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04-08-09, 07:44
No food between 5PM and 7:15PM. Breakfast was good, but dinner was of Oase quality (not good).

"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman", :-)! I 've been many times to ACC, but I never received a dinner in ACC of Oase Quality!

The times they are changing ... .

Kind regards,

Ekliges Lauern
04-08-09, 08:11
I 've been many times to ACC, but I never received a dinner in ACC of Oase Quality!

The times they are changing ... .

Kind regards,

I'll defer to your superior experience. I have only visited the club once. I was getting seriously pissed off waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the evening grazing as I was very hungry.

So when can we expect to see a club review on Acapulco from you <grin>? Were you planning on keeping the club all to yourself?

04-08-09, 08:38
I'll defer to your superior experience. I have only visited the club once. I was getting seriously pissed off waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the evening grazing as I was very hungry.

So when can we expect to see a club review on Acapulco from you <grin>? Were you planning on keeping the club all to yourself?

I would never use the words "superior experience". I visited ACC 8-10 times and Oase, please do not ask me how many times. Food in Oase was always bad. That was not my experience in Velbert. I was also hungry in ACC and I waited sometimes. Not everything is perfect in ACC. The only thing I had no complaints about was the food!

Kind regards,

04-08-09, 15:00
That's the problem with being on this side of the atlantic, I'm always late getting in on the fun. I suppose it's too late to yell: Food Fight!!!

I must remember, it's about the women.

04-10-09, 15:39
Duralong has submitted not just a single report, but rather a series of reports on his recent sojourn to clubs in NRW. I found this series of reports a good read and offering valuable insight into both the clubs and their current conditions as well as an added bonus in the end. I will not reveal that bonus, it is best discovered by the reader in order. To that end, Duralong has cleverly linked his reports, one to the other, commencing with: 868394 I consider this to be must reading for anyone starting out in the game, even if you are not going to these specific clubs. His tour mirrors mine, in that they are both for the same duration with the same frequency of activity. That being said, even though I am going to different clubs, I found his insight into the internal climate of the clubs in these economic times to be valuable. He has also given me something else to consider, something anyone doing this should consider! ;)

Angus Magee
04-13-09, 08:41
....reports on his recent visits to Artemis & La Folie. Nice detail and some very hot writing about his GFE with the lovely, and tall, Russian, Aida.


Charles Browne
04-13-09, 09:01
The "Editor" suggested that I or someone else post a link to my recent reports in this thread, and I an happy to oblige:

These three reports describe my adventures in FKK La Folie and FKK Artemis. I give details about the venues, sales pitches, tobacco pullution, and of course the various girls I met and sessioned with.

La Folie and Lina: 868976
Artemis and Conchetta: 869183
Artemis and Aida: 869254

Enjoy the reading!

04-14-09, 20:07
****Ekliges Lauern’s Easter 2009 Odyssey****

Ekliges Lauern provides us an epic account of his Easter 2009 trip to Germany’s FKKs and sauna clubs. The man manages to get to a club for each full day of his trip. This job takes stamina, dedication and a fondness for women. Ekliges Lauern writes well in a stream of consciousness style that is easy to read. Enjoy the re-counting of the first hand account in the links below:

Friday, 3 April FKK World
The Sofia – Bucuresti-Pohlheim Express

Saturday, 4 April FKK Palace
Farewell to Palace, doener macht schooner, or twice as nice

Sunday, 5 April FKK Oase
2 days at Oase - Ekliges Lauern finds his blasen (blowjob) queen

Monday, 6 April FKK Oase
2 days at Oase

Tuesday, 7 April FKK Acapulco
Part 1: Acapulco

Wednesday, 8 April FKK Acapulco
Part 2: Acapulco, Holy Shit!!

Thursday, 9 April Sauna Club Golden Time
3 days at Golden Time

Friday, 10 April Sauna Club Golden Time
3 days at Golden Time

Saturday, 11 April
FKK Acapulco

Sauna Club Golden Time
3 days at Golden Time

Sunday, 12 April
Returns home content and with fond memories and begins planning his next trip to Deutschland for more fun and games.

Ekliges Lauern indeed gives back to this forum and deserves his senior status.

04-17-09, 00:03
Yes, he is back, and in style: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=867835

So, Routard, my friend, you tried to make a break from the monger life, but you just could not do it permanently. Kinda reminds me of the last verse from The Eagles' song "Hotel California":
Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
'Relax,' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

Ekliges Lauern
04-24-09, 03:23
Normally I don't like reviews that are missing names, but Zman23's rookie review is probably the best newcomer of 2009. I got a stiffy just reading the Hungarian "sisters" section of the review. BC, we are heading to Oase and you are pointing out the "sisters" for me. Don't tell me they aren't really sisters. I'm not listening.


04-30-09, 05:20
Iseeu goes to Mettmann (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=865818), then to the Hof (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=867534), then rounds the world (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=875960), finally finishes at the Oase (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=876145).
It took him a while to post, but it is worth following his path.

John Moore
04-30-09, 12:28
Just thought I should share it with you other nice members. First two days (23rd & 24th of April) I was at FKK Palace and the third and last (25th of April) I spent in the sun at FKK Oase. Hope you enjoy!

FKK Palace 23 & 24 April


FKK Oase 25 April


(EDIT: Michelle at FKK Oase is NOT from Germany but from Switzerland, sorry about that and thanks Smuler for pointing that out)

05-02-09, 00:29
He is over 50 and just popped his FKK cherry. Good read! Oase: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?p=876460#post876460 and Palace: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?p=876469#post876469
Excellent work, Myrmidon!

05-10-09, 19:00
DFWdude was in La Luna in Moers recently, a known bareback club, and he had a great session that resulted in a deep creampie!

I love his description of what the girl did after they had sex, lol he he:

She began to dig my splooge out of herself...Hope ya didnt contract HIV dude?

Anyway here is the report:


Also he visited Oase and finds that it has gone downhill.


Angus Magee
05-12-09, 16:37
....midnight muse in the always charming Ella but then hits a dud with Juliana.

As always an excellently written, entertaining & informative report.


Many Thanks.

Angus Magee
05-15-09, 19:03
....and finds the girl a little demanding.


Great post Ozzman. I look forward to the second part and also your MR experience.


05-15-09, 22:33
Strato reports on his recent return to Oase, finding it to be improved in the smell of the locker area, though overall cleanliness is still somewhat in doubt. He also offers a valuable insight: even though he was aware of a mini-convention of ISGers on one of his visits, he respected their privacy and did not invade. Good on you! And may I say, humbly, I hope it was my post that helped with the directions to Oase.(876460) I would also concur with your assessment that in the good weather the outdoor clubs win hands down. That being said, if one was planning an evening approach, then the playing fields are changed again. Thanks for the reviews and insight on the clubs.

Angus Magee
05-19-09, 16:28
....for the first time and seems to do alright.


Thanks for the report

05-20-09, 03:22
Planning a Sept trip back to the Promised Land. Hope that Linda (Czech) will still be there!

Public Trans to Oase is easy, efficient and cost effective. As reported by BasketCase some months ago. See details below. If a travel neophyte like me can figure it out. Well, then anyone can with the detailed instructions below. (from Hauptbahnof). See other posts for public trans from Airport to Oase.


TO OASE via Train/Cab. Friedrichsdorf stop worked for me.

The S5 train in 2009 is only 3. 70€ one way from the Hauptbahnof (Hbf). Taxi from Friedrichsdorf station to FKK Oase is 9 € each way so it is around 25. 40€ for return travel. Taking the taxi from Bad Homburg v. D Höhe which is the train station two stops before Friedrichsdorf is 15€ one way so you save the difference between the two routes of 12€ return trip by getting to Friedrichsdorf (Taunus). You should not have a problem getting a cab from Friedrichsdorf although getting a taxi in Bad Homburg is a surer bet as taxis are more numerous there because it is a larger town with spa and casino attractions.

So if you are starting from the Frankfurt Hbf main train station and taking the S5 train and taxi combination route then this is what you do. At the Hbf you can look for the yellow time table schedule posters on walls around the Hbf or ask the Hbf Die Bahn service desk for a printed out schedule for your route. You will also find your train's departure time and the platform from the schedule.

Next you need train tickets. You can buy tickets from automatic vending machines, and the cost is 3. 70€ one way. To buy tickets go to the automated ticket vending machine found in the Hbf. At the top of the machine you will see a couple of buttons with different flags on them. The second one from the left is English. Press that button to get instructions in English. The screen says something about what is your destination. The code to type in for Friedrichsdorf is 5125. Upon entering this you will be asked to select if you want to buy a single ticket. Select the "zuchstag" button located in the middle of the machine as you look down. The machine will then ask you to choose between 2 routes. Select 1 which is via Bad Homburg. This is the cheaper priced ticket. The other higher priced ticket is a more roundabout and circuitous route going around the other side of Frankfurt. Take your ticket and head down to Gleis (track) 104.

The trains for the S-Bahn are on the underground or lower level of the main train station on track number 104. Follow the S-bahn signs or the platform number signs for Gleis 104. You are looking for the S5 (Bad Homburg line) train to Friedrichsdorf which is the last train stop on that line. When the train comes to the platform which is typically on time, make sure that it is the S5 and the destination is Friedrichsdorf as some trains stop at Bad Homburg two stops before Friedrichsdorf. The Friedrichsdorf trains were half as frequent as the Bad Homburg ones I noted. If it helps the S5 train leaves at 24 and 54 minutes past the hour and Friedrichsdorf is the last stop. Depending on it is the work day or the weekend timetable the train trip takes approximately 26 or 28 minutes to reach Friedrichsdorf and is very convenient. The train announces each stop it makes and which side of the train that you exit – whether it is left or right hand side from the perspective of the train’s direction, so you can listen out for your stop. Friedrichsdorf is the last stop on that S5 line so that is also a clue too.

Sit towards the back of the train because it stops near the entrance to the underpass at Friedrichsdorf that you need to take to get to the other side of the tracks. Get off to your left hand side of the train. There usually are 1-5 taxis in the parking lot but sometimes you may need to wait for one or call one. It should be less between 8€ to 10€ one way to Oase from Friedrichsdorf. I have been charged 8€ mainly during 2008 but also 10€ at times by taxi drivers at night times. Taxis are allowed to charge a surcharge at night times, weekends and holidays. In 2009 the taxi charges in daytime seem to be about €9 on the meter.

The advantage in getting off at Friedrichsdorf versus Bad Homburg v. D Höhe as said above is that the taxi fare to Oase is about half the price. But note you can also exit the train at Bad Homburg v. D Höhe and go to Oase for about 15€ each way. The taxis are a bit more numerous at the Bad Homburg station than at Friedrichsdorf and the train trip is only 20-25 minutes so a little bit quicker than getting to Friedrichsdorf. So consider Bad Homburg v. D Höhe at off peak times like early weekend afternoons. You can wait 45-60 minutes for a taxi at Friedrichsdorf. It does depend upon the commuter volumes and luck.

What I found is that if there is no taxi at the Friedrichsdorf station you call either 06172 99 77 77 or 06007 99 13 91. Both are local taxi phone numbers in Friedrichsdorf and they all know where FKK Oase is. Having a cell phone is very handy in this case as I had to call 06172 99 77 77 for a taxi to come collect me from Friedrichsdorf station to Oase. The taxi came to pick me up in a few minutes as their main office is in Friedrichsdorf village which is about 600 metres away. If you do not have a mobile or cell phone then there is a T mobile public phone at the station, but you may need a calling card. Once you are in the taxi, the taxi ride takes 5-6 minutes.

There is also the option of going to Burgoholzhausen v d H for the same €3. 70 one way ticket and then walking the rest of the way to FKK Oase and skip the taxi. Please note that a one way train ticket from Frankfurt Main airport to Burgoholzhausen v d H is also €3. 70 one way. So if starting from the Frankfurt Main airport, go to platform 1 and take the S8 or S9 from Frankfurt Main airport to the Frankfurt hbf (11 minutes) where you arrive at the Frankfurt Hbf on platform 101/102 and then go up the stairs to change to the adjacent platform over for 103/104 platforms and wait at platform 104 where the S5 to Friedrichsdorf (26-28 minutes) leaves from. At Friedrichsdorf you change for the HLB (light train) to Burgholzhausen v d H (one stop 3 minutes).

When you get to Burgholzhausen v d H Bahnhof it is then a 2 kilometre walk to FKK Oase through Burgholzhausen v d H village then along Ober Erlenbacher Strasse to number 109 which is where FKK Oase is. I allow myself 25 minutes to walk the 2 kilometres along the grassy verge of Ober Erlenbacher Strasse. The HLB is a one line railway and so it is the one platform to pick it up going backwards and forwards from Friedrichsdorf to its final destination in Friedberg (which is on the die Bahn way to Giessen for World)

Zman23 then says he came back via taxi to Frankfurt city which is convenient and costs just over €40 depending on if you are travelling in day time or night time remembering that there is a surcharge for unsocial hours.

Renting a car is a good option as it provides flexibility and you are not tied to the train timetables. There are deals from Frankfurt airport for €19 a day for unlimited mileage including insurance if you hire for 3 days. You can also hire cars for the one day too from €9. 99 as well if you book in advance and if you believe the advertising.

Strato reports on his recent return to Oase, finding it to be improved in the smell of the locker area, though overall cleanliness is still somewhat in doubt. He also offers a valuable insight: even though he was aware of a mini-convention of ISGers on one of his visits, he respected their privacy and did not invade. Good on you! And may I say, humbly, I hope it was my post that helped with the directions to Oase.(876460) I would also concur with your assessment that in the good weather the outdoor clubs win hands down. That being said, if one was planning an evening approach, then the playing fields are changed again. Thanks for the reviews and insight on the clubs.

Angus Magee
05-20-09, 16:11
...of his Berlin adventures.


Good work Ozzy. Too bad about Adriana. Better luck next time I hope. I was also at Artemis on a basketball night and found it awful. Sausage Party.

And I look forward to the third installment when you have the time to write & post.


05-25-09, 02:58
I had read about Czech Linda and thought that I had missed her at Oase. But based on MPL's description, I am sure she was the Adriannna I thought was from Poland / Czech.

Adriana (Czech Linda/Karolina) had arrived and was engrossed with a probable regular. She is easily recognised from afar as tallish, swinging pendulous F cups, luscious lips, and the trademark neck scarf or neckband. Hair had been dyed with blondish blended streaks. But still some brown.
Pretty much the usual session with Linda/Adriana/Karolina (call her whatever you like), but usual with her is superb. Extended kissing enjoying the luscious lips, DATY, BBBJ, Sex in a couple of positions and finish with a long slow BBBJ with CIM. Those who like soft and slow will really enjoy.

Seems she doesn't work every day but Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday seem like good bets for next visit. Says she has been at back at Oase for about a month and was back in Czech for a short while before that maybe. I am still reliving the dream. Thanks guys.885179

05-27-09, 23:02
Gigabyte40 enjoyed himself (and the girls) at FKK Living Room in Kaarst.


05-28-09, 23:57
Post number 4000 in the Oase thread: Iseeu does one of my favorites Selina/Celine (whatever..): http://internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=886140&postcount=4000
I cant' wait until MOnday, when I make my return to Oase. Must give Selina another spin :D

Hey; this is my own post number 1000! Cool, I am triple digit now.

Ozzy Ozzman
06-02-09, 21:42
Call me brazen, but I'm posting a link to my own report. This Part III sums up my trip to Berlin about a month ago.



06-03-09, 13:34
One of our board's most "popular" members delivers a masterpiece of a report.

Clearly one of the most insightfull and entertaining pieces I've read in a while...where oh where did you draw your inspiration from, I wonder...?


06-05-09, 08:27
Great epic entry -the saga of Saturday is here:


Angus Magee
06-06-09, 12:07
...and treats us to two extensive reports.


Many thanks for the reports Halljo.

And your English is pretty darned good.

06-22-09, 23:52
Toscana makes an AM visit to Oase, and finds many of the AM shift stalwarts AWOL. But like a poker pro, the discerning monger pro can take any cards that he's dealt and make a good hand out of it. Read how the pros do it in his excellent report Appeasing the FOPO (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=895775&postcount=4147).

As always in this master's hands, the writing is crisp, with a self-deprecating wit and replete with great details and scenes. Well done.

07-05-09, 04:30
EL does the Palace. What could be more patriotic than celebrating the 4th with a fuckathon? ... nice reporting, too:

07-09-09, 23:32
Lookoflove7's scores a hat trick (three) with the Czech Milka Gang of Gina, Evelina and Angelina with Angelina taking a hard pounding up the tradesman's entrance. All three girls are Czech, blond, and big breasted explaining the Milka reference. Talk about keeping to certain type!! Lookoflove7 knows what he likes. Read all about it in 902581.

Plezure Seeker
07-14-09, 21:55
Ok, I know it says. That a suggestion to post in the forum of distinction. Is not a reward, but I'll take it as one anyway. Read my shout out to all mongers that complain about FKKs or those who have never been lucky enough to get to one.


07-16-09, 03:56
Great report, Xenon: http://internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=905116

Ekliges Lauern
07-21-09, 12:29
Marlow demonstrates what the forum is all about, sharing information. The review gives a nice sense of what it is like to be there. Almost makes me want to give the club another chance.


07-24-09, 09:09
2 Great reports from Italian Buz with lots of info about the girls and an interesting perspective from his non-forum member friend, who was mesmerized by his first visit ever to a German Club. Well done, IB.

Part 1 908115

Part 2 908116

Angus Magee
07-25-09, 13:47
.... a Thursday visit to Artemis where he meets the very lovely Ella from Russia.

Parts 1,2&3


Thanks for the report. It seems that the general consensus is that Artemis is experiencing a bit of a summer lull at the moment.


08-04-09, 21:04
Tommyseville spends an evening in Oase and provides his fellow ISG members with a blow by blow account of his adventure. Very well written report!


08-04-09, 21:10
Never shy at blowing my own trumpet, this report provides some information with regard to car rental and travelling to the FKKs (particularly Oase and World) located away from Frankfurt. Also some details of my very first night in Oase.


08-10-09, 23:29
Creature2 visits FKK Hawaii (Ingolstadt) and finds it to be a bit of a curates egg (some good but also some bad points!). A report which is worth reading if only to see how this club matches up to its nearest Bavarian rival; the famous FKK Colloseum.


Angus Magee
08-20-09, 18:22
...of his weekend at Artemis


Many thanks for the report A99

08-21-09, 22:32
The track-and-field world championships are in Germany right now. So it is completely understandable that someone with the name Duralong would enroll in the marathon competition. Start here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?p=919494#post919494) and then click along.

Angus Magee
09-01-09, 16:10
... a swath through Artemis on a two day Tour of Duty and has the dubious distinction of causing one the Artemis lovelies to retire due to an unexpected, for her anyway, BBBJCITWCS (BBBJ cum in throat with choking and spitting).


Good work soldier. I am not sure if we should pin a medal on you or throw you in the brig.

And names-we need names!!

Thanks for the report M 1


Angus Magee
09-14-09, 16:34
first trip to Artemis in fine style.


Many thanks Falco2


Angus Magee
09-16-09, 16:06
... Artemis Russian MILF posse (or is that pussy?).


Thanks for the report Toscana. I am not sure that you have convinced me to try a session with Irina but good to have the intel.


Capt Dan
09-25-09, 00:15
Strato visits Oase and meets some of the lovely ladies.

Informative piece regarding some Oase SPs.



Capt Dan
09-25-09, 01:12
Ableyone provides a well written and realistic report on his recent visit to Living Room.



Capt Dan
09-27-09, 02:27
Design Pro recounts a recent and initial visit to Oase. Seems like he had a blast. Well written and informative piece.


Capt Dan
10-01-09, 00:37
Angus Magee reports on Artemis 4 Year Birthday Bash. Although the festivities were in full swing, AM finds the event somewhat lacking. Well written and informative piece.



Capt Dan
10-03-09, 12:42
Booner73 visits Palace for the first time and finds the place to his liking! Well written and detailed report.


Capt Dan
10-04-09, 13:55
Booner73 continues his adventure in Palace and still finds nothing to dislike about the place! Another well written and detailed report.


Angus Magee
10-06-09, 16:06
....treats us to his top 5 favorites.


Great list Charlie.

Many thanks


Angus Magee
10-06-09, 16:37
...has a two day fuck fest and lives to write about it.


Thanks for the reports Marwar

10-09-09, 05:07
returns to Oase after a bit of an absence and discovers old friends and makes new ones. Sounds like a nice, relaxing way to pass a couple of days in paradise. Thanks John.

10-11-09, 12:14
Kahului does Palace in five parts in two days:

Part I: Friday, 2 October 2009 afternoon engagement
Part II: Friday, 2 October 2009 evening engagement
Part III: Wednesday, 7 October 2009 afternoon engagement
Part IV: Wednesday, 7 October 2009 evening engagement
Part V: Summary

Kahului provides coverage of his two day visit to Palace broken into 5 parts where the first four parts are broken into two afternoon sessions and two evening sessions and the fifth part is a summary of learnings made from the visits. Part V provides much food for thought. Kahului writes clearly and positively on his Palace experience. It just about makes me want to go back to Palace.

10-25-09, 21:27
My recent report on Artemis in Berlin: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=944860&postcount=888. I think someone going there for the first time might find it helpful, and it also reviews a few girls.

10-26-09, 08:53
This one is a natural! A ray of informational sunlight cuts through the overcast sky:


Thanks for this, Angus!


10-27-09, 23:10
This one is a natural! A ray of informational sunlight cuts through the overcast sky:


Thanks for this, Angus!


Wtf: Might as well add the next two installments of this FKK Odyssey:



Great reading...Amazing that out of the girls Angus sessions with at Oase, I've also sessioned with all but one of them...and I have never even met Angus or shared notes. Independent discovery of the same Oase talents!

Angus Magee
10-28-09, 18:53
...on victory and "failure" at Samya in a humorously well written report.


Many Thanks for the report Toscana


10-31-09, 01:17
Perhaps the best series of reports you will ever find on the hobby, with the ups and the downs, the ruminations of the of the mind and the soul, honest observations of the energy and scene, and the intimate descriptions of the pleasures of the flesh. A true opus and as others have suggested would be the unassailed front runner for the Reports of the Year award.

Each one of these is a standalone gem, but together they are simply a magnificent chronicle of an FKK tour and a masterpiece of writing. Each of us is in his debt for putting in such an effort for the common benefit of this community and allowing us such an intimate insight into the mongering mind;

Chapter 1- The Preamble;
Chapter 2- Samya;[url=]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=945360&postcount=392 (]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=944948&postcount=1390[/url)
Chapter 3- Bernd's;
Chapter 4- Oase Part 1;[url=]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=946297&postcount=4779 (]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=945963&postcount=1403[/url)
Chapter 5- Oase Part 2;
Chapter 6- Overview and Wrap-up;[url=]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=948005&postcount=4194 (]http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=946723&postcount=4788[/url)

This is as good as it gets and should be savored and enjoyed to the very last.

Thanks man. Was well worth my meager effort to get reports like these.

Angus Magee
11-10-09, 16:54
...us to an excellent Samya follow up report.


Most definitely RoD worthy Toscana.



11-12-09, 10:06
Xenon is blessed to be allowed a preview of paradise (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=951578&postcount=17). He likes what he sees, even though this one is located in a red building in in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and not beyond the pearly gates. While he does find "companions, good, beautiful, bashful, dark-eyed Houris, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches, with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes; young, full-breasted maidens, beloved by nature",alas he joins the ranks of the disbelievers since none have been"sheltered in tents, pure and undefiled; dark-eyed virgins whom neither man nor Jinn have touched before-“"

So is this paradise or what?

Excellent literary writing style, with scholarly allusions to prophetic visions, sly humor, intricate details, and great descriptive action scenes all in the mix.
Well done, and thanks for the effort in putting this on "paper" and educating us on the perils of paradise.

Angus Magee
11-12-09, 16:47
Great report! I look forward to more.


I was especially taken with the aside regarding Nelly Arcan. I goggled her and found several moving tributes to this seemingly remarkable young woman who must have had some demons.

In particular this one


A beautiful woman.



Capt Dan
11-13-09, 22:54
Regnad says farewell to Oase but not before meeting Ms. Heidi. Another installment of Regnads adventures in FKK-Land. A well written and entertaining piece.



Capt Dan
11-13-09, 23:00
Another installment in Regnads travels in the Land of the FKK. This time he visits World and encounters the beautiful Daria!



Angus Magee
11-14-09, 09:11
...20 year anniversary of the fall of the wall with a trip to Artemis.


Great report.

Many thanks


Angus Magee
11-15-09, 09:18
Blue Swede reports on his visits to Artemis this week. A number of good tips here.


Many Thanks Blue


Capt Dan
11-16-09, 00:42
Regnad says farewell to World but is yet again set alight by the beautiful Daria!
Another installement in Regnad's adventures in FKK-Land.

Unfortunately this is the final installment for this trip and we hope Regnad returns to Germany to yet again entertain us with his elegantly written reports.



Capt Dan
11-16-09, 00:50
Sage34 visits World but takes a dislike to the Champagne which is on offer. However, he finds that the lovely Eva is very much to his liking.


11-16-09, 17:23
...or hope we do.

Beauty is only skin deep, as plover23 does some learning for us all. Fortunately, he takes his lesson well and fills us in with grace.


Angus Magee
11-28-09, 09:15
...back door Artemis adventures.


Thanks for the report CB

Charles Browne
11-29-09, 18:53
...and in his usual fashion writes a great report about it.

We are informed about Bulgarian beauties Nicoletta and Connie, get to learn a bit of new punter lingo; FBE (Fuck Buddy Experience); and also get to dream about impossibly tight behinds (the sort with dimples).

If anyone's posts can be read both for entertainment value and for pure information, it is Angus's.

Thank's for this tutorial, AM!


11-30-09, 14:40
The first, from John Moore gives his impressions on the cleanliness issue. There is the usual encounter with the fabulous Swiss Miss Michelle and a recount of others in the line up including Zamira, who seems to have charmed him quite well.959953

The second is from Talbot. His encounter with Samantha is unfortunate.959799

Between the two reports there is a fairly good account of the ladies that were present that Friday and the Highs and Lows amongst them.

Harry Hymes
12-01-09, 10:29

Amazing, useful, comparative guide, with more than 20 different factors evaluated. A true service to the community.

Angus Magee
12-01-09, 17:34
....at a Christmas party.

A well written and exceedingly funny report that could just give you wood.


Thanks for the laugh


Angus Magee
12-09-09, 16:21
...to World and writes us his usual entertaining, informative report.


Many thanks Toscana


Angus Magee
12-10-09, 16:39
... for the St. Nics party and seems to have a great time. The report is short but packed with useful info & some very funny observations.


Great report Samplerr.



12-19-09, 19:19
Great reports from Basketcase, he deserves to be here, enjoy:




Capt Dan
12-20-09, 01:11
Another comprehensive and informative report from Basketcase as he revisits GoldenTime for yet another day of fun and sexual adventure. This report and the three Reports of Distinction below (as written by Baskercase and as recommended by Lukasek) provide an excellent example, to the uninitiated, of how to sample the delights of both Oase and World (close to Frankfurt) and then travel to the North West of Germany (near Dusseldorf) and repeat the pleasure and entertaining exploits in the fantastic FKK Club that is GoldenTime.



Angus Magee
01-16-10, 09:38
....and falls in love in two parts.


Thanks for the report. Monica sounds a real sweetie.


Angus Magee
01-16-10, 09:41
variety is indeed the spice of life. And in Artemis he find variety.


edit, 2nd report added.




01-16-10, 23:32
In this great series of reports, GFE Finder finds some GFE at Bernd's over the span of 3 successive days. Some great writing here and descriptions of the unique scene, vibe and experiences that can be only had at the Best Little W***house in Germany.
Day 1: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=976967&postcount=1480
Day 2: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=976967&postcount=1479
Day 3: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=976967&postcount=1478

Alot of time and dedication go into writing reports of this length, composition and depth. Thanks for the effort.

Charles Browne
01-23-10, 07:46
Macca 74 comes out of lurk mode with a report about three of the ladies at Artemis, and proves once again that this forum in an invaluable aid when trying to pick the right ladies.


Macca 74
01-24-10, 21:00
Another great report from the Artemis expert:


Angus Magee
01-25-10, 11:11
....on what seems a rather busy Saturday evening.


Thanks Frge...

Good solid reportage.

Your kino experience, especially on a busy night is why I myself avoid the kino. I find I am a sitting duck in the kino, an easy target for girls such as the Polish girl who are not really that interested in giving their best.

But your other two sessions sound like winners. Especially the first.

Also with the fingers-IME FKK girls who accept fingers are the exception-not the rule. I believe this is actually a health issue for them as fingers are generally pretty dirty and carry bacteria-thus bladder infections are a real concern. For a working girl, a bladder infection can knock her out for a week or so and thus reduce income. One can not blame them for this.

I often find that fingers can be introduced in a second or third session when the girl gets to know you a bit and knows you will be gentle-not just thrusting your fingers in and rummaging in her pussy.

01-27-10, 16:56
AM posts the link to documentary "Behind the Scenes at Artemis"


Angus Magee
01-31-10, 13:17
Wayferere writes an entertaining Osae report in which he observes a Japanese FKK tour be processed by the ladies.


Interesting reportage & observations.



Angus Magee
02-01-10, 09:42
....at Oase, falling briefly in to the mouth of a predator but ultimately enjoying an enthusiastic session with a Romanian beauty.


Thanks Jmc. If any names do occur to you, please do post.


Angus Magee
02-01-10, 09:46
....Nukrimo hooks up with the finest that club has to offer.


Thanks for the great report and I loved the Limerick. Rhyming "Venezuela" with "budget to hell-a" is a stroke of genius.


Angus Magee
02-02-10, 09:21
...an old favorite and makes has late night rendezvous with a new one at Artemis.


Great report Ozzy. I love the description of the girls getting off shift at the end of the night. Gives the whole thing a very human touch.



02-09-10, 22:08
Banaanovich makes his initial visit to Oase on a Monday night. He claims that he is not a particularly experience monger, noting his previous FKK experiences are limited to two (great) visits to Artemis over the past year or so. Well, whether it's the fact that he started at one of the better clubs or not, what Banaanonvich delivers, IMHO, is a balanced and entertaining report. He displays a sophisticated style, (both in his writing and selection of companions), and taste, not commonly found in newbies. I also found his description of arriving at other than the main Frankfurt terminal quite interesting and useful. Overall, I would thank Banaanovich for his report, welcome him to the board and say that I eagerly await his future entries.

Angus Magee
02-11-10, 20:50
Excellent report of Banaanovich' first visit to Bernds.


Thanks for the report


Angus Magee
02-14-10, 09:12
...variations on the snow job at Oase.


Thanks for your always excellent reports Iseeu. And thanks for remembering me to Zina. Hopefully I will be in the position for a revisit some time soon.


Angus Magee
02-15-10, 09:56
...the Monday crew at Oase in a three part report.


Excellent report Mike with very good detail.

Thanks for taking the time.


Angus Magee
02-18-10, 12:30
A couple of these have already been posted but I find them to be an excellent narrative deserving of their own collected RoD posting. In the 4 reports we follow Babaanovich as he explores some of the finest FKK Germany offers. I particularly enjoy the fresh perspective a new comer to the scene can bring.I also always enjoy when a monger brings his heart & soul along, not just his dick.

Part 1, Oase http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=986301&postcount=5325
Part 2 Cologne http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=986797&postcount=409
Part 3 Bernds http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=986927&postcount=1501
Part 4 Finca Erotica http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=987224&postcount=118

Did I miss any?

Thanks for taking the time, Banaanovich, to write such detailed reports and for throwing yourself into the scene with such unashamed gusto.


Angus Magee
02-19-10, 17:04
Berlin cold weather and finds a few lovelies to keep him warm at Artemis.


Many thanks for the report and too bad our meeting did not work out. Next time maybe.


Angus Magee
02-19-10, 17:08
treats us to a mid February trip report.


Many thanks for the report.


02-22-10, 15:33
John Moore makes a couple of return trips to Oase and reaps the value of being a repeat customer: a couple of the ladies remember him and warmly receive him. Also, he and a group of ISG'ers witness a "Staff Meeting" @ Oase. Good to know so you don't think your in the wrong club if you show up at the wrong time!


P.S. The details given of food etc & lists of ladies puts me in mind of a budding 'mini-B.C.', and I mean this as a compliment to Both Gentlemen.

Angus Magee
02-23-10, 09:39
Traveller does Artemis.


Thanks T Uk. Too bad you missed Tiziana. She is a treat.


02-27-10, 04:18
A gentle dance through a day at Bernds, beautifully described by Mambomike.


Hopefully, our paths will align next trip over, MM.

Angus Magee
02-27-10, 09:25
A short series of reports with plenty of good intel from Bearsk.


I think I got them all. Thanks for the reports Bearsk.


02-28-10, 16:49
Never mind please ignore.

02-28-10, 17:20
I looked on an Asian board, and a bunch of guys from Southeast Asia were absolutely raving about German FKK clubs, saying it was better than Thailand or any Asian country. Many Asian guys I know want Euro type women.

If you are not that Conneseur" dude, then I apologise profusely. Sorry to come down a bit hard, but that guy was so, so annoying and your User Name brought his disturbing posts back to mind.

So I have removed my own comments to harmonise with your own gesture.



02-28-10, 17:28
With all due respect (not volumous), this place is reserved for Reports of Distinction. Your post has absolutely no relevance to that subject. Why post it here? Maybe the General section is better...

Now I'm taking a wild guess here, but you seem to be the same rather unbalanced poster who a few years ago used to fill up this FKK section with completely irrelevant posts, a poster who went by some name starting with letters and ending with FKKConneseur, or something like this. You are back, right, under a new name now? (Jackson, are you reading? Didn't you ban this guy some time in the past?)

If you are the same "unbalanced" guy, who used to always make negative remarks about Australia and seem to be obsessed with some girl you saw ten years ago at Babylon, etc., please, pelase can you restrain yourself from polluting this board with obnoxious and irrelevant comments? If you are not that guy, then apology is on its way, but please can you post your comments, if relevant, in the proper section? Thanks, a whole lot, but I fear this will fall on deaf (or booze-inebriated?) ears...


No I am new to this board, I removed the comment, no intention to annoy.

03-01-10, 03:12
Being a person of generous nature, I'll go ahead and post links to Cap'n Dan's excellent reports on two new clubs, despite the fact that yours truly is referred to in one of them as a "man of senior years."



I'll have you know, Captain, that 60 is the new 20.

Angus Magee
03-06-10, 12:58
Toscana writes a couple of interesting reports of what seems to be a hidden gem-FKK Neuenkirchen.


Great reports Toscana, full of useful intel and as always highly entertaining to read.



Gfe Finder
03-09-10, 01:16
Mambomike writes about his day at FKK Oase. I particularly enjoyed 2 aspects of this report that I'm sure we all can relate to

1. The "single-serving" girlfriend: you click so well with a girl that you'd love to see again, but the odds are difficult to impossible that you will, and you know it.
2. The post-trip "let down": after days of being able to bang hot chicks merely on whim, you see a hot girl but suddenly realize that snagging her will be much harder.


Thanks for a thorough and well-written report!

03-09-10, 19:09
...the famous lines, by my personal idol:

"I did not have sex with that woman..."

"I smoked, but did not inhale..."

LOL I love the denial! Read this and weep...laughing! A real Gem.


03-13-10, 02:00
*** Captain Dan's February 2010 tour of Hessen ***

FKK Sharks
Thursday, 18 February 2010
Captain Dan makes his debut appearance at FKK Sharks 14 days after its official opening on 4 February 2010. He finds that he quite likes its hardware and has immense potential.

Das 5 Element
Friday, 19 February 2010
Captain Dan continues his debut visits with a venture to the Fulda gap to visit Das 5 Element. The new and clean club impresses with the facilities and the freshly cooked food that is prepared from stratch before your very eyes.

Short interim visits to World on Saturday and Oase on Sunday.

FKK World
Monday, 22 February 2010
Captain Dan goes it alone with trepidation to FKK World on a Monday and finds nirvana on what many consider is a slow day in the FKKs. You just never know unless you try.

Capt Dan
03-13-10, 03:51
*** Creature2's Debut Visit to FKK Shark ***

FKK Sharks
Thursday, 18 February 2010

Creature2, that intrepid pioneer of new or undocumented Sex Clubs, visits FKK Sharks and finds that the joint in not without some merit.
He is particularly taken with a young lady by the name of Alice/Alis.

To be read in conjunction with my report on FKK Sharks (also Thursday, 18th February 2010) as this is a different perspective on the same club, on the very same evening/night!
Funnily enough Alice/Alis also features in this report as well!

My report has been kindly posted, immediately below, by Basketcase.

Gfe Finder
03-16-10, 21:54
Or is it the other way around? Banaanovich answers these and other questions and submits another detailed, enjoyable recap of his Monday at Bernds. He captures the intersession banter between the guests and the live porno shows that are one of many reasons that I keep coming back here.

You hope to return and I (and others) look forward to hearing about it!


Angus Magee
03-17-10, 21:35
Score one for the forum as Jay Dawg dodges the infamous Naomi to find paradise in Brazilian arms.


Thanks for the report JD.


Angus Magee
03-19-10, 17:07
As always an entertaining & informative read from Toscana.

And a report from the ISG's newest superstar, Banaanovich, who casts a discerning set of new eyes on the scene.

Toscana http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1000061&postcount=1488

Banaanovich http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=999729&postcount=1480

Many thanks for the reports T & B.


Angus Magee
03-19-10, 17:10
From the better late than never department, OzPunter arrives with a report on his November Artemis foray.


But seriously, thanks for taking the time to post OP


Angus Magee
03-26-10, 18:42
Two reports from Devilspinkick in March.


Many thanks DSK


03-28-10, 10:08
OzPunter wonders whether FKK is still his scene. And finds the answer at GT - including the fabled Romanian twins. Very nice report, full of feeling and insights.



Angus Magee
03-29-10, 17:36
Macca 74 treats us to two days fun at Artemis.


Many thanks for the report Macca.


Capt Dan
03-29-10, 19:59
*** More Excellent Creature2 Adventures ***

Creature2 visits a selection of clubs in the German State of Baden-Württemberg ~ Club Rubin, FKK Lancelot, FKK Pirates-Park & FKK Point Sauna Club!

Link to report: 1003590

That irrepressible traveller Creature2, adventures yet again to the further flung reaches of FKK-Land,
and proves once more that there is life and good fun to be had, for those who dare to journey away from the Hessen Big 3.

Well done Sir! More reports please!

Angus Magee
03-31-10, 08:20
Travelman 10 describes his two day visit in late March.


Many Thanks TM 10


Capt Dan
04-01-10, 00:19
*** Mark User Discovers Treasure in FKK Club Pirates Park ***

Mark User visits FKK Club Pirates Park and finds the place to his liking!

Link to report: 1004470

The adventurous Mark User follows in the footsteps of that great pioneer Creature2 and travels to FKK Club Pirates Park near Bruchsal.
An excellent report which provides some valuable information on one of the lesser known clubs.

Keep up the good work Sir! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Macca 74
04-01-10, 21:41
Bbullersen has fun at Artemis


Nice report. Thanks very much.


Angus Magee
04-02-10, 08:31
Bbullersen checks in with an impressive 5 session (4 girls) at Artemis.


Many thanks for an informative post.


Ozzy Ozzman
04-05-10, 01:10
While doing a search on a girl in the Oase thread, I came across this older posting from Toscana. Admittedly not a report per se, it is still a very finely written and poignant observation that IMO deserves to be read (or re-read) by the masses. I am sure there are many forum members out there who know exactly the feeling being described herein:



Capt Dan
04-05-10, 18:41
*** The Continued Adventures of Mark User ***

Mark User continues his splendid tour of the lesser known and reported FKK clubs.
This intrepid adventurer discovers that there are delights to be had in
FKK Point ( www.fkkpoint-bruchal.de ), FKK Night & Day ( www.fkk-night-day.de ) and Ginger’s FKK Club ( www.gingers-fkk-club.de )

Link to FKK Point (Bruschal) report: 1005777
Link to FKK Night & Day (Bürstadt) report: 1006041
Link to Ginger’s FKK Club (Weinheim) report: 1006054

Following his successful visit to FKK Club Pirates Park (Bruschal),
Mark User ventures ever onward, to discover that a fantastic time can also be had in some of the other clubs in FKK-Land.

Well done Sir! Great to get some more of your excellent reports.

Capt Dan
04-05-10, 19:40
*** Basketcase's February 2010 Oase & World Reports ***

Basketcase, that legendary FKK warrior, returns yet again to FKK-Land and regales us with his adventures in both Oase and World.
The detail and content of these reports never fails to astonish!

Link to FKK World report (Saturday, 6th February 2010): 1005819
Link to FKK Oase report (Sunday, 7th February 2010): 1005823
Link to FKK Oase report (Saturday, 13th February 2010): 1005824
Link to FKK World report (Saturday, 20th February 2010): 1005814
Link to FKK Oase report (Saturday, 21st February 2010): 1005852

The Great Basketcase continues his winter sojourn in the State of Hesse, prior to promised travels further to the north and perhaps to lands beyond!

Well done Sir! Your marvelous reports bring alive, for those of us who cannot always be present,
the atmosphere and promised pleasure of those venerable establishments that are FKK Oase and FKK World.
I do hope that you will continue to entertain and inform us!

Capt Dan
04-06-10, 15:43
*** Angus Magee on Reduced Rate Risks ***

Wise words from Master Monger Angus Magee in repose to an enquiry by that intrepid traveller and FKK frequenter Mark User.

Link to Angus' report here: 1006521

Angus Magee advises on the care required when seeking to take a lady away from the club at a reduced rate.
It is inferred that this response is borne from bitter experience.
Perhaps one day, we will be lucky enough to also get to read this background story too!

A very well written piece of prose and excellent advise too!
Not a report, but writing of this quality deserves honorary mention in the Reports of Distinction thread.

Capt Dan
04-06-10, 22:02
*** Crown Comfort finds Harem Flatrate FKK Club a Bit Dissappointing ***

Crown Comfort provides some interesting information relating to the Harem Flatrate FKK Club ( www.harem-platinum.de ) in Erkath.
He has mixed impressions of both the venue and the hookers present. Indeed if it were not for a little cutie from Thailand, his visit would have been a bit of a disaster!

Link to Crown Comfort's report: 1006661

A short well written report which offers a considered and fair view of this establishment.
Well done Sir! Keep up with the good information. I hope you will try some of the more prominent FKK establishments as well!

Capt Dan
04-07-10, 00:50
*** FKK Oase Report ~ 28th Feb 2010 ***

Basketcase continues his February adventures with another trip to FKK Oase. As usual, this report features one of Basketcase's fabled Line Up Lists.

Link to report: 1006692

The ever resourceful Basketcase continues his February Hesse Tour and revisits Oase, where he finds some reasonable service from Selina (Hungary).

How does this Maestro Monger remember so many names and nationalities!?!

Capt Dan
04-10-10, 15:54
*** Creature2 Travels in the Southwest ***

That magnificent adventurer Creature2 reminisces about his many and recent escapades in southwest FKK-Land.
The great man recounts tales of visits to a selection of lesser discovered FKK/Sauna venues including:
~ FKK-Club Pascha, FKK Panorama, Bahama Club and FKK Fleigenblatt.

Link to Creature2's report: 1007908

Creature2 continues to astound us with his knowledge of the German FKK/Sauna Club scene.
There cannot be very many clubs which have not been visited, at least once, by this well travelled explorer.

A must read for anyone considering adventuring away from the Big 3 Hessen Clubs.
Keep up the good work Sir. More reports please!

Capt Dan
04-10-10, 20:43
*** FKK World & FKK Oase Report ***

The inexhaustible Basketcase returns to both FKK Oase and FKK World in early March 2010.
Both reports, of course, feature one of Basketcase’s legendary Line Up Lists.

Link to FKK Oase report: 1007998
Link to FKK World report: 1007999

With a seemingly endless supply of stamina, the Great Basketcase continues his orgasmic adventures in the State of Hesse.
He offers advice, for the uninitiated, with regard to transportation to FKK World and also finds time to muse about a certain expansion with regard to his own personal girth!

Girls featured: Simona & Romina (FKK World). Keep them reports coming Sir!

Capt Dan
04-11-10, 00:25
*** Iseeu Revisits FKK Bernd’s ***

Iseeu returns to FKK Bernd’s and provides us with a terrific report, which describes the atmosphere and fun which is available at this most famous establishment.

Link to Iseeu’s report: 1008100

The above report, features a complete FKK Bernd’s Line Up List for Thursday 25th March.
The daring Iseeu provides us with an excellent blow by blow account of his successive romps with Leonie, Katja, and Mara
An excellent well written piece.


Damn Iseeu-that report gave me wood ;) Now if you will excuse me.... AM

Capt Dan
04-11-10, 03:30
*** First Time Visit to FKK Palace, FKK Oase & FKK World ***

An excellent series of reports by Vincent Jr, who makes his debut visit to each of the Big 3 Hessen FKK Clubs.

Link to Frankfurt RLD report: 1008007
Link to FKK Palace report: 1008009
Link to FKK Oase report: 1008010
Link to FKK World report: 1008011

Excellent reports by Vincent Jr, written from a newbie’s perspective.
A must read for anyone who has not visited a FKK club! Well done Sir!

04-12-10, 14:54
*** Creature2 Travels in the Southwest ***

That magnificent adventurer Creature2 reminisces about his many and recent escapades in southwest FKK-Land.
The great man recounts tales of visits to a selection of lesser discovered FKK/Sauna venues including:
~ FKK-Club Pascha, FKK Panorama, Bahama Club and FKK Fleigenblatt.

Link to Creature2's report: 1007908

Creature2 continues to astound us with his knowledge of the German FKK/Sauna Club scene.
There cannot be very many clubs which have not been visited, at least once, by this well travelled explorer.

A must read for anyone considering adventuring away from the Big 3 Hessen Clubs.
Keep up the good work Sir. More reports please!

Reports related to, Das Fünf Element and FKK Rom are on the pipe-line, Sir.
More reports to follow (Acapulco and Artemis, as well as some other debauchery clubs but this lack of free time to write, is my main issue). I can only find the necessary time during the flights (when there is no a curious passanger next to my seat, of course!)

Capt Dan
04-12-10, 19:39
*** Creature2 Visits Das5element & FKK Rom ***
>>>>>>>>>> Also some FKK Babylon (Hamburg) information!

Good as his word, that irrepressable traveller Creature2 provides his fellow ISG members with two more excellent reports,
relating to recent February visits to both Das5element and FKK Rom.

Link to Das5element (Friday, 19th February) report: 1008649
Link to FKK Rom (Saturday, 20th February) report: 1008650

FKK Babylon info: 1008694

That most excellent adventurer Creature2 investigates Das5element,
aided and abetted by his FKK buddies The Great Basketcase, the Mysterious Lastman and yours truely Captain Dan. A GREAT time was had by all!
Creature2 proceeds to make a solo visit to FKK Rom, but is less impressed with this establishment!

More terrific reports from this great FKK adventurer!

You can also read my report on Das5element (also Friday, 19th February 2010)
as this is a different perspective on the same club, on the very same evening/night!
Link to my report here:992991

Capt Dan
04-18-10, 21:12
*** Weekend Visit to FKK Oase ***

A weekend visit to FKK Oase (16th ~ 17th April) by Semplerr, despite a slow start, proves to be reasonably successful!

Link to Semplerr's report: 1010655

Despite the fact that many of Semplerr's more favoured ladies were not present, he still manages to have some good fun courtesy of Francesca, Johanna and Lana.

Angus Magee
04-21-10, 10:21
In a two part report Shah Khan reports on Artemis during the recent grounding of flights in Europe.

Parts 1&2


Many thanks S K


04-25-10, 05:08
Marwar58s excellent comparison report on the Hessen Big Three plus Artemis and Coliseum. Makes compelling reading for anyone just getting started and trying to decide where to go. Includes non-FKK references.


Capt Dan
04-27-10, 22:24
*** Xenon U Visits Colosseum FKK Sauna Club ***

A welcome and nicely written report from Xenon U who travels to Augsburg for a visit to Colosseum FKK Sauna Club!

Link to Xenon U's report: 1013939

Keep up the good work Sir. More reports please!

Capt Dan
05-03-10, 14:20
*** Sky Ryder in Das5element ***

A brief but very eventful report from Sky Ryder who visits Das5element on Sunday 2nd May.

Link to Sky Ryder's report: 1015934

Well done Sir! Thanks for keeping us informed about the clubs that you visit!

Angus Magee
05-06-10, 15:55
A couple of reports from Bearsk's early May Artemis visit.


EDIT And a final short report on Bearsk's hungarian firecracker-Gabriela.


Many thanks for the reports and it was a pleasure to meet such an esteemed monger. Hope we can do it again sometime.


05-09-10, 01:00
This is a series of about 8 reports covering DURALONG'S visit to NRW this past April. It covers visits to such clubs as Acapulco, Yin Yang, Living Room, and Golden Time. Having visited these clubs previously and met some of the ladies, this is a journey of re-discovery for DURALONG. And along the way he certainly has his ups and downs, from a Photo-Radar welcome to Germany to a rather "unique" experience that has left him, and myself, shaking our heads.

This is a well written series and I felt I was there with him. Sorry DURALONG, the photo-radar ticket is yours. ;)


Capt Dan
05-11-10, 00:12
*** A Visit to Poland via VillaVertigo & FKK World ***

Kingwenslas provides us with a rare and positive report from VillaVertigo where he ponders upon the fact that some of the hookers get paid by clients to be available whether the guy shows up or not!
The Good Kingwenslas then travels onward to FKK World for another highly enjoyable visit.

Link to VillaVertigo (Wed 14 April 2010) report here: 1018538
Link to FKK World (Thurs 15 April 2010) report here: 1018540

Many thanks Kingwenslas for the great reports and the information provided.
Good to see a positive report about VV.
Word has it that this club has improved considerably.
I might have to check this joint out myself!

For completeness I include a link to Kingwenslas' third report in this series concerning Tips for doing "Privates" in Poland.
Link to Polish report here: 1018542

Capt Dan
05-14-10, 22:14
*** Price of Pussy Comparison ~ Amsterdam RLD Vs German FKK ***

Sybarite2006 struggles to find favourable comparison with the pleasures available in the Amsterdam Red Light District when compared against the delights that can be had on the German FKK Scene.

Link to Sybarite2006's report here: 1020227

A well written and well thought out report which provides useful information for those who are undecided between travelling to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) or Germany!
Incidentally, Sybarite2006 eventually had some reasonable success with a hooker off the internet, but paid an expensive price for the pleasure and also had a near miss or two along the way!

Capt Dan
05-23-10, 22:18
**** Basketcase visits FKK Paradise (Stuttgart) & FKK Palace (Frankfurt) ****

That most excellent fellow and Master Monger Basketcase spreads his wings and travels south to Stuttgart for a fun visit to FKK Paradise
before returning north for an action packed visit to the Frankfurt based sister club, FKK Palace!

Link to Basketcase's FKK Paradise report: 1023519

Link to Basketcase's FKK Palace report (Part 1): 1023512
Link to Basketcase's FKK Palace report (Part 2): 1023633

Great to have some more reports (and line-up lists!) from you Sir!
Without constant and up-to-date reports such as yours, the German FKK section of this board would be a far lesser place.

Angus Magee
05-25-10, 16:20
A good report by way of Sybarite2006.


Thanks for taking the time.


Capt Dan
05-29-10, 02:55
*** Myr visits FKK Palace, FKK Oase, FKK World, FKK Sudfass & Bernd's Sauna Club ***

Police raids and Icelandic volcano be damned!
That fine fellow and keen supporter of this forum Myrmidon, travels accross the pond to FKK-Land for a substantial 8 day jaunt amongst some of the better known FKK/Sauna Club establishments around or not too far from Frankfurt. This man sure has some stamina!

Link to Myrmidon's FKK Palace report (Part 1):- 1025667
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Oase report:- 1025672
Link to Myrmidon's Bernd's Sauna Club report:- 1025676
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Sudfass report:- 1025677
Link to Myrmidon's FKK World report:- 1025673
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Palace report (Part 2):- 1025670

Well done on the successful trip Myrmidon and well done on the excellent reports too! With quality reports like these, it's a great pity that you do not travel more often.
Must read information for any newbie contemplating travel to any of the above clubs. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write these terrific reports.

Angus Magee
06-07-10, 20:08
A good first time report from Ryo Saeba.


Thanks for the report R S


Angus Magee
06-09-10, 08:18
Wry Cooter pens an excellent report of his evening at Villa Vertigo.


Very enjoyable report and writing style Wry. I really felt I was there enjoying the evening as you obviously did. I look forward to reading more report from you-Oase, World?


Angus Magee
06-09-10, 12:04
Creature 2 signs in with a detailed review and analysis of Artemis in Berlin.


Great report C2.



06-10-10, 11:13
Very nice club with friendly girls who enjoy their work.


Angus Magee
06-14-10, 10:23
Alroy makes a couple of trips to Artemis, briefly stumbles, but then find a couple of girls to make it all worth while.


Thanks Alroy for the intel. From your description I wonder if the sad Brazillian girl you mention is Luciana? She was actually the girl to whom I lost my FKK cherry a couple of years back. From your description, especially the saddness she gives off, I think it might be her.



Capt Dan
06-26-10, 15:29
*** Creature2 visits FKK Bel Ami & FKK Salome ***

That most excellent fellow and indomitable traveller Creature2 visits two clubs FKK Bel Ami and FKK Salome which are less often frequented by the ISG membership and reports back with some excellent information on both establishments.

Link to FKK Bel Ami report: 1030906
Link to FKK Salome report: 1036704

Great to have some more reports from you Creature2.
Without guys like you, this board would contain little other than anecdotes about the Big Fuck Factories in Hessen and Berlin.
Keep up the good work!

Angus Magee
06-28-10, 08:52
TravellerUK reports the Artemis mid-summers' action and finds it up to snuff.


Thanks Traveller.


07-03-10, 15:47
Creature 2 makes his June 2010 tour of some of the flat rate clubs and pay per play clubs in Nord Rhein Westfalen.

Day 1: Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Arrival - flat rate fucking - four comes over 7 girls
Pauschal Club, Bochum 1038181

Day 2: Thursday, 17 June 2010
The sister clubs Golden Time and Living Room
Golden Time, Bruggen 1038183
Living Room, Kaarst 1038188

Day 3: Friday, 18 June 2010
Getting in too deep with the Villa Vertigo party
Villa Vertigo, Grerath 1038194

Day 4: Saturday, 19 June 2010
Departure- flat rate club
Penelope, Essen 1038196

Creature2 writes in the first person flow of consciousness style so it makes you understand what it is that is making Creature2 tick.

I wish I was there too :-)

07-03-10, 16:18
London Traveller's visits to Oase and World in Hessen on a bit of business:

Sunday, 27 June 2010
London Traveller does German Tessa and watches England go down in the the England v Germany World Cup football game. At least Tessa went down on London Traveller:-)
Sorry I missed you. I spent 7 hours in the room that day so I was scarce.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010
London Traveller continues the German theme and bags Lynn (de).

** World **
Wednesday, 30 June 2010
London Traveller takes a rest day at World. He admires the girls, enjoys the girls but does make any rooms. I can relate to that when I go to World.
- the main body of the World report 1038439
- addendum discussing the fragrant smell at World 1038657

Thursday, 1 July 2010
Young blond Emma (sk) gets a 2 hour session on the covered mattress in the garden including a London Traveller stiffie in her "super little asshole".

Friday, 2 July 2010
London Traveller finishes his Hessen visit with a finale taking blond Charlene (pl) and platinum blond Evelyne (pl) each in turn to the room.

Angus Magee
07-06-10, 09:37
....the football angle at Bernds with Anna, Leonie and Dana (duo), Katja and finally Mara. Well played Iseeu.


Thanks for the report.


Angus Magee
07-07-10, 07:56
Lookoflove spends 3 day exploring the garden of delights, Artemis, Berlin. He finds a couple of disappointments but also a number of treasures.

Day 1: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1040479&postcount=1356
Day 2: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1040843&postcount=1364
Day 3: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1040864&postcount=1365

Mant thanks Lofl7 for taking the time to write such detailed reports, especially as it seems English is not your usual tongue. That takes efffor and it is appreciated by the forum.



Capt Dan
07-12-10, 21:32
*** Ak233 Visits FKK Palace, Oase & GoldenTime ***

Nicely written, brief but informative reports by Ak233.

Link to FKK Palace report: 1043279
Link to FKK Oase report: 1043255
Link to GoldenTime report: 1043272

Keep up the good work Ak233.

Macca 74
07-15-10, 21:48
A great report from the Sage of Artemis, who marks his return by meeting up with a few other board members.


07-15-10, 23:09
Our resident prosemeister posts an excellently written piece on his return to his muse and long time lover, Artemis. The passing of time has honed his perception and he realizes that the blissful stage of romantic perfection has passed, never to return. In the end, despite his being out of sorts, a tantric goddess with a magic p*ssy, manages to rekindle the erotic flame.
Great reading at http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1044393&postcount=1371.
Thanks Angus for another gem.

Eric Cartman
07-16-10, 07:21
My first-time reports from Frankfurt, Koln, Dusseldorf and related spots in July 2010.

First Time @ Oase: 1039727
First Time @ Finca Erotica: 1040088
First Time @ Planet Happy Garden (PHG): 1040095
First Time @ Goldentime: 1040486
First Time @ Living Room: 1040894
Second Time @ Living Room: 1042211
First Time @ Ying Yang: 1040891
First Time @ Bernd's: 1041846
First Time @ Samya: 1041346
Second Time @ Samya: 1041842
Third Time @ Samya: 1043026

Capt Dan
07-18-10, 14:02
**** Woof Woof visits FKK Manhattan ****

ISG Senior Member Woof Woof spends an evening in FKK Manhattan and although he has some quibbles with the joint,
he finds this new Frankfurt City club a pleasant enough place to visit.

Link to FKK Manhattan report here: 1045430

Thanks for the informative report Woof Woof and I look forward to reading your next report from this venue.

Macca 74
08-01-10, 19:09
Angus returns to Artemis and meets up with an old acquaintance.


Another great, in-depth report from the master monger.

Cheers Angus

Macca 74
08-02-10, 00:18
A report from Fkknomad.


Good in-depth info. Thanks very much.

08-06-10, 09:26
Gfe kindly provides us with a detailed series of reports on his 3 day tour at the `Hof. He fully captures Bernd`s and its ladies in full flow and the extra mile that one can find, if one participates fully, at this erotic little house in the NRW countryside. Where € 50 can provide all the fun that you can handle and sometimes more. Thanks Gfe.




08-13-10, 07:31
I had the same question as Mohab and as often happens, Basketcase answered great !

If you do not know where to go, here you have something to help you.


Angus Magee
08-17-10, 08:29
Solid report Trav UK, good intel and complete. Wish we could come up with the Austrian's name but then Austrian club girls are a bit of a rarity so she should not be that hard to find. Glad you made it past the Walk of Shame.




Angus Magee
08-20-10, 16:19
....shares a gem. Charlie is a monger's monger and a gentleman for sharing his recent Artemis find so freely. The line starts behind Angus.


And gents, need I say, treat her with reverence as Charlie suggests.


08-23-10, 08:31
No doubt for very valid reasons we do not seem to get enough Euro100 reports on the FKK forums these days.

For that reason it was a great pleasure to read this superb report on Paradise in Stuttgart. Well structured, well written, a good mixture of information, opinion and detailed and erotic action description. A model report. Very much appreciated.


Angus Magee
08-29-10, 07:49
This report by Charlie 123 is The Guide when it comes to arranging a duo a na FKK. Short and to the point it says everything, and if followed should bring success to the monger wishing to fulfill what is probably the #1 male fantasy of all time.


Thanks Charlie from all of us


Angus Magee
08-30-10, 16:46
LT relates his Sunday at Artemis.


Good report LT


London Traveller
09-04-10, 23:06
My first visit (at the time of posting the only visit) to Bernds.


09-05-10, 23:29
A report about Saskia on the evening of the Palace 6th Anniversary Party in which she took the author's breath away!


Other reports by the same author about this German angel can be found on the Palace forum.

09-07-10, 17:00
Based in the Philippines, Cunning Stunt is obviously a well seasoned pooner. Recently he broke his FKK cherry at FKK Samya - Cologne. I found his report of his visit refreshing and interesting. I have not been to this club, but I do still recall my emotions as I made my way, for the first time, into a FKK club! Reading CS's account reminded me of my first visit: the ladies were all lovely, the worst of them still better than most I normally see at home! And to hear this from a pooner of his obvious experience! If there was any doubt as to his experience, read how he cooly handles the 'shake-down' attempt.

My hat is off to CS: great report and it left me wanting to read more of your exploits. Not to mention you have sparked an interest in me for this club.


09-07-10, 19:37
The Cane fucks Stephanie (Colombia) in her ass with positively doody results but manages to get across the line. The Cane writes graphically and with tongue in cheek humour. Well done The Cane.


09-11-10, 01:16
The first time I read this post I thought....these are very obvious things, but then I thought that sad, but true, probably they aren't....

These are things every one should do, cause no matter if we pay them, first of all they are and always will be, human being as we are, so they deserve respect !

Thanks Suller Joe


Angus Magee
09-11-10, 09:37
Kimino signs in with a three part Artemis report, much of it during the IFA Messe. The reports are packed with info as Kimino finds the cream of the crop at Artemis.


Excellent reportage Kimino

Many Thanks


09-11-10, 13:08
Some of ISG’s finest and most esteemed reporters had this discussion in the Bernd’s thread a while back, and it is simply too interesting to be ignored. Ok, so maybe it’s not strictly a FKK discussion, but the reports also give some good comparisons. Very inspiring!

I would certainly rate the advice from any of these guys over AskMen anytime. So why travel the world to find out, when you easily can get the best advice right here? Save time and money and read the following:

From Euro100: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062163&postcount=1753 with Amendment no. 1 http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062545&postcount=1759

From T69: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062205&postcount=1754

From GFE Finder: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062228&postcount=1756
But hey, are you confusing Defiance with Carolina in your search for Colombianas?? Interesting pick …

From NC: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062320&postcount=1757

From Isseu: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062550&postcount=1760

From Henio: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1062574&postcount=1761

... and if you - like me - can't travel the world, then the best brothel is where you are at. I totally agree, Angus! :-)

Angus Magee
09-13-10, 20:32
As usual from Traveller UK an informed report of his weekend in Berlin at Artemis.


Many Thanks Traveller


Capt Dan
09-13-10, 23:00
**** Basketcase visits FKK WORLD ****

That most excellent fellow Basketcase submits another very complete report of his most recent adventures in FKK World.
Our hero includes one of his now famous line-up lists.

Link to FKK World report: 1066168

Thanks for the report BC. Always good to hear news from the Captain's favourite club.
Too bad you left un-popped, but that can sometimes happen!
Sounds like you needed time to refill after spending €1300 in the previous two days :)

Capt Dan
09-16-10, 22:56
*** Pompoy visits FKK Oase ***

A nicely written piece by Pompoy who reports on his first visit to FKK Oase.
Well worth reading if you have not been to this club before.

Link to Pompoy's FKK Oase report: 1069077

Good to have you as a member of the mongering brotherhood Pompoy
and much appreciation for taking the time to report back on your recent adventure.

Capt Dan
09-19-10, 15:14
*** Woof Woof visits FKK Manhattan ***

A brief but valuable report from Woof Woof which sheds some light on how FKK Manhattan is shaping up as a venue.

Link to Woof Woof's FKK Manhattan report: 1070387

Thanks for the update Woof Woof!

Capt Dan
09-19-10, 15:28
**** Angus Magee Artemis Visit ****

Our very own bon viveur, blogger and Berlin expert Angus Magee makes a mid-week visit to Artemis
and teams up with an ISG crew comprising Toscana, Charlie and Rocketboy

Link to Angus Magee's Artemis report: 1070349

Yet another well written and informative report by the magnificient monger Angus Magee. Thanks for posting!

Angus Magee
09-22-10, 14:29
Toscana shows up with one of his typically excellent reports. It is both funny and informative, jam packed with recommendations. While I myself am cutting back on the details, reading this report shows me how well it can be done. If for no other reason, this report makes it in to the RofD thread as an example of how a report should be written. Good work Toscana. I hope our paths cross again sooner rather than later.


Oh and Angus' ego took rather a beating upon hearing that Vivian could not place him. Fortunately the penny dropped upon hearing The Soul of Mongering. This restores the young lady firmly on top of my current favorite list.


Capt Dan
09-26-10, 23:49
*** Miles Clifton visits Artemis ***

An excelent first time report from Miles Clifton who makes three visits to Artemis in the one week.
After initially working his way through most of the Hungarian Hookers in this FKK,
our hero proceeds to spend time with many girls from all possible continents represented in this establishment.

Link to Miles Clifton's Artemis report: 1073340

Well done Sir! Thanks for providing us with a most excellent report.
I hope this will be the first of many excellent adventures which you will share with us.
Thanks for posting!

Capt Dan
09-28-10, 23:57
*** John Moore spends 3 Days in FKK Oase ***

Delighted to see that gentleman John Moore an ISG member in good standing, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this year,
has decided to publish a well written and enjoyable trip report about his recent 3 day visit to FKK Oase.

Link to John Moore's FKK Oase report: 1074293

A good report John and thanks for posting.
The more reports that are published by ISG members the better!
Keep up the excellent work!

09-29-10, 21:35
Thanks for this gifted writing and great insights and just plain raw info. Nice to see another perspective on the often-bashed Palace. Just shows what an experienced player with good solid (i.e. intelligent) selection techniques can come up with during a day/night at Palace, even in a jet-lagged state! Bravo!

And so many say this place ain't worth a visit. Hah, you have confirmed what many insiders know: Palace can be a top club experience, if you know how to play it! The club is what it is...you have to adapt to the changes int he fkk landscape here, as you well illustrate.

Your report is up there with the best of them... can't wait for the Oase installments...

Thanks for your top notch stuff!



10-02-10, 11:53
*** Talbot does the best of Hessen ***

Talbot relates to us his adventures in the Hessen FKKs bagging some usual girls and some new girls to the forum. Well done with all that hard fucking you have been doing. It seems that you sure like to fuck. Read all about it in the links below:

Day 1: Oase 1074079
Day 2: Oase 1074424
Day 3 part 1: Palace 1074613
Day 3 part 2: Oase 1074611

Capt Dan
10-02-10, 14:34
**** Myrmidon's Most Excellent FKK-Land Adventure ****

That most excellent fellow and Mighty Mongor Myrmidon travels from the Land of the Maple Leaf to Frankfurt
(the Capital of FKK-Land) and reports back to his fellow ISG members on his many excellent adventures.

Link to Myrmidon's FKK Palace Report (Day 1): ......... 1074748
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Oase Report (Day 2): ........... 1075096
Link to Myrmidon's Bernd Sauna Club Report (Day 3): 1075147
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Oase Report (Day 4/5): ........ 1075595
Link to Myrmidon's FKK Palace Report (Day 6): ......... 1075759

It is very hard to praise your reports enough Myrmidon, very well written and very well presented.
Your reporting sets a new benchmark for all others to match.
I wish you many more trips to FKK-Land and many more of your great reports for us all to enjoy!

Capt Dan
10-02-10, 17:14
**** Angus Magee Report from Artemis Birthday Party - 29.09.10 ****

Master Monger Angus Magee accepts an invitation to attend the Artemis Birthday Party Bash.
Despite many reservations, he has an ok time but is glad he did not have to pay to gain entrance as he would prefer a more relaxed visiting experience.

Link to Angus's FKK Artemis Report: 1075699

Another well written and informative report by Angus Magee.
Thanks for posting and letting us know what the FKK Artemis Birthday Party is all about!

Capt Dan
10-03-10, 14:13
***** Basketcase's Fantastic FKK Oase Line Up List *****

That most superb fellow and Master Monger Basketcase provides his avid readership
with a most fantastic and complete Line Up List from FKK Oase (weekend beginning 24th September 2010).
105 Hookers are named and listed!
This is more than just a list!
The Maestro also provides commentary on the characteristics and abilities of each individual Ho!

Link to Basketcase's FKK Oase Report: 1076060

What a fantastic and genius memory you have Basketcase!
The ISG Forums are lucky to have you as a Senior Member.
Thank you for posting and letting us know what ladies are currently available in FKK Oase!

10-09-10, 19:22
Here's something different: I doubt any other distinguished entry on this thread is anything like this:


Mike has really done a masterpiece this time. Check out the detail of the walls and he even captured the correct colour of the bed linen at Oase.

In a subtle way, Mike is trying to teach us to negotiate what you want BEFORE you get to that Zimmer...perhaps? Whatever: Great Report! One of a kind...


10-14-10, 02:39
... is worth an RoD nod: http://internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1079877
Well, done Raraavis2!

Capt Dan
10-22-10, 19:53
**** Plover 23 visits FKK Point (Bruchsal) ****

An excellent and superb report by Plover 23 who promises us many more tales of adventure in his Lazy Sunday Series of reports.

In his first report Plover 23 travels to FKK Point (Bruschal) where he successfully endeavours to have a most enjoyable time.

Link to Plover 23's Lazy Sunday Series Introduction: 1083405
Link to Plover 23's FKK Point Report: 1083390

Well done Plover 23! If the rest of the Lazy Sunday Series of reports are of this standard, then all of us ISG Members are in for a treat!
Great also to get some information about one of the lesser known and reported clubs in FKK-Land.

10-22-10, 20:04
**** Plover 23 visits FKK Point (Bruchsal) ****

An excellent and superb report by Plover 23 who promises us many more tales of adventure in his Lazy Sunday Series of reports.

In his first report Plover 23 travels to FKK Point (Bruschal) where he successfully endeavours to have a most enjoyable time.

Well done Plover 23! If the rest of the Lazy Sunday Series of reports are of this standard, then all of us ISG Members are in for a treat!
Great also to get some information about one of the lesser known and reported clubs in FKK-Land.

I was about to add Plover 23's FKK Point report to these Reports of Distinction, when I see the Capt beat me too it:


I would add: Plover 23 has really raised the bar here in that he provides, where possible, links to photos of the girls he then goes on to describe sessions with. This takes the reporting to a new level: you can see the actual girl in at least 5 different photos and then read the session performance report. Rare and enhancing. Bravo, bravo, bravo...


Capt Dan
10-25-10, 00:42
**** Gfe Finder travels to FKK Bernd's & Parksauna Residenz ****

A very well crafted four part report, covering Gfe Finder's adventures in FKK Bernd's and Parksauna Residenz.

Our hero accurately conveys the fun and pleasure available in FKK Bernd's
and also provides excellent information regarding that little known and reported paradise that is Parksauna Residenz.

Link to FKK Bernd's Report (Day 1) ......... : 1084277
Link to FKK Bernd's Report (Day 2) ......... : 1084273
Link to FKK Bernd's Report (Day 3) ......... : 1084271
Link to Parksauna Residenz Report (Day 4) : 1084270

Excellent work Gfe Finder! Some nice writing and a fair assessment of Parksauna Residenz, a club for which the Captain has a particular fondness!

10-25-10, 08:56
KY Daddy has a unique experience on his way to the FKK club ( http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1084352&postcount=4110), that's right out of a monger's fantasy book. He gets hit on by another monger's hot wife at the hotel bar, and they end up doing the horizontal dance, saving him the time and expense of having to go all the way to Oase.

Yeah, but did she call you "shatzi" and get you all the carbonated apple juice that you want?

Great stuff...

Capt Dan
10-25-10, 14:41
*** Mark User visits FKK Point ***

A nicely written report by Mark User concerning his adventures in FKK Point.
This club has received some positive testimony of late (also see Plover 23's report below).
Might be wort a visit if you are in that area

Link to Mark User's Report : 1084585

Thanks for the GREAT report Mark User!
Three hookers in 5 hours aint a bad tally either!
Keep up the good work and the excellent reports!

Capt Dan
10-26-10, 18:54
**** Plover 23 visits FKK Cleopatra-Arena (Gelsenkirchen) ****

As part of the Lazy Sunday Series of reports Plover 23 continues his tales of adventure.
This time our hero visits FKK Cleopatra-Arena BUT unfortunately this visit does not go so well!

Link to Plover 23's Lazy Sunday Series - further categories clarification: 1085007
Link to Plover 23's FKK Cleopatra-Arena Report: 1085070

Well done Plover 23 for continuing this series.
Unfortunately it seems that you took one for the team by visiting this joint!
At least your fellow ISG Members have been warned!

Angus Magee
10-31-10, 10:00
Currently Charlie is the ISG expert and most frequent visitor to Artemis. Last week it seems he took to the road and posted a couple of reports from Frankfurt clubs. I find his reporting very balanced and would always take notice of his finding.

Oase: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1086691&postcount=6671

Palace: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1086692&postcount=5638

Thanks Charlie


Angus Magee
10-31-10, 10:34
Thought this one deserves an RofD post.


Thanks for your effort Charlie


Plover 23
11-01-10, 10:48
Duralong writes an interesting and reflective account of his October adventures. His tour takes him to repeated visits at LR, Acapulco and YY.

Sadly, his enthusiasm appears to be dampened by symptoms of "Early Onset FKK-Fatigue-Syndrome".

The series starts here:


My best wishes to you Duralong, and I hope that you are either able to recover soon from FFS, or that you find interesting new pastures. Just don't follow the path of your travelling companion (or if you do, don't tell us)!

Have Fun,

11-01-10, 16:20
My best wishes to you Duralong, and I hope that you are either able to recover soon from FFS, or that you find interesting new pastures. Just don't follow the path of your travelling companion (or if you do, don't tell us)!

Thanks Plover.
Well, I feel I need a change, don't know what the final destination will be, but it won't be that of my travelling companion! This for sure! :)

Capt Dan
11-07-10, 20:51
***** Basketcase visits FKK World & Park Sauna Residenz *****

That mighty monger and superb fellow Basketcase visits FKK World for the famous FKK World Halloween Party (Sat 30th October).
Our hero is accompanied by a nefarious international crew comprising the indomitable Lastman, the magnificient Markthomas1950 and yours truely... Captain Dan. :D
The crew then travels onwards the following day (Sun 31st October) to Park Sauna Residenz for a less hectic but not uninteresting day!

Link to Basketcase's FKK World (Haloween) Report: 1089577
Link to Basketcase's Park Sauna Residenz Report: 1089490

Well done Sir! An excellent and marvelous set of reports with photographs to compliment.
As always a pleasure to travel and monger with you!

11-08-10, 23:55
Markthomas1950 writes up his late October reports covering Mainhattan, Oase, World and Park Sauna Residenz. The World visit covers the stupendous Halloween party. What makes this a bit special is that he writes about the less reported clubs like Mainhattan and Park Sauna Residenz. Getting reports from places like these are like finding hen's teeth.

Please give it up for Markthomas1950's reports:

Mainhattan 1088233
Oase 1088264
World 1088259
Park Sauna Residenz 1088268

Nice to meet you and glad that you could join our crew of fun loving FKK criminals performing raids on the clubs.

11-13-10, 19:17
Basketcase does it again with a series of well written and informative reports from late October. I was fortunate enough to be allowed into this hallowed cabal of degenerates to tour with the best. Basketcase and me along with the good company of Lastman and Captain Dan make a field trip to observe and report and maybe sample a few of the wares on offer.

FKK Sharks
Basketcase gives an update on Sharks.
Includes photos to help you find the place from the road. Good thinking there.

FKK Mainhattan
Basketcase then makes it to Mainhattan to give his views on this club that opened at the beginning of Summer. He gives his realistic take on what this club would be useful for on a tour of the FKKs of Hesse.

FKK Oase
Basketcase then turns his hand to Oase. He gives his signature ability to recall the line up even when he is not paying attention to the girls. Man, I wish I had your capacity to take girls to the room for 7 hours in one visit. We hardly saw you.

FKK World
It is Halloween party time at World and Basketcase gives his run down of the event with attention to detail and the madness that ensures. I remember well that sauna ceremony / aufgass was like a gas fired oven with its instant heat and wafts of hot air. I love the parties at World. So much fun. Basketcase captures the moments that remain dear.

Park Sauna Residenz
Basketcase provides a rare insight into the mind of the senior FKK mongerer giving the pros and cons of visiting on a Sunday the options of Palace, Paradise, Das 5 Element and Park Sauna Residenz. This post alone is worth its weight in Spanish gold dubloons because it can save the uninitiated mongerer a wasted visit with the intelligence held therein.

Basketcase contributes a lot to this forum. You have paid this forum back many times over to those who went before you. To the naysayers that say to you, "Why do you bother?" All I can say is I hope you do not listen to them, ignore the shit stirrers and keep on reporting.

All I can hope is that we do it all again soon. Keep it up Basketcase and my thanks.

11-16-10, 09:57
London Traveller visits Oase for a two day stint (13-14 November 2010).

*** Saturday at FKK Oase ***

The club was well full. Early in the morning it was 30 girls and 10 men.

1. Judith (hu) for one hour for some public sex and private sex. Judith continues to be a GFE after many many years at this job.
2. Luisa (es) for one hour for some good times with the odd hiccup. Good stuff.
3. Yonella (ro) / Yurnella (ro) - the yummy mummy for half a hour, recommended by others at the club.

*** Sunday at FKK Oase ***

A lot quieter day.

1. Maria (ro) for half hour. This girl is a handul and London Traveller describes his session literally blow by blow. Maria continues to show her ability to make it interesting (a bit like Lia (ro) really)
2. Lena (sk) for one hour where London Traveller continues his good run with Slovaks.
3. Carina (ro) / Karina (ro) gone brunette from her usual page boy blond hair cut. You have got to love her natural boobs and being so cute that you jsut want to take her home with you.

London Traveller manages to bag five of the Pillars of Oase in his six sessions. Well done good sir.

London Traveller is back in action again 11-12 December 2010.

11-16-10, 20:22
Still one of the funniest, informative and most eloquent of all ISG observers!


Angus Magee
11-19-10, 19:22
....with an excellent first time (hopefully not the last) report on Artemis' finest.


Great report ZB



11-25-10, 23:48
Bobo.fr from France crosses a couple of borders for some pooning. Our hero writes in his amusing self deprecating style about his 5 day sojourn to Yin Yang in The Netherlands and Samya in Deutschland.

Saturday, 4 September 2010
Bobo.fr just loves Samya. This report is from September and was not from his 5 day November trip but it sets the scene for the Samya reports in November. It is the prelude to Bobo.fr's foundation.

Ying Yang
Tuesday, 9 November to Wednesday, 10 November 2010:
Reports from Yin Yang are rare so it is good to get a view from a dedicated attendee of this under rated club. I have been there and it is worth the trip. Especially on your birthday as you receive free entry.

Thursday, 11 November to Saturday, 13 November 2010


Bobo.fr misses his desire at first but he finally bags her at the end. Read his story to follow his adventures in finding them, fingering them, fucking them and forgetting them. What a man. He is the man. He is Bobo.fr man.

Macca 74
11-26-10, 22:15
First post and a great report from new member Dr Jekyll:


Thanks very much, Doc.

11-28-10, 00:00
When I read Freddy5440's Palace report I thought I liked his style. A fun and informative report with a recommendation for Palace.

When I read Freddy5440 write this:

Only problem I had all day was the look I received from the female taxi driver at the HBF when I asked to be taken to The Palace.I was in absolute hysterics. That sentence conjured up a mental image in my mind that had me laughing out loud.

Read all about it in this post:


11-28-10, 00:03
Dan Danger makes a visit to Palace and gives his endorsement to the place as a day spa and brothel. He bags Chrystal and a Czech woman who he does not name. Mystery woman. Dan Danger tells his tale in this post:


11-28-10, 00:16
I was just doing some surfing on the Artemis thread and found this well written and amusing trip report from Norjan. This man is a maestro in risk avoidance. Norjan explains his Artemis in the following two posts:

Part I: Getting to Artemis
Part II: Inside the club

Norjan can teach us all a thing or two about caution.

Plover 23
11-30-10, 13:49
Bayern96 has, after a gestation of nearly two years, given birth to his second report.

He gives us a nice account here ( of the relatively unknown Fkk Tempel (http://www.fkk-tempel.com) in Würzburg. Well Done!

Thank you, Bayern96, and I shall look forward to reading your next report, hopefully some time before 2012!

Have Fun,


12-09-10, 06:19

12-11-10, 05:34
Certainly adds to the quality of reports. Please keep up.


12-15-10, 02:08
Keppana's 3 Day Tour to FKKs in Frankfurt Main

Friday, December 10, 2010

FKK Palace

Annual Christmas Party

Keppana Makes his way to FKK Palace and bags two bookings:

1.) Two blonds (bg) 23-25 years, both looked good with nice tight bodies, small round bottoms and silicon boobs. It seems that the package was lovely to see but the contents of the service did not live up to the labelling.

2.) Angelina (CZ) Mid twenties, gives excellent service at the 50€ level. Angelina Is amazingly pretty and has the best tits that that Keppana Has ever seen in a FKK and pretty much the world he says.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

FKK Oase

Annual Christmas Party

Keppana Leaves the comfort of FKK Palace And braves the trail to FKK Oase for its unclean rooms and slop that it calls food. Keppana Finds it amusing that there is a Mexican band playing at a Christmas Party. I guess it is FKK Oase's Attempt at humor.

Keppana Takes three girls and seems to like them young:

1.) Linda (DR) 22-24 years, a nice girl.

2.) Bianca (ro) 20 years, looks good, but was going through the motions.

3.) Jennifer (ro) 19 years, a satisfactory end.

An uninspiring line up with a Christmas party with not much effort put into it.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

FKK Palace

Keppana Makes it back to Palace for the third day of his travails where he chooses three sessions:

1.) Chayenne / Shayenne (de) gives good service at the 50€ level.

2.) Alexandra (pl) Mid to late twenties, best natural D cups, good sex for one hour.

3.) Vanessa (de) 26-27 years, slender brunette, good intercourse for half hour.

Special mention was made for the complimentary bag of German cookies presented by the Palace Reception when Keppana Left the building.


12-15-10, 02:20
London Traveller's two day Stint in Hessen FKKs

FKK Oase

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Annual Christmas Party

London Traveller Gets to FKK Oase and manages to get through two bookings.

1.) Diana (ro) 18 years old, new to the business, cute and lacked experience.

2.) Nancy (be) PSE in the main room and the cinema. London Traveller rewards Nancy With a big 5 euro tip for the excellent service. So modest.


FKK Palace

Sunday, December 12, 2010

London Traveller commends the food: breakfast is good and there is a decent lunch and supper. London Traveller also makes the acquaintance of Nille Copenhagen!

London Traveller makes is way through three servicings:

1.) Saskia (de) Not bad looking, but her performance lacks commitment.

2.) Eliza (gr) The highlight of London Traveller's visit.

3.) Monique (de) A rather fast service at the 50€ level as London Traveller sticks to his 50€ per session budget.


12-15-10, 02:28
Citybud makes a Palace visit

Citybud Recommends Palace For its ease of access. Citybud Plows his way through four sessions:

1.) Kimi (de) A pleasant session with a genuine GFE feeling, really good to look at.

2.) Cinzinia (ro) Gave Citybud Her kissing service since Citybud Was nice. It goes to show that nice guys do sometimes win by being nice and friendly with the girls.

3.) Georgia (Egypt) Not a good attitude.

4.) Nejla (tr) Citybud Gets Nejla To orgasm during sex. Real GFE.

Citybud Sums his visit up that Palace Delivers by saying,"Palace Rocks." Citybud Recommends Sunday visits to Palace As a good day.


12-15-10, 02:37
London Traveller goes to Berlin for FKK Artemis for two days

London Traveller Pops along to FKK Artemis for a few pops. Read all about it in these two posts:

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sunday, December 5, 2010


12-23-10, 02:10
Plover 23 posts another excellent report in his Lazy Sunday Series. FKK First ( http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?1100-Other-FKK-Clubs&p=1104924&viewfull=1#post1104924). This time he makes his first visit to FKK First, or as he calls it "The Home of the Transactionless F*ck", a new club in the Heidelberg area, where he finds a well designed and well managed club with good food, comfortable facilities and a nice selection of naked SP with friendly seductive attitudes and good service ethic.

He gets his rant off about the various approach strategies employed in some of the popular clubs and concludes that First's combination of friendly seductive approach coupled with a civil acceptance of rejection makes for the perfect blend. Excellent, detailed and well written as always it really give a great feel for the club, its vibe, and its inhabitants.

He convinced me- I'll be checking it out as soon as I can.

12-25-10, 13:13
FKKNomad make a 3 days visit to FKK Oase and FKK Palace showing that these are the places to be in mid December albeit the line up is a bit light. FKKNomad shows his infinite stamina in bagging 13 sessions over 2. 5 days. Excellent work.


FKKNomad manages 5 sessions on his first day on the scene.

A. Krina (ro) brunette hair, perfect breasts.

Be. Judith (pl) (Ed note: I think FKKNomad means Julia (pl) who was working around when FKKNomad was in the clubs and his description fits her) brunette hair. 5' 4".115 lb. 32B 24 34, 24-25 years old.

See. Nina (de) Brandenburg, straight blond hair. 5' 10" in heels. 125 lb. 34B 25 34, 25 years old. Nina provides a surprisingly good time. A repeat booking.

The. Jennifer (ro) brunette hair. 5' 6".120 lb. 34B 26 34, 20 years old. Beautiful. A repeat and FKKNomad does repeat with Jennifer the next day at FKK Oase.

E. Andrea (ro) brunette hair. 5' 5".120 lb. 34C 25 34, 20 years old, not a repeat booking.



FKKNomad bags 6 sessions and it is his second day. Where does FKKNomad keep his reserves of seminal fluid?

A. Diana (ro) brunette hair. 5' 3".115 lb. 34A 24 34, 18 years old, FKKNomad would repeat.

Be. Sarah (ro) brunette hair. 5' 4".120 lb. 32B 24 34, 19 years old.

See. Jennifer (ro) brunette hair. 5' 6".120 lb. 34B 26 34, 20 years old.

The. Christina (mo) brunette hair. 5' 6".125 lb. 34B 25 35, 20 years, but looks older, more like 23-24 years old.

E. Tessa (de) Hamburg, light brown hair. 5' 9".125 lb. 34A 25 35, 23 years. FKKNomad extends to one hour, provides excellent BJ and BL.

F. Izzy (bg) black hair. 5' 5".115 lb. 34B. 26 34, very early twenties.



Time for just two before leaving for home.

A. Tiffany (pl) pretty blond. 5' 6".35C 25 36, 24 years old. Gave a covered blow joob. No repeat and not recommended.

Be. Angelika (?) blond hair, nice full breasts, gives a cinema blowjob before going to the room, Angelika saves the day after the Tiffany debacle.


01-05-11, 01:26
the cane writes a funny diatribe on his anal sex love adventures through the fkks:



the cane fucks chanel the hungarian in her sweet tight ass 3 times in one evening. the cane sure likes her [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) chute.



the cane bags shauna the pole and makes her squeal and clutch the bed sheets tight as he drills her tight pink asshole.



the cane enquires after natasha the russian who intrigues him, but ends up fucking stefanie or steffie the russian real hard in her butthole making her earn her extra. the cane then finishes up fucking patrica the italian / romanian in her asshole. the cane sure likes ass.



the cane moves onto mainhattan and takes ellie the bulgarian, who is a pale redhead and does her normally. no unnatural sex here. then an unknown romanian gets shafted by the cane.



the cane exposes his desire for gina the czech's asshole to make him whole. let us hope that gina indulges the cane so that we can read all about it.

thank you the cane.

01-17-11, 22:39
Basketcase puts a lot of effort into the detail of his reports to make you feel a part of the action. It is like being there. As he says he pays attention and we reap the benefit of that attention. Basketcase writes well and gives the names which make the reports helpful and gives logistical information for the newbie. Basketcase is the magister. Read Basketcase's post Christmas NRW tour reports:

Day 1: Living Room.


Day 2: Villa Vertigo.


Day 2: Golden Time.


Day 3: Golden Time.


01-17-11, 22:44
Basketcase is at it again in January. He spans Hessen and NRW showing the breadth of his range. Once again there is the detail and the first hand experience that he gives the reader. Take it all in from the links below:

Day 1: Oase.


Day 2: Golden Time.


Day 3: Golden Time.


Keep the reports coming Basketcase. Your reports on the German FKKs are sensational. You could collate them in a book and sell them!

01-17-11, 22:59
Basketcase seems to have had a busy December month at Oase where he spends 6 days over 2 weeks there. What a memory! The summary is compiled in these two line up lists:

First week's visits.


Second week's visits.


My thanks,

01-17-11, 23:04
Asia Tourist spends three days in Palace and Oase making his mark on the women there. He makes his way through the maze of Textile messe delegates and still manages to bang some pussy. Read about Asia Tourist's exploits in the following posts:

FKK Palace.

Friday, January 14, 2011.


FKK Oase.

Saturday, January 15, 2011.


FKK Palace.

Sunday, January 16, 2011.


Keep up the good reporting Asia Tourist.

Angus Magee
01-25-11, 17:50
It has been a long time coming but Norjan finally submits his report from his IFA Artemis visit.


Good stuff Norjan. Thanks for the report.


Angus Magee
01-30-11, 16:06
With great success it seems.


Great report Tjohoo.



Capt Dan
02-01-11, 00:22
Another most excellent report from that most excellent fellow Creature2 who continues his travels in FKK-Land seeking out the less well known palaces of carnal pleasure. This time our hero visits FKK Mondial BUT unfortunately the visit does not meet up to expectation!

Link to Creature2's FKK Mondial Report: 1118404

Sorry that your trip to FKK Mondial was not as pleasant as it might have been. At least you have provided a good warning to ISG Members regarding this club. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to report.

Cheers buddy

Capt Dan
02-01-11, 00:35
A very well written report by Plover 23 Who travels to Baden Baden, to visit FKK Monte Carlo for the first time. Our intrepid reporter is not totally displeased by his visit to this club.

Link to Plover 23's FKK Monte Carlo Report: 1118472

Well done Plover 23 for this most excellent report. Guys like yourself and Creature2 (see Report of Distinction below) who dare to travel from the well worn beaten track of the bigger Hessen and NRW clubs deserve our gratitude. You guys improve our knowledge of possible delights to be had in the darker unexplored areas of FKK-Land and you also flag places that are best avoided. Well done. And again many thanks for taking the time and trouble to report.


02-01-11, 09:44
Another most excellent report from that most excellent fellow Creature2 Who continues his travels in FKK-Land seeking out the less well known palaces of carnal pleasure. This time our hero visits FKK Mondial BUT unfortunately the visit does not meet up to expectation!

Sorry that your trip to FKK Mondial Was not as pleasant as it might have been. At least you have provided a good warning to ISG Members Regarding this club. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to report.

Cheers buddy.

CDHi Captain,

Yes, it was a one for the team (somebody should sacrifice himself, in order to find the good new places for the community) , but in the future, I guess I should stick the very well known and already tested ones, all together sampling some unknown new places. But still have the urge continuing to discover some unbeaten path.

Angus Magee
02-03-11, 18:27
A Tuesday & Wednesday in early February finds the Italian Stalion keeping the Artemis ladies warm.



Thanks for the reports Kimino.


Capt Dan
02-05-11, 00:03
A nicely written brace of reports by Kingwenslas, who travels to NRW, to visit Villa Vertigo on Monday 31st January, and Planet Happy Garden on Wednesday 2nd February. Our plucky reporter seems to have enjoyed himself in both establishments.

Link to Kinwenslas's Villa Vertigo Report:1119861

Link to Kinwenslas's Planet Happy Garden Report:1119862

Fair play to you Kingwenslas, for reporting back on your adventures in NRW. I do question your dissappointment with regard to the lack of totty in the Villa, on a Monday. Most FKKs or Sauna Clubs tend to be quieter on Mondays and Villa Vertigo is no exception to this rule. VV* tends to be really only good on Friday and Saturday. The Friday parties can be exceptionally good. The joint is best avoided on Sunday when it can be overly busy with Ice Bears who take advantage of the free entry granted for an earlier visit during the week. Saying all that, many thanks for the reports and do keep up the excelent work.



Capt Dan
02-05-11, 00:48
A terrific series of update reports by London Traveller, about his recent visits to Artemis (Berlin). The writing style is very direct and does not spare the reader any of the warts and all details, especially concerning the performace of the lovely ladies in the zimmer. An interesting and worthwhile read.

Link to London Traveller's Artemis Report (01. 02. 11) :1118901

Link to London Traveller's Artemis Report: (03. 02. 11) 1119542

Link to London Traveller's Artemis Report (04. 02. 11) :1119863

Super work London Traveller, and thanks for reporting back from your Berlin trip. One gets a better appreciation of your reports when they are read together. Well written and an excellent blow by blow account of your adventures. The best reports on this club that I have read for some time. You name names and don't spare anyones blushes (even your own!). Thanks for writing and I look forward to reading more.



Capt Dan
02-07-11, 01:34
A continuation of London Traveller's fine series of same day update reports from Artemis (Berlin). Reports of this quality, and of this recent (same day) nature, are of considerable value to ISG Members, who are considering a visit in the near future to their favourite FKK / Sauna Club.

Link to London Traveller's Artemis Report (05. 02. 11): 1120130

Link to London Traveller's Artemis Report: (06. 02. 11): 1120518

Well done London Traveller, for these excellent reports (see previous 3 reports immediately below). We look forward to more of the same when next you visit Artimis, again in March.

Capt Dan
02-08-11, 00:13
A most excellent and comprehensive trip report by Tommyseville, concerning his recent (January) exploits in FKK Sharks. If you want to get a better idea about what this FKK club is currently like on a Saturday, well this is the report to read. One gets the impression that although our gallant reporter seems to have had a reasonably good time and a pleasant change of mongering venue in this establishment, he will return to his usual haunts (FKK World & FKK Oase) in the future.

Link to Tommyseville's FKK Sharks Report: 1119924

An exceptionally well written and comprehensive report Tommyseville. A must read report for anyone considering a visit to this venue. You do this forum great service by reporting so eloquently from one of the lesser known clubs in the Frankfurt area. More such excellent reports please.


Capt Dan
02-09-11, 01:45
Another superb and most comprehensive trip report by Tommyseville, concerning his recent (January) visit to FKK Mainhattan. I cannot remember reading a better report about this club and certainly the information provided by Tommyseville, makes it a must read for anyone considering a visit to FKK Mainhattan.

Link to Tommyseville's FKK Mainhattan Report: 1121194

Well done yet again Tommyseville! Hopefully you will continue to contribute to our forum with these excellent and well written reports. I recently attempted to contact you by pm in order to congratulate you personally on the high standard of your writing, but as you are a regular member of ISG, a pm was not possible. More such excellent reports please!

02-22-11, 18:48
Toscana's latest post about his fresh visit to World is, for me at least, a great example of the "Emmacualte Report"


It's got everything that you need or would seek in a report: Names, descriptions, concise information, line-breaks for paragraphs (!), a bit of humour and, of course, the man's natural flair at telling a good story with a self-effacing approach. He's generous too, not keeping secrets about some top GFE-providers to himself. Who says you can't hit the top rung with Ro or Bg girls? He shows us that the art is really in how you pick 'em, not where they come from...

Thanks for that, man!


Capt Dan
02-24-11, 00:43
Another fine report from our adventurous correspondent, London Traveller. This time our hero journeys to FKK Globe in Zurich (Switzerland).

Link to London Traveller's FKK Globe Report: 1126596

Well done again London Traveller, for yet another excellent report. You certainly are a well travelled fellow and good to get a report on FKK Globe. I would suggest that you include some of the prices charged by these happy Swiss based hookers. I believe that the cost can run to a lot more than the half hour rate charged in Hessen FKKs.

Capt Dan
02-27-11, 22:27
A very clever report by Euro100 Who visits FKK Palace after a long stay away. Our hero, who although not a regular visitor to FKK Palace is no rookie when it comes to pay-for-play. However he offers all the lovely ladies of this establishment the story that he has never visited a FKK or Sauna club before! Will Euro100 survive or be eaten by the Sharks!

Link to Euro100's FKK Palace Report: 1128087

Well done again Euro100, a very clever and entertaining report. Good to see that not all the hookers in Palace lived up to the clubs reputation!

02-28-11, 14:15
Very nice 3-day report from GFE Finder. I only knew him from reading the Rio board, and I am glad that he shares my stance on pleasures on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, too.




03-27-11, 16:19
I think this summarizes many of the trials and tribulations of the girls working in an FKK (especially Artemis) as well as capturing some of the culture.

Excellent reading for any one contemplating first trip or reflecting on a visit to an FKK. Gives an interesting perspective of the human beings on the other side.


Capt Dan
03-27-11, 23:03
A superb and detailed trip report by the Great Basketcase who travels with the Crew for a Friday marathon 17 hour visit to FKK Oase.
Needless to say some good fun is had by all. A must read for anyone considering a visit to this club.

Link to Basketcase's FKK Oase Report: 1138443

A fabulous report which contains another of Basketcase's famous Line Up Lists. How does he remember all those names!
Well done Sir! Reading the detail contained in your report makes it seem just like I was there in person. More such excellent reports please!

Capt Dan
03-28-11, 20:45
Another excellent and detailed trip report by the Great Basketcase who travels with the Crew for yet another marathon visit, this time to FKK World.
This report not only contains one of Basketcase's famous Line Up Lists BUT also a selection of tracks played by DJ Andy on the night.

Link to Basketcase's FKK World Report: 1138508

A must read for anyone considering a visit to FKK World. Read the report and listen to the music!
Well done Basketcase! Yet another brilliant report!

03-29-11, 21:23
This is a report from the Germany. Berlin thread, but I had to share it here since the report is so good. I do not want to lose it.

Mrfuckdick writes eloquently about his visit to Freudenhaus Hase and Caligula flat rate club in Berlin. This report had me in absolute stitches of laughter. Mrfuckdick writes directly and to the point sparing no one their blushes.


As Charlie123 says,"Post of the Month".

Capt Dan
03-29-11, 22:49
The final episode from the Great Basketcase's recent adventures in the BIG 3 Hessen (Frankfurt Area) Clubs.
This time Baskecase and Crew drop in on FKK Palace for yet another marathon visit.
Our hero and his friends discover that there is much fun to be had in FKK Palace and tales of sharks seem to be much exaggerated particulalry for the more initiated monger.

Link to Basketcase's FKK Palace Report: 1139236

A must read for anyone considering a visit to FKK Palace.
A fabulous report which contains another of Basketcase's famous Line Up Lists and some photo's too!

Well done Sir! There are many five line posters on this site who are full of nonsense and little else.
You walk the walk, talk the talk and deliver the most fantastic trip reports as well.

Capt Dan
03-30-11, 23:40
The Indomitable Creature2 reveals that he too (along with Basketcase) was in FKK World with The Crew on Saturday evening 19th March.
Much champagne was drunk in celebration of this great monger gathering! Despite all this merriment, and regardless of many years of mongering experience, unfortunately our hero was bitten by a shark!

Link to Creature2's FKK World Report: 1139567

A good read for anyone considering a visit to FKK World and can be read in conjunction with Basketcase's recent report from this establishment (see below).

Capt Dan
04-12-11, 19:19
A truely witty and different type of report from The Limey who spends some time discovering the delights which FKK Artemis (Berlin) offers to the mongering fraternity. The writing style of this piece is more of a flight of fancy, where metaphor and imagery are perhaps more important than the actual facts. However, saying that the manner and technique in which this report is compiled is certainly different and exceptional. Although the prose used is in my oppinion somewhat allegorical in nature, The Limey successfully manages to avoid the realm of mere prostitute poetry.

Link to The Limey's FKK Artemis Report: 1144116

Well done The Limey for your entertaining report! Certainly not a piece which will be favoured by the "Five Line Post Brigade" but those who appreciate some intelligent writing will undoubtedly see merit in your work. Worth a read alone for the excellent use of the English language.

Capt Dan
04-13-11, 18:54
A concise but informative report by that fine fellow Lastman regarding his recent visit to FKK Planet which is located near Duren (between Koln and Aachen). Our hero discovers that the facilities offered by this establishment are of a higher order. He seems to also have made enjoyable aquaintance with quite a few German and Romanian babes!

Link to Lastman's FKK Planet Report: 1144500

Good to see Lastman reporting on one of his many FKK-Land excursions which tend to feature a few threesomes (moresomes!). Nice also to hear about one of the less reported FKK establishments. Keep up the good work Lastman. More reports please!

Capt Dan
04-16-11, 00:39
A fine first report (and first post!) from Talon who recounts his recent (Thursday 15th April) and first visit to FKK Artemis (Berlin).

Link to Talon's FKK Artemis Report: 1145307

Well done Talon! Welcome to our forum and thanks for posting this trip report. We need more members like you who give back to the forum