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Hey Chuponalgas -

Tell me a little about Panama City. Sounds like you really recommend it. I've been to CR, Mexico, Dominican Republic, but never to Panama. Can you give a few recommendations - Hotels, bars, clubs? Thanks!

03-08-03, 18:53
Chuponalgas/Zippy, those were great travel reports. To follow up our successful tour of Cartagena and Barranquilla, MAV and I will be heading to Medellin (MDE) next month, then back to Cartagena (CTG) for another round. Any updates on Medellin? AA has a cheap flight from MIA to MDE. That is why we decided to go there. We will stay in MDE 5-7 days, then fly to CTG. Are they apartamentos for rent in MDE? These are usually a better deal than the hotels. Anyone who has been to Medellin please speak up!

Yes, very beautiful Colombian women can be found in Panama and Curacoa, but from what I hear, the prices for the girls have really gotten out of hand (even worse than Costa Rica). That is why MAV and I go straight to the tap to meet Colombianas. Why pay more for hardened pros? Colombia is quickly become my favorite place on Planet Earth.

04-02-03, 18:45
just got back from medellin, met a couple other cool guys from this forum there too.
i'll put in a full report soon, no time right now but in short ... a great place!
the city is beautiful, much more than cali and the women, pro and non-pro are at least equal to cali's women depending on taste.
medellin has more of the lighter skin, blonde girls with a rep001tering of morenas .... very beautiful and sweet.
full report coming.

04-03-03, 05:18
Looking forward to the report!

04-04-03, 18:56
In Medellin, there's an agency run by two American guys. It's not really a marriage agency, but more of a "friendship agency" and hotel. It's an excellent way to meet really sweet girls they have met and have put in their data base.

These girls really want to meet gringos and all of their pictures are in the computer at the hotel and you can choose which you want to meet. When I was there, they had at least 600 girls to choose from and growing everyday.
I stayed at the hotel and met some very beautiful and sweet ladies thru the service.

Robert is one of the owners and he gave me permission to put his name in this post. telephone is: 574-334-0754, just ask for him. Everyone who works at the hotel is very cool.

Robert and some of his local Colombian staff also love to go out and party and show you around town. They obviously know the hot spots, the good girls and the not so good girls.

I'm posting about their place because not only do they have a nice house/hotel with a great included breakfast, it's a good way to meet beautiful ladies that want to meet gringos and these guys can also give you the ins and outs of Medellin.

My next post will be on some of the places I visited for "fun" in Medellin.

B Player
06-11-03, 08:31

Do you have the phone # for the Hotel Plaza Rosa or Hotel Poblado plaza. I am goiing to be in Medellin june 23 for a few days.

Thank you!

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

06-14-03, 21:05
HOTEL PLAZA ROSA cra 32d # 9-17 tel: 574-312-0005 fax: 574-266-5252

HOTEL POBLADO PLAZA Cr 43A # 45 - 75 Tel. 574-268-5555 Fax: 574-268-6949

06-16-03, 22:37

You can't go wrong with Hotel Plaza Rosa in my opinion.

07-11-03, 16:03
Had a chance to check out a place or 2 in Medellin for fun. A really nice full service massage place is located near 'el estadio', the soccer stadium, next to Centro Commercial Obilisco.
It's name is Energy. The exact adress is in the yellow pages in the phone book under masajes. There is no name on the door or anything, just a number.
Very nice selection. The chicas come out one at a time and introduce themselves and you make your selection.
They have a menu of prices you can choose from, but the 'all inclusive, everything you want' price is 60,000 pesos (about 21-22 U.S.).

Another place is on the large street called "la Playa". Large shopping / restaurant area, which by the way is great for chica gazing and meeting.
The place is called "Sonador" (Dreamer in english). It's across from a Frisby fast food chicken place.
This place is a titty bar where the girls dance and you can sit and have a drink with them. They also have a dance floor where you can dance some salsa with them (it's free but they always appreciate a small tip ... maybe 5000 pesos). Nice to get some cheap salsa lessons / practice.
And of course they have the full service in the back. Cost is 40,000 pesos for a quickie in a small room in the back.
You can meet and have fun with a sweet girl here but I actually had more fun sitting at the table, buying a couple drinks and practicing spanish and salsa here. The ' massage ' experience is much better in the place I mentioned above.
Anyway ... as I visit more places, I'll add more ... have fun!

By the way ... I stayed at the Hotel Plaza Rosa for a night. Very nice place and good price. The going rate is 100,000 per night but mention that you saw their ad on the internet for 80,000 and you'll easily get that rate.

07-12-03, 15:14
In addition to the mongering scene ... I took my Paisa to San Andreas Island ... island off the coast of Central America owned by Colombia.
Great place to take a chica you meet if you really like her and want a special place to go where it's easy (no passports / visas required for her because it's technically Colombia).
The place is like Jamaica but much better ... the natives are very friendly and it's mucho mas cheaper.
Not a place for mongering, but very fun and very safe and secure.
Also, incredibly, the island is of Colombia but the first language is English there.
It was cool, speaking English with Colombians as if in the Virgin Islands.

07-17-03, 01:47
Hi Ricker,

How far is San Andreas from Medellin?

How much does is cost to fly there?

Is it a daily journey or you have to spend the night there?


07-23-03, 21:28

San Andreas is an island off the coast of Central America owned by Colombia.
The best way to buy airline tickets and hotel vouchers is thru a travel agency in Colombia... they have package deals and the prices are much cheaper than if you try to book things direct. .. at least in my experience. I paid $600 for 5 nights / including airfare roundtrip, all food and drinks included. That was total for 2 people and it was during high season. I think normal would be about $450 for two people total.
The flight is about an hour or hour and a half. I spent a week there ... I would think 3 nights would be minimum to make it worth your while.

Have fun.

07-23-03, 21:33
to I Love Sluts,

Sorry I didn't get back to you yet ... my computer was broken but I'm back and I'll send you an email shortly regarding the guys hotel in Medellin.

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de nada senor Hobbyists

Dollar Bill
07-29-03, 22:28
Antifreeze, Aussie Greg, Surfer, and all other mongers in Colombia!,

I have talked to Surfer, and it looks like he has convinced me to hit Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín.

I will arrive in Bogota on Aug 6th and try to hook up "mi amiga - Vicki" while there.

Aug 7th, fly to Medellín, and stay till Sunday. Surfer advised me to not try to buy a plane ticket until I get to Colombia. He says it will cost me 1/4 - 1/2 of the price doing this vs. using the internet to purchase a ticket. How much was your ticket from Cali to Medellín?

Aug 11th - Aug 15th - work in Bogotá during the day, while doing research for WSG at night.

Aug 16th - Aug 20th - take a early flight to Cali and spend 4 nights in paradise! I am still a little unsure about which hotel, but I think that I am leaning towards "Hotel Don Jaime on Avenida Sexta" since it is Surfer's recommendation. I want to be close to the action.

Aug 20th - back to Bogotá

Aug 21st - Back to México

Is getting Vitamin "V" difficult in Colombia? Does it require an medical exam or prescription? I tried it once (stole one from my Dad's stash while I was home visiting) and it work for like 14 hours. I do not remember any problems with headaches, just waking up with a stiffy and putting it to my then-girlfriend a few more times. I figure if there is going to be a "stud" convention in Medellín, then I better take some performance enhancing drug to get me in the competition. (ha)

I look forward to meeting Freeze, Aussie Greg, Surfer, and anyone else down there.

Dollar Bill$

08-13-03, 03:54
If you are in Medellin , I recommend you this special houses with a lot of nice girls, the stripclubs are on a very low level!!

To find the place, you have to know the address:

Lejano Oriente, Carrera 41, #18D-55, Atrás de Templo Antonia, Las Palmas, Poblado, Medellín
Tel: 4 266 1068 / 4 311 5947

I was in this "house" one night. I was the only client in the house. every girls came to shake my hand and to present herself. I saw 2 very nice girls. I took one out and passed a wonderful night.

Fee to take her out: COP 70,000.--
For the girl (between): COP 150,000.-- - 200,000.--

Enjoy it ...

el Suizo-Paisa

08-14-03, 00:51
I've been to the place mentioned in the last report, Oriente in Poblado. Had a few nice girls but way over priced for the quality in my opinion.
If you want to pay those prices, I think a high end strip club called Face Dos has much better quality ... and you get to see them strip naked to show the wares before you make the selection.
To be honest though, even though as the last report stated, there is some low level quality in some of the strip clubs ... you can find a 'diamond in the rough' without too much trouble.
Try a strip club in Itagui (little town right out Medellin - 10 minute cab) ... cheap service 40,000 pesos (15-16 dollars) and had a few little bonitas dancing around. I had good luck there.

Just my humble opinion.

08-21-03, 05:02
Check out: colombiansweethearts.com
Has the photos of the chicas in this guys agency in Medellin.

Aussie Greg
08-21-03, 06:20
Originally posted by Ricker
Check out: colombiansweethearts.com
Has the photos of the chicas in this guys agency in Medellin. Gidday Ricker,

Just spent 3 weeks at www.colombiansweethearts.com at the casa, but have now returned to Aussie.

Do you have Robert's e-mail address, the guy who was inpartnership with Steve at colombiansweethearts before they fell out.

The puppy of my property manager ate my note book on my return to Aussie with all my e-mail address and telephone numbers. "shit".

Yes I agree with you about "Fossy Dos" !! and have you been to San Diego !!! Ive got a few girlfriends their !!

If you can help me it would be great.

Aussie Greg.

08-22-03, 17:09
Hey Aussie,

As a matter of fact, I just got back from Medellin and Robert and I went out a few times and he told me you were a good guy.
I'll get you his email ... got it somewhere ... just got to find it.
Too bad about his fallout with the other guy but he's starting up his own service ... more of a dating service where the girls are paid a little for their service and all is included. He should have a web site soon for the new service.
As you know, he knows a lot of chicas in town and his service should be fun.
I've got a few friends who want to visit Colombia and we'll use Robert when in Medellin.
He is fun to chase the chicas with isn't he?
Email for Robert coming soon.

08-23-03, 02:58

Roberto's e-mail:


He's not big into computers though. Email me direct at:
ricker523@hotmail.com for his phone nmbr if you want it.

10-03-03, 17:20
Back in Medellin ... life is GREAT here!

The novia is out of town at a farm so I went out and played last night.
Club San Diego was very good ... new crop of chicas working ... met a chica in her first week ... I was the first gringo she has ever seen. Taking her out dancing tonite ... she is HOTTTTTT!
Pictures coming.

Aussie Greg ... I went out with Robert last night ... he mentioned you were a cool guy ... I know you miss this place. He says Hi.

Did I mention that this place is paradise.


10-03-03, 17:24
I forget to add. Robert, my friend here, has a new service ... it´s both escort and/or friendship agency ... whatever you like ... he has both types.

Check out colombianloveconnection.com has everything you need to know.

For those of you thinking about visiting Medellin ... Robert is absolutely the best contact (in my opinion) to have here.

Cool guy ... loves to play and party and knows a boat load of beautiful chicas.

once again ... Suerte!

10-06-03, 14:37
Hi All:

I'm a new member! I was pointed to this forum by some guys from another latin women forum. I'm glad I found this place!

I'm traveling to Medellin for my second trip soon. I'm waiting for a America Airlines "special". As soon as I see it, I'm booking it! My first trip to Medellin was about 2-3 years ago. I sorta had a girlfriend there, so I spent most of my time with her. But the place left a lasting impression on me.

For the last two years I have been traveling to the cities along the coast of Colombia (C/gena, B/quilla and Santa Marta). I think I have had my share and more of women there! But I would like to have more infor on Medellin.

Suggested places to stay: (don't need a 4-5 star place either)
Bars to find women to enjoy:
Places to eat:
Things to do, when I'm not busy doing other things:

Txs for the help!

10-07-03, 15:25
BTW, Robert of Colombianloveconnection has not returned my call yet and my email to him was bounced back. Any other suggestions on getting in contact with him?

Amer Airlines has a special ($319) from Mia to Medellin next week. I must buy the ticket in a few days if I want get that price. So I would really like to get some infor. Txs

10-09-03, 17:21
AA special is a weekend web-only fare, $319, MIA to Cali or Medellin, depart only Oct/15-17, return only Oct/19-21 (or is that 20-22?).

11-12-03, 02:56
Kdog ... thanks ... I think I said that after I took a side trip to San Jose a few years ago. It was funny and sad at the same time.

My favorite place in the world is Colombia. I know it's not for everyone but it sure works for me.

Costa Rica was special about ten years ago in my opinion ... still nice for the "non-seasoned" traveler, not much spanish speaking, easy to manage chica hunting vacation. (more $$ though). You'll pay $80 to $100 an hour pop in San Jose ... in Colombia from $15 to $50 (most I've ever paid there befor I knew what I was doing) ... AND ... the real Colombianas ... not the traveling pros ... are so SWEEEEEEEETTT!!!

Really though, for a quick weekend trip to Colombia, Cartegena would be nice ... I know it's not on your list above though.

Both Cali or Medellin are great places too.
Cali has more quantity of "casas" to visit for quickies but Medellin also has it's share ... and in my opinion, Medellin is such a nicer city.
I'm a bit biased since I've pretty much set up shop in Medellin ... just got back as a matter of fact ... will post some pictures very shortly of pros - non pros - and candid shots of girls around the city.


11-12-03, 17:29
Ricker-Thanks for the very useful info on Medellin. One more question, are there any strip clubs in Medellin (similar to Frescas in Cali)? If there are, I know they're probably a rip-off, but I enjoy having a beer and watching the women dance before heading to the casas.

11-12-03, 20:55
12 November 2003 Medellin, Colombia

Medellin rocks. Unfortunately I have arrived during a once in a lifetime horse show and every decent hotel in this city is totally occupied - so I am off to Cali for the duration; I know, it´s a tough life but somebody has to live it. I will be back in 2-3 weeks though.

Impressions of Medellin - everyone is as nice as is humanly possible and the women are like as friendly as any man could ever imagine. Lots of police and security guards everywhere but little if any real danger if you know what you are doing. I am now sitting in an internet cafe in a shopping mall known as Oviedo and if I did not just come from a session at Loutron I would think I was in Beverly Hills, California.

Now for the report:

Loutron, a large large large large large large estate converted into a bordello is located "Cra. 32 (Transv. Inferior) Number 2 Sur - 47". Telephone is 3111179 and 3110072. Open 11 a.m to 9:30 p.m. I just left there after my second visit in 2 days. I probably paid the gringo price of 80,000 pesos or about $31 U.S for one hour. What a rip-off right? As for the two visits, the first one yesterday with Diana was signicantly better than the visit today with Andrea. Be sure to ask for one of the nice large rooms they have or you will get stuck in one of the smaller rooms for the same price. Enough said on this as this happens everywhere in the world. Loutron has 2 different bars in back and you should walk around the place to really understand what a casa should be and this is it. Like I said it is a large estate converted into a *****house.

As for Casablanca(s?), I tried to find it but never did. I hear it is near Centro Commercial Villanueva and is open from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (these times are what I personally heard and I speak good Spanish) but this may just be misinformation given to a gringo by a local.

I hear there is a disco called "Mangos" in El Poblado but since I am off to Cali in a couple hours (due to the lack of hotel rooms here), this will have to be investigated later.

I met 3 really sweet pretty young ladies here just by walking into a store and saying hi. The Colombianas really live up to their reputation as the friendliest women on earth.

11-13-03, 03:40
Kdog ... my favorite place to go to in Medellin that is similar to Flores Frescas, but I think is better, is called Face Dos.

It's bigger and better lit, the quality is at least as good as Flores with many more chicas.
I remember my first night ever in Cali ... I did in-house service in Flores Frescas.
I can tell you, without a doubt, the service at Face Dos is much better. Cleaner and bigger rooms ... actually private cabanas next to the club.
Price is about $50 for in house service there ... if you speak spanish you can get some phone numbers of chicas there also.

I don't hit Face Dos much anymore ... here and there ... just because I like to find those little hidden spots where no gringo has explored before. The sweetest and least spoiled chicas are found in these places ... chicas that actually weep when you tip them about $5 US. I'm pretty sure your average Colombiano tips nada.

11-13-03, 03:40
By the way ... a photo of a chica I just met in Medellin.

11-13-03, 03:41
... and a second

11-13-03, 03:42
... what the heck ... a couple more photos

11-13-03, 03:43
... mas

11-13-03, 03:46
... una mas

11-13-03, 03:47
... ok, una mas

12-01-03, 04:24
Just got back MDE, had a chance to go to Loutron and energy (next to banco de bogor near CC obelisco; estadio atanasio girardot) you can get both address from the phone book. Both has the same quality and quantity only energy is 20 mil peso less - loutron is 80 mil.

12-04-03, 03:22
Kdog; For a good stripjoint with CONTINUOUS shows (unlike Flores Frescas), though the show was not as wild as the dildo thing at FF, try Bar San Diego right across the street from the Casino (also near Shopping San Diego). The multa was negotiable down to 50 or 60K; I had not planned to do an allnighter but I clicked with a dancer & we spent 2 full days together.

The traffic circle out front is also PRIME ground for streetwalkers (at night). Seemed like a reasonably safe area, though less so than Poblado/Las Palmas.

01-28-04, 21:12
Salsero: Great post man, welcome aboard. I read an article in El Pais about your pilot and DO want to go hanggliding over Rionegro. I did it last year in Rio (from Pedra Bonttia and landed on Sao Conrado beach) and it was AWESOME! Be fun to take a flight with el piloto, then a dive (into the muff of a pretty Paisa!).

02-21-04, 18:22
If you want to fly between cities in Colombia ... buy your tickets on Avianca in Colombia ... much cheaper. Runs about $50 between cities.

Oviedo Mall (Centro Commercial) is a great place for checking out the chicas as well as San Diego ... Oviedo and Tesoro are a bit more on the upscale side.
My favorite is actually Uni-Centro Mall ... around 5-6 pm weekdays or all day Weekends.

As far as discos ... hit Mangos for the most upscale ... Las Palmas is awesome too and has a great view of the city.