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01-01-07, 01:00
Lichtenfelser Str. 2 90427 NÜRNBERG
Phone: 0911-306130 (answering mach.), 0911-306116
Open: daily 12am-4am
Homepage: http://www.fkk-sylt.de
Entrance: 60€
Prices: 50€/30min

03-20-07, 13:20
Well coming from Frankfurt, I knew it is different than the Palace.

It was not the first time I came her and I knew the Sylt has a nice bar and 'living' room. A big of a dead theatre and a TV room.

Well most of the evening I watched football. I got completely turned of by the girls that bluntly asked 'you need some company'.

Even the Turkish girl (her name escaped right now) had this attitude. Last year and the year before we had gone to a room together and that was really nice and affective from her side. So I told her to wait a little. A second time I was ready as well and we went to a room. Well I thought I was with a robot. What a disillusion especially after I thought I knew the girl. Later a regular told me that her performance went down in the last 8 months.

After this I thought of going home, had a drink and watched a match. Then a tall blond long haired entered the room and asked if she could sit next to me. We started to talk and after she complained about a light headache I gave her a massage. She laid herself to rest with her warm tall body. We talked at least for half an hour before she started to rub my tommy. And I already had decided to go with her. She told me that she would give me a special treatment if I come for an hour (150€). I know, stupid but was so hot that I agreed. A very very nice hour though, but worth the 150€? No.

She was a Polish girl, spoke English and told me that she was only doing this to pay her study. She would only stay 1 month which would mean that she now returned to Poland.

In short if I ever come back to Nürnberg I will not visit the Sylt again.

It was a very disappointing experience and I have the idea that it went down and down in the last few years (it is the third year I visited the Sylt).

07-16-07, 23:40
Thought I'd see what there is to dig up on clubs which aren't visited much but now have their own threads.

This one is by Klausimausi from the RF and its not really new but someone might want to read it just the same.

Things don't start out right when the first line of post reads: Sylt kannst du vergessen.

As the Germans say, naja.

Sylt kannst du vergessen, habe ich letzte Woche mal wieder probiert, hätte ich aber lieber bleiben lassen sollen.
Ich war um 11.50 Uhr der erste Gast. Prima dachte ich mir, alle noch frisch und gut drauf. Aber es waren lediglich 4 Hühner da. Zum einen Vio aus Hannover, die ja bereits zum Inventar gehört, küßt aber nicht. Dann eine ganz süße Polin mit Namen Sarah, küßt aber nicht. Und zwei Mädels, die mir nicht gefielen, eine davon schwarz, was überhaupt nicht mein Ding ist. Um 14.00 erschien Ebru, auch schon seit ca. 6 Jahren da. Ich hatte aber überhaupt keine Lust mich von ihr abzocken zu lassen, was ja häufig passiert. Außerdem kommt sie jetzt langsam in die Jahre und kriegt einen dicken Arsch. Also nach zwei Saunagängen um 15.30 Uhr ungepoppt wieder abgehaut.
Zweimal sauniert, zwei Tassen Kaffee, zwei Mineralwasser, eine Bockwurst: macht 60.--. Man gönnt sich ja sonst nix!
Fazit: He arrived at 11:50 and was the first guest. He thought, hey great. There were, however, only four chicks. Vio from Hannover and Sarah from Poland didn't kiss. The other two he didn't find attractive: one was black and she was just not his thing. At 14:00 hours Ebru showed up. She's been there for six years but he's been burned by her before (ripped off, meine ich) and he didn't want to take that chance. The years have not been good to her and her ass is just huge. After visiting the sauna twice, he left at 15:30 hours. So for 60 Euros he visited the sauna twice, had two cups of coffe, two Mineralwassers and a Bockwurst.

So here is another club south of the Weisswurstaequator which doesn't meet the standards further north.

10-08-07, 15:29
Went to the FKK Sylt.

It isn't that far from the airport (I was in a car....don't know what it would take via public transport) and located in an industrial area.

I was quite lucky since there were about 20n girls and we were not more than 5 so it was really our choice on the girls. Mostly german, but also a couple of brazilian, one from santo domingo and a couple from Hungary.

General rating was of 6 with a couple of 7's in the pack.

I had underestimated the language problem so it really was a little hard to understand each other (except for basic conversation), so the experience wasn't the maximum.

Prices 60 for entrance and 50 per session (covered). Had a couple: Hungarian girl (don't ask me names..:I hardly remember mine) 6 for body and 6,5 for the experience, and the dominican 7 and 6,5.

Next time I will try the Orient.

10-09-07, 01:24
I had underestimated the language problem so it really was a little hard to understand each other (except for basic conversation), so the experience wasn't the maximum.
... so I'll say this again: if you want maximum participation in what is going on at a German club, you will need to bite the bullet.

German works best to deal with the institutional aspects of a club (management, Thekenpersonnel, etc..) as well as dealing with German women. Then come Polish, Russian, Turkish and Romanian.

Captain America
10-24-07, 21:34
I'm usually not very judgemental and have had a good time at this club before, but this time it was soo much more upsell at any cost, it was ridiculous. The club itself hasn't changed since my first visit 5 years ago and is well maintained and there's a decent supply of girls both in sheer numbers as well as quality. But everything is covered and/or extra. To get a BBBJ is 50E extra, to CIM is another 50E, anything else is extra as well. And neither of the two girls I had was happy with a regular session. If I had a dollar for evry attempt at an up-sell, these girls would've owed ME monay at the end. The second one actually was very blunt about why she was in Nuremberg rather than at World. She said she had worked there 5 days, but at Sylt there was *much less competition and much more money*.
Less service and more money means I'll go looking for some other FKK, especially since one is now mentioned in the *other FKK* thread.

06-13-08, 04:52
Don't complain about sth which even doesnt exist in the US.

06-15-08, 23:51
I visited Sylt a couple of days ago despite the not very encouraging reports in this section. But it was rather late (about 1. 30 am) so there were not too many options left. From an earlier visit I knew nightclub princess and would definitely avoid it under all circumstances.

So I took a taxi from the main railway station (Hautbahnhof) and 20 min and 18 € later I arrived. 60 € entrance fee, a little bit shabby bar, overall the place not too well maintained, but clean. At that time I saw 5 ladys, 3 of them I would not have considered to fuck even if they had tipped me. One lady was a 4-5 and one a 6 rated relatively pretty young slim romanian girl (19-21y, I think) which I finally choose. 50 € covered fucking for 30 min, 100 € for BBJB and CIM. I settled for the second option. Service was a little bit fast but not too bad. Overall rating 6. Next time I would try another place if available. Both taxi drivers recommended Sylt first place in Nuremberg and mentioned "Heaven" and "Studio 54" as their next favourites. But there is certainly a bias because Sylt is tipping the taxi drivers as the first one told me.

So my overall rating is neutral. Not a place to be avoided but certainly not a reason for visiting Nuremberg.

Good luck!

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01-08-09, 12:34
Is this club still open and/or has is some action?
I will visit Nürnberg at the end of this month and am looking for a nice naughty time.
Has someone visited this club recently?

04-07-09, 15:10
I will just confirm that this club is not a recommended place. I was there last week and I was happy to read that there was an exhibition going on in Nurnberg. I thought that things would be good, but I was wrong.
I was there at a reasonable time (Around 23.00) and paid my 60 euro entrance fees.
I got in and asked how many girls were there. The answer was 6. Out of the 6, just one girl could be rated with a 7-8. All the other were below average. There were also 5 guests and I was number 5 in the row for the nice girl. I didn't like the situation at all, so I accepted to go with another girl to the room, not to have all the fun wasted. Under other circumstances, I wouldn't even think of touching that girl.
When we finished, I came down and all men were still waiting for that other girl. The barwoman was very cute, but I couldn't get any honey from her...
This club is definately out of my list!

05-26-11, 15:12

I am going to Nurnberg next week. And I was wondering if anyone has been visitting this club lately?

Any information is much appreciated.


01-27-12, 16:18

I am going to Nurnberg next week. And I was wondering if anyone has been visitting this club lately?

Any information is much appreciated.

Fim777Was going to visit Sylt a few weeks back. I drove by on a Friday night, but the lights were off and parking lot was empty. I figured Sylt would be busy since it's close to the airport, but it was dead when I drove by. Ended up going to Heaven.

01-30-12, 09:31
Hello ZapF.

Thanks for the information, I headed at Sylt, but it was not much, I have just checked out the Heaven website. It looks better, and I think I will go there next time.


02-07-12, 14:19
Hello, ZapF.

Thanks for the information, I headed at Sylt, but it was not much, I have just checked out the Heaven website. It looks better, and I think I will go there next time.

Fim777Please let us know how it goes. I should be heading there soon as well.

07-13-15, 18:41
FKK Sylt has been renovated, and it has been reopened under the new name.



Could somebody check it out, please!

02-12-16, 00:32
I was intrigued by the re-opening of Club Sylt in its new incarnation as Club Pompeji, so I decided to Take One For The Team.

From the Hauptbahnhof, I could not figure out the best way by public transportation. It didn't seem near any you-bahn or S-bahn stations and a bus to the airport and a taxi would be as much or more than taking a taxi from the Hauptbahnhof, so I took a taxi. First mistake. He said he didn't know the way, the cab's GPS hiccuped a few times, and I ended up paying 37 for the cab ride out. The taxi driver also got a kickback. Hmmmm.

Entry fee was 35, and it was not clear to me how many girls were working. I should have asked. Mistake 2.

A chubby young Romanian named Melinda showed me around. She had a big bulls-eye bruise on her butt. Looked like she'd been spanked or caned hard in the last day or so. I chatted with her a bit, then ignored a young lady who was more into video games than men. Another chubby young Romanian named Paula went by. She was shy and also spoke no English. Her German seemed to be almost as bad as mine. She called over a friend of hers to translate. The other young lady, whose name I forget, immediately proposed a threesome for 100, then immediately started in on an upsell. She was making it sound like I would need to pay them both. Her friend was sharky, hatchet faced, had some really bad tattoos, and not at all attractive. There was one more girl present, a very mousy short skinny Romanian who was also shy and spoke no English.

I went to the sauna and decided to wait there about 15 minutes. The sauna and kino are downstairs next to the smoking room and the whole basement wreaked with bad ventilation. It smelled a bit moldy as well. I got out, went up to the bar and had a non-alcoholic beverage--they charge for alcohol drinks--and the food looked unappealing. I wasn't there to eat anyway. All the girls were gone. Then Paula came back upstairs, somewhat panicked and said something in Romanian. Then she ran back downstairs.

Melinda was on the couch in the smoking room, her legs elevated by another girl, while a third girl toweled her head. WTF? The girls were all distracted and uneasy, and whatever was going on did not seem to be a good thing. The woman who let me in was not able to speak much English. I asked through an interpreter how many girls were working. She said seven but only five were available. All five that were available were dealing with Melinda. None were interested in talking with me. Very strange.

After an hour there, I decided to have them call me a taxi. I took a cab back through all city streets, avoiding the Autobahn. At 11 pm it was about as fast as taking the Autobahn and cost 22. Total damage was 94 just to sit in a sauna for 15 minutes.

The quality of women working there is comparable to what you would find along the wall, where you don't have to pay a cover. There is also greater selection in any of the Laufhauses than Pompeji had to offer. All were 6's and 7's on a scale of 10. Attitudes ranged from indifferent to pushy, with not one of them showing a positive attitude. My advice is to steer clear of this place. Maybe it was an off night, but I doubt it. Gentlemen, I hope that this information proves useful.

09-02-16, 12:20
I paid visit here couple of months back and was pleasantly surprised by the talent.

I went during week day and to my surprise entry was "free" for that day. Wasn't sure why, the person at the desk didn't speak English very well. But there wasn't much to complain so I went in.

There were quite a few variety to choose from, and none were very pushy. Part I liked was they had different ethnicity as well to choose from and most were good looking.

I would have definitely gone back there should the have time permitted. Any ways next time.

10-30-16, 01:58
A report on Pompeji (Sylt) and other Nuremberg FKKs: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?684-Nuremberg&p=1955975#post1955975.