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05-14-02, 04:07
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05-14-02, 09:10
I like this new board, so far. (I've been lurking on the old Rio board for a while.) Quick quote question - is there a way to customize the format of the quotation embedded in the reply? I apologize in advance if it's obvious or in an FAQ, but I couldn't find it in my quick look at the User's Guide.

To answer the last poster:

Originally posted by sabio
Welcome to the new forum. I am a frequent visitor to Rio, and I have a question about how easy it is for the girls there to get a visa to visit the US. Anyone who invited a carioca girl to the US can shed some light on this? Thanks.
Four years ago, I met a girl (not programa!) in Săo Paulo, and I invited her to visit me in the US. She was only going to stay 10 days, but it turned into a 6-month visit. But that's another story...
Anyway, before she left, Rosana was very anxious about her ability to get a visa for the US. She got it just fine, but she had a small dress shop, and she lived with her parents - Rosana believed it was because she could prove she was likely to return to Brazil that the visa was issued.

Keep in mind this was a hearsay account - I was back in the US when she applied for her visa, and I have no idea if conditions have changed for Brazilian citizens.

Member #4239
05-15-02, 09:46
Hi Sabio
Let me try to answer your question. It is not that hard to get a visa if you do it the right way. One of my girl friends recently visited me from Brasil. Of course, if you are very serious and wanting to get married, then the "fiance visa" would be the easiest way, otherwise consider a tourist visa or a student visa.

The most important factor that will determine whether she will be granted the visa is if the American consulate feels that she has a strong enough tie to Brasil that will motivate her to one day return to brasil. For some one who has never travelled outside the country, consider a student visa. There are many English schools in U.S. and they can grant her an acceptance(you usually have to pay something between 50 to 100$ "application fee" to the school). She also needs some type of document showing that she has the financial resources to support herself. Here, it would be very helpful if you were to write a letter(has to be backed up by a brief statement from your bank)stating that you would support her should she have any financial needs while visiting here. Then, she will need to send the school acceptance letter, her passport, and the financial document letter to the embassy, and in probably 4 to 8 weeks, she'll get her student visa. Of course once she gets here, she is gonna need to actually enroll in that school and go to classes. I have done this before myself and I believe it is the easiest and surest way to get some one here to visit you. This kind of visa typically can be extended for at least one year. Alternatively, you can apply for a tourist visa, but that is easier to get if your friend already has a record of travel outside her country.
Of course, with the terrorist attacks, some of these immigration rules may change in the future.
Good luck. I hope this has been of some help. J.G.

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05-17-02, 06:15
Good report Sabio. Look forward to future installments.

05-17-02, 21:41
Hey hobbiests! I know that this is not the correct forum, but......

I'm desparate. I'm travelling to Belo Horizonte for a 2 week stay fairly soon and need info on the local scene.

Anyone out there with info/tips?


J Wadd
05-18-02, 07:40
Hey guys, can one of you clue me in on how to stay in Brasil (legally) as a foreign-national for stays of two years+? Especially helpful would be the non-business methods for extended stay. Thanks alot in advance.


05-19-02, 21:53
[I'm desparate. I'm travelling to Belo Horizonte for a 2 week stay fairly soon and need info on the local scene.

Anyone out there with info/tips?

suprgeek [/i][/QUOTE]

Suprgeek, I sent your request to a friend of mine in Belo Horizonte. Here is his reply:

Pros: Savassi (maybe Ave Christobal Columbo), Pedro Segundo btwn Espinsoa and Catalan (Pres Carlos Lutz)next to Banco Brasil.

Non: Any store saleswoman/girl, Savassi again.



Travelin Pervert
05-19-02, 23:41


Welcome to the forum. I would sincerely appreciate if you would not type in ALL CAPS, which is the internet equavalent of SHOUTING.



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05-20-02, 04:24
I'd like to make a brief comment about Brasil which is not so much about sex, but I believe would be helpful to anyone planning to visit, especially for the first time.
Let me start my comments by saying that about 2 weeks ago, we were in a restaurant when about 10 men came in and robbed every one at gun point. No one got hurt thankfully, except for the owner who was hit in the face by one of the punks. Let me just say that this is not at all a rare event in Rio.
I still like Brasil a lot, and I enjoy the brasileiras(brasilian girls) a lot, but I just want to say that Brasil, and in particular, Sao Paulo, Rio and Salvador can be quite dangerous. Now, I know some one is gonna say that they are not any more dangerous than any big city in U.S. Sorry, but I don't agree with that. In Sao Paulo, or in Rio, you have dangerous areas, and then you have more dangerous areas. There are few places where you could be completely safe. In fact there have been times where the police force in the entire cities (such as Salvador last year) has gone on strike, and then the whole city has become wide open to looting and the population is at the mercy of the thugs.
This is my experience based on what I have seen personally. It is not gonna stop me from visiting Brasil, but then I am a bit of a risk taker. For those of you who are not, Rio is certainly not the city to visit.
My tips for visiting are to
1) hide your wallet in a pocket/bag on the inner aspect of your pants. keep a dumby wallet or a few dollars/reals in your regular pants pocket
2)do not wear any watches, jewelery, etc at all, unless you enjoy being robbed
3)if you ever rent an apartment in rio, sao paulo, or salvador, make sure you rent one with 24 hour security guard, and closed circuit TV watching the perimeter of the building
Have a safe visit. J.G.

05-20-02, 09:19
Travelinp... make all your plans yourself searchandfly .com travelocity priceline are all safe to book on some of these sites even have specials for hotel check before hand if they are guest friendly before booking. For apartments check the arcives. several numbers there.

05-20-02, 18:27
J.G. what is the restaurant and where is it located? this is useful information for everyone here so that we can avoid that area. thanks.

05-21-02, 02:33
To: Sabio

What a great posting - insightful and informative!

I've been in Brazil for business several times but limited to S.P. area. I'm visiting S.P. and Rio for first time for a mini vacation along with a couple of buddies.

The Help club has been heavily commented in this posting but I have not seen any other equitable clubs in Rio being commented. Would you know or recommend any other clubs that have its own class and selections in perferrably Copa beach area?

05-21-02, 05:26
To: off2golf

Hey dude,

when you get to rio or even before, drop me a line if I can be of service with airport pickup, transportation, lodging, travel tips and planing, dining and tips on getting around rio in a safe way.

check out my site:

take care


J Wadd
05-21-02, 07:57
(this is a report i wrote about a month ago in the archives section. its content may seem a little out-of-context here, but i think it's important to talk about these things and try to get as much of an unified front up as we can.)

tricks and common sense at "help disco" and beyond:

behind the complaints regrading the rio sex scene (if one checks) is (to me) a whole string of misdirection regarding help, babarella's and the rio sws. i'd like to post and clarify things, imho.

above all else, when one is talking to a girl, one has to able to negotiate, convince, bargain, beguile, etc -- in a charming, or at least pleasant, way. never lose site that your time with this girl can be optimized if you pay attention to the courting process. don't be left paying too much for a chubby girl w/ no class or hygiene -- just like your worst paid-sex nightmare in the states.

for instance: the cliqued-up chicks at help (the ones in groups) are usually the ones that are sitting on those pearl-colored couches right by the entry steps. there're the ones with the initial-quote price of 300+.

ever notice that they're frequently in a group of women w/ no men? there're also the ones with the expensive clothes and fake-ish tans. this is also where most of the plastic surgery recipients sit. shit ya there're gonna rake you for every real they can snatch!

buuut, my friends, even those girls can be yours for 100-200 reals if you wait and talk to them when they're away from their group and the hour is past 2-ish a.m..

also, the younger they are (over 18, please) the cheaper they'll be. and -- and this is most important -- talk to them and gauge how long they've been in rio. if they are new to the scene, radically drop your initial quote.

i zapped about 20 girls out of there, all from 7-9.5, and got everything i like for never more than 200 reals at the most. i even got on 8 w/ huge natural firm tits w/ almost no body fat (i have pictures which i'll post) for 70 reals -- cause i waited and talker to her alone. i also complimented her first.

the only time someone tried to mug me during my 2 months there was in recife. i was stupid (and then lulled into a false sense of security) and walked along the beach at night.

so: i think the best policy for talking to the girls is to treat it like a date (all the compliments and smiles) w/ a negotiating price (all the focus and direction). get her away from peer pressure prices, smooth her up, then launch into the specifics.

this routine also works well with the sws. compliment them first. be willing to walk away and go sit close by if you want to shave some reals off a high initial quote. i bet when you go up to her a second time -- still pleasantly -- and offer her one price-step lower, she'll accept.

we've got to rally to avoid this current price inflation that's going on across the major clubs in brasil.

happy hunting,

05-21-02, 15:17

Thanks for the info. It will at least get me a starting point. I've never been to Brazil, and I'm looking forward to everything that the Brazillian women have to offer! Anyone with other insight into the Belo Horizonte scene please advise!


Member #4239
05-22-02, 11:31
Here is my two cents worth:
The Argentinians are much more beautiful, but sometimes they can be very arrogant. I think that's just a cultural thing. In Brasil, I can walk around any mall, supermarket, or university and I'll have about five phone numbers and a date in about two hours or less. Of course, speaking Portuguese is helpful. I did not have the same luck with the normal girls in B.A. as I do with the Brasilians.
Brasil is a MUCH more dangerous country, although it is very rare that any tourist suffer from actual bodily harm. The visitor to Brasil just got to realize that this is a very poor and volatile country and that anything can happen at any time. Strikes, crime, electricity rationing/outage are just but a few possibilities.
The boys from the favelas will come down and you just can not tell which bus, banc, or restaurant they are gonna hit next!
If you are the typical gringo, planning a brief work or vacation trip, limited language skills, and interested mainly in working girls, I would choose Argentina over Brasil. If you have a little more time, and planning to maybe get a regular girl friend, experience the music, culture, food, etc, then I would recommend Rio. J.G.

05-22-02, 22:41
thank you J.G. i have never been to B.A. or argentina but met a few argentinians while i lived in san francisco. i totally agree w/ your assessment. argentinians are quite arrogant and aloofish, almost like a typical american girls except they are definitely prettier. also, bear in mind that in 1999, argentina's economy was doing great and they were the wealthiest of the entire south america.

concerning brasilian women, i also agree with you. they are very humble and easy to talk with. in fact, CNN did a show about brasilian super model a few months back. they interviewed many top designers, from Calvin Klein to Armani. they kept repeating one point, i.e. there are pretty models everywhere but brasilian models are the most fun loving, humble girls. no matter how pretty they are, they are always down to earth and carry themselves with great respect.

as to getting phone numbers from regular girls. i have your experience too. i did not manage to follow thru' due to time and i am not too interested in having dating relationship. nonetheless, brasilian girls are truly something....

J Wadd
05-23-02, 06:36
May I ask a few questions to you Brasil experts?

I'm looking to make the transition from traveler into ex-pat status, and would like to ask a few of her true veterans a question or two:


Assuming I get a multiple-reentry 5-year visa -- crossing the border every three months to re-new and ne-enter -- can one hope to live fairly large on 2000 USD per month?

I want to save up about 50K and move there for two years, keeping to a monthly budget of about 2400. I figure rent and basic expenses are about 5-700 a month, leaving the rest for play.

Is this right? What hidden costs are there for a person looking to do this kind of extended-but-temporary relocation?

I'm saving now for another 2 month stay next Spring, with the longer 2 year stay planned for 2005 or 2006.

Thanks for any thoughts any of you have in advance.

Happy Hunting,

05-23-02, 17:43
my comment below is rio-centric so it may not apply to your plan if you stay in other parts of brasil.

"living large" involves so many variables so i am making some assumptions here. $2000/month is a workable budget but you may have to be careful with your spending. assuming you hit the club scene twice a week and go out with the 9-10 grade girls, then $200/week may be the minimum required. throw in the apartment rental ($700/mo), you have about $500- left for food and other miscellaneous charges. so this is a workable budget but you truly have to keep a tight budget.

05-23-02, 18:02
forgot to mention a few points

1. timeframe 2005-2006. inflation or brasilian economy is a big factor. if the brasilian economy rebound strongly, the Real-Dollar ratio may be working against.
2. other hidden costs. insurance? healthcare?

05-24-02, 01:21
everyone on this site is nervous about the crime in rio/brasil. let's be fair. america is not that safe either. may be even worse than brasil.

here in good old portland oregon, supposedly the safest place in USA, the government is running a deficit. today, they announced they may want to raise tax. the concept is tax surcharge, meaning tax on tax. let's say you paid $100- income tax to the state last year, the state may levy 20% on your income tax as surcharge so that you will cough up another $20. now tax on tax. this is like double screw (don't want to use the "f" word). isn't this another highway robbery? the only difference is, this is legalized robbery. tax on tax..... amazing.......

by the way, as i am writing this. a lone gun man is taking 10 plus children hostage and have a stand off with the cops. now, this is oregon......a safe place....

05-25-02, 06:42
the prior posting already has a good report on termas. let me add two termas plus additional comments

centarus is truly over priced and not worth it. during my last trip to centarus (july 2001), i found that quality of the girls are not as high as used to be but the price remain double that of other termas with an arrogant management. i would not recommend centarus at all. however, i do consider luomo to be a good, cosy place. here are other termas i would recommend.

Club 64. located just two blocks down from 4x4 in centro (rue buenos aires, of course at #64 :)). in my opinion, this club has replaced centaurus to have the best looking women. not surprisingly, if you go there after 6pm when the office crowd came out, the girl/guy ratio will work against you. however, being a gringo, you still have a better chance to get girl since many local brasilian men go there for drink and may not get cabine time at all. obviously, the girl knows where the dollar is and gringo is the game. if you hit club 64, go there before 6pm and split around 7:30pm.

Monte Carlos. actually, the management of monte carlos used to work at l'oumo until '97-'98. it is located one street south of siguera campos (sorry, exactly street name i forgot). don't worry though, if you stay at rio roiss hotel, go to the front desk and they have brochure available for you. average girl may be around 6-7 grade. this club seem to cater for the tourist thus it is located just half a block off the beach front av. alantica. this is not my #1 joint since it is too touristy for me. nothing to do with the girls and the atmosphere, i just prefer a place with less gringo.

club rio antigo. this termas may have the best facility in the entire rio. yes, entire rio. the place has recently been (2000?) renovated and it is just upscale, clean and world class quality. however, the grading of the girls may not be superior than "aeroporto". club 64 or u'lomo. however, definitely check this place out.

my top three favorites

1. l'oumo
2. club 64 (before 7pm only)
3. solarium

05-25-02, 07:04
question as where to check out regular girls, not necessarily to get laid, just to see how an 'average' carioca look. go to fashion mall at sao conrado. it is a mini shopping mall (not much different from the san francisco mall - for those of you live in the bay area). sao conrado is an upscale residential condo area with some of the most expensive condos in rio. most patrons seem to be women from rio's upper class. an average girl in fashion mall is prettier than an average program girl i have seen anywhere in rio. most of these women are from the educated upper class, thus expect to see some "attitude" here.

a couple of years ago, i met a girl at fashion mall. model face, model look who worked part time at the boutique "chocolate" and went to a local university. i managed to get only one date from her. she wasn't dumb though. she told me graciously that she likes me but it is not wise to get involved with a gringo who only stay for a few weeks. smart call........ on her part....

also, to answer the question about getting into relationship with the program girls...... i don't mean to be impolite, but i have to admire the girls who managed to put up a good show for the guys, especially naive gringos. every of these girls deserves an oscar and they can star in any romantic comedy shows. the reality is, this is all show biz on her part. so, just enjoy yourself for the moment, be mature, don't hurt yourself. :)

05-25-02, 15:57
sorry guys.

club 64 is located at rua rosario #64 (centro)
4x4 is at 44 rua buenos aires (centro)

05-26-02, 12:09
Hello to all,

Does anyone know if a girl named Cristiane still works at Monte Carlo??? She is from Belem, about 5ft tall, light brown hair, light skin, with a tattoo around her belly button (an orchid,I think).......I met her there about a year ago but I lost her phone number. I will be in Rio in July and wanted to hook up with her again.

Anyone else in Rio the second week of July drop me a line....Thanks for any info.

05-26-02, 18:41
no worry hammer. if you left her your number, she will always call you. that's my experience w/ termas girl. i still receive calls from some of the girls even though i haven't seen them for a couple of years. one of them moved to barcelona. so, she will call you.

Mr. Wet Wooly
05-27-02, 07:50
You have more of a chance for a relationship with a terma type pro than some boutique "educated" girl from the fashion mall, who is probably more money grubbing. Or at least much better sex.

Sounds like you fell for a little acting job of your own, Johan

If you honestly wanna meet a nice carioca girl, check out some of the local student bars, say, in gavea or around UFRJ. But stay away from those princessess in the shopping malls.

05-27-02, 09:09
Mr Wet, i agree with you about the places to meet regulars girls in Rio (Gavea is good, agree) and Johan's adventure in this fashion mall is a very good exemple of upper class Rio's chicks attitudes....brasilians upper class live among themselfs and don't mix with gringos. Too bad as many are really stunners :(.... But i think nobody could assume that having a relationship with a pro could be easier and better than with a regular carioca...
To meet regulars I've always avoided 'high end' clubs (there nothing to do for us there) but always had a very good time (and easily scored or dated) in two middle class 'boites':
'By Marius', in Centro, people there are between 25/35 years, middle class and well dressed (most going directly after work), and have very friendly attitudes (you'll see no spoiled rich kids there). On Wesnesday for 'Single's night', it's more than crowded from 7pm, with many chicks, every one comes here to meet somebody. Others days are very good too and the place is full very early even weekdays.
'Ballroom' in Humaita (Botafogo) is the same kind of place with a different live band each day....it's really crowded with middle class chicks, drinks are cheaps and communication is easy....

05-27-02, 10:50
mr. wooly. nope, didn't have the misfortune to fall in love with the acting termas girls. having "relationship" w/ program girls doesn't make sense, a discussion outside the realm of this board. i learned about the so called "falling in love" from a couple of program girls who shared their stories to me. i asked 'em why they told me that, they said "i love you..." we had a great laugh. :) incidentally they don't have to tell me, just observe.

05-30-02, 04:49
Hi just got back from from a trip to Rio and had an okay time. To me it seems as if the girls have been getting more hardcore as there are more SEX Tourist going to Rio.

I still found the girls at Centuaruis to be far and away the best looking girls around. I also found the waits and services to have gotten better. Maybe they are reading this board and have seen some of the complaints. The main point is they still have the best looking girls compared to the downtown joints which often gets so crowed it compares to a sausage factory. The higher prices at Centuaruis keeps the crowds away and keeps the girls happy.

I also found Help a lot of fun. They have change the DJ and it seems the girls really like to show their wares to the new music.

It also seems as there is a little more worry about crime. Most of the girls told me about them being robbed at one point or another. You need to be careful at all time.

06-04-02, 18:18
My friend. Tell me something useful. Like the latest club scene, termas joint, pricing reports, hotel status, restaurants.

06-05-02, 20:57
It's funny, i posted one time here on the old board and I get called a shill. The second funniest thing is that to use a bodyguard is childish acording to another poster. Too funny!! I have been to Rio many times. I have stayed in both apartments and hotels. I prefer Hotels. My favorite is the Rio Rioss. They are flexible and provide great service. I also recommend others but this hotel is right in the middle of the action, one block from Meia Pataca. I will going down on June 14-July 12. If u want to find me, it's easy, go to Meia Pataca and ask around, I'm well known. I have been attacked in Rio, in broad daylight and right on Atlantic Ave. I use a bodyguard. It's cheap and there are no worries walking around at night. Especially leaving Help late in the morning. I know of six people in April '02 who were attacked, one of them wound up in the hospital with eight stab wounds. The children are the most dangerous. Do what you like, this is only advice. I like to stay at the hotels because I enjoy the security and I don't like to worry about bed linens and towel changing. If you don't mind, then maybe an apartment is for you. The dollar is so strong now that either one will be a good buy. Rio is the best place in the world for me. I do speak Portuguese so maybe it's a little easier for me than most. It's funny that I don't know a lot of the people posting here. Rio ios a large place but my experience is that a lot of Americans do know each, especially the regulars. Make sure that if you do go that you enjoy some daily or overnight trips. My fav overnighter is Cabrio Frio and Buzios. My fav day trips are Ihle Grande and Paqueta. These are great get aways and perfect if you have found the right girl that you want to spend some time away from Copacabana. A great guy to use to book your trip is Bobby at blameitonrio4travel.com He can get you a cell phone rental and has many good deals with hotels and has apartments to offer. Bobby and his partner are great guys so give him a shot if this is your first trip and need your hand held. Have a good trip. Tom

06-05-02, 21:53
alright. i think it all depends. for most guys. body guard is not necessary. but a minority few who may be prone to be crime victims, then body guards. but i don't want to give a false impression that you need bodyguard in rio.

06-06-02, 06:50
I have a special interest. When I'm with a girl, I would like to take pictures or videotape it for me to enjoy later. Is this acceptable to Brazilian girls? Anyone has done that before? Any idea what the cost it will be?

Java Man
06-06-02, 20:46
it depends on the girl. i had one that let me take pics, even video our time together. she danced, posed, and played with herself. the next girl wouldn't let me take anything. when i have been allowed to take video/pics, no mention of extra money was made nor offered. ask before you do anything, pulling out your camera can ruin what could have been an exceptional session. some are camera shy for a reason: they don't want their pics post in places like this.

06-07-02, 19:53
Thank you Chingon!
I found this web site: http://members.***********.com/bracotur/index.html
It says:
Our proposal is simple and exciting :a furnished apt at Copacabana Beach with female companion included! You decide how much time you want to stay with the girl : full days, nights or hours. The apt is located in the best location in Rio: Copacabana beach.The postcard of Brazil.You will discover night life in Rio,nights clubs, samba and a fascinating sex atmosphere.

Anyone knows about it? What are your opinions?

Member #1465
06-07-02, 20:38
All girls I have been with in Rio or in Brazil werevery exited about taking pictures. But as the previous answer ask I'm sure most are very willing to this.

Fat Bastard
06-07-02, 22:16
Concerning taking pictures, "chingon" is right..depends on the girl, but they seem to be less inhibited than the usual women. I´ve seen both. They also don´t have a problem doing threesomes with a man with the two women doing hardcore lesbian sex to boot. There are a lot of bisexual women in Brazil and like I said, they are less inhibited.

Found a place others might be interested in...Frank´s Bar. Starting at 1:00 everynight (every morning?), they start a nice strip show which then moves into a lesbian live sex act. Finally, they end with a male/female sex act. Good looking women and not the boring clinical/mechanical sex acts I have seen in Sao Paulo. Show lasts about 45-60 minutes. And there are the obligatory young ladies that are there for your takeout pleasure..some are extraordinary. Look for a waiter that is big...looks like John Gotti...by the name of Raul. He speaks perfect english. With cover charge and four beers and tip, it costs $66 (Real not dollars..about $27 dollars). It´s on a street called Princesa Isabella, but I have forgotten the street number, but it´s close to Copacabana beach. Here´s how to get there: Driving towards Sugar Loaf along Copacabana, turn left onto Princesa Isabella. You will see a very nice hotel called Le Meridien. Isabella is a large four lane road. Frank´s is about three blocks on the left.

And watch out for the taxi drivers in Rio. Their usual method of ripping off the Gringos is acting like they don´t know where your requested street is and asking other cabbies. We caught on real quick when we asked for Isabella and he tried to ask another driver....we called Bull Shit because asking for directions to this road is like asking for directions to I-95 in the states.

And if all else fails, go to HELP! at midnight and take one home for 100 Real...about $40.

If anybody needs an english speaking and trustworthy person for tours/transportation or general help, email me at fatbastard1962@yahoo.com for my friend Max´s phone number/email address. Max is a Canadian that has lived down there for nine years and operates a tour business. He will cut through all the red tape and point you in the right direction on anything down there....hotels to stay at, who to hang glide with, etc, etc.

Fat Bastard
06-07-02, 22:54
Quick Second posting...just read some previous postings from "Sabio" back about May 14th and 20th time frame. Good info for those who want it. I usually leave Help with a chica for R$100..about $40. Both Help and the cafe out front are great people watcher places. Go there with the attitude that "If I see something I like tonight, then I´ll take it home. If not, no loss."

It will take away the tension of negotiating..there is NO shortage of women in these two places and you can afford to hold out.

06-08-02, 00:15
I looked into this web site when it was just "www.bracotur.com" before my 1st visit to Rio..... The owner is downright rude and insulting if you ask too many questions about the services he will provide...... I finally saw the pictures of the girls he had and the girls are no better than Help girls. His apts. are at best, budget quality apts. The prices are outrageous to say the least.....

Save yourself some money and just come down find your own apt. and get you own girls. Like most of you already know there are plenty to go around....

06-08-02, 05:17

Do you have the number of the girl that moved to Barcelona? I am going to Bclna in about 2 weeks and would love to hook up with some brasilian girls.

06-09-02, 21:34
Hello Gentlemen of Brazil.

I and three partners (one of whom is female) are planning on going to Carnaval in Feb. None have us have been to Brazil nor speak anything other than English and Spanish. I read an article in GQ last year about an island off the coast where the party was intense but the overall atmosphere more laid back than RIO. Any ideas as to where this may be? I did not keep the magazine unfortunatly. Thanks for the help, and if I can not figure out where this is how about some Carnaval tips for Rio. We are going to book this trip in the next two months.....

06-10-02, 05:59

sorry for the late response. been busy. i called her on her cell in barcelona but for some reasons, she is there no more. now, i am curious as whether she returned to brasil. i like her, she is totally cute, fun to be with and such a good heart. two years ago when i visited rio, i took her to dinner and movies but forgot my wallet. she went to the bank and got money and paid for everything. her only problem is jealousy. she can't see me checking out other girls. i'll let you know when i hook up with her again.


i think it's santa catarina? or buzios? (sp?) also, pardon my comment, i think taking a female partner on this trip is a total wrong call. if she is your g/f, it's a bad decision for you and her, if she is your friend's g/f, it would be bad for him and her. if she just hangs along w/ you guys, then it's even worse. unless she is a super model, then you are like bringing a ham sandwich to a gourmet dinner party. hope this helps.

06-12-02, 02:19
Thanks for the tip, it was santa catarina. Anybody got more info
on this place? As far as the lady going with us..... she works with us and is a seasoned party partner. We spent a year in Korea together and have many adventures behind us. I appreciate the thought, however we are a tight group with no illusions about each other, everyone watches each others back and judges not.
In other words everything is fair as long as we leave no one behind in the crowd.
Any and All suggestions welcome from you guys on the ground down there.

06-13-02, 16:51
I am going to Rio in August. I was taken with the photo gallery pictures, particularly the lady Fernanda. Can the guy who took them advise me where to look for her or her like? Thanks

06-13-02, 19:43
This will be my first trip to Brazil and I don't speak Portuguese. Could anyone let me know how far Rio's airport is from Copacabana Beach? Can I trust a texi driver? Is there a way of transportation?

06-14-02, 00:19
Just got back from Rio Sunday. Had a great time. Yes you can trust the taxi drivers, just make sure he show you his taxi permit\ID. It cost me $50 real. That was a bit high. My return taxi cost me $30.00 real. The trip from the airport is about 40 minutes. There is also a greyhound type bus that will take you to Cobacabana for $4R. The weather was nice around 75-80 degrees. It is a great time to go. $1US dollar=2.73 real. If you exchange money at the airport, make sure to let the guy know this. I exchanged $300.00 US to $750.00R. Just use common sense and don't flash a lot of money around. Be sure and check out the Termas Monte Carlos. Beautiful women and a good selection. Not to many guys. There was about 25 girls to select from. Cost me about 170.00R, which included 40 minites with girl of my choice in a small, but nice cabin and a couple of drinks.

06-14-02, 04:38
I'm, also, making my first trip to Rio in August, and I'm trying to get some more information. Some of you have already suggested different travel agencies in Rio in order to find an hotel, but I wondering if anybody has any specific apartments and/or hotels in Ipanema or Copacabana they could recommend? A friend told me that Ipanema was "better" than Copacabana. By better, I mean more restaurants, better apartments/hotels and safer.

My idea is to find a secure place to stay while I visit a few termas, boites, etc. I would like a place where I can bring guests w/o hassles. I would like an apt/hotel in the middle range, not the Four Seasons, but not Motel 6 either. I'll try a travel agency in Rio also, but I'm trying to get a good idea of what's available. So when I talk to the travel agencies, I'll be better informed. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along. I already have travel guides but there is nothing like personal experience.

Also, I'm trying to get some feedback on Rio escort agencies, if you have a positive experiences I love to hear them.


Uh, negative ones too.

06-15-02, 03:11
I have helped out quite a few WSG members with apts. so I might be able to help you out with a nice apt. while you're here in Rio. Just look at our web site and see if there is anything you like and let me know.

kenn... info@Ez-RioRentals.com

06-15-02, 23:46
I have a question for you vet... I will be going to Rio in about 3 weeks. I am mostly posting on the CR board because this is were i go the most. I have took two days reading all the stuff i can about Rio in the archives. It seem that Help disco is the best place to find the women and hotel Rio Risso is the best place to stay. What about XXX video store?? I thought about picking up some when i am in town, does any one know of a place to buy them?
Thanks acatman@hotmail.com

06-16-02, 19:22
To: acatman

I don't know where you're from, but you might have a problem playing back any video tapes in the US. They use a standard called PAL-M, while the US uses NTSC. You should check into compatibility, or look only for tapes in NTSC standard. FWIW, I checked out some porno shops in Sao Paulo, and didn't see anything that I couldn't get in the US. YMMV.

About the nightlife (or afternoon life!), I would strongly recommend that you check out one or more termas while you are there. I've been to Solarium, Centaurus, 4x4, L'uomo, and Aeroporto, and each one had a little different flavor.

What dates will you be in Rio? I'm thinking about heading down in July myself (thank you Lord for severance payments!)

06-17-02, 05:37
My new name is OGUN. My old name is ESU. I had a great time in Brazil. In fact, I am moving back on July 15 and I do not know when I am coming back. I lived in Flamengo and was able to meet lots a girls and have fun because my friend in Rio spoke great Portuguese. I was able to get some girls for $60 reais. I also had to break down and pay $150 reais for some I just could not pass. I found out very fast that the women did not want to talk with my friend because he spoke so well. They want travelers because they can charge the high prices and take advantage of the situation. The girls at Help are incredible, but the regular girls look way better. And it is so easy to pick them up. The local guys know that the women at Help area are charging high prices and the women know it also. I suggets looking up these spots called massagems. They are clean and the women are just as fine or more and the price is very low. These are the places the locals go. The massgems are everywhere. There are so many women working in these places it would make your head split. I found spots that charged 10 reais for 10 minutes, 20 reais for 20 minutes and 30 reais for 30 minutes. Do the math fellas! I worked both the Help crowd and the Massagem crowd. One day you can save money, and still get some and do some local cool shit. When I get back, I will look up my old contacts, but my eyes are not set on the regular girls.

Over and out

06-18-02, 04:50
I see you point OGUN, but what is considered a fair price? What should we pay for a girl you consider a 10? a 9? a 8?

Also, I've heard if you haggle too much you won't get the best service if you know what I mean.

06-18-02, 05:39
I read all the postings abot safety. I know it is not that bad and don't have to over worry about it. However, I would still like to ask a question. For those of you who have been to many different places in Basil, is a samller city really safer? Cities such as Recife and Curitiba, are they better place to relax? Is Brasilia very different? Why don't we get any posting there?

06-19-02, 00:05
Nvr2lb,,,,,thanks for the information. I will be in town 7-10 to 7-17.
I am now looking for a local guide,,,does any one have help?? thanks acatman@hotmail.com

J Wadd
06-19-02, 01:46
If you want to generalize about safety (IMO), cities in the north are generally more industrialized and therefore prone to Brasil's worst economic distribution -- i.e. more dangerous.

Smaller cities TEND to be safer because tourists do not frequent them and poverty seems to be less extreme.

Large cities will always be a problem.

Cities in the south TEND to be a little more developed AND smaller -- i.e. less dangerous.

Buuuuut, sex venues tend to cluster in the seedier (but not too bad) areas of their host towns -- which should have obvious results toward crime.

If you really want to get mugged -- I mean you can't stand not knowing what it's exactly like down there (kids w/ knives or guns) -- go to Salvador for a coupla days and just start walking around.

Eventually (2-4 days) you'll strike gold and you'll realize next that it's an epidemic and it really does no definitve good to generalize. You'll always be a mark and there'll always be someone willing to mark you.

Lastly (IMO), you'll see that it's no big deal. Just be smart (carry a dummy wallet if you want, no travel documents on you, take a taxi, stay in groups and lighted areas, COMPLY WITH ALL DEMANDS OF YOUR ATTACKERS IF THEY'RE ARMED, etc.).

I'm 6'3", 230 muscled pounds of Gracie grapplin' bluster -- but when I was mugged by three unarmed 16 year olds in Recife I just blocked them off (no punches or holds), waited for them to start hyperventilating, and left. No big deal. They weren't armed, though.

Are we done with this discussion? No amount of advice will keep you from getting mugged if you're stupid. No advice is necessary if you're smart.

Happy Hunting,

06-19-02, 13:21
Hello Acatman.. If you need a guide I can help. e-mail me at info@ez-riorentals.com


06-20-02, 03:15

Great question! You know, the answer is up to you, really. The going price is $150 reais. If they like you they will offer $100 off the top. Like I said I paid regular price for a couple and it was because they were 10's to me. So I guess pay the going price for the ones you really want. Just understand, if you can work it right at certain times you can get pretty girls for a good price. And look into the massgens, just look and Rio will open up more than you beleive. I was told of so many places that my head spun. I acutally turned places down. Just think, you pay 150 reais for girl for the night if lucky. 150 divded by 30 reais is 5. That means if you know where to go in Rio to find the massagens and the girls you want you can have sex with 5 different women that day for about 30 minute shots. And if they like you you can get with them after. The quality is the same, the quality is the same. And lets not talk about that because the regular girls are better than the working girls and just as freaky. I say, massgens during the day, and try to get on regular girls at night for a change once in a while.

I am off to Rio on July 15. I don't know when I am coming back.

Over and out

06-20-02, 07:22

Have a safe trip. I'll be down in August to experience Rio first hand.

06-21-02, 00:51
I apologize in advance for this off-topic post, but I thought there might be a hobbiest (punter?) who might have a suggestion.

I'm heading for Rio next month, and I'd like to be able to send/receive e-mails. I've got a laptop, but the idea of lugging that thing down there and dealing with phone-line availability (I'll probably stay in an apt.), and the per-minute charges makes me shudder.

Any suggestions/ideas about Cybercafes, kiosks, etc., handy to Copacabana? A web-based service would work fine.

Feel free to email me at cispang@earthlink.net if you don't want to post to the board.

06-21-02, 02:17
There are many internet cafe's all over Copa. All user friendly. There's one within a couple of blocks of Help about 2 blks off of Ave Atlantica. Costs aprox 3reals per 15min.

Hope this helps,


06-21-02, 07:05
don't bother to bring your laptop (unless you are on a biz trip). it just ain't worth the risk and the trouble. use any internet cafe. the further away from copa, the better deal you get. last summer, i used one located near the catholic church near ipanema where all the upscale apartments located. it cost about R5 per half hour. that's good enough for me.

06-21-02, 12:57
Miami to Salvador da Bahia non-stop

This might be of some interest to a few of you..

Staring on July 3rd, Varig Airlines will fly non stop from Miami to Salvador, Bahia. Southbound flight departs every Wednesday at 840pm. Northbound flight departs Salvador every Tuesday at 1055am. Now you can enjoy the northeast of Brazil without going to Rio or Sao Paulo.

kenn.. ez-riorentals.com

06-22-02, 16:34
Hello Forum , i am currently in Rio. I made the mistake of paying for an apartment in advance for three months and now i have to leave, of course it´s non refundable. Anyone coming to Rio anytime soon that wants to rent an apartment can take this one from me. It´s in Copacabana 2 blocks from the beach , a few blocks away from Help. I paid $530 USD a month up untill Sept. 10th. I am willing to let it go for much less than that. Anyone interested send me an email. My e mail address is jackman500@yahoo.com

Fat Bastard
06-23-02, 07:52

Could you pass along the location of those places where you got 10 minutes for 10 Real, etc?



06-24-02, 05:04
Fat Bastard-

Check my post in the old forum. Check around the first part of April. My memory is fading now. But that post will tell you everything you need to know.


PS My name was ESU.

06-24-02, 09:28

I'm trying to find out if a particular girl is still working at Monte Carlo. She goes by Cristiane. She is from Belem, about 5 ft, 100lbs,light skin,light brown hair and speaks english. She was there last year and I'm going to Rio July 8th and would like to hook up with her again.

Thanks to all...

I'll be in Rio with 2 friends and we are always looking for others to join in some drop me a line if you will be there too.....

06-24-02, 12:47
Fatty, I think OGUN might be talking about Vila Memosa (spelling) if he is, you don't want to venture into that area alone at night.....
If you are looking for a pretty young thing you might want to try somewhere else as well.. the women there are mostly for the locals and are usually on the older side....

06-24-02, 14:18
Kenn,,,,What about the Vila Memosa area in the early evening? would it be safe with a local guide?

06-24-02, 20:09

I went in Villa Mimosa (praça da Bandeira) on last saturday night. There are a lot of people there. I was dressed typically like
a tourist and I spent one hour there. I did not have any trouble.
I don't think you need any guide there, because it's a long
road with bars on each side.
In Rio de Janeiro, you can walk safely in every place that have
peolple in the street ... but don't spend a lot of time rounding alone.
I already walk in Lapa, praça Maua, copa and villa Mimosa.
And I never get in troubles.

May be I'm a lucky guy.

Scandinavia (praça Maua) : 1 hour with a girl R$40 + R$10 for the room

Villa Mimosa : a lot of pubs with girls inside : R$25 for 20 min including the "little room".

I prefer those places because there are not a lot of tourists and so the girls are cheap at the contrary of Copacabana.

06-25-02, 00:03

if you are referring to the same christine i know (sounds like you are), then she is no longer in rio. i heard she has moved to barcelona, spain. she is a nice girl.

06-25-02, 16:05
I was just wondering for all the guys that go to Villa Mimosa and the cheap massagems: How do the girls look? Is it comparable to Help? Is it what I find all over Rio: nice body but semi-ugly face? I know the only way to know for myself is to go to these places but I just wanted to get some type of heads up on what to look for.

06-26-02, 00:42
I fucked e marvellous blonde in Villa Mimosa ; and another
one in Scandinavia for 30 reais each one.

You have any type or girls in Rio. And sometimes you
can find good ones and other times, bad ones !

Surely, you will find much more easier good ones in Help.
But they are to expansive and too much "professional" for
me. In places like Villa Mimosa, you have much more local girls.
And each day you have different ones. And girls
don't pay any taxes to be in the bars. Guys too don't pay.

Why pay 100 US$ dollar in Help when you can have friendly
and cheaper girls in other places ???!!!

06-26-02, 10:18

The Cristiane you know did she have a Tattoo of a flower around her belly button?? It was an orchid I think? If it is the same girl you are right she was great...


06-26-02, 22:13
This was originally posted on another site but I was asked by MisterDamage to post it here also.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did.

A Newbie makes all new mistakes, and still has the time of his life.

There is very little doubt that I am a fucking Moron. I literally stumbled across the pleasures of Rio de Janeiro last summer while working down there for a month. The women were incredible, the raw sexuality of the Cariocas was intoxicating, and the exchange rate made it all affordable. When I got back to the States, I spent an entire year
researching the unique nightlife and came up with a plan to go back and do it right this summer. I arrived in Rio the first week in June, and basically had the time of my life. A huge thank you to all who went before me, I read every one of your posts, and they were invaluable as I prepared myself for another whirlwind tour.
Special thanks to Kenn@EZ-Riorentals.com, man you were great. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He set us up with a driver at the airport, had me and a buddy dropped off at our luxury two bedroom penthouse apartment in Copacabana, this thing had its own rooftop deck with a jzcuzzi, he hooked us up with a cell phone, and then took two hours out his busy schedule to fill us in on all the latest news [scams, going prices, crimes, hot spots, etc.] on Rio.

In the summer of 2001, I had no idea about the saunas in Rio. This time around I wanted to really get the Rio experience right and do the Termas. In spite of all of the invaluable information and constructive advice I had gleaned from different web sites, I still made several crucial mistakes. I did not take the time to learn even rudimentary
Portuguese even though others mentioned how vital this component of the trip really is. I ignored the advice of Kenn who warned me about taking a garota shopping in lieu of paying her for sex. It did feel very much like a GFE, but it also cost me
double the going rate. I drank so much liquor between turns at the Solarium terma that I could not finish off a 9+ garota [talk about fucking humiliating]. I went to HELP disco and inexplicably choose a dead fish of a girl, even after being warned about the fall off in talent there. I make the mistake of going to the termas and using only one criteria in picking the right girl: how hot I thought she was. And lastly, I let my desire to have one stunning terma girl spend the night at my apartment so compromise my
judgment that I pay her $150 U.S. This needs to be emphasized: I am a fucking moron. All that being said, I had the most incredible vacation of my life. When people ask me why I go to Rio instead of Miami, Maui, the Carribean etc. I never tell
them the real reason. I make up some bullshit, and then quietly think of the line from the movie “Stripes”. You know, when Bill Murray is told he isn’t cut out to be a soldier, and should become a monk instead. Murray counters with: “Have you ever seen a monk get wildly fucked by a bunch of teenage girls?” Well there’s my answer right
there. No need to go anywhere else, Rio is definitely the place for me. No offense to the Asia crowd, I’m sure there are a billion reasons to go there, but for my particular tastes, Rio is #1.


Monte Carlo:

I loved this one. I liked the attitude of the girls, the wide selection available, and the ambiance of the place. This [like so many fans who went before me] was hands down my favorite terma. It is difficult to be objective here though. It was the very first terma I was ever in, and my “virgin” experience there may have biased me in its favor. Suffice it to say that if you have never been to a Rio Terma, then the first experience is eye popping. I literally turned to my traveling buddy, and said: “Toto, I don’t
think we are in Kansas any more”.

Several others say this is the terma that has the best bang for the buck. I would heartily agree. I had a true 10 in this place, and yet another girl who now goes down as my best all time experience. Fucking moron that I am, I continue to choose garotas based only on how hot I find them. This, as was pointed out repeatedly by other experts should not be the ONLY criteria. As a strategy, it was of course hit and miss. I’ll never forget the 10, but neither will I forget the best experience I ever had. I basically lucked out, she was busy when we first got there, and remained busy that whole night. She was pretty [8], long and lithe,
nowhere near the class of the other physically, but an absolute sexual domino in the cabina. She attacked me as soon as we were in the room, and didn’t stop attacking until the telephone rang informing us that time was up. She was flat out marvelous.

My traveling buddy did have a problem here, but it was one of his own making. Early on in the evening, he asked one of the girls to spend the night with him at our apartment after she finished work. Everything was fine, until he took another girl to the cabina while she was off making a living. She was angry as hell that he had “betrayed” her, and busted his balls quite a bit. I think it was a face saving thing, but she never did forget it. I tried to explain the “butterfly” complex that can set in [all according to the reports I had read], but he couldn’t understand why if she was off screwing another guy, he shouldn’t be free to screw another girl. I don’t think he gets it to this day. The girls here are wonderful, and I never had a better time somewhere else [as good maybe, but not better].


Depending on your tastes, this is right up there in my book with Monte Carlo. We went here on Sunday night, so I don’t know whether that made the difference. According to reports I read, Solarium was the only terma which was supposed to be open on Sunday. I had a strange type of “butterfly” experience in this place. It would
seem that I was too obvious in my evaluation of the talent. I think that I must have come off as too morose, quiet, or maybe “too into it”. I do remember that I wanted to hit at least three different girls on Sunday night. That type of hell bent for leather style can turn off several of the girls. A beautiful girl hanging out with my
traveling buddy pointed out that I was much too intense in my manner. Checking out the girls too throughly. It was a valuable lesson. I made a mental note to be more gregarious, out going, and playful. That helped a great deal in the attitudes I received back from the girls.

I tend to be quiet and reserved in my demeanor, especially in situations where I am nervous and/or
uncomfortable. Personally, I think sitting stone cold sober in those faggy white robes in amongst beautiful and scantily clad women who don’t speak English is going to make me to be at least a little nervous. I usually use alcohol as my social crutch. Normally this is not a problem, but doing 2 to 3 girls a day for 5 days wears on you a
little bit. I made the classic mistake of switching from beer to hard liquor, and “over medicated” shall be say. I end up going with a striking 9+ to a cabina.

She is everything I could ever want physically in a girl. She is all ready to go, naked as a jay bird, and obviously in the mood when its as if someone somewhere turns off a switch. Mr. Johnson is limp. I don’t have any Vitamin V with me. She speaks virtually no English, I am humiliated, try to ask for some “assistance” from her, and she either can't understand me or pretends not to. With no help coming from her corner, the pressure builds, and now I must try to explain why I am not ready to go at it. Naturally this doesn’t go well, and I am left to suffer the entire period in the room with an incredibly hot girl who I can’t fuck. I manage to convince her to stay over at my place,
and she quotes $150 U.S. Same refrain from up top: I am a fucking moron. I had to have her though. I couldn’t walk away form it. We did have sex, but it was cold, robotic and unsatisfying to the core. Well, okay on one level it was great, but there
was no chemistry at all. It was obvious that she thought I was a low life, screwing anything that moved. Not that she was all that off base, except the low life part- most people who know me think
I’m a hell of a nice guy. It was one of my biggest disappointments. Sex is not the only thing these girls sell. They are experts at making you believe that they are enjoying the session as much as you are. It is this illusion [and their expertise] that makes the experience so incredibly unique. When that illusion was disspelled, I felt every bit the slimy low life she judged me to be.


This one was difficult to find. It is in a shopping center on the second floor, hidden away really. IMHO this place is not in the same class and Monte Carlo and Solarium. But, I did find a few gems here though. I hooked up with a nice little thing with a killer body. We had a great session, and I was surprised to find how much we both enjoyed it [or she is a wonderful and subtle
actress]. I didn’t spend much time making out with her in the bar, but the experience in the room was stellar. I ended up liking her quite a bit, but I also wanted as much variety as possible.

My buddy and I returned to this terma later that same evening. He set his sights on the girl I had just been with an hour or so earlier. She comes over to me after he goes to the bathroom and kisses me with her best fuck me hard look. Shit I have a stiffy, and all she did was kiss me. I don’t want to lead her on, I wanted to try another
one of the girls. My buddy comes back, and asks if he can do her. This guy is like a brother to me, and she is the only one in the room he considers taking. I decide to take the bullet, and say yes. But, I know right from the outset it is going to be hard.

Intellectually, this shouldn’t have been a problem, but we also had never "shared" a women before. Although throughout the vacation, I think both of us at one point or another wanted some of what the other was having. I liked her, he’s my best friend, I really shouldn’t be selfish. She’s there rubbing her ass in his crotch and looking
directly at me while she’s doing it. And there I am standing there like a putz feeling like the world’s biggest schmuck. I give them some room, and sit across the way to make eye contact with a blonde. Two other garotas come up to me and ask me
why my friend doesn’t like me? Why would he do this in front of me. Here comes the refrain: I am a fucking moron. No, no I insist, its okay. She’s nice, he’s nice they should be together. I gave it my blessing, and when it comes right down to it being selfish may feel better in the short run, but not the long. I feel a lot better of it now, but I was truely surprised how upset it made
me then. Mr. Damage has his own "butterfly"
experience. I had come all this way to create these beautiful pictures in my head of my adventures.

This one was special, I had this wonderful experience, and now I had pissed it all away. My buddy’s in for the long haul. Does everything with style and personality. There was no way she was going to remember the great time we had had together when my buddy would spend three times as much money on her, and exponentially more time.
Not only that, but since he had already secured my blessing, he went and asked her to spend the rest of the night with him, at the apartment we shared. [help me out here, am I so way off base on this one, I didn't have so much trouble at the terma, but bringing her to the apartment?] Thank god he was sensitive to my pride. I never did have to interact with them at the apartment, and a great deal of the awkwardness was avoided. I would have never believed that I would become a victim of a reverse butterfly. I was out for maximum quality with maximum quantity. The terma girls are so damn good at selling that illusion, that I found myself
desperately wanting to believe it to be true. As irrational as it is, it is still a difficult emotion with which to deal.


I had mixed feelings on this one. I went there early on a friday evening and the atmosphere was a turn off. The girls really do the hard sell. They are constantly trying to get you to take two girls at one time, or a switch off between two guys and two girls. My buddy and I paused over the second option a little while, and then decided that neither of us wanted to see each other naked,
so we politely refused that offer. I did go back alone on my very last day in Rio, and had an incredible romp. So much so that I was still smiling when I landed in Houston 14 hours later. The place is very overpriced compared to the other top termas, but I would have to admit that the
girls there are incredibly hot. It is R$305 for gringos who pay with a credit card [R$290 for cash] that’s the regular cabina, 40 minutes with the girl, and the admission price. The upgrades [suites or longer time] may seem like they are making a bad situation worse, but IMHO the opportunity to nail the “right” girl twice, is well worth the extra R$70. One thing though, you have to stop what you are doing, go back to the front desk and sign another slip approving of the upgrade. [Unless of course that was the option you chose upfront].

My very last experience in Rio was with a beuaty from Centaurus. I only had time for one go around, so we got the suite and the extra time. We went at it twice [a little frustration from the night before helped]. and she wouldn’t let me leave without performing anal sex. I shit you not. That was the deal she had suggested before we went up stairs. One throw was supposed to be conventional, and the other, ... well not.

This was hands down my best memory of Rio. There is just something absolutely priceless about a knockout 19 year old hard body, with an angelic face suggesting anal sex with perfect girlish glee. I got so carried away by her in the suite that I forgot the original deal and did her twice conventionally [Vitamin V helped plenty here]. After all, I wasn’t all that sure she really meant
anal sex, remember I have no Portuguese and her English was broken at best. Not only that, but I was already running late to meet Kenn at the apartment to check out and go catch my plane at GIG. To borrow a line from Seinfeld, I calculated the odds of ever being offered a rock hard Portuguese ass like that again, so I had to do it. And yes, Kenn was still waiting for me patiently at the apartment. I can understand why some people would not like Centaurus, I know I didn’t the first time I went. But the second time made a believer out of me. The upgrade to the suite is more expensive, but the girls get more money from it and I think it effects their performance. Both girls I had were superior technicians, shit the first girl I had at Centaurus sucked
my dick like she owed me money. I think going for extra time is a good strategy, I also think they definitelyearn their larger pay checks here. If you’re on a tight budget, it is not the place to go, but if you want a couple of drop dead gorgeous professionals to work you over until you’re just a cum stain on the sheets- then, this is your place.

We ran into several other Americans on our magical mystery tour of Rio Termas, and each time I would get their impressions on the termas. Some liked Centaurus best, some liked Monte Carlo the best, several thought that the girls in Centaurus were
more elegant. I did not find that to be true, but to each his own. Of the hundreds of reports I read on the Rio Termas, I was surprised how unequivocal some people were in what they considered the
best Termas. All I know for sure, is that
everyone’s tastes differ. I can remember that some of the girls who I rated as easily the best in the place, would from time to time spend an hour or two alone! Sitting down and talking to the other girls. People will honestly disagree over the desiribility of each particular girl, but the market usually corrects for an imbalance in price. Whatever the critics think of Centaurus, it is hands down the the most expensive terma. But, for whatever reason, they continue to get that higher price.

Thats all for now, I had an incredible time, spent wild nights with absolutley drop dead gorgeous women, and lived to tell about it. If you have never gone to Rio, only one word of advice: GO. Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself. But, IMHO I am right: Rio is definately #1!

Hell I can't wait until next year for another visit, I just e-mailed Kenn and he is going to set me up with another apartment for the 1st week in Aug. This time I'll go alone...

06-27-02, 02:43

Now that was a great post! I just got back a couple of weeks ago and I'll be back in November. For me RIO is as close to heaven a man can get on earth! This was my fouth trip and each time it just gets better and better. I don't care if I never see another country. I'm sold on RIO!

06-27-02, 09:29
Nodd-N. don't be too hard on yourself. one trip at a time. you'll learn. i have been going to rio twice a year since 1997 and always go there by myself. a lot of buddies wanted me to take them along and show them around. i always found an excuse to get out of this. listen, you are there hunting. taking a friend, even your best buddy, just complicates business especially when you have to share an apartment. leave male bonding at home. i always find guys traveling together dumb. so, just hit rio by yourself, you will enjoy the time so much more.

RxHammer. don't remember the tatoo deals. don't think so, i generally am not attracted to babes with tatoo may be a small one on the heel. nonetheless, you can ask the girls at the place. if she managed to have some friends there, she will always connect you with others. good luck.

06-27-02, 12:45

Don't be so hard on yourself Brother !! It's easy to click with the girls in Rio but you just have to remember that it's a living for them. Bottom line, have a good time and don't look at it so seriously. So your buddy banged the chick you liked...go bang two others and have fun. I go with a friend or two a couple times a year and I couldn't careless if the followed in my tracks. The question is "am I have the best time ever?" and the answer is always "YES"!! Also, at some point we always pay more than we should so say fuck it and chalk it up to experience and keep goin'...

Monte Carlo is also my favorite...great girls and atmosphere....

Thanks for the info...Cristiane had an orchid tat for sure....also, she was from Belem and spoke very good English. I'm hoping for a fun filled reunion in July if she's still around cause she is a fuckin' tiger.....

06-27-02, 21:01
forgot to mention to you that as much as you get a GFE with the girls, NEVER get your heart involve. these girls on average do 4-5 guys one day, sometimes more and most every guy they provide GFE, so if you get your heart involved, it may get into your head. this is your first trip, you should take it like an immunity shot. on the second or third trip, i expect you to be totally immune. remember, making love is no sin, falling in love, however, is a capital crime in these places. hope all is fine.

i used to do 'reunion" show every time i head back to rio. but since two years ago, i lost interest in it. i may still see the girl, mostly for dinner and may be go to a movie. but we don't have sex anymore. i like new girls and new experience. part of the reasons i like being single is not be tied down to one woman, even brasilia woman. good luck on meeting christine.

06-28-02, 08:47
Check it out! When I speak of the massagems I am not talking about Villa Memosa or Villa Mimosa. Whatever it is called. The places I went to were in Centro, Downtown. I have no idea what or where Villa Mimosa is. Massagems! They are all aroud the city. Kenn, you live in Rio and you read WSG all the time. Why did you write that I was talking about Villa Mimosa?

06-28-02, 23:50
Following on from Nodd_N's Post here is my experience of Rio.

On the Saturday 22 June 02, I went over to Rio from Sao Paulo and if I can offer some good advice I would recommend anyone flying between to the two cities to use the domestic airport Congohos. This flies into the domestic airport Santo Dumont, in Rio and will not only save you time, because you don’t have to go through passport control, which is hectic at all times, but money also, as the taxi fares will save you in total around R$70.00 over using the international airport.

Visually Rio is a much nicer city than Sao Paulo and I also found much easier to navigate you way around compared to Sao Paulo. Sexually Rio has more to offer the sex tourist or seems to be better organized on this front. In the newspaper O Globo you can find in the classificados sections, contact details of girls, Motels amd swing clubs but you need to speak the language.

On my first night in Rio I had planned on going to Help Disco, I have read so much about it and was looking forward to the experience. Plus it was 15 minutes walking distance of where I was staying on the Copacabana. The only thing is Help doesn’t start until midnight, so what to do until then? I decided to check out one of the many termas available in Rio and after a quick bite to eat went to Centaurus in Ipanema, www.centaurusnet.com.br at around 8pm, I had several to choose from but I choose them because they understood English when I called up earlier. You pay R$290 (U$102) entrance and get 40 minutes with any girl or R$305 (U$107) with a credit card, you can just pay an entrance fee and then decide on a girl later but you have to pay before you go up to a room. On drinks you can order on your locker number and settle your bill before you leave so you don't need to carry cash in the club. If you have never been before it’s a little bit intimidating on your first visit to get your bearings. You have to change into a some flip flops and a bathrobe, then go up stairs into the main smoke filled room. I was told there are something like 80 girls available and to be honest I would not disagree with that figure. There are girls off all shapes, colour and sizes in there but I did not see any old or fat women in there apart from the madam who controls the girls. My best advice on entering is too get a drink and then wait around before deciding on the girl you want – why rush? The girls will approach you to engage you in conversation or make eye contact with you because that is their job. If you sitting at the bar the girls will also rub themselves up against you trying to get you aroused and remember that your only wearing a short bathrobe. When you look around the room you will see a lot of kissing and cuddling going on because the girls obviously want you to take them upstairs; to be honest I was not pressured by any girls to buy them a drink or take them upstairs they are happy to sit and chat, with my limited Portuguese and their limited English. Some of the girls wear a sort of transparent hipster trousers, and bear midriff, you can clearly see their thongs. The clientele were 80% Brazilians from other cities eavesdropping on the conversations going on, I also got the impression that Brazilian men like slim pert breasted women, whereas I like big booty and big breast so I had no problem spotting the girl I wanted, sitting talking to her friend.

I went upstairs to a room with her later, which was fairly basic but all I wanted to do was fuck so it didn’t matter. The girl showers changes into some sexy lingerie comes back in ten minutes. She performs bbbj and any other request you have, sex is with a condom and no anal sex as far as I am aware. Although you get 40 minutes it actually lasted near 50 minutes and was good because the girl enjoyed the session also especially when I was eating her clit.

After the session I went down to recuperate in the steam room and sauna for about 40 minutes then came back for more. In the bar I observed a little more and saw that around the sides, some guys were being rubbed up by the girls under their dressing gowns. The rule is that girls are not allowed to engage in any sexual activity in the club this should be done upstairs in the rooms and the madam does walk around to keep an eye on her girls to make sure their not giving too much away. Two and half hours later after striking up a conversation with a Brazilian and French national at the bar (guys not girls also their first visit – so they claimed?) I thought what the hell -you only live once and decided to go for two girls. One of them had been striking up conversation with me earlier, and had been trying to attract my attention most of the evening and the other reminded me a little of Anna Kournikova, its was the closest I was going to get to the real thing. I could not decide on which one I wanted and decided to have them both. The cost is R$380 (U$ 135) for 40 minutes but for an hour the price goes up too R$500 (U$175). The sex was good to have one sitting on my face whilst the other was giving me a bbbj, we tried several positions with several condoms and after an exhaustive 40 minutes time was up, hence I could not make it to Help at now 3am I was shattered. One of the girls wanted to meet me on the beach the next day but I got there late doing the tourist thing.

I tried another agency in Rio, Barra girl www.barraqueen.com on the Sunday, this involved me getting a taxi as the location was quite a distance, I agreed R$100 (U$35) with a local taxi to take me to the house in Barra di Tijuca and wait two hours against the R$45 (U$16) one way visit. My impression of this agency was not very good, they do an out call coming to your hotel or motel but I would have had problems with this girl in my room, you can try the love in motels which cost from R$30-80 (U$ 11-28) for two hours but you have to know the right ones to go too. The girl was not that good and in fact this is the worst sex I had had in Brazil since I’d been there; even if the girl charged R$150 (U$38) for two hours there were only five girls to choose from. Including the taxi to Barra di Tijuca worked out at R$250 (U$88) for R$40 (U$14) more I could have had much better sex.

My final night in Rio I went back to Centaurus and again had two girls one of them from the Saturday night. In the week Centaurus is very quiet and the only problem, if you can call it that, you will face is deciding from all of the available girls which one you want. The girl I had gave me a bbbj and I came in her mouth, which she said she liked, she also gave me her mobile number and asked me to stay in touch and write even thought she understood very little English. The session went over the hour but there did not seem to be any rush on both our parts. Summing up I would have to say that although I was only able to try just one termas in Rio its something that all guys should try at least once, in their life. I have tried various clubs in Europe and Asia and the sex here was the best I have had, the women seems to enjoy it, unless Brazilian girl and first rate actresses.

All you have to remember is that always practice safe sex, treat the women with respect, you will enjoy yourself. My final tip is credit cards are accepted but try to use cash as my credit card company suspended my card after I used it twice there because they thought it had been cloned or stolen and this is a problem in Brazil with cards so be careful. In future I will use cash. On crime apart from credit cards, if you take taxis at night and don’t wear flashy jewelry and flash your cash, stay off the beach at night you should be OK.

Sorry for the long report but I wanted to share the useful information.


06-29-02, 10:56
Hi guys;
I just spent a couple of weeks in Europe and am trying to plan next years trip which has to be shorter and cheaper. The women in Europe were great but a little too businesslike in there attitude. The trip also put me about 3 grand in debt. Altho I really love Brazilian women I have been thinking about Thailand in March or April as Brazil seems to be a lot pricier. Is this true? I also don't sppeak a word of Portugese or Spanish and I know that this can end up raising the costs of everything. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on this?

06-29-02, 14:48
3 grand for how many days/weeks? what is your budget? it really depends on many factors when it comes to airfare, hotel. but for brazil, it runs on average about R100-R150 per girl (may be for an hour to a night...again, very much depends on the situation, and the official exchange rate is 1USS=2.8+R. you may get more if you bring cash)
1. learn some portuguese. it will truly be a great experience. i was resistant to learn portuguese myself but .....
2. in thailand, most the girls do no speak much english either.
3. check out new zealand. the girls are very nice, quite a lot of GFE. obviously not as cheap as brasil or thailand but this may be cheapest in "first world". never been to europe so no way to compare but most kiwi girls are much better than those you find in US.
4. also, closer to home, check out canada, toronto and vancouver are very good but then canada may be the most expensive country of all but still much cheaper than the US.

06-30-02, 09:31
I only plan to spend 7 pr 8 days. My budget, including airfare is limited to less than $2000. I calculate that I can spend that much time in Thailand for about $1500 to $2000 easily. Especially since the airfare is approx $300 less and the tariffs for the women are less than $50 for all night and hotels are even less.

06-30-02, 19:33

I've just been watching scenes from Copa beach on TV - loads of honeys celebrating Brazil winning the Soccer World Cup - WOW!!

I'm planning a trip to South America next year but am drawn between Rio and BA.
Rio sounds great for keen honeys & GFE experience but I read mixed reports on crime.
Recoleta in BA sounds crime-free but the chicas are more business like and expensive.

Am i right in thinking crime shouldn't be an issue in Rio as long as I'm street smart - carry fake wallet, take taxis, walk in numbers? or is it more down to luck ?

Nodd_N - how much was that apartment with roof top jacuzzi per night? Was there 2 double beds/bedrooms in it?


06-30-02, 21:50
The penthouse was only $100.US a night. It was quiet and the girls really loved it. The apt had 2 bedrooms with large bed in each. If you want to contact Ken, email him at info@ez-riorentals.com or call him at 9863-9962. Either way I'm sure he will be able to help you. I'm going back on Aug. 7th so I might meet some of you there.

06-30-02, 21:56

I don't know about your airfare but I spoke to Ken a few days ago about an apartment for my trip in Aug. and I'm getting a nice One Bedroom apt. near the beach for about $40US a day. That's less than $300 for the week and unless you expect to over spend on women your trip to Rio might also be in the $1,500-$2,000 range. Ask Ken about less expensive apts. I know he has them also.

06-30-02, 23:21

How long are you going to be there in August? I'm arriving the last week in August.

J Wadd
07-01-02, 00:15
JETSETTER -- There's absolutely no camparison between BA and Rio. BA fails in EVERY SINGLE point. True, it's safer -- maybe even 3 times as safe. Buuuut, it's also 10-20 times less fun for this hobby. At least. Maybe more. I've spent a lot of time in each. And, Rio crime is 100 percent avoidable if you're meticulous in your safety.

I wrote an extensive "How To" regarding Rio safety about 2 months ago. Scroll down to it and give it a view.


07-01-02, 00:44
I'm with JWadd on the Buenos Aires vs Rio topic. I travel on business a lot to Buenos Aires and to a lesser extent to Rio and Sao Paulo. But to me, Rio is much better than Buenos Aires. Simply put I find that Brazilian women are infinitely more passionate lovers than BA's women. One simple example: while BBBJ's are the norm in Rio, less than half the girls in BA will agree to it.

Also, while Brazilian girls like to hang out with you after the deed, the girls in Buenos Aires are eager to move on to the next customer.

I'm headed to Buenos Aires again soon for a two-week business trip. I'll do a couple Buenos Aires girls during my first week there but I'll be saving my energy for the weekend: I found a cheap flight/hotel package to go from Buenos Aires to Rio over the weekend and I'm flying there at my own expense over the weekend to have a great time with the Rio girls instead of staying in Buenos Aires. That's how strongly I feel about the difference between the two cities.

07-01-02, 01:00
Hey guys, I was interested in Rio but I heard some hotels have issues with men bringing female guests to their rooms for the night. Is this true? If so, can I just bribe the hotel concierge? Also if they do not? Is it all hotels? Which hotels will let a guy bring a woman guest? If I stay at a 3 star hotel will that guarantee that I should be able to bring a guest with me? Also when is the best time to visit Rio? I have heard during Christmas and Easter the city is half empty and there are far fewer women considering Brazil is a very religious country. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

07-01-02, 01:23
You can stay at the DEBRET, it's a love hotel. It's almost in the front of Help Disco, a candy store for adult horny males like me.
The girls have to register to go up to your room, this is mainly for your safety, during the day, there is no fee. After 10PM you have to pay double occupancy ($10 extra in most 3 stars hotels)
5 start hotels do not let you bring them in, who needs the greedy f*ckers. 3 start hotels are just fine for the hobby, a bed, AC, a phone , and shower is all I need.

Rio Copa is good also.

Java Man
07-01-02, 01:55
i plan on returning to rio in sept. i'd like a little more info on your apartment. how far was the penthouse you rented from the beach? walking distance? how far from Help? was there a guard at the front door? how much more for cleaning service? also did you have to pay kenn cash or did he accept credit cards?

07-01-02, 20:18
Hulk, some information on the BA-RIO weekend package please. Tia

07-01-02, 20:47

I found the package to travel from BA to Rio at http://www.ar.despegar.com/

If you speak basic spanish you should be able to figure it out. The package I got cost me less than US$200 for roundtrip and hotel.

07-01-02, 20:52

One more thing just so that you are not confused: the prices you see on that website with a ($) represent Argentine pesos (about 3.85 to a dollar) . Other packages do have the US$ next to them and of course represent US dollars.

07-02-02, 01:11

I don't speak any Spanish. I found another site last week that was running a 1/2 price sale for travel within Brazil, but now I can't find it. It was in Portuguese anyway. Hopefully, I will learn enough Spanish before I go and be able to book the package.

07-02-02, 12:26

I will only be able to stay for a week in Aug.


The Penthouse was 2 blocks from the beach and about a 10 min. walk to Help. If you look at Kens web site there are pictures, www.ez-riorentals.com
or if you e-mail him I'm sure he will send you pictures and answer other questions you have. Also I paid in cash. There was a doorman and daily cleaning.

Man I can't wait to get back. August is just around the corner but 4 weeks is still 4 weeks.

Member #4239
07-06-02, 09:46
Right now the dollar is quite strong compared to the brasilian currency (real), but Rio is an expensive city. In fact things may end up costing you the same if not more than the U.S.
For a cheaper, shorter, and closer vacation, consider Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Ecuador.
Been to Bangkok once. Too hot, too muggy, too polluted. Not my kind of city. I got the hell out of there as soon as I could. Bom Viagem. J.G.

07-07-02, 16:33
prices have not really gone up here. Things are still quite inexpensive here. Girls range from 100R - 200R for all night $35USD - $70USD..
Food and drinks are very cheap here and Hotels and Apartments are still cheap. What more is there??

Member #4239
07-10-02, 09:24
You sort of echoed what I said which was that the dollar is quite strong currently compared to the brasilian currency.
However, I think I will pass on the girl that you can get for 35$ for all night, because I don't believe she'll be any higher than a 3 or 4.
People can check out prices of some of the hotels and apartments for themselves on-line and see how "cheap" they are; Just like New York is one of the most expensive cities in U.S., so is Rio the most expensive city in Brasil. Add to that the 12 hour(or longer) flight from U.S., and the fact that this guy does not speak any Portuguese -hence my recommendation for another destination. At least in Cuba or Costa Rica, you can be sure that no one is gonna kidnap you and ask for ransom!
In fact next month will probably be my last trip to Rio. It is too far, too expensive, and too dangerous.

07-11-02, 09:00
OK Guys;
How about a decent clean reasonable hotel all night with an 8+ girl? How much? Also what about getting a girl for 5 or 6 nights?
Also, what is it like in Rio in March?

07-12-02, 02:00

Getting in town on Sunday with friends.Doing Rio , Fortaleza ect.. for 2 weeks Any one is welcome to join us for some major partying and mongering !

Email is tiz435@yahoo.com

First cerveja's on me


Member #4239
07-12-02, 07:09
What for me would be a decent, clean hotel room with the basic comforts would cost at least 60-65$ a night, and up! A nice girl delivered to the safety of your hotel room would probably cost you no less than 100$.
I have no idea about the cost for 5 or 6 nights in a row, but Rio is one of those cities where you don't really even need to be looking for professional girls. Just go to any mall, beach, park,night club, college, university, even at the bus stops....strike a conversation with a girl that you find attractive and chances are good that you'll have yourself a girl friend. I have met dozens of girls in this way.
I recommend paid services only for the business traveller who may not have a lot of free time while in Rio. Hope this helped. J.G.

07-15-02, 19:42
Hello. I just took a 6 months vacation time off from work. I want to spend my time in brazil or maybe costa rica. Anyway I am wondering where would be the best place to pick up non working girls. Are working girls that will be your gf for 6 months. I would love to find one to lay up with me while there. Also what is the best city to be in. And how much is rent per month on a decent furnished place. Anyway can you get by with 300 us a month rent. I will have a budget of about 800 us a month while there and dont want it all spent on rent. Thanks for any info.

07-16-02, 10:16
Hey when you guys say to just strike a conversation with a girl and chances are your get a fuck can it be that easy? Do they want to be paid. How can you tell who the pros are and who are the normal girls?
I plan to be in rio early march 03 so is there a cheap hotel/hostel that anyone can recommend?


Member #4239
07-18-02, 07:56

It could be that easy, although not always(obviously you will not get any where if the girl you talk to already has a boy friend, etc). Brasil has a very liberal sexual culture. Have you ever been inside a crowded bus in Rio?(by the way I don't recommend it). Lots of times brasilians themselves rub against each other in those buses, and next thing you know the guy and the girl end up in one of those "motels". So, yes it could be that easy.

However, what I really meant is that you could meet some nice girls just by approaching them and talking to them. What you need though is some free time and some rudimentary language skills(or a girl that speaks some English). If the girl shows some interest in you, invite her just for an ice cream or soda or something like that. After that, if you just want to get to quick sex, invite them to your apartment or your hotel room. Make up some bull shit story like, "it's too hot here, let's go to my place", or "I have a nice CD, I'd really like you to come and listen to it", "I left my wallet in my hotel", etc. Get them in your room and more likely than not, you will score. They will not expect any money, and to answer your other question, they will all be amateurs. I don't think you'll have any trouble telling between the pros and the amateurs. If a girl starts asking you to buy her this or that, especially before any action has taken place, get rid of her immediately!

Again, you just need to be nice, and may be give them some hope that there may be some kind of long term relationship down the line(at least don't tell them for instance that you have a flight to catch the next day!).

The country is so poor and there are so many single girls around, that there is no reason to be looking for working girls UNLESS your time is very limited. Then the professionals will be your best choice. Hope this was helpful. PENTA. J.G.

07-20-02, 02:27
Ive been reading WSG close to a month and think its so good that I am planning on a trip to Rio next month. In the beginning the articles went from fasinating to intresting, entertaining turned to good and now I just find them boring.

Upon reading many articles there are a few items that stick to me. I am talking about the guys that say shit like "ASK FOR FABIA". yea, hold on while I get a pen. Lister dump ass Im not trying to buy a fucken Oldsmobile, and what makes you think that when I with the women of my dreams I want to know that your fat white ass was groaping her two months before. Why dont you just pull up your size 53 levis and say thank you. Or the idiots that thinks banging three pros in one day is something to write your fat wife to ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I mean us fine academians at WSG FORUM.
I' m gona let you in on a little secret of meeting these fine babes it never fails, now its something revolutionary, its something that most of these "experts " have overlooked so get your pencils out I'll wait, its called MINGLING. Im going to go to every Brasilian beauty I see and talk to them. I figure that I have a 1 in 10 shot in taking them out, hell I got all day to perfect the craft and yes boys Im afraid it means that I have" to talk" to these gorgous creatures and if I have to have dinner with a gorgous women which leads to dancing then I'll probibly have to meet her hot friends (I hate when that happens) and do you know why I willing to go thru such sacrifice, its because I am on VACCATION.

"I dont speak Portugies and I still got laid".
I have a sugestion why dont you drive to Barnes and Crappola and buy an elementary spanish book and suddenly you go from jerk to I'll do him."
While Im on the topic of country dont you hate when those Japs , Arabs, Chinks, Gooks come to our country and dont have the brains to speak our language, I know I do. Holding up my time at the grocery line because they have more that 8 items in the express line. Well boys now that ignorant fool is you.
One more thing before I go. The average income in Brazil is about $200.00 a month in a years time $2400 . Most of us make at least that a month. But pretend you were a native, why on earth would you spend 2 or 3 weeks wages for fucking one prostitude. Im going to wine, dine, dance, romance get drunk make out with 2 or 3 of the hottest Brazilian women with the same amount of cash and fellas lets not forget about the older honeys they need love too!
Let me paint you a picture, suddenly your the ugly kid in high school who has the hot girlfriend eating at five star restaurants with the hotties of your choice, look at you go getting sandwiched by two gorgous brasilian women on the dance floor.
Now thats what I call a real vaccation.

07-21-02, 07:59
Originally posted by jetsetter


Before you talk big game about wining and dining hot Brazilian girls, why don't you get McDonalds to spring for some adult literacy classes during your lunch breaks? Either you were typing with one hand while flipping burgers with the other, or you're one ignorant mutha.

In fact, here's a tip for you. When you hit The Bedroom and other like clubs in Rio, be sure to first unleash your unique brand of white trash charm on the girls standing next to Brazilian guys with bald heads (i.e. the ones who greet each other with kisses). After that, get into a cab and tell the driver to drop you off at the closest favela. You'll have a blast.

Hilarious. Idiot wants to pick up non-pros, but spends a month reading WSG.

07-21-02, 10:01
hey im sorry if offended you in anyway zoomzoom your name alone tells me you know what your talking about. i must have got too carried away zoomzoom (i like that name zoomzoom ) dont you wish you could be with a beautiful women who you woulddnt have to worry if she is going to leave by the time you take your first shit ? did you think that lardass was too offensive, your not a lardass your zoomzoom a lard ass is slow and large like a man from virginia a zoomzoom is fast like gogo speedracer. zoomzoom so what if you see two homosexuals th kissing i dont care what your sexual preference if you want to know what its like to kiss a girls go ahead no one would be the wiser and if it makes you feel any better im shure that everyone in brazil enjoys the taste of your cum.
rack me

07-22-02, 04:29
Someone call the Brazilian consulates and tell them to start instituting psychiatric exams before giving out VISAs. Wait, I don't think they'll issue a VISA to mentally retarded 15 year old anyways.

07-22-02, 21:22
In past I had been to Rio and had been to termas in Copa. this time I like to visit Villa memossa ans Parca schandenevia.Please some one give me the detailed information and danger about the areas and how to go there alone from Copa.
P.s.. if some one needs informations abouttermas please e-mail. me at surpoy99@hotmail.com

07-23-02, 09:21
We may or may not all know much about numbers, but as men we all seem to know what number we prefer when it comes to women, but there is alot of confusion when it comes to the magic numbers 7-8-9-10 . We all know there is a huge difference between a 7 and 9, and we all know what it takes to bring out 10 the card. So the main numbers to me are 7-8-9, I cannot interview everyone, I would like to know what would you rate the photos in WSG FORUM women of Brasil and please dont make this a racial issue, but there s just some people are no brainers.
Hally Berry is over 8
Playboy Playmates are all over 8 agree
so then the minimum is 7 now even if there are some who think Mrs. Berry is a 8.5 it only makes the scale harder and
compare to the other country photos. Would someone please tell me if they think any of the girls in the photos in WSG FORUM girls in Rio are at best .

07-23-02, 09:26
We may or may not all know much about numbers, but as men we all seem to know what number we prefer when it comes to women, but there is alot of confusion when it comes to the magic numbers 7-8-9-10 . We all know there is a huge difference between a 7 and 9, and we all know what it takes to bring out 10 the card. So the main numbers to me are 7-8-9, I cannot interview everyone, I would like to know what would you rate the photos in WSG FORUM women of Brasil and please dont make this a racial issue, but there s just some people are no brainers.
Hally Berry is over 8
Playboy Playmates are all over 8 agree
so then the minimum is 7 now even if there are some who think Mrs. Berry is a 8.5 it only makes the scale harder and
compare to the other country photos. Would someone please tell me if they think any of the girls in the photos in WSG FORUM girls in Rio are at best .

07-24-02, 05:35

Most of these girls do not do justice to the women in brazil. If I went by these pics, I'd really be disappointed. Here is my opinion:

Christina - 4.5
Fernanda - 8 Pretty hot, can't really do a lot better on average
Paulina - 3
Alexandria - 5 Can easily drink her pretty
Amanda - 3 Fat legs
Bella - 4 If you're hard up
Calliandra - 3.5 Looks fat in the one pic. If you can't line up something like this in the US, you are a loser.
Crystal - 5 Could drink her pretty
Elaine - 6
Erika - 4 perhaps a little generous
Evelyn - 6
Kelly - 3
Kimberly - 6 Looks like she is fun
Marcia - 4 No tits, fat ass
Sabrina - 8 Perfect body, cute face. Could do a lot worse.
Samantha - 6 Cute looking girl

Remember, this is just MY opinion. Other people have different views and that is fine. Just thought I'd answer the question. If I was just looking to chase women, these pics would not make me go near the place. I have been there and these pics are a poor presentation of what is really there.

Member #4239
07-31-02, 09:35
To get some idea of what the real(non-pro)brasilian girls look like, go to www.brazilgirls.com, and click on "photos". PENTA

07-31-02, 13:59
Hi Guys,

I just came back from Rio and I find Brazilian women more friendly than American women. I am a Chinese American who takes Capoeira (those of you who are Brazilian know what that is, but those who don't, it is a Brazilian-African dance martial arts. I learned some Portugese through my Maestranda (Obrigado Edna Lima!) and just walked up to some Brazilian women and they were open to coming back with me to my hotel room after a night of dancing and drinking. I scored more in Rio (without paying) than I do in the US in a lifetime. I do admit having used some of the termas before going to the clubs so that I do not feel pressured about not getting laid for the day. This is beneficial for 2 reasons-
1) I don't need to go out and feel pressured to meet my quota of getting laid therefore I do not look desperate.
2) I last longer without ejaculating with the non pro because I unloaded in the Termas girl.

I will give a review of the termas in a seperate article. But overall, I had a blast and got some ass.

08-01-02, 12:25
Does anyone know whether the Hotel Intercontinental is still girl-friendly? A few years ago they charged 50 - 60 reais per girl.

08-01-02, 13:15
Originally posted by Royalflush
Does anyone know whether the Hotel Intercontinental is still girl-friendly? A few years ago they charged 50 - 60 reais per girl. Hotel Intercontinental still charges 60 Reais per girl per visit.

08-01-02, 17:04
Termas vs. Discoteques:

I liked going to Tremas better than discoteques. Termas are more clean and the women give you BBBJs. In discoteques, women stink from all that dancing and they only blow you with a condom on. For me, a pre-night clubbing place to go to would be a terma, especially my favorite one Centaurros.



This place has the most gorgeous women from Brazil. I love these women because not only are they gorgeous but they really know how to pleasure you. My favorite girl is Priscilla- blonde hair, dark eyes and a nice long legs and perky tits. All of these women are 9s or 10s so the biggest problem is having all these gorgeous women to choose from. They are aggressive though in trying to sell you the 2 girl special but if you have the cash, you will be tempted to say yes. However, if you are running low, just grab the one girl you are intersted in and go to the room immediately. All of these women are masters of BBBJs. Even when I finished with the last girl and was limp, their beauty and technique made my cock stand up again for another fuck. My biggest problem with this place was that I wanted to do so many women that I spend a lot of money there. If you have the money and want the best, you must go to Centaurros. This place opens Mon to Fri 4PM to 2PM and Saturdays 4PM to 12AM (but you can stay longer in the termas once you make it in before this time. The cost is R100 entrance and R200 for 1 hr, R150 40 min and R50 for the room.

Termas Monte Carlos

This place varies from day to day. Saturdays are the best days to go to this place. On Saturdays the women are 8s or 9s. I also went during the early hour during the week but found only 2s to 5s. Maybe this was a bad time for them but I left even after paying the R40 entrance fee. If you are going to go to this place go on Saturdays when this place is at its best. This terma opens Mon to Saturdays 3PM to 1AM. Costs are R40 entrance, R70 for the girl, R50 for standard 40 minutes and R90 for the luxury 1hour plus jacuzzi room.

Termas Luomo

On the 2nd floor of a shopping mall, this place was hard to find. The women there were about 7s to 9s and they also are good in technique. There are a lot of women to choose from This place opens daily from 4PM to 12PM. The costs are R40 entrance, R80 per girl and R50 for 40 min and R80 for 1 hour (same room type).

Termas Copacabana

Located in an office building in Av de Copacabana, this is the place for anyone who wants to fuck on a budget. It only cost R61 for 30min ($20US) and the girls there aren't bad looking (about 5s to 7s). If you want to find this place, the place is on the right of the hallway opposite the sign pointing to the door on the left of the hallway (no one there). The place also looks runned down (which is why it is cheap) and the bed moves across the room as you fuck which adds comedy relief to the sex. But for $20US for a half hour you can't go wrong. It opens from 12noon to 8PM

Discoteques (not my favorite places to go to)


Opens 12PM to 5AM. The cost of each girl is R300 to R400 (or $100 to $130US). You go to a dance floor in a night club environment, see a girl you like dancing and approach her (or they approach you). The girls here are mostly gorgeous about 8s to 10s. After dancing for a while, she tells you that to fuck her and take her back to your room will cost you $100US. I took home a fine young 20yr old girl with black hair and petite figure to my room in Rio Roiss. Once I got back to my room, she made me pay up then she didn't take a shower and you know how people are after dancing for hours and sweating, they stink. At least the Termas girls wash themselves before servicing you. I didn't eat her pussy because of the stench. She also refused to give my a BBBJ (termas girls at least give you that as a norm). She blew me with the condom on and also rushed out of my hotel after I came (which was about a half hour because I last longer with condoms). I paid for an hour with her but she demanded she return to Help. Not the friendliest environment. Thank goodness it was only 1 o'clock when this was over. I headed to NUTH dance club and got laid for just 3 drinks.

Holiday Discoteque

I went here to give discoteques a second chance. The girls here are not as good looking as the ones in Help (about 6s or 7s). I went back to the hotel with a pierce freak thinking I would get a BBBJ with her tongue ring but she refused and slapped a condom on my cock. She did however give me a great ball licking with that tongue ring. I was somewhat satisfied but it wasn't as great an experience as the termas but better than Help. She stayed the full hour and demanded a R5 cab fee to go back to Holiday which I gladly gave her. This club is also cheaper and friendlier than Help. The cost for the girls is R200 for 1 hour at your hotel and they also give you condoms.

Don Juan

I was dragged into this club by a person advertising for them. I went in and saw 1s and 2s with a few 6s. I immediately left when a lady that looked like a guy approached me.

I wrote this report to tell you the options on getting laid. Each terma and club has its pros and cons. I don't have a review of the Solarium but I guess someone already posted one.


LA Larry
08-01-02, 17:28
Hey Darksied--

Great post. I wish everybody posted like you.

One quick question--how much for a HELP girl all night long?

I was always under the impression that RIO girls spent the night or at least several hours.

Thanks again.

08-01-02, 17:41

I was in Rio and at Help about ten years ago. Had a great time except for the crime. To enter or leave Help I had to go through a line of dozens of little kids, all going for my pockets.

And on the promenade at Copacabana there were groups of kids following you and trying to get into your pockets as well. I never saw any police in the area.

How's the situation now around Help? The same, better, worse? Do you feel safe?

08-01-02, 18:27
Originally posted by jamesbond69

I was in Rio and at Help about ten years ago. Had a great time except for the crime. To enter or leave Help I had to go through a line of dozens of little kids, all going for my pockets.

And on the promenade at Copacabana there were groups of kids following you and trying to get into your pockets as well. I never saw any police in the area.

How's the situation now around Help? The same, better, worse? Do you feel safe?

Your impression of the crime scene is common, but I have been to Rio 3 times in the last 4 years and have not experienced anything of that sort. In fact, the worst situation I encountered was at the airport, trying to get past the taxi drivers.

You now see police in groups, standing on street corners, making a show of force. My impression is that crime against tourists is pretty tame, but then I stay away from the favelas.

As for Help, I would say that you have an entirely different experience depending on when you go. Off-season you'll see better looking women and get better rates. In season, it's practically a waste of time. Two years ago, in October, I got a drop-dead gorgeous girl--a 10 by any standard--for 200R. You can get quotes as high as 400R during the season because there are only 2 or 3 desirable women in the club.

The Thermas are very good. Centaurus is the most expensive, and the girls are very aggressive--decent looking, but not really GFE types. One girl asked me if I wanted to go back to her apartment, which tells me that a possible strategy is to just pay the entrance fee and pick someone you want to take away.

L'uomo is situated upstairs in a mall, and is a small place with pretty low rates, something like 100 R/-1/2 hour. You settle on the rate up front for a girl and they add extra charges (drinks) to the tab. Drinks are cheap. I had a very pretty, young girl who went crazy on me. Asked me to fuck her in the ass, which I did. And then she wanted to go for another one before the time was up. Infortunately had to stop halfway through when the phone rang. It helps to speak a little Portugese here.

I hear good things about Monte Carlo, but haven't been there. An American I met in Rio told me that the girls there are less professional and very friendly.

08-01-02, 19:09
I have been following these pages for 6 months as my trip to RIO is coming up shortly. I will be there for approx 12 days. Here are some questions I had maybe someone can help.

1. It seems that most girls you pick up from Help want to bang you and run. Does anyone stay the night and give you a GFE experience at all? -- Is this too much to ask.

2. What is a good place to meet some regular girls, any suggestions of malls etc?

3. In the past in some places I have seen some form of racism when you are brown skinned ( In thailand) is there anything like this in rio?

4. Also any good Thermas in Igassue Falls ?

08-01-02, 20:24
Hey Phish,

I hear you, I understand where you are coming from but if you have been following these pages for six months you have obviously not been paying attention, now read carfully.

First, on the subject of racism, in Brazil? Naturally there is a certain a distinction between rich and poor and sadly a lot of the poorer Brazilians are descended from Africans. The rich came from the Europeans. As a tourist I can guarantee you no problems whatsoever!! I am black and also European (British) and at times I have experienced more racism at home than overseas. I too have been to Thailand five times, and at least six former eastern European cities in the last twelve months, so far, I have not faced any discrimination in some eastern block places it an advantage (Prague, Riga); was I apprehensive about what to expect, yes. But let me tell you being dark skinned in Brazil is an advantage. Have you seen the Brazilian Football (Soccer) team? Look at the ones that are the favourites, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos even Ronaldino(?). I don’t want to lecture here but all I would say is always have a PMI (positive mental imagine) of yourself, If you don’t have pride in yourself how can you expect others too.

On the tip of GFE, I was in Brazil in June for ten days in both Sao Paulo and Rio, see my post below in June. But I swear I wish I had gone to Brazil much sooner, I came away with many mobile telephone numbers and I don’t even speak Portuguese. Right now I am busy trying to learn some of the language because imagine what I could achieve being able to speak a few words. This week one of the Brazilian girls I met in Sao Paulo sent me a 5 by 7 photo of herself hoping it would serve as a reminder of the time we spent together and she hopes I will come back soon. I met girls in the Thermas and other massage places that wanted to meet up outside of their work the following day, so a GFE in Brazil is easy. Being a foreigner its like shooting fish in a barrel. In the shoe shop Mr Cat I also met other girls who promised to take me out for a coffee, but this was after a sale they had made to me but its a start. All I can say is learn a few words of Portuguese and enjoy yourself.

Only one word of caution, when you meet those girls at Help (I didn’t go there myself) be careful, don’t give them too much information about yourself, I say this because another friend of mine, earlier this year, told me he met this one girl on the first night and was stuck with her all his vacation because he couldn’t get rid of her, she knew she was onto a good thing. And if your like me you can’t tell the mad ones from the good ones, so don’t rush in too early. About the Thermas in Igassue Falls, check the Brazilian Yahoo.com.br web site there is a section listing various places.

So all I can say is do write up an interesting Post on your return and share your information with the rest of us.

Good hunting!!


08-01-02, 21:54
would like to respond to Phish and Junior. based on my personal experience, i agree AND disagree with Junior. so, let me address Phish questions from my vintage point.

1. It seems that most girls you pick up from Help want to bang you and run. Does anyone stay the night and give you a GFE experience at all? -- Is this too much to ask.

answer. yes. bang and run is the new phenomenon now. i noted the change in attitude a few years ago. reasons are many and i don't want to go detailed here but in a nutshell, the americans made it so (i am an american myself). also, HELP and Meia Petaca has become a low class joint lately. based on my conversations with the girls, many top girls don't even go there anymore. even the girls know the place is degrading.

2. What is a good place to meet some regular girls, any suggestions of malls etc?

answer. given the limited time and language proficiency an average tourist has, i must be honest with you, the chance of you meeting any regular girls for friendship (non sexual) is close to zero, this is especially true if you are looking for white, upperclass brasilians.

3. In the past in some places I have seen some form of racism when you are brown skinned ( In thailand) is there anything like this in rio?

yes, even though i am not black, i do witness subtle racism in rio. although comparing with the U.S., brasilian racism is subtle to the degree of zero. for one thing, the fact that you don't speak english and have the stigma as a "walking dollar sign" helps. in terms of racism, i noticed that in some upscale restaurants, they dealt with the dark skin brasilian differently. also, some girls at the termas told me that they don't take black clients. having said that, i do concur with Junior that there are 'ism' everywhere and if you maintain a positive attitude and high level of self esteems, other people's ignorance should not affect you. again, i emphasize "carry yourself in high self esteem". based on what i see at HELP and Meia Petaca, many americans (black and white) really behave with little self esteem and bring new meaning to "ugly american".

4. Also any good Thermas in Igassue Falls ?

never been there. don't know.

08-01-02, 23:22
one more note on racism in brasil. initially, i thought brasil has zero to none racism, however, having visited the place many times and made some brasilian friends who works in business/government, i realized the 'racism' in brasil is very subtle and we cannot use the american perspective to analyze it. in many ways, brasil is a even more racist society than U.S. but you can also say, there is zero to none racism in brasil. to understand the nature of racism in brasil, the book by Robin Sheriff
=>"Dreaming Equality: Color, Race, and Racism in Urban Brazil" is an accurate portrayal of racism in brasil. i can verify the thesis of this book from some of my personal observations travelling in brasil. without going too deep, let's just observe, have you met any black brasilian at the hotel reception desks? at airlines check in? sales assistant in upscale shopping mall? any black airline pilots or even black flight attendants? any black federal police at the airport? in fact, according to my brasilian friends who went to brasil's top universities, they are not even aware of any black brasilians in their graduating class although the same brasilians maintained that the blacks just did not "want to" go to university and they are happy doing whatever they are doing......

of course, as a tourist with U.S. dollar spending time at the 'joints', we will not experience much racism since the color of green works. however, this should not blind us to the reality that there is a different form of racism there.

08-02-02, 00:43
I'm in Argentina right now but finally headed to Rio over the weekend. I just have one quick question: can anyone tell me if the prices at the Thermas have changed at all since the slide of the Real lately?

Also, has anyone ever brought in a girl at the Caesar Park Hotel on Ipanema for an overnight? What do you think my chances are if she is dressed very well (i.e. not like a Help hooker). What I've done in the past is hook up with Thermas girls on their free night and would like to know from anyone that has had first-hand experience in bringing girls into the Caesar Park

08-02-02, 05:12
You mentioned, you went to SP. Can you elaborate on any day time activities if any available. I know about the mp's but am weary about difference in service with termas in Rio. I am aware of Foto, Romanza and Club W for night action. I hope to squeeze 5 days next Nov.

Answering the 4 questions from earlier post, here is my perspective having gone in May this year and Nov last year:

1. It seems that most girls you pick up from Help want to bang you and run. Does anyone stay the night and give you a GFE experience at all? -- Is this too much to ask.

I don't negotiate for ST or LT, it's up to the garota if she wants to stay with me or not. But my experience in May was nowhere near as good as last Nov. Possibly due to the high versus low season selection. In May, I could find at best 6 garotas I wanted to bang while in Nov, several 9 and 10's very available. While termas are a sure thing over 90% chance of bbbj and dfk, Help and Lido clubs are indeed hit and miss around 50%. Everyone has their own technique, if LT is a must, I'd say you can always negotiate beforehand. BTW Help is at the bottom of the totem pole for me, 1. terma 2. Barbarella 3. Help in Rio. 2 and 3 not even close to 1. But I believe time of year is important to catch the newcomers and stay away from all year round garotas de programa

2. What is a good place to meet some regular girls, any suggestions of malls etc?

2 malls: 1 in Rio Sul, right after tunnel to your right leaving Princess Isabel, take a bus or cab. Other bigger mall is in Barra Tijuca. I went to Rio Sul only and was literally shocked by selection and feedback I got from garotas working there and customers as well. Dates easily attained if that's your thing. I speak internediate Portuguese but garotas ask me if I lived in SP, when I said no they asked me if I lived in Rio so my accent is good thanks to Pimsleur CDs. Go enjoy a cheap meal and go watch. Garotas make Help look ugly and termas garotas average. We do get the left over when we pay. Depends on your taste though as I prefer blonde with olhos castanos as opposed to black garotas.

3. In the past in some places I have seen some form of racism when you are brown skinned ( In thailand) is there anything like this in rio?
I am asian american and was mobbed by garotas. I see African Americans do very well in Rio. But again we are tourists so money talks.

4. Also any good Thermas in Igassue Falls ?
Termas is more a Rio specialty. Look for nightclub over there.

In addition here is my current terma favorites:
1. Solarium, avoid wed and sun as higher entrance free 80R instead of 50R. Mon, tues and fr are the best as no locals, Sat is good to go too as only two other choices on Sat.
2. Centaurus, younger garotas. I have always gotten bbbj over there so no complaint on my part. It's 290R at entrance as only terma you pay in advance.
3. 4X4 Big selection, only drawback girls seem to push for cabin instead of making out crazy like in other clubs. Very cheap 140R all inclusive for 1 hour suite.
4. Luomo is up and down but garotas are nice
5. Monte Carlo, a few lookers but after that steep slope in looks.
6. terma 65, smaller version of 4X4 but regulkar pricing.
7. Rio Antigo, best installation but selection has gone downhill.
8 Aeroporto, nice club but average selection.

Help I go because there are some gems to be found. Great place to dance.

Barbarella I love to hang out there as most garotas end up chasing you if they see you often enough. Much more expensive than Help.

08-02-02, 14:05
Hey Phish,

It is true that girls in Help just bang you and run (especially the gorgeous ones that know they can get many clients). I also notice that the ugly ones (the more desperate ones that approach you) stick to you like glue because they don't think they can find another client to latch on to. This happened to my late travel companion of my trip before the last one to Rio. She was about a 5 out of 10 and my friend my not so good of a taste in women (he likes thick women with big butts). She charged him $200 for the entire night (the drop dead gorgeous girl charged me $125 for a fuck and run) and charged him $150 for each additional night but kept bugging him to stay with her for the rest of the week. He kept turning her away when she comes uninvited to the hotel but she waits for him in the lobby. My suggestion is to AVOID the discoteques especially during the first days of the week. Glad I learned this before my last trip alone. I'm not sure about the police situation because I have a martial arts demeanor (yes I do know Capoeira AND kung-fu) so no one harrassed me along the beach on my way to HELP but I would still avoid the fevelas where they come in greater numbers and larger groups.
About racism, for the Asians at least, there is respect for the Asians here. In America, there is NO respect for us, just jealousy and hatred. I've been insulted the moment I came back to New York and attacked by the lower class people of New York in the lifetime I lived here. In Brazil, I was offered a drink by a carioca for the discussion of my culture. He even introduced me to his friends and we hung out at the NUTH dance club where I met another girl with the help of my new friends. So for an Asian guy, they respect us 100 times more than they do here in America. Even the poor of Brazil respect us, although I didn't get a drink from him, but in broken Portugese, I explained my culture to a homeless guy. They seem to be curious about different cultures instead of rejecting them like they do in America.
NUTH dance club is the best place for a tourist to meet people. People there are locals that speak english and the club plays American music which attracts locals and tourists alike who love this music. It has a great setup, a bar in every corner of the room so you can buy drinks and talk to people instead of pushing your way to a big or main bar. I been to this club four times on my last trip. I had a GFE when I went there. I still chat with her by e-mail. I agree with Athos that the mall in Rio Sul is the best mall to meet garotas even if you are black. There were many curious and admiring eyes on my being Asian American and some of them even approached me and hung out with me. I'm thank my Capoeira teacher Edna Lima Loeber for teaching me some portuguese. I didn't get much sightseeing done this time around because of there are too many women and too little time here.

Hope this helps


08-02-02, 14:13
Originally posted by johan
one more note on racism in brasil. initially, i thought brasil has zero to none racism, however, having visited the place many times and made some brasilian friends who works in business/government, i realized the 'racism' in brasil is very subtle and we cannot use the american perspective to analyze it. in many ways, brasil is a even more racist society than U.S. but you can also say, there is zero to none racism in brasil. to understand the nature of racism in brasil, the book by Robin Sheriff
=>"Dreaming Equality: Color, Race, and Racism in Urban Brazil" is an accurate portrayal of racism in brasil. i can verify the thesis of this book from some of my personal observations travelling in brasil. without going too deep, let's just observe, have you met any black brasilian at the hotel reception desks? at airlines check in? sales assistant in upscale shopping mall? any black airline pilots or even black flight attendants? any black federal police at the airport? in fact, according to my brasilian friends who went to brasil's top universities, they are not even aware of any black brasilians in their graduating class although the same brasilians maintained that the blacks just did not "want to" go to university and they are happy doing whatever they are doing......

of course, as a tourist with U.S. dollar spending time at the 'joints', we will not experience much racism since the color of green works. however, this should not blind us to the reality that there is a different form of racism there.

There might be this subtle form of racism but at least unlike America, we don't insult or attack each other to a bloody pulp. Also it may depend on what area of Brazil you visited. In Bahia, the population there is almost all black and most big businesses there are owned by black people. But in Rio, the rich are the whites because Rio is dominated by the portugese speaking whites. So where you go in Brazil is a big factor whether you are wealthy or not. This might be segregation but in New York this is much less subtle as you have the Chinatown, East New York, Crown Heights, and Bensonhurst. Each of these areas is dominated by one race and culture and it gives the air of pushing away other cultures. In fact there are conflicts between the areas. The Jews of crown heights were attacked by the blacks of East New York over a single incident. That's how much worse it is in America. We kill each other over a stupid issue of racism. At least in brazil, they don't fight over race but they embrace different cultures and are curious about them.



08-02-02, 15:21
to Mr. darkseid i agree that brasil has no segregated neighborhood and also the people truly intermingle in social setting. in U.S. we american don't "play" together" and we don't "live" together. we may work together, we may travel together..... that all i agree...... However, as i stated. we cannot use the american perspective to understand brasilian racism which pretty much recaped in the book by Robin Sheriff, having a mixed neighborhood does not diminished the essence of racism when blacks are not present in mainstream of the society. as mentioned in Robin's book, brasilians, including blacks tend to deny racism exist in their country thus there was no "fight" for equality and equal opportunity rights. in this regard, i consider U.S. a much less racist society than brasil in the context that many top professionals are african american. case in point, the pilot (captain) of the plane i came back on is african american, one of our engineering managers (fortune 10 company) is african american, some of my best friends who went to Harvard, Yale are blacks and last but not the least, my dentist is african american. things like this you never find in brasil and i live in a state with 85% white (not california). i always find it funny that you can judge a person's profession by the skin tone in brasil. take hotel. the pale white skins are usually manager, front desk receptionist, the darker skins, as in morenos, bell boy, cook. blacks, security guard, cleaning. last but not the least, you even see racism in the "play scene". Help/Meia Petaca (low end), lots of blacks, termas, at most 10% blacks, high end places as in barbrella, at most 1 or 2% blacks......

the fact that we have a lot of well off african american tourists in rio is a testimony of the fact that in america, we afford everyone, black or white, equal economic opportunity.

08-02-02, 19:48
Hi Phish and others,

Well, your Post certainly generated a lot of column inches.

In reply to some of the varied comments on racism I would have to agree with the mixed view in that being a tourist I was insolated from the other side of life in Brazil. I imagine if I came from a favela and was much poorer my opinions would be 100% different. I was not in Brazil long enough to see if there were any black doctors or dentists or other professionals, apart for the Football player Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho. But will say that scrolling through Brazilian television that I did not see any black or mulatto newsreaders, presenters or chat show hosts. Compared to America, UK and even Germany who have many such television celebrities. In my defense, I would have to say what I said was my own personal experience of ten days.

But this did not affect me meeting women one bit and unfortunately the black Brazilians tend to be the ones who don’t speak English. I met girls in the malls as I talk to people and always say I am a tourist where is there a good place to go and if they are interested in you they will offer to show you around. I am not too keen on the Brazilian Malls as there are too many imported goods much more expensive than I can purchase items for, but their great to meet girls.

Athos to answer your question in Săo Paulo and Rio you can try the malls and many bars located in Superguia da noite R$9. but ask around because the girls I met took me to a nightclub but be warned Brazilians girls are notoriously bad when it comes to time keeping although Paulistas blame the Cariocas for that but I could not tell the difference myself as it seems a national problem. Despite all this I would still recommend Brazil as the best place in the world to pick up women and I met other Americans there as well, both black and white, who said the same thing. As for the black girls who say they don’t go with black men, this is common all over the world but the black girls I met had no problems with me apart from my poor Portuguese scolded me for saying Bom dia (good morning) instead of saying Boa noite (good night). As for the girls at Help I would say try a different strategy for GFE as these girls are looking for money more than romance. I would agree with Johan comment that you are unlikely to meet professional, white fluent English speaking women in Help, in Malls is also unlikely unless you very lucky, these women can pick and choose who they want and are like to take their vacations overseas in places other than Rio.

Brazil does have problems but as a tourist black, red or white you have a wide choice of women open to you for GFE. Girls of any colour do value the colour of you money they do not discriminate


08-02-02, 20:08
Originally posted by johan
to Mr. darkseid i agree that brasil has no segregated neighborhood and also the people truly intermingle in social setting. in U.S. we american don't "play" together" and we don't "live" together. we may work together, we may travel together..... that all i agree...... However, as i stated. we cannot use the american perspective to understand brasilian racism which pretty much recaped in the book by Robin Sheriff, having a mixed neighborhood does not diminished the essence of racism when blacks are not present in mainstream of the society. as mentioned in Robin's book, brasilians, including blacks tend to deny racism exist in their country thus there was no "fight" for equality and equal opportunity rights. in this regard, i consider U.S. a much less racist society than brasil in the context that many top professionals are african american. case in point, the pilot (captain) of the plane i came back on is african american, one of our engineering managers (fortune 10 company) is african american, some of my best friends who went to Harvard, Yale are blacks and last but not the least, my dentist is african american. things like this you never find in brasil and i live in a state with 85% white (not california). i always find it funny that you can judge a person's profession by the skin tone in brasil. take hotel. the pale white skins are usually manager, front desk receptionist, the darker skins, as in morenos, bell boy, cook. blacks, security guard, cleaning. last but not the least, you even see racism in the "play scene". Help/Meia Petaca (low end), lots of blacks, termas, at most 10% blacks, high end places as in barbrella, at most 1 or 2% blacks......

the fact that we have a lot of well off african american tourists in rio is a testimony of the fact that in america, we afford everyone, black or white, equal economic opportunity.

I agree that in a city like Rio, where the rich is the whites, there are much less opprtunity for blacks as there are for whites, but in other parts of Brazil, like Salvatore, Bahia, there are more opprtunities for blacks. I even met a black dentist and black business owners in Bahia. I went to Bahia because that is where capoeira thrived. The owner of the hotel (as well as the workers) were all black. This can be racism in the sense that there is segregation but at least it is more peaceful than the racism we have here in America which although blacks and whites work together, the co-workers talk jealousy behind their backs. I am always faced with the stereotype "Asians come to this country to take over our jobs". This attitude is a sign of resentment towards equal opportunity and they only put up with different races but deep down, they resent other races. Some even take action and kill people from other races. In Brazil, blacks are driven to Bahia and away from Rio because of the lack of opportunity for them in Rio. I agree that the job opportunity type of racism does exist in Brazil but not the "kill all different people" (KKK and Crown Heights) form which we have in America.

08-02-02, 22:00
ditto to darkseid and junior. thx.

let's work together to make america even better in racial issue. hopefully, our children's children won't have to deal with the problems we have.

08-03-02, 02:16
Thank you very much to everyone who answered my questions. I know that the question about Racism got a little out of hand. I asked this because of my experience in Bangkok.

I was with a couple of my work buddies and we all went to the place called Doll House in Clinton Plaza - Bangkok. Both my collegues got in when I tried to enter I was stopped & I was told that "Members Only" then my collegues had to speak to some madam etc, but I was pissed and did not want to spend my $$ there so I decided to hang out outside and drink in another bar. This happened again in a bar called Vodoo in Nana Plaza. I was refused entry again "members only" I love Thailand, I love the women but these 2 experiences have left a bad taste. So that's why I enquired about Rio.

I did not want to stir up and conversation of racism that may or may not exisit in society as that wasn't my purpose. It does seem clearly that $$$ is what they care about tourists, so I am fine.

Thanx for the responses once again I have 28 days to go and frantically working on the Pimsuler Cd's.

08-03-02, 19:53
Question for Darkseid:

Where is the NUTH dance club you mentioned in your post located?

It sounds as if it a great alternative to Help.



08-04-02, 04:23
The NUTH club is located in Barra de Tijuca in Rio. It is a dance club with non-pro women who speak a decent amount of english they learn in school. It does get crowded in there after 1AM but you can gravitate towards the bars and strike up a good conversation over drinks with the people drinking near the bars.

About the hotels in Bahia, I can't remember the name but it was a big hotel that looks like it was from the Victorian era. This was the Brazilian trip I made with my Capoeira group about four years ago. The hotel manager was black but so were all the blue collar workers like the clean up ladies and security guards. There are several hotels in Bahia owned by blacks because this city is dominated by blacks. This city is historically where all the blacks slaves including the capoeirists escaped to to escape slavery from the Portugese.

08-08-02, 02:59
i went to nuth during my recent and only trip to brasil (rio) last nov-2001. it is in barra, the next town south of impenema.

i never made it to help, but i assume nuth is totally different. it is a place of local middle class. i doubt there were many pros there, but then i don't know that i'd be the first to recognize them. i'm sure girls that got picked up were happy to get some money afterwards tho.

i was traveling for 4 days with a friend from my home town here in the u.s., and he visits rio regularly (every few months), and has a girl friend who lives there. we went out each night, always going to regular (amateur) spots - albeit the supposedly hottest places for local regulars in rio.

nuth is (was in nov) the hot spot for sunday nights.

i'll agree, it was packed that sunday night. but the place reminded me a little too much of say a new jersey disco - cheesy music in a suburban atomosphere (ok, i'm more the manhattan lounge type than suburban disco...).

yes, there were a couple of hotties, but not enough, given how packed the place was. and they didn't give me a "oh, i love your gringo look/accent/etc" vibe that i otherwise get in many other places - other rio, b.a., etc.

still, i understand there is little else (for amateur scene) on a sunday night.

oh, i think it was 20 reals entry, maybe 10 reals...

08-09-02, 03:23
totally agree with leo on his observation about "oh, i love your gringo look/accent/etc" (leo characterized it so nicely). let's not lie to ourselves, many of us are not that attractive and what get us ahead in brasil is the power of dollar which becomes ineffective when you are dealing with a upper class brasilian who has money on his/her own. in fact, according to a friend of mine, who is an attractive brasilian woman in investment banking, many of her peers actually avoid hanging out with gringos for the discomfort of being identified as a hooker. thus, when we hang, i try to be respectful to her feeling and we usually go to leblon, botofogo, barra and definitely no copa or even ipanema. barra has some of the more expensive apartment/condos in rio and you find lots of upper class cariocas there. it is not surprising that at nuth, gringos are treated just like anybody. only in the tourist district where the pros chase after gringo $ would be intrigued by the gringo thing. thus my suggestion is to go to nuth for a different experience and set aside the "get quick laid" or "get lucky" mentality. enjoy....

08-09-02, 13:02
I agree with Johan. Nuth is mainly for the GFE that I look for in all my foreign travels. They are easier to talk to than American women though and they talk to you like your an equal. My conversation with a girl I met at NUTH was about our cars, apartments, and our lifestyles in our respective cities. I spoke about New York and the lifestyle there and she speaks about how the cariocas live in Rio. You'll NEVER find Pros in Barra de Tijuca or at the NUTH club so don't expect to find any there or don't expect the pay to get laid experience there either. You have to make conversation with them buy them a few drinks as a social lubricant, take them out the next day like any normal dating experience and be a gentleman before you can do these hot chicks. That's the process I had to go through but it's worth it. I only went to the saunas before that to shut one-eye willie (my penis) up and satisfy him so I won't look like a despersate guy looking to get laid for the night. If that does happen, my conversations won't go smoothe and I would keep trying to invite her back to my hotel room. Instead, I avoided the topic about sex because I was sexually satisfied by my experiences in Centaurros Terma and she brought up the sex topic because I acted like a gentleman and earned her trust. If you do that in NUTH, trust me women in Brazil give it up much easier than women here in America. Also a lot of guys who go to American clubs give off the vibes of looking for a sexual encounter because there are no termas or saunas to satisfy them sexually and they talk to women to try to get laid. The subject of sex always comes up (that's one eye willie talking). This is the phenomemon that happens in American clubs because of the illegalization of prostitution (Geez, some free country. We pleasure seekers can't get sex service here). This is the reason it is easier to talk to foreign women than it is to talk to American women in nightclubs. The people in foreign countries are sexually satisfied and more relaxed so therefore they are willing to find out more about her instead of what's in her pants. In America, since there is no facilities, one-eye willie begs us to satisfy him and takes over the conversation with the women we talk to and makes us seem like creeps who only want to talk about what's in the pants.
For those of you looking for a quick lay, Copacabana and Ipanema has the best saunas and termas (avoid the discoteques, they are ripoffs as I said in my previous posts). For those who lack self control but want to have a normal conversation with a girl without one-eye willie butting in, the termas are definitely for you. If you think you have self control over one-eye willie, than attack the dance clubs at Barra or Lagoa.


08-09-02, 18:08
it's been nearly a year since i was in rio,
with the r$ at 3:1 against the US$,
what's the going rate at centaurros?

08-10-02, 04:15
Centaurros is R290 which you pay when you first get in. This includes the R90 entrance fee, R50 room fee, and R150 for each lady for 40 min.
The room (whether you take it for 40 min or 1 hour with 1 or 2 ladies) is R50. The ladies are R150 each for 40 min or R200 each for 1 hour. (i.e a one lady session for 1 hour is R50 for the room + R200 = R250 OR a 2 lady session for 40 min is R50 for the room + R150 x 2 ladies or R300 = R350). It's the highest priced terma but it has the best looking ladies of Brazil (9s or 10s).


08-10-02, 15:33
There is another place calle Monte Carlo. It is located in Copacabana and it is the same standard as Centaurus, but much cheaper. The entrance including the girl and the private room is BRL 160, with todays exchange-rate just over 50 US$.

It's very clean and my top favorite in Rio.

Young & Restless
08-11-02, 02:53
My reply is to pedrosuizo's post. That was one sick F'N post. I went to Rio last November and there was an abundance of women available in Help, Barbarella's, and in Centaurus. I will be back in Rio in less than 2-weeks and I will post what I encounter there. I know that all places have there "ups & downs", but sex is a big enough industry in Rio that you should never have to resort to the ridiculous measures mentioned by "pedrosuizo". When I return in September, I will post my on first hand experiences on the scene in Rio. And until then, as long as there are no arguments brought up that I feel compelled to comment on, this will be my only post until I return. See you again on the first week of September. My only concerns as of this moment are the climate and the exchange rate (even though it is good right now, I know that it could change at the drop of a dime)

One other thing, I read all of the post pertaining to racism and my only comment is this. When I was there in November, I grew very fond of one of the girls that I spent a few nights with and during the course of this time, I asked her what her preferences were. She told me that she only preferred white men, but one of her close friends was only fond of black men. There is always going to be prejudice in every society, but if you keep the mentality that you will be the preference of some of the women there (be it the majority, or the minority, you are pretty much guaranteed a good time. And to ALL races going where ever you decide to go on your "sexcapade" , just bring your charming personality "$$$" with you. That is always going to be your "ace in the hole" wherever you are. Cheers. Will reply again first week in September.

08-11-02, 06:28
Biznich, every woman has preferences but Brazilian women do date men of other races other than their preferences, unlike American women who has exceptions, like "I date any other men except Asian or Black". This is true racism. They WILL NOT date men of these colors. I face this ALL the time in America that I've grown tired of it here. In Brazil, they may have preferences but they are open to dating you even if you are poor or short, although you may not be their most favorite man. I'm not saying ALL are like that. There are a few I encountered that want $$$ or want to move to America iwith you, but I do fear that if you take them with you, they might met an American friend that will change her and turn her to the American ways of prudity, snobbishness, and the pursuit of $$$ and food. I hear you'll be in Brazil. You'll have the best time of your life. I keep coming back to Brazil because it is paradise to me and I'd love to live there and move out of this hellhole. You might come back feeling the same way. Have a blast and get some ass while you're there! :-)


08-11-02, 18:15
l,m gonna be in rio in march 2003 and l may need some tel #s to call for an apt to rent for the duration of my stay.l,ll appreciate any help and l little feed back ,thanks

Young & Restless
08-12-02, 22:50
I totally concur with everything mentioned below. I'm definitely looking forward to going back, it's a non-stop party down there! Cheers

Originally posted by darkseid
Biznich, every woman has preferences but Brazilian women do date men of other races other than their preferences, unlike American women who has exceptions, like "I date any other men except Asian or Black". This is true racism. They WILL NOT date men of these colors. I face this ALL the time in America that I've grown tired of it here. In Brazil, they may have preferences but they are open to dating you even if you are poor or short, although you may not be their most favorite man. I'm not saying ALL are like that. There are a few I encountered that want $$$ or want to move to America iwith you, but I do fear that if you take them with you, they might met an American friend that will change her and turn her to the American ways of prudity, snobbishness, and the pursuit of $$$ and food. I hear you'll be in Brazil. You'll have the best time of your life. I keep coming back to Brazil because it is paradise to me and I'd love to live there and move out of this hellhole. You might come back feeling the same way. Have a blast and get some ass while you're there! :-)


08-13-02, 04:08
Originally posted by hottraveler
I would like to travel to Rio in the month of September.
I want to visit disco´s or bars,where is easy to pick up local
girls.Anyone suggest me a good place?.How is the action in
Copacabana during day?.There are lots of nice girls in the
I write my e-mail if some wants to keep in touch with me:

The two best and biggest clubs in Rio are NUTH dance club in barra de Tijuca and Melo Meloma in Lagoa. I had the best luck picking up girls in NUTH because most of the crowd speak English as a second language. Most of them are college students that learn English in school so I was able to talk to one of them smoothly. It is hard to get in but it is worth the wait. It does get crowded especially after one o'clock but if it does, then gravitate towards the bars and start talking to some chicks. Talk to them about your lifestyle here in America and ask them questions about Rio, buy them a few drinks, dance with them until they are tired then walk out with them. This is how I got a date the next day and scored with one of the chicks in NUTH (non-pro). The cover is R30 real and R8 per drink which you pay when you leave. They give you a credit card thing which they automatically have the R30 cover charge and they swipe the card each time you order a drink.
The other club I mentioned, Melo Meloma is a bigger club and it is less crowded. However, you must be fluent in Portugese because Lagoa girls are not that fluent in English and a few of them speak broken English. After talking to one in slow portugese, she grew impatient with me and left. had I been more fluent in portugese or spanish, I would have scored here. So be sure you brush up on your portugese or Spanish before coming to this club. It is R20 cover charge and they give 16 to 21 year olds R12 drink credit on a card and over 21 yr olds an R18 drink credit.

08-14-02, 01:18

totally agree with everything you said. i wish there are more travelers at your calibre from the U.S. i think you just pronounced the universal truth, unbeknownst to most men, it is women who do the chosing. men only dream about "picking up hot chicks", the reality is women choose us. the reason Darkseid is popular at Nuth is, he is cool and chill out. instead of "chase", he just be passive, let the woman chase him. this is something.

Jose Marcia
09-11-02, 15:19

I have been to Rio De Janeiro 3 times so far. I will suggest that you stay in the Copacabana area and rent an apartment. This will save you money in the cab fair and will help you avoid hassles from the hotel. IMHO, Rio is still safe compare to many cities like NYC. Just use the common sense and you will be fine. I have a contact number for you that you can use to rent an apartment.

Lucio Machado Rua Paula Freitas, 31 - Apt. 1202, Copacabana Tel. 55(021) 547-7351 Fax 255-1608 Mobile 9999-0960.

He is a nice guy and his wife is a Plastic sergeon. He owns atleast one apartment that is located in a building next door. I found this place very centrally located for mongering activities i.e. just half block from ave. atlantica, 5 blocks from Help, and 10 blocks from Mabs cafe. This one bedroom apartemnt, I stayed in, had 24 hour security and a safe inside the apartment, though the furniture was in a poor shape but I paid only $35 per day back in 1999. Take the bus from Rio airport and show them the address...they will drop you near this place. You can also walk nearby on forgot the name (ave. N. Sra. DE Copabana???) which runs parallel to Avenida Atlantica and will find several rental apartment postings on the travel agents windows. The apartments may cost $30 - $100 depending upon number of bedrooms/location. If I can be of any specific help, please don't hesitate to ask me. Good luck.

P.S. I am also an Asian American (Paki/Amer.). I have taken almost 25 trips world wide, mostly to the south/central america. Due to my physique and color, I am considered to be local in the most countries and that helps me avoid trouble. I am planning to take a trip to Brazil in January 2003. My email address is Jose425@hotmail.com

09-11-02, 22:20
I am planning a trip to Rio in April and I have a question about a couple of the girls that are posted in the Photo Gallery. The girls are "Kimberly" and "Samantha". These photos seem to be taken in various termas. If the poster of those pics has any info on the girls and the termas that they work at I would appreciate it. These girls are hot as are the others that were posted.

09-11-02, 22:38

i enjoy reading all of your posts. i will be in rio soon and was wondering if you guys could help me out with deciding what area to stay. i'm planning to get an apartment with a friend, but don't know where to look for one. i hear that copacabana is not a great place to be - not that safe. how about ipanema? Leblon? i hear good thing abotu barra but that it's also expensive.


enjoyed reading your posts. i'm also asian/american. where did you stay in Rio? also, if i were to stay in leblon or ipanema, is NUTH far away? i would like to check that place out because it seems like my kind of place.


09-11-02, 23:19

The average Brazilian prostitute will do just about anything for a buck, so you shouldn't really have any problem.... but, use your common sense and prepare to do some sweet-talking. Some of them might not want to get their faces photographed, but you are interested in the other end, after all. Also, you might not want to mention the Internet, a lot of women feel that " my family will see me on the Internet". So just tell them you are a horny camera-bug, whatever. Likewise, with a little bit of charm and smooth-talking, you'll be able to get a lot of non-pros to model for you also..... use about the same techniques that you'd use to get an "amateur" to model for you here in the US. (I'm assuming that you are in the US, especially in what I write below). In general, in Brazil, as anywhere else, don't be pushy, be friendly, invite a girl for a beer or a coconut or whatever (there are stands all over the place), chat her up a little and then ask for what you want. Good advice for dealing with pros also... treat the girls that you meet like people, not meat, and you will be rewarded. Show up just flashing dollars and making demands and you will just get ripped off.

I assume that, as an adult webmaster, you are well aware of model release forms and the implications of the Telco Decency Act, but you may want to further study the nuances of using foreign "models" on a USA website. By the way, www.theadultwebmaster.com is a great resource. (In other words, be careful.. .you are breaking the spirit, if not the letter of U.S. law by getting your material in Rio).

Well, good luck, and post here to tell us how you did.


09-12-02, 00:30
Hi All,
Man, I am just thanking God that I found this forum. Shouts out to everybody that has posted useful information for our readings.

That said, I am an adult webmaster that is leaving for Rio De Janeiro on Monday Setp 23rd. Unlike a lot of people, I am not really going for the "thermas".
I am actually going to Rio, hoping to photograph popozudas (women with fairly large posteriors). I ran a fetish site that mainly emphasizes on women with the Jennifer Lopez type body: thin waist, flat stomach, but with a larger than average butt.
The US market is really not working out for me as far as models, so I decided to give Brazil a try.

Now here are my questions? What shoud I expect if I approach the local ladies with propositions of photographing them for the same amount as they would do other stuff? A slap in the face? A warm welcome as long as I have money? Anything...?

I just want you guys honest opinion on my entreprises. Any tips, help, pointers would greatly be appreciated. Thanx in advance.

09-12-02, 03:09
Originally posted by tomb

The average Brazilian prostitute will do just about anything for a buck, so you shouldn't really have any problem.... but, use your common sense and prepare to do some sweet-talking. Some of them might not want to get their faces photographed, but you are interested in the other end, after all. Also, you might not want to mention the Internet, a lot of women feel that " my family will see me on the Internet". So just tell them you are a horny camera-bug, whatever. Likewise, with a little bit of charm and smooth-talking, you'll be able to get a lot of non-pros to model for you also..... use about the same techniques that you'd use to get an "amateur" to model for you here in the US. (I'm assuming that you are in the US, especially in what I write below). In general, in Brazil, as anywhere else, don't be pushy, be friendly, invite a girl for a beer or a coconut or whatever (there are stands all over the place), chat her up a little and then ask for what you want. Good advice for dealing with pros also... treat the girls that you meet like people, not meat, and you will be rewarded. Show up just flashing dollars and making demands and you will just get ripped off.

I assume that, as an adult webmaster, you are well aware of model release forms and the implications of the Telco Decency Act, but you may want to further study the nuances of using foreign "models" on a USA website. By the way, www.theadultwebmaster.com is a great resource. (In other words, be careful.. .you are breaking the spirit, if not the letter of U.S. law by getting your material in Rio).

Well, good luck, and post here to tell us how you did.


I really appreciate the tips, and particulary your input about the model releases. It's something that has been bugging me for a while actually, but I,m going to research more about it on the web. My main concern was just about brazilian models refusing to sign documents they couldn't understand (since all my releases are in english). But like I said I'll research it more.
Again, thanx for the useful tips. Please feel free to add more, anything really, that you think might benefit me. Thanx.


09-12-02, 18:53
thanks for the info! can anyone else help out? (see my post below)

i heard that copacabana isn't a place you want to be out during the night? is this just certain areas? what areas are good/bad?

would appreciate the advice.

09-13-02, 22:54
I am from NYC and I feel a hell of alot more at risk there. I have lived in Rio for the last year after making dozens of trips to Copacabana. Copa is like any major US city like NYC or Chicago, you have to keep your eyes open. The streets of Rio have lots of Tourist Police. I wouldn't wear any fancy watches or jewelry to attract attention. And I would not carry lots of cash on me. Other than that excercise common sense and you will have a blast.



09-14-02, 20:33
Can anyone that is familiar with Rio give me your opinion on what a fair/reasonable price to pay for an oceanview apartment in Rio for 3 nights (December 30, 31, January 1, checking out January 2nd)? I'm looking for a nice, safe apartment, oceanview, near Copacabana, with a person at door 24 hours a day. I've been quoted $120 US to $150 US during those days. I fully expect to pay a higher rate since it's New Year's.

Thanks in advance. Please post here or email me. Also, please let me know if you have an apartment that would meet my criteria.



09-14-02, 23:05
Can anyone tell me if the going rate for all-nighters in Help is still 150 reais?

Sorry for the off topic question, but what sort of music do they play in Help?

Thanks in advance.

Young & Restless
09-14-02, 23:46
Just got back from Rio the 1st of this month, and can tell you from 1st hand experience that the going rate for an all nighter at Help is R$ 200.

Rio was just as good as the last time that I went. At first I had qualms about going during the low season, but the only two drawbacks were that the beach population was somewhat less dense, and I did get one day of rain out of ten. Overall, the low season had no effect on the availability of beautiful women or uncomfortable weather. My advise to all is this, since it is so close to the high session, go ahead and wait it out if you can, but if your schedule does not permit... jump on a plane and fly to Rio!! There's plenty of fun to be had, even during the low season (if there is such a thing, I'm beginning to wonder) Trust me on this one.

09-14-02, 23:55
200 reals for an all-nighter? Not bad, about $64US by my calculation. Is that reflective in general of prices for pros or semi-pros in Rio these days? Can recent visitors summarize what pro/semi-pro costs are like in Rio these days?

09-15-02, 00:35
R$200.00 for allnighter?This is a joke why pay all this money in a Third world country?You people are fucking everything for the rest of us.Our economy is now in a bad shape and we needed your monies here .

09-15-02, 12:44
Hi All,

I am going to Rio for 17 days next month. I am 39 & travelling by myself, it will be my first time in Rio. I have a couple of questions for the forum:

1. Copa or Ipaneama, What do you recommend?

2. I don't want to spend more than about 60US$ per night on hotels. I have considered Apartments but was concerned of security, ie safebox etc. Any recommendations on where to stay?

Thanks in Advance

09-15-02, 15:14

I agree. While this website gets a high rating for pre-visit research information there seems to be a very high income bunch of hobbyists out there ruining things in a big way.

I am guessing they are the 40-60 yrs, good job demographic which MY FATHER belongs to. He is a high rolling ho banger. I have spoken to him about it and it's as if getting a ho for $5 is an insult to his ego. He also has way too much sympathy. He seems to get off on walking into countries and "saving" the poor gals with his money while banging them. Perhaps he is soothing his conscience by thinking "well at least I am making them rich while I screw them". I think his generation had different morality ground into their brains by their mothers and government propaganda. They get played easily by the hos with the sympathy/guilt ploy. They must also have low self confidence to feel they need to pay so much. I also think this group of posters has very poor haggling ability never having haggled in the US where prices are so rigid.

I have seen some examples of the consequences. There is a ho in my area who travels from Pensacola to Tallahassee charging $1,500 for an evening and she even has the balls to refuse to do certain things. LOL she isn't even that hot...an 8.5 She has a website and everything.

Another possibility is that the majority of people who post are the big spenders (maybe to brag) and the bargain hunters who know how to get good deals are keeping quiet so that the big spenders don't ruin their "good thing"

Every once in a while a really good post appears like one in Sao Paolo that described a brothel that the locals went to and banged for 15 realis. These places are probably depleted of better looking girls who are looking for gringoes but it serves to show that hos will take a tenth of the current price if my father's generation would stop playing "daddy warbucks"

Young & Restless
09-15-02, 23:50
I'll admit, I did not even try bargaining for a better price whenever the girl told me R$200, but the truth is because I thought that was already cheap!!

If I inflated the price for any of my fellow Americans that go to Help for a little action, please accept my apology. Let me ask this question though, if R$200 is not a decent price for an all-nighter with a girl from Help, what are some prices that you have payed to HOT girls from Help? And please do not interpret that question as sarcasm, because I honestly would like to hear about other prices. And remember we are talking about a HOT girl from Help, not the favalas or brothels or any place like that and not some old hagg either.

Out of my 10 nights in Rio, one of those 10 nights I went to Help. I only recommend going there because going to Rio and not saying hello to the girls at Help would be like going to Paris and going to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre... It's like if you skip going to either one of those, it's really not that big of a deal, but one visit is really enough.

And I just feel compelled to say this one last thing, and agree or disagree with me if you'd like and I'll hold no offense because we're all doing the same thing... paying for sex, but if you think that R$200 for all-nighter with a good-looking girl from Help is expensive that's too bad because you probably never darkened the doors of some of the great termas that are in Rio... THAT is where all of the beautiful women are at.

Be it R$200 or R$5, I hope everyone has as much fun as I did!! Cheers

Young & Restless
09-16-02, 00:17
#1. Copacabana (I've stayed there twice and it is my favorite)
#2. Try the Debret. It is right around the price range that you mentioned, it's right on the beach, and you can bring a girl back to your room, if you want to. www.debret.com

Have fun!

Originally posted by Ginge08
Hi All,

I am going to Rio for 17 days next month. I am 39 & travelling by myself, it will be my first time in Rio. I have a couple of questions for the forum:

1. Copa or Ipaneama, What do you recommend?

2. I don't want to spend more than about 60US$ per night on hotels. I have considered Apartments but was concerned of security, ie safebox etc. Any recommendations on where to stay?

Thanks in Advance

09-16-02, 21:41
Bizznich, thanks a lot for your info. I'm considering visiting Rio for the first time in 2 months' time and I'm doing some preliminary research...

The Debret looks fine. Do you have to pay a joiner fee when you take a girl to the room? Do you know if you can take more than 1 girl at once up to the room in this hotel?

I hope someone can tell me the kind of music they usually play in Help...


09-16-02, 23:10
I came accross this article, thought I would share it with ya.

Young & Restless
09-17-02, 00:03
It works one of 2 ways. If you rent your room at a single rate (which ever type of room you choose, it all works the same) you have to pay BR$30,00 each time you bring a girl back to your room.

The other scenario is that you rent the room at a rate for double occupancy and you can bring a girl to your room as often as you want and not be charged the BR$30,00 fee.

As far as bringing 2 back to your room, I don't know what the hotel policy on that is. It could probably be arranged, but I don't know for sure.

The Help Disco plays your typical club techno-type music, and other stuff that's currently popular here in the States. They'll throw something at you from mid-early 90's, or something that was popular on the radio a few years ago. I didn't dislike any of the music that they played. It's just like going into a techno club here in the U.S., but any girl that you make eye contact with is going to try there best to get you to take them to a hotel or your hotel.

Just a bit of friendly advice...These girls at Help are smart, just be careful and you won't have any problems (I have never had any, anyway). While at Help do not set your beer down until you are finished with it or don't want any more of it. I have read that sometimes the girls will try to drug your drink. Personally, I've never met anyone that this has ever happened to, but that's not to say that it doesn't.

If you decide against the Debret, use the Vanity as your "honeymoon hotel". It is about 2 blocks behind Help (just mention the name and you'll be taken straight to it) and it's serves the purpose that you need it for. It's not a plush hotel, but it's safe and the rooms have mirrors above the beds, plus they'll bring beer to your room all night long if you want them to. I still recommend that you go with the Debret though. Cheers

Originally posted by Gladiator
Bizznich, thanks a lot for your info. I'm considering visiting Rio for the first time in 2 months' time and I'm doing some preliminary research...

The Debret looks fine. Do you have to pay a joiner fee when you take a girl to the room? Do you know if you can take more than 1 girl at once up to the room in this hotel?

I hope someone can tell me the kind of music they usually play in Help...


09-17-02, 16:21
Hey guys! I live down here now. My buddy that I am living with hooked up with one of the women from Help. She is living with us now. I have interacted with her friends and have seen a whole new side to this GAME. These women are smart and are ready to get over on any suckers waiting to be taken. The going rate at Help is $150 R. That is the starting rate. If they think they can get more, they will ask for more. If you can talk them down or if they like you, you can get babes for $100 R. I have gotten babes down to as low as $60 R´s. Of course at the end of the night. Do not get taken for money. I feel there is a concern for people who pay high prices. You are driving up the market for no reason! So what if the conversion makes it so that you are paying 50 or 60 bucks for sex in US dollars. This is still Brazil!!!! The cost of living is low and many of these babes are lazy, sleep all day, go to the beach and make an inflated living because of suckers who pay high prices. And don´t sleep fellas, they walk away laughing at stupid fools that get taken for a extra buck!!! Oh, and there is more....this game is real deep!!! Ah...most of those stories you hear are bullshit!!! Lies!!! I am talking about the terrible family stories that they come up with and stuff like that. I am talking about GAME that my buddy´s girlfriend tells me about before I go down to Copa to trip out with the Help talent. It´s faked dude! Watch your back and don´t get ripped off.

Over and out

09-18-02, 13:22
Here is my review of the discoteques in Rio. Most women from the discoteques do not give BBBJ and sex with a condom is a given. I went to Help the second night I was at Rio not knowing any better and because a friend recommended it because he probably didn't know about the termas. This club opens every day of the year from 11:30Pm to 5:30 AM. I paid a R20 cover charge to get in. I came at around 4 AM and there were so-so looking women except for 1 stunning looking girl who was the only 9 there. She was going to charge me R450 or $150US but I talked her down to R390. I was also quite desperate because I didn't have sex that night and wanted a stunning looking girl badly so I paid the R390 or $130 US. I believe I overpayed for this sex and feel like a sucker.
This girl was about 5'2" with black hair and eyes with pale white skin. She could really shake her hips on the dance floor. She told me her name was “Michelle”. I took her back to my hotel room at Rio Rioss which was walking distance so I didn't have to take a cab. I could tell that she didn't plan on staying with me because she didn't take a shower before we got busy. Boy did she stink because she was dancing all night. She could really move but I still smelled the smell of sweaty butt as we had intercourse. She didn't even give me a blowjob. I at least took a shower right before getting into bed but she didn't. It was the smelliest sex I had in Rio. I felt like holding my nose while doing it. She stopped the intercourse and wanted me to go down on her but I refused because of the smell. She got offended when I told her she needed to take a shower and left before I could cum. This lasted only a half an hour and she promised me an hour.
I went to Barbarella’s a week later because I was caught up in going to my Mestre de Capoeira Camisa's place to train all day and the termas were closed. It opens 11pm to 5am. The experience here was a better although I suppose the experience in Help varies with each woman. I chose a tall blonde girl with black eyes who is about 5'10" named “Barbara” who charged me only $80US. The going rate for the women here is $100-$150US. She gave a blowjob with a condom even though I said I preferred it without but she agreed to lick my balls barebacked. She was good with the sex though and I was at least satisfied with her. I had to pay a cab back to my hotel and pay her way back to Barbarella.
Another discoteque I went to was Holiday. Holiday opens from 10pm to 5am. Here there was no cover charge and whether you take the girl out or not to your hotel it’ll still cost R200 or $66US. If you take her to the hotel though you must pay cab fare and her cab fare back. This discoteque had so-so looking women about 6s to 8s. I chose an average looking girl with piercings and a tongue ring because I hoped to get a BBBJ with the tongue ring but she refused to do it without a condom. She did use the tongue ring on my balls though which felt very good but I was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t use it on my cock without a condom. Sex with her was okay but I really did all the work because I was on top most of the time.
A discoteque that gets a poor review is Don Juan. I was pressured by their doorman who waited outside the club on the boardwalk to drag me into the club. There was no cover but as soon as I stepped in, the women were ugly and I left. Some of them looked like men with makeup on. I was so quick to get out that I didn’t even bother asking the price.

09-18-02, 13:33
The two best places I went to in Rio were Termas Centaurros and Tremas L'oumo. Termas Cebtaurros wa the best in service and looks in women. The women there are either 9s or 10s. The hardest part is choosing which one. It is a bit pricier than the other termas though. It is R150 each women for 40 min and R200 each woman for 1 hour plus R50 for the room. You pay at the door an entrance fee of R90 plus your 40 min and room for the first session. They also serve drinks like capirinhas at the bar. If you look undecisive though, the girls do pressure you into having a double girl session. I had a few of these and they're great but I couldn't always aford it so at those times, I run to the room with the girl I chose. These girls give the best BBBJs ever. In the two girl session, they start off with one girl sucking my cock and the other sucking my balls. This was the ultimate blowjob experience especially with two talented and gorgeous women that one MUST try. My favorite was Priscilla, a tall blonde Portugese woman and I chose another shorter blonde with a nice butt. Then after the excellent blowjob, you can give one girl cunnilingus and fuck the other then switch them. They also french kiss you as well. They make you wish you had two dicks that's how good they are. It is a bit expensive but wort it. There are also over 30 women to coose from each shift. You'll always find a good looking one.
The second best place I went to was Terma L'uomo. This is a less expensive terma than Centaurros but I rank te women about 7s to 9s. There are many women to choose from. The price for this club is R40 entrance, R50 for the room and R120 for each girl for 40 min and R150 for each girl for an hour. These girls also give good BBBJs and sex (with condom of course). Both of these places are great to satisfy one-eye willie from ruining your game at the real dance clubs while looking for a girlfriend.
Another good club is Terma de Monte Carlo. However, the girls are not so good looking uring the week (about 5s or 6s) but look much better on Saturdays- about 8s or 9s (this terma closes on Sundays). The cost to get in is R30, R50 for a regular room for 40 min or R80 for a jacuzzi room for 1 hour, and R80 per woman.
A terma for the budget pleasure seeker is the Terma de Copacabana. It is R61 for one half hour (everything included- room and girl). No entrance fee either. The girls here range from 5s to 7s and the rooms are flimsy. But hey, what do you want for $20 equivalence for a half hour.
I would stay away from the discoteques. The girls there just fuck and run. Some of them won't even take showers since they are in a rush to get out of your room. They also ask for $100 US DOLLARS or R300. Some charge more but some you can tak down. They also refuse to give BBBJs. Another bad thing about discoteques is that most don't have private rooms and you have to take them with you on a cab to your hotel and pay their cab back to the discoteque. Also not to mention the risk of theft of having the girl you hardly know over at your place where you have your passport and money. But if you must go to a discoteque, try the Barbarella discoteque or Help (after 2pm- if you come out too early, or too late, you get the bottom of the barrel. The discoteques open 11:30PM and closes 5:30 AM) These two discoteques have the best looking women 8s to 10s. But don't say I didn't warn you about them.
The addresses of these places are listed in the website http://www.ipanema.com/rio/nite/e/single.htm. I looked up these addresses, bought a map, and marked where each of these places were. I also got familiar with the streets. This saved me a lot of money from taking cabs and more money towards the women.

09-18-02, 23:50
Hi all,

Anybody knows of clubs where they play HipHop, rap music, where more of college age chicks hang out at?
I am black, in my mid-twenties and that is the kind of crowds that I am looking for. Thanx.


09-19-02, 03:07
Def--You should know you are not in the USA or any English speaking country where all the music they play at the club is the type u might like.You gonna be going to BRazil where English is Foreign so Mr Def you gonna need to adjust to listen to any kind of music

09-19-02, 05:15
Originally posted by dogdays
Def--You should know you are not in the USA or any English speaking country where all the music they play at the club is the type u might like.You gonna be going to BRazil where English is Foreign so Mr Def you gonna need to adjust to listen to any kind of music

Why are you talkin about adjusting? You're the one who needs to adjust your thoughts, and realize that HipHop culture is penetrating the world faster than sun rays.

Are you tellin me that south americans do not listen to HipHop? It's obviously a different environment, but that does not necessarily mean that they will not play that kind of music.

I've been to Japan, and to a lot of countries in Europe and all of them heavily play HipHop in some of their clubs. Or would you like to try to convince me too that japanese people, or asian in general do not do HipHop? I've even heard people rap in Vietnamese.. come one now!

09-19-02, 15:30

The closest you are going to get in Rio is the (in)famous "baile funk" - funk ball. The music is "funk carioca", which despite the name, is more like "Miami Bass", hip-hop, and some rap (although it has roots all the way back to 1960's Brazilian Soul and true Funk). As for the clubs, basically anything goes, the girls are all willing and sex on the dance floor is normal - how about a conga line where all the guys are sticking it up all the girls! But.. read my words of warning below. One club that has funk is Clube Chaparral, in Bonsucesso - waaaaaay up in North Rio. Baile Funk has a rep for being very wild, if you can read portuguese checkout this "scholarly article", if not check out the pictures:


When/if you are in Rio, you should just ask around till
you find one.

Words of warning: Baile Funk was "all that" about 3 years ago, it went thru a decline and is now getting reborn, supposedly. But YMMV, you're just as likely to get into a hot club as you are to a really lame one. The "roots" of baile funk are in the "Zona Norte", North Rio, much of which is a war-zone. I'm sure that if you ask the right people and do your homework, you'll find a fun club where you can avoid getting killed. Remember that this is Brasil, skin-color has nothing to do with being a "homeboy", if you are on the wrong turf, you WILL get plugged. A lot of the bailes funk nowadays are %100 run by the druglords, and they don't want outsiders (co-incidently, the local name for outsiders is "alemao" - German.. which is my nickname in most of Brazil, since I'm 6'2", very caucasian, and have a nicely shaven bullet-head).

If you live in the States, in South Florida, around San Jose, or around Boston, there are baile funk just about every weekend in the Brazilian community, check out the local Brazilian expat newspapers and/or websites. They're definitely tamer than the Rio variety, but won't get you killed either.

Tom B.

P.S. and dogdaze, people in Brazil listen to ALL kinds of music, in all languages (Mahgreb is really hot right now) and then cannabalize it into their own, that's what's great about the Brazilain music scene.. don't get me started! ;-)

09-20-02, 21:09
Originally posted by tomb

The closest you are going to get in Rio is the (in)famous "baile funk" - funk ball. The music is "funk carioca", which despite the name, is more like "Miami Bass", hip-hop, and some rap (although it has roots all the way back to 1960's Brazilian Soul and true Funk). As for the clubs, basically anything goes, the girls are all willing and sex on the dance floor is normal - how about a conga line where all the guys are sticking it up all the girls! But.. read my words of warning below. One club that has funk is Clube Chaparral, in Bonsucesso - waaaaaay up in North Rio. Baile Funk has a rep for being very wild, if you can read portuguese checkout this "scholarly article", if not check out the pictures:


When/if you are in Rio, you should just ask around till
you find one.

Words of warning: Baile Funk was "all that" about 3 years ago, it went thru a decline and is now getting reborn, supposedly. But YMMV, you're just as likely to get into a hot club as you are to a really lame one. The "roots" of baile funk are in the "Zona Norte", North Rio, much of which is a war-zone. I'm sure that if you ask the right people and do your homework, you'll find a fun club where you can avoid getting killed. Remember that this is Brasil, skin-color has nothing to do with being a "homeboy", if you are on the wrong turf, you WILL get plugged. A lot of the bailes funk nowadays are %100 run by the druglords, and they don't want outsiders (co-incidently, the local name for outsiders is "alemao" - German.. which is my nickname in most of Brazil, since I'm 6'2", very caucasian, and have a nicely shaven bullet-head).

If you live in the States, in South Florida, around San Jose, or around Boston, there are baile funk just about every weekend in the Brazilian community, check out the local Brazilian expat newspapers and/or websites. They're definitely tamer than the Rio variety, but won't get you killed either.

Tom B.

P.S. and dogdaze, people in Brazil listen to ALL kinds of music, in all languages (Mahgreb is really hot right now) and then cannabalize it into their own, that's what's great about the Brazilain music scene.. don't get me started! ;-)

As usual, excellent post tomb. I really appreciate the quality of information that you are providing me with.
I really hope to be able to retunr the favor when I come back, with some relevant information :)


09-20-02, 22:31
I'm a bit concerned about what darkseid said in his below post: most chicks from the discos don't give BBBJ.

I consider BBBJ to be an esential part of the repertory.

Is that true? I hope someone with wide experience in the field of disco-pussy can give me some insight into this matter, I'm thinking about a first trip to Rio and BBBJ is always on my travel check-list.

Thanks in advance.

09-21-02, 20:24
Yo def:

I remember you posting that you are flying to Rio on Monday. Drop me an email before then, I have a few questions, a request, and am happy to give any mis-begotten last-second advice you might need. Email: tombSPAMTRAP@simarchitectSPAMTRAP.com
(without the words spamtrap, of course!)

In the meantime, check out:


...all outcall girls in Rio (got the link from a posting over in the Sao Paulo forum), much better than screwing around with Help, IMHO.

And since we both share a taste in thick-assed bitches:

http://www.destack.com.br/Flavia12.jpg ;-)

If I don't hear from you, have a GREAT time, get some cellphone numbers!

Tom B.

J Wadd
09-21-02, 20:34
Don't worry about the BBBJ -- I'd say that about 90% of the girls you'll run into will do it -- from the cutest little streetwalkers to the high-end Foto girls. They'll do just about anything that doesn't hurt them (i.e. that's why anal is rarer). Really. I zapped about 70 of them in two months (talked to hundreds) and had BBBJ declined less than 5 times. Honest.

Have fun and make sure there're no open sores and you'll be fine.


09-21-02, 21:45
My experience on bbbj is a little bit different from JWadd.
I have been to Rio only twice but I have awlays gotten excellent services at termas, 95% bbbj.
But Help and Lido clubs are a different story with many hits and misses. I batted over 50% bbbj.
Escorts is hit and miss for looks, but bbbj was common at 90%.
It's easy to increase you batting avg at Help and Barbarella by skipping the old and looking for new ones but that takes work, and compared to termas that's a lot of work.

09-21-02, 22:44

how's it going?

seems like you are in the know about rio! i was wondering if you could help me out. would greatly appreciate it!

i saw you post the link to the escorts. do you have any experience with them? how much do they charge? is that price per hour or all night? i'm a bit hesitant to deal with escorts because of several negative experiences in the U.S. where they send different girls, ask for more money, and/or a number of other various things.


09-22-02, 01:24
Well, I see that BBBJ is no problem for the average disco-pussy in Rio, so I'll keep on planning my trip for the end of November...

According to past posts the best area to pick up SW in Copa is the one on Av Atlantica opposite the Othon Palace Htl, can you find there SW during the day too or only by night?

Thanks for your wise advice.

09-22-02, 17:57

I'm in Rio this week until the 28th, just found this site (yeah, I know, so much for research), and was wondering if anyone is around here or knows any cool locals. I'm American and only speak enough Port. to order food and apologize. pretty weak, I know, but it was a surprise business trip. Anyways, I'm at the Copacabana Palace, email me @ [Email Address deleted by Admin] or you can also reach me at the hotel (it's in the book) Room 527, name's scott. . This is my first time here, I was in Santos last week and had a couple of chicas, one was a 6 and the other was a 21yo 9. Too bad the 21yo couldn't suck a dick to save her life, she was smokin. And she swallowed, which always gets a tip from me. Heh.

Anyways, let me know, I'm just sorta wandering around in the crappy weather today... I've got a friend coming up on Thursday and we're gonna go see what's up.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

J Wadd
09-22-02, 21:09
Sws in Rio are a bit of an irony -- namely bad when you expect the situation to be good. Selection is low, quality just as low, and the streets aren't all that safe to do the repeated cruising the picking (i.e. "selecting") of the right girl requires.

Here's (I think) why: Girls in Rio usually come here from somewhere else. That somewhere else is usually home (or the closest intermediate-to-large city close to home). IMHO they get all of their streetwalking done there, looking to come to Rio to upgrade their venue.

If you want good streetwalkers (of which there is paradise-plenty in Brasil) go to the smaller northern industrial cities like Recife and Forteleza.

P.S. another street to try SWs on is the area around Barbarella's.


09-22-02, 23:34
Just got back from 2 Weeks in RIO:

Let me write my experiences of Rio. I just got back today after 2 weeks in Rio, kind of business/pleasure trip.

Stayed at Copacabana in an apartment couple of blocks from Help. The two weeks I was there the weather was crappy and reained sometimes and some days were outright humid and sultry.

I hit HELP almost on a regular basic and also visited Monte Carlo & L'umo once each. The talent was about average but since I was there I picked someone just for the kicks. But the attitude of the girls is very nice and very professional ( Good even if they fake it ).

About Help its kind of a hit and miss, there are days when you find absolutely stunners when some days you just pray you see someone come by. On rainy days it really sucks.

The going rate seems to be US$ 100 to start with ( everyone demands 100$) but always seems to settle for less. It depends on how late it is and how many prospective customers etc.

Now my specfic experiences:-

The first girl I picked up a Brazilian Blond who didn't speak too much english but was a damn good lay, she gave a BBBJ and did the deed with a rubber, was willing to sleep over but said no sex in the morning asked for 100US$ but settled for 200 Reials apprx 60 US$.

Day2 & there I could not go to HELP as I was stuck at work & had early morning business meetings.

Day 4 went back and picked up a youngish looking thin girl with a small ass, which is kind of rare in Rio as mosst babes have big asses ( not that I don't like it). Stupid of my I was quite tipsy & it was around 3:30 am and she said 100 and I said OK, damn she meant 100 US$ when I was thinking 100 Reials all along.


09-22-02, 23:47

This girl was very unique in the sense she was very lovely, lovey and coming on very heavily even in the lobby of the apartment and getting in my pants. Got to the room and asked he to blow and she knew some english & she would blow only with a rubber.

Well I asked for BBBJ but she said that she did it only with a rubber. This was a turn off, here tits were small but big nipples, hard as hell, they were awsome. After a while when I was ready she got up from the bed and wanted to fuck standing up, I mean she had her hands on the wall and wanted me to do a doggy style. Wow I have never tried that but tried it any way. Then she wanted it regular doggy style. I could not hold on any more and came.

Then she washed up and came back and started rubbing me again and I was getting hard again, but this time it was almost 6:00 am and I was exhausted but she din't give up and I did her once again, the traditional style and she was wet all over and it seemed like she may have come as she was panting heavily and shouting fuckme, fuck me harder.

After this came the reality damn she was ready to leave and when I gave her 100 Reials she was nuts as she said I asked for 100US$. Damn then the reality hit me that I had not claified the currency just 100. I explained to her that I had made a big mistake, she said "NO ONE FUCKS for 100 reials in RIO".

I told her that I was really sorry but all the mony that I had was around 200 reials ( which was the truth -- as i did not want to take any money out of the apt safe in front of her). So I emptied all my pockets at it came to around 200 reials which I gaveher and sent her away.

So the Moral guys don't get drunk like me and clarify the currency. I got luck but sometimes you can get screwed.


09-23-02, 00:09
The next day I went looking for the Therma L'umo on Rua Siqueira Campos, I hsd read from this site that its difficult to find as its in a shopping mall.

Actually thats not true it fairly easy to find its a long walk also it has a bright red Neon sign and you can clearly see it from the road. The easiest landmark is that when you walk along Rua Siqueira Campos there is a folk at a point and stay left and the shopping plaza is quite close to the Folk in the load.

The lady at the reception explained the pricing policy etc. I got a locker key, took and shower and went to the bar. There were a couple of guys and abour 20 girls all were about average. The lighting at the bar wasn't too good and I headed to the TV room, there was much better. 3 girls followed me and we chatted a bit in the TV room then came back to the bar. I drank a ouple of more beers and most definitly it wasn't going to get better so I though let me just grab the best of the lot and do some anal and get out.

One caught my eye, I winked and then next minute she was next to me and started to rub up. Then I asked he if she did anal as she said yes. So we went to the cabin as I wanted to do the deed and be out.

She was very professional and nice and spoke average english and did her anal for a while till I came. Then washed up had another round of bJ but with the rubber. I asked her if she came she kind of half said yes, so as I had time I finger fucked her till she seemed to cum and spoke for around 5 minutes and then got the call saying time. So I headed to the shower and paid up and left total damage around 210 Reials including drinks.

The following day went to Monte Carlo which is 1 block from the beach almost the similar experience with same quality of average girls.


09-23-02, 00:32
My second Week:
By this time the official trip I came to Rio was done and I was on vacation. So I now had all the time for Pussy. I also had to do the standard touristy stuff to show family back home that I wasn't just hunting pusy all over Rio.

So I went to HELP with a Vengence as it was a sunday night and I was still searching for the Elusive wild passionate brazilian girl. As luck would have it 10 minutes in I found it. It was a 5.9, 130 lbs, dirty blond, great body(tits ass etc). Even more spoke flawless english. Damn, I asked here how is that she knew english. She said that she had lived in San Jose, CA for 2 years. She as asked for 100US$ as everyone but settled for 200 reials after hard negotation.

She was the best fuck of my life, she was everything I dreamt brazilian about. She rode my cock like there was no tomorrow and gave me a BBBJ and came in her mouth. I did anal, 69, everything possible.

She told me how she had worked for 2 years as a baby sitter in California on a tourist visa travelling twice till the INS finally caught up with her and checked her baggage. They threw here in detention for 24 hrs and shipped her back after finding photos of her prior trip to CA in her bags. She said that she loved CA and hopes someday she can come back.

The next few days I met her few times and evertime was an incredabel fuck and more of as GFE experience. I started to get worried as I was slowly getting attached emotionally ( Its hard not to when you see someone for almost a week).

Shit I have be to so many countries and fucked so many women but this has never happened to me. It has always been fire the base and look for the next, but this has been a differnent experience, most definitly left a lasting impression.

Also the last few days she refused money but I still insisted that she take 200 Reials for everyday she stayed with me, it was very difficult for me to say bye but never the less all things always end they cannot go on for ever. I reall felt miserable on my flight back home, I promised to call her but haven't.

I just feel I want to let it go and not get sucked in again. But to all you guys heading to Brazil, my advice is be careful not that its dangerous but the women are very addictive and too nice and get really tempted to slip a ring on their finger. But after a lot of sould search I did a reality check and split from Rio before I got psyched.

09-23-02, 05:22
seems like there are conflicting "current" reports on the pricing at Help. some of the recent posts mention 150 reals, while the last posts mention US$100!

do you guys know what the story here?

09-23-02, 07:53

I guess it's what you want? I went to Help tonight, there were about 30 garotas hanging around outside waiting for the place to open. About half of them were negra, 1/4 were mulata and the other 1/4 were latino/caucs. Most of them were not at all hot. I took off after 4 beers with a caucasian chick with broken English who originally said $100 usd but I talked her down to 50. Seems like they've all got some sad fookin story, huh? Anyways, she took me to this place called the Copamer Hotel, it was about 4 blocks from my hotel, one street off the praia. They wanted $R450, I said fuck you and they said ok 80. I was like what the hell? Anyways, this girl she was not so good at oral (which is my preference), so I nailed her 3 times and bid her adieu. With drinks the night ended up being a little under 280 reais. Too much if you ask me... I'll wait until my buddy gets here from Santos, he knows the places to go... I don't think I look too much like a tourista (I don't dress up at night), and what I do know of Portuguese I speak with authority... I think that's really the way to get the locals attention when they're trying to rip you off, be firm but not arrogant.

Anywhoo, this is my first time in Rio and I am most definitely NOT a *****master (once before in London.. it sucked and twice in Santos), so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Oh, by the way, in Santos at the Parque Balneairio (or however it's spelled), it's on the beach, they let you take chicas up, hell, one of them just came up to my room, I didn't have to go down to get her. Awesome. The Parque is the nicest hotel in the city and is still not great. Nice, but not world-class.


09-23-02, 23:21
Def, Alano, Vive, and Rio Forum Crew:

I've been kicking around the question of out-call girls, and doing some research. In the course of my scholarly research (sic!), I discovered the following, you may want to try her out:


Jully Lemos is the girl's name, her phone # is (21) 9813 6008.

I'm bringing her to your attention because, as some of you may be aware, there is a Brazilian "WSG" lookalike called http://www.forum.sexdicas.com.br (sex tips) which deals specifically with callgirls, massagems, clinicas, boites, and the "scene" in Sao Paulo and Rio. It's a fantastic resoure as it gives very explicit and specific "trip reports" written by the forum members on each place and on many specific girls, both thumbs-up and thumbs-down reports (i.e. when someone has a problem, they post it). Unfortunately for most of you, it's only in portuguese and you have to give a CORRECT CPF number (Brazilian ID - they DO cross-check it online to make sure it's not faked) to get a login. Fortunately, I do speak Portuguese, and there is not a security system online that's stymied me yet (ain't I smug.. actually, I jacked someone else's CPF and name... so sue me). Anyway, back to the point, the sexdicas forum just started a new section - members-only discounts! And the first girl to offer is Jully Lemos, $150 Reals for 2 hours if you say that you are a member of the sexdicas forum (participo no foro sexdicas = "par-TI-see-po nu FOH-who sex-DEE-kas"). My friends, that's $42! Just for the really cheap bastards (that' s me), she doesn't even charge for the cab fare (on the sexdicas forum, some smart-ass from Sao Paulo wrote asking if she'd take the cab over to there!). I wouldn't sweat the "forum sexdicas" stuff too much, she appears very ready to negotiate, and R$150 looks like the going rate for high-class escorts (what I've seen for other girls, +/- $20, which is about 6 bucks, so it' s not worth quibbling..and you guys paying R$200 at Help, or god forbid a benjamin US, are getting ripped).

Equally important, the "trip report" on her (predating her promotion, written by two long-time forum members, so I'm pretty sure it's bonafide) is 4-star. If I was in Rio today, I'd be on the phone. The highlights of the reports were that she is wha you see in the photos with a 8-9 face, will do ANYTHING (except swallow, although she loves facials), loves it, talks dirty as hell, is very easy-going, is happy to egotiate price and doesn't "fuck and run" (the first guy's 2 hours were really 2.5 for the same price), she's about 27-29 yo (says shes 24, so what else is new?), silicon tits, but nice and firm, incredible ass, good legs, etc, etc. :-) A cute detail, the second guy says that she told him that she had to get the sand out of her **** in the shower before getting down to business, because she had spent all afternoon at the beach before coming straight to his place.. Rio, gotta love it! According to guy #2, she's also into girl-girl, threesomes, light B&D, the whole playground.

OK, enough gushing, you guys who are in Rio now should try her out before she changes her mind about the promo. Last note, since I always believe in "Seducing" a girl, even if she is a pro, according to the guys on the forum, she is really into good perfume, she always smells nice. She uses Anna Sui or Gabriella Sabatini, both brazilian perfumes. If it were me, I'd make a $15 investment in a present, jsut to get the "extra service". Then again, maybe I'm just a sap and/or romantic fool. However, as I always say, treat the bitches right and they'll treat you right.

Have Fun!

Tom B.

09-23-02, 23:42
Hello board members. I'm a newbie to the board from California. Will be in Rio 17 October- 22 October (3rd trip). I'd love to meet up for drinks and info exchange. I'm staying in Copa and I'm hoping for some nice beach weather. After Rio it's on to Iguazu.

E-mail me at Travelman777@yahoo.com

09-24-02, 06:23
tomb, y'all,

My problem is getting a girl into my hotel (Copacabana Palace)... It would have to be early, and the girl would have to be subtly dressed (much more than I've seen around here). I hate the motels around here, they're kinda gross. If anyone has any idea how to do it or who to call for a more classy hot girl that I could get past security, let me know... I'm not real hopeful though. I'd much rather nail a girl in my awesome suite here than in some skanky motel. Know what I mean?

In other news, Barbarela (off Princesa Isabel, two blocks up from Atlantica) was CHOCK full of super hotties (7-9s) tonight... about 50 girls to 30 guys, mostly Brits that were drunk as hell... they ALL wanted at least $100 USD to go though. I'm saving my strength for tomorrow night.

Any ideas on someone I could scort past the seguranca, let me know, I'd be most appreciative.


09-24-02, 13:06

Why are you staying at the Copacabana Palace? That's a rich old person's hotel, a guaranteed pain in the ass.. as you've discovered. Anyway, hopefully someone ELSE is picking up the tab. And you must be going to the wrong motels, there are plenty of good ones around (Brazilian Playboy online, has a nice motel guide here: http://www2.uol.com.br/playboy/guiademoteis/index.html) , but I can understand that you want to use your nice suite at the Copa.

OK, how to get around your problem with seguranca. Have you tried a bribe? 20$US or some 50-60R$ should do it. What you want to ask for is a "jeito" - literally a "way", but what it means is a "fix." Ask if he can "dar um jeito" - find a way, make a fix - "dahr oom JAY-too." Or, talk to one of the porters or whatever low-level male flunkies they have running around and ask about a back entrance (entrada pelos fundos - "en-TRAH-dah PEH-loose FOON-dohse"), again preferably with a bribe in hand. Also, don't say bribe, say "agrado" - "Ah-GRAH-doo". If your portuguese isn't up to it, just write this down and hand it over to your target:

Amigo: Por favor me ajuda dar um jeito de trazer uma amiga para o meu suite, por uma entrada pelos fundos, sem problemas com a seguranca. Eu gostaria de lhe dar um agrado por essa ajuda. Obrigado.

That should do it. Translated - Friend: Please help me find a way to bring a (female) friend to my suite, by a back entrance, without problems from security. I would like to give you a "gratification" for your help. Thanks. ...a little hokey, but between a slip of paper with that written on it and some smiles and money,you should be OK. Of course, be discreet! you don't want to get anyone fired. Also, never admit that the girl is a pro, you "met her at the beach" or at a bar, or a friend of a friend, whatever. Act semi-ignorant - "I don't know why security won't let her in, but I don't want to argue with them, so please help me out. Garota de Programma? What? What's that? No she's not, she's a nice girl.." WINK. You get the idea...

If you use an out-call escort (like the Jully Lemos girl I recommended), ask her to dress conservatively (por favor se vista discretamente, a seguranca do hotel da encrenca - "Poor FAH-vohr ci VEE-stah dee-scret-TA-men-chee, ah cee-goo-RUHN-sa dah een-kren-kah" - please dress discreetly, the hotel secutirrity is causing problems) and meet her at a bar, then walk her back to the hotel. SHould be no problem, again cash talks.

Good Luck and next time, stay in a nice 2 or 3 star hotel on Princessa Isabel and avoid the hassle. Copa Palace, jeez... tell me that your not paying for it out of pocket! ;-))))

Tom B.

09-24-02, 19:36
I would not stay at a hotel like Copacabana or Otheon unless I had lots of money ($20 US) to bribe each guard that stops you. The hotel I usually stay in is the Rio Rioss, just one block off the beach. They are pretty cool with their policies on bringing guests (pro or non-pro). These other hotels won't even let your grandmother up for tea. I learned that lesson the first time I went then I left and ended up in a budget hotel in Centro called Hotel Briganca because I didn't know any better on which hotels allow guests. This hotel was a dump but fortunately a non-pro I dated for the rest of the 2 months I was in Brazil took me in.

09-24-02, 19:49
All chicks asking for USD 100 in Barbarela? That seems a bit overpriced... Is it always like that in Barbarela?

09-24-02, 21:59
tomb, all,

Dude, I couldn't afford this place, its on the company dime and it is PHAT, I got a suite on the executive floor... our office is in the hotel... sooo... next time I come down I am renting an apartment, it will probably be for two weeks in Jan-Feb. Anyways, I will try to do what you said, thanks for the tips. And you are right, this is a rich old dude hotel, I get no respect from the staff cuz I don't wear a stupid suit everywhere. I hate wearing suits.

And yeah @ Barbarela's one of the putas wanted 200 USD, I told her to get lost, she wasn't even that hot (not skanky, just not real hot). Yikes. I think it's funny that all the non-English speaking chicks say 'fucky-fucky'. It makes me laugh out loud.

Also there were some SCARY ASS SWs out last night. TV's, TS's whatever, they were freakin hideous. Tem penis? Eek!

Thanks all.


09-25-02, 01:22
Hehehe, that's quite a predicament you are in. ;-)

However, if you are in the EXECUTIVE suite, and your company has an office in the building, and apparently you do speak some portuguese, then I'd take a slightly different tack. Get yourself a high-class callgirl - i.e. outcall, I can get you some more numbers of good ones (independents, not thru agency) - tel her to dress decently (like I said in my last post), meet her somewhere outside the hotel (the highclass gals will meet you anywhere and understand that you might not want to meet at a hotel or mtel) and then bring her back in a cab. If and when you get a hard time from security or the front desk, throw your weight around, Brazilians respect power - WHAT? What do you mean I can't take my fiancee who just flew down from Sao Paulo up to my executive suite? (you may ned some fake baggage) Do you KNOW WHO I AM? Do you know my company has an office in this building? etc..etc...

Should be fun!

Tom B.

09-25-02, 07:29
Hi Tomb et al

Has anyone tried call girls from www.ciaplus.com , one of my friends recomended it...

09-25-02, 07:38

I am planning to be Rio for a week from 20Oct to 26th Oct and stay at the Debret.Most probably will be going alone any one want to hook up for some rendezvous email me at

kevin_405 @ hotmail.com (without the spaces ofcourse).

Also experts does Derbret need advance reservations or can i just show up at the hotel.

Does the A/C Tourist Bus shuttle from the Int airport go to Debret or does Debret have some shuttle of their own.
I will be reacing Sun Afternoon , would be easy travel in the city buses that locals use... I am concerned about the crowd also my portugese is going to be based on broken spanish and Franklin.com TG-450 translator , BTW this translator seems sleek and am planning to use it for my Czeck exploits next... Only language missing for me is Thai..

09-25-02, 13:21
Kevin and rest of the gang:

Assuming you are going to Rio for a hobbiest's vacation and not for bussiness, impress the relatives, or some such, why are you going to stay at the Debret? Another overpriced luxury hotel. Since you are asking about busses, I'm assuming that price is somewhat of an issue (BTW, do NOT take city busses if you can't speak portuguese. You WILL get lost, since the busses are very confusing even to locals. And busses get jacked all too often. Take taxis). Anyway, why not stay at a nice two star hotel a block or so back from the beach? You won't have the oceanview, so what, walk down the block for the view. You will have a comfortable room at a decent price, without any "hassles". There are tons and tons of these hotels a few blocks back from the Av. Atlantida in Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, take your pick of one using the Internet, call or email them to make a reservation, take a pre-paid cab to the hotel, then check -in. If you don't like the place, spend a little time the next morning walking around to find another hotel that you like and move. Simple. I prefer Ipanema/Leblon to Copacabana, less seedy, less crowded, and nicer streetscape, but to each his own. Sure, Help and Barbarella's and all the X-rated nightclubs are in Copacabana, but a cab ride is cheap, and those tourist places are far from the only game in town.

BTW, to avoid bus confusion, as I mentioned above there are pre-paid cabs at the airport. When you get out of customs, there are a zillion little transportation and hotel booths in the airport lobby (like any other auirport in the world). If I remember correctly, the pre-paid cabs booth has a white sign with two green pine trees (or was that Sao Paulo?), if you can't find it ask. They charge a flat fee for Copacabana, Ipanema, wherever, you tell tehm thename of your hotel, they sell you a ticket, and you hand it to the cabbie (they'll point out the correct cabstand). End of story and should cost you $10-$15. More expensive than the shuttle bus, but worth the lack of hassle when you just got off the plane. Speaking of which, you'll almost certainly need brazilian reais to pay for the cab, DO NOT use the "casa de cambio" at the airport (or anywhere else) their rates suck and they charge a ridiculous supplemental flat fee. Use the ATM, all airports have them. Banco do Brasil always works for foriegn ATM cards (use the ATM with the Visa and the plus logo on it), Bradesco and the other banks are hit-or-miss, but if they have the Visa logo on them, they should work. ATM's are called "Banco Vinte-Quatro Horas" (24-hour bank) in Brazil, just ask around.

I'll write down some advice about escorts later today. But ciaplus is the only escort agency in Rio that has a positive rating over on the Brazilian hobbiest's forum that I frequent. At that, it has one negative report that I could find, nothing too bad. Nevertheless, in general you're better off with the independents. I'll write more later.

Tom B.

09-26-02, 07:33
Hi Tomb

Can u post some links to hotels in Copacabana and Impenela that allow Guests into the room for free..

BTW Debret is just 37 $ a night.... so is there some thing cheaper than that....

09-26-02, 09:19

During my last stay in Rio, i was in Ducasse Hotel www.hotelducasse.com.br , which was as Tom recommended a good two/three stars hotel cheaper than those facing the beach.
It's located on Rua Sa Ferreira, between NS de Copa and B Ribeiro, 5 mn walking to the beach and ten minutes walking to Ipanema, rooms are brights and cleans with a balcony to watch streetlife, and of course the main reason to this recommandation is that it's guest FRIENDLY with no joiner fee (girls have to leave ID at the reception).
The only point that could be bad is that it's located next to the main entrance of a big favela with a 'lanchonete' (bar) which is the 'ponto de encontro' (meeting point) of the favela guys drinking from early afternoon until very late at night....well, during three weeks staying there i never had trouble, i stopped there almost every evening for some beers and sometimes at 4 or 5 am (accompagned) to drink the last one before going to the sack......more amazing, there was a ATM machine just in front of this bar where i took good amounts of cash almost every evening and nobody tried to rob me (just to mention that excessive paranoia is not justified in Rio)

Oh i like to thank Tomb for his helpul advises but disagree (just on this! :) ) when he recommand to avoid buses...i always take buses in Rio (except at night) as those are very good places to be close to (and sometimes meet) 'normal' girls (i mean office girls or students) and this proximity is often not so desagreeable !!(just offer your seat to the beauty standing close to you and the reward could be a 'rendez vous' and a good f*** later !!)


09-26-02, 10:30
Hi Pro

How much was the cost of the hotel (based on single occupancy).. i don't see the price on the site...

Also did u use the airport shuttle from /to the airport and what was the cost...

I read in a guide book Lonely planet that the buses are great way to travel when u have no luggage... also they said that the airport shuttle are a good way to get to the city if ur Hotel is located near the beach..

09-26-02, 11:34

I insisted to have a rate in reals, and i think it was 80 reals (22 $ today !), it was in March so a little 'off season', if your trip is in January/Feb it could be more expensive.
About shuttles from the airport it's call 'REAL BUS' (can be found at the first floor outside of the international terminal), it's very safe and the cost is 10 reals from what i remember, they cruise along the beaches and stop at any corner you like.


09-26-02, 13:30

Thanks for your kind words. As for the busses, you'll notice that I included the caveat "If you don't speak portuguese", if you can manage some portuguese, then the busses are fine. I'll admit I'm a bit paranoid about city busses given the wave of bus jackings for the past three years. Maybe things have calmed down. Still, I've done a lot more traveling by bus than cab, and during the day any hobbiest in Rio should be fine except if he's going North of downtown (Zona Norte) where he shouldn't be going anyhow. I'll also admit that I'm a sissy when it comes to comfort - for instance when I get off a long plane ride, the last thing that I want is a bus-ride, that's why I'd rather shell out for a "privativo" cab. Nevertheless, the Real Shuttle you mention is safe as houses and will certainly get Kevin where he wants to go. Speaking of comfort, Rio has always had little mini-busses (lotacao) that are a bit more expensive than the regular bus, but have guaranteed seating. Not as colorful as being packed like a sardine with 100 sweaty cariocas on a regular bus, but to each his own. :-)

Kevin: As for hotels, use the Internet... here's one site to get you started: http://www.terra.com.br/turismo/roteiros/2001/10/20/003.htm

Tom B.

09-26-02, 14:39

Oupps, didn't read the "if you don't speak portugese" after the "don't take buses".....sorry for that ! ( BTW i had a GF living in Duque de Caxias, about 1 and half hour bus north from 'Central do Brasil", never got trouble going there or coming back late....but sure uncorfontable !)


09-27-02, 03:34
Rio Forumers;

Ok, I've finally done it, completed my guide to Rio Callgirls. Actually, it's all second-hand information, as I've written before, there is a Brazilian version of the WSG called the "Forum SexDicaas" - Sex Tips Forum. It has detailed reviews and descriptions of callgirls (in and outcall), boites, termas, prives, motels, agencies, websites, etc... the whole "scene".... in Sao Paulo, Rio and a few other cities. For the benefit of this forum (and for my own perverted pleasure), I've read every posting on callgirls, agencies, and motels (we'll leave termas and boites for some other day). I then ccross-checked each girl to make sure that she is still active (at least has an active webpage) and comes form a place with a good reputation among the forumers. I wrote up a condensed review of each girl, with prices, preferences, web links, and any other pertinent tips from the brazilian forumers. I included the agency and motel reviews. I contacted the webmaster for permission to share the guide with international hobbiests. And I wrote up my own tips on using outcall agencies and motels in Rio. All wrapped up in a big old .txt file (in English of course).

I'm happy to share it with anyone who wants it, with a few conditions - mostly aas requested by the BRazilian webmaster. I'm not goign to post it here, but rather email it, either send me an email at tombSPAMTRAP@simarchitectSPAMTRAP.com - without the SPAMTRAP of course, or jsut post your request and email address here. The wwebmaster also requests that anyone who does use a callgirl in Rio please write up a small "trip-report". Either post it here or email it to me, and I willlll translate it to portuguese for their forum. The forum Sexdicas works a lot like Zagat's Guide - only end-user reviews, and it needs reviews to keep growing, so fair is fair, let's give them some reviews! I've go t my own request, if youhave any comments, questions, or suggestions for my little guide, please post them here so I can respond to you.

I'll start emmialing tomorrow (9/27), Def and Kevin, you're first. Alano, send me your email address. Pro, ditto, and no problema about not reading ALL of my bus commentary.


Tom B.

09-27-02, 07:25
Tomb and PRo U guys rock man

BTW this site looks like a massage joint instead of a ***** house...

Any thoughts

09-27-02, 15:54

No, destack.com itself is a just a website, a very poorly laid out one, at that. If you drill down into their "agencias de modelos" page, they have three "modeling agenices" that are, in fact all the same outcall agency and one "casa de massagems" that is an apparently seperate "massage parlor". The massage parlor is what you'd expect, while the agencies are outcall services. The "models" page that you are referring to is just a combination of all the girl's pages from the agencies and the girls from the massagem. I'm highly suspicious that the massagemis the incall branch of the same operation that runs the outcalls.

Anyway, good luck. I don't have any info, positive or negative on destack, except taht generally outcall agencies don't send the same girl as in the picture. I gave some tips on how to deal with outcall agencies in my Rio Guide, so good luck! Which one of the girls on the model page has caught your eye?

Tom B.

09-27-02, 18:10
Tomb you are the man.Thanks for all the information you have posted l know they gonna help me when l make my trip to Rio this coming march

09-27-02, 18:24
Hola amigos. I'm hitting Rio in December/January for 8 days. I just rented a fabulous 2 bedroom ocean view apartment. I've been emailing with this dude that owns it. An American. I'm really impressed. Good guy that answers his email quickly, was available to answer questions I had via phone and I paid with Paypal.com

He has 1 and 2 bedroom places. I think his one bedrooms are as low as $50 US when it's not Carnival or New Year's Eve. The prices of all the apartments sounds like it gets jacked up 3 X to around $150 / night. I'm paying $200 US per night. Check out his sight. He just emailed me pictures of the 2 bedroom apartment I'm renting and it's awesome!


09-27-02, 19:44
Breaking News:

For the benefits of this Forum, I've got an APB out for 10+ rated English-speaking garotas de programma in Rio. My "informers' have told me that Meyre Gueixa - that's "Mary the Geisha" will be in Rio (visiting from Sampa) on Monday and Tuesday, 9/30 and 10/1, next week. She speaks Portuguese, ENGLISH, and Japanese. What's so special? Well do you like Oriental girls? and have you ever seen how incredibly beautiful Brazilian/Japanese girls are? Be aware that she has no photos on any sites, doesn't work in any boites/casas/etc., she gets around by word of mouth only (she gets most of her cleints from hobbiest chatrooms), and so I'm giving you the word. Of course, YMMMV, but she's quite willing to meet beforehand, and if you aren't interested...oh well. Here's the descriptions:

28-30 yo, looks much younger, 1m70 (that's tall for a girl!), 58kg, long straight black hair down to her butt, small "mouth-sized" tits, GREAT ass, nice legs. In other words, the perfect mix of brazilian and oriental. However, reviews about her face were mixed, some think that she is very pretty in an oriental way, and others that she is not at all (5 rating from one guy). Who knows? What everyone agrees on is....

...The performance, one quote was "don't be tired when you meet her", also "nimfomania personified". BBBJ, deep-throat to your balls, expert 11+ cocksucker, also loves anal, will take on ANY SIZE, will suck the cum out of your used condom, tight little pussy which she uses in every position known to man or woman, likes being spanked, getting her hair pulled, yells and moans authentically, facials, swallows to the last drop, will keep sucking and fucking untill you can't stand up. Dunno what else to tell you except that there are 7 pages of enthusiastic commentary with not one negative review on the other forum I frequent. Last forumer to review her gave her a "birthday present" (her bday was earleir this month) of chocolate-frosted cock 'n' balls... a good time was had by all by the looks of it... ;-)

Dunno about price, must be the same $150-200 for 2hours, you negotiate with her when you call. However, she doesn't keep time at all. She's done when you are DONE. Personally, she is happy, sincere, PUNCTUAL in showing up, really loves what she does.

And now the phone number: ( 011 ) 9813-6041

Note that this is a Sao Paulo cell phone number, that' s where she is most of the time, but next week she is in Rio, so ENJOY!

Update: Dunno how many of you are calling Meyre based on THIS post, but she's written to me saying that several Americans have called her lately and her English isn't all THAT great, she'd prefer if guys give her a heads-up in email first, as it's easier to tread English. Nevertheless calls are still welcome.

Tom B.

Member #1698
09-28-02, 06:52
re: Tom B. brasilorienta and guide...

...the bomb...can you direct me/us to that other forum and those reviews of the SP/SP brasilorienta nimfo...also, please popst yr. real e-mail again to get yr. guide as I tied twice )with the spam and minus) and received a MailerDaemon each time...'Thanks

09-28-02, 07:55

The forum is at http://www.forum.sexdicas.com.br it's in Portuguese only. My email is tomb @ simarchitect.com, without the spaces. I add extra characters to avoid webcrawlers skimming my email and adding it to a list. No-one else had any problems with my mail, so try again, should be no problem.

Tom B.

P.S. I corrected the URL... I'm already a lousy typist during the day, let alone in the middle of the night....

Bad Santa
09-28-02, 08:56
Originally posted by tomb

The forum is at http://www.forum.sexdicas.com.br, it's in Portuguese only. ...
Tom B.

The correct url is http://www.forum.sexdicas.com.br ....without the comma(,)


09-28-02, 13:48
Gents! I'll be in Rio on the 3rd. What's the weather and the talent like?

09-28-02, 15:12
I thought I'd pass this along. I have a Citibank Platinum American Airlines credit card. Every quarter they offer a trip to about 35 destinations (some international). They let you take a trip with 5,000 less miles. This quarter you can go to Rio October 1 - November 30 for 35,000 miles instead of 40,000. This is a good option if you fly with American Airlines and are very close to 40,000 miles but not quite there.


I think you can take advantage of this offer if you are a Gold or Platinum card holder. These reduced mileage awards are great because they always have tons of 20,000 domestic trips too to some good destinations.

Check to see how long it takes to get the card. No sense in getting it only to not be able to take advantage of this offer. But they do have Rio on it once in a while. If you're debating between the Gold or Platinum. I'd take the platinum right now because they are also offering 7500 bonus miles to sign up for the card. 5000 miles for the Gold card. The other great thing about this card is that I have "no pre-set spending limit". Yeah, they set a credit line but you can go over it as long as you pay whatever you go over the next month. I've never gone over my credit line anyway but it sure is nice not having to worry about it sometimes.

Good luck!

09-28-02, 20:38
tomb ,your e-mails that you posted on the site all doesn,t seem to work.What,s UP?

09-28-02, 23:24

Dunno why you are having problems, I'm getting plenty of emails. Then again, I am a terrible typist, so I may have mis-typed my address. This is it: tomb @ simarchitect.com (without the spaces, that's to prevent spam). If you are still having problems, then post YOUR email here and I will send you the guide.

For anyone else reading this (who hasn't seen my other post), I've put together a Rio callgirls guide. Send me an email and I'll send it to you.

Tom B.

09-29-02, 02:00
All Points Bulletin #2:

Termas Rio Antigo, in Gloria (15 min from Copacabana, near the Centro) at Rua Joaquim Silva, 2 - Tel. (21) 2224-9591 (www.rioantigo.com.br) is

#1 having "birthday party" special on Oct 3. Call to find out what specials are on.


#2 has twins! Brunnette, will do threesomes, more information unavailable. I found this out as part of a nationwide hunt for twin working-girls. There aren't many (supposedly their is another pair in Riberao Preto, SP, but info remains very sketchy).

So, if you would like to achieve *****master immortality, call up Termas Rio Antigo, or go pay them a visit and find those twins! (and write back to the forum...). Warning Rio Antiga is pricey, R$150 per girl per session. Of course, with the current exchange rates, that's not too bad, but...

Tom B.

P.S. Reminiscing... I had a "twin sandwich" (or I was sandwiched, whatever) in Porto Seguro, 15 years ago... yum! Two identical capixabas (means from Espirito Santo) absolutely off the hook! Non-pros, just a one-night stand, but what the heck.. a memory to last a lifetime. Moral of the story, you never know what can happen in Brazil if you keep your eyes and your mind open!

09-30-02, 09:32

Thanks for the good work, when you have some time could you please mail me the info you collected at go2pr @ hotmail.com
(just two questions, what are the "other cities" that are targeted in the Sexdicaas forum and are the boites reports helpfuls in your opinion ? )

About "capixabas" i easily imagine you were in paradise by being sandwiched by two 'Esperito Santos' beauties.....i met in Rio two chicks from Vitoria, both blondes and blue eyed, real stunners.....they said many chicks there were beauties....

09-30-02, 10:32
Wow Tomb that was some great stuff u compiled together...

BTW u guys should also check out the group in yahoo groups

I think its called Ultimatemalevacations.
I have been busy on my own end compiling pic of girls in Tijuana , Mexico where i have frequent flyer miles... Some times the girls charge 10$ for taking a picture , but i want to keep a catalog that i can cherish later on and also as a guide for my fellow desperados ... so in a couple of months i should have a full fledged album of Tijauna scene...

I was checking out Hotel Ducasse on the map , would u walk at night to the hotel from help or take cab....

Do these agencies like ciaplus take calls in english...

09-30-02, 10:54

Yes you can easily walk from Ducasse to Help.......if you prefer another location, i stayed too in a good guestfriendly hotel in Leme, just behind Meridien, one minute walking to the beach and Mab's, and two minutes walking to Barbarella :) and the redlight district of Placa do Lido, link is www.acapulcopacabana.com.br . The hotel was clean and nice ( 2/3 stars, bright rooms with balconies, some with lateral seaviews), the area as friendly as central Copa (good restaurants, bars ) and the portion of Leme beach just in front of Meridien is a good whoring area during daytime when some pros go suntaning there.


09-30-02, 16:01

Thanks for the props. No idea if any of the agencies take calls in English. Only one way to find out... and if they don't, find someone who is bilingual and hand them a few bucks to make a phone call for you... or learn some portuguese ;-)


The Rio Guide is on it's way. The "other cities" are mostly Curitba, Salvador, and Floripa. The boite reviews (which I also plan to compile) are not as detailed as the GP reviews (mostly they just say if the place is good or bad), but still usefull.

About Capixabas, yeah they can be cute (although they have a really funny accent... the Brazilian equivalent of Arkansas). IMHO, and a lot of other guy's opinion, Brazilian girls are most beutiful when they come from a mix of ethnic backgrounds, the more the merrier. The "classic mix" that is famous in Brazil is Portuguese, Indian , and Black. Rio has it, Espirito Santo has it. Further south, there are other European backgrounds added to the mix. Spanish, Italians, Dutch, Lebanese, Germans, Finnish!, American Confederates!, you name it. The further south, the more European. As you go further inland (Goias) there is more Indian influence and less black, and as you go towards the northeast, there is more black influence and less Indian. Of course, these are generalizations, between all the internal migration that has occured in the last 50 years and sheer genetic coincidence, you'll find blue-eyed blondes in the Amazon and green-eyed mulatas in the furthest south. Enjoy them all!

Tom B.

09-30-02, 21:42
Apart from Leme beach, opposite the Meridien, is there any other specific area of Copacabana beach where pros go sunbathing during the day?

Is it easy to make a deal on the beach with some sunbathing chick?

10-01-02, 00:52

Try the beach in front of the Othon Palace.

In the late afternoon there are many working chicas.

It´s very easy to chat and make a deal with them for a couple of hours or the whole night if you want.



10-02-02, 05:44
I love this place as much as the next *****monger, but be careful.

That is alot of power for an individual to be able to shut down all the shops in Rio.
This will not deter me from going, but to all those that haven't been raised in an "urban" environment...take heed, and try to get a tan before you reach...nothing screams victim louder than pale skin.

10-02-02, 13:39
Yeah, well, even with the current extra dose of craziness in Rio, it doesn't really effect the "zona sul" tourists. There is a huge difference between south rio - The beaches, Barra, Flamengo, Gloria, Laranjeiras - and North Rio - everything north of the Centro. Rio's north has been pratically taken over by drug lords. The government is trying hard to crack down on them. One of the tactics used by the drug lords to "flex their muscle" is to order commerical stores to close down. On Monday, they orderd a general shutdown and a panic set in over the whole city. For the first time, some stores in the Centro and Sul zones shut down, thanks to the rumours. In addition to the crimelords, this weekend is the election, so there's a political gain to be made by the opposition candidates in helping this panic to spread. If you can read portuguese, read this: http://noticias.uol.com.br/inter/reuters/2002/10/01/ult27u26739.jhtm

How does all this affect you, visiting Rio for a few days? Hardly at all. Just don't go to the Zona Norte. As always, try to blend in, don't be flashy, watch your surroundings, and don't be dumb. Violence in Rio has been discussed to death in this forum and others. It certainly exists, but no more so than in NYC, Rotterdam, Liverpool or any other big city.. it's just different in flavour.

Tom B.

10-05-02, 22:19
Hi Garota Lovers

Does anyone have an M.O. (modus operandi) for scoring with non-pro chycks in Rio?

For my upcoming Rio trip, here's my proposed M.O.:


A. Attractive salesgirls - chat them up, get some rapport going. Invite them to have dinner/drinks with me later that evening when they're off work. After dinner/drinks, invite them to my room to have a tarot reading session (yes, I know how to do tarot readings). Once in my room, the tarot reading is done on my bed (it's more comfortable that way). During the reading, touching occurs, which leads to kissing, which leads to ... well, you know.

B. Hot Brasileira Shoppers - Chat them up, get rapport, invite them to have coffee or ice cream with me RIGHT THEN at the food court (if there is one) or nearby coffe shop. Invite them to my room for a tarot reading.

II. AT THE BEACH - same M.O. as section I-B above.

III. HOTTIES AT NON-PRO BARS/CLUBS - chat them up, buy them drinks, dance, joke and laugh with them, then invite to my room for tarot reading.

That's my proposed M.O. Anything you would add/remove/change? Any comments, insights, suggestions? Your input is most welcome.

If you have a way of scoring with the non-pros that works for you, kindly share. I'd love to hear about it.

At any rate, I know I'll have a BLAST testing out all these M.O.'s!!!


10-07-02, 08:51

It seems you have a good "MO" (!) to score non pros, at least you arrive with a optimist point of views.....i hope for that, you meet the above points:
-of course you speak a good portugese
-you have no one kilo overweight and you are far better looking than the average tourist.... anyway you can physiquely compete with the native guys (remember Cariocas are often althetics and good looking and perfectly suits to the tastes of most brasilian girls, happily for them)
-at the beach you always come with you surfboard, well taned and always ready to play beach volley to have a chance that a 'non pro' take a look at you
-of course you dance perfectly samba or axé so you can (once more) compete with brasilians guys in any club or disco
-you DON'T stay in a hotel as a good regular chicks will NEVER go in a hotel room
-you stay more than three weeks as a 'nice girl' will never get laid the first dates.

Well personnaly i don't meet all those points..... :-( (i don't dance and surf :-) ) and i've always found regulars 'Ipanema' chicks very difficult to score, if not impossible (i'm talking about chicks with european backgrounds, scoring mulatas or blacks is very easy in any boate of the zona norte)......that's why after hunting in clubs like 'Ballroom', 'Symbol', 'Nute' or 'Meli Melo' i often finish my nights in the good old HELP !!


10-07-02, 12:46
Brazil and the Elections....
A runoff between Lula and Serra

Well Lula did not get the 50% he needed to avoid a runoff. He only managed to get 46.44% of the vote..
Which means a runoff on Oct. 27th between Lula and Serra who got 23.2% of the votes...
This means another 3 weeks of indecision on the parts of some people here as to pricing, and another 3 weeks of campaigning and those annoying loudspeaker trucks driving all over Rio..

10-07-02, 19:22
Hi folks,
Does anyone know anything about "Pigalle" - It offers sauna mixing, swimming pool, privative room of massage, suítes and boate. It looks interesting!



10-07-02, 22:42
I feel if you are good looking and well mannered, you can get a non pro anywhere, as for the language, where in florida can I learn brazilian portuguese? Are the pimsleur cd's any good? if not which program is the best? and finally, to all those that have studied portuguese as a second language, how long did it take, with the avg amount of hours a day?

10-08-02, 04:30
Pimsleur CD's are a great way to get to intermediate level. You get to pick up correct accent and learn enough vocabulary and grammar to get by with garotas. I spent over 80 hours to go through level 1 and 2. I am going through level 3 now and it is much easier. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish so that would help pick up Portuguese quicker.

10-08-02, 05:07
thanks, athos. I guess it really is worth the price.

Robin Hood
10-08-02, 08:25
i have copies of pimsleur brazilian potuguese I for a $50 donation contact me if interested conductor@hotmail.com

Jose Marcia
10-08-02, 17:19
I am planning a trip to Brazil in January 03. I am based in a town located in the center of the State of New York. I found some addresses from the internet and found a couple of travel agents (brol, amazontravel) that are based in Miami. They quoted me a route that does not suit me very well and the fair is almost the same. The best airfare, in my case, is being offered by Orbitz through chicago O'hare and saving me lots of time. Can anyone tell me any New York City/New Jersey based Brazilian travel agency contact number/email? I will really appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

10-09-02, 05:48
Jose Maria
Wouldn't you be better off flying out of NYC? American and other airlines fly to South America with a stop in Miami or Atlanta.
I check www.orbitz.com every day when I need an airfare ticket as AA matches any other american airline having a sale.

10-09-02, 12:58
Jose Maria:

Try BACC in Manhattan: http://www.brazilianvacation.com/

1-800-BACC-RIO (outside NY) or (212) 730-1010
(in NY)

BROL (www.brol.com) and Newport Tours (www.newporttours.com) will sell you NYC to Rio direct, they certainly advertise it. Ask for it.

Unless there is some insanely great fare flying out of O'Hare or it's so much easier for you to fly to Chicago than get to JFK airport, you'll be better off flying out of Kennedy. The airfare for JFK-GIG is currently advertised around US$425-450, although there are about US$90 of miscellaneous taxes that they don't tell you about, so expect to pay 500-something dollars. You should also check out Newark to Rio (EWR-GIG), Continental flys it, but you'll have to connect in Sao Paulo (no big deal).

Just out of morbid curiosity, what price/route are you getting thru O'Hare?

Subaculture: Pigalle is officially a "swinger's club" - a nice place to take your gf and/or wife, have a sex club-type experience and then go upstairs and fuck her, maybe with another couple or three. Essentially the same as a in-call boite, but it's BYOB(itch) ;-) . Pigalle's certainly has some nice facilities.... However, SUPPOSEDLY, you can now find pro's cruising around both inside and outside of Pigalle, so you'll have no problem have the appropriate companion for the scene inside. I haven't been there nor do I know anyone who has to confirm this, so good luck! Also, be aware that the club is WAAAAAAAY out in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, the next beach west of Barra (and don't forget that Barra is about 7 miles long). From Copacabana, about 45 minutes. Still sounds like it would be worth the trip, but I'd ask around in Rio first. BTW, the beach at Recreio is very nice (kinda like Ipanema before there was any development), so you might want to take a gata that you already met down there and make an afternoon of it - hit the beach, wash up/play around in a nearby motel (gotta be one down there somewhere), have dinner, go to Pigalle. Why not? ;-)

Tom B.

10-09-02, 18:47
How have the pickings in Help been the last few weeks? Rates?

Also, besides Help, where are some other discos or bars to pick up semi-pros?


10-10-02, 03:46
It's a pleasure to be here and find this website

I have a question for you rio/Brazil hobbiest .....My question is not actually a pinpoint one, it's me comparing a lifestyle I led during my vacation in Jamaica and applying it in RIO/Brazil. To fully undertsand this lifestyle and my question read along......

Last year, I decided to go to Jamaica for my 3-4 months vacation. I picked Jamiaca because of the beaches, sunshine , reggae music, movies I watch,..including the internet and among other stuff I read......I then decided to ship a 5 year old Jeep to Jamaica since I had gotten a newer one. Remind you, I'm not Jamaican and don't even know how things work there ..I landed in Jamaica, ----Very different from out here (Eastcoast U.S)----.....tried to ''clear'' my Jeep from the port and ended up paying a whole lotta bribe here and there....Anyway I did get it and now understand how stuff works in a 3rd world country.....:-).....I got a small apartment in kingston, which was actually a semi-detached building...kinda cheap....aprox 200$ (u.s)a month rent....1$ (U.S) = 50$(JMD) aprox.......Well, lets just say I got myself organized within 2weeks

Now I started operating. Many Americans say U.S is a great country, but dude, you can never comprehend how great U.S is if u never traveled outside. People actually think all Americans are rich .....and we spend money carelessly.....I was having non-pros 8s and 9s.... Black girls....I drove around in my Jeep and all I do is stop to any cute chics I felt like fucking, -simply as that....I would say 7 out of 10 will give u their phone number--- if they got a phone or address to their parents or their own home/apartment/whatever.....It was a blast, Nightclubs was almost a gurantee wit' a chic who will suck ya dick within 2 week. The thing is, I give myself 2 weeks....e.g. Talk to her on monday, tuesday call her, wednesday, visit her, then take her out, thursday, friday visit her or make her some to ya place...
With this constant relationship within 2 weeks u will most-deff hit that pussy.......So by doing so to many other girls at a constant rate u guranteed pussy almost every time......altogether , I had 17 chics (Non-pros) and 5 Pros (I got the hook ups from the natives I made friends wit' )......Dude, it's really crazy down there....They have a thing for Nikes and Tommy Hilfiger gears/clothes.....like a semi pop craziness.....I think hip hop culture and Pop culture had a creat influence on them: maybe that helped in a way cause I listen to NSYNC, Jay-Z, eminem, Marriah carrey ( Generation X and I'm 26 ) Me being Black with a white father, I look or can pass for P-rican, cuban or some other latino.... lightskin brown dude .....Abit of a different shade, I sticked out abit since most jamaicans are darker.....In all , I had fun there, clubs, parties, fuc.king...ya name it !!!

My question is, can I ship a Jeep/car to RIO/Brazil.......and rent a cheap Apartment for about 4 months during summer May---Sept.....
Hang out where the natives hang out and pick up NON-PROS......maybe they will also find me to be fun like the Jamaicans did, since they both 3rd world countries.....cause I have a nice newer convertible Jeep many chics will luv to jump in ...I'm also into photography and can tell them lies like I work for Giorgio Armani, Tommy hilfiger and I'm on a model search mission in BRAZIL....hahaha...take 'em pictures with my digital cameras as a fascade......Then moving from one small town to another fuc.king these Molatas and stuff.....I really find Brazilians to be extremly cute and sexy..... really the best !....so if this is possible then I can make this my home for the rest of my life...at least my second home ....Money is not an issue :-).....And I'm average in looks if not above, I ain't no fat belly tourist in hawiian shirt, more of an athlethic type with muscles !....and can even pass for Brazilian since I also got brownskin ......

People, if this is possible or not let me know.....I'm looking forward to visit Brazil /Rio to observe for myself before I venture to stay there for 4 months...( like I didn in Jamaica shipping my car and ended up paying bribes) People please give me feedbacks about my idea and strategy !!!....


10-10-02, 05:44
The idea of spending 4 months in Brazil is fantastic. You may want to consider visiting other cities besides Rio.
I don't see the need of a jeep to get laid but that's just me.
Driving in Rio is very difficult unless you're a local. Plus at night, cars do not have to stop at red lights to avoid car jacking. Not sure I would want my car being driven in Rio.
You should contact several apartments managers and try to make a deal.
You will also need to speak Portuguese to pick up non pros. English won't cut it.

10-10-02, 06:45
Hi Pro/Tomb

Called up hotel ducasse and they tell me the rates are 150Real/night ... much more than Debret.

Should i get a reservation and then go or just show up at the hotel..

Member #4239
10-10-02, 07:33
Gadey, dude:
Welcome to the forum
I agree with everything that Athos said, so I won't repeat it. The apartments in Rio(at least the ones that I consider acceptable and safe)will definitely run you more than 200$/month, some much more. It will depend on your standards though.
Rio is a much much much nicer city than Kingston, Jamaica, which I found to be a polluted, ugly and dangerous town. Rio has its own problems of course, but not nearly as bad as Kingston.
If you speak Portuguese, you can meet and score with beautiful regular(non-pro's)from day one. But please don't lie to them as you were suggesting. Girls are not stupid you know, and they can lie to you too. Just be yourself, and you'll still have plenty of girl friends. Good luck and score some for me too. PENTA. J.G.

10-10-02, 10:33
has anyone tried Barra Vip's or Barra Queen Escorts, if so would you recommend that service and are the girls on the website the girls that actualy arrive at your door and are the prices on the site what you actualy pay no extra charges. does anyone know of other good escort agencies to recommend in Rio. info on this topic would be very helpful. thanks to all that can help with any info..

10-10-02, 11:14

150 reals is really too much for Ducasse and this my opinion is that they purpose the 'normal' rates for phones inquires....
Asking directly at the reception would cut the price to half (i think you should try)..
Have a nice trip (don't forget to report !)

10-10-02, 13:21
No I would not reccomend Barra / Barra Queen Escorts, I have a Rio escort guide that I've been mailing around, send me your email address and I'll send it to you (or anyone else who wants it). My email is tombNOSPAM@simarchitectNOSPAM.com, without the NOSPAM of course.

Pro is absolutely correct. R$150/night for 2 stars? Are they crazy? Anyway, make a reservation for a few days, show up, negotiate the price at the door, if you can't get a decent price then and there, give the receptionist or doorman a few reais to "guard" your stuff and go for a walk down the street. Worst comes to worst, stay for one night and go for a nice after-breakfast walk the next day. R$70-100 for single occupancy in a two-star hotel sounds about right, but you'll have to see after you walk around a bit.

My advice: learn portuguese, learn portuguese, and learn portuguese. Other than that, you will have a blast, you apparently have the right mindset to "go native". Attitude is way more important than skin color... although if you look Brazilian, you can always get a lot of mileage from the double-take that people have when they realize that you are not... I get the exact opposite, I look like a big, tall, bullet-headed white maniac, so I get a double-take when people realize that I'm also Brazilian. And J.G. is right, just be yourself, don't lie (at least not too outrageously). Your idea of bringing a Jeep may not be worth it, check with the Brazilian Embassy to see what's involved. Between the shipping, whatever crazy fees they decide to slap on you, the bribes that you'll certainly have to shell out, and, most important, spare parts that you'll have to bring along in case anything breaks (BTW, I hope you know how to fix the Jeep yourself.. mechanics in Brazil sure won't)..... you'll probably be better off just buying a car down there. Jeep Willy's are cool, US$4000-5000 will get you a good used one, there are all kinds of nationally made new Jeeps that will run you US$10,000 or so. And you can always get yourself a dune buggy for US$2000 or so. Besides which, having any wheels at all (short of a jalopy) is good enough for picking up girls.

As for your four months, May-Sept is winter in Brazil, and rainy season in Rio. Why don't you go to the northeast? All the university babes from the south go there for the winter holidays (June/July) anyway. Unless you are dead set on staying in just one town, grab your Jeep, drive to Porto Seguro/Trancoso and then go beach-hopping along the nordeste untill you either reach the Amazon (Belem) or fall in love and get married (Salvador). Alternatively, pick a nice city in the Nordeste (Fortaleza, Recife, Natal, Salvador, in my own order of preference for such an adventure) and go beach-cruising along the coast from there. Of course, I'm assuming you like beaches. You can do the same kind of thing in the interior if you want. Whatever your fancy (except for ice and snow), Brazil has it! However, you're way more likely to find "gatas" on the coast...

Did I mention that you should learn portuguese?

Feel free to email me at the above address if you have any other questions,

Tom B.