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06-05-02, 03:52
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06-23-02, 21:04
well boys... this is my first post since jackson switched over to the new forum, but never fear, I have been doing research. If you don't know who I am, you may see a great deal of my commentary in the old-style forums.

Okay. I live in San Miguel de Allende, and have hobbied locally as well as Celaya, Querétaro, Leon. However, up to now I have never hit Dolores Hidalgo. I am going to make a second post that details my experiences there, I just wanted to make a bit of a preamble.

Anyhow, if you browse through the archived discussion board, you'll notice that at one point I was boasting about having 6 different girls at my disposal, then a few months later angrily posting about how the relationship with these girls imploded.

Well the good news is though only one of the 6 original girls is still seeing me, I have managed to acquire 5 other girls open to "introductions" (ages 17 to 24, rating 5+ to 8+). Everyone of them understands and performs GFE, and most offer BBBJ, some will consider more "advanced" techniques.

I do not do this to make money, or anything of the kind... I want to make that very clear.

The truth is, I like everyone of these girls and if I could fuck them every night of the week, I would. But they have to make money, they usually are single mothers. And I cannot support 6 girls and their families. Rather than have them hanging out some bar being groped 7 nights of the week, I would rather "share the wealth" with my fellow hobbyists and allow you to take advantage of my "advanced scouting".

Anyhow, if you are interested in meeting a girl, and will be in the San Miguel, Querétaro, Celaya, or Dolores Hidalgo area send me an email a week or so before you arrive and I can help you to arrange a meeting, we can meet, or I can just point you in the right direction. I am fluent in Spanish, by the way, most of my girls don't speak any English at all.

To date (23 june, 2002), I have helped @6 hobbyists from the forum meet one of my girls. One enthusiast fucked 2 of my girls at once, so I don't know if that counts as 1 or 2... ;)

Anyhow my email is: diablo_mactavish (at) hot mail . com

06-23-02, 23:25
For the past 6 months or so, in San Miguel, I had been hearing more and more about Dolores Hidalgo's strip clubs.

Lately San Miguel's hooker bar, La Cabana, has been closing shortly after 1 AM, due to problems with the Liquor Control Board.

For me, however, a 45 minute drive to Dolores is a little bit out of the way, and, well you pass La Cabana on the way, so, I just never risked the drive into the unknown.

Gentlemen, I was wrong. It is definitely worth the drive.

First of all there are 2 strip clubs in Dolores. One of them, La Huerta is a traditional Mexican strip club, with a semi-decent sound system, stages, mirrors, etc, and has been open for slightly over 4 years. The second club, Bar El Paraiso, is pretty much a dump, a cantina with a stage.

I want to focus on my experience at La Huerta (which means "The Orchard" in Spanish, BTW)

First off, it was a little hard to find. It is located about 7 miles outside the city limits. Carretera a San Felipe Km 15.

Luckily the gas station attendant knew where it was, because I almost gave up. There are 2 highways to San Felipe which intersect farther away, however, the one that goes to San Felipe from San Miguel is NOT the one to take. You have to go through the road that cuts through Dolores first (Calzada Mariano Balleza) to the end, and at the T, turn right and follow the signs to San Felipe. Here's a PDF map of Dolores Hidalgo (http://gto.inegi.gob.mx/difusion/espanol/dolo1.pdf).

Anyhow, its a little desolate out there, but after about 5 miles (7 or 8 Km), on your right you'll see a well illuminated Corona sign that says "La Huerta" and just follow the cobblestone road about 1/4 mile in to the actual club.

La Huerta is a little small and I showed up on a Friday night and there were about 10 girls working (range 3 - 8+), about 8 customers including myself, I also noticed there were about 12 male employees, security and waiters, bar tender, DJ etc.

The pony size bottle of beer costs 20 pesos, ladies drinks are 50. Table dance is 50 pesos, "privado" is 100 pesos. The privado is not so private, let me add. It is basically some couches and chairs right behind the DJ booth. I could have probably spit on the DJ's back from where I was sitting, if I had been so inclined.

Anyhow, I looked around for a bit sitting at the table they put me at. I was a little self conscious, because the place is full of black lights, so my white shirt and light colored blue jeans were really glowing. Also I think I was probably the first gringo that had ever been in the club.

Everyone was really cool, that was not the problem. I just prefer to tuck myself into a dim corner strip clubs and fondle the girls. But I felt like I was "whiter than white" in there.

I finished my first beer, and ordered another. None of the girls approached me, but several of them smiled at me in a friendly way. I have to say that the club seemed clean too, which is a big deal. San Miguel's bar is a sty. Anyhow, when my waiter brought me my 2nd beer, I pulled him to a chair and asked him what the costs were, and which girls would do "salidas" (leave the club).

He explained the costs for drinks and dances, and then told me he'd bring me a girl that did salidas. A few minutes he brought me Claudia, who had been in the dressing room.

Claudia is about 5' 4", fair complected, blondish hair, blue contacts. She has c-cup breasts and a slender build, 24 years old, and a good smile and a good sense of humor. Normally I go for the "morenas", darker complected girls, but I also know that if the waiter brings over someone, you should take his recommendation.

Claudia said that the house charges 400 pesos to let the girl leave the club, for 2 hours, (there's a nearby hotel called Oasis that charges $230 pesos for a room). Or that we could rent one the two rooms they had there for... shit I can't remember if it was 100 or 200 pesos.

Anyhow, she would charge me $1000 pesos for the session. Compared to all the other prices in the club, I kind of thought that $1000 was probably a little highball, but not unreasonable. So I began to negotiate my "rights and expectations". Please see my post of tips on strip clubs in Mexico ( in the forum archives (its the first posting, at the very bottom of the page, posted by Jackson, though I sent it to him in email). To summarize: tell the girls exactly what you expect beforehand. I told her that I expected BB oral sex, kissing, and other GFE type stuff. She was really positive and enthusiastic -- her only limit was no anal, and no penetration w/o condom.

Finally, I told her I wanted to pay for one privada, and that this was her chance to convince me. Claudia has a great body and she did a sexy lapdance, but she didn't kiss me. Like I said earlier, the "privado" area, though off the main floor, is not private and she said she couldn't kiss me because they would scold her. Then she gave me a brief tongue kiss, looking over her shoulder immediately to make sure no one noticed.

Well, I decided to go ahead and try her in the rooms provided by the club.

First of all, though the rooms are clean, they too are not at all private, more like cubicles in the back of the girls' dressing area. They were very clean and tidy, but this may have been because the club was having a slow night.

Anyhow, as soon as the door closed, Claudia gave me a fantastic full-on french kiss and started to undress me. She did all that was promised, and performed like a girl in love. I gave her an orgasm orally, and then asked her to go down on me, and she really worked me over with her mouth. (later she commented that she liked me right away, because I was "buena honda" and liked that I smelled clean -- always take a shower before you girl huniting!). Well she got me pretty worked up, and finally flipped her over and started kissing her. At first she held her hand over her crotch a bit, so I gently took her hand and moved it to my back, telling her that I would behave myself, and not penetrate without a condom. So we made out for a while more and then I went down a bit more, got her soaking again, then slipped on a condom (the club provided a trojan). and fucked the shit out of her. She came again (I could feel the gush) and then I did too. Overall a 10 experience.

I held her for a bit and we kissed some more. She told me that she is getting married in July, but she does this because she likes it, and gets to party and meet people. She also said that she does well enough so that she doesn't mind being selective about who she does business with.

Also she said that she would be willing to meet me on one of her off days, and gave me her cell phone #.

Well after I cleaned up a bit, I went back to the bar and chatted with the owner a bit, who was a really nice guy, and is looking forward to more gringo clientele. Tell him that you heard about the club through the internet!

La Huerta Men's Club
open: mon- saturday, 10 pm - 4 am (or until the party stops)
Address: Caretera a San Felipe, GTO. Km 15
Tel. 01 418 18 75576

rating: Definitely worth the trip

Anyhow, though I was a little tired after my session with Claudia, I felt my commitments to the forum required that I investigate the Dolores Hidalgo's other strip club, called Bar El Paraiso (Paradise):

Bar El Paraiso
Address: Carretera a Guanajuato, Km. 1.5
no telephone

To get to the bar, you take the exact same Calzada Mariano Balleza, except at the T, turn left instead of right. follow the road about 1 mile, until you get to another T with a traffic circle, turn right, and its about a mile on the right.

First off there were only about 4 or 5 girls working (rating 2 - 6+). The clientele were definitely a bit rougher and the place was filthy and just a cinderblock room with low tables and stools I ordered a beer (20 pesos) and got the run down. 50 pesos ladies drinks, 50 pesos table dance, and 100 pesos privado. I told the waiter I wanted a girl for "salida" and he sent me, after a bit, a frumpy looking 19 year old. (I don't remember her name).

I started to talk to her and the DJ announced 2 for 1 privados, so I took her to the privado and told her that this was her chance to convince me to pay her for a salida. Well, she did not impress me, especially when she said it would be 2,500 pesos to take her to the hotel. I tried explaining the GFE idea, but she did not seem interested, and said she only does "plain" sex. Typical "mannequin style" mexican puta experience. No thanks. Even though my second song hadn't ended, I left the privado, she wasn't really doing anything exciting to me anyway.

So I started talking to another girl that was from Acapulco, here visiting relatives, and she was willing to leave for $1000 pesos, but was insistent that she would only be with me a half an hour. I started to try to negotiate it a bit, but really I had such a good experience with Claudia, it was like topping off a filet mignon with a twinkie.

I started chatting to another girl, a young 17 year-old that goes by Jennifer. She was cute, and I bought her a couple of beers and then took her into privado, but made the mistake of buying her 2 at once, and after the 1st song, she insisted that it had been 2, even pulling me to the DJ booth. Well as my posting about strip clubs says, if you feel like you are getting ripped off, dump the ***** and pick someone else. Well the other 2 or 3 girls weren't even in consideration, so I decided to tumble home to San Miguel.

I feel like the Paraiso is not a place for someone who speaks no Spanish to go, and especially considering that La Huerta has such better looking girls facilities, the same prices for drinks, etc.

I most likely will never go back. It definitely had no real security. My waiter was about 20 years old, and about 5' 5" tall. From the looks of the slap that one of the girls gave to a customer who got a little too touchy-feely, they don't even have someone to protect the girls.

rating: avoid, unless you like to go to dives, and speak excellent Spanish.

Mill Just
06-24-02, 05:49
Welcome Back, Diablo...That was an excellent post! I've been living in Mexico for more than 2 years now and I just heard about Dolores Hidalgo. Your post made me want to plan a visit. I'm planning on travelling around to new cities later this year and I will visit D.Hidalgo as well as Queretero. By the way, I think I sent you Xiomara's phone number in Mexico City. If so...Sorry about that. I've stopped giving her number out because I personally found out that the sweet, attractive, open-minded women that I saw 2 years ago had turned into a cold, not-so-attractive, waste of time. When I was with her the second time, it was like being with a completely different person.

Keep dishing out the info...

06-24-02, 20:07
Originally posted by miller2k
I think I sent you Xiomara's phone number in Mexico City. If so...Sorry about that. I've stopped giving her number out because I personally found out that the sweet, attractive, open-minded women that I saw 2 years ago had turned into a cold, not-so-attractive, waste of time. When I was with her the second time, it was like being with a completely different person.

Miller -

if you look at the archives for mexico city (, august 2001, you'll find our interaction about her. By the way, I never blamed you. That's the one thing about my "girlfriends" that i talk about in the first post in this section, they have been tested repeatedly... ;o.

also, of course sometimes its the guy, and sometimes its the girl. in this case, she just turned into a fuckin' *****. You should have taken my warning back in august of last year.... :P

07-05-02, 18:27
Will be traveling to Puebla in several weeks and will spend 6 or 7 days there. Any ideas for chicas? I especially like esteticas. Are massage parlor-type esteticas available in Puebla? I will be staying at someone's home and hence cannot bring a girl back to where I'm staying. I'm not wild about strip clubs -usually too much noise, hustle and expense. Any ideas will be appreciated.

I will also spend one Saturday nite in Leon prior to flying home from BJX Airport the next day. Anyone familiar with Leon? I would hate to miss something special, as I may not be there again. Any info greatly appreciated.

07-07-02, 18:07
Originally posted by diablomactavish
Anyhow, if you are interested in meeting a girl, and will be in the San Miguel, Querétaro, Celaya, or Dolores Hidalgo area send me an email a week or so before you arrive and I can help you to arrange a meeting, we can meet, or I can just point you in the right direction.

Anyhow my email is: diablo_mactavish (at) hot mail . com
Hola diablomactavish

I emailed you a couple of weeks back but got no response. It seems you have also not posted here on this board recently either. I sure hope that does not mean you have suffered another "implosion" as you described last year.

I will be in your area soon and would like to meet. If you are still alive please get back with cherubino@indiainfo.com ASAP.

Hasta pronto.

Mr. Beeks
07-18-02, 07:03

I used to live in Puebla, great town and plenty of Action if you know where to look. The best place to track them down is in the newspaper "Sol de Puebla." Look in the classifieds under "Personal Feminino." Some are incall and some are outcall. Just call the numbers listed and ask for the price. The best place I ever visited was in the Colonia San Miguel area directly accross from Aurrerra "wal-mart." The place was nameless, but taxi drivers will probably know about it. I think the price was approx. $70 for an hour and good selection of girls. Also, I know you said you don't like strip clubs, but Manhattan in Cholula has some HOT girls. Be careful and do not open a tab there and do not buy the girls drinks unless you can afford it! You can also go to cholula near the Universidad de las Americas to the super motel and get a rome for about $25 and call the reception and ask them for servicio de masaje and they will book you a lucky lady who will come to your room and take care of you. The plus of this is that you get your own room and most services will send 3-4 girls to the hotel and you can take your pick. Have fun in Puebla and if you get a chance get a cab to take you to "Cemitas de Dona Conchita" it is the best sandwich you will ever have, its located in centro(downtown) Cholula. BTW, Cholula is only 5-10 minutes from Puebla. I hope I have answered your Puebla ?s.

Have Fun!!

07-19-02, 21:48
Mr. Beeks, or anyone else in the know, any info on Izucar d Matamoros, about 45 min south of Puebla, I have passed by an area of cantinas on the main highway, which I believe leads to Mexico City, from I d Matamoros. I have heard that they are the place to get action, but I have never been confident enough to go in, for fear of being mugged, since I will look like an obvious outsider. Any info on these bars which are 10 min east of I de Matamoros would be appreciated. Not planning another trip for a few months so any info in the future would be appreciated. Thanks for the info on Cholula, went to see the pyramids, now I know wher to go for what I am really interested in seeing. How do I find the Manhattan and what should I expect to pay for room & FS? Thanks.

Mr. Beeks
07-20-02, 06:21
Manhattan is kinda hard to find if you don't know your way around. It is on the Federal de D.F. in Cholula. The Federal is the old highway that connects cholula and Puebla. The best way is to just go by taxi. I really do not recommend going by yourself, not that its dangerous, bc it isn't but because I made the mistake of going alone and got wasted and blew all of my money! Sometimes you need a friend along to keep you in check with personal economics!!! Anyway, I never got a room with a girl, but the rates are negotiable, anywhere between $70-$120. I got some girls to come back with me to my place a couple times just by throwing a little money at them for dances. I never buy them drinks, they will charge you like $5 for a coronita!!! Just with every Strip Club in Mexico, be cautious with everyone, but remember, the girls at Manhattan are smoking hot (at least they were when I was there)! Porky's is good too(it's in Puebla by the CAPU- Bus station) If you want a real sleazy place there's "No le Digas a mama," I don't even know if its still open. But I think Manhattan is the best for hot chicks! Let me know if you ever check it out!

07-20-02, 15:19
I once went to a roadhouse in Izucar de Matamoros that had a really crappy band, and working girls. It wasn't on the road to Cuatla, though, it was the road to Tehuacan.

Originally posted by gollum30
Mr. Beeks, or anyone else in the know, any info on Izucar d Matamoros, about 45 min south of Puebla, I have passed by an area of cantinas on the main highway, which I believe leads to Mexico City, from I d Matamoros.

09-11-02, 17:49
Cherubino had the pleasure of visiting San Miguel de Allende and meeting Diablo_MacTavish who turned out to be one fine fellow. Unfortunately Cherubino didn't have the chance to meet any of Diablo's girls as it seems he is having all kinds of problems keeping his harem properly staffed. Let's all hope he has better fortune in the future.

On a Thursday night Cherubino and another friend decided to check out Diablo's information about La Huerta strip club in Dolores Hidalgo. The outgoing leg of a day trip afforded the opportunity to do some daylight reconnaissance which proved to be invaluable after dark on the return leg of the trip. La Huerta is located approximately 4 miles north of Dolores Hidalgo on a deserted stretch of highway 51, on the east side of the road at km96. Just as Diablo describes it, about 100 meters off the highway downhill on a dirt driveway is a single-story concrete structure with a drive-in gate. It looks just like some farmer's house. The sign painted on the cinder-block wall says, part in English, "La Huerta Men's Club".

The Oasis Motel is back off the road at km93 but this place Cherubino didn't get a chance to check out. Cherubino could see no other reason to have a motel so far out of town other than to serve the trade at La Huerta. Another landmark is the El Cono restaurant at km91.

Cherubino and friend returned that night about 10pm wearing a black sweater so as to not stand out under the blacklights. They were disappointed to find only a handful of patrons and apparently only two girls. Just as in Queretaro a few days earlier, almost all the girls seemed to be gone somewhere else and the price of pussy had gone sky high. Everyone was friendly enough and apparently happy to have a couple of gringos pay a visit. A round of drinks and a little conversation revealed the asking price for a "privado" with one of the girls to be $1,500 pesos or US$156. Whoa! Cherubino and friend obviously had "RICH GRINGOS" tattooed across our foreheads.

No way were any of those girls worth anywhere near that kind of money. The price seemed especially outrageous in a country where that amount of money is equal to what many working-class laborers make in two weeks. Cherubino just could not imagine any of the other patrons there paying those prices and he knows the going rates in Nuevo Laredo Boys Town are less than half of that.

Cherubino and friend decided to pass and hit the road. Cherubino's friend who speaks no Spanish was starting to get nervous about our (seriously) needing a 4-wheel drive to get out of there. It was raining buckets and the dirt road might have been in danger of washing out.

The final analysis: Cherubino caught La Yegua in Queretaro on an off night but still plans to go back. Diablo_Mactavish had a good experience at La Huerta so Cherubino will have to give it a second chance his next visit to Mexico.

09-28-02, 01:21
just want to tell everyone that a new topless bar has opened in San Miguel de Allende. One of the owners is an attorney, and they sued the city govt to allow it to open and won. I haven't been there yet, but it looks good.

I was sorry to read that Cherubino had a not very great time at La Huerta in Dolores Hidalgo. Hopefully a second visit will change his experience.

One thing I did find out about the place is that the majority of the girls change every week or so. This is because like many strip clubs here, the girls are mostly brought in by agents, who split the "ladies drink" earnings with the owners.

Anyway this means that there are different girls there most of the time. Obviously, and unfortunately, this means quality and attitude varies week to week.

09-30-02, 20:47
Anyone have any suggestions for Puebla or Cuernavaca? I'll be there next month on business and need somewhere quick and discrete where I can slip away for a couple of hours. Will be with two business associates who certainly would not understand.

Nibu Raphael
10-11-02, 04:56
Hey any sex action to be found in Uruapan,Zamora and Colima???

El Mojado
10-30-02, 09:42
Sex can be had in Uruapan!

Check out the 10-29-2002 post I made for Morelia. Uruapan is roughly 1 hour or so from Morelia depending on how fast the taxi driver goes on the highway or 2 hours by bus in traffic.

I can personally recommend two places. The first is the safest but not the cheapest:

1) Club "Tabledance". Ask taxi drivers to take you there at night. They close around 2 AM if I remember correctly. That's a good time to get a discount deal on a girl if you want to take her to your hotel. You may have to pay for the "additional person" at the hotel. If you are staying at a slightly more upscale hotel (such as Hotel Nuevo Alameda which is nice and not that expensive, about $25 USD for 1 person, maybe $30 for two with TV, hot water 24 hrs and a nice clean shower and bed and bedding but no food) you can say she is a friend from a party you just went to. You'll raise a few eyebrows, but paying the 2 person fee adjustment will secure the situation.

I have heard about other clubs such as:

"Western Dance"
"La Jungla"
"Sexy Club"

Your best bet for other sources are the taxi drivers and young men in any pub or the bartenders in such places or the 3 dance clubs in Uruapan. Tell them you're new to the area and need to know the names of the places for "Chicas" but scout them out on your own and confirm the actual places with the taxi drivers. The young guys may be able to tell you some details about some of the places.

Place #2: For a rougher ride to adventure on the cheaper side with a mixed bag of ladies... Try "La Campanita". All the taxi drivers know of this place!

This is truly a dumpy place. DO NOT EAT the food they cook up outside unless you truly have an iron stomache. Drink beers or soda only. They women show up around 2am and onward. These women are the ones who were not picked from the other clubs or who want extra money or didn't make enough during the night and still want some action.

The cost is about $300 pesos for the lady. You do NOT pay a "fee" to the place, or at least you didn't have to form Nov 2001 the last time I was there.

You can't be sure what you'll find there though. And not all the women go that low. There was a definite 9 or 10 in there that I had seen before and she's EXPENSIVE! and highly sought after and has been in the business at least 3 years since I started mongering in Uruapan. But this is a place... dirt floor, brick walls, very bad bathrooms. hopefully they put some money into the place and at least put some type of flooring on the floors in the bathroom.

I have found some nice ladies in there, though. I have been with two women I met there and the first was not great in bed, but she had the nicest rack I'd seen in a LONG time :) She stayed the whole night with me and I sent her off in a taxi the next day after some passionate and wonderfully warm kisses. I even gave her a box of Nutrigrain bars for her and her kids to enjoy when she arrived to greet them in the morning.

The second woman I met there later in that trip I continued seeing for several trips. Very nice, petite, very great ass, and super caliente :) She did not look as great in sunlight as she did in the club, but she made up for that in the sack and with the respect and warmth she gave with her smile and genuineness (at least with me). Overall, I knew I was safe with her and didn't have to worry about my wallet or physical safety (still used a condom everytime, very important to do so!). She wanted my "repeat business" and worked hard to get it but I lost contact with her after about 2 years of seeing her on repeat trips, unfortunately.

These are examples of what you can find in Uruapan, but you need to have a very good grasp of Spanish to do the Campanita. You can probably fudge a little with less Spanish skills in clubs like "Tabledance" and "La Jungla". The Jungla is the most expensive club in the city - I'd compare it to Juniors of Puerto Vallarta fame. I believe price were closer to $1000 or above for full service, but I never went in there. No need to. Why pay $1500 for drinks, cover charge and the 2 hour girl once time when you can get 5 days of steamy overnight sessions instead? (and if you find the girl for the time you want to spend over there, you can stay with that one and try out more and more things with her... A better GFE than a one time event (though those can be great as well).

Again, the taxi drivers are the best sources of info.

Good luck in beautiful Uruapan! let me know if you find anything in Zamora! I'm considering that city as a possible hangout place. There's an expensive Nursing College there that I have been hearing about from a friend who lives there right now. The women are young 18-22 generally. They're going there right after high school and the college is a private school and costs big $$$ for them. So there may be a number of them doing extracurricular activities to help pay for college... so "Hello Nurse!" has new meanings and possibilities here!

Stay safe out there and Enjoy!

Treat the Chicas with respect and they'll REALLY MAKE YOU get your rocks off!!!

El Mojado

Nibu Raphael
10-31-02, 18:06
Any Action in Colima and Zamora?????

Nibu Raphael
10-31-02, 18:36
El Mojado your post in Morelia actually was Oct.30th 2002. Yeh keep us updated on Urupan if you can. Any sleazy Porn theateres there in Urupan where you can get sucked off by a ***** while watching a Porn flick???? How is the amatuer Action in Uruapan? How is the weather like in Uruapan? How many foreigners visit Uruapan? Dude I am in Peru now if you can check out Zamora for us that would be great. Can you??? Anyone info on Zamora???? Tell us more about Club Table dance???????

El Mojado
11-02-02, 11:04
Hi again...

Hey, funny you mentioned porn flicks... there is a "theater of ill repute" close to the central plaza on the same street as the Hotel Nuevo Alameda is on... I believe it is Calle 17 de Febrero... I don't really remember at the moment but it is on the opposite side of the plaza as the expensive hotel Plaza and goes downhill perpendicular to the length of the plaza....

Easiest way to get there... go to the Hotel Nuevo Alameda (VERY nice hotel and VERY cheap. You won't find anything cheaper and as nice except for Hotel Regis also downtown. Regis has the drawback of having live birds in birdcages outside in the courtyards that are beautiful and sound nice but wake you up early... Not good after a night of boozing and screwing. Plus the rooms are not as "private" in terms of making noises while screwing but they'll do and have good plumbing and decent showers and GREAT paint! You won't be disappointed by the artwork in the rooms, very colorful and beautiful. As always, rooms in all the hotels closer to the plaza streets are noisier and I 'd recommend rooms to the back of the hotel.

Regis cost is about $20 USD
Nuevo Alameda cost is about $20 to $25 USD, superior rooms to Regis.

Regis has food, but it's about 2 minutes walk from Nuevo Alameda and you don't get a discount on the food for staying at the hotel. Best deal for food is actually the buffet's at the Hotel Plaza... now that's a DEAL! (though I still love Bambino's because I really like the family that owns the place).

O.K. now for the porno place that I have seen there...

Go down from the Hotel Nuevo Alameda on the SAME SIDE of the street as the Hotel Nuevo Alameda. Go about 2 blocks. You'll see a sunken shopping "mini mall" that I believe had a bikini shop as the main storefront. Look for the movie letterhead and you'll see some movies listed. These are X rated movies, it's an ADULT movie house. I don't know anything about it, but I was told by some of my more "respectable" lady friends that it's a "bad place". So it's a place most of us would feel welcome in ;)

I don't know what you'll find in there, but hopefully you can find a lady at one of the other places and take her back to your hotel, stay the night and convince her to go with you to the place and maybe give you a BJ in the theater if she thinks it's OK... Make sure you negotiate for the overnight before hand and tell her you'll take her out to breakfast and movie and want her to accompany to that place. She'll probably know more about it. it's worth a try and the breakfast would definitely be appreciated.

I'd recommend "Rincon del Burrito Real" for breakfast which is less than 1/2 a block away from the hotel on the main Plaza just across the street from the hotel and a few stores down heading towards the Hotel Plaza on the left side of the plaza. (You'll pass a store dedicated to hunting with guns and some real stuffed taxidermy style animals including a mean looking dog holding a duck in its mouth... it's been there for years!)

I try to develop a relationship with the women I've "dated" (SW's) because I really enjoy forming friendships and having repeat partners that I can trust and feel comfortable with. It really does add to the GFE and "BFE" for her. I also take an interest in their lives and hope they won't have to do this forever and also hope they don't get jaded and remain the wonderful SW's they were when I met them. It's more likely they'll give the next guy 5-star treatment if their previous guy has treated them well and fairly. However, I don't reward bitchy behavior and you should also avoid those SW's when you encounter them.

The going rate at the Club Table Dance was about $800 to $1000 to take them out. I took out my sweetie for $700 because it was after hours and I negotiated her down from her asking price of $1000. I may have gotten her lower, but I didn't feel like threatening to go to "La Campanita" at that moment. It was late, I was tired and it was a cold night in November and I had already been slighted the previous night at the Campanita because in late November there were too many men with too much money to burn down from the U.S.! At any rate, I found out that $700 was her monthly rent and she needed to pay it soon so meeting up with me was good for her AND for me. For about $70, we had a major session, she actually asked me if I had a second condom and we went at it twice and she was EXTREMELY enthusiastic. She actually held me down at one point until she came!!! Talk about aggressive!!! turned me on and I didn't let her rest for over half an hour after that! And she still smiled at me and hugged me and kissed me sweetly for a while afterwards. (Both of us were sore, but very happy) :)

I walked her out of the hotel when she had to leave and I made sure she got into her taxi safely. I paid for the taxi (about $2.50 USD) and let her wear my jacket until she was in the taxi because it was very cold outside at that time of the year. Be a gentleman to these ladies in Mexico when you can. They'll appreciate it and treat you better for it.

Weather in Uruapan is generally warm, but nights in Winter can be cold the closer you are to the mountain areas. STAY AWAY FROM MOTEL PIE DE LA SIERRA... damned place is overpriced and FREEZING and far away from all the action. Taxi's rarely stop over there. I was there once for a graduation party and I had to wait 45 minutes in the freezing cold for a taxi and I had to share it with 3 other people... I was lucky, another couple had to wait for another taxi! Don't do Pie de la Sierra unless it's in warmer weather.

I hope this info helps. I do know the city well, it's a good place. I don't have any information on Zamora, but I remember reading someone's post saying they didn't find much. There is always something around, but you have to ask the taxi drivers and bartenders in the area.

How's Peru? I've seen some pics of Peruvian women and they look VERY hot! :)

El Mojado

11-15-02, 22:45
If you are coming to San Miguel de Allende, and want to hang out with me, I will be glad to oblige, time & finances permitting.

Nada mas, te pido un pequeño favor.... I ask nothing but a small favor....

Since I have lived in Mexico for the past 5 years or so (and for the past 3 years straight, no return trips to the US of A), there are always little things that I am needing, either unavailable or very much more expensive to buy here in Mexico.

Please email me if you are planning to come to San Miguel de Allende and want to hang out... Pretty please! diablo_mactavish (at) hotmail (dot) com

I will either send the money for whatever it is, or pay you when you get here.

Usually its something stupid, like a 6 pack of a certain brand of Irish beer, other times its something much more important, like a pair of shoes in my size.... By the way, if you have feet size 9 1/2 or bigger, you will have problems finding shoes here.

thank you very much for your past emailed questions and support. Don't feel obliged to be my personal UPS man, or anything, but I know all of y'all are nice guys and don't mind helping out a brother in need.

regards -

diablo mactavish

Nibu Raphael
11-17-02, 01:23
Peru Rules El Mojado Hey If you find out info on Colima and Zamora PLEASE Tell me??' Yeh Keep us all updated on Colima?? Do the local Colima Papers have sex ads??' Any Massage parlor action??' Tell us more on the streetwalkers of Urupan. Yeh Dude Peru has 27 million people in the capital in Lima 8 million people. Tommorow is the elections for Mayors all over Peru. Everyone must vote who is Peruvian or you are fined a 170 soles 50 Fucking bucks. I think they also foce you to vote in Mexico too. Now it is summer in Lima or at least the beggining of Summer. Keep us updated El Mojado on Central Mexico.......

11-24-02, 23:30
San Miguel de Allende's Strip Club -- "Alter Ego"

Well, I finally made it out to San Miguel's latest addition to the scene, a strip club called Alter Ego... It took me a couple of months to finally make it out there, motivated by a slight improvement in the financial scene, and a contact made by a WSG forum reader who was in town. I didn't get permission to post his name, and forgot to ask what his forum handle is, so I will call him "Reader".

It is located on the libramiento a Dolores Hidalgo, which is a sort of ring road which skirts the western edge of San Miguel de Allende, located between the intersection of the carretera a Celaya and San Miguel's Hospital de la Fe. It is located in a warehouse space, on the opposite side of the highway from the hospital. Open Wednesday through Saturday.

It is your typical Mexican strip club in most respects, $50 pesos cover, a cubeta (bucket of beer - 6 bottles) is $125 pesos, the ladies drinks are $80. I don't remember the price for bottles of liquor but it was in the $500 - $800 pesos range, depending on the brand, etc.

A six minute "privada", a lap dance in a private area is $120 pesos, a table dance (the girl dances on top of your table) is $60 pesos. You can also get an extended privada for $600 pesos. We did not opt for this, so I am not sure what the time length is.

Accompanied by Reader, we headed there about 10:30 pm on friday night. It was fairly empty and since it was pretty cold that night, most of the girls were hiding in the dressing room.

We sat down at a table with a good view of the stage (no one was dancing yet) and told the waiter to bring us a "cubeta" and some girls.

The waiter must have asked which girls speak English, for the "gringos" because he sent 2 girls from north mexico, one from Monterrey and the other from Sonora, who both spoke passable English. I prefer to speak Spanish with the girls, since I more or less fluent. Reader also speaks passable Spanish, but I think he appreciated the English.

Anyhow my girl sat right on my lap, and Reader's girl sat next to him (she was a little chubbier, haha, so I guess it was a good thing).

Reader took his girl to a privada, and had an okay time, and while there he asked her what was included in the extended session. She contradicted what I had assumed, telling him that the $600 pesos extended dance *did not* include a BJ or a quick fuck.

Anyhow, I went bought a privada with my girl eventually, and it was pretty touchy feely, though I think it was 3 minutes, not 6. My girl kept dancing anyhow, and let the song finish, even though the security guy told her that the time was up 3 times.

By this time I was a little toasted, and started investigating the possibility of taking my niña home with me. I asked the waiter what the bar's exit fee was, and he had to go ask at the bar, because he didn't know. He came back and said it was $3000 pesos, payment to the bar, not including the girl. I told him he was wrong, and then told the girl to check, and she reported that they charged $3000, including the girl's services.

Reader's girl abandoned him in search of deeper pockets, and I told the waiter to send him another girl, which he did.

This girl was a bit more fun-loving, and had a great personality, though perhaps not as cute as the girl from Sonora. Reader expressed an interest in taking this girl with him, though since the bar doesn't take either credit cards, nor is there an ATM machine within a reasonable distance, this was a bit of a disappointment to him.

It was getting to be about 1 AM and I was getting eager to get into bed with my young lady.

Truthfully, I saw several girls prettier than the girl I ended up taking with me, but I had some sort of brain hemorrhage or something and decided to take this girl home at top dollar prices. All in all, she performed well, and all, but honestly I was not really into her, and by the morning, I had "buyer's remorse" and just wanted her the fuck out of my house.

I had told her in the club that I intended to give her my phone number so we could meet on her off days. I did not do this, because in the light of day this girl could not pass for anything except a dancer/hooker. I have often taken girls I have met this way out as girlfriends, even going as far to meet their mothers in some cases. Anyway, like I said, I don't understand what was up that night. I definitely fucked her and had a decent time. Its just that half (or more) of the enjoyment for me is the psychological aspect.

Anyway, she did everything I asked her two, and she did it energetically, so I can't complain.

Alter Ego is definitely safer than "La Cabaña", and closer than the the bars in Celaya, Queretaro and Dolores Hidalgo, though not any cheaper. They rotate the girls on a regular basis, and I would guess there were about 10 - 12 of them, but in this bunch, most of them 6 or better on most anyone's scale of 1-10.

All in all, I will probably go back, though the selection is better and cheaper in Queretaro's La Yegua.

As I commented to Reader that night, we probably could have gotten a better deal from the girls on a Wednesday or Thursday than on Friday night.


01-09-03, 04:46
Does anyone have any info on any clubs or bordellos in Leon,Guanajuato.

Nibu Raphael
01-23-03, 06:20
Hi Did the recent earthquake destroy sex places in Colima,Zamora and Uruapan?? El Mojado are you alright Bro?? I hope so,,,, Regards......,,,,,, NIBU R............

Nibu Raphael
02-02-03, 00:17
HMMM Bear I would like to know more on Leon too. I know Leon has quite a few strip clubs. I would love info on Leon on Where The street*****s are and also if any massage places exist.....

03-12-03, 07:59
Originally posted by diablomactavish
San Miguel de Allende's Strip Club -- "Alter Ego"

By this time I was a little toasted, and started investigating the possibility of taking my niña home with me. I asked the waiter what the bar's exit fee was, and he had to go ask at the bar, because he didn't know. He came back and said it was $3000 pesos, payment to the bar, not including the girl. I told him he was wrong, and then told the girl to check, and she reported that they charged $3000, including the girl's services.

I just realized that I posted this price wrong. The girl cost $2000 pesos, not $3000.

sorry 'bout that!


03-12-03, 08:41
. . . Be it $2000 or $3000, that still is way too much for central Mexico - especially if you regret the whole thing. I'm not poor, but I am a little cheap. La Yegua at $700 to $1000 an hour is a reasonable deal, especially considering the selection of talent and relative safety. Also the esteticas of Guadalajara at $400 to $700 an hour are great values. But San Miguel has rather limited options and prices of everything there are a bit more . . .

03-13-03, 07:03
Originally posted by Prokofiev
. . . Be it $2000 or $3000, that still is way too much for central Mexico - especially if you regret the whole thing. . .

No girl at the Llegua will stay with you all night for $1000 pesos. They have to pay "la señora" 800 pesos to leave, or you pay it, depending on how you look at it.

The girl was with me from 1 am to 11 am, and did everything that I expected/requested/hoped.

I regretted only my impulsiveness in selecting her when there were a lot of great looking girls, not her performance.

This was not an massage parlor handjob or a quick fuck. I just "choked" and chose the wrong girl.

I did it again when I went with Dollar Bill to Fiesta Charra in Queretaro. I guess I shouldn't pick up girls when I go out with my WSG contacts. ;)

Anyhow, my favorite place for a "cheap date" is the Casa de Citas in Queretaro: $350 for 30-45 minutes. I haven't even posted about the last 3 times I have been there. The last time I was there, La señora give me a cold drink and chatted with me amicably. I think they are going to end up bronzing one of my used condoms. :D

04-05-03, 02:40
Does anyone know anything about San Luis Potosi? I'll be there tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance for all advice.

04-06-03, 08:13
Does anyone have any info on Toluca? I travel there frequently and can not find any action. Looking mostly for hotel company, but street/clubs will do.


04-07-03, 18:04
Greetings all,

I was in SLP saturday night, went to a club called Medusa's near the Holiday Inn; lots of flab around, most of the place was in the 3-5 range, and the place was pretty dead... anyway, 30 pesos to get in and 120 pesos for a bucket of 5 beers wasn't too bad so i stayed... a few girls tried talking to me, but i was not attracted to any of them- until Carla, a cute little local 19-yo thing came over and sat on my lap- she spoke as much english as I spoke spanish, which wasn't much, but we were able to communicate somewhat... anyway, she asked if i wanted a private dance (100 pesos) and i said sure... now for those who have not been to mexico, the private dances are pretty much no-holds-barred- you can do just about anything except have sex... so during the dance, while i was going down on her (!) she asked if i wanted sex- US$100 for an hour- sure, i said, and we went upstairs to a pretty dingy "sex room" with a worn leather sofa... she got naked right away- hot little body on her- got right on her knees and got to work- BBBJ- continued on the sofa then got up on my shoulders and straddled my face... got her off me, bent her over and took her from behind- she was so tight i had to check to see where i was- then her on top of me, moaning nicely the whole time- she finished me off, cleaned me up, and sent me on my way...

There's another place next to the Holiday Inn called Tavares, but after being shaken down by the local cops for 700 pesos (another story) I wasn't in the mood to go there... maybe next time...

I also read in the archives about a Zona Roja on the outskirts of town- does anybody know what road that is on?

Roberto Burns
04-08-03, 18:45
Hello all, I am totally new to this whole thing. I am considering renting a villa in the Lake Chappala area for the month of June. I was wondering if there any places around there to have fun. Also wondering how the nightlife is. Another general question. It seems you all only talk about paid services. Do you ever just meet a girl in a club/bar and have fun for free. I was hoping maybe to meet a girl down there and have her hang with me at my villa for free, I'll pay for her food but do those situations ever happen? How are the girls in that region? sorry for all the questions but I want to be well informed before I do this.

04-09-03, 23:39
Still looking for info on Toluca.


04-25-03, 03:52
Originally posted by Roberto Burns
Do you ever just meet a girl in a club/bar and have fun for free. I was hoping maybe to meet a girl down there and have her hang with me at my villa for free, I'll pay for her food but do those situations ever happen?
Robert here is the problem.

A girl from the area is very unlikely to shack up with you, especially for "food". That is because she has to live there after you leave. If she is seen hanging all over a gringo for 2 weeks, moves in with him, the whole bit, then she will be known as a puta for the rest of her life in that town.

You might have more luck if you "import" a girl, like a girl from Mexico City or some other place. The girls don't fear as much being the town "ho" if they plan to never see that town again after month or whatever.

I, for instance, have hooked up with a cute 18 year old girl that has a young baby. I give her about $400 pesos (~US $40) a week for "incidentals" and take her shopping about once every week or so, and that might be another US $40 - $60.

But in our hometown, we don't hold hands or any other PDA, so we have to go to Querétaro and other areas to kiss in public. In my apartment, on the other hand...She's a fuck machine :D

But for about US $300 per month we have sex about 4 days a week, or more often if she can sneak out in the late evening....

But this is a girl I had to really work on for a while. I am in my mid-30's and not ugly. and speak good Spanish.

Is she doing it only for the money? In part that makes it easier, but also, I am not going to have my girlfriend have to go without baby formula or whatever. What really is maybe a little bit of money to me is the world of difference to her.

anyhow, that is my experience.

Mill Just
04-29-03, 06:29

Just thought I'd put my two cents in...Making such an offer might get you a slap in the face and/or a beating from relatives. I'm not saying that your idea is impossible because nothing is totally impossible, but it's highly improbable in any area of Mexico for the reasons that Diablo stated. A better idea may be to either import a working girl (per Diablo) or live somewhat of a double life like I did when I first came to live in Mexico. Basically, I stayed in town and had an active social life with "normal" non-pros. A lot of hand-holding, walks in the park, etc. (and eventually, the good stuff) and then I'd split town for a few days and get my jollies with as many women (pros) as possible. Mexican women are slow to open up, but when they do....WATCH OUT! The thing is that you have to earn their trust and even then they are very concerned about their reputations. Anything that looks questionable to the neighbors is out of the question (I've even had women refuse to enter my house because I'm a single man and if people see her entering they'll think that she's "loose"...and these were women with whom I'd already been intimate.) So, in two weeks you may make good friends, thereby setting the stage for future, more adult fun, but a sex-a-thon in a villa would be something that must be left to the pros.

Diablo...isn't it off-setting to blur the line so much between girlfriend and prostitute? God knows what the girl's going through in her mind. I'm not a handsome man and I've gotten many girlfriends (and sex) without ever offering up any money. I go with "working girls" because I crave variety and I want sex without attachments sometimes. Maybe this sort of dynamic is what floats your boat, and if so, then go for it. But I was just thinking that things would be a lot easier to treat a pro as a pro and an "amateur" as an amateur". The head games being played would completely destroy the mood for me...

05-03-03, 03:58
originally posted by miller2k

diablo...isn't it off-setting to blur the line so much between girlfriend and prostitute? god knows what the girl's going through in her mind. i'm not a handsome man and i've gotten many girlfriends (and sex) without ever offering up any money. i go with "working girls" because i crave variety and i want sex without attachments sometimes. maybe this sort of dynamic is what floats your boat, and if so, then go for it. but i was just thinking that things would be a lot easier to treat a pro as a pro and an "amateur" as an amateur". the head games being played would completely destroy the mood for me...

she has only every asked me for money once. i just give her money, i tell her, so that she can afford to work part-time, which means i get her full time.

i don't want to quote the old cliche, but the difference between "dinner and a movie" and $20 bucks, well not much in my opinion.

my girlfriend, though she is paid in some respects, certainly isn't earning working girl wages from me.

trust me this is a very pretty girl in an unfortunate situation. when i started to go out with her, most of her clothing was ragged, she could barely afford to keep her son in [CodeWord131] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord131) and medicine.

she likes me. i like her. but i am not going to let my girlfriend live at the mexican poverty level just so that i don't have to blur the distinction between pro and girlfriend.

i mean come on.

i read your post about your income. not bragging, but i probably have a little more dinero coming in than you here running my businesses here (though i probably work twice as many hours). for instance, i just paid so that my maid's 2 1/2 year old son could have an us $800 operation. i didn't ask to fuck my (very fuckable) maid. nor am i charging her $10 a month or something to pay it back. i just paid for it because no one else would.

single mothers here are pretty much completely fucked. in fact i am seriously considering creating a "single young mothers" charity foundation.

of course if i did that, y'all be madder than hell at me, because half the pros in mexico would quit working. ;p

Mill Just
05-03-03, 07:20

I probably mis-interpreted the tone of your post. I was reading it like you were treating the girl like an indentured servent / pseudo-sex slave. I'm probably wrong. However, I've heard of a few "Ugly Americans and Mexicans" who've done just that. They've taken a girl who's down on her luck (usually a single mother) and taken advantage of her situation just so they could get their rocks off...and then they brag about how much tail they're getting!!! Those bastards deserve a special place in hell.
Especially in Mexico, even having the appearance of being a prostitute has a terrible price in terms of social standing and, in the long run, the mental health of the girl.

As you know, there's a BIG difference between helping out your girlfriend and paying a young girl to "like" you several times a week. So, it's cool that you're one of the good guys. The other losers make it hard for the rest of us...

By the way, what type of businesses do you have?

To everybody: Stay safe and have fun!!!

05-04-03, 03:46
I just wanted everyone to know that there is a little bar just outside of Comonfort now called Km. 3, it's more or less across from the Pemex station on the way to San Miguel de Allende.

I saw one of my former "pachurros" outside one afternoon, and swung inside for a beer.

Typical tough neighborhood catina. Tiny and has a cement floor and is maybe 30 x 40 ft max.

The girls do a show on friday and saturdays, apparently and several of them do "salidas".

Anyhow, about 100 years ago someone asked for info on Comonfort.... here it is. :)

Oh, apparently most of the girls come from San Miguel, though the girl that I knew from previous adventures did say that 2 of the girls were from Celaya.

Miller2k - backchannel me if you really want to know. I can't post personal details here - though a reader or 2 (dollarbill!) figured out my secret identity so I had to kill them. ;)

05-07-03, 04:39
hey guys always happy to respond to your email, but I have been gettings tons of spam on my hotmail so if you can please remember please put WSG as the beginning of your subject line so that I can pick it out from the viagra, diplomas and porn site junk.

thanks - diablo_mactavish (at) hot mail (dot) com

05-14-03, 05:17
Thanks Diablo for sharing that info in comonfort. I went last winter to comonfort and did see the km 3 bar but didn't think it had anything worth going in for. I heard about some 24hr hotels in celaya do you know anything about those.


05-15-03, 20:20
Originally posted by elmatador
I heard about some 24hr hotels in celaya do you know anything about those.

These drive in motels are all over Mexico - basically you drive into a garage and pay the motel through a slot in the window. The better hotels of this type have king size beds, cable/satellite tv w/erotic programming and sometimes even a Jacuzzi.

I generally use them whenever I am on the road in Mexico, because they are generally the same price as a standard hotel and are conveniently located near highways.

In general these types of hotels don't have a "staff" of girls - you bring your girl in with you. Once, however, when I was feeling particularly active, I grabbed on of the other hotel patron's girls on her way out, after having a less than satisfying experience with the girl I had brought with me. But that is no way to get laid.

For instance in Queretaro, there are a half dozen or so of these hotels, varying in quality just a few blocks from one of the most famous street girl strips.

05-27-03, 17:38
I will be making my first trip to Leon, Guanajuato on June 9th, I will be there for 2 weeks. I will try to get as much info as possible and post it.

06-07-03, 16:56
Greetings all,

Anybody have info on Ciudad Valles in SLP? I'm climbing the walls here.


06-18-03, 22:15
a couple of nights ago i decided to take a second peek at the km. 3 bar in comonfort, and sat there a while with a girl and a beer, not really too interested in anything there, so i left.

as i was pulling out, i noticed that across the road, right next to the pemex station was a lit house with several cars outside and the door was open with a curtain in front of it.

it turns out, it too has chicas, and actually a (slightly) better selection than the km. 3, at least on this past monday.

i ended up not taking any of the girls home, but the good news is that there's another option. :)

06-21-03, 00:23
Hey Spanky565 -

Just wanted to suggest that on a weekend night go to a cab stand and ask a taxi driver to take you to a "bar con chicas" (bar with girls). If he acts dumb tell him "un table, una casa de citas, o putas" (table dance bar, a "date" house, or prostitutes).

If he acts offended, get out and ask the next taxi in the cab stand the same thing.

Most of these guys make money shuttling these girls between the bus station and the bars they work at, in & out of motels late at night, and to their "appointments". Most know *exactly* where the girls are. Some even have the telephone numbers of some of the girls.

Let us know what you find out.

Indigo Blue
06-23-03, 07:31
Puebla de los Angeles (or de Zaragoza):
I think the best place to take girls out is Casa Rosi: Avenida Prolongacion Reforma Sur 120, La Paz. There are 20 girls there, mostly cute, all young. Expensive: 1000 pesos one hour. You have to leave a passport, driving license or credit card as deposit for the girl. It is ok, no problem at all. Conveniently located very near to Motel Castilla and Motel Bahamas. Open from 18:00 (You don't want to be there before 21:30) to 05:00. For normal girls, agree with Prokofiev: Put and ad! IMHO not in Yupi.com, as he suggest, but in http://www.elsitio.com/scripts/gl/cupido/. A friend of mine and I did so, and I got 26 girls in one year and my friend 41 (!) Those little poblanas girls want to go to dinner to el chimichurri and to la guadalupana, and white guys are the key. They know that your ad surely attracts an avalanche of replies, so they try their luck going to bed with you right away.

Stay Safe!!!

06-27-03, 00:14
I had the opportunity to return to the two bars in Comonfort (KM 3 and the "nameless" bar) last night - I have been doing some consulting work in Celaya, so it is on my way home.

Last night, there were only 2 (ugly) girls in the "nameless" bar, so I drove across the road to the KM3 and was please to see 3 very young girls (18 - 19) who were probably between 5 - 7 depending on your tastes. Ironically, there was a short, cute girl, a medium high large chested chubby (but cute) girl, and a cute tall thin girl with small tits.

Basically, all the bases covered ;).

Anyhow, there is a room there for 30 minute "privados" ($350 pesos, plus $50 pesos for the room).

I however decided to "abduct" my girl, Livia, (tall, small tits) - and convinced the owner to let her leave 2 hours early with a $200 pesos "fine", and $600 to the girl.

She was very open and talkative, and I took her home and it was 100% GFE - french kissing, caressing, oral, and sex w/condom for about 1 1/2 hours. I probably could have kept her longer, but I had early AM business, so I sent her home w/a kiss.

She also confirmed what I had pretty much figured out last time, these are almost 100% girls from San Miguel. A lot of them are going to the KM 3, so that they don't have to see people from their circle of acquaintances, yet don't have to go too far away from home. (it's about 20 minutes drive to Comonfort from the south end of San Miguel de Allende) - so the transport is cheaper than if they go all the way to Dolores Hidalgo, Celaya or Queretaro.

V Karamazov
07-09-03, 02:06
Originally posted by diablomactavish
Hey Spanky565 -

Just wanted to suggest that on a weekend night go to a cab stand and ask a taxi driver to take you to a "bar con chicas" (bar with girls). If he acts dumb tell him "un table, una casa de citas, o putas" (table dance bar, a "date" house, or prostitutes).

Let us know what you find out. That's something I'd always thought about doing (but held back because I either didn't want him to be offended or wasn't sure if it was safe or healthy). I'm still not sure what the rules are in Mexico compared with in Houston. I get the feeling that a casa de citas is nicer?

Anyways, I'm heading off to Cuernavaca if any of you have some pointers. If not, I'll you what I find.

07-20-03, 02:42
Update on the bars in Comonfort - the "nameless" bar is now called "Salon Corona".

I spent an evening with DollarBill$ - but I will let him tell you guys all about it.

I will add that I discovered that the bar called "El Campestre", located on the edge of Empalme Escobedo (between Celaya and Comonfort - quite close to Comonfort, actually) is also a "bar con chicas".

I stopped in at about 3:30 AM on my way home from Celaya - and the girls were all pretty much worn out by that time and "fucked over" - nothing much to look at, frankly.

But I did have a beer and told them a couple of jokes that I lifted from the forum and have translated/adapted to Mexican Spanish culture - then resumed my journey to San Miguel.

The Km 3 and Salon Corona were completely shut down, but by the time I got to the edge of San Miguel (~ 4 AM), I was regretting not having gotten off that evening and thought I should maybe see if I could grab one of the strippers coming out of "Alter Ego" - San Miguel's strip club that is reported on earlier in this forum.

The bouncers wouldn't let me in (they said they were closed). I considered just sitting in the parking lot for 10 minutes to see if any prospects came out, but then blew it off, but since I was "in the neighborhood" I decided to stick my head into "Las Ranas" and "La Cabaña".

Got into Ranas at about 4:20 and it was packed - though because one of my ex-steady fucks was there (we parted on less than amiable terms).

I just sort of lurked by the entrance til I was able to get the attention of one of my long-time girls - Dulce (who I've been fucking on a regular basis for 3 1/2 years+) - but she declined - on her period, she said.

She did promise that she'd call me tonight and at least give me a BBBJ - but we'll see if she comes through on that. (update - she stood me up)

Cabaña was already closed - I think that is why there were so many people in Ranas - they had all migrated when Cabaña closed up for the night.

I will add my report about Celaya with DollarBill$ after his post gets approved.

Just wanted to reply to V Karamazov -

here is from highest to lowest ranking of prostitution in Mexico:

Lowest --> Highest :

Daytime Highway *****s(servicing the truckers)


Cantinas (not bars) with *****s

Bars with *****s

Casa de Citas (obviously there are terrible ones and there are
great ones)

Escorts (newspaper)

Escorts (internet)

Strip Clubs (because you can see the merchandise beforehand!)


Obviously it depends on where you are in Mexico, and your taste. I would guess that some of the streetgirls in Mexico City, outrank some of the casa de citas girls in the smaller towns.

For instance - the Casa de Citas in Queretaro that I have been reporting on is a pit. I wouldn't recommend staying there longer than it took to pay, fuck and shuck the condom.

Dollar Bill
07-21-03, 20:41
warning - long story/report

friday night (7/18) - celaya, mexico

after getting some info on a "newer" strip joint in queretaro (see that section for review), i proceed to drive the 25 minutes to celaya.

diablo (senior member - wsg) met me at the costco about the same time that a cop pulled up to see what we were doing. we told them that we were from qro. and san miguel and were meeting here in order to go out. i asked the cop about the strip joint that we were going to called "el estadio," and the cop said "fooball." no, the place with "table dances." muy bien. i asked about directions to keep them talking and asked them about the quality. i asked if this was the best place in town for tables and they said "si!"

we left the cops and made our way to the joint. we took a right in a street that we should not have so we got a little tour of the town. diablo asked a couple of guys in a taco stand for some help. they got us turned around and going the right direction again.

we found it pretty quickly, and made our way to the door. $40 pesos entrance fee (to be paid on the bar tab) and the door man asked if we wanted a table near the door do we prefer a table that is on little higher level. thank god we chose the table on the slightly higher level. we had a great view of the stage, no one walking in front of our table blocking our view.

as soon as we sat down, a dancer calling herself roxanne came over and gave us a little kiss hello. i thought, what a nice way to be welcomed.

roxanne and the rest of the women went up on stage as part of the club's introduction of all the girls. diablo and i talked about whom we liked and he actually liked roxanne and i liked her friend. both slim with nice asses but little in the way of breasts.

roxanne came down off the stage and danced on a different table for a song. after that she made her way to our table and sat on my leg. her friend joined us and sat on diablo's leg. i told him in english not to worry because we could switch chicks later. (my mistake - i should have switched sooner).

here's what happened. after about 2 seconds of sitting on my leg, she asked me to buy her a beer. i offered her one ours but she said that she needed a ladies drink from the bar. $70 pesos for a 4-5 oz. beer in a little glass. she took the first 1/4 of the drink down her throat in one gulp. i thought - o shit - this could get expensive fast if i do not watch her. we sat playing touchy-feely games with each other for a few more minutes and gave little kisses. i asked her to kiss me (dfk) and she said that she would but i needed to buy her another beer first. i did and we sat enjoying each other. i figured that if i wanted this beer to last a little longer, i should get a private dance from her (2 tickets @ 70 pesos each).

we went back in the private exclusive area for these types of dances, and gave the guy the tickets. i asked about the large booth that was behind him and she told me that we could go in there for 10 tickets. i said we should just go to the regular (2 ticket) booth. we got to the area and she got on me giving me a nice friction dance, however, the whole time there, roxanne would not shut up about going to the 10 ticket area. i told her to stop pressuring me about that. she did not and the song was almost up, so i said that's enough and pushed her away a little.

we left the area, and she took a left to the changing room for the women, and i headed back to the table. i told diablo about the about the 10 ticket area and the pressure that roxanne was applying. (she should have really been selling used cars for a living). i hoped roxanne would just leave her beer (almost full) and make her way to other tables. diablo told me he made a quick re-fill on her beer a little earlier while we were in the private area (thanks diablo!). i was going to tell the waiter that i would not pay for the beer since she did not drink it with me.

she did show back up. she started drinking her beer and asking me to take her to the 10-ticket room. she got close to finishing her beer and asked for another. a waiter tried to take her glass which still had a little beer left in it. i grabbed the glass back from him and said she was not finished. she asked again about the room and with that i drank the beer she had in her glass and just said "adios." i told her to leave.

the rest of the night went by ok. i was in lust of this one blond stripper with big tits that was dressed up like a nurse. we made body contact several times and i advised her that i wanted a private but the guys selling the tickets just kept taking her to other tables. i told another stripper that i saw giving a very nice dance to some guy back by the bathroom that i wanted a dance from her. she had her puss/ass in some guy’s face so i knew that she was more open to being touch in all the dirty places. ;-)

diablo said that i really needed to tell a guy selling tickets that i wanted either of them but i wanted to play a game and see which one would come back on their own. a few minutes later, the 2nd girl with her ass in some guy’s face came and got me. great sexy dance. she was not beautiful in the face (looking like the young 30’s vs. 20’s, and her tits were very small (aa cup), but what she was missing in those departments, she made up in the pussy department. in our private dance, she got naked immediately, took my shirt off, and lay on top of my lags with her feet up near my head. she basically took my finger and shoved it in her hole. hot and moist. i asked about the 10-ticket area and she said that it is just like the 2-ticket area but was for 15 minutes vs. 1 song. i asked about a bj there and she said no. she told me that it was possible for a salida with her but was like 2500 pesos for 1 hour. the song ended and she was great. no pressure about more songs or more money.

i returned to the table and diablo and i decided to call it the night. on the way back to costco to get his car, i took a u-turn at a stoplight. the sign said left turn and normally here in mexico, you can do a u-turn also. (left is permitted then u-turn is permitted). the light was green and the on-coming traffic was slowing down for a tope – or speed bump (i thought).

anyway, i made the u-turn and a few feet later; i saw red and blue lights in my review mirror.

i turned off the road and stopped. the cop came up to us and diablo and i asked what was wrong. the cop told us that i had turned when the sign near the light said the turn was ok but with "flecha" or arrow. i apologized and we said that we did not see the sign about "solo con flecha." diablo did his best to try to get me out of this "infraccion" (or infraction in english), but the cop was determined. we said that we were from out of town and we would not do that again. he said he had to give it to me, and that because it was against an arrow, it would be something like $400 pesos. we asked if we could pay him something right there and he said no. i asked the cop if he had to give me an infraccion and he said yes.

i figured i had nothing to lose, so i told the cop that i did not see the sign with "palabras" or the words about "solo con flecha" and i wanted to see the words. i got in the cop car in the backseat. the cops partner had been asleep before the stop because the passenger seat was all the way back with the tilt of the seat all the way down. i could not get in at first, and the 2nd cop moved the seat to give me some room.

the cops took me back to the light, and low and behold, they were right. i told them that i just wanted to see the "words" so that i would know where to look for them in the future. i said i was sorry, and that i really wanted to pay for my mistake but felt that their families probably needed the money more than the government of celaya. i asked if $200 pesos for the first cop and $200 pesos for the second cop was ok because i did not want to have to return to celaya the next day. they said "si" and i handed the first cop the $200 peso bill. he dropped it in between the 2 front seats, so i placed the 2nd @200 peso bill on top of the first one. he handed me back my driver license without taking any info down and said adios.

i got back into my car and diablo asked if i got an infraccion and i said no. they finally took the bribe and let me go. on the way back to his car, we were making jokes about not doing anything else wrong.

overall, a good time, but we should have stayed in queretaro and party at fiesta charra!

info on the club:

el estadio men’s sports bar
constituyentes 602
celaya, gto.

$40 pesos admission
$70 pesos ticket for table dance
2 tickets for 1 song semi-private
10 ticket for 15 minutes (private cube – no one can see you but not a room) (cbj possible from what i heard from guy at next table who had one from roxanne from all people)
salida – 1 hour $2500.

www.estadio.com.mx is the website they have posted at the door but when i just tried it, it gave me a very generic search website - diablo help us out here, please!

dollar bill$

07-23-03, 04:49
originally posted by dollar bill
i asked the cop about the strip joint... i could not believe he did that. i am convinced that this is why we got pulled over later that night... ;)

el estadio was packed. there were easily 150+ men, and only about 14 dancers - so even the fugly ones were busy most of the night.

i singled out another young lady who said her name was "gloria" (don't remember for sure - i never remember stripper's stage names - if i fuck them i usually have charmed their real name out of them - otherwise i don't really care what name they use.

i ended up doing a privada with her and then paid for another back to back - she is a little 18 year old hard bodied hottie - she wouldn't take off her panties though - said she was on her cycle. but she told me to come back in a couple days and she'd do a salida with me - i forgot to ask her how much - all the blood had rushed out of my brain to supply "other areas" of my body.

song #2 ended, she gave me a very nice deep french kiss and i went back to the table to play musical chairs with girls' asses and my knee for the rest of the night.

talked to a nice girl from argentina (come to think of it, i think *she* was the one named gloria!) who turned out to be the best stage dancer in the place. she wanted ladies drinks - but she was slated to go on stage in 5 minutes so i said "when you come back".

she never came back - got grabbed by another table and started generating $$$ from them.

i tried out a couple more "knee warmers" but none of them really "tickled my fancy". on the other hand i had already fucked one of my regular girls earlier in the day so my sperm count to brain cell ratio was in check. ;)

bill kept on drooling over this surgically enhanced girl who was definitely attractive (though not my type). i kept telling him to tell the boleteros to grab her for him - but he wanted her "naturally".

all i can say is "naturally" is fine on a wednesday night when the girls to customers ratio is 1 - 5 or something - but the place was packed.

so we both left dateless (and not so broke) - until bill decided to waste perfectly good table dance money by running a light.

diablo did his best to try to get me out of this "infraccion" (or infraction in english), but the cop was determined. i was a little worried about bill because his spanish is not so great and he speech was a little slurred from our beer intake, i thought it was a *bad* idea to disagree with the cop - but as soon as the cop jumped at the chance to let bill take a ride - i figured that he was either going to accept a bribe or take him to jail for dui.

luckily, they took the bribe. i told bill about the time i went to celaya and got so drunk at a topless bar that i ran out of money, decided to drive to a cash machine - a couple of blocks aways - threw up out of the window of my car, and got pulled over for going the wrong way out of a 50 ft long alley when i got lost in the neighborhood about one minute later. the cop felt sorry for me took a $50 peso bribe just to avoid having to clean out his patrol car. actually, as i recall, i cleaned up at the gas station and went back to the bar to take a girl home.

the domain was www.elestadio.com.mx - the site seems to be offline. they probably traded table dances for a website. lots of kids in mexico have been selling websites to companies like this without either knowing what they were doing, or not educating their clients as what to expect. so anyhow, it is offline.

as i reported earlier - on my way home i made a couple more "unscheduled stops" - but the girls were so unattractive at the bar in escobedo that i actually told the girl that i couldn't take her home because i didn't want to be unfaithful to "manuela" (which in mexican spanish doble sentido means masturbating). everyone in the bar, even the target girl, laughed at that one.

so - yeah! when are we going to do it again!?! (i'm driving)

07-27-03, 06:27
Originally posted by diablomactavish
I could not believe he did that. I am convinced that this is why we got pulled over later that night... ;)
Ditto that! Mongers be on notice that Celaya and Central Mexico environs are not Tijuana or Nuevo Laredo where things are more out in the open. A little discretion is called for here.

V Karamazov
07-27-03, 14:14

Thanks for posting the vocab list. It came in handy last night, but I'll probably post the details in the Mexico City area. I wanted to add a few bits of info, though.

For some reason, my taxi driver split up the terms Casa de Citas and a place for Massajes. The casa de citas we went to was well furbished, very clean, and they expected you to sit down and have a drink downstairs before you got down to business. The girls weren't very pretty, though, so we tried what he said was a massage place. This was more like the spa/ salon/ studios that I'm used to. Also in a residence, but with pretty girls and a little cheaper. As for the strip place we'd gone to before that, it turned out to be not so good. $20 a dance. $20 a DRINK. You had to tip the guy to get out. No special services on the premises.

As for Cuernavaca, the Lonely Planet travel guide mentioned that the street called Aragon y Leon had SW's beckoning from doorways. I have yet to have found this claim true.

09-29-03, 05:50
Is there any SW in Taxco?! If so, what do they charge?


11-11-03, 07:33
Yo spanky,

How did you make out in Cd Valles? How about SLP? These cities bring back fond memories to me, as they are my stomping grounds (was born in Cd Valles, and lived 12 yrs in SLP). In fact, my hobbying first steps were in SLP, where I frequented the SW circuit, the strip clubs and went to the masajes. That was 6 years ago, now I live in New Jersey.

Anyways, I am interested in your recent hobbying activities in CD Valles, how you made out.



11-25-03, 04:13
Hello everyone,

I am going to Cuernavaca next month. Is there any good nightclub to go? Is there anything better than nightclub? How much I have to pay?

Thank you!


A Toda Maquina
12-02-03, 07:45
Checked out Puebla found a Masaje place called Kristal in Col. San Baltazar ,a nice two story place ,fully furnished house with nice bedrooms & couch downstairs to watch bigscreen tv . At least six good lookin ladies there 300/350 pesos FS ,no rushing ,no knock on door . They even had a promotion two chicas 40 minutes 500 pesos.The chicas ranged from approx.25-30 yrs old.I had a chica even wanna get together for a
GFE! Overall , Puebla was a very nice,clean city with lots of friendly faces and nice places to go .but must be high in altitude because it was cold at night!

TJ Black
12-13-03, 08:22
What's the scene like in Leon and Guanajanto? I may go there for the World Rally in March '04.

12-16-03, 17:18
I will be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in February and will be looking for some nice action. I have been there before and found it rather hard to locate some nice girls that enjoy discrete afternoon or evening fun.

Look forward to your help in San Miguel.

12-20-03, 04:57
Hi, I'm traveling down to Uruapan on Jan 21. It will be my first trip into Mexico. I'm used to the border towns, TJ, Nogales, Agua Prieta, ect. I'd like to have some current info on scene in Uruapan.


01-03-04, 00:32
I will be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in February and will be looking for some nice action. I have been there before and found it rather hard to locate some nice girls that enjoy discrete afternoon or evening fun.

I don't know what you mean by "nice girls", because by definition, a "nice mexican girl" would never indulge in "discrete afternoon or evening fun".

Anyhow, here are the current bars con chicas (ie paid companions):

Alter Ego (strip club)

La Cabaña (written about it here, check the archives - it hasn't changed)

Las Ranas (on the Libramiento, the ring road on the
northwestern edge of San Miguel)

Los Adobes (about 200 yards from Las Ranas)

Other than that you can try your luck at bars like Mama Mias and El Ring, but those girls aren't pro girls by any stretch of the imagination, and suggesting a paid relationship in a bar like that is likely to get you kicked out, at best.

Anyhow, feel free to PM if you have any further questions.

01-15-04, 00:49
Thanks for the report on San Miguel, DiabloMactavish. I was aware of some of the clubs and bars, but you have increased my knowledge of other places. Will you be there this winter? I will be leaving the last week of January for two months. It would appear that there a number of Chicas that are pros but the city seens to have a reasonble tight rein on them and it is difficult to make contact. San Miguel is not like Celaya. If you wish a private contact with me please state so.

Thanks again

01-21-04, 22:06
Hey Elmaster,

Sorry for the late response, but I've not been on the hunt for about 2-3 months now- I'm seeing someone from my office on a semi-steady basis and she's been attending to all my "needs".

I have heard there's a strip club in Ciudad Valles but I haven't been there (yet)... don't know the name, only that it's on the NW side of town- sounds like a good excuse to do a little research this weekend!! I'll let you know what I find out.

As for San Luis, I went to a club named "Medusa", and it was appropriately named; but, there was a cute little 19-yo there (forget her name) who was tight as a drum- 1000 pesos (~$90) for an hour of full service incl. BBBJ. She was good, but not worth the trip to this dump, especially after I was shaken down by the local cops after leaving the place.


02-10-04, 16:02
I am planning on traveling to Colima and Oaxaca during the next few months. Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations in either of those areas?

02-12-04, 08:29
Hi Duesy:

I dont know your tastes, but for me Oaxaca is absolute pussy heaven. I like native women, and in the blocks around the "20 de noviembre" food market you will find many semi-pro (and pro) street walkers that are hard to set apart from local shoppers. They come from nearby towns and villages during the day only, from about 10 AM to 8 PM (or in some cases to 10 PM). They usually loiter around the very small hotel entrances in those streets, or around shoe shine or newpaper stands. Be sure of eye contact before accosting. If you have time, check their moves... walking around blocks, standing near hotel entrances, or knitting on the street are dead giveaways. Prices are very low, usually 10 to 20 dollars per F including the room and condom. They all have permits and checkup bills of health (never seen that elsewhere in Mexico).

It seems 20 years ago they were called "petateras" because they carried rolled-up woven thatch carpets (petates) under their arm, to take along and fuck in rooms without beds or in the backlots of the market...

Some of the very best sex of my life.. and believe me, I've had a lot, I've had with these wonderful mature women of Oaxaca.

I havent been there mongering for over 12 months, so there might be developments. I have no info on other more "regular" forms of nightlife or locales.


02-24-04, 20:03
Here is a question to all in this forum, which by the way, is truly awesome. I have not seen anything recently on Puebla and will be there for business in the next few months. I have little spanish and hoping for as many up-to-date details on Puebla. Especially interested in whether the Manhattan (another clubs or places that are also quality) has rooms on the premises and if there are equally hot women in the Puebla clubs, massage parlors. I want to be experimenting for the full week, so all kinds of clubs and bordellos are fair game. I am looking for young hotties rather than the older women, although sometimes....

Any feedback is most appreciated.

03-08-04, 00:59
I'm up in - you guessed it - El Paso, TX right across the border from Juarez. I'm considering a move to Irapuato or San Miguel Allende - what's the pussy like around these areas? I prefer good looking (no kidding), young, clean, easy-on-the-pocketbook, semi-pro (I think) chicas. Any help?


04-08-04, 20:59
I will be going back to Izucar d Matamoros, in Puebla, in a few mos. Anybody have any experience in Izucar. I know there is a zone, but have been unable to escape to get there on my last few trips. All info appreciated.

04-26-04, 17:36
I have been living as an expat in San Luis Potosi for over a year now and in that time have begun my mongering career. Due to cost and illegality, I always refrained in the US. However, the sexy latin women, legality, and low cost here in MX caused me to finally make the plunge. So far so good, some mistakes and wasted money, but I'm starting to get the hang of the lifestyle. Here's contribution to the Central MX forum with some points on SLP. I'll give you all my amatuer adventures to date. All prices in pesos, current rate of exchange approx. 11 to 1.

Strip clubs
There are three nice clubs on the main highway coming into the city on 57 (from DF and Queretaro), Tavares, Sophistique, and Medusa. Cost and quality are in that order. All are within a half mile of each other and very close to the major hotels.

Tavares is much like some of the expensive clubs in DF, really gorgeous girls from all over MX as well as some Columbians, Venezuelans, and Argentinians. Nothing less than an 8 but most 9 to 10. Cover is 150 to 200 after 11pm on Fri and Sat. Free entry but 3 drink min other times. Private dances are 200 each, you can do anything with the girl but actual sex. I don't know about salidas with the girls but I'm sure the are negociable and probably several thousand pesos.

Sophistique is just like Tavares but down a level. Cover is 50 to 100 late on Fri and Sat and free other times. Private dances are 150. In general the girls aren't quite the quality as Tavares, but the are more affectionate. Still you can find plenty of 7s and 8s and several 9s if you hang around until the later busier hours. I haven't had a salida in either place, maybe 2000 pesos here.

Medusas is much like Sophistique just down maybe a half level. No cover and 120 peso private dances. Still there are a few 8s and an ocasional 9. Medusas has a VIP room with couch where you can take the girl for FS. I popped my monger cherry here not long after moving here about 9 months ago. I had a great evening with Esmeralda cute and tiny little local girl with a 9 rating in regard to everything except tits, here she was a 0 meaning she had none. I negociated FS for about 1000 which included the room and condom. Expensive but a great first experience because I got the benefit of the tease and excitement of hanging out with here before hand and getting to watch her dance first.


After my first experience I learned quickly that the esteticas are the place to go in regard to value. Pick up El Sol newspaper on any corner, turn to the classifieds and you will find a half page of options under the category of Esteticas. Several advertise 180 peso full service. I went to one of these (can't remember the name) and found no 180 peso full service. The place was in the downtown and massage and FS was 400. There were only 2 girls there, a 4 and a 5, both a little older. I took the 5 (can't remember name). As usual the massage was a joke. But CBJ was excellent, plenty of ball and ass caressing, no rush what so ever to get on with the sex. We moved on to cowgirl and I finished her doggie. Aside from her not being very good looking, the other thing that got me was when we went into doggie and her ass was bent over in front of me, I got the worst wiff of but smell. It really turned me. I went straight home and had to shower. I felt like cooties were crawling all over me. Nice and cheap but I'd rather pay few bucks more and get a younger better looking girl without the but smell.

In the last couple of months I've made several trips to a place called Malenys on Augustin Vera #650. It is in a good area because of its proximity to Carranza. Carranza is the main boulevard running through the middle of the city and right into the historic center. It's lined with nice shops and restaurants. this is perfect for me because I feel more comfortable in nicer more familiar areas of the city where a gringo won't look as out of place. The girls here are much better looking and I've yet to encounter the but smell. It's more expensive. You pay 150 to the house for the massage and 500 to the girl. They bring the girls out one at a time from the back room so you have to pay attention and remember the name of the one you want. The 3 times I've been in the last couple of months there were in the 6 to 8 range. The first time I wasn't paying attention and picked Cecilia over Veronica because the brought them out so fast. Cecilia was a only about a 6. She was young, shy, unaffectionate, and awkward. As I was leaving I got a good look at Veronica because she was out in the lobby. Wow, I could have kicked myself for picking the other. Vero had a body like a brickhouse. The last two times I've been with Marisol and although no kissing and cbj, she gives me superb service and affection.

Overall SLP is a nice city with almost no traffic or crime. In comparing other post from MX, it seems about average for MX.

05-29-04, 15:14
Notes on visit to a burdilla in Puebla:

I went to a house on 26 Oriente. It was not marked in any special way. They were open in the afternoon and were very helpful to me. This is good as I do not understand all the details in Spanish as well as I would like. I had called a few other places and their prices were higher (probably with better looking chicas). However, they also hung up on me after I asked them to explain more slowly again the second time. I found a long list of numbers to call in the want ads of "El Sol De Puebla". The number of the place I went to, however, was listed in the DF paper under Masaje, with the header of "Hola".

At this place at 14:0O, only two women were available, both somewhat overweight in the rear. They very patiently explained their various services to me. Full service for 30 min is $300, and an hour with a few extra promises is $500. I had the option of choosing one or the other. I chose Karen for her sympatica attitude and her helpfulness, and because her ratio of knockers to belly seemed a little larger. Neither one was willing to go along with photos.

By the way, Karen told me that what she does is actually illegal here, it's just that the SW business pays off the officials who could give them heat.

Karen will not be around for much longer, because she is only working there for another month. She is finishing her degree at the university and needs to make some money -- what she does is a much better living than her other options.

Karen is good at what she does and she accepts it pretty well. She was willing to talk to me, which is something I wanted. She let me undress her and play with her nice medium size titties (C) while we chatted. Her brown nipples are relatively large (one is at least a half inch long) and very attractive to la boca.

After some talk and caresses, she did very good work with her hands and her mouth on me. She apparently has studied up on these things. She also got right on top of me and scrubbed her belly against mine while pushing herself onto me.

She then invited me to stand up and fuck her while she was on her knees and shoulders on the bed. I've been with just a few other SWs and they made sounds that were obviously fake. Karen made moans whose origin I couldn't pinpoint, and it was so exciting that I came in her before I had planned. She is good at getting guys to relax, to have a good time, and have lust for her. She also is good at playing the money game. I paid for a full hour, and she managed to get me into her sooner than I had planned, and to get me out of the room sooner than I had planned.

Other than this probably - normal - SW - behavior, she was very nice to me and I would recommend going back to her, for a 30 minute session. She claimed not to be a "puta" because they just lay there and take it, and she was certainly more involved than that. I might return if I felt I needed it, which I don't. Interludes with SWs have a relationship aspect to them, and It is never clear to me why I go to one seeking sex, only to discover that the important part of being with a woman is really that of having a relationship, and (post coitus) not so much about biological function. I guess it's that I want both, and I don't get the physical part in "legitimate" relationships.

Dollar Bill
06-24-04, 16:11
My mongering buddy (El Austriaco) and I took a trip from Queretaro to Celaya to see an "Argentina Amiga - "Gaby"" of a friend at her place of employment (THIS STRIP JOINT)!

Anyway, the strip joint is located on Carretera libre Celaya-Apaseo Km 3 on the south side of the road. It is located between Apaseo and Celaya but much closer to the Apaseo exit on Celaya Cuota. (about 3 kms from that exit going towards Celaya).

Cover is 30 MXP, no minimum consumption that I know of.

Anyway, there were probably about 15 girls there, and according to the consenses (El Austriaco and myself) 14 of them were on the hot list, and 1 was average. (probably, the average girl would do well in other strip clubs with more average girls).

Drinks for us were pretty reasonable 20-25 MXP per beer, but the girls drinks were $120 MXP (but the Argentine Chick that was sitting with me always ask for DOUBLE. I do not know if you can get a $60 MXP drink. I bought 2 and it was $240 total for her drinks). Even though she was a friend of a friend that we had just met in QRO, she treated me basically like a bank, and I got rid of her after 3 dances and 2 double drinks. (YES - SHE PLAYED ME LIKE THE HORNY FOOL THAT I AM!)

The women were high pressure about their time. They would only sit with you if you were buying drinks for them or dances. Most would drink it down and ask for another.

Dances were also $120 MXP There were no table dancing going on. All dances were being done in a back room with little booths. Dances were for 1 song. They also had "promotional" 3x1 dances (3 dances for 1 ticket) but the songs were cut short. Some of the girls would not show their "box" without getting a second dance from you. They would not touch your pecker with skin on skin contact. (MUCH UNLIKE PUNTO G IN QUERETARO). Also - I just found out that not all girls do totally nude dances in the back. Some prefer to just do a topless dance for the same money.

I had about 7 dances in the back, gave an extra ticket to my buddy (who is always very generous with his tickets), and also went to a "5 song SPECIAL privado" in a separate area.

The Special Privado was great! DATY, french kiss, hand job (over the underwear) but "Jenny" was really special. She had a baby about 5 months ago but looking at her body, you would never know it. She still had milk in her boobs, and they were the most perfect size. She let me "Feed" on her titty milk and those of you that have tasted mother's milk (recently - not when you were a kid) know that it tastes really sweet. She was fucking great! Nice release and she even help me clean up my mess by getting me some paper napkins. (got phone number)

They have another "MORE PRIVADO" area that costs you $700 for the house, and then whatever you work out with the girl. Normally, 1K to 1.5K MXP is what the girls ask. (so I have been told by one of the bouncers).

So if you go, and I recommend it, just be careful not to get sucked into the buying of numerous drinks. I spent another $240 on drinks and my buddy spent more on drinks for his lady but he said that he got more extras in his lap dances than did I. So I am happy that he is happy!

Take care, have fun, and be safe!


ps - PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM GABY (the chica from Argentina). She is only interested in separating you from your money. NOTHING MORE!!!

pss - beware of the SW in the Pemex next door. They are NOT natural women! (21 digits if you get my drift! 10 fingers, 10 toes, + 1)

Black Sheep
06-27-04, 18:30
Having lived in Oaxaca City for a over a year, would like to share what I have learned about the local sex for pay scene.

Massage Parlors: usually 4 listed in local paper, NOTICIAS. All seem to charge 250 (all prices in pesos) per 1/2 hr. Any massage is perfunctory at best. Most have 2 - 4 girls at a shift. Can recommend Golden Girls as having the most comfortable ambient.

Escort Svc.: Small photo ad in another local paper, EL IMPARCIAL. 800 per hr. Girl I was sent was really short (146 cm) and not particularly pretty. On plus side, was 18 and very willing in all aspects of sex I requested.

Night Clubs: On all rds leading out of city are "centros nocturnos", quality of girls varies wildly. Some are dancers from other parts of Mex., and these are, generally, the best looking and the most expensive. Prices negotiable. I don't like the drink hustling and the loud music, but t.e.h.o.

Streetwalkers: on streets between Cental de Abastos and Zocalo, usually close by a hot sheet hotel. Some have health cards issued by city. 200 for "un palo".

If anyone has specific questions, please PM me.

07-03-04, 12:48
Black Sheep,

Thanks for the report! I never saw streetwalkers, but now I know I was looking in the wrong place.

How come you didn't mention Casas de Cita (brothels)? There are a half dozen in the centro. I never went to one, but I undersand they run to about 300 Pesos, in addition to maybe 50 Pesos for the taxi ride and 100 Pesos (?) for the hotel room.

I disagree about strip club drink hustling. I've had the best of times in Oaxacan strip clubs. Drinks for dancers have never been pressured upon me. This summer, for the first time, I bought dancers drinks. You get cock rubbing, DFK, mini lap dances, and dancing on the stage and on the floor included, all for 50-100 Pesos per drink. Oaxaca can't be considered a monger "must visit," so extended hours at the clubs dancing and flirting with the chavas before banging them in the cubicle makes for a fantastic evening, as far as I'm concerned.

Black Sheep
07-07-04, 16:35

Casas de Citas new to me. 25 yrs ago used to be several, remember the Playa Azul nr centro, and the Cozumel in Sta. Rosa Panzacola. Never actually asked whether such can still be found.

Bars leave me cold; suffer from artillery ear, and in a noisy ambient can't converse with a lady (or anybody else).

Live and learn.

Black Sheep

07-16-04, 06:01
Oaxaca Strip Clubs

I posted this on redbook a few weeks ago. I realize now that on this board there has been no info on Oaxacan strip clubs, so I thought I should copy the report here to fill in the gap

Little Oaxaca has at least 12 strip clubs, of which I have visited 9.

There are basically two types. One has super hot girls who will give great lap dances including DFK and cock-rubbing-through-jeans if you get the right one, but without extras. La Trampa, Mayami, and Texano are three such clubs, though which of them has the hottest girls will vary throughout the year. Most, if not all, of the chicas are available to take outside of the club, for what I am guessing is about 1,000 Pesos at this day and age.

The other type of strip club is a sloppy place, with a good number of gordas, but all with at least several young, thin hotties. In these clubs, sex back in the cubicles is rather normal. They even now have rooms with beds, though since they run to 1,000 - 1,500 Pesos, almost no one uses them. The best thing about these clubs is that before you have sex out back with them, you can buy the dancers drinks [usually 50 Pesos for little fake beers; 100 Pesos for a real beer], sit and chat, make out on the floor, and dance onstage and in the aisles to cumbia and the lot. That’s why I loved such places. My last day, Tuesday, I met up again with Coral at La Habana. Thin morena from Acapulco, with a superbly toned body, about 27 years old, though her attractive face could pass for 22.. She drank regular beers with me, and all the while she was just super interactive, with us DFKing on the main floor, with her rubbing my cock every now and then, with us dancing on the stage to cumbia tunes or whatever song, and with us just shooting the breeze and laughing at our table. Back in the cubicle, she could sometimes be a bit mercenary, but basically it was just to finish up a great evening with her. Aside from La Habana, El Carrizal is a similar such place.

The club Baraimas is a mix of the two types of clubs. Some super hot girls who won’t do extras back stage (though they will cock-rub and DFK), along with some other girls who can be convinced to do more.

Any tips concerning Mexican strip clubs? Yes. Choose the hottest babe in the place, and she will provide the best service. Yes, I’ve had great times with uglier gordas. But the hotties have a reputation to keep, after all, no? Almost all of the hottest youngest things did DFK with ugly ol’ me, for example. The gordas, no; not sure what their problem was.

Here some of my last evening with Coral at La Habana:

I arrive early at around 10:00 since I fly back to the States the next morning. Since it is early, she is sitting on her own with other dancers. I turn and say hello, and her hot face brightens up and she rushes to give me a hug (I had been away for a week.)

“Let’s get a table back there; it’s more cozy,” she said. And once we settled down and ordered our beers, we snuggled and I gave her soft kisses on her neck and ears.

“Let me see your muscles again,” and she showed me them, flexing her arms for me, her tight dark skin looking just incredible.

“Oh, but you have big muscles too!” and she grabbed my cock, which couldn’t help but attaining wood. “See!! You have big muscles!”

The DJ cranked out a Cumbia tune, which we both love, and she asked, “Wanna dance?” Claro! Throughout the evening we’d take breaks from chatting, and we'd go dance on stage or on the main floor to Cumbias, Salsa, Techno, Rammstein, whatever. And like the other girls I was with, she’d be sure to give a newbie like me directions. “And now, turn!” “You spin around!” “And now me!” “Spin using both hands!” “Shake your ass now!”

And then her awesome, hot, tight morena butt... ¡Ay, Señores! Back at the table, she’d give little mini lap dances, where she would give me an ass show that will not easily be forgotten. She knew I loved her ass, so she would first show it off inches from my face, letting me kiss and lick it. Then she’d shove it in my face and shake it around. Then she’d again give me a show, shaking it such that it would quiver, a move Latinas seem to be especially skilled and proud of.

And then she takes off my shirt, and puts it on herself. We dance again with me topless and sporting a ridiculous farmer’s tan, but no one gives a shit. As long as you are having fun, the other chavos in the place will only cheer you on. My shirt was a nice brown linen thing, and I’ve never seen anything hotter than that morena posing sexily in front of me showing off how her dark skin looks just too awesome against the brown linen.

And then off for our privados, which cost 100 Pesos each. For sexo, she asks for 500 Pesos. Covered BJ, yes. But good eye contact during it and then sexo with her hot, tight butt waving in the air, her tasty pussy all for me to ram into...

Pecker Will
07-24-04, 03:35
Just returned from a visit to Zacatecas. Did not have time to do any "snooping". Is there any action there? Probably not. But I'd like to live there - and I'll be looking.


07-26-04, 16:47
Hi Black Sheep,

Great Oaxaca report. The streetwalkers I know are located next to the 20 de Noviembre market and surrounding streets. Hot sheet hotels involved are very poor but some are charming, such as the lovely little Hotel Asunción. Check out that wonderful patio. Others are Hotel Villa and Hotel Maria Isabel I think.

I'd rather not PM. Could you be more specific on your experiences? I'm sure we've done the same women, if it was in the daytime. I remember Licha, Guadalupe, Helena (incredible CIM BJ), Ana Maria, Rosa, etc. These women are illiterate Indians from neighboring regions, and have a great attitude to sex. I'm tempted to post some pictures. I might later on.



Black Sheep
07-28-04, 15:35
The only SW with whom I've had the pleasure was a 20ish lady from Puebla. Not terrible looking, but with the all too common C-section scar. 200 pesos. Found her on Periferico across from Central de Abastos.

The paper sometimes discusses prostitution, and usually identifies Calle Mina as a stroll, but I have never seen a lady I could certainly say was working. Based on Peter Paul's report, I'll have to have a look around this Hotel Asuncion.

Personal preference is for massage parlors and the escort svc mentioned in my earlier report. Escort svc no longer advertises, but was still in biz 2 wks ago. If anyone needs the info, I can post phone number.

Border Rat
08-02-04, 03:47
Pecker Will

Zacatecas is a pretty nice place to live, isn't it? I would pick it over any place in Mexico. Clean, safe, pretty, and comparatively few tourists. It's not much of a party town, but there is a zona de tolerancia just outside the city. $5 cab ride to a walled compound similar to Nuevo Laredo. I went a bunch of times during a month stay in Zac 2 years ago. I guess it is still there. About 15 different bars ranging from strip clubs to pure monger bars to hard drinking macho bars to live girl shows. Its worth checking out....BR

Pecker Will
08-09-04, 05:39
Thanks a mil, BR. I did not expect anyone to come up with anything. Can you give me more specific directions? I have a vehicle. Would you suggest taking my vehicle or just taking a cab? Do you have a name for the place? Which direction? I sure will appreciate any help. I plan to relocate on Sept. 1

I'll miss the action in Juarez but a guy's gotta do what he's gotta do.


Black Sheep
08-09-04, 15:14
Yester day's local paper (NOTICIAS) had article on robberies committed in "antros de vicio" by personnel (security and/or dancers), or with connivance of same. One guy killed at Caribe Club, one robbed in parking lot at La Habana. The one robbed claims to have had 15 thou pesos (why would anyone carry so much cash to a club is mystery).

Don't believe that foreigners are much at risk (gringos are unnatttractive targets, as they bring major heat), but a word to the wise.

Border Rat
08-09-04, 23:20
Pecker Will

I don't really have directions to the zona there, but taking a cab would probably be the best bet. At least the first time to get your bearings and then you could drive after that if you feel up to it. I don't drive at all in Mexico. All I remember from the cab rides out there is passing the bus station, a bunch of topes, and then a dirt road about 10 lanes wide that looked like it had been bombed.

I envy you moving down there. I really liked that place. But as you know, comparing it to Juarez is like night and day. I managed to find two massage parlors in the city and they were both non-sexual...lol. And there are more bars on one block in Juarez than the entire city of Zac. But you cannot beat the guys selling aguamiel out of jugs strapped to burros, the callejoneadas, la mina, la bufa and all those sexy latinas in great shape from walking all those damned hills....lol. Ahhhh, maybe I'll head back down myself. Have fun....BR.

Black Sheep
08-13-04, 15:09
Oaxaca, Oax.

Article in today's NOTICIAS, says that about 1,100 women exercise prostitution in the city and surrounding towns. Of those, only about 300 atre under sanitary control.

The rest are concentrated mainly in the municipios of Sta. Lucia del Camino, Sta. Cruz Xoxocotlan and S. Jacinto Amilpas, where the "libreto sanitario" is not required.

A "worrisome statistic" is that 40% of them (sex workers) are students at some level of study.

40% work in bars, while those who work the street are mainly single mothers, and 40% of those are illiterate.

10-05-04, 17:14
Leon Mexico? Anyone been there? Anything to do there?

10-15-04, 20:08
San Luis Potosi

I recently spent about 10 days in SLP. Was not able to do any mongering as my SO was with me. However, eyes wide open- looking, looking, looking. On Sarabia about two blocks north of Los Bravos there were a couple of bars. I noticed a number of chicas outside on the street. They obviously were looking for companionship. Most of them were young and not too bad looking. Since I prefer thinner women they only graded out at about a 6-7.

A most unusual thing happened late one afternoon. We were sitting on some benches around the Plaza de Armas and a woman (old and rather ugly- boo!) approached us. She asked me (en espanol) if we were interested in a threesome. I laughed and said ‘no thanks’. She then walked over to my SO and asked her if she was interested in having sex with her. My SO, not understanding any espanol, asked me what she said. I said I wasn’t sure and then told the lady to go away. She kept commenting that she really liked my SO’s blue eyes.

One morning as we were returning to our hotel I saw one of the hottest chicas I have ever seen. It was very apparent that she had spent the night at the hotel conducting business. This gal was about 5’10, beautiful face and an absolute hard body. Thin but nicely built with an amazing looking rack. The outfit she was wearing did not leave much to the imagination. Her skirt was so short you could almost count hairs (if there were any) and it was so tight you could see the muscles in her butt. Oh well, another opportunity missed.

In conclusion, if you are in SLP want to go mongering I believe there is an abundance of nice P4P chicas and they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Happy hunting,


10-15-04, 20:14
Black Sheep,

I recently spent a week in Oaxaca. It appeared to be a mongers paradise. I noticed a lot of SW's around the zocalo and neighboring streets. Most were about average looking. Some were young and others appeared to much older (way too old). Was unable to sample any of the goods because I had my SO with me.

Out of curiosity- what is the general price range for SW's in Oaxaca? I hope to get back there in the spring and will try my hand at 'entertaining' some of the local chicas.



10-20-04, 15:45
Hi Duesy:

I hope this helps. In Oaxaca, there are NO streetwalkers in the Zocalo, much less young ones. Dont make a bad mistake hitting on the wrong girl. The SWs I've seen (and Ive been around town) are located in the streets south of the Zocalo near the 20 de noviembre market. They are mostly older Indian women. I feel they are great and the real flavor of the land, but if thats not your cup of tea, avoid.

Now, for the young ones. Last time I traveled, I heard they hang out inside very small beer taverns (cervecerías) in streets close to the old bus central, such as Valentin Trujano. I hear you go, have a beer, barfine them out of the place and take them to hot sheet hotels close by. Havent tried, but Ive seen a couple and they look good to me. Young Indian women.

Another option is not exactly paid sex. There are local girls (and boys) that hang out in the Zocalo that flirt and connect with single foreigners (men and women alike). They are nicknamed "gabacheras" (or gabacheros), they are college student age and as far as I know you cannot make a direct "transaction" with them. Just follow the game and play it as if you are hitting on someone. Non-cash presents, I believe, are the rule. Havent tried this either.

The third option is night clubs, strip joints, etc. There is some local talent to exploit I hear. I dont do these either.

Ive heard first-hand accounts of these 3 options, no personal experience.


10-21-04, 03:16
I went to a strip club in Leon named Tapatio. Great show! A man selected from the audience is handcuffed to the pole and blindfolded. They pull down his pants and a huge fat girl comes out and starts rubbng against him. She takes off everything and continues rubbing. Then a cute girl comes out and takes off the blindfold and he looks at her with a smile, then the fat one comes our from behind him. Talk about a priceless expression!

After the show one of the better built babes sits next to me and asks if I want to screw her, I said maybe, and she says 3000 Pesos (about 300USD). She says she is real good and I say nobody is that good. I am sure there are cheaper ones available, and I did see some walk out with guys.

Black Sheep
10-22-04, 15:38
Duesy 45,

Perhaps I'm blind, or my trips to Centro Historico occur to early in day, but I rarely observe SWs in Centro.

My experiences usually involve Salones de Masajes, and escort svcs. The former chg 250 per 1/2 hr/500 per hr. One escort svc chgs 800 per hr, another which I haven't tried, 1000 per hr.

Clubes Nocturnos (nightclubs, occasionally spelled correctly) are an option if one enjoys loud music and expensive beer.

Info from PeterPaul quite valid; let me know if you need more detailed info, and I'll try to remember to bring my notes on phone numbers and addresses.

10-24-04, 02:37
It is difficult for the casual Gringo visitor with no language skills to find any action in Leon, but night clubs often offer just what your looking for. In Flamingos club, I was propositioned within the first hour. The first offer was for 1000 pesos, but when I looked astonished it dropped to 700 without any bargaining. I was also told getting into the Holiday Inn would be no hassle.

I have been told there are many dance clubs that are not night clubs in Leon, where girls can be had for 300 pesos. You can go in, spot the girl you want, and take her away. There is no muss, no fuss, no buying drinks. I cannot find one of these places on my own, so it's night clubs.

If you look in the phone book you will find night clubs listed under the title Centros Nocturnos not the other listings mentioned.

10-24-04, 06:33
Clubes Nocturnos (nightclubs, occasionally spelled correctly) are an option if one enjoys loud music and expensive beer.

See my report below for info on Oaxacan strip clubs, which I love.

In any case, the above is misleading. They are strip clubs, so, yes, music is played at them. Yet, unlike nude SCs in the States, dancers make most of their money by conversing with guys over drinks. In fact, that is why most guys in Oaxaca go to the clubs--to chat with girls and dance. The volume of the music is not an issue if you want to do that, unless you have hearing problems. Each time I went this summer, I conversed with girls at the clubs basically non-stop for 2-3 hours. Only once, at Baraimas, was the music loud enough that we had to talk right into each other's ears; otherwise, conversing and flirting at the SCs is one of the reasons I love them. Funnily enough, that conversation at Baraimas was the most interesting I've ever had in Mexico--the girl was really smart, knowlegable, and super hot.

As for beer prices--they cost 30-35 pesos. That's hardly expensive. (At La Trampa, yes, I'd say the beers are expensive, though I forgot how much they were.)

Black Sheep
10-26-04, 15:32

Suffer from artillery ear, hence aversion to loud music. Not much of a drinker, hence low tolerance for beer prices. Where is club you mention, Baraimos (just for info)? Do you reside in Mex?

10-29-04, 09:00
Black Sheep,

I totally understand. And I realize that others may not like the strip club set-up for other reasons.

But I have read of other places in Mexico, tourist resorts like Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, where beer and other prices are indeed very high. Basically rip-offs. I just wanted to clarify for those who've never been to Oaxaca or its SCs, that the SCs there are at Oaxacan price levels. After all, as I mentioned in my report, out of all the times I've gone to the SCs, only once have I spotted another gringo in the place.

Anyways, to reiterate, except for La Trampa: There is no cover; beers are 30-35 Pesos, though it's cheaper and wiser to get a pail (cubeta) of 6 beeers; dancer beers are 50 Pesos (unless the dancer asks for a real beer, which is uncommon); privados are 100 Pesos; sexo is 500 Pesos or US $43, and even that is negotiable.. Compare that with a recent quote for a simple BJ in Cabo San Lucas for US $250!

As I noted, the only problem is that you need to go to the right club and you need to find the right dancer. Though, if you go to the clubs I mentioned in my report, sexo isn't really that hard to find. And, actually, the whole aspect of not knowing what to expect can also be sorta fun. At Baraimas, a cute, young, gorditita snuggled up to me asking for drinks. I accepted, and for at least an hour and a half, we watched the girls dancing on stage, we chatted, we took the stage ourselves to dance, and all the while when seated at our table, she would stroke my cock through my pants. I dunno, there was something very civilized about that, where we were all clothed in the club, and yet I had this hot girl I had just met cuddling up to me, drinking, smoking, chatting, and caressing my cock ceaselessly as if she were my lover for what seemed like forever.

I got a privado with her, and we returned to our table. I finally asked her, "Can't we do something back there?" She said yes, but she would have preferred to go to my hotel, but that wasn't possible. So, sometime later, after her getting my member rock hard again, I bought 2 privados, during which I convinced her to give me a BBHJ. She complied and at no extra charge! It was like a favor! Afterwards, she told me to met back at the table. When I got there, I told her, "Man, it landed all on my stomach!" She giggled, and said, "Hehe! Go wipe up in the bathrooms! Here, take these napkins!" So, in all, it was a really fun evening, with a cute, engaging girl.

That's happened to me before in Oaxaca, though better. But it is uncommon--it's best to ask the dancer during the first privado what is possible.

Ay, sorry for the lengthy reminiscing... Baraimas is on the road to Tule, near the Monumento Juárez, I believe.

And BTW, I assumed by "centro nocturno" you meant "strip club." But, of coure, the two are not synonymous. Right? There are strip clubs where dancers take the stage the entire time, and there are clubs/bars where protitutes hang out.

Still kinda surprised you or PeterPaul haven't checked out the brothels yet! No, I don't live in Mexico, and since I have only several weeks a year when I'm in Oaxaca, I prefer to spend long evenings at the strip clubs. But I still am interested in the brothels I've heard about from friends and taxi drivers. Neither of you are interested in taking one for the team? :)

Black Sheep
11-01-04, 18:16

"Centros Nocturnos" to which I refer are, indeed, strip clubs. Those I know are out my way, El Extasis, El Retorno, La Rana. Have encountered slightly higher prices than those you cite, but El Extasis has pretensions of being a "Gentlemen's Club", so no surprise.

Would be delighted to find a brothel of the type so common formerly. Since I have vehicle of my own, never find occasion to consult taxistas on the subject. My neighbor mentioned a place in Tlacolula (twds Istmo), but sloth has prevented me from further exploration.

Should you come again to Oax, let me know- perhaps we might explore juntos.

Kev Dog
11-09-04, 08:03

I am offically moving to Puebla at the beginning of December this year. I have quite a bit of mongering experience in Pue. and expect to get a lot more. If anyone wants to get together for drinks or trade war stories, let me know!

11-21-04, 20:15
I have been in Oaxaca for nearly a week, but have little of real value to report. I had been here 2 years ago and things looked promising. I have checked out the Zocolo, the area around the Mercado and the streets near the Centro de Abastos and have come up almost empty as far as SWs. Most of what you see are women waiting for the bus or waiting for friends in the Zocolo. Walked Calle Mina 3 times over 3 days and saw nothing. The only reliable location is on Calle Zaragoza between JP Garcia and Diaz Ordaz. There are 2 hotels in this block and several working girls in front of them on both sides of the street. Very hard to make eye contact and they are mostly in their 40´s thru 60´s! I speak Spanish pretty well, but had a very hard time getting a smile out of any of them. Although the price seems very low - the 60 yo wanted 120 pesos, none of the women would consider a BJ - no matter what the price. The older woman told me that she had never sucked a dick in her life - and that´s saying alot! I offered to teach her but she declined.

Finally on the second day, I returned determined to do something with some one. I found a 40+ yo knitting in front of the hotel and she asked for 200 pesos. I said OK and gave the 200. She got us a room and gave me 150 back, then asked for 200. OK, room not included. I asked for a CBJ. She said no. So I asked her to remove her clothes. She said nudity is not included and would cost 200 pesos more for a total of 400. By this time I could see her a bit clearer by the light of the bare bulb. She had no teeth, only 2 horse shoe type metal plates in her mouth plus I pulled her pants down a bit to find more scars than a LA freeway map. Not good. By now I had lost all interest and told her I have a better idea - me voy. She came down to 300 pesos as I was leaving, but she would have had to pay me that and more to fuck her. I was only out the 50 pesos = $4.5 US so I felt I had won.

I crossed the street and found a younger one , about 30 but with a huge stomach covered with those typical tight stretch pants. She wasn´t too interested in talking to me plus she was smoking and refused to consider a CBJ. So I gave up completely.

The next day I looked in the paper and found 5 ads for massage but no addresses. I called Golden Girls but didn´t get an answer. Too early? Don´t know. Anyway I had plenty to do and never had a chance to go out at night to any of the strip clubs. All and all pretty disappointing.

I´m not saying that Oaxaca is a bad place. I just didn´t have enough time to check-out everything. But what I did see was pretty scary. I do like the city and food and had a cute little morena who was teaching me Spanish idioms. I also was taking cooking classes everyday. I ended up hanging out with my teacher who is a little doll. Was more fun, but in the end I didn´t get laid. But maybe next time?? Such is life. On to my next stop - Xalapa.

11-22-04, 05:09
Hi PK I am a newbie monger and I am considering a trip to Oaxaca vs. a trip to Buenos Aires. Which would you recommend? I really like mature women like 50 to 60 years old but I can't speak any Spanish except chupada, completo, and béseme culo. I heard you could get a blow job in Buenos Aires if you were willing to pay about $300 US. Is that true? I go to Asian massage parlors in the US a lot and if you are in my neighborhood I will stake you to a hand job if you can give me some good advice.

11-22-04, 10:26
Dickhead, you're a newbie monger with over 1,000 posts here? One of those posts said you had been living in Argentina for over 6 months. I guess you were joking.

Prokofiev, I also never noticed much of a SW (street walker) scene in Oaxaca. It exists, but, well, look what you got. :) I've heard good things of the brothels in Oaxaca. I've also written several posts here on the nice strip club scene they got there. Also, freelance girls can be found in bars (though I've never done that). A freelance girl did approach me in a strip club once, and she was really hot. Simply put, Oaxaca just doesn't have a good SW scene. (Xalapa has some nice strip clubs, btw. Good luck there!)

Black Sheep, I can't believe I've never heard of any of those clubs! Shit, there must be over 20 strip clubs in Oaxaca. When I first went, I didn't think there were any! :)

As for "Centros Nocturnos." All I meant was that that word means "night club," not "strip club." After all, hotels advertise that have a swimming pool, conference center, and a "centro nocturno." Some centros nocturnos have strippers, some don't.

Black Sheep
11-22-04, 16:21

You were looking in all the right places, and what you found is about what you can expect- old ladies and not too attractive younger women.

Been a while since I've been to Golden Girls, but note that they still advertise. Their hours used to be from 10:00 - 22:00, but the 10:00 can be flexible.

Should you find yourself in Oax again, pm me for whatever info you require.

11-22-04, 17:35
Señor Cabeza de Pene,

Considering your inexperience in these matters, I would recommend Oaxaca since the food is better IMHO and you could learn how to cook which would be a marketable skill for you. In addition, at 120 pesos a pop (if true . . .) your money would go slightly further. Plus who needs a BJ from a woman with metal choppers?

Cheers, PK

11-24-04, 22:55
Will be back in San Miguel the first of February and will be looking for some lady action. Diablo Mactavish seems to be the guy that has a handle on the girl situation there. I would appreciate an update from last year.

Kev Dog
12-10-04, 21:27
I just arrived to live in Puebla, and am exploring the scene. I have had some experience with strip clubs, but they are generally very expensive, and time is limited. I have recently been looking up some "casas de citas" (brothels), and have visited two since I arrived last week. The first, "Amazonas", was pretty dirty, but the girls were pretty good quality. I went with a small morena, "Rosy", because the one I would have chosen was taken by the guy right before me. Rosy gave good service, but wanted a tip for kissing her boobs, and of course the mouth was off limits. I'd says she's around 21, cute face, nice, slender body, small tits... I visited her on my second day after arrival, so I did not have a cell phone yet, but she did give me her number, written on toilet paper with her eye liner. I doubt I´ll call her, though, as she seems like a real gold digger.

The second was just yesterday. I asked my regular taxi guy (we have a trust...I cannot emphasize it enough, you must form ongoing relationships with people here. It really pays off. If your taxi driver is helpful and you feel comfortable, give him an extra 5 pesos, etc.) in the morning where a good casa de citas was to relax, and he made some calls and came up blank. So we agreed on a time in the afternoon to go. He was right on time and had done the research, so off we went, and he waited while I did the deed. The chica was a 27 y/o light-skinned, colored blonde. I took two pics of her with my phone, which I will upload later. I could tell she tried harder because she was older and has a child. She has nice tits and a great ass. She was very sweet and had a good attitude, but she is very loose. She got me off with a hj. I forgot the name of the casa.

More to come as events warrent...


12-13-04, 12:43
Many thanks, Kev Dog, for the Puebla report.

Last June, I had planned on visiting the city, but things beyond my control ruined my plans. I do hope on visiting Pueble next time I go to Mexico. But I prefer strip clubs. Could you give the typical prices for Puebla strip clubs? Cover, drinks, lap dance prices, in-house sexo prices, take-out prices--the like.

Kev Dog
12-19-04, 02:22

Common prices for strip clubs in Puebla are: cover is buying a bottle of liquor (around $600-800 pesos), ladies drinks are around $50-100, lap dances are most commonly $200, but some lower quality places may be less, in-house sexo is anywhere from $1400-$2000 for half an hour or an hour, I have no idea about take out prices b/c I always go with my friends, and I can't bring a chica back to the house. I would recommend for your first time try Manhattan, in Cholula. You can expect to drop around $2000-$6000 (around $175-$525 USD), it depends on how much excess you enjoy. One tip, it would do you well to tip the guy who you pass to go into the privados, he won't be as strict with the time and let you know if trouble is brewing (I have never had trouble, though, in any of my around 20 visits to various clubs). Let me know about a month before you arrive, and I can try to make some arrangements. Also, it would serve you greatly if you speak Spanish (moreso with the girls than with the staff), and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go with a male friend or group of friends whom you trust. If you leave at 3AM, it can be sketchy.


Kev Dog
12-31-04, 00:04

I just got back from a casa de citas here in Puebla, called "Amazonaz", and I recommend it...it's a good time for a very affordable price ($250Mx--less than $25USD for about an hour with one chica). I had been there before so I was privy to a 2 for 1 promotion...for $150 pesos more, I got to take 2 chicas for a threesome. It was either that or to take one, then go to another when I was finished. My time was rather limited, so I went with the trio. The chicas, "Ruth" and "Karla" weren't all that pretty. But it is the week between Christmas and New Years and at 3 in the afternoon.

7 face
5.5 body

5 face
5 body

Ruth did have a nice ass and rather goof rack (34C). I got CBJ first from Ruth, then she rode me well. After she finished, she offered herself to my mouth and hands as Karla did her job. I found Ruth to be better than Karla, even though she was a bit more overweight and older. She was more willing. However, all things being equal, I would not recommend either of them and, if given an opportunity in the future, will not fuck them again. However I will most definately return to Amazonaz in the future, at a time when more chicas are available.

PM me if anyone wants the telephone number and address.


Kev Dog
01-03-05, 22:44

I told a lie. I went to Amazonaz today, and only Ruth was available. So I went with her. However I am pleased to report that it was a much more pleasant experience this time. She had a good attitude, and gave a great bj and massage after. I came on her tits and performed 69 for a small tip. Very enjoyable. Furthermore I told her I'm an English teacher and that got her attention. She wants to be my student, I got her number and asked where she lives and it turns out she is pretty close. So she suggested I call her and she come over to the casa for private lessons. I wonder how I will get paid? hmm. Will update as events warrent.


Kev Dog
01-05-05, 07:43
Here is the little sex pot I fucked tonight. She realized I wasn't sending text messages and threatened to break my phone when I tried to take a pic of her sucking my dick. $400 pesos for more than an hour of in-call service. Not bad.


Kev Dog
01-05-05, 07:47
Here's my first Amazonaz girl, I got her number and took her for a TLN to a sex hotel with jacuzzi. We were drinking coffee when I took this pic. I got to cum on her stomach. She has a real fear about cumming on the face, as she protected it with a pillow.

01-10-05, 02:08
I had the opportunity to visit Central Mexico this past christmas season.

I only visited Celaya for mongering activities and this is what i found.

Right around the corner from the big bus terminal in Celaya there is el estadio gentlemen's club.

It was on a monday night when i went so there was no cover, as long as you buy drinks. Coronas are only 28 pesos so it's not much.

The quality of the girls is incredible high. Only 8s and 9s and maybe a 10.
There were about 10 girls when i went and as the night progressed the place was so packed that it was hard to find a girl to dance with. Some girls had 3 or 4 privados lined up.

I had the oportunity of getting a few privados from a couple of girls.

The privados are 140 pesos and they are well worth it. Some girls take off everything, some leave their panties on but the hands are free to roam everywhere both yours and hers. Some even like to bite the unit through the pants, feels nice. Couldn't get the chance to ask about more services that might be available since they were so busy. I decided to leave and look for more action somewhere else. I asked a man standint outside to tell me where i could find chicas. He pointed me in the direction of a hotel right in front of el estadio. The hotel is called el diplomatico. I went to the hotel's office and asked them if they could get some girls for me. They said sure just get the room first. It's 190 pesos for all night and the girls usually charge 500 pesos for one hour. Five minutes later after I got into my room three girls came and told me to choose the one that I liked the most. To be honest I was very disappointed in the quality of the girls. Compared to the girls in el estadio, this girls were way below their level. These girls were young, and not overweight and not ugly but they were not of the caliber of the girls in el estadio. The girls in el estadio were almost perfect looking. If anybody has any idea of how much it would cost to bed one of those girls i will apreciate the info, that way I plan my budget accordingly. I chose one of the three girls just to aleviate my horniness, but kept thinking about the girls from el estadio.

Kev Dog
01-13-05, 03:34
Tuesday I needed a recharge on my way to work, so I stopped by my Amazonaz for a little R&R. I got there very early, though, so had to wait for the chicas to arrive. The first one that arrived was a little on the scary side, and began pressuring me to go upstairs, so I delayed her saying I wanted 2 at once, taking advantage of the promotion...Waited about another half hout then this extremely short girl with a pretty face and an impressive rack came in and we grabbed her quickly, explaining the situation. We three went upstairs to a room, they told me to lay back and relax. They got undressed, got the supplies (lubricant, condoms, TP), and went to work. The scary one began by CBJ, pretty well actually, while I gropped and kissed the little one's body. Scary got on board and began riding, and wow was it loose. Did nothing for me. Would have preferred she continued sucking. But then they switched and "Chica" changed my rubber and did her duty, CBJ not the best, but enough to get a rise out of me. All this time Scary was trying her best to please me by kissing my chest, moaning on my ear, etc. Gotta give that to her she's a trooper. Anyway Chica asked if I wanted her on top, and I said go for it. Holy shit gentlemen, she is so tight. It felt so good entering her, exiting her, re-entering....I was grabbing Scary's ass with one hand and with the free one filled it with Chicas wounderful tits. I came shortly thereafter, as she milked it out of me using her pussy muscles. In the aftermath/clean-up, I got Chica's number.

Today on my way home from work, I felt the need to celebrate. I just got a definate job and the promise for a letter to get my work visa. I stopped by again, thinking because it was later in the day there would be a better selection, and was I right! When the guy brought the chicas up, I was very pleased. All four or so were definately doable! I saw Chica again, and she smiled at me, acknowledging our past encounter. However, I initally opted for one chica "Mariana", as she the most beautiful IMHO, but I couldn't limit myself to only one. Oh how these beauties are my weakness! I was so pleased with my Chica that I gave her a go, too. I couldn't tell if Mariana was pleased or not, but I knew the quality of the service I would get from Chica. Mariana has an incredible rack and killer ass. She has a great body and she knows it. She put all these restrictions on what I could and could not do...no kissing her body, no squeezing her tits too hard, no fingers in the pussy. I didn't care. It went down pretty much the same, Chica offering her body to me, kissing my chest, smiling at me as she saw the enjoyment she was giving me, me squeezing her tits. Mariana did a lack luster job with the CBJ, but threw in some false moans to compensate. She got on board and rode quite well. I know, I'm so lazy, I don't do any work. Once again I had Chica's delightful ass in one hand and her kissing and rubbing my chest, and Mariana's WONDERFUL tits in my free hand. She moaned and pretended to enjoy it. As I was nearing completion she got down, we switched condoms, the girls switched places and switched duties. So-so CBJ from Chica again, while Mariana really feigned getting into it on the upper half. She kept telling me things like you're so handsome, do you want to be my novio, etc. But, hey, I was having fun enjoying her killer body. When Chica mounted, my free hand instinctively went to her boobs, enjoying the firm softness. I groped Mariana's ass to the fullest extent, and she began to move back and forth in a rhythm so her melons teased my chest hair, moaning urgently. As I neared completion and she felt my hand on her ass tense, she leaned toward my ear and moaned and bit my ear gently. Between her biting my ear, her moaning, her chest pillows rubbing me, my hand groping her ass/pussy area, my hand fondling Chica's large, firm boobs, and Chica's unnaturally tightness, I didn't last long. In the clean-up stage, I got Mariana's phone number. They helped me dress, Mariana kept showering me with compliments and saying sweet things. But as soon as I said I would pay her a tip "next time", she left quickly. Chica is much quieter. But she's a sweetie. She knows she has a repeat customer in me. We chit-chatted a bit, then kissed good-bye on the cheek and, as she passed, I gave her a kiss on the neck, a squeeze on the ass and tits. Going downstairs toward the exit, I gave Mariana a kiss on the cheek and grabbed a handful of ass, saying "see you later."


The first 3 pics are from the first experience and the last 2 are from the 2nd.

02-01-05, 09:46
Kev Dog, thanks for the reply re: Puebla strip clubs.

You're right--it's expensive! I had thought that maybe non-resort, non-touristy places in Mexico like Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Xalapa, would have things at "Mexican" prices. Guess I finally need to get myself to a big city.

If I return to Oaxaca this summer, I would indeed visit Puebla all on my own. If I were to leave the strip club at, say, 1:00 AM, would it be safer? Again, I have no experience in big city Mexico.

Monger All
02-23-05, 18:46
I will be living off and here and in Morelia for the next two months. I will try and bring some up to date information to the board. Look for my report in the coming weeks.

Pecker Will
03-10-05, 05:59
I am off on a long shot here - but I'd like to find a family in Zacatecas to live with for 1-2 months this summer. I'm a silver haired gringo but have visited Zac. last July and I speak and write a little Spanish. I want to return and learn the language better plus explore Zac. some more.

I do have a small internet business where I'd need to hook up my computer. If that is not a possibility, I know there is an Internet Cafe in Zac. - somewhere near the old colonial area. The gentleman who worked there was from El Paso, TX (my current home) and he used to work for KVIA radio or TV here in El Paso. I made a mistake by not getting the phone number and address of that Internet cafe.

Anyway, where would I go to find a family to live with? I know it's a long shot - but what the hell, I'm old enough to try anything and young enough to enjoy most of it. And I would think there might be some some people interested in some company for a little rent. Any help?


03-12-05, 18:24
Pecker Will

I would suggest contacting some of the spanish language schools in town.Normally there are families that board students for them.Usually the food is great and the price is normally about 15-20 dollars a day including meals.I attended a school in Guadalajara for 8 months but did not stay with a family. The schools should provide this info whether you enroll or not.

Of course staying with a family may cramp your mongering.Many families will not provide you a key to there home and may lock the doors at a certain hour.Plenty of inexpensive hotels in town.

Make sure you go to the disco that is below ground in an old mine and the Quina Real hotel that is built around an old bull ring.

Only saw one strip club on the edge of town but many pretty women,very conservative and colonial city.Check local paper for massage ads.

Hope this helps,Renegade

03-23-05, 08:01
Any hints? Names? Addresses?

Champ Chump
03-27-05, 16:26
I'm heading for Hermosillo in a couple of months and was wondering if there was any action in these parts and how hard is it to find? What's the safety factor for tourists? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Marty 2
03-28-05, 05:18
Try the Gua Gua Club and Karlos. Karlos also has a place in Gaymas (only a couple of hours south of Hermosillo) that has some of the youngest, sweetest, prettiest putas in Mexico. Weel worth the trip. Have fun!

River Phoenix
05-02-05, 22:34
Hey all,

Boston monger here. Long time reader but haven't got into posting too much. I assume all the info. I've seen about Oaxaca is pretty up to date. I will be headed there later in the month. Anyone have any new tips or conquests to report. I'm interested in exploring while I'm there as previously I was with family and couldn't get away. Are the girls in the cantinas near the central market decent?


05-06-05, 08:08
Hey River Phoenix,

The basic strip club set-up in Oaxaca surely hasn't changed in the 11 months since I posted my report: You need to go to the right club and find the right girl; you can't just go to any club and expect sexo. But my suggestions for which clubs to go to for extras should still be valid. The popularity of the clubs might have changed. In 2002, La Tenampa, which is on the way to Monte Albán, was a totally happening place with great chances for sexo. When I returned in 2004, on a Friday night at about 11:00, I was the only guy in the place! I doubt that the places I mentioned will have changed that much though.

I also might be returning at the end of this month; not sure yet. I'll again be returning to the SCs, but might also try to check out the brothels, which haven't been reported on here yet--maybe that could be your mission? :)

I've visited a downtown cantina only once for a brief amount of time, and didn't see any working girls. But I understand that girls do work the regular bars. I was approached by a freelancer in a strip club of all places once. She was pretty hot, though sorta mercinary. But my night was over, I was just about to leave, so nothing came of it. Also, I choose my hotel based on price, and the place I go to is run by a family, with abuelo and abuelita showing up now and again, the grandkids too, and I never felt they would allow guests, so I never asked.

Good luck, compadre!

River Phoenix
05-07-05, 22:48
Bundok, Yeah I saw your previous post and will certainly take note. I don't know of any brothels. I've heard about one in Tlacolula full of Salvadorenas. I'm curious as to Oaxaca itself. Any info from a monger who's been?

My hotel won't be monger friendly either, I'm afraid. I'm certainly interested in checking out the cantinas near the market. I think I might find something. We'll see.

05-08-05, 10:37
Oaxaca does indeed have brothels. On my last trip to La Habana before returning, the taxi driver I was with mentioned them. I think it was about 300 Pesos for the girl, plus cab fare and paying for the "hotel" room. Oaxacan friends have mentioned them too. In fact, we were picking up one of their buddies on the way to the strip clubs, and my friend said, "He lives right near a brothel," and he pointed to it as we drove by. Just ask a cab driver.

Black Sheep
05-31-05, 14:41
If you are looking for high quality women, you might try this place. Located near the Viguera crucero. 7-8's. Expensive- beer 50 pesos; ladies' beer 100.

Salida 1000 pesos. But taller, more slender, prettier than commonly encountered in Oax. Mostly imports from other parts of republica.

River Phoenix
06-02-05, 16:22
I found one just off of Avenida Ferrocarril near the intersection with the road that goes to the airport. Most of the taxi drivers know about it. I didn't catch the street name but I think they call the neighborhood Los Cinco Senores.

The girls were pretty decent for $ 30 US for a half hour. The half hour certainly wasn't GFE but it got the job done. I think the madame's sister runs anothere one so there are at east a few options. I had 2 good experiences and one bad, mechanical performance.

Didn't find an amatuer and the bars weren't that good. Near the central market were some uglies by the hotels.

Have fun, be careful.

06-12-05, 08:13
Thanks for the report, River Phoenix.

Did you have the cabbie wait for you? And did you have to pay for a room? If so, how much extra did you pay for both?

Nibu Raphael
06-24-05, 02:45
This is strange that this big city has no no info. Are There Any SWS Here? How about Massage and Strip Clubs here? This is What I Know of Colima> Barely 38 Miles inland from the Pacific Ocean,in the foothills of The Sierra Madre Del sur,is the placeid capital of the tiny state of Colima. With a Warm year round climate,numerous tropical parks and gardens,stately buildings,and a good archeological museum it makes a refreshing climatic and cultural change from The Pacific Trail. It was the third city established by The Spaniards in Mexico in 1523 but most of its monuments date from the 19th century. I wish I had more info on this city but I Do not. Can any Mongerer point me in the right direction for info on Colima? When I try To get here if I have no info> How would I find out? Look for ads in The Yellow Pages? Local Newpapers? Ask The Local Taxi Drivers? Is There Some kind of Red Light Zone here? O.K. Got go there. I hope someone can help me out on this,NIBU.

Marty 2
06-27-05, 01:38
Beautiful chicas in Colima. Hot there this time of year. See the cabbies. Eating there is very good also. Check out the German joint.

Nibu Raphael
06-29-05, 01:19
Guys Yes Like I said Why no info on Colima or even Uruapan? Manzanillo in Colima state? What About Tepic? I heard in Tepic there is Table Dance Action from a contact I had in Tepic before. Anything in Patzcuaro in Michoacan State? Another place that never has no good info is Toluca outside of Mexico City. There is Action there look in the local papers for Massage Ads there and clubs do exist there but Why So little info on Toluca too? What about farther up the coast from Mazatlan Los Mochis in Sinaloa State? I was in Los Mochis overnight before in the late 90,s but only one night and my spanish was horrible back then. There Must be some XXX Action up there too as Los Mochis is connected with the Port City of Topolobampo? Sorry Jackson and others on asking for all this but These Other Cities must have Some XXX Action. I can not look in to this until I get back up to these places in the future but XXX Action must exist in these cities. Farther up from Los Mochis is also A Metro City of about probably 300,000 people or more Ciudad Obregon. There must be some XXX Action there cause nearby Guaymas a population of only 90,000 has a good healty XXX Scene there. Guys Help Me out here more exists out here,NIBU R.

Black Sheep
06-29-05, 14:41
Don't know of anywhere in Mex where prostitution is illegal, and a town of any size will have some sort of a scene, usually a bar with or without dancing. Ask a taxi driver. Lack of info on a given town doesn't mean there is nothing happening- just that those who are into the scene don't talk about it on this or other sites.

Nibu Raphael
06-30-05, 01:35
Yes Black Sheep you are riight on that. Check out www.stripclublist.com and www.tuscl.com I just found out on one of those sites a place in Durango Called Tornados plus there was a listing for a place in Uruapan called Las Glorias. I am sure Colima has some info. I will keep on trying to study on Colima too. While I am at it> Any info out there on Zamora?
Don't know of anywhere in Mex where prostitution is illegal, and a town of any size will have some sort of a scene, usually a bar with or without dancing. Ask a taxi driver. Lack of info on a given town doesn't mean there is nothing happening- just that those who are into the scene don't talk about it on this or other sites.

Nibu Raphael
06-30-05, 01:50
Hey Black sheep you have helped out good with your info on Mexico. I know on another site you have helped out good on info on Cuatla/Izucar De Matamoras. I was in Cuatla once in the late 90s and asked an Old Cab Driver if there was any Red Light Action in Cuatla and He Said No. I think he misunderstood Me. When I was asking on Cuatla He should of at least took Me to The Red Light Zone outside of the City. So Alright now I know Cuatla city limits has nothing but outside of Cuatla Yes. I think you mentioned it was The Las Vegas compound or something like that. Now on to this subject taking a Bus On The good route from Mexico City Thru Puebla but takes 5 hours longer I heard it is safe of Banditry and Accidents. Whats Up with the route that goes thru Cuatla on Rute 160 is it that Dangerous? I would love to do that route thru Oaxaca but in the daytime making pitstops in Cuernavaca and Cuatla. I would maybe try to make a One night Pit Stop in Tehuitzingo or Actalan or Huajuapan De Leon to see if There is a Zone of Tolerance Red Light Zone in those Bg Villages then off to Oaxaca. The only Other City outside of The Mexico city Area I would be interested for now is Pachuca. I even have heard Horror stories Back in the 90s of Foreign Workers coming back to there home in Pachuca of being Assaulted on the Highway in there Cars coming back from Mexico City. This I heard of back in 1998. O.K. Got to go Give us the 411 on these places and safety,Sincerly NIBU R.

Black Sheep
07-01-05, 15:08
You should be able to get to Cuautla direct from D.F. by bus. If driving, take the toll road to Cuernavaca to the exit to Cuautla.

Your itinerary to Oaxaca entirely feasible. Don't worry too much about bandits. Shit can happen, but frequency of asaltos not common. Have many yrs of travel in Mex and never happened to me. Huajuapan definitely has a scene. Not personally familiar, but articles in local papers indicate that there are bars where one can find companionship. If you're planning on being in Oax for very long, let me know where you'll be staying and perhaps we may meet.

Nibu Raphael
07-02-05, 00:51
Hey Dude Cool For the info. Cool Huajuapan has some kind of scene. Blacksheep since You have the Scoop on Whats up in Oaxaca State to post more of that info here. Would the City of Telixtlahuaca before Oaxaca City have a Small Red Light Scene or What? I am sure south of Oaxaca City in Tehuantepec and Juchitan there has got to be some XXX Action too. Hey Blacksheep Would you also know about Chilpancingo What kind of scene is there at all? I know back on to Oaxaca on the coast there is a Red Light Scene in Puerto Escondido plus The Nude Zipolote Beach for Fun Action. Would you know if further down the coast in Oaxaca with places like Pochutula,Hutaulco,Barra De La Cruz and Salina Cruz What is there? Sorry For getting in to The Nitty Gritty but there are more places to monger in Mexico that we do not know about and have it posted here. Last night I was studying up on a city on the coast with like a population of a 125,000 more or less that is Cuidad Del Carmen on the Golf of Mexico in Campeche state not to be confused with Playa Del Carmen by Cancun off The Caribbean Sea? O.K. Blacksheep I leave Now. I wait for your next post. OH I Mentioned this before Pachucha Northeast of Pachuca on Route 85. Any Good Mongering There? Cool Take Care,your Buddy NIBU.

Nibu Raphael
07-02-05, 01:05
Hi Again Blacksheep thought I would post back quickly again after looking at most of your 13 posts. Your Posts Are GREAT. You seem to know a lot about The Oaxaca State area and Even Things going on in D.F. I am planning Two Big Trips in Early 2006 but not sure yet. It might Be Peru for Two weeks and Mexico also for Two Weeks then late Feburary Brazil. You are tempting Me on The Oaxaca Area But I am still not sure on that. It seems like I will only try to do The Yucatan Area this time around. Well Anyways I will Ask you more On Things on Central Mexico and Oaxaca Area of course. Please also put in a new update on The Whole Sex Scene in Oaxaca City. How do you start about mongering in Oaxaca City? Are there some good ads for Massage Fuck Places in Oaxaca City? Any Ads in The Yellow pages of Oaxaca City for Escorts too? What is new with The SW Scene in Oaxaca City? Would you know if there is Any Red Light Zone in Tehuacan on the highway from Oaxaca to Puebla? Blacksheep Do me a favor to if You Have A Chance make down also to Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas if you have a chance. I heard The Boys Town there is good but be careful with The working Girls on the streets in Tuxtla cause most of them are TVS. Alright Brother I will do some more studying on this South Central Mexico Monger scene. Lets keep these posts going. OH One last thing How is pick up action at Zipolite Nude Beach? Must Be a Good place to pick up Horny Nude Latin Babes.

07-02-05, 06:37
Any hints? Names? Addresses?

Motel Mykonos, located almost across the street from the CAPU. 300 pesos for 8 hours, an extra 100 pesos for the jacuzzi suite.

07-02-05, 06:38
Would you know if there is Any Red Light Zone in Tehuacan on the highway from Oaxaca to Puebla?

I don't know about the road from Oaxaca to Tehuacan, but going north to Puebla via Izucar de Matamoros, there are numerous bars on the southern outskirts of Izucar.

Black Sheep
07-04-05, 14:46
Glad to hear you are considering a visit to my area. Your questions are too many to answer adequately, but, in general, any town of 20 thou or more probably has something going. Many of the places you mention, I have no recent experience in sexsport, or indeed, no recent experience period. Most places will be on hwys just outside of town.

In Oaxaca, the newspaper which carrys the bulk of ads relating to sexoservicio, NOTICIAS, is currently undergoing a politically instigated strike. Nothing in Yellow Pages. Numerous bars, from lujo class to more modest affairs on all hwys. Several massage parlors. Consult me when you're ready to come and I'll update. Have noted your contributions to this forum with amazement at one so well-traveled.

Pilot Prod
07-19-05, 05:44
OH One last thing How is pick up action at Zipolite Nude Beach? Must Be a Good place to pick up Horny Nude Latin Babes.I've been there twice, both some time ago. The nudes are mostly older, larger, northern european ladies and their husbands. Wasn't worth it for pickups at that time. Hopefully things are changing.

09-07-05, 20:10
I finally made it to the bars just outside Izucar. Sat nite, went into what seemed to be the main bar for the strip show. Bought a bottle for 280 pesos, 27 US, really a good setup, included a bottle of brandy, a few bottles of soda, lemon, and a pre-mixed plastic bottle of Cuba. It was enough for 3 people to drink for a few hours and they let us take the leftovers home.
Had a few lap dances for the price of a drink 40Pesos, girls allowed alot of touching and sucking of breast. Girls wanted 5000 pesos to go to the room, $500 US, YEAH RIGHT. These girls were basically 6-8 range and not worth more than 500 pesos. The girls explained to me that they are part of a traveling tour that is hired out to the bar and they must pay a bar fine to leave.
So I went outside and saw girls in range from 2-5, spoke to one girl that was the only 7 around, and she quoted 100 pesos for a throw. What a deal. Did not partake because had some eyes on me, but definetely will sneak away next year. Overall, the area is very slow, the girls are very low quality in terms of looks, the bar personel were very pushy. The TV who waited on me kept asking for tips as did the guy outside who was going to watch my car, (from himself). Although it will never compare to TJ, it is worth a look if you in the area.
BTW No problems with driving these roads at night, spent 3 weeks on the road in an American car throughout central and pacific coast of Mexico, the only problems were the checkpoints, not the bandidos. I took all free roads and drove until 3 or 4 in the morn. I went through Cuatla, Curnavaca and throughout the State of Mexico which is supposedly famous for kidnapping tourist. I had absolutely no problems, except the Topes and occasional cow. Hell I even picked up a few hitchhikers along the way.

11-01-05, 21:37
Where do you go in Puebla to find any ladies? Stripclubs or street action. Will be passing through early next year on the way to Veracruz. I was wanting to experience a little more than the history of the town. Also, where is a good, inexpensive motel in Puebla. I will be travelling by bus and staying in town for a day or two to do the tourist things. Any mongering info and any other info would be greatly appreciated.

11-04-05, 05:28
Any info on Zacatecas? Plan to visit there in several weeks for the first time and I haven't found any report for the city.

Thanking you in advance . . .


11-29-05, 23:25
Strip Clubs:

See my report from last summer for a general sense of what the SC scene is like in Oaxaca.

LA HABANA remains the best club. It has lots of girls, a casual atmosphere, decent prices, and sex is easy to obtain. No cover. Beers 35 Pesos each; bucket of 5 or 6 beers start at 120 or so and more depending on how many table dances you want included. (Prices that follow are all in Pesos.) Chica drinks are 70 for a small drink, 140 for large. They just raised the price for privados to 120. There is a room with a bed that costs 200 or 400 (forgot exactly how much since I´ve only used it once) for 15 minutes of use.

Since my Spanish is better this year, I spend several hours at the club hanging out, buying drinks, chatting, and dancing with my favorites, then gettting a few privados with them. And this year, for some reason, the girls have never charged me for anything in the privados and I give no tip. What they do in the privados depends on the girl. Some will do nothing, others everything, including DFK, BBBJ, BBFS. I´ve had very good success with BBBJs and DFK this year, with half the girls I´ve met doing BBBJ, for instance.

The only other club I go to is BARAIMAS. They´ve remodeled since last year, and the place looks very good, and it now has a nicer space for the privado cubicles, with more of a private feel than before. The girls are perhaps better looking than most at La Habana, but that´s something that changes and I´m not sure how many of them do sexo. No cover; beers 30; bucket of beer 120 or so; dancer drinks 70 for small, 140 for large; privados 100.

EL CARRIZAL has been a big disappointment this year--no extras both times I went and very few girls. LA JUNGLA is a nice looking club, but their privado area is right on the main floor, such that if the curtain opens, the entire club would see what you were up to. Or maybe that is why their is basically no light in the privado cubicles? But that´s another reason why I never returned, since I like to actually see the hot chica I´m with during the privados. Prices for both clubs are basically the same as La Habana.

Street Scene:

You can find street girls on Calle Zaragoza, 4 streets south of the Zocalo. I´ve only checked it out during the day, and the most I saw were about 5. Lookwise, not too bad, a bit older, a bit used-looking. I´m a stripclub guy, so I´ve never partaken, but I did ask for a price once: 200 for sexo, but no oral sex, she said. I was interested in the later, so I decided not to take up the offer. They stand in front of a cheep hotel, so I imagine you´d have to pay for the room as well.

Continue walking down Zaragoza towards the central market (Central de Abastos), then turn right at the Periferico (the large, busy street you would need to cross to get to the market.) Along the way towards the pedestrian bridge that spans the Periferico, you´ll find more working girls. Also, look to the right on some of the side streets. I saw one SW that was pretty decent, maybe 30, slender, nice face. If I ever try out the scene, I´ll be sure to report back.

My local friends say this area isn´t too safe at any time of the day. I felt fine during the day--though the one time I did plan on partaking, I had nothing in my pockets but the money for the deed. I´ve never visited at night, but I´m pretty sure that, yes, at that time it wouldn´t be that safe a place.

12-21-05, 06:55
I finally visited a casa de cita since last writing. There is one maybe 10 blocks south of the zócalo, just before you get to the periférico (large street that circles the entire center of town.) It´s called El Foco Rojo, and it´s at Xicoténcatl 906. Open 24 hours a day. When I went, there were 6 girls working, though on a sight-seeing visit in September, there were only 2. You pay a 20 Peso cover, then sit in a little waiting room where there´s a TV and where the girls also sit. Lookwise, the girls are 4-7. After ordering a beer for 20 Pesos, and checking out the girls, I decided on one that seemed sweet and tranquilla. She´s about 26, with nice, large natural breasts, and a sweet face. I paid the 400 Pesos for half an hour with her and we went up to her room. Without clothes, she looks a lot worse, but she was very nice, such that her looks didn´t bother me much. Lots of light in the room, a mirror above, and she never rushed me, such that I got lots of nice views of me penetrating her—she wasn´t bothered at all if I went super slow watching it all. CBJ, CFS, didn´t want to try DFK, but in all, a nice, practical experience.

I finished my beer downstairs and asked the two guys working there to call me a taxi. While waiting, we chatted and I was surprised: they didn´t ask for tips, instead, through their conversation, they assured me that they want their customers to have a good experience at their house. “How was your session with Miriam?” They even said that sometimes they get very good looking girls; it all depends. I liked their honesty and attention to customer service. And the cost of the taxi home was not jacked up at all, such that I returned home feeling very satisfied.

I visited their other house the next night. It´s also not far from the zócalo to the south, but it´s on the other side of the periférico, in the Colonia Alemán: El Fojo Rojo, Eulalio Gutiérrez 398. Should cost 35 Pesos by taxi from the zócalo. About 5 girls, one of which was thin and pretty fine, but I didn´t see her until later. I had an ok session with a friendly, chubby girl, but she didn´t give me a CBJ and she only let me touch her breasts until later, and we only did one position. Still, not a bad deal. This house is only open until from 6 PM to 6 AM. Prices are the same as the other house.

01-17-06, 22:04

Thanks for the detailed info on the Casas - especially taking the time to get the addresses and post them. Much appreciated and I will visit them next time in town.


Member #2826
02-26-06, 17:36
Hello All,

My Company is sending me to Cuernavaca for two weeks.

Any recommendations where to find some action? Free and paid.

03-27-06, 01:50
Been checking out the casas de cita a bit more. Made some nice finds. Two hot, young (21-23) chicas are working at the Foco Rojo in the centro. 8s lookwise, though both have unexpected bellies. Sessions quite friendly and pleasant, but covered BJ, as has been the case on all my casa visits.

Last visit to the Fojo Rojo in the Col. Aleman was a dude, as there were only three older, ugly chicas. I picked the least ugly since it was late and I had been out drinking with my amigos.

Visited another house for the first time: Fojo Verde in the Colonia Gomez Sandoval (near the neighborhood Cinco Señores) at Prolongacion de Hidalgo No. 111. Only 10 Peso entrance fee, beers are 15, and half an hour is only 300, so cheaper over all than the 2 Fojo Rojos. And some nice looking chicas, all seeming very friendly. Wait a bit after you arrive, since the hotter girls are probably at work in a room. I only needed to wait maybe 10 minutes when this young (22), thin, tight little morena hottie in a tiny mini-skirt and a skimpy top from which her perky little breasts jutted out, walked out of her room after a session. I immediately asked for her. Sessions at these houses are very good for brothel-sessions (compared with the mechanical, detached experiences common at the RLD in Frankfurt, for instance), and she was really friendly and looked awesome. Still, she gave no bj and didn´t really get into it, but she iniciated a conversation while we were doing it, she laughed and smiled and we joked around, and she looked right in my eyes the whole time. In short, I´d especially recommend this house and then the Fojo Rojo in the Centro. Note, however, that this house is only open from 11AM to 1:30 AM.

For more interesting possibilities, incuding such things as BBBJs out on the main floor on a couch in the corner, La Habana is still the most exciting option for me in Oaxaca, though it takes a some of work, patience, and a bit more money.

03-28-06, 03:11
I'll be in Oaxaca April 12-16th, looking to try the path less travelled! Bundok thanks for the update, i'll put that info to good use! The Rabbit

04-15-06, 16:47
I´ve tried 3 of the casas here in Oaxaca, the best i think is Fojo Verde, they have a chica, (Rebecca) that looks exactly like mexican singer Pilar Montenegro. Foco Rojo on Xicotencatl I would rate as the number 2 stop, try Cynthia, Alondra or Patty. The other Fojo on Eulalio G. is not worth trying. If you like ethinic looking Mexicanas, then Oaxaca is your place! Went to the strip club La Habana, i was a little disappointed, but it was still ok, i like the strip clubs in Veracruz better, but the Casa action here is better for us guys who like to monger in the afternoon! Here´s a shameless plug for the hotel I´m staying act, the Parador San Miguel, on Independencia 503, great location $80 night, small and the most immacculately clean place Í´ve seen, 3 cute girls at the front desk, 2 cute maids. If you bring a guest before 10pm, shouldn´t be too much of a problem, after that you have to pay extra for the guest. Oaxaca is a good place to spend 4 or 5 days. The Rabbit

04-17-06, 03:22
If you go there DO NOT pick Maribelle from Ciudad Puebla, after 5 min. or less I wanted to change positions, the crazy you-know-what said "that costs extra!" WTF? After I confirmed she was serious, I put my pants on and went straight to the Lady running the place and told her the story, she was as shocked as I was! I ask for another chica or my money back, she said pick another no problem, so I chose Alexandra again, from Chiapas. So Maribelle got her ass chewed out in front of 3 other girls and myself, and lost her cut of 300MXP. The Rabbit

Munch Lunch
04-18-06, 03:13
I travel to Mexico for buisness a lot and post in the Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara forums. But will have a week free and want something different. Namely, a nice clean, colonial city with lots of inexpensive chicas and maybe a university too. I prefer SWs, brothels (casas de citas), MPs and nonpros. I'm too old for the loud strip clubs and generally too cheap for the high class call girls. I am bi-lingual, read all the forums here, bought some travel books and would like you suggestions. Of the colonial cites, which is the best for mongering?

I am trying to narrow it down from the following short list: Oaxaca, Puebla, Merida, Xalapa, Queretero, Morelia, etc. Given what I am looking for do you guys have any preferences? Please feel free to send me a private message if you want.

Gracias, ML

04-19-06, 22:34
I am trying to narrow it down from the following short list: Oaxaca, Puebla, Merida, Xalapa, Queretero, Morelia, etc. Given what I am looking for do you guys have any preferences? Please feel free to send me a private message if you want.

Gracias, ML

For my own selfish reasons I hope you choose Xalapa and publish your findings. Although I have been to all the cities on your short list I haven't mongered in any of them. I would like to return to Xalapa more than any of the others for its ambiance.

Tiny 12
04-21-06, 23:57
Oaxaca kicks ass, I really like the place. But, like Reinaldo I've never mongered there.

Reinaldo, thanks -- I was debating going to a conference in Vera Cruz this summer, and if Xalapa beats everything on the list in your opinion, I think I might just try to hit both places on the same trip. I've heard there are a lot of University students there -- true?

04-26-06, 19:00
Reinaldo, thanks -- I was debating going to a conference in Vera Cruz this summer, and if Xalapa beats everything on the list in your opinion, I think I might just try to hit both places on the same trip. I've heard there are a lot of University students there -- true?

Yes Xalapa is home to the state university. However they've decentralized in recent years by opening campuses in other cities in Veracruz so I'm not sure how many students are in Xalapa.

07-26-06, 21:42
Hi Fellas,

Just got back from a stint in the state of Chiapas, namely San Cristobal de las Casas and Tuxtla Gutierrez. Thought I would share my experiences.

I had no luck whatsoever in San Cristobal, though it is a very cool colonial city with lots to do and many exquisite chocolate chicas on (not for mongering) display. Despite the fact that there are too many tourists, there is lots to do and see as far as music, food, shopping, arts, nature, etc. The mountains are beautiful and the climate is very comfortable, usually in the 70s due to the altitude.

For my mongering, I had to make my way down to Tuxtla Gutierrez, about 1 hour away, and it was definitely worth it. I looked in the newspaper Cuarto Poder and found a few full pages of ads for massage places. I went to one called Dubraska two times, and I was pleased with the results.

The first time I went, I met with a hot chica named Jacqueline who is a 20-something hottie with an amazing body and great looks. In this area, the majority of people have more indiginous blood in them than European, which I personally love. If that's not your thing, Tuxtla may not be your place. Anyway, I'd give her an 8 for looks. So they charge 300 pesos (or about $30) for a 40 minute session, and I went for a double session for 600. They seem to have this routine of a quick massage, turn over for oral, a quick bang and your done. After the massage I said that I just wanted to slow down and mix things up with some general GFE foreplay and exploration, and she obliged. My only complaint is that I like kissing and she wasn't into that. Oral is covered. Also, her attitude was a little passive, but she warmed up little by little as we went on and seemed to be enjoying it. The actual sex part was great and non-rushed, too, with a few different positions.

A few days later I went back to see her again, but she wasn't working. So, I hooked up with another hottie named Carolina. As far as her face goes, she was maybe more like a 7, but her body was as good or better, and her attitude was great from the get-go. Her hair and skin were also beautifully brown (morena) like I love. She was kinda shy and innocent but very eager to please and more fun to chat with. I did the same double session, which was a great idea. It gave me plenty of time to soak up a GFE experience and do lots of unrushed exploring and have great sex. Again oral was covered. All for $60! Again, no kissing, but she was very affectionate nonetheless.

The addresses in Tuxtla are weird. The city is divided up into four sectors, with Dubraska being in the northwest quadrant. Here is the address:

Corner of 8a Nte Pte and 2a Pte Nte
The house number is 905, which is painted big on the side of the house, which is green.
8a Nte Pte = 8th Avenue North West (avenue = avenida)
2a Pte Nte = 2nd Street West North (street = calle)

Just ring the bell to get in. It is in the middle of a normal, quiet neighborhood, so you don't need to enter a war zone or anything. You go into the waiting room and pick one of the 2-3 chicas they have working and then go to town. Surroundings are not very fancy, but they seem to do a good job of at least keeping it clean. If you need to find their phone number, you can find their ad in the paper called "Cuarto Poder." The girls don't speak English, so bring your dictionary if your Spanish isn't so hot!

Over and out!


EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for directions for posting a link to a specific report.

07-28-06, 01:37
Thanks for the report, Tubular. I went to both cities last month and wrote the TR below for another board, but unfortunately forgot to post it here. In any case, you did not miss out on anything in San Cristobal.

I went to Tuxtla, which is a totally ugly and boring city, on a Sunday. Strip clubs are closed on Sundays and the casas de citas all close rather early, at 8 or 9. Not knowing that, I started my adventures at around 9 full of hope, only to have a taxi driver take me all over town looking for a place that was open with no luck. Like you, I ended up calling a "massage" place from an ad in the Cuarto Poder and it was still open and I had a very nice session CBJ and CFS for 400 Pesos for an hour, with a cute, youngish morena with humongous natural breasts. She was very nice. The casa/massage place is called Salome.

San Cristobal TR

Went first to the strip club TROPICANA, which is not too far from the city center. Totally empty at 10:30 on a Friday night. Oh, but more dancers will come, they told me. And sure enough, at least 2 good-looking chicas appeared, but the cold temperature in the place and the lame atmosphere told me that there must be a more happening place in town. [No cover; beers 25 Pesos.]

So I went to the SC HAWAIANO. Again, hardly anyone in the house. I invited one decent-looking chica for a copa, but turns out she ordered a sugar water, and I decided to ditch her for this other, much hotter-looking chava. Went with that girl, after inviting her to 4 half-beers, to a privado, which was great, but she told me we couldn’t do anything more. At that point, I was pretty pissed about San Cristóbal, so I told a cabbie to take me back to where Tropicana was. [Hawaiano: No cover; beers 25 Pesos; half-bottle chica beers 50; privados 100]

Not far from the city center is block of buildings sort of in the middle of nowhere. In that same block are the clubs TROPICANA (which I`ve mentioned above), DOLLAR, and SATELITE. First went into Satélite. There was a stage, but no one was dancing. And there were no customers at all besides me at about 12:15 on a Friday night. Still, about 13 women, but they all looked like señoras in their 40s who went out for a beer together to take revenge on their husbands who were out with the guys or who were out with the chicas. Never seen such a large group of ugly women in a place of prostitution. Decided, however, to invite the most acceptable woman in the place to a half-beer. She downed it in less than 5 minutes, and when I asked her if we could do something, she said nothing goes down in that club. “Then what the fuck are you ugly hags all hanging around here for?” She was also from Central America, by the way. It was only when I got to Tuxtla Gutiérrez that I would finally get to hook up with a sweet Mexicana who, of course, would give me a much-awaited-for BJ and with mucho cariño además...

So I left without finishing my beer and went next door to DOLLAR. Again, a tiny stage with no one dancing on it. And again, late on a Friday night, I was the only customer. And only 4, basically ugly-looking chicas in the house. I got a beer for 20. I invited a gordita who had a youngish, shy, decent-looking face to a beer for 40 Pesos. Then I asked for a privado for 150 Pesos, about US$ 14. And we went straight to a room with a bed, she took off her clothes, me too, and she stroked me nicely to get wood, and we had a rather decent fuck, with her hugging me warmly and making nice moaning sounds.

My second night in San Cristóbal, I went to the SC MIA MAMA, which is the newest club in town. Very nice looking. Chose a pretty hot-looking chica from Tabasco. We went for a privado, which was nice, but, again, she told me that nothing goes down in that club. Fuck that. And I went off again to Dollar. [Mía Mama: No cover; beers 30; chica beers 50; privados 150.]

At Dollar, after ordering a beer and inviting a chica to a beer (you have to do it like that), I paid the 200 Pesos she asked for, even though it should have been 150, and we had a rather lame session without a BJ up in one of the cold rooms they got there.

Maybe if one spends at least a week in San Cristóbal, one can figure out how it works and how one can get good service. I have heard from at least two sources that at the SCs, it is normal to go straight to a room with a bed. I only experienced that with rather ugly girls at Dollar; at the other SCs, nothing. And at the other SCs, only one or two little cubicles for privados, unlike the Oaxacan SCs, which have about 20. And if rooms with beds exist, I saw no one heading out back to them with dancers. Hopefully, some of my brothers can point me the way to a good time in this popular tourist spot in Chiapas, but until then, I’ve got to say that San Cristóbal sucks for the hobby. Oh, and there are NO CASAS DE CITAS in San Cristóbal! Olvidenlo, muchachos.

07-28-06, 18:19
Hey Bundok,

Thanks for the report on the strip club scene. I didn't even try that scene, so that saves me lots of agony for the next trip. I was more focused on investigating SW and escort scene. It is strange that San Cristobal doesn't even have a normal newspaper with ads and such, so I have no idea if there are any casas de citas or massage places.

In San Cristobal I actually did see one quite attractive SW get picked up (by a postman in his official truck, no less!) at the small square surrounding the artisan market on Insurgentes, but I went back there repeatedly and never saw anyone again.

As far as Tuxtla goes, I agree that it is a quite ugly city architecturally, but I thoroughly enjoyed cruising the bustling main square downtown on the sultry evenings. It is much warmer than San Cristobal. Here in the industrial Midwest where I live, if you even see a soul downtown after 5 o'clock they're probably a beggar, thief or homeless person. But there, you have families and couples and friends strolling, scoping each other out, playing pick-up soccer, eating ice cream, etc. I just love it.

But back to the topic at hand, except for Sundays, Tuxtla does have a good assortment of massage places and escort agencies at reasonable prices. Again, I can't comment on the strip club scene there either. Cuarto Poder has three full pages of mini ads. If you love morenas like I do, I would say the place is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Good luck, everyone!


pseud onym
09-13-06, 13:32
I am a businessman who will be spending around a month in Pachuca. Does anyone have any suggestions for this city?

10-02-06, 22:47
I got back from Xalapa about a month ago. It is a very beautiful city. The surprising thing is that in the limited amount of time I was there most of the people I saw were young. It seemed the average age was about 25.

I made a stop at the strip club Black Cat. The cab drivers seem to all know where it is. Cost me about $3 cab fare from downtown. It is a cramped establishment with a low ceiling. There seemed to be an upstairs but I never ventured there. I have been to several clubs all over Mexico and this one was most like a US strip club than any I have ever seen. On the plus side there was not much hustle to spend money. Drinks were expensive ($4US) for a coke. I didn't try a dance in the back room. I don't speak much spanish and they were crowded so they were not that interested in trying to translate my question on prices.

Overall, not a bad experience. I was tired and didn't really pursue the matter like I should have.

Mill Just
10-04-06, 09:22

My knowledge of Pachuca was limited to about 4 days a couple of years back, but I'll share what I know.

The Real del Monte is a very beautiful part of the city that's up in the hills. The houses are pastel colored and it has a real European feel.

The taxi fare was very cheap (like 10 or 15 pesos), but beware! The cabbies will try to compensate for this cheap fare by stuffing as many people as possible in the taxi with you. I say just spring for the few extra pesos and get a cab by yourself.

Pastes are the specialty of Pachuca. They are baked, calozone-style bread filled with a variety of ingredients. They are absolutely delicious and I must've eaten dozens in my stay. As a matter of fact, I still have people bring me back pastes when they go to Pachuca. My favorites are the ground beef and potato and the black bean with chile chipotle.

There are American fast food places in Pachuca in case you get homesick.

The people are very friendly and warm.

There are a few strip clubs on the outskirts of town that advertise in the newspaper, but I have no first-hand knowledge of them since I was there with my girlfriend.

Well, that's all I know. I hope this helped.

Play Safe,


10-07-06, 03:09
Had only one night free in Puebla and since I´ve heard and read here that prices at the SCs are very high, I decided to check out a casa. Seems like there are several open 24 hours which is cool, though I often find that service is a bit more mechanical at places with long hours, as it was on this visit.

A cabbie took me to Extravaganza for 40 Pesos (?), which is a bit away from the centro: it´s at 54 Poniente 2314. You first sit in a little room at the front and they bring you the chicas. About 8 of them when I went at around 11PM on a Saturday night, all of only average looks, but all doable, especially if you don´t mind gorditas. Peubla is also famous for it´s 2 for 1 special: 400 for half an hour or 550 for two girls at once or one after the other! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, the room I went to with the chica I picked was too dark, such that I can´t even attempt to rate her looks. Maybe a 7.5. And she started off asking if I´d giver her a tip, which was annoying. Luckily, since I can speak Spanish, I made sure to make the session upbeat and was able to get her to laugh. Just an ok fuck. And I had a hard time finishing, and since she had used some bad language earlier, I asked her to talk to me dirtily to get me to cum. It worked like a charm, even though later I had to look up some of the words in the dictionary to figure out some of the filthy things she said, haha.

She kept asking if I wanted to do it with another chica at the same time, and I said, no, after we finish. So when she went downstairs, about 5 chicas came up to the room and I chose again. Chose a gordita, named Liz, maybe early 30s, with huge, wonderful natural breasts. I prefer much younger chicas, but she was really friendly and nice. A nice session, though I was a bit tired out from the first pop.

In short, I love how there is lots of casa action available at all times of the day in Peubla, and I love the 2 for 1 specials. My visit was only OK, but I´m sure with a longer stay one can find some real gems at great prices in the city of the Angels.

Kev Dog
10-14-06, 16:43
I was in Xalapa last year for a week, met a chica at university there, older chica, small tits, but very tall for a mexicana and a MASSIVE ass! She stayed with me the whole time. Good times. I'm going back to Xalapa and might look her up. But I have other plans as well.

We stay in touch and she is my "novia", of course I am not getting tied down. Every time I call her she says she is more and more my puta and wants to have her first anal with me and wants me to CIM and COF. But she is very cool and fun to be with, so we'll see what happens.

Attached are some pics. I cannot give any information as she is not a pro.


Munch Lunch
10-20-06, 05:09
Hey Fellow Mongers,
I love this wonderful, safe, university town, which is tropical but not hot; because it has a slightly higher elevation. There is good mountain climbing, water falls, and jungle outing near here. Plus, the Archeology Museum, night life and cultural activities are tops.

I used the Madonna's brothel three times while there for a three-day weekend. They claim to have 24 hour service; but the best selection is from 3 PM to 2 AM. Or, at least those were the times I was there on the weekend and there were always plenty (8 – 12) good, tropical, chicas to choose from.

This is a “service on-site” brothel, with private rooms. According to the Yellow Pages they have two or three different locations. Just give these addresses to any taxi driver, they all know of Madonna’s, and they will take you to the nearest one. (The taxi drivers in Xalapa are quite honest and cheap.)

Magnolia 126
Phone: 228-817-30-54
Ismael Cristi 69
Phone: 228-840-48-43
or, possibly
Azueta 194-1

I went to the Madonna's on Magnolia, which is only a 15 minute walk or 15 peso taxi ride from the main plaza (Zocalo). It just looks like a commercial or apartment building from the outside, you knock on the steel door and the madam lets you in. There is a large living room on the left with the girls lounging on the couches. Just go around and greet each one till you have a connection with one.

Then you pay the madam and take the girl upstairs. The pricing includes the girl and the bedroom. “Una relacion” (one pop) costs $500 pesos and lasts about 45 – 60 minutes and “dos relaciones” (two pops) costs $600 peso and lasts up to 90 minutes. I always chose “dos relaciones”, which gives you some relax time with the chica for only another $9 USD.

On three different occasions, I went with three different girls. They were all slender, Hispanics/Blacks, 18 – 25 years old, with good boobs, black hair, and great asses. The first two, Mariella and Anna (If I remember their stage names correctly), were just good solid performers: HJ, BBBJ, DOGGIE, MISH, CG, RCG, ETC. They were nice, sweet, passionate, and submissive Latinas.

The bed was king size, there was a full size mirror on the ceiling and headboard, and there was good porn playing on the TV. The girls like to imitate what they were doing on the TV. All in all, very good service and no rush. They girls liked to talk a little bit before the action started. I highly recommend this place.

Best of luck,

Munch Lunch
10-20-06, 05:39
My third and final visit to Madonnas was truly weird and wild. I hesitate to share this because it is just too far out. As all of you know from my former posts, I don’t usually get into anything to out of the ordinary. I plan to go back to Mondanna's, but won't ever use this girl again. But, here is my experience:

After partying all night with Mexican friends, I wandered into Madonna’s the last time at 5 AM on Sunday morning. There was only one girl available and the Madam had to wake her up; she was Monica. She was just fine looking; so, we went upstairs, and we showered up in the room, but once she came back in the bedroom she developed an attitude. I had a sense of humor about it and decided to play her and see what would develop. I tried to not think about how long 90 minutes could be with this killer *****, if I couldn’t develop a connection with her. So, I tried to make the most of it.

We laid down on the bed and she tried to give me a CBJ but her attitude was clearly in the way. I asked her to tell me what was wrong; she told me to shut up. I said "we have plenty of time and I would just listen." (I am a bi-lingual white guy.) She said she hated Gringos in general, that they were not romantic and that they were rotten in bed. She said that our dicks were too small, would not get hard, would not stay hard long enough, and we could not keep plowing long enough to satisfy a Latina. I just listened, nodded my head, and said “really, that’s a shame.” (Inwardly, I was thinking; shall I run downstairs and ask for my money back?)

But, I knew if I argued with her, she would clam up, bicker with me, or just give me the cold shoulder. By way of keeping her talking and venting her feelings, I said “tell me more…I’m curious.” For once, she actually looked me in the eyes but with a mixture of incredulity and disgust. A slight smirk appeared on her full, pouty lips.

She said, OK, ****** here is what I think. The American women (Gringas) have to come down here and get fucked by Mexican men, just to find out what good sex is all about. I see them in the bars getting lubed up for our men. She had also heard from some Mexican men and even the Gringas themselves; that they would come down for a week vacation, fuck at least 3 times a day and with different men during the week and go home satisfied.

Playing naive, I said “how about that; I guess we are not taking care of our women.” That egged her on and she said “you Gringos can’t, your small, impotent, and can’t bang long enough. It takes me three Gringos to get what one Mexican could give me, she said. I said “then, when you make love you like to get fucked good and hard?” She said “you bet…I need it hard and fast; but you guys are all pussys. You pay good money to fuck us and then can’t. Don’t waste our time.”

Flowing with her anger, like Dr. Phil, I said “not only do you think we are worthless, you sound disgusted or angry at us.” (By now, I could feel she was warming up and I wanted to see if she was dominant, racist, or abusive.) I said “Why don’t you tell me or show me how much you hate us.” I was getting aroused, with the mixture of fear and repulsion. But, I knew she was not physically strong enough to hurt me. So, I was willing to do what ever it took to salvage this 90 minutes. Especially, since she was probably the only hooker I could find in town at 5:00 AM on a Sunday.

I said “You hate everything about us, but especially our dicks and balls, right?.” She said, “Oh, yah.” I said “Why don’t you show me how much you hate these” and I slid her hand to my balls, meanwhile forming a circle with her lovely fingers, which were tipped with red painted nails. I had her encircle my cords, coming from the bottom and slightly tugging my balls away from my dick. She waved my balls at me and said “I hate these.” She pointed to my dick and said “I hate that too.”

My heart was racing as I continued to think about how to take advantage of this situation. I stumbled on the words and said “Don’t worry about those balls; I’ve already had a vasectomy. And, jjust for the heck of it, shave my whole pubic area twice a week.” She practically shouted “There you go, that is exactly what is wrong with you guys; a good Mexican would never get himself fixed, nor would he shave. You’re like those damn hairless cats!”

I said, “Well since you got me where you want me; why don’t you tell/show me what you think of me and my friends.” She gave a wry smile and said “really?” I could sense she was a control freak; but somehow not dangerous. I said “sure” and her hand tightened around my balls. She than grabbed a lace strap from her negligee and wrapped it around my still limp dick. I told her “tell me baby.!”

With her free hand, she grabbed me by the jaw and looked me right in the eyes. She lit into me with every disgusting pejorative word I have ever heard in Spanish. (By now, I knew I had her going and this would end up in some great fucking; so, I let her just rant.) She pointed and made fun of my hardware, called me “inutil” (worthless), laughed at me, etc. She said “What I had, down there, did not even merit entering inside a woman, let alone a Latina. It was good I was fixed because no women would want to be knocked up by me.”

But at the same time she was degrading me, she started stroking my dick. Then, she said “look I can blow you and you still can‘t get stiff.” She proceeded with a forceful, teethy BBBJ meant to discourage an erection. But, it just aroused me and my dick was now neither small nor limp. I was getting very turned on and she still held my balls.

I ventured ahead by saying, “You know I may be worthless; but, I did pay for two pops and as a good business woman you ought to honor your contract. Besides, if you’re not happy you can show me later because; as you can see, you are in control. Taking the hint, she squeezed my balls for emphasis and said “are you willing to risk it?” I said, “sure.” By then I was fully hard and I am long.

She slipped on the rubber and we rolled into Mish and I deep stroked her hard and fast, for a long time, till she came once. The mirrors were great. Then, she then pushed me off, rolled to doggie, and stuck me in. Looking at that great brown ass of hers get pounded really rocked me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back enough so we locked eyes in the mirror headboard. I held on, and on and on and banged and banged. I felt like I was fucking not only for my dignity by as a good patriot, I was defending the honor of every American guy.

We started sweating, she wrinkled her brow, and dropped her face to the pillow as I plowed and plowed her. I grabbed the pillows and shoved them under her tummy and she just collapsed on them as I went for the gold. Then, I bent over her and whispered in her ear "I'm cumming!" She grinned.

I said “una relacion, ya; y una mas todavia!” (we had one relation, and still have one to go.) She said “Yep, that’s the deal. We rested, snoozed, in bed for a long time. I placed her knee in my crotch. I told her if she was still angry with me she should let me have it where it hurts. She just looked away. After a while we were both getting aroused by the porno channel. She went down on me for a good BBBJ and ball tongue wash. Then she did CG and RCG till I came again.

She then turned cold (attitude) again, went and showered up while I dressed. Wrapped in her towel we walked down the narrow stairs in the semi-darkness. I asked her if I could come see her again and if so; when? She nearly snarled, and said “If you ever come back, and ask for me, damn Gringo I will rip your balls off.” She opened the door, gave me a slight shove out into the street and clanged the steel door shut.

It was daylight and the city was coming alive. I looked back at the door, shook my head, and wondered if it had all been a dream. I walked a block south to the park, and at a small open air restaurant ordered a banana –papaya smoothie. The owner’s daughter, a 14-year old Latina beauty, sat the large glass on the white, plastic table and some spilled out. I asked her “Do you like Americans” She said “sure, you people are OK.” I said “thanks.” She smiled and looked pleasant, but puzzled.

So, guys I have no idea what the moral of this surrealistic experience was. But, if I ever meet another ‘prosti” like her I’m going to run like hell. I have never been in a potentially dangerous situation and am not into dominant-submissive play. Maybe one of you is a psycologist and knows what this experience was all about; I'm sure I have no idea.

Remember, her name is Monica and she hates you!


Tiny 12
10-27-06, 20:48
Munch Lunch, Nice -- I took the liberty of putting a link in Reports of Distinction.

02-28-07, 05:49
Will be flying into Leon - Guanajuato Airport and needed any information on things going on in that city. I tried to do a search but there was no information. Is there nothing there? Any information on how to go about looking for girls and their services? Thanks in advance!

02-28-07, 22:51

Does anyone know any thing about San Luis Potosi?

Where can I find the best girls p4p.

I am going there soon.

Any information about good bars to find girls will be welcomed.

Many thanks.

03-03-07, 08:13
Now that I am back in the States, missing my Mexican chiquillas mucho, here’s my resume of Oaxacan brothels…

It is very hard to recommend any one brothel based on looks or service, since things can change drastically in a matter of months. Suffice it to say that I’ve had excellent service at all of the brothels at least once with chicas who were very hot, though here they are all basically girl-next-door types, which, in my book, isn’t a necessarily a bad thing; indeed, I love the casual, relaxed sessions I’ve had with lots of the chicas here. You spot this super hot, skinny, 18-year-old in some of these casas, and though she may not give it all out in her session, still, you are fucking some incredible, thin, dark-skinned eye-candy. Just wanted to get that out of the way about the Oaxacan scene to start.

EL FOCO ROJO has two branches: one at Xicoténcatl 906, which is in el centro and which is supposedly open 24-hours. If you go there after midnight, however, ask your cabbie to wait, since it is not uncommon that there’s barely any girls in the house or that they’ve already closed for the night. Their second house is just south of the center, in the Colonia Alemán, at Eulalio Gutiérrez 398. It opens at maybe 10 AM and closes at 6:00 AM. Usually there are only a few girls in this house, so I would only go there if you need a plan B, though, again, I have had several very nice sessions there. Prices for both houses: Cover 20 Pesos, Beers 20, Half-hour session 400. Don’t tip. At both houses, you sit at the tables in the main room where you can have a drink, look at the chicas, then tell the dudes which chica you want to go with. Both are open Sundays.

EL FOCO VERDE is just a bit east of the city center, in the neighborhood of Colonia Gómez Sandoval, at Prolongación Hidalgo 111, and it is cheaper than both of the Focos Rojos. When I first went there, it was full of hot babes, such that it was difficult to choose. I went there again about a month ago, however, and there were only about 10 fat, sorta ugly chicks. I chose the youngest looking one, and had a great time, but it only goes to show that things can change quickly. For all I know, super hot, skinny, young, short, very morena Alejandra has returned, but I don’t know. In any case, El Foco Verde is only open from about 10 AM until 1:30 AM, though don’t count on it being open after about 11 PM – call first. It is open Sundays, but only until 11PM. Prices: Cover 10 Pesos, Beers 15, Half-hour session 400, plus 10 for condom.

LOS ALAMOS is what I call my ex-neighborhood brothel, only 5 blocks from my apartment on the northeastern edge of the Colonia Reforma. Most Oaxaqueños know of the Focos Rojos, fewer of el Foco Verde, and much fewer still of Los Alamos, which doesn’t have an official name -- I call it that since it is at Los Alamos 211, a house that looks like any other in the neighborhood. And they are only open from 10AM to 10 PM and are closed on Sundays, such that I think the girls see much fewer customers than at the other houses. Does it make a difference? I think so, but I don’t know. I can only say that in the 3 times I’ve been there, I’ve been with 3 absolutely sweet, little, young chicas, who all gave me a wonderful time. I’m an evening hobbiest, however, so that is why I haven’t returned to the place more frequently. Still, at the moment, this is the house I would first recommend. Prices: Cover – none. Half-hour session 400, plus 10 for condom.

VOLCANES is the name I give to the casa in the neighborhood of Volcanes, just a bit north of the Colonia Reforma. It is at Los Alpes 106. Unfortunately, I have yet to go there, even though it is within walking distance of my flat. But like Los Alamos, it closes early, I’m guessing at around 10PM. Tell the cab driver to turn right onto Los Alpes, since on the left there is another Los Alpes 106. Go figure...

AZTECA. There is a casa in this neighborhood to the north-west of the centro: probably about 40 Pesos to get there during the day. Few taxi drivers know of this place, which is supposedly open 24 hours. It is on the street of Tenochtitlan. I didn’t go to this house, since when I called, they were rather rude, but if you want the exact address and/or phone number, I can look for it among my notes.

A taxi ride from the zócalo to all of these houses should only cost 30 – 35 Pesos during the day, except perhaps to the houses in Volcanes and in the Colonia Azteca.

As far as recommendations go, from my experience it goes like this: 1) Los Alamos, 2) Foco Verde, 3) Foco Rojo en el centro, 4) Foco Rojo en la Colonia Aleman.

For info on the hot strip clubs La Habana and Baraimas, do a search of my previous posts. The same goes for the SW scene in Oaxaca.

Suerte Camaradas!

Black Sheep
03-05-07, 15:56
Place at 211 Alamos (Col Antiguo Aeropuerto) advertises as "Golden Girls". Usually good svc- usually at least one of 2 to 4 girls is pretty.

Only time at place on Xicotencatl, only 1 chava present- not very pretty. Are you sure they are open the hrs you report?

Found the place in Col. Volcanes, but didn't like the neighborhood enuf to leavemy vehic unattended.

Only visit to the place in Col Gomez Sandoval, about 10 girls, but only 1 could be described as pretty.

03-05-07, 19:42

I was in Leon last month and couldn't believe how many pretty girls were out walking the street. Anybody have any idea what the action is like in that city?

03-06-07, 07:10
Qué onda, Black Sheep!

At Los Alomos they close early, at 10:00 PM, so it is better to go a bit earlier since some of the girls leave early. (And what I posted was written a while ago, so I've been there more than the three times I wrote, and except for once, I was with a real hottie each time.) So, when I went in the late afternoon on a weekday, there were always about 6 or 7 muchachas in the house.

As for the Foco Rojo en Xicotencatl, I stand by what I wrote. They are "supposedly" open 24 hours. I've been there at 4:00 or 5:00 AM and had a nice screw. Other times they closed early. But yes, it is a real hit or miss place as far as the chicas go.

You don't like the Volcanes neighborhood?? That's a nice neighborhood. They have paved roads, after all! Y, por cierto, todavía tienes miedo de ir a La Habana? Híjole, qué pasa, güey?

As for the Gomez Sandoval house (el Foco Verde) , as I said, things change a lot in these places. But, after a year and a half of visits, it proved to be one of the most consistent overall, and I have spent lots of pleasant hours there chatting and joking with the chavas in the main room.

Anyway, hope you are having a good time in Oaxaca, Black Sheep, away from the damn cold here in the States...

03-18-07, 11:02

I was in Leon last month and couldn't believe how many pretty girls were out walking the street. Anybody have any idea what the action is like in that city?I would love to know as well. Rustyp1, did the pretty girls you saw look like SWs? Whereabout in Leon did you see them?

Any info on Leon would be great as I'll be travelling there soon.

Thanks in advance!

Pilot Pete
03-30-07, 22:13
There are several strip clubs and escorts available here. The 1st club was a place caled the "Dogout" which I was told was supposed to be the "Dougout" as in baseball but they spelled it like they say it. Dropped 250 pesos and got a HJ from a an absolute stunner.

The bellman hooked me up with a gal from an agency that cost 100 USD. I tight and tiny little spinner, this one was very quite but very talented. Pick up the local paper and look at the massage ads in the classifieds. Spanish is important here as there are very few English speakers.

Rico Cafe
05-15-07, 02:27
Is There Anything Going On In La Piedad? Thanks For Any Info!

Mexican Perro
06-24-07, 04:36
Is There Anything Going On In La Piedad? Thanks For Any Info!Hello Rica Cafe. Not to much action in La piedad. I will suggest Guadalajara (2 hours from La piedad), but la Piedad is too conservative.

El Austriaco
07-16-07, 19:06
Just made it back this Saturday from a quick five-day swing through Northern and Central Mexico from my usual haunting ground in Querétaro, and since nobody except for Nibu Raphael (see http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=595018&postcount=80 ) seems to have any info on San Luis Potosi (SLP) at all for, what, at least the past couple of years, I decided to go out on a quick recon mission while I was there this week and check out some of their table dance venues. Spent some time in Zacatecas and in Monterrey, too, but unfortunately, I was accompanied by my better half :). So here you go:

According to my cabbie, there are four more upscale table dance venues in San Luis Potosi. All of them are located along the highway San Luis Potosi-Querétaro-México, a bit past the bus station on the way out of town, but on the other side of the street (i.e. the side with traffic going into town), in the so-called Zona Hotelera. Cab ride from the historical center (from Juan Sarabia, to be exact) was more or less MEX 25.00 (cabs in SLP use a taximetro, except when coming from the bus station, in which case you buy a fixed-price taxi voucher directly in the estación camionera, just like in many other Mexican cities). Once you are at any of them, you can easily walk to the other ones within minutes: the area is reasonably well lit, there's quite a bit of traffic, and there are many roadside restaurants/food stalls that are quite populated until late at night and into the morning hours.

The places are (in the order in which you approach them coming from downtown):

- Golden
- Scorpions Men's Club
- Medusas
- Babbel Club

Once I head out in that direction on Thursday night, I tried to pick my cabbie's brain as to which Club he preferred, but he just kept insisting that he would take me to whatever club I wanted to go to. Repeating that I had never been to any of them didn't seem to register with him. Whatever. Excluding Golden, which the cabbie had mentioned as sort of rip-offish and the only one with an entrance fee, I decided to check out the other ones first and leave Golden for last, time permitting. To cut a long story short, I never got around to checking it out, so some other adventurous monger must do the deed.

Scorpions Men's Club

As soon as arrived, I was ushered in without any problem (and without any patdown for weapons etc.) No entrance fee (cover). Inside the club, I was immediately handed a menu: minimum consumption MEX 120.00, ladies drinks MEX 200.00, table dance MEX 200.00. Somewhat pricey, but the joint appeared somewhat classy, and prices for other drinks actually looked reasonable. I mean looked since, when I tried to order a soft drink (refresco) for MEX 30.00, as specified on the menu, the waiter told me that it was actually MEX 70.00. Confused and bewildered, I inquired why and was told a long story that the soft drink prices on the menu actually only applied if you ordered a bottle of hard liquor, which basically came with free soft drinks, but in case you ran out of it... I know, didn't make any sense to me, so I asked again and endured an even more convoluted story. If there's one thing I have learned from living in Mexico for four years, it's that it's just best to walk away from anything you don't understand, and that's just what I did. Regardless of whether they were just trying to push hard liquor or trying to rip off an obvious out-of-town gringo, I wasn't too impressed... especially since the place was sort of dead at around 10:30 on a Thursday night, and there were only about three girls around, as far as I could see. The three that I saw, however, looked pretty good.


Medusas is nothing more than a leisurely three-minute walk up the street from Scorpions Men’s Club, on the same side of the street: you can’t miss it. Inside, the place looks like a big barn-cum-country joint, dimly illuminated in red. A typical Mexican gordita in a tasteless green dress was trying to snake around the dancing pole as best as she could, attempting to shed her clothing during the second song. The place really reminded me of similar places in Querétaro. Definitely more down-scale than Scorpions, Medusas seemed to cater to the more working-class Mexican crowd: the place is huge, much bigger than Scorpions, with at least 50 or so tables. There were hardly any customers when I got there (shortly after 11:00 PM), but a good 6 or seven girls, though the joint would fill up quite a bit by midnight (and the female staff grew to about 10 to 12, too). I asked to see a menu, which was sort of skimpy, but there was no cover charge, and no minimum consumption. I ordered a regular coke, which was MEX 40.00, and surprise surprise, they bring me a 600 ml (!) bottle. Fine with me. Trying to get a good, hard look at the ladies was sort of hard in the semiobscurity, and my first impression was that they are tall, very tall… just like regular potosinas. It isn’t too long before one of them sits down with me and starts chatting. Her name is Diana, 22, from San Luis Potosi, an industrial engineering student, according to her. I invite her for a ladies drink, which sets me back MEX 100.00 and for which she orders a Michelada. Private dances are MEX 120.00 in one of the booths on the far left-hand side from the entrance. There must have been at least 10 booths there, although throughout the evening, I only saw one or two of them occupied at any given point in time. A somewhat slowish evening indeed (just before the quincena, my most educated guess). Once Diana asks for a second ladies drink, I send her on the way. She is cute and pleasant enough, but I am mostly her to investigate. There are definitely some stunners here, no doubt about it: about 3 or 4 of them. And did I mention they were tall (though between dim lighting and platform shoes that would make Gene Simmons cringe with ankle pain, it is sort of hard to determine their actual height)?

By the time I am ready to leave, another girl approaches me in quite aggressive fashion, trying to grab my dick and everything. She is one of the uglier girls in Medusas, and desperate to boot. Just everything I hate, so I don’t even remember her name; I am heading out in a hurry. Total damage for a couple of hours spent there: MEX 140.00.

Overall, Medusas is worth a visit, if maybe only to check out the scene. In a way, it looks like a big country bar, complete with a pool table and everything, with a dancing platform and a pole thrown in for good measure, so don’t expect any elegance here. There were some very nice looking girls, some stunners, some chaparritas and gorditas, some good pole dancers, and some other ones that could hardly hold their own in a provincial dancing contest. Like in many other parts of Mexico, girls dance for two songs, one clothed, the other one stripping. Please note that not all stripteases end up in full nudity, only some, though all of them go topless.. sooner or later.

Babbel (Carretera Central Km 3.025, Col. Providencia, phone 567 52 98)

As I am looking to hail down a cab to head back to the hotel, I am actually strolling up the street to remember what the third place was called, and before I know it, I am just outside of Babbel Club. Again, no more than a five-minute walk from Medusas. The way the cabbie pronounced the name, it sounded more like Bailey's or something like that, but that must be it, so I decide to take a look. Again, just like in Scorpions and Medusas, I am immediately ushered in, no checking for weapons or anything.

The first impression is WOW. Babbel comes across like a very upscale techno club, except for the naked ladies dancing on the stage, of course. Much nicer and trendier than I have seen in a while, for sure. No cover, minimum consumption is MEX 120.00, as the door guy explains to me. Everything is specified pretty clearly on the menu I am given, as well as on the big menu posted on the wall. Ladies drinks MEX 150.00 per glass (copa), MEX 300.00 per jar (jarra), table dance/privado MEX 180.00. Drinks for clients are priced pretty reasonably: soft drinks (refrescos) MEX 25.00, bottled beer (cerveza de vidrio) MEX 25.00, a cubeta of 10 (small?) beer bottles is MEX 250.00, canned beer (cerveza de lata) MEX 40.00, a cubeta of 6 cans comes to MEX 250.00. Tequilas and rums are between MEX 55.00 and MEX 70.00. The same as usual.

There must be about 10 girls there, and with a few exceptions, all stunners. This is probably the closest I have come to model-looking types in Mexico. The two or three that were not my type (meaning, a bit on the heavy side for me) were young and attractive nonetheless. Again, the two-song routine: first song clothed, the second one naked. Action on the stage is non-stop, with varying music (apparently, girls pick their own songs).

I start talking to a gorgeous girl from Guadalajara, who downs her ladies’ drink in about five minutes and asks for another one. I don’t think so. Ultimately, I end up talking to two more, one from La Paz, Baja California Sur, and the other one from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The last one spoke decent English (I talked to her in Spanish, but apparently, she was happy to have found someone to practice her English with). They were all sort of high-pressure in terms of drinks and table dances, although I have seen worse. Still, be careful, otherwise, you can drop a wad of cash in this place in a hurry. The girls, however, make it worthwhile.

Spent about one hour and a half there, until 3 AM, enjoying the show and the atmosphere. Check it out once you got a chance. By the time I left, the place was still going strong, but it was already too late for me to head over to Golden, and I decided to leave it for another day.

On the way back to the hotel, my cabbie mentioned two more places in other parts of town, one called Tavares, the other one Sofistique (spelling?). According to www.SexySLP.com, Tavares is located at Carretera Central Km. 178, phone number 822 27 12. Never got a chance to check them out, though.

As far as I could figure out, these place generally open around 9 and stay open until at least 3:00 AM. Diana at Medusas told me that many times over the weekend, they won't shut down before 5:00 or 6:00 AM, actually. In any case, it's probably not worth it to hit these joints before midnight or 11:00 PM at the earliest, especially during the week.

So that’s my preliminary overview of the SLP table dance scene.

Unlike Querétaro, for example, San Luis Potosí doesn’t seem to have any restrictions on sex ads in the local newspaper, so in case you're in town, just buy a copy of El Sol de San Luis for MEX 7.00 and check for Masajes Adultos in the Classifieds (Clasificados) of the section Escenario. Last Friday, there were a good 70 to 80 ads by freelancers and escort agencies, some of them advertising FS for as little as MEX 400.00. In addition, the website mentioned above, www.SexySLP.com, has a few ads for freelancers as well as weekday promotions for table dance venues, although the site still seems to be in its infancy stage.

Hope this helps,


08-17-07, 18:46
Hey guys,

I'm off to Leon next week for business and hope to find som fun.

I reviewed this thread and found very little. Can someone post or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in Advance men.


Black Sheep
08-29-07, 14:40
Saw an ad in an advertising supplement, Mas de Todo, "Chica Ardiente", tel. 044 951 130 9661. When I called, was told that I would pay 1000-1500 pesos up front to some guy, who would then send the girl to wherever I wished. Also said that he has catalog of girls available, which he would send me for 500 pesos in phone card credit.

Pretty blatant scam, but caution, there may be others slicker than this bum.

09-25-07, 02:42
Is there any updated information about Puebla? Where do the SW's hang out. I perused the forum and was unable to answer that question. I'll be passing through in a couple of weeks.

I know it is a lost cause but is there any action in the little town of Taxco?

El Austriaco
09-25-07, 15:38
I know it is a lost cause but is there any action in the little town of Taxco?
I was in Taxco back in early July this year, and though I couldn't check out the local P4P scene (I was traveling with my better half), I very distinctly remember seeing what looked like an obvious cathouse/stripclub on the way into town, about 10 minutes from the center, coming from DF. I say obvious because it had a pretty conspicuous billboard advertising chicas and saying something like "table dance". Sorry, don't remember the name anymore, and obviously, I couldn't check out their services first hand. But there definitely is some action there.

Hope this helps,


Black Sheep
09-28-07, 15:12
I don't live in Puebla and have no idea where SW's might be found, but "El Sol de Puebla" has ads for numerous escorts and brothels. Yellow pages has listings under Masajes.

What El Austriaco has to say about Taxco can be said of any town of 20, 000 or more. There is action, usually on the main road away from the center of town. Look for bars with women, naked or scantily clad on the sign. Usually open around dusk, but it can take a while for the girls to straggle in. Away from tourist areas, Spanish will help.

10-09-07, 15:47
My trip is only days away and have heard nothing about the clubs/escorts in San Miguel. Does anyone have any current information.


Mill Just
10-10-07, 04:51
Hi Jolly,

Just thought I'd respond since there weren't any responses to your request. I have visited San Miguel de Allende and its a lovely city with a rather large American ex-pat population (mostly older people), but I've never mongered there. However, I do know the state of Guanajuato very well and I can safely say that it is most definitely not a mongering state. I have visited, and mongered in, Leon, Celaya, Guanajuato city and other smaller towns, and the mongering is so underground that its almost non-existent. The religious leaders helped run off most of the adult entertainment in the area and what left has been forced out into the areas surrounding the cities. Prices are pretty high as a result of that, too.

Most likely, you'll have to go to the outskirts of San Miguel to find some decent action and, then, be prepared to pay through the nose. However, I could be wrong because I've never actually searched out mongering opportunities in that city because I went with a girlfriend.

Hope I somewhat helped. Please report back with what you find.

Have Fun,


My trip is only days away and have heard nothing about the clubs/escorts in San Miguel. Does anyone have any current information.


Dollar Bill
10-10-07, 15:37
My trip is only days away and have heard nothing about the clubs/escorts in San Miguel. Does anyone have any current information.


We have a club of the same name/owners here in Qro. and you should have fun. The club is located on the south side of the city on a road that goes between the roads that go from San Miguel to Celaya & another road that goes from San Miguel to Dolores Hidalgo.

I am not sure about other options but I know that you can probably talk to one of the strippers there and possibly get her to go with you after work. (they normally live in another town so getting one during the day would be harder).

Good Luck!


Dollar Bill
01-30-08, 22:39
Hi guys,

I will be heading down to Oaxxaca City and then to Puerto Escondido in March. Just wanted to check in and push a little to see if anyone has any new info.

If so, please let us know.

Thanks in advance!


Black Sheep
02-01-08, 19:11
Probably the best resource in the local newspaper, Noticias. In the classified section are listed several brothels and escort agencies. Brothels charge 400 pesos per 1/2 hour. Agencies can vary widely, depending on girl quality, but won't be less than 600 per hour for less desirable specimens.

Zaragoza street and area on Periferico across from Central de Abastos have SW's.

Numerous table dance places on roads just outside of Oaxaca city proper.

Enjoy yourself!

Dollar Bill
02-05-08, 17:17
Probably the best resource in the local newspaper, Noticias. In the classified section are listed several brothels and escort agencies. Brothels charge 400 pesos per 1/2 hour. Agencies can vary widely, depending on girl quality, but won't be less than 600 per hour for less desirable specimens.

Zaragoza street and area on Periferico across from Central de Abastos have SW's.

Numerous table dance places on roads just outside of Oaxaca city proper.

Enjoy yourself!

Just wanted to thank you for taking your time to give us (me) a little update.

Thank you!


Dollar Bill
03-25-08, 22:46
I was there for 3 days the weekend prior to Semana Santa. I did a little mongering while I was there and below is where I found action.

Strip Clubs - did not go to any. There are some located in Oaxaca but I did not have the urge to go to them so I passed.

Casas de Citas (houses) - to my knowledge, there are 3 of them located in the city. Foco Rojo (red light), Foco Verde (green light), and Casa Verde (green house). These located on the west side of town (near the Periferico). Taxi drivers will be able to get you there as most of them know the places. I went to all three but I only found 1 girl that was acceptable. It was a "quicky" and I think the price was $400 MN for 1/2 hour, 500 1 hour, or 600 1 1/2 hours. Only Foco Rojo is opened in the daytime.

Street Walkers – they are located on Zaragoza near Periferico (1/2 block inside the loop (or closer to the city than outside the loop)). There were a couple of girls there during the daytime, when I went by there, but nothing looked good enough for me to stop. There are also some SW at the end of Zaragoza where it crosses over Periferico. Cross the street, walk up about 1/2 block, and then take a left down the street (you will see girls on both sides of this little street). I heard from a taxista that these girls were “not clean” because they don’t get checked where the Casa girls do. He probably does not get commission from the SW so that is why he might have been pointing me to the casas instead.

I ended getting serviced on this little street twice in 2 days. I found a “gem” there the first day. 18 y/o, pretty, hot body and skinny. Just the way I like them. The girl called herself Noami and she said that she was from Nayarit. She was not there the second day, so I went with her friend (Jennifer). She said that she was 19 and was from Guadalajara. She was also very cute, but I still liked the first girl better. Everything covered and MANY RULES. No kissing, no touching the pussy, 1 position ($100 MN extra for extra positions), CBJ were $100 extra also. 20 minutes time limited also. $200 pesos including the room.

Attached is a photo taken during a drive by. The girl in the orange top is Noami, and the girl in the black is Jennifer.

This report is continued in the Veracruz section.


04-21-08, 12:26
Will hopefully, probably go to this little town for a friends wedding this coming summer. Does anyone know how to find some entertainment?

My knowledge in spanish is very limited.

Grateful for any information!

06-13-08, 06:20
Judging by the photo in your post, the street you fould those girls on was Prolongación de Galeana and the address was #702. Just for future reference or posters that were confused by the directions you gave. Those two look hot and I'll drop by there sometime this summer. Let's see if they are still there.



07-18-08, 22:14
Stayed at the holiday inn parque industrial finsa in Puebla last week. This hotel is not in a good location for mongering. Hotel is NOT girl friendly. On a plus note, the steakhouse adjoined to the hotel was great (best steak I've ever had). This steakhouse also had some of the sexiest women I've ever seen.

J Melbourne
09-11-08, 07:07


To meet me at a hotel. Wait for an HOUR, kept calling trying to find out where they are? FINALLY someone calls back and tells me in broken English they are not coming. I ask why and she says, "No English. " So I repeat myself in spanish. She says, "No English! " So I repeat myself in Spanish again and say, "I am speaking Spanish. " She listens for a while longer and then says, "Is too late. " So I ask her again in Spanish, "Too late? They should have been here at 11. Send them here and I will meet them at 12. "

To which she replies, "No English. " And then hangs up and blocks my call.

I even offered TWICE the normal rate, but since I spoke English AND Spanish it was a no-go?

10-22-08, 09:54
I'd like to call on the collective investigative power of this group to see if we can locate a particular chica reportedly working in Puebla now.

As you can tell she's above average in looks, very personable, but be careful.

Her working name in DF was Kiara, age 24, from Veracruz state. Short with large silicon senos.

If anyone can spot her at any strip clubs in Puebla or maybe Manhattan in Cholula, I'll oblige the finder with more candid pics via email.

Thanks in advance,


PS and obviously ISG members should never tell the girls about the pictures posted on this board.

Dirty Willy
02-18-09, 02:27
I just returned from a few days in Oaxaca. It's one of the coolest places I've ever visited, but for mongering it's absolutely dismal. Even staying with a local who took me to a whole bunch of places, it was a waste of time. But if you want if you want details, here they are:

Foco Rojo: 20 peso entry, 400 for 1/2 hour
2 locations: Xictencatl 906, Eulalio Gutierrez 398
Foco Verde: 15 peso entry, 370 for 1/2 hour
I'd say I saw nothing better than a 5 and most were pretty awful. Upside is that you see what you're getting and it's a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit and talk without any pressure. Probably the best one was the first foco rojo which is closest to the center.

Nightclubs: I hated these. My friend took me to several- Liquid, La Habana, La Gueja(?), La Jungla, El Carrizal, Bahaimas, & a couple others
Note: Texano is closed for now.
All the clubs were basically the same and I don't think I spent more than 15 minutes in any of them. Blaring music, dark lighting, porno running in most of them. Men outnumbered women 3 to 1, so it I didn't even talk to any of them and it was very obvious they were just looking to milk drinks out of people.

Bottom line: The city and surrounding areas are fantastic to visit. Skip the mongering. If you get desperate, probably best to go to the casas.

Lil Bear
02-19-09, 09:00
I just returned from a few days in Oaxaca. It's one of the coolest places I've ever visited, but for mongering it's absolutely dismal. Even staying with a local who took me to a whole bunch of places, it was a waste of time. But if you want if you want details, here they are:

Foco Rojo: 20 peso entry, 400 for 1/2 hour
2 locations: Xictencatl 906, Eulalio Gutierrez 398
Foco Verde: 15 peso entry, 370 for 1/2 hour
I'd say I saw nothing better than a 5 and most were pretty awful. Upside is that you see what you're getting and it's a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit and talk without any pressure. Probably the best one was the first foco rojo which is closest to the center.

Nightclubs: I hated these. My friend took me to several- Liquid, La Habana, La Gueja(?), La Jungla, El Carrizal, Bahaimas, & a couple others

Note: Texano is closed for now.

All the clubs were basically the same and I don't think I spent more than 15 minutes in any of them. Blaring music, dark lighting, porno running in most of them. Men outnumbered women 3 to 1, so it I didn't even talk to any of them and it was very obvious they were just looking to milk drinks out of people.

Bottom line: The city and surrounding areas are fantastic to visit. Skip the mongering. If you get desperate, probably best to go to the casas.I will be in Oaxaca in August and I must say that after hearing that I'm a little scarred to go. I have heard much about Oaxaca that's why I wanted to see it. I also have heard it is not the place to monger and you have just reassured me that it isn't. Well besides that did you like the whole experience?

Dirty Willy
02-19-09, 19:44
I will be in Oaxaca in August and I must say that after hearing that I'm a little scarred to go. I have heard much about Oaxaca that's why I wanted to see it. I also have heard it is not the place to monger and you have just reassured me that it isn't. Well besides that did you like the whole experience?

It was a great experience. Mongering aside, I loved Oaxaca.

I'm not sure what I wrote that would make you scared. It felt like a safe place. There aren't guards around like a lot of other touristy places you might go in Mexico. But then again, it might be less safe for that.

Lil Bear
02-20-09, 21:10
It was a great experience. Mongering aside, I loved Oaxaca.

I'm not sure what I wrote that would make you scared. It felt like a safe place. There aren't guards around like a lot of other touristy places you might go in Mexico. But then again, it might be less safe for that.Well, I was thinking more on the bore factor, and as far as safety, I have heard good things despite the violence that is going on right now in Mexico ( either way I know I will have to be careful no matter where I'm at to say the least ). I have heard a lot about Oaxaca, But I don't know if the length of time I plan on staying ( 6 to 8 weeks) will be a good idea. It was either Oaxaca or Colombia. I want to see all that Oaxaca has to offer and besides the plane tickets are only $335 round trip, but if there isn't a lot to do mongering wise I don't know if it will be a wise choice right now. Who knows though, I don't plan to monger the whole entire trip, I would like to have that option if the urges pop up from time to time you know what I mean. Thanks for the info and if you have anything else you could let me know about out there I would sure appreciate it.

Dirty Willy
02-26-09, 17:02
Thanks for the info and if you have anything else you could let me know about out there I would sure appreciate it.

Let me know if you have specific questions and I'll try and answer them.

02-26-09, 17:23
Well, I was thinking more on the bore factor, and as far as safety, I have heard good things despite the violence that is going on right now in Mexico ( either way I know I will have to be careful no matter where I'm at to say the least ). I have heard a lot about Oaxaca, But I don't know if the length of time I plan on staying ( 6 to 8 weeks) will be a good idea. It was either Oaxaca or Colombia. I want to see all that Oaxaca has to offer and besides the plane tickets are only $335 round trip, but if there isn't a lot to do mongering wise I don't know if it will be a wise choice right now. Who knows though, I don't plan to monger the whole entire trip, I would like to have that option if the urges pop up from time to time you know what I mean. Thanks for the info and if you have anything else you could let me know about out there I would sure appreciate it.

Actually there are a few "casa de citas" around town. I was last there maybe 5 years ago. Ask a cab driver to show you one. I paid roughly $35 for a 30 minute session.

Chicas are very much geared to the locals...mamasita types with big asses and dark skin.

Oaxaca is a beautiful city with the best food in mexico. You must see monte alban...bring a camera.

02-28-09, 16:24
Actually there are a few "casa de citas" around town. I was last there maybe 5 years ago. Ask a cab driver to show you one. I paid roughly $35 for a 30 minute session.

Chicas are very much geared to the locals...mamasita types with big asses and dark skin.

Oaxaca is a beautiful city with the best food in mexico. You must see monte alban...bring a camera.Wow best food in Mexico really? I thought the food in Guadalajra, Zacatecas was really nice, I was surprised compared to Juarez where I live. I can fly out of mexico relatively easy so flights are really cheap for me and I wantd to visit Oaxaca. Maybe for dia de los muertos?

03-16-09, 02:14
Any reports for Irapuato, just east of Leon.

Anyone have any good expirences there?

04-25-09, 22:40
I'll be in Cuernavaca for a few days in May. I know Americans use to be there to learn Spanish. I am nor American and I already speak Spanish. So what else could I do in Cuernavaca (ther is no report in this forum)?

Thanks for any help.

el frances

08-26-09, 01:21
I'll be in Cuernavaca for a few days in May. I know Americans use to be there to learn Spanish. I am nor American and I already speak Spanish. So what else could I do in Cuernavaca (ther is no report in this forum)?

Thanks for any help.

el francesThat is cause there is not much. IMHO, There are 4 strip clubs, where you can get some action but it will cost you.( I spent $$$$$$$ for me and my cousin) The girls drinks are the main way the bar makes money. Just ask any taxi driver. The clubs are Amazone, Emporium, Emu and a fourth the driver said was too dangerous(it was the first one on the street). There are some street walkers but I did not test. The street is the one going to Cauoxto(sp) Your key would be to talk to the taxi cab drivers to get the lo-down on Cuernavaca. I am sure there is a *****house some where. I just could not ask with my cousin there. Hope this helps.

08-26-09, 13:38
Never been there but your post made me curious and sure enough the spanish craigs list, mundoannuncio, lists several possibilities,


Buena suerte

Juan Carter
09-02-09, 07:44
I was told there are several such places but I found only one. At 2 Poiniente Privada, off 2 Poniente and just West of 3 Norte. It is a little merchant alley with an "adults only" door on the West side, towards the middle. I cannot believe I even found it.

Most are fatties but the 22 year old flaca, Nancy is a gem. 120 Pesos for 15 minutes, plus 50 for each position, 100 for completely nude and 100 for oral. Maybe the best 170 pesos I ever spent, great ass. Hardly any tits but she is a seven.

Juan Carter
01-22-10, 07:39
I was told there are several such places but I found only one. At 2 Poiniente Privada, off 2 Poniente and just West of 3 Norte. It is a little merchant alley with an "adults only" door on the West side, towards the middle. I cannot believe I even found it.

YouTube has a number of videos of locales in Puebla and also of La Merced, just log onto YouTube and type a search. Many are of the place above at 2 Poniente Privada...this one is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do7GwWva-WA

I found this list of additional addresses on the profile for Miguelmaspuebla but cannot attest to the validity..

Pues listando a dicimebre 2009
UNO sobre 18 poniente entre 5 y 3 norte, DOS sobre 14 poniente entre 11 y 9 norte, UNO sobre 10 poniente entre 11 y 9 norte, UNO sobre 10 oriente entre 4 y 6 norte, UNO sobre 8 poniente entre 5 y 3 norte UNO sobre 8 poniente entre 3 norte y 5 de mayo, UNO sobre 6 poniente entre 11 y 9 nortem UNO sobre 6 ponienten entre 9 y 7 norte, UNO sobre 4 ponienten entre 11 y 9 norte, UNO sobre 7 Norte entre 6 y 8 poniente

02-01-10, 03:44
I agree with the previous post. Most clubs are out of town down or off the main suburban highway Paseo Cuauhnauhuac between 4 and 10 km from the center.

There is a cantina very near the center but you cannot take that seriously.

I am reliably told that Amazone is the best of the bunch. The best girls being available every second Friday payday (quincena in Spanish)

For complete choice it is just over an hour on the bus to Mexico City and costs 80 pesos. Altenatively go to Acapulco and get a girl to come by your hotel the next day before she starts her shift.

Alternatively you can call for service on one of the sites listed in the Mexico City thread or cragslist.

There are also mega cheap places in Jojutla, but thats in the south of Morelos.

03-05-10, 23:47
Well I have looked and don't see where I should post a Tapachula report, so here it is I guess, although Tapachula is definitely not Central Mexico. Perhaps another category for Oaxaca, Chiapas, etc- Southern Mexico.

Well Tapachula is not nearly as bad as I had been lead to believe. It is a rather pleasant, clean city, seems to be quite prosperous and organized.

I was staying near the bus station as my bus for El Salvador was leaving early the next morning and it was a perfectly safe area.

I walked the 6 blocks or so to the Zocalo and had a great meal of quesadillas de flor de calabaza and frijoles charros in a restaurant right on the zocalo. It was very pleasent to eat and people watch and the food was great, the beer very cold as well. The restaurant was called Las Tablitas. Not as great a vibe as the similar experience in the Oaxaca City zocalo but very nice, relaxed and pleasant.

I asked a few cabbies where to find the chamacas and the consensus seemed to be a strip joint called Los Marineros, so that's where I headed at the ridiculously early for Mexico time of 8pm. Of course it was dead so after a drink I decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel for some rest.

But. My cab driver on the way hime told me that he has a list of girls that offer masajes and if I wanted he could call one. I was leary so told him well if I can meet her first I might be interested. So he got out the cell and called his friend who just happened to be at an Oxo store on the way. We pulled over and I was pleasantly surprised to see a very cute 19 year old, slim, big breasted with a bit of baby fat around the waist.

Was told the price 650 pesos for an hour and a half, so I thought why not? I knew my hotel didn't allow visitors so we drove to a short time motel, 100 for 4 hours. What followed was a nice massage by a very cute, bubbly and friendly girl, I think her name was Jazmin and then some great passionate GFE sex, BBBJ, dfk, etc.

She showed me an add in one of the local papers, it said 12 princesas and told me that there are 12 of them who work for this number, available 24 hours a day, just to call. She said most of the other girls were like her, buena honda and bonitas and that they would all love me as well. There were probably about 10 or so similar adds in the paper and she said that two of the other ones were also of her patrona.

All in all a very nice time in Tapachula, I was pleasantly surprised and would definitley call the add in the paper if I pass through again.

I always seem to have very good luck in Mexico with the chicas, not sure why they seem to like me so much, but they usually give me great service, even to the point of often wanting to go bareback in the heat of the moment-which so far I have managed to avoid, as tempting as it is.

I do speak fluent Spanish so I guess that helps.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php) for more information.

Gordita Lover
06-27-10, 05:46
so, the good: these sites still seem to be active and accurate:

pues listando a dicimebre 2009
uno sobre 18 poniente entre 5 y 3 norte, dos sobre 14 poniente entre 11 y 9 norte, uno sobre 10 poniente entre 11 y 9 norte, uno sobre 10 oriente entre 4 y 6 norte, uno sobre 8 poniente entre 5 y 3 norte uno sobre 8 poniente entre 3 norte y 5 de mayo, uno sobre 6 poniente entre 11 y 9 nortem uno sobre 6 ponienten entre 9 y 7 norte, uno sobre 4 ponienten entre 11 y 9 norte, uno sobre 7 norte entre 6 y 8 ponientei walked by a few of them. they're generally down little alley ways leading to little courtyards, usually with an attendant that you pay a couple pesos to to pass and stand with a bunch of other guys and stare at women until you decide on one or leave in disgust.

the bad: the women i saw ranged from 2 to 7, depending on your tastes. if you like a chubby chick (as i do), then maybe they range a bit higher, like 8. or if you like milfs, maybe you'll be happier. there are definitely some women that i have a hard time believing get much work -- old and unattractive, like literally warts on the nose and scars unattractive. though i suppose you can bargain better with them. i definitely saw a couple girls that were flirting with [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) status. i'd be surprised if they were out of high school. for me, that's more a fantasy than something i want a reality, soo....

the ugly: i pulled the trigger. went for a chubby young girl with a fresh, cute face that smiled a lot. i indicated to her that i was interested, then she indicated for me to go upstairs. she followed me up. i don't know that this is the normal procedure, though. i think you might be supposed to go up and tell the lady which one you want? i don't know. i should have watched some other guys, but i stood there for 5 minutes deciding and the guys who had been there before i ever went in were still standing there. i don't want to waste that kind of time unless they're dancing, sitting on my lap, and getting me worked up. it was like a bad middle school dance with girls on one side and boys on the other, both trying to avoid eye contact.

the lady at the top of the stairs in a little room tells me to go to room, which i do. the girl comes in and we talk price. she says 130 pesos for sexo. i say okay. she doesn't return with change. she tries to upsell me for desnuda. i didn't really care. then she says something about only 30 pesos more for desnuda and so i say sure. my spanish is weak, mind you. so this would come back to haunt me, though it wasn't the worst thing.

so then we undress and she pulls out a condom and start to rip it open and i tell her to hold on. the little guy ain't ready yet. so i start to get ready, then she puts on the condom, and she starts yapping again about 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes for 200 pesos more. i say no. i'm trying to get her to lay down and she keeps arguing with me and saying 30 minutes is better, all the positions i want, multiple times, etc, etc. i say something like 100 pesos more, but she doesn't go for it. so i say no. btw, at this point i'm being more careful in what i saw and what she says, adding "en todo" at the end of my statements so we're clear on exactly how much money is coming out of my pocket. at this point it was only 200 pesos and it would be no more.

so i try to get her to lay on her side and she says no, only normal. finally i move her over and try to get it in, but it's obvious she's working against me. so i flip her on her back, get it hard, her yapping the whole time about 30 minutes for 200 more. i think at some point she lowered it to 150 more. i say no and tell her to be quiet. i get it in after sucking on her tits a little. i really liked her body a lot. it was just 20-30 lbs chubby, a nice little fat roll with young titties that were firm, but not fake, with young nipples. i'd put her at no more than 20. and she had a cute face and even a cuter pie. it was moderately hairy. it didn't seem like she trimmed it, just naturally modestly hairy because of her teen status.

so i start to put it in and she's not spreading her legs wide enough for me, she's not lubed at all, and she seems intent on net letting me in. meanwhile she's asking for more money and giving me a countdown on the time: 5 minutes left, 4 minutes left. i've never wanted to hit a working girl so much.

so with 3 minutes left, i start bitching her out, telling her all she does is talk, talk, talk and i would never give her more money, that i'd rather go pick another girl and give her the money. i told her if she gave good service, i'd tip her, buy more time, maybe even return later. at this point she wanted 30 more pesos, too, because she had meant 100 more pesos above what she asked for earlier and since i had given her 200 and her cost was 130, then i still owed. i told her she wasn't getting it. and that was that.

i bitched out both the matron of the place and the guy at the door, telling them that if i had gotten good service, i would have returned, but that the girl just talked and talked and talked giving bad service. i told the guys at the door looking at chicas that "la gordita da mal servicio". at her prices, i might have paid for an hour for good service. she was exactly what i liked in looks. the only thing more i might have hoped for were bigger tits. but i was fine with such pert chubby ones.

i'm sure these things vary from girl to girl. guess i should have picked one that had gotten a beat down in the past or something, but i like to think it can be a equitable trade, mutual exploitation.

i might go out again. as a gringo, i'm sure i look like a bigger target and a chump. i've paid much worse than 200 pesos in the us for nearly equally as bad service. but be warned: work it all out and tell them if they give good service they will get a tip ahead of time. make sure you say how much you are going to spend in all. and i'd say once you decide on that, you stick to it unwaveringly and tell her to shut the fuck up even if you have to put a pillow over her face.

06-28-10, 15:28

Has anyone been to Torreon before.

I would appreciate any info on areas of interest. I will be there in 2 weeks.


Black Sheep
06-30-10, 14:52
Been a while since I contributed to this forum. Since I live here, have a lon-gterm mistress and am seldom out looking for anything more.

Have noticed, on Zaragoza, west of J.P. Garcia, 2-3 girls looking for biz outside or across from a hotel. Not bad imho, even the veteran (40ish) was doable.

NOTICIAS, the local paper, has ads under Masajes for incall and outcall svcs. If ads to be believed some are travelling girls doing a tour of the provinces.

Big John 1
06-30-10, 22:12
Been a while since I contributed to this forum. Since I live here, have a lon-gterm mistress and am seldom out looking for anything more.

Have noticed, on Zaragoza, west of J.P. Garcia, 2-3 girls looking for biz outside or across from a hotel. Not bad imho, even the veteran (40ish) was doable.

NOTICIAS, the local paper, has ads under Masajes for incall and outcall svcs. If ads to be believed some are travelling girls doing a tour of the provinces.Was there June 2009 those gals will go for 200p including hotel yes they are doable cheap sex pretty basic but good por precio.Big John 1

Member #3453
08-19-10, 15:10
I am visiting San Luis Potosi soon, but there doesn't seem to be much on ISG about it. Does anybody know if there is any decent action in San Luis Potosi. I like to have girls come back to the hotel, so if anybody knows the prices, and can recommend a good place to start I would appreciate it.

12-03-10, 18:58
Any street action in Acambaro, Gto.

12-30-10, 17:50
I'm going to be in Mexico City for a few months. I hope to get around the region and do some site seeing. I plan on doing my share of mongering in the city but I would love to get out to some less trafficed areas. If anybody has any tips on towns of historical / cultural interest and the action to be had there, please let me know. Is there anywhere in central mexico worth side tripping to just for the chicas?

Marius 67
01-02-11, 02:05
Ok, been running around in Puebla, found several places of intrest; One is Italia located at Italia 1854 Las Hadas, go in it's on the third floor, price is 350 pesos, get there after 8:30 for best selection; Another is Martina's at 19 Poniente 1509 Col. Santiago 24hrs Service 210 pesos, ok selection. Another is at Emily's at Blvd. 5 De Mayo 4202 close to China Poblama section of Puebla, service is 24hrs 250 pesos. Thats all I found for now. All I ask in return is for others to be specific about addresses when posting about points of intrest, so others can locate these places with ease.

01-06-11, 05:32
Actually there are a few "casa de citas" around town. I was last there maybe 5 years ago. Ask a cab driver to show you one. I paid roughly $35 for a 30 minute session.

Chicas are very much geared to the locals. Mamasita types with big asses and dark skin.

Oaxaca is a beautiful city with the best food in mexico. You must see monte alban. Bring a camera. The best food in Mexico? You have got to be kidding me. I have been to every state in Mexico numerous times over, and Oaxaca definitely has some of the worst food in the country. For really good food, try Sonora, Sinaloa, Jalisco (especially Guadalajara and Vallarta) , Nuevo Leóand, Mexico City, Michoacáand. Or really just about anywhere other than Oaxaca!



Black Sheep
01-07-11, 15:53
Having lived in Oax for the last 7 yrs and known the city for 40, feel obliged to defend the city's culinary reputation. The complainer obviously neither knew what to eat or where to find it. When I first came to Oax, one could find only Mex food. Today everything from Italian to Sushi avail. Believe any reasonable person will find something to his taste.

As to the pursuit of femenine flesh, the newspapers recently stopped carrying ads for sex svcs. Internet (mundoanuncio, vivastreet) carries some ads, and the strip clubs offer girls willing to accompany gents willing to pay, as well as sws (read the forum).

Edward Q
02-27-11, 03:00
Just a warning that it may be difficult to find Guinness if you happen to be looking for it on the 17th in Oaxaca. I am referring to Guinness on tap in a bar. I found myself in Oaxaca three years ago on the 17th Jonesing for a Guinness, and finding nothing darker than Dos XX Amber to drink. Worse still, nobody I spoke with knew about the celebration. It was enough to drive a man to Mescal with a side of roasted crickets. I know that many Irish settled in Mexico during the 19th century. Perhaps they never made it as far as Oaxaca.

If anyone knows of a place to find a respectable pint of Guinness in Oaxaca, please let me know! T.



PS. Great food, though.

03-09-11, 22:28
Hi fellow mongers.

I am looking for an old tijuana SW who is missing, and her parents, and her 2 kids (ages 10 and 4) , and I would appreciate any help your could give me. We think she may be working against her will and may be trapped, so any help you could give to me, to find her, I would appreciate it as everyone wants her to come home to Tijuana. I have enclosed a couple of pics of her and a pic of her with maybe the guy who abducted her. If you could help me find her, I will pay for a one hour session with the girl of your choice. We think she is either in Publa or Mexico City, but could be anywhere in central Mexico, and would love a starting point to find her. Thanks to any who helps as this may be a life or death situation. It is hugely appreciated.

Black Sheep
03-15-11, 18:56
Recently recd queries about "chica friendly" hotels in Oax. I live there, but own my own shack and have no recent info on hotels. However, I have had only 1 exper where the reception refused to allow a girl to visit (in Mex D. F. Several yrs ago, at a hotel which had allowed visits previously). Fancy hotels might be more likely to refuse entry and I have seen hotels which had a sign prominently placed saying,"No se permiten visitas en las habitaciones". I have never tried to challenge such declarations. Motels are a good option (their purpose is short term liaisons) , but are mainly on the outskirts of town. Hope this is of some help.

03-31-11, 10:05
Hi, in Chiapas at small towns like San Cristobal de las Casas, Tuxtla Gutierrez there is wonderful sex. Why there aren't any post? Make a post please!

04-07-11, 05:15
Hey Mongers.

I am writing because I am planning a trip to these areas, and would appreciate it if anyone knew of action in these areas, or any cities in these provences. Thanks in advance for any help.


04-09-11, 20:51
BS; 1109994.

Recommendation of activities in Oax for 2 day trip including hotel, food places, massage / SW / Clubs.

That would be very helpful from someone who lives locally.

Thanks in Adbance


Having lived in Oax for the last 7 yrs and known the city for 40, feel obliged to defend the city's culinary reputation. The complainer obviously neither knew what to eat or where to find it. When I first came to Oax, one could find only Mex food. Today everything from Italian to Sushi avail. Believe any reasonable person will find something to his taste.

As to the pursuit of femenine flesh, the newspapers recently stopped carrying ads for sex svcs. Internet (mundoanuncio, vivastreet) carries some ads, and the strip clubs offer girls willing to accompany gents willing to pay, as well as sws (read the forum).

05-14-11, 01:48
I took a stroll today down Zaragoza just West of JP Garcia near the Mercado Artesan in Oaxaca. There was a mix out of old and young putas, some very doable, some not.

After looking at 10 or so and passing on one "maybe", I introduced myself to Carla, a hot 20 year old flaka with a great ass, pretty face, tiny titties and a GND look (not heavily made up but still pretty). She started negotiations at 270 pesos, which I countered to 200 and finally got her to agree to. However, she kept trying to upsell with extras for everything that would keep adding up so finally I agreed to the 270 with no more extra charges, multiple positions, toda sin ropas, con photos (sin cama. No face shots). She said 15-20 min which is less than I prefer but I didn't need to pay double for 30 min. You always have to ask about the time limit.

We went to the room in the quickie hotel (basic but somewhat clean and not bad) , nuded up, and I pulled out my own condom. She looked very cute nude with a full muff that was kind of hot. She started with a nice CBJ but pushed my exploring fingers away from her muff.

After a few minutes of that she lubed up and started the main event which was great. She really worked it in cow girl and reverse cow girl and was a really hot time. I moved on to missionary after she asked to change positions and about 15 min or so in I asked for perrito (doggy) but she tried to upsell again so I declined without missing a thrust. I was already close anyway so I threw her legs over my shoulders and pounded for 3 min strong until I lost it with a hugely satisfying release. I kept it inside her for an extra minute or two and she didn't complain or pull away (maybe she is somewhat new and not yet jaded / impersonal). After she handed me toilet paper and a baby wipe to clean up with but was somewhat joking and more friendly than at the start.

While her attitude was a bit lacking she gave the extra effort in the service department and rode in CG and RCG like a champ with full up and down thrusts for a good 10 min. She did not ever complain about the time so was not a clock watcher (I finished and left just shy of 20 min).

I had a good time, got some good xxx pics and a few vids and left satisfied. I would repeat with her but offer to pago despues (pay after) to discourage any potential additional upsell.

Looks: 7. 5.

Attitude: 6. 0.

Service: 7. 0.

Value: 8. 0.

Overall: 7. 5

06-29-11, 19:43
I have been reading a number of Mexico forums, since I'm considering relocating there next year (I'm considering Xalapa, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla. In roughly that order). One dealing with Oaxaca had a discussion of safety issues. A local expat, in the course of giving mostly common-sense advice (don't wear expensive jewelry, avoid dark places at night, etc) , had the following comment: "Stay out of the hooker district on the southside of the Benito Juarez Market."

Naturally, my reaction was to add to my to-do list: "Check out the south side of Juarez market."

Does anyone there know if this is a ripe area? It doesn't appear to have been mentioned here previously, unless it was described differently (by street name, perhaps).

Any opinions on my list of possible new homes. Comparisons for mongering purposes or more generally (without getting too far off-topic). Would also be welcome.

06-29-11, 22:13
I have been reading a number of Mexico forums, since I'm considering relocating there next year (I'm considering Xalapa, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla. In roughly that order). One dealing with Oaxaca had a discussion of safety issues. A local expat, in the course of giving mostly common-sense advice (don't wear expensive jewelry, avoid dark places at night, etc) , had the following comment: "Stay out of the hooker district on the southside of the Benito Juarez Market."

Naturally, my reaction was to add to my to-do list: "Check out the south side of Juarez market."

Does anyone there know if this is a ripe area? It doesn't appear to have been mentioned here previously, unless it was described differently (by street name, perhaps).

Any opinions on my list of possible new homes. Comparisons for mongering purposes or more generally (without getting too far off-topic). Would also be welcome. Oaxaca is an interesting city. When I was there in 2004 a cab driver took me to a casa. Service was ok for mexico and priced at $35. I've been told that there is a street scene but have not confirmed it with my own eyes.

If the market area doesn't work for you hook up with a cab driver and ask to be taken to a casa.

You might also want to consider chiapas for mongering options since you will be so close.

06-30-11, 03:52
Oaxaca city is very safe beyond the usual precautions not too drunk flashing $ etc. That area mentioned is a rowdy part of town, has a wild west feel to it. Tons of cheap bars and a fair number of working girls. Somewhat rough but nothing too crazy, you will stand out as a foriegner and will may have to deal with some unruly wasted mezcal heads but thats about it. Quality of ladies is marginal but there are occasional pretties that are in town to make a few bucks to take back to their villages. My first time there I banged an 18 year old with the hard teenage tits and classical native dark looks and gold plated teeth in a tiny room above the bar for like 10 bucks.

Totally safe during the day and I'd say night too but just everyone is waaay more wasted and you know thats when trouble can erupt anywhere.

There are probably 7 or 8 brothels around town, a few open late but also a few day-timers. Cabbies will know and Noticias Oaxaca has a few classifieds.

The city itself is beautiful and a nice place to relax in.

There are a slew of strip joints on the way out of town, forget the street name. I used to go to one called Havana and always had a good time, very friendly chicas. Never did take out but drank all night with non stop hard on playing with pussies tits, jacked off in the privado room, etc. Good sleazy Mexican fun.

Have fun, just remember watch your back!

Oh and if you do like to drink it is a must that you go check out Casa Del Mezcal just off the main zocalo, everyone will know where it is. Try the good stuff it really is a fine drink. It is a legendary bar in Oaxaca and oozes atmosphere.

07-01-11, 22:33
Oaxaca city is very safe beyond the usual precautions not too drunk flashing $ etc. That area mentioned is a rowdy part of town, has a wild west feel to it. Tons of cheap bars and a fair number of working girls. Somewhat rough but nothing too crazy, you will stand out as a foriegner and will may have to deal with some unruly wasted mezcal heads but thats about it. Quality of ladies is marginal but there are occasional pretties that are in town to make a few bucks to take back to their villages. My first time there I banged an 18 year old with the hard teenage tits and classical native dark looks and gold plated teeth in a tiny room above the bar for like 10 bucks.

Totally safe during the day and I'd say night too but just everyone is waaay more wasted and you know thats when trouble can erupt anywhere.Sounds like fun. LOL.

I enjoy sleazy places (especially sleazy places that have 18yo hookers) and I've never really had any trouble, in spite of having been in bad areas of a lot of towns -- US, Mexico, and Asia. It's not because I'm tough, or even look tough. Far from it. But I don't drink, I keep to myself, I don't like jewelry, and I never carry more money than I need (and don't show the little I have).

I'm sure my gringoness (gringosity?) will make me stand out, but my experience has been that if you keep to yourself, most people leave you alone (though it's still good to keep an eye out for the exceptions).

But my original question wasn't really about safety. It does appear that south of the Juarez Market is worth checking out, and that there are other options if it's not that good or a bit scary at times.

Artisttyp: Any recommendations about Chiapas? I haven't seen more than a couple mentions in the forum.

07-01-11, 23:45
Artisttyp: Any recommendations about Chiapas? I haven't seen more than a couple mentions in the forum.I've been to san cristobal de las casas. There is a red light compound about 15 minutes away from SC. There are a few bars with beds in the back. Prices are around $35 for 30 minutes.

Chiapas is somewhere I need to investigate more but obviously there is a lot of [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) in the area. If you go down to the border with guatemala you will find more of it.

I was told that tapachula mexico is a comfortable base to visit tecun uman guatemala. You can go there and explore the area. I wanted to do that trip but never got to it.

You will need to put effort into finding places and don't expect an amazing scene.

07-02-11, 04:07
Chiapas is somewhere I need to investigate more but obviously there is a lot of [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) in the area. If you go down to the border with guatemala you will find more of it.

I was told that tapachula mexico is a comfortable base to visit tecun uman guatemala.I did some due diligence regarding Quetzaltenango (Xela) in Guatemala, and it appears Tapachula, being just a few hours away, is the preferred border run to renew GT's six-month visas. Head to Tapachula, renew the visa, go back to Xela same day or maybe spend the night. It seems fun times can be had in Tapachula. Border towns generally seem to be interesting places.

07-02-11, 05:11
i did some due diligence regarding quetzaltenango (xela) in guatemala, and it appears tapachula, being just a few hours away, is the preferred border run to renew gt's six-month visas. head to tapachula, renew the visa, go back to xela same day or maybe spend the night. it seems fun times can be had in tapachula. border towns generally seem to be interesting places.i've heard through the grapevine that xela has several pfp options. these places have pfp options but most everything else will turn off most mongers. after all why pay $35 in guatemala when you could be getting it for the same price in thailand with all the extra amenities.

07-02-11, 17:35
i've heard through the grapevine that xela has several pfp options. these places have pfp options but most everything else will turn off most mongers. after all why pay $35 in guatemala when you could be getting it for the same price in thailand with all the extra amenities.good question. i have great memories of bangkok, and if mongering were the only consideration, i'd be headed there (or the philippines) on the next plane. unfortunately, for business and family reasons, i can't be that far removed from the us for extended periods. which points to mexico or maybe guatemala.

the isg guatemala forum indicates that xela is not too bad. on an aesthetic basis, i prefer asians to mayans, but not by all that much. the big difference, as you note, is 'the amenities'. why aren't clever entrepreneurs introducing thai massage in other locales?

JHS 42
09-03-11, 02:56
Anybody know of any options on the north side of Lake Chapala-Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala, etc? I pass through here fairly often with work, but rarely have spent much time. A long while ago there was a little bit of a scary "wild west" kind of vibe in places, but things seem to have calmed down and all the ex-pats who live or vacation there would seem to have money to spend on such "luxuries" were there locals interested in providing.

JHS 42
09-18-11, 02:16
If you were in Chapala, where would you go looking for action? Is it going to require a drive back to Guadalajara, or is there something closer?

Black Sheep
09-26-11, 15:15
For first time in a long time, went to a place that has been advertising in Mundoanuncio (internet is only place that brothels, escort agencies, etc. Can offer their wares in Oax.). I calls itself Lumifashion and is located in Sta. Maria Atzompa, a small town outside Oaxaca de Juarez. Found the place w / o much difficulty, but was immediately disappointed by the quality on offer, one lady might qualify as a 5, the other perhaps a 3. Had enquired by phone previously, and when the woman in charge asked for an additional 30 pesos (350 1/2 hr. 700 hr) , I turned on my heel and marched. Not too far from my home, but the quality per price doesn't meet my requirements.

10-04-11, 07:59
Anybody know of any options on the north side of Lake Chapala-Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala, etc? I pass through here fairly often with work, but rarely have spent much time. A long while ago there was a little bit of a scary "wild west" kind of vibe in places, but things seem to have calmed down and all the ex-pats who live or vacation there would seem to have money to spend on such "luxuries" were there locals interested in providing.I am pretty sure there are options out there. I was there once several years ago. I was in a relationship then, and was not interested in mongering. Visited the Chappala area with a group of friends for a couple of days. There was a pretty good expat crowd, I thought. My only suggestion is keep looking.

12-03-11, 00:18
Any updated on good (ok good is a relative term for Oaxaca) or not too terrible casas in the city? Preferably day time. I imagine the usual suspects, Foco Rojo, Verde, etc are still going.

12-03-11, 00:54
Any updated on good (ok good is a relative term for Oaxaca) or not too terrible casas in the city? Preferably day time. I imagine the usual suspects, Foco Rojo, Verde, etc are still going.Its been a long time but someone recently told me about a SW scene in the downtown area. I missed it when I was there. Sorry I don't have more info for you. Ask around though.

01-15-12, 07:42
Anyone have Chapala intel?

Headed there soon.

Anyone want to link up to explore?

01-16-12, 19:27

Eastern Lakeside area.

Was told there were 4-5 clubs in La Barca.

Went. Closed Sunday.


Then went to Coyotes in Ocotlan.

6 girls.

1 looked just OK. Maybe a 6. 5.

2 who seemed to be in civilian gear looked not so bad from far. They were sitting with a Jefe.

3 others were not great looking.

Was told there are 12 to 15 girls on Fri / Sat

Robby 44
01-19-12, 15:27

I have to go San Luis Potosi next week from 30. 1.12- 06. 2.12.

I need same help to find escort or place with girls in this city.

Thanks for help

01-19-12, 23:45
I checked mundo anuncio and viva street. It seems there is alot available in San Luis Potosi. Happy hunting and please report back.

Black Sheep
02-06-12, 19:59
For first time in a while have been active in the pursuit of feminine delights. Since advertising no longer carried by major media, Mundoanuncio, Vivastreet and other internet sites are best sources of contact info. Found an operation billed as Eden Sensual, an escort svc. Asked for a slender woman- what I got was Pasion. Not slender, recently gave birth and showed it. Pretty face, and since I'd already sprung for the motel, I was kind of stuck with her. Very good svc, after first nut, tried like a champ to give me a second. $800 hr.

And then I visited Carla who works Zaragoza. Had seen her a year ago and she remembered me (and I her). Not precisely pretty, but decent bod for a mother of three and good, if uninspired svc. $300 incl hotel.

05-20-12, 16:14
I will spending some time in both Torreon and Puebla in the near future. Does anyone have any info on either place? Escorts, Massages, Casas de Citas etc?


Black Sheep
05-23-12, 18:12
Plenty available in Puebla. Look at classified in "El Sol". The yellow pages lists several agencies under Masajes. Internet has girls advertising on several sites, a lot of them travellers who hit all the cities. Have fun!

Black Sheep
09-26-12, 17:25
At least 2 brothels have been raided (looking for guns and drugs, said news reports) , Foco Rojo and Foco Verde, owned by same family. Also raided were hotels on Prol. De Galeana, a major stroll under the same pretext with the addition of "trata de personas" ([CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908)). The latter has been used across Mexico as an excuse for cops and lawyers to profit from prostitution.

Mundoanuncio has stopped running ads from girls and agencies. Recently discoverd that the ads have moved to a new site, http:mxmileroticos/escorts/oaxaca.

This morn I walked to the Zaragoza stroll where I hadn't seen any girls for months. To my surprise, I spotted a 6, and inquiring of the manager of one of the hoteles de paso, was told that more would be arriving.

Golden Girls / La Casa Azul is still open- supposedly opens a 10:00, but advisable to wait till early afternoon. 211 Prol. De Alamos, Col. Antiguo Aeropuerto.

11-13-12, 19:47
If you want to go with your wife or GF to a great strip bar in Mexico I suggest you go to San Lucas down town to Cabaret.

Who would have thought our weekend of fishing and hanging out at the beach would have turned into a really hot experience with the hot wife no less.

We were curious about the place as it has a sign out front "Husband Day Care". It was late in the evening but we had to go check it out.

It is a real hidden secret. The place is sorta dark and has sports on the big TV's everywhere.

They were very friendly and the drinks were reasonable for Mexico on the strip.

Great for us guys but there was little more.

I was checking out the strippers dancing as was my wife was apparently chatting with one of the strippers who came to sit with us.

Before you knew it my wife had me by the hand to go upstairs for a private dance and more area.

I got a 2 song lap dance and my wife got excited so we moved to one of the more private rooms for a little more.

It was very hot to have my hot wife and a private hot dancer get naked and give me double at once.

I got to have the ultimate experience with two women at once and it was not expensive like the states.

This club is very Lifestyle friendly and they can give you any experience your looking for.

I recommend checking it out with your open minded GF or Wife or a Couple.

We will be going back with a couple in December and Cabaret is now on our list of things to do.

Cabaret in San Lucas Mexico, Lifestyle friendly. October 2012

Juan Carter
11-28-12, 13:03
Isabella: I can't afford her. 3,000MN ($230US) one relation in one hour. 3,500 ($268) all pops possible in one hour and 10, 000MN ($767) for 24 hours. But, damn, if I win the Powerball, I am there. For you rich guys and for dreamers and windowshoppers, see her video, photos discussion at her blog spot, http://izziescort.********.mx/ See her attached photo.

Gallo Ingles
11-28-12, 13:32
Isabella: I can't afford her. 3,000MN ($230US) one relation in one hour. 3,500 ($268) all pops possible in one hour and 10, 000MN ($767) for 24 hours. But, damn, if I win the Powerball, I am there. For you rich guys and for dreamers and windowshoppers, see her video, photos discussion at her blog spot,


See her attached photo.Juanito, I just bought my Powerball ticket. When I hit tonight's 1/2 billion dollar jackpot, your all nighter with Izzy is on me. Gallo Ingles

Juan Carter
11-29-12, 00:39
Juanito, I just bought my Powerball ticket. When I hit tonight's 1/2 billion dollar jackpot, your all nighter with Izzy is on me. Gallo InglesPapagallo, Deal! We can split the 24 hour time. You win, you get the first 12 hours, I win, I go first. Well, hell, still in my pre-powerball win mentality. We can each take her for a week given this week's jackpot amount. For some reason her Blog (no space) Spot dot com dot mx link won't post. I hope I'm not violating forum rules. Her Seductorasdotcomdotmx ad also gives a link to her blog spot page http://seductoras.com.mx/escort-princexa.html

Peso:50 kgs.
Estatura:1. 65 mts
Idiomas:Español Ingles.
Horario:10pm a 8pm.
Teléfono:6519627 and 2223421771.

5'4" 110 lbs 37-23-37 By gosh, I'm going now to buy another $2. 00 ticket!

Juan Carter
11-29-12, 00:57
Plenty available in Puebla. Look at classified in "El Sol". The yellow pages lists several agencies under Masajes. Internet has girls advertising on several sites, a lot of them travellers who hit all the cities. Have fun!Next to the df, Puebla is my favorite Mexico hobby spot. I love the cheap, nasty burdeles There are dozens of cheap brothels and a map to the brothels can be found at http://masajesenpueblaopiniones.blog (no space) spot. Com / Or search for salas de masajes en Puebla. The blog also has links to some escorts. Nami Sanz, just the right age for me. A hot looking MILF that I'll explore at my next visit.