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07-09-04, 04:21
Hey Lover Boy 2 -

Thank for the Info. Definitely plan on bring plenty of condoms on down, but was just curious given some of the recent reports.

Thanks alot!


07-09-04, 08:21
Turf Builder,

I 've been to Rio 9 times and am going back in August for a 3 month stay. The only thing I wish I'd known the first time is, if you're going to bring a girl back to your hotel, establish the price before you go. This shouldn't be a problem for you if you're going to focus on the termas and escorts and avoid the club scene, which IMHO is a very wise choice. In the termas the prices are set and no tip is expected, so there's no haggling. Escort services set prices also, and a tip generally isn't expected but should be in order if the girl provides extraordinary service.

A cell phone, while not a necessity, is certainly helpful. I've rented one for R$15 a day from Blame It On Rio. Yes, taxis are the best way to get around; just be sure they turn the meter on, and if they don't, get out.


La Isla
07-13-04, 03:33
2 months ago I got Levels I,II & III of Pimsleurs Brazilian Portuguese. Bought them as MP3 files from someone on the 'net at a decent price (normally $900 for all 45 hours). Plus, he gave me a copy of English for Brazilians. The garotas love it ;)

For the record, my Spanish is good and my Portuguese so-so. After listening to them carefully a few times, my friends in Brazil told me how much my Portuguese had improved since my last trip... cool.

Boys, pussy factor goes up 10 fold when you can speak her language, even just enough to communicate. You may still pay for it, but trust me the GFE escalates REALLY fast.

Peter P
07-15-04, 22:42
Dear fellow mongers familiar with Brazil:

Does anyone know if its possible to get Cialis or Levitra without prescription in SP drug stores?

If so, what's the price?

Are there generic versions and are they safe?


Java Man
07-16-04, 05:38
Yes V and C are readily available without a prescription. I don't recall the prices, but C is a little cheaper. Shop around, not all drugstores have the same price. Also, if they think they're losing the sale, they'll offer a discount. i didn't try the generic, btw.

07-16-04, 06:34
Peter P.

C and V are available without prescription like most drugs are in Brazil. I don't know about L but I can tell you that the real V is going for 87 reais for four 50mg pills.

European Guy
07-17-04, 11:20
Does anyone know some good datingsites in Portuguese targeting the Brazilian people. So, besides amigos.com, mejoramor.com and cybercupido.com which are more latin america focused with relative few people from Brazil.

Thanks in advance

07-18-04, 05:27
Try www.voxnamoro.com.br

07-18-04, 22:43

You could also try Yahoo, MSN etc.

New Age Monster
07-24-04, 17:13
Hi Guys,

I am looking to go to Brazil in Feb. Whats better area to go? Rip,Recife,Salvador? I am looking to hang out at the beach-- meet some girls (not to big into paying) rather meet regular girls

Do Brazilian girls like young American guys?

Any help is great THanks

07-25-04, 12:54
Yes, they love young American guys with money... afterall they do have bills to pay... and they do not have normal jobs....

Rabo Verde
07-25-04, 13:06
What I wish I knew b4 is to stay in Ipanema instead of Copacabana.

Cash Works
07-25-04, 13:14
New Age Monster,

Can you honestly say that you've ever had sex with a woman for free? Take into account how much you spend on all the "normal dates" leading up to sex, then compare that to what hookers are asking for their services and you'll probably be surprised to find there is little difference - the pro may actually wind up saving you money.


07-26-04, 02:20
I totally agree with CashWorks. IMHO, there is no such thing as "free sex". Having a normal girlfriend is ALWAYS more expensive then paying a working girl. I don't care what anyone says. When you factor in dinners, presents, flowers, trips, helping out family, etc. Hell, even when you just factor in things like going out to eat. Not only with money but with the emotional toll that a normal relationship can have.

I'm not saying I'm against relationships. I'm just saying that if you honestly look at the real cost of sex then paying a girl in a terma, Help or even Barbarellas is cheaper than having a girlfriend and taking her out.

I've kind of always just looked at sex as just sex. Sex is sex and love is love. Two totally different creatures. As Kenn said...it's simply a job to most of them. Many of the girls hate this life and it's a means of survival. It's a difficult JOB and I'm not sure I could do it if I were them. God bless these girls.

Whiz Kid
07-26-04, 11:17
part 1


i've went a couple of weeks ago, but have not had time to write this report. it's everything it's reported to be. it was full of 3 days of sun, sand, sea, samba, and sex. i definitely have something to put on my cv.

i want to thank sincerely the audience for their very useful posts. i found the reports in this forum to be extremely accurate and helpful in planning my trip. in return, to express my gratitude, i must say that among the best fucks i ever had, happened in rio. i hope this report will add to the information already contained in this wonderful peerless forum.

this report is divided in 3 parts…

the beach.
help discotheque.

i didn't go to any thermas, i had all my action in these 2 places and quite frankly i didn't plan on running an open check book. sometimes you have to act with frugal aplomb, with an eye on the bottomline, else this hobby could fleece and wreck you financially. off course we won't want that would we?

special mention has to go to the "saint" of ba. this guy is numero uno in reporting, i am a big fan and we are lucky to have you and your amazing adventures and research skills on this board. i know you don't like amsterdam, but if ever your come down let me know, i'll buy you a beer.

first things first, make copies of both sides of your credit cards, bankcard, passport, driver's license, etc..... if i were to do it all again, i would probably want to have an american express credit card too - just in case. i had no trouble with my visa and mc, but if i had lost those, it would have been an interesting situation... i took both traveller's cheques and cash.

finally as a general rule in dealing with people negotiate and agree on prices in advance. know exactly what you're getting and what you're paying. if someone says "don't worry" you should worry.

where to start? rio, "a cidade maravilhosa"-"the city of marvels" it can be a grand place. from a geographical perspective, it is magnificent. sugar loaf, and corcadova overlooking vast sweeping beaches, a dark blue ocean and tranquil beautiful bays. from up on top of pao de azucar, a city of vibrancy and a backdrop of jungle-covered mountains it is truly spectacular. the topography of the city makes rio one of the most recognisable and unique cities in the world.

brazil has the potential to be an economic power alongside, russia, india and china. it has numerous natural resources, a vast labour force and population to support. but the cancer called corruption permeates the society and is easily seen when one gets closer to the ground. you begin to see the rio that is less than spectacular. a crumbling infrastructure, terrible poverty, old undistinguished buildings and a feeling of torpor that permeates the atmosphere. the stories you have heard about crime are not unfair.

having said that i have never seen a country with so many stunningly beautiful garotas (girls), and i do a fair amount of travelling. brazil was colonized by portugal. in the 16th century the jesuit successfully converted brazilians to catholicism. however the colonialists had other ideas and who enslaved and interbred the natives and brought in cheap labour from africa. the women also served other needs of the male colonialists.

also over the years waves of immigrants from italy, germany, portugal and japan (mainly in sao paolo) have come to brazil. mixed in with these are the blacks brought from africa and the native indians. there has been a lot of racial genetic mixing which have combined in ways to create a very diverse population.

the result is a female specimen that is wondrous, breathtaking and pseudo utopian. the good news is many of these are available. you will see every size and shade imaginable and the quality is extraordinary. the combinations are entrancing, and i found myself constantly gawping at the beauties walking by on the beach.

while prostitution in brazil is officially tolerated, pimping is outlawed. this ensures, that 99% of, the working ladies are independents. there is no red light district as in say amsterdam.

sexually speaking, these women are peerless. i have been with a fair bit of women from around the world, but none compare to the brazilian women. it is almost as if they are breaded to be sexual animals. they just seem to love the act. no hold bars. from the moment you enter your hotel room, they are all over you. they will give you head (without a condom) for as long as you like. they also expect you to be an animal too.

there's been some back and forth on the relative merits of rio vs. bangkok. i've been to both, so i'll add my two cents. imho, there's no comparison. it's apples and oranges. prices are much better in bangkok, and there are many beautiful women there, but the women of rio make love like they were born to do nothing else. in other words, the quality of the sex is vastly superior in rio.

the beautiful thing about rio is the sheer variety will cater to all tastes. you'll be surprised who different are tastes vary ethnicity round the world. where as in bangkok, you basically have a limited type physically and you can't just change at any whim to a mulatto with nice round bubble ass for example. it may cost more, but you get more bang for your buck.

the whole thing from beginning to end is almost always a fabulous experience. if you can get it up again they will go at it again. until you have been with a brazilian women, i think suffice to say have not experienced the sexual act, as it should be. i have never been with 3 at the same time. i am afraid it might kill me.

every *****monger i've met who's been to rio de janeiro, brazil keeps coming back for more. so i decided to go for a quick 3-day break. days are spent in the sidewalk cafes sipping your favourite cocktail or on the beaches watching the women in their very scantly clad bikinis. nights are spent going to clubs or to discos and watching the women in their sexy attire cavorting their booties.

from a personality perspective, again a generalisation, but i have found most of them to be genuinely friendly very warm, affectionate, and outgoing. nobody's in a hurry, and most of the hookers are quite content to hang around with you all evening, even after they've been paid.

chicas is available 24 hours a day and reasonably priced. most of the useful information price wise already appears on this forum, so rather than giving a blow-by-blow account of prices and my negotiation tactics, i'll stick to the adventure in detail as well as trying to fill in some gaps and offer some corrections.

the pussy flows like water. i cannot describe it, but you must see it if you are to be considered a true sex fiend. i personally did 3 girls in 3 days and spent less than usd $400.00 total. the jet lag from london definitely to it's toll. you can leave your hotel at midnight, go to help disco and be back in your room an hour later with top of the shelf chicas within the realm of any standard or taste.

one thing you must be careful about with these girls- they're known to be quite defensive about their income and "boyfriend". they can be a bit nasty if you hit on, or are approached by, another girl while they think they are "with you". also, some can be subtly "pushy"

another thing in rio - try not to pay up front. don't spoil the culture and the sex - sex is much better when not paid for up front - the girl has an incentive - that's why professional sex in england is so terrible and such a rip-off - guys haven't stood their ground and demanded service before payment, and that's why we're writing here and travelling the world looking for some decent sex.

there was once, when a girl demanded payment upfront. i culled her bluff and refused and told her that she could leave. off course she stayed and off course i won't have allowed that garota escape me bedding her. i just feel a woman has more motivation if she has not been paid. the brazilian women may not need it, but why take a chance. it's not like a plan to cheat them.

another no no - never and i mean never please! never give the girl her asking price (this is different of course in the termas or massage parlours) at help or on the street - at least always try to bargain, be firm, and they will follow if you're nice to them and smile, tell them they are bonita (beautiful), etc... offer a drink, beer, whatever.

don't let your drink go unattended - have heard of stories of things being slipped in to drinks. one thing no matter what price is agreed on the woman will give it all she has.

never put valuables in your back pockets. put $$/ccards in front pocket only. wear shorts/trousers with deep pockets or buttoned pockets. when buying anything, never pull out your entire wallet showing all your credit cards and how much money you have. instead, don't carry a wallet. carry raw cash folded in your pocket just like drug dealers do and learn how to "feel" how many bills you have. then, you can only pull out just a little bit without pulling out a wad.

don't tuck in your shirt. instead, wear it outside hanging over your pockets so it makes it harder to get pick pocketed. don't wear a good watch or just take it off and leave it in your pocket. while walking at night, walk away from the buildings near the cars.

if you are worried about a bunch of guys hanging out, walk in the middle of the street or better yet, turn around and take another longer (but safer path!) while riding the buses, sit on the right side, last seat in back. this way, there is no one behind you. sometimes its good to sit on the right side way up in front too, next to the driver.

when confronted by a street hawker trying to sell you something, beware that there can be a kid ready to pickpocket you. instead, say "nao" and keep walking straight ahead. if you fail to do this and look at his products, all the other street hawkers will pick up on you as a gullible foreigner and all mob you and invite opportunity for a pickpocket. so, say a firm "nao" and walk ahead.

are you ready to rock and roll, hold tight gentlemen, let the fun begin.

whiz kid

Whiz Kid
07-26-04, 11:19


The beach - especially Copacabana. The stretch of the beach and its boardwalk is a real paradise. This is the best spot for daytime liaisons. You may ask how will I know which are available and which are just women on the beach. Just observe for a bit and you will know. The *****s are the ones who are topless.

The sand was soothing, and was full of volleyball and football (Soccer) games, but was not overly packed out. I guess maybe the time of the year. There are a lot of black American males and some white ones in the area. You can expect to pay from circa $50 for a daytime quickie at your hotel. Many of the women who work out of Help head to the beach in the afternoon.

The best vantage point to be is in the area near Help and the Othon Palace Hotel. I saw about 4 obvious hookers, but none to my liking, so I just enjoyed the beach, the view, and a brew or two. About 4:30, I followed the action, which began to trickle over to the outdoor cafe on Avenida Atlantica just across the street from the beach, so you can get a good view of the action without having to look like you are hawking.

I was soon joined by a couple of American gents from NewYork, ordered a caipiroska delicious drink, tropical lemon and vodka and they quickly filled me in on the modus operandi, and the reputation of each of the girls they recognised. It is quite interesting that there is a cadre of foreigners that actually come to Rio/Copa for weeks, sometimes up to a few months a year, and have become known amongst the locals.

They gave me the perspective from the "regulars" that short-timers like myself come in and drive up the price of pussy because we don't know any better, end up taking the women out to eat and treating them like queens... Remember always read the label… in this case The WSG Forum.

I later left to go back to my hotel to change and drop my beach stuff off when I passed this lovely lady light skinned. She had a J-Lo style booty with what looked like Japanese genes on the street. This girl was hot as hell and there was no way a few dollars was going to stop me from banging the dog shit out of this garota, besides she was more than worth it.

I said hello, she said something in Portuguese and gave me a smile that made my knees buckle and my dick rose to a 24-gun salute. I stepped to her. After stumbling through some Portuguese, and she through some English, she asked me if I wanted to make love to her. Hell Yeah!

By the way, five star hotels will NOT let you bring a ***** to your room. So you should not stay at one. If you have to stay at a hotel, which does not allow women, then you can get an hourly room nearby

We got to my hotel, Paula handed the desk clerk her ID, and we went up to my room. No sooner did the elevator doors close than she began to rub up against me, kissing my chest. She was about 5'4", I am 6'2" so she was about chest high to begin with. Although we had a bit of trouble understanding each other, we did manage to communicate a bit, and just by her manner and her tone, I thought she was going to be one hell of a fuck.

Even against these high odds, her temperament and attitude would prove to be her greatest assets! She's a real class act. The most unusual aspect (almost comical charm offensive) occurred at the beginning. Paula starts with a sexy strip tease and then begins singing "Girl from Ipanema" by the great Carlos Alberto Jobim (Brazil's second most famous individual besides Pele. I might be mistaken but I think the airport is named after him). She does have a nice voice. This caused me mild amusement and a slight chuckle

We soon found ourselves on the bed, with me on my back, and her exploring my body with her tongue. I was getting very aroused by the way she kissed my chest, biting my nipples, and flicking her tongue all around the inside of my thighs. No sooner did I open my eyes, Paula took my cock in her mouth. She began to lick and suck my cock (sans condom) in a way that really made me feel like we were making love.

We both got into an exchange of oral pleasures. It seemed like the more she sucked my cock, the more I wanted to eat her pussy. I would eat her pussy and lick and finger her asshole until she couldn't take it any more and she would lay me on my back and start sucking my cock and rimming me as if she were trying to let me know that she would not be outdone. At times I wasn't sure who was working for whom.

She has a red-hot modus operandi one seldom encounters in the Old World. We fucked voraciously in several positions before I came, and those loud moans were incredible. I exploded a big load on her tits and face it was a mind-blowing experience, which was heightened further as Jessica began licking the wet cum off my cock… Priceless.

We both fell asleep with her in my arms. I couldn't ask for any better she is really a wild fuck. Paula was a beautiful lady. I'd easily give her a 10 on looks except for one complaint. I did notice that most women I saw in Rio had generally unattractive feet, and while they have sexy legs, most don't shave.

This is not gruesome, but as a technicality, for my discerning delectable taste it's a mandatory 0.5 deduction, so she ends up with a 9.5. However, her looks are just the beginning - Paula is an extremely sweet and fun lady, and is incredible in bed. What a way to start a trip.

Whiz Kid

Whiz Kid
07-26-04, 11:19
part 3


help discotheque - the hookers down there are called "piranhas". they don't call themselves this, but rather say they're "on the program". if you go to rio, most of the western tourists end up at the help disco before the night is done. most of the hooker action is here too. the help discotheque is ground zero, especially in the open-air tables outside.

although it opens at 11pm, most revellers scurry in just before midnight when the entrance fee shoots up. there is a large bar right in front of help. this is an excellent spot to cherry pick your princess, here the chicas hangout, chat or have a drink while waiting for the disco to open.

if you find a garota that interests you, you have nothing more to do than give her a wink, a hello and zoom; she's at your side. you might be tempted to avoid help altogether or might be tempted to vamos with girls who line up on the street looking for a ride. but wait up the best is yet to come.

when i first went in there (help) i thought i had died and gone to hedonist's heaven. gentlemen contain your enthusiasm, it's absolute fantasyland. the place is jam-packed, wall-to-wall. i get hard just thinking about it. picture a combination of a high school prom and soul train where with a few exceptions most of the chicas are selling pussy. the toughest part is being paralysed by indecision. so many choices, so few nights, only one tool. yeah i know decisions, decisions, decisions...

opinion is divided on quality, some argue that most of the stunningly beautiful have moved to europe, either with a man who invited them, or as dancers or prostitutes. and if you see one, she might just be visiting and ready to go back to europe. they certainly aren't in london. anyway let's not even start on that repressed place.

however to my mind there are at least 300 of the most beautiful girls in the world there and fewer men, basically it was actually a buyers market. this is a large disco with an upstairs and downstairs and i'd imagine many nights would be crammed full of gorgeous women of all shapes, sizes and colours. a large mezzanine runs around the top so there's plenty of space to sit, gawp, cherry pick and tor**** your prey.

it can be quite a spectacle as many of these women are dressed in a very provocative manner and watching them dance and gyrate their booty (the other thing that brazilian women do without peer is dance) is an erotic experience. sometimes you'd wish men were equipped with more than one tool.

often the girls will get up on these platforms and dance solo - showing lots of leg. however most of these garotas would rather dance with a guy with a bit of spending money, preferably one who is willing to part with some of that dough.

if you want to get a taste of help, rent one of the buttman carnival party videos. it is a video of women dancing. most of the scenes take place at help. during the non-carnival times though you will not see the nudity that you do in these videos. that is apparently only allowed during carnival, but the girls that you see are the girls of help.

the price for a superstar is $100.00 for all night. if you only go one place to buy pussy in rio, go to help discotheque. speaking of prices, there are two kinds of deals: an hour or all night. i had no interest in an hour, so i always indicated that i wanted them to spend the night. some only do all-nighters.

you'll pay a bit more for the really hot ones, especially earlier in the evening. as it gets on towards 3:30 or 4:00, prices start dropping. generally, my goal was to split by 2:00 or 2:30 so i'd have the energy left for a couple rounds in bed.

generally, it will be up to you to approach the women. that seems to be most true with the best of the group. i found them to be very approachable and friendly. it will help a great deal if you know portuguese or some spanish. very few speak much english; a few speak a little italian or german. if you're language-challenged, don't despair: they know why you're there and you can communicate the basics like want a drink, dance, etc... and of course they all know enough to negotiate a price.

just look decent, have a smile on your face and relax. but don't just rush in, grab someone, and split. these chicas love to dance, so show them a good time and they'll show their appreciation later. buy her a drink or two and treat her nice. you'll be repaid ten-fold.

another thing that amazed me about the brazilian women was how warm and affectionate they are. i'm used to hookers being somewhat distant (not kissing or really cuddling, rushing things, etc.), but these women were really different. they truly seemed to enjoy being with you, completely. i didn't have a single bad experience. you really have to tell yourself that she's not really falling in love with you, because they certainly act more like a lover than any hooker i've ever seen.

kissing on the lips is automatic, as is oral sex without a condom. and it's clear they want to get off as well as get you off. i had a couple instruct me on exactly what to do to get them to cum over and over. condoms are always used for vaginal sex, and if she doesn't suggest you use one, don't be an idiot.....use one! protect her and yourself.

there was this brunette, she spoke perfect english, that began gyrating her booty on my dick and told me she had no panties then wanted me to take her home but there was something about fake blue contacts that made me feel queasy, so i declined. she keeps telling me how handsome i am and how she has just fallen in love with me… yeah right.

i wasn't going to go against my better judgement, plus she was a bit rough - too physical if you know what i mean - i like my women gentle and more passive than she was. i just avoided eye contact, but this didn't stop her resolve.

later she was sitting with some guys, came over to my table and started saying something about the guys sitting with her giving her a hard time and that you "wouldn't get any shit from me", et al. i could hear the tension in her voice and told her to back off, when she let loose with a tirade of vociferous expletives about me only liking blondes, and she saw me looking at the blondes in help, avoiding eye contact with her, and that i was crazy, etc... another not-so-pleasant scene.

i also saw 3 tempestuous cat fights while i was there, one with glasses being thrown at each other at, very entertaining but unnerving as well. i met a crazy, fun dutch guy there too and he was with this girl who apparently is reputed for her blowjobs prowess, and seemed to want him all to herself.

then another girl in help told him that her friend would like to talk with him, and he told his partner that he would be back in a "couple" of minutes. well, after he hadn't returned in 5 minutes (i was there) she had a hissy-fit. she was very possessive.

another time, a guy was smoking a cigarette and accidentally brushed up against a girl in help. even though he apologised, she seemed riled to the very extreme and i actually thought she perilously close to hitting him. hmmm… if you can't handle an accidental cigarette in a bar, then you simply better not go to a bar as i see it.

i don't like being hit up for drinks by girls i'm not even with - be prepared for that at help too - a girl will smile ear to ear, say a few words, get you to say a few words, still smiling, and hit you up for a drink or two, and then she'll add her girlfriend or "friends" to the list.... not so much of a big deal, just remember - they are *****s, and they do know how to take no for an answer. i treat the ones nice who treat me nice.

some of the girls there like to pinch your ass as you pass by.... i gently patted one girl's ass as she passed by oopps - mistake. she gave me a full-powered punch to the shoulder - no damage of course, but i wish i could have drilled that ass as cornucupance.

so, there are just a few things to let you know what kinds of situations you can get into with these girls without even trying or knowing. they can be like a cross between a girlfriend and hooker - its a very interesting experience. it can be good - they are very affectionate - french kissing passionately and warmly, blow without condom, no teeth felt on any i had damm! but you get the "pressure" from the "girlfriend" side of it too in some cases.

spending the night with these chicas was a true pleasure. my first night was spent with tatiana, i was prowling and pseudo cherry picking my princess for the night when this hot as hell chica i was lusting after was approaching me. i wink at her and zoom, she is over next to me. she asked me in convoluted broken english if i would dance with her.

within a second of assessing her, by observing the outline of her hips, which i thought were deadly and an ass that just won't quit… to use a worn cliché. she also had a very pretty face to boot, light olive brown skin with soft eyes. i wasn't going to turn a lady down would i?.

we danced for a while, but i was a bit frustrated she couldn't speak english and then she blurted out perfect dutch. on hearing this i worked out the probability of a chica in rio not speaking any other language aside spanish, english, french but dutch. then it hit home, she must have been an amsterdam pro. she denied she hadn't been to amsterdam… yeah right, but i didn't care, i was not going to allow a difference of opinion to stand in my way of banging this chica.

she stuck her tongue into my ear and then started to french kissing me passionately. obviously my mr. happy started to harden, she felt it, slipped a hand inside my pants and did some groping. it is amazing how persuasive this can often be. my head was spinning and i could no longer resist.

so i stopped her, but a minute or so later she grabbed my hand and put it below her miniskirt: she had no panties, and damm was she wet. she even inserted two of my fingers into her pussy and started moaning… that was worth the price of admission.

these chicas know how to drive a man wild. she had succeeded in driving me wild and all i wanted to do was drill this chica. you know the sort of horny feeling where your in total heat, bordering on feeling dizzy and you nearly loose your marbles and can't think of nothing else but pounding her furiously. i said vamos and we left help instantly.

we went through a similar ritual, showered, and made love. i knew this lady would give incredible oral and i was not disappointed. i lodged my cock between her tits while she continued to give me head. she gave a mind-blowing bj sans condom and i ended up exploding in her tits and face. she was not as erotic as paula oral wise, but position wise she was numero uno.

we start with doggy style and she wants me to slap her ass while fucking her and after two rounds with different positions and awesome moves that i have never seen before these chicas know how to move men gaaadd daaammm!!!. she could contort her body in ways that i'd never thought possible, and taught me a few new positions. she was like a cat… better yet a tigress. i know now why brazilians are the best in football (soccer). if you know your football very well think a cross between ronaldinho, denilson & romario these garotas are in a different stratosphere.

in addition to her lovemaking skills and swimsuit model body, she has a great attitude and provides excellent service. she quickly got me hard again and we fucked passionately in several positions before the session ended. i needed all my willpower not to cum again because i wanted to save something for the other chicas. she cuddled up with me and we slept for a few hours.

we both woke up together and she slipped under the covers and started licking my balls, i was intent on making her cum and she let me, and i finally came while fucking her from behind. i proceeded to the shower, things got really hot in the shower and i could have had her right there but choose to limit it to intense foreplay. by her just sucking me in the shower.

finally at noon we went to her apartment where she changed into her bikini (nothing more than a few pieces of string) and we headed to the beach. once there, she took off her top and spend much of the time sucking on my earlobes and giving me a permanent hard on... priceless

later that day, after walking back from the other end of the beach, i returned to my hotel about 4:20 to find paula leaving me a message at the front desk. i had forgotten she told me she was going to see me that day. what a pleasant surprise.

that afternoon, we made love even more passionately than the day before - something i didn't think was possible. she gave me the best blowjob of my life, and i sucked her pussy like a ripe piece of fruit. after fucking for a while in several positions, she began to get dry, and decided to suck me off until i came in her mouth sans condom. she seemed to appreciate my showing her how to gently work the vein at the base of my penis with her finger as she was sucking my cock.

i desperately wished i could speak portuguese because at this point, i really wanted to spend more time with paula. nevertheless, we said some sorrowful goodbyes (i was leaving the next day). she gave me her address and phone number - just thinking about her now, i'm considering getting a translation dictionary and sending her a letter.

i was completely exhausted and jet lagged from my flight from london after making love to her that i fell asleep. i received a call about 7:00am, which caught me completely by surprise since no one i knew had this number. it was tatiana. she called me because she didn't see me at copacabana beach. i told her i had fallen asleep and she said maybe she would see me at the help.

i realised how easy it was for people to get very attached. in talking to the regulars, it's pretty common that a guy will hook up with one or two girls and stick to them like boyfriend-girlfriend. i had hoped to fuck another one of the girls in help that night, but i did want to say good-bye to tatatiana.

i went to help that night about 4:30am after waking up - still groggy. shortly after i got there, twice 2 very aggressive ladies, neither of whom i wanted to take home, approached me. if you are a cheapskate, try help or help exit at 4:30 am, however the better ones usually are not left until this hour

i am sure there are many other places in rio, but i make due with these to optimise funds and maximise choice. i know there are saunas all over, but i prefer doing my thing in my hotel room.

i've found nothing that compares with the sexual prowess and energy of the brazilian women. these ladies were more than just beautiful hookers, they were friendly charming, delightful, fun and passionate. i doubt that i will ever have this kind of experience with anyone in this profession, and probably just set myself up for disappointment for the rest of my life.

i found language to be the biggest barrier. i would recommend you brush up on your portuguese a little before making your run. makes it much easier to communicate and much more enjoyable after you have found your brazilian princess. these women love to have fun, and you'll have more fun if you can communicate. being able to talk with the women, joke with them. compliment them, etc., improves the quality of the sex...really!

not trying to stir racial connotations but my impression of the rio society is rio is populated by portuguese, italians, and blacks. many people are a mixture and get along fine as if in a perfect colour-blind society. this is true to a certain extent.

but if you go take a bus trip to barra shopping, you will pass right thru the foot of a favela which is all black. then when you get to barra shopping, you will see that the shoppers are 95% middle class whites. i never seen a black work in a jewellery store, anywhere in rio.

although the liberal world media portrays brazil as a colour-blind perfect society where everyone is a mixture, you will see that the bums on the street, service personnel, prostitutes at help, street hawkers are all overwhelming black while the bankers, high class clothing stores, civilian shoppers are overwhelmingly white.

however rio to put it mildly "is simply the best".

whiz kid

07-26-04, 18:10
Well, there is “free sex” sometimes. You are in a club. A girl comes up and talks to you. You don’t buy drinking or she is the one buying the drinking. At the end of night, you fuck her in the car or your/her place. If you or she is good. You may repeat at her apartment a few days late.

Normally, one of involved parties is from out of town. So, everyone understands this is just a fling. There is no drink/dinner or anything. You pay nothing.

3 types of women do such things.
#1: college educated, around 25- 35 years old, very smart and independent. She wants to do you and that’s it.

#2: College girls on vacation. Sometime it is difficult to get ride of them

#3: 40+ women who come out to prove themself by fucking guys.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing does not happen every weekend.
This kind of women is more common in the US and Europe. In Brazil, it will be difficult.

07-27-04, 00:19
Sorry guys, but I don't believe its survival! No girl would do this job if they did not want to! Its all about wanting the nicer things in life! Mostly they waste the money on clothes, make-up, phone bills etc. the higher class ones on better apartments, cars etc.

If they wanted to "survive" they would get a normal job and still be able to get by. I know the pay is crap but others seem to do it - working girls in Brazil are not all girls - we seem to forget the ones working in supermarkets etc. for bugger all money!

I do agree that having a normal GF is more costly though and like you said Saint, emotional costs are a hidden cost with a normal GF which is most expensive of all IMHO!

I also agree there is free sex. I have had some in my life, pure 1 night stands - its harder to find these days but its still there - I think the trick is not really to look for it though and let it come find you ;)

07-28-04, 05:10
Whiz Kid,

First of all, GREAT reporting. Thanks for the kudos on my reports. I really try to help guys on the places I go to. I LOVED Amsterdam as a city and I did have one good hobby experience there but the other was just the worst experience I've had in all the countries I've been to. Still, the city is beautiful. If you live there, you're really lucky. Just a really clean, beautiful and laid back city full of gorgeous hotties.

You're absolutely correct. There is simply no better place in the world to hobby than Rio, IMHO. Also I truly believe NO girls are better in bed than Brasileras. These girls are amazing! All those experiences you had were like my first trip to Rio. People can put down Help Disco and say not to go there..yadda yadda yadda. The funny thing is some of the sweetest girls that I know in Rio I've met there. My best sessions were with girls I met there. Even freebies that I received were from girls I met there. If you treat the girl nice you'll have great experiences there.

Whiz Kid - If you ever come back down to South America (which I assume you will) give me a hollar and maybe stop by Buenos Aires. I'm moving there in 2 weeks for the foreseeable future. I have a travel agency there so PM me if you need help booking a room.


You're right. There ARE instances of "free sex". I think we've all been there in those situations as you described. Those 3 categories of girls you mentioned are spot on target. Especially the #1. I've found that girls 27-35 that are intelligent like doing what they want, when they want, just because they feel like doing it. Money has nothing to do with it.

My "freebies" usually end up costing the most money since I'll do some dumb ass thing like flying them in from another country to see me or taking them on vacation with me. One of the biggest mistakes of my life was flying a girl I met in Colombia to go on holiday with me in Peru. Most expensive "freebie" i ever had...... BUT oh what a model face, and that body.......good Lord!

07-28-04, 18:36
Whiz Kid,

Thank you for your great report. It's nice to read the accounts of a Rio (Brazil) newbie with so much enthusiasm. I can guarantee you this isn't going to be your only trip to Rio in your lifetime.

As for your account of Help though, it's quite an overstatement to say 300 of the "most beautiful women in the world." You will soon realize as you venture out into the termas, endulge in upper-scale escorts, and further onto a whole world of opportunities in Sao Paulo, that your perspective on beauty will change significantly. I don't mean to sound so high and mighty, but now that I have seen what Brazil has to offer as a whole, I've realized that Help is nothing more than a gathering place for the below-average hardcore pros of Rio de Janeiro. Many seasoned mongers don't set foot there anymore, including myself. Enjoy it while you can. Once your eyes are opened, you'll never find yourself there again.


07-29-04, 01:41
Whiz Kid,

Bravo!!! Your report is the most accurate one I have read to date. Makes me wish I was on my way back to paradise!! Bravo!!! I don't post much, but I just had to comment on your report. IMHO, Rio is the closest place to heaven on earth.

07-29-04, 01:59

I have read your excellent Columbia/Peru trip. You have my completely understanding in that situation. I have done that once (well, flied the same girl 3 times). At that time, Even though I knew it was a mistake and my buddy urged me to cut it off. I could not. The girl was too hot t. It was the stupidest thing I have even done. It is just a thing we have to pay to learn. A passage of life.

Rio Bob
07-29-04, 03:52
Nothing new on this but just my 2 cents on this free sex vs. pay for play.

On a recent trip to Rio I met a girl who lives in Brasilia, she and her sister and friend were in Rio on vacation. I spent several days with this girl, during that time I threw her sister and friend cash to go out in Rio while I jammed her sister.

I fed them, kept them drunk and paid for my girls bus fare home, I had a good time with her but it wasn't for free. When I sat down with a calculator I figured it would have been much cheaper to get a new girl out of Help everynight.

Then on my next trip to Brazil, she wanted me to visit her in Brasilia but I didn't want to spend any time in Brasilia and then thought of paying for her roundtrip to Rio to spend time with me, I decided against it as it would have cost me more, the pay for play was cheaper and easier and I have other similar cases that I experienced in Rio. Free girls are more complicated and expensive.

07-29-04, 16:39
I guess in the end it's experiences and having fun that counts. That's what matters. Too many guys have their calculator in hand to add up the nickles and dimes. If you're having fun that's what counts. My advice is if you are going to fly a girl in to another city or the USA/Europe...make sure you do it with a girl you know fairly well. Some of my best trips and experiences were with my girlfriend whom I flew to the USA about 7 times over the past two years.

But again....I'd have to say that really "free sex" usually costs more. Honestly though "free sex" with a Brasilera is the best kind of sex. I've said it before and I'll say it again. God bless Brazil!

Good luck all.


07-29-04, 23:38
I am always doubting anyone dating someone from a 3rd world country when talks of flying them over, marrying them, or helping them to get a green card. I love me some Brazilian girls but they are very tricky and they can treat you nice in Brazil but once they get here why do they need to be nice to you. A close friend of mine dated an Illegal for 3 years, paid for her school, clothes, even took care of her daughter, he was rich, gave her everything but wouldnt marry her. So one day she leaves him for some young guy who promised he would marry her. Flying to a brazilian girl you can sleep with for free and just spend money on get the GFE experince is cool, but be careful.

Whiz Kid
08-01-04, 10:16
Hi guys

Just wrote a reposte to the last report in Living in Rio 2004.


Whiz Kid

Rock Dog
08-07-04, 02:50
To Bubba Boy,

I'm replying to your awesome post from the photo section. Seems like some guys just want to see pics there (haha). It makes more sense to respond here and I'm sure you'll read this since you seem to be very well informed about Brazil.

I copied, pasted and saved the entire post! Before reading it, I'd heard about Meia Pataca and Help from Kanintha, another WSG member. I had no clue there was even such a thing as a terma. It's obvious that I'm a new guy as far as Brazil goes, but that sounds like just the kind of thing I'd like to experience.

I only have one question left. Kanintha posted a pic of this amazing black girl with the most awesome set of tits. Many of the Garotas seem to have smaller boobs on them. Do the termas that you went to have a selection of darker girls with larger breasts? I like all kinds, but those women are my favorite.

Thanks again for that quality post!


Bango Cheito
08-07-04, 17:34
You may have better luck with that type of girl in the downtown termas as opposed to the ones in Copa.

Bubba Boy
08-08-04, 04:17

I tend to find the more european looking girls with smaller asses tend to be in the zona sul termas (copa & ipanema area ). This is particularly true with Centauraus. The majority of patrons are touristas.

The down town termas are more geared for the locals and you will tend to find bigger bundas (asses) prevailing there. The locals actually think a big bunda is preferable.

You will of course find all shapes and sizes at every terma, just some shapes are more common at certain areas than others.

Brazilian women can best be descirbed as being "all ass". Generally they have a slim upper body, small tits, flat stomach and a generous ass. They are not fat they just have bubble butts!. Big natural tits are not very common in Brazil.

The best review on Rio is bwana's guide. It is written (copywright free) by a monger that goes to Rio every year. I have a copy of it, if you want it Pm me with your email and I will email it to you (42 pages long)

08-08-04, 07:15
Is it possible to take advantage of escort agencies if you don't speak Portgugues (or spell that well for that matter!)? Would love to try them out, but I doubt the limited language skills I pick up between now and Sept. will help much. Any suggestions?

08-08-04, 18:07
I know of a Brazilian woman willing to help with that for a fee...... she charges because she uses her cell phone for this and it can get to be expensive for her.....

08-09-04, 09:56

I may have to follow up on that. How much does she charge normally?

Bubba Boy
08-09-04, 14:37
I have had 3 PM requests for Bwanas Rio guide. I am only to happy to send it to anyone who wants it. Please include your email address in your PM to me so I can get it to you.

08-10-04, 05:57
For the most part are Cialis and Viagra available at most Pharmacies in Rio? Do prices vary greatly depending on where you go?

Rio D
08-11-04, 05:45
I just read Whiz Kid's 3 "reports" from 7-26-04. They were partially copied from the old WSG archive. Didn't anyone else notice it? Various paragraphs and sentences were copied and mixed in with new material. Sometime names were changed, but the rest of the text is exactly the same. The original posts were Dec 15 1995, Jan 17 1997, and March 8 1997. The old archive is accessed through the home page, so maybe the new guys haven't visited it. Whiz Kid, were you the original poster? What's the deal?

08-11-04, 13:28

since she uses her cell phone to do this she wants 100.reais to set you up with 3 appiontments... It can get expensive making calls on the pre-paid cell phones at 1.16.reais a min.

08-11-04, 15:33
Yeah Rio D, the original 1997 report was mentioned by one other poster, but nobody else followed it up until you mentioned it.

I also noticed Whiz Kid´s report has a couple of paragraphs plagiarised from a Dutch guy´s report (Google "help discoteca" and the report is on the first page of results).

Rio Bob
08-12-04, 00:15
Rio D and Cachorro, yes I mentioned it but in a subtle way. I remember those original posts on the WSG archives and I don't know what this guy was thinking to take up so much board space for old posts that most of us probably seen. I guess he was trying to enhance his credability for the future, now we will certainly believe everything he says.

Rabo Verde
08-12-04, 00:30
MSJ, all you really need to know how to say to use the escort services is the name of the girl you want and your address.
www.ciaplus.com has been very reliable recently, and sometimes they have someone there who speaks a few words of English.

08-12-04, 01:03

Thanks. I'll give it a try. Caiplus was one of the ones on my list.

Kenn - If they come up shakey on me, and send me a critter instead, I may have to take you up on your friends service.



Rabo Verde
08-12-04, 01:32
Came across something interesting:
Nextel phone walkie-talkie function works very well in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, and for $20 a month you can make UNLIMITED walkie-talkie (NOT regular) calls to other Nextel users in the USA or any other country. No reason I can see why you couldn't turn this feature on for a month for $20 while you are traveling and turn it off when you get home. Info here:


08-12-04, 01:47
Chuponalgas... (((MSJ, all you really need to know how to say to use the escort services is the name of the girl you want and your address.)))

I can just imagine that conversation...

Catia, 1233 Avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.......apt. 101

Catia, 1233 Avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.......apt. 101

Catia, 1233 Avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.......apt. 101
Que? O que você quer?

Catia, 1233 Avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.......apt. 101
Eu não entendo o que você quer.

Catia, 1233 Avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.......apt. 101

Get the idea???????????????????

08-12-04, 03:18
Kenn -

Good point. Looks like I will be getting some translation help for the services. Hopefully, I'll be too busy with termas and Help.

Thxs again.

J Wadd
08-12-04, 04:59
Heya, guys:

What're the good, on-line Brazilian-specialist travel agencies that're occasionally mentioned here? I looked back (in this thread) for the last 10 pages and didn't find one.

Where's the best place to get tickets nowadays?


Deviant Freak
08-12-04, 07:02
JWadd: "What're the good, on-line Brazilian-specialist travel agencies that're occasionally mentioned here?"

I've used brol.com and fares-fair.com. Both sell consolidator-type tickets. Last I checked, the cheapest US-GIG flights are in the $650-$800 range.

Also, on an unrelated note, I got frustrated trying to find a good map of Rio, so I got a domain and started compiling one myself: http://rio.ultimap.net/

Anyone planning on being there for Carnaval '05?

Exec Talent
08-12-04, 14:55

Just within the last week or so I have benefited from the posts of others who have pointed out ways to save money on flights:


and cellphones


Hotel information is posted all the time.

You do such a great job and provide such a great service. What is the best way for those of us who want to do so to contribute financially to the upkeep of your site?


Rabo Verde
08-13-04, 00:26
KENN try it, I bet it works!

Rio Bob
08-13-04, 01:05
I don't know if it is the best price but it is good, Continental Airlines website now has approx $650 RT from newark or Houston to Rio.

Also in years past I have used BACC travel in new york, google it.
the owner of BACC travel also is a part owner of Chuascaria Plataforma in New York.

08-13-04, 01:15
Alright guys, I'm going south in two weeks. I'm staying at the Marina Palace. Can any of you "Guru's" give me any advice on where to go first or what to check out for sure? I've been seeing the 5 Garota's deal on the net ( never had but three ) and I think I want to try that. If my unit will hold up. Anyways, within walking distance, what's the spot?

Sterling V
08-15-04, 10:17

You also might try http://www.intratours.com. They always have great deals to South America.

Sterling V

Deviant Freak
08-16-04, 01:35
Does anyone know of a schedule of soccer games for January & February '05? I'm particularly interested in games in Rio at Maracanã Stadium.


08-16-04, 21:27
Not sure if this is the right place to post but I will be going to Brazil in two weeks. I have been there before. My question, to all that speak Portuguese. How do you say filet migon, sirloin, and rib eye steak? I love the churascaria but not sure how to say these words when the waiters come around.



Jean B
08-16-04, 21:46
Where to study Portuguese in Brazil

I am planning to go to Brazil in early November to learn Portuguese and to travel. I will study during 6-7 weeks and then travel during 4-5 weeks. Where would be a good place to study? I'd prefer a smaller city by the water, which is safe and has loads of nice girls. I was thinking about staying 3-4 weeks in 2 places to study (e.g. Florianopolis and Recife).

Thanks in advance,


08-18-04, 00:06
Hello guys,

I have been a viewer of this section for about 6 months and I was wondering have any of you had the opportnity to hookup with any of the gorgeous Brazilian women featured on websites such as ************ or blackinbrazil.com. I have never been to Brazil but I aiming towards heading to Rio in December, I am a newbie to the Brazilian scene so I was wondering would any of you Vets be interested in helping this charity case. You can PM me.

08-19-04, 06:01
For Brazilian soccer (football) schedules check out:www.uol.com.br/espnbrasil. Click on Camp. Brasileiro A

However, the main league championship (Campeonato Brasileiro) runs from April to December. It will be over before Jan/Feb 2005.

The various state championships (made up of all of the various semi-pro and pro teams in each particular Brazilian state) usually take place in Feb and March in an elimination format. The main Rio soccer teams, of course dominate their state championship, but they have to first beat up on teams from local small towns, leading up to the state championship finals.

If in Rio in Jan/Feb 2005, you will have to hope that two big Rio teams are facing each other in one of the state championship matches while you are there.

A game at Maracana is an amazing event - if the stadium is packed. Any game between two of the big Rio teams (Flamengo, Vasco de Gama, Botafogo, and Fluminese) will pack the stadium and will be a blast. Also, a game between a Rio team and one of the S.P. powerhouses will attract a reasonable crowd and should be fun. Otherwise, give it a miss - as the stadium is usually only partially full to even empty for the other games - both in the Campeonato Brasileiro and the state championship.

08-20-04, 17:44

about cuts of beef at churrascarias, filet mignon is filet (pronounced the same), sirloin is alcatra (al-cah-trah), and rib eye (i'mpretty sure) is agulha (ah-goo-lya). but it's all irelevant anyway, the king of beef cuts for churrasco is picanha ([CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)-cahn-ya), it will blow you away - tender and flavorful. filet is rarely ever used for churrasco (except at the super-high end places like porcao and marius) because it is tasteless and too flabby, besides too expensive. marius wraps it in bacon, yadda yadda to try and give it some help. alcatra (sirloin) is mostly used as filler, no reason to eat it when picanha is availbale, and rib-eye doesn't lend itself to churrasco either (although porcao makes a stuffed rib eye). anyway, dont' worry aboutthe cuts, a churrasco is such a smorgasbord of meat, you will want to try a bit of everything and then stick with what you like.

08-20-04, 21:40
I thought rib-eye was "fraldinha." I may be wrong. I just know it's fraldinha and picanha that are my absolute favorites. I don't think I've ever tried to translate (or match) the cuts of Brazilian beef to the sorry comparisons of U.S. beef before. Even if it's the same cut, it doesn't even compare. Brazilians know how to cook a steak like no other.

If you go to any upperscale churrascarias in Sao Paulo or any churrascarias near Ipanema or Copa in Rio, all you have to do is ask the waiter what the meat is called in 'ingles' when he brings it to you. Most will tell you right away. If the one waiter doesn't know, he'll grab another waiter for you who will know.

When in Sao Paulo, don't miss
1) Jardineira (in Moema)
2) Fogo do Chao (in Moema)

1) Marius (in Leme)
2) Porcao (in Flamengo)

Or if you want to try real Nordeste Brazilian Food, try:
1) Casa de Feijoada (in Ipanema)

Have fun.

D Brown
08-21-04, 13:13
Always be careful everyone.

World - Reuters

Vagrant Killings Raise Fears of Brazil Death Squad

Fri Aug 20, 5:07 PM ET Add World - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Nicholas Winning

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - The beating to death of four vagrants and the battering of several others in downtown Sao Paulo have raised suspicions of death squads as crime soars in this vast South American city, officials said on Friday.

Four homeless men died and two were in critical condition after they were clubbed over the head, perhaps with a piece of wood or a mallet, on Thursday night, state prosecutor Carlos Cardoso told Reuters.

Police say the killings, which took place over a three-hour period in the city center, might have been ordered by businessmen irritated by their presence or be the work of a group with a grievance against homeless people.

"It's the first time there is such a high number of victims in such a small geographical area, which is why we are working with the hypothesis that the attacks were carried out by an extermination squad ... with the aim of intimidating homeless people," said Cardoso.

Sao Paulo police said a total of 10 homeless people had been beaten senseless on Thursday night and that nine of them had been found near the cathedral in the downtown district.

Many vagrants congregate in the neighborhood at night to take shelter under the awnings of the older buildings.

A police spokesman said an argument about a bottle of liquor was enough to kick off a deadly fight between vagrants, many of whom are alcoholics or drug addicts.

"But what we haven't seen until now is such a large series of attacks in a short period of time and in the same neighborhood," he said.


The theory that businesses may have ordered the killings led local media to draw comparisons with Rio de Janeiro's 1993 Candelaria massacre.

Gunmen believed to be off-duty policemen killed eight homeless youths outside a city church in the most notorious incident in a wave of murders of street children that human rights groups say were aimed at stopping begging or stealing.

About 45,000 Brazilians are murdered each year, or one person every 12 minutes, the highest number of any country, according to the World Health Organization (news - web sites).

Most of the killings are carried out with guns and many of the victims are poor residents of the large crime-ridden slums, or favelas, or Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The Sao Paulo murders occurred against a background of rising kidnappings and muggings in this already violent city of 18 million people.

Police are badly paid and overworked, and disgruntled citizens have been known to turn to vigilantes to take care of problems.

An Amnesty International report in May said death squads operated in many Brazilian states, targeting criminals and also carrying out "social cleansing

08-22-04, 01:14
Where is the best place to change currency into Reals? I would guess the airport probably has the worst FX rates? Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

08-22-04, 01:49
Thanks tomb, I sent you a p.m..

Jonny Hit Run
08-22-04, 03:12
There's a Cambio across the street from Todo e Facil(internet facility) which is on the same street as The Othon Palace in Copacabana. I've used it on a couple different visits and the rates were good compared to airport and hotels. Sorry for not knowing the street name.

Bango Cheito
08-22-04, 09:28
The guys at the airport gave us 3 to 1 no problems. If they offer you less, stand firm once then walk away. they will capitulate.
The worst is using the money change desk at a hotel or airport.

Bubba Boy
08-22-04, 14:16
Your best bet is to use the ATM's. Exchange rate is probably the best you will find. Citibank and HSBC on Avinida North, Copa, has the most efficient ATM's. Not all ATM's will accept gringo cards. I get Reas out during the day and place in safe and use as necessary.

Second best is the Cambio exchange's around Copa.

Thirdly, you can always pay for mongering activities within a terma. Loumo, Monte and Solarium offer good rates. Last time I was there they were offering 2.9, when the ATM's were 3.0. Try to avoid Centaraus where they will shaft you on the rate, I ended up getting 2.6 there (they will shaft you at every oportunity they get @ Centaraus).

Deviant Freak
08-22-04, 19:47
Generally ATMs give excellent exchange rates, but the good rates are sometimes offset by per-transaction service fees. If you're in Rio, Help give slightly better rates than the official exchange, but limits how much you can change at one time.

My experience has been that the hotels give some of the worst rates, and the airport is somewhere in the middle.

08-22-04, 23:26
Just returned from 10 days in Rio, First of all upon arriving at GIG there is no finger printing going on at this time although the line was much longer than normal for U. S. citizens.

HELP is still going strong, there was PLENTY of women there on any given night, black, white, thin, fat etc. you name it and it was there at help. These women are dressed so seductive and slutty I felt like a kid in a candy store! Plenty of them would just come up to me and grab my cock. The bottom line in help is that these girls are only there for the money! NO GFE! some poor bastards at help actually think these girls really do like and care for them! They pretend to like you and then hit up for drinks and cigs.

Help girls were asking for 200 R- I normally paid 150 R but photos had to be included in the deal, NEVER take a help girl to your apt or hotel without first getting all of the financail details out of the way.

Meia Pataca is turning into a real shit hole! Saw three cat fights, food is kind of expensive and not good at all! The same girls at meia pataca are also at help, The malls in rio IMHO have very sexy girls but I was not sure if they were on the "program"

Monte carlo is getting better and better! I did a two girl session for an hour, can't remember there names but the session was great! BBBJ with CIM with multiple positions, I really hated changing condoms from one to the other, IMHO it just takes the feeling away when I have to change condoms 5 or 6 fucking times!

Beach during the day and late afternoon, girls out selling there pussy EVERYWHERE! I have never seen such beautiful women with perfectly rounded asses and pretty faces so willing to sell there pussy and ass! Rio girls are not photo or camcorder shy at all! I find that you just have to discuss this up front and then they are cool with it.

Fucked this girl I met at mcdonalds in Copa who looked just like shakira, I forget her name but who the hell cares right? Took her back to my apt for 100R and fucked her in every position humanly possible, this girl was so fucking hot that I thought I was going to break my dick off in her ass.

Upon arriving at Miami airport on my return, I hand my immigration card to the agent and he looks at it and say so you went to Brazil huh? and he goes WHY? I had just completed a 9 hour flight next to some fat ass cow who smelled like shit and snored the whole fucking trip so I was just a little bit cranky and in no mood for any shit from anyone, I look at him and I calmly say, I was in Brazil for a vacation, He says yeah RIGHT in a realy shitty tone and I started to say something to his fat ass but I just left it alone.

I will be returning in September!

Rabo Verde
08-23-04, 22:01
I have been getting very good S.A. airfare quotes from:


08-24-04, 04:16
Deviant & Bubba Boy,

Gentlemen, thanks for the Reals FX tips and best ATM's to keep in mind. Much appreciated.

08-24-04, 07:30
Thanks V,

I fly to Rio on Friday. I will give a full report when I get back.
So far, imho, Jardineira Grill is the best.


08-24-04, 18:47
I'm getting better airfares from brazilian wave tours. Has anyone here dealt with them?


08-25-04, 04:19
ATM's are always the best option, but I actually prefer the cambios (money exchange shops) over anything else. I don't know what your spending habits are like, but I can't seem to have enough spending money throughout the day limiting myself to the per-day ATM limits.

Every cambio has a different rate. Look for a listing of cambios in the phone book in your hotel, call around, and take a cabbie to the one with the best rates. Most cambios will generally speak simple 'Number English' to get a quote over the phone from my past experience. Very important: have the cabbie wait for you outside until you come back out. A lot of cambios especially in the city like Sao Paulo and downtown Rio are known to have thugs monitering activity, and you'll be an easy target with a wad of money in your pocket if you sit and waltz around the city after you exchange your money. Take a cabbie you can trust, go back to the hotel, drop off your wad of money, and take enough funds with you on your way back out necessary for that day.

If you don't mind using credit cards and ATMs everywhere you go, that's probably a better option for you, probably much safer. But I for one find it a much bigger hassel dividing payments for the club, the girl, tip, what have you with my card everywhere I go. Cash for me is always the better option.

08-25-04, 22:18
What is the time table for applying and getting a tourist Visa to brazil. I am planning a first time trip to Rio the last week of October and someone told me that the Visa does not go into effect til 90 days after you get it. Is this right?

08-25-04, 23:58
After reading so many posts about techniques for learning/practicing Portuguese, it occurred to me that Globo Media Center might be a useful resource for some of you. It has hundreds of video clips form TeleGlobo, the dominant television network in Brazil.

To try it go to globo.com then click on Globo Media Center. Then, in the upper right it says Cnheca O Globo Media Center in a box with a beautiful girl. Click on her finger for the tour. Even if you don't understand a word you'll enjoy the girl.

If you remain interested just below the girl is a box that says Passe Livre. Click on this to sign up for a free week of Globo Media Center.

Rent One
08-26-04, 00:03
I have searched this site and need to ask maybe a stupid question. I understand that we need a visa or something to enter Brazil. How do you go about getting it? Can it be obtained upon arrival at the airport?

Thanks for any imput.

08-26-04, 08:43
I just ran across this site on the net and found it quite hilarious. Don't worry, this isn't spam at all. Here's a stuck up girl straight from HELP in Rio charging upwards to US$3500 for an allnighter here in the USA. For that amount of money you can have a whole month of bliss with a hundred different girls right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. And you wonder why the girls want to work overseas.


08-26-04, 18:16

Just checked out the site for Carla brazil. Pretty Garota, nice rack too. I could see how she could get some guys paying $500 an hour in the States. I've seen worse looking get that much. But that is stil crazy when the fact is when she back in RJ she wouldn't get more than $250R tops, and that is high!

B J Lover
08-27-04, 18:56
Agreed. She is smoking hot and I'm sure she will get and does get what she wants in the US. The uneducated or the filthy rich pay those prices. But my my my, you can get 100 of her if you just take your ass to Rio.

Yep, about 6 girls for the 1 hour price quoted. Hilarious. But she is hot...damn!

08-28-04, 03:00
Depending on the girl, the circumstances, the time of night, etc, you could very well get a girl in Rio of that calibur for an allnighter in the R$200-R$300 range. Some even less, depending. That's US$3500 vs US$100. 35 to 1. Get yourself a "namorada" for the week for free, versus shelling out US$30,000. Thirty f_cking thousand!!! Are you drunk?? You'll be the king of Rio for a year with that kind of money. Granted, you'll end up spending money on your namorada buying her a whole bunch of shit to keep her happy throughout the week, but I'm positive you'll be doing the same to "Carla" as well, on top of the $30,000. Just take a glance at her "indulgence" page. You don't make a whole page about your materialistic preferences (with links included), if you don't expect anything extra! This girl is spoiled to the bone.

08-28-04, 15:16
I could not get the site to come up. Anybody else have this problem?

08-28-04, 18:08
Came up fine for me. Maybe you have your popup blocker enabled

Vegas Baby
08-29-04, 00:28
I want to add to a thread I started awhile back. This concerns a friend of mine The Lonely Millionaire.
He had met a Brazilian Garota in Cancun Mexico. He was on vacation and met her when she was working in a brazilian style nite club there. He was knocked out by her and saw her 6-7 times in a 3 month time frame since february of this year.
He wanted to bring her back to the states on a fiance visa and she accepted his proposal/arrangement.
He hired an attorney and the paperwork was processed in 3.5 months.
He gets a phone call last week saying she married a mexican for citizenship papers.
So now the visa has been approved all she has to do is go the consulate and pass her medical exam and its done.
Except now The Lonely Millionaire is pissed and says he has changed his mind. She can go fuck herself. She passed over a dollar to pick up a penny.

Question; if she is married will the fiance visa be denied?
or can she say is planning a divorce?
I dont think its over. The Lonely Millionaire has not taken my advice in any of this matter he does what he wants to. My advice has been to keep the relationship at a distance and vist the source for the real deal.

your thoughts

Vegas Baby

08-29-04, 08:44
Vegas Baby,

Your friend is screwed. She has to prove that she is free to marry before being granted a fiance visa. That means proof of divorce from her Mexican husband.....


08-29-04, 08:56
Hi guyz on the ATM vs. Cambio Exchange issue:

I think that ATM's are much safer to travel with and you get the best possible exchange rate also. ATM's with plus signs can be used in most City Bank, HSBC, and Bank of Brazil ATM locations. Depending on the amount of days you are travelling to Rio I would suggest to bring in US$250 to 500 with you. Keep this money with you for emergency only. Don't use this money unless you have to.

Moreover, I have been changing money with the ATM several times in a week here in Rio and have got an average rate of US$1=R$3.01. If you have an account with HSBC that allows you to take out money internationally than you don't need to pay any extra for ATM transactions here at HSBC ATM's in Rio. In my case, I think they have a limit of 5 free withdrawals a month. Since I had planned to stay in Rio for about 3 to 4 months I went to an HSBC branch and opened an account just for the purpose of this trip. On the other hand, Bank of America charges a US$3.00 service fee. If I use my B of A ATM then I make sure that I take out the full maximum daily limit of R$1,000 that is the limit at most ATM's here in Rio.

At most of the Cambio's u should be able to get an exchange rate of US$1 to R$3 or so. The major problem with this is that it is not safe to travel with so much money. I don't know about anybody else but even if I was travelling to Rio for a 10 day trip I would have atleast needed US$3,000 or so with me to enjoy Rio to it's fullest and I don't feel comfortable travelling with that kind of money on me even if I am travelling within the U.S.

08-29-04, 10:58
If she lives in Mexico why doesn’t she just walk across the border with the rest of Mexico and save everyone all the trouble.

08-29-04, 11:09
Why all the fuss over Carla Brazil... IMHO she is not worth anywhere near $500.US an hour.. Silicone tits and an American attitude.
I know because she thinks her pussy is silk lined and the hair is made of Chinchilla …

08-29-04, 16:21
Vegas Baby

<<your thoughts>>

This is for the best. Really. He won't marry her thank to the United States of America and it's wise laws.People b.i.t.c.h. about consulates and embassies. But they are there to protect you.

And look at it from her perspective. It's like the rest of us. When you are driving all that you care about is the road right in front of you. You swerve to avoid hitting obstacles and maybe you hit something else in the process.


Rio Bob
08-29-04, 21:12
Why would anybody marry a Mexican to be a citizen of Mexico? This sounds like a fishy story to me especially if she knew your friend was trying to get her to the US where most Mexicans want to go anyway. It sounds like she is giving your friend a bunch of baloney just to get rid of him, he must be lonely for a reason with all that money.

Rio Bob
08-29-04, 21:16
Oh yeah and I saw the picture of Carla Brazil, I agree with Ken. If I saw her in Help im not sure she would be my first choice. And did you see the prices, if I remember correctly she wanted something like $30,000 for a 7 day trip and $5000 for 12 hours, can you imagine asking a garota in Help how much is TLN and she says $5000, this is so funny, I think she is a joke and anybody that would pay those prices would have to be a joke too unless you were a lonely millionaire.

Vegas Baby
08-29-04, 21:38
Rio Bob

She was making big bucks in Cancun. She was was making
$ 500.00 to $1000.00 a day at $250.00 a pop. I guess this is the going rate in the hotel zone there.
His lack of female companship is due to his two very strong business's as well as his lack of self confidence. He has always felt better paying up front for sex. In many ways it certainly is cheaper than getting divorced.
I have advised him to take a trip to South America. Maybe he will take me along for advice. LOL.


I agree with you he is indeed much better off. I think this garota views him simply as an atm machine. This guy is a walking jackpot.

Vegas Baby

Latitude Cruz
08-31-04, 18:08
Shavani asked:

"What is the time table for applying and getting a tourist Visa to brazil. I am planning a first time trip to Rio the last week of October and someone told me that the Visa does not go into effect til 90 days after you get it. Is this right?"

My advice:

If there's a Brazilian consulate in your town it's fast & easy.

You need to go to this site and download the application:

There are instructions on that page as well. My personal experience getting the visa seemed easier than the instructions on that page would lead one to believe. What follows is a combination of my experience & advice to you:

You should have a travel itinerary to Brazil when you make your application (you can go to any airline city ticket office, make a reservation and have an "itinerary" without having committed to buy the ticket).

Show the itinerary with your application (have an "official looking" extra copy made at the airline ticket office).

You leave your passport at the office with your application and the copy of your itinerary, and the fee ($100 cash). They charge US citizens $100 because we charge Brazilians the same and they have a reciprocity policy.

They told me 3 to 5 business days later, they would have mine ready. It was ready the next day.

The visa is good for 5 years (unlimited transits in & out). 90 days per visit and 180 days total per year. If you're in Brazil and your 90 days is going to expire, you can get an extension.

One more catch: For the visa to become "valid" for 5 years you must use it within 90 days of its issuance. Keep that in mind if you do the trick I told you about (getting an itinerary without actually purchasing a ticket). I did the "itinerary" thing because I was sure I would be going "soon" but not exactly sure "when" and I wanted to have the stamp in my passport ready to go when I pulled the trigger.

I'm heading down today for a "quick visit". Been to Rio a few times and I'm considering staying in SP for a few days this time.

Happy travels!


09-07-04, 06:03
I just spent a week in Rio and Sao Paulo from 8-28-04 to 9-03-04, so my information will be current.

First off like other members, I would like to thank everyone on the board with special thanks to tomb and pimpolho for pming me on question I had about my trip. Your information was correct and I used it wisely.

I will be writing my adventures on the Rio and SP section but here are some tips that may help someone on the board. I flew from Lax to Rio on Varig. If anyone lives near L.A. Varig has internet specials throughout the year. I went from Fri. to the next week Sat. and paid roughly $700 roundtrip. My buddy went from Fri to thurday and he only paid roughly $600. I know in the past this airlines was not recommended, but I had no problems with them. Because I flew on the internet special, they told me I couldn't upgrade.

The flight goes from Lax direct to Sao Paulo ( a 11 hour flight ), stops for about an hour to let people get off. We stayed in the aircraft, then off for the 45 minute ride to Rio. By the way in Rio, we were not photographed or finger printed. Because most of the people got off in SP, the lines for customs was a breeze.

When we got to Rio, we went to the citibank to withdraw money. The exchange rate the first day there was 2.96 to 1. When we left it was down to 2.94 to 1.

Not to bore anyone I will cut it off here and write a few sections instead of one long one. Hope it helps.


P.S. One good thing about flying staight to the west coast, we avoided the hurricane because we met a few mongers who got stuck in Rio because all flights into Miami were cancelled. On second thought, maybe being stuck in Rio wasn't a bad thing.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



09-07-04, 06:27
Within our stay in Rio, we flew into SP for three days and two nights. We flew Gol airlines. You can now purchase tickets with an American Express card and on their site, you can go to the English version. This made it so much easier and you can select your seat. Flying out of Santo Dumont is so much easier now since they took most of the flights out of there into the International airport. The only flights out of Santo Dumont are the flights from Rio to SP. Needless to say, it was a breeze. I know everyone has there favorite airlines but I do like Gol. We arrived about an hour and 15 minutes early and checked in. As we were checking in the lady asked if we wanted an earlier flight leaving now. We said yes and off we went.

If nothing else, Gol has newer airplanes and imho, the best looking stewardess around. Young, beautiful and most speak English.

In Rio, we stayed at the Rio Rioss, which is girl friendly. I got the double which was R$160 but no extra cost if you bring a girl back. If you get the single rate, you pay the difference between the single and the double which amounts to R$50.

In SP, we stayed at the Parthenon Central Towers in Paraiso. This hotel is also girl friendly. Cost per night was R$108 with no extra for bringing a girl back.

I had no problems with either hotels and would recomend both. The edge between the two hotels would be the Parthenon because it is newer and cheaper.

Finally for this section. Since I asked the question earlier about cuts of beef. We went to a restaurant in SP called the Jardineira Grill which was mention on a post long ago. Anyways at the table they give out a little menu explaining the cuts of beef and it is translated into four or five different languages. So cool.

I do like the Picanha and filet migon but for flavor, my number one pick is the fradinha. It's great to know that I can actually ask for my favorite cut of beef.

When I get a chance, I will finish off my report in the Rio and SP board.


P.S. On the plane back we met another monger visiting for the first time. He stayed at the Debret and he told us he could bring a girl back to the hotel but he had to pay R$50. Not only that, but she could only stay until 7:00 in the morning. He said true to their word, he got a 7:00 wake up call to tell him the girl must leave. I stayed at the Debret the first time I went to Rio. After hearing that, I doubt I ever will.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



09-08-04, 04:10
In late May 2004 and early June 204, "Joe Writer" posted a couple of reports in this thread (Brazil-General info) about an article on Rio garotas that he was trying to sell to Hustler. (See postings of 5/31/04 thru 6/04/04 on this thread - or perform an author search on "Joe Writer"). A few posters here predicted doom and gloom if Joe Writer got the article published.

At the news stand in late August, I happened to see the November 2004 Hustler - Rest of the World Edition. (Note - this is not the regular U.S. edition of Hustler, but the Rest of the World Edition). What caugh my eye were the words "The Girls of Brasil - A Guide to Rio's Hookers" in large letters and a picture of the Brazilian flag on the magazine cover. So, I bought the issue - for $7.99 U.S !!!

The article is a pretty good travel report, taking up about 2 pages in the magazine. But, anyone could read that same info here on WSG for free. If this article was posted on WSG as a travel report, it would probably get a couple of "nice report" postings in response. But, in terms of a news worthy magazine article, forget it - I learned nothing - but then I have been to Rio a few times and know the scene well. (In fact, there is a link to a rough draft of writer's article in one of his postings here on WSG.) It was not until I started to read the article in Hustler that I realized I had read it all before before . . .based on the WSG link.

The article does include eight photos of Rio garotas - 3 taken in Help, 1 at Meia, 1 on Ave Atlantica, 1 on the beach and 1 in Monte Carlo. Two of the Help gals are very nice (8's or 9's) - one is in a Carnival outfit and one is in a nice night club outfit. But these two pics of garotas in nice outfits are certainly not worth $8.

Bottom line -

1) Congrats Joe Writer on getting your article published;

2) Although it is a nice general article, one could learn the same info from reading any two pages of the Rio reports thread;

3) Contrary to the doom and gloomers, the article will do nothing to promote sex tourism in Rio - this website - and the word of mouth from the thousands of sexually satisfied visitors to Rio has done a thousand times more damage to the Rio secret than this article will do; and finally

4) Don't waste your money on the article like I did - save it for a couple of caipirinhas at a therma or boite on your next trip to Brazil. My copy is already in the trash can.


WR Slade
09-08-04, 09:01
Can somebody please help me with the following questions. I am very fresh and need some advice from the more experienced guys.

1) What is the going/average price for short time (1-2 hours) and long time (whole night) in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Argentina, Brazil.

2) What country is recommended for a beginner like me?

3) Are any of these countries dangerous with respect to crime?

4) Can somebody give me some general advice before getting one the plane?

I really would appreciate some help and advice from you. Thank you very much for a very good web site!

Wrslade (Norway)

09-08-04, 20:15
Vegas Baby,

IMHO the Lonely Millonaire is a FOOL for so many reasons they aren't even worth listing here. The guy is a millonaire and yet has no self esteem. what does he have a dick the size of a crayon?

Yet he is being so played by a supposedly brazilian garota de programa that must be so overworked and used to be making that kind of cash that why would anyone want to marry her. Really, no non-hardened garota de programa ends up in Mexico marrying some dude just so she can fuck more guys. bullshit. Brazilians don't need visas to go to Mexico. So why would she marry a mexican. the lies are unstoppable (remember reading about this fool some months ago). Really, tell him to save us all the grief and either give his money to us so we can have a proper party or get some balls and start fucking some girls to get some confidence. even if his dick is the size of crayon some girl will get him off happily for some of his money.

Regarding Carla: She is not worth $500 an hour even by silly USA prices. Easily can get girls just as good looking on Eros for $300 (thank god, I don't live in the USA and don't have to pay that anymore). So why pay $500 for her. As noted better to spend the money on airline tickets!

Ah, brazil offers such a wonderful life of garotas but don't let it go to your head (as in the case of the Lonely Millonaire), a Brazilian garoata de programa will take every penny you have if you are dumb enough to offer it to her. All these girls see you as walking ATMS. don't be fooled by the fact that yes a lot of them like to fuck and like having gringos as friends.


09-08-04, 21:16

fraldinha, which you liked so much, is skirt steak. it's actually the diaphram muscle, butchers here in the us used to practically give it away. but now thatnks to tex-mex cuisine, it's gone "mainstream" and is both hard to find and expensive - after all there is only one in each cow! thankfully, it's not that popular in brazil yet.. btw "fraldinha" means "[CodeWord132] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord132)" in portuguse, since the cut does kind of look like an old-style cloth [CodeWord132] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord132) :)

tom b.

Rio Bob
09-09-04, 03:11
Elmo, your right that many members here jumped all over Joe writer about the article but I think they were stronger against the reality show he was proposing to produce. I guess that article in Hustler will be read by just hustler readers so it won't get that big of a circulation hopefully as I feel and many others do too that Rio especially is saturated now with too many gringos and it doesn't need any more publicity.

09-09-04, 18:16
Back in Rio. Some observations.

1. More Americans than ever before. Seems like lots more blacks than ever before.

2. This may be the best time to come. Weather is cool, all the major holidays are over and hotel rooms are easy to come by. At my hotel, its only half filled. Most major termas are virtually all girls no clients.

3. HELP continues to be bad. Lots of ugly girls charging high prices with medium to poor service (by Brasilian standards).

4. While doing my daily jog on the beach, bumped into Renata (although she has/had many other names in her long career at Termas). Renata is super good looking, model´s figure, may be 5´8 to 5´9 without heal. Tan with a typical Italian model look. Many years ago, I was totally in love with her but due to my rule #1, never fall in love with PG (program garotas), I dropped her. So, we had a nice conversation. Renata told me she quit the business a year ago as she met an American who asked her not to work again. The guy comes to Brasil a few times a year and was able to fund her monthly expenses with a nice apartment in Flamengo. I was happy for Renata.....even more happier as Renata told me that she missed me and wanted to fazer amor at her apto, all for good old time...... now that she no longer needs the money and just fazer amor para amor. This turned out to be the best part of this trip. I finally know why jogging is good for you. :)

5. Was at internet cafe and overheard some guys lost his cellphone. I don´t understand why people need cellphone when you are on vacation.

6. Was at the same internet cafe and overheard a guy asked to use the long distance phone service. The clerk told him it´s R1 per minute which is about US$0.30 per minute. Again, I don´t understand why pay US$0.30 a minute (without privacy) when you can use a calling card by any US carriers which charge less than a third for the same service.

7. Was at Carragejo restaurant (Rua Barrato Ribero), the owner has special arrangement with the best local supplier and today, he got in a huge bass fish, fresh and all that. The owner paid R280 for it and I took the first bite of the fish as he made a nice Moqueca do peixe for me. Love Rio and all the fish and seafood. The other day he got me a nice fresh cod fish and do a pan fried fish with shrimp sauce overlaid. The owner told me he got fresh fish supply every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. By the way, the same owner owns the Monaco restaurant (also all seafood) just up the street. I challenge any Argentina BA fan to tell me BA has this..... :)

Well, great to come back to Rio after one year. This is definitely the best place.....

Rio Bob
09-09-04, 20:31

Ill tell you why I need a cell phone in Rio. To make dates and have my dates call me when they wish to talk to me. It is very convienent to have a cell phone so that you are in touch with your new or old friends while in Rio. I guess you don't have to do this.

Exec Talent
09-10-04, 04:46

If I had to guess what Johan meant I think it is all the wannabee rappers who look more like low-class fresh from the getto drug dealing thugs. Not a pretty sight in America or Brazil.

09-11-04, 20:36
Hey, just wanted to tell you about, a really neet FREE phone system you should use, if you don't already know about it. Its called "SKYPE".

With this service you can communicate with the garotas, friends and family or just plain tease your buddies about the fun times you are having in Brazil for FREE over the internet. (you probably would have to do this at a internet cafe with a microphone and speakers or a microphone headset for privacy. Better yet simply buy one for a few R$ Reis, it will more than pay for itself.).

If you're like me and hate paying for those Brazilian phone cards that give you "dick for minutes", this is a great way of getting around them and their monopoly. Or even those high priced internet phone businesses.

Simply go to www.skype.com and down load the software. Once you've downloaded the software and installed it, just phone a buddy or that garota, you've been meaning to call. They inturn will naturally need to be apart of the Skype network of users.

I have already talked to a friend in Panama for seveal hours for FREE several times. It's GREAT!!! Plus their other service, land-to-land calls can be made for pennies a minute. GREAT SERVICE!!


Java Man
09-12-04, 12:40
Thanks for the info on skype.com. Do I understand correct, their rates are in euros for pc to land lines? I usually call mobile phones in Brazil, the skype rate for that comes out to .20usd/min at current currency exchange rates. I use gorillamobile.com. The call to a Brazilian mobile phone is .18usd/min with them.

09-13-04, 02:36
A few questions about Viagra/Cialis:

Does it have any secondary effects?

Is it safe for someone in his 20's to use it, just to try it out of curiosity? Also, does it prolong staying power (ie: cumming later than say if one were not using it?).

Rio D
09-13-04, 06:21
Exec Talent, your post on 9-10-04 was racist and offensive.

Exec Talent
09-13-04, 11:19
Rio D,

Sorry you were offended. I am far from a racist. I have had a number of serious relationships with black women as well as many black friends. None look like drug dealing head banging gang members. Candidly in my experience professional men of color are not too keen about them either.

Bubba Boy
09-13-04, 15:02

It should be just as safe for someone in there 20's as it is for us older folks, I am 35 ;-) , but that really is a question for a doctor, which I am not.

I tend to find Viagra gives a much stronger erection but only lasts about 6 hours, you of course only stay erect when stimulated.

Cialus, IMHO, gives a good erection but not as strong as Viagra. It lasts much longer, maybe 36 hours so you can affect cut the costs of using it in half as opposed to V.

I tend to find both vitamins tend to delay the pop.

09-13-04, 17:04

Not sure what the pc-to-land (land calls) rates work out to be in USD. But a friend of mine in Central America called his family in Canada for about 0.3 cents a per minute (a least that what he figured the cost was).

Yes, pc-land rates are in Euros and YMMV accordingly, as to where your calling to and from. Enjoy !!!


09-13-04, 17:17
Exec Talent,

Notwithstanding whatever Johan meant, if wannabee rappers want to go to Brazil to live out their ghetto gansta, drug dealing, thug dreams and womanizing FANTASIES, then so be it. All the power to them.


Exec Talent
09-13-04, 19:21

Guess I was not to clear about the issue. When I am in another country, I learn the language, embrace the culture and try to present a positive image of Americans. When in Japan I was embarrassed and angered by a white, middle-aged American yelling at the front desk clerk that he couldn't understand why her English wasn't better. My concern is more about the image that is being presented, regardless of color.

Doc Bill
09-14-04, 06:34
Re: Viagra and Cialis: I take Cialis so I don't have to worry about when to take a pill and how much food is in my stomach. Before I spring into action I boost it with a little Viagra or Levitra (which works better on a full stomach). With that I'm good to go all night. Only in Rio!

Exec Talent
09-14-04, 13:59

During the day the meter should read zone 1 and start at 3.30 after 9:00 PM to I believe 6:00 AM they will be zone 2 also starting at 3.30.

Before entering the cab, look directly at the meter and if it is not on AND not at the proper zone OR not at 3.30 find another cab. I have had them try to and/or charge zone 2 before 9:00 PM, already have a higher amount on the meter. One driver forgot to change it to zone 2 after 9.00 PM. I gave him the extra and got his number. He also got out of his cab and walked me into L'uomo (not the safest area).

Cabs are plentiful in Rio at all hours, don't play their game. As for the cabs at Help next to Bobs, when I walked by the other night they actually threw some carboard at me and were harassing me yelling out the windows as they drove by. I also have noticed that on Ave Atlantica that the drivers in front of help will pick you up AND run the meter if you start walking. BTW, the girls know the deal with the cabs. The good ones tell you to save your money. The bad ones want you to do the mafia cab. This is a good indicator that maybe you have made a bad selection. Next time it happens, I am going to stop and beg off.

As for safety, I have noticed a much greater police presence at key locations during the early morning hours than I remember in the past.

Bango Cheito
09-15-04, 04:47
I don't even know why anyone would bother taking a taxi in Rio, at least during daylight hours when the metro is open. It's cheaper, not overly crowded, and most of the time it's faster too! When we were there, we quickly abandoned taxis in favor of walking and the metro.

09-15-04, 12:05
Exec Talent
the reason he walked you into Luomo was he got a 20.reais fee for bringing you there. All termas will pay taxi drivers a 20.reais commision to bring you there.

Exec Talent
09-15-04, 15:12

Actually, he was not going to walk me in, just to the door. He was anxious to get out of there as soon as he showed me where it was (which I already knew). I was the one who asked him to come inside so I could get his number since neither of us had a pen.

I certainly am familiar with the taxis who try to steer you where they want you to go for the commission. That was just not the case with this particular guy. Hard as it may be to believe, he was just trying to be helpful.

Cash Works
09-15-04, 15:58
Taxis in Rio, what a wonderful subject!

As I've mentioned in a number of posts, I haven't been down south in about 15 years, so my information is definitely dated! However, back then, some of the taxi's had switches on the floorboard hooked to the meter (I think it was only mechanical meters, the ones with digital displays were very new at the time & they hadn't figured out how to tamper with them). Anyway, they would distract you somehow, usually by giving you a brochure for one of the termas, while you weren't looking at the meter, they were tapping away at the switch on the floorboard, bumping up the price on the meter! Can't remember which Termas, any idea which termas have been around for 15-20 years? It was always the same brochure - black background, gold writing and a voluptuous blonde on the cover with pictures of the sauna, locker room, various rooms & bar area.

This scam only happened to me twice, but I've seen the brochure probably 10-12 times & both times the cabbie who tried to rip me off spoke pretty good English. Can't say that all English speaking cabbies are crooked, but if I ever get back to Rio & the cabbie starts speaking English to me - I'm getting out of the cab! Anyway, both times this happened to me, I refused to pay what was on the meter - just paid what I knew was the going rate for the ride I had just taken. Both times, they threatened to call the cops & said "go ahead" & then cursed at them in Portuguese (I used to be very good at cursing in Portuguese, thank you very much) - this generally clued them into the fact that I wasn't "just another gringo tourist", so they grabbed the money I had offered and took off with no more arguing. Always pay your way, even if the cabbie is crooked, don't stoop to his level - if you took a ride from him, pay him a fair price for his service, just don't allow him to make you another "mark".


Super Sir
09-15-04, 21:07

Ha Ha. You are so right. No body does something for nothing in Rio. There's always got to be an angle. You've only got to look hard enough and it will be staring you right in the face.

I've been there 3 times now and will be going back in Christmas. I will be posting information about my adventures of course but will be wary of getting shafted.

One thing I noticed on my last trip to the Rio in the Copacabana area was that a lot of the girls are on cocaine. My not bother some people but when you meet the same girl more than once you tend to notice big swings in personality. I wonder if anyone else has come across this. The only thing I can think of is that it kept her weight down but she was never hungry. Dark long haired( to the waist), slim (of course), and milky pale, german speaking girl called Jandira, around about 6, you will find her in help, excellent service but afterwards I couldn't get rid of her.

Thanks for all the great info on the boards fellas.

Super Sir

Member #3427
09-16-04, 02:48
Cell phone question?

Yes I know a ton has been written on cell phones in the past, but can anyone help me with a particualr question.

I live in the USA and know that I can get a cell phone distributor to "unlock" them in the US. My question is, if I purchase a cell phone in Brazil ( a tri-band):

1) Will it be unlocked when I purchase it? or must i request this?

2) With the sim card will that work in Brazil and elsewhere in South america and Europe?

3) Going with TIM, can someome confirm that it is a pay as I go and that i can call other countries with it,without having any type of plan. (any better optins?)

4) Once I am back in the USA, will I have to subscribe to a monthly provider plan, like verizon, SBC, ATT, etc... or how can I avoid doing this and only pay local USA rates, if I choose to use it?

I realize I can purchase a phone in the US and take it to RIO and insert a SIM card, but I prefer not to do that actually, unless someone can point out to me how this approach would be more cost advantagous.

Thanks for your help,

The Chacal

Bango Cheito
09-16-04, 15:11
Cash works,

That is definitely the brochure for the famous L'uomo. They hand them out at the Premier where I was staying, which is right around the corner.

I have no idea why that specific block would be considered any less safe than the rest of Copa or Leme.

BM Rio
09-16-04, 15:28

It’s best to buy an unlocked GSM mobile in your own country before you go to Brazil. If you buy a GSM mobile from Claro, Oi or TIM then this is likely to be locked to SIM cards from that operator only (you can probably get this unlocked when you get home).

Depending on what operator you choose then the mobile will roam in other countries but usually only when you have an account with the operator (residents only). Pre paid SIM card mobiles often have difficulties in making international calls (you generally have to request that this blocking is lifted from your account) and also with roaming around Brazil or internationally. It all depends on which operator and where you are trying to use it.

TIM like all operators offer pre-paid SIM cards and is probably the best for portability of use around Brazil and Latin America with Claro as your second choice as TelMex who own the company have invested heavily in many other Latin American countries.

Your problem with using the Brazilian SIM card in the US is topping up your prepaid credits in Brazil (if indeed it will work and you can afford the expensive roaming costs).

My advice is to take an unlocked mobile with you, buy a pre paid SIM card when you get to whichever city you are going to spend most time in – Rio, Sampa etc. – understand that you will lose the number if you don’t put credits on the account within around six months, and buy another SIM card (and number) when you return again (or try and reactivate your old number if you still have all the documentation when you bought your first SIM card).


Member #3427
09-16-04, 17:30
BM Rio,

Thanks for the info I understand what you suggest, however that solution does not appear to hlp me with the US much. I will still need to purchase a plan in the US and pay monthly plan charges in the US even thugh I will not be there for many months.

So, I would then have a US purchased phone that i hope they will unlock for me even though I won't sign up for one of the carriers montly service plans. -Back to square one!

Let me ask another question then about cell phones in Brazil. What should I purchase so that I DON'T lose my phone number if I don't renew my SIM card within 6 months, and can be used throught most parts of South America and maybe Central America (I understand that would be romaning)?

And if there is good option to my abovev quesiton, is it a pay as you go based on credits, or is there a montly service fee? I am guessing I would ned a SIM card in any case if I got a phone in Brazil or in the US to put in the phone when I arrived in Brazil. Is that correct?

Any further assistacne would help greatly. I am narrowing down my options, lol.


The Chacal

Dick for Brains
09-16-04, 18:06
Audio Language Courses

I'll be heading to Manaus and was wondering if someone could recommend a good audio language course on CD. I'll have about 2 weeks to learn and can work on my Portuguese for several hours a day.

Any strong recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


09-16-04, 22:43
Dick For Brains,

I was in Manaus last October. I did not have too much time to spend in Manaus. I am planning to go back to Manaus for a fishing trip.

I paid too much for hotel! I was in "Kiss" for a short time. Took out a girl for a overnighter. Had a wonderful time with her.

Give us a report on the hotel you are staying and your mongering experience


09-17-04, 02:39

Go on ebay. You can buy an unlocked quad band phone with out a monthly plan.

Bubba Boy
09-17-04, 05:22
Chacal, How good is your Portuguese? Because if you buy a phone in Rio it is hardcoded to be in portuguese only, you cannot switch the settings over to English.

Dick for brains, Pimsleur is generally considered to be the best language learning course. Some local libarbaries in the US have it available for borrowing. 2 weeks is not much time to achieve much more than a very basic level though, even if you study 8 hours a day.

09-17-04, 06:18
Dick 4 Brains,

Purchase the Pimsleur CD's. They are one of the BEST!!



09-17-04, 13:29
Do you need an A/C convertor or adapter for your electric razors, cam corders, etc, etc?

BM Rio
09-17-04, 15:23

I understand that this is not a straightforward subject but what I am suggesting is as far as I know the cheapest way to make and receive calls on a mobile phone in Latin America.

Your telephone number and other information is all on the SIM card and you can therefore change this SIM card to whatever country you are in at the time as long as your GSM mobile is not locked to a particular operator. A lot of bureaucracy can be involved in obtaining a mobile telephone number in Latin America and you will generally not be able to get an account unless you are a resident. Therefore you should get pay as you go SIM cards and accept that you will lose the number after about six months. You can always buy another number if you return to that country in the future.

Therefore my suggestion is to buy an unlocked GSM phone and a US pay as you go SIM card for use in the States. When you get to Brazil change this to a Rio (or Sampa etc) pay as you go SIM card and the same when you go to Argentina (or Colombia etc). Brazil has been broken up into various dialling areas so it’s generally more expensive for someone in Rio to call you in Sampa than it is for someone in Sampa itself.

You could buy a US SIM card on an account that will have roaming in Latin America but don't expect many people in Brazil or elsewhere to ring a number in the US paying international charges in order to speak to you in Rio. You will also be paying high roaming costs to make and receive calls whenever you are out of your home area. It is extremely difficult to keep the same number whether you are using a mobile or satellite phone without paying excessive roaming costs which is what the operators want.


Member #3427
09-17-04, 19:45
BM Rio,

Thanks again for the info. The one thing I will check with a local cell phone dealer in the US, is if they sell US SIM cards (pay as you go). See, what I think you understand is that I would like a phone in the US that I WILL NOT lose my phone number 6 months from now but does not have a monthly fee such as Verizon, ATT, etc.. I would also like the ability to use that phone in Brazil (inserting SIM card for that country), without losing that phone number. You have addressed and I understand the use in Brazil, but I am more concerned about my question of use in the US and the least expensive route without having to subscribe to a year long contract with Verizon, etc. I will check, but from what I have been told by distributors in the US, there are NO SIM cards that I can purchase in the US for pay as you go like in Brazil, that is also tri-band and could be used in Brazil.

From what I understand and from what you have said, that seems to be practically impossible. See, if I ask a cell phone distributor in the US they tell me one thing, say its unliocked, etc.. and the next thing I know is I get to Brazil and it doesnt work properly (from my experience, very few US distributors understand very little about the use in another country). I have already been down the path once before, where a distributor refunded me half my cost becuase he was not "informed" by the seller of a product how certien things work with US carriers. And i am just talking about a long distance calling card (simple stuff).

Anyone know more about the US operating side of things??

I have another solution in the back of my head that I will have to do the math on when all is said and figured out with this key question first.

The Chacal

Member #3427
09-17-04, 19:50
Bubba Boy,

My Portuguese is a bit rusty right now, but as SPIDY said the Pimsleur tapes are very good. I need to revist them. Besides I will be taking Portuguese Language course when I am in Rio, so not to worried aobut the language issue. If I don't know it, I will learn it very quickly.


I agree the tapes do help a lot!

Thanks for all the helpfull advice. I willl visit 5 cell phone distributors here in the US and let you know what they say. Who wants to bet that 3 out of 5 have different answers?

The Chacal

Member #3427
09-17-04, 19:53
On last question about a Brazil SIM card. How much do they cost. And can it be renewed every 6 months so that your cell phone number WON'T change?


You also added it was difficult to get a real cell number there. Is the hassle around that getting a CPF or CFP card? If I have one, then what are my optinos. Becuase I should have one waiting for me the next time I arrive in Rio.

Thanks Again,

The Chacal

09-18-04, 01:28
Gotta admit, I find the level of hostility on this board towards young black males, refreshing. Most guys are so concerned with being "PC" that its surprising to see so many mongers who are very open about their resentment of blacks males being in Brasil. Not that its going to stop me from having a good time, but at least I know where I stand with my fellow white mongers.

Young & Restless
09-18-04, 13:57
Dick for Brains,

Bubba Boy is correct. The Pimsleur language courses are very good, but you would not truly benefit from them w/ the short amount of time that you have to work with.

There's one that I have used made by Living Language called "In-Flight Portuguese". It’s just one CD (as opposed to the 48 CDs in Pimsleur) with 18 compact lessons. The lessons do not last long enough to become too complicated and you should be able to master each lesson fairly fast. I bought mine at Books-A-Million for about $15.

Boa sorte,

Y & R

Doc Bill
09-18-04, 18:11
This is a forum for men to talk about having sex with women. Take the racial discussion somewhere else (preferably far away) and either contribute something worthwhile to this board or shut up.

09-18-04, 20:18
Sexism yea! Racism nay!

If a person of one race considers another race "inferior" I would call that racism.

09-18-04, 22:25

Just for the record, I am spanish/black. I'm a member of a number of monger boards and this is the first one where white guys truly express how they feel. Trust me when I say a large number of them hate seeing us in Brasil, I cant tell you how often I have heard them make negative comments about young black american men in Brasil and how they are ruining everything. On the other hand, as a man, I have to take my hat off to anyone who has the balls to stand up and say what they think (even if I dont agree with what they are saying).

I too have always thought it was odd that anyone who is a tourist in a foreign country, can have these feelings of animosity toward another group of tourists. Its almost as if they feel they have some sort of privilege to enjoy Brasil for themselves, not sure where this sense of entitilement comes from.

I don't take it personally because its not just black americans who are hated, but other nationalities too. Look at any Thailand board (they hate all the Japanese mongers), look at Cambodia (They hate the Germans and Swiss) look at any Cuban board (They hate all the Italians mongers). Next thing you will know, they will say that they hate seeing so many brasilian men in the termas. Its not personal, they hate everybody:-)

On a personal note, I could care LESS what color my fellow monger is, Rio could be overrun with a crowd of midgets from Russia and I would drink and party with them too!! I know that I am a a GUEST of that country and as as a guest I have no right to wish another tourist (no matter what color he is)from having the same fun that I experiencing.

09-19-04, 03:35
I have saved up for months now to go to Rio based upon everything that I have read on this forum, and can hardly wait. I won't be using my credit card much and will need to bring my hard earned US dollars with me. I probably want to pay almost all my travel expenses with cash. Where should I convert to Rials for the best exchange rate.

Where should I store my Rials and unconverted US dollars. The hotel safe. Do most rooms come with safes?

How is clothes shopping in Rio. As expensive for nice threads as back home, or should I plan a real shopping spree.

Your help is truly appreciated.


09-19-04, 08:43
Bravo -

Take it with a grain of salt, but I gotta admit I'm alittle disappointed in your recent comments about black mongers in Brazil. Where does the "resentment" coming from? Regardless of race, age, or income levels, were all here to have a good time with some of the most beautiful women in the world, period.

If you have issues with blackmen, or racial groups, keep it out of the forum. It adds no value here what so ever.

As most know, I'm an African American monger, and as you can tell by my recent posts, have had a phenomenal time enjoying the beauties of Rio in all shades and sizes. In doing so, making a point to meet other mongers of all nationalities to "talk shop" about mongering.

Hell, I've got "resentment" and issues with alot of thing people do and say, but this is not the place for that.

Let's just show some common sense and respect for all mongers here on the board. Especially those of us that make a point to try to post substantive info.

Easy Go
09-20-04, 04:33

I paid $R25 for a SIM card at a TIM booth in one of the malls. That included a $R5 credit. No problem making or receiving calls from the U.S. I never did get the service switched over to English prompts although I understand it was possible.

I'm using a dual-band Nokia phone that I bought in Brussels.

The life of your number gets extended each time you add credits to it. As far as I know, there's no way to do it unless the phone is in Brasil.

Easy Go

09-20-04, 14:58
This is probably adding gasoline to the fire.

Italian is very flamboyant most of time. You can see them at Help all the time. Many girls don’t like Italian guys. If you talk to enough Rio girls, you will hear some comments about them. I have hanged out with some of Italian when I was in Help. They are great guys. But, when they start something, I know I have to get away. Don’t we all have one or two of such friends back home?

Italian’s behavior has been commented on various parts of world. No one has made it a PC issue.

We are guests of this wonderful country. I think that keeping it low key is a smart move.

Of course, noon of these activities will step me to visit Rio and I cannot step anyone to do what they want to do.

I am not going to respond if Italian guys jump on this post. Maybe I should talk about Japanese since there are very few Japanese on this board.

09-21-04, 19:51
Planning on going to Rio in October, and am just wondering about STD's. I love DATY, but will be using condoms. Everyone on this board almost reports DATY, and I am wondering, is anyone getting herpes, warts or worse while DATY. I don't see anyone reporting the use of saran wrap, and I plan on being drunk and screwing my brains out. It appears that the risk of STD's while bbbj is pretty low, so I would think the risk/benefit ratio might make that worthwhile.

Any feedback would be appreciatied.


Dick for Brains
09-22-04, 03:20
Info on Manaus

I'll have a few days in Manaus before and after a boat trip on the Amazon and I need a little help:

I'll be staying at Hotel Tropical in Ponta Negra with my girl friend but hope to sneak away for a couple of hours. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


09-22-04, 04:07
This is Crazy, all of this Black Vs White BS. Brazil is huge, I doubt you are running into that many whites or blacks. Im a young white business man and I could care less who is there or not. No one is gonna ruin my day or time. I guess I like rap and hip hop and maybe grew up with more blacks than older whites. But hey we are all in brazil for some cheap sexy girls, dont hate each other. Just smile show respect, and enjoy.

Sal Dali
09-22-04, 14:47

You need to keep reading. Bring a limited amount of cash. Bring a card (ATM/Debit/etc) for use at the ATM and doing the exchange directly in Rio. Best rates: Citibank on NS Copacabana.

Clothes? Dude, you're going shopping for clothes? Well, shoot, I never really took a lotta time looking, but it seems to me that when I was there last (Real was at 4:1) nearly everything was a bargain. Now, at 2.86:1, it's not such a bargain anymore.

The garotas, however, ARE a beautiful bargain . . . even at 1:1 (god forbid).

Finally, when you leave and have decided that you HAVE to come back to RIO VERY SOON (as you will), take home about 250 reais. When you return, you'll have some immediate spending cash & can delay a tad until you get to the ATM's. Myself, I always bring home about 5K reais (and I'm SOOO glad I did, given the new rate of exchance). I don't know that I'll repeat this now the that exhange rate is at it's current value. (I think that the real exchange rate should be around 3:1 . . . but who amI kidding).


09-23-04, 19:48

I'm real sorry about this, but you real upset me & my Jamaican descended Irish brothers. Oh yes, Ireland is also a multi-ethnic society - North Dublin has a thriving African Caribbean community. If you want to try with beautiful black Irish girls come on holiday here !

As for the guys with the problems with 'people of color' - get a grip mate ! Brazil is so wonderful because of it's rich diversity - I am 'mundane' in comparison to the average Brazilian. If you'd ever read any socio-biology (try Dawkins, Eysenck or maybe just Darwin) you would understand why the most ethnically mixed country in the world also has the most beautiful women..., gee Mendel worked it out 300 years ago !

09-24-04, 15:45
Sal Dali,

Unfortunately, I have to take cash. Divorce pending, can't have a paper trail. Have read this forum extensively, almost obsesively, and while everyone says use a credit card, the other advice seems to be some kind of ankle money belt, with small money in your pockets,use the hotel safe, and perhaps change your money at help.

I must say though, that other than using help for money exchange, the general feeling I get from here is stay away from help (Rio, of course) and go to termas, centaurus and solarium, plus escorts or better yet, strike your own deal with a lovely on the street or beach. Would everyone agree with this as a summation statement?

Hopefully, by planning well, I will be able to get the experience of a 3rd or 4th timer visitor/monger of Rio, rather than the 1st timer that I really will be. Thanks for your help all.


09-25-04, 23:01

If this is your 1st trip to Rio, then Help is a must. The women in Help don't dictate the price as much as you do. Go, if you don't like the price, leave. No harm, no foul. I personally love Help. I don't go and sit out in front like a lot of guys windows shopping. I go right in and find a spot in the newly opened rear area on the balcony. I order dinner and drinks and dance all night. Hell in March I was there for 10 days and probably saw the sun rise 6 of them.

My point is we go to Rio for beautiful women who treat us like kings. A King never allows his subjects to dictate his enjoyment. I have been down to Rio 8 times. I love it. I have never been married and after going to Rio, I seriuos doubt I will get married to any women in the US. Just go and see for yourself.

09-25-04, 23:30

A money belt would be good. The are Cambios all over place on Copacabana Avenue to exchange money. I usually stay in Lima, which is near Avenue Princess Isabela and Avenue Atlantica. A good landmark for that intersection is the La Miradien hotel. When you arrive you should exchange should cash, but stash most of it somewhere in you room. I never carry more than a couple of hundred reals, unless I know I will need more money. Only take as much cash a you think you will need. You will be fine.


Bango Cheito
09-26-04, 03:50
For me the termas were the best. The ones I went to were L'uomo and 4x4, they were both good but I liked 4x4 better. They had a better variety of women and more of them, plus cheaper small rooms and nicer nice rooms.

Viva Copa
09-27-04, 03:39

I am with you. My “trip" is to dance all night long with at least one beautiful garota, preferably two or three at the same time money permitting, I quickly try to get a nice booth in the upper deck and soon enough ladies would approach me for company. It seems that hundreds of ladies would love to become QUEEN(s) for a night! Certainly I am not jealous; neither are they!

Typically drinks including my bottle of "Chivas", wine and some food for the ladies cost around 100 dollars.... eventually enchanted royalty becoming true GFEs.

It is much cheaper than spending an evening at "Mangos" in South Beach, Florida and still enjoying it as a KING. Man it does not get any better than that!

Long live Brasil!


Doc Bill
09-27-04, 20:04
I'm here now, and the exchange rate at the ATM is a lousy 2.86 (reals to U.S. dollars). I found two cambios, one charging 2.87 and the other 2.93, so right now there is no ATM advantage, especially if your bank charges you a fee on top of it.

Turf Builder
09-28-04, 00:15
Doc Bill,

It's a bummer to see the Brazilian dollar drop. Four weeks ago it was $R2.95. Hopefully not a trend.

Turf Builder

Track Star
09-29-04, 15:44
During my stay in Rio I ate three evenings at a place called Siqueirra Grill. It is a self serve buffet style restaurant with an excellent and large selection of dinner and dessert choices. I do not get any commission for recommending this place. Their sushi is excellent. The service is also very good. For only 32 Reais I had an excellent and very satisfying dinner. The 32 Reais including a generous 10 reais tip to the waiting staff. For this price I had a large plate of top notch Sushi, a glass of chopp, chocolate cake dessert, coffe and a glass of the Liquour Drambui. This treat would have cost me over $30 in the US.

09-29-04, 19:15
I often read reports about people eating seafood or fruit in Rio.
When I was in India I was told to stay away from uncooked foods, why is this different in Brazil? What precautions should be taken when eating in Brazil? I read about people drinking Cipriani (forgive me if I spelled it wrong, my 1st trip is in November) on the beach, how safe is that?

09-29-04, 19:38
$500 Visa debacle

I got to Houston, on the way to Rio and was stopped at the gate.

My visa, which I thought was good for 5 years, which is the standard tourist visa, had a problem.

It was only good for 90 days. And I was last here in April.

After spending 2 days at the airport Marriott, I went to the Brazilian consulate to straighten it out monday morning.

The guy explained what likely happened: when I was at the office in San Francisco, the gal saw that I am a doctor. She asked me if I was going to talk to Brazilian doctors. I said "sure, if I run into any". She got all hot under the collar and said "that is another visa"The work visa is for 90 days. I explained that it was not the focus of the trip. Apparently she didn't believe me, and wrote "90 days"over where it says "5 years"( she had already stamped it).

There has been a lot of trouble with folks going down and doing programming work, and they have had to deport many, at great cost. So this has become a hot topic.

Needless to say, I said nothing about the surgery conference in Sao Paulo I will be attending.

Just a "heads-up"for you all.

09-30-04, 03:59
I also eat at Siqueirra Grill. Good food.

Also the place across the street Carteau <sp?> is even a better value and better food. I think for something like $7 or $8 you get a true churrascaria like Fogo de Chao here in the states. Shhhh, if you know portuguese you can even request sushi too.

Cash Works
09-30-04, 04:43

I'd be willing to bet that caipirinhas are safe - there's enough alcohol & citric acid in one to sanitize an operating room.


Bango Cheito
10-01-04, 03:51

No need to worry about the food in Rio anymore than you would in New Orleans or Miami. As a matter of fact, I could eat mangoes and papayas down there, which I can't up here in the States because I react badly to the chemicals with which they are invariably treated.

Rio (city) 's water supply is chlorinated and treated to the same standards as anywhere else in the world. If you go out to rural RJ state for any reason, then be very careful. But the city is fine.

10-01-04, 18:06
Can anyone in here direct me towards where is the best sources to get the best tickets in terms of price to Rio from Toronto, Canada?

Destina.ca the lowest they have is $1500 canadian.


Bubba Boy
10-01-04, 19:10
I found the water to come out of Hotel taps with consistency however in apartments that I rented all sorts of colors appeared from time to time. Probably the water comes from the supply OK but old apartment pipes are probably not maintained that well.

I think most of the locals that can afford it buy bottled water and I always grab a six pack of 2l bottles and keep in my room. Costs R$9 or about USD$0.50 each bottle, great value.

The food is great though, the juice bars (sucos) are awesome for breakfast and lunch.

Bubba Boy
10-02-04, 03:44
Menu of Juice Bar

Bubba Boy
10-02-04, 03:45
Main menu.

Bubba Boy
10-02-04, 03:50
Typical suco bars are great value. The juice (suco) is fresh, cheap, and great. Some fruits you can't really get anywhere else but in Brazil. Most juice bars require some portuguese skills, but in copa they will generally go out of their way to accomodate half assed gringo attempts at ordering. (I am one of these gringos). NICE SUCO bar, 1 block up from Big Nectar (both are 1 block from help), actually has English speaking servers.

10-03-04, 02:27

I am planning on a Rio trip next month. I am worried about STD's, especially HIV and Hepatitis. What is the prevalence of disease among the girls, compared to other places? Does anyone test the girls before they partake? Does a condom really do the job?


Jonny Hit Run
10-03-04, 04:34
Can anyone offer comment about the maximum allowable amount of U.S. dollars that one can bring into Brazil? I thought it was $10,000.00 U.S., but was recently told by someone that it is $10,000.00 Reais. What penalty would ensue if caught with more than the maximum allowable amount of currency?


Lover Boy #2
10-03-04, 05:40
I just went to the carlabrazil.com site mentioned earlier. I feel physically sick now. Thanks!

10-03-04, 13:50
Lover Boy #2

What is the big deal with this siliconed, over priced, Brazilian babe? Most likely with an American attitude to boot?

I don't get the attraction.

Lover Boy #2
10-04-04, 03:49
Neither do I. The set up of the site, her resume and the pricing made me sick. The attraction totally escapes me.

La Isla
10-04-04, 14:51
Joao Pessoa - Any information?

I'm interested in going to Joao Pessoa. I have looked long and hard, but there doesn't seem to be much info on the place? Anybody here who can add some info....specifics about best place to say, for fun, etc? Thanks...

Heres what I have to date (from 2003)>>>>

Joao Pessoa, PB (Paraiba)
Well, the scene here is pretty primative. No boites, discos, termas or sex-clubs to speak of -- which is unbelievable in a city of this size (appartently there's one ultra-low-end boite in Centro that taxi drivers wouldn't even take me too 'cause it's too dangerous!).

But, despite all of this, there's an o.k. SW scene along the beach. The action starts just in front of the can't-miss round-about that has a Banco do Brasil a little up the street (away from the ocean). The SW scene runs north up the beach for about a 1/4 mile. On any given night, there're about 50 girls workin' it. Many surprisingly cute.

Many of the girls also hang out in the numerous open-air bars. If you see a girl (or girls) hangin' out solo and giving you the eye, well, enough said. The girls seemed to cluster on the far end of this section of beach, just past the last internet cafe, and running on for about another 1000 feet (again, all of this is "to the north" -- or, "with the sea to your consistent right").

Prices were the standard 50R. Irritatingly, there're no sex-motels close by. You have to jump into a cab and drive out to the big sex-motel complex on the outskirts of town (about 10-15R via cab). No big deal, but I personally hate these sex-motels. They typically take too much time to get to, get you a room, get you the bill, then a cab, etc. Maybe I should get back into the habit of bringing the girls back to my hotel room.

I'm sure I missed some basics in this city. I looked and looked and questioned about 10 cabbies -- and no one knew of any significant boites, discos, etc. Again, weird in a city this size. Maybe you'll have better luck.

I was there March 2003. Nice little town in the Nordeste good beaches. I didn’t go to the “centro” but stayed in Praia Cabo Branco were most of the hotels and Pousadas are.

SWs show up after 10-11PM in the vicinity of the Pier de Tambau along Avenida Joao Mauricio. I cruised at around 11PM and got a quote of R$50 by a nice mulata, Wanessa, (a 6.5). I went for dinner and to a non-pro bar, the war was starting that day so the atmosphere was tense and depressing all over the city, so I really needed some cheering up. I cruised the SW area again at around 2AM and most of the girls were still there, I picked up the mulata (there were nicer looking ones but she had the best attitude) and took her to my Pousada. She gave me a great CBJ and I pounded her ass like crazy. No rush. She offered to show me city the next day and gave me her cell #, (083 9974 0206) but I didn’t call cause I wanted to make it to Recife by the next afternoon. I should have because she had a great attitude.

Bango Cheito
10-04-04, 18:59

Sounds like the water is just like NYC or LA in other words; my point is, the water is treated and you won't get Montezuma's revenge from it. I sometimes buy bottled water here in NYC or use a filter pitcher just to remove the chlorine taste from the water. But it won't make you sick to drink tap water in either place.


Latest stats for adult HIV prevalency are 0.7% USA and 0.6% Brazil. Just remember to use a condom and you'll be straight. By way of comparison, Thailand is up at 1.8% (which is actually way DOWN from previous levels) and DR is at 2.5% (which is an all-time high for them).

CR Plum
10-05-04, 03:58
Well posted some question on the other board with no response. But went ahead and bought my ticket to Rio today. I will be there from october 8th to october 11th. If anybody is there to show me around send me a PM. I mainly want to find some very hot women at the bars. However, I do want to check out some sites and catch some peacock bass if possible. Can someone tell me where I should stay, I basically want a guest friendly hotel, clean, safe, nearby the action and with some sort of way to lock up valuables.



10-05-04, 07:14
Bambino, I feel your pain. I'm a professional as well and the lady at the consulate grilled me. I'm only going to be in Rio a week and she repeated asked me why I would be down there for so long. She said about 5 times that I'm not allowed to work there. I said I heard the visa is good for 5 years. She says, no, the visas are only good for 90 days. Next time, I'm going to say I bag groceries for a living.

10-05-04, 13:52

I have been mongering for awhile, for about 15 years in different parts of the world. I have been to Brazil few times. Like you, I am very cautious. I bring condoms from US/Canada. I never used the condom brought in by the girls. You don't know the quality of locally made condoms. I never do DATY or allow BBJ. CBJ is okay. I don't know the statistics on STD in Brazil. The women you will meet in Help or anyother club are not in anyway regulated by any Government agencies. So you have to make your own judgement. But if you don't take a risk you will be fine. Happy hunting in Brazil!


Orgasm Donor
10-05-04, 20:02
I just checked out carlabrazil.com
It is good for a laugh. I especially liked her biography, Growing up very poor in the favelas of Rio... and goes on to say "..and never tries to be somebody she isnt." How sweet. *sniff*

But if you want to tap that ghetto-snatch it will cost you $500.00 USD per hour, $5000.00 USD per night, 50% deposit required. non negotiable. Oh, and she "loves to be worshipped".

Youve gotta really hate yourself to take up that offer. What does she think she was made with a pussy of gold? obviously so.

Ive just noticed how soft and supple my right hand looks, especially when I have 500 bucks in my left! Hahahaha!


Big Nana
10-06-04, 02:15
Gust made RES. with gringomanagement.com for oct 22.

This guy David is knowledgeable and informative, used his rental this past July as well I highlly recommend them.

Is anybody familiar with disco's similiar to HELP?

I would appeciate any recos on kinky clubs. Are there any clubs or bars in Impanema with PROS, besides the thermas?

10-06-04, 06:38
Bahia Boy, I posted a Joao Pessoa report in the "Other Areas" thread.

Orgasm Donor
10-06-04, 11:36
I have a question... Generally speaking, are the Othon Hotels along Copacabana Beach hobby friendly? all the guests you want? no extra guest fee? Are they descent? Expedia shows most all of them in the under$75 range. Reviews please my friends?


Big Nana
10-06-04, 14:50
After checking out repots on VISAS am kinda concerned?

I thoght VISA is good for five years with multiple entries it was issued in June 2004, the next line it says expires Sept 4 2004 does that mean first stay as it says on the bottom visa or do i have to get a new entrance stamp or form for reentry can someone inform what does that mean.

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To avoid delays in future reports, please consider composing your report in the Forum or in a word processing program that does not insert hard returns in the text. Thanks!

Track Star
10-06-04, 15:55
I found this cool translation program online at www.worldlingo.com. This enables you to do machine translation directly online. Just type your writing in English and select translation into Portugese and hit the translation button..wollah. Copy and paste into a Word document and you have a letter to your favorite garota in Rio written in Portugese and you look like a pro. Life doesn't get much easier than that. Your Garota will highly appreciate it and probable go the extra mile for you in the bedroom because of it :-)

Track Star
10-06-04, 20:21
Orgasm donor,

See my post..the othon Hotels are not guest friendly at all and it is not top notch or top of the line. If you're a real monger get a real nice apartment from David at gringomanagement.com or from Bob at blameitonrio4travel.com. By the way I have no financial interests in these organizations besides renting apartments from them myself so I can save money and not waste time and money on hotel that are not guest and monger friendly, like the Othon hotels.

10-07-04, 04:55
re: translators

There's also a great one at babelfish.altavista.com. It's been around for about 10 years. Does a bunch of different languages.

10-07-04, 13:56
Big Nana

That means you got a 90 day Visa not a 5 year visa........

usually they will not issue a 5 year visa unless you happen to have at least 5 years to go until your passport expires.

Young & Restless
10-07-04, 14:44
does anyone know if i would have any problems bringing my laptop to rio with me? the last time i went, i brought my camcorder and made the mistake of asking one of the flight attendants if they thought that declaring a camcorder would be a problem. before i knew it, about 3 other attendants came up to me saying different things. some said it was no problem and others said it was bad idea to declare it. by the end of the flight i was nervous about it, where as in the beginning i was hardly even concerned. i decided to declare it and nothing happened, but i was not searched at customs though.

i've never brought a laptop to rio and i want to know for sure if they would try to levy some kind of tax on me or even worse, confirep001e it. i know that i am being overly concerned about this, but i want to know what the worst case scenario would be, should i decide to bring it with me.

thanks in advance,

y & r

Bimbo Boy
10-07-04, 14:59
young and restless,

if you're not brazilian, and if it's not brand new, you do not need to declare.

advice: check if your hotel room has a safe big enough to accomodate your laptop : you will feel much more secure when you leave your room!

many hotels have a high speed internet access: that's really nice.


Young & Restless
10-07-04, 16:01
Big Nanna,

I am hardly the expert on this, but I'll throw in my two cents. I have one of each of the visas. The short-term visa is easy to recognize, because it's a sticker not a stamp (yellow w/ a blue star in the center).

The 5-year multiple entry visa is a stamp made up of black, red and green ink. It is not a sticker like the short-term visa. I got both of my visas from the consulate in Houston, but I assume that these visas are universal at any Brazilian consulate that you go to.

Y & R

Bubba Boy
10-07-04, 21:31
Y & R,

I take my laptop to Rio all the time (4 times this year), never had a problem. The levy, the way I understand, it is similar in most countries, in that it does not apply to second hand goods.

Exec Talent
10-07-04, 22:16

Don't worry about your laptop, I bring mine all the time. It would only be an issue if you are selling laptops in Brazil.

10-08-04, 03:39
My 5 year visa is a sticker and came from the DC consulate. A friend of mine got screwed over in Houston and got the 90 day. He went back again, paid another $100 and got the 5 year one for his 2nd trip.

Whatever you do, when you make your 1st trip to Brazil make them put the stamp right on the visa as you only have 90 days to use it and if they don't put the stamp on the visa it takes immigration a long time to find the 1st entry and then do the math for 90 days.

10-08-04, 16:27

Well I made the rookie mistake of paying in advance for one of the othon hotels for the entire week (Trocaadero othon). Does anyone know anything about this hotel? Can anyone recommend some good motels nearby?

Anyway, I am scared shitless of Rio after reading through the saftey forum and think I may severly limit my nighttime activities.

If anyone is going to be in Rio next week (Oct 10-16), I would love to have someone to hang with, so send me a message.

Thanks for any help.

Young & Restless
10-08-04, 17:49
Thanks everyone. I knew this had to be somewhat common, but had to ask just in case...

I don't think that I will be able to keep it inside my room safe at the Rio Roiss, but I have not had any problems with the maid service digging in my luggage while I was out of my room (then again, I've never stayed at the Rio Roiss, don't know too much about them). Just FYI, a laptop would easily fit inside one of the room safes at the Marriott.

Thanks again guys,

Y & R

Jonny Hit Run
10-08-04, 18:36
Twice on my last trip while I stayed at Marriott I had to wait 30 minutes to access my room safe. Translation: someone tried to enter a wrong code three consecutive times. Nothing was lost, and generally speaking the level of service there is very good. Un wittingly on the same day I left my i-pod and accessories in plain view in the room and it was untouched. Between the maids, and the mini-bar service and the turn down service and God knows who else, someone on two separate occasions tried to get into my room safe.

I've never had a problem with bringing a garota into my room(in the evenings.) I will most likely continue to stay there but I believe it wasn't coincidental.

10-08-04, 22:41
Hey Graziavi,

No worries. Trocadero Othon a decent old hotel facing the beach on Av Atlantico. Trocadero is actually one block from Monte Caro terma and a short cab ride to Help/MP. I stayed there last year. I was allowed one guest at night only, for an additional charge. Im not sure about the policy now. Maybe call the hotel direct and ask?

Have fun

10-09-04, 06:20
Graziavi, I'm going to be in Rio at the exact same time. Someone else has already PMed me about getting together while there. So let's definitely meet up. I'm going to be in an apt around the corner from Help so maybe we could meet up at the MP cafe. PM me and we'll set things up. Anyone else that wants to join PM or post as well.

Don't be scared shitless. Just be aware. I've been in a lot worse places than what people describe RIO to be and I've never had a problem. Just the same, it would be cool to cruise around at night in a mini WSG gang.

Rio Bob
10-09-04, 16:53
Graziavi, about the Trocaadero othon hotel, don't be so sure you won't be able to bring a new found friend up to your room. The Othon hotel that gives the most problems is the Rio Othon Palace hotel which is the Othon's flagship hotel, they seem to go back and forth on their guest policy but the other Othon's in Rio are all pretty much 3 and 2 star hotels and usually allow guests into the room.

If you already paid in full up front now in the US don't despair just insist when you arrive that you are bringing your guest up for a couple of hours and a few reais at 3 in the morning can go a long way.

I once rolled into the Luxor Regente about 2 in the morning with 2 garotas from Barbarellas, the desk clerk said no way, you can't bring 2 girls up into your room. I said yes way and shook his hand with 20 reais and said we will be down in a couple of hours, he let me go. So there is always a way to get something done in Rio. At last resort just try Vanity motel around the corner, great mirrors, stereo and room service.

Rio Bob
10-09-04, 20:38

Don't be scared shitless about Rio, everynight when you walk outside hold your head high, shoulders back, walk like you know where you are going, put a mean pissed off look on your face and keep saying to your self over and over again "Im a bad mother fucker from Alcatraz and there's nobody around who can kick my ass" say this over and over again, believe me it works I do it all the time and in over 50 times to Rio nobody dares to bother me.

Rabo Verde
10-09-04, 20:53
RIO is undeniably dangerous, but if you just take ordinary big-city precautions you should be fine. Carry some small bills and a copy of your passport with you in your pocket in case you do get mugged, you won't lose much. Keep your bog bills in your shoe or moneybelt. Walk fast. Over 20 trips for me and never a problem.

Big Nana
10-10-04, 15:52
Hi guys,

Does taxi drop you off in front of of M.V.? What should I expect upon entering and how safe is it inside.

are there any good clubs or restuarants during " HAPPY HOUR "in IMPANEMA

Will be in RIO OCT 22 are there any members hooking up together

10-10-04, 19:00
Got into town this morning. I was expecting gloom and doom from all the reports I read about the crime situation. But so far, itś not much different from many third world countries I've been to. There are a lot of police around. In parts of Ave. Atlantic, they are about 20 feet apart. Some of you guys do stand out like a sore thumb. You know who you are. I'm trying to work on my tan so I stand out less. Going to Luomo tonight. Will post a report.

10-15-04, 18:35
Don't know if this has ever been mentioned or suggested before, but how about a thread dedicated only to normal/non pro girls in Brasil? And about the best places in each city to meet them and everything else related to picking up normal Brasileiras.

What do you gents think of this idea?


10-16-04, 02:54
I just got back from a week in Rio. In regard to the police standing 20 feet apart on the Orla, it is because of some recent incidents in Leblon. Some roaving gangs of teenagers from the favelas attacked some beachgoers in Leblon who happened to be in isolated areas of the beach. Some of these attacks were captured by an amatuer photographer. As a result many in the police department lost there positions and were replaced. The additional police presence was because of a holiday weekend which ended on Oct. 12. It was really a bit of overkill, and too late at that. A bus driver on a bus that I was on was laughing about all the police with one of the passengers as we drove by Ipanema. There are supposedly cameras installed all along the main Copa and Ipanema beaches now and it isn't quite clear how the series of gang problems were able to occur. Anyway it was an unusual incident, and if you just keep your eyes open and don't stray too far from the crowds, then no big deal.

Go and enjoy!

10-16-04, 20:19
Before I visited Brasil for the first time 4 years ago, I was the average New York City guy. I spent a lot of time in expensive pick-up bars, trolled the sinlges sites on the internet and longed for a girlfriend that I could eventually call my wife. Now 14 times in Rio later and 31 years old. All that has changed significantly. My grandmother asks me when I'm getting married, and I just don't have an answer. I have no desire to get married (especially to an American girl), and I no longer go to bars for any other purpose than to drink and hang out. If I talk to a girl out here in New York, I immediately (consciously or subconsciously) begin to compare her to Brasilian girls in looks, attitude, everything. It takes about 10 minutes until she does something that turns me off. I am ruined for American women and I just don't see the possibility of ever going back. My heart (and my nether regions) belong to Brasil. Anyone else feel this way?

10-16-04, 21:47

Good idea although I hope it expands away just from Rio Sul comments. I would love to have a section like that though.

Rio Bob
10-17-04, 03:02

Don't forget that the girls in Rio are P4P and they are masters at making you feel good as long as the clock is running. If you have no plans of getting married to an American girl then who would you consider one of the girls from Help? Snap out of it.

10-17-04, 04:20

It’s a good idea discussing non-pros but I don’t think they deserve a separate section. There are plenty of posts in the main Rio (or other cities) section regarding non-pros and non-pro clubs, they are just part of the action.

The biggest problem with non-pros is that they usually require exclusivity, they won’t want you to sleep around so you’ll have to hide all your other adventures; this is a thrill to some extent but, on the other hand, it’s a pain in the ass too. I suppose that’s why many of us stick to pros: they are a bit more expensive (not much, though) but they are usually more experienced (i.e. more skilled) and you decide when they come and go, they offer the flexibility that we can’t have with non-pros.

The non-pro universe is interesting but I think it should be discussed in the main threads, as it’s been discussed so far.

Java Man
10-17-04, 05:37
JoshJosh, You are not ALONE!:
I feel the same way as you do. (I'm 41 and from Chicago, btw.) I've never been married and didn't think I ever would. But Brazil's women have a way of changing your outlook in life. (God bless then for that.) And because of those women, I've been to Rio 12 times in the last 2 yrs. :)
My buddy also feels the same way. I've met some other american guys that have the same opinions. Put simply: we work here, save our money and return to Brazil as soon as possible.
On my first trip, someone told me that Brazil would change my life, and it has.
Lucky me, I met a non-pro girl. Only time will tell how far it will go. Give it time and you'll meet one too, cause they're EVERYWHERE! And from my limited experience the non-pro's are just as wild as the pro's :D

10-17-04, 06:19
Chingon and JoshJosh,

I'm also with you guys! I'm young, early 20's and after having dated a brasilieira, I am simply hooked for life to them. I have yet to go to Brasil but that's just a matter of time. I am no longer interested in other girls other than Brasileiras. They have something about them that make them totally stand out and completely blow off all the rest (specially North American girls) it's simply incomparable.

Just the look in their eyes or the way they walk is enough to melt you in pieces.

I'm in an environment where it is very common and easy to meet other girls, but just like you mentioned, I have a kind of subconscious programming now that simply turns me off with all the non-Brasileiras. I just can't explain it. It's stronger than me.

I asked about having a kind of a separate thread about the non-pros as I have more experiences with regular Brasilians than p4p...and totally agree with Chingon that non-pros are wild as well...i have already met a bunch of regular girls off the net who i will gladly visit once I go there and have a blast with. :D



Rabo Verde
10-17-04, 07:16
JOSH: We ALL feel that way, that's why we are here!!!
You have 4 years in, some of us have been doing this for 30. Here's my advice:

1. Don't get married to an American girl. You will NEVER be happy now that you have had a glimpse of a "better life".

2. Don't get married to a Brazilian girl. In "real life" they are just as bad or worse, in their own way!!!! Jealous, possessive, irrational, and dishonest.

3. In the short term, Brazilians are "the best friends money can buy." But don't take them too seriously. If you are hanging out with P4P girls, or "semi-pros" and especially if you do not speak fluent Portuguese, you ARE living in a fantasy world in Brazil. Trust me, you know NOTHING about real life in Brazil. There is nothing wrong with this, it is GREAT! Just do not take it seriously. You are a kid in Disneyland. Just remember that Mickey Mouse doesn't REALLY love you.

4. Stay single and keep going to Brazil. If you get tired of Brazil, go to Argentina. Repeat as needed.

5. Do not get married. EVER.

--Older and Wiser

10-17-04, 09:03
Great advice Chuponalgas. There's no comparison between american and brazilian women. After I retire from the military I'm going to live there and never have to deal with the crap we put up with over here. Josh, you're not alone, I don't even communicate with females outside of work anymore because it's a waste of my time. I spend most of the year saving my cash just to go back and enjoy life the way it should be lived. I wanna marry someday, but not until I'm passed 40, maybe more. On top of that I bet any older man living a decent lifestyle can find a young and hot brazilian wife. For now I just wanna enjoy life, with pros or non pros, it doesn't matter, they all provide me the fulfillment I need to keep going back.

Not all brazilian women are Help types, but you have to be careful not to be blinded by the way they make you feel no matter how experienced you think you are. Brazilian women have the tendency to enjoy having multiple partners, so don't think marriage will change that.

10-17-04, 18:32
I couldn't agree more with you. I feel the same.
After travelling to Brazil the last 14 years everything becomes Brasil. The women in my country are beautiful, but not comparable with brazilian women. They don´t have the looks, body, smiles or bunda do jacaré. I have to go back every year. Many of my friend are hooked in the same way.

Dark eyes, a big white smile, chocolate-brown skin, a lovely bubble-butt and looking deep into your eyes. I can´t help falling in love every day in Brazil.

I think it´s an interesting idea having a non-pro section, even though it might not work. Non-pro´s you will hook up with at different places: the supermarket, the post office, the beach etc...

The less gringos, the bigger are the possibilities of meeting non-pro´s. You don´t necessary have to go to the interior. Leave Copacabana. Try Zona Norte. Spend an saturday evening dancing forró in Duque de Caxías. You'll meet many non-pro's.

10-22-04, 15:32
I'll be in Brazil next month, does anyone there know if there is flu vaccine available in Brazil, even though it is approaching their summer season.

Also saw on the news that lots of americans near the border with Canada are getting their vaccines in Canada.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

10-24-04, 01:35
Excellent question! Does anyone know whether flu shots can be gotten in Brazil? I wonder if I could write off a 10 day trip as a medicla expense by getting a flu shot? :)

I'll be in Brazil next month, does anyone there know if there is flu vaccine available in Brazil, even though it is approaching their summer season.

Also saw on the news that lots of americans near the border with Canada are getting their vaccines in Canada.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

10-24-04, 08:00

I have been a lurker in this particular section for about a year now and I am tired of watching from the sidelines so to speak. I am ready to get into the game. I was wondering if anyone had any ballpark figures on Roundtrip deals to Rio as I was looking to head there in December. I have searched various online websites and most of them were showing about $1200 dollars for roundtrip. I would be flying out of San Francisco if that helps, also will any of you veterans to the Brazilian scene be down in Rio during December at any time? I really want my first time in Rio to be memorable.

Bubba Boy
10-24-04, 10:55
That is an excellent question. When I was there in August everybody was coughing, and I am mean EVERYBODY. I got hit as well, and was seriously out for a week and I even still have the remains of it now. Nothing worse than being in Brazil and not at full strenght!

The other major health problem is Conjunctivitis which is alot easier to clear up. The local Pharmacies stock the stuff to get rid of it. I got that as well :(

10-25-04, 05:17
Can someone reccomend where I might find the cheapest prices for flights to Rio? I plan on making my first trip in December, if any vets would like to show me around I would greatly appreciate it, you can PM me.

10-26-04, 01:49
I got pinkeye when I was there in June. Dr's didn't give me strong enough stuff to clear it up. When i go back next month I'm bringing the bottle of stuff that the states Dr gave me just in case. It cleared up in 2 days.

That is an excellent question. When I was there in August everybody was coughing, and I am mean EVERYBODY. I got hit as well, and was seriously out for a week and I even still have the remains of it now. Nothing worse than being in Brazil and not at full strenght!

The other major health problem is Conjunctivitis which is alot easier to clear up. The local Pharmacies stock the stuff to get rid of it. I got that as well :(

10-26-04, 02:12
Hey Snooky,

Remind me to go get a Z-pack on my first day in Rio. I haven't got sick while in Rio anymore after taking it. See you in Rio in a about 3 weeks. And try not to get sick when we planned to hit the Termas.

10-26-04, 22:09
Is conjunctivits that common to warrant taking medication with you ?

10-26-04, 22:16
Can someone that is in Brazil please inquire at a pharmacy about the availablity of flu vaccines.

I would think kissing several garatos a day should place mongers in a high risk catagory :-)

Kid Cisco
10-26-04, 22:43
You have your head together, I like the advise you give out, I have seen to many guys get lose their minds after a trip or two to Rio or Costa Rica or Thailand and then they go nuts and sale their stocks and house and leave their wife and Girlfriend and then move to Rio.

So, keeping your head together and looking at Rio for what it is.

10-27-04, 00:47
It ruined the last 5 days of a 10 day trip. I just want to make sure I have the right med just in case.

Craig Ladner
10-27-04, 12:45
To cure the pink eye you will need an antibiotic just for use in eyes. Unfortunately it is almost $80 but you may be able to get two cures out of one tiny bottle.

10-27-04, 15:29
I agree with Chuponalgas 100%. I just came back from Brazil 5 days ago for the first time. I been to DR, CR, JA. Caraco, but none of those girls fuck like the girls I met in Brazil. I had a fine chic in the US for a couple years who would never married me and I was making decent money but now that I am semi-retire reciving a penison plus inherited some family wealth she love me with a cbj lol. I met a guy in 4x4 in Rio who was on his 18 time in Rio. He was 41 like myself and had just broke up with his Rio 20year old girlfriend of a year. The guy was a wreck took no girl from 4x4 just drink at the bar. Them that night at help saw him agian and told me he was giong back the to US tomorrow eventhrough he wasn't surpose to leave for 2 more week. He said he was sending the girl $500us a mounth for the first 6 mounth and then $ 800us for the next six. She told him now she needed $1500us a mounth or she was going back to working at help which BTW is where he met her so he broke it off and vow never to come back to Brazil. I told him the same thing these places are like disney land you get on the ride and if you like it get on agian. I on the other hand like to try different rides. Once your home you don't call, write or e-mail Donald Duck Chica. BTW his girlfriend live with her mother and afther sending her money every mounth he now live wth his mother lol. Fella be safe and live your dream just make sure you wake up when you get home.

10-31-04, 19:47
Has anyone been to a soccer game in Rio, the big stadium, the Maracana. Is it safe to go or is it absolutely dangerous and crazy. I want to go, but have never spoken to a gringo who has been.

11-05-04, 17:20
I want to go to a football game at the Maracana. Has anyone been? Is it safe, I would rather not get killed, but I imagine that hundreds of thousands of people go every year without getting killed, but I would like to hear from a gringo of an ex-pat on this.

Robert Palli
11-13-04, 19:12
Mongering in rio nov. 24-30 out of othon travel. Is it girl friendly by the way? Hope so. Anyways pm me or email [Email Address deleted by Admin] to meet up and get some. Later.


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Latitude Cruz
11-14-04, 00:00
It ruined the last 5 days of a 10 day trip. I just want to make sure I have the right med just in case.

Don't freak about this minor infection but don't ignore it either.

The treatment is an antibiotic called "erythromycin".

It will be a tiny tube of ointment.

Don't use just any ointment. This is specific stuff and the ointment is an "opthalmic" preparation that will melt more readily in the eye.

It will clear up fast, and you can use this same tube for several treatments (save it in case you ever get it in the future). Pink eye is pretty common among kids in the U.S. because they're always touching everything and always rubbing their eyes.

Jonny Hit Run
11-16-04, 05:23
Josh, I went to the Flamengo v. Fluminese game earlier this year during Carnaval and it was pretty crazy. There is a doorman who works at the Othon Palace who coordinates soccer games from a kiosk just outside the entrance and depending on the time of year and popularity of the match determines the price. There were about twenty tourists and they split us up into groups of three and we all went with drivers(guides) who drove us and escorted us into the game.

The German couple I was with got ripped off just prior to entering the stadium. The dumb lady got her ticket snatched right out of her hand and shortly thereafter her husband got his front pocket picked to the tune of $500.00 US. They were not very protective and were easy marks(they both sported a couple thousand dollar Nikons w/ telephotos around their necks and got off cheap in my opinion.)

The game was crazy and a lot of fun and I highly recommend the experience but would not go without the affore mentioned driver/guide service. If your Portuguese is good and your an adventurous soul you can take a bus and probably experience the whole thing far cheaper than I did(I paid $80.00 US it was an all day endeavor and takes about two hours to exit the stadium with traffic.)

After the game while exiting the stadium it was like a fucking riot outside. People cheering, fires burning in trash cans, helicopters overhead and overall very festive but in the middle of a rather unsavory neighborhood-IMO. As a matter of fact some street thug was trying to enter against the grain while everyone was exiting and the next thing I know about ten cops are beating the crap out of this guy with billy clubs which was fine exept that this asshole was standing next to me. I never got hit but did feel the wind deflected by a few of the blows.

In the process I got separated from my friends and it took a while to find them. All in all it was god fun, I would do it again but just like most things in Brazil it's heads up at all times!

BTW any mongers in Rio? I'll be there Nov 20-30.JP

Dutch Boy
11-16-04, 23:11
I was wondering. If I wanted to get from Sao Paulo or say Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, but not by airplane because i wanted to see some of the country underway, what would you guys reccomend? Is there like a railway system that runs through Brazil that goes that way, or will it be mostly travelling by busses?

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11-16-04, 23:58
Has anyone been to a soccer game in Rio, the big stadium, the Maracana. Is it safe to go or is it absolutely dangerous and crazy. I want to go, but have never spoken to a gringo who has been.I've been to soccer games many times in Rio both alone and with groups. I've never seen any violence in or around the Maracana including watching a Flamengo vs Fluminense game! Although I think things are different when Flamengo play Vasco da Gama.

Violence does happen at Brazilian soccer games where rival fans have even used guns on each other which is unheard of even after attending many West Ham vs Millwall games here in the U.k where I reside.

The atmosphere is jovial mostly with plenty of flag waving and colour and there are more than enough Police to quel trouble! Many Brazilian police just go there to see the game themselves while the gringos back on the Copa are being fervently robbed by the pivete! hahaha!

Please do go to see this spectacle the tickets are cheap about 10 to 20 reais and you surely don't want to spend all your money on bitches, *****s, spiv deck chair attendants and the insatiable robbing prowess of the pivete! The crowds at the Maracana seem fewer these days due to large t.v coverage and only gringos and people who live locally to the Maracana seem to bother to go! You'll be lucky to see 60,000 people there! If you are nervous or don't want to be bored alone you can take a tour that will pick you up take you to the game pay your entrance and bring you back! but don't pay over 45 reais for this or you'll be ripped off!

11-17-04, 20:30
Yes you must go to the Maracana! compared to a walk on the avenida Atlantico after 6pm in nice clothes it's as safe as Disney Land!

11-18-04, 19:05
Thanks for the info in regards to football games in Rio. I also saw that the cops arrested 120 street kids yesterday to try and crack down on muggings. Good deal.

11-18-04, 19:32
Dutch Boy,

There are very few trains in Brazil. Buses are pretty much the only mode of intercity land transport (unless you want to buy or rent a car, which I wouldn't recommend). Buses come in two classes--this is all from memory, so I don't have specifics at hand--the ordinary type, which I think is called 'comum,' that are non-airconditioned and make more frequent stops, and the deluxe, which have air con, more comfortable seats, toilets, fewer stops, and even have food and drinks you can order. The cost of the deluxe is, I recall, about 50% more, but the cost is still cheap by North American or European standards. So unless you are on a really tight budget, it's foolish not to take the deluxe bus. They all leave from the Rodovaria in downtown Rio. You can find all this out when you get there.

There is one train ride that I would definitely recommend taking, which is the train from Curitiba to Paranagua. It's downhill all the way and provides some spectacular mountain and jungle views. The return trip is of course uphill and takes much longer.


11-18-04, 19:33

Are the finger printing procedures still in place in Sao Paulo? I hear different things every time I ask. What is it like most recently?



Dutch Boy
11-18-04, 20:12
Do the busses also leave from Sao Paulo in the direction of Uruguay, and if so what would be the travel time? Like one day or something like that?

11-18-04, 22:36
I have been to Maracana four times and in Morumbi ( Sao Paulo) once. Only my first time in 1997 in Rio, I took an organize tour bought from the hotel lobby. Other times I took a garota as my guide. And it worked wonder for me. Garotas are more than happy to go to see a game. In both places, I bought good seats. It was not very expensive. I never witnessed any violence either. It looked more like a festival. I was in Sao Paulo in October 2003. I timed my trip to see a game between Santos vs. Sao Paulo. I used a guide for the first day in Sao Paulo. He tried to discourge me going alone saying that violence could errupt anytime. Then he tried to get me another guide for 200 reais to go to the game with me. I did not listen to him. I got in touch with the chica I was with the night before, she was more than happy to go and spent the evening with me. Of course I paid her. And it is much more enjoyable than going with bunch of tourists! BTW, I tried to pickup a little Portuguese before I went. Some garotas love that!

Chocho Negro
11-19-04, 13:39
Hi Dutch Boy,

Few trains in Brasil. There is also an interesting train between Vitória (Espirito Santo) and Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais). Very interesting sightseeing.

About buses. Myself I like a lot those brazilian buses. Some companies have three different types, others four of them, and some of these very best ones have only 23 seats, and the seats can be turned into beds, so if you are an easy sleeper, you can really sleep. Lots of these best buses travel by night. Over the past years I did travel from Rio de Janeiro up to Fortaleza and also from Belo Horizonte to Salvador de Bahia with lots of stops and I enjoyed every hour, every minute, really, for me this is life. However it is good to speak at least some portuguese. I did take a three month portuguese language course in Europe before my first travel to Brasil, years ago, as I really hate to stay somewhere and not understand. You must also be able to start talking even knowing your portuguese is bad, as talking and listening is the only way to improve. Mostly you will find people with an infinite patience ready to help you and to chat, and "bater papo", as they call it, is a very important part of socializing in Brasil.

Next april I will go to Buenos Aires, have an assigment in Pinamar and then in Paysandú so I plan to travel the same road you plan to do. After my job in Pinamar (Argentina) I will go to Rio de Janeiro by bus, and try to stay a few days in Iguaçu on the way. From Rio I will probably continue to Puerto Seguro to have a week or so off, and then I plan to go down again to Uruguay to work a few days in Paysandú. Still do not know if this will be by plane or by bus, did not find much info about buses to Uruguay, and it will also depend on how things are going on in Puerto Seguro. Maybe I also can do it the other way, from Pinamar to Paysandú and then its over and I can take off till I have to go back, still planning.

The Rio de Janeiro busstation website http://www.novorio.com.br/ is down today, but this is usually a very good information base to start with, as it has lots of good links.

The São Paolo busstation website http://www.socicam.com.br/webflash/oricab.asp has also usefull info, but it is not as easy to use and or navigate the site, imho.

Some of the best bus companies I have travelled with over the last years and their websites are

São Geraldo http://www.saogeraldo.com.br/

Itapemirim http://www.itapemirim.com.br/

Águia Branca http://www.viacaoaguiabranca.com.br/

Others I do not remember, but the quality was always very similar.

Between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires there are two bus companies, one brazilian and one argentinian, but I never used these, although in a few months I will know for sure:

Cruceros del Norte http://www.crucerodelnorte.com.ar/

Pluma Internacional http://www.pluma.com.br/

One more thing: Never did I travel for more than a couple of hours in those cheaper buses, always in one of the best two clases, because the best one with the almost beds is not always available for every trayect. Depends on your budget, of course, but it is still very cheap for our european standards, very very cheap. The euro is now 1,3 usd and this gives you 3,6+ reais for 1 euro, and really, if you speak some portuguese and try to live somehow like them, you can have a hell of a time for almost nothing. Crucero del Norte gives a price of 290 argentinian pesos (??) so this is something like 75 euros from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires.

Hope this helps,
Have a nice day,


Chocho Negro
11-19-04, 14:18
Hi Dutch Boy,

Seems there are three companies going from São Paulo to Montevideo by bus.

Ega, Revelacion and TTL.

TTL seems the only one with a website http://www.ttl.com.br/

There you click Produtos & Serviços and then Preços / Horários.

Bus leaves from São Paulo 23:30 and arrives at Montevideo at 04:00, seems like 28 hours and a half, monday, thursday and saturday, 249,11 reais, 69 euros or so.

Hope this helps,

Have a nice day,



11-20-04, 07:20
Dutch Boy,

There is a bus that goes from Sao Paolo to Montevideo that takes about 30 hours. I forgot to mention in my previous post that there is another class of bus ride above the deluxe which has fully reclining seats. This is best for overnight trips and can save you the cost of a night in a hotel room.

You can find all you need to know about transportation around Brazil in the Lonely Planet guide to Brazil.


Dutch Boy
11-20-04, 18:41
Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. If any of you ever come to Amsterdam gimme a PM and I'll try and give ya all a personal tour!. ;-)

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11-23-04, 23:45
General Question and not sure if this is right location. Is it possible to get ciprofloxacin or amoxicillin over the counter no rx in rio pharmacy? If rx is their doctor to contact?


J Wadd
11-24-04, 06:22
Yes. Antibiotics are typically no problem. I got something on my tongue (yeast-like, though I don't think it was a yeast infection) from eating the pussy of a skinny, massive-wracked 9.5 natural blonde in Fortaleza last year. Dumb and dumberer.

The pharmacists at most Brasilian pharmacies can give you whatever they want, I think. Remember, too, what propinha (sp.?) can do for you. Propinha = backsheesh (sp.?) = tip. Money makes Brasil go round like Mexico.


11-24-04, 08:17
JW, maybe you didn't get that from going down on the girl.

The last couple of times I went to the nordeste, I got irritations of the throat. Once was just like you described, something on the tongue that you can see. I didn't do DATY.

I think it came from consuming some not quite clean food and drink, or maybe just the different microbes in that part of the world.

J Wadd
11-26-04, 02:13
Thanks, Cachorro, for the thoughts. It came with a cough, too. You're probably right.


11-26-04, 21:56
Bacterial Infections:

I have been carrying a dozen or so CIPRO with me when I travel abroad the last few years. I haven't had to use them yet, I recall my physician saying to not take it with an antacid otherwise rendered ineffective.

Viral infections:

I am trying to find a cheap source for Valtrex. Looks like India might be the cheapest online source. Does anyone have any experience geting pharmaceuticals there?? Last year I was able to download some sample coupons off the net. Got about $300.00 worth for free!! Reported in various studies, performs like a body prophalactic against herpes virus. I started popping a Valtrex every other day or so while I was doing heavy mongering which includes DATY. Makes sense, it is generally prescribed as suppresive therapy. Also "Abreva" cream, buy it over the counter at Costco, I put a dab on my tongue and run it around the gums and teeth as studies also claim it passively supresses herpes.

Humm this probably should have gone in the STD's section. I'll post it there as well in case anyone wishes to discuss further.

11-26-04, 23:49
Bacterial Infections: I started taking about a dozen CIPRO with me when traveling abroad a couple of years ago. I have not had to use them yet. But I have thought I might a few times. However, pepto bismal tablets usually took care of my gastro problems. However, I do recall my physician saying that CIPRO is rendered ineffective if taken with an antacid.

11-27-04, 00:11
Hey mongers,

I am leaving for Rio in about 10 days. I remember last time there looking in numerous markets for the see-through zip glide bags that are sold here in the USA. I LOVE those bags. THey have recently come out with a new 2 1/2 gallon size that is perfect for packing shirts, shorts, socks and underwear, it's amazing how much space is conserved using those bags and removing the air. THe quart size bags are great for keeping various paraphanellia together and I also like gallon bags for organizing things. The generic ones with the Zip Glide one the top are the best. I promissed Raphella I would bring about 50 of them back to Rio because she likes to keep her make-up and various items organized with them. I also promised some American EXPats to bring as many good used books and paper backs as I could carry. I can usually pick up used PBacks for $1.00 each at the second hand store. Another thing I notice is consumer electronics are expensive in Brazil as well as music CD's. I am bringing a couple of cheap MP3 players with me and my laptop that has a good music library on it. My Amigas are going to love me only for my music and baggies, but that's OK!

Happy mongering.

11-27-04, 16:00
Has anybody ever used them for travel to Rio. They have airline tickets at good prices but I would like to know a little bit more information about them. Such as the times being reasonable and Airlines carriers.

Rio Bob
11-28-04, 02:05
General Question and not sure if this is right location. Is it possible to get ciprofloxacin or amoxicillin over the counter no rx in rio pharmacy? If rx is their doctor to contact?


I have found it to be no problem to get various prescriptions filled in Rio drug stores without a prescription on just about any type of remedy.

11-28-04, 23:30
Hi there,

Could anyone tell me more or less how much times it takes to clear immigration and customs in Rio (ie I am planning to buy a ticket to fly straight to Sao Paulo and need to make sure that I will have enough time to connect)?

By the way, I dont travel on a US passport so that additional fingerprinting/photo shoot would not apply to me!

Thanks for the response!

Rio Bob
11-29-04, 01:59
They don't do that fingerprint/photo shoot in Rio anymore.

Sal Dali
11-30-04, 05:54
Bacterial Infections:

Reported in various studies, performs like a body prophalactic against herpes virus. I started popping a Valtrex every other day or so while I was doing heavy mongering which includes DATY. .This is not one of my areas of practice, but everything I've been taught and read does not support this. Please advised as to the location of these studies.