. The basement is pretty bare but is home to 6 or 7 additional rooms, but you are not allowed to go there unless in the company of a lady. The basement is also home to the laundry room and the Women’s shower area (although I have usually seen the girls shower in the same rooms as the men in the ground and first floor). Generally a very neat and tidy appearance.

Aside from the rooms all of the important facilities are on one level and easy for people with a handicap or in a wheelchair to access.

They are currently starting some remodeling in the club as well. In spring 2006 all the rooms and the main bar area should all be in the same materials and styling like PHG, with a slate floor and more modern touches. Something that will be reality by Christmas will be the opening of the Top Floor as a sort of private club. I have seen it in the building stages. It looks like there will be 3 bedrooms and one large lounge area, which has a balcony, will have a whirlpool and a separate shower. The management showed it to me in November 2005 while it was being built. It looks top notch. It will be an area where a group can come and have a more private party. It will also be a clothed area for the men if they prefer that. If you are coming with a group of guys and want to book it, just call ahead and say which girls you want to join you, and it should be manageable. They don’t want to have a major additional fee for the area, but I assume it will be more for regular customers and groups who also buy a couple of bottles of champagne and really have a party.

7. Customers

As with all FKK’s this place is also frequented by filthy *****-mongers like you and me (just seeing whether you are paying attention)

Primarily German, but also Turkish, Dutch and English. All in all it is probably a little bit younger than PHG. (The mix I have noticed there ranges from 18 year old soccer club to retired men I would estimate to be over 75, with the main range seeming to be 28 – 50)

8. Atmosphere

Due to the major renovations there is not such a carefree party atmosphere as there used to be. In the mean time it reminds one of Rote-Teppich-Clubs (http://www.fkk-200nackedeis.de) in the Ruhr. You are not permitted to enter the Bar area clothed. There was a problem of aggressive solicitation that seems to have disappeared. A year ago there was a lot of couch action which has also completely ceased, perhaps due to the lack of couches, or the proximity to the food? If you are into couch action then it is adviseable to suggest moving upstairs where it is somewhat more private.

9. Meeting the Girls

You meet the girls anywhere in the club. Foreplay and Couch Action is theoretically possible, but mainly limited to the upstairs area (aside from the rooms of course). Many of the girls no longer offer any public action.

10. Food & Drink

There is a warm dinner buffet set up from 8PM until closing with salad & dessert. There is usually enough food that it lasts until closing. The food also tends to stay quite warm. In the summer there is a Grill Party on Tuesdays. The Drinks are the exact opposite of PHG: Beer and coffee are available from the bar (Which is always manned), while non-alcoholic beverages are self-serve in large glass fronted refrigerators in the bar area and upstairs. There is also another Freezer where you can purchase Ice Cream or snacks.

At this club there still are a lot of customers who buy bottles of Champagne. The small Moet & Chandon runs 80€ and the large one is 150€. Usually you ask one, two or three girls to join you (and/or) a friend in drinking it. Most of the girls like to drink, so finding someone to enjoy the champagne with you is not tough. It is good from to go to a room with one of the girls you drink the champagne with, but not necessary.

11. Cleanliness

A cleaning-person who you occasionally see. The bathrooms are clean and generally the place seems tidy.

12. Girls Behind The Bar

Usually Nadine, the little sister of Nadja , Tanja (formerly Goldentime), Martina or Gitty. Currently none of the girls behind the bar work in front of it, but in the past there have been girls who have worked both sides. Usually quite friendly, although they can be a bit curt at times.

13. Good Times, Bad Times

Recommended are Tuesdays in the Summer (Grillparty) or Friday and Saturday Evening. At these times there is a lot going on. Many guests tend to come late (after Midnight). At other times it tends to be quiet.

14. Girls, Girls, Girls

a) How Many and Country of Origin

Max. 15-20 at the same time on an evening, usually less. Quite a few Polish and other eastern European girls, relatively few Germans, some Turkish and north African, every now and then some Black girls.

b) Variety

Some girls have been there for quite a while, others come and go. There are also girls who commute between PHG and Wildenrath. These clubs work together and sometimes share personnel. Therefore it is hard to say who will be in which club.

c) Comprehension

Aside from the Black Girls, who speak English, the rest all speak German. In the last while there have been more girls from Eastern Europe who only speak rudimentary German.

d) Service

Uncovered BJ is available fom all girls, but the willingness to French Kiss has sunk somewhat. CIM is not as popular, but still available. Additional extras should be discussed with the girls directly.

e) Room Rates

The same price structure as the PHG: 25€ per 30 minutes. This includes covered BJ and sex (mutual Oral is also possible for this price). Uncovered BJ costs 25€ extra and CIM cost another 25€ on top. Each additional half hour costs 25€. The charge for using the Jacuzzi rooms (starting at 1 hour) or other extras should be cleared at the club.

f) Active Solicitation

Clearly less than before. The Management seems to be reacting to the complaints.

g) Dress Code

Was FKK, in the meantime it is up to the girls whether they are FKK, Topless, in Lingerie, Bikinis, Tops or a Towel. Men wear a towel or a bathrobe.

h) Miscellaneous

On Rhein- (http://www.rheinforum.com) and Ruhrgebietsforum (BC) (http://www.bordellcommunity.de) as well as Verkehrsberichten (http://www.verkehrsberichte.de) there is a special section for Carpooling and Meetings (You usually have to be registered to access these sections). If you don’t think that you can deal with the girls solo, hook p with some fellow hobbyists. Many of the people listed there are quite experienced and can guide you among the girls prety well, significantly lowering the chances of a flop.

If this FAQ or the reports in the forums have helped you have a better experience it would be nice if you could reciprocate with a report on your experiences.

Enjoy your next visit to Wildenrath!

Updated November 2005

11-21-05, 04:38

Now THAT'S a detailed report. I'm sure I speak for all ISG members: THANKS, dude. Incredibly well done report!


Dennis Moore
11-22-05, 10:43

Now THAT'S a detailed report. I'm sure I speak for all ISG members: THANKS, dude. Incredibly well done report!

whitey2A correction is in place here I guess: The original report (FAQ) was made by Willy69 for Rheinforum.com

Still it's a lot of work to do the translation into English and we've to say thank you Peter for doing so.

11-22-05, 20:56
i translated this one and the PHG one into english, but I have updated it and changed almost all the comments in the meantime as most was totally out of date, especially the links. Translation actually takes longer thaan writing it yourself. If i remember correctly Woods also translated them into dutch.

11-22-05, 22:09
i translated this one and the PHG one into english, but I have updated it and changed almost all the comments in the meantime as most was totally out of date, especially the links. Translation actually takes longer thaan writing it yourself. If i remember correctly Woods also translated them into dutch.Indeed the FAQ was translated into Dutch on another forum by someone known (at that other forum) as Tiga.

The FAQ is in fact very good written (and translated). I think the mods of this forum should give it a prominent place on this site, so everyone can find it easily. It gives a lot of information and is helpful for every (firsttime) visitor.

Most definitly a must-read!

11-23-05, 02:03
Ah, what the heck. Even if you would have "only" translated the report into English, it is still a great service to this board. I am not a stickler for copyright. And I stand by my decision to advertise your post as one of "distinction".

By the way, I have read on the Sao Paulo board that you intend to visit Brazil. I am looking forward to hooking up with you on Dec. 1 at FKKW; then I can tell you all about my Brazil adventures and how they compare to the FKK scene. I have reported most of that stuff in the 2005 Rio reports section of the Brazil part of the board. But I have many more stories, old and new, that I was just too lazy to write up. ;)


11-25-05, 18:01
Bloody good report there Peter.

03-19-06, 22:34
Here's a report on Wildenrath that I posted as part of a long report on the other clubs branch:


04-30-06, 10:51
I like this club and am hoping to see the results of the remodeling some time.

This club is quiet, a good place to relax and medium size (fifteen girls max) and is the opposite of the large Frankfurt-style clubs or PHG which has the ambiance of Grand Central Station at rush hour.

I first visited this club years ago and was totally turned off by the aggressive hardsell. I remember it well: An Egyptian girl by the name of Sunny found me on the couch and sat on me insisting I had to take me to the room. "Wir sind ein passendes Paar" she said. She was very insistent. I was not interested but she wouldn't take no for an answer. It led to this really bizarre interaction with her trying to get her hands on my dick and me manuevering to get away. Finally she gave up after a good thirty minutes.

The place has changed: the customers probably complained and now you need to approach the women. In fact, you almost feel like the women aren't really there to work but to hang out, which is cool because there is no pressure and if you want to just talk, you will find someone to just talk to.

Compare this to the hectic pace at PHG.

In the Frankfurt clubs the most hardsell you will get are the women who walk by and ask if you wanted Gesellschaft (company). But they do not sit on you to make you take them.

The owner takes care of his girls and he practices editing, d.h. he just doesn't take any women who apply for jobs there, he makes sure they are appropriate, makes sure they understand his service philosophy, makes sure he provides sufficient variety (a good selection of blondes, brunettes, etc.. and not just one type of woman).

My main complaint about the larger Frankfurt-style clubs is that they take just anyone. The result is that there is a huge selection of women but there is usually too much of just one thing. There is a huge Rumanian selection at World, for example. They all look alike (jet black hair), some better looking than others but essentially they are interchangeable. I had a session with one of them in the Sexkino and five minutes after would not have been able to identify her in a police line up as she was just like any of the others.

At these larger clubs there is too much of a focus on increasing transactions. The women have no interest in making any kind of connection, creating any "relationships". The fact that they get a lot of tourist traffic compared to NRW also pushes them in this direction.

So if you are indeed new to the scene or have to spend time in Frankfurt anyway, by all means visit the clubs in Hessen. They do provide decent service and these services maybe don't exist where you are from. The lack of interaction and the chance of bumping into women who specialize in "Schnelle Abfertigung" in these larger clubs is a turn off for me.

Go to an out of the way NRW club like this and the women know they have to focus on service to get the customers back.

This club does get a lot of Dutch who cross the border to visit it. What better indication of a clubs quality than the Dutch who have liberalized sex where they live and who recognize a good value when they see it? The expression "going Dutch" is a well justified one.. when the Dutch travel elsewhere in Europe they bring their Wohnmobile with them and stock the Wohnmobile so they don't have to spend money where they are visiting..!

There are also almost no German women who work at the large Frankfurt clubs. This is not a good sign. This club has a few German women who work there.

Give me a well edited selection of a dozen or so 8s and 9s anytime in comparison to a large selection of forty 6s and 7s with an 8 and 9 thrown in there every now and then. In a club with an edited selection you can pick just about anyone and have a good time. In a club without an edited selection, you have to do the editing yourself.

Drinks are self-service. There is decent food which arrives later in the day. There is a sauna on the first floor. A tip: the showers upstairs work better than the showers downstairs. The garden area is a good place to stretch out on a lawnchair or to sit at a table. Contact is made at the bar area where the women sit on Barhocker but its nice and spacious and doesn't give you that claustrophobic feeling you get at PHG (at least how PHG used to be as I understand its been renovated). Rooms are upstairs as well as a couch area with a large screen TV.

Now if they will just get the renovations done with..

05-05-06, 01:04
Seems to have been delayed a week. They told me the 15th on the phone today, but I think they would more likely do it on a friday or saturday than a monday.

Who knows, will keep posted.

I am not going to the reopening (never was closed) because I don't enjoy openings, having been at World and GT, and not enjoying either.

Xavier Yves
05-05-06, 17:21
it seems so many people are anticipating their re-opening!! Will appreciate a report then

05-08-06, 19:57
Is this club open during the remodeling?

05-12-06, 08:51
Yes, it is open, and the reopening is monday the 15th.

Xavier Yves
06-02-06, 05:40
I suppose this club is re-opened now. Anyone has an updating of pricing and girls? Thank you in advance.

06-02-06, 07:18
Nothing good at the moment. I hope they change the pricing soon.

It is really no entrance fee - if you come, hve a few soft drinks and then leave without going to the room it costs you absolutely nothing. so if you want to just go have a look around it won't cost you a thing.

Soft drinks are free, beer is 5€.

The rate for the first half hour is 80€, and then I think it is 40€ for the second half hour and 30€ for each one after that or something like that.

It is not a good price system for someone like me who likes multiple sessions. I don't think it is doing well, and I hope they change it soon.

Xavier Yves
06-02-06, 07:40
The rate for the first half hour is 80€, and then I think it is 40€ for the second half hour and 30€ for each one after that or something like that..

Thank you for infos, Peter.

I think the club VC also applies this kind of pricing system, which I don't understand.

Do they want to encourage clients to have more sessions so that they charge high price for first half hour and lower for the followings?

06-02-06, 13:00

You are truly a great guide on this board. Sometimes I think you own the place though as much as you advertise it. I have been very tempted to go to PSW while in Germany, but ever since my first visit to Cocoon, I have been hooked. How do you compare these two places? From what I have read recently, I would prefer to stick with Cocoon. Last night there were at least 14 - 18 girls. At least 3-4 that were 9s.
But since it is the first of the month, I guess the locals are blowing their "pulver" right away. I don't mean that literal.



P.S. actually thinking about heading out tonight.

If you're heading to Sao Paulo, Cafe Photo is a must!

06-02-06, 23:35
If I owned the place I would not have pushed through this fucked up pricing. I would go for the Heavensgate pricing, which is pretty similar to the Cocoon pricing.

I used to love PSW. There was a time two years ago where it really had 8 of the hottest women working in the business. There was Domenika, who was a dream. The sort of girl you would worship in real life, Dana the romanian was hot to look at, Naomi was smoking, etc.

Now the only two really nice and reliable ones who are there on a regular basis are Monica and Victoria. Victoria is now the main reason I go. She has a smoking hardbody and at least with me we have a tonne fo fun in the room.

The rest of the polish troop there is sort of lame, and somehow I am no longer in love with the atmosphere. I have mainly been going for Victoria, and that is more of a personal thing between us.

Two years ago it was in my opinion THE club. Now I no longer feel so strongly. Although I have to say that I think the management team of that club is the nicest in the business.

I went to Coccon last weekend, and I was not very impressed.

There were 14 girls, but very few I wanted to be with. I sessioned with a polish hardbody with a face with a tonne of acne named Jenny. I had been with ehr before and her service is very good. Then after her I went for a bit of a cheap looking turkish girl named Ebru who used to work at Freudenbergstr. That was a passable, but not much more, session.

Other than those two there were no women I wanted to go with, no matter how low I was putting my standards.

This is strange because cocoon had often been a place where I found a lot of hot girls.

The buffet was very good though. I also like that you pay the girls directly after the session there now, because at that club I had gotten surprised twice at the door with more than I had expected.

The funny thing is that cocoon is one of the favourite clubs of the manager of PSW. he really likes it.

The atmospehre is sort of similar at both. If you like your clubs a bit cosier, then these are good choices.

But of my last trips to various clubs I was most happy with Heavens Gate. It is a hike all the way out there, but I thought the troop there was hot, and the pricing system is good and I liked the atmosphere. But that might have just been on that day.

Maybe it was just that hot german girl Kelly who I had so much fun with, but I really liked it.

Maybe I will head there tomorrow.

06-02-06, 23:51
.. and there is nobody on the planet who knows Wildenrath like he does so if he says it now has improvemements to make, I believe him. I have been a Wildenrath fan but it sounds like its not going to be a destination until it cleans up.

I had a recent bad experience at Cocoon (you can read my post of last week) and also wasn't thrilled with the selection, unfortunately.

Now, Heavensgate, on the other hand, that was some club! There was a good selection, pricing was in Ordnung and they also had decent food.

What more would a man want (besides an Internet connection)?

I would do Heavensgate before I went to the other two.

Xavier Yves
06-19-06, 16:47
seems this clus is going down?

Xavier Yves
06-27-06, 19:14
still interested in this club. Will apprecaite latest reports.

07-02-06, 14:08
I went today, and it is not pitiful. It was a sumday so it is not stellar.

Maybe next week they will change the systema a bit so that you donm't pay 80€ for the second room, but 40€, Will see what happens.

I might stop going to FKK's. Not sure, but not feeling as hyped about it lately. Will keep you updated.

07-04-06, 11:00
I might stop going to FKK's. Not sure, but not feeling as hyped about it lately. Will keep you updated.

Hey Peter,

It has been a strange year for FKKing and if your lack of "hype" is the result of a so la la FKK season, then I could understand. I still think that there are some great top-acts out there. Enough to make a visit worthwhile, but there is something about the scene right now (especially in Frankfurt) that is, well odd.

Also we have seen three very popular top-acts leave the business this year (Cindy, Marina, and Maria) and I think that this may be a little demoralizing for some of us.

BTW, Have you been the GT lately? I know that you have some issues with that place but my last visits have been great.



07-04-06, 12:23
I might stop going to FKK's. Not sure, but not feeling as hyped about it lately. Will keep you updated.

This is a historical moment. The legendary Peter announcing his retirement of the FKK scene at his 747 st report. But Peter, a star ends his career with a final exhibition together will all his fans. Keep us informed.

07-04-06, 12:41
I might stop going to FKK's. Not sure, but not feeling as hyped about it lately. Will keep you updated.

What?! I'm sitting here having my morning coffee and almost fell out of my chair.

I live too far away to indulge every day as some of you can and to some degree, this is a good thing.

I'd go bankrupt, for one. But before I went bankrupt, I'd exhaust my bodily fluids. Its the bodily fluids which go first.

No one yet has figured out how to recharge bodily fluids quickly. Something which we should have a team of doctors and researchers working on immediately. This is what the Warren Buffet and Bill Gates money should be funding.

It isn't something special anymore when you can have it any time you want it so a break every now and then is good. To some degree living thousands of miles away enforces a kind of discipline and heightens a sense of anticipation for each trip.

This guarantees that I'll step of that plane when I land there next and there will be a spring in my step.

On long trips to D'land (those which last a week or so), I force myself to take a break either by skipping a day or two of clubbing or visiting a club to look around but not going to the room at all.

When I have it too often, I actually don't enjoy it as much.

Its the same with spacing out my coming. I can't come each time. Too often and I don't enjoy that either.

So I go on a Spermasparplan and I explain it to the girls who always have a laugh (at least those who can understand German).

"You aren't going to come this time and its all the same to you?", they always ask incredulously.

"I'm on a Spermasparplan. I am just going to enjoy being with you. Is that okay?"

When I visit a Partytreff, I've actually had to fake coming in order to avoid harming myself and in order to ensure I can keep poking away. There are way too many women out there and not enough bodily fluids to go around.

Its not easy to fake coming but practice makes perfect (at least until they decide to check the condom for fluids).

07-04-06, 19:21
somehow all my top acts leave the business. It started with Masha, who the couple of times I have had the time to go down to where she should be working is no longer there, then Anne from BN, Anna from Tropicana, domenica from Wildenrath, and now I have a feeling that Victoria might have left as well.

It seems I like the sort of girl who isn't really meant for a long career in the business. I know I think they all come back, but mine really haven't.

that and so many trips have been lacklustre, almost everywhere.

I like Heavens Gate, but the girl I was really excited for, Kelly seems to be gone now too.

I had sworn off clubs once before about 4 years ago, and I ended up back in the game within 6 months. I know that kaleu has managed to stay off clubs for good, but not sure I could handle that.

Right now I have a private arrangement going with a girl which I find is far surpassing what I was getting in clubs. she is really up for it, sort of associated with the FKK game, but never been a pro. She knows enough about it all to be horny and open for anything, but amateur enough to still be enjoying it.

I know I said it, and when I drive back from clubs sometimes I think it too, but I keep looking for the club experience that mimmicks what used to turn me on about it.

But that being said, I still am horny as fuck and where it not so fucking hot, and were there not so many soccer games going on, I would be fucking off to a club this afternoon.

so I am probably in the game for a while, although I hadn't been to a club in over 6 weeks.

07-04-06, 19:38
But that being said, I still am horny as fuck and where it not so fucking hot, and were there not so many soccer games going on, I would be fucking off to a club this afternoon.

so I am probably in the game for a while, although I hadn't been to a club in over 6 weeks.

Hey Man,

I know what you mean about having favorites just up and leave. The three that I mentioned have been great to me for some years now. Especially Maria and Marina. I am looking for some Ersatz Top-Acts and I may have found a few. One keeps going back to Spain though.

I may be up in your region next weekend. GT has a fierce home-wrecker named Sasha that is just stone sexy. I wanted to corner her this past Sunday, but a buddy of mine had her held captive for most of the day and evening. I am thinking of checking the place out this Saturday. Let me know if you want to meet up.



07-05-06, 09:17
But that being said, I still am horny as fuck and where it not so fucking hot, and were there not so many soccer games going on, I would be fucking off to a club this afternoon.

so I am probably in the game for a while, although I hadn't been to a club in over 6 weeks.

Two comments:

"Where there is life, there is hope", and

"There is a new piece of ass born every second"

Keep on, keeping on, Peter. You and your posts have been an inspiration to many of us and lead us to adventures that we would not have known otherwise without you sharing them.

Thanks for that, and may your condom be filled to overflowing.

07-09-06, 14:38
Before hitting GT I went back to Wildenrath, and had the greatest session I have ever had with Monika. It was really fabulous. I have been going with Monika for almost 4 years now, and it just keeps getting better. Todays session finally made it into my top 5 of all time. and then in the after sex talk I knew what was coming, she is probably going to be quitting in the next 3 months. She would have already quit, but the management has asked her to stay until they can get some more girls to start working there. I will be sad to see her go, but really happy that she finally has found a Boyfriend and hope that she gets as much happiness out of life as she deserves, and that is a lot.

Hey Peter,

So is anyone left from the normal Besatzung? Monika 2, Naomi, Carmen, Alana (don't know if I have her name right - the Russian blonde)?

I can attest to Monika being quite something else. Highly recommended, very communicative (which I look for in the women I spend time with). Too bad she is leaving the profession but none of these girls can go on doing this indefinitely.


07-09-06, 15:27
Monika is the only one of those who is currently there. Natascha is back, and she is amazing, but she wasn't there that day. Marjam is pretty good looking but not really my favourite in the room.

The place is not firing on all cylinders now, I hope it improves soon.

Dick Rambone
07-09-06, 22:24

Have they changed the price structure? Is it still free entry then 80 a pop and second room also 80?


07-09-06, 23:42
Within a week or so, when they get the first floor finished and opened, they will be changing the price structure a bit.

Free entry
including free soft drinks

If you want to go to a room you will buy a wristband of 40€ one time from the bar lady.

Then the half hour session with any girl is 40€, second half hour is 40€ and every half hour after that is 30€.

Still a bit complicated, but I think it will work out cheaper, and it means no risk.

From what management tells me about 70-80% of entering guests are going to a room, so it is not all free loaders who want to see naked women.

Went to Heavensgate today....it totally sucked, the girls were ugly and smelled badly. So there is no sure way to say clubs will always be good. And it was not that I was in a bad mood. I did two sessions, but I made them without me going down on the girls and tried to end them when I noticed what sort of BO these women had, and the others looked heinous. The last 3 trips there were good, but today sucked!

Dick Rambone
07-09-06, 23:55
Probably because it was Sunday and the final of the World Cup.

Went to Heavensgate today....it totally sucked, the girls were ugly and smelled badly. So there is no sure way to say clubs will always be good. And it was not that I was in a bad mood. I did two sessions, but I made them without me going down on the girls and tried to end them when I noticed what sort of BO these women had, and the others looked heinous. The last 3 trips there were good, but today sucked!

09-12-06, 10:49
after a couple of years since my last visit, made a visit to this club
I found a bad situation there with about 5 girls waiting for someone picking'em up
I met Isabelle, a polish girl already there 2 yrs. ago
she is actually nice; I can't say the same of the other 4 girls staying there
after 2 hours spent eating (food and beer are charged €10 and 5€) and chatting with the girls, I left to head up to the Planet Happy Garden
the only good new about Parksauna is the free entry policy, tough the girls cost 100€ for half an hour

09-16-06, 14:34
they are nuts at the moment adn switching the price structure on a monthly basis. I went again last night, but mainly because of a particular girl (Natascha) I wanted to see. With her it was great, but it always is with her, but the newest price structure is nuts.

100€ first half hour 50€ each additional half hour

No entrance feee, but the cost for each girl is the same, that means 3 girls @ 30 mins equals 300€.

It is nuts.

09-16-06, 15:41
I was near Golden Time and thought why not try another place nearby. And PSW is the most easy to find. Just follow road 221 outside GT southwards for about 25 km. The first that strikes you are the prices. I was quoted 120 for ½hour and 150 for an hour. I almost turned at the door, but decided to “when in Rome, do as the Romans” when entry is free. Another guy there told me that since last time he visited prices had increased. So I guess the prices fluctuate every week, maybe even day by day. Clean, fresh and a garden for relaxing. A funny thing is that there is a building construction next door, but I wouldn’t want to pay those workers an hourly wage. Half of their time was spent watching the ladies in the garden:) If you want alcohol or food you have to pay extra. I saw between 5 and 10 women here. All of them where sexy, and for €50 per half hour I would have fucked most of them. The reader should know that I’m quite picky. It all took place in daylight, and even on a horny day in those circumstances I shouldn’t pay to fuck more than one woman out of five at GT (I will explain my reasons in a future report). Well, the girl I finally chose was a sweet Russian and I had an enjoyable hour although not memorable. Not entirely her fault though. Maybe I was too disturbed by the hourly rate, cheap bastard as I am:)

Conclusion: I won’t be back in Wildenrath until the prices are more similar to other clubs nearby, but any guy that is content with ONE session/orgasm with a SEXY woman should really check out this place.

09-17-06, 08:48
Conclusion: I won’t be back in Wildenrath until the prices are more similar to other clubs nearby, but any guy that is content with ONE session/orgasm with a SEXY woman should really check out this place.

Its frustrating to sit here and read about how this place hasn't gotten its act together.

Hands down this used to be my favorite club in NRW.

I won't be returning until I read about how they've fixed the current state of affairs.

09-17-06, 22:13
I got so upset with the price structure that I have advised them to have a lottery with all the different pricing systems in germany obn a wheel adn you spin the wheel to find out what price system will be relevant for YOU when you go to the club.

At least tht would be interesting.

From what I understand the management is fighting a bit about the rates adn tryign to figure out a way to get the customers back, but from what I hear from the bar girls, about 30% of customers are leaving at the door after hearing the prices.

Although for a one time popper with a girl like Natascha it is really worth it.

09-27-06, 23:29
new month, new prices.

Now it is entry is free, including non alcoholic drinks.

Your first room is 100€ for half an hour, and every half hour after that, whether with the same girl or with another girl is 50€.

Still not a good deal for a longer term booker like me, but better than what they had last month.

09-28-06, 00:13
new month, new prices.

Now it is entry is free, including non alcoholic drinks.

Your first room is 100€ for half an hour, and every half hour after that, whether with the same girl or with another girl is 50€.

Still not a good deal for a longer term booker like me, but better than what they had last month.

But if I remember correctly, the former set up was 50 Euros Eintritt, 50 Euros per 30 minute session.

So 100 Euros for the first half hour would get you to where your out of pocket expenses were under the previous pricing arrangement for one session.

The 50 Euros for the next session or extension would be similar.

The critical question is: has the lineup changed any? Or has it improved?

Yes, Monika 1 has retired but who is left, if anyone at all?

Naomi, z. B.?

09-28-06, 06:46
Naomi has taken off with some dutch dude years ago.

A bunch of the hot middle eastern chicks are back, Sunny working under some name like Aisha, sometimes Mina is back and Esperanza is there now and again. They look hot, but there service is spotty, adn they sort of like to hard sell and upsell you, so I avoid them, but some people are into their hot looks.

Natascha is back, and natascha is hot. There is an Indian persian mix girl who is pretty cute, and there still are a bunch of decent looking polish girls. It is not at its prime, but it has been worse.

11-07-06, 13:12
Parksauna Wildenrath **Voricht ABZOCKE**


am samstag wollten ein kumpel und ich mal wieder was neues ausprobieren. da er bis 17 uhr arbeiten musste entschieden wir uns diesesmal richtung norden zu fahren. angeregt durch eine anzeige im kölner express.
die anzeige versprach: neues konzept in der parksauna wildenrath. eintritt frei, soft-drinks frei 1*mal spass 50, 2*spass 75 und 3*spass 100 euro.
da kann man nicht viel verkehrt machen dachten wir uns. und machten uns auf den weg. so kurz vor 19 uhr angekommen und eingecheckt.

da meint die empfangslady auf einmal:
ja dann bekomme ich von jedem von euch 50 euro eintritt!
irgendwie standen wir blöd da, daraufhin beriefen wir uns auf die anzeige im express.
woraufhin sie antwortete, dass haben wir seit heute geändert und es würde seit 18 uhr jetzt 50 euro eintritt kosten. wir könntnen ja froh sein und hätten noch geld gespart!!! normalerweise würde eine nummer ja bei freiem eintritt 100 euro kosten.und die nazeige in der zeitung seie wohl falsch, wäre ein druckfehler von der zeitung!!!
wir wollten dann mal den chef oder gf sprechen, der aber rein zufällig keine zeit hatte.
dann entdeckte ich auf dem nebenstehendem zigarettenautomaten einen ganzen haufen flyer mit derselben aussage wie die in der express anzeige, und zeigt sie ihr.
woraufhin sie wieder meinte es wäre alles nur ein druckfehler.
während unser diskussion kam einer der 3 anderen anwesenden gäste und fragte nach dem versprochenem essen, wäre ja wohl bei 50 euro eintritt drin. das genügte uns und wir teilten der netten dame mit den club wieder zu verlassen um dann lieber ins yingyang nach roemond weterzufahren.
woraufhin sie nur meinte, da müsst ihr ja auch eintritt bezahlen.
da werd ich aber nicht verarscht, antwortete ich ihr nur und verlies den laden. tja mein erster und auch letzter besuch dieses clubs.
Mitglied der Stiftung Clubtest

Devilinside visited yesterday and says they are all screwed up with their pricing. I've met this dude, by the way, and he is a pretty cool dude. His home club used to be the former Fantasyland in Goergeshausen.

Long story short: the Koelner Express has an ad for the club: free entry, free softdrinks, one session 50 Euros, 2 sessions 75 Euros, 3 sessions 100 Euros. So he and friend head up there only to be told by the Empfangsdame that they had to pay 50 Euros each for entry. They arrived there at about 19:00 and were told that the entry fee policy had changed at 18:00! When asked about the ad in the paper, they are told there was printing error. They point to a whole stack of flyers saying the same thing as the newpaper ad but woman insists that they policy had changed. So off they go to Yingyang instead.

This isn't a good reflection on this club.

11-07-06, 14:01
Commiserations to Devilinside, if he should read this forum.

But he made a great point and he did the right thing by walking away from Parkside Wildenwrath.

Easy to write about after but we all know the difficulty in making the right decision when standing in the entrance hall at 19:00, money and c**k in hand as it were, and only metres away from the targets of our affections.

But no, when faced with a rip-off or doubt by either the establishment as in this case or a girl who seems to give doubtful/substandard service, the only sensible and prudent thing to do is to walk away and not give them our company and cash. Hit 'em were it hurts the most and they notice it first- the pocket book !!

On to the next one even if inconvenient and then publicise it on the Boards to the detriment of the Club. They will soon alter things if they understand that their business will suffer. This is not being vindictive - simply Customers insisting on fair treatment and service by witholding their business if it is not forthcoming.

Bravo Devilinside - hats off to you and thank you and your friend for handling this the Right way.. I trust that Yingyang blew your socks off.

11-15-06, 22:28
Tach auch!

Habe eben mit jemandem gesprochen, der in nächster Nähe zur Parksauna sein Geschäft hat.

Laut seiner Aussage haben die irgendwas an den Öffnungszeiten geändert (leider nicht gefragt, was) und bis 18 Uhr ist freier Eintritt und nach 18 Uhr müssen 50 € Eintritt gezahlt werden. Ob die auch an den Servicepreisen rumgeschraubt haben, konnte er mir nicht sagen...

Ich hoffe, ein bisschen Licht ins Dunkel gebracht zu haben...



According to this dude, The Sin, who heard it from someone who has a business nearby, the opening hours of this club have changed (he didn't know to what though). Also their entry fee structure has changed: before 18:00 entrance it is free and after 18:00 the entrance fee is 50 Euros.

Kiwi 69
12-10-06, 20:26
Made a visit on the 9th to see Nici who has returned ,generally working early in the day, so you can capitalise on the (current) pricing policy of no admittance fee before 6 pm.Contact her on 0172 7099688 to confirm she will be there. She is still one of the sweetest girls you will meet.

The pricing structure is now €50 for the 1st 30 min,then €25 for the next 30 min. Before 6 pm non-alcoholic drinks are free,you pay for beers,wines, etc.

12-11-06, 12:14
Made a visit on the 9th to see Nici who has returned ,generally working early in the day, so you can capitalise on the (current) pricing policy of no admittance fee before 6 pm.Contact her on 0172 7099688 to confirm she will be there. She is still one of the sweetest girls you will meet.

The pricing structure is now €50 for the 1st 30 min,then €25 for the next 30 min. Before 6 pm non-alcoholic drinks are free,you pay for beers,wines, etc.
Hey Kiwi 69,

How many girls were there in total?

Can you describe them?

Were you familiar with this club before the renovation? If yes, are any of the former team still left there?


12-11-06, 19:54
The pricing structure is now €50 for the 1st 30 min,then €25 for the next 30 min. Before 6 pm non-alcoholic drinks are free,you pay for beers,wines, etc.

So you get in free before 6pm and the rates are the same as goldentime? Sounds too good to be true. I thought I heard the first girl was 100 for the first half hour...unless this changed.

12-12-06, 01:17
So you get in free before 6pm and the rates are the same as goldentime? Sounds too good to be true. I thought I heard the first girl was 100 for the first half hour...unless this changed.
... is if you get there after 6 PM when they charge an entry fee in which case your 100 Euros is 50 Euros for the entry fee and 50 Euros for the first 1/2 hour.

This is my understanding. I could be wrong.

12-12-06, 08:25
... is if you get there after 6 PM when they charge an entry fee in which case your 100 Euros is 50 Euros for the entry fee and 50 Euros for the first 1/2 hour.Correct; entrance before 6 PM is free, meals and drinks are extra. Entrance after 6 PM is E 50,-, meals and drinks included. In both cases room rates are the same as GT/PHG; E 50,-/half hour and E 25,- each half hour extension.

12-12-06, 19:50
Correct; entrance before 6 PM is free, meals and drinks are extra. Entrance after 6 PM is E 50,-, meals and drinks included. In both cases room rates are the same as GT/PHG; E 50,-/half hour and E 25,- each half hour extension.

That doesnt sound half bad...you get to check out the club without having to risk anything...as long as your not hungry or thirsty.

12-12-06, 19:56
you get to check out the club without having to risk anything...The only risk is that the pricing system has changed AGAIN once you are there. A risk not to neglect!

Kiwi 69
12-13-06, 20:19
Hi Jackyo,

There were only 5-6 girls there after Nici left, only one, Jasmine,Polish/Iranian, had any personality. Not a good selection IMHO. The place was totally dead. I was only there once before, that was a year ago and I only saw Nici and Victoria but then it was definitely in the "go again "category. I hear Natasha is back at PHG.

12-13-06, 21:32
The only risk is that the pricing system has changed AGAIN once you are there. A risk not to neglect!

This is very sound advice.

12-14-06, 11:01
According to Hollandmale who posts here and on the RF (Rhein not Roemer), the current situation is as follows:

Laut Berichte von PSW-Stammkunden auf Hollaendischen Forums gab's letzte Freitag 20 Maedels, u.a. Asia, Nici, Katja und Natascha. Eintritt ab 18.00 ist wieder 50,- , Zimmerpreise/Service wie vorher und gleich wie PHG/GT (50,- halbe Stunde, jede halbe Stunde Verlaengerung 25,-).

Fazit: According to the Dutch forum, there were 20 women there, among them Asia, Nici, Katja and Natascha. After 18:00 hours entry costs 50 Euros. Sessions cost 50 Euros as they used to before (and similar to PHG/GT) for a half hour and each half hour extension costs 25 Euros.

The pricing situation seems to have normalized and the women (and customers) are returning.

(Danke, Hollandmale! I am hoping you don't mind my quoting you. These forums are getting to be very intertwined. I also follow reports on the French forum (and I think you post there too).)

A star at this club appears to be Nici but there are also others who are highly recommended. The latest reports indicate she is back but on a limited basis.


For more information, we should ask Peter.

12-17-06, 11:49
Posted by Witgern on the RF about a recent visit.

Am Samstag habe ich endlich meinen Erstbesuch in der PSW gemacht. Um 14 Uhr erst angerufen und nach der Anzahl der Frauen gefragt. Es sollten 7 anwesend sein aber im Laufe des Nachmittags noch rund 10 weitere Frauen kommen. Ich war dann so gegen 15 Uhr vor Ort und bin sehr freundlich empfangen worden. Der Eintritt war um diese Zeit noch frei.

Nachdem ich mich umgezogen und geduscht hatte, bin ich erstmal in den Clubraum gegangen und habe etwas zu trinken bestellt. 4 Frauen waren anwesend, von denen aber nur eine in mein Beuteschema passte. Weitere Männer waren zunächst nicht zu sehen. Innerlich habe ich mich schon verflucht, nicht ins PHG gefahren zu sein. Ich habe mir dann erstmal das Haus angesehen. Obwohl alles sehr nett eingerichtet und sauber ist, kam für mich so eine Art Wohlfühlfaktor nicht auf. Ganz anders war seinerzeit mein Erstbesuch im PHG oder auch Blue Note. Dort habe ich mich auf Anhieb heimisch gefühlt. Wieder im Clubraum habe ich dann Alina (oder so ähnlich), ein hübsches dunkelhäutiges Girl angesprochen. Sie machte zwar einen netten Eindruck, sagte aber im Laufe des Gesprächs, dass sie weder ZK noch FO im Programm hat. Damit hatte sich die Sache für mich erledigt, was ich Alina dann höflich mitteilte.

Die Anzahl der Frauen wurde zunächst auch nicht mehr. Allerdings kam dann die im Forum schon viel beschriebene Nici in den Clubraum, die ich bis dahin (noch) nicht kannte. Das sollte sich aber ändern. Nach einiger Zeit setzte Nici sich zu mir und wir fingen ein sehr nettes Gespräch über alles Mögliche an. Da die Chemie zwischen uns sofort stimmte, war für mich eigentlich schon am Anfang des Gespräches klar, dass ich mit Nici das Bett teilen würde. Wir unterhielten uns aber noch eine ganze Weile und gingen dann erst nach oben. Nici ist wirklich ein Profi die weiß, wie man einen Mann verwöhnt. Intensive ZK, super FO, es gab eigentlich nichts zu meckern, außer dass ich auf französisch bei ihr verzichtet habe, weil sie wohl Gleitcreme benutzt. Spä*** haben wir uns noch etwas im Clubraum unterhalten, bevor sich Nici dann um andere Gäste kümmerte.

Inzwischen war es so gegen 18 Uhr und die Anzahl der Frauen hatte sich nur unwesentlich verändert. Ich konnte eigentlich nur ein neues Gesicht entdecken. Allerdings waren inzwischen einige Männer hinzugekommen. Nach kurzem Überlegen habe ich mich dann entschlossen die Heimreise anzutreten.

Fazit: Die PSW ist sicher ein guter Club, wo man sichtlich um das Wohl der Gäste bemüht ist. Attraktiv ist sicherlich, dass bis um 18 Uhr kein Eintritt zu zahlen ist. Dafür ist dann aber wiederum die Anzahl der anwesenden Frauen sehr gering. In den Räumlichkeiten habe ich mich nicht so sehr wohl gefühlt, aber das ist natürlich Ansichtsache. Ich werde bestimmt wieder mal einen Besuch in Wildenrath machen, dann aber entweder zu einer späteren Uhrzeit oder im Sommer, wenn man im Garten sitzen kann. Trotz des freien Eintritts wird die PSW für mich aber keine dauerhafte Alternative zum PHG.

Gruß Witgern
Frauen lieben die einfachen Dinge des Lebens, zum Beispiel Männer
Fazit: He was there for the first time on a Saturday. He called first to find out how many women were there and was told there would be 7 and eventually 10 more. He arrived at 15:00 hours and was greeted in a friendly manner. There was no entry fee as it wasn't yet 18:00 hours. Upon his arrival there were four women there of whom only one was of interest. There were no other customers and he wondered if he shouldn't just have gone to PHG. The place was well set up but lacking in something in comparison to his previous first visits to Blue Note and PHG (a "Wohlfuehlfaktor", as he put it). He spoke to Alina, a beautiful black girl, but she had too many restrictions and he backed out. He then met Nici, who has been described often here and he had a great time with her (note to self: I have to meet this woman). At 18:00 hours the number of women hadn't changed and he went home shortly after.

He had a good time but he would go either later or in the summer so he can sit outside. The club is nice but didn't give him a "Wohlfuehlfaktor" or a sense of well being. He doesn't consider this club a permanent alternative to PHG.

12-20-06, 22:11
The place is not back anywhere near as good as it was 2 years ago with a stunning array of women unrivaled anywhere I went.

But Nici is back, and her service is amazing, but those fake tits are gone for at least a while. But having her blow you with her finger rubbing your prostate until you cum in her mouth is very nice.

Natasa is back, and she is staying in this club for the foreseeable future, and she is amazing.

I would stay away from the better looking moroccan sorts because they look good but their service is horrible.

The free entry thing is bringing more men early and that is bringing more women and it should be the way to get this club back to where it should be. If you come early and don't pay entrance then you have to pay for food, which you can get in the restaurant upstairs. They have 5 or 6 different meals which are prepared, sort of like the premade stuff you get at most restaurants, it is quite good. If you come when you pay the entrance fee then one meal is included.

Prices for service are the same as GT and PHG.

If you are in the area before 6pm it is definitely worth going again.

12-22-06, 23:14
I stand Corrected....

Natasa is back in PHG and not going back to Wildenrath for a while.

01-20-07, 18:56
... is back in the swing of things.

This is a recent positive report on the RF by Sirgreg.

[Frage] Parksauna Wildenrath - wieder im Aufwind!?

Nachdem ich die Parksauna in Wildenrath ( www.parksauna.info ) bisher noch nie besucht hatte, da man ja längere Zeit nicht viel positives gehört hatte, war ich dann vor einigen Tagen endlich mal da-und positiv überrascht!

Das Ambiente nach der Renovierung (vorher kannte ich es leider nicht) ist wirklich gelungen. Sehr schön und sauber.

Die Räumlichkeiten sind zwar deutlich kleiner, als die bekannten Großclubs, aber dennoch schön. Es ist halt ein kleinerer Club, etwa vergleichbar mit dem LR etc.

Das Aussengelände, welches ich ja leider witterungsbedingt nicht geniessen konnte, machte auch einen netten Eindruck.

Lediglich an den Wellness-Angeboten hapert es noch etwas. Nur 1 kleine Sauna und den Whirlpool, den es im Hause gibt, muss man mit 1 h Service buchen, da er sich in einem Zimmer befindet und befüllt werden muss.
Das ist echt schade! Ein ständig betriebener, jederzeit frei benutzbarer Whirlpool im Wellnessbereich wäre noch wünschenswert!!!

Zwei weiter (kleine) Minuspunkte, die man aber wohl schnell beheben könnte:

1.) Der Fön funktionierte nicht!!! (Haargel wäre auch schön !!!)

2.) Die Duschen haben ein extrem kurzes Zeitintervall !!!

So nun zu den Gästen:

Leider war der Club bei meinem Besuch (Wochentag ab 17:00) sehr leer. Ca. 5-6 Herren anwesend.

Bezüglich der Damenbesezung war ich allerdings positiv überrascht! Es wurden mir am Empfang 15 Damen versprochen, gezählt habe ich ca. 11 oder 12.

Diese waren jedoch allesamt nicht wirklich unhübsch. Einige, wenige waren sogar wirkliche Highlights, so dass sogar ich, der sehr wählerisch in puncto Optik ist, jemand gefunden habe, und sogar kurz überlegen musste, wen ich den nehmem sollte.

Allerdings sagten mir viele Damen, sie seien erst seit wenigen Tagen dort und wüssten auch nicht, wie lange sie bleiben. Viele kamen aus dem Ostblock, einige konnten kein Deutsch. So stellt sich die Frage, ob der Club die Anzahl guter Damen halten und sogar weiter ausbauen kann.... Wolen's hoffen!

Ach ja, wisst Ihr wer auch da war: Eva alias Tanja, die hier im Forum als "nervige Clubhopperin" bekannt ist. Sie fragte mich doch glatt 3x in einer halben Stunde (an verschieden Orten im Club), wie es mir ginge, und ob ich nicht Lust hätte..... obwohl ich immer verneinte.... Hat die keine Augen im Kopf?!!! Oder sieht die nur weisse Bademäntel???

Nun gut, jetzt aber zum besten des Abends, meiner Dame der Wahl: Aicha

Ein süsse sehr schlanke junge Blondine (ca. Anf. 20) mit kleinen Brüsten und gelocktem Haar

Sehr schöner Service, variationsreiches Blasen mit vielleicht etwas zu viel Handeinsatz, aber definitiv kein abschussorientietes Handeln. Beim Fick in der Missio und von Hinten ging sie sehr gut mit. Dann Abschuss auf den Körper und noch netter Small-Talk.

Auf jeden Fall Wiederholung erwünscht!

So, zuletzt die Preise:

Eintritt frei bis 18:00! (Danach 50 EUR) Das ist wirklich gut und sollte so bleiben. So kann man beim Besuch nichts "falsch" machen.

Soft-Getränke sind frei, Essen muss bezahlt werden.

30 min Service für 50 EUR. Rest weiss ich nicht mehr.

FAZIT: Kleiner schöner Laden, gut zum ruhigen Entspannen, am besten im Sommer. Damenmäßig durchaus in Ordnung. Bei freime Eintritt bis 18:00 auf jedenfall mal lohnenswert!


Fazit: A small but nice club which is good for quite relaxing, at best in the summer so one can step outside. Clean and visually appealing, comparable in size to LR. There is a sauna and a whirlpool but one must book it for an hour and fill it first. (He'd prefer that it be usable all the time.) At five o'clock, there were five to six other guests, 11 to 12 women. The hairdryer doesn't work and hair gel would be nice. Showers are on very short timers. Most women had started to work there recently and were from the East. Some were visual highlights. They typically didn't speak German (I would find this problematisch too). He went with one woman, Aicha. Eva, also known as Tanja, was quite aggressive with animieren. Good selection of women and definitely worthwhile visiting before 18:00 hours to avail of the free entry policy. Softdrinks are free. Food is available at an additional charge. The entrance fee is normally 50 Euros. 30 minutes of service is 50 Euros (not much different from the charges in the other Golden Triangle clubs).

02-07-07, 16:16
I plan on visiting this club two or three times during my next trip (just over a week) and will report back what I find. Its close to my hotel and the free entry just makes it impossible to resist.

02-08-07, 20:19
I am not loving the developments in my favourite club at the moment.

I do like the new pricing with free entrance before 6pm, and it makes you sort of want to get there early and give it a try. They have some halfway decent looking talent nowadays, but a lot of them seem to know each other and know some of the same guys, and these girls look pretty hot, but provide pretty shitty service.

I like most of the managemen of this club, and some of the developments,a dn they have the best bargirl there somedays in Tina, and I wish them well. I wish Victoria were back, I wish Natasa were back, Nicki offers good service, but otherwise I am missing some emotion there at the moment there.

I also have to say I am hobbying a lot less lately due to not having much time an opportunity at the moment.

Today I went through my top 10 retired list over and over and was bit sad that I haven't been with a provider in about a year who has a chance at coming close to that top 10. I thought this Leah girl from GT (cute german age 21, blonde, super-soft skin) but she is too moneyhungry and rushed, and there was the romanian anna-maria at World, but haven't seen her on other trips there.

04-13-07, 10:28
This is the latest post from the RF by LikeLadys.

I'll do a translation later.

[Bericht] Parksauna Wildenrath nach langer Abstinenz

Nachdem ich mich 3-4 Jahre aus dem PSW ferngehalten habe, Grund war die damals eingerissene Abzocke der CDLs rund um Sunny, hat es mich heute wieder mal nach Wildenrath verschlagen, obwohl ich ursprünglich ins GT wollte.

Eintreffen war ca. 14:15 Uhr. Ich hatte mich vorsorglich telefonisch erkundigt, wie viele Damen anwesend sind. Man sagte mir ca. fünf. Die Zahl stimmte bei meinem eintreffen.

Dort waren:

3 Rumäninnen, eine mit langen schwarzen Haaren, ca. 170 cm groß, Konf. Gr.36, A Cup´s,
ca. 23-25 Jahre. Die andere ebenfalls langhaarig schwarz, Konf. Gr. 38, A/B Cup´s, auch
ca. 170 cm groß, ca. 25 Jahre. und eine Blonde, mit hübschen C Cup´s, Konf Gr. 36/38,
etwas stämmiger ca. 160 cm Groß, auch etwa 25 Jahre. Die drei waren recht ansehnlich.

Alle waren sehr freundlich und kommunikativ, mit Englisch und Deutsch ging das recht gut.
Auch war noch eine, vermutlich Türkin, Konf. Gr. 40+, ca. 165 cm im PSW unterwegs, ca. 35 Jahre

Besonders auffallend eine Lady, Type Vorzeigedame, um die Anfang 30 Jahre, ca. 175 cm groß, Konf. Gr. 36, brünette Haare, halb lang, schlanke lange Beine, feste A Cup´s und offensichtlich deutsche. Diese hatte es mir schon angetan, ich stehe auf TA´s und diesem Type von Frau.

Gerade wollte ich zum Angriff blasen, als eine junge quirlige äußerst hellhäutige Mulattin auf der Bildfläche erschien. Sie war ca. 1,55cm groß, Konf. Gr. 32, gut getunte C Bobs, schlanke Figur, ca. 25 Jahre alt, die machte mich derartig an, so dass ich mit Ihr das Zimmer buchte. Sie gab vor, aus Portugal zu stammen, ich vermute aber Brasilien. Wir begannen mit dem üblichen Geschmuse, bis ich begann Ihre sehr gepflegte Pussy zu verwöhnen. War dann passierte habe ich noch nicht erlebt. Sie ging ab, wie alle Katzen von Schmitz zu gleichen Zeit einschließlich die, aus der Umgebung, Sie presste meinen Kopf in Ihren Unterleib und schrie nach mehr, was ich auch tat. Irgendwann brauchte ich Luft und ging in Rückenlage. Sie revanchierte sich mit super FO ohne Handeinsatz und dann Conti drüber und es folgte ein Ritt der seines gleichen sucht. Da gingen alle Samba Rhythmen mit Ihr durch. Normaler weise bevorzuge ich Damen mit min. 170 cm Größe, aber diese Erfahrung hatte schon was.

Einziger Nachteil, keine ZK´s und kein Deutsch oder Englisch.

Für 50 EURO ein Vergnügen, dass ich wiederholen werde. Bis 18:00 Uhr wird kein Eintritt erhoben, Soft Gertränke Kostenlos.
Fazit: to follow.

04-14-07, 10:08
I am not going to fully translate Jackyo's C+P, but the jist was this.

He went to PSW. there were 3 romanians who looked halfway decent, then he saw a 30 year old lady who looked very attractive, german brunette, who wore a size 36, so It can't be Nicky (Who isn't there any more from my info) and it can't be Sherina, because she is more size 32. So I am not sure who he means, maybe the 40 year old divorced architect I went to a room with recently, whose name I forgot.

He was about to book her when a tiny 5'2" ixed race brasilian who spoke no english or german caught his eye. She didn't french kiss, but otherwise the sesssion was amazing, and he made special mention of her wonderful pussy.

Considering he paid no entrance fee and had a half hour with this girl he thought it was 50€ well invested.


I am not really frequenting this club that much anymore. Actually I am hardly frequenting any clubs at the moment. I am sure times will change and I will be back to my mongering ways, btu at the moment I am calmed down a bit.

But the next clubs I am going to try are Living Room, maybe PHG witht he new top level management and probably Oase on my next trip down to hessen. But PSW is not high on my list at the moment, unless Victoria is there. Wait! Coe to think of it the description of the stunning woman might well be Victoria - because she really has an amazing body! She is th only thing pulling me to that club.

04-14-07, 12:26
During my last visit at GT, I was surprised to see Monica 1 there. She was a steady PSW girl and one of the stars of that club for years. I felt sorry for her as I saw her sitting alone in the anonimity of the crowd no one paying attention to her. As she did her usual PSW strategy, just waiting for someone making a first move, I haven't seen her with any customer that night. I understood that the PSW glory was past.

04-14-07, 12:57
hearing that upsets me.

Monica, the little polish one?

She left PSW about a year ago to really get out of the game. She met a guy in the club, he was a very regular of hers and he wanted ehr to get out of the game. He wasn't even anything like a pimpish type dude. and she left tostart up a life with him. If she is back in a club I am actually saddened, because although she is an excellent provider, she really has spent enough years in the game.

04-14-07, 13:09
Yes, Peter, I confirm, Monica 1 the slimest one, not Monica 2 the blonder and taller. By the way, she has now a small belly. I have never sessioned her, and didn't know her very well. But when she saw me, she smiled at me as she recognized me. It was the only smile I have seen her doing that night. Unfortunately, I was already too busy to take care of her.

04-14-07, 13:19
During my last visit at GT, I was surprised to see Monica 1 there. She was a steady PSW girl and one of the stars of that club for years. I felt sorry for her as I saw her sitting alone in the anonimity of the crowd no one paying attention to her. As she did her usual PSW strategy, just waiting for someone making a first move, I haven't seen her with any customer that night. I understood that the PSW glory was past.

I was at GT and saw her walk by so I immediately went up to her.

She remembered me (because of my visit with you back in 04, if I remember correctly) and we spoke for quite a while.

As Routard said, she is low key. She hangs out at the bar area and also on the steps leading to the Kino with another petite Polish woman who wears glasses.

She does not circulate and accost guys like some of the more mercenary women who work at GT do.

Actually, she asked me not to mention her name and say that she was back in the game.

But since the cat is out of the bag, I can now come clean.

She only works days, leaves at 7:00 PM. It could well be she is rushing home to make dinner for her significant other.

She's just as funny as ever. Since it was my first time at GT, she kept offering to show me a room. She did it with a kind of twinkle in her eyes and I took her up on her offer soon enough.

It was like getting together with an old friend.

Woof Woof
04-29-07, 19:08
Given the recent problems at PHG and GT, I was wondering whether PSW also benefited like YY from having more girls moving over. Recent field reports would be welcome!

06-07-07, 11:56
This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?

[Bericht] Parksauna am 01.06

Nach fast 8 Monaten, dachte ich mir versuche ich es noch einmal die Parksauna Wildenrath zu besuchen. Da ich in der Zeitung gelesen habe, dass der Eintritt frei ist, und da dachte ich mir schlimmer als beim letzten mal kann es ja nicht werden. Denn bei meinem letzen Besuch war ich alles andere als zufrieden. Nur Mädchen die kaum deutsch konnten, und mehr mit sich selber beschäftigt waren, als mit den Gästen.
Deshalb hab ich mir eigentlich geschworen diesen Laden nie wieder zu betreten.
Aber da ich gelesen habe, das die Parksauna jetzt unter neuer Leitung steht und der Eintritt frei ist, machte ich mich am Freitag Abend gegen 19:00 Uhr auf den Weg nach Wildenrath. Nach ca. 30 Minuten fahrt erreichte ich den Parkplatz, ich war überrascht das der Parkplatz voller Autos war. Aus dem Auto raus, rein ins Getummel.
Am Eingang wurde ich sofort sehr freundlich von der Thekenfrau empfangen und aufgeklärt.
Als erstes setzte ich mich an die Theke und trank mein Gratis-Bier und schaute mich dann um. Ich war sehr überrascht das so viele hübsche Mädchecn anwesend waren, denn bei meinem letzten Besuch waren gerade mal 5 Mädchen anwesend.
Ich schätze mal dass es ca. 25 waren, da noch einige auf den Zimmern waren. Die Atmosphäre erschien mir sehr locker. Draußen saßen Gäste und Mädchen an Tischen und waren sich am unterhalten. Nachdem ich mein Bier zuende getrunken habe, entschied ich mich einen Angriff zu starten.
Ich war völlig hin und hergerissen von Sina und Nikki, entschied mich jedoch dann für Sina. Ich ging auf sie zu und sie lächelte mich an und fragte mich nach meinem Namen, nach einem kurzen Small talk, verschwanden wir dann auch gleich ins Zimmer. Nach zärtlichem streicheln und ausgiebigem französisch, nahm ich sie im Doggy Style.
Nach dem Vergnügen und wiederholtem Small talk, gingen wir wieder in den Clubraum. Wo sie sich leider von mir verabschieden musste, mit der Erklärung das es sehr voll sei und noch andere Gäste auf sie warten würden.
Also setzte ich mich wieder an die Theke und trank eine Cola. Da erblickte ich Aaliah oder so, die aber leider den ganzen Abend gebucht war. Nachdem ich die Thekenfrau fragte wann sie denn endlich frei wäre, da sie schon lange bei einem Gast saß. Nikki schien wohl auch besetzt zu sein, da ich sie auch nicht mehr sah. Also machte ich einen Saunagang und entschied mich, nach gelungenem Sex und entspannter Sauna mich massieren zu lassen. Ich war sehr erfreut zu sehen das die Masseusin eine Frau war, mit dem Namen Daniela. Als ich mich dann auf die Liege legte fing sie an mich zu massieren. Was sie übrigens sehr gut beherrscht.

Fazit: Nach einem echt gelungenem Abend werde ich die Parksauna Wildenrath sehr gerne wieder einmal besuchen. Da ich denke dass sie mit dem neuen Team der Mädchen die alle sehr gut deutsch sprechen können, das ja nicht immer so war. Erfolg haben werden. Weiter so.

Bussi an Sina, Nikki, Daniela und Aaliah. Ich komme wieder...
Fazit: He returned after an absence of eight months after reading of the free entry policy in the newspapers. The last time he was there most of the women couldn't speak German and they were more interested in hanging out together than attending to guests. He arrived there at about 19:30 and found the parking lot to be full. First he grabs a beer and looks around. There were twenty-five women there as compared to the five who were there the last time he was there. Everything was very loose and decontracte. He had a couple of sessions and a massage. He enjoyed his time there and will be back particularly now that the new team of women all speak German.

06-07-07, 20:33
This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?If you read this post of Gandolf1962 carefully you will notice that it reads as what one would call in German "Werbung" or "a commercial".

Actually the relevance of the message is also no more than just being a commercial. It reflects absolutely not some recent observations of those who recently visited PSW.

The club certainly has potential and yes the management recently has changed. Now they are struggling a bit to find a new concept (German Sauna Club and/or Nightclub) but also with their price structure. It 's all a little unclear now.



06-08-07, 00:49
This was posted by Gandolf1962 on the RF.

Its a very positive report but I should mention this is his first and only posting there so it needs to be read carefully.

He says something about neue Leitung. Has the management of this place actually changed?Don't believe all new members ;)

If there is really a new management I don't know. Fact is that the prize structure is every time different. Also the thekenfrauen have all been changed.

He is speaking about a certain Aaliah. She was called Sunny before and is a no-go. Also this Nikki got a really bad report at the dutch forum.

We will see.

08-05-07, 14:36
What makes me thik that report is fake the most is that it says the Thekenfrauen are friendly, because the new crew is horribly unfriendly. They are all relatives or friends of the "new management" and they are miles from friendly.

The other thing I find unbelieveable is that Sunny, or Aaliyah was constantly booked, because I have rarely seen that. She sits alone in the corner with a bored look on her face almost all the time.

I loved the place under the "old management" and ince the"new" has taken a role in the lace I avoid it like the plague.

Although I saw a new ad in the bild, that mkes me curious, as they might have a new even bigger discount system.....

08-06-07, 05:42

I have been to a few FKK's (Sauna Clubs) but not to this one. I just saw it from the outside once. I think what people have to realize is that it is really one of the smaller ones. It is located pretty close to GoldenTime and Happy Garden which are WAY bigger. I guess they surely will notice the competition from clubs like those.

The fact that they are changing management and price structures all the time doesn't give me much confidence.


08-06-07, 14:11
It has pretty much the same square footage as Goldentime, and with 13 bedrooms up an running I think it actually has morerooms at the moment than PHG. It usedto be a bi club with easily upward of 30 girls woking very night. It has lost its stride, and GT and lso places like Ying Yang are part of the reason for the downfall.

08-17-07, 22:46
As there were no reliable reports about Wildenrath since a while, I decided to check it out myself today. Yes, I have a sentimental link with this club as Parksauna was my first FKK in my life back a few years ago. And I was a little excited when I arrived again in the parking lot. Nothing has changed from the outside, except that there were few cars parked.

I was a little disappointed when the door opened, the first girl I saw didn`t really turn me on. It was just the girl behind the bar, but still, it matters to me. Usually the girls behind the bar make me dream even more that those in front of the bar. Where is that lovely Tanya that used to work here?

Anyway, I got the usual question if it was my first time. I answered that it was a long time ago and have no idea about the current pricings. Here it is:

Entrance is free before 6pm and 50€ after.
Drinks are 5€ before 6pm and included in the entrance after 6pm as well as food. Pricing is 50€ for 30min and 75€ for 60min. In fact, nothing has really changed except that there is free entrance before 6pm.

I felt comfortable in the locker`s room, nothing had changed. The showers, the sauna and the outdoor garden are the same too. The main difference is the bar, decoration is much more modern style. Also upstairs, the decoration is much better, with a real kino, a restaurant and a nice massage room.

But the line-up is really disappointing. There were only 6 girls in the afternoon, all average looking if not overweighted. There were also half a dozen guests, Dutch and German. One of the Dutch guy explained me that during the evening there are up to 12 girls. But who cares if they all look as average.

Only reason to come here is if you need a quick fuck during daytime and its not worth paying an entrance to FKK for such short time or when you want to find an opened FKK in the area after 1am, when YY GT and PHG have already closed. This club closes at 5am.

Well, it was my first day in FKKland, and just needed a quick fuck to get rid of the frustration, you know what I mean.

I started to discuss with Tunesian Nadia, the best looking of all, but still average in my books. She is born in Germany, speaks German and Arabic but no French. She speaks English however too. I went for a session with her.
She told me she was just for 2 months working in FKK. Well, all I can say, it was definitely not on the quality level of what used to be Parksauna. She had her eyes closed during all the session, no kissing and no BBBJ. The latest is not important to me, but the two first definitely are. We fucked, finished our conversation took my shower and I left. I guess it was my last time in this legendary FKK.

11-03-07, 12:49
I can only confirm Routard's report. I went back to Wildenrath after more then 2 years. In that period of time, Wildenrath has slided down the scale from a top FKK club to a ordinairy brothel.

To be positive: The club itself is beautiful and intimate enough to feel at home. Also free entrance before 18 o'clock (6 PM). So far the good news. The bad news is that the lack of women is a big problem! I was there early sunday afternoon and the bar lady, although surely 35+ was the hottest ticket in the house. Only 2 ladies (Nadia and some other german girl), later a Bulgarian girl came to work too. She was do-able. Because my mate took this Bulgarian girl, I was left alone with Nadia (the other german girl turned out to be sucking cock in the cinema with the only other guest in the house). Nadia came over and asked if I wanted to go with her. She's not a stunner, but ok enough to go to the room. Sex was ok, nothing spectaculair. For a total of 50 euro's can't complain but in PHG or GT you will for sure have better sex.

04-30-08, 01:27
After throwing in the garbage bin 35 euros at Cocoon, I decided to go to another club in that same night, something I generally not do. Looked at the ISG FKK FAQ(thanks, Routard) I had printed and the only option at that time was Park Sauna , which closes at 4:00 am, and it was about one hour by car from Cocoon. No problem, since Park Sauna was one of my must-see clubs in NRW. However, this was the only club I went I had not read anything in the forum before, so I was not aware of the bad recent reports. So, I went there expecting something like a huge line up of 50 beauties. One detail- just before going, I called them with my cell phone to make sure they would be opened till 4 am and the woman told me it was 50 euros to get in and 25 euros to fuck- I just assumed it was for half an hour, I asked something, she did not understand and began shouting on the phone-25,25, I already said 25…I did not like it and shouted back that she did not have to shout like that, not a good start. Decided to go there, anyway…

Got there, met probably the same shouting woman at the counter and was told that the price structure is 25 for a 20 minute FS with condom BJ, a regular ½ session is 50 euros. Did not like that either, she should have me told that on the phone. How many girls tonight, I asked? About 15, was the answer, not very promising. Anyway, I had driven 1 hour, let’s get in.

The club itself is very nice indeed, everything new and clean, a good buffet. But the girls… all 4/5, 6, only one 7. And there were not 15 girls there, may be 12. Just a few costumers also, may be 6 or 7.

After showering, as soon as I entered the bar, I realized that most girls had probably not earned not even one euro that day, for the way they stared at me as if I was a walking ATM or something… And now they do approach the customers, indeed, at least that was what they did. Very soon I was approached by one german and one russian girls that were friendly but pushing me to go to the room with both of them. Since I wanted to have a look at the other girls, may be a gorgeous woman could appear out of nowhere, who knows, I kept talking to them, with the very same answer/excuse, not now, I have just arrived, bla, bla, bla. Then the russian girl just said to me- well, ok, let’s have sex later, now we drink together, what do you say? I could not believe that was happening at that club - there is nothing I hate more than expensive booze scheme- so I just ignored it and pretended I had not understood. But then she asked again, this time more directly- Will you buy us some champagne? I said- What? How much does it cost? 200 euros, was the answer. I just laughed and said that although they were nice girls, I just hated that scheme of buying booze and if that it was the scheme in that club I would just leave, no problem. Then she eagerly said, no, no way, stay with us, it is not compulsory, ha, ha, ha.. The german girl then pointed me one customer surrounded by two ugly females that seemed to be having a terrific time with a bottle of champagne.. I said-I could fuck four girls here with that money, dear, I do not do this,,,… I might have sounded cheap, but that is what I am …

After a while they kept pushing me for a session, I excused myself and went to talk to the only doable girl there, a 7, maximum.

They both spent the rest of the night staring at me in very angry way, as if I cared , what the fuck….

The girl I approached was not very friendly either, named Marlene-pronounced Marline, said she was half german/half brazilian, probably she is, she looks like that, but speaks no portuguese, just german and a broken English. Very young by the way, 21 years old, blond(fake), tanned/dark skin, pretty, but nothing extraordinary.

Since I had not fucked that day, off to the room. It was reasonable, not GFE but I enjoyed myself. Tried to get her envolved with daty but although she seemed to enjoy it when we began to fuck she was very passive. Bad BBJ, also. However, a very tight pussy. Pumped her really hard, I was horny that day, she seemed to enjoy it but kept on very passive, I came and time to go home. I also spotted one girl from Algeria, fat for my taste and one reasonable Spanish shark-like.

Marlene-german, blonde

Return there? No way. Forget this club, it is a has been, all girls complaining about business, decadent atmosphere, terrible line-up, plus the booze pushing scheme . When I was leaving, the rude counter woman who seemed to be the manager and now was trying to be friendly, shook my hand in a very male way and said - hope you will come back- in your dreams, I thought.

Trip report to be continued at Golden Time, when I have the time, because there is a lot to report there.


05-01-08, 12:21
Hey Travelerb69,

We meet again.

Thanks for taking one for the team.

This club had a lot going for it before the wheels fell off.

I will never understand why it took the nose dive that it did.

Are you around for a while visiting clubs?

The other club I enjoyed as much as Cocoon is Heavensgate in Dorsten. They were always very similar in selection, pricing, size, etc.. Do you have plans of visiting?

I'd combine a trip to Heavensgate with a trip the PT across on the side of the Landstrasse. Or are you not into PTs?

05-01-08, 16:05
Hey Travelerb69,

We meet again.

Thanks for taking one for the team.

This club had a lot going for it before the wheels fell off.

I will never understand why it took the nose dive that it did.

Are you around for a while visiting clubs?

The other club I enjoyed as much as Cocoon is Heavensgate in Dorsten. They were always very similar in selection, pricing, size, etc.. Do you have plans of visiting?

I'd combine a trip to Heavensgate with a trip the PT across on the side of the Landstrasse. Or are you not into PTs?

Hi again, Jackio, I have already finished the trip, it was a long one, I spent 18 days in Germany, not only P4P', but managed to go to 13 clubs in Hesse and NRW. Actually I have been to Heaven's Gate, will report soon, too many reports to write. Just loved the place, very friendly and relaxed, cons was the line-up, about 12 girls on a Saturday, almost all dogs but with two exceptions, one was a real gem, will report on the proper trend. Would repeat Heavensgate, anyway.

As for the PTs, if you remember just before my trip I asked for advice at the PT forum, was given several including by you, but what happened was that since that was my first german clubs trip which will be followed by many others I just skipped it for the next one. Moreover, I think PTs demand a lot of energy and I went to so many regular clubs I had no dick for PTs any longer.

As for the fall of Park Sauna, probably due to GoldenTime. Concerning sauna and FKK clubs in that area, it is gonna be very hard to compete with GT, it just rules nowadays, by far.


06-01-08, 11:43
According to a post on the RF, this club has been rebranded:


Can't say I have a pressing need to visit anytime soon. Last reports were not encouraging.

01-10-10, 03:28
This club has been closed since August 2009 (with in 2008 and 2009 almost no activities going on there!).
Ok, they claimed they would re-open in January 2010.

But that did not and will not happen! Better we close this topic.

Kind regards,