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09-04-03, 05:46
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02-10-04, 09:38
There are several saunas around here. Nothing really interesting to report, except that they work the same way as saunas all around China seem to work. You surrender your shoes, they take you and let you have a shower and you talk to one of the guys (the word "xiao(3)mei(3)mei(5)", chinese for "pussy"-numbers indicate tones) seems to get the idea across. Be careful that you don't let them put you into one of the rooms that is too expensive. For example: The deluxe room in the sauna that I went to cost something like 566RMB. For reference, the girl's tip was supposed to be 358 (this is according to the towelboys to whom I spoke, since I didn't actually sample of the wares. The barbershops are *much* cheaper, according to a taxi driver.)

02-16-04, 05:29
Wonder of wonders:

There does not seem to be any sex available in barber shops. In the cities where there are no saunas, there are barber shops and vice versa. It seems that there are also several massage parlors available here for traditional massage. I have a feeling that there is sex available there, because when I came into the place one of the girls saw me and got a horrified expression on her face and practically *bolted* from the room.

What I've been able to gather from the taxi drivers and friends who have shown me around the city has been that there are three major places for action, and at three different price levels:

1. Saunas: About 500RMB. 300 of this goes to the girl as a tip and the rest is actually the cost of the little room that you go into with the girl. Caveat Emptor: The cost of the rooms ranges from 180RMB-550RMB. DON'T let them put you in a 550RMB room, becaue a 500RMB piece of ass could turn into an 800RMB piece of ass at the stroke of a pen.

2. Karaoke: About 250RMB. This was the place that was recommended by the taxi drivers. If you say to the taxi driver something like "Karaoke Xiao Jie" or "Hong(3)Deng(3) Qu(4)," (literally, "red light district") he will take you to this extremely busy area where there is a humungous lit up marquee. When the taxi pulls you in, there are some very aggressive men who will try to get you out of the car (there are lots of businesses there, each with lots of girls in them). The mamasan says that the cost of the karaoke room is 50RMB per hour. I have it on the advice of a friend and two taxi drivers that the cost of a girl is about 100RMB. But it is said that they will raise the price for a foreigner. But while there are SO many girls in here on some nights they are a bit nervous about taking customers. In fact, I had to go to two places before I found someone that was willing to take me. After it was all said and done, the girl's tip was 200RMB and the house fee was 50-- for having sex in a karaoke room. Now that that place knows who I am, I wouldn't pay any more than the 250 price that they quoted me on the first visit.

3. Ke-ting (2 words, believed to be tones 3-1): This is a place that the taxi driver was trying to tell me that the cost of trim was about the same there as the Karaoke. With the selection of muff as high as it was at the karaoke area, I wouldn't go out of my way to find it. If it's convenience you're looking for, I'd stick with the first two options.

03-06-04, 17:03
I've finally gotten this thing right. I wish there were some other people in Taiyuan who would bother to write down there experiences. I know that there are a lot of mongers here in this city, having just spoken with one tonight. I'd like to get a girl for incall service. One that I met at the KTV said that she would come out to my village for 300 RMB, but I doubt it. She says that she "didn't have a phone" (=not interested).

The place that I went to is near a place called "Binghetiyuezhongxin." It's a big area, but if the taxi drops you off there at night, you can't fail to see where the action is going on. The KTV area that I always go to is Bei Dou Xing Yu Le Chang.

Lots of nice looking girls. Bottom line: 200RMB (!!) from beginning to end with a nice looking girl. She was a little reluctant to allow dining at the Y, but relented after I insisted. (Such a pity, since these girls don't have that "dead fish" smell that a lot of the Western girls do.) The only problem was that the KTV room was a little cold. Since there is SO much variety, I think that I'm going to find a place where the heater works next time so when I get my freak on I don't have goosebumps all over the place.
The girl was also nice enough to tell me that I could just bribe the police in the case that they caught me fucking in the KTV, but she didn't specify what was an appropriate amount.

Mc Graw
03-11-04, 07:06

Thanks for your efforts for posting those great reports! I'll be in Taiyuan this May and am looking forward to having some actions!

So can you tell me more details on "Binghetiyuezhongxin"? How much was the total(including cover charge, tips, etc.)? What time period would be good to look for actions? What did you have to do to talk the girl into having sex with you? I can speak fairly decent Chinese but I've never talked with a Chinese girl about sex and money. Once again thanks for you info and hope to hear from you soon!

Mc Graw

Mc Graw
03-18-04, 05:19
Dear WSG members,

Any info on Taiyuan will be apprecited. Thank you!

Mc Graw

03-20-04, 14:25
This time I went to the Hawaii Hotel (Chinese English: Hai Wai Hai, please excuse the absence of tones). They had a sauna, and like every place that has saunas, they had hookers. These girls are often not busy, because the price level makes it such that people will go to the KTVs first.

I went into the Haiwaihai hotel and had a shower in the very nice sauna. They have a lot of towelboys there are real pests.

Then they took me from the third floor (shower area) to the fourth floor, which is the lounging area and put me down in front of the television. I just had to use the Mandarin word for "hooker" (XiaoJie) and there were two girls for me to choose from inside of 30 seconds. (One of them had tried to get my business when I came there the night before for a genuine shower, but had no money. She rubbed my Most Private Patch of Flesh and I almost died at not having enough to take here right then.)

I chose the fleshier of the two, and she took me into a room with two massage beds. These girls are much better than the ones at the KTV in that they are prepared for their customers. They had some decent condoms (a rarity for Chinese hookers) AND lube.

She immediately took off her clothes and started rubbing my body, and which point I was ready to go. But I didn't want to pay 438RMB for five minutes, so I found some other things to do. After a bit of DATY, she stopped me and made motions for me to get on top. She put on the condom (which caused some erectile difficulties, since I hate condoms more than anything), and I had her in three positions. The finale was doggystyle, at which point I tried to ride her into the sunset.

After the service was over, I went back to the locker and paid her in cash. The pesky attendants asked me if I wanted a shower, which I declined. (These Asian girls don't have that smell around their box, and even if they did have some, I would have wanted to keep it as a momento.)

I slept and cleaned up and left the next morning.

Ace of Spades
04-05-04, 00:12

It sounds like you are having a great time in Taiyuan. I wish I was there. I am planning an excurision to China sometime at the end of this month or early May.

I am wondering how if we can meet up. I am offering to pay for the girl of your choice. It would be great to have a beer or two, and find some Chinese pussy.

BTW, How did your date go with those chicks?

Do you have a cell? I believe you have my email address.

How do I get to Taiyuan from Beijing?

04-14-04, 16:30
There are several massage places around here, but these are the proper kinds of place. No sex from these girls. It's strange, because there were two places right next door to each other, and one admitted offering blow jobs. When I asked them for "Da Pao" (Chinese for full sex), they shyed away from it. But I really wonder: "If they are willing to go that far, why not go all the way?" The other said that it was a legit establishment (it is the one that I eventually chose). The girl was very nice looking, but for 150 RMB all I got was an *excellent* massage and a hand job. (The one weak point was that they used some sort of wine for the rubdown and when she got to my Xiao DD that burned for a few minutes.) Lots of good smells and feelings the whole way.

I was able to get in a few fleeting feels of the girls ass and other regions. I have a feeling that if I offered enough, her panties would have come right off. But for the cost that that would have entailed, Bei Dou Xing Yu Le Chang was the best bet. 150-200 RMB out the door. I asked her if her clothes were necessary (she made it clear at the beginning of the massage that mine weren't. She seemed to not have the slightest discomfort that I was butt assed naked and hard as a diamond.) I strongly suspect that there are some girls there that do full service and others that don't. But again, for the sake of convenience, you might as well go to Bei Dou Xing.

Synopsis: DON'T go looking for Xiao Mei Mei in the massage parlors because it's likely not available. And for the fee of the massage, you could get the real thing.

04-14-04, 16:51
This is a belated report about some of the other places offering sexual services.

When I was walking along YifenJie, there was an area just off the road that had a SLEW of barbershops. They are not my cup of tea, since they are too dirty and I just can't get into sex if I'm surrounded by dirt and bad smells. The girls there didn't seem too interested in offering me service. In one place, they locked the door before I came in. And in another, they locked the door directly after I went out. There were some decent looking people there.

This is actually the first step in what turned out to be a *very* long night looking for sex. So in earlier reports, I assumed that all the obvious places had sex on offer. That was "Geting," which is full of KTVs and Du Qiu Cun Yu Le Cheng. So after wandering around and visiting the barbershops (just looking, not interested in purchase), I went to the Geting area and went to one, two, three, four different KTVs-- all with no success. (I had gone there a few nights ago, and the bouncers wouldn't even let me in; They flatly told me to go to Bei Dou Xing.) I know that they offered sex at these places because the second I stepped into the complex some of the Men That They Pay To Hustle Customers Inside ("Barkers?") were making gestures that indicated that. And they were saying "Da Pao" and "Kou Jiao" (Blow Job), but the girls were afraid of me when I went inside. At the first place, I asked the girl how much for Da Pao, and she said 500RMB-- which was immediately laughed at since I can have the same thing in a nicer environment in any hotel sauna. The second place, the girls were very friendly, and they took me into a room. But when I asked them how much for "other things," the answer was no. But I don't think that it was because there was no sex available. And in both of these places, there were at *least* thirty girls. It just can't be that there are that many men in Taiyuan willing to pay 50RMB just to sing with a ***** for an hour. Ditto the third and fourth places.

A man intercepted me on the way to the second of the KTV places (Du Qiu Cun Yu Le Cheng) and told me that I could go there for Da Pao. But when I went into the KTV room, all the girls denied that they would provide sexual services. And this happened for 4 out of 5 girls. And one of them was too high in price. (Every single taxi driver in the city suggested that I pay no more than 100 RMB for the tip.) By the time the 5th one came in, I was seething and told them that I was leaving. (Of course if I don't find a girl that I like, then they can forget about getting the room fee.) The Barker almost took my arm off trying to get me to stay.

At long last, I decided to take a 300 foot walk to Bei Dou Xing, and I went into the back door. Some of the barkers at this place waved me away (because some of the girls cringed when they saw me), but if you put your money on the line, there is ALWAYS someone there to take it. A very shapely girl in a white outfit took me into the KTV room and did me in stride. Incidentally, she was not from this province. 8/10 in the Looks Department and Attitude Department. She was pretty decent, if slightly reluctant to take off everything so I could get a feel of her titties and stick my fingers in her snatch to get some Souvenir Smell-- and she was a ripe one, not having the convenience of showers like the hookers in the hotel. 200RMB for everything. I could have gotten her down to 150, since we agreed on 100 as a tip and the house never gets more than 50. But, all things considered, I wasn't in the mood to argue any more that night.

Synopsis: What I *know* works for sure are the saunas (since the attendants will come right out and tell you that the girls tip is 300-400RMB), and Bei Dou Xing Yu Le Cheng. What *appears* to work is Geting and the Barbershops in two particular parts of town. But I was unsuccesful at getting them to take my money. Of those which I know to work, Bei Dou Xing is the best and most cost efficient. There is nothing that can interfere with an erection more than knowing that the tip is twice as much as you could have been paying elsewhere, even if less convenient.

04-18-04, 06:42
This is to report the best hooker that I have had in the last five years.

She was working in a hotel in Taiyuan City called Xindalujiudian. The English name of it is New Continent Hotel, and it, too is in Binhetiyuenzhongxin. The first one that they sent me was a little too old for my taste, so I sent her back (usually, the first hooker that they sent to foreigners is disgusting, so I make it a point to have them give me three different ones and then I'll choose what I want). The second was was delightful to look at at first sight.

She came in and we got right down to business. She had on some leopard skin panties and a MAGNIFICENT body. It is now that I should mention that this report is a combination of three visits that I purchased from her. On all three visits, she gave me a tongue bath. She got a little bit too near to the bullet hole on the first visit, so I steered her away from there. She didn't return for the other two. After the tongue bath, then she flipped me over and gave my balls a licking and a blow job with condom. The next two visits, she gave me bareback blowjob. I did as much DATY as she would allow, and then she steered me into the Main Event. After it was all over, I was hard again 5 minutes later. This girl was THAT hot! (Her name is Mung(4) Yue(2), in case you want to look her up.) I think if she had asked me to marry her after the first session, I would have said yes. So, while we waited for my erection to go down, we spoke a bit, she and I. Apparently, her 400RMB tip furnishes the hotel 200RMB. There was no negotiation on the price, since the attitude of the hotel is: "I don't care if they ride you into the sunset. You have to bring 200 back here if you don't come back with a condom." She's also from Jilin province.

The sex was total GFE, kissing and all (after the first visit). I can also guess that she enjoyed her time with me, as she was wet without lube and the kissing became more intense and passionate at sundry intervals throughout the act. When asked why she didn't allow me to do that much DATY, she said that it was because it was not familiar. I don't think that these girls want to allow themselves to get any pleasure out of their work. It probably blurs the separation between work and pleasure if they enjoy it. (Chinese girls seem terrified to enjoy sex, even in the context of a relationship.) So while her body said "More of this," her brain told her "Stop, this is work."

One annoying habit: Spitting in the garbage can on the side of the bed every few minutes, after both kissing and dick-sucking.

She offered to stay from 2am to 6am (those are the tail end of her working hours) for 1200RMB. 4 hours for the price of three.

Only go into the hotels if you're going to be staying in town for a few days. These hookers could bankrupt you.

Mc Graw
05-23-04, 17:05
Finally I'm in the city of Taiyuan. I checked out a BBS near Qingnianlu and Bingzhoulu yesterday. No intercourse was offered but HJ and massage were provided by a cutie from Fujian province for 80RMB. Gonna try to get liad more often this week.

12-14-04, 06:12
Tried to come into this place some weeks ago, very similar to german "Eros Center", with a big gate at the entry.
After 20 m my harm was grabbed by these terrible guys who try to convince to stop by their place. Sorry but I cannot stand this. I turned back and run off this place in one minute.
I think I will prefer saunas in this town.
Anyway, to whom want to try this experience, the place is on the north west part of the town. The second bridge from north is called Yifeng bridge. When you cross it going west, just continue on this road (Yifeng Jie) and on the left side after about 300 m you will found it. BTW this is also the area of all other sex parks described on this thread.
The place called Bin he ti yuen (or you) zhong xin is on the right side of the same street just after the bridge. Inside this place there are discos, restaurants, cabarets, but not KTV.

12-14-04, 17:36
I would like to share some experiences about the Taiyuan mongering possibilities in this late 2004.
For what I could understand, the description given by Clandestine in this thread is quite optimistic.
You have to know that I do not speak any mandarin, and this in my opinion is a big limitation to my mongering activities, expecially in this provincial part of China.
I was staying at Shanxi Grand Hotel last november, I just called to my room the internal massage service which is based at the 3rd floor. I was not knowing exactly what to expect from the girl, but I was ready to look for any possible sign of sex service offered.
At first impression the girl was innocent looking, not so beautiful, so I told myself that maybe in this hotel only the traditional massage is available, but we will wait and see.
She first made clear that one hour massage was 220 RMB, which I accepted.
After a good 20 minutes of real massage on my back, chest and belly (very strong indeed), the girl was slowly approaching the most interesting part. At this point I tried an approach by caressing her back under the shirt, but she said 'no' and moved away, confirming my first impression. Then, while massaging my belly, she started to rub the tip of my cock with her hand, in a casual manner. So after a while, when I was hard, she asked me by gesturing to remove my underpants (the pants and the t-shirt had already gone before). Now the innocent look has gone and the bargaining phase started. She begun proposing a HJ for 1000 RMB ! Then I asked for Da Pao (full sex) and the answer was 2000 RMB for HJ+BJ but no intercourse available! I told her "Tai guile" (too much): I offered 500 RMB for both BJ and Da Pao, but since an agreement could not be reached I told her to continue with the normal massage; in the meantime my erection was gone, since I found nothing more un-exciting than discussing about money with a hooker.
After 10 minutes she was able to get me hard again and her new offer was 1500 for BJ + intercourse. Knowing the price Clandestine was paying some months ago, I declined. At the end of the massage her last offer was 1000, I said no again and she walked out of the room.
I can think of two possible reason for these high prices: or it was this girl in particular who asked too much, or this city is full of idiots Laowei overpaying for a mediocre service.
Anyway, I was just happy to see that I'm able to say no to a scam even with an hard-on in front of a half-naked girl.
I then headed to the Hai Wai Hai hotel as I wanted to verify the sauna story from Clandestine. At the desk I just asked : do you have a sauna in this hotel? The answer was a big NO! What the hell!
Jumped on a taxi and headed to Bei Dou Xing Yu Le Cheng; before entering the gate I was approched by a guy who asked me if I was interested in "Da Pao": of course I was, so I follow him throught the entry gate to one of the KTV (at least I was not touched or shouted by all the other guys, since I was apparently in company of the first guy).
There he put me in a room, cost 200 RMB. The price was corresponding to the one reported by Calndestine so I payed. The room was equipped with a big screen and two microphones, cleary a Karaoke.
After 1 minute a girl entered the room , not bad looking but she didn't speak a word of english; we started to speak or at least we tried to speak for a while. She proposed me to sing, then when I decided for the song she changed her mind explaining the karaoke player was out of order (bullshit all the time). In all this time she was going out, coming back the room, talking with her pappa, etc; the situation was clearly not a standard one, maybe he was not allowed to "sell" me this girl, who knows?
After a while she was proposing me to fuck her on the filthy couch, while his pappa was waiting out of the door (not locked BTW). You should also know that these doors have a small window, so everybody passing through the corridor can see you fucking.
My instinct told me this could be a scam situation (you know, where the guys burst in while you are fucking and took you all the money, etc.), so I proposed to leave with the girl to my hotel for 3 hours: cost 500 RMB; I payed immediately to the guy, this was a risk and I knew it, but no alternatives.
We (me and the guy) went out to look for a taxi, he went back to pick-up the girl and let her sit in another taxi, confirming the strangeness of the situation. Then we both headed to my hotel.
The story ends with a so-so fuck (no BJ, no kissing) of 45 minutes, after which the girl left the room.
I was relieved cause there was really no way of communicating between us.
Conclusion (for the moment): in Taiyuan if you do not speak mandarin, if you want a good sex service and if you do not have a lot of time looking for freebie, you must pay at least 1000 RMB for ST, much more than what I spend normally in Europe: Germany, Slovak Rep., Czech Rep., Poland, and I do not speak any of the languages of these countries. Thank you China!

12-15-04, 07:07
Hi Gyg66,

That's right, in China you need to speak some chinese and know where to go. Otherwise, they will fcuk you instead of you fcuking them. Anytime there pimps involved you will pay more and probably get bad service, and put yourself at risk of a scam. IMHO

Fluffy Bud
04-05-05, 08:04
I am surprised by reading some of these reports in Taiyuan. It is a wild, crazy mongring city. I find most actions are in KTV scene, don't like suana scene as much since I like taking chicks back to the room for more relaxation and time.

Hey GYG66, your KTV experiences is acutally quite common. Lots of the cheaper KTV's in China, the "business" are done in these filthy rooms without the locks, and with the windows on the doors. 200 to 300 RMB would easily suffice in these manners.

It is quite coomon for local Chinese go to KTV and do their "business" in this matter. As for safeness, it should be ok, but than again like you said you could get fcuk by people charging in and scamming you, especially being a foreigner. Good thinking on taking the chick back, I would have done the same.

But you got lucky in paying first and having the girls still come to your room. I unusally don't pay first because I think we got ripped off one too many time this way. For girls to take a different taxi is common(happened to me many times), because that taxi will follow the other one back to the hotel. This is to prevent being stop by cops or whatnot and having troubles down the road this way. Foreigner/laowei just attract the wrong sort of attentions at time. Only thing is to make sure to pay their fee after the deed is done. Just pay the papasan/mamsan their booking fee, ranging from 100~300RMB, depending on your Chinese language skill. I found 200 to be more than enough in almost everywhere in China.

Next time, don't even pay for the room. Go straight in, indicate to the papasan/mamsan that you want a chick for take out, most place would happily accomdate you. Pay them the booking fee and than take the chick back and have a good time.

11-20-05, 15:24
City of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province

Exit the train station and walk straight ahead for five minutes or so past the Railway Hotel and then you come to the Changtai Fandian (hotel), they are on your left. Directly across the street is an old disco. 100 yards to the left of the disco are a few barbershops and there are a dozen more on the street behind the disco. But they were only giving massage and handjob. Only one girl offered full service for 150rmb.
But Confucius said, " good wank better than bad lide", (ride). And he should know!

Beautiful Old Ming Dynasty City of Pingyao. 2 hours by train from Taiyuan.

Exit the train station and turn left, you will see barbershops on both sides of the street, but they are hard to see in the day, you need to look in the evening when the pink lights are on. Some demolition going on so some may not survive.

OR. Exit the station and walk straight ahead for about 5 mins to the first big intersection. On the far right corner there is the Tielu Hotel. They have a few ladies on the 3rd floor. You must ask to see them. I paid 300rmb for ST but I'm sure the locals pay a lot less. I should have bargained more, sorry. However, the service was GFE and she allowed me 2 shags.

Anyway, the quality was low and options are few. I couldn't find a KTV, but you might.

02-12-06, 08:54
Just want you clarify that the second half of my Taiyuan report was about finding action in the touristic city of Pingyao.

Krum Lov
08-26-06, 14:41
hi santa, have you been back to taiyuan or pingyao recently? has anyone any reports on BBS in either of those 2 places that offer HJ or BJ? cheers!

08-06-07, 18:49
Hi! I will be going to Taiyuan for a business trip next week, and will be staying there for almost a week at World Trade Hotel.

I've checked out this section but found that the most recent entry was almost a year old.

Just wonder if anyone has been there lately? Would appreciate if someone can share some latest info about activities near the hotel... I'm more into BBS that can provide take out service. Sauna would be another option too.



Budd 2166
09-04-07, 08:23
Hi! I will be going to Taiyuan for a business trip next week, and will be staying there for almost a week at World Trade Hotel.

I've checked out this section but found that the most recent entry was almost a year old.

Just wonder if anyone has been there lately? Would appreciate if someone can share some latest info about activities near the hotel... I'm more into BBS that can provide take out service. Sauna would be another option too.


SnifferI live in Taiyuan and work in building be of the World Trade building. A lot of what you have previously written is now gone or temp. Closed due to a lot of road and building renovation. And I do mean a lot. I'm not big on the local mogner scene here but I do know a little

PM me if you like.


Budd 2166
09-04-07, 08:25
Ooops, you cant PM me. I don't have that function.


Hi Budd 2166,

Are you suggesting that a sophisticated world traveler such as yourself can't afford a $13 subscription to support this forum and all the work I do to keep it maintained?

Come on dude, a forum subscription is less than 50 cents a week.



11-16-07, 17:12
I am in Taiyuan right now and I didn't find any possibilites where to go for something cheap. So probably I am looking for BBS or something of that style.

Sadly I can't bring anyone to my hotel room, so I have to go outside.

Any hints where to look for a nice and cheap time? It doesn't have to be too long.

Bob Sacamano
11-17-07, 09:20
There are some BBS on the small street that parallels the main street, Yingze Dajie, that extends out of the train station. As Santa says in report #17, exit the train station and walk straight ahead for 5 minutes or so and this small street is one block over on the right (to the north of of Yingze Dajie). I think the streetís called Wuyi Dongjie (itís kind of hard to tell in my travel book). There are lots of typical old Chinese apartment buildings on this street and several bus lines run down it. I saw several BBS when I was there early this year but didnít partake because I prefer saunas/bathhouses. A couple of the small massage shops that I saw in this area actually had women sitting in the windows. One evening, one of the women flashed me her tits as I was walking by!

11-18-07, 08:20
Thanks a lot - I will try to find them. If I do, I will send a report here.

11-18-07, 17:01
So today I tried to find these BBS. While I wasn't able to find any during the day in that region, it became quite obvious during the night.

Instead of exiting the trainstation straight I already entered this parallel street and there they were. About 10 BBS. I looked in the windows of several of them and then I decided to go into one (Sorry, I can't describe which one).

First I was offered "anmo" for 50 Yuan. When I said yes, the girl showed me into a back room with some boxes. She tried to talk to me in Chinese. I didn't understand too much but we had quite a good laugh.

After that, she showed me that she would take care of my little brother, if I want to. Of course I want to (Additional 200 Yuan).

She lead the way up some very dark stairs into a room. After a CBJ (I wanted it like that) she seemed to have a bit of trouble getting my little brother inside, it looked like she had some pain. But after a short time she seemed to get used to it and like it. When we had finished, she tried to explain something to me, but I didn't understand again. We laughed a lot again and she cuddled me several times.

All in all, quite a good experience. Even while I think that I paid too much for this.

11-24-07, 19:22
Today I again was in that region. The girl from the last time remembered me and was obviously quite happy to see me.

This time I tried to negotiate a bit. And so I paid 200 Yuan (Short Massage + FS) instead of 250 like the last time.

Does anyone know if this price is normal?

Victor Zhao
08-17-08, 02:59
H guys,

If you want to know more geography info of this city, you can leave the questions here. I have lived there for ten years.

Make fun there.

11-22-09, 03:16
Planning a trip to Taiyuan next July. Can anyone help me with the latest in pay for plays. Only staying for a couple days so wanted to find the best bang for my buck. BBS? Hotel saunas? Will probably stay at the Shanzi Grand Hotel.

09-17-11, 03:54

I m stay in world trade hotel and cannot found some place for have fun here. Maybe you have a idea where I should go at night?

Thanks for your help


04-29-14, 07:45
Beautiful Old Ming Dynasty City of Pingyao. 2 hours by train from Taiyuan.

Exit the train station and turn left, you will see barbershops on both sides of the street, but they are hard to see in the day, you need to look in the evening when the pink lights are on. Some demolition going on so some may not survive.

OR. Exit the station and walk straight ahead for about 5 mins to the first big intersection. On the far right corner there is the Tielu Hotel. They have a few ladies on the 3rd floor. You must ask to see them. I paid 300rmb for ST but I'm sure the locals pay a lot less. I should have bargained more, sorry. However, the service was GFE and she allowed me 2 shags.

Anyway, the quality was low and options are few. I couldn't find a KTV, but you might.Partial update on Pingyao, as I was there on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

Exiting the train station and turning left, you are on Zhongdu Street, which leads past the north side of the walled city.

On the north side of that street opposite the Wan Ke Ju Hotel, there are at least two shop fronts containing sofas occupied by ladies of the night (two on each when I walked past). No idea whether they are "barbershops", and the lighting didn't look pink, but if the women inside weren't prostitutes then I'm Barack Obama's twin brother!

Further along, on the south side of the road, the Bai Fu Long Hotel is at the junction with a road which runs along the west wall of the city. Next to it are two more shop fronts in which I observed sofas with one lady of the night on each.

The ladies I saw were all reasonably attractive, not as slim as most of the civvy girls I lusted after during the day but not overweight either, and probably thirtyish.

I did not investigate further. Or enter, despite the temptation. As, on the Wednesday evening (at about 10pm) there were local youths hanging about which I found somewhat intimidating, and on the Thursday I was in the company of my family, being transported back to the station at about 8pm.

But I can confirm (with a degree of certainty albeit without much detail) that such opportunities continue to be available in Pingyao, and possibly others elsewhere or within the hotels, and perhaps along the KTV strip which is just around the corner on the road facing the city's west wall.

07-15-14, 19:21
Staying in Taiyuan until 18th of July. Would really appreciate some help on where to find some nice action, preferable massage. Any tips? PM me!



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05-26-17, 15:42
First find the intersection of Sheng Li Street and Xinjiang Road just east of the Fen River. West of Xinjiang Road on both sides of ShengLi Street there are 5-7 BBS, each with 1-3 gals per shop. Most providers are 30+ but there are a few in their 20's. I was quoted 100,150 & 200 for a HJ. FS will come in a little higher. I picked a mid 20's girl, a next door type with long fake eye lashes for a HJ, she allowed full roaming under her blouse and bra plus under her dress and in her panties. 100 on completion.


06-28-17, 11:00

Got your intel on Shengli street. However girls are old and ugly. Not worth the penny. Also tried some sauna place via taxi drive same sort old and ugly. So just left. And I went p pingyao. All the previous report about Pingyao is no longer valid. Did not flag a taxi to ask for one in pingyao. That's my report for these two cities.

01-11-20, 13:09
This thread seems to have been dead for years.

I've found some spots in the town recently. Anyone interested PM me.