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04-25-05, 04:06
Tropic Tourist
I will be there in May and will force myself to go to ZB to verify the prices!

But as Tasty 1 said when I was there in Feb the cost was 20 and 17 with the discount.

I know they are doing a remodel which should be an interesting addition.

I will post a report when I get back. I am also looking forward to checking out the show at the Europa. They were shut down in Feb with some legal issues but I understand they are running regular now.

Less than 30 days to paradise!

Senor Amable
04-25-05, 13:08
It's been some time since I've been to San Jose. I spend most of my time in Medellin and for a diversion a few days a month in Panama.
Does anyone know if Michelle (a Nica) is still at the IDEM ? A few years ago she worked under the name of Maria Jose.I remember Roberto always had a well stocked inventory of both Chica's and Licores !

04-26-05, 08:44
I think I've got a handle on the del rey thing,in regards to this cein mil crap.One of the hottest chicks Ive ever been with explained to me that $60.00 dollars was just fine with her,$50.00 was really acceptable and at $40.00 she might still go if she really needed the money,but she'd be feeling like a cheap hoe. Most of the girls I had were young single mommies trying to get by,All with the exception of one were absolutely beatiful and really provided great service.Sure there are a few pironas out there but if they treat you good ,treat them good,after a couple of really great sessions I even took a couple of them out to a good dinner.One columbiana reported that she'd love to marry a gringo but would never consider a latin because they treat her like shit.Other people have posted that little gifts go a long way toward getting really great GFE's{cheap perfumes, body lotions, toiletries, kids toys}

Remember folks: Ya got a dick, don't BE A DICK.

04-27-05, 04:40
There was a meeting of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo at the Hotel Europa on Calle Zero at Ave Five on April 23rd. It is a pain to get a license for a show or strip show party, so Don Carlos the organizer, is holding meeting of the Water Buffalo. You must make advance reservations thru http://www.flamingocasinocr.com/cosmoparty.htm
You should arrive by 7:30 PM. The cost is about 8000 Colonies (about $18).
Cash bar. Cold beer at reasonable prices.

Last Saturday there were about six to eight girls, average to way above average in looks who danced there way into my thighs. After a bra and panties beginning, things took off. Dildos were inserted and boobs rubbed by all. Even pussy rubbing by attendees. All the pink snapper you care to eat on the bar.

Nothing like it in town, period.
About an hour in length.

Baby Huey
04-28-05, 21:05
I am coming down to San Jose next week May 3 thru 7, if anyone going to be in town, maybe we could hook-up. I will be going to Kumar club at least one night, it is a great best! P.M>. if you are going to be in town or e-mail me a jimhart69@hotmail.com

Baby Huey
04-28-05, 22:36
Does anybody have any information on a strip club call Tango India? Cost, Girls, cover charges, drink prices, girl fees? Is it worth a visit?

Baby Huey
04-30-05, 15:00
Has anybody been to the New Massage Place call Farol Rojo? It looks like it is every close to ZB. Here is a write up I found on the internet on the place:

Farol Rojo is the latest addition to the San José scene. Located on the western edge of Barrio Amon, it is only a short walk - 5 blocks north from Avenida Central.

The location is easy access and secure given the high amount of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, in the area.

The Pension Farol Rojo features comfortable rooms, each complete with a bathroom and jacuzzi and a television with porno to get you in the mood. The atmosphere is serene, the mood is relaxing.

Each room, though similar, has it's own character. The attending staff - fluent in English - is awaiting your arrival!

04-30-05, 18:41
I have been reading posts for 3 years and this is my first post.

Because of the WSG I have been to Tijuanna 5 times. Some great trips, and some. that left me saying "I will never go back", and my most enjoyable trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. Here are some of my high lights of my trip.

First 2 nites I stayed at the Barmolra hotel ($50. 00 and $20. 00 girl fine). I was spending $110. 00 a day just on the hotel. I ask the manager if he could cut me a break, and the answer was a flat out "no". So I moved to the Mortenza. 2 blocks from the Delray and my trip just took off. In the morning, any time before 1.00, I could get any girl from the D.R. for $40. 00 to $50. 00, and had 2 for 100 twice. My hotel charged no fines for bringing the ladies back. In the week I was there I was with a total of 18 girls. All but 2 gave me BBBJ, and most were sweet and I really only had to kick one set of 2 out of my room. Big promises in the D.R. then back in the room didn't happen. So out they went, no money for them and those 2 begged me for a nothor chance the rest of the week. I never left the area I was in. No beach, no rain forest. I went to a few strip clubs, mostly a was of time. I had a cab driver take me to the *****houses, but I didnt really see anything I liked. Most reports you see on this site is really the way it is. I am going back on may 15th thur May 21st and staying at the same place and hooking up with some of the ladies that I missed on.

I felt safe and I ate most of my meals at the restaurant across the street from the D.R. and my lunches at the Pres.

I hope I could give some good info to others that are thinking about going to C.R.

I would rate my trip a 9 out of 10.

Jaimito Cartero
05-01-05, 05:47
I have been reading posts for 3 years and this is my first post.

Wecome to the WSG. I used to monger in the US. I used to monger in Mexico. Not anymore!

It's too bad you didn't read the forum a bit more, but it sounds like you got off pretty cheap. Paying $20 to bring 1 girl to your room is armed robbery. I stayed at the Balmoral on a tour package over 16 years ago. It wasn't special then, so I doubt it is special now.

I'm glad you had fun. Other hotels to check out in the area are the Presidente, La Gran Via and Sportsman. I think they are all girl friendly (No fees).

If you'd like to expand your horizons a bit, Latin America has a lot of offer. I was just in Lima, Peru for a week and it was quite nice. The tourist areas are much cleaner than San Jose, lots of semi-pro action, and you can even find some real cuties there. $7-$50 for most chicas.

Argentina is great as well, I'll be heading there this week. I'm also hitting Brazil for a month during the summer. That only leaves Colombia on my South American "Must Do" list.

Willy 1
05-01-05, 08:49
Farol Rojo is closed. Do not know why. Any members with info would be appreciated.

Partner and I considering buying property for an hourly or nightly Hotel.

Any opinions welcomed.

05-02-05, 17:21
Hi WGS members,
It is the slow time in Costa Rica. That is good news for members who want to save money. The chicas are less $$$ and the deals you can make will save you big. Airlines are discounting there fairs.
I am in San Jose now and would be clad to have a beer with any members who want to look me up. you can find me at Hotel La Gran Via (222-7313)
The owner of the La Gran Via is giving a great rate to all who e-mail or call the hotel $36.50 a night tax included e/mail at reservas@hgranvia.com
the owners name is Alvaro and you must tell him you are a WSG member. this rate is only for May and June. Well I will be here for the next month and hope to see all you soon.

Bubba Boy
05-02-05, 20:07
Tango India is a strip club, along with Elite, probably the most expensive in CR. Having said this, both clubs have probably the most attractive girls in CR, albiet at a price.

Tango (8pm -4am ish Monday-Saturday)

Entrance: varies between C2,000 (USD$4) and C3,000 depending on the day you go. This includes a couple of local drinks.

Girls drinks: are quite expensive, they vary from $10-$20, and some girls drink them very quickly, particularly if you are white. (get used to this trait in CR, if you are white everybody will try and overcharge you)

Drinks: A carona is about C2,000. Same for mixed drinks.

Lap dances: C2,000 for a lap dance in the open area. Or if you buy them drinks in the couch area they will lap dance you pretty much all the time. Note, the couch area near the stage is called the "vip area" minimum consumption is USD$100 for the table. There is another couch area just off this, if I go their that is my preferred option because I usually will just have a couple of beers and go.

Private shows are USD$20 per song, really expensive. The private area is ok, although not that private as the curtains are quite see through, the one in Elite is much better in that it is more private. Make sure you set the price first, I got 2 different prices one night. Our waiter said USD$20, another women waiter tried to charge me USD$40......I basically said it is never $40, she just contiuned with the same shit, wouldn't budge on price (again get used to this in CR, they will try to rip you at every opportunity and then lie to your face)

Take out: This is ridiculous at both clubs. The club will try and charge you as much as they can. They will start at USD$400 just for the club fee and the girl will ask USD$300 on top. Just laugh at this.....and they will come back to you in a few minutes with a reduced price..however it will still be expensive. You will be doing well to get away with USD$150 to the club and the same for the girl. Once at Elite we were their just when it was closing and they said we could take the girls for USD$100 each, the girls wanted USD$150. Still no thanks, there is better deals elsewhere.

Worth a visit? Well it is worth having a drink their and a bit of a look, even if you are Bill Gates, I still wouldn't take the girls out on principle.

Jaimito Cartero
05-02-05, 22:32
The shows they have in the airplane aren't bad. I did that and had fun. Even to pay $250 for a really nice chica in CR is just stupid.

Baby Huey
05-02-05, 22:37
Does any body know any girls in S.J., that like greek?

Member #3104
05-02-05, 23:51
Try G&G escorts. Ask her for what you want and expect. That way you will get what you want.

Johanna has alot of girls not listed http://www.costaricaescort.com/
The rates are on her website. I prefered 24 hours because thats around 8 dollars an hour , and if you get tired, send them home. Call her at 011-506-358-2020 and tell her what type of girl you want and what you want her to do. For the money you pay, expect the girls to do anything you want. What I like about her service, is that she also can meet you at the airport and take care of all your transportation needs. Other than that, try your luck at the DR.

05-03-05, 00:19
Could any of you that have been to both places. San Jose and Dominican Republic let me know the pros and cons of both places, or the place you would chose to go for our hobby. The cost of air fare is about the same for me since i will be flying out of Miami. This bluebeards in the DR gets alot of press, but I like the bar scene in Delray. I enjoyed my last trip to C.R. but after reading about 3 hours of posts in the D.R. section in has me wondering. So please, any info would help.

Thanks to all

Willy 1
05-04-05, 03:20
Just returned from a 13 day trip, with several Zona Blue stops along the way.

Current pricing as of 4/28/05 is $20,000 colones for non-VIP.

3,000 discount or $17,000 for CRT VIP's.


Bubba Boy
05-04-05, 08:30
Firstly, $24x$8=$192 is crazy for Costa Rica. Easily twice what you would expect to pay for the *best* girls in CR, man you could have 3 girls at delray for that and I am betting the escort girls will be average looking, at best.

Secondly, escorts in CR are not a good option, nothing but trouble due to it being illegal, draws unecessary attention. Much better option to see before you rent.

05-04-05, 15:43
Try G&G escorts. Ask her for what you want and expect. That way you will get what you want.
Johanna has alot of girls not listed http://www.costaricaescort.com/
This is a clear spam. Member #3104 has exactly two posts and the other one is almost word for word attempt to promote this escort service.


Member #3104
05-04-05, 20:18
As this being an information board, I simply answered a question with my best personal knowledge. If I had other information to offer , I would have. As for her service, I had a very good experience and will recommend it. I didn't intend to offend anyone, only reply to a question. I hope to hook up with some of you master mongers my next trip down and see what I have been missing. I'm willing to try anything. I have been downtown once, and for me it wasn't my cup of tea. But that shouldn't get me slammed. I wish you all well and safe.

Bubba Boy
05-05-05, 06:57
I agree, I thought that post was spam as soon as I read it. I also remember, very vaguely, the same site being spammed on another forum.

05-06-05, 02:55
Hello gentleman,

This is my first post in the Costa Rica section. I've never been, but am thinking of coming for two weeks this August. Most of my mongering has been in the DR, Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam and the Czech Republic. I'm new to this section but will still appreciate some help. I'm a loyal monger and help out others when I can.

What I am curious about is this: Is there anywhere in CR, such as a beach town, that attracts tourists from North America or Europe, but still has a good scene for pay-for-play? I ask because I definitely will indulge with the local women (and pay them for it), but it would be good to also spend some time trying to score with regular tourists.

In the DR, Cabarete is good for this. You can hit the bars and see if you get lucky with some schoolteacher from Massachusetts, and if you don't (or maybe even if you do) you can still find some P4P.

I have read the other sections but haven't really found anything addressing this.

Thanks fellas!


Alex P Keaton
05-07-05, 00:11
What I am curious about is this: Is there anywhere in CR, such as a beach town, that attracts tourists from North America or Europe, but still has a good scene for pay-for-play?
The closest to what you are looking for is Jaco. It attracts tourists, ecotourists, and surfers, and it has a decent (but not great) P4P scene.

05-07-05, 10:42
That deal about your milage might vary, holds true to location,The DR has black babes if thats your fetish go there. San Jose has it all,I just got back from a week,one a day was the goal, and though It wasn't planned this way,this was the seguence, a Tica, a Nica, a Columbiana , a DR dirtbag,then repeat with the Tica, All were sort of GFE with the exception of the bussiness like dominicana, I generally don't do black chicks in the States But YMMV.

05-07-05, 11:00
Prices 4000c at 747, 8000c At club Monaco, 20,000c at Zona Blue,and I never paid more than $50.00 to a Del Rey girl. Basically,what I'm saying is that a fellow can get a nut from any where between $9.00 to $50.00 But if You're wanting to pay around $100.00 I'm sure the girls will really love and RESPECT you.On another subject Don Gordo apparently found a nice Apt. For $120.00 a week,It would be nice to get a report on the facilities as He's paying about 1/3 of what the rest of us generally do.

05-07-05, 20:11
Do you know the hours of operation for the 747?


Willy 1
05-07-05, 23:04
Monday through Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM

Willy 1
05-07-05, 23:14
Sorry for the late report. (my report from another site)

A review of Sportsmens Lodge

by: Chicagoguy

Wow. How can I say enough good thing about Sportsmens Lodge.

I arrived on January 6th at 6pm and was met upon arrival by the owner, Bill Alexander, who I had spoken to by telephone prior to my arrival. What a great guy and host. Anything I needed was addressed and taken care of immediately.

I will say that this will be the one and only place I will staying on my future trips to our adult playground.

The staff at Sportsmens are all very courteous, friendly, professional who go out of their way to ensure your stay is a pleasant one. In addition to Bill and his girlfriend Karrina, their day time general manager Ray, a ten year resident of Costa Rica, was extremely helpful during our entire stay. Let me give you a couple of examples of going above and beyond.

1) On my 1st night in Costa Rica, I was pickpocketed (my stupidity). I lost $500 in cash and my credit cards. Upon hearing this, Bill and Ray both offered to take me to the policia station to file a report, which Ray did, translating everything for me as my espanol need some work.

2) Upon checking out, I obvously had a problem, not having a credit card. After speaking with my credit card company, Ray completely handled the transaction by telephone for me.

The bartenders Heidi, Margie, Sharon and Carol treated me as I was part of the family in every possible way, ensuring my experience was a pleasant one.

Wanda the evening manager, what a sweetie. The kind of lady you want to just pack up and take home with you.

Only one negative I can think of regarding this place: It's going to be tough to get a future reservation here without a couple of months notice. I recommend you give yourself plenty of time prior to your trip if you want to stay there. If you want to spoil yourself and maybe a couple of ladies, be sure to stay in the Suite de Presedencial for a few days as I did. Beautiful accomodations.

Side note:

If you are interested in a fishing trip, be sure to have Bill hook you up with Mauricio (private driver). A great guy.

Sportsmens Lodge really reminded me of a bed and breakfast in a small town, far enough from the gulch to have the small town feel, but a close enough walk (5 blocks) or a 500 colone cab ride to find what you want at Del Rey, Blue Marlin, and Key Largo. Also, 4 block walk from Zona Blue and 3 blocks from New Fantasy.

In conclusion, although I lost a wallet, all of my credit cards, and $500 in cash, this did not deter me in any way from having a great time on my 1st of many trps to CR.

Thanks to Bill and his girlfriend Kattrina for their hospitality and a great last night at Tango India (thank you again for the vip treatment).

Thanks to all of the new friends I met: Sluthog, Texas Rolex, Tman, Blaise (hope I spelled right), Lvsteve, Pittsburgh Boys, True Sportsmen and all of the other guys I met for making me feel so welcome.

Tman, thanks for the heads up on the Flor de Cana. Awesome.

I hope to see all of you again on my next trip to Paradise.

Look for my trip report over the weekend.



Willy 1
05-07-05, 23:16
sorry a little late, (my 1st trip report posted on another site)

as a newbie no longer, i felt obligated by my fellow crt vip's to sit down and write a report from my 1st ever trip to the adult disneyland we call costa rica.

day 1

upon arrival on thursday, january 6th, i was met promptly at the airport by jimmy of the sportsmens lodge, he promptly delivered me to the lodge where i was met by the owner bill and the manager ray (both wonderful people who went out of there way to make my stay enjoyable, more on them later).

after a tour of the lodge, i was shown my room the suite de presedencial and quickly met up with sluthog who i had been speaking with by e-mail and telephone, as we live 25 miles apart in the chicago area). what a super nice guy, immediately upon my arrival suggested a trip to the zona blue which i readily accepted. ufortunately my 1st choice was unavailable due to the time of the month. after a short discussion with edward the manager, i was shown the chica lounge where i picked out a very cute little tica named alex who spoke very little english but made up for it with an unbelievably innocent smile, i just had to have her. after a quick shower, which she did quite a thorough job i must say, she proceeded to give we a wonderful massage worthy of any legit massage therapist you will find, after about 15 minutes of this afraid she may put me to sleep, i rolled over on my back as she proceeded to rub more lotion on my shoulders and chest, after another 5 minutes of this, i politely pointed downwards, this was all of the encouragement she needed as she completely engulfed me. now i am not one to last a short time, but wow…she had me exploding in her in about 10 minutes, at which point she grabbed the towel and smiled that innocent smile again, boing, that was all it took for me (thank you vitamin c). well the rest of the story is kind of boring as she wasted little time grabbing the condom and even though there was a small language barrier, did not matter. at this point i reached into my pocket to grab a little mini pocket rocket (as i bought 12 before i came down) and proceeded to make her c*m a few times before i rolled her over and phucked her. upon return to the lodge i had a wonderful steak dinner and proceeded to have a few drinks as i knew sluthog would have a plan for me later. mi amigo sluthog decided that i needed to check out the del rey/blue marlin (he had to see my eyes when i walked in). wow what a smorgasbord. i walked through just feeling like an absolute piece of meat, but in a good way (nice to be the hunted instead of the hunter for a change). we had a beer in the bm and went to check out the action at key largo. met a couple of nice ticas but none really struck my fancy after my early evening session at zb. so about 1 am we decide to head back and venture out in the morning.

day 2 - friday

awoke around 9 am to find the steaming hot coffee and the fruit and muffins at the bar. i go back to my room to realize my wallet is missing with my credit card and $500 in cash, as i tear apart my room, bill the owner suggest that i call my credit card company to be certain that it had not been used. as i did so, i was regretfully informed that it had been used 6 times in the hours between 2 am and 4 am. i was immediately assured that this would not be my responsibility as bill and ray the manager graciously offered to drive me to the policia station for a report and to translate for me as they did. this only took about an hour and a half.

as you will read from the rest of my report, sh*t happens, can’t let it ruin the rest of your trip. thank god for crt members, taking me out, to help me forget.

just what i need, planning a long day, spent a little time at the computers waiting for my buddies. sitting at the bar, i meet mr. texas rolex. we proceed to talk a while and i decide it is time to go over to zb for my early afternoon wake up call. here the early part of my day is forgotten when i spot my little alex. as she just gives me a little smile and waits for me decide if i will pick her or one of the other girls as i finish my diet coke and cigarette at the bar. after about 5 minutes ******i could not stand to watch her squirm anymore, i grabbed her hand and we went back to her room, at that point after she closed the door and starting undressing, i suggested the sauna first and she smiled as she grabbed me a towel and helped me undress. i felt a little funny walking through the girls in the back in just a towel, but what the hey. after getting in alex laid her towel down and motioned for me to do the same. reaching over to kiss me, i did but said i do not think i want to be dfk this one.

after about 10 minutes i asked donde est cuarto de bano. she motioned where it was and said she would be here. upon return, she was waiting for me and led me directly back to the room where she wasted little time motioning me into the shower as she began showing off her oral skills (even better than the 1st time as she swallowed every drop). at this point i was pooped and had to let her go. as i knew i would see her again on this trip. i returned to the hotel to find sluthog waiting for me and wanting to take me to this little soda he found on one of his previous trips. i was up for it and off we went. food was awesome as i had a ham and egg plate with a side of rice and beans. (sluthog when you respond to this please supply the directions and/or name). we then went off to check out the president new café for any other crt members, the place was kind of dead so we decided to go back to the lodge for a while and plan our upcoming trips.

we get back to the lodge at around 5pm to meet bill the owner’s fishing buddy for our trip to jaco on monday. mauricio, ask for him by name, he took care of everything we needed for a very fair price. after discussing the particulars of the trip we decided we would be met at the lodge at 5am on monday morning for the 1: 45 trip to jaco beach

we then headed back to the bar at the lodge where i met my 2nd little tica of the trip valeria (very petite local who looked to not having worked in the trade very long, although her friend seemed very professional) i was not up for two at the moment and spotted texasrolex heading in, i motioned for him to come join us. as we all sat at the bar trr and i practicing our spanish. finally got down to negotiation, $ 60. 00 until the morning. done.

i was very well rewarded as valeria was not the most accomplished in the bedroom, but her effort made up for it in a small way as well as the bbbjtc in the morning before leaving.

day 3, saturday

woke in the morning not very hungry for the zb yet, but needed some coffee in me. waited for sluthog to awaken and we headed out to his little soda again with texasrolex. those little hole in the wall places have the best food in town. after lunch i decided to head over to the del rey to see the action in the early day. arrived there around 1: 30 in the afternoon and proceeded to grab a table by the door, nice breezes as my fellow crt member have pointed out in the past…was not long before i spotted my prey, a little blonde petite tica named viviana, just my type, as we made eye contact, i invited to her to come sit with us. realized pretty quickly she was not very experienced as she immediately asked for a cien. i chuckled mildly as she began to blush. i suggested 30, 0000c and she immediately agreed. after a few minutes, i decided it was time to head back to the lodge, so i suggested to grab a taxi down the street as i have learned quickly not to grab one in front of the bm or dr. paid 500 c to get back and i asked her if she would like to take a shower, we proceeded to clean each other very well. after showering i put on the magic cd provided to me by willysp, another chicago area resident (thank you very much again, willy). she began to sing along as we got down to business, unfortunately no bbbj with this girl but otherwise a very nice experience for my 1st non mp girl of the trip, i ask for her number and assure her that i will be seeing her again. returned to the bar to find my buddies still there as we decided to leave and head back for some football. we get back to the lodge and i decide to place my 1st of 3 bets over the w/e. i take the jets to win and the money line over the chargers and sweat that one out for a nice payout. during this day is when i meet tman, lv steve, blaise, the pittsburgh boys and a few other guys i fail to remember at this point thanks to tman’s introduction to me of flor de cana (12 year old rum) yummy. decide to have some dinner and hang out at the bar tonight as it was getting very busy with quite a few ticas but had to get up early for our canopy tour in the morning.

day 4 – sunday

woke up at 7 as we were being picked up at 8 am for a 2 hour bus ride to san lorenzo, billed as the longest, highest canopy tour on the world. they were not lying. as we started, i thought it was a little weak, as we went 30-50 meters through the trees with a tarzan swing in the middle. little did i realize what was coming. after that little jaunt, we graduated to the real zip lines, the longest being just short of a half of a mile approx. 700 feet off the ground at one point. they estimate approx. 60 mph you are traveling held on by (3) safety lines. was an experience everyone should try once in their lifetime. had lunch compliments of the tour and headed back to san jose. arrived back at the lodge around 7pm to catch the end of the green bay/minnesota, was needless to say happy with the outcome as my favorite football team is the bears and whoever is playing the packers, hence my handle. the games are ending as i am sitting in the bar and who should walk into the bar…my little tica viviana from yesterday. she and her friend sit at the bar and order iced teas as we start talking. she says she misses me (yeah right, maybe misses my wallet) and where was i all day. i told her i was doing the canopy all day with friends and asked if any of those friends were woman (jealous already? ) asks me if i want a massage with benefits, how could i turn that down, we agree on the same price as yesterday (30, 000c) but i ask her about all night and her smile told me all i needed to know…. i told her i have to be gone by 5am as i am being picked up for our fishing trip (see below) very early. she says no problem as she wanted to get home before her daughter got up, i said great. upon retiring to the room, i have had a few rum’s at this point and was feeling a little in the tank. we jumped into the shower and that must of refreshed me, either that or seeing that beautiful body again. after she dried me from head to toe she decided the bbbj was ok this time (guess i won her over), did not want to finish that way, as i wanted to feel that tight pu**y again. we must have been in 7 or 8 different positions as the liquor must have had a pretty good effect on me. we then fell asleep in each others arms only to be rudely awakened by the alarm clock at 4am. she must not have had enough as i excused myself to got the bano. i returned to find her still on on the bed, i said, i got to go, as i reached into my bag and gave her the little stuffed dog i had packed to give to special someone. her eyes lit up and she said you are not leaving yet and proceeded to give me the bbbjtc of my life. a quick shower later as we were dressing (she allowed me to take a couple of photos in bra and panties that i will be posting in the vip section soon) i then put her in a cab, promising i would call her that evening and proceeded on my fishing trip with a very large smile on my face.

day 5 – monday

mauricio was right on time as we arrived in jaco before 7 am…the captain and his mate were waiting for us as sluthog, another buddy and myself got on board for the 20 mile ride out to the deep waters. what a great time, caught my first sailfish, well over 125 lbs. as well as a very nice 25 lb dorado that we brought back to the lodge and had cooked for us. we returned to shore around 3: 30 pm to find mauricio waiting for us, rant into a little rush hour traffic, but made it back by 6 pm

after showering and realizing i had gotten a little crisp out in the sun all day, sluthog and i decided it was time for a run to zb, as we called the driver luis to pick us up. upon arriving i was finally able to meet the owner eddie. a great guy, made us feel right at home. after relaxing with an imperial, i was in no hurry to pick a lady as alex was not working today. finally after a couple smokes and a beer i decided on maria from a previous recommendation, very nice massage with my back a bright crimson. decent bbbj but average otherwise imho.

returned to the lodge to be greeted by our own dorado that we caught being prepared and readied for us. probably the best piece of fish i have ever eaten in my life. spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the bar with bill, his girlfriend, tman, blaise, pittsburgh boys, sluthog and a few ticas that were coming and going. was really tuckered out from viviana and lack of sleep the night before and decided to head in around midnight.

day 6 – tuesday

got a decent nights sleep and woke to the smell of coffee at 8 am. had some fruit and coffee and decided to venture out to the market for some shopping. bought some trinkets and gifts for some friends and family and made it back to the lodge by noon, after a quick stop at idem. angie definitely lives up to expectations in my book. i knew i had to take it easy today, as i was invited to tango india with true sportsmen, tman and others that evening. met up in sluthog and went to our favorite soda for lunch then walked around downtown a little bit, stopped by the horseshoe for a little blackjack, basically broke even and decided to head back the lodge for a little siesta prior to the evening festivities.

at this point, decided top take a chance on a bet on an nba game. my fellow bar patrons were quite shocked when i picked the new orleans hornets 3-29 at the time to beat the ny knicks in new york with the money line. cleaned up on this one. after 1st winning my stake on that game with the indy pacers upset of the memphis grizzlies in memphis which i had picked earlier in the day.

around 9pm i was woken by my buddies saying we were heading to tango india. i was wavering but was so glad i decided to go. filiberto who we had met earlier in the week at the lodge, found out he is a mgr at tango. gave us the vip treatment. i was there about an hour when a little blonde came over and sat on my lap, started talking with her, low and behold she is from the same part of the world as my family background, romania. this surprised her and gave us great fodder for conversation as she spoke perfect english. after 3 hours of sitting and talking (i bought her 2 glasses of champagne, that filiberto took care of) she asked me if i would like a dance, i said yes but after we were in private i said just one, i want to see you later at the lodge. she agreed and i gave her a $20. 00 propina after paying the guy for the dance and told her where i was staying, she said she would be there between 3: 30 and 4 am, i said i would be waiting. my beautiful little lady k (not to be confused with astro’s super k) was right on time as she gave me a dfk upon arriving. needless to say i wish i had met her earlier in the trip as we are communicating by telephone since my return to chicago. best sexo of the trip (by far the most intimate) wish i would of taken her away to the beach for a couple of days. well next time i guess.

day 7 wednesday

have to say lady k was by far my favorite as i did not get the working girl or pro feel from her at all. time will tell all. we slept in that morning and she left around 9am…after another vitamin c and another round with lady k. she left without asking for a dime, asking when i could see her again and when i was coming back to cr. i started packing for my walk of shame as i was leaving for the airport, my phone rings in my room. viviana is at the front desk asking for me. i felt obligated so. pop another vitamin c and take one for the team. now i have 2 of them calling me. luckily only one has e-mail.

really did not want to leave, but had a 2: 30 flight out and really had to go. i almost extended the trip, but tax season awaits. i get to miami, my connection through to chicago is delayed by weather. checked my voice mail only to find a message from lady k.. “why did you put $100 in my purse” i said because i wanted to buy you something nice but did not have the time so you do it for me. i could hear her choking back the tears. wonder if this one might be for real. iwill definitely see her again.

can’t say enough about the staff at sportsmens, from the bartenders, margie, sharon, carol, etc, to the managers wanda and ray, down to the maids and doormen, was treated wonderfully my entire trip and will be back to stay with them in the very near future.

all in all a very successful trip, although the 1st night was kind of a bummer losing the wallet, tied not to let it effect the rest of my trip.


Jaimito Cartero
05-07-05, 23:53
Does any body know any girls in S.J., that like greek?

If you´d ever RTFF you´d be dangerous.

Jack Miami
05-08-05, 05:58
I'm heading to San Jose in late May. This will be my 10th (?) trip. I usually go to the DR; I love trying to find the latest 8s, 9s and 10s. (I know that means different things to different people; for me, 8s to 10s are candidates for swimsuit catalogs -- pretty face, thin, busty, nice butt, etc., with no "fatal" flaws.)

If anyone has any names and/or pics for me to look out for (in a good or bad way), I'd appreciate any info. This will be first trip in a year, so I'm sure there are a lot of new ladies.


05-08-05, 15:55
Thanks for the hours on the 747....sorry to hear about the pickpocketing, otherwise it sounded like you had a great time down there. I was scanning your report for info on 747....what was your impression? girls and facilities?

Thanks again.

Willy 1
05-08-05, 19:57

Thanks, yeah it was all attitude, would not let it ruin my first trip, just a lesson learned..Just returned my 2nd trip (13 days on April 29th) no Incidents, just smarter.

Have not been there to 747 since my Jan '05 trip, but a few cute ones worth doing IMHO. Would definitely test drive Rachel over at ZB. Great BBBJTCIM skills.

Report back would be appreciated, planning a third trip, just waiting for airline prices to go down a little.

W 1

05-09-05, 21:17
I am going back to CR within the month and I want to know if anyone has tried Cialis and what their experience was? Viagra gives me headaches and would like to switch if possible.

05-09-05, 22:07
Thanks for the info...Rachel sounds good .... definately like the cim babes. I'm heading down again for the holiday weekend...I'll post my adventures.


Willy 1
05-09-05, 23:23
Check out this Web Site.

Go down to the bottom left of the page.

I am a big fan and have never had any side effects with Vitamin C.


Willy 1

05-10-05, 13:50
One more question for you or anyone else. What would be the recommended dosage for cialis. I have taken small amounts of vitamin V. Usually try to cut them so they would be close to 25mg. I don't have problems getting hard, I like to use it to keep going day and night. I have used 50mg but it gave me a huge headache. thanks to anyone that can help here.

05-10-05, 20:03
FYI, an increased dosage of either does not increase intensity or duration, but only increases symptoms such as the headache you described!!!!

Alex P Keaton
05-10-05, 22:36
FYI, an increased dosage of either does not increase intensity or duration, but only increases symptoms such as the headache you described!!!!

That is correct. If your goal in taking V is to be able to do multiple sessions in a day, don't take one big dose of V at the start. Instead, find the smallest dose that is effective for you without causing adverse side effects. Then do your first session unmedicated, take the smallest effective dose thirty minutes to an hour prior to your next session, and repeat another small effective dose prior to subsequent sessions that day only if the V has worn off by then.

C is a bit different because it's meant to last longer (although I find it to cause less intense arousal than V), but the goal is still to find the smallest effective dose that will last you for 24-48 hours without causing adverse side effects.

Willy 1
05-11-05, 00:17
I am 46. Only take the Vitamin C while on vacation in CR..Never had a problem just multiples per day is what I use it for...1/2 of the C (50 mg) and I am usually good for at least 24 hours more often 36 with no side effects at all. Just withdrawal of leaving the country.....

Willy 1

Doc Bill
05-12-05, 07:17
Hi guys, I'm thinking of planning a new trip to CR, haven't been in a few years, and I'm wondering if IDEM is still in operation? Are the prices still fairly cheap? And in general, are there less expensive options than the $100 I hear they're getting now at the Blue Marlin? Thanks!

Willy 1
05-12-05, 09:00

Just returned on April 29th

Idem is open.....M-Sat 3-12
19,000 Upstairs, 22,000 downstairs (my recommendation).
Ask Roberto (owner) for best recommendation, tell him what you want, he did not steer me wrong
Located on Calle 11, between Avenida 10 and 12, East side of street

Across the street is Eros
M-Sat 12-12, approx. 20,000

05-13-05, 07:28
I you sit around BM for a few hours and just check out the seen you'll often notice that some gals hang out for hours and dont get a date. What ever you offer might be good. When you go to 747 you get pretty good service for 4000c {8.52US} Blue Marlin gals are just hanging around to catch the big, dumb, fish. My feeling is go ahead and pay $100.00 Always keep in mind you get what you pay,for $100 you can really be sure the gal will love and respect you for being so fiscally intelligent.

Just my 2 cents.

Doc Bill
05-13-05, 07:54
Yeah, I remember Roberto. He did me right one night I'll never forget with two of his finest: Carolina and Anna. Thanks for the info!

05-13-05, 08:08
Well, changing the street mongering scene a bit, recently went to a night club called Tango India. Although prices are higher than Del Ray, they are still quite reasonable. The club is heading towards the airport. They even have an airplane fuselage and shows inside the airplane.

Jaimito Cartero
05-13-05, 15:57
Well, changing the street mongering scene a bit, recently went to a night club called Tango India. Although prices are higher than Del Ray, they are still quite reasonable. The club is heading towards the airport. They even have an airplane fuselage and shows inside the airplane.

The only prices I was ever quoted was $200-$300 US for an hour. If you consider this reasonable, have I got a bridge for you. If you got different pricing, please share the details with us.

05-14-05, 09:56
I was a viagra guy after my retiring doc gave me a script for a years worth of the stuff..and 100mgs at that! So i cut them into quarters and still have some remaining.However, last month, I went back to MX to do a few favoritas, and tried Cialis, and I have to say it really worked for me..better than Viagra!
I will have to make a few more exploratory en vivo studies, possibly 3-4 a day in CR in 2 weeks,but rest assured, I should be able to make a very detailed report of the efficacy of that particlar EDD,perhaps with video testimonials as to it's claims of mutual satisfaction.

More to come after May 29.

05-15-05, 03:00
I just saw an episode of America's Most Wanted. Soon as I turn on the set, I see the interior of the Horseshoe Casino, which is diagonally across the street from the Del Rey. Curious, I tuned in and now see that another American fugitive was apprehended in one of my favorite past time get-a-ways. Wonder if this Russell Winstead was a WSG monger. This guy looks really familiar to me, but I wonder if any of the SJO regulars recognize him too! Any body here visited SJO on 3 May when the arrest went down since it happened right in front of the Del Rey?

05-16-05, 11:22
I was in CR staying at the sportsmens at that time. Do not recall hearing about it though.

05-16-05, 17:34
Trip 5

5/13 Friday Day 1

Landed at 1:30 was through customs grabbed my exit tax and in the taxi by 2. With traffic and accidents I didn’t get to the Presidente until 3:30.

Ran over to MasXMenos for some supplies, ate at the Presidente and off to the Del Ray. Wasn’t in the mood to hunt so I strolled over to Zona Blue and picked the beautiful Vanessa. Wow what an experience. May have to go back and experience that at least once more before I leave. What a great way to start my trip and the start of a week long of birthday gifts to myself.

5/14 Saturday Day 2

Just relaxed the first part of the day and then headed over to the Del Ray around 2. I was hit up by a couple of Tica’s who wanted a good time for $75 each and the cost of a room at the Morizan. I finally got one away from the table but the other was very persistent.

She went down to $50 for a bbbjcim and great massage and fantastic sex. She claimed to be 25 hadn’t worked very long and wasn’t married, no bam*nos, didn’t drink or do drugs.
I kept telling her I was meeting a friend but she was very insistant. Then she threw in sucking my balls. Then went to $40 for just the massage as it seemed I didn’t want to have sex. She kept telling me how tight and sweet she was and I would be very pleased.
Maybe it’s just me but something about a scorpion tattoo across a woman’s breasts just doesn’t put me in the mind of someone who is overly gentle and loving in bed.

I told her maybe later so she counters with $30 for bus fare home, then $35 for her mother to go shopping, then her mother became so sick she couldn’t leave home and $20 would help her mother get better, then $20 for the taxi to her home so she wouldn’t have to take the bus. After turning all that down we got to the base line dollar amount 2000 colonies for her to just go away! So I gave in on that one just to get her off my arm.

I was then approached by two other Tica’s one who was missing some front teeth and the other Valerie who spoke pretty good English. After talking for sometime I took Valerie back to the hotel. She wanted to check her email and wow she must have had 50 some messages from one guy. I should have known better after she kept telling me about the guys she and her friend had been with and were making fun of. I guess I am now on that list! She went from a friendly, talkative, giggling fun person to all business. I should have sent her packing but I didn’t. Still one of my weaknesses I just can’t say no once I have gone so far. She was good looking, nice natural breasts but in a hurry to get things over with. So naturally I took my time. That is a great time to start counting the squares in the metal thing hanging on the wall above the bed, nothing better to put off the mood a little. You know it is just one of those things the more she tried to hurry the slower I went. Afterwards she changed back into the talkative, giggling Tica who want to get together to teach me Spanish. I thanked her and said no. Now for a rest and off to the show at the Europa I have heard so much about.

The show at the Europa was good Don does a good job with the program. The women were good looking and very playful. Five women were on the bar dancing and then started with dildos, double headed and the rabbits were great. They were open to all touching and exploration. I wasn’t lucky enough to get on of the free bjs but I did enjoy the show. I met a guy at the bar who said he now lives in CR and told him about another site which he hadn’t heard of. He was going to look into joining the site as I told him the discounts more than covered the cost of the membership.

Went back to the Del Ray and wondered around for about an hour and then headed over to Key Largo. A Tica Irene grabbed me by the arm and attempted to teach me how to dance. She spoke some English and let me know she had a visa. We left around 12:30 and went to the Presidente showered and were ready for play. She pulls out her vibrator before I could get mine. You’ve got to love a woman who is prepared. Great bbbj and vibrator play. She really seemed to enjoy out interaction and had at least two orgasms. She wanted to spend the night and I enjoy a morning bj so I agreed. I woke up to a nice bbbj and was ready for breakfast. I offered her a selection of Vicky Secrets panties, and of course she wanted two pair not the one I offered. I told her only one as I still have 6 days left to go and I can’t give everything away on the second day. She couldn’t stay for breakfast as she had to cook for the family. She left her phone numbers.

While at Key Largo I saw who I thought was one of my favorites from Zona Blue that had quit. After making eye contact it was the one I was thinking of. While dancing and talking with Irene I kept eye contact with the other Tica. I excused myself for the bathroom and when I came out as I had hoped she had moved to catch me and gave me her cell number. She was disappointed that I hadn’t kept in email contact and I explained that I had sent her an email but hadn’t received a response. Anyway the important thing is that I can contact her and meet with her. I found her during my trip in February and really had a great time with her.

Still looking to meet up with VB to get Erika’s number as well, maybe sometime during the week I will cross paths with VB.

5/15 Sunday Day 3

Headed over to the Del Ray around 1 or 2 and sat at the bar having some water and was approached by a Tica. Everything for $50 I told her maybe later so she gave me business card with all her information. It was nicely printed too. But she was on the chunky side so I will let that one pass.

Spotted Valentina across the bar, the one VB pointed out in February. She came over and after finishing my water we went back to the Presidente. She has a great body and wonderful natural breasts.

She wanted to check my email to see if I had been getting emails from other chicas. I always move my emails to separate files anyway so I showed her my files and pointed out the one for her and showed her that I had kept all the emails. She looked at the other files and said no more chicas? I said no. She wanted to go through some of the other files but I said no. Don’t want her looking through my files nor do I want her logging into one of the sites that I have set up with auto fill passwords.
She also wanted to see if I had other pictures on my camera which I didn’t. The one thing I forgot to do before I left home was to delete the pictures I had taken of my home. She was very interested in looking through those.

Valentina is very enthusiastic but sticks with the cien. I know some will cringe at that but she provides me with a great time and I enjoy it so I pay. Those that I would pay that for are very few are far between.

After she had left I pulled all those off into a separate folder. After showering she asked me to walk her back to the Del Ray. She picked up some Hershey kisses for her amigas and the Ferrero were for her. She picked out a pair of panties and we walked back.

I ate some lunch and walked around downtown for awhile. I got back to the hotel and got ready for my find from Key Largo to come over. I alluded to her in day 2 that I saw her and she was able to meet me out of sight of the Tica I was with to set up a meeting for today. I had seen postings that Nicole had quit Zona Blue for various reasons.

When I looked up and saw her I immediately recognized her, caught her eye and she smiled back. I kept track of her while I was chatting with the Irene and took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. I watched as Nicole dug through her purse and wrote something on a piece of paper. When I came out of the bathroom she was sitting at one of the tables and we spoke and agreed on meeting. We agreed on 8 pm.

So I was thinking if she doesn’t show by 9:30 I would call it a day and rest up for the balance of the week. At 7:50 the phone rings and I thought it would be Nicole saying she was going to be late or not come for what ever reason.

But to my surprise she was in the lobby waiting for me. I was shocked and confused. I have never had a Tica arrive on time let alone be early! So I had to hurry and get the room in order, CD’s ready to play, lotions, accessories at hand.

She looked great with a white halter top and jeans. I haven’t learned much Spanish and she still knows little if any English, so I had the translator (Imtranslator) set up on the laptop and we typed messages back and forth. She seemed to get a kick out of that. I turned on the CD’s and we got started with the massage. She still have a nice body and I believe someone compared her to Annette Haven which a pretty good comparison. After the massage it was time for the bbbj then onto the multiple positions. Man can she move. She was going to put on more lotion so I grabbed the lube from the drawer and pulled out the pocket rocket. She said “For me?” I used that on her until she was quivering. She kept pointing at me and waving her finger saying “usted es muy malo” and then would laugh.

She pointed out the goose bumps on her arm and had me feel how her heart was racing still repeating “usted es muy malo”.

We did a few more positions while using the pocket rocket and finished with bbbjcim. After showering and typing a few more messages to each other we set up another meeting later this week. I am looking forward to another great time with Nicole.

I have been getting more pictures this trip, yet I am still getting “no internet” prior to taking any shots. That I don’t mind as at least I am able to enjoy them myself.

I also have a separate browser that I downloaded so that it doesn’t have my regular bookmarks. So that if they use the internet they can not navigate to any of my sites or groups. I use a web portal for my email as I use a satellite connection at home so I know they can not use my email to send messages to anyone using any of my email addresses.

The march is going by now as I sit on the balcony about 10:15 a.m. not a pretty good size crowd. I was going for a walk ending up at Oasis but I think I will wait for the crowd to dissipate before venturing out.

05-16-05, 19:29
Hey Willie,

Its Chilimike (I talked with you a few weeks ago). Sorry i missed you this week in the promise land (SJO) as I will be there on Thursday the 19th.

Can you give me any info on 747 club? It seems that I have read you have a girl there for 12.00 us. Is this true? Also, should I check out the Europia show in the park. Is that the park? That is kinda behind the Morenza. On the way to the Holiday Inn hotel? Man, I love reading your posts. Really makes me want to get there. I hope you have some time to respond to my post, and add anything that I should check out. It looks like I will be staying at the Morenza. The price and location works for me, or do you have a special place you can give me a heads up on? I found I can get almost any girl in the Blue Marlin before 1.00 for 40.00, and most will go for 50.00 at nite. When I went to the massage places, the girls just didn't seem that hot, but it seems like you feel its pretty good and I respect your calls. I give you a run down on my trip when I get back. Talk to you soon.


05-17-05, 09:22

Thanks to everybody for the great reports.

I have seen some reports way down on the closure and the reopening of the NF. As I am going back on May 29, I would like to know what the latest news is on this place.

Last year I was there almost everyday and enjoyed it more then ZB, nowadays it seems that its the other way around.

Can anyone advise me on NF in its present form?

Thanks a lot

See you in SJO 29 May - June 5

Tom, the european

05-17-05, 15:58

I am in CR until Sunday 5/22 so I will be here when you get down here.

The Europa replaced the Park show. There is no longer a Park Hotel. I never made the show at the Park but from the review I have read that show at the Europa has better women. I enjoyed the show and there were a couple of really hot women there on the bar.

You referred to a special place so I assume that you mean for the women. I really like Zona Blue. But as with any other massage place it will depend on the time you get there and how busy they are which will affect the line up.

I haven't been to 747 as of yet. New Fantasy I am not going to this trip. I stopped in when I was in town in Feb and walked out as the quality wasn't there.

There are 2 or 3 that I will see at Zona Blue but I like to change things and get someone different.

You can get $40 or $50 any time of day at the Del Ray if you spend the time interviewing and working your way through the hardened ones. It is hard to take your time when there are so many choices. But patience pays off.

I would say your best deals will be early and or late in the day. Prime time is tough to work out good prices as there are so many who jump on cien without trying it makes it difficult for the rest of us.

Now I will pay more if I know I am going to get quality service and more of a GFE experience.

Hope this answers some of your questions. I am off for a short nap and then a walk to Oasis.

05-18-05, 14:12
While at the Europa show (meeting of the Order of Water Buffalos) was there a guy with a bald head who participated by eating the girls? He is a nice guy and I was just wondering.
There was one other guy who got on stage wanting to screw the girls at the 4-23 show but was rejected by the girls. Not the same guy.

05-18-05, 16:19

I don't recall seeing anyone eating at the Y but then again I was focused on what I was doing more than looking around!

There were a group of guys who pushed their way into the bar and around our seats one even taking mine as I stood up for a better view.

All I observed was some hand exploration and toy play.

05-18-05, 16:32

Anyone had GFE at El Pueblo? Is this a good place to p/u Ticas for the night?

Thanks for the advise.


05-18-05, 19:54
Looking to make my first visit to either Costa Rica, Panama City, or Caracas - can anyone give me an idea of which of these three they would choose and why? If you have been to all three, which would you go back to and why?

Costs are important of course, but am looking for "quality" p4p. Any help would be appreciated. Have been to DR, and looking for a change.

Love Dr
05-19-05, 06:48

Is Vallentina a tall young 19 year old?

05-19-05, 06:52
5/16 Monday Day 4

Went to Casa Del Sol for some of the pizza and took a walk over to the Del Ray. I was hit on by a Dominicana Laura. Started at $100 and got down to $50. When we got back to the Presidente and things went down hill from that point.

She insisted on the money first and it is amazing how she lost all concepts of English when I said “No I will pay you at the end.”

I offered her 5000 to just go, but she wanted the full $50. We went round and round on this until I picked up the phone and then all of a sudden she understood my English just fine again. She kept saying she was a good chica and that I didn’t have to worry about paying up front as she had too many guys who waited until the end to pay and then wouldn’t give her anything.

All of this took about 20 minutes and also cost me 5 pieces of chocolate. At least I got rid of her.

I was going to stay in and rest and replenish my fluids, but as 6 pm rolled around I took off for the Del Ray. I saw Vegas Bob and settled in. Jeffnew99 was there and we talked for awhile. Valentina and Valerie came by to say hello.

We all went to Idem and there wasn’t a large selection there. Jeffnew99 left to meet someone so VB and I went to Tin Jo. This was my first experience there and the food was great.

One point I forgot to include about Valerie that I remember when talking with VB, she found a small tube by the phone and was playing with it when I got to the bed. She asked what it was and I just responded lubrication. I just had a lasik procedure April 15 and I keep a tube of the lubrication handy just in case.

Well as things progressed she grabbed my eye lubrication for our use. I had a hard time trying to explain I was using lubrication on my eyes!

We headed back to the Del Ray after dinner and wondered around. There was a beautiful Columbiana who sit down between VB and me. Her friend sat on the next sofa beside another guy who ran away about 10 minutes later. She was very hot looking but VB said she had been with a friend and wasn’t very good. So I kept on looking. I watched her until about midnight and the 6 or 7 guys she approached all turned her down. I saw her walk out alone. I don’t know if she went anywhere else or not. It is a shame as she looks stunning.

We walked around for awhile and VB left for home. I wondered over to Key Largo and back and was about to leave when a guy stopped me and started talking and asked if I was a CRT guy to which I responded yes. He doesn’t belong to the board so away we talked for a time and went the New York bar with one woman and then to the Morazan and again not much to offer. We ended up back at the Del Ray and I pointed out Alexandra that I had met in previous trips so they went to Key Largo to dance. I started talking with another guy who is now going to look into CRT as I explained the cost of membership is quickly paid back through the discounts.

Jeffnew99 came by and told us about the great time he and another friend had a VIPS for 6500 for a half hour. So we talked about it and decided to go check it out.

There were about 20 women present; most seemed to be older but there were a few good looking ones.

I chose Candy and he had made his choice. We went back for the rooms and paid the 6500. Candy wasn’t bad looking. She focused on the hj and then cbj. She covered her finger and started to insert. This I don’t mind but not with ½ inch nails! I stopped that and kept asking for more. She got on top and worked away, we then switched to doggie. I finished just as they started yelling her name for time.

They had a bed in the room a couple of clothes hooks and a chair and that was about it. Nothing fancy but does the job. I will go back again but would prefer to go a little earlier in the evening.

We got back to the Del Ray around 1:30 and walked through and I came back to the Presidente to crash.

5/17 Tuesday Day 5

After breakfast I went back to the room to rest awhile and then headed out for Oasis around 10 am. I found the area very easily but just couldn’t find the door! A guy came running down the street toward me after my third pass and said he would take me to Oasis but they were very busy. When we got in there were 5 women sitting around and he said the other one was busy. So much for being very busy! I couldn’t remember any names to ask for so I looked around and saw a cute Tica named Paola.

I thought if she was as Paola at Zona Blue I should have a great time. She was about 20 and had a great little body. Nice natural breasts and not an ounce of fat anywhere. Paola gave a pretty good massage as well. I just hate those tables for having fun, but they are about the most comfortable for a massage.

Paola was very play with the back massage and on the roll over she used oils and lotions rubbing between her breasts and holding me there. She gave a very good bbbj with great hand stimulation.

Paola had a great little body which was very tight. She had me on top for awhile and she could really move in several directions. I asked to go to doggie for the finish and she gladly obliged. She was first on all fours then laid down which is also a favorite for me and raised her little behind. Paola had some good muscle control as well which really felt nice.

After I about fell off the damn table she led me over to the shower and then left. I was somewhat disappointed that she didn’t join me. I finished the shower and headed back to the room.

I asked if I could take pictures and she was very emphatic that pictures were not allowed. Too bad as I would loved to have a photographic memory but at least that image is burned in my mind so when I return to work and am sitting through one of the numerous meetings and I recall the memory of her leaning back and bracing herself on my ankles and watching her move.

I walked back to the hotel and got Ericka’s number that VB provided last night. I got my conversation set up in the translator and gave her a call. The only bad thing about that other than I am sure I butcher the pronunciation is that they start talking like a machine gun and I have little or no idea what they are saying.

I did comprehend that Ericka will be over tomorrow morning which was one of the most important parts of the conversation.

After a nap and shower I headed over for happy hour and met VB, one of his friends and Psychman. After a couple of drinks Psychman took off looking for fun and the rest of us went to dinner at Café Mundo. The food was fantastic

We grabbed a taxi and headed back to the Del Ray. VB pointed out a lovely Nica and asked if I knew her. I thought she looked familiar but wasn’t sure. When she came over I remembered that she was friends with Lilianna who no longer works.

We had a drink and headed back to the Presidente. She was a wonderful time and someone I tried to hook with in February and just couldn’t connect.

I was going to go back to the Del Ray but with Erika scheduled in the morning. I am going to rest up so that I can enjoy my time with her. And I think after that I will call Nicole and see if I can’t set up a meeting with her in the early evening. Who could ask for a better day!

5/18 Wednesday Day 6

I was relaxing anxiously awaiting 11 a.m. for Erika when the phone rang about 10 after 10 could it be a second early arriving Tica? Bad news for me she can not make it today so we set for tomorrow. Hopefully she will make it then.

Well I thought the day would be trying after Erika cancelled on me but it turned out to be a very successful day.

I had a piece of pizza at Casa Del Sol and saw a very enterprising street vendor. He came in to sell his goods, a 4 foot long 1 foot wide wall mirror. I don’t know how he expected to sell that to anyone just sitting in the restaurant. But then again my ex-girlfriend would buy anything as long as she could spend the money.

I wondered over to the Del Ray on my way to Zona Blue and was stopped by Rosa. She is a feisty Domicana.

She pushed in close and whispered in my ear let me tell you want I want to do to you baby. Well after she listed out all I was going to experience I was ready to go.

We headed back to the Presidente and she wondered out on the balcony, then back into the room. She pulled off my shirt and pulled my hands away so that she could get at my pants. She started with a wonderful bbbj, then looked up and said $180 for everything you could ever want baby. I responded no comprede. We settled on $80. We moved to the balcony for photos and fun and then back to the bed to finish up.

I didn’t realize the works on the next roof had taken seats on the edge and were watching. I hope they had as good of time as I did. Rosa was a great time.

We walked back to the Del Ray and I was resting when Laura the Columbiana that VB had introduced me to about a year ago came in and right to my table. We shared a couple of drinks and I asked if she would like to go to dinner and the Sportsman’s Lodge to listen to music. I had been invited to hear a guest there who was playing. She agreed only if we could go back to the hotel and have sexo. So I agreed and we came back to the Presidente. Laura has great breasts and is fun in the sack. We played with the vibrator which she seemed to enjoy. I know I love it when the vibrator is in the back while you’re going in the front, or the other way around. What a great feeling that is.

After we had finished she had to make a phone call. I showered and met her back at the Del Ray. When I got there VB and friend were having a drink and making plans for the evening. I told them what I was up to and we went our separate ways.

Laura and I went to the Sportsman for supper which was great. We both had steaks which were very good. Bill came over and introduced himself and made sure everything was ok. Laura was ready to leave shortly after the meal. So I wasn’t able to listen to the music.

Laura asked if I wanted more sexo and I said no as I didn’t think I could after two close sessions. So back to the Del Ray where we part and I took a seat at the corner table by the door.

The little blond Tica who is spastic came by to sit down and asked it I wanted company. I got rid of her and was left alone for awhile. Then a tall woman with black hair came over and just sat down. Her name was Johamna from Cuba. She has a very slender body, nice natural breasts, very small handful of ass. I really had no intention of going with anyone else but that soon changed.

She didn’t pressure me for anything. I told her I know very little Spanish which she replied OK and then proceeded with a conversation in Spanish which I tried to keep up with and understand.

VB and friend returned and stopped by the table. At that point Johamna asked if I would like a massage. I said I would love one and asked what it would cost. She replied you tell me how much you want to pay. I told her $60 and that would include pictures. She agreed and said to let her know when I was ready to go. We all chatted for a short time and I asked if Johamna was ready to go and she jumped up. I asked VB if he knew her and he said he knew nothing of this one. So I took my chances as it felt right.

She said one of her friends works in the News Café as we got onto the elevator. When we got to the room she went right for the balcony and loved the view. I know I enjoyed the view of her ass as she leaned over the rail to look down.

Johamna gave a great massage and asked me to turn over. She then asked if I liked bj’s to which I quickly responded “si mi amor”. She has a pierced tongue that moves like lightening and she uses the bar in her tongue very well. We then moved to several positions and ended with another bbbj (no cim).

I gave her a pair of Victoria Secrets panties, a handful of chocolate and $5 tip. I asked if I could take the pictures that they were for me and not the internet. Her response was please put them on the internet as she needs the dinero. So I took several shots which I will be posting and asked her to meet me tomorrow at 8 pm at the Del Ray.

I have to allow time to recover from my second session with Nicole at 6 pm.

05-19-05, 18:19
Love Dr

I think she is about 5'3" or 4" and is about 19 or 20. Great natural breasts. Her hair is a lot longer now and braided. Her sister caught a gringo and is no longer working.

Termas Time
05-20-05, 02:49

I have never been to Caracas, but I read the posts over there before and it doesn't sound like a good pay for play place. Venezuelans are quite beautiful though. I have been to Panama City (twice) and recently came back from San Jose. I like both places but would probably go back to San Jose first, even though Panama City is a much prettier city. Costa Rica gets the nod for ecotourism, though.

Panama City:
- Panamanians and Colombians available. Panamanians tend to appear mixed between indigenous, spanish, and African.
- Golden Times is the top massage parlor and best place overall. $84/hr. Extremely high quality (mostly Colombians from Medelin, Cali) as of last year in May but things were starting to change.
- Miami is the next best. Similar price. Quality a notch or two below. Mostly Colombians
- Elite II and Le Palace are the top strip clubs. Elite II might be my favorite club period.
- Cheaper Panamanian massage parlors include Oasis and a few others. Negotiate at these places $60-80.
- Dirt cheap brothels are also available like Club Fenix where it is like $25 for 15 min.

Costa Rica
- Costa Ricans are mostly available, but it is easy to find Dominicans, Colombians, as well as girls from other Latin American countries.
- Del Ray Hotel is the best place. 100-200 girls available at peak times for prices from $60-100/hr. Panama doesn't have a equivalent even though free lancers are available. Del Ray has girls of all kinds from everywhere.
- Top massage parlors are Zona Blue and New Fantasy. Not as good as Golden Times in quality (local talent, not Colombians) but half the price, $40/hr.
- Top strip clubs are Elite and Tango India. These aren't as good as Elite II in Panama City even though Elite and Elite II have the same owner.
- Kamur is more of a cheaper/local strip club. It is ok.
- There are plenty of other cheap options here that I didn't visit such as Molino Rojo. I would imagine they are similar to club fenix.

Overall, CR is probably better in terms of price and variety.

Termas Time

05-21-05, 01:48
Trip 5

5/15 Sunday Day 3

Headed over to the Del Ray around 1 or 2 and sat at the bar having some water and was approached by a Tica. Everything for $50 I told her maybe later so she gave me business card with all her information. It was nicely printed too. But she was on the chunky side so I will let that one pass.

Hey Willy!

Did the business card have the Eiffel Tower on it? If so, then I guess you met the not-so-famous Ruby.

Rock on, rock hard.


05-21-05, 13:36
I believe it did have the Eiffel tower on it. I would check it but I threw it away walking back to the Presidente.

05-23-05, 14:07
from A.M. Costa Rica on line newspaper:
Note this is an ongoing scheme to rob tourists by several operators.

Tourist becomes ill,
companion arrested

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A visiting U.S. tourist befriended a woman who went with him to a downtown bar where the visitor began to become ill after a drink of beer.

When police arrived, the woman turned out to be a man dressed as a woman. In fact the suspect was the same transvestite who won a court decision that allowed the adoption of a 10-year-old child.

A Fuerza Pública report said officers found the tourist’s camera in the purse of the suspect, identified as Luis Gerardo Mairena.

Police said the bartender called police after seeing the tourist, identified by the last name of Bombard, become ill.

A band of individuals, known collectively as the Viper Woman, has scored many victims among tourists and visitors in the last several years. The way they work is similar to what may have happened to the tourist Saturday night: A woman they have picked up on the street slips them knock-out drops and they awaken with belongings missing.

The Viper Woman has been described at times as a man dressed as a woman, but others have insisted the robber is a woman. The Viper Woman typically works in conjunction with bartenders in downtown bars where the victim collapses.

Mairena was interviewed by a television crew and denied any wrongdoing.

05-23-05, 18:39
5/19 Thursday Day 7

The day started with a phone call at 11 from Erika moving my meeting to noon. There were some issues at noon so we postponed the meeting.

Nicole was about 10 minutes late but we had a good time once again. So I missed the group that went to JR Ribs and I have wanted to go there all week. Oh well meeting a bunch of guys or one hot Tica…..I went with the Tica.

I rushed through a shower to meet Johamna at the Del Ray at 8 of course she didn’t show at 8 so I thought I would give her until 9:30. About 10 I gave up and as I had someone lined up for 10:30 I went back to the Presidente. So if this one doesn’t show I will head back for awhile to see what I can come up with, although it would probably be best to rest tonight to have a big finish for the week. But what fun would that be.

At 11 the phone rang and Erika was waiting for me. What a wonderful time that was. She is such a sweetheart. I hope to be able to hook up with her one more time before I leave. She was worth the wait that is for sure.

5/20 Friday Day 8

So the plan today was to take it easy and save up some leche. I met a woman from Date site.com for lunch at Café Mundo at 2:30. I got back to the hotel around 4:30, cleaned up and headed over for happy hour.

I met VB and friends and a couple other CRT guys and was told Johamna was there and was looking for me. I took a stroll and didn’t see her. Later as I was getting ready to go for dinner she came running up and was waving for me. She said she had a sore throat and that is why she wasn’t around yesterday. So I went back to her slot machine where she had two buckets of coins. She had done very well and we cashed these out and went over to the hotel.

She wanted to watch music on TV not from my laptop so she was running the channels and found the Lion King. So I can say that I now have a different perspective of the Lion King after watching it while having a tongue bar floating around, up and down my shaft.
I may have to rent the movie when I get home just for the memories.

She had to go home to finish homework after another stop in the casino here. On a sad note she doesn’t have a cellular as she has already lost three. I asked if she were getting another one and she responded that she is leaving Costa Rica in three weeks to go to Miami and then back to Cuba. I don’t know if she will or not but it will be sad to see her go for those who haven’t gotten with her.

Back at the Del Ray I ran into VB and some others. It was slim pickings tonight. I waited around until who did I see walk in none other than the woman I had a “date” with from the date site site! I walked over and said hello and kept going. She later ran into to me to explain she was only there because her friend had met someone and needed a translator. And I am still a virgin too.

I spotted a Columbiana that I had been watching all week and the guy at my table called her over and said that I really wanted to go with her. Her name is Valentina and I have heard although very beautiful she was rather lame. One of those that just lay there which would somewhat like a GFE as some of my girl friends were more like a limp rag in bed.

After getting to the hotel she really liked the music and started to dance and played around I took a picture and she then started a strip tease for me.

She has a great body. Store bought breasts but still great. She was anything but lame for me. Several positions and she did most of the work. The woman could move her hips very well. It was like she was dancing on me also had good muscle control. She loved the vibrator and enjoyed playing with it.

She asked me to walk her back to the Del Ray so I took another walk around to see if maybe my “date” was there and I didn’t see her or she did very well hiding. I am sure one if not two of her friends saw me walk out with Valentina. Oh well at least I got some sex from a gorgeous woman. I thought it was the perfect set up a no pressure date. If I didn’t get anything from her it’s not like there aren’t a hundred other women willing to have sex. Of course that is as long as I have money.

On the way back to the Del Ray there were 3 trannies and at least 7 street people. Valentina was yelling at the trannies and I was telling the street people “no” when the shoe shine guy with dressed in the suit came up and started pushing the beggars out of the way. I gave him 500 to finish the walk and to wait for me and walk me back to the Presidente.

When I came out he was waiting and made sure no one came around telling we had no money and to stay away. I gave him another 100 and he said he would be out Saturday if I wanted him to run interference he would be available.

As I was going back on the elevator to the 8th floor it stopped on 2 and another Columbiana got on. She came straight over to me grabbed my cro*ch and said you need company. I asked how much she said cien. I said I just had sex and didn’t need to pay cien. By the 7th floor she was down to $50, allowing photos, payment upon completion and bbbj. So Jamie and I went into the room and she saw the vibrator on the bed the rubbers on the floor, bed and table and went over and picked out another rubber from the stack. She did a little massage and then on the flip the fun began. She is a little petite Columbiana. Fair bbbj but then again I was really tried and if the last guy gave her a workout she had to be tired as well but that was her issue. She didn’t want the vibrator so I went to work ph*cking her. I took my time as I had no pressing need to c*m again. We did several positions and I lay so I could watch her masturbate while she game me a hand job.

I took a couple of pictures when we were finished. And then Jamie was out the door.

I am headed to the 2nd floor to get a bag of ice so I will be able to function tomorrow.

5/21 Saturday Day 9

I am waiting to see if the date site woman calls to meet today. Also to see if she says anything about the Del Ray or asks if I picked anyone up.

I am also supposed to meet another date site woman tonight for dinner, but I have to get rid of her by 7 so I can make the meeting of the Royal Order of Water Buffalo. I am hoping to win at least one of the free bj’s.

I found a message under the door after my morning walk to call my “date” for this evening. She is canceling as it must be her night at the Del Ray! I am waiting on a call from Rocio to set up my finial massage before leaving for the plane.

Well after wasting my day playing phone tag with the date site woman I went down to meet JW a friend I have had the pleasure of hanging out with on several trips as he wanted to attend the meeting for the Water Buffalo.

We arrived around 7 pm and were the first at the bar. There were three women at the bar and we sat and talked with them as others arrived. Around 8:30 to 8:45 there were six women were bought out to the bar to start dancing. There was some great talent which was different from last Saturdays show.

I was lucky to have a great blonde in front of me. She had a fantastic body and a lot of playing was allowed. She seemed to really be into the performance as were the guys around watching.

There was a large group of guys that came in together and were not staying for the free bj drawing. They collected tickets from several of the other guys and gave them to JW, so that he had all but a handful and was guaranteed to win! We adjourned to the outer bar and waited for the first number to be drawn, sure enough on the first announcement JW won a bj. JW came back to the bar a satisfied member. They choose the second number and no one claimed the prize and they choose a replacement. To everyone’s surprise JW won again! He was kind enough to give me the winning ticket number 32; I was off to claim my gift. I understand why JW was a very satisfied member as after claiming my prize I was also very satisfied.

They were going to run a second show but we did not stay for that so I am not sure if that took place or not.

Don Carlos provides some great entertainment. The show is a must see at least once.

Grabbed a taxi back to the Del Ray and as I was looking for the date site woman I was grabbed by one of the women I had earlier in the week. We went back to the Presidente for a nice long session. After she left I sent back over to the Del Ray and then Key Largo and meet up with Don Papi and friends.

There was a Tica who latched onto me and we spent the next hour or so talking and joking around. She started at cien. I responded “no comprende cien que es cien”; she laughed but wasn’t really amused. After explaining how she was in college and divorced from a very rich attorney who didn’t pay ch*ld support and had only been in Key Large twice before that was needed cien. I told her for cien it would have to be for two hours.
She agreed to this so we took off. I took a taxi and was glad that I did as there were more street people out than I had seen all week. Even as the taxi stopped two grabbed at the door wanting 1000 to open the door. I had to push it hard to get the door open and move them away. There was less than 10 feet to the door but we were accosted by 5 different ones while we tried to get in. My only complaint with the guard is that he stood behind the gate and did nothing. With the amount of people surrounding the door which was about 10 to 15 there should have been a guard outside the door to help keep the people away.

We made it up to the room, she had great natural breasts. She is the first one that has wanted to smoke in the room. I made her go out to the balcony which she didn’t like either. As she was number three in a short time frame she had to work rather hard to get the leche. She at one point stopped and said “ok you have five minutes left.” She spoke pretty good English and I pointed out that we had over 40 minutes left as I have set my watch by the bed. She showed me her watch and said I was wrong. Again this is why you don’t pay up front; if I had she would have been out the door. I told her she could finish with a hand job. This took us to about 3:30 when I finally gave in and let it end as I was ready to get her out of the room anyway. She wanted propena as it had taken too long according to her. I gave her one mil and sent her on her way.

I had to rest up for Rocio the next morning anyway.

5/22 Sunday Day 10 and the final day

The heavy feeling of leaving CR was starting to sit in. I went to breakfast and met with JW and Don Papi and was given a banana by Don Papi to give to Rocio.

I took the banana and went back to the room to freshen up and about 10 minutes later Rocio called arriving 10 minutes early. As I got to the lobby to pick her up she looked wonderful. After getting to the room Rocio gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. Then fun began once the massage was over. Rocio is not only a very beautiful woman she is also very sensual as well. This is one experience that should not be missed on a visit to Costa Rica.

I walked Rocio to the elevator the phone started ringing and it was Nicole who was about 20 minutes late which was a good thing.

Nicole came up and I received another massage, bj, hj and doggie. I was spent at this point and just couldn’t get off. I was also watching the time as I had to check out. About 11:20 I told her I just couldn’t give any more leche and she laughed and “muy malo” too many chica’s and no leche.

She was laughing when I told her when I was on the plane I would need to jo thinking about her and our time together and that I couldn’t do anymore. We went down to the desk together and I checked out.

One other note on Nicole, I asked her about giving out her phone number and she said no. I don’t know the reason why, I do know that when I tried to call her Saturday all I got was a recording. So she may have changed her number after I asked.

After Rocio and Nicole back to back I was very relaxed for the plane ride home.

In reflecting over the past few days of this trip a few things come to mind. I have learned a lot from the people on this board, Vegas Bob and King Costa start the long list. There is very valuable information if one is willing to take the time to look for it. Kudos to Admins for keeping the site up and running with continued discounts and other offerings.

I have met some guys and have read on a few sites a lot of posts that seem to be degrading to the women. I understand that the chosen profession is the socially acceptable, but most of these women work because of economic reasons. What else could they do for the kind of money they are making? What other motivation would there be for a beautiful 20 year old Tica, Nica or Columbiana to get to bed with an overweight, obnoxious Gringo?
Granted these women are and can be very good hustlers but that is their job, as a group of us discussed one evening. Because you failed to get the price you wanted to, and didn’t get the exact service desired due to your lack of communication or negotiating skills is no reason to then bad mouth the woman and use degrading names. Whose fault is it that the deal didn’t go as planed? The woman’s certainly not, it is your fault for not specifically outlining what is expected. I know feel like bigger men by using degrading names and put downs but that only displays one’s own ignorance.

What does it hurt to treat people with respect? Nothing! Not only the working girls but I have seen the waitress being treated badly on my last two trips. They too are being called names for rejecting advances or not jumping and running to serve.

Those people are ruining the fun and enjoyment most of us have in the experience of Costa Rica. I not only go for the women but the fellowship of the guys on this board and others I have met in the past 3 years. I heard one guy say he has more friends in Costa Rica than the US. To some extent I can agree with that.

I don’t post a lot except when I am on a trip and this isn’t the only place I post so I will get off my soap box for now.

This has been a great trip. I have again given myself one of the best birthday presents to date. It will take a week to replenish my leche supply and as always I am now starting to plan my next trip which will hopefully be later this year.

Thanks to Vegas Bob for entertaining, going to dinner and recommendations.
Don Papi for the connection to Rocio and the tip for a gift.
JW for the free bj at the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo.
The others I met this trip.

I am looking forward to returning once again to Costa Rica.

05-24-05, 00:10
Looking to make my first visit to either Costa Rica, Panama City, or Caracas - can anyone give me an idea of which of these three they would choose and why? If you have been to all three, which would you go back to and why?

Costs are important of course, but am looking for "quality" p4p. Any help would be appreciated. Have been to DR, and looking for a change.

I can answer this one real easy

Price - Panama City $$$
Caracas $$.5
Costa Rica $$
Santo Domingo $$ (2004) $$$$ (2005) (lol)

As far as quality goes SJO, PTY and CCS are probably all very close HOWEVER, nobody is doing back flips for native born Panamanian girls. The quality comes from transplanted Colombianas, and Dominicanas who are (largely) working on contract in these countries. In Caracas you have gorgeous girls that "live up the block" It has always struck me as curious why guys would go to PTY or SJO to meet gorgeous Colombianas. Why not go to the "mother ship?"

You want Colombianas go to Medellin or Cali or have you ever tried Cartagena? (Spend a few hours in LDV's in Cartagena and see if you go back to SJO) ;)

If you are looking for a fun, tropical place with alot of atmoshepere and you don't mind mercenary/imported quality maybe you should put Curacao on your "to do" list. I've been to Curacao 3x - always enjoyed it! New girls arriving every day they serve Amstel Bright beer (that's not a misprint Amstel BRIGHT - friggin' delicious) and a much better place to work on your suntan then SJO. :)


05-25-05, 04:10
We meet again..lol! This question is for you and others in the know.
Exactly WHY are the Colombinas (in SJO) considered so hardcore, according to almost all posts? You seem to have a different view of them in country. I suppose that the "exports" are those that might run afoul of the law back in Colombia...?

05-25-05, 07:22
Hey Rear Window!

How have you been my friend? No, not at all the Colombian exports have not necessarilly run afoul of the law by any means, its just that these girls view some of these "contract" locations as opportunities to make MORE money than they can in their home country. Get it?? If they are MAKING more than you are SPENDING more. ;)

In my many travels throughout the western hemisphere I have found that you can break the mongering destinations into two distinct categories. "Home" country destinations - ie. Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras where girls who are available are native born and live locally and "Contract" country destinations - ie. Panama, Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba where local businessmen have introduced foreign born girls into a "gringo-safe" area on a contract that permits the girls to work for a specified time period at a largely pre-determined rate of pay.

Some of these "contract" destinations are great fun! Nobody can deny the quality available in San Jose and anybody who has spent any time in Campo Alegre in Curacao knows that there are often stunningly beautiful women available throughout the year.

However, the question was one where price was a considerable determining factor and for this I repeat that any person with a careful eye on his wallet should consider a trip to Colombia, Nicaragua or the DR rather than overpay in SJO or PTY.

In these locations prices are much better, and GFE is often "off the meter"!
Girls in SJO, PTY, or CUR often develop a "conveyor-belt" mechanical attitude out of no fault of there own. You would also if you were in their position.

05-26-05, 02:15
Thanks for the reply. I've been well, and hope You have also! I Gave up on DR after getting out three days before the crackdown in the South,and have turned my attention to other places. I will be in SJO in three days for eight nites.Should be interesting, and I think I might avoid the Dominicanas there...just for a change of pace.
I get your response. A fountain of knowledge as usual.
I'll report back.

05-27-05, 00:00
Just back from Costa Rica.
I had one month of sex, dr%& and rock and roll.
For the most part Costa Rica has not changed much in the past year or so. The Dell Ray is still over priced, and the locals are still the best deal. I do have two new experiences I would like to share.
The first new experience was to go to Granada Nicaragua I went on Tica Bus and they set up the whole deal, 4 nights at the Colonial Hotel (4 star) and Transportation from San Jose to Nicaragua and back for $240 US. You can find a cheeper deal for a differnt hotel. All the hotels they will set you up with are good.
The girls that I met there were hot and passionate. I can get bbbj for 400 codobas or $20US
To have a girl all night its is 500 codobas or $30US.
You must be careful of rip off there are some girls that will rip you when you are asleep.
Best way to prevent this is to have a local hook you up. In my case the hotel receptionist hooked me up with some real nice woman. The girls they hook you up with are not hard core and value the opportunity to make money that they will lose if they have a reputation as a thief. And if they do rip you, you do have recourse. Anyway I had some real hot sex and the price was right. Granada it self is an old Spanish City built in the 1500s and looks like a town you would find in Europe. If you have the time to explore this trip I recommend it highly.
The Next experience was in San Jose One day before I was flying home.
It was about 10am and I went to have coffee at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica. It was a beautiful morning so all the outdoor tables were occupied. I was about to sit with a few guys I know that live in San Jose when a girl at the next table signaled me that I could sit with her and her girlfriend so I did. After some small talk I fond out that they were students at some University in San Petro. They said I could hang out with them if I wanted. I said wtf. We went for a walk and I asked them if they wanted to stop at my room so I could make some phone calls they agreed. I made my calls and the girls watched TV. I jumped on the bed that they were on and sat at the head of the bed while they sat at the foot of the bed. The girl that I liked is named Sabrina so I signaled for her to come to me and she did. I stared to rub her shoulder she stared to rub my leg. I went for the kiss and she respond. After 3 or 4 nice kisses she asked me if I wanted sex with her. I said yes but what about your girlfriend,
Sabrina asked her friend if she would give us an hour or so and take a walk. She agreed.
We had as good of sex that I have had in the last 10 years. She did not ask me for money but I gave her 10000c ($21) . When her friend returned I took them for lunch.
After lunch I asked if she could spend the night she said no because her parents wanted her home on school nights but the weekends are good. I told her that I was leaving the next day. She told me she can meet me a 3pm that afternoon after she bought some books.
I said sure. 3pm came and she was there. We went to my room and did it all again only this time I took my time and enjoyed every second of our time together.
She went home but not before she gave me a phone number I can reach her at.
When I told her that my flight was at 1pm and I had to leave the hotel at 11am she asked if she could meet me at 8am. I said ya.
At 8am she was at my room. She made love to me as if I was her boyfriend for years.
After I took her to breakfast and we said our good buys. I promised I would call. I than gave her 10000c and she said that that was not necessary at that I said no problem and kissed her good buy.
I have been going to CR for 7 years sometimes up to 7 months a year. I know that even if I think this is the one it will disappoint me. So I will call her from home and when I go back I will look her up.
That is my unusual experiences in Cost Rica.

Jaimito Cartero
05-29-05, 00:54
It's great to explore off the beaten track a bit. Sounds like you had a great time with the chica you found. I've been to Managua and found a semi-pro that was a lot more of a girlfriend than the normal types you find in San Jose.

05-29-05, 22:31
It's great to explore off the beaten track a bit. Sounds like you had a great time with the chica you found. I've been to Managua and found a semi-pro that was a lot more of a girlfriend than the normal types you find in San Jose.

..........Jaimito - imo Managua and the whole of Nicaragua is a very underrated destination. The biggest problem I have is justifying the additional cost of the flight to MGA.
Flights to SDQ, SJO, POP, PTY are so much cheaper that at times its crazy! Can't seem to find any sort of decent package from the northeast of the U.S. to MGA or I'd be there every month. :)

Grand Pollo
05-30-05, 03:31
..........Jaimito - imo Managua and the whole of Nicaragua is a very underrated destination. The biggest problem I have is justifying the additional cost of the flight to MGA.
Flights to SDQ, SJO, POP, PTY are so much cheaper that at times its crazy! Can't seem to find any sort of decent package from the northeast of the U.S. to MGA or I'd be there every month. :)

I have found that MGA is less expensive than SDQ by quite a bit, even though SDQ has more flights from more cities and they carry a lot of freight and thus should be cheaper. I fly paid business class but even at most times coach is less as well, on AA anyway. Have you tried Continental to MGA through Houston?

Just came back and return on the 1st of July.

Trottle Buck
05-30-05, 05:52
I'm planning a trip soon, however I haven't decide yet:

Aruba, or Curacao, never been there yet. Or back to San Jose, CR.

Any suggestions guys?


05-31-05, 02:25
I have found that MGA is less expensive than SDQ by quite a bit, even though SDQ has more flights from more cities and they carry a lot of freight and thus should be cheaper. I fly paid business class but even at most times coach is less as well, on AA anyway. Have you tried Continental to MGA through Houston?

Just came back and return on the 1st of July.

Hi GP!

Good to "rap" with you again. Actually, no I haven't tried Continental - I'll punch in some dates and check it out. Thanks.

The thing about flying to the DR out of the New York City metro area is that due to the large Dominican population in NYC the airfares are artificially capped by the airlines in response to politicial pressure from local elected officials. Super saver AA flights in the summer from JFK to SDQ or POP can run as low as $275- $340 (coach). This is why there is a group of NYC players who fly nowhere else. JFK, LGA or EWR to MGA never approach this.

BTW, since this is the SJO thread (and since I don't want to get banned for posting off topic ;)) here is the bottom line with this conversation.

If you guys have enjoyed Nicas in SJO (and many of you have said you have) you should try Nicas back in the "mother ship". Nicaragua, no doubt is a somewhat difficult country to get yourself organized in but once you do the GFE of these little beauties can often be absolutely "off the meter!"

Worth a look. :)


05-31-05, 02:28
For all you cheapskates;

Alvaro the owner of the Hotel La Gran Via just bought a new hotel named the San Augestine. 5 blocks from the La Gran Via in a good area.
He asked me to post this to anyone who wants a good cheep room ($25 tax included) and walking distance from all the hot spots. His e-mail is gerencia@hgranvia.com In my opinion it is a good deal but for $10 more I like the Gran Via. Anyway for $25 a night you can't go wrong.

Jaimito Cartero
05-31-05, 02:46
..........Jaimito - imo Managua and the whole of Nicaragua is a very underrated destination. The biggest problem I have is justifying the additional cost of the flight to MGA.

You've got a few different options. You can take the Ticabus which isn't too expensive ($20, I think, RT). One reason to have some miles in different frequent flyer plans is that you can often get very inexpensive short hops (10,000-15,000 miles) from SJO-MGA.

While many will complain about the bus, I found it pretty nice.

05-31-05, 19:00

I've been back from my last trip to San Jose for about 10 days. And here is some info on my trip. I just want to say hi to all the guys that were at the lesbo show. It was wild and I was happy I got to see it. This trip was the most fun I had on any trip (hobby) due to the fact. I am just getting better at picking out the good girls at fair prices. I stayed at Morenza hotel and. That little bar next to the casino was a gold mine for me. I took 4 different girls out of there. All for under 50. 00 and all were great fucks and GFE.

I met a guy who has a message parlor and had sweet girls for 34. 00 and he also told me that 747 does exist and the price is 13. 00 for a girl. I never made it there but I a going back in July. so this time I swear I will go there. I made a few dollars at the tables that went right to the *****s. Got to love. Free pussy.

The food at the News Cafe was a let down. Last trip I ate most of my meals there. and this time the food just was bad. Burnt burger and the ribeye steak wasnt from a cow.

I meet a sweet tica and payed for her 50. 00 for 1 shot. but she asked if she could spend the nite. Sure I said. I hit it 3 more times and no more cash. Only problem. I see her the next nite and she wants me for her BF(yeah right). You know its hard to hide in Key Largo on a Monday nite.

This was only my second trip and it was so much better than the first. Just knowing where to go and staying clear of girls that other guys will tell you about or share what they know about the good ones. Even though there is less girls at the Key Largo than the Blue Marlin. You have a better chance of guessing how the girl will be in the room. I mean, its like you are partying with the girls. Dancing and drinking and getting to know them. Plus there are less guys there and it becomes a buyer market.

I have yet to see a beach or a rain forest, just alot of pink tacos, but that is why I go there. I made some good friends on this trip and I truly love this place. I am planing a trip to Bangkok in Sept. but I don't know if I can handle the 27 hour plane ride when san jose is only 4 hours away. There was a post about a girl with the soripon tatoo on her breast and that girl is such a pain in the ass. I have dodged her my last 2 trips and to see that post about her (always asking for money for her mom and that she will fuck you silly) I told her so many lies to avoid her. The maids are still cleaning my room, my friend is aleep in my room. However I did give her 1100 colones for her to eat lunch at the Morenza. That is where all the daytime working girles go to lunch. Trust me, if you want a easy in with a girl and not sure if you like her yet, take her to lunch there. For 2 bucks you will know if you should stay or run for the hills.

Got to love San Jose!

06-01-05, 00:31
You've got a few different options. You can take the Ticabus which isn't too expensive ($20, I think, RT). One reason to have some miles in different frequent flyer plans is that you can often get very inexpensive short hops (10,000-15,000 miles) from SJO-MGA.

While many will complain about the bus, I found it pretty nice.

Thank you Jaimito! As usual you are a wealth of information. Not crazy about bus/land transportion in latin america but I will consider looking into it on my upcoming trips. (Punched in some dates on Continental from NYC to MGA and I'm looking at $850 rt - crazy!) For that money I'll go to RIO! (lol) :)


Jaimito Cartero
06-01-05, 07:32
Ticabus is a pretty luxurious bus for Central America. I've taken it 2 times (and one other company the other time), and it was fine. They usually play a movie or two, and have very nice seats. I wouldn't recommend sitting by the bathroom, though.

You can get off in Granada if you want. You can get on in Liberia, so if you want to head to Guanacaste, you can just leave from there without having to go all the way back to San Jose.

If you time it right, and come back in less than 3 days before your departure date, then you just have to pay a small amount of taxes at the airport. (Say $2-$3), since you're considered a transit. Stamps at the border are a few bucks, I think.

06-10-05, 13:19
What has happen to San Jose? No posts in 10 days.

Well, I just got back about a month ago. And let me tell you! It was better than my first trip. I got to go to the lesbo show and it was wild. Best 20 bucks I ever spent. And on this trip. Only had one bad time with a girl. She looked ok in the bar. Then in the room. Big ass. And lazy sex. But that was on my first nite. Things got much better from there.

I have stayed at the Morenza Hotel on both my trips. No chicka fee. And the girls eyes light up when you tell them that is where you are staying. If you don't know. All the girls from the Delray go there for the lunch special (stop by at lunch time and you can see alot of the working girls). I hit a few home runs just hanging out in the little bar next to the casino (Morenza). Not many guys there, but the ladies like to stop by and get a drink before they go to battle at the D.R. or Key Largo.

I am going back to San Jose next month. I just tell my boss the fishing is really good there (pink tacos) hope to see some more post from the rest of you. I heard san jose has a plan to get the kids off the streets. And into some type of home. That is only one a few problems I see with San Jose. Its hard to see a kid 11 years old sleeping in a box on the street.

Besides my first girl. All the rest of the girls I had were good to great. no 2 on 1 this time. not relly worth the extra money. I just spend the few extra buck on getting them a drink. Or play a little slot machine with them. and you can mosty tell what you are going to get. I must share this little story. this hot girl at the delray. I seen her every day I was there. But never really went after her. (I seen her going upstairs at the delray a few times a day) she has these nice big tits and a sweet ass. but she has this. I'm a ***** look on her face. So I am drunk and she walks bye. And I grab her pussy. She gives me the dirtest look. And I take off. Well the next day. She see me. And comes to me. And says how dare you grab my pussy. This is the same girl who is getting fucked 5 to 6 times a day. And I have to say I am sorry. And I tell her I was drunk. Well on my next trip. I am getting the v-pill and I am going to pound her for 2 hours. Lets just call it "How dare your grab my pussy fuck".

06-11-05, 08:04
"If you guys have enjoyed Nicas in SJO (and many of you have said you have) you should try Nicas back in the "mother ship". Nicaragua, no doubt is a somewhat difficult country to get yourself organized in but once you do the GFE of these little beauties can often be absolutely "off the meter" FORD"

I totally effed up the quote function , so i"ll just wing it. The quick synopsis of my CR trip, Had two ticas, one a body builder hard body for three nites, a Colombina for two nites, who was just GFE all the way, and then Mi Nica.

This girl turned my world upside down. She wasn't the best looking of my new friends, but her personality was so right for me, that I was smitten.And then the sexo...freaking unreal....she pushed every button I had each time, and we moved like we were made for each other. Man ..it was GOOD.

Jaimito Cartero
06-11-05, 08:52
There are some airfare sales that I've just seen from the West Coast. Phx-SJO $195 plus tax on AA. $159 LAX-SJO on Lacsa. Sometimes other airlines will match, so check them out.

The AA sale is only good this month. Flights during the week only. This is the lowest I've seen for awhile, so you might want to look at them before they "poof".

Todo Poderoso
06-11-05, 21:06
Was in San Jose yesterday, after spending some days at
the Caribbean coast. This is a little off topic, but I
want to save fellow mongers a three hour bus ride. There is
no action whatsoever in the beach towns of Puerto
Viejo, Manzanillo or Cauhita. The local girls were
friendly but I doubt you’ll be able to score any
action since those beach towns are small and the
locals are very close knit. Thus, a chick is not going
to go to your hotel room since chances are that people
who work in the hotels know her or her family.

Back to San Jose, I went to hotel Del Rey located just
a few blocks away from el parque central. There were
around 20 females in there, the quality was
surprisingly good but not good enough to justify
their prices. I asked around and the best price quouted was
$75. I sat in the bar and started making convo with a fellow monger from the UK.He told me that as it gets darker outside the prices sky
rocket to $100+, yikes.. Also, I asked him of any other
places where cheap action could be had, he said he didn’t know
any. After leaving Del Rey, a local that was standing outside the hotel told me of a place named New Fantasy that was just a couple of
blocks away. I arrived at the place and there were
around 10 OK looking females. The price
was 60 for half an a hour. I decided to pass. Nevertheless, other gringos didnt because this place had a very high gringo density. I tipped the
local and went to look for the elusive club 747. I
went up and down calle 4 for around an hour almost tripping on those huge sidewalk craters, but I wasnt able to find 747. AS I was walking back to Del Rey in defeat, I saw this club named La Maison,
which is on calle 4 and avenida 9. The girls were just
average. However, there was this cute black Tica that
caught my eye. She was at least an 8. Her price was
6000 colones for half an hour, which is like 12
dollars. A beauty like this in the US can at least get
$100 and that´s just for one nut. She had a nice
attitude and a great body to boot. When we started
the session while she gave me a message she told me it
was 2000 colones additional for BBBJ. I normally would
have have said no since I am not really a fan of BBBJ from
pros because of the risk of STD´s and the difference
of feeling to me between BBBBJ and a covered one is
marginal. However, with this chick I made an
exception. She gave me non rushed very GFE blowjob,
then I asked her for the holy grail of mongering, anal. I asked
if she did anal and how much. She said yes and that it
was up to me to decide how much I wanted to tip her.
WOW, I Told her the nice round amount of 5K colones
and she agreed. So in sum, brothel entry fee 6,000
colones, BBBJ 2,000 colones, anal 5,000 gorgeous
women for less than the price of drinks and cover in
an American strip club priceless….

06-12-05, 20:06
The below post, by Todo shows that the more research you do the better deals you will find that suite you.
There are probably fifty places to get legal chicas in San Jose but they do not have signs hanging outside except to say Zona Blue, or New Fantasy or Idem, or and address like 747 and the purple place next door.

Private mail me for more infomation.

Sun Devil
06-12-05, 21:54
Below is a list of establishments that I was able to get from another website. I hope this helps both veterans and rookies. Unfortunately, addresses in San Jose tend to be via landmark, not by what we know in the US. I used this list to get some good deals in Costa Rica.

Exchange rates between the dollar and colon are currently 1:476, so a good way to find out how much it will cost in dollars is dividing the colon by 400, or slash the last 2 zeros and then divide it by 4.

Zona Blue:Ave. 9,Calle 3B
Hours: M-Sat. 9-9,Sun.10-6
Price: 24000 Col. Hr 16K Half Hour

New Fantasy:Ave 8 Calle 9-11
M-Sat. 9-9,Sun. 12-5
Price: 18000 col. hr., 10000col. half hour

Idem: C11 ,A 10-12
3-12 M-Sat
price: 19000col. upstairs, 22000 downstairs

Bar Dandy: Same owner as Idem
Location : Ave 10 , C14
Prices : 12000col. per hr.
Comments: Same type set up as Idem.

Eros: C11,Ave 10-12
12-8 M-Sat
Price:Approx.20000 col.

Oasis: C 32,A 1-3
M-F 9-12, Sat.10-5
Price 10000col.
Hint: Directly across from Machu Pichu restaurant with guard at door.
Best time mid to late morning. Gets very busy in afternoons.

MP 1:No name known, Around corner from Oasis, A 2,C30-32 North Side.
From Oasis go North toward KFC turn left at first street.About 25 m.
intersection before a blue bldg.
Approx. same hours as Oasis
Price: 10000col. hour, 6500 col. half hour
Hints: white house metal gate in front

VIP's Massage: C1, A 24-26 ,north side, No. 2417 on door. Sunflower in
Approx same hours as Oasis
12000 col. room with massage table, 15000 col. room
with massage table bed and Sauna
Phone: 256-2130 or 256-8738
Comments: you have to look hard to see sunflower, but it is the building on the corner

New place near Oasis, Kama Sutra
From Max por Menos across from Corobici go beside
Max x Menos on right side
of store 2 blocks past second intersection.It is
about 25 m. past second intersection on the left, yellow
bldg. Apt #1.(Ask for Cassandra formerly of Oasis)
Rates: 12000 col. per hr and 9000 col. half hr.
Tip: If you can't locate call and they will have someone
meet you at Max x Menos and lead you there

Veronicas (also near Oasis)
From Paseo Colon and Calle 36 South 25mts. on Lt. turquoise
Rates: 12000col.hr and 9000col.(one report give them 10000
and don't ask)
Tip: Adjacent to Favorita Restaurant

747 Massage: C 7-9, A 4 .No. 747 on house
9-5 M - Sat.
4500 col. half hour

Cha Cha Cha: purple house next to 747
9-9 M- Sat.
Price: 8000 col. half hour, 12000 col. hour

Jet Set: C 1-3 , A 11
Hours: 9- 10 M-Sat.
Price: 5500 col. half hour
Comments: Next door to Taberna VIP's

Europa 2000: C3 , A 5-7
Hours:12-6, Open Sundays
Price: 5000 col. half hour

70E The Dungeon: C Cent-1, A 7, 70E on door.
Hours unknown
5000 col. half hour

Muses(Same location as former Jocelyns)
Location: Ave 3, C 3 to 5
Prices:7000 col per half hr., 10000 per hr.
Comments: Very unobvious, Glass window and door front
with only a buzzer at door.

Calle 6, Ave 3 to 5, hours vary open late but bad neighborhood at night
Taberna Mansion Bar is landmark and joins the one place where I have seen less scary prospects.
Prices: 3000 col range vary place to place,
400 col. beer at bar.
Comments: Several other cheap places in this block on west side of this street. I have never seen much except ocasionally at the one by the bar.
Recent report the place with stairs about a block South sometimes has good prospects.

Krysis: Ave 7,Calle 2 and Central(next to Lipstick)
No recent price info.Appprox. 24000 per hr. from old info.


Taberna VIP's or VIP's 1 : C 3 Ave 11,NW cor.
Noon- Late, Open Sundays
Prices: 5500 col. half hour
Hints: good time 7 to 10PM

Molino Rojo or VIP's 2: Calle 2, Ave 10
8 to real late ,Open Sundays
Prices: 6000col. half hour, best after 12 pm
Commnets: Sometimes nice looking girls come real late, after some of the outher places start closing.

Arcadas: Calle 2 ,Ave 8 -10,Almost next door to Molino Rojo
8 to real late ,Open Sundays
Prices: 8000 half hour
Comments: Best after 10pm. Can be packed with ticos on weekends.A little less competition on weeknights for the girls. They have a very group of girls for a tico place in this price range.Continuious dancers so you can see the girls before you make a choice.

Club Monaco:Calle 6 Ave 9
Hours unknown, night time bar
Prices 7000 col. half hour

Bar Camelot:Ave 4, Cale 3-5
Hours:3 or 4 to late
Prices: 6000col. last report

Club 40: Ave 7 Calle Central
Hours unknown night time bar
Prices: 7000 col. half hour.

Club Flamingo: A more upscale tico strip bar with rooms on site.
Location:C 2 ,Ave 4 -6,West side
Prices:Girls to room, 22000col per half hr. and 40000col. hr.
Comments: Continuious strip show but girls are pricey on site.

The best thing to do is go to a massage parlor in the morning and afternoon and then hit a tico bar at night, something that I did with good results value wise. Of course, one can also go to the Blue Marlin or Key Largo, but these two establishments are somewhat pricier than those on this list.

06-13-05, 18:13
Hey Rear Window!

How have you been my friend? No, not at all the Colombian exports have not necessarilly run afoul of the law by any means, its just that these girls view some of these "contract" locations as opportunities to make MORE money than they can in their home country. Get it?? If they are MAKING more than you are SPENDING more. ;)

In my many travels throughout the western hemisphere I have found that you can break the mongering destinations into two distinct categories. "Home" country destinations - ie. Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras where girls who are available are native born and live locally and "Contract" country destinations - ie. Panama, Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba where local businessmen have introduced foreign born girls into a "gringo-safe" area on a contract that permits the girls to work for a specified time period at a largely pre-determined rate of pay.

Some of these "contract" destinations are great fun! Nobody can deny the quality available in San Jose and anybody who has spent any time in Campo Alegre in Curacao knows that there are often stunningly beautiful women available throughout the year.

However, the question was one where price was a considerable determining factor and for this I repeat that any person with a careful eye on his wallet should consider a trip to Colombia, Nicaragua or the DR rather than overpay in SJO or PTY.

In these locations prices are much better, and GFE is often "off the meter"!
Girls in SJO, PTY, or CUR often develop a "conveyor-belt" mechanical attitude out of no fault of there own. You would also if you were in their position.


You get it. I am 100% agree with you.

06-14-05, 04:24
Below is a list of establishments that I was able to get from another website. I hope this helps both veterans and rookies. Unfortunately, addresses in San Jose tend to be via landmark, not by what we know in the US. I used this list to get some good deals in Costa Rica.Thanks for all the good info. Really a help for us late-comers to the party. I'm planning my first monger-trip in August and hope to make good use of it. Keep the good news coming.

06-14-05, 04:42
Sun Devil, that was helpful info for those of us arriving late to the party. I'm planning my first trip to CR in August and will use your info as a quide. Thanks for sharing.

06-14-05, 16:41

Is it possible that the hotel you are talking about is the Morazan? Have never heard of the Morenza. If there is a "Morenza" please tell where it is located.



06-15-05, 12:13
It is the Morazan Hotel and casino, one block West of the Hotel Del Rey.

And thank you RBC100 for the list of establishments.

06-15-05, 23:09
Thanks. Its the Morazan my spelling isnt the best with all the hot pussy around me. just a heads up. I will be going back to San Jose on the 21st of July. If anyone is going to be in town during that week, please shoot me a mail. Wow it was just March when I made my first trip there. I would always go to Vegas, rent a car, drive 5 hours to Tijuana for 1 nite of fun, and drive 5 hours back. Lots of driving for a nite of pussy and drinking. Now San Jose is the only place I will go. Better woman. Better hotels. Gambling of course is better in Vegas. But you can get all the action you need in S. J. and the Morazan has a great sports book. I took a beating on my first trip. I was playing to much rummy, but I found casinos that have. Black jack and found a few crap tables. I even hit a 4 team parlay my last nite there. I had to cash it and hop on the plane. I couldnt even [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) it away.

What is great about Blue Marlin is now I sit and think about my trip. I think about the girls. I will hook up with when I get back and maybe 1or 2 I did on my last trip again. hey, if you never been there. The B. M. and Key Largo are 2 of the best pussy hunting bars I myself have ever been in. What else could you want. At the B.M. you sit with girls, have a drink, or just find a spot and let all the ladies walk by you. Or maybe play some cards and every few mins just look up, at least 2 or 3 hotties will be looking at you. Then after 10:30 or 11:00 walk over to the Key Largo and dance your ass off while girls are chasing you. The only negative is that you are playing with so many girls, the one you really wanted has been taken because you think there is a better one out there.

I am thinking of going to Bangkok later this year, but I don't think I can handle the 27 hour flight. Any way, its great to see some posts here in C. R. again. Lets hear about some of your trips. Its what keeps me going in between trips.

06-19-05, 03:51
Well I am headed back to Costa Rica, one more time the first of July. For five short days. Will be staying at the Sportsmens lodge. Man Cannot believe this is the fourth trip this year. Its hard to stay away. First stop will have to be Zona B Just to see the changes finished.

Sr 98
06-20-05, 22:28
Sun Devil's post of 6/12 is very helpful but you should be wary of the details. For example: Although SD says New Fantasy is open Sundays, I don't think that's the case. (At least it wasn't at 3 this last Sunday -- I bit!)Also, SD refers to another massage parlor around the corner from Oasis at "A2, C30/32". This can't be A2 since Oasis is between A1 and 3. Later, "from Oasis go North toward KFC"; but KFC is south of Oasis, unless I'm real turned around. That's enough to give you the idea. This was a great post so long as you're aware of this sort of thing.

Sun Devil's post made me aware of a place I didn't know of, reporting

"Bar Dandy: Same owner as Idem
Location : Ave 10 , C14
Prices : 12000col. per hr.
Comments: Same type set up as Idem."

I like Idem a lot and would be very interested if this is true, but I'm cautious given that no one has ever written of the place in this Forum (and given its out-of-the-way location) Has anyone been there? How much is it like Idem?

Sr 98
06-20-05, 23:01
I couldn’t have been happier with Oasis -- my first time there. Calle 32, between Avenidas 1 and 3 opposite Machu Pichu. There’s a guard sitting in front of the door. Ask him, “Oasis?” and he’ll call upstairs to have you buzzed in. Pull the door on the left and enter a little waiting room. There was a woman attendant there when I arrived (at 10:45AM, time being of the essence here, I’m told) and a male attendant when I left 45 minutes later.

The attendant pulls aside an accordion door into a darkened little room and all the chicas stand up in a little semicircle for you to choose. This was a little overwhelming – there was a montón de chicas, maybe 9 or ten (and only 2 when I left). Overwhelmed as I was, I didn{t notice much about the ones I didn{t choose. I chose the short brunette; the others were a blur of blonde tallness. My muchacha was very chica, maybe 4 foot ten. She had the loveliest little body. There was not a wrinkle or a sag. She had nice, perky, natural breasts proportioned to her size, a slim waist, slightly flared slim hips and little buttocks that made a nice handful.

I was saving my Viagra for later in the day. After my massage, I explained to my muchacha that my performance might be slow (or *very* slow) and that slow and steady and patient were the order of the day on her part. She was friendly about this. She stroked me patiently and gave me a nice CBJ; and when I got erect she put it in. I lost the erection quickly. I had been kissing and feeling her breasts and caressing her pussy during all of this.

I asked her to turn her pussy towards me. She put it an inch from my mouth, so I jumped in, tonguing and licking and sucking her pussy. It was a very pretty pussy, by the way, with neat little folds. I was erect again shortly and came (by her hand) in about five minutes.

The beauty part (as we say in New York dialect) was her reaction. She had been giving little moans through the latter part of the cunnilingus, which I took to be just part of a prostitute{s job, eh? But then she kept on going after I had come, when logic dictates she should have faked an orgasm and gotten me out of the room. She kept on going for three or four more minutes, pressing more and more intensely against my tongue and mouth, finally pressing hard against my teeth in what was either an orgasm or the best simulation imaginable (and an act of great kindness).

In my paunchy, flabby, partially impotent sixties, the thought that I can give a lovely young woman sexual pleasure makes me extraordinarily happy.

“What is it that men in women do desire?

The lineaments of gratified desire.”

William Blake

06-21-05, 13:57

Bar Dandy is indeed out of the way, but it is well worth the cab ride. It is similar to Idem. Don't know if it is the same owner or not. I've been there a hand full of times over the past few years and while it has never been crowded, there has always been a good selection to choose from. It is one the favorite haunts of a buddy of mine from Miami who is a CR veteran. I wouldn't put it on my favorite list, but it is worth a look at night, especially if the other haunts are a little slow.

I usually ask the cab to wait while I take a look inside. If it appeals to me, I pay the cab and door fee. If not, off to another bar!

Happy hunting


Sr 98
06-22-05, 01:04
despite my stating below that new fantasy isn't open on sunday, and despite the fact that it wasn't open this sunday at 3pm, the guy at the desk says it is open on sunday -- 9-5.

maybe it was closed this last sunday because of father's day, which was a bigger deal down here than it ever was in the states.

i don't think it's a good sign that it's open on sunday now. i remember asking a muchacha what her hours were: 9 to 9, monday through saturday -- 72 hours. no wonder they sometimes seem to lack a bit of energy and look a bit dazed when you look at them through that one-way mirror. now it's not 72 hours but 80 hours? good luck to them and us. when do they visit their kids, who are being taken care of by grandma and grandpa in san ramon?

there were over a dozen girls there when i was there this afternoon. i was interested in only one, rather vaguely -- a moderately pretty girl-next-door type. i think that's your best fantasy at new fantasy: doing it with the girl next door. the girl next door is seldom drop-dead beautiful but there is often something interesting about her body and sometimes she can be fun. the last time i actually parted with my money at new fantasy was with one of these girls -- she turned out to have been (before prostitution) a supermarket checkout clerk. how girl-next-door can you get?

today, there were a number of these girl-next-door types, varying in appeal, and there were a handful of markedly unattractive girls, pudgy, stubby girls dressed in ugly little negligees, who looked as though they were trying to parody your worst nightmare of a stereotyped latin american prostitute.

there are sometimes some standouts, but none today, and the guy said almost everyone was sitting there, only a couple of girls were in the back.

what do you think of the mirror? for me it doesn't work well. i like idem, where the girl gets a chance to make eyes at you if she wants or to avoid catching your eye if she can't stand the idea of going upstairs with you. but at new fantasy with the mirror, you don't get any feedback before you've made your choice. even at oasis yesterday, when i had to make my choice with lightning speed, everybody was reacting to me at the critical moment, so that there was a chance for friendliness or repulsion to show on the girl's face.

Sun Devil
06-22-05, 02:41
Sorry about the misplaced directions. That guide was something that I got from another website. That guide was written by a person named RBC100, who I want to thank greatly. KFC is indeed south of Oasis, on Avenida Central.

06-22-05, 21:58
Where you able to find any one? PM me please.

Could you all post some stuff on a reliable pimp daddy who specialises in hooking up dumb shits like me with sweet young semi pros in the 19 to 25 year old range?

Price is no object provided that its really cheap.


Sr 98
06-23-05, 17:06
i stopped in at idem the night before last just to see if a girl i was stuck on last july might be there, though she wasn’t around six weeks ago when i was last in sj.

her idem name was migaly, her real name (or so she told me) was gabriela. she was a pert little brunette from cartago, pretty face, small breasts, slim hips, very sexy, willing, imaginative.

does anyone know where she’s gone? i had her cell-phone number but my palm pilot rep001tered it to the winds.

she once suggested that i bring a razor and shaving cream to shave her pussy. that sounded like fun but i had to leave town before i was able to take her up on it.

gabriela’s mother -- gabriela was 19, i think -- knew she was a prostitute. when her sister lost her job, gabriela brought her to idem to work, too. family values. i met the sister once -- not so cute, but she fed some unrealized naughty fantasies of mine regarding an [CodeWord130] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord130) (on their part) threesome.

as i said in a post the other day, i prefer the idem set-up to new fantasy’s one-way mirror because at idem you and the girl can exchange basic info via eye contact. still, the setup at idem is awkward. the girls are all lined up against a wall, trying to look cute and available -- ever so much like the girls at mrs. fitzgibbon’s ballroom dancing school back in rhode island in the mid-fifties. it is quiet. there is little activity. any move on your part will be the most interesting thing going on, certainly the center of attention.

early on in my idem days, i went over and sat with my target muchacha at her little table. everyone was too tranquilo to make a deal out of it, but i sensed this was an unusual move and don’t do it anymore. you can invite the girls to the bar or to one of the tables between the bar and the street, but this means -- at least it did a couple of years ago -- paying for a pricey umbrella-type drink for the lady.

so now i just jump in and choose a girl without talking with her (except to say, “want to go upstairs?” duh.) this of course follows the obligatory come-hither glances from the girl and some simpering, blushing smiles from yours truly. (one of the things the girls like to do during the courtship phase if you’re sitting at the bar is to invent some reason why they have to come into the center, the bartender’s area, of the bar, where they can parade their nice-looking asses and legs and stretch around a bit for your appreciation.)

just jumping in and choosing works all right, though sometimes you end up with someone with whom you don’t hit it off well. it would be nice if there was some way to chat a bit more and develop a mini-relationship, the way you can sometimes at blue marlin. the trouble with that is that a girl is sort of taken out of chooseability if she’s talking with somebody. maybe that’s a reason for the status quo, making us pay for a drink -- a penalty for taking a girl out of circulation for a while.

Sr 98
06-23-05, 17:47
Sometimes this place looks like The Museum of Middle-Aged American Males. The various balconies and little window tables look like so many display windows, each with its own diorama. I am on display in one of the little windows now, writing in my notebook, looking out at the passing scene as it looks in at me.

The passing scene is the high point of the News Café. We just had two very patient police officers straightening out a difference of opinion and sending everyone away moderately happy. There were two guys playing a marimba earlier -- "I don’t want to be a chicken”, the unlikely selection. One of the kid beggars just came by. (This is the only place in Costa Rica I’ve seen beggars.) Here’s a mini-mariachi, offering to play. And thousands of people heading home from work to the bus stops just down at the end of this pedestrians-only Central Avenue.

Among these homeward-bound workers are a number of pretty girls, the object of my own attention and of my fellow American Males on display. I listen to the guys on the bar balcony as they watch the girls. The guys are here -- like me (at least in San Jose, if not in Costa Rica) -- because of the prostitutes, so they like to perceive a high percentage of prostitutes among these Costa Rican females. It is a pleasing part of the fantasy, the fantasy of almost infinite availability and accessibility. It is hard to see any harm in this (except for the infrequent guys who make gestures or unmistakable audible comments that must make female passersby feel bad.)

Even in the provinces, where I live, sexy dress in Costa Rica is not a good way to predict easy virtue. This is a cultural difference that is hard for us Middle-Aged American Males to take in. A short illustrative anecdote: Sunday was Father’s Day. I was sitting here in the News Café next to a Costa Rican family having a Father’s Day dinner with Dad -- Mom, Dad, and two teenage daughters. The two daughters were big-breasted; they wore tight lycra-type blouses with the tops of the ample breasts exposed to within about an inch of the nipples. There is no doubt they were dressed sexy. But sexy is OK here. Their proud Dad certainly didn’t think their dress was any cause for question or embarrassment. These were very ordinary -- and probably very innocent -- teenage girls. A cultural difference.

Another thing my fellow gringo males like to do is bring their partners of the moment to the bar here, and it is always interesting to see what girls are the fantasies of what guys, to wonder how this could be, and to realize that many people look at me with my favorite woman of the moment and say, “Why did he choose her?”

One of the mariachi guys is singing -- a beautiful voice. (The black guy who plays the washtub bass just finished -- not such a beautiful voice, though people seem to admire his spirit.)

I picked up a woman here once -- a woman in her late twenties, sexy, petite, who I had watched chug three glasses of wine in a row. I think she was flirting with the idea of prostitution, was new to it and fortifying herself. We talked for an hour about her unhappy life, her deserted gringo husband, her plans. She said she would come to my room, but I threw her back in, attractive though she was.

Not without getting her phone number and e-mail -- and, with an atypical lack of caution on my part, giving her my own phone number here in Costa Rica. She called a few weeks back. She rehashed the stories of the deserted husband. We agreed to get together when I came to SJ, but I don’t know.

Anyway, she must have been making a habit of sitting around the News Café talking with gringos. On the phone, she said the Café called the cops and threw her out, an interesting sidelight on the News Café operation (if true).

Well, the News Café -- the food is usually good; the window seating can’t be beat; the prices are high but not outrageous, at least for gringos. (My Caesar Salad with chicken [too much dressing tonight, souplike] and two diet cokes came with tax and service charge to 4975 colones, about $11.); and the waiters and waitresses are good at their jobs and usually quick. A few of the waitresses are quite lovely. A good place.

Alex P Keaton
06-23-05, 22:17
Her Idem name was Migaly, her real name (or so she told me) was Gabriela. She was a pert little brunette from Cartago, pretty face, small breasts, slim hips, very sexy, willing, imaginative.

Does anyone know where she’s gone?

Zona Blue.

06-24-05, 02:51
There's a skinny little brunette at Zona Blue with a slight hint of an overbite by the name of Magaly, Migaly...(spelling??????)

She was an enthusiastic little girl when I first met her and tried her once. She was there at the end May and I think last March too. Can't really remember.....maybe this is the girl ur looking for?

Funny you should mention shaving her thang....I let one girl trim my pubes so they wouldn't annoy her so much while she slurped on the johnson. Made her more enthusiastic.


Sr 98
06-25-05, 18:03
No one has mentioned D’Palufo (sp?) for a while. Is it still there? When is it open? I have been thinking of it because it sounded wild and exciting. I remember that one of the things that happens is that guys from the audience get to come up and lick the pussy of the girl who’s stripping. Kamur is not like that.

I will tell you the most interesting thing that happened to me at Kamur right off the bat. Understand that there are strippers, who perform on a stage in the center; and there are saloneras, who wait on the tables surrounding the stage and who handle the finances attending private dances.

Anyway, I was at Kamur first on Tuesday, and I tipped the salonera well – she had been *very* attentive, keeping my glass brimming with the cheap liquor which flows free until midnight (on Tuesday but not Friday) with your 3000 colones admission. She had been pleasant and attentive and . . . sweet, so I tipped her well on Tuesday.

On Friday, we exchange a bit of conversation and a couple of laughs. I tell her my life story, including my domestic situation. Shortly, she begins a conversation that evolves. Step 1: She’s going to Mexico City in a week with her companera; Step 2: She’s going in a week or two; Step 3: Would *I* like to go with them? My sweet waitress has her semi-pro eye out for a possible hustle.

I must say there was surprisingly little hustle at Kumar (of me, at least), which is part of the reason the place is boring. Another big part is that the management has decided there will be no smiling or reaction or spontaneous sexiness on the part of the strippers. All the girls wear the same transparent high heels. All the girls keep their clothes on and don’t act sexy in song 1; they all begin to be sexy in song 2; and they take off their bra and thong in song 3.

In my two nights, I had three very pleasant private dances [not lap dances because there isn’t much lap action] and one mediocre one. The good ones – a lovely, well-rounded Nicaraguan goddess with big nipples that hardened nicely in my mouth; another Nicaraguan with a lovely smile and nice, smaller breasts; and a Tica with lovely small breasts, also with big suckable nipples. The mediocre dance was with a Tica, a small slightly plump girl with big, somewhat projectile tits that interested me; but she bounced around so much, grinding her butt in my jeans-covered crotch, that I barely got even to look at the tits, let alone play with or suck on them, even after I made it clear what I wanted.

All four of these girls were brunettes. More than half the girls are blondes, all of the fake variety. The girls are silicone free and are, I would say, almost all 7s to 9s. Private dances take place in darkened booths open on one side but away from the stage. There is also a VIP area on one side of the stage with couchlike seats and, I think (though I am unclear) an expectation that you will buy drinks for the girls.

I saw nothing at all raunchy going on and no one ever hinted to me of the existence of a back room where sex happens, per other reports. The left me feeling a bit miffed. Even when you’re not in the mood, as I wasn’t, part of the kick in a place like this should be, “I can have sex with that 7-8-9 up there on that stage.”

So. More details anyone – on the VIP section? The back room for sex? Does the place heat up after midnight?

Before my first time there, I was a bit worried about getting back. On Friday there was a guy hustling for the club who drove me back to my hotel for the same fare that brought me there, very unexpected. It would be good in any case to clarify the fare before getting in. On Tuesday, it took five or six minutes for an empty cab to wander along.

06-28-05, 05:30
I for one will continue to hold the line at $50 for ANY of the ladies. Whatever the starting price is I'll take that and cut it in half immediately. I like to use ZB and NF as my bargaining chips. If she insists on $100 she better be able to speak Greek, for that's what I demand for that price. Most will either come down in price rather quickly or just walk away.

06-28-05, 20:53
just a word to the wise.

a buddy reports that there are or were three bastards from hbo filming a special on the "nightlife" in san jose which i am sure will include the blue marlin bar at the hotel del rey. he overheard them talking at a popular cafe.

another reported three guys giving girls in a strip club a little money to film them on stage. i have no idea if it was the same hbo group.

watch out.
first you do not want to be in an hbo special on sex trade in costa rica and secondly we do not need that kind of publicity for costa rica.
last i am reading, in a.m. costa rica online newspaper today, that the usa is giving money to cr to fight ****d sex exploitation. unfortunately the secondary unspoken agenda is to eliminate all legal sex workers as well.
that sucks. gringa b*tches do not.

if you happen upon any of the hbo film crew doing filming be extra careful not to accidently nudge them and their equipment into the oncomming traffic in the street, for that would be a shame.

Sr 98
06-29-05, 03:52
Well, it was after 11AM on Saturday, and I wanted to go to Zona Blue because a girl I was looking for was supposed to be there; but I thought while I was on the way there and in the neighborhood I would poke my head it at New Fantasy -- since it so hit-or-miss now, why not stop by when it's not an extra trip?

I am in my sixties, and my eyes take a while to adjust going from bright sunshine to dim interiors. I explained this to the young guy at the desk in New Fantasy and said I was just waiting for my eyes to adjust. He ignored me and kept touting one or another girl. Who needed that, especially given that as far as I could tell through my blur it was the usual gang of suspects, all mediocre-looking fellatrices; and given that I was on my way to Zona Blue and the cute girl I hadn't seen for months, I allowed myself to get pissed off at the Desk Boy's not giving me any space and stomped out.

Well, Zona Blue, my back-up, had half a dozen gringo guys wandering around unaccompanied and only one muchacha sitting back in the bar area. She was nothing special to look at and was boring to talk to, so I left Zona Blue, too, not waiting for the girl I had originally been looking for because she was off on vacation until July 1, according to the boss lad at the door.

[What is the procedure, by the way, when there are a bunch of guys who are waiting to pounce on the next good-looking girl who appears? It isn't like we all have numbers like at the bakery. Do we duke it out?]

Anyway, there I was at 11:30AM and all horny -- but too early for the other place I would usually go, Idem. But I went to Idem the other night, anyway, and I thought the choice was unexciting. I went upstairs with a Nicaraguan girl with a nice big smile. I had been with her the last time I was in town and told her about my daughter during a big GFE. She identified with my daughter. Unfortunately, I had forgotten all about this heartfelt conversation last week, so the girl with the big smile sort of lost her smile in disappointment. And then when we got in the middle of sex, I remembered why I didn't want to go with this particular girl again. She has very nice breasts that stick out without sag; but she doesn't like them fiddled with because of "cosquillas" -- they're ticklish. Talk about being in the wrong line of work. There were other things, too. I got off all right, but these episodes are part of my long goodbye to Idem.

So, it's 11:30AM -- New Fantasy, Zona Blue aren't happening. Idem not possible. It was early for Blue Marlin, I suppose, but I don't get girls from there because I'm usually staying with family friends.

Ah! I hopped on the bus to Oasis [Sabana-Cemeterio; push the buzzer when you pass Pizza Hut, which is at Calle 28 and Paseo Colon and get off at the next stop, KFC at Calle 32; take the same bus back across the street from KFC at, duh, the bus stop]. I will save you and myself time: same girl, same routine, same wonderful time as my report of a week ago. I really like the place. The girls all run to line up when you come in like it's a fire drill. The laughed good-naturedly (again) when I chose my girl -- "Go, Chica!" ("Chica" in its meaning of "small" -- my girl is a head shorter than any of the others, even with the zapatos de tacon.)

This was 11:45AM on a Saturday and there were nice-looking girls there -- as a group, a full step up from any group you ever see now at New Fantasy, even at its best. I don't think I will bother with New Fantasy anymore until I hear there's been a big change there.

I also found the group at Oasis more interesting than the group at Idem the two times I was there last week, though not everyone would agree. And Oasis is only 10,000 colones. I was charged 20,000 at Idem, a new high there for me.

06-29-05, 16:19
Good report Sr 98.
That is why there are so many models of cars to select from. What appeals to me may not appeal to you. What I like one day I may not like as well another day.
And you have let the cat out of the bag that the Oasis is a find. It is a little out of the way which is one reason it is still 10K colonies.
I hope you had a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

-another old fart, me.

Orgasm Donor
06-29-05, 22:32
just a word to the wise.

a buddy reports that there are or were three bastards from hbo filming a special on the "nightlife" in san jose which i am sure will include the blue marlin bar at the hotel del rey. he overheard them talking at a popular cafe.

another reported three guys giving girls in a strip club a little money to film them on stage. i have no idea if it was the same hbo group.

watch out.
first you do not want to be in an hbo special on sex trade in costa rica and secondly we do not need that kind of publicity for costa rica.

last i am reading, in a.m. costa rica online newspaper today, that the usa is giving money to cr to fight ****d sex exploitation. unfortunately the secondary unspoken agenda is to eliminate all legal sex workers as well.
that sucks. gringa b*tches do not.

if you happen upon any of the hbo film crew doing filming be extra careful not to accidently nudge them and their equipment into the oncomming traffic in the street, for that would be a shame.in the brasil reports, there is a thread telling about a sex tourism arrest. i suggest you read it. the us is giving quite a few latin american countries money under the premise to stop exploitation and slavery, but i agree with several posts there, where the ulterior motive is to leverage these counties to make the trade illegal, or threaten to pull funding including usaids funding for aids prevention education. to me, it looks like this arrest/deportation of several gringos was to satisfy the media and our us dollars at work. check it out, and draw your own conclusions.

people in brasil and cr tolerate the trade as long as its kept on the down-low. you can count on hbo sensationalizing the trade there.

06-29-05, 22:35
Great report Sr 98...thanks for the info on New Fantasy. Their web site looks inviting, but I'm not too keen on looking at girls thru the mirror. I would rather hang out and mingle like you can at ZB. Oasis doesn't sound like a place you can relax and mingle either although the price is right and sounds like the girls are good looking.

I've been at ZB when there are more guys than babes and what I do is either surf the web or watch some tv out on the patio. Can't wait till they finish the construction and bring out the plasmas.

As far as taking a number goes, well, call me greedy but if no one is doing anything and there are babes hanging out, then I just make my move and grab a couple of them and sometimes keep them for a couple of hours too. I believe the law of the jungle applies. Every man for himself.

BTW, how is the construction coming along at ZB? Making good progress?



06-29-05, 23:58
There is a party for the grand opening of the new reconstructed ZB this weekend. I plan to stop by and check it out will post when I return.

06-30-05, 05:59
I have always liked set up of ZB from the day they opened, but they seems to change things every month. On the other hand things remain same (good or bad) at the New Fantasy, only girls change. It was nice when they had porno tv at NF and it would be nice to have fans in the room. It gets hot, actually warm.

06-30-05, 11:43

Blitz Dog
07-01-05, 00:08
ARE YOU SERIOUS? HBO is screwing evrything up for us, I have a girlfriend that likes real sex and tolerates me going to CR on buisness (yeah right) and if she sees that my CR days or our relationship ight be numbered. Is that HBO story for real? when are they going or are they their already?


07-01-05, 00:35
Thank you for this report--are you saying that this place is like a gringo strip joint where no sex is available? Can you take the girls out?

If so, what would be the point of going there?

Thanks, Veterano

07-01-05, 03:38
Well headed to CR for the weekend. Wheels up in just about 8 hours. The fun.
Will be staying at Sportsmens for the trip. Anyone want to have a drink let me know. If your around.

Mr Jetsetter
07-01-05, 07:41
Club Kamur still has back rooms in which you can bang the dancers, although they don't exactly advertise this fact. The problem is that they recently reduced the number of these rooms having beds from 6 to 3 and raised the price for these rooms from $20 to $50 per hour, chica fee not included (negotiable, btween $50-$100).
OF COURSE you can arrange to meet them offsite on your own time if you possess rudimentary Spanish skills and they are willing.

I got it on twice with the fabulous Roxana in one of these back rooms when they still went for $20.

07-03-05, 09:34
This is my first trip to Cr. It was a short but fun trip. Like a dumbass, I forgot to take my camera.

First off, let me start off by saying thanks to all who have contributed to this board. Especially the person who made up the map. Quite accurate, but confusing because where the heck are the street signs? Once I figured out the landmarks for the streets, it was no problem. If anyone on the board knows where to look for street signs, please let me know.

I flew on United from Lax to San Jose. It left at 23:00 and arrived around 9:00 in the morning. I'am the type who cannot sleep on a plane so I was pretty tired when we landed. Going through immigration was no problem. In fact there was just a short wait to get through. I remember reading about exchanging money upstairs at the airport. Now you don't have to go upstairs. There is a cambio right next to the baggage claim. My bag was one of the first to be unloaded. I grabbed my bag and out the door for a taxi.

I went to the taxi window to pre-pay for my hotel, the Sportmen's lodge. The guy told me $13.00. This is up a dollar from what I had read on the forum. No big deal, off we go.

The ride in was uneventful, just the way I like it. I was greeted at the reception by a very attractive hostest whose name I cannot remember. She told me the room I had reserved was not ready because the other person had not checked out yet. She offered me another room to rest in, until the other person checked out. I was tired but I declined. I figured this would be a good time to explore. At least get a feel of the city. To get a feel how long the walk to the important places like the Del Rey and ZB were. Off I went.

With map at hand I tried to find the DR first. Where the heck are the street signs? Anyways I thought I was on the right street but no sign of the DR.. In the back of my mind I'am thinking this is way to far for the DR.. I turned around and to the left I see a sign that says Tinjo. I know this name. I check the map, damn, I walked a ton, the wrong way. At least I got some bearings now. I go down one block and walk back the way I came. Finally, the DR.. I walked in and at this hour it was pretty dead.

I did sit to play a little video poker. As I was playing, I notice a very cute but young looking girl eyeing me. She looks very cute but again she looks awfully young. After a while she comes over and asked me how I was doing? I said fine then she asked if I would like a drink. Turns out she was a waitress working in the casino. Not sure if any of these chicks would go out with any of us but this one was especially cute. I assume she is of legal age since she was working the casino but who knows.

Seeing no one else that caught my eye, I headed for ZB. I thought I read where it is opened at 10:00 so I was looking forward to a session and heading back to SL for some sleep afterwards. Upon arrival to ZB, it was closed. On Sundays it opens at 12:00 What to do for an hour. More walking around the city since most of the places are closed on Sundays or open much more later.

Finally I get back to ZB around 12:30. You have to ring the bell to get in and the lady in front takes you to the bar area where the girls file in. There were only three girls availiable, the others I assume were in session. I was feeling so horny I chose Naomi. She wasn't the best looker but her service was more than adequate. In the room I give her c$20,000 and the discount card. When she returned she handed me c$2000. I guess they went up c$1000 since the last time I read the forum.

After reading many negative reports about cbj and no kissing, I wasn't sure what to expect. With Naomi, before we took are clothes off, I lean over and gave her a kiss. She was very receptive so I tried dfk which was no problem. So far so good. She lays me down and gives me a decent back rub. I then give her a back rub which turns into daty. After a while she says it's my turn. I lay on my back and she starts a bbbj. She is up there with the best of them. Finally put the coat on and she rides me to the finish. Excellent service. Excellent value.

I head back to the hotel where all my luggage was in my room waiting for me. As soon as I hit the bed it was lights out until I woke up about 21:00. I was a little hungry and ate at the bar in the hotel. After the meal I walked back to the DR.. I know, I know, never walk after dark there. I had no problems ( knock on wood ). I do frequent Tj alot so I use the same caution. I stayed at the DR for a couple of hours, but nothing exceptional in my sights so I walked back to the hotel for somemore catch up sleep.

Jaimito Cartero
07-03-05, 10:09
Interesting newbie report. If you search a bit more you'll see where I mentioned that the cambio by the luggage area is a rip off. I think you lose about 10% here. Seeing that the taxi's will all take dollars, I don't know that it's necessary to change at all for a short trip.

I'm a bit confused about your trip on United. I would guess you connected in ORD or IAD, since a direct flight is only about 5 hours or so. CR is one hour time difference, so a 9 hour flight is a bit long. I used to fly the central america express that stopped in almost every country on the way down. No fun at all. 11 or 13 hours to CR from LAX is no fun. Luckily the increase in tourism has made lots of non stops now.

07-03-05, 12:42
If you leave the arrival level go upstairs to the departure level, there is a bank which has bank rate exchange of money. Likewise there is a ATM booth somewhere upstairs on the exterior.
Be careful not to take an unauthorized taxi from the airport. (Need a taxi?)
Use the orange painted ones.
I made the mistake of using an unauthorized taxi and he would not stop in fromt of my hotel for fear of the police giving him a ticket for illegal taxi service.

07-03-05, 13:52
Quackup must have taken UA895 LAX-GUA 23:00 - 4:52
GUA-SJO 6:00 - 7:30. I've taken it in the past.

Jamito, since I know you are into frequent flyer miles, I'll list the itinerary I put together about 4 years ago. The ORD-IAD-SJO flight wasn't running during runway repair in SJO, so the ORD-LAX-GUA-SJO price was lowered to around $400.

I managed to add a few legs for free. ORD-LGA (New York)-IAD (Wash DC)-SFO-LAX-GUA-SJO. Lots of miles, and or course, strange reactions from ticket agents.

Thanks to www.frequentflyer.com, a great resource for us milage freaks.

07-03-05, 20:05
Yes, I did take the united flight that stopped in Gua for about an hour or so. The exchange rate at the airport was 430 to the dollar. I just exchanged $50 just to get me into the city. There is an atm there also. Nova Scotia bank or something close to that. Day 2 to follow.

07-04-05, 00:42
Anybody have any more specific information on how to find that Airport ATM?

Thanks for the info


07-05-05, 09:21
On my last post, I forgot to say that before heading back to the hotel, I took a taxi to Pantera Rosa. Either I forgot, or it wasn't posted, but this club is closed on Sunday. I was really looking forward to seeing this club with all the positive remarks about it. Tomorrow will be the day.

Day two. With a good nights rest I decided to check out Oasis. I took a taxi there and the cab driver spoke passable English and is very reliable. I used him to take me to the airport on my last day. I do have his name and number if anyone would like it.

We arrive at Oasis and I look at my watch, about 10:20, or so I thought. I look for the security guy that is suppose to be out front. No sign of anyone. Not sure exactly where this place is and not wanting to knock on the wrong door, I take a walk maybe to find the unnamed place. According to the directions the other place is colored white. I couldn't find it so I went back to towards Oasis. As I was walking back, I see just the back of some blond girls hair going into a building. Is this the place? Still no guy in front. I walk to the door where the girl went in. Through the door there is a stairwell leading upstairs. There is a cleaning lady mopping the stairs and I asked her if this was Oasis. She says yes but they are not open yet. I told her it was 10:30, what time do they open? She gives me a puzzled look and call someone upstairs and ask what time is it. The voice from above yells down 09:30. What a dumbass I am. Looking at the zones on the airplane I set my watch for two hours difference instead of one. A little embarrased I start to walk out the door.

As I was walking out I see a gringo walking in. I told him the cleaning lady said they were not open yet. He gets upset saying they are supposed to open at 09:30. He speaks to the lady but again she says not unitl 10:00. Since we had to wait I started to talk with the guy. He ask me if I wanted to see the other massage place. Of course I would. We walk the short distance to the other place. It is now in the color of blue. This guy knew a few of the girls there and was asking them why the other place wasn't open yet. They told him they were to open the same time as them 09:30.

Nothing caught my eye there and he was looking forward to seeing his favorite at Oasis so we headed back. All of a sudden the security guy is up front. The other guy asked if they were open. The answer was yes. I looked at my watch, now set correctly, 09:50. We walk up the stairs and there were about 7 girls there. One caught my eye and her name was Melanie. A little thick but a beautiful face. She was very pleasant but did the cbj thing. Other wise everything else was good. For c$10,000 I couldn't complain. Now here's the part I don't remember reading about. After the deed, I like to take a shower. Here at Oasis, in order to take a shower, you have to walk out of the room past the lineup of girls and in front of where the guys wait there turn. I know we are all there for the same thing but I just assumed all the rooms had showers. Good thing I have been to Brazil with the small robes on in the termas. It kind of felt the same. Kind of.

Since my trip is short I figured I would not be in this part of town again so off I go to the unnamed place. There are only four girls. I took a slim morena. Her name was Lady. I'am sure that was her real name...not. Again a cjb and everything else good. The cost was the same c$10,000. Two pops and it isn't even lunch time yet. I will cut this off here, more from this day to come.

07-05-05, 09:25

There was an atm right next door to the cambio place in the baggage claim area. I do not know what the exchange rate is. Obviously I messed up and changed a few dollars at the cambio place there. I should have gone upstairs.


07-05-05, 10:32
I caught a cab back to town. I had the driver drop me off near the Hotel Presidente. I wanted to walk around this area. It was more alive than it was on Sunday. Finally I ended up at the DR.. I looked around, nothing special. Played some video poker, lost and headed towards ZB.. Before getting there, I see the Peruvian soda that has been written up. I stopped for lunch and I agree, this place is good and very inexpensive. I had the lomita saltaldo which is pieces of steak mixed in with tomatos onions and potatoes and a side of rice. The lomo was c$2,000 and the rice was I believe c$400. Can't go wrong here. Only problem, they close at 16:00 or thats what the waitress told me.

After that filling lunch I had to work off some calories. I ring the bell for ZB and I notice there is a man working the counter up front. At the bar I chose Tania. Very beautiful and she is just a sweetheart. My highest recommendation of all the girls I tried there. I guess there is a two tier system for payment. I gave Tania c$20,000. She asked for how long and I replied one hour. Out the door she goes. She comes back with the man who was at the front counter. He asked me if I was a tico, I said no and asked why. He said you asked for an hour and you only gave Tania c$20,000. Then it dawned on me. I forgot to give her my discount card. Once he saw that,everything was good again. When Tania came back the second time she gave me my change c$3,000. So I guess today it's back to c$17,000 with card. It's all good.

I won't go into details but Tania gets my highest recommendation for massage girls. Since my trip was short I tried not to repeat any girls. But if I did, Tania would have been one. One thing great about ZB, all the girls I had gave bbbj and were not shy about kissing. Especially Tania with full dfk. I can't say enough about her.

From ZB it was a short walk back to SL.. I went to the bar and there were a few girls but none struck up my fancy. After 3 pops that might be it for tonight. It is now almost 18:00, time to get some dinner. Earlier I spotted a place called pollo Campero. It is next to the MacDonalds up from the Presidente. I took an alternate route from the hotel so I could stop by New Fantasy. The reports on this place was up and down.

The set up is different than ZB.. It is almost like being in Thailand. You pick the girl you want from behind a glass wall. At least at ZB you can interact with the girls in the bar area. This makes the feel more personal. Even with that I did see one hot girl. She was tall and slim and for the life of me, I cannot remember her name. The cost for an hour was c$18,000. It seemed like you had to walk a mile just to get to the room. This session was the most mechanical of all my time in San Jose. The girl was hot, but it reminded me of those hot Adelita chicas in Tj. The so called trophy f**ks. Talk about just laying on your back. Then to take a shower, you had to leave the room walk down a flight of stairs and then take a shower with another couple showering in the next stall. I don't think I will return here anytime soon. The girl even had the nerve to say was it good?

At least the fried chicken at pollo Campero was good. After dinner, headed back to SL. to rest a few hours before going to Pantera Rosa. It is now around 23:00. I wanted to check out DR before going to PR.. This was the only time I felt a little uncomfortable walking. From the SL to DR there is a little park. I didn't have my glasses on but I could tell up ahead were some people. I crossed the street well in advance but still had to pass these people. I made sure in case anything happens I had a way out. If nothing else I can still run pretty good for an old man. As I passed the people one of them wearing very revealing clothing starts to wave to me and says come talk to me. I just smiled,waved back to them and kept on walking. Not sure if they were tv or not, like I said I wasn't wearing my glasses. That was the extent of that. No harm no foul.

DR at this hour was happening. Only problem was all the hottest looking girls were already with someone. I did notice one thing about the DR. There I was a chick magnet. Yes, a chick magnet for all the chick that were 4'11" and overweight. At least two hit me up tonight and I declined both. Off to PR I go.

PR, yea it's open. They charged me $3,000 which covered one bottle water. I believe if you order beer you get two. Some decent looking girls nothing spectacular. After a while a girl sits next to me and of course the waiter is right behind her asking if I would like to buy the lady a drink. My first time there, sure why not. Sorry, I forgot how much the lady drinks were. This girl was a little thick but it seemed like we were getting along fine. I asked her how much for the booth and how much for the prividos. She said $40usd for the booth and $100 usd for the private room. I didn't have much cash on me so I asked if they took c/c. They said yes but only visa. Unfortunately, or in this case fortunately all I had was my master card. My visa was in the safe deposit box at the hotel. I explained to the girl I couldn't afford her tonight but if she wanted to come to my hotel tomorrow we could hook up. She said she would like that, wrote down the information and left.

Then I see this hot girl at the bar I didn't see before. I wave her over. I had enough to buy her a drink. This girl from Nicaragua was alot of fun. She was basically giving me a lap dance right there at the tables. I was feeling her up everywhere. Now I'am thinking why did I tell the other girl to come to the hotel? This girl was so cool she didn't drink her drink right away. While she is grinding away I tried to kiss her. She wouldn't allow it. After 20 minutes of fun with her on my lap, good thing I had poped 4 times earlier, otherwise I might have had an accident in my pant. I asked her would she like to come to the hotel tomorrow but only if she allowed kissing. She politely declined. Maybe I should have went for it anyways but oh well, maybe the other girl will come by.

Day three to follow.

07-05-05, 19:50
Hey Quackup,
You mentioned a great map. Where did you find that? :-)

Chase Star (aka Prolijo)

07-05-05, 22:39
Chase star,

pm me and I will give you the link.


Jaimito Cartero
07-06-05, 06:48
I managed to add a few legs for free. ORD-LGA (New York)-IAD (Wash DC)-SFO-LAX-GUA-SJO. Lots of miles, and or course, strange reactions from ticket agents.

Thanks to www.frequentflyer.com, a great resource for us milage freaks.

Yeah, that's some real mileage there. I hate short hops, so will only add on longer ones. I do PHX-EWR-SJO sometimes, but I really dislike EWR, so only do it if I *really* have nothing to do.

SJO flights are pretty cheap these days. $200-$250 fares are real common these days. I remember when you had to pay $500 or $600 to get there. Competition is great.

Jaimito Cartero
07-06-05, 06:56
Nice reports. A good variety of info. I don't think I'd pay $100 for any chica in CR, except maybe for Wanda. I always do the "I pay $50 for 90 minute" or such, and it works out okay. I pretty much refuse to negotiate in anything other than the local currency. That's a personal thing, I guess.

Pollo Campero is okay. There are some rotiserrie chicken places that are really good. My favorite is a bit out of the downtown area (A chinese restaurant across from Hiper Mas).

Orgasm Donor
07-06-05, 08:10
Great reports Quackup! but please in the future spell out at least once what places you are referring to. I can figure out DR means Del Rey, or KL means Key Largo, but I dont know these other places you mentioned, Ive probably been there, but never seen them abbreviated before. It will also help out some gringos that havent been to CR (Costa Rica) before. Keep up the great reports.


07-06-05, 13:15
I don't see any need to change money or find an ATM at the airport. You won't know if you're getting a good rate, and you don't need Colones to get to your hotel.

The taxi is a fixed price, paid in US$. Once you're in the hotel, you can ask around for ATM's or change money at the front desk.

Also, I agree with negotiating with chicas in Colones, not Dollars. It tells them that you know the scene.

07-06-05, 18:40
Re: ATM at airport. I agree there is really no need to bother with it unless that makes you feel more comfortable, since you can use dollars for the cab to your hotel and probably get better rates downtown. BTW, the upstairs ATM at the airport is across the street above the garage.

Re: abbreviations. I didn't review all of his reports but here are the main ones. ZB=Zona Blue, NF=New Fantasy, SL=Sportsmen's Lodge and PR=Pantera Rosa. BTW, I prefer HDR for the Hotel Del Rey so that it doesn't get confused with the DR for the Dominican Republic which also gets used regularly by guys that go to Latin America. You can use a search to find more info on these places and they're all on the latest map.

Re: Chicken joints. I believe Pollo Campero is a franchise operation with outlets all over CR. I prefer independent operations as they have less of a fast food joint atmosphere (more character) and probably better food for less colones. One good one that is downtown and near the Gulch is the Pollo Campesino which is just on the other side of Avenida 2 (for you geographically challenged that is the main auto thoroughfare through downtown which is just south of the Theatre). More precisely, you take a left out the front door of the Presidente and your first left again on Calle 7, walk down across Ave 2 and it will be a little hole in the wall on your left.

Of course the most popular one amongst regular gringo visitors is Mariscar which has only recently reopened after being closed by fire. BTW, does anyone know whether the cat that was always wandering around there made it out alive or did it use up one of its lives (it already had looked like it had used 8 of them)?

07-06-05, 22:58
Thanks guys for the comments. Chase star I sent you a pm and thanks for clarifying the abbreviatons.


Do you have a name of that restaurant you go to? I'am always looking for good places to eat.


07-06-05, 23:03
I woke up late today around 11:00. First stop ZB. The lady was watching the counter today. I picked Vanessa. A beautiful Nicaragua morena. She was a blast also. I gave her c$20,000 and when she brought back the change it was c$2,000. I guess when the lady is in front she charges more. Venessa did the dfk, bbbj thing but what surprise me the most, we were doing the 69 thing when I poked my tongue into her backside. She must have liked it because she moved forward a little and she started to rim me like there was no tomorrow. What a great time. One thing about how beautiful Vanessa looks. She has the classic Latina, indian look to her. Jet black hair and dark brown skin. She only came in a tad second in overall looks and performance to Tania.

After the session, I went back to the Peruvian soda for some chicken fried rice. I couldn't even finish it. The plate was c$1,700. I then headed over to DR and played a little video poker. Like I said before I'am a chick magnet for the 4'11" overweight crowd. As I was playing, one of these chicks comes over and tells me for $40usd we can have a good time for an hour. I guess there are exceptions to the $100 rule here. I told her that was quite an offer but I would have to pass. She then says the $40 will be good for 2 hours and that I would not be disappointed. Again, I had to politely turn her down.

I then headed back to ZB. Now feeling more comfortable there I’am talking and playing around with the girls in the bar area. Finally I choose Fabiola. A tall and slim tica. Of all the girls that I had at ZB she was the most mechanical but it wasn’t all her fault. Once inside the room the first thing she asked me was I married or had a girlfriend. I told her no on both. Then she said you like many girls. Which I replied yes. She said she knew because she saw me with a different girl everytime I came into ZB. Right there I had a feeling this would be a different session. It was. It wasn’t totally bad, it just wasn’t great like the other girls. Oh well, since this was a short trip I wanted to do as many different girls as I could and only repeat if it were a superstar.

Even though the session wasn’t great, I was still feeling good. I walked back to SL to see what was happening at the bar. Only two girls there, one very cute the other a little heavy for my taste. Unfortunately the cute one was with another dude and soon they would be retiring back to his room at the SL.. All I’am thinking now is before I leave CR I want one hottie. I will negotiate but if she is hot enough and won’t come down from the $100usd, then so be it. No regrets. I know some of you are rolling your eyes but like I said, it was my last day.

I almost forgot, I had given the chick at Pantera Rosa my hotel and room number and she is suppose to meet me there at 19:00. It is around 17:45 now. I’ll check out hdr and see if there are any hotties there and come back for the appointment. To be continued.

07-07-05, 02:37
Back at HDR it is more lively than it was earlier in the afternoon. I make my rounds knowing time is working against me. I see this fine chick, blond, tall, and a great chest. I go over to her but get cut off by another guy. Sometimes you really do have to act fast here. As I make my rounds I see a very cute chick sitting at one of the cafe tables on the other side. She looks up and gives me a warm smile. I smile back and wave. At that time one of her friends sits by her and start to talk with her. I kept walking and if she is there when I get back fine, it not, another blown opportunity.

As I walk to the other side I see the blond I had seen before is now free. Not a good sign, she is probably asking a high price. Anyways I go up to her and start talking. Finally I told her I had to meet a friend in a little while but if I free up would she like to come back to my hotel and how much? She said yes but would not go for anything less than $100 usd.. She was hot but she had that hard core attitude so I told her I would be back. By the look on her face she knew I wouldn't be asking her again.

So I continue my final lap since it is starting to get late when near the poker machines I see the other beauty that was smiling at me before. She sees me coming and starts to smile again and I go over to her. We did some small talk and she didn't seem like the hard core pro. Finally I look at my watch and I told her, I have to meet a friend but if my friend doesn't show up, would you like to spend some time with me. She said yes. It was now 18:45. I told her if my friend didn't show up I would be back here by 19:15. She said she would wait. I asked her if she was serious and that she would not pick up another guy and she said she would give me until 19:15.

I get back to the hotel before 19:00. I told myself I would give the PR chick until ten after. I guess I expected it, she was a no show. I raced back to HDR, it was now 19:20. I first go through the cafe, no sign of her. I'am thinking to myself, I probably screwed myself again for not acting on the spot. I go through the other side and notice sitting in the reception area the girl who I will spend my last time with in CR.. She sees me, gets up and gives me a hug. She said I told you I would wait for you.

Now every so often if the feeling is good, I don't negotiate price. She was one of them. This could back fire but of all the times I have been hobbying, only once did I get burn. Call it instinct, vibes or what have you, but I felt a good vibe with this chick. Her name was Sol and she was from Panama. She is about 5'7" 110 pounds with a beautiful face and figure. She said she is only there for two weeks to get some extra cash. Before we left I asked her if she was hungry and would she like to have some dinner. It looked like she was first going to say no but she looked at me and said yes.

I asked her if she had been to Rincon Del Gaucho restaurant. She said no but I told her I read where this is a very good restaurant. We catch a taxi and I give the address to the driver. He didn’t know where it was so he called the number. Bad sign, no one was answering the phone. We head off and for sure the driver doesn’t know where this place is. After a while he stops in front of a guy standing on a street corner. The driver asked for direction and the guy told him how to get there but he was sure the restaurant was closed. Just my luck. As we left the guy, sure enough, we see a sign on a lamppost that said Restaurante Rincon Del Gaucho with an arrow pointed left. We all laugh. The only sign that I had noticed on any street in CR.

Since this place was close and she said she liked seafood, I then suggested Machu Pichu. She agreed and 15 minutes later, here we are across the street from Oasis. On other post this place got good reviews but maybe we came on a bad day because the food pretty much sucked. The food was totally bland. She had the schrimp, I had the sea-bass. The best part of my meal was the potatoes and rice. Her schrimp was also bland and we had to ask the waiter for lime to give it some flavor.

To be cont.....

07-07-05, 03:05
The best part of the dinner was she would feed me from her plate. Talk about a gfe. I would do the same with her. Only if the food was better this would have been a kick ass place. We even laughed about how bad the food was.

During dinner I asked her if Panama was a good place to vacation. She said yes and that if I do go next year to call or e-mail her and she would be my personal tour guide. After dinner we head back to SL.. As we entered, we hear the band playing and I asked her if she wanted a drink or something. She said no, into the room we go.

We both shower and she starts to give me a massage. After a while I give her a massage that ends up with daty. She wasn't a squirter, but more of a gusher. That side of the bed had major wet on it. Finally I couldn't take it anymore so we started with mish. Because of all the activity beforehand, I lasted a long time. I felt like a porn star. As we were doing the act I started to crack up. She looked up and asked what's up. It was the squeaking of the bed. It was loud and if it weren't for the band playing at the bar, I'am sure people would have heard us in the room. Then everytime I thrust down she would crack up until finally she said stop and gets up.

I'am think now I did it, I killed the mood. No, what she did was walk over to the couch, spread her legs and said come on down. In a flash I was there. Finished up in doggie. We both showered again and small chit-chat then for round two. Pretty much the same as round one only we start and finish on the couch. After that round I'am completely drained. It is now 23:30 and I have a wake up call at 05:00.

Now I'am totally confused, how much should I give her? I ended up giving her c$60,000. By the way the only draw back was she didn't let me kiss her. Also not sure if she did cbj or bbbj because I was having such a good time I didn't even ask for it. I go to the front desk to call her a taxi. By 23:45 she is in the cab on the way back to where ever she lives. It's funny, but before she gets into the cab, she gives me a big hug and plants a nice wet kiss on my lipps. Where was this in the room? What a great way to end a fantastic journey.

P.S. I did get my exit visa at the Bank of Costa Rica earlier in the day. The bank is better known as BCR.. If you walk out of the Presidente, turn left until you get to the same street the news cafe is on. Turn right like going towards HDR. Yes I know HDR is on the other street but just for reference. Walk up the street until you reach the corner and there it is. $26usd. I only had a photocopy of my passport but they said it was okay to use. Much easier than doing it at the airport where I saw a lengthly line. Thanks again to all the posters before who led the way for me.

Jaimito Cartero
07-07-05, 03:09
I don't do directions too well in a lot of CR. The Chinese restaurant is just past the traffic circle on the way to San Rafael Abajo. Maybe Kuan Kom or something? It's just past the locksmith shop there, on the right hand side (coming from downtown). 2250 or 2500 for a whole chicken. The chinese food is so-so, but I love their chickens.

You should try one of those short chicas sometimes. They are often better skilled than their skinnier/taller sisters. Think "Hmmm, $25 for 2 hours".

I liked Machu Pichu, but I've only been there once, there is also a good Peruvian place in Pavas/Rohrmoser that's good. A couple of blocks away from the US Embassay, it's a mile away from my house. It's on the second floor of the new mall heading to the freeway from the Embassy. I think there's a Mas x Menos in there and some trendy boutique stuff.

I went and saw a place that was full of Indonesian art. Funny, since I could buy them for $1.50 in Bali, and they were $30 in CR. They'd probably be $60 in the US.

07-07-05, 03:22

Like I said, maybe we just went on the wrong day but it wasn't just my dinner, it was hers also. I probably will not be back until next year but I love chicken, so I will try to find your restaurant the next time.

You are totally right about the short girls. Just like in Tijuana, the hotties are usually the most mechanical ( not all, most ) and the others try to make up for looks with service. Its all good but for the last day I wanted to have a hottie.

Thanks for all your post. Next stop Argentina/ Brazil in Sept.


07-07-05, 03:53
Pollo Campero is okay. There are some rotiserrie chicken places that are really good. My favorite is a bit out of the downtown area (A chinese restaurant across from Hiper Mas).


Do you have a name of that restaurant you go to? I'am always looking for good places to eat.Not to give you a hard time, Jaimito, but your description doesn't help very much. Many of the rotisserrie chicken places are run by chinese INCLUDING Mariscar and Campesino (though, why anyone would order the chinese when the chicken is so good is beyond me). I'm also guessing most people don't know what the "Hiper Mas" is? Isn't that the name of the new mall out by Tres Rios? Thats a bit more than a bit outside of downtown and hardly worth going to for a $3 chicken meal unless you are out that way anyway.

Here is a list of good places to eat that are a heck of a lot closer to the Gulch (and all of them are shown on the latest map):
Atomic Cafe
Balcon de Europa
Bar/Cafe Morazon
Cafe Mundo
Chelles Bar (24hrs)
Costa del Sol
Del Mar
Don Wang (Dim Sum)
JR's Ribs
La Palma (mixed reviews but recently reopened under new mgmt)
La Piazzetta (Paseo Colon area near Oasis)
Machu Pichu (Paseo Colon area near Oasis)
Grano D'Oro (Paseo Colon area near Oasis at Hotel of same name)
Nuestra Tierra
Pasaje Viaje (new food court across Ave. Central from Mariscar)
Soda Castro
Soda Central
Soda Delicias del Peru
Tin Jo

Not shown on the map but still fairly close:
new and not yet on the map but near Tin Jo: La Esquina de Buenos Aires
near Sabana Park and arguably the best in all of SJ in their categories: El Chicote (steak), La Princesa Marina (seafood) & Masia de Triquel (spanish/paella)
in El Pueblo: Lukas (steak), Papa Pez (fish), Cocina de Lena (a touristy Tico tradition) interesting but touristy shops and art galleries to check out before or after dinner.
the food court at Mall San Pedro is a great place to eat a cheap lunch and girl watch at the same time.
Plenty of good dinner places further out in Escazu and then there are the "mirador restaurants" up in the mountains with great views overlooking SJ and the central valley: Ram Luna, El Monastere, The White House (formerly Tara)

I'm sure I've missed plenty of other good ones and others are welcome to add to this list, but you get my point. In short, Quack, there is no need to go looking very far for good places to eat in SJ.

07-07-05, 04:19
you guys snuck your replies while i was still writing my "book". here are a few other comments.

why go to rohrmoser for peruvian when you have really good places that are closer and more convenient?

if you want to try peruvian food, one that is much closer to the gulch is the soda deliciosa del peru. it is on calle 3b right up the street from zb (zona blue) on the opposite side which makes it an excellent place to go for lunch on either the way to or from a zb massage.

as for machu pichu, that is one of my favorite sj restaurants (if not my most favorite) and i have eaten there many times. be sure to have a pisco sour with your meal. for those who don't know what that is, it is a traditional peruvian alcoholic drink made from pisco which is a sort of grape brandy. ceviche makes a good appetizer if you're into marinated fish (but not really my thing). seafood and potatoes are 2 basic staples of peruvian cooking and causa limena is an excellent choice - lemon flavored potatoes stuffed with shrimp. for those that are not big fisheaters, aji de gallina (chopped chicken in cream sauce) is really good. and be sure to save room for a little desert one spoonful of suspira de limena and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.

machu pichu is right across the street from oasis massage making it a good combination, but go to oasis before dinner since they close at 6pm. also be aware that machu pichu is closed on mondays. if you forget, there is supposed to be another peruvian place somewhere across the street (on the same side as oasis) that is supposed to be pretty good too, though i've never been there.

07-07-05, 18:38
Hey Quack Up,

I enjoyed reading your posts. Since I am only about 2 weeks away from my third trip to San Jose in 4 months. I really like reading about what is happening now in San Jose.

Some info I need, if anyone has it?

I chat a little on yahoo, and I can't find any rooms that have Costa Rica or San Jose links. I would like to chat to a few of the hotties or make some new connections, I see 10 to 15 chat cafes around the hotels I stay at and they always have people in them so they must exist.

On this trip I might even see a beach. Last time I was there I had a hottie that stayed with me for a full day (gave her 50.00 for our session) and she stayed the nite and most of the next day. Althou we ran into a little trouble my last nite there, I was with this little spinner in Key Largo and she walked in and just kept starring at me and telling me "I love you baby" (right) I got away from her that nite but I lost the spinner and hooked up with nica I had been looking at since my first trip and the sex was great. She had a bunch of streach marks around her little belly. I never would of guest it, she being very thin and young. You never know.

I think I will find one I like and take her to Jaco Beach for a over nite trip. I hear the Beattle bar is ok, but my friends here at home keep asking me "what are the beaches like and what about the rain forest" and I always say "I didnt make it there yet!"

Please if anyone has any posts about there resent adventures in San Jose please posts them. I need my San Jose fix, and as always if anyone needs any info on San Jose I will give you what I know or have seen. With this being my third trip, I am not a newbee but a monger with 2 stripes looking to get thrid and get my seat in the front row at the news cafe gringo bar.

Alex P Keaton
07-08-05, 21:46
P.S. I did get my exit visa at the Bank of Costa Rica earlier in the day. The bank is better known as BCR.. If you walk out of the Presidente, turn left until you get to the same street the news cafe is on. Turn right like going towards HDR. Yes I know HDR is on the other street but just for reference. Walk up the street until you reach the corner and there it is. $26usd. I only had a photocopy of my passport but they said it was okay to use. Much easier than doing it at the airport where I saw a lengthly line. Thanks again to all the posters before who led the way for me.

Alternatively, if you are staying at the Presidente, you can pay the exit tax at their tour desk.

07-09-05, 01:28
I chat a little on yahoo, and I can't find any rooms that have Costa Rica or San Jose links. I would like to chat to a few of the hotties or make some new connections, I see 10 to 15 chat cafes around the hotels I stay at and they always have people in them so they must exist.I'm not sure what you mean by a "chat cafe". Do you really mean an internet cafe? The people you see in those places are much more likely just checking their e-mails. However, if you really are seeing so many hotties in "chat ROOMS", why don't you just go up to one and ask THEM what website they're using? Even if you never go on-line, it will give you an excuse to break the ice and actually talk to one of them for real. OTOH, if you're talking about gringos at those hotels chatting on-line, I'd really have to wonder about any guy who would be wasting their time chatting with a Tica on-line when he could be talking with one face to face instead.

As for chatrooms, personally I don't know about any dedicated to Costa Rica, but then again if there was such a site out there it would probably be in Espanol. Do a search on Latina chat and you're likely to just come up with pay-per-minute web-sex-cam sites. I'd rather save my money for the real thing down there. The other thing you might find are more general spanish language sites, which might be good for practicing your spanish language skills but no guarantees how hot or even what gender your chat companions might be, let alone whether they are from CR. Most guys here have a hard enough time typing things in English that I just shudder to think how they would do trying it in Spanish.

07-09-05, 13:08
Don't forget your babelfish!


While not perfect, you can definitely get your message across should you need to write in espanol!

07-09-05, 21:51
Hopefully, most of the guys here were already familiar with that site. Here are a few more that might or might not get better results: www.abtrad.com, http://translation.paralink.com and http://www.freetranslation.com. The problem with all those free automated translation websites becomes readily apparent when you try translating the block of text you just converted back to its original language. As you'll see they'll probably get the gist of what you're saying but it will be very tortuous and readily apparent that you're using a translator. More to the point here though is that such an on-line technique may be fine for e-mails, but it does little to help you learn the language for when you get down there to actually talk with the ladies and it is FAR too clumsy and time-consuming for interacting in the real-time environment of a chat room. Basically, if you have to use such a translator, you probably have no business being in a spanish language chatroom to begin with.

Tiny 12
07-11-05, 17:28
i made a trip to costa rica recently with the girlfriend, but had some mongering time at the end after she left. i think most of the people posting here know costa rica a lot better than me (this was only my second visit) but some of this info might be useful for newbies like me. some observations,

1. do not rent from advantage. they are by far the cheapest rental car agency on the search engines i was using. but the price on the net, supposedly all inclusive, doesn't include mandatory liability insurance. and car was high mileage and crappy condition. i asked for midsize, but they didn't have any available so downgraded me to a compact.

2. poas, the volcano north of san jose, is awesome. it's less than a 2 hour trip from san jose, and maybe a 20 minute hike to the top. the view inside the crator is better than anything i've seen in that kind of a setting -- meaning better than yellowstone or volcanoes national park in hawaii. on the same trip, i'd recommend hitting the butterfly sanctuary and waterfall park on the east side of the volcano. very nice.

3. arenal, volcano about 3-1/2 hours northwest of san jose, is also very nice. if you don't mind decent but non-luxury accommodations (meaning nice pool and restaurant, but rooms a little run down and no a/c), consider the observatory in the national park. and make sure you book early -- it's hard to get reservations. i spent some time hiking in this area and really liked it. best in area is supposed to be hotel tabacon, but again you better make reservations. the hotel is close to the famous tabacon hot springs. there are lots of things to do in this area -- canopy, rafting, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, walks to the volcano, etc.

i actually managed to see a pretty impressive erruption of arenal -- it sprayed lava all over the top of the volcano. i could see why they prohibited climbing the volcano -- if you'd been on the north side close to the summit when that erruption happened, you'd be a goner.

4. el presidente in san jose as many have noted is a world-class monger's hotel. by world class i don't mean luxurious -- just a nice place to stay, and they do things right. they have a data base of hookers so they can weed out the thieves and troublemakers when you sign in your guests.

5. mongering is convenient, not particularly expensive or particularly cheap, and not as likely to be gfe as many places. now after two trips, i've had good or very good experiences two out of three times at zona blue, and with one out of five women at blue marlin. had a really good experience at idem too.

zona blue is definitely worth visiting. it's well run (by some guys from new york i think), clean, and has nice facilities. prices are fair -- there are definitely cheaper massage places in san jose, but 22,000 pesos for one hour (about $45) is reasonable imho. there is a discount for members of ************** if you're inclined to join.

this time i first picked what i thought was the most attractive woman in the place, about a 9 on scale of 1 to 10. her name was leidy, i think, and anyway she's easily recognizable. looks about 19 years old, light skinned (like your typical estadounidense or european), brown somewhat curly hair, thin, taller than average, but very nice sized breasts. she was very nice, but didn't allow kissing, and any bj was going to be with a condom. i kind of got the dead fish treatment during intercourse. i actually faked an orgasm. but, believe it or not, we actually hit it off pretty well on a personal basis, so i asked her if she could suggest any women in zona blue that like to kiss, as i wanted to spend another hour there but not with her. she said she'd ask around and came up with fabiola. she introduced fabiola, and i told fabiola i was going to spend some time at the bar before the next session.

the bar at zona blue happened to be an entertaining place to be because one of the owner's helpers from new york was hanging out there. he gave us viagra shots, tequila glasses filled with a bluish looking liquid reputed to contain 10 mg viagra each. nice conversation, and about an hour later i headed to a room with

fabiola wasn't nearly as attractive as leidy -- maybe a 6 to 7. but she did like to kiss, and both of us (i think) really got into it. a great experience.

later i headed to the blue marlin. i hung out there a couple of hours, and eventually headed out with a very attractive tica, about 22 years old, named sheila. this woman was a 9 on anybody's scale. i didn't discuss price (moondog style) but subject did come up when we got back to the room. she asks for $100 for an hour, or $300 for tln, and probably usually gets it. i negotiated 70,000 pesos for a couple of hours. i had also spent an hour talking with her in blue marlin, so although i was getting raped, probably not too much more than most other customers at bm going with higher end ladies. service was reasonably good, but not quite gfe. again, as with leidy at bm, we did hit it off well personally. sheila is a very intelligent woman -- a very good conversationalist, and if i ever returned to costa rica without a girlfriend and wanted to do some traveling, i might look her up.

next stop was the bar right next to blue marlin -- can't remember the name but if you've been to san jose you know it. there was a decent live band playing, and women were on average a notch or two below the bm. i didn't intend to see another women, but a busty, friendly 19 year old offered to only charge 10,000 pesos (a little over $20) for a bbbj. well, she started working me over there in the bar and i decided to leave with her, not really discussing what she was going to do or how much time she was going to spend, but i figured i'd pay her 25,000 pesos and she'd be happy considering her previous offer. all the time she was telling me how she's honest and not greedy, unlike all the other women in that area. that the money didn't really make a difference to her, she just wanted extranjeros visiting her lovely country to have a good time. (yeah, right.)

we get back to the hotel, hop in the hot tub, and suddenly she wants $100. i tell her she can take a hike, that i've totally lost all desire and it's time for her to go -- i've got a plane to catch the next morning. then the 25,000 pesos sounded o.k., although she's hoping i'll tip her a couple of thousand pesos if the service is good. then she starts complaining that i'm too big for her, that she only wants to do oral sex and fool around in the hot tub. which actually is o.k., because between the girlfriend the night before and my three dates today that's exactly what i want. we actually left on pretty good terms, although she's not certainly not getting any future business from me -- her attitude really detracted from the experience.

end of story.

07-12-05, 02:24
Enjoyed the report. Was the construction finished at Zona Blue when you visited? I wish they would update their web site and post some new pics.

I'll make sure to ask for the blue tequilla specials next time I visit. Hope I don't go blind.


Jaimito Cartero
07-12-05, 07:00
Tiny, interesting reports. There are some places where you can negotiate or give what you want afterwards, but I don't consider CR to be one of those places.

I believe you are referring to colones when you mention pesos.

There have been a number of tourists in the last 10 years who have been killed at Arenal. The last was a few years back, I think. No huge eruptions, but a bowling ball sized rock will do some real damage to your head.

At ZB, I tend to shy away from the best looking ones for the reason you found out. I guess I shouldn't just say the ZB, but most places. I prefer to sit in the room with them and talk with the chicas awhile before I choose one. You really get a better feel for them. I think I spent 30 minutes in the room just chatting with them last time. I don't know if the flavor has changed much now that Wanda is gone.

07-12-05, 11:01
Hey man I am back in the US, Yes construction is done. Its nice. makes it a little bigger and nicer. Sorry no pics this time. I'll try for you next time. In about 2 weeks. Last trip was not so much monkey buisness. Will make up for it this time. Will be in town the 22 july till the 26.

Tiny 12
07-12-05, 21:57
Nastyboy & Jaime,

Thanks. Like Armorer said, there wasn't any construction going on in the massage area. I think they're still working on the hotel rooms though. I was really surprised at the selection at ZB. There were two that were very attractive, and maybe about 15-20 women total, on Monday at about 2:00 PM.

My guidebook described a couple of places where people had gotten knocked off, miles way from the volcano's cone. One person was lounging around in a pool at Tabacon.

07-13-05, 01:34
Been looking forward to your report. That's good news about the construction. Were the plasmas up? On my first visit in the back they had a nice large projection tv, I think, with sofas etc. Then on my next visit it was ripped out, construction was on, (try fucking with all those damn carpenters banging around), and they said plasmas were coming up. Still the patio is very comfortable even with all the traffic going by.

I'm gonna miss you again by a few days. I won't get down till the end of July and early August.

Were the rates 20k colones or 22k? Not that it's much of an increase, but I have always paid 20.

Thanks for the good news. What babes did you sample? That hot little Viviana still around?


07-13-05, 02:09
Hey all,

I am back to San Jose on the 21st of this month. I will be going solo, so if anyone needs a wing man during that weekend please give me a yell. I mostly hang out at the Delray and Key Largo, but I will want to go to the show on Sat nite (seen it on my last trip) plus I am always ready to see new places and hit some new bars.

My flight price on my last trip out of Tampa was 305.00, but I could not find anything under 510.00 so I got a non -stop out of Orlando for 384.00. The fuel prices are out of sight so the airlines pass the price on to us. Don't they know that money is for buying pussy.

The photo section has been very little to almost nothing the last few weeks, so I will do my best to fill it up when I get back. Would like to read some posts from anyone who is in San Jose now or just got back. This could be a very interesting trip since this will be my thrid trip in the last 4 months, many girls know my face and the ones I have been with always want repeat bussiness. As many of you know who have been to San Jose, the girls really get to know you and remember you. The ones that work the day shifts are ones that really remember me due to the fact they out number us in the bar.

07-13-05, 03:49
Sorry about that dude. Seems like we'll never meet up at this rate oh well I'll let ya know about any good finds. Didn't see Viviana. Not to much time for the monger sceene.
The TV if I recall is up. Bar is nice. Girls were nice. When I landed I had a really stiff neck and shoulder. So my first stop was you guessed it ZB. I had a little blonde Nica. Did a good massage. That was what I needed. Funny all I really wanted was the massage. Still I am never any good with names. Will have to take notes more often. Think I feel old age setting in.
I was a ZB back in May when it was all under construstion. yeah the noise. I have been round worse. Guess never bothers me. When I get there this time I will try and take a few pics if I don't forget the darn camera.
As of late spend time with one girl down there. Sad might retire from mongering..... but thats all I am gonna say about that.
Oh still the $40 CRT price.
Oh if ya want I have a few pics from Ukraine if you are interested. hit me up with a pm with email address and I'll send ya a shot of them. You might want to check the place out.

07-13-05, 22:17
Spending time with only one girl, huh?.....sure hope her name isn't Tania. I'm looking to forward to more of that when I get down there. They do grow on you don't they? And then they send you email that always starts off with, "Hola mi amor". They get even when you're not there.

That's real good news about Zona Blue. Sounding more and more like one stop shopping. Guess all they need now is to add a resteraunt. Who knows?


07-13-05, 22:29
15 - 20 babes at 2 in the afternoon? Fuck, that sounds really good.

My flight didn't depart until 2 in the afternoon on my last visit, so I thought I would squeeze in a last one before I flew back. I was there at opening time, 9 am, and they were really slow getting in. Just two to open the place and then the place started filling up with customers so they started calling in more, but 15 - 20 sounds damn good.

I wonder how much a girl charges for a full day. I know a cab driver wants $125 for the day to drive me around the country to the volcanoes etc. I'll probably take one up on the offer and go on a photo safari. Having a babe along for company would be nice too. No more tour busses for me.


07-14-05, 00:36
I wish I got them emails with Mi amor. Hmm nope not Tania. Remember shes not a latin lady. Still I have gotten used to her. As fow what she does when I am gone who cares. I am not there. Its all about how it is when I am there. Thats what makes her.
lol I am not to greedy.
Just not tellin any names.
I'll hit ya up with pics later man I am kinda backed up right now..

Le Spuff
07-21-05, 07:52
No more tour busses for me.

NBWhats wrong with the tour buses. I was actually thinking about taking some tours when I will go to San Jose. Thinking about staying at the presidente and lettting them hook me up with a tour or 2. Thanks for the warning but, i'm just wondering why. BTW i never been to CR before and I don't speak spanish.

07-21-05, 23:37
le spuff

It is true you can do better on your own. There are some good tours for a first timer.
I would recommend that you stay in town and enjoy San Jose. How long you going to be in town? If it is 10 days or less stay in town and party. Many mongers stay at the Pres. and you should try to find a friend. Many first timers stay there as well as experience mongers.
But if you want to go out of the city than check around and always try to make a deal.
There are some good tours but ask around.
have fun

07-22-05, 01:13
Good question! I should have explained that further.

Well, I've only been to CR twice and stayed at the Best Western Downtown both times. They have an in house travel agent who is a representative for Grayline Tours. (web site is graylinecostarica.com). I do all of that for convenience. Stay at that hotel and book thru that agent. I've been on several tours they offer but they are just the contractor, and they book for smaller tour companies. Each ride is different.

First I did the "drive around San Jose" tour in a minivan which, even the agent tried to discourage me from taking. But it was a quick and dirty way of getting to know my new surroundings. We go from hotel to hotel picking up other tourists before we finally get on with the tour.

Second tour was what the agent called a "four-in-one" tour which hit highlights of four of their most popular tours. This one took me to the closest volcano to San Jose, the Poas volcano. It also took me around to some waterfalls, butterflies, hummingbirds and it was all very cool and interesting. The countryside outside of San Jose is beautiful. But again, it wasn't a great big bus or anything, just enough to provide seating for all that booked the tour. This tour took 12 hours and after shuffling around from place to place and getting on and getting off all day, by the end I was pretty beat. Also, these busses get a lot of use. Not all of them are new, so the seats are kind of worn.

Next I did a water rafting tour and that took forever going from place to place to pick up people because this time we went to smaller places where people stay. I wouldn't call them hotels. In Europe they are called youth hostels because it's just a quick bed for the younger generation to sleep in and then off in the morning continuing the vacation. When we finally get to the river, they don't even take you all the way there. You have to climb down the mountain to get the river. Again the transportation was on the older side and crowded as well. Lots of people on this tour.

I finally got tired of tour busses when I did the Arenal volcano trip. To get to the volcano from San Jose is three hours if you do it direct. This tour did have some other minor stops, but it would of have been better if we just went straight to the volcano. This was a full size, giant size, greyhound size bus, packed with tourists. Had a toilet in the back but only for [CodeWord112] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord112). NO shitting allowed. This bus was also on the aged side and eventually broke down up in the mountains. Other tours that were on the same tour we were on picked up some of our passengers. I waited until they sent a replacement because they were really packing those other little tour busses just to get people to the final destination. After the Arenal tour, the company had sent a replacement vehicle which was a brand new Mercedes Benz, first class seating throughout the bus. Why the hell we didn't go out on this in the first place is beyond me. That was one primo ride.

So, in the beginning it's a matter of convenience, but now that I know where I want to go, I'll just hire the taxi all to myself. Get a new car because it's the orange taxi out of the airport. Air conditioned. And I get to call the shots. Stop here/Stop there/ok let's go. And I'll just go direct.

Sorry to ramble. I hope this answers your question.

I speak a little Spanish so I can't help you with that question. But as far as the tours go, they do them in English and Spanish.


Panama Free
07-22-05, 01:32
Excuse me for asking in this thread, but does anyone know what happened to the United States reports, and listings?


07-22-05, 02:36
Panama Free,
The USA section can be found at http://www.usasexguide.info/forum/private.php?

07-22-05, 04:08
I'd like to add an opposing viewpoint on some of the comments on tours.

First re: DinoMans comments.
1) "It is true you can do better on your own." Sometimes true and sometimes not. Some trips can ONLY be done with a tour group. Whitewater rafting is one that comes to mind. The Aerial Tram is another. I can say this from direct experience because, based on some bad advice I got, I took the bus out to Braulio Carillo to try to save few bucks on the Aerial Tram Tour and got shut out by all the people that prebooked and came in on large tour buses (the tour companies buy out all the tickets). Similarly you can take a bus out to Turrialba and rent a kayak, but you still need to get it out to the river and have someone pick you up at the other end. You can try to hook up with other people once you get there for a raft trip but that will be next to impossible as well.

Other tours are more of a toss up. You can hire a driver at $125/day and cover a lot of ground. That driver MIGHT speak decent english and MIGHT know something about the things you're looking at, but he probably won't speak as well or know as much as a professional tour guide. There's no guarantee his beat up old taxi will be any more comfortable than the tour vans. And nearly all tours cost much less than $125. There are some advantages to private drivers but there are tradeoffs too.

2) "There are some good tours for a first timer." This is certainly true. For a first timer to CR, who usually speaks limited spanish and has little familiarity with the lay of the land, the pre-organized tours provide certainty and security that winging it on your own don't. Imagine yourself in a chaotic bus station trying to figure which bus to get on or having confidence that the cabbie you just met and negotiated with won't take you for a ride. For most people the comfort level of packaged tours is well worth any premium paid.

3) "I would recommend that you stay in town and enjoy San Jose. How long you going to be in town? If it is 10 days or less stay in town and party." this may be true for SOME mongers but not for many. San Jose makes a great base for exploring lots of the nearby central valley, but SJ itself (apart from its mongering attractions) offers fairly little of general interest. One can see all the major traditional tourist sights in SJ itself in just one day. Taking tours, on your own or with groups, OUTSIDE the city during the day and enjoying the mongering after you get back each day can stretch that time. Most tourists and even many mongerers come to CR for its natural attractions, its people and its countryside. In the view of those sorts of visitors having 10 days in CR and spending ALL of them in SJ would constitute a MAJOR felony. If you are a hardcore mongerer who wants to do nothing but sleep eat and fuck than follow Le Spuff's advice. But then if thats all you want to do there are FAR better countries to visit.

4) "Many mongers stay at the Pres. and you should try to find a friend. Many first timers stay there as well as experience mongers." This is true and very sound advice particularly for a first time visitor who doesn't know his way around on his own. You will get far more out of your trip, learn how to make the best deals, which chicas are good and which are bad. Plus you will have a wingman to watch your back, which makes it safer going around to some places, and a like-mided companion that can relieve you from having to speak spanish 24 hours a day. The Pres. is a popular hotel with both pros and first timers. The Del Rey has some experienced guys that stay there but is much more of a hotel for newbies. And the Sportsmens Lodge is the place becoming most popular with many vets but is further outside of the gulch which might make it less ideal for newbies. The Blue Marlin is also a good place to meet up with vets that are in town. The CRT guys have their Happy Hour every day at around 5PM at one of the tables near the door across from the Monkey Bar.

5) "But if you want to go out of the city than check around and always try to make a deal. There are some good tours but ask around." Prices on organized tours are not really negotiable. The prices are set. Trying to "make a deal" won't get you anywhere. OTOH, there are different tours and you can try to find the best deal that way. The thing is that there are differences and then there are differences. Decide whether you'd rather spend your money going on a canopy tour or a raft trip as those are VERY different. OR you could pick an easy class II Sarapiqui raft trip or a thrilling class II-IV Pacuare trip. But the prices between different tour companies for that Pacuare trip won't vary much and neither will the trips themselves. The various hotel tour desks are basically agencies selling the same trips by a handful of operators for a commission that is built into the price of the trip. Any differences in pricing for a given trip will be very small if at all.

Now for NastyBoy's comments:
1) First his comments about driving around between hotels at the beginning and end of the day is 100% correct and is also my own biggest beef with the tours. If there is one reason to trying to make your own tours this is it. You can easily kill an hour or more at the beginning or end of the day just driving around and waiting at various hotels. What really kills me is when some guy oversleeps because he was out partying till 5 in the morning or something and gets the van to wait a few minutes longer before he shows up or they give up on him. This hour of driving can be more than an inconvenience. For example, if you are visiting a volcano you should know that they frequently cloud over by midmorning or even earlier. That hour of driving around can be the difference between getting a nice view all the way to the Atlantic or Pacific and not even being able to see 10 meters into the crater. Also if you go on a tour you will arrive at these places at about the same time as a ton of other tourbuses, whereas if you go on your own you can beat the crowds.

2) NB is also 100% correct about the city tours. He should have listened to the tour agent. This can easily be done on one's own.

3) NB's description of the 4-in-1 tour was pretty good. You will see a lot, you will feell like you are rushing around from place to place and by the end of the day you will be pretty beat. That said, its not really as bad as he made it sound. You'll see some rally nice places and its a particularly good trip for first timers who don't have a lot of time in CR and won't to make sure they catch as many of the highlights as possible. The pricing on these tours vary from company to company but most will be pretty close. The real differences will be in the tours themselves as the exact content can vary. But the content can vary even within the same tour company depending on such factors as weather, traffic or whether one of your fellow tourists overslept. As for NB's van comment, when I went the van I was in was modern and clean as they were on every other tour I've been on, but I suppose that could vary as well with some tour companies. The problem is its hard to tell in advance, what sort of van you will get, which tour guide you'll have, whether you willget stuck with some idiot gringos, etc., just based on the brochure or what the agent tells you, so its will be a bit of a crapshoot. But I don't think the odds are really that bad.

4) NB is the first guy I've ever heard that didn't love the raft trip. He is right that you spend a while driving to get there and only probably 2-3 hours on the river itself. There's no avoiding that as most rivers are some distance from SJ. That's the tradeoff in using SJ as your base camp. Again it is not that horrible an experience. I usually enjoy the view of the beautiful countryside or even just try to catch a few Z's as these tours usually leave your hotel at around 7AM and the river and the sun usually have me pretty tired for the return. The driving is usually broken up with a stop at some nice country roadside restaurant for breakfast and someplace for some ice cold beers on the way back. The vans I've been on have ranged from new to older but none were really beat up, but if you expect plush recliner seats then I suppose you WILL be disappointed. And, yes they can get crowded, but its not like you'll have someone sitting on your lap. Also, the participants on these tours tend to be younger, but I've seen guys in their 50's on such trips (I'm 48 myself). You should expect some physical effort on such trips like climbing down a river bank, but not really that much beyond that. If you expect a creampuff experience you probably shouldn't go on this trip to begin with.

5) Finally the Arenal tour. I think part of NB's disenchantment is due to the tours he chose. The city tour would be a mistake for just about anyone. The raft trip is great trip but not for someone who craves creature comforts as much as NB apparently does. The 4-in-1 is a good trip but squeezing as much as it does in just 1 day it is definitely rushed (one can also see the exact same sights in seperate tours spread over 2 or more days). And the Arenal Tour. I would definitely NOT recommend that. That is just too far to go in 1 day. The raft trip is about 1-1.5 hours each way at most or 3 hours of driving. Arenal is 3-4 hours just one way or SIX-SEVEN HOURS of driving total, meaning you'll spend at least half your day on the road. Plus you'll probably miss the lava flow at night, which can be one of the best parts. This IS one of those tours that can be done better on your own and is best stretched over at least 2 days. Personally, I like to rent a car and drive this, though for those that don't like to rent a hired driver can work very well. The drive out to Arenal is one of the prettiest drives in the country and there are lots of interesting towns and miradors to stop at along the way, but it is much better when you can stop when, where and for as long as you want rather than being dependent on the rest of your bus. Its also a great place to take a chica for an overnight outside of SJ. Imagine after all the day visitors have gone back to SJ, cuddling or more with your chica in a natural hot spring surrounded by tropical jungle with a view of the lava flow. Something is bound to erupt. It doesn't get much better than that.

07-28-05, 01:37
Are you into details?
ps I'm not

Apparently, Dinoman has a thin skin and can't take the idea of anyone sharing a point of view different from his own. But rather than just say that he took it upon himself to PM me suggesting that my post was simply too overly detailed rather than that it was, as intended, a highly informative post. If others feel that way, I'll be more than happy to post somewhere else where my posts are more appreciated. I certainly don't need this site to find out more about CR and I'm not going to change the style of my posts.

However before you cast your votes, I think you should consider this. I reviewed the posts of this Dinoman. At least 24 out of his 37 posts include a pitch for the Hotel La Gran Via. I don't know if he's getting kickbacks but it seems stange to me that anyone would be so fixated on promoting this one hotel. I'll grant that there is lots of other valuable info in Dinoman's posts. My point is that you don't necessarily have to like everything else that others post. If Dinoman has a problem with me, too bad.

Jaimito Cartero
07-28-05, 07:02
While some may not enjoy long posts, I always think that a good post with details, pricing and other info is more helpful to everyone.

08-01-05, 06:31
Good report. I learned alot. You should do more of them.

08-04-05, 22:33
Just got back last night from five great days in San Jose. While there were many places I would like to visit, Zona Blue is still the number one spot for me. The new bar in the back is great. They did a fantastic job. It's two levels with televisions embedded into the walls and lots of seating. The decor is very nice.

There is still some construction going on, but not like before. They are upgrading the rooms...lights .... telephones in each room...( got me room service during one 3 hour session ) and bigger massage tables.

First girl I went back to see was good old Tania. She was still there and delightful as always. Great personality and bbbj. The following day I met her friend Cathy. She is also young, slim, personable, and very pretty and she will do bbbj w/ cim. Visited with her on back to back days.

Eventually I got around to Rachel who told me she just turned twentyone yesterday. So I gave her a good birthday fucking. This girl, however, also does bbbj and cim. Her bj's are outrageous. Probably the best I have had in CR. Did her on back to back days too.

Made it to the Blue Marlin for the first time to see what all the talk was all about. Nice facility. Large...3 bars...lots of one armed bandits. Most of the people were sitting at the elevated bar. I walked around and ended at another bar with no other patrons. Ordered a beer and was just taking in the view. Then I could hear softly playing in the background the theme music to the movie Jaws. And from around the corner walk two girls scoping the place out. A young slim one and another not so young a little heavy barracuda. The heavy chick scoped me out and after losing the younger girl came back to where I was sitting and started putting all her moves on me. We made light conversation and she eventually offered to show me a good time for $60 including bbbj. I tried to politely lose the girl a couple of times, but she hung in there like a real pro. Jaws clamped on and she never let go. I finally gave in even though I didn't have a room nearby to take her to. No problem for her. She took me to the Asian Hotel, a sleazy little place around the corner that had several stalls with a "bed" and a shower. We did our business...bang bang bang and then just got out of there. She was ok. She did the trick. Can't ask for more but not as much fun as the experience at ZB.

Did some more tours while in SJ. Went to Tortuga Island on the Catamaran tour. Excellent. Nice tour, nice location, excellent service...top of the line. Highly recommend it. It's with Calypso Cruises.

Finally...they sell viagra at the airport now. Too cool. I remember looking at the ZB website where they say free viagra with your visit jokingly. But now at the airport as your heading towards customs, on the left hand side...big poster... se vende Viagra. One hit for $20. Four hits for $77. Buy the four, get the one free. I said..."Double that order!" First time I tried vitamin V. I haven't fucked liked that since I was twenty years old. Tania was so impressed. She kept saying over and over....."It's sooo hard".

I had a really great time. I love CR. Can't wait to go back.


08-04-05, 22:58
I have a concern with your analytactical ability.
I sent you a private e-mail and said I am not into details.
I did not say it was bad to detail.
I also subject the private e-mail "Costa Rica rocks."
Why do you want to bad mouth me in public?
You need to get a life.
You think you know it all.
I can tell by your reports that you are somewhat knowledgeable about Costa Rica but you think you know it all, and critique me and other members. What's with that?
As far as The hotel la gran via I have stayed at the Pres the Balmoal and others and I find that the Gran Via is the best deal. Do I know the owner Yes so what, it is because he is at the hotel every day and is most helpful does he give me a deal yes but it is no more than a deal than he would give any long term guest? I know many guest that stay there and most stay only there. I spend 6-7 months a year in Costa Rica and know most of the in's and outs. So if you want to bad mouth me again please do it in private. Try to have some class.
I hope you have a nice day
ps Your reports ARE informative.

08-05-05, 03:20
Barring an explicit request by you for confidentiality, as a direct party to the communication I felt within my rights to share. Its not like I requested your commentary, private or otherwise. If you didn't want them repeated or were somehow ashamed of what you had to say, you should have either said so or simply kept your thoughts to yourself. Perhaps I overstepped my bounds and if that is the case I apologize. However it doesn't change the basic point of my post.

We all have our own posting styles and as long as we're not flaming one another and are providing useful facts or opinions, its within each of our rights to do so. If you don't like a post maybe someone else will. If you don't like it, don't read it. And, as long as the writer isn't violating the posting guidelines here, let them post whatever they want and don't go posting cryptic complaints publicly or privately. I know I don't really need to hear it. Why do you think I would?

As far as my post and what I said about you. I definitely DON'T know it all, but I DO know SOME things. I also have opinions on things which might differ from yours. Thats everyone's right. My initial post wasn't bad mouthing you at all. All I did was present a different viewpoint. Actually, it also agreed with your post on a number of points. My second post did bad mouth you as I felt you were bad mouthing me. And I did so publicly, because I believe everyone should be willing to stand behind what they post. You didn't like my details. Why don't you want others to know that? You post repeatedly and publicly about the Gran Via. Why don't you want that fact to be pointed out? My initial post was not a critique it was an opposing viewpoint. My second post was a critique whose point was if you don't want to be critiqued don't do so yourself.

08-05-05, 22:28
Hey Dinoman,
Don't mind me. I'm a few months overdue for another return trip to CR, so I'm a little touchy. Let's just put it behind us and get back to talking about why we all came here in the first place.

How 'bout dem hot chicas?

08-06-05, 03:37
Hey Chase Star hoca beach have you ever ben

08-06-05, 04:43
Du you men Jaco b itch? Shur, I ben. What else wood you liek to no? :)

08-08-05, 05:32
Du you men Jaco b itch? Shur, I ben. What else wood you liek to no? :)
Oh hell Chase I dont know what I mean I AM A sr member on this board and A reg on usa board augusta ga and columbia sc if you need any thing that way just ask I dont know why jaxson has this A hafe and hafe deal. My buddy mack spend A lot of time in CR his handle is briefinc. Takc care

Travel J
08-10-05, 02:34
OK guys I am going to CR in a week. I noticed that pratically all the women featured in the photo section are shaved. Well I prefer women with real busshes. Any place in San Jose where this is the specialty of the house?

08-11-05, 00:42
OK guys I am going to CR in a week. I noticed that pratically all the women featured in the photo section are shaved. Well I prefer women with real busshes. Any place in San Jose where this is the specialty of the house?GOOD LUCK. Shaving is definitely at least the norm with the seasoned pros, though exceptions do occur. To the best of my knowledge there is not a place that actually specializes in au natural. I think your best bet would be to try to hook up with a non-pro or semi-pro or chica that is relatively new to the business. I'm not sure I'd have the cojones to ask a non-pro chica I was trying to pick up at El Pueblo or some such place whether she shaved her pubes, but you can certainly ask the girls at the BM or similar places such a question. Yet another possibility would be to go through an escort service such as G&G, and specifically ask Joanna for a girl who doesn't shave. Many of those girls are semi-pro and you might have better odds with them.

Member #3200
08-11-05, 03:08
You will have better luck looking & scoring unshaven pussy in Cuba the you will in CR.

Travel J
08-11-05, 04:13
Thanks Chase Star. I will post when I return and let you know how search went.

08-14-05, 15:29
Heading down to SJ for the third time this year (inbetween trips to Thailand, Amsterdam and Frankfurt Fkk Clubs) with a few newbie friends and found out that Costa Rica Ticas is having one of their annual parties going on that weekend. There will be over 60 guys hanging around the Gringo Gultch just from that site alone! Too late to change plans but hope that the pickings are still good. We are arriving on thursday, should give us a head start to the onslaught of arrivals starting friday. My thinking is to strike early and ofte,, not to wait past 7:00 or 8:00,, otherwise the best girls will be occupied.

I enjoy the scene at Key Largo as well but was hoping to get some options incase the BM gets crazy... I have been to Idem,,,so so IMO! Want to show them a good lesbian show,, is the Park still running,, how about Kamur?

Thanks and Pura Vida!

08-14-05, 16:07
some guys really like those "conventions" as it gives everyone a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, plus "special events" are put together especially for vip members. i like those too, but i'm more with carnal on this. there is definitely such a thing as too much of a good thing. don't worry too much about it though. word of these things also spreads quickly on the chica grapevine as mongers tell their novias and they in turn tell other girls. supply will proably be up significantly too. i might be going down over labor day weekend. haven't decided. good fares from fl right now. not a lot of hotel rooms though (i know, dinoman, i should check with the gran via :)) if i go, it will be just for the anniversary party and then i'll head out of sj altogether for a non-mongering trip.

as for your question. the park hotel oil show has been gone for sometime now. i beleive old bill has moved to tamarindo or some such place up in guanacaste (if he hasn't died from cirrhosis of the liver) and the building is empty and up for sale. many of the park girls have reportedly moved over to the ny bar. a similar oil show was running at the hotel europa's bar for a while, but that just recently stopped too. i've heard there are sometimes impromptu shows at the sl, but no oil and no audience participation and you never know when they may have it. your best bet would probably be to take your friends over to d'pelufo in san pedro. kamur is still up and running (and incidentally also up for sale). a crt vip membership will get you free admission and 2 free drinks, after that you're on your own. back room prices have gone up to $50/hr and thats before anything you pay the girl. as with any higher-end strip club, you have to be careful as its easy to spend a few hundred bucks in just a few hours on drinks and tips if you get carried away.

btw, a visit to kamur and 2-3 trips to zona blue and you've pretty much made back the cost of the vip membership in just this one trip. do 3 trips in 1 year and you're easily ahead with a vip membership.

08-14-05, 19:24
Thanks for the info,, I noticed RT fares from Orlando are $130 plus tax,, not bad.

As for hotels,, I got lucky and reserved three rooms at the Presidente for only $49 (CRT Discount) for 3 out of 4 nights,, ended up booking rooms for saturday in the Del Rey,, not my first choice but the convenience factor is there and I really did not want to stay at the Holiday Inn. What are the "guest fees" at the Del Rey?? I recall something like $10 ??

I spent some time in San Jose the past two trips with a side trip to Jaco and the Beetle Bar,, a sweat fest !!! Not alot of good accomodation choices there and definitely DO NOT stay at the Best Western if you want guests!!

Pura Vida

08-14-05, 21:28
As I recall too the chica fees at the DR were at least $10, but its been years since I've stayed there. I can't imagine they've gone down. Can't make too many suggestions for SJ for THAT weekend, but since you've got the Prez reserved for your first couple of nights, you might want to check around a little bit after you arrive. The Morazon does not have the most reliable reservation system, but if they don't have a vacancy you already have your backup, so how can it hurt to ask and they're currently only $39/nt with no chica fees. Gran Via is a bit further away and $50/nt, but is not as popular with the CRT crowd and has no chica fees so you might want to check there as well.

As for Jaco, I've heard the BW is non-monger friendly as well. If you go there you might want to try one of these:

Paradise Hotel - $59/nt on their website + $10 chica fee, but only $45 with a CRT card and no chica Fees

Tangeri Hotel - website lists green season rates of $72 weekdays and $87 weekends, but I've heard guys say they've gotten rates of around $60, YMMV. Nothing but good reviews (rms 201-203 most recommended), directly on the beach and only 1 block south of the Beatle Bar and no chica fees (but no chica check-in, so be careful).

Copacabana - website lists rates between $69-119 for studios to suites, but doesn't list their $20 chica fee. Booking using your CRT card gets you 20% off and a waiver on chica fees. Also only a block from the Beatle Bar but with more mixed reviews and some snafus on the discount.

Mr Jetsetter
08-16-05, 11:30
I had another great time during my second visit July 5-12, undertaken mostly to help ease the CONSIDERABLE pain associated with turning 50. The good news is that I can still bench 200 lbs, work out regularly, and am horny as ever (although I can only seem to pull off two shots at most in a 24-hour period).

My mongering was somewhat curtailed by the much-appreciated fact that my brother -- happily and faithfully married -- joined me for the last four days of my visit. We had a great time rafting the Pacuare and playing in the waves at Jaco and Playa Hermosa. One thing I really like about San Jose, as opposed to Buenos Aires for example, is its close proximity to spectacular scenery and outdoor recreation.

I once again stayed at the Sportsmen's Lodge and was really impressed with the quantity and quality of the women hanging around their great bar area, much improved since March. I indulged in two threesomes while staying there: one with Carina and Nela, two hot ticas with great attitudes, and the other with Mitre (a hot blond cutie) and Gabriella, busty and somewhat heavy. I paid $50 per person for both of these sessions, and it is just so convenient taking that short walk from the bar to your room. Bill and the staff were as friendly and helpful as ever.

In retrospect, I somewhat regret my two trips to Club Kamur, in which I spent far too much money for Costa Rican standards. I did enjoy two sessions with the young and delectable Sabrina, CRT July Tica of the Month, but my experiences in this club nonetheless left a bad taste in my mouth, Sabrina excluded!

I also enjoyed four separate visits to Zona Blue, a threesome with Allison and "Lady," a solo session with Lady on the morning of my departure, and memorable visits with two lovely veterans, Natasha and Vanessa, who both seemed to be getting even better at their craft. Vanessa has lost a little weight since March, and Natasha seemed happier, less aloof, and more at ease. Interestingly, both Allison and Lady refused to provide a BBBJ, while Vanessa and Natasha came through magnificently in this regard.

An hour or so after submitting this post, I went to AA.com and purchased a ticket for a return visit November 21-28. A couple of Pilsner Urquells (long live the Czech Republic) and a credit card can prove to be a dangerous combination!

08-16-05, 19:40
Nice post Jetsetter,

I have a case of Pilsner Urquell in my fridge and will second your statement regarding the CZ Republic,, Na shladanou

How much did the threesome cost you at Zona Blue?? Did you have to get there earlier than usuall to request that option with those girls or did you "happen" in to it?

Mr Jetsetter
08-17-05, 18:11

When you arrange a two-girl session at Zona Blue, you simply pay twice the going rate, which is 18,000 Colones with the CRT ("Costa Rica Ticas") VIP card. These sessions can be arranged anytime, and they will provide you with the nice room with the king-sized bed if it is available. I think the best time to go is around 11:00am -- I've generally seen more ladies available around this time.

Wild Wind
08-21-05, 17:45
first, let me thank everyone who has contributed their experiences to this forum as a way to guide others to maximize their enjoyment of this wonderful place.

the goal of my virgin trip was to see a lot of cr, combining a healthy mix of tourism and chica-tasting.

re: the tourism, i’m an architect and photographer and i enjoy prowling urban environments, especially where there are vestiges of former grandeur from past prosperity, now fallen from grace. yesterday’s colonialism makes for today’s great photographs. cr offered plenty of that in the towns i visited.

for ultimate mobility i rented a man-tran 4x4, and got pretty good at the insane group activity that passes for driving in cr. if you want to drive around the country be ready to take your game up a notch or two when it comes to boldly passing on hairpin, foggy, narrow, pot-holed, 2-lane mountain roads. for those interested in renting, i comparison-shopped 8 providers and got the best deal and good service from tricolor. $262/week for a tough, small suzuki 4x4 that met all my needs as a single adventurer. that included mandatory insurance. use your amex card to rent and you get additional coverage. and always use the supra gas, it pays off when you need the acceleration (see: “passing on hairpin, foggy, narrow, pot-holed, 2-lane mountain roads”).

re: the chica-tasting, i’ve indulged in “the hobby” in canada, in mexico, in a few european cites (amsterdam, barcelona, london, etc) and all over the us. over the years i’ve developed a real fondness for latinas (for the reasons we all appreciate). so i was really looking forward to 8 days with beautiful latin women in a country where p4p is legal.

that said, i don’t have the leche to spend all day every day mongering and, at this stage in my life i’m more interested in quality than quantity. for me, the hunt for quality at a reasonable price is an enjoyable part of the whole process, so i went in ready and willing to be choosy and shop until i was ready to buy, rather than settle for the sake of urgency or body-count. this is where the monger maps and good descriptions of many places offered online were invaluable.

also, for budget purposes i chose a very pleasant, but not chica-friendly hotel, in a nice old neighborhood (aranjuez), with free, secure parking, private bath and a fabulous breakfast in a beautiful garden ($28/night). although i realize its great fun to bring chicas to your room, i’d decided in advance not to tackle that on this trip, concentrating instead on the mp’s.

lastly, keep in mind this is a newbie’s trip report. i just go blow-by-blow through my trek of discovery, warts and all, naming-names and quoting prices. it may seem elementary to seasoned vets, but perhaps seeing it through a rookie’s eyes will harken you back to your 1st time, before you became such an experienced pro.

sunday: on the ground in cr

arrived from us on a sunday afternoon and walked from my hotel in aranjuez over to new fantasy for my cr cherry pop. arrived about 4:30pm. there’s a very small reception area with a desk. the well–dressed young guy working the desk was not exactly warm, but was professional and accommodating. he pointed towards the room with the girls and said to take my pick. i knew from crt to walk immediately and confidently around that lame, smoked-glass panel and examine the goods more clearly, up close. about 10 girls were lounging on the long sofa in sexy street clothes watching tv and looking bored. mostly young, and all in the 5-8 range. no real tdf’s (to-die-for’s) like, of course, i had hoped every place in cr would be overflowing with, but one cutie smiled and made fetching eye contact and made my choice simple. i smiled back and nodded to her, and she seemed genuinely happy to have been chosen.

she stood up and i motioned for her to approach me. i had studied up on a few spanish phrases so i could ask for the kinds of services i enjoy. as she came close i leaned to her ear and asked “beso, con lenguas?” and pulled back to see her response. she looked a little surprised but nodded, smiled and said si. then i tried “me mamas, sin condon?” she smiled again but made it clear that her oral was only available covered. i quickly glanced across the other chicas, a few of whom were watching us, most others still glued to the tv, and figured i already had the best of the lot and should just go for it. plenty of time for bbbj’s in the days ahead. i indicated ok, she led me back to the desk and i went for the full hour at the $40 quoted price. figured i’d go ahead and see what that bought me.

her name is keyla. she’s about 20, short, pleasant face, perfectly fine bod and welcoming attitude. speaks a little english. she took me to a room downstairs across the hall from the steam room and it was very hot and humid. i commented on it hoping she would switch rooms, but she just asked me for the money. so i figured maybe it’s “her room” and she can’t change it and that’s just the way it is so i soldiered on and ponied up. later in my trip when i was more acclimated to the mp scene i would have insisted on a more comfortable room and gone to the guy at the desk and dragged him down there to experience it if i got any push back. but as this was my virgin voyage i just went with the flow. what did i know? maybe all the mp rooms in cr were like this.

i gave her the $ and she left for a few minutes, as seems to be the standard process at mp’s. other than the stifling climate, the room was pleasant enough. had a double bed with clean sheets, several pillows, a tv, a clock and a big mirror on the wall. i stripped and carefully piled all my stuff on the little folding chair in the corner. i was nervous about security of my clothes and the things in the pockets and the small camera-bag i had with my camera in it. as it turned out, things are pretty well worked out about that stuff at the nf, and at all the mp’s i visited. typically i was either in the room with the stuff, or the chica locked the door whenever we were out of the room together. and no chica was ever in the room with my stuff by herself. and although i’m sure some thievery happens, i don’t recall reading any reports on crt of stuff stolen from mp rooms. just be adequately vigilant and i think it’ll be cool.

i waited, lounging totally naked on my back on the bed, and very much looking forward to this cutie’s return and the beginning of my cr sex odyssey. i was curious how she would handle herself, opening the door to find me lying there, buck naked, smiling up at her. well, she returned with towels and condoms, smiled right back at me and stripped right down for me. i love watching a cute young girl strip from street clothes. it’s the fantasy you have as you see every one of those fine chicas all over the streets in san jose. (and fine looking chicas are all over the streets in san jose. i saw dozens of “10”s). pulling her tight top off over her head and standing there smiling in her sexy bra. then the first sight of her young boobs coming free from the bra is just magical. and the first sight of fine, shaved young coochie as she slides off her panties. it just doesn’t get any better than that. what a fabulous variety of shapes and sizes down there, all for our discovery and enjoyment!

naked now, keyla asked me “massage?” and i nodded, but first we sat next to each other and i enjoyed nice lfk with her and fondled and feasted on her pretty natural b’s. after a while i lay back and rolled over. she gave a decent, slow back massage for about 10 minutes. shoulders to feet with liberal application of body lotion. she didn’t explore my anus as i had hoped (i enjoy a little of that) and i didn’t ask, but she started playfully tickling my nutz as a signal to turn over for act 2.

turning over i started fondling her tatas again as she applied lotion to my chest and thighs and began working her way towards my eqpt. she had no trouble getting me at full attention, then stopped to put on the raincoat. she gave a serviceable cbj for awhile (i admit i was longing to feel that tender mouth doing me bb, and regret that i didn’t think to ask again, offering a tip) then mounted me cowgirl. i love watching fine young tatas wag back and forth as a chica humps and pumps me in that position, reaching up for a handful squeeze or a nip-twist whenever i want. she rode me to the finish line that way. nice opening salvo on my quest to leave leche all over cr.

she then offered a steam bath, so i figured wtf, i’m here and this is all part of the package, let’s leave no experience un-partaken. we wrapped in towels and, after locking our door she led me across the hall to the steam bath. i’ve taken saunas before but had never done a steam bath so didn’t know what to expect. man, it was hot in there. i was pretty uncomfortable but i was determined to stick it out. i sat on the hot tiled bench and tried to get into the intensity of it, letting it relax me deeply as i rotated my head slowly, yoga-like, to loosen my neck muscles. it was kind of working but every breath scorched my lungs, and, even with a few squirts of cool water from the hose, about 5 minutes was all i could take of it that day. i would have another steam bath later in my trip that was a part of foreplay for sex and was very hot in a totally different way. but this one was more of a check-the-box, did-that-and-got-the-tshirt kind of thing.

as i indicated to kelya that i wanted to leave the steam room, she said “shower?” and i said si!. the shower at nf is also downstairs, next to the steam. she and i showered together, which is a very nice feature of the mp experience. in many online trip reports i’ve read, guys often mention showering with a girl kind of in passing but don’t often dwell on it. man, i thought it was great fun, every time i did it, before or after sex. sloppy, slippery, soapy fondling of every part of her body, in close quarters, for as long as you felt like doing it. especially before sex it can be a hot part of the foreplay. i definitely dug the showering-together thing. it was like a little bonus scene added to all the other cool parts of cr chica-tasting.

we returned to the room and i still had a few minutes of my hour left. i thought about asking her to return to the bed for some post-sex making out and fondling, but something told me this session was over and i should get out and explore the streets of san jose before dark. we both dressed, she walked me back upstairs, we kissed lightly, said goodbye, and i walked back out into the late san jose afternoon, feeling pretty good about everything.

the street in front of nf slopes downhill to the right. i crossed it and walked to down to the corner. there is a nice, large, old key west-type house on the ne corner of that intersection that i started to photograph, when a dreadlocked young black guy walking by asked me if i wanted some ganja. “good ganja mon”. i was tempted but figured, let’s stay legal on this trip. no need to complicate things. i was already high just on the basics. i smiled and declined and wondered if he would make additional offers of more exotic fare, but he just said “cool” and moved on.

i wandered the streets for a while taking pics, consulting my maps and getting my bearings, then found my way over to sportsmen’s lounge (sl) for dinner around 7pm. i enjoyed a beer at the bar and chatted with several other visiting gringos, then had the delmonico steak ($10) for dinner. i highly recommend drinks and dinner at sl to all newbies as a reliable and enjoyable experience. the owner bill is also generous with letting you use the internet at a couple of consoles.

there’s also action to be had at the sl. about 8 or 9pm the cast of chicas-in-business start filtering in, taking their places around the bar and gazing meaningfully at you. there were only a few that night but each was eminently do-able (meaning 7+ for me) and some were quite fine. there was one strikingly pretty young dominicana named elizabeth who i met (and declined), but hope to meet again on a future trip to fully taste-test. if you’re not staying at sl (or have a friend to lend you his room there) you will need a place to take a sl chica if you want to play. that’s where staying at a nearby, chica-friendly hotel is a benefit. (castillo, for instance, is a short walk). at the time i declined elizabeth i had not yet learned about the eros motel, which a cab can take you to, and is set up specifically for short-term, confidential mongering services. ah well, so much to learn, so little time. if you are in that situation, seek out the eros motel.

i enjoyed the sl scene until about 9:30, considered my first day to be a short, but enjoyable success and took a cab to my hotel for the night.

monday: driving, bar idem and my intro to the blue marlin

tricolor picked me up at 10am to go get my rental car. they drive you to their office on san jose’s main street, paseo colon to do the deal. turns out (i learned later) that it’s just a block from oasis and some other nearby mp’s, so some local multi-tasking is certainly an option for the well-organized renter.

ignorant of the proximity of all that fine mp cooch, i focused on conquering the roadways and headed directly off for la paz waterfall park. unfortunately, it shortly began raining and continued the whole time up and back. i wasn’t up for soggy hiking so i drove around the la paz area, shot a few damp pics from the roadside and the deck of the peace lodge and was back in san jose by 4pm.

wanting to try some of the lower priced mp’s i drove around sj seeking out some addresses from various lists i had found online. the damnable thing about driving in sj is the near-total lack of street signs. you just rarely know where the hell you actually are. that, combined with the low key identification of building numbers and mp signage made it both frustrating and unfruitful. and it was raining. but i was getting better at driving in sj.

i failed to find illusiones, allegedly on calle 9 between avenidas 10 and 12, even after walking up and back several times on that block. around 5pm i successfully found the well-marked bar idem, which although not known as a low-cost mp, was recommended by several online reviewers. on entering, it looks like a regular bar. you walk through an area of 6 or 8 round tables to the long narrow bar, which seats about 12. the key difference is that along the wall very close behind you as you sit at the bar are chairs occupied by chicas-for-hire. it’s an odd arrangement because as you sit at the bar they are looking at your back. and they are all looking at your back, hoping you’ll turn around and do some business.

so i ordered a corona and turned to have a look at the available talent. there were 2 other guys at the bar, and there were only 3 girls along the wall and one more over at a table drinking with a tico. of the 3 along the wall, 2 were marginal and 1 was very pretty, so i decided to make my move on the obvious choice before some other dude woke up and grabbed her. it seems that the idem girls do not actively approach you, but they do make active eye contact and some have a repertoire of come-hither facial expressions and body movements to make their intentions clear. i nodded to the pretty one to approach me. as she did i slid my hands gently onto her ass and pulled her close between my thighs so i could speak privately to her. she offered her ear and didn’t seem to mind the free ass fondle i was enjoying. similarly to my experience at nf, she indicated she was cool with kissing me but insisted on cbj. i was in the mood for a bbbj but, ah well, it had been a long tiring day and this chica was a 9+ for looks and was ready to go, so wtf, let’s vamos.

her name is danna. she’s tall and very pretty, early 20’s, straight dark hair and big dark eyes. turns out her pair of firm c’s were enhanced, which i don’t generally care for, although it was a good job and she didn’t mind having them fondled and feasted upon, so i got into it. apparently plastic surgery is cheap and good in cr, (which i guess explains why the blue marlin looks like a silicone users convention, but more on that later).

danna was the most businesslike of the chicas i had while in cr. she performed perfectly adequately but somewhat mechanically. the massage was by the book. the kissing meant well, but wasn’t inspired. she didn’t respond much to the fondling and feasting on her chestal regions although i was free to do as much of it as i liked. i even went daty on her for a while, to which she faked 2 o’s in rapid succession, like in about one minute. sooooo believable. in general she just did not seem to enjoy sex, unlike several other chicas i had the pleasure of encountering on my trip. i laid back and motioned for her to start the cbj. after she’d been working on it for 10 minutes or so (again, adequately, making all the little noises and such, but without conviction, no additional fingerwork or nut fondling, or anything, just the basics) i reached down to touch her slot to check for wetness, thinking about how i wanted to finish. the inside may have been moist but the outer lips were dry as a bone, which reinforced my sense that she was “just trying to finish off another guy”, and didn’t make me want to go to the effort of entering her for more sporting types of action. so i had her finish me cbj and enjoyed a perfectly nice pop. i did grab her head at the climax and finished pumping hard into her skull just to juice things up for me a bit. the shower was pleasant but restrained, although the stuffed boobs with the permanently erect nips were fun to play with all wet and slippery.

i don’t regret having danna that day. i think she was the most classically beautiful latina i had in cr. maybe she was having an off day or maybe the chemistry just wasn’t there with me. who knows, who cares. off for more adventure.

i had read a lot of good things about oasis and wanted to try it next. i (mistakenly) thought it was open until 9pm so i drove over to maccch piccu for an excellent ecuadorian seafood dinner. finished about 8pm, got their ok to leave my car in their parking lot and ventured forth to enjoy dessert across the street. well, bum-mer. the guard told me it was way closed. like since 5pm.

so, off to the famous blue marlin bar to have a look at what everybody’s always going on about. the buffet of beaudacious babes. drool-worthy talent as far as the eye can see. monger mecca. chica-tasting heaven.

parked in a nearby lot and sauntered on in looking like i owned the place, as the vets advise you to do. dress nicely, act confident, and they will come. well there’s no denying that i drew attention. “hi baby” “where you are from?” “where you are staying?” over and over and over. i’d read enough about the bm scene to expect it, but still, once you’re there, it’s a little overwhelming.

there were probably 100 girls packed into those few small spaces, which i admit, was exciting in and of itself. they were all tarted-up, all hunting, all hungry. a few looked bored but most were definitely in the game, on the prowl.

but, as much as i was ready to be swept away by the beauty quotient, i just wasn’t. and please, read my bumper sticker: “i love latinas”. pound for pound they are the most beautiful females i’ve encountered on earth. and sure. there were plenty of acceptable 7’s and 8’s, and i know, “all it takes is one”, but i was disappointed that there weren’t dozens of killer 9’s and 10’s to make me want to drop everything in my life and take up residency in the dr until i’d gone through all of them. the bodies were all generally ok. no fatties, no anorexic crack-ho’s. the age range was good, nothing over low-mid 30’s. but i was surprised at how many frankly plain or even downright homely faces there were, over-made-up and cheesily-dressed, trying to look like vegas showgirls. it was disappointing. by this time i had seen so many strikingly pretty girls on the streets of san jose that i was prepared for the bm to be a shopping mall full of them ready to go have sex with me. maybe the good ones were already out somewhere. maybe it was an off night. maybe it got better later. but probably i just expected too much.

i did see one ravishing beauty on her way out the door. had to be one of the columbianas that crt vets talk about. tall, dark and devastating, she had that haughty, distant, i-know-i’m-f’ing-beautiful thing going on big time. made brief, cold, calculating eye contact with me as she swept by like a super-model on her way to god-knows where, to meet who-the-hell-knows-who, to make i-can-only-imagine-how-much money. but in hindsight she was no lovelier than danna at bar idem. and several of the reasonably-priced mp girls i’d be with in the coming days would have stood out as hotties in the crowd that night.

settling in at the lobby bar i finished 2 beers hoping my enthusiasm for the fauna would improve, but it didn’t. so i cruised the key largo (dead), peeked into bar new york (some scary looking pros and oldsters), and called it quits for the evening.

advice to blue marlin 1st timers: temper your expectations. there are plenty of fine babes among the masses at bm but don’t expect it to be chocka-block with 10’s. and as we all know, personality becomes an important part of the perceived beauty quotient as you get to know any girl, and, since i don’t speak much spanish, my impressions were all strictly visual. your bm experience may be different and ymmv. just one guy’s reaction.

tuesday, wednesday, thursday: road trip
took the 4x4 on a 3-day trip south. had a few specific destinations picked for photography and figured i’d just improvise everything in between. went banging over potholes and dropping my jaw at incredible views around every hairpin corner and over every freaking huge hill all the way down to panama and back up the pacific coast, on highway 1 and all kinds of back roads, paved and not, and had a blast.

i also met a lot of interesting people. gave a ride to a fine-looking 26 year old tica from san vito hitchhiking her way from cuidad neilly to a small town 30 minutes away. turns out she teaches college-level languages and is fluent in english, spanish, italian, french, greek, latin and sanskrit. (cr has the highest literacy rate in latin america). she is going to south carolina this fall to work on a phd. i wished her the best but told her never to hitchhike in the us.

also met a rugged old campesino, who appeared with his machete next to my parked 4x4 as i was sitting in it changing film, way off the road and deep in the shadowy recesses of a huge palm plantation near golfito, curious about wtf i was doing there. that was a tense moment. he was armed and suspicious. they work hard to cut those big heavy palm oil kernels off those tall trees with machetes and lug them into piles for tractors to pick up. now here’s some yahoo in a 4x4 who could be there to steal them. i was able to convince him it was all about photography, gave him a cold fruit drink i thankfully hadn’t opened yet, took his picture posing with his bad-ass machete, and hauled ass out of there glad to be in one piece.

my only mongering success was in paso canoas, on the panama border. i have always liked border towns, especially latin ones. you know anything you want is always available if you can figure out how to get it. that wasn’t hard in paso canoas. when you see a bar with a standing screen (probably with an imperial beer logo on it) just inside the doorway, blocking your view of the goings-on inside, and lettering painted on the wall around the door shooing away “menores”, you know that’s your spot.

i hit paso canoas about noon so only one such place was open, bar fenix, way down at the western edge of the long, funky strip of stalls, stores and bars spread along the cr side of the border. seeing no gringos anywhere in paso canoas, i mean no gringos, anywhere, i was half-expecting as i walked around that doorway screen for it to be like that roberto rodriguez movie where george clooney and his banditos hide out in a bar full of bloodsucking mexican vampire strippers.

well it was actually pretty tame. almost sleepy. i made my way to the bar and as my eyes adjusted to the low light i looked the weathered 60 year old barmaid in the eye and confidently asked: “chicas por sexo?” hoping she wasn’t the main attraction. she immediately pointed to my right and there at the bar sat 3 women. they all smiled and the closest one got off her stool and approached me warmly. fortunately she was the best of the 3 so i figured, cool, this is gonna work out. her name is geidy. a dominicana but not real dark skinned. early 30’s. a little heavier than i like but well within “keeper limits”. very warm and friendly, and a lovely face. great smile. she agreed to kissing but insisted on cbj. i was beginning to figure that this is going to be the drill everywhere in cr so i was ok with it. i asked “quanto por uno hora?”. answer came back at “13 dolares” so there must have been plenty of other gringos plowing these fields before me. that was probably ‘the gringo price” too, but i certainly couldn’t complain.

i paid the barmaid and geidy led me to a room in the back. the accommodations are acceptable if you don’t look too close. had a primitive shower and toilet and plenty of floor area but only a single bed. partitions up to 10’ but open to the ceiling above (about 18’). probably makes for interesting acoustics when the joint is jumping.

we had a delightful session. she was committed to her craft and made every effort to make sure i had a good time. kissing was passionate and playful. we did 2 positions and she finished me combo hand and cbj. she was upbeat and fun and friendly the whole time and let me feast endlessly on her wonderful natural d’s. i tipped her an extra $2, showered briefly alone and made my way back out into the blazing sunshine. everybody was happy.

had no further luck with the “chicas por sexo?” line in any other of the small towns i hit, either with bartenders or taxi drivers. so either they thought i wanted **** girls and were staying away from that trade, or there legitimately wasn’t any action where i went. i think better spanish is the key to finding action in those more-remote areas.

on the way back up the pacific coast to san jose i did seek out and find both club itzemanas and bar rosa in quepos, but both were closed when i got there (around 2pm), didn’t open until late (after 8pm) and i didn’t want to stay overnight in quepos just to experiment with those 2 places, when san jose provided more of a sure thing. bar rosa looked like a typical rough-around-the-edges tico joint. club itzemanas is upscale but is an odd place. it was reportedly built as a resort hotel in quepos but failed, and was re-invented as a monger-oriented nightclub. the girls live in the former hotel rooms and conduct business there with customers recruited from the large and colorful, right-out-of-the-80’s disco on the property. it was an interesting scene in the middle of the afternoon. hot-looking strippers lounging around the pool in miniscule bikinis, playing with their bebes, braiding each others hair, doing each others nails. great setting for a reality show on the fantasy channel. i talked with a couple girls who were just hanging out in an open doorway to a room. though not officially open for business, they did offer me the services of a young (maybe 19 or 20) dominicana as an afternoon special. she had a nice tight body and a cute face, but had a lot of acne that was a turn-off. the price was also staggering. like $150/hr. wasn’t close enough to affordable to even bother negotiating. knowing the kind of quality and service you can get in san jose for $20/hr i can’t imagine forking over $150 for an hour of anything in cr, much less teenage acne.

further up the coast i pulled off the pan american for a brief cruise through jaco because i’d read that a wide selection of p4p is available at the beatle bar there after 8pm in the evenings for reasonable prices. since it was only about 5pm, raining and starting to get dark, i did a beatle bar drive-by for future reference and kept on rolling back to san jose.

i got back to my hotel about 8pm thursday evening. i’d had enough driving for awhile so i parked the car and took a cab to the gulch to give it another try.

had a nice bowl of chili and a couple frosties at bar new york but didn’t see any talent worth pursuing. after brief but again unproductive tours of bm and kl, a friendly gypsy cabbie offered me a ride to zona blue. when we got there it looked closed, and a transvestite working that corner confirmed that indeed it had closed at 9pm. i had been looking forward to my first trip to zb and was disappointed, but the cabbie got right on his cell phone and started calling around to see who’s still open. at first i was surprised, then i remembered, “shit man, its legal here”.

he triumphantly announced that hotel eros was still open and off we went. it’s right across from bar idem. arriving (in the rain of course) he said he’d stay around in case i wanted to leave immediately. you have to be buzzed in to the lobby of eros and i entered with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. there were 4 slender, reasonably attractive girls there. actually, each of them would have looked good at bm. the eldest (about 30) quoted $60 for an hour. i knew that was steep so i shook my head and walked out, figuring i’d cross the street and check the talent at bar idem.

my loyal cabbie watched me cross the street but i waved him away, figuring i’d get a ride somehow when i needed it, and entered idem. there were about 6 girls visible there that night and probably more in the back working. i enjoyed a corona at the bar and made eyes with a fairly good-looking, slender, mid-20’s little vixen who was making a lot of facial and body language suggestions. but she seemed a little over-anxious and a bit too much of a jaded pro, so i shifted my attention to the very young, slim one sitting next to her. this one wasn’t quite as attractive, seemed much more shy and was probably only 18 or 19, but that turned me on. so i motioned for her to come over. as i’d done before with danna at idem i reached around to gently cup her ass cheeks in my hands and cop a nice feel as i guided her closer between my legs for intimate questioning. she had no problem snuggling up close and personal and i considered that as a promising sign. but alas, she said she wouldn’t kiss and wouldn’t do bbbj. so, resurrecting my be-choosy strategy i let her return to her seat and motioned for the original one i’d been eye-screwing to come over. i think she didn’t like being second-choice, and was suspicious about why the first girl had been sent packing, so she narrowed her beady little eyes as she approached and caught hold of my hand before i could reach her ass (she’d seen me make that move on the other girl) pulling it back around front and holding it firmly in my lap. none of these were “buy signals” but i proceeded with my questions anyway. to my surprise she did agree to kissing but when i asked about “me mamas sin condon” she just about went mental. she backed up, wagged a scolding finger in my face and rattled on in loud, agitated spanish about “condons”. i figured this was going nowhere. i can get scolded by gringa bitches all day in the us if i want some of that shit. so when she finally finished and sat down with a righteous huff i polished off the corona and hit the street. goodbye idem, hello eros again.

having nothing to lose, and figuring my bargaining position might be better since i’d walked out once already, i buzzed myself back into eros. the same chica i talked with before, who was also the hottest, now quoted me $40 for an hour. i figured this was probably still negotiable so i leaned over to her ear and said “triente. beso con lenguas. propina por mumar sin condon”. crappy spanish i know, but it got the job done. she said si and vamos we went.

her name is barbara. 30-ish and definitely post-bebe, but remarkably well preserved. nice bod, good face. she is the hot-but-somewhat-hardened-pro type, with the very dark lipstick, the high-contrast striped kind of streaking in her hair and the overtly sexy outfit, not street clothes. re: the service, she gave an awesome massage. very strong hands. and she did a good job of my first bbbjcim in cr. i really do like that! i noticed something she did right before she started it that, curiously, all the other cr chicas who bbbj’d me also did. right before she began, hovering over the throbbing head with her luscious lips, she used her finger and a towel to carefully dab off the little drop of precum that had flowed out during foreplay and settled on the tip. as if she wasn’t about to gulp down a continuing stream of it as she heartily gorged on my rod for the next 10-15 minutes, then take several major blasts of it as my load unleashed. so dainty at the start. all pretense of daintiness abandoned seconds later. and long gone by the sloppy finale. the little mannerisms are endlessly fascinating. sex worker anthropology.

the pop was delightful and after she cleaned up i said “mas massage por favor” and remained lying on my back. she proceeded to lubricate and vigorously massage my chest, belly and thighs for another 15 minutes and i freakin’ loved it. after 3 days of driving on insane roads in all kinds of conditions, it felt so good to get totally drained and rubbed down. i was ready for sleep. i showered, tipped her $20 for the bbbj, got her digits for future reference and found a cab right outside. good karma.

more adventures in part #2 …..

Wild Wind
08-21-05, 17:46
friday: a pricey adventure and an mp chica’s cherry
woke to a sunny morning and did a lot of photography in older downtown san jose. mercado central, street life, funky buildings, local characters, etc. was picked up by a 60 year old male tout along the way who spoke good english and walked with me, offering everything and anything. he was real old-school. like a cr version of a damon runyan character. i took him up on his offer of getting me vitamin v for $6/pill. i gave him $36 worth of colones and stood outside the downtown farmacia, watching him through the window as he did the deal for 6 tablets with a very attractive young pharmacist. they were promotional sample packs of generic seldanifil, with two 50mg tablets each. gave him $5 propina for his trouble.

figuring the guy (name was something like “morrie”) had delivered as promised on his first assignment, i decided to ask him more about the girls he had been advertising to me non-stop. “nice girls” “not professionals” “ from good families” “pretty” “clean” “just like to make a little extra money now and then” “good price” “do whatever you like” “as long as you want” “i get you the room” “you want two of them?” well, friendly readers, giving in to my appetite for somewhat innocent non-pro’s, and going against everything i’d read and all my better judgment, i ended up going for it. i gave him 20k colones to cover a hotel room at hotel paradise on avenida 7 and necessary cab fares for him and the girl. we agreed to meet there at 3pm. i figured it was a measured risk of $40 and part of a colorful story if nothing else, and if he never showed or the girl was nasty i’d cut my losses and write it off to “research”.

of course it was cloudburst raining at 3pm and i walked a block through it from the parking lot fearing the worst, but there he was waiting for me. we soggily walked up the stairs to the hotel paradise lobby and it was surprisingly nice. a very sweet middle aged tica lady smiled from behind the desk like this was just business as usual, which of course it is. “morrie” took me into the room and introduced me to the girl, who was taking a shower at the time. he said she was “very nervous”. from what i could see of her peeking around the shower curtain she was kind of cute in a pixie-ish way so i paid morrie the additional 20k colones we had agreed on as the chica fee (he said he’d pay her instead of me), another $10 for him, and he split. so there i sat, on the bed, waiting for her to finish her shower and realizing i was $90 into this and remembering the old advice: “never pay in advance”. i was concerned, but still hopeful. at least i was in the room and the girl was in the bathroom.

the girl, i never did get her name, came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. she was definitely wound up a little tight and seemed pretty nervous. she spoke a little english. she showed me the tan line on her chest and said she’d been at the beach at montezuma with her family and had just come back up that morning. i really didn’t care because i was ½ hour into one of my new vitamin v’s and i just wanted to get into action. she kept pacing and wouldn’t sit down. i was thinking “is this chica whacked out on drugs or what?” finally i got her onto the bed, then lying back, then unfurling the towel to let me begin feasting on her small but nice breasts. then some kissing and nuzzling. and as i think things are starting to go ok she gets all jumpy again. as it turns out she had recently had a baby and has a big and not very cosmetically appealing caesarian scar that she was very nervous about my reaction to. while this totally killed the “nice girl from good family” fantasy, (that was too good to be true anyway), i figured i could still get a decent nut from this whole deal so i told her i didn’t care at all about the scar. that settled, we proceeded with more lfk, feasting-on-breasts, and some decent cbj and nut-licking before i stood up and penetrated her mish. having had a c section she was still really tight where it counted and nice and wet, so we enjoyed an excellent mish banging session with a zesty completion. she did hit me up afterwards for a propina for her new “bebe” so i forked over another $10, putting me out a total of $100 for the whole deal. i know, that’s top price for a blue marlin all-star. i admit it wasn’t the best use of funds i managed on the trip, and not something i’d ever do that way again, but it was a colorful and unique off-the-beaten-path experience that i will never forget. and what else is money for?

while the vitamin v was still on duty i figured i’d head over to zb for my inaugural visit. met a couple of friendly guys from tx at the bar, who introduced me to eddie, the mgr, a great guy. there were only 4 or 5 girls in the bar but what i’d read about zona blue is right, it’s a really nice place to kick back and have a few drinks in a sophisticated, nicely designed bar/lounge setting while you flirt and b/s with the girls and consider your choices. i met one for whom it was her first day and i would be her first customer. that definitely intrigued me. her name is marilyn. she’s 22, a brunette with a medium build. pleasant but not gorgeous face. kind of the tica-next-door type. she was wearing nice street clothes, which i like better than overtly sexy stripper-type outfits. she used to work at the airport and speaks pretty good english. she was very friendly but a little nervous, so i bought her a beer and, as i sat on a stool talking with the texans, she stood close against me letting me stroke her long hair and feel her lovely ass. it was cool realizing that i was probably the first total stranger she has ever allowed just to reach down and feel her ass right after meeting her, as much as i wanted, as long as i wanted. if you tried that with a girl you just met in a normal bar there’d be hell to pay. so while we all sipped our drinks and chatted, she was probably redefining for herself the whole concept of “personal space” in a way she’d have to get comfortable with to do her new job. and i was just enjoying a fine ass-feel, getting to know some cool new friends, and feeling real comfortable with the whole zb scene.

since this was marilyn’s first day i asked her, kind of as a joke, what kind of job training she’d gotten from zb management. i hadn’t ever really thought about that. can you imagine listening in on those classes? i’d like to be the practice dummy. anyway, the word “training” required the use of my little pocket translator but i got the idea across, and she said they hadn’t really given her any training. maybe that’s a cr entrepreneurial opportunity. mp chica training!!!

well pretty soon the combination of the tequila and marilyn leaning warmly against me while i massaged her fine ass started making the vitamin v throb, so when she whispered the question “do you want a massage?” i was definitely ready. i knew i was more interested in boning than in bj so i only asked her about her willingness to kiss, which she was fine with. she quoted $47 (they certainly had trained her that much) and we went to the first room outside the bar on the left. maybe that’s the rookie’s room, i don’t know, and i’ve read that there are better ones, but it was certainly adequate for our needs. it has only a single-size bed, but the in-room shower stall in the corner is a nice feature. there are wall controls to dim lights and music so you cane “tune the room”. she took the money, left briefly and returned with towels and a zb-branded pack of condoms.

i wasn’t sure how shy she would be since i was her first-ever customer, so i stripped down right away and sat on the bed to encourage her. as i mentioned before, i love watching a cute girl strip from street clothes and this was no exception, especially knowing she had never stripped for a mp customer before. what must that have felt like for her? she had made the decision to quit her job at the airport and get into the mp business, gotten hired by zb, had landed her first customer on her first day, and now she was at the point of no return. everything before this was just talk. now she had to walk the walk. and the first step was to take her clothes off for a total stranger while he stared hungrily at her, knowing he was about to feast on her. maybe i was wrong but i was imagining that it was pretty intense for her, and was digging the energy of the whole thing.

the room lights were still all the way up and i liked that, the better to enjoy the show. as it turns out she wasn’t exactly shy about getting naked but got through with it pretty quickly, more to get it out of the way than to use it as enticing foreplay, which it definitely can be. as soon as she was naked i reached out and pulled her close, and fondled and sucked on her nice pert little breasts while letting my other hand roam over her ass and thighs. nice and tight! i could tell she really liked me feasting on her breasts and was encouraged about the fun-level to come.

then i stood and kissed her, and got my first surprise. she’s a good kisser and freely worked her tongue in tango with mine, so i quickly discovered she had a large ball pierced through it. i hadn’t seen it while we were chatting so was totally unprepared. i’d never kissed a girl with a pierced tongue before, and it was a real turn-on. we kissed a lot that session and i never got tired of the cool feeling.

getting into a nice foreplay groove we stepped over to the corner for a quick shower and i enjoyed smoothing my hands all over her firm wet body, squeezing her neatly trimmed cooch, kissing her neck, pressing her chest against mine. she may have had a kid, i don’t know, i never asked, but if she did her body was none the worse for it.

returning to the bed i lay on my stomach and let her massage me for a while. she dimmed the lights and did a nice slow steady job. didn’t diddle my anus at all and i didn’t ask. turning over for act two i expected at least some bj action, even if covered, but marilyn does not do oral. period. the end. “no mamas”. surprise #2. i didn’t think you could work in a cr mp without doing at least cbj, but somehow marilyn slipped through the system. me and my v-gorged johnson were mainly interested in a penetrating engagement anyway, so it was not a big deal, just an oddity. and it proves that it always pays to ask up front if you have particular activities in mind, never assume.

she unwrapped a condom and handed it to me to put on. i prefer it when the chica puts it on, especially by mouth, but oh well. we proceeded to have splendid sweaty animal sex in several positions. marilyn may not like bj but she sure loves boning. and she seemed to like me smartly slapping her ass to add to the intensity as much as i liked. i also found out just how much she likes her breasts manhandled during the action, they’re definitely an erogenous zone for her. daty produced a powerful o for her and we were both good ‘n sweaty by the time we hit the shower.

pleasant farewell and i returned to the bar to reunite with the two texans and head over to sl for dinner. had the whole snapper entrée which is a treat both visually and gastronomically. when the band took a break one of my texan pals regaled the crowd with some jimmy buffet renditions and a good time was had by all.

well fed and beered i ventured back out for some late night exploring. drove over to avenida 11 at calle 3 for a taste of the infamous taberna vip’s, a legendary slummer’s paradise. it’s set up as a regular bar, long and narrow with small round tables in the back and a small, then-unoccupied stage. has a slightly sleazy but basically ok neighborhood bar feel with all tico patrons and 4 or 5 girls sitting at the bar, along the wall or at the tables. there was one quite exceptionally fine, early-20’s dark-skinned brunette at a table, completely ignoring a woebegone-looking young tico. i sat at the end of the bar and tried to make eye contact but she resolutely refused. the “attitude” warning light came on and i knew right away she was not a b*tch i wanted to crawl in the sack with that night. too bad too, ‘cause she was hot. reminded me of a tight, petite rosario dawson.

she got up without acknowledging the sad sack tico and joined 2 other girls at bar stools along the side wall, only 2 or 3 feet from me. one was a butt-ugly porker but the other was ok, looked barely 18 and was a little skinnier than i like but kinda cute. had that shy and slightly innocent waif aura i go for. oddly though, they all refused to make eye contact with me. it was the opposite of idem where they all eye-f*ck you non-stop. i was confused. so i asked the host-dude what is up and he said they’re all available and there are rooms upstairs. i think it was $30 or 35 for an hour. maybe they’re not supposed to solicit directly and have to go through the host-dude.

anyway, he was very accommodating so i pointed to the skinny girl. he stepped over to talk to her and she eyed me indifferently as he gestured and cajoled. ultimately he returned with the news that she wasn’t working anymore that night. that surprised me because i was definitely the most appealing male in that place, and most other chicas i’d selected so far had been damn near giddy to take my business. i figure she must’ve looked at me and thought “oh hell, another middle-aged gringo all stoked up on viagra, looking to skewer the sh*t out of me as long and hard as he can to feel young again. christ! i just can’t take another one of those.” the 3 of them left together shortly thereafter so i guess she really was done for the night. since when do barroom ‘tutes work banker’s hours? anyway, i took that as a sign that i was done for the night too. back to my hotel and slumber.

saturday: oasis, a road trip and the “extreme lap dance” theory

knowing my window was rapidly closing to try the much-lauded oasis, i was there shortly after the opening bell (opens at 9am). i’ve read reviews where people complained about the stairs and rickety massage tables and whatnot, but i gotta tell you, i loved oasis and would say it one of the best values i got in cr. it’s crisp and clean, and i love how the girls all stand up and present themselves in a little semi-circle for your delectation. i mean, come on, that’s theater. (side note: barcelona brothels are even better, in that each girl comes to you individually and briefly embraces you so you get a little taste before you choose, but that’s the old country).

no real stunners among the 7 or 8 girls that morning but enough choices to make me pause and select among several totally acceptables. i usually prefer slender, petite brunettes, but i went against type and chose a tall, big-chested blonde, with a very nice smile. name started with an “m”, but i lost the piece of paper she wrote it on, sorry gents. she quickly agreed to kissing con lenguas and, to my delight, a bbbj.

in the room i fondled her large and well shaped tatas with hands and mouth and she was very friendly and playful. she is a big girl but not fat at all. just statuesque. the medium sized room had a real massage table in the center, and i lay on my stomach and put my face in the hole as she did a great strong massage. flipping over and getting ready for act 2, she asked for a propina for doing bbbj. i thought this was an ambush since she’d agreed to do it without mentioning such conditions out in the lobby, but since the base price is only 10k colones to begin with i decided i can’t really can’t complain about paying a bit more to get the special service i like. i said si and she proceeded to give a very nice one. i held out for about 15 minutes and she never complained or tried to rush me. just kept working away. when the climax came she took the first 2 shots ‘en boca’ then finished me by hand. after cleaning i asked ‘mas massage?” and she cheerfully proceeded to give me a delightful full frontal massage. legs, belly, chest, face. again, the perfect wind-down as i lay in afterglow. shower, dress, bye-bye and i was in my car with 4 minutes left on the 1 hour street parking ticket i’d purchased before coming in (500 colones).

fired up the 4x4 and blasted off towards puntenaras to check out the annual festival of the virgin (apropos, eh?) and the faded glory of a town that had been the coffee export capital of the country in the late 1800’s, but has since fallen on hard times. had read an old report about a bar in puntenaras run by an american where you can get the scoop on local mongering, but once there i found it had since closed. saw a few other backstreet bars with screens in the doorways, but they looked pretty menacing and the women lurking near them pretty nasty, no make that really nasty. so i strolled the beach-front street that was being decked out for that evening’s big festival, flirted with as many cute chicas as i could make eye contact with (hey you never know, you might get lucky, right?) and enjoyed the scene as the only gringo in evidence. it was crowded and busy and interesting but hot as hell, so i pointed the 4x4 back to san jose in the early afternoon and plotted the next phase of my next mongering adventure.

as i drove, i thought about how many times i’d paid $20 for a lap dance just to get 3 or 4 minutes of reasonably hot contact, but what a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) poor excuse for p4p a lap dance really is compared to what’s available for similar $ in cr. and i thought about all the less expensive tica-oriented places i’d researched in san jose, where you can get an hour of full-on sexo for about $13, or a ½ hour for about $7.

so i decided i’d hit a number of these low priced mp’s during my last 2 days in cr and think of each $7 half-hour session as an “extreme lap dance”, where instead of paying $20 to feel a dancer’s boobs for a few minutes in a crappy chair in a crowded room with bon jovi screaming at you, i could bang the brains out a perfectly hot chica for a half hour on a bed in a private room for $7, with a shower. and do one chica after another, actually trying not to climax, just getting my freak on with each one a half hour at a time, and letting the sexual tension build. then blow it all out with some hottie with whom you just can’t stop. and maybe have a total of $50 or 60 invested in the whole enterprise. now that’s value.

reaching san jose i downed a vitamin v and made my first stop at bar dandy. same owners as bar idem and reportedly the aaa farm team for idem girls. place itself looks new and, although small, is more upscale than idem. more like a mini-zona blue. they open at 4 and it was already 5:30 but they only had 3 girls in evidence, two giggly young pudgies at the bar, and an older, pro-looking dominicana drinking with a customer at the small tables in the rear. so i had a corona to start getting in the mood and assessed my interest level in possibly doing one of the pudgies. after 5 minutes of imagining and ¾ of the beer, that notion was not gaining any support in my libidinal regions so i swigged the rest, said adios and hit the street in the waning daylight. i’d say that bar dandy is worth a try for others, but probably later in the evening. the rooms are probably pretty nice and the price is very reasonable. if you go, be sure to check out the cool vintage car showroom across the street. some fine old rides.

next stop was the pair of mp’s almost next to each other, 747 and cha cha cha (aka calla lilly’s, i think). the thing about working from a map is, you can’t really tell what a neighborhood is going to be like. and this neighborhood was a little frightening. had gotten totally dark and rainy by the time i arrived and there were lots of sketchy-looking characters lurking around on the corners and in the doorways between my parking garage and the mp’s. in all my cr travels this was the first time i felt at all in danger. but i just stood tall and walked fast towards what i believed to be the places. building fronts were all dark and i was having trouble identifying 747. a certifiable whacko with no shirt was running up the sidewalk across the street wailing “puta!” at the top of his lungs and stopping every so often to pound loudly on a wall or door. it was a freaky freakin’ scene. fortunately a helpful lurker pointed at 747 and shook his head, then pointed further down the block and nodded. so i figured 747 was closed and walked on down looking for cha cha cha in what i’d read described as “the purple house”. and purple it is.

i strode up the walk, across the porch and through the front door into a pleasant, victorian-style entrance hall where a tall, attractive but weary-looking young woman greeted me. she spoke no english so i simply asked “chicas por sexo?” she nodded and showed me the 2 available. they were both mid-30’s pro-looking heavies and i was not impressed enough with either to pull the trigger. i asked ‘mas chicas?” and she indicated 2 more girls were already working in the back. the hostess was actually fairly hot so i smiled at her and indicated my interest. unfortunately she was not on the menu, so i said gracias and prowled back out into the night.

checking the monger map i ventured a block or so further northwest to bar monaco. it was almost empty and the vibe was pretty dismal so i did a quick look-around and left. it might get better later in the evening. these 3 places are in the avenida 9, calle 6 area and i’d advise anyone interested in checking them out to limit visits to the daytime unless you’re with friends. it’s sketchy at night alone.

ready for a part of town i was more familiar with i headed over to the avenida 7 strip, closer to the gulch. fearing i may have been wasting my time seeking jewels in the lower tier mp’s i hopped up the stairs of top-price, yet allegedly dependable krisis, expecting a tempest of beauties to be waiting. well, either the hotties were already in the back working, or these 5 had been recently beaten with the ugly stick, cause that was one scary-looking bunch of ho’s. nary a one within my acceptable limits. again, it may get better later.

hastening a retreat i went further down the avenue searching for muses, which is reportedly the former jocelyn’s for any vets reading this. very low key entrance. no signage. just a little night-lit doorbell at the place on the map where this mp is supposed to be. i rang it and quickly heard the encouraging rustling of the door being opened. a lovely young thing ushered me into a large quiet lobby where 4 young chicas were lounging on easy chairs and sofas watching tv. they all stood (which i like) and i was very pleased. all young, shapely, good-looking 7’s, 8’s and 9’s. i thought i’d start with a very pretty, petite young nica with long dark hair and beautiful green eyes, but told myself i would try to practice extreme lap dance control so i could do a couple of the others after her.

we made a deal for 10k colones for an hour that included kissing but was strictly c on the bj. the room had a decent double bed and i didn’t make a point to look too closely at the linens, but hey, at these prices it ain’t the ritz. she lived up to the nica reputation for loving to bone, and i enjoyed feasting on her near-perfect natural c’s. i fully intended to hold back and save my load but she was just too damned hot. i showered (bathroom in the hall has a single stall) and tipped her 5k colones, for which she was genuinely surprised and grateful. that’s the way i like it. muses may be hit and miss like all mp’s, but i recommend it based on my experience. would be ideal for a series of ½ hour extreme lap dances if you can hold your leche.

sated for the time being i grabbed a quick and satisfying roast chicken dinner and headed over to see what the saturday night edition of the bm looked like. it was as crowded as ever, but i still didn’t see much talent i’d get excited about. headed over to the key largo for a change of scene. a hot latin band was playing and i was quickly picked up by a tall slender dark-skinned cubana with long curly black hair who got me out on the dance floor with her. man could she move! those girls have ball bearings in places that gringa bitches don’t even have places. that was the closest thing to vertical sex i’ve ever had. what a revelation.

taking a sweaty break we retreated to the back bar and i got us drinks. we stood along the wall by a window and talked. her english was very good. she said she is a student and soon introduced me to another “student” friend of hers, a bit shorter and plumper, but very friendly who joined us standing against the wall. well pretty soon i’m groping both of them freely and they’re groping me back and are suggesting we go to my hotel as a 3-some. i realized i was being gracefully but determinedly hustled by some pretty experienced pros, wasn’t that attracted to either of them, figured they’d want top dollar, and didn’t have a place to take them anyway, so i passed on that action, but i believe it’s always there for any of you that are interested. and the dancing’s free.

sunday: zb round 2 and more “extreme lap dances”

trekked up to zoo ave (bird zoo) first thing in the am for a cool little nature experience, then made it back to san jose for another round at zona blue. ran into one of the texans again and had a beer and a vitamin v while catching up with his adventures and considering the limited sunday offerings.

re: catching up, it was then that i learned about the eros motel. cab drives you and the chica out there (somewhere in the suburbs) and you make the deal sight-unseen, everything is anonymous and all set up for short term sex. clean, nice, well-appointed and efficient for something like $35 for the room with towels and condoms. didn’t get a lot more detail than that but am interested to learn more.

re: chicas, i thought marilyn, the tica-next-door first-timer i’d already had, was the most appealing of the few available, and since it was pouring rain i figured i’d take a known quantity over schlepping through the rain to new fantasy and maybe striking out there. so vamos, we go again.

well she’d learned a few tricks in the 2 days since i’d popped her mp cherry. instead of starting with a shower in the room, we wrapped in towels and went to the steam bath. she fired that bad boy up and we proceeded to have very hot and steamy foreplay in there by ourselves. that was exotic fun. we both got so worked up that we almost plunged the naked warrior deep into her hot wet slot, damn we both wanted to feel that, but i pulled back before risking that behavior. anyway, we were good ‘n steamed up by the time we got back to her room, showered and jumped each other. again no mamas but who cared. i daty’d her to another intense o, then nailed her mish, with me standing and her lying sideways across the single bed with her head against the wall and her legs up, she fingering her fun spot, and me gripping her boobs like handles and using them to slide her sweaty wet torso down hard against me, over and over. oh yeah. good clean fun. another shower then back to the bar to plot the strategy for my last afternoon and evening.

the monger map showed a few more tico-oriented mp’s that i wanted to try for some extreme laps while the v was still pumping through me. hit europa 2000 and quickly selected a young, ok-looking tica from the 3 available, made the $7 deal for “media-hora” with kissing but covered bj, and headed back to the room with her. on the way i saw a cute young one pass us in the hall and made a mental note to have her next.

this session worked great as an extreme lap, no intention to pop, just grope and screw and have as much fun as i could for 30 minutes, then clean up and do it again with the cutie i’d just seen. then maybe others. didn’t occur to me to ask for 2 chicas together for a whopping total of $14, but that’s probably available, and what a value!

as we started the session i had fun lfk’g and feasting on her nice young b’s with big soft nips. she is a tica, sorry i don’t remember her name, probably only 19 or 20 with medium length, curly, sandy-colored hair. next came a few minutes of cbj, then she sat on top of me, slid me in and cowgirled me for the rest of the time. i do love that. she was getting a good groove on sliding her clit against my pubic bone and got quite wet and into it. she didn’t know that i didn’t intend to come and was working away at the task of getting me off the best she knew how. sliding and slamming away on me while i just lay back, enjoyed the audio-visuals and played with her boobs. lovely way to burn a v-gorged ½ hour.

took a shower by myself (bathroom is off the room we were in rather than in the hall), dressed and returned to the lobby, where the cutie i’d seen earlier was sitting talking with 2 other girls. i was still obviously wet from my shower, but i wasted no time in making another $7 deal and heading back to another room with this one.

she had a really lovely face, superb firm natural c’s, a perfect ass and that creamy caramel skin that glowed in the low light. she had agreed to kiss and was pretty good at it. and she had agreed, with some conditions, to do bbbj. i speak hardly any spanish and she spoke no english, so what her conditions were i had no idea, i just knew she was carefully explaining specific boundaries in advance and asking me if it was ok. of course they could have been anything, from “only for a few seconds” to “just don’t come in my mouth” to “i’m going to suck your gringo nuts completely dry like little raisins because i’m a total cum ****”. who knew? i just figured i’d say “si” and take whatever came with the deal. i love surprises. as it turns out what she had in mind was to cover the head with her hand and devote her oral attention to my shaft and nuts, especially my nuts. she was the first chica i’d been with who really got into extensive licking of my nuts and the area below them. didn’t actually toss my salad but was all over that sensitive neighborhood. damn i liked that.

i intended to do a similar, all play/no-pop, ½ hour extreme lap with this one too, but, as i learned after her nut-washing moved on to act 2, she was a purebred nica “f”-machine, and succeeded in scoring my load at the 29th minute. she was doing me cowgirl, and friends, there was just no way to stop that train. felt too damned good. my plan for the extreme laps was to let the sexual tension build over a number of ½ hour sessions, then when i finally came it would be more intense. well i only got to do one build-up session before this, but it still seemed like the pop i got with this nica was extra-intense. totally drained me.

cleaned up and staggered out to replenish myself with a nice quick chicken dinner at a small restaurant i’d seen nearby. knew my leche supply wasn’t primed for another mp session, so i decided to check out some of the clubs i’d read about. supply is a bit limited on a sunday but i persevered, driving over to a pretty dicey neighborhood to find arcadas. paid a small cover charge and had a beer while i watched a stripper do all the universally-familiar moves. the big difference from most us clubs of course is that every chica is on the menu for fs. their dances are just infomercials.

several chicas approached my little table and asked if i wanted company. although i declined them all, preferring to play the field a while, it wasn’t long before a lusty dominicana figured a way in through my defenses. she sat behind me and i suddenly felt warm strong hands giving me a very nice slow sensual neck-and-shoulder massage and a breathy voice speaking spanish in my ear. her hands soon wandered down across my chest to a more sensitive area as she slid her chair around next to mine, gliding her fingers up the leg of my loose shorts until she hit paydirt. now that she had full grasp of both my attention and my equipment, she smiled and asked the standard q’s: “hi bebe, where you are from?” “where you are stay-een?” though a pleasant and reasonably attractive 30-ish brunette, she was definitely a no-nonsense pro and wanted to make a deal asap. i responded slowly, letting her fondle mr. johnson and taking my time enjoying yet another cr experience. a waitress appeared and asked in pretty good english if i wanted to buy this chica a drink. i knew if i sprung for the drink i could count on lots of mutual feeling up while she drank it, but the aggressive hardened pros kind of turn me off, so i went with my instincts and declined. i looked in her eyes, smiled, and said in english, “i think you’re going to make a lot more money with other guys”. i have no idea if she understood me literally, but she got the message and we parted as friends.

feeling like i had the system down for this place i scanned the room for more appealing candidates with whom to frolic and fondle over the course of a few drinks, but there was not much to get excited about. lots of tico guys and about 4 women. none of which were the kind i was hoping for. sunday night is probably slow anyway. so i finished the drink and headed for vip rouge (molino roja).

i expected that joint to be rocking but, at 10pm it was quiet as a church. no cover charge at that time so i cruised the floor and scoped it out. relatively large place that must be fun when it’s crowded. lots of hot latin flesh moving and grooving. it probably gets busier later, and if i’d seen imminent signs of crowd growth i would’ve stuck around. but there weren’t people on the street heading towards it at that point, and i didn’t feel like waiting around.

saw a caribbean place across the street, which i interpreted as meaning it’s a black club. looked open but i didn’t see any traffic in or out, and, this already being a way-sketchy neighborhood for a middle-aged gringo at night on his own, i passed on that adventure, and headed my 4x4 back to the hotel.

monday: one more for the road

with a 1pm flight i wanted one more good pop in the morning as an adios to cr. chose new fantasy as the first place to try and got there about 9:30am. about 10 to choose from. i quickly selected a quite pretty little 20 year old tica named karol for a ½ hour at $20. she agreed to kissing and but insisted on cbj, so i decided to say ok but re-open the negotiation once we were in the room and underway.

the room was on the main floor and was much more comfortable than that first downstairs room i’d been in that was so hot and humid. karol was super cute and friendly and really seemed to enjoy making out and foreplay. when she started to get a condom ready for the bj portion of the show, i smiled nicely and asked again about “sin condon”. at first she said no, but i had learned the word “propina” (tip) and after 2 or 3 offers of it she agreed. eye contact is a powerful thing, especially in creating lasting memories of experiences. karol nestled down between my kegs and maintained a lot of eye contact with me as she slid her soft young mouth up and down my shaft. my god that was fine. after a few minutes she sat up and said “f*ckie-f*ckie”, and i said “no f*ckie-f*ckie, just mamar”. she made sure that’s what i really meant and went back to work.

i admit that i enjoy making a girl work hard for her money when i’m getting a knob job. i like to lay back and make them do all the bobbing up and down. i like seeing them get a little tired and change positions and tactics. its part of what turns me on. sometimes they get annoyed and try to rush me, but i don’t care, it’s my money and i like to get it my way.

i worked karol hard but she maintained a great attitude through our whole session. she was so cute and fun and kept smiling up at me with those twinkly eyes like she was having more fun than i was. i held out for over 15 minutes of sloppy wet bbbj before finally letting my load loose. she took the first couple of shots in her mouth, then finished me by hand. of course i prefer a woman who will suck me like a hurricane all the way through my download, but i was happy with what i got from karol that morning. then it was a quick shower downstairs, dress, little kiss goodbye and adios to nf, and cr.


i did not experience the let down that some reporters talk about when they leave. in fact i wished i could have another week to do more and be smarter about it. maybe that’s because it was my first time, and i feel i barely scratched the surface. maybe it takes a lot of trips to become disillusioned. i still believe i could be greatly entertained for many more trips and encourage newbies to dive in and enjoy it.

as for lessons learned/advice for newbies:
1. next time i’d stay based in san jose and make day trips out to interesting places, preferably by bus. there are plenty within 2 hrs drive.
2. i’d use cabs for local travel. they are cheap and plentiful.
3. ignore the touts on the street. they’re gonna find a way to get your $ and it’s not worth it.
4. as a basic routine i’d get an eye-opener at a mp at 9am or so, do something interesting for a few hours, then have another round in the late afternoon, great dinner, and another round to cap off the evening.
5. i’d make a more focused effort at the extreme lap dance approach, getting a series of 5 or 6 low-cost, ½ hour fun-fests at mp’s outside the gulch, definitely trying some 2-fers, before popping hard with a super-hottie, maybe at nf or zb. that could be a day all by itself. a delicious blur of nookie.
6. i’d stay at a chica-friendly hotel so i could try some take-out, be able to be spontaneous and opportunistic with chicas i’d meet anywhere, and possibly do a toda la noche with a gfe-type.

thanks to everyone whose past contributions to online forums helped me have a great time. i hope this account helps some future players. and keep posting guys! i’m with you in spirit.

08-22-05, 05:14

I have been back from my last trip for about a month, and I'd like to share some of trip.

Again the Delray was hot. Most of the girls I had on this trip i got for 50.00 to 60.00, and any that I took after 1 am stayed the nite. On my last nite there I won 700.00 on carb. poker (a game I mostly play to get free drinks and it gives you a nice seat to check out the ladies with out get pushed in to chosing to early). I got 4 9's and the dealer opened. So this was the nite to get one of the real hotties. I had seen this hot girl, a sharp dresser, and she would not go lower than 100.00. I found her and I say "I have never spent more than 80.000 and why would she be worth the 100.00?" She opens her purse and she has 2 dildos and says "I want to fuck you" so I take the chance. No she didn't fuck me with her little friends, but she was worth the 100.00 and she stayed all nite and into the next day untill 10.00 am.

Since this was my 3rd trip in the last 4 months, the girls are getting to know me. I had 2 girls tell me that I was a bull shitter, meaning I talk a price with them but I don't take them to the room. Some of these girls think as soon as we come into the club we want to take the first girl we meet back to the room. I tell alot of them."I'm not ready" which is true, since its a buyers market and if you shop you mostly find a good deal. I did make it to the Sportmens Hotel, and what I came away from being there was that its a cool looking place, clean, and the rooms looked better than anything I have seen or stayed in San Jose, but the 2 times I was there on a Thurs nite and a Sat nite I only saw 2 or at the most 3 girls, and they were at best 5's. What I did see was about 6 or 8 men in their 50's to 60's at the bar sitting around shooting the shit, which is fine during the day but I expected to see more ladies.

My hotel, The Morzan, has alot more action in it. I went to Blue Zona and all reports were true. Nice, fun, good looking girls, and the price was right. I took a cab to find 727, but we never found it (no Enghish cab driver, but he tried his best).

If anyone needs any info about San Jose, give me a shout and I will be happy to share what I know. Not sure when my next trip is, really starting to think about going to Bangkok, but that 27 hour flight just is a hard nut to crack when San Jose is only 3 hours away.

08-22-05, 23:40
Great report man, really enjoyed reading your two novels... :) jk ......

Man you got some stones to be driving around down there on your first visit. With my kind of luck I'd total the rental. There hasn't been a time I've been down there I haven't seen an accident. Even in the little towns. What did you think of the armed guards at the toll plazas? Wild, huh? They take those tolls seriously down there.

So, after all the places you visited, do you think you could rank them in order from best to worste? Sounds like you thought Oasis to be better than ZB. I haven't hit Oasis yet, but definately what I enjoy about ZB is hanging out before and after doing business. Also, it sounds as if the younger girls are at Oasis.

Congrats on the results of your risk taking with the street guide that set you up with the non-pro, expensive (?) as it may have been. I've wondered about meeting some babes outside the set up mongering scene. After all, it is an industry down there. I'm encouraged by your report.

The only let down for me whenever I leave CR is the down I get having to come back here. If I can work it out, I'm gonna move down there, live the Pura Vida, and die with a young Tica draining my bone in the rainforest. Oh yeah!


08-23-05, 03:15
Wild Wind,
Awesome post!!!! Some guys don't like the long ones, but I'd be the last guy to complain about that ;). Here are a few small observations I picked up while reading it. Nothing, major but just thought I'd point them out for any other newbies reading it, so they'd have all the right info. You referred to a couple of different places as Motel Eros. Motel Eden is probably the short term "Love-Motel" you were talking about that is just north of downtown. Eros (Eros Masajes) may have a hotel license, since that is how MP's get around the anti-pimping laws, but I generally don't hear them referred to as Hotels. A lot of cabbies will push you on going to Eros and offer to wait outside. Don't fall for it. They work on commission and that commission gets passed on to you in the price Eros will quote you when a cabbie brings you there. As you discovered and which helps explain why the price really dropped so much when you went back. If you take a cab there its better you tell them you're going to IDEM or Tin Jo. Another very small point, Machu Pichu is a Peruvian Restaurant not Ecuadorian, though I'm not sure there's much difference. Also, not that it helps you now, but Ilusiones is across from the Mas x Menos on Calle 9.

I also have to really commend you for havingthe guts to drive around SJ & CR, particularly on your first trip. I also love to drive in CR but as you yourself probably learned its not the best way to get around downtown SJ. Traffic, parking and security can be a problem with a car. Cabs and buses are cheap and plentiful. And walking is good way to better check things out, at least during the day, as many of the places we go are within close range of each other. I also have to really commend you on checking out so many Tico places. I share your attitudes about the BM - overrated and overrun by newbies that have bid up the prices way beyond what one can easily find in other places for similar or even better quality. What map were you using? Check your PM at CRT for info on how to get the best map out there with actual pics of many of the places you visited (or tried to find). Just be sure to burn your notes before you return home :)

The only other observation I'd like to make is that while you visited a lot of places, your timing was off on some of them. The Beatle Bar in Jaco actually doesn't really get going until after 10PM not 8. Same goes for the Key Largo. The band there doesn't even start playing until after 10PM, so chill at the BM first before you mosey over. Molino Rojo is also a late starter that is actually best after midnight. Idem opens in the afternoon but a lot of the girls don't show until after 5PM, my favorite time for going, and the place is one of the few MP's that are open til Midnight, making a good place to go if you're staying at a non-chica friendly place like you were. I'm sure I missed a few but those were long ass trip reports and I wasn't taking notes. Once again truly awesome trip reports.

Jaimito Cartero
08-23-05, 05:17
Very nice report. I think you hit more places on your trip than I have the last 5 years. Chase is correct that *many* of the places don't get hopping until midnight. Sunday is pretty dead for most clubs, but Molino Rojo does okay after Midnight or so. Many girls will leave other clubs and then come over say at 2am or so.

I have a car in CR, and I try to only drive into San Jose late at night. I did drive in San Jose the first time I went there (80's), but it does take some balls to do it.

Lance Manion
08-23-05, 12:33

If anyone needs any info about San Jose, give me a shout and I will be happy to share what I know. Not sure when my next trip is, really starting to think about going to Bangkok, but that 27 hour flight just is a hard nut to crack when San Jose is only 3 hours away.Mike:,

I went to BKK last December and had a good time, but unfortunately, as a result of the long flight and bad water I ended up getting sick. Nothing too serious, but enough to put a damper on my mongering activities. I also blew off a side trip to Angor Wat because I wasn't feeling well.

Next week, I'm off to CR and hopeful that the 6 hour trip will not effect me like the 20 plus hours to Thailand. Will keep you posted.

BTW, I would love to go to LOS again so I can see some of the folks I met last year and to really do the country "right" this time. I hear Thai Air has a direct flight from JFK (I live in DC), but its still close to 20 hours in the air.

Wild Wind
08-25-05, 23:53
Thanks to all the readers who slogged thru my trip report and to those who posted your responses - I'd say Oasis has the best value, but there are many places that are good, and I still have a lot to learn and experience.

08-30-05, 01:00
Your report was so good, I don't feel a need to go now!
Just kidding...let's go together.

08-30-05, 02:32
I feel like a dummy asking this question because I was just in SJO three weeks ago but, where is the Courtyard by Marriott located? Is it in walking distance to "the gulch"?

I thought I saw most of the downtown area but I must of missed it. I know where hotel Tryp Corobici is located - is it over in that area?

thanks all..........

08-30-05, 02:56
Sorry, Ford, the Courtyard is nowhere even close to downtown. Its . Its actually located about 16km or 10-15 minutes west of San Jose in the Guachipelin Barrio of Ezcazu. The hotel is just off the Prospero Fernando Highway which runs from the west end of Sabana Park to Santa Ana.

The Corobici is a little closer to the Gulch but still probably 5km away. It is in the same direction as the Marriott Courtyard west of Sabana Park on the General Canas Highway that runs around the outskirts of the city.

Are you sure you even made it into the Gulch? You probably wouldn't have had to ask if you had.

08-30-05, 07:48
Sorry, Ford, the Courtyard is nowhere even close to downtown. Its . Its actually located about 16km or 10-15 minutes west of San Jose in the Guachipelin Barrio of Ezcazu. The hotel is just off the Prospero Fernando Highway which runs from the west end of Sabana Park to Santa Ana.

The Corobici is a little closer to the Gulch but still probably 5km away. It is in the same direction as the Marriott Courtyard west of Sabana Park on the General Canas Highway that runs around the outskirts of the city.

Are you sure you even made it into the Gulch? You probably wouldn't have had to ask if you had.

Its 15 minutes out of the downtown area in the area of Escazu, got it thanks.

09-02-05, 22:58
Was in San Jose airport last week. In transit. Near gate 40 there is a big counter for TACA-LACSA airlines and a large waiting area. Saw a sign for pharmacy with big poster for Viagra. Pharmacist was a very sexy 20 something light skinned woman. Asked her and she said she sells Viagra without prescription. Four pills (100 mg. You usually take half pill) for $65 and she will give one free. Also accepted my credit card. Seems very good deal. Wish could have used some of the Vitamin V on her.

Le Spuff
09-06-05, 06:47
Hey all,

I'm heading to SJO on nov 8th. I will be staying at the sportsman lodge. I'm looking for a wingman. Anybody going to be there around that time?

09-10-05, 17:56
Hello Bros,

Newbie here preparing for my first trip to CR in mid-October. No latin american experience, but lots of experience in south east asia.

In reading this forum I've come across several references to the "mongers map" of San Jose. Damned though if I can find a link to it anywhere. Can anybody post a link, or pm me a copy of this legendary map?

I also came across several references in older reports to SJ's "crack road." I'm very interested to know where exactly this is - street names, boundaries, landmarks - as I like to indulge in this type of P4P on occasion. Is "crack road" identified on the "monger's map" maybe? Anybody with any experience in this area they would like to share?

Thanks alot for your help


09-10-05, 19:01
At NF they now have airconditioning.

At ZB I was surprised that beds in the room are plastic covered (under the sheet) so we kept on sliding away. Furthermore room had an airvent opening in the courtyard, so waiting girls could hear everything and were making comments while you are trying to do your thing.

At DR good selection and lower price between 10AM to 1PM. Great for morning/afternoon delight.

09-10-05, 19:40
Furthermore room had an airvent opening in the courtyard, so waiting girls could hear everything and were making comments while you are trying to do your thing.

They can hear us fucking??? That is so sexxxy. An unpaid for added bonus. That ZB, what will they think of next?


09-10-05, 19:42
Just back from 2 weeks in San Jose,Costa Rica.

Check out Costricaticas.com forum and try to print out the mongers map on clubs and massage parlors.

My favorites places were Oasis,zonablue.com,newfantasy.net or com.,Bar Idem,Marlin bar at Del rel. I also visited strip joints Kamur.

The woman at Marlin bar are great looking . They ask for $ 100.
Talk them down as much as you can.
I stayed at Presidente hotel which is 2 blocks from Marlin bar its chica friendly.They have a Newscafe with seating next to open window area looking at Ave Central for Chica watching.
I plan to return one day.I had a great time. I also checked out Arenal Volcano hotsprings tour and Whitewater rafting. Great eco tours in the day time and hot looking woman at night.

09-12-05, 01:58
Wow! Thanks Shamas. I had lost this site for a while.

I have been to a couple of other places, but still love Costa Rica.
I just got back from my second vacation this year and enjoyed the various selections at DR in the afternoon, Idem in the afternoon, Bar Monaco at night, and New Fantasy in the afternoon. The entertainment cost as low as $16 and as high as $60 and had no effect on quality.

I usually stay at the Morazan, and stayed there this time for $39/night, with free American breakfast, and free safe in room. Morazan, also provides free taxi rides to New fantasy and Zona Blue. Although there was more rain during this trip, I always walked in the afternoon, but took taxi at night. Bar Monaco is definitely not a location to walk to/from, especially with the transvestites, thugs, and all. Monaco's owner recognized me and introduced me to a really nice Nica during my first night, she was busy 2 of 3 times that I returned. I did not go back because I met an old friend and enjoyed my time with her during the last three days.

Made my usual stop at La Princesa Marina en Sabana for dinner, but did not enjoy the seafood as much as usual.

All in all, it was a good trip, but I was a little annoyed at AA and the airport in CR. AA delayed our flight in Miami for a late arriving passenger. Then we had to wait another 30 minutes while they identify and remove the baggage when it was a no show. (Still, I'd rather be safe, than sorry.) Once we finally arrived in CR, there was a new lady in Immigration and she took both the Immigration Form and the Customs form from a number of us. There was a bit of backup at Customs, when we had to complete a new form, before we could leave with our baggage. I guess that I can't complain, because this trip was all frequent flyer miles.

Didn't run into any regular travelers that I knew this time. However, in February, I wore an Ybor Strip shirt to DR and barely walked inside and four guys from Florida recognized it. Small world!

Until next time . . .

09-12-05, 22:38
Anyone got any tips or recommendations on chicas with nice latin culo's.

09-13-05, 10:17
Well it has been some time since I have posted on here. I have been to Costa Rica 6 times this year so far. Yes 6 times. Hec 2 times in July and once in August.
Not much to really report on. I love the new Zona Blue. Have some good new talent that came over from Oasis. Do not get out much for the mongering during last few trips. Have been seeing some one there. Oh well had to happen some time. Get cought up in one of their traps. Its been a good run till now.
Now as far as places I like to stay. When in San Jose I Stay at the Sportsmens, if they are booked another quiet place that seems to be available is Castillio. Not to bad,no chica fee. VERY close to sportsmens, and closer still to New Fantisy, and Zona blue. I kinda like quiet places, and no questions.
Well I have one more trip planned for December this year. Then I think I will return to my Eastern European countries. Still I have found about 6 or 8 Romainian ladies,and one Russian at the Del Rey. The romainians have now prompted me into looking at a trip there. I have enjoyed the time spent with each of the romainian women I have met. They were so much fun to talk with, and were very good at their work. As they call it. Want to see what it is like there.
Well I know not a very exciteing post. but still I felt I should try and contribute something. Since I have been quiet for so long.
So happy hunting down there.

09-14-05, 02:20

I have just returned from my 4th trip to SJO and my first trip to this little slice of heaven called New Fantasy. After spending the first 36 hours of my visit trying to get the Del Rey and Marlin girls down to "Cincuenta", I decided I needed a break and took a walk over to NF. When I arrived I asked the manager on duty if I could get a tour of the place first, to which he agreed and even recommended a girl who spoke some English. After being shown around I was asked to pick out a lady from behind a 1-way mirror. I picked Alexsandra, a nice looking 5' 5" Columbiana. She lead me to her room and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said "no thank you" and handed her 20,000 Colones. She thanked me and told me to get comfortable. On her return she handed me 2K change and proceeded to help me undress. Being the gentleman that I am, I of course helped her in return.

The next 20 minutes was filled with warm scented oil and Sandra's great touch. On the flip she starts cooing something in Spanish while she's stroking me. Then she reached into the bag and pulled out some alcohol wipes and cleaned Mr. Happy so she could continue with the BBBJ. I love the fact that the rooms here have 2 strategically placed mirrors for your viewing pleasure!

She then popped on the cover, locked and loaded, rode me hard in several positions and put me away wet. God, I gotta get in shape if I'm gonna keep doing this sorta thing!

After a quick clean up it was off to the steam room which was nice and spacious. As we were sitting there Sandra decided to start a water fight with me using the hand held shower heads as weapons. All I can say is if she didn't have that plastic shower cap on I would have won. Next, it was off to the sauna for a bit followed by joint showers then back to her room to dry off. To top it all off she powders the key areas with talc and helps me get dressed. A little kiss good bye and I'm out of there with a bounce in my step.

All I can say is: Walk to NF - 15 minutes

Admission Fee - 18K Colones

1 hour plus with Alexsandra - BEST BARGIN IN TOWN!

I'll report back on my Zona Blue party tomorrow.

Rock on, rock hard!


09-15-05, 22:53
Was in San Jose airport last week. In transit. Near gate 40 there is a big counter for TACA-LACSA airlines and a large waiting area. Saw a sign for pharmacy with big poster for Viagra. Pharmacist was a very sexy 20 something light skinned woman. Asked her and she said she sells Viagra without prescription. Four pills (100 mg. You usually take half pill) for $65 and she will give one free. Also accepted my credit card. Seems very good deal. Wish could have used some of the Vitamin V on her.The girl might be hot but the deal isn't. You can get viagra over the counter anywhere in San Jose. I have a pharmacy in Heredia where I pay about 3 dollars a tablet. Farmacia Alvarez. Other places it might be 6 bucks a pill. Those were over 12$ per pill.

09-18-05, 16:25
I have a pharmacy in Heredia where I pay about 3 ....

Heredia isn't that close to San Jose to warrant the trip for the savings. And as long as you're in airport, you might as well pay the price and not have to worry about transpo to Heredia and looking for said pharmacy and blah blah blah.

I did see a pharmacy on one of the maps that was down the street from ZB, but just as we are not advised to buy drugs online from CR and import them to the good old USA, I would rather take my chances on what they sell at the airport. I would assume they would rather have less liability from what they sell at the airport than what they sell downtown.

If someone else has a different opinion on the quality of Vitamin V downtown, and knows of better pricing, I would love to hear about it.


09-19-05, 02:47
Listen to Bilko. He is very knowledgeable on CR.

The Farmacia Alvarez sells 10 50mg generic Viagra tabs (which work just as well as Phizer's version) for $26.62. That is the equivalent of only $5.50 per 100mg tab or less than half the airport price. They also offer free delivery anywhere in CR, so you don't have to go all the way out to Heredia although if you do they also have a really hot looking pharmacist (Johanna or Marianela?, both speak English). Check her out and their prices at www.farmacia-alvarez.com/index.php?lang=en.

I can't speak for what some guys will try to sell you on the street, but both the generic and genuine Viagra they sell in the pharmacies are cheap, safe, effective and available without presecription, so why bother with street hustlers. There are several pharmacies that have been favorably reviewed by various mongers that are indicated on my map including:
Farmacia ??? - diagonally across from the Hotel Morazon with 100mg generic V for $4.50/pill(?), 6K colones for a 20mg Cialis, etc.
Farmacia Balmoral - across from the Prez, gets slightly more mixed reviews
Farmacia Italiano - near the Hotel La Gran Via, gets consistently good reviews, no info on specific prices.

The pills you get at any pharmacy will be safe and effective, but you need to know the going rate as some places charge significantly more than others. If you think they're charging you a high rate, like at the airport, just go elsewhere.

09-20-05, 02:53
Thanks Chase,

Free delivery is always a winner in my book. Doesn't get any more convenient than that.


Lance Manion
09-20-05, 13:20
I made my first trip to CR August 30-Sept 3rd, so this trip report is a bit over due. Upon arrival I was greeted by a long, slow moving line at customs, but got out of the airport and took a $12 taxi from the airport (you actually have to pay first and give a receipt to the driver). I read a report that there is a bus into town for less than a dollar, and while I usually enjoy taking public transport in foreign countries, I was anxious to check out the scène so I opted for a cab. BTW, San Jose can be a rough place at night, and I found most cabbies to be fair and helpful, plus no ride cost me more that $3 USD. So my first advice to newbies is play it safe and take a cab when traveling at night. As an added bonus, it will keep some of the beggars and touts who hang around the tourist places temporarily at bay.

Hotel: I stayed at the Presidente, which is nice, but nothing more than a 21/2* hotel in the States. Its best feature is its locale, and the price was more than reasonable. Another positive is that there is no guest fee, although only one guest at a time. As I soon discovered, the independent pros at the Del Ray really wasn’t my scene, so I only brought a girl back to the hotel once. As a result, I may consider alternatives the next time I’m in CR, since I probably won’t order “take out” that often.

Ticas: My first stop upon arrival was the Zona Blue. Eddie couldn’t be a more affable host and made sure that everyone was happy. Even without the girls, ZB would be a great place to hang – flat screen TVs, nice atmosphere, full bar and wonderful staff (Carol behind the bar is a true sweetheart). I also understand that Eddie is trying to get some real Absinthe so that they may be soon serving the “green death.” Throughout my stay, ZB was my “go to” place and I never had a bad experience there. I can especially recommend Cynthia who, while quiet at the bar, is a different story in the room and gave me a firsthand understanding of that Latina passion was all about.

I also tried Oasis. It’s a bit off the gringo track, but all the cabbies know the place. The place is also a bit more “raw” but there was usually a girl, or two, that would pique my interest and for $10,000 colones (approx. $20) worth the investment. The only thing is that its really not a place to spend some time. Just pick a girl and go to the room. I actually had my best experience at Oasis with a little tica spinner named Catalina and was upset to hear, when I went back 2 days later, that a monger had taken her to the beach for a few days. I had no idea that these girls were available “after hours” and would definitely have set something up with Catalina if I only knew. Oh well.

You cannot monger in CR without checking out the Del Ray complex at least once. As one CRTer who I met there explained, it’s the largest bordello in the Americas. This is true. If any of you has been to Thailand, it reminded me of the Nana Disco (only bigger). The problem is while the girls are beautiful, there is no guarantee of the level of service once you are in the room. I pulled one girl who was real friendly and nice, but in the room all she did was watch TV. Ultimately, I gave her $50 just to leave. Also, they all ask of $100 and many wouldn’t budge off that price. Given that many fine honeys were available for $20/$40 at the message places who would perform as expected, I saw no reason to roll the dice with a hardened pro at the DR, still it was great just watching and the band at the Key Largo (part of the same complex) was really good.

The best place to find the freelancers, IMHO, was the Sportsman Lodge. The girls are friendly and while no where near in number to the DR, the sell is a lot less pressure. I can also recommend the SL as a spot to hang, watch the game and play pool. I even checked out one of the rooms and would consider making it my home base for the next CR trip (if they are not booked, also ZB is building some rooms for overnight guests, so there maybe some more alternatives in the near future).

Daytrips and other Diversions: For me, part of the lure of the CR was the beauty of the country (not just the Ticas) and I would highly recommend getting out of San Jose (which is not a nice looking city) and exploring the mountains and rivers. The whitewater raft trip down the Rio Purcante was a highlight. Over 30 miles of class III and IV whitewater, challenging and, at times, a bit scary, but never too out of control. Moverover, the Ticos wjho ran the tour were a lot of fun. I highly recommend whitewater rafting for anyone going to the CR. It’s a must.

I also tried the ATV tour. This is a great alternative for guys who just want a half-day diversion (and a time to store up some leche). The ATVs was fun and more physically challenging than I expected, but nothing too tough. My advice is to take the morning tour (less probability of rain), and if you have some experience with motor sports, bring a group with you so you can do some more of the steeper trails.

The gambling just didn’t seem to hold my interest. Definitely not like Vegas. The best Casino I visited was at the Amon Plaza. Nixon, who is the Casino host is a nice guy and will see to your needs. If you feel like playing the odds in CR, the Amon Casino is the best place to do it.

I also stocked up on some pharmaceuticals difficult to get in the States. Found Valium, phen-phen, and codeine without too much trouble. Of course V is available as well. They asked for my passport #, but I don’t think they do anything with the info.

Well, I hope to make it back to CR soon. As a result of a screw-up at AA, I have a $250 travel voucher, so all I need now is a week off from work.

09-21-05, 05:44
Anytime you pay less than 10-12 US$ for 100mg Viagra, it is guaranteed to be fake or "like Viagra." I work in the pharm. industry and believe me, cheap is not real in some drugs. So if you are getting hard on on $3 Viagra, you are having placebo effect and really don't need it. But each one to his own and everyone has an opinion.

09-21-05, 07:10
That might be true in the US pharmaceutical industry where pricing is artificially inflated but it isn't necessarily true elsewhere. As everyone knows name-brand drugs can be bought for large percentage discounts in places like Canada. Even within the US, generic versions of brand-name drugs with the exact same chemical composition and equal effectiveness can also be bought for large discounts. Put those both together and really huge discounts are entirely possible.

The reason for the price difference is not that overseas brands or generics are any less effective or safe. The reason is that US patent laws restrict production and keep prices high. This is ostensibly so that drug companies can recover the large research costs needed to develop and test new drug products that may or may not cut muster, but I suspect the ultimate reason is to protect huge drug industry profits and help cover the huge marketing costs that those companies run up. (Other reasons for high US prices include our distribution system and product liability)

I agree, I wouldn't trust anything bought on the street. However, what you call "fake" or "like", others call generic. Some drugs are fake and either won't work or might actually be dangerous. That's reason enough to stay off the street products. But most generics are just that, plain box knockoffs that work just as well as the original. And I think that most of us who have already popped 4-5 times in a day should be able to tell the difference between a natural woodie and an artificially induced one.

Now, Bilko's post didn't make clear what dosage his $3 pill was and whether it was generic or genuine. I suspect it was actually a 50mg generic. If that is the case, the equivalent of 50% off for generic non-US Viagara is entirely plausible.

09-21-05, 19:49
Chase Star is right. In Costa Rica at the pharmacies they do have generic brand that has the same drug (sildenafil citrate) as the viagra brand for half the price. I was a nonbeliever but after a friend who lives in CR told me to try one I became a believer. I asked others about the generic and there is a general consciences that it is equal ( 50mg to 50mg) to the more expense viagra.
Again you must buy from the pharmacies and not on the street.

09-21-05, 21:09
You're a wise man. I'm glad we can at least agree on SOME things! :) Just teasing. I'm also glad there are no hard feelings because of our initial "differences". Where have you been hiding yourself these last few weeks? Don't tell me La Gran Via. :) Just teasing again, sorry, I just couldn't resist. Anyways, pura vida amigo. I'm glad you're back.

09-21-05, 22:20
Chase Star
Nothing much to say lately. No hard feeling.
I am planning a trip the first week of October and of course I will be at the Gran Via. but I will be posting before I go.
kept on rocking

09-22-05, 04:47
I am glad some people were able to obtain V for $3. However in contrast to blood pressure, diabetes etc meds. paid mostly paid by insurance companies, V is a "recreational" medication. All I am saying is that if it looks too good to be true, it is. $3 for V either brand name or generic is too low of a price. Also keep in mind there is no approved generic for V yet. They still have patent until next year, and thus "generics" are under the table, god knows what.

IMHO, if it works, take it and fuck your brains out. Who am I to complain, if your dick gets hard on milk go for "you got milk."

Peace on earth and between legs.

09-22-05, 22:44
Since you work for the pharmaceutical industry, I'm sure you're very knowledgeable on this subject, but that might also be a source of bias.

First, I'm not sure how the issue of whether E.D. drugs are used recreationally or are covered by insurance plays into the issue of pricing since you never completed that thought. Perhaps you could explain that. Maybe I'm wrong but I would think that if anything the fact that its not being paid for out of the deep pockets of the insurance companies would tend to push the price down.

Secondly, that $3 price was probably for 50mg generic or roughly 50% off the equivalent price for genuine Viagara. Given the cost savings related to generic products and foreign pricing that I explained earlier that seems entirely plausible to me. Anyway, why would $3 be "too low of a price" or "too good to be true"? Pfizer's actual cost of manufacturing Viagara is probably much less than $3 per 50mg pill. Most of the price we pay for drugs in the US is absorbed by costs that foreign producers in foreign markets simply don't have. Pfizer spent money on R&D to come up with Viagara, but the companies that knock it off didn't. Pfizer also spends huge sums on media time for superbowl halftime ads and NFL celebrity endorsements. They spend more on expensive lunches and elaborate vacation junkets for doctors to try and get them to push their products on their patients. There is also an arcane and elaborate wholesaler distribution system in this country with each middleman getting their cut. Even after all those costs Pfizer is making huge profits on this drug. Knock-offs in other markets would have none of those costs and so should be able to still turn a tidy profit even on a $3 pill.

Third, I'm not sure how you can say there has been no approved generic version of Viagara yet. Approved by whom? The FDA? So you meant to say none approved in the US where the FDA has authority. How does that apply to purchasing generic products at a farmacia in CR?

Fourth, international patent law is a more valid argument, but we all know that foreign companies and their governments are not always so strict about enforcing those laws, particularly when there is money to be made selling affordable versions of sought after medicines. Just because these drugs may be "under the table" doesn't mean they're bogus. The stuff that hucksters on the street try to pass off as genuine Viagara might be, regardless of price. But the stuff sold in a fixed location as generic is probably just that - genuine non-brand sildenafil. If it weren't, what advantage would there be in saying it was generic at all? If they were trying to rip you off with a sugar pill why wouldn't they just go for broke, bump up the price and claim it was the real McCoy?

Frankly, I think you're poo-pooing this and suggesting anyone that thinks this stuff is real is just some easily fooled rube is really condescending. Personally, I've never used the generic product but I trust the evaluation of those that have. I don't really need Viagara but I have tried it after a day of sexual bingeing. I can certainly tell the difference from the slow to rise semi-stiffy I would have after multiple sessions in a given day and the automatic artificial rock hard flagpole I have gotten when I've used Vitamin V and I think anyone else would be able to as well. If the differences were borderline (such as between a start-of-the-day vs a Viagara woodie) I could see how the perceived effect might just be a "placebo illusion", but if you can hammer nails with your pecker after screwing around all day, you've had some real help.

Enough of all this, though. Your last comment raises an issue that concerns me FAR more. Like I said before I don't really need Viagara unless I've been nailing chicas left and right all day. And in that case, we should all have such problems? Viagara can always get me up if I need any help, but whats the point if you've run out of leche anyway. I liken it to the dog that goes around from bush to bush lifting his leg to mark his territory long after he's run out of [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140). WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO COME UP WITH A DRUG THAT REALLY WORKS AT PRODUCING MORE SEMEN? I've seen some highly questionable products out there on the web but nothing I can really trust or that has been well supported by independent studies. One would think that there would be a legitimate market for this by childless couples, though producing more sperm is not necessarily the same thing as producing more semen. Maybe you Tasty, as a "representative" of the pharmaceutical industry, can tell us if anything is being developed along these lines.

09-22-05, 23:15
I am glad some people were able to obtain V for $3. However in contrast to blood pressure, diabetes etc meds. paid mostly paid by insurance companies, V is a "recreational" medication. All I am saying is that if it looks too good to be true, it is. $3 for V either brand name or generic is too low of a price. Also keep in mind there is no approved generic for V yet. They still have patent until next year, and thus "generics" are under the table, god knows what.

IMHO, if it works, take it and fuck your brains out. Who am I to complain, if your dick gets hard on milk go for "you got milk."

Peace on earth and between legs.

These so-called generics are everywhere around the world. As you say, they are not official generics - rip offs basically. I bought them in Colombia, El Salvador, Thailand and India (where patent laws protect the process and not the product - although this is changing thanks to WTO). In India, I recently bought a bunch for $1 per 100 mg. In Thailand, you can buy the Indian ones, but the mark up is high (goes up to $15 for 4x100 mg). Regardless of where I bought them, they worked just fine (of course, not having done a double blind study, I cannot say that there is no placebo effect). It is possible to buy the Indian brand (Caverta) online for about $2-3 a pop. The ones in India are made by large and reputable companies - so I don't necessarily doubt the quality or content.

In the US, my insurance co. (BC/BS) sure doesn't pay for it.


09-23-05, 05:08
Thanks to all who responded vigrously to my post. If it works go for it. If not, blame it on fake drug or bad pussy. But keep mongering. Peace on earth and hot one on your face.

09-23-05, 18:03
I will be visiting San Jose, CR in October. I prefer to seek escort agencies and arrange discreet meetings, maybe rent an apartment nearby the hotel. Any info on agencies that can arrange this, must speak English. Thanks for any assistance

Member #2041
09-23-05, 20:07
I use Levitra, and nowadays, I get a Generic, bought in Mexico, from factories in India. It's indistinguishable from the real thing, and when bought in volume, it costs $3 per pill (and which I cut in half for 2 doses, making the cost to me $1.50 per dose).

The fact is, the ONLY reason the genuine branded pills cost as much as they do is that the Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. are given a legally protected monopoly on the pills for 15 years or so in order to encourage them to invest heavily in research on new drugs. Once you have the formula for a tested and approved drug, it costs pennies per dose to make, and can be sold for many dollars per pill. So, that Viagra or Levitra that sells for $10-12 per pill, actually only costs maybe 20 CENTS to manufacture. So, the mail-order place that charges me $3 a pill for the generic substitute, is still making plenty of money, but they are legally prevented from marketing the stuff in the U.S. until the Brand-Name manufacturer's patent runs out. AS SOON as it does, you will be easily able to get those generics for $3 in the U.S. without having to order it by secretive and technically illegal mail order from overseas.

The exact same thing happens with drugs for diseases. I'm also a diabetic, and I take Metformin, which is the Generic for Glucophage. 7 years ago, there was no legal Generic Metformin sold in the U.S., because Glucophage's patent was still active. Glucophage sold for about $1.50 per pill. Once the patent expired, the generic Metformin, which is the exact same stuff, was now available for around 40 cents a pill.

09-26-05, 20:32
Just a heads up. The price for a room at the Morazan just went down to $35. 00 per nite. I have payed 49. 00 in the past. I will be going on the 13th of Oct thurough the 19th. If anyone else is in town at that time, shoot me a message. Also when I get get close to my trip I check out the Blue Marlin web cam. All you can really see are the bartenders, which are hot. Don't they know what we really want to see are the working girls. But if you go to the Key Largo web cam you can spot a few of the grils dancing. I see a little spinner I had with a guy out on the dance floor. I hope he only gave her 50.00 because she was firm on 80.00 with me. I got her to 50.00, but it was tough. This trip I am going to make a trip to Jaco and make it to 747.

Thanks Chase Star and others who gave me some info. Any new places I should be checking out. The wild show was not going on the last time I was in town. (not sure of the name of the hotel it was at) but for 20. 00 it was a blast. 17 days and counting.

09-27-05, 04:20
I got them from rxMex for about $1.50/20mg. I confirmed the shape color and coding of the tabs on the web after I received them. They have worked just great!

10-01-05, 06:23
Chase Star,

The best thing I have found for this problem is Zinc and soy protien shakes.I agree! I've started my zinc routine for next week, off to the DR, and really notice a difference in volume. just be sure you get enough copper when taking zinc.

I usually take 50mg of elemental zinc from zinc gluconate and my doc recommends 1mg of copper for every 15 mg of elemental zinc. I get my copper from my multivitamens.

10-01-05, 23:56
I will be in CR Oct 15th - 23rd.

Anyone else going to be around? I will be at the Presidente.

10-02-05, 22:44

I'll be there on Friday October 21 and I'm staying at the Presidente.

10-03-05, 15:23
Will stay in few days in SJO Hotel Garden Court (airport area). Is it nesessary go to San Jose down town for attractions or it possible to order girl service in hotel throug the staff?

Member #2041
10-03-05, 16:34
Sherriff12, while there are escort services that can be ordered, they are certainly more costly than the opportunities that abound in the downtown San Jose area, and also, I have no idea if your particular hotel will be amenable to them (many are not, and if this is the case, the staff will not willingly jeopardize their jobs procuring entertainment for you).

10-03-05, 17:42
Hey Willie,

I will be in town the same time as you. We need to hook up. I enjoy reading your posts and I sure you have some great info. On places I need to visit.

Chase star,

Thanks for your message you sent me. It would be great to be able to hook up with you in San Jose. It seems you know most any angle or spot in San Jose.


I got your message and I shot you one back. 10 days and counting. It"s really a shame that this is my 4th trip to Costa Rica and I have yet to a beach or leave the city. But thats why I love San Jose. I say it before every trip. That I am going to Jaco Beach. But I never make it. With the help of Chase Star and others. I will find the 747 and other places.

2 trips ago I meet a really hot tica and I was calling her and she was calling me and sending e-mail. But when I got there. I seen her working her ass, and I said to myself "don't fall in love with a working girl. you fool". So she spots me and comes running at me "baby baby I miss you so much"(misses my money. you never know) and I just say "no mas" to her and I walk away. Maybe the best move I made on that trip. I said what is the reason I come here to fuck hot chics and not have head games with girls I know who can out think me that same nite.

I see her again. She says to me "baby lets go fuck for 2 hours." I said "I can't. Too much pussy here I got to see." She was cool. I must have seen her 5 or 6 times the rest of the trip with no problems.

Something I found out the last trip. The girls in the Blue Marlin talk about all of us. Sure we all think that, but to see it first handed was a eye opener. A girl I had never talked to before new my rap before I ever gave it to her. She knew where I was staying and that I won't go over 50. 00 and that I would buy her a beer if she wanted one. I am there (b. m.) early everyday. So the day crew can point you out to others and tell there tales.

I hope I have picked some good dates where some fellow brothers are in town and we can some great fun in San Jose.

10-09-05, 03:15

rxMex has a three pill special on Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Has anyone tried all three and can review the effects. I havn't seen any reviews on Levitra.

Rockhunter (wanting to be rockhard :-)

Member #2041
10-09-05, 04:14
Rockhunter, I'm sure that the effects of each of the V,C, and L pills will depend on the dosage and the person involved. But here's mine:

I've not tried C, my experience is with V and L only. Personally, I have no problem getting wood without assisistance when the lady is attractive and new to me, and I have not already fired off a shot within the last 12-24 hours. Some background - I'm 46 and a type II Diabetic. I find I can use some help if the lady is anything less than really hot, and also, I find that condoms cause me loss of wood in many cases. My experience is that 50 mg of Viagra or 10mg of Levitra will give me all of the wood that I want, for at least 6-8 hours, even with less than optimally hot targets of opportunity. In some cases, that dose will support multiple pops as much as 10-12 hours afterwards. Also, while V or L will give you wood, it will not load the gun for you. I personally have noticed that while I can certainly get hard for another go right after my first shot, even with wood, I'll be shooting blanks for the next pop for at least 2-3 hours after the first shot. But, typically 3-4 hours later, I can fire another salvo. Eating and hydrating after the first shot certainly helps in this regard.

For me, Viagra sometimes gives me headaches or leaves me flushed and lightheaded, and I have not experienced these side affects with Levitra, so now, 10mg of Levitra is my drug of choice for a bit of help. As for the wood, for me, the effects of V and L are the same, but L doesn't give me the headache and flushing side-effects I often got from V. Also, another benefit of Levitra compared to V, is that Levitra is nearly equally effective BOTH on an empty stomach or after meals.

I've not tried Cialis because I would rather be able to give myself another dose of Levitra the day after the first dose, when opportunity presents itself.

I buy 100 of the 20mg Generic Levitra tabs from RX-mex for $300, and I cut them in half to get the 10mg dosage. So my average cost per 10mg dose is around $1.56 once shipping is factored in. I figure that the $300 lot of 100 pills from RX-Mex, cut in half for 200 doses, will last me 2 years or so.

My experience is that the Generic L bought from RX-Mex is indistinguishable from the genuine brand L bought in the states for $12-15 per tablet, and I strongly endorse the RX-Mex generic for a fraction of the price. One does need a GOOD pill-cutter, however, to cut the tabs evenly into two 10mg halves.

Dr Travel Man
10-09-05, 13:03
I too will be making a trip to SJO arriving on the 13th for a weekend of FUN. Oh the 13th is my birthday as well!

10-09-05, 16:56
Dear 2041,
Thank you for your scholarly discourse. Just what I wanted. Shoot away!

R Brandon
10-09-05, 18:47
I have found levitra to the least side effects of V,L and C but like the effectiveness fo V best after trying all three. For anyone looking for V is San Jose the best place I have found in town is Pharmacy Similares on Paseo Colon and Calle 22 NE corner. They have generic V for $1.25 per 50mg. About as cheap as you can order from RXmeds. I have started just buying it there on the way to Oasis every now and then. rbc100

10-10-05, 18:00
I hope to have some fellow ISG guys in town this week. Again I will be in town on this coming thurs. Staying at Morazan hotel. I will be in the BM during the day hours. Playing with the girls or on the cari. Stud porker table. Then at the key largo at nite. The reports have been few this week. Hope all the ticas are still there. With only 3 days to go. These tend to be the hardest on waiting for me. I have been looking at the key largo web cam. And it seems as things are normal. Any new bar or strip clubs that I need to know about. Chase star. Where have you been. I always look forward to reading your posts. Williy. I think you are in town during the same time as myself. Lets hook up. And go hunting some pink tacos. With the new map. Chase sent me. 747 will be had on this trip. Good or bad. I need to be able to tell my buddies back home. I had some pussy for 13.00, as you may have read I got my hotel room for 35.00 a nite. Its hard to explain. But I will [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) away 300.00 in the casino or sport book. And for me to save 15.00 a nite on my hotel room makes me feel like I am really saving some money. I am really looking foward to this trip and I wont have anymore vaca time until march of next year. So. If anyone is in town. Please give me a yell and maybe we can hook up. Will do my best to get some photos of the ticas, ricas, and any other ***** I get back to my room. With almost 40 posts and I have not shared any photos is pretty weak.

10-10-05, 20:36
Only a few more days. I am reading all posts. Even some from crt. They cant hold a stick to w. S. G. And was looking at the girls review. For some of you that have beem to san jose. Does anyone know a girl. And I am not bull shitting. Her name as she calls herself. "MARIE BLOWJOB" about 30 years old. Hot body. Costa rican dirty blonde hair. Nice tits. And to tell the truth. The best blow job I had in San Jose. Always there during the day shift. Also. What about anthor dirty blonde. Skinny and has a scorpion or some type of snake on her chest. Her tits are pushed up. Always says she a great fuck. Speaks great enghish. Anyone had her? Just thinking about what I am going to hit this week. Got to love San Jose.

10-10-05, 22:41
Only a few more days. I am reading all posts. Even some from crt. They cant hold a stick to w. S. G..With all due respect, while everyone is entitled to their opinion and their individual preferences, I find it hard to understand how you could make that comment. Okay, you like WSG better, but "can't hold a stick"? CRT has over 45000 posts on CR alone vs. less than 3500 here. The admins at CRT have also gone out of their way to secure some really good special group discounts in CR for its VIP members. WSG can never really hope to match that depth of coverage on any one country. OTOH, where CRT really can't hold a stick, and doesn't even really try, is in covering the ENTIRE world of mongering. At WSG one can get the perspectives of more guys who may not be so personally invested in CR and may have more balanced views on CR vs. opportunities for mongering elsewhere .

Personally, while I prefer CRT for CR coverage, I appreciate WSG for its breadth of coverage and like to come here to share info with guys who might have a different point of view from mine. I would however encourage anyone seriously thinking of going to CR to at least check out CRT. In other words, it doesn't have to be an "either-or" and in fact there is much to be said for going to BOTH sites.

10-10-05, 22:58
Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Personally I find when it comes to the tico MP's it is much more hit or miss than some of the places you're probably used to going. Rather than focus on hitting any one particular MP such as 747, I'd go with a more general list in mind. Hit the streets during the day with my map in hand and a general itinerary of where you want to check out. Pop your head in each place one by one to see if they have any likely prospects and if they don't just move on to the next one down the street. By the time you get to the bottom of the list, you're bound to have come across something worthwhile and most likely for half the amount that you would have paid at NF, ZB or IDEM and I won't even start to compare it to what you would have paid at the BM. Most are in the 10-12K range per hour ($20-25). And for something different to do at night don't forget the tico strip joints such as Arcadas or Molino Rojo (~10K/half hour) or at the higher end Pantera Rosa, Kamur, D'Pelufos etc.

Oh yeah, one more thing on hotels since you like to save money. I happen to be one of the big defenders of the Morazon and think their special $35/nt rate is one of the best deals around, especially since it is only a block from the BM (be sure to reconfirm your reservation). However, if you're going to be doing more of your mongering outside the Gulch there are even cheaper places to stay that are decent and chica friendly (e.g. the Hotel Doral @ only $25/nt)

Dodger Bulldog
10-11-05, 00:45
She sounds interesting, but you didn't mention wjhere to find her during the day. I will be in SJ starting tromorrow, so I would appreciate any information.
Thanks, DB

Only a few more days. I am reading all posts. Even some from crt. They cant hold a stick to w. S. G. And was looking at the girls review. For some of you that have beem to san jose. Does anyone know a girl. And I am not bull shitting. Her name as she calls herself. "MARIE BLOWJOB" about 30 years old. Hot body. Costa rican dirty blonde hair. Nice tits. And to tell the truth. The best blow job I had in San Jose. Always there during the day shift. Also. What about anthor dirty blonde. Skinny and has a scorpion or some type of snake on her chest. Her tits are pushed up. Always says she a great fuck. Speaks great enghish. Anyone had her? Just thinking about what I am going to hit this week. Got to love San Jose.

10-11-05, 06:19

Go to the Blue Marlin about 11. 00 am or 12. 00am and sit at the bar that is located near the rest rooms and it is the bar you need to walk up the steps to. She will be there. I have seen her on every trip. She is very sweet. Likes to wear tops that show off her belly. Very very tight. She likes to drink. I have seen her stay into the night but that was only once. All the day girls know her. Her real name is maria. (I peaked at her id while checking into my hotel) she had told me she was 27 but I seen that she is really. 30 or 31 either way. She will give you what you want. Very gfe. We agreed on 50. 00 and thats what I gave her. I didnt tip her. But I should have. Ok. I will come clean. On my last trip I seen her almost all day. And it was slow. I was working on these 2 girls. And she was making the rounds. Not many gringos. And I had been drinking. So I walked up to her and gave her 10. 00 us. Not much I know. But she is so sweet and I felt like I kinda owed it to her. I have a photo of her. And I will be in the marlin on thurs. Of this week. If you are there. I will get the 2 of you hooked. Up. She will look at you with a stright face. And say HI. I AM MARIA BLOW JOB. I am sure there are others here that have met her. Hope this helps. P.S. Nice pussy. And tight ass and likes her tits played with.

10-11-05, 19:10
I just was thinking a little about maria. And she does this thing with her pussy. She gets on top of you. And makes her pussy lipps grab your cock. Like she has her fist grabbing your cock. But its inside her pussy. Wild! I like to always hit new girls. But with all the talk of Maria. I may hit it again on this trip. My plan is to stay in san jose. Thurs, fri, sat and sun. Then go to jaco for mon and tues. And back to san jose early wed am to catch my flight back. For anyone reading this. If you want to make a side trip to jaco for those dates lets share the cost of the cab. Maybe take the bus there and a cab back. Hey I know alot of people stay at the sportsmen hotel. And I went there twice on my last trip. And I didnt really see any girls there. Only about 8 to 10 gringos and 1 or 2 bartenders (girls) on first time there only see one working girl. About a 5 and on the second trip I did see 2 girls. A 5 and maybe a 4. I chatted with the 4 and she was nice. But said no men wanting her action there. And the 5, I seen go into a room with a guy. I peaked inside his room as she went in. And the rooms did look pretty sweet. Old school but. Nice big bed and looked very clean. But my question is. Do girls really go in there? I see many posts so I looked for myself. I even ask the guy who runs the place. Nice guy. I ask him the first time I went about the girls. Since there was only one. And he told me come back on sat nite about 7. 00 to 8. 00 and there be plenty. Which I did. And that is when I seen the 4 and 5 only. So do you think its worth stopping bye again?

10-11-05, 22:01
So I went back down for a little more fun this holiday weekend. Thank you Christopher. Had a good time as always. Lots new ladies at the ZB. Probably too many since I did not have enough time, money or leche, but the pickings were very good. There is a really nice sweet, pretty, young inexperienced chickie with the biggest, firmest set of hooters down there. Her name is Glenda. She is still new to the biz and really not with the right attitude yet, but she is willing. Persuaded her to do bbbj when she was really insistent on the cbj. Hopefully in time with more experience she will be a master provider. But, she is one fine piece of ass with an excellent body.

If I came away with learning anything new this weekend is that it really pays to be a member of CRT. I used to pay 20k colones for my sessions here, but they are up to 23k. CRT dudes get the hour for 17k, and if I understood one of the ladies correctly, a regular Tico gets it for 16k although I have never seen a regular Tico there. Still $12 is a substantial savings considering you can get an hour at Oasis for $20/10k colones. Which is probably the best thing I discovered on this trip. Oasis is A-OK in my book. Facilities were very clean. Nice chicas. Got my bbbjs and those 19 year old pussies were really tight. I'll probably move my hobbying from ZB to here. Simple economics.

ZB has big plans for the near future. Opening up a kitchen in the back and cafeteria on the patio. Rooms upstairs for long term/overnight stays will hopefully be open by December. Plans are that it will be open 24 horas.

Other than that, not much else to report. I always have a great time when I go visit. Even in October with all that rain. Can't wait for the next long holiday weekend if only the air fares stay reasonable.


10-13-05, 00:30
I have been to the bar there several times after 6 or 7 p.m. there have always 4 -8 girls all 7+ at 10 o'clock there have always been about 8 -10 available.

Quality and behavior are generally better than those at the Blue Marlin and the price is better although not the quanity as at the Blue Marlin.

10-13-05, 03:12
Look me up, I will at the Del Ray between 5 or 6 pm everyday usually, or the Presidente for breakfast.

You are correct about Maria Blowjob, I keep kickin myself for not getting a room. She said she had some problems and was no longer allowed at the Presidente.

And she will walk right up and say Hi my name is Maria Blowjob.

I will not pass over time with her again!

Hopefully we will meet up.

Only 2 more days to paradise.

10-13-05, 12:13
about 3 hour untill my flight. I will be the b. M. Today about 5 pm I will have a blue and white nike shirt on with blue jeans. Glad to hear you had a run in with maria. That is why I love this site. Makes the playing field a little more even. When we can share notes on the ticas. Chase star you are correct about my comments about the c. R. T. . Since I am NOT a member there and only can read a few of the sections I don't really have enough info to rate the 2 sites. But I am loyal to w. S. G and that was really where that comment came from. I did read however that if I joined I could pick up my card in san jose and that didnt sound to bad. Thinking before if I signed up here at home. I would not be able to use the card until my next trip. I really think I am going to have a go at that girl with the tatoo on her chest. I know as soon as I see her. She will make a mad dash at me. And say "baby I been waiting for all day. Lets go fuck". This time I am just going to do it. If I stay and keep hearing her big game. I will get turned off and hit the road. Those tits of hers. Just look like they need a good dick fucking.

10-13-05, 13:58
Quality and behavior are generally better than those at the Blue Marlin and the price is better although not the quanity as at the Blue Marlin.The reason many guys prefer the SL, in addition to the higher quality and behavior, is actually because of the lower quantity which also makes the SL a more laidback and relaxed place rather than the zoo that the HDR has become. Put another way what good are a 100 bargirls if half of them are dogs and the other half are banking on finding some ignorant newbie that doesn't know enough to turn down their universal ridiculous offer of "cien para solamente una hora".

Presently at least, the guys that stay at the SL tend to be much more experienced and regular mongers than the guys that stay at the HDR. The guys there know all the regular ladies and will quickly get the word out to their buddies if any of the girls pull any shit or less than stellar performance. The guys that stay at the HDR almost entirely are either guys there on one of their first few trips or guys that aren't particularly adventurous at getting out and seeing the much better (and usually cheaper) options available in town. Even if one isn't a newbie it is not as always easy to know all the girls that pass through the BM doors and there are enough newbies that many girls even those with a bad reputation can find customers that will take them up to their rooms often for much more than the more experienced and regular CR monger would ever pay.

The chicas that go to the SL know they won't get $100/hour but know if they do a good job they will get a repeat customer that will see them at least every other month or so and who more reliably knows how to treat a chica well. There are fewer scammers because those chicas know those guys won't fall for it and are going for repeats. Many of the girls at the HDR, know that if they don't deliver a good session, it doesn't really matter because they've gotten their money and will probably never see that guy again and even if that guy does return and goes elsewhere, there will always be plenty of other overpaying newbies the girl can go after instead.

So what's my point? I SERIOUSLY hope that those newbies out there reading posts like the one below and that venture out to the SL, at least bring a modicum of discernment with them rather than turning the SL into another BM.

10-16-05, 17:33
I arrived 10/15. I was at the Del Ray from 5 until about 7:30 when a Tica forced me to go back to my room with her!

I am a member of CRT and it one of the best resource sites for Costa Rica. I belong to other boards as well. The group of guys I have met through that site has been great.

I will be at the Del Ray tonight around 5 or 6 pm, polo shirt white with stripes.

I will be there for awhile unless I get an offer I can't refuse

10-18-05, 01:14
There are so many places to try, so many adventures, Ive actually cum just as well with a gal for under $20.00 at a budget place as I have with a total fox out of the delrey for more than double the price. A soulful single mommie that actually enjoys and appreciates your patronage is so much more of a turn on than a foxy parona thats only interested in emptying your wallet! Think outside of the box, wander around a bit, Keep in mind that the average wage for an uneducated gal in a straight job is about $50.00 a week. Hell, that means that $40.00 for toda la noche is 5 times her actual worth in CR. If she's columbian,dominican or nicuraguan she's used to even less. Part of the fun is sometimes just seeing how low they'll go! This whole thing we're into isn't about love, its simply commerce. Just my two cents on the SL/DR contoversy.

R Brandon
10-18-05, 02:09

Excellent point.I have observed no correlation between quality of service and cost in San Jose. I was just looking over a list I posted on anouther site focusing on local places and counted about 28 places I have visited in the under $10 to $25 range. A majority of my best times have been in local places with the best quality of girls and service being in that $20 to $25 range but have also had some great times in the cheaper places. Most of the midrange places have hour sessions on site and the lower end ones half hour. The general observation is that attitudes are far better and if you threat the girls well and with respect service is better in the local places than the ones mostly frequented by gringos and especcially the Del Rey where to far too much money is spent on the girls by uninformed hobbists.