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03-24-05, 00:20
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SE Asia Joe
07-11-06, 05:20
Your definition -
"Hostess Club - A lower end strip club where bargaining for sex acts with the dancers is acceptable, and some activities may occur on premises." - is not correct in the Asian context.
Starting in Japan in the sixties/early seventies (and reaching prevalence in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc up to only quite recently/the Asian fiancial crisis/the popular advent of the K-OK - which is a variant/further refinement of the Hostess Club concept), a Hostess club is usually quite a lavish night club where "hostesses" are provided by the club to keep patrons accompanied and happy. Certainly nothing "lower end" about a hostess club and certainly the opposite could be said! Bills ranging from US$300 to as high as US$5,000 is not uncommon for a party of 4 or so gentlemen drinking, chatting and enjoying the company of these higher end ladies - with 'services' http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/images/icons/icon10.gif
outside of the Club subject to further charges.
Hope you don't mind my correcting this definition
SE Asia Joe

Peter Kin
01-08-07, 20:56
Can anyone anxwer this and then add it to the abbrteviations list?

Romano V
02-24-08, 10:55
I looked in the abbreviations of the forum and I do not know what is IMO please.

Maybe it is about freebies.

Thank you for your answer.

02-28-08, 20:50
I looked in the abbreviations of the forum and I do not know what is IMO please.

Maybe it is about freebies.

Thank you for your answer.

In My Opinion, IMO does not need to be added to the terms and abbreviations list.


04-10-08, 15:54
I think Jackson should add DPP to the Abbreviation list

Double Pussy Penetration


08-12-08, 23:42
Ran across a new one. Arabian????

Girl is listed as doing Classic, French, Russian, Greek and Arabian.

So WTF?! is Arabian? :)

It Travel
08-08-09, 09:45
You should add it, I performed it sevarl times...

Deep Throat Cum Injection!

So the girl has only one choiche, just swallow!!! :D :D


Gfe Finder
09-25-09, 00:46
Would somebody be kind enough to tell the meaning of Punter?

Per urbandictionary.com (and probably many other places on this site):

One who visits brothels.

However in polite company, one who bets (on horce[sic] races), or visits your retail establishment.

Black Spidey
12-02-09, 09:56

I would like to know what "PI" is? Can't find the meaning any where.


06-14-10, 13:50
Please add these two (related to massage parlors):

NE = northern exposure = topless and available for mutual touching
SE = southern exposure = bottomless and available for mutual touching

06-18-11, 20:12

I would like to know what "PI" is? Can't find the meaning any where.

SpideyPi = Philippine Islands

Vlad Impaler
03-04-13, 03:26
I was familiarising myself with the Terms and Abbreviations list, which is a valuable part of this fab forum.

I came across either a mistake or one needing further explanation

(see below for the three "CO_" abreviations)

Was COH meant to be

Cum on Hair?

Cum on Hand?

Or is there a part of the anatomy know as the 'Hard" that I have failed to find?

" COB Cum on Breast.

COF Cum on Face.

COH Cum On Hard "

Vlad Impaler
03-07-13, 11:49
One abbreviation that is missing froom the list is BBBJCIM.

This abbreviation is a very common one in the forum but doesn't appear on the official LIST.

In add

04-08-13, 17:55
The list of abbreviations says ST means "Short Time". But there is no separate listing for what Short Time actually means.

I know it is shorter than overnight, but I don't understand why so many posters refer to a single ST rate in the forums without saying how long it is for. Presumably a WG isn't going to accept the same rate for both 3 hours and 2 hours? So how does it work?

I've done forum searches, but the search function doesn't work for me (none of the links take me to the actual post).

02-13-14, 06:11

You guys should ace this. Register for the site if you want to save your results.

09-02-14, 16:18
What does HS mean? It has something to do with massages.

02-18-17, 14:15
The term GFE is used a lot on this forum.

Some writers refer to a working girl giving a blowjob with condom as a GFE.

To me, GFE excludes the use of a condom for any sexual activity.

Your thoughts?

08-10-19, 06:18
L / A / S.

Looks / Attitude / Service: A subjective ranking system. Each criteria separately ranked, from lowest (1) to highest (10). Examples: 2/9/8 = Unattractive, but very friendly and good sex. 10/5/4 = Model material, but a poor attitude, and mediocre sex.

I have thought a lot about this marking system. For guys it is great. For the "girls" probably not. (But that is another topic).

I was thinking yesterday if there should be a 4th criteria - "hygiene" (Girls who stink or are dirty are an absolute no go for me) Maybe this criteria is already included in "looks", but sometimes you don't "see" it, you just "smell" it. (Sorry, my English isn't better than that but I hope I could kind of state my point.