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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-04-04, 17:38
Reason: Venomous American bashing in the Brazil section.

Ha,ha, they are helping Iraqi people,I think they are helping Oil companies to get richer.Your american stupidity makes me lough.So ,you expect other nations to put up with your regulations but you should be above eny law.Only because you are Yankies.Whole world has had enough of your democracy and "freedom". How many wars you started, Wietnam, Cambodia, Chile, Salvador, Panama. Haiti, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Iraq, avganistan must make you proud.You don't have to like America or Americans to be a member of this Forum, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone use my Forum as a platform for expousing blatant anti-American hate speach.



01-19-04, 23:31
Reason: Posting multiple requests for information regarding finding young girls.
08-02-02 Phoenix AZ
I am coming to Phoenix/Tempe from Indiana for a couple of days at the end of October. I have never been to Phoenix before. What is the best way for an out-of-towner to find some good looking, young street action. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
03-06-03 Bloomington IN
I will be in Bloomington Friday night, March 14. Can anyone tell me where to find the youngest and best looking lady that is available in Bloomington?

Providers can e-mail me at mclj10@hotmail.com if interested
03-07-03 Las Vegas, NV
I will be in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 6 in the afternoon. I am looking for the youngest and best looking girl to have some fun with in the afternoon-early evening. If you know how to find a girl or are a provider please let me know.

Private responses can be e-mailed to mclj10@hotmail.com


03-31-03 Las Vegas, NV

I will be visitina Vegas in May, and am looking to hook up with a young provider. Can anyone give any tips on how to find a good provider? Please post or e-mail me at mclj@yahoo.com

01-19-04 Dayton, OH
Any areas in Dayton where you can find younger girls (16-18)? Have always wanted to find one. Let me know in the forum or by pm.


mcljI think my objections are obvious.

He was kind enough to provide us with several email address, as follows:


Perhaps some of you might want to contact him and let him know what you think of his behavior.



01-30-04, 07:08
Reason: Wasting everyone's time by posting deliberately belligerent messages in the Thailand section.

Here are some examples of his work:

Can you guys help me find street kids in Bangkok? I wan to "help them".

This forum full of people who talk. NO help for people. User like Joe, Skinhead, Sainter all just bullshit talk only. Come on do sometin usefull.
Hahaha, yes and you are disgrace to Saint's name. Please change your nic.

You see, even senior member agree with me. Post useful thing on post nothing at all. Also, that Skinnlesshead want make jokes go become comedian.

I go through you posts. 99% are useless. You waste space. Leave the commentating to expert.

01-30-04, 14:26

Thanks for your swift reaction in the Saint # 3 matter,


Joe Zop
01-30-04, 16:33
Amen! Thanks, Jackson.

02-06-04, 18:06
Reason: Requestion information on finding TV's in the Charlotte, North Carolina section.

I am interested in hooking up with transexuals. Are there any opportunities in Charlotte? And where would I be able to find Shemales?

Greetings To All

Tranny Hunter

02-08-04, 00:43
Reason: Posting commercial photos in the Hong Kong section with embedded text promoting another website.

02-08-04, 01:35
How stupid are these banned users, they have no ider howws tew sppells, well you get my drift, later dudes....

02-09-04, 15:53
Reason: Posting requests for information about finding "trassexuals / shemales" in the Ankara, Turkey section.

Hi people

I'm livin' in ankara. In a difference i'm lookin for trassexuals / shemales. But they must have boobs(big enough) and really look like a real girl... Anyone knows where can i easily find a shemale like this in here? Please write here. I really need one. Thanks

Rabo Verde
02-10-04, 02:12
hey anyone know where i can find some **** shemales??? (jussst kidding)

02-10-04, 17:30
Reason: Requesting information on finding transexuals in the Cincinnati, Ohio section.

found a hot transexual chick the other day on the personal boards of the internet.about 5'6 brown hair.will please you very well but only does incall her email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com does anyone know where other trans/girls can be found around cincinnati

02-13-04, 03:31
Reason: Requesting information on finding gay baths and transsexuals in the Rio de Janerio section.

Where do you find the gay baths and transsexuals and where do you find the youngest girls in rio?

02-14-04, 20:58
Reason: Requesting information on finding Shemales in the Ankara, Turkey section.

HƯ people....

I am living in Ankara and i am shemale/tanssexual fan. But they must have a pretty face and boobs ;)

Do you guys know where can i meet with a shemale in Ankara? I know sometimes they are showing themselves on Cinnah Street, but they are both ugly and don't have boobs :(

Please help me to find a classy SM chick in Ankara please.....

02-16-04, 13:45
Reason: Posting commercial messages in the Rome, Italy section.

Accompagnatrici TOP

Chanel (Escort)
Sono a Napoli dal 16 al 21 Febbraio
Sona a Bari (Centro) dal 23 al 27 Febbraio

02-18-04, 14:31
Reason: 16 posts, multiple attacks on other Forum Members, and not one significant contribution. He's a textbook case of a serial troll whose true agenda can only be ascertained not by any one individual report, but through an evaluation of all his "contributions" as a whole.

I just made such an overall evaluation, and he's history.

Here's some examples of his postings:

I'm with the rest of you on this one. Save the camera. There are plenty of Thai chicks around. Who cares if one drowns? I'm not risking my life for no $5 ho.

If she was a american or european babe however, I'd jump in guns blazing.
I object to Sainter and anyone else posting about charities. We are here to get laid, not to help any poor bastard in insignificant parts of the world.
Hey I did not assume anything. Traveller's nationality was revealed last week. And Skinless never denied he was Jewish. Traveller he probably resents you because of your Nazi background. Just put two and two together. Leave him be. He's just sulking.

Plugger, no wonder Australia is going to the shits. We have people like you representing us. Stop insulting me. I've adhered to Jackson's ruling and I won't be making racist comments anymore.
Traveller, read my post again. I am not supporting you. All I said is, you'd be better off moving to a country that still tolerates child sex.

Skinless, I understand why you are pissed off at Traveller, but just because he's a German and you're a Jew doesn't justify your animosity.

02-18-04, 23:14
Jacko, thanks for banning this wacko.

:D :) :D :) :D

02-21-04, 11:18
Agreed, thanks for banning him. People like that cause to many problems in the forum.

02-22-04, 18:52
Soliciting WSG Forum members to join competing Forum.

After reading your great post and seeing how many posts you have done I'm inviting you to join my group. I promise you it is the best thing going. Go to XXXXXXXXX and register. Then go to XXXXXXXXXXx and type in XXXXXXXXXX. Apply for membership. Then email me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx with your login name and I will approve you. Again, this is the best thing going. Much better than WSG and ***. No BS, no flaming and the best info. But it must be kept secret. If you want to add friends let me know before mentioning the group to them.

03-01-04, 00:13
Reason: This is just the same guy as Pauline Hanson and Saint #3 using another User Name.

1ball please don't make me laugh. If I were you, I'd concentate on locating your other testicle. Don't make threats you can't carry out, you cross breed mongrel.
Well, sure I've been reincarnated. But so far, I've broken none of Jackson's rules. In fact, I'm actually helping him to control all of you. I think it's time for all you bleeding hearts to move on. As if you really cared anyway.

Read below, Jackson agreed with me. :D
Excuse me guys, you are clearly in breach of Jackson's rules. What does all this have to do with Travel Plans? I don't care if his sister is dead. Jackson doesn't care. It has nothing to do with the purpose of this forum. You guys probably haven't even met the guy. So, how can you sympathise? Stop shedding your crocodile tears and move on. I also suggest that you remove your posts or I'll have no choice but to report it to Jackson.

03-06-04, 03:56
Reason: Requesting information on shemales in the Seattle, Washington section.

Anyone see any black sw out in Seattle. Also looking for ebony shemales. thanks

Jury Duty
03-08-04, 07:56
i do not want to sound sick or out of line but i do think i have a good question for you. i am from the us and may just be stupid so shed some light for me. some of the people banned for **** sex questions are from other countries. i am sure that some countries have lower age limits than the us. are you banning these guys by region laws or by ours? i assume that banning them protects the website from any kind of **** questions all the way around.

just curious and interested in your response.


hi jury duty,

discussions of sex with minors under 18 is prohibited on this site because i personally find the concept disgusting.



03-14-04, 10:38
jury duty,

the question of **** sex is moot. you are not sick or out of line with your question but the fact remains that it is irrelevant that different countries / territories have different age limits to sexual consent.

what is ultra important is basic psychology, degree of development and lastly our personal honour in protecting the young and vulnerable.

jackson is very right in this approach. i know you will agree me on this.

regards, havanaman

03-22-04, 04:16
Reason: Posting LE / Religious style warnings in the Charlotte, North Carolina section.

Hello, my name is Preacher Bob. I respect this forum for allowing me to post my message. Myself and some other dedicated individuals here in Charlotte have decided to start a citizens aware campaign to rid the city of Charlotte of all and any prostitution. Our campaign will be simple. We have been influenced by the Video Vigalante in Oklahoma City. Starting March 26th, 2004, we will be out video taping all known prostitution areas in Charlotte. If we see a prostitute get in an automobile, we will follow and begin taping. These tapes will be turned over to Law Enforcement who will decide whether to inform your spouse and employer, or to simply charge you. There will approx. 100 of us out video taping almost every night till there is not a single shread of prostitution in Charlotte. We believe sex between unmarried persons is not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated here in Charlotte. My name is Preacher Bob and if you are interested to join in we will be meeting after Sunday service at South Meck High School at 12 noon. Please bring your video equipment for training. Refreshments ( non-alcoholic ) will be served. The meeting will last approx 2 hours as we map out strategies to combat these perverts after this street sex. Thank you from Preacher Bob.Here's his email address for those of you would like to let him know your thoughts: preacherbob2004@yahoo.com

Atlanta Monger
03-22-04, 05:51

Wouldn't keeping a copy of Preacher Bob's post (below) in the Charlotte section serve the noble purpose of warning mongers there to keep an eye out for video-toting religious freaks while strolling the streets?

Thanks, and keep up the great work. Looking forward to the forum upgrade.

- Atlanta Monger

Hi AM,

I debated this, but I decided that I didn't want to give this anti-sex pervert the free publicity that he wants, and I assumed that if indeed his band of anti-sex perverts did actually this scheme off the ground, then it wouldn't take long for the local media to latch onto the story, and shortly thereafter it would be reported in the WSG Forum by real Forum members.



03-22-04, 16:46
i guess we, as punters of adults only, should start organising to lobby every country to deport anyone found patronising **** prostitution within its frontiers.

the rationale can be as simple as 123, but jackson took the pain to embark on involved discussion on this matter.

03-26-04, 23:25
Reason: 25 "reports", many appeared to be fabrications, and the last eight having been deleted as SPAM. That's enough for me.


03-27-04, 16:45
Reason: Posting requests for info on finding she-males in the Japan section, as follows:

Anyone know where i can get some she-male action in japan?

Heat Seeker
04-09-04, 00:55

Florida Buyer needs to be checked, there's absolutely no need for the nonsense this guy is posting. Especially the personal assaults on a senior member like Gpiper is unfounded. Gpiper has contributed more useful information than I can remember. I thought this board was about us mongers helping one another with information, not a stupid AOL chat room where people just sit in front of their computers talking shit. Lets try and keep this bull off this forum.


Atlanta Monger
04-09-04, 08:28

Please, enough is enough. Slappy Balls is now resorting to posting ficticious reports in the Charlotte and Columbus sections.

You've already edited and/or deleted 10 of his 20 reports, and now he is making a mockery of this fine forum by posting boastful non-information that isn't even true.

We don't need his type here. Please ban this immature laddie.

I also agree with Heat Seeker regarding Florida Buyer and his apparent feud with Gpiper in the Ft. Lauderdale section. Gpiper certainly wasn't faultless when it started, but has since wisely avoided additional confrontation. Perhaps a warning shot to Florida Buyer to straighten up would be warranted?

Thanks for the consideration and for your fine efforts and dedication to continually improving the forum.

- Atlanta Monger

Rolly Polly
04-09-04, 15:55
I think we've had enough of Florida Buyer on the various South Florida Boards. I will humbly request he be banned for the same reasons you gave for banning Pauline Hanson below.

04-09-04, 22:18
Reason: I'm just tired of his BS.

04-13-04, 23:10
Reason: On his first opportunity as a new member, he posted 34 SPAM messages throughout the Brazil Section.

Obviously, he either doesn't give a damn about reading the Forum's Posting Guidelines, or he is an out-and-out SPAMMER. Either way, we don't need his "contributions".

04-19-04, 18:16
Reason: Posting advertisements for ladyboys in the Thailand section.

04-20-04, 03:12
Jackson you forgot one.

Senior Member
Reports: 23
Where shemales or gays in Jakarta?

I hope you don't smile
but where can I look for shemales (transexuales) or gays?
Can you tell me it precisely, please?
I thanks you Ashuat

04-22-04, 03:14
Reason: Posting requests for information about finding transsexuals and homosexuals in the Jakarta, Indonesia section.

Where shemales or gays in Jakarta?

I hope you don't smile :)
but where can I look for shemales (transexuales) or gays?
Can you tell me it precisely, please?
I thanks you AshuatIn addition, a review of his other "contributions" to the Forum revealed 22 messages asking questions, and not a single offer of actual information.

That's enough for me, he's history.

04-23-04, 17:32
reason: sending spam pms to forum members active in the israel section, as follows:

tooth ferry wrote on 04-20-04 02:58:
monday, april 19th
as josh69 already knows and may have let some of you know by now, i'm not steven seagal - too bad! - or anyone crazy that's comin' to tear you guys a new asshole, or whatever. i'm trying to draw your attention to an evil and sickening situation that is currently going on under all our noses, and in the case of you guys, probably where your noses have been in and out of.
on a deadly (sorry guys, it just slipped), extremely serious note, i want to say that, yeah, it's true you guys out there are the consumers of this hideous "business", and need some heavy-duty therapy and growing-up. the real monsters are the scum-hoods from those eastern-euro countries, and in the balkans, and all the maggots in destination countries - israel, greece, turkey, kosovo, just to name a few of the worst offenders - who 'own', [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), beat, imprison, terrorize, re-sell, to be raped further, etc. all these monsters and sick bastards will be crushed in due time - i can assure you of that!!
get it together now, before it's too late! clear away from what is about to go down, and try to get help for yorself and get a nice gal to really be human and descent with. at least think hard about the crap you've been involved in and have helped significantly in keeping running and growing over these past few years by your dispicable, insensitive and childish attitude toward the suffering of others - in this case, helpless, destitude, naive women and girls.
the party is over, guys!!! the suffering of these poor women and girls is deplorable, ungodly, appalling and completely unacceptable by thinking and compassioate citizens of the world!!!!get the fuck with it while you can!

tooth ferryhere's another one:
tooth ferry wrote on 04-22-04 00:03:

malta, italy, greece, where ever, most of the young women and girls that you talk about are sex-slaves, brutalized, tortured, raped repeatedly and shocked into forced prostitution!!
the young women and girls that you abuse, [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and put through hell on earth are all playing a charade!! they, like most of the poor, innocent women of eastern europe, were railroaded into the cesspools that you patronize. they are guarded like property, live in usually wretched conditions and are always terrorized into performing. they are essentially enslaved to the sleazeball pimp, club owner, stinking mafia-scumball-hood, or whoever they're owned by. they are often descent, educated, naive women and girls who have had the terrible misfortunate of falling into a heinous and evil net of sex-trafficking.
it's not like anyone is saying don't party with a consenting, adult gal who know's what she's doing and is not physically or emotionally-ill, and wants to make some cash. it's a free market world.
but you guys are fuelling a mob-run, evil and monstrous machine that preys upon the poor women of eastern europe and in devious, criminal ways dupes and terrorizes them into forced-prostitution!!
you guys have to know what's going on, and if by some reason you don't. now you do!!
the party is over!!!!!get with it before you really get sucked down the toilet with the scum-mobsters and criminal-traffickers of these poor women. all the shit pimps, club owners, keepers and guards who put these poor souls through hell on earth will soon be punished, i can assure you of that!!!
you are now duly warned!!

tooth ferryfor those of you who might be inclined to let this idiot know your opinions, his emai address is beckybucktooth@yahoo.ca

04-26-04, 19:19
Reason: Openly declared bi-sexual seeking information on where to find action in the Amsterdam section.

Hello all,

I have a questin about the private houses.

I am a bisexual male who is looking for some MMF action, is there any place that caters to this please pm me.

04-26-04, 21:40
Reason: Threatening the webmaster.

hey tell to your frend who post the picture in the moroccan forum that they are dead man .
we will find him and kill him and kill his prostitute .
we swear god that we will kill him.
no matter how much time it will take to find him . and for the prostitute , it will be very easy to find him whith all that pictures.
so tell him we are waitting for him
i finnaly find this site web.
you and your frinds who take the picture you are dead .
the prostitute will be crusified.
we swear god to kill the men who take the picture .
it will be easy to find him whith all the picturesHere's his email address for those of you who might want to share your opinions with him.


05-03-04, 07:11
reason: posting threatening messages in the morocco section, as follows:

belquel, i will kill you, i will find you has i will kill you. i will send the photos has the police. one will kill your prostitutes also. sons of ***** awaits and you will see, people themselves rapelle deja d a belgian has kenitra. your death approachesthese muslim fanatics are just insane. imagine wanting to take another human life because somebody took photos of a muslim women in the nude.

my opinion: these guys need to get laid more often.

for those of you who are interested, here's his email address so you can let him know your thoughts on his position: mramdd@yahoo.fr

05-03-04, 07:13
Reason: Here's another Muslim psychopathic like the one below.

i mill kill you , i will crucifie you when i will find you in morrocco.
agadir it's a small city i swear to kill you
i will find and kill your prostituteFor those of you who are interested, here's his email address so you can let him know your thoughts on his position: maahmood2002@yahoo.fr

05-03-04, 18:26
An yet another Muslim psychopathic.

yoo man

i heard of this web site from some friends of mine. usually i don't get involved in other people business but when i saw pictures of moroccan muslim girls naked i was shoked.
now i'm gonna give u a piece of advice: u got to stop this madness befor it gets out of hand, who ever is doing this shit is gonna get punished and i'll make sur of that. i believe that u've had several warnings befor this one... u didn't take them seriously did u. well i guees i'll hve to teach u the hard way how to respect Islam and soon u will beg me to stop.
and guess who is gonna be sucking dicks after i take care of u...but it's not gonna be a man's dick believe me i'll show u hell....that of course if u refuse to cooperate with me and my friends around the world.belguel is on his way to hell right now.i don't think he will ever step in morocco again that of couse if he is not already in there...in that case i don't think he is gonna last very long. i'm being friendly with u so far but my patience has its limits... because of u many girls will be exposed to danger especially in the arab countries where the law are very stricts. u have the ability to do something about that.. live and let other people live as well don't screw any body anymore because i'll srew u..

respect (pour l'instant)What I don't understand is why these self-professed religious devotees, who are prohibited by their faith from viewing photographs of nude women, seem to spend so much time on the internet looking for photos of nude women?

For those of you who are interested, here's his email address so you can let him know your thoughts on his position: sod1111@yahoo.fr

Lover Boy
05-28-04, 18:35
Most religion fanatic are all srewed up in any country. Surely double standard. I wanted to make sure they get free subscription to many porno sites, thanks for their email.

Damm man, if Bin la din is not already dead he must be doing the whole clan of 40 thives, bin is ali baba.

Even here in NY if you look in Astoria area these Arabs hang out in most spanish clubs & bang our kind. So to all fuck head religious people, we all are playing a fair game.

Lover Boy

Member #1764
06-14-04, 05:56
Aren't we supposed to report those people, who ask for info. regarding sex with minors, to the cops? This is serious!

Lover Boy
06-18-04, 02:59
Southpaw should be banned for sending thse out to some members

Southpaw wrote on 06-12-04 00:23:

Fuck you asshole

Rolly Polly
06-25-04, 16:37

Florida Buyer has gone to far!

06-25-04, 17:45

06-26-04, 01:56
In the defense of Gpiper, I have to agree. I read Florida Buyer's posts and it was getting downright silly!

06-28-04, 23:03
Good Afternoon Jackson:

Please ban Florida Buyer.

He is not adding anything of value to the board, and is basically taking up bandwidth.


06-29-04, 09:11
Reason: Multiple personal attacks.

This guy deserves congratulations for being the first Forum Member to be banned for repeatedly attacking another Forum Member.

I guess now I'll have to formulate, monitor and enforce yet another Forum Policy, this one limiting Forum Members to a specific number of Personal Attack warnings.

Lucky Me.


P.S. Damn I'm tired of this sort of BS.

07-03-04, 17:45
Reason: Multiple reports containing personal attacks, multiple PMs containing personal attacks.

Here's an example of a couple of his PMs that were forwarded to me by Forum Members:

I Love Sluts wrote on 07-01-04 18:58:

You dirty old man, you could not laid in a ***** house with a hundred dollar bill on your forhead. Your mother should be ashamed of you, taking advantage of panamanians for cheap sex. I shit on you and your worthless life, you old man with viagra. Do not come back to Panama city, you are not even worth the value of my shit, your mother is a *****.




Your mother is a whorrre who fucks nigggers for 5 dollars so that she can pay her crack cocaine habit. So that makes you a son of a whorre and a son of a crack mother. I live in Panama City, i would love for you to try to find out where I live , good luck, but I have plenty of security you niggerr lover. I shit on you and your life, come on down here back to panama, I will see you in caledonia area, unless you are scared. Your 54 year old life is worthless, I shit on all your great sluuts that you have found, they look like ass.




I Love Sluts wrote on 07-02-04 03:54:

Your mother is a slanted eyed gook that only eats rice. We killed all you nips/gooks when we invaded your country many years ago. You slanted eyed bastard , do not come back to Panama City, go back to japon/ vietnam etc.


ILS Obviously this guy doesn't play and get along well with others.

The bottom line: My time is valuable, and I just got tired of dealing with him.

07-25-04, 00:13
Reason: Insulting the webmaster, as follows:


You delete my post but you don't delete shit like this written by KOS: </quote>Panamanians are socially low class people without education whom cannot be trusted. You cannot trust Panamanians at all. I believe the movie "blow" is the summary of the Panamanian people. The poor guy was robbed of all of his money due to the Panamanians stealing the money. These Panamanians are socially disgusting people.</Quote>

So if we are all socially low class people then what does that make you? Lower than a snake's belly i would imagine.

Rolly Polly
07-29-04, 19:35

What's with Domino calling everyone a "kiddyfucker" time and time again? He's been so busy expressing anger that he has all but stopped providing useful posts.

You know I'm always good for a suggestion, but this one speaks for itself. No need to say the B word here.

07-29-04, 19:40

I had no idea there were no many nasty mo- fo's out there.

Thanks for watching ALL the boards. Everyone should read this section for insight on what not to post.


07-29-04, 21:15
How does the banning work? Won't they just sign up again with another alias and use a different IP address?

I appologize for the noobness of this question.

Yes, but it slows themdown having to go through the multiple step procedures to re-register and get approved to post reports.



Lover Boy
07-31-04, 23:27

Waiting on your response, I wish I could block receiving PM from Nightcrawler. He posted this on queens section for not providing info. HE KEEPS INSULTING ME.....

Regular Member
Reports: 35

Just to show you all how much of a DUMB ASS lover boy is, he copies what I emailed to him giving LE more ammunition. Stupid Ass

09-08-04, 02:35
This member has the distinction of being the first Forum Member to be banned under the new "Serial Antagonist" rule, which essentially states that any member that has 5 or more reports that were edited or deleted due to personal attacks on other Forum Members will be banned.

My Alias
09-08-04, 02:43
i'm not asking for a ban yet, because he's had some very entertaining posts. but lately lookingforlefty of the milwaukee, wis., board has made a couple of posts where it sounded like he was describing a [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and not pay-for-play between two consenting adults. please keep an eye on him. thanks.

09-14-04, 21:27
Reason: Using the WSG Forum to promote a personal forum in the Toledo, Ohio section.

Beer Guzzler
09-21-04, 21:56
just out of curiosity i read about lookingforlefty after reading oosikman's report on him. that was definitely [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)!


i hope you don't condone this type of activity by mongers and should be enough evidence to band this scum bag.

beer guzzler

Snow Runner
10-15-04, 09:18
Just for fun,

Pete Rose was banned from the baseball hall of fame. I saw the documentary and it would apear that from their dramatic (could be exagerated I understand) display of his actions it might be justified. However, should Pete ever show up on this board, please don't ban him from this game too.

10-28-04, 16:59
Reason: Insulting the webmaster:

From: Dave Dave dagambler70@hotmail.com
To: wsgforum@mailblocks.com
Subject: hey dipshit..
Sent: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:34:26 +0000

Hey anal asshole...how about sending me my password so that I can log in to the forum..this is the second time I have asked for a password retrieve and the second time I have not recieved one...and yes I did confirm my account ..so how about taking your head out of your ass for a second and doing something that is not prone to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off 95% of your user community..

spelling, and punctuation on a sex forum...you have to be joking..

Latin assWhat else do I need to say?


Joe Zop
10-28-04, 17:34
Wow -- astonishing! I'm sure he'll be sorely missed :D but at least he chose an appropriate user name...

11-13-04, 16:38
Check out Alias in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, NEEDS ATTENTION.

11-14-04, 01:19

See the little triangle thingy with a red outline and an exclamation mark in the center of it, located at the right corner of the upper border of the post? If you click on that little icon you are taken to a "report bad post" window.



11-29-04, 01:18
Reason: Requesting information about finding she-males in the Czech Republic section.

Hello, I'm interested in meeting shemales. Do somebody know some in prag or in czech rep, or maybe in germany ?