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05-23-04, 22:36

I'm new to this thread and I have one question. I'm going to be living in Guangzhou in my own Chinese apartment starting in Sept. I'm into the P4P scene and was wondering if the KTV and BBS girls "freelance" after work once you have seem them a couple of times. If I see a girl I like on a regular basis will she be available after work and her days off?. I don't want to have to keep paying the KTV fee, mamasan and a bar fine. I'd rather give her my cell # and hook up with her privately for dinner, sex, etc.

Thank's in advance for any advice or opinions


05-25-04, 02:39
Sure. I always ask for a cell phone number. And sure, most will meet you outside work too.

05-27-04, 13:24
Hi all,

I will be in guangzhao in July for a few day. Any recommendations? Anything place I should stay away from?

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05-29-04, 03:41
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me how to get to the Ramada BBS' and the 1 Ma Lu BBS' from the Garden Hotel. Are they near a subway station or any hotels? (or landmarks?).



06-03-04, 03:18
i was recently in guangzhou and i stayed at the holiday inn. i was surprised at the large number of sw in the area but quite dissappointed ate their looks. i was on my way to the one girl's apartment when i saw a girl on the street there who looked to be **** by several years. i am not sure if she was but i was shocked at how young she looked. the service i got was ok but the girl kinda freaked me out when we got to her place and i saw her in the light. she was really skinny. i only got a bj from her but i cant complain because she did a decent job. on the way back from my bj i walked the same route and the girls really seem to get desperate as it gets later.

06-04-04, 03:41
Does anyone around Guangzhou, Shenzhen area around 17 of June until middle of July? I need find some foreigners go with me to have fun in nice sauna and ktv.


[Email Address deleted by Admin]

I am local by the way, but live in UK.

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06-05-04, 06:21

First let me say that no flaming is intended with this post. I understand you are a newbie to GZ and this thread, however, I also know that explicit directions to both BBS areas you mention have been posted on this thread on more than one occassion, including my post explaining how to find the Ramada shops which I believe I may take credit for the first introduction to that area on this thread. I would suggest that you consider taking a few moments to revisit the wealth of information available from previous posts before asking such a general question.

Just my POV.

Happy Hunting!


06-05-04, 06:31
se asia joe,

i've been spending some time in shiqiao of late myself. i am familiar with the two hotels you have mentioned and have seen the talent. certainly some real stunners in the bunch, but a bit pricy for me. for those of you on a budget, the area is also full of sw after 9:00pm or so. rates are from 100-200rmb st, plus 20rmb room charge if you don't have a place to take them. quality is mostly 5-6, but i did manage to find a couple of 7-8. further away from the center of the action in town, sw can be found for less than 100rmb, but now you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.


p.s. if you hear about any good bbs spots in town, please let me know. i've tried a couple, but only managed to get a hj.

NZ Mike
06-05-04, 10:25
SE Asia Joe,

I am going to Guangzhou on the 16th of June and staying for a week for the sole purpose of finding and banging real stunners.

I was thinking of staying at the Bai Yun hotel but read your post about the nightclub in Bravo full of stunners.

Can you tell me what the cost of the rooms at Bravo Hotel are as I couldn't get any english language info on that hotel and also is it a good location for Guangzhou. Also if I stay at the Bai Yun Hotel and I go to Mirage nightclub at Bravo, could I do takeout with those girls ?

An open question for anybody who can help re Guangzhou. As I have mentioned I only want to do cutting edge young stunners. Where are the best places to go to get them in Guangzhou ?

Thanks for any replys.

Best regards,

NZ Mike

06-06-04, 04:23
NZ Mike,

The Bravo Hotel in Panyu is nearly an hour's drive away from the Bai Yun Hotel. GZ is full of KTVs with stunners available, however, my reco if you have no other purpose is DG, either Tai Ping or Chang Ping.

Just my POV.


06-06-04, 17:54
Dear fellows,

I've been interested in local girls since I am here (about 3 years). But unfortunately I found it's not so easy to find working locals. I spend quite a few nights patroling some places I knew from taxi drivers (I speak some Chinese) and was even intoduced to some gals who could speak Cantonese but weren't really Guangzhounese untill I dealt with two mama-san, paid 200 each in advance. After about a week or so the both found two girls and I scored at last. Since then I had only one local freeby and refused to two or three pros that didn't match my ideal of GZ girl (and most probably were not really from GZ but from the GD Province). They say GZ girls rarely in this business as girls usually don't like to do it in there home town and they don't fit to Chinese beauty standards to work in other places (no meaning and argueing).

Could you advise me where I can get a local girl? I'm not only for stanners (if they are that would be perfect) but for a local GZ girl with a good attitude. I don't want to hook with a regullar girl telling her I love her, want to marry her or something like this. I'd could but just don't want to do such things any more. I'd prefer to pay money and have a choice to leave the next morning without any commitment. Or maybe stay for a couple of days?

Any ideas? Maybe a phone number...

Best regards,


SE Asia Joe
06-07-04, 05:53
NZ Mike,

The listed/printed on their rate card for the BRavo Hotel are RMB298 Standard Twin and Standard Hollywood twin, 460 Deluxe double room, and 498 Deluxe suite. I had my mama san arrange the room and I think I only paid RMB300 for the Deluxe Double room - and it is newly furnished in a bit of a Philip Starck mode and with a steam and sauna set up with the bath tub.

As far as taking the girls out from the Mirage to another hotel - I'm very sure that its not gonna be a problem with the Mirage nightclub / mama - the only thing is of course that you gotta make sure that you will have no problem with taking her back to your own hotel.

SE Asia Joe

Bull Dozer
06-09-04, 01:57
Hey fellows,

Need help in finding out where in Guangzhou can one get tested for HIV or Aids test.Getting worried because of a Bareback incident I had. Can anyone help regarding any symptoms like rash around the bearded area, after talking to a USA Doctor he thinks I should have an HIV test done. Don't want to do that in USA, prefer out of the country, as I will be there from June 11th till 19th. Any suggestions or Doctor recommendation in GZ with tel.# would be appreciated please PM me.


06-09-04, 06:17
My uncle just arrived yesterday from the States for a quick visit in China (not really to visit me) BUT I was able to have my brother stash a semi-large quantity of Viagra in a "care package" stuffed with food, etc. I had been out of V for a couple of months now, but I'm locked and loaded now, and in fact, did one at the Ramada shops two days ago and had great results, as always. Report to follow soon.

Anybody want to split the cost with me for some genuine Viagra? I got them for about $9.20 each (shipping included) and I'm willing to part with about 40-50 pills. Just a favor to the GZ mongers out there who want/need some. PM me.

Stay safe.


06-09-04, 07:50
What is your definition of 'local'? You want a Cantonese speaker, but not from DG? She must be from GZ? I have some trouble to follow that logic.

You can go basically to any brothel and ask for a 'local', some larger Sauna/Massage place should have one for sure.

I just had a DG gal last 2 weeks ago in Er Gung Ling (RMB 150, was a active an inflatable dummy). Just a few days ago had a Sichuan one, spoke quite good cantonese (same place, RMB 150, well worth the money).

If you are 3 years in GZ and have not seen a local working gal you surely look in the wrong places.

06-11-04, 15:45

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

I had 3 local girls born in GZ - 100% sure, 2 girls that were claiming that but I doubt as I spoke with their friends and had a lot of GD girls (mostly from Meizhou).

And there are a lot of girls from Guanxi and other provinces who can speak decent Cantonese. Had some also. By the way when they introduce you "local" in a sauna or a brothel they introduce you one of the girls who CAN speak Cantonese not a real local.

I like Chinese girls in general but may I have a little caprice here? Well, maybe it's just a fetish thing? Even if it is more expensive.

Best regards,


06-12-04, 02:28

IMHO, there are not that many local GZ girls on the game in town. Most of them are from other provinces even though they may speak Cantonese. First of all, if they are really from GZ, they might be afraid somebody that knows them or their family might catch them. Secondly, local GZ girls are generally not as pretty as those from other provinces, thus have a tough time to compete. You may want to try Shenzhen. I have met a few that claim to hail from GZ in my adventures there. I also met a couple of SW in Panyu that claim to be local, but you never know if they are telling the truth.


06-12-04, 04:04
Not that pretty? Well, that one we could argue to death.

I would say very upmarket place will have more local gals then low end places.

Like, dai pai dongs usually don't have local staff, upmarket restaurants do.

06-12-04, 04:12
guangzhou suburbs

after a couple months of research in the panyu area i thought i would post some interesting tidbits for those of you mongers looking for value for money.

luoxi: i have found 3-4 bbs with fs rep001tered around town, and a couple of other bbs where i only managed to get a hj. the best way to describe the fs locations is the go all the way down the road in front of parknshop to the end. there is one shop on the right side just before the t intersection. turn right and go to the next t. there are 2-3 shops on this road. price is 150rmb. quality is only in the 5-6 range. fs sauna across the road from riverside garden, rmb200+300 tips.

dashi: the hutong girls. in the back alleys near the center of town there are girls offering fs. i have been there twice (recently with johnny) but never tried since all refuse bj in this area. prices quoted were 50rmb for me, but i reckon 30-40 is ok. for the adventurous at heart! many of the girls are older. interesting offer in this area are girls that only lie and cuddle and let you fondle their tits. price is 10rmb per hour. i did try one sw in dashi. service was not so great but she was a stunner. tall, long legs and perfect body. took me to her place for 130rmb. there is also a fs sauna in a 2 star hotel on the main road through town. rmb188+300 tips in vip room.

shiqiao: the center of panyu. all services are available here. se asia joe has posted about the ktv scene. sw are all over the place for 100-200 rmb; around the walkovers near the panyu hotel and all along guangming bei lu and streets running in between. there is another area by the river where sw are only around 50rmb. i have gotten some excellent bbbjcim in this area by just cruising by and picking them up in the car. i paid 80rmb for this. a couple of fs bbs in town, but the quality i saw in them make the locations not even worth mentioning.

i intend to explore some more of the smaller towns in the area. anybody interesting in joining the expedition? pm me.


06-13-04, 03:11

Well it may just be my personal taste.


06-13-04, 06:21
Not just you, OAH, but most people, especially native
GZ guys that I know, agree that Guangzhou and Guangdong
in general is not the place to find really hot women...thank
god that most of the pros are not from GD, eh? Ha ha...

I went to my new favorite place again, the Train Station
bomb shelters, but then I got there just as a raid was going
on, damn. I was wondering why there were no fruit/clothing/
stinky tofu sellers on the street in addition to all the BBSs being
locked up. Anyway, waited around for about 20 mintues before
all the above came slithering back out. The mamas weren't in
a good mood and when I tried to negoitate my usual two hours
for 200 RMB, they seemed not interested so I left. Weird because
I had that deal for the last 5-6 times I've gone there.

I'll post a pic of the hutong area that OAH mentioned in the photo gallery.



Tokyo via AA
06-13-04, 12:09
I have read pages and pages of the reports for GZ, and I'm sorry, it's like this board needs an FAQ or a summary report.

Could some kind soul answer take a step back from the day-to-day and either answer, or link back to old reports on...

1) Is there a good bar/club to go to for freelancers? I seem to remember old reports referring to the Hard Rock Cafe, but at least one report seems to say that it's been shut down.

2) There seem to be a number of reports on streetwalkers near the Garden hotel. I stayed there on my previous visit to GZ and did notice this a bit. Any other similar activity near other hotels (China hotel is the likely place for this visit)?

3) If I can get the short-hand right, there are "barbershops" near the Ramada hotel that offer service. Is that easy to find or is it a taxi ride from anywhere?

Tokyo via AA
06-15-04, 12:24
Thought I had posted this the other day, let's try again.

I've read through about the last year's worth of postings on GZ and can't say I'm any clearer now on finding some fun. My last visit was about 15 months ago, and at that time, staying at the Garden Hotel, I found the streetwalkers near the ped. overpass. Circumstances dictated that I couldn't take advantage, though. Now, I really am unclear. Barbershops near the Ramada hotel is about the only thing I can deduce.Old old reports refer to the Hard Rock Cafe as a place to pick up freelancers, but I think it's closed now.The idea of doing so in a bar is much more appealing to me than on the street,so I'd surely be interested in info on where such a transaction, maybe an overnight, can be easily negotiated today.

06-17-04, 05:20
Tokyo via AA,

It's been a while since I've been in Guangzhou but I'll give it a shot to help you -- other mongers feel free to correct me if things have changed.

Hard Rock Cafe was a decent place, you think it was closed? I heard it was the one in Shanghai. Anyway, it is next to the China Hotel. Also inside China Hotel is another bar. I forget the name, but it is very upscale and fairly small. I didn't see anything when I went in but I heard it can have good, but expensive, pickings.

Holiday Inn, up the street on the opposite side from Garden Hotel, has a bar and this was a gold mine after about 10:00pm. By taxi it is only about 1-2 minutes.

Directly across the street from Garden Hotel was the Elephant Bar. This had a few girls, but it's a good place to meet ex-pats who really know the best info to point you in the right direction.

Finally, right in front of the Garden is really quite nice. Sometimes late at night you would see the same girls from Holiday Inn in front of the Garden. Of course when this happened, the asking price went from 800-900 down to 500-600.

Hope this helps.


Tokyo via AA
06-18-04, 11:57
Thanks, Boss.

I'll be sure to file a report.

06-18-04, 13:56

The Hard Rock Cafe has been closed for quite some time now. The girls around the China Hotel are mostly agents/pimps. The SW in the same area are generally older. Not my cup of tea. I think you will still have better luck around the Garden Hotel for SW or up Tao Jin Bei (The Road of Gold).

You need to take a taxi from either the Garden or China Hotel to the Ramada shops. Go left out of the Ramada, then right at first intersection and look left. You will see the shops in a small alley.

For the freelancers, I have also seen some in the Hill Bar across from the Garden Hotel, but have not been in there for awhile. Johnny, the undisputed King of Guanghzou, is well versed on the best bars for pros. Johnny?

Happy Hunting!!!


NZ Mike
06-26-04, 11:43
My report:

I spent 4 days in Guangzhou . I was planning to spend 10 in Guangzhou and DongGuan but Guangzhou is such a dump that I pulled the plug on any further investigation of China.

The girls that is the pros are great especially the SW on the road of gold . It truly has been well named . There were around 30 or more girls on the two nights I had a look around there and some real young cuties too.

First night I went there I got an 18yr and a 22yr all-up cost of 500 RMB although I did tip them an extra 50 each and they gave me a terrific hot wet session from both of them . The session finished with me banging the 18yr who was extra cute with a 9 body while the 22yr was slamming me on the butt and she must have been hitting my prostrate region because it was superb.

Two nights later after a tour of all the bars in Guangzhou which I must add are all a complete waste of time and money and that includes Gypsey Kings , Baby Face and a number of others , I walked out of Gypsy Kings real real late and saw a women on crutchs who offered to sell me a session with her sister who was young and was rather cute so I bargined them to 300 Rmb and off we went . Another great experience , wet and ready.

I dropped them off at the road of gold and really regret now that I was so tired and unable to take another 2 because there was far better quality stock there than at any of the bars I'd been too.

I really rate Chinese girls and although I am currently in Thailand and having all round a much better time here because of the beach the food the easy access to cheap young pussy I do much prefer the Chinese girls in the sack as they seem to enjoy it so much more than the Thai girls. But there is nothing to do in Guangzhou and just being there for sex gets real boring real quick. There is no English spoken anywhere , no Western TV Channels , major pollution , very expensive to stay anywhere decent and eat anywhere decent , girls are generally expensive but you can get a lot more GFE it seems from the Chinese girls whereas the thai girls service is quite poor now and it has become very difficult compared to the old days to find good GFE in Thailand.

My thanks to OAH and Johnnykon666 who offered valuable advice
generously to me and I'm most sorry that I never got to meet and hang out with them.

Final conclusions. The girls girls in China are wetter and better where it matters but Thailand kicks the crap out of Guangzhou as place to have a good time in.

Best regards to all NZ Mike

Black Jack
06-28-04, 15:33
Hey Fellas,

Never been to GZ before. Just found out today, that I have to go for a trip there on Wednesday. I'm not trying to be lazy, as I'm trying to scan thru as much previous posts as I can right now, and with what time allows me.

Hoping some of you active mongers and some of the regular SH posters (as I see alot of familiar names) might help me out with some quick updated info as to bars, bbs, etc. Don't need much, maybe some names, addresses, prices, whatever.

Thanks alot in advance. I won't be there long, so hoping I can make the most of it, and not have to keep popping into internet bars to check WSG!


06-29-04, 02:31
Black Jack
The first rule for all inexperienced China sex searchers: Check the sauna place in your hotel

Alternately: ask for a massage in your room.

06-29-04, 02:49
Black Jack,

My two cents worth.

Stay somewhere near the Garden Hotel, this gives you access to the best SW scene. Depending on your budget, there is the Garden Hotel, the Bai Yun Hotel and the Gitic Hotel in that area. SW move around some, but can generally be found behind the Garden Hotel, along Huangxi Road between the World Trade Center and the Gitic, and across the street on the right side of the Garden as you walk out the front door. The Road of Gold is also withing walking distance, but bargain hard if you are a laowai. Local ST price is 250-300 RMB.

The easiest shops to find are near the Ramada Hotel which is off Guangzhou Avenue (Guangzhou Da Dao Lu). Just take a taxi to the hotel and follow the directions in my last post. I like the third shop in the alley with the big plate glass window. Price is 150-200RMB. I have had a couple in the shop LT for 300 RMB, but I have been a loyal customer there for 5 years.

Happy Hunting!!!


06-29-04, 19:40

I tried to PM you but your PM mailbox is full! So, I thought that I would do the next best thing and look up your most recent post and hopefully you will see this message.

I work for a large Japanese Company and may be going to their Corporate Headquarters sometime at the end of this year. There is also a chance that I may tour their new factory that they built in China. If that is the case, I will definitely look you up!

The only question is, do you think the ladies will be able to handle the both of us?!? lol.

All About Bob
06-30-04, 09:38
Hi all,

Heading back to Guangzhou in a couple of weeks, and I had heard about some Russain girls there. Does anyone out there know of any places?

Thanks in advance

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06-30-04, 13:58
The girls around Garden Hotel seem to have learnt two new words. Apart from "massaji" ang "sei-ke-se", they now say "small money". Does it mean that they are OK with just some spare change ? Just wonder.

06-30-04, 14:04
What the hell are you caliing the bomb shelters ? I have walked through the underground market under the immense square of the train station, but did not see anything else than honnest sellers, at leat as much as a cantonnese seller can be honnest. I asked arounbd if there was any other underground place around and the answer was no... ???

Black Jack
06-30-04, 16:46

Thanks a lot for your help. Just what I needed: updated, concise and very useful info (locations & prices). I'm actually stuck in HK right now before I head to GZ in a few days. Also I've booked the Bai Yun already, cause previous reports mentioned it in the area of the Garden Hotel.
Quick question: is it quite girl friendly there?

Anways thanks again for the help. Always a pleasure reading your posts in the SH forum.


Prince Leo
06-30-04, 18:02

Small money (xiao fei) means tips. But I think you already now that. Just showing off my dumb knowledge of the Chinese to those who are not accustomed to the language.

06-30-04, 18:18
Hi all I am new ;)

I am from Guangzhou actually but living in the states for the past 10 years. Will be back there around october or so for a Show and some business talk. I have been reading the boards for around 4 month now. One thing is that I am stil confused what a BBS is. Is it actually a BarberShop? I am just too confused lol

Help me out here bros. I have an apartment in the city but won't be taking anyone here.

07-01-04, 06:20
Erik and others,

The "small money" from these gals around the Garden Hotel
is their way of saying they offer cheap FS even though I think
the average price of 400-500 RMB is not cheap FS for the quality
of the gal. I've gotten the same when I've walked by Garden
so I mess around with them in English before I speak to them
in Chinese. It's kind of funny to hear them eagerly chirp "small
money, small money! so cheap, so good!" with "massag-eee"
and "love you whole night!" mixed in and then letting out a kind
of collective laugh of disappointment and amusement when I
switch to Chinese.

Regarding the bomb shelters, sorry for my "colorful - not -
literal" description. When I mentioned bomb shelters, I meant
that the FS rooms were those kind of Chinese "specialites" where
four slabs of concrete are erected with a flimsy wooden door
keeping in the strange,dark, dank atmosphere accented by a lone
naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling, sheding light on a
slab of wood (aka. "the bed") covered with a thin dirty blanket
resting on concrete cinder blocks; pretty much a "bomb shelter"
to me but not literally ;)

The easiest way to find the "bomb shelter" shops is to take a bus/
take a taxi to the "Sha He Bing Guang" (about 10 minutes from
the Garden Hotel). The hotel is only used as a landmark. When
you arrive, walk about half a block past the hotel and look for a
large China Mobile shop (big blue sign). It should be on the corner
of a small alleyway area with people selling fruit, stinky tofu, and
all that other street stuff. Walk down about 2 minutes staying
on your lefthand side and you can't miss them. It's been going
downhill the past couple of weeks, with constant crackdowns
and the quality is no longer fresh, young, innocent teens but
more like standard BBS workers now with an occasional gem.




Tokyo via AA
07-01-04, 06:27
Well I promised I'd report, but I don't have much of a report. For a variety of reasons, didn't get to partake.

I stayed at the China Hotel; boy security is tight in that place. But the moment I stepped outside on Thursday night, three girls approached me "massage" "massage-y".. one even had photos to show me of the supposedly-available girls. They were really really aggressive, so much so that I was more interested in watching my wallet than their sales pitch.

I was only going over to the 7-11 two doors down; while in there, the most amazingly brazen move occured. As I reached for an ice cream bar, a woman who was supposedly talking on a cell phone intercepted my reach with a "business card" for services. Said "you call me OK?" and then as I left the 7-11, I was accosted again, with a woman shoving her card in my hand again (which, insultingly, I just let go and it hit the ground. Sorry, an ugly American move I know).

I didn't have the time or money to partake, but these aggressive tactics were a big turn-off anyway.

07-01-04, 14:17

Thanks for putting up the post. I received an email about the mailbox being full and I have deleted some messages in case you want to try again.

I hope you can make it over to taste some of the Chinese fruit. I am not sure if they can handle both of us, but it will be fun trying.


07-01-04, 14:20
Black Jack:

I have never stayed at the Bai Yun Hotel, but from what I have heard from others you should not have a problem e.g. girl friendly. Check your PM for my mobile #. If I can slip away, maybe we can hook-up when you are in town.


07-01-04, 14:29

BBS does stand for BarBerShop, but in most FS establishments, you cannot get a haircut. The business is just a front for licensing purposes. Most have offsite apartments where the girls take you. In some, you can do the deed right in the shop, usually on the second floor.

I am going to suggest that Jackson clarfies BBS on the abbreviations list. Your question comes up frequently on the China board.


Black Jack
07-01-04, 16:09

I will definitely sms you if I have the chance when I'm there. Hopefully when I do call, you maybe able to slip away..hehe.

As for anyone else who may have stayed at the Bai Yun Hotel before, please let me know if it is truely girl friendly. I tend to pick the sluttier looking girls, with mini skirts and all. So bringing them in as a gf might not do the trick! I will also take the adivce about checking out the sauna there.


07-01-04, 17:51

I stayed at the Bai Yun Hotel in 2001, and I was told by the front desk and the hall, uh, conceirge that I would have to get a separate room for my girlfriend, as I could not provide a marriage certificate. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has a different, or more recent experience.


07-01-04, 22:12
I had a quick stopover in Canton yesterday. Enough time to bring a cuty to my hotel room and I was astonished that the maid knocked on the door to have my "guest" registered and ID checked. I didi not like that at all, but the girl seemed OK with that, so I let it go. I must say it is the first time in may many years around China that I am requested this in a hotel. I am not too familliar with Canton, I guess it is the custom here.

07-02-04, 17:36
Thank you OldAsiaHand.

So the store front is a BarBerShop but however they don't cut hair? Haha so what happens when someone looking for BarBerShop walks in :)

Anyways. Personaly I haven't had any adventures in Main land China, how is the health? Its covered everything to be safer?

07-03-04, 11:28

Normally you can get BB everything in China if you ask, but my policy is "Better safe, than sorry" for FS.

Just my POV.


07-03-04, 16:13
Those shops don't cut hair. How could they without scissors?

Right now I'm really carefull when shops quote me 40 or so for a massage. Could be really just a massage. Charge should be usually around 150 or so.

Will probably try again the stunners BBS in Bang Cheug Tau (or whatever) in a few days....

07-03-04, 20:20

That is normal for them to check for ID and sign in. This is actually a good system if youíre thinking about security issues. What if you were in the shower and she took your luggage (which they could easily sell your clothes etc..) or anything else for that matter and left. One time I tried to sneak a girl in my hotel room without signing her in, the manager (female) and the police knocked on my door (right when we were getting started) and said the guest had to leave because she did not sign in. So she got dressed and they escorted her out. That was scary and embarrassing because after that I would run into the manager every time I was in the lobby.

07-04-04, 03:17
I'm will be living in Guangzhou next month to teach for a year and had a question.

Does anyone know of any locations in GZ where a handsome, young (27) Canadian guy can meet young (16-19) non pro girls?. I don't mind treating her to dinner etc and want a GFE. I just don't want to date hookers.

Are there any big malls, clubs or discos in Guangzhou that are full of Chinese girls looking for a casual relationship with a foreigner?.

In Vietnam there are the parks with ice cream stands and english corners to pick up local girls. The mall is a good place too.

I don't want to date my students and would like to meet "normal" non-pro girls.

If anyone knows of any popular meeting places in Guangzhou please let me know. (Malls, Parks, Clubs, Discos, Bowling alleys etc).

I've heard the discos and bars are meat markets-is that true?. Any names?.



07-05-04, 17:51

It's funny because if you substitute "China" and "Chinese" in your
question with any other country, you'd basically be asking the same
questions that all guys are asking themselves, wherever they may

That being said, a lot of people I know have been successful
placing/responding to personal ads in the English language
papers and magazines in GZ. Also, unless you know Chinese,
you will probably be looking for young women with English skills
that are open minded, which usually means university students.
Doesn't mean your own students, or even where you teach for
that matter.

Most of the low-English skilled women who only want physical
relationships with foreigners tend to be in their 30s, so if that's
cool, then you'll have tons of options there.

Also, if you ever find "any big malls, clubs or discos in Guangzhou
that are full of Chinese girls looking for a casual relationship with
a foreigner", let me know so I can install a fence around it and
charge admission. ;)

Just my thoughts.


07-06-04, 03:17
China is full of Chinese and probably the best place in Asia to pick up chinese girls. You will them everywhere.

But you need to do your own investigation. Not too many have 'easy fuckable' tatooed on their forehead.

Pig Fat
07-06-04, 06:37
Back when I was single and going out to clubs and pubs I have had success at gypsy kings and the cave bar (back in the day with the old staff, etc). Wave bar is also easy enough to pick up but I have found that its different than in our countries. I dont think the non hooker types will allow themselves to get picked up at a bar and go home with a guy they just met, what you do is you meet a girl at the above bars/clubs dance with herm, etc, get her number, call her soon after and after the second or third date you should be able to get jiggy with her.

If you have a mate, you can also try the elephant & castle. Go there, have a chat and laugh with your mate and sometimes girls will approach you, some of them are hookers, some of them want to practice their english on you and some of them are interested in hooking up with a foreigner.

For the absolutle glamour/rich girls go to yes disco/f4 or babyface. Ive had success at the f4 and only minimal luck in the other two. These girls are a little bit more choosy and because they are a bit better off than the others are also higher maintenance than the average chinese chickie.

Make sure that when you go out you are always wearing pants, and a buttoned shirt, as if youve just finished working at the office. Girls will think you're some kind of professional and be more open towards you. Well at least that was more strategy and I was reasonably successful.

07-06-04, 07:28
Fellow Mongers,

It seems like there is more of a double standard, two tiered, system for P4P prices in Guangzhou than in other parts of China. Lately, I have been quoted much higher than Local or Asian mongers for the same services.

I walked into a BBS last night and the mamasan quoted me FS at 150RMB. I picked one girl. There was some dialogue in a local dialect I could not understand. One of the other girls in the shop asked me how much I was going to pay to which I replied 150RMB. She said no way. The mamasan did nothing to intervene, just stood there and looked dumbfounded. I walked.

Everytime I cruise the Road of Gold, the girls quote me 600-800 RMB even though the local price is 250-300.

And, another SW in Shi Qiao quoted Johnny 80RMB and asked me for 200RMB.

And the list goes on.

It does not happen every time, but often enough for me to be aware of the trend. In Shenzhen, it happens much less frequently.

Is it just me or do any other western mongers have the same experience lately?


07-06-04, 08:07
Some gals don't wanna go with foreigners. No big deal. In fact, I appreciate if they make a clear statement, rather then giving ultra bad performance.

Just chose the one who has these horny sparkle in her eye. Some are curious to give it a try. But I guess you know that.

BTW, where I go prices are steady. Highest was in SZ Fuxing Walmart 200 in recent month. But I guess core city areas are more expensive...

NZ Mike
07-06-04, 09:24

You poor bastard, living in Guangzou for a year, what a complete shithole that place is. The Road of Gold girls are wonderful though.
OAH can't understand why you keep getting quoted 600-800 RMB for Road of Gold. As I posted in my report every girl I talked to started at 400 or 500 and all agreed to 300 but I got real lucky and got 2 lovelies and young for 250 each that is 500 together and they gave me such an exceptional time that I tipped them 50 more each. If I could take the Road of Gold home with me I would.

I love Chinese girls, they're no1 in my book, but I don't like China.
The ultimate would be living in Thailand with all the Thai girls in China and the Chinese girls here (I'm in Pattaya at the moment)

Pig Fat
07-06-04, 11:04
It's happened with me but I bargain hard and sometimes get them to go down to local prices or either they or I walk away. If a sw has seen you around a few times, like at the road of gold then youre more likely to get quoted a locals fee. When I first started here in GZ I was quoted the foreigners' price out at the Garden Hotel area and when they've seen me around a bit (and some of them have had a few drunken conversations with me) I started getting quoted locals prices.

07-07-04, 15:42
Hello fellow mongers,

I will be in Guangzhou for a couple of days and company is putting me in Holiday Inn City Center, any suggestions will be much appreciated and I post a report on my return.

Thanks & Cheers

Black Jack
07-10-04, 04:12

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to call you when I was in GZ. WSG forum wasn't working for me before I left, and when I was there I didn't get a chance to use the internet. Well I'm back in HK now for a few days before going back to SH.

Anyways, I managed to do fine. No problems at all from the Baiyun hotel regarding bringing in girls. Although all 3 times were before midnight. Supposedly it is much more difficult after midnight. I even brought 2 SW (who look really slutty) in at same time, no questions asked, but like all the girls they had to sign in, which is not a big deal.

The street of gold is the street next to friendship mall, right? I didn't any SWs there, but after the overpass is where it all began for me. From there and all the way around the Garden hotel. Anyways, with the 2 girls, i ended up paying 250rmb to each. They are average in looks, but service was good.
With the other girls, i paid 400 and 350. There needs to be a standard price, because I can only do so much of bargaining.

Next time I'm there, I will definitely give you a shout OAH. Likewise if you are coming to SH anytime soon..


07-10-04, 14:11
Black Jack,

Sorry I missed you. Road of Gold is actually up the road behind the Friendship Store. Local price there is around 250-300 RMB for locals. I can never get them to agree to it myself.

For the Garden Hotel area, you can usually get by with 200, but some will insist on a bit more. You did not do that bad, but sharpen your skills a little more next time.


07-12-04, 12:02
Hey OAH,
Last week when I was in GZ at the Bayun Hotel there were security guards out front chasing the the girls off with night sticks on the side walk in front of the hotel. FYI

That was a first for me.

07-12-04, 13:53

Every summer we have to go through this crackdown in S. China. Even the security guards participate. It is a real pain in the ass! Hopefully, it will be over sooner than later.


07-12-04, 14:39
I am watching over the street from Garden Hotel right now. The crack down is still on going.

Saw several SW's at the side door of Garden talking to a potential customer. But all in a sudden, they walk away in all directions.

BTW, is it hard to get a SW into Garden? The have guard on the lift lobby and someone on the post at each floor.

Meanie Wing
07-13-04, 08:03
Hey, folks

I am wondering why are you guys only focusing on the area around Garden Hotel, Golden Road or Baiyun Hotel?

In fact, most of the hotels have affairs. What you need to do is to stay in the room, let the door slightly open. Ladies will come to your door and ask for business.

Or, your telephone should ring in 30 mins after you check in the room.

Hints: Stay in the hotel with at least 3 stars for your safety.

If you need more information of hot spots, let me know. Would like to help.

Happy hunting!


07-14-04, 07:49
Meanie Wing
I have not received a 'room call' for a long, long time. I know, in the old days it was very common, is it still?

I usually just ask for a room massage. And once the girl is, make sure she wants to play.

Meanie Wing
07-14-04, 08:29

The room call should be still availble. At least six months ago.

There are lots of girls living in the hotels. They have deals with the front desk. Once a new comer arrives, the front desk will inform the working girls. Your room phone should run, mostly.

If you know some local friends, you can ask them to take you away from the central city. Call a cab to Shangshui, Nanhai; or Panyu, or Huadu. These towns are really the playful heavens. Rates are much cheaper than the central area. Girls only request 100RMB or 300RMB over night.


Pig Fat
07-14-04, 17:31
Anyone want to go play in gz or panyu this thursday or friday pm me, Im up for it. Normally I like to go to the bars, try to score a freebie first and then if unsuccessful go to the pros. Been here for 3 years and I know GZ fairly well.

07-14-04, 23:51
Meanie Wing,

I haven't received a room call either, and I've been three times in GZ, at the Ka Ying Hotel, Garden Hotel, Baiyun Hotel or Guangdong Foreign Businessman's Hotel. Can you give us the names of some hotels in Shangshui, Nanhai; or Panyu, or Huadu, that have action?


07-15-04, 04:04
here is my report of two nights in gz. i was at the holiday inn

nite 1 - peek at the inn bar at 10.30, plenty of pros, some 7-8. decided that i walk the area and see the action. unfortunately lost of les and no sw, walk into elephant and castle pub across garden hotel. no much action. went back to hotel.

nite 2 - same situation with le's outside, so decided to try the pros at inn bar, a good mix of pros, started chatting with this slim 6-7. told me that the hotel wouldn't allow them to the room and ask that i follow her to her apartment. she told me market rates of 500, 800, 1000 depending on the girl and said that i could give her whatever i want. she told me that pros in hotel do not go down to the price of sw in the street. i should think so as they all look much better than sw i have seen before. went to her apt. she showered and me, chat, humor and extremely good service in bed. no anal but all else. no rush, perhaps it was late at 12.30 by then. gfe like and chatty, can tell she put in the effort to satisfy. stayed for 2+ hours, gave her 500rmb, she seemed happy, gave me her contact and send me back to hi. satisfied. anyone wants her contact pm me, she's called kelly.

off to shenzhen, heard that there arn't much action in hi at nanshan district. appreciate any suggestions



07-15-04, 04:14
You can just call the massage place and get a gal up.

I have not calls in many years, but I do stay very seldom overnight in China. Usually just daytrips.

I remember, when I was in a place where the gals called it was most annoying as they called every 10 Minutes till 2:00 AM or so.

I really prefer to be in control.

07-15-04, 07:56

It has also been awhile for me since I've received the calls in hotels. It was always more prominent in the smaller town in GD province compared with Guangzhou proper.


07-15-04, 23:32
Hi fellow gents,

I am dying to go back to GZ this October. There is so much places to be explored. I am from GZ and yet I don't even remember the roads and such. I will need alot of help from you guys the month before I venture lol. Keep up the good work and report report please.

BTW most BBS has rooms? Or a hotel room is expected?

Asia Hand
07-16-04, 10:16

I wanted to share this with you.

I stayed twice at the Ramada in CAN.

The girls in the Beer Bar, the hotel bar, are all pro's.

You get litterally attacked when you enter.

I never took one out, but my colleague did, as he never had an Asian before.

He took one to his room for RMB 400 for ST.

Pretty short time if you ask me, as she was back in less than 45 mins.
He told me afterwards she was like a cold fish, just FS and ASAP.

I took him later to BKK where he saw why I love the LOS better than China.

07-16-04, 18:19
Which 3 stars hotels would you recommand, please ?

Besides, what is the chinese name for Ramada hotel ?

07-17-04, 00:50

Ramada Hotel = Hua Mei Da Jiu Dian


Meanie Wing
07-20-04, 06:16
OAH I agree with you that smaller towns are always more prominent than the central area. Have you played around those small heavens? :)

Erik, if you are looking for some good hotels, I would recommand you some of these:

.....There is no way to mention all the hotels here.

Here I have a gift for you guys. There is a 101% safe hotel named ZONG TONG JIU DIAN(PRESIDENT HOTEL), locates at GangDing, TianHe. I say it is 101% safe because it is operated by armed cops organization(Wu Jing). No LEs could check the hotel.

All the hotels I mentioned above are located in GZ. I usually call a cab to any smaller towns, and choose the hotels I like on the way. There are tons of hotels with affair on the way. It's hard to find a 3 stars hotel in the smaller towns though. That's why i prefer you go with a local friend when you want to play in those smaller towns.


07-20-04, 17:21
i was just wondering, does anyone know what happened to cronin? he just seemed to disappear. that guy had some of the best reports.

07-21-04, 04:05
Trip Report on Pan Yu -

I recently went to Guangzhou and stopped in Pan Yu to visit a dear friend, OAH.

I took a bus from LoWu terminal in Shenzhen, about 2 hrs later and paid 55 RMB for the fare, I arrived at the Pan Yu bus terminal. I did not booked a hotel this time, but just wanted to get on a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a nearby hotel in downtown. The driver took me to a 2 star hotel, cost about 100 RMB, looks decent from the outside. Room has air conditioning ( a must for the hot summer China weather ), TV, phone, safe, and all the standard items. Best of all, this is a girl friendly hotel. Hotel name is Harbor City Motel ( Kong Tsen Liu Dien ). It is also near a 4 star hotel called the Pan Yu Bing Quan. If you walk out of the Pan Yu Bing Quan turn right past McDonald and past a pedestrian overhead bridge continue down a block you will come to this hotel on the right hand side.

Met up with OAH for dinner, he took me around showed me various places, we went to a couple KTVs, but didn't stay around, saw quite a few SW on the streets.

At nite, after OAH and I parted ways, I went out to see if I can find any actions. On the pedestrian bridge (per OAH recommendations), I saw about 3 groups of girls hanging around. One group of 4 girls about 19yrs old, from Hunan started to talk to me as I walked near them. They wanted 150RMB for ST. I walked to the next group and started a conversation with an older girl, she is also from Hunan. She is willing to do ST for 100RMB at my place. She also asked me to try a twosome, but I declined, since the other girl is not attractive to me. As the time is almost 11:30pm, I decided to take the girl with me back to my hotel. We walked through the lobby past the nite guard and took the elevator upstairs. No problem so far.

Got in the room, we undressed, she hugged me briefly feeling each other. We went in to shower together, more GFE feeling. After we showered, we went to the bed and played around. ( I'm sparing you of the details for your imagination :-) ) After we are done, she offered me to try her girl friends next time to ML with them. How sweet of her !!

I paid her 100RMB and she left me with a smile on my face dreaming about how wonderful this would be if I can do this every night. I should come back for an extended stay in the future.

Once again, I have to thank OAH for his advice on where to go for our hunting grounds in Pan Yu.

I now crown him a new title : King of Pany Yu, in addition to his previous title as King of Shenzhen.

Hail to the King !!!


07-22-04, 20:36
Does anyone in China section know what happened to CRONIN, our BB king?? SOrry, I have been away from this board for quite some time. TIA

Mighty Mark
07-28-04, 12:18
I too was wondering about Cronin. I see that he went to Tahiland at the end of May as he was reporting from there. Hoipe he is okay.


07-29-04, 12:18
Can anyone tell me where I can find some action in Zhaoqing?

China Monger
07-31-04, 12:03
I spent the past 2 night in SZ and as usual had a great time. I hooked up with a local girl that Iíve seen on a couple of times in the past. Iíll have a more detailed report with fotos in the SZ section in a few days. I just came to Guangzhou today and will be here a few days. Iím staying downtown and looking forward to a little mongering. If anyone is in town and wants to hook up for a beer and such PM me. Also Iíd appreciate any suggestions for the right KTVís and location for the best SWís.

Bill Lee
08-01-04, 16:07

Whether the girl goes with you after hours is up to each individual girls.

When it's been inconvenient for me to take a girl home that night. I generally ask for their cell phone number and then hook with them the following days or nights.

Trust me most of them will work after hours. And I have taken a girl out more than couple of times during the week. Now some will skip their working schedule but others will come over after work or before work.

If you're at an unfriendly girl hotel, make sure you hook up with them before work, which for most of them is around 8:00 p.m. at the KTVs.

I personally like LT stays. Try to work out the price and time before they arrive in your room. You don 't want to make a scene in your hotel room and have security arrive.

BTW, it never hurts to tip the floor maid extra for towels. She may not report you if you bring in an ureported overnight guest.

If you have your own apartment, Even better. So much better. Cause you should be able to get a better price than staying in a better hotel. I have always found that the LT girls priced themselves also based on the hotel that I stayed in. The more stars, the more money they expect from you.


Bull Dozer
08-04-04, 20:24
Hi Guys,

Looking for a name/address/ Telephone# of good/Safe hotels near the Railway Station in GZ where to find girls, Railway Station appears to be scary with so many people & crime that goes on there, because the police are always arresting someone whenever I have been there, I usually have to take the Metro to the R.Station. There are many guys offering hotel to when they see a Foreigner they chase you like a pest. I will be there last week of August, 04.



08-06-04, 15:21

i cruised down the "river road" in shi qiao the other night looking for a quick car date. i call it that because it runs parallel to the river. i happened onto a very cute and sweet 18 yo from sichuan. it was difficult to find a secluded place to do the deed at first since it was still a bit early in the evening.

we finally found a place to park and she started a bbbj on me. i managed to get all her clothes off her in the car. she had a pair of firm "b" cups and possibley the tightest pussy i have come across in china. i could hardly get a finger inside. i tried to slide her on top of me, but with the combination of my small car and her tight pussy, it was not possible. had to settle for a bbbj finish. she would not do cim which is unusual in that area where the girls are used to car dates.

some guy walked by the car and peeked inside while we were going at it. he did a double take but kept walking. it was a bit of a scare but quite exciting to be doing it in public.

i hope to have some more time in the future to get her into a bed for a longer and proper session. damage was 100rmb.


08-11-04, 01:57
OAH & Mpfslover:

Nice reports regarding the Panyu area of Guangzhou.

I will be in Guangzhou between the 23rd and 25th of this month and am keen to sample the SW scene in Panyu. It seems that the °įRoad of Gold°Ī etc is too expensive, too many police hassles and the attitude of the girls is generally not that good.

Could you give me some further directions on Panyu? From the main train station, what direction is Panyu? How far is it? Mpfslover, when you talked about picking up an SW on the °įpedestrian bridge°Ī, do you mean the one between the Panyu bus station and your hotel that you mentioned in your report or another one?



08-11-04, 07:35
Go Joe
There are probably 50 hotels near the train station (which one? Tien He = East Station?)

The hotel pests in the station are not that bad. They may have good deals. But they usually have only a small selection of hotels and you may end up in a far away area. Remember, GZ is BIG!

What I suggest, go to one of the few hotel agents in the train station. They have good deals and a VERY LARGE selection of hotel, plus a map with the location.

BTW, the Blue+White fast food place is EXCELLENT!

08-17-04, 08:43

When you talk about the main train station, I assume you mean the Guangzhou train station. Pan Yu is south of Guangzhou train station. Still quite far, by taxi will cost you about 100rmb from GZ. I took a bus from GZ bus terminal to Pan Yu bus terminal and it cost 10rmb.

The pedestrian bridge is near the Pan Yu Bing Quan(hotel).
You can't miss, it is the only one near that hotel. Sometimes, there are police walking the bridge and the SW will disappear. Eventually, they will come back.


Bill Lee
08-19-04, 02:19
From what I remember of the area in Panyu, there's a bus from the side street of the Garden Hotel to one of the residential island complex near the Panyu Bridge. It has the word "Garden" in the name of the complex. It's near the same bus stop that takes you to the Clifford Estate. But this one stops way before Clifford. The bus probably cost less than 5 RMB. The bus stop is about 100 feet from McDonald's and Watson and directly across from the all you can eat buffet restaurant located on the corner. From what I remember of this restaurant, it's has two uniformed hostess at the bottom of the steps and the restaurant's appearance is in green color.

If you stay on the bus until the last stop that stops inside the residential complex, you can taxi out to the bridge. I think it was only ten minutes from the bridge. The bus passes the bridge.

Also, at the same bus stop, there are taxis that leaves from the GZ bus stop near the Garden Hotel to the same island complex that people share the taxi with. Brings down the cost of the taxi ride to Panyu alot. Usually it's the total divided by the amount of people in the taxi.

If you do a search for Panyu or Pan Yu, you will find that there has been mention of a convenient store near the bridge that has alot of sw. I forgot the store's name but it's one of the chain stores and has brightly green lightning. If you take that bus I spoke about, you will passed the convenient store.

BTW, am I the only one having a problem with the last 24 hour link and forum search link????


08-19-04, 06:41

For the same 5 RMB, you can take the bus to Clifford Estates and take a local bus #1 to Shi Qiao (1.5 RMB) and get off on Guang Ming Bei Lu, one block from the Panyu Hotel and the pedestrian bridge Mpfslover mentioned. A taxi from Clifford is only around 20 RMB.


08-21-04, 21:09
Good hunting and success this evening for this stateside monger. Shopping the BBS alleys with Johnnykon666, still the King of Guangzhou and OAH in tow. It doesn't get much better then this.

There may be rumours, crackdowns and stings along side of the Garden Hotel, Road of gold and all over Shenzhen. But Johnny is relentless.

He recommended a girl and take out with a s/p from his bomb-shelter district. (Johnny. we're all going to need map. directions, tour guiding, etc. )

Johnny said Fa was a sweet girl and easy going. Well, sorry folks but Johnny lied. She's a gem, a diamond in the rough.

I ordered (yeah right), Johnny took care off the negotiating. Too tired to even think straight right now. Just so that you should know that it is was pretty much a GFE evening for the memory books.

08-24-04, 01:29
Hi Gents,

Been monitoring the board for quite sometimes now. I will be in GZ around October for the convention. Any predicaments to how much will the BBS or SW price rise up for such events? Can't wait! Hope to meet some of you there.

Happy huntings

08-24-04, 13:42
Hi guys,

I will be in Foshan for a few days assignment and will stay at the Foshan hotel. Can anyone please provide me some suggestions for action. This is will be my first time in Foshan, thanks. As usual I will post a report on my return



Member #2206
08-26-04, 00:17
Anyone could share me some information in Guangzhou, I will stay in China Hotel. Heard there was one Sauna outside China hotel, how is it and price?

Bill Lee
08-30-04, 03:20
Member 2206

Are you referring to the Sauna passed McDonald's on the same side of the street but before the end of the block?

I don't about that one. Look legit to me. If you're looking for legit places, most of them will have the uniformed girls out front. Unless someone out there can tell me otherwise.

If you're looking for a legit massage place, I can refer you one near the Garden Hotel.

Check out the short writeup I made half a year ago near the Garden Hotel about the massage place near the police station and the ice cream palor.

You have to check the Hard Rock and the hotel's night club after hours. You will find some nice ones there. But expensive. They're the type willing to go with foreigners with ease.

At the China Hotel, it's fairly hard to get a girl pass security after 11 p.m.

Just keep in mind that this hotel has security at the elevator lobby 24/7 and from what I remember even have cameras in elevators. But I had had sucess in sneaking a girl in the past.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Member #2206
08-30-04, 06:18
Yes, I mean for it.

I really like to have a good massage and then end up with nice HJ, do you think I can from that Sauna?

SE Asia Joe
08-30-04, 10:17

As per my previous post - I had a great time at the Dexing Sana City ( Tack Hing in Cantonese) - phone them at 82212888 or 82218888 to get the directions/tell the taxi driver.

The Foshan Hotel has a night club that is supposed to be one of the best in town and I've had pretty good luck there - especially when a 'Strike Hard' campaign is happening (like right now). The mama and the girls are pretty scared of these campaigns and will take good precautions NOT to get caught (fine with me!!) - doing things like making all the girls dress only in Track suits or sneaking in the girls thru back staircases to your room etc. Up and down the street ouside the Foshan Hotel (as well as just a few steps from the back entrance) you will also find quite a few other clubs that are very nice and is a bit cheaper.

I've also had ONE bit of luck with a freeby just trolling around at the city's shopping arcade which is just a few blocks left of the back entrance of the Foshan Hotel.

Good luck and please report back - with pixs please!

08-30-04, 16:24
Bill & 2206:

The sauna near China Hotel is in fact in front of Dong Feng Hotel, it's called Zhong Nan Hai. They charge RMB 298 +10% net. No tips required. That's for 2 "hours", which is 90 mins, of massage and HJ finish in the end. Kind of expensive to Guangzhou standard. But the place is fairly clean, and safe. I don't think they offer anything beyond HJ, though. The girls will try to talk you into using the aromatherapy oil for the massage, which will cost you an additional RMB 50 per bottle, and you will need at least 2, if not 3 or 4 bottles. They are very small.

I don't how it is lately with China Hotel. I've tried in the past once to bring a girl up to the room without any problem. As long as you hold on to the girl's hand and appear like she's your girlfriend, rather looking really nervous, the security should not be daring enough to bother you.

Hardrock in China Hotel has been closed for over a year.

My 2 cents...

08-31-04, 05:07
An Audience With Royalty

It was a great honor to hook up last night with two of the Kings of China mongering. Blankie was in from Shanghai and Johnnykon666 joined us from Guangzhou. Blankie brought one of his buddies and Cappy came along, as well. The rain sort of dampened our hunting (no pun intended), but Cappy and I managed to get off a quick pop in a BBS before dinner to take off the edge. Blankie had a Sichuan freebie on tap for later in the evening and, Johnny turned up only in time for dinner. It was real fun to share war stories with the best. After dinner, it was pouring down rain so we called it a night.


08-31-04, 05:15

There is another sauna close to the China Hotel on Dong Fang Lu directly across the Liu Hua Lake, next to the entrance to the park. It is a little cheaper at 238 for the two hours (90 minutes), HJ inclusive. You may even be able to negotiate for 198.

I have not stayed in China Hotel for over a year, but I also never had a problem taking girls in, even at 2:30AM.


08-31-04, 17:29

Is that the nice and big sauna that is rather elegantly decorated in the front? If so, that would be a nice surprise! I would think that one would cost a lot more than RMB 238.

How's the quality of the SP there? Do they allow touching? Clothes off? How the environment? Are the rooms clean?



09-03-04, 14:59

I think we are talking about the same place. There is a driveway on the side and parking in the basement. The hardware is pretty nice and clean. The girl I had was just average looking. I managed a bit of groping, but with clothes on. You might be able to do better. I suppose it depends on the girl you get.


09-04-04, 08:26
Garden Hotel is not girl friendly after 11:00pm. The girl that I brought to the hotel for the evening was not admitted. We tried going up together as a couple, but that didn't work. I tried a number of different ways to get her in, including taking her to the front desk with me.

They seemed sympathetic and genuine enough. It's just that they insist that they have to submit rooming lists to the police each day, and if the person in't registered, any overnight guests in the room after 11:00pm could be trouble for them.

I had no trouble bringing in "friends" for the night before 11pm.
It was suggested that perhaps we should actually have tried going up separately. Perhaps next time.

Krazy Bum
09-04-04, 14:02
The last time I was in g'zhou I went to the Holiday Inn. Now the girls say they wont come to your hotel room. So they take you to their home. The first night I resisted and didnt go. The second night I did. The damage was rmb500. She said she lived alone. Once we reached there she kept getting calls. Then I heard the front door open and close and it scared the shit out of me. She said it was her friend and if wanted a threesome. I was in no mood for it but she kept insisting and then finally I gave in for another 100 bucks. The whole time I was so tense that I didnt enjoy it at all. What I paid was for a full nighter but boy was I happy to go back to hotel. I don't think I want this experience again. So fellow mongers watch it out there. Don't get suckered in with the Holiday Inn types they are downright business like to the point of being offensive. Also both times the girl in question asked if I would by her a drink and I said ok. When the bill came it was for her previous drinks also and I got suckered into paying for 3 -4 drinks each time. Thats another damper.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Bill Lee
09-05-04, 14:54
My bad.

Sorry about the misinformation the Hard Rock Cafe. I shouldn't written about it since I haven't been in there for over a year. My first stays in China was at the China Hotel. Since then, I stayed at either the Garden Hotel or White Swan.

I think maybe because I am Chinese is the reason why I'm worried more about having a problem bring a girl back to the room. I know from experience that most hotel employee will not hassle foreigners more because of the language barrier.

Happy hunting


09-05-04, 20:21
Any GZ mongers still interested in chipping in for a mongering
apartment please PM me. Thanks.


09-13-04, 15:24
Hey all,

Can some of you guys help me decide if mongering in GZ is better than in HK? I'm trying to decide if GZ is worth visiting. Are the girls prettier or the same? Is it alot cheaper than HK?


09-13-04, 15:42
The scene is quite different from Hong Kong. I suggest you read all 2004 report, which you havn't done, obviously.

I also suggest to visit GZ NOT during the trade fair in the 2nd half of October.

09-13-04, 17:39

I have the good fortune to go between GZ and HK
quite often and sample the "goods" as well, and
Daynight is right to say it's just...different.

HK is great for standardized, few-surprises, above-average
service for roughly $240 HKD- to 1000's HKD. I'm rarely
disappointed because I usually get what I expect but I
feel like it's very "pro" and the girls aren't the kind to
to call you outside of their work hours, develop semi-gf
relationships, or give you a real GFE. It's more about the
"service" in HK in my opinion.

GZ is like Russian roulette in that you can't ever
really count on the service you're going to get, even
from the same girl. But the good thing is that you can
get serviced for anywhere from 50-150 RMB for BBS
service; about 400-1000's RMB in saunas and KTVs.
I'm disappointed about 30% of the time but it's fun to
know that you can find and try so many different kinds
of girls at a price where it doesn't matter too much (for
me) if it ends up being great or not so great. It's more
about the "thrill of the hunt" in GZ in my opinion.

Just my thoughts...

Also, seems like few GZ mongers are really interested in
sharing an apt? Everything is setup now so if you've been
thinking about it, now's the time...PM me.


09-14-04, 03:32

The best thing I like about HK mongering is the variety of origin. You can have Thai, Filipina, E. Europe/Russian, S. American and even other nationalities sometimes.

If you are keen on mainland girls, the China advantage is the price and selection, but Johnny is correct, it is really "hit or miss" in GZ. My percentage of disappointment is about the same, and "just average" service is the norm for me.

IMHO, GZ is not a mongering destination so to speak. You are better off in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Just my POV.


09-16-04, 01:46

I will be going from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by train in a couple of weeks, and I am wondering if anyone has a hotel recommendation for me. It doesn't have to be particularly girl friendly as I will be there on buisness for one day, and I will be very busy.

After Guangzhou, I'll be travelling to Nanning to meet another business associate. I've been told (by my travel agent) that it will be difficult to travel from Guangzhou to Nanning as English speaking people are rare (I speak NO Chinese, but I do have a dictionary!!). Any input from you more experienced travellers? I am not shy about travelling, having lived in PI back when it was very wild (martial law, 10:00 p.m. curfew, violators shot on sight), so I'm not worried, I just want to make sure I can find Nanning!

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. You may PM me if you prefer.

Spike, out....

09-16-04, 03:41
Hello Spike,

Since you are brave about traveling along in a foreign country and it's fairly safe in China ( no shooting), I have two links you can try. The train goes from Guangzhou to Beijing. I think from Beijing you can catch another train to Nanjing. You need to find out if there is a DIRECT train from Guangzhou. Next, suggest you have a friend to write in Chinese to give for help, or directions to somebody you trust. Most likely you will be attacked once you get off/on the train station. Attacked, meaning people asking you do you need help. Hopefully, you are not carrying too much luggage. For myself, I would agree with you travel agent since you don't know the language. It will be difficult but NOT impossible. You can also fly. It's the fastest, and eaisest from Guangzhou to Nanjing.




PS The only shooting or curfew you might have is getting a girl back to your hotel before 11pm.

09-16-04, 04:06
Hi Spike:

Try this also:


Train From To

1131 Nanjing W Guangzhou

1312 Guangzhou Nanjing W.

It's 380 to 580 RMB, cheap. You can call them since they have a toll free number for North American.



09-16-04, 06:20

Hotel recommendation depends on your budget. I suggest either the Garden or Baiyun Hotel for their central, convenient location. You will find guys offering these hotels pretty cheap at the train station when you arrive in Guangzhou.

I would not worry about travel to Nanning. You can find English speakers in most 4-5 star hotels all over China. The Assistant Manager is always a good bet to make arrangements for you.


09-16-04, 10:30
Hi Spike,

Sorry I gave you the wrong suggestion about Beijing. It's too far up north. You need to find a driect train first to Nanjing. If you can't find a direct train, then Guangzhou to Shanghai last to Nanjing. Call the toll free number for more info.


09-17-04, 11:17
S Weelock,

Spike is going to Nanning, not Nanjing.


09-17-04, 11:28
Shi Qiao - Panyu

Cruised down the River Road for a quick BBBJCIM last night. The girls were popping in and out of sight; must have been some LE pressure, but I did not notice them. Finally picked up a 20 yo from CQ. Service was better than average so I gave her a 10RMB tip. Total damage: 60 RMB. FS is available in this area for 80RMB. Has to be one of the best value for money propositions in Guangdong. Some of the talent available can even be in the 7+ range.

On the way home (about 9:15pm) I counted 35 SW on the one block that runs kiddy corner from the Bravo Hotel. Going rate there is 100 RMB, but I have never been able to get them for less than 150 RMB with the laowai surcharge. Included the A/C room fee in an apartment nearby.

Happy Hunting!


09-18-04, 06:49
Hi Spike:

Sorry, I read it wrong. Thanks OAH. Spike, try this link. It's in both Chinese and Enlish. I didn't know Nanning is that close to Guanghou.




09-18-04, 21:02
OAH, Weelock,

Thanks for the help! I am looking forward to my China adventure. I visited Hong Kong in 1973 and I've always wanted to go to the mainland. That one short visit was enough to leave me with a life-long addiction to Chinese women. Damn, there is just something about them.

Thanks again. I'll let you know when I firm up (no pun intended) my plans. Maybe we can meet up. The Tsing Tao (or whatever brand you choose) is on me!!

Spike, out...

09-19-04, 00:18

I always see lots of newbies to China asking general travel questions here. I think that is fine but let me give you a bit of advice. Buy the Lonely Planet China guide first. It will answer many of your questions about getting from one city to another. That way, you can save your questions here for the important stuff. For example, where to find the the good pussy in Guangzhou.

Bill Lee
09-19-04, 04:05
I'm planning on coming back to GZ during Xmas to New Years (Not Chinese). Any input on what the provider situation will be like during that time?

I know that during Chinese New Years, everybody goes home.



09-19-04, 07:23

XMas/New Years in a western sense is hardly noticed in China. Well, you might find a few attempts to celebrate at 5 star hotels, but nothing dramatic. The hobby should be "business as usual"

Happy Hunting.


09-19-04, 09:27
hi mr bill lee:

i was thinking about go to china in dec also. i was told by a travel agent in usa it's peek season during this time. meaning traveling from dec to around chinese new year, it's expensive because school is out and the chinese biggest holiday.

for "providers" during xmas and new years, it should be normal during this time. the only problem i see is le might decide on the usual crack down before cny. sorry i don't know when is cny in 2005 but it usually starts around late jan early feb.


Member #2400
09-19-04, 10:38
In some cases it is even funny to have Chinese Santa Clauses and Chritstmas trees all over ...

It the last few years they started to change gifts (and buy them= for Christmas.


09-19-04, 11:54
VIP Sauna - This is the one next to China Hotel and in front of Dong Fong Hotel.

They advertise 298 for 2 hrs (90 min) No Tips.

I went there this PM because it was pissing down rain and there were no hookers in the bars or around the hotel.

Very nice shower area with saunas, steam and both hot and cold jacuzzis. After shower, sauna and soak, went into the resting room. Usual deal - free tea, smokes and soft drinks. Beer is charged. Was offered foot massage, pedicure and manicure. I decided on a manuciure since my hands looked like crap.

Choice of Chinese or Thai massage. No one could really explain the difference as the staff is limited in English. I elected Thai which turned out to be a hard, full body masssage.

Beautiful girl - if she worked a bar she would easily command 1,550 to 2,000 ST. Great massage. About 60 minutes into the massage she reached down and asks indicates if I want HJ. I rubbed her ass and she did not like that idea at all. I smiled and nod my head yes to HJ. Out comes her little pad and pencil and she writes 700. NFW. I write 200. She writes 500. I write 200. She agrees.

I thought the HJ was part of the 298 fee but I was in no position to argue with anyone since no one had good enough English.
Regardless - US$24 for a HJ is not too steep a price to pay.

She left and returned with her little bottles of oil. Again I could not get any idea if this was included or the extra aromatherapy oils. Never did know until the end.

She did not allow any touching except for a little leg rub. Once she got started, who cared as she had very, very good hands and knew exactly when to go fast and when to go slow. She would get you almost to the end point and then stop on the shaft and gently rub the sack, the twins and your ass crack. No insertion but she did spend a lot of time there. Again she worked the shaft, stopping and starting as she saw fit. She did this for about 20 min before taking the task to completion. This was a real pipe draining job. No quick rub and pop. She wanted this to be good and she got what she wanted.

After the session, I returned to the resting room, had a few more free fags and some noodles. Total time from entry to exit was 4 hours and no one ever rushed me.

The final bill came to 650RMB. This included 2 beers before the session, a manicure, the session and tip. I also tipped the guys in the locker room 100 to be spilt 3 ways. These guys are really good. Shoes were shined. A back massage given while dressing. Feet dried and socks put on. I guess they think us old guys can't dress ourselves.

I am going to need the advise from OAH or one of the locals to know if I was scammed on the HJ or not.

All in all, not to bad a way to spend a rainy Sunday afternnon.

09-19-04, 16:27
I was in GZ 2 years ago at Christmas and it is quite a do. None of the church stuff, but almost every waitress was wearing a little Santa hat and red skirt with white fur trim.

The gov't is pushing Christmas as a family and friends holiday. There were a number of very large corporate parties in the hotel and gifts were exhanged. The lobby had a giagantic Christmas tree made of stuffed animals.

A friend of mine in the local tax office said the gov't had realized they get a hugh influx of sales tax money during the Chinese New Year and also during the October holiday week. This is the reason they are promoting a christmas season with lots of gift giving and fancy dinners at restaurants. They want the tax money.

Good little capitalists.

09-20-04, 16:16

I am not sure about that particular sauna, but generally speaking a HJ is included in the fee in many other establisments. Additional services, if available, would require extra tips.


09-20-04, 18:32

I suppose it is not an odd event for saunas anywhere to scam someone who does not speak the language.

What surprised me was the girl in the resting room who asked me about Thai versus Chinese did not mention anything. Usually they give you the menu prices.

My bad - I guess I should have asked her, but I feel rather asking such a sweet young thing if a HJ is included. Since the place does not offer FS or BJ's, I felt bad about shouting out - "Do I get a hand job at this price?"

As the man said - live and learn. I have lived a long time and I learn every day.


Member #2206
09-20-04, 23:26

Do you which number your girl is ? I may take a try and let you know it later

09-21-04, 11:58
Hi all,

While I am an experienced monger from Europe, I have never visited the Far East before. Come October 25th I will be in Guangzhou. ( for the fair) I have read most of the posts and gained great information.
What I would like to know further is:

1. How does the fair effect the whole pro game there?
2. What is a good 4/5 star girl-friendly Hotel?

Plus any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Legal Lad
09-22-04, 03:26

Although I have never went to Guangzhou during the fair. I can tell you that each of my stays over the last year have been at the Asia International Hotel. It is the newest 5 star hotel in Guangzhou. They are very girl friendly. Excellent accomendations as well.

Also it is very close, within walking distance to the Garden Hotel, where the SW line up for your pickings.

Good Luck!

09-22-04, 14:58

I never got the number. They just took me to a room and away we went. I also never asked because I really did not care.


09-23-04, 07:27

Good 5 star is China Hotel. It is very near one of the fair venues.
Girl friendly if she does not look like a real slob. Thay have a night club called Catwalk. It is closed now for renovation but I expect it will be open by Fair time. Always a nice selection in there.

When you are walking to the elevators you will pass a security guy. I always hold her hand like she is GF and talk to her in English. The security guy wants to say something but because I am western he keeps his mouth shut. Although I have never had any problems, I keep a crisp 100 bill readily available.

Another thing I do is push a floor number either below or above the floor I am on. When the elevator stops, I then push the correct floor. The security guys on the ground floor can see where the elevators stop.

Do not screw around with her in the elevator since they all have cameras.

I think your answers about the status of the pr game are better answered by some of the GZ guys who really know what goes on. I am not one of them.

Bill Lee
09-24-04, 01:30
S Weeklock

CNY is February 9, 2005 this time around. I will be returning GZ around Dec. 22 and out by Jan. 9, just in time for Xmas and regular New Years.

I wouldn't mind hooking up with you or one of the others on the board to head down to Macau for a casino treat. (I love that place).

I'm trading in my points to fly back again. Lousy return flight but
what do you expect for a free ride? A ten hour layover in Seoul.

Anyone have any idea on what i can do from 4:55 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 10, 2005?

I'm going to post this on the Seoul board too.

I will contact you again on the board when I'm in China.


09-24-04, 09:04

It happens all the time. She was trying to "hit a homerun" if I may quote Johnnykon666, the King of Guangzhou mongers.

In a similar incident, I called for a hotel Beauty Salon massage in SZ recently. I was quoted 800RMB for a HJ only; no other services available. I told her it was a crazy price and she came down to 400RMB immediately, but from there she would not budge. I told her I had just fucked a BBS girl for 150RMB a couple of hours earlier (it was true!). She told me it was not the same. Actually, she was right. The BBS girl was better looking and provided FS, but I don't think she meant that difference. Anyway, I declined her offer so she left with none of my money.

My advise is never be afraid to ask upfront. As well as knowing for sure what is available, it saves any misunderstandings afterwards.

Just my POV.


Long CU
09-24-04, 10:57
The best place I have found in Guangzhou is the local hotel(only for girls doing that job) near the corner of Julu lu and Beijiachang lu

See many VERY beautiful girls here, after pick up 2 18 years old girl near HuaYuan(Garden hotel)

My hotel did not let the 2 girls in, and they brought me here, and I saw many other very cute girls here

James Cook
09-26-04, 11:42

I got alot massage services both in guangzhou and shenzhen in the past month and I quite enjoy the quality time in there because relative low charges. Methink the estabalishments like this in guangzhou are temendous epsecially in small alleys. Last time wandering through the small alleys in shekou shenzhen, I saw many light ads borads with 3 chinese characters on "wenzhou town or ő¬÷›≥«". Have you guys ever seen this board before? Walk in and select a gal lounged on the long bench, some are dame pretty some are just average looking. Went upstairs in a small but clean room meanwhile my girl wento set the clock then came back. Some of those estabalishments offer FS and body massage, some don't but just HJ. The standard fee for such place is about 35 or 40RMB one hour, and definietly needless pay extra fee for a handjob, sometimes they charge 100-150 RMB for FS if they offer FS. I like thoese places, I could fully relax with just a little of my money.


09-28-04, 02:56

Is there any activity going on in Penyu, which is 1/2hr South of Guangzhou?!


09-28-04, 03:29
Hey Spike,

Hong Kong Airport Train to Guangzhou: 190HK$ One Way 1hr 45minutes.

By Bus @ Airport to Guangzhou: 80HK$ One Way 2hr 45minutes.
You have to transfer to another bus, Same Bus#, at Shenzhen, when you go thru Hong Kong immigration & China immigration.

I find that staying @ any major hotels, you will find most employees speak english very well & very helpful. I found that the Hotel manager was very helpful in providing business information for us & then offered some sideline entertainment that wasn't on the menu.

Plus, we saw a few out-of-place women (wearing stillettos with tight low rise jeans & an expensive blouse) coming in & sitting separately in the hotel dining halls, while we were on our way to do business.

Also, in any major cities that is on the map, you should have no problem speaking to anyone, that is well dressed, about directions & things to do.

Once you venture a 1/2 a mile or a mile outside the city, then things get a little difficult; Not only do they Not understand a little english BUT the way they dress, Act, & speak falls in line with poverty almost. If your with a Group, then you maybe safe, but by yourself, Forget It!


09-28-04, 15:54
The place called Panyu and was mentioned here a few times. A search WILL bring results. Try it!

09-30-04, 14:48

Panyu is my backyard. Check out my previous posts. Everything from 50RMB+ SW to 1,000+ RMB KTV girls.


Fun Lover
10-02-04, 15:11
I just arrrived in GZ, and first impression was very good. Good city, quite clean with lot of good food.

I was patrolling the famous road in Huangshi lu where the Holiday Inn and Garden hotel located. What a monger paradise! and I went to the Starbuck and saw few possible mongers in there, you know, looking around and eyeing on the girls.

I also went to the Tee Mall down a bit further from Huangshilu. It seems that there were some potential take aways from there, young ones. Also saw the Boss Club (but not recommended although did not give the go ahead, seems pricey).

I can tell the Holiday Inn and Garden Hotel have the best place for hunting. Some bars surrounding the Holiday Inn and the small park in front of Garden Hotel. Will do the patrolling again tonight and will try to get laid. So far for the two cities, manage to score every single night (2 freebies) and about 4 pros.

Happy hunting and stay safe.

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10-04-04, 03:31

I'm heading to GZ in the next couple of days, I currently live a couple of hours away. Can anyone recommend a girl friendly hotel, with plenty of girls around, and where they hotel is not that expensive... please pm me.

Fun Lover
10-04-04, 04:25
Hi Fellow Mongers,

There is a crackdown in GZ since yesterday. and found only few SW in front of Garden Hotel. I walked around 9pm there but can only find 4 SW in the small park in front of Garden Hotel. hesistate to approach as too many people surrounding and people will watching what we will do. just play safe. will try again tonight of call some of the ladies.

Some SW offer RMB400 for 2 young and cutie girls. one quite aggressive and the other one with a big breast. just could not took them to the hotel because it was around 10. 30pm and I am staying at Holiday Inn. They gave me the phone number but it does not work. will try again later.

Just to share info with all of you fellow mongers. take care and happy hunting. stay safe.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

10-04-04, 22:55
Mimi Update:

Her phone in China is [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]. I think she is in GZ and she will stay in China for a while until she can get back to HKG.

If you are heading to GZ give her a call. She will not make you unhappy.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

10-05-04, 02:07
Anyone been down to Zhanjiang? What's happening there?

U Turner
10-10-04, 14:27
I will be in Guangzhou during the fair b/w Oct.14 thru Oct.20. I will stay at Chim Long Hotel. Where are the mongering places in GZ. Any held will be very much appreciated. I promise I will reward you with a detailed report.

U Turner
10-10-04, 14:30
I wonder if it worths to travel Macau from GZ for mongering. Does anyone thinks it worths? How can I go to Macau and how long does it take to go there.

Bill Lee
10-11-04, 05:54
H. Turner.

First thing, make sure you have two or more entry visas for China. Going out to Macau and returning to China will incur a check on your visa.

It's worth going to Macau. Definitely. done it twice from GZ and once from Hong Kong. Last time, took bus from Garden Hotel bus depot for about 50RMB (maybe 100rmb?) at about 8:00 a.m. and the ride was about three hours.

Looking from the front of the hotel, the bus depot is on the right side and has the laundry drop off next to it. Although the ticket office may not open early, when the bus arrive early in morning, a girl in uniform will be there to sell you a ticket to Macau.

As a back up, go to the help desk in the hotel (located on the right side) at the main entrance before entering the main hotel lobby and ask them to write for you in Chinese that you want to go to Macau on a piece of paper. Also get their travel card, it has the name of the Garden Hotel in Chinese. Of course, you should check your own hotel to see if they have tour bus to Macau too.

Once I arrived at the last stop in Macau, I got dropped off at the bus depot just before the border. Went upstair at the depot and crossed the border. Took about ten minutes.

After crossing the border, you can either take a cab to the Lisboa Casino hotel or bus it over. The bus stop is right at the border exit. The bus driver and bus depot operator are quite friendly. From what I remember, the bus depot also has literature showing the main spots. You want to go to Lisboa Casino and the bus stops three blocks from the casino. The ride from the border to the casino is about 20 to 30 minutes.

Go to the basement restaurant, grab a good seat, order some dim sum and watch about 20 to 30 honeys walk back and forth. If you make eye contact with an girl, they will approach you without hestitation.

The bank in the basement of the casino has a decent exchange rate.

The girls are generally commanding 500 HK dollars for ST and they have their own room at the casino. The outside girls on the street near the Holiday Inn are 300 to 400 HK and they also have their own room. They all generally share a room with another girl.

Also when I was there two years ago, the Russian girls on the street were asking for 1000 HK but they did not look that hot at all.

All hotels are girl-friendly. If you stay overnight, book through local agency. One was located across from Holiday Inn and it was cheaper than when I walked into Holiday Inn.

Never tried the saunas there so couldn't tell you about them.

Also one of the further end of one of the main street, there are several hotels with 10 to 40 girls at the lobby waiting for customers like you. they cost about 200HK but they don't look as good as the ones in the casino.

When you're done, cross the border and go to the basement area to buy another ticket back to GZ unless you bought a roundtrip already.


10-11-04, 06:14
Getting to Macau is a 1.5 - 2 hour journey via bus or car. Personally, I think that its not worth the journey given that the same or if not higher level of service is available at Dongguan (about 40 minutes - 1 hour away). There's a lot of information on this in the Dongguan thread and you need more help, I'll be happy to help out in the Dongguan thread. In simple terms, Dongguan is cheaper than Macau, service is better, travel distance is shorter, so why go to Macau?

There are exceptions, of course. When do you want to take the trip to Macau? During times when checks occur and you want to play safe, eg. during major holidays. The trouble is everyone thinks this way and during these times, Macau is jam packed with mongers from all over China as well.

Hope this helps.

10-11-04, 06:20
Correction to my earlier post. 1.5 - 2 hours is the fastest time it takes to get to Zhuhai. There's still the time needed to get across customs (15 mins - 1 hour) and another short taxi ride in Macau to your destination.

10-11-04, 08:42

I assume the Chime Long Hotel you are talking about is in Panyu off Yibin Road. I suggest you try Shi Qiao which is about 15 minutes by taxi. There are plenty of SW, two top class KTV joints, one with over 500 girls. There is also several saunas in town. All the details have been previously posted on this thread. All you have to do is read.

Just my POV.


10-11-04, 14:22
I went to Huadu yesterday. Man that place is out of the way, over an hour from the train station. Once there, my friend and I found a hotel with a KTV. The hotel is called Fung Du Hotel. It's probably a 3 star joint. Anyway, it's not a bad place. It's pretty cheap. My friend and I got a 580 yuan room, but we probably wouldn't have filled out the maximum if we hadn't drank the more expensive wine. The place is 2-5-8, at least that's what the girl told us. I get the feeling though, some haggling would have lowered the price. My friend tipped the mommy and she looked at him like he was from outer space, so I guess tipping the mommy is not necessary. My friend tends to get over generous when he drinks a bit.

10-11-04, 18:53
Hi Turner,

If you NEVER been to Macau and can afford the higher cost, in my opinion, I would say itís definitely worth it. When I was there, I was in love with over 90% of the girls in the Lisboa basement and I have high standards. I CAN'T say that for some places in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan unless you go to some of the high end KTV. Girls in Lisboa will cost you from 500HKD to 800HKD ST. Most people would say the Lisboa basement is something they "never seen before". The girls just walk around the hotel basement in a circle.

The average hotel will also cost more than China and even more on the weekends. Then there are the saunas. You been treated like a king. Checkout the Macau section for more information.

Mr Bill Lee gave an overall good report on Macau.


10-12-04, 05:27
I have a report from a friend in GZ of a new place called

Long An Club
Tang Xia Zhongshan Da Road
Tranhe District

It is supposed to be very good, food, 2 hour massage with 2 HJ's for 160rmb and you can stay over night after your massage.

Anyone else know about this place?

10-14-04, 19:07
Hi Weelock

Can't disagree with you or Bill Lee. The standards at Lisboa has improved vastly over the years. I'm a frequent visitor to Macau (and still am) and I do enjoy my visits.

My comment was directed at whether it was worth the trouble and distance travelling from Guangzhou. Its not as comfortable or easy as travelling from Hongkong or Shenzhen where its a mere hour by boat. In my opinion, no as there are other alternatives.

Of course, you're right. If you've never been to Macau, the trip is highly recommended regardless of the journey and distance. Likewise, if you've never been to some of the better places in Dongguan, its recommended to pay the place a visit there as well for the reasons I've mentioned in my previous response.


10-14-04, 21:57
Hi Traxx,

Sorry, I was actually directing my comments more towards, Mr H Turner. I apologize for the miss communication. I know Dongguan covers a very large area and I have only been to Chang Pin. What other places do you recommend in Dongguan after Chang Pin and Houjie? Houjie was just discussed recently. Please PM or post in the Dongguan section.


Member #1152
10-15-04, 09:49
Hi guys,

I will be visiting Guangzhou next week for the Canton Fair and am staying in a new 5* Resort type hotel called the Phoenix City Hotel. I believe it is approx 40mins from GZ.

Does anybody know of this hotel or if there is any action nearby?

They have massage & KTV in the hotel and was wodering if it is likely that there may be any action in either of these?


10-15-04, 12:49
Thanks to all for previous advice.

I will be in GZ for the show 25-31 October.

Now I know my hotels, i would like to know if anyone has experience about action around the areas of Sheraton Dongguan and Phoenix City hotel, also if they are GF friendly I know these are out of the way but my company left it very late and they were the only ones we could find.

10-15-04, 14:05
My opinion on Macau:

It is a bit of a hassle to get there from Guangzhou, but the buses are nice, clean and modern and drop you off right below the border crossing. It is a bit of a hike across and can be crowded sometimes. Prices for Chinese girls at the Lisboa at 3X more than the counterparts across the border. It is interesting to watch the parade. The Russian girls around the hotel tend to be overweight and not that pretty, but you do find the odd stunner now and then, but HK$1,000 is pricey, considering I've had similar quality in Mongkok for HK$650. There is another area off the beaten track with Thais & Filipinas for around HK$300 ST. Maybe some of the Macau regulars know the street name.

I have to agree that the saunas and nightclubs are top cabin and the service is fantastic. You can even get an authentic Thai body to body massage at one place. The hardware and software in most establishments is very plush. Girls are available there from all over the world; Asian, Latin, E. Europe, etc.

IMHO, Macau is good for a variety of ethnic origin. If you want Chinese girls, stay on the mainland.

Just my POV.


10-19-04, 09:34
I was at the Pazhou complex day before yesterday. Nearly closing time, I turned a corner and exchanged smiles with a girl walking towards me. We started to talk and she asked me to go to her hotel. She was from Beijing working at the fair. She was 30+ and a bit chunky, but what the hell, I wasn't paying for it. Must have been awhile for her. Just sucking on her tits got her so wet she couldn't wait. She climbed on top and rode me like a wild animal until she came. After that, I sensed she sort of lost interest a bit but offered herself in a few different positions until I finished. I showered and told her I had a dinner meeting to go to. She did not believe me and wanted me to stay the night. I left.

Thinking back, yes it was free, but I would have never paid her for it. It seems the quality that I manage to get for free cannot compare with what I pay for. Frankly, after the first pop, I really had no interest in doing her again, even for free.


10-19-04, 14:02
Hi guys,
going to GZ on 26-28.10 and my first night will be free. I was wonder what could be the best thing to do to get laid quickly and satisfactory. Some sauna/establishment ? OR simply looking for freeby or SW .... a nice fellow from this board told me that the action is quite low due to the fair .... at least it seems they have been "cleaning" up abit the scene.
I will be at Sunny Hotel, any suggestion for some nice place that can't be missed ?


10-22-04, 21:07
Hey fellas,

I have found a website with a great number of seemingly gorgeous women from a city named Nanning. I dont know much about china as I have never traveled there, but now I am getting interested. I was wondering if anyone has information about this city of Nanning.
Where is it? What major city is it near where you would fly into? How would you get there the easiest? Has anyone been there?

I am not even sure if this is the right section to ask the questions so I apologize if it is not. I tried to find it on a web map but couldnt locate it. Any info greatly appreciated.



10-22-04, 22:43

What is the website name?

10-23-04, 00:29

nanning is in southern china, close to guangzhou. you can take a plane from guangzhou airport and it is quite cheap, about 800rmb, if i am not mistaken and about 1 hour flight.

close to the city, there is a beautiful place called gui lin, a lake with lots of sharp peaks, quite a scenary.

btw, what's the website? like to have a peek in it.

10-23-04, 04:53

I always recommend the Ramada BBS area for the above. Good, reasonable quick, service available onsite. According to reliable sources, they were still open yesterday.


10-23-04, 05:02

There is a thread in the China section of the forum with a few posts. There are flights from all around China. The flight from GZ is around one hour.


10-23-04, 09:54
Hi Mikster,

Yes, the is a section or Thread for Nanning. It's located in Guangxi next to Guangzhou. Like Guangzhou, I believe Cantonese is spoken along with Mandarin. I believe there is a bus from Guanzhou to Nanning.

Here is a map for Nanning, Guangxi.



10-24-04, 01:20
Hi Mikster,

Yes, the is a section or Thread for Nanning. It's located in Guangxi next to Guangzhou. Like Guangzhou, I believe Cantonese is spoken along with Mandarin.

I believe that 'Zhuang' is spoken in Guanxi (beside many other languages). It sound Cantonese related. 'Zhuang' is the mysterious 4th script (the roman one) on the RMB banknotes.

10-25-04, 04:49

You are right on the dot about "Zhuang" language and the mysterious Roman script on the Chinese currency.

"Zhuang" language is spoken only in Guangxi, by the Zhuang indigeneous group. FYI, my GF is from Nanning and she happens to be of Zhuang minority. I learnt a few "Zhuang" words from her, like "I love you, eat rice, etc". However, it is totally different from Cantonese or Mandarin. IMHO, the similarity leans more towards Vietnamese language.

Many Zhuang people have the surname "RUAN" (an uncommon surname for Chinese Han). Many Vietnamese have the surname "Nguyen". Both these surnames is pronounced the same, which goes to show that both groups might have common ancestors.

Just my two cents worth.

U Turner
10-28-04, 15:37
Between Oct.13 and Oct.21 I made a trip to China. First two days were on air and in Beijing

From Oct.15 thru Oct 19 I paid a visit to Guangzhou Fair. I stayed and Chime-Long Hotel which was outside Guangzhou city and near Panyu district. As suggested by the forum members my friends and I went hunting in Panyu. First night we picked up SW's. The girls looked OK under dim light, however, when we arrived the hotel and opened up the package it wasn't what I expected. The quality was very low in terms of beauty and hygiene. I had to do it my eyes closed. No DATY, no FK. The only good part was a sensual BBBJ. Total damage was only 150 RMB.

Second night my friends and I decided to visit a clean establishment. Again we went to Panyu and visited a sanitary bath next to Hotel Panyu. The establishment is on the 4th floor of the building on the right hand side of Hotel Panyu (when you face the hotel). The building has a lot of neon lights on it. Only thing written in English is "Welcome"

When you enter the sanitary bath, you see a welcome desk. There they show you a price list. Two hour massage is 380 RMB. You are not supposed to pay in advance. After you agree, you are headed to to a changing room. The place is really very clean and safe. There are some people who help you to fold or hang your clothes into the locker. When you are done you are taken to the shower area where you can take a shower, spend some time in sauna and rest in a whirlpool. The next step is a resting area, where you can sit (or lay down) and watch TV while sipping your gratis soft drinks. When the massage area is ready, you are taken thru a corridor to the rooms. The only bad thing about this complex is that you cannot see and choose the girls. However, each all girls have a number, so if you are happy with your girl and visit the massage parlor again, or a friend recommends you a girl, you can ask for a specific girl by her number.

The massage rooms are very narrow and dim. There is a massage bed in the center. You take out your pajama provided by the establishment and lay down naked on the bed on your chest. There is hole on the bed where you can put your head thru. The girls do not take their cloths off, but touching is always allowed. You can put your hand under her panties and play with her c*nt. Well the massage is really very sensual and relaxing. You can hug the girl and kiss from time to time. Try to take your time and relax you have full two hours. The massage ends with a HJ. They let you come twice.

Third night we went to a bar in Panyu, called Face Club. (or Bar?) The atmosphere is nice. It is full of young people. If you go there often, I think it is easy to catch a free-bee. Anyway we stayed there one hour or so then headed the to the same massage parlor I described above.

Fourth night I set my dick to stand-bye, got ready for Shangai.

October Visit
10-28-04, 18:16
When you go to the ramada shops, go down the first road, not the next parallel road. Had excellent service from an 18 year old beauty in the recommended third shop off the first road; had a terrible experience (both technique and price) in the shop off the next road.

Miss 18 year old had an awesome body, cute face, nice dress and nice perfume. Not a hint of a massage. Sort of ironic that you have to try to screw on a massage table. Covered bj. Did not want to kiss but submitted to some gentle persuasion there. As nice an experience as possible without a common language.

When I got there I scared the hell out of her coworker who was startled to see me (they were just opening). When we went upstairs there was still a girl sleeping up there. Always nice to be te first customer of the day of someone in that line of work.

10-30-04, 02:35
Hi All,

I just found these two articles yesterday and I donít know if there are recent or OLD news. Sorry if it was posted before. The article is written from a Japaneseís perspective.

Weelock or TomKat


Two Toyota employees nailed for consorting with prostitutes in China

Two Japanese Toyota employees were arrested and fined in China last June. Their offense? Consorting with prostitutes. Is Shukan Jitsuwa (10/7) justified in calling this an "earthshaking scoop?" Probably not. But it's not trivial either.

So touchy are Sino-Japanese relations these days that any individual pecadillo can mushroom into an international incident. That this one did not is testimony to Toyota's success in keeping it quiet and the Japanese media's failure, says Shukan Jitsuwa, touting itself as the noble exception, to sniff it out.

The incident occurred in south China's Guangdong State in the Pearl River Delta, a rough neighborhood by any standards and seedbed of 80% of the state's crime. It is also home to numerous Japanese corporate subsidiaries, Toyota among them. Perceived as flamboyantly rich and somewhat lax when it comes to security, the Japanese are seen as easy marks. Their detractors claim their very presence encourages prostitution.

The two men were caught "in flagrante delicto" in their separate hotel rooms, a circumstance which leads Shukan Jitsuwa to suppose they were set up by local brokers in league with the police. The fines, amounting to some 8000 yen each, were duly paid, and the case effectively closed ó until Shukan Jitsuwa got wind of it, called Toyota for a comment, and received confirmation of the facts and a sheepish admission that the company was "deeply ashamed."

However lightly regarded in Japan, prostitution is taken very seriously by the Chinese. "Depending on the circumstances," says the magazine, "it can bring the death penalty." A degree of circumspection seems in order, if not for the sake of one's personal safety, then in consideration of the potential political fallout.

Chinese hostility toward Japan and the Japanese seems bottomless, a powder-keg ignitable at the slightest spark. The harassment of Japanese soccer players and fans during last summer's Asia Cup soccer tournament in China, the latest of several outbursts, pales beside the furor over a supposed orgy for Japanese tourists in September last year. The latter affair netted two accused Chinese organizers life prison sentences.

Behind it all, of course, lies history, the Japanese invasion and occupation of China 60 and 70 years ago. "If the Japanese think the Chinese cling too much to history," Shukan Jitsuwa quotes a Chinese newspaper as observing, "that's a sign that many Japanese fail to understand the feelings of the Chinese people."

The Japanese presence in China today is spearheaded not by armies but by companies, large and small, some 15,000 of them altogether. It is up to them to know their environment, and to consider the price for trampling, however unwittingly, on their hosts' sensibilities. The arrest of the two Toyota men occurred a month before the Asia Cup fiasco. Had word of it leaked out at the time, Shukan Jitsuwa notes, "it wouldn't have ended with booing."


Two Japanese indicted for hiring prostitutes in China

Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 08:19 JST
SHANGHAI ó Two Japanese were indicted in Shanghai this week in relation to a case in which about 20 Japanese visiting the city in late May were found to have hired prostitutes, officials of the Japanese consulate in Shanghai said Friday.

The two are employees of Japanese companies in Shanghai and are suspected of arranging the sexual activities, according to the officials.
According to sources close to the case, the group of Japanese invited bar hostesses to a hotel they were staying in to buy sex.

Non-Chinese who are caught hiring prostitutes are usually released after being fined, but the two were believed to have been indicted since they allegedly made the arrangements. A similar case last year in Zhuhai, a coastal city in Guangdong Province, involving about 380 Japanese tourists sparked an uproar in China following reports by local media.

But Chinese media have not reported the case in question.

According to the sources, the case was exposed after conductors of the tour, who were angered by the tourists who visited a bar different from the one they had chosen, reported it to police.

11-03-04, 06:01
October Visit:

Glad to hear you had a good experience. I have probably been to that shop 50+ times over the years and can say I have never had bad service. The mamasan is a bit of a hustler and will try to get as many $$$ as possible off of you though. I find it better to negotiate directly with the girl. How much did you pay?

Surprised to hear about the CBJ, I always managed a BBJ there. You can also take them out if prefer the comfort of your hotel room over the narrow massage tables upstairs.


October Visit
11-04-04, 17:10
I negotiated directly with the girl for 300-400 FS. I was a little surprised she would not come down lower - I like to bargain - but chalked it up to the trade fair being in town.

Teeny Weenie
11-07-04, 09:34

First report. Probably no news to the old timers. I was at Mango Bar in Gz last weekend and had had the usual come on's that go with the territory. As I was making my way out, right by the door this great pair of tits caught my eye and the biggest smile you'd ever want to see. Didn't immediately respond but after returnin to the bar about 45 min later, There shewas still smiling and still with that gorgeous rack. We negotiated the price, then went to her apartment for 2 hours of the most intense sex you could ever want. This girl did it all and those tits were more beautiful out of clothes than in. Even talked her into riding bareback. I left well f__ked and wanting more later. Have a name and number if interested. Overall rating 8+

11-19-04, 07:44
Anyone been to the tradefairs? How is the price during thoes times? Double or same?

Bill Lee
11-20-04, 15:08

I'm planning on meeting my girl either in Beijing or GZ and head down to Hainan Island on Dec. 25. Stay there for a week and return to either Beijing or GZ.

Can anyone give me some ideas as to the best way to get there from either places? Wouldn't mind paying from medium and to the high end in travel cost.



11-21-04, 15:04
Anyone been to the tradefairs? How is the price during thoes times? Double or same?

Ha ha ha...try anywhere from 3x to 5x the regular price...and I'm
assuming you mean the hotels! The SW's and BBS actually stay
the same...


Legal Lad
11-22-04, 00:28

Definitely go from GZ. You can get 5 star accomendations, plane flight, and meals for less than 1500 RMB per person. I booked through a local travel agent this way, and was not disappointed!

Have fun.

11-22-04, 18:24

I guess must look for incall then!

Ha ha ha...try anywhere from 3x to 5x the regular price...and I'm assuming you mean the hotels! The SW's and BBS actually stay
the same.


Kat Lover
11-24-04, 10:11

Searched like crazy and found one guy who mentioned that there was a train service from Chek Lap Kok HK International Airport to Guanzhou that takes an hour and 45 minutes. That sure beats the 3hrs bus ride

Can anyone help with more information?


Business Class
11-25-04, 23:06
Hey fellow mongers,

I'm about to take my first trip to China the week of Dec 5, staying at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. Heard about tradefairs, but have no idea what they are.

1. What are the tradefairs? Are they relevant to us mongers (I assume they are)

2. I heard that some hotels are not girl friendly. Can I assume that the Garden Hotel is one of them?

3. I guess SWs in front of the hotel are plenty from a previous post I read. Any other suggestions, like nearby BBS, KTVs or bars?



11-27-04, 02:20
I don't think the train left from International Airport. The train left somewhere in downtown i think. First you need to ask where is the train station to Guangzhou, then take the subway to that town. Now is maybe high season so you might not even get same day ticket. you might have to stop in HK and monger 1 night first ;)

HK quality is alot higher than GZ


Searched like crazy and found one guy who mentioned that there was a train service from Chek Lap Kok HK International Airport to Guanzhou that takes an hour and 45 minutes. That sure beats the 3hrs bus ride

Can anyone help with more information?


11-27-04, 02:23
Trade fair are thoes huge convention that guangzhou runs couple times per year. Huge huge huge.

Yah seems some hotel not that friendly. But then I think if you take the girl to the room before it gets dark then they shouldn't worry or else just do the $1usd hand shake

If you are a foreigner and walking in guangzhou looking around, I am sure they will come talk to you first!

Hey fellow mongers,

I'm about to take my first trip to China the week of Dec 5, staying at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. Heard about tradefairs, but have no idea what they are.

1. What are the tradefairs? Are they relevant to us mongers (I assume they are)

2. I heard that some hotels are not girl friendly. Can I assume that the Garden Hotel is one of them?

3. I guess SWs in front of the hotel are plenty from a previous post I read. Any other suggestions, like nearby BBS, KTVs or bars?



Bill Lee
11-27-04, 03:28

Help me. My plan changed and I'm flying into Hong Kong at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday in December.

Can anyone tell me the best way to get to GZ from the HK airport to the Garden Hotel?

Are the Gogo buses running that late? Or should I not bother and stay over Hk for the night?

Bill Lee

Member #3428
11-27-04, 03:42
There are a few things you can do, taxi across then bus in from SZ. Hire a private car to go all the way. But that is more expensive then a room for the night for sure. If I remember correctly all busses stop at 11 pm from the airport. There is a small rest area inside the departures area of the HK airport where you can grab a bed / shower for a few hours. If you get stay in the departure area or get back into it. Personally, if you have the time and money to spend for an extra night, I'd get a hotel in HK.

11-27-04, 06:56
Kat Lover/Bill Lee:

Don't bother taking trains. As far as I know, there's no train from HK airport to China.
If you really like to ride trains, this is what you have to do: take the airport express from the airport, and change subways twice and then take the HK-Guangzhou through train, the interchanges between train lines are long walks....what a hassle even without luggages. It's a no no.

Bus service between HK airport and China are basically seven eleven.

Bill Lee: There's a bus or two run from Hong Kong directly to Garden Hotel...., almost an hourly service. It's the best bet for you I think.

11-27-04, 09:02
Hi Bill Lee,

I think someone asked the same question about one to two months ago. He was arriving also about 11pm.

By the time you pick up your bags and go thru customs, it will take about 1 hr. Now that's about 12:30am. Then it takes about 3 hours by any kind of transportation from HKG to Guangzhou. I believe the one of the borders closes at 11pm or 11:59pm but one is opened 24hrs. Next, most transportation, (buses, trains, mini-vans) stops about 10pm. If it's your first time, I suggest you spend the night in HK or Shenzhen and start early afternoon. You should look at previous posting about two months ago. There were some suggests by other members about transportation. I also posted some information on buses and mini-vans with some scans of business ads. Hope this helps.


Bill Lee
11-27-04, 14:42

Thanks. But I checked last year's schedule CTC and Gogo bus schedules and the last buses into GZ is 11 p.m.

When you said 711, do you mean 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.?

Do you know of the train schedule after 11:30 p.m. on a Friday and and after 12:00 a.m. on Saturday? Do you have the names of the stops to get off and on?

It does not have to be the Garden Hotel. It could be the China Hotel or Landmark Hotel. Places I'm familar with.

If all else fails to get into GZ on a Friday late night, how about a recommendation for a HK hotel convenient from the bus stop at the airport. And convenient to get into GZ the next morning? I can live with a three star and up hotel. But the hotel should be close to the bus or train leaving for GZ.

Thanks in advance.


11-27-04, 18:50

Thanks. But I checked last year's schedule CTC and Gogo bus schedules and the last buses into GZ is 11 p.m.

When you said 711, do you mean 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.?

Do you know of the train schedule after 11:30 p.m. on a Friday and and after 12:00 a.m. on Saturday? Do you have the names of the stops to get off and on?

It does not have to be the Garden Hotel. It could be the China Hotel or Landmark Hotel. Places I'm familar with.

If all else fails to get into GZ on a Friday late night, how about a recommendation for a HK hotel convenient from the bus stop at the airport. And convenient to get into GZ the next morning? I can live with a three star and up hotel. But the hotel should be close to the bus or train leaving for GZ.

Thanks in advance.


Bill Lee:
-yes, that's 7am to 11pm
-Airport Express last train at around 00:45am
-There's only one hotel in the airport area -the Airport Regal. It's a 4/5 star rating.
-Option#1 is to take airport express(train) to Hong Kong and stay in a hotel in Wanchai(the China buses get on in Wanchai). take the bus directly to Garden Hotel in the morning. There are many hotels in Wanchai in the HK$600-800 range, or
-Option #2, Stay at airport Regal, which is connected to the airport, kind of convenient, and take one of the bus to GZ in the morning, and transfer to hotel in GZ by cab. This might be the best bet.

Bill Lee
11-28-04, 05:05
Thanks everybody.

How about this option?

A hotel near the train stop that goes to GZ. At the same time, maybe a call to one of the 141 girls at 1 a.m. to freshen up for the next day?

If the train is still running (which it appears not), can anyone give me the direction to the train station or the bus number that runs to the hotel closest to the GZ train stop in HK? A bus that starts from the airport? BTW, how late does the local bus runs from the airport?

I being to GZ over eight times in the last five years and each time, it has always been the bus ride. I want to try the train this time.

Thanks again,

Bill Lee

11-28-04, 06:39
Bill Lee,

Here's my recommendation. Take the Airport Express into Kowloon. Stay at a hotel near the station. Take the MTR to Mongkok and do your mongering. Get up and take the through train to GZ in the morning.


Thanks everybody.

How about this option?

A hotel near the train stop that goes to GZ. At the same time, maybe a call to one of the 141 girls at 1 a.m. to freshen up for the next day?

If the train is still running (which it appears not), can anyone give me the direction to the train station or the bus number that runs to the hotel closest to the GZ train stop in HK? A bus that starts from the airport? BTW, how late does the local bus runs from the airport?

I being to GZ over eight times in the last five years and each time, it has always been the bus ride. I want to try the train this time.

Thanks again,

Bill Lee

11-28-04, 14:42
Just a quick report to let those interested in the GZ scene know that
ALL the "river road" shops near Ramada that were on the banks of
the stinky GZ river (Cronin's favorite area) have been shut down, remodeled,
and reopened as liquor stores or small boutiques! It was very strange
because I was hoping to grab a nice young thing for an afternoon session
yesterday when I noticed the area was just a little *too* clean and then...
totally nothing!

The day was saved when I ventured over to Ramada BBS and everything
was as usual. Got a young petite thing from Jinan who gave fantastic BBBJ,
huge tits, and enthusiastic FS but was damn nervous about CIM...well, can't
expect the whole package everytime...200 RMB and 2 shots

Thanks to Cronin for all the reports and pictures from that area and I hope
another GZ monger discovers another area with decent talent like the
river road area...


World Traveler
12-08-04, 09:49
Does anyone have any info on Shantou (Guangdong Province)? ..... Is there any sports bar in GZ to watch ESPN? Many thanks.

12-09-04, 08:09
Does anyone have any info on Shantou (Guangdong Province)? ..... Is there any sports bar in GZ to watch ESPN? Many thanks.I was there a few month ago, stayed at Regency Hotel. That suppose to be the best hotel in town. There is a sauna in the 2nd or 3rd floor. But its quite expensive: RMB 500 to the sauna, 500 to the girl for HJ or 1000 for FS. Once you get the mobile number of the girl, you can call her to your room and save the sauna fee. I know there are much cheaper places in Shantou but did not have time to look around.

12-09-04, 23:14
hey ya'll, wassup?

we've had an interesting 6 months since i checked in here. i've been doing the full time gf thing, sorry i haven't been around. you've all seen her, i've posted a couple photos of her here, the mongolian mystery girl, takes your breath away to look at her. her intense neuroses at living in a mud hut and then being transported to big city shenzhen finally got the best of me. fff.

i also fell into a huge depression about chinese pros after coming back from thailand in may. that trip to bk really affected me, another farang falls under the spell... i just could not get excited about china mongering at all for the longest time, months really. the whole gz bbs thing just seemed so pathetic and boring compared to the erotic paradise that is bangkok. i still spend a lot of time trying to figure out a way to make a life there, which seems to be a losing scenario for those in my line of work.

i've also been presented with two, count'em two, positive pregnancy tests in my six month wsg hiatus. can i say it again? freebies are not free. unfortunately only one of the two girls was willing to take the surgical suction solution. so i guess there will be a little mini cronin on the scene. ghastly truth section: i am actually enjoying it. first kid ever for me, and i'm an old guy with no kids. i'm totally into it. stupid, yeah, i know, you don't need to tell me.

great news section: i got the full blood work up in the process of having this baby and i am aids free! yes! its true! the bareback king has successfully dodged about 100 bullets. i can't believe it, i am soooo lucky. those of you who really know my habits know that i have fucked most of the time bareback. include in that many skanky zhan xian lu and golden road street pros and every thai girl i've ever had in the hong kong brothels. i am not gloating! and i do not reccomend this stupid lifestyle to anyone. i am one humble lucky fuck.

i've only started playing here again in the past few weeks again, after all the girlfriends have played out. johnny's right, siyou is closed, how sad. that was always my favorite area in gz for many reasons. the girls told me that the government closed all the shops, i guess that's obvious. i just hope no girls got arrested, that can be truly brutal for them. re-training. christ.

my wingman and i went to the "middle shops" (between ramada and siyou) and the ramada shops last night, and they are going along just fine. in fact i saw many old friends from the siyou shops working the ramada strip now, including ah feng and monica. i'll post some photos i took last night inside the shops of the ramada strip. i'll also post the girl i took, although she wouldn't do nudes.

i have two new gz areas to report. the best is in the haizhu district of honan. go to the jiang nan xi metro exit on jiang nan xi lu. when you come out of the subway by the kfc, you're in the middle of a huge area of shops. i would guestimate that there are 20 shops in a 10 block radius around the metro exit. these are nice, upscale shops in a respectible gz neighborhood. just start walking off the main streets, its a mongers paradise if you like to walk, they are rep001tered not lined up. my favorite shop is on bao gang lu toward the east, but they are all great shops, highly reccomended area.

another area is the huangpu cun district. i call it the big tit area, a little pocket of girls with big tits, must be sichuan genes. i get there by taking zhong shan lu way out east to dong pu dama lu. turn right and go to the end of the commercial district on dong pu dama lu. then keep going into the maze of backstreets, hard to give precise directions because the streets are at odd angles, but if you're an experienced explorer, you'll find them. these are rat shit little bbs places, the price of a good titty fuck i guess.

i'm planning a photo shoot of a gorgeous girl from the honan area, i'll post those in the next couple of weeks when it happens. i know you'll like her.

apologies to those who have messaged me over the past months, i will get on the case and answer soon as i can.


Comrade 2255
12-10-04, 03:08

An overnight double with the first and third ladies of that trio and I think I could die a happy man :-)

12-11-04, 03:38
World Traveler,

Have a look on the "S. China, Other Areas" thread. There are a few posts on Shantou including a couple of mine. I had a drop dead gorgeous girl from the hotel KTV for 800 ST. Pricey, but a real stunner. I also found a couple of BBS on the side road by the Golden Gulf Hotel.


12-13-04, 07:55
In celebration of Cronin's first post in months, we hooked up for a tour of the area. Cappy was with us.

I would say we looked in 7-8 shops, ending up at Cronin's favorite. In one shop, although the girls were reasonably friendly, the mamasan wanted nothing to do with us. In a few others , there were only a couple of girls inside that did not even recognize our presence. There was one shop where the mamasan put the hard sell on us, but most of the girls were only mildly interested in foreingners by the look on their faces.

At Cronin's favorite shop, Cappy was turned down by the first 3-4 girls he selected. One finally agreed. I picked another. Cronin took his regular squeeze home. We went upstairs and the place was a real dump. Now, I've been in plenty crappy apartments with BBS girls, but this place was on the bottom of the scale of cleanliness. I asked my girl for BBBJ which she flatly refused. After all the hassle, I just decided to split. Cappy stayed and only got a BBBJ, but he wanted FS. I will let him post the details if he so desires.

I will try to explore the area more one day, however, my initial impression is that it is a bit too local and not laowei friendly.

Just my POV.


P.S. BTW, Cronin is wielding a brand new, top of the line, Canon digital camera. Expect some more great new posts on the pic thread!

12-14-04, 21:28

I'll be arrving in GZ for one night. Will be staying at the Marriott Guangzhou. Arriving pretty late. What are "hobby" options. I figure I would love to have someone come back to my Hotel. A couple of questions for you:

1. Is Ramada BBS action still open around 12:30 AM. If so how far are the shops from the Sheraton?

2. Are there any clubs that might have some ladies available?

3. Any street walker area that I might want to check out instead?

4. Do you know if the Marriott is girl friendly?

A million thanks,


12-16-04, 11:05
Need some advices from our fellow monger brothers... Has anyone tried the apartment/part-time girls in Guangzhou? Any comments? Safety?

I've gone onto the sina.com chat room recently and found quite a few girls there stating they work part-time. Some offered their apartments. I wonder how things are. Don't want to walk myself into a set-up.

I've tried girls who advertised on sina.com's Shanghai chatroom before (when I was in Shanghai for a business trip). Those would come to the hotel. And they were actually university students. So that was pretty safe.

Any Guangzhou experience will be appreciated.



Business Class
12-18-04, 13:26
Just wanted to give a report, albeit unsuccessful. Part of the reason is that I have been shadowed by a bunch of guys from my branch office (they're trying to convince me to relo to GZ for a year). I'm still iffy since I'm living large in Tokyo.

Anyway, every night has been dinner and drinks, clean and simple. Gets too late for a first-timer to GZ to walk around for some freebies or even talent (I was staying at the Garden Hotel at the time).

One night, one of the guys finally suggests a KTV. I thought to myself, "Finally I'll score one." As soon as they start to bring out the whiskey, we have a lineup of about a dozen gals ranging from 6 to 8. Naturally, I went for the 8, but she couldn't speak English. I guess most of them know Japanese, but they don't expect a lot of Americans (I'm Asian American, but not Chinese).

So we're having a good time, and I finally try to convince her to join me at my hotel, which was about 200m away. She kept declining my request, but she wants to kiss and fondle all night. Maybe this is part of the service, but when that happens, I expect to have an all-nighter.

Am I missing something here? Never had this problem in Taiwan. Maybe it was just bad luck or timing. Has anyone had any experience in this?



12-19-04, 03:49
Business Class:

Your experience is very common in GZ KTV. Many of the girls are only there for the in-room tips and do not go out with customers. To avoid this, make your desires clear to the mama upfront and she will only bring girls that are willing to go out. Having said that, I must admit you are at an advantage being Asian. Many KTV girls will only go out with Asians, but not white guys. I generally stay away from KTV in GZ for this reason. KTV in other S. China locations e.g. Dongguan is much better and cheaper too.


Business Class
12-19-04, 04:33

Thanks for the tip. I'll try that the next time.

To all,

On a separate subject, I have read about the Ramada BBS, but I can't seem to find directions in the prior posts. Can someone give a humble newcomer to GZ a hand. Also, what are the best places to pick up freebies (or even pros) these days in GZ. It seems in the other big cities, it's very obvious (e.g., Maggies in Shanghai).


Business Class
12-19-04, 06:53
Nevermind on the directions to Ramada. I was finally able to find them thanks to one of OAH's earlier posts (is it me, or does the "search function" not work well).

Anyway, I do have some comments about the Garden scene. Came back from the office on the company bus one night and decided I would go across the street to pick up some munchies. I didn't see much of anything, just a couple of people from the homeless community and that was about it.

I know that the Garden scene has been on and off throughout the year. I was wondering if it was off again.

Big Mao
12-20-04, 04:51
The search function isn't working for me either. I'm new to this group. But will be in South China after the holiday.

Nevermind on the directions to Ramada. I was finally able to find them thanks to one of OAH's earlier posts (is it me, or does the "search function" not work well).

Bill Lee
12-21-04, 15:01
I'll be returning to GZ about Dec. 26 and will stay until Dec 29 and return again on Jan. 5 and out again on Jan. 8.

Since I'm not that familar with the SW scene but read so much about it. Any senior member care to go out on the town with me? Down to Panyu or over to Ramada?

There's a chance I may want to go to Macau. Ride a 8 a.m. bus from GZ and return for dinner by 7 p.m. Getting to the Lisboa I'm more familar with. Anybody want to get some dim sum and watch the basement walkathon at the Lisboa? Or check out the SW near the Holiday Inn or go over to the seedier hotels and check out their lobbies?

Bill Lee

12-21-04, 21:58
Hi Bill,

According to Beijing Lover, in the Macau thread, there is currently a problem. I think you should stay away until the situation is over, sorry. If you are serious on going, ask some in the Macau thread for more updated info. Hopefully it clears up when you get there. Suggest you go to Dongguan or Shenzhen for now.

For a one day stay in Macau, NO. It will take you about 3-4 hours to get there. That's including boarder checks and waiting for your bus. Then you want some "action" or "sweets". A little rush for time, if you what to get back by 7pm.


The Master
12-22-04, 06:40
Hi BC,

This is happening at most of the major City, higher class KTV a lot.
Like OAH said, a request prior the lineup is the best option.

also, some time the girl is picking.... I met one in Beijing's Banana KTV.
I was not prepared to take one out.. and she was not prepare to go out.. but in the end.. we both changed our mind.

There are quite a few girls are only working for the Sitting Tips. unless they have met someone they really like, then everything can happen.


[QUOTE=Business Class]So we're having a good time, and I finally try to convince her to join me at my hotel, which was about 200m away. She kept declining my request, but she wants to kiss and fondle all night. Maybe this is part of the service, but when that happens, I expect to have an all-nighter.

Am I missing something here? Never had this problem in Taiwan. Maybe it was just bad luck or timing. Has anyone had any experience in this?

Bill Lee
12-22-04, 07:21
S Weelock

I read the Macau posts and there's appears to be no problem in Macau. I have been there 3, 4 times already and I still love the Lisboa basement beauty pageant walk. I ordered some dim sum and sit in the restaurant for 30 minutes before making my pick of the hour.

Last time there, left GZ at 8 a.m. and got back by 7 p.m. and got in three pops in between. No sauna. Just the Lisboa girls.

Mmmm Mmmm good.

Never been to Dongguan or Shenzhen. Maybe one day. Unless some one here is willing to give me a personal tour.


12-22-04, 14:18
I never had problems bringing a 'bird' into my hotel room, maybe with the exception of Vietnam, and now this hotel.

Last night, I returned from hunting around 3 AM. The clerk women in charge of 'screening' jumped on us pointing to a sign "No unregistered guest after 11P". I started to joke with her, like "Its already tomorrow", "She is my wife".. and so on, but she braught us to the Registration desk. I started complaining of how customers are treated here and threatened to raise complaints. Same tune: "It's the hotel policy, blah blah blah".

Finally, I got pissed, told him "I don't care, i am going to my room, do whatever you want..." and walked to the elevators passing by the clerk woman with my sweet, beautiful, but scared little bird.

Nothing happended of course and I have not heard from them, and the rest of the night went well. What pissed me off is that the clerk woman was insulting the poor girl to scare her off...

If you are in the same situation, just pass by the inquiring clerk, speaking very fast in foreight language, no eye contact, and I am sure you'll be fine :)

Kat Lover
12-22-04, 15:54
I never had problems bringing a 'bird' into my hotel room, maybe with the exception of Vietnam, and now this hotel.

Last night, I returned from hunting around 3 AM. The clerk women in charge of 'screening' jumped on us pointing to a sign "No unregistered guest after 11P". I started to joke with her, like "Its already tomorrow", "She is my wife".. and so on, but she braught us to the Registration desk. I started complaining of how customers are treated here and threatened to raise complaints. Same tune: "It's the hotel policy, blah blah blah".

Finally, I got pissed, told him "I don't care, i am going to my room, do whatever you want..." and walked to the elevators passing by the clerk woman with my sweet, beautiful, but scared little bird.

Nothing happended of course and I have not heard from them, and the rest of the night went well. What pissed me off is that the clerk woman was insulting the poor girl to scare her off.

If you are in the same situation, just pass by the inquiring clerk, speaking very fast in foreight language, no eye contact, and I am sure you'll be fine :)

gee.... but I think its for your own safety..... I'd rather have the lady registered (NOT to avoid a fight with the reception but just for safety sake.....I've done it before in GZ, Shanghai, SZ, Nanning and Beijing and there was never a surcharge imposed)

Just to share a story with you, in 2003 I was in Nanning and there was a brothel on the ground floor. I took a lady from an outside pub up to my room without registering her. It seemed that the brothel manager wasnt too happy about that and had the local Gong An (police) go up my room to check on alleged immoral activities going on.

I count my lucky stars to this day that we took a very long time chatting and cleaning out the beer in the hotel fridge that when the 2 cops literally opened the door (I guess they ordered housekeeping to use their masterkey to open my room door .......without the courtesy of knocking or ringing on my doorbell).....a drunk white guy and an equally wasted girl (both fully clothed) with MTV blasting away on the TV greeted them.

They were expecting us to be right in the middle of a fuck. They were a little lost for words until one of them just said that the music from the TV was disturbing the neighboring rooms and for us to keep it down. They left after checking our IDs. The terrified girl left 15 minutes later looking white as a ghost and suddenly miraculously sober as a brick.

Anyway, to register or not to register, its an individual choice if one wants to make an issue out of it.

best of luck!

Kat Lover
12-22-04, 16:16
Sorry, made a mistake.That incident happened in Ping Xiang, a small town 4 hrs by train south of Nanning.

I complained the next morning about the intrusion and the violation of my rights and privacy. The front desk explained that if only I'd registered my companion at the desk and declared her as my girlfriend or something like that, nobody would have bothered us.

12-25-04, 03:41
I have noticed that some hotels now (mostly 4 star) have special registration desks set up after 11pm. On one hand, it is good for your own protection since the girl needs to provide an ID, albeit it may not actually be hers every time. On the other hand, hotel security now knows that you have a girl in your room and could pass this info over to the PSB if they wanted to or were asked for it. We must not forget that prostitution is still illegal in China even if it is tolerated more now than in the past and rarely hear of PSB room checks. I usually try to avoid the registration process when possible to protect my privacy. I find it best to just stroll in with the lady as if she is my wife or g/f and try not to attract too much attention. Or, even better, give the girl the room number and let her come up on her own. The girls are usually the first to know if there is any risk.

Just my POV.


Bill Lee
12-25-04, 23:26
Hi everybody. I'm in town and I did my patrol along the Garden on Friday from 10:30 to 11:00 p.m.

Saw two young ones along the street where the side of Garden and McDonald. One was them was petite and sweet and offered her to me for 400. But she had no place to take me. I barely speak Mandarin and couldn't really communicate with them. Funny thing was, right after I finished talking with them, they started talking broken English with a pair of Aussie they found on the street.

Then I saw two older ones in front of Starbuck. Really wasn't my type.

Under the tunnel by the 7-11 near the Friendship store were two more 6's. Again, not my type. Went by Milano Cafe, between 7-11 and Holiday Inn and saw a loner who was a 5 at best.

BTW, they all want 4 but I wasn't in the mood since it was close to 11 and I couldn't bring them back to the hotel.

Then at street where all the clubs are across from the Holiday Inn was a loner who was at best a 4 wanted 4. 4 for 4. She was just hanging by the small store near the beginning of the street.

Well that's it for now. I will be going to Macau soon.

The young one by McDonald was the best.

Bill Lee
12-27-04, 03:39
Can't believe it but around 11:30 p.m., there was only three "5" in the toonland bridge. All dead in the area.

I covered the same route I covered on Friday.

Where is everybody?


12-27-04, 10:24
Maybe pussy in Gzhou took cover because of the riots in Dongguan? Doubt it!

Can't believe it but around 11:30 p.m., there was only three "5" in the toonland bridge. All dead in the area.

I covered the same route I covered on Friday.

Where is everybody?


Bill Lee
12-27-04, 16:25
Came back into GZ by the Garden hotel and nothing in the area was observed. Not on the bridge nor near the tunnel near 7-11 by the Friendship store.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to OAH for showing me a good time tonight. I really appreciate that you took the time off and show me around. Thank you master.


The Master
12-28-04, 05:34
Maybe pussy in Gzhou took cover because of the riots in Dongguan? Doubt it!What do you mean Riots in DG ? More details please.

12-28-04, 11:27
Bill Lee,

It was my pleasure my friend. I am glad you had some fun. Sorry I did not have more time. It was a shame that they charged us 10RMB too much for the rooms (LOL) , but where else can you have FS from 18 yo talent for 120RMB all in. Oh, I almost forgot, mine was 19 yo. BTW, I am curious how you rated the girl on a 10 point scale. Hope you enjoy Sanya!


Bill Lee
12-28-04, 17:03
OAH. My girl was a 5 in attitude and 6 in body. but 9 in sweetness. Yours was a definite 9 in attitude. 19? You always like the older ones.

Thanks again buddy for showing me around. Hope to do it again after the new years.


12-31-04, 17:38
Here's my take on our Honan Hoedown with OAH and MPL. The evening had great potential, but was a disaster in the end. I'd been plotting to get OAH and Wingman (local) all together for a trip to Honan. I knew it was a local's area, I'd been here before and was greeted with derision and horror. But there were many young country girls, my favorite. So with a little cultural grease from local friends, I thought it could work.

Problem 1: We went to dinner and got lost. Driving around GZ for hours was great fun for MPL and me, but OAH was on a schedule...sorry OAH! The streets of GZ: 2000-year-old rice noodles. Hence we arrived on-site slightly strung out.

Problem 2: We arrive ahead of Wingman and decide to take a walkabout. A clear violation of WSG Credo #1837: "Never Monger a local's area with only 2 White Faces" (I made that up). We were The Three White Mongateers. It's hard to fathom this, but most have never seen a white guy except on TV. And here are ET, Alien and Predator in the same room negotiating a gene insertion. We were doomed.

First shop: The girls were shy and mama was downright hostile. OAH warmed up a little tousle-haired cutie with the Patented OAH Charm and she was down with it. But mama was yelling like breaking glass, you can only imagine what. I sat down next to mama to calm her down and she gave me a look to kill and stood up. She opened the door and yelled at the workmen next door to help her kick our white asses out of her shop. He just shrugged her off and we left.

Second shop was better. There were ten girls here, some of the cutie country girl variety. They were all very shy, but many smiled. Mama was chatting up OAH and she didn't stab him so I took that as a good omen. We filed that one for future use, I think it's workable.

We walked into another couple of shops and chatted a bit, met one late-20ish girl with a spectacular rack and familiar face. Maybe I'm getting spoiled, but these days I've got to be in the right kind of mood to take a ladder to a crawl space. My elitist attitude renders that trench warfare mongering.

Back to Bao Gang Lu, Wingman and his wingman were there. There are five guys now and about eight girls in a small room. The girls started trippin, and when one girl said she was too scared to go upstairs with MPL, suddenly they all decided they were too scared. Shit. In spite of chatting up by Wingman, my girl and mama, they were all playing hard-to-get. It's always so weird to be in a China Pro Shop and not be able to get service. Oh well, it's happened before, and it will happen again. Being a white guy in China is sometimes a real pain. (Stress on the "sometimes").

My little girl told me later that they were all really afraid of white guys. That and the hooker herding instinct made for a very tedious visit. I've had a great time in that shop before and after that night, so your mileage really does vary. That night I took Xiao Mei LT at my house. She had been to the house before, so the next day she just stayed and took a little vacation. She was here about a week. I'd never spent that much personal time with a Chinese hooker before, it was very interesting.

Although mama told us she was 17, she actually is 19, I saw her card. She left home at 17 to work in the textile factories in Donguan. She's from a dirt-poor family in Hunan, the lake area north of Changsha. I was amazed at the simplest things she had never seen before, like a Microwave. We would talk through a translation program when my rough Chinese gave out. She averages five customers a day, but many days has none at all. The most in one day was six. Every month she takes a week off for the scourge and another week off to "play". She nets about 4000 RMB per month. Since the average wage in GZ is 1500 RMB per month, that's damn good money with all the time off. But she was the jewel of the shop (IMHO).

She has a perfect body, but I won't go into this because she refused to do nudes after all this time. This girl was born to do nude modeling, but it didn't happen. That led to her eventually leaving. Later, she changed her mind, but it wouldn't have been fun to force her to do modeling, and I just do this for fun. So screw it.

She woke up a couple of times screaming from a recurring nightmare, and she would grind her teeth so loudly when sleeping it could wake the dead. In spite of the money, this lifestyle was causing her a huge amount of turmoil. To say she hated being a hooker doesn't quite get it. She was barely enduring this freak show in order to send her family the money she made.

In a week of fucking, I never got tired of fucking her. And although I didn't trust her (turned out she was always completely honest) and I couldn't wait to get her out of here, I really do miss her. When she left, she went to Zhuhai to live with her sister and quit the biz to get a real job. Yet another great girl who hated everything about the BBS except the money.

So here's a few photos of her, non-nude but cute. Also a couple maps of the JiangNan Xi area, a large map showing the area in Guangzhou and a close up of the area with the shops marked. The Xiao Mei's shop on Bao Gang Da Dao where OAH, MPL and I ended up is at the arrow.


01-01-05, 14:20

Who is MPL? I think you mean Cappy was with us. That second shop did look promising. I just think that it became a face thing in the last shop. Once one girl refused, it got contagious. It kept going downhill. The two girls that finally agreed were probably the poorest quality in the shop anyway. We should have just blown the place when it started going sideways and we got the signal it was not a laowai friendly establishment but your girl seemed very happy to see you! I have to give the mama and the wingman credit though. They did try. I am willing to give the area another shot. Just let me know when.


01-03-05, 08:21
Hi all:

Just returned from a wonderful trip to china over Christmas. It was made all the better by the information gleaned off of this board as I was ramping up for my trip. Therefore I thought it would be good if I could impart a bit of my experiences of my travels to you.

When travelling, I always hunt alone. However I was very tempted to extend an invitation to assemble a party on this trip as I thought the natural challenges of china would be compounded by the language barrier both spoken and written. Places like Turkey and much of europe, where it is difficult to communicate verbally solely with English, I always had success with maps, menus and other literature as the alphabet is generally the same as English. China obviously is different.

My ex-girlfriend (she's originally from Gz) had her brother in law look after the accommodations for me and he put me in the Li Yun hotel on Airport Road. Not exactly a good spot for a tourist. It is basically an area dominated by industrial estates and heavy traffic for those getting to and from the Bai Yun airport. For action there were a couple of KTV places and tawdry bars, neither of which are really my style.

Although not really a commercial center or an area that caters to tourists, I did find that the Airport Road was a gold mine in terms of getting laid and at the same time seeing the seedy part of China. An adventure into these areas, however, is not for the faint of heart. If you are a whitey, I am certain your experience will differ from mine. However if you do decide to go, I would suggest that you bring a big fucking stick so you can beat of the infinite number of rats inhabiting the sqalor.

My mother is Chinese-Canadian and I inherited many of my features from her side of the family except, thankfully, and apparently, my cock by the expressions of the girls which I encountered. Because of my features, I rarely got a second glimpse while in China, I suppose that my features fit the mold and people either thought that I was pure Han or from Xinjiang. It never ceases to amaze me how much scrutiny the average PRC person pays to a westerner. Hating to draw attention to myself, I love to travel as I am able to melt into any setting (except, perhaps many african nations), but I digress.

Anyway the area behind the Li Yun Hotel is pretty much a gold mine. It is a virtual rabbit's warren of broken, narrow and garbage strewn lanes, poorly lit streets, shops selling shoes, cigarrettes and sundries, smelly restaurants that should change that cooking oil more than once a year and of course bbs's (yay!!!). It is complete chaos with the elderly hobbling along, school children running up and down the streets, couples going out for dinner and prostitutes standing on their perches all simulateously dodging the bicycles, carts and motorcycles which frequent these lanes.

In this small area there are probably a half dozen bbs's all clearly marked out. Success in completing the transactions are easy even for me as I speak maybe 20 words of chinese, so if your chinese language skills are limited, do not be deterred. I would basically go up to a suspecting target and ask 'an mo'? Don't waste your time and cut to the chase,. If you were mistaken in your assessment of the services that are provided, they will say something like 'may-yoh' which essentially means 'none'. Otherwise they will usher you inside.

Like any type of business you can expect a range of service levels from the god awful to the good. At one place where i opted for a hand job, my hostess wanked me for 5 minutes and then started complaining about how long it was taking me. Service sucked. One bbs was going to charge me 300 yuan, I suspected it included the dreaded LWT (Lao Wai Tax) to which I politely declined. But I also managed to get a really nice fs session from this sweetie from Hunan and another so-so session from a street walker who dried out much too quickly and complained 'bu soufou' so I didn't finish. None of the girls seemed apprehensive about accommodating my size even though when released, they would invariably look upon it with a murmur of a 'wha' (basically 'wow' or 'whoa') and would sweetly measure it against their wrists.

The talent line up here caters, I would wager, solely to the locals. It is not a high traffic area in terms of cars as its a pedestrian only part of the city. How many guys do they make it with a day? I don't know but I wouldn't think many.

Oddly enough I feel much more comfortable in these areas rather than getting it on with a battled hardened pro who may have found a way to do some sort of rip off manuver which I never even considered. I suppose that because its a novelty for both of us, it is much easier and fun getting caught up in the moment.

I am certain that take out was available at all of these but I did not induldge as I did not want news of my mongering habits to get back to my ex.

Generally I found the girls in Gz to be a bit more passive when it came to sex. It takes a quite a bit of coaxing to get them to actively participate rather than just laying back, spreading and waiting for entry. The girls of Chongqing and Sichuan seem to possess a much more natural enjoyment of sex.

Finally if the girl gives good service, I would like to encourage you to tip. It really brightens their day at little cost to you. The street walker I had said she need to give up half of the 100 yuan charge to her mamasan. She makes 50 yuan or about 3 pounds. I tipped her 50 for her sweetness. I think the Hunan BBS girl was in the same situation and received a similar pay increase.

Anyway, thanks for the information guys. All I have to do if find a way to get my ass over there more often or if possible, move there. Its worth it even though its a fucking 14 hour plane ride from London.

Ace of Spades
01-03-05, 17:53
I met a hooker a few weeks ago in a massage parlour. I have been seeing her regularly outside of her work. I paid for sex only twice, once in the brothel and once at a hotel after her work. Now she won't accept my money, despite my attempts to pay her. She wants me to buy her gifts, and food, not too expensive. Today I bought her a blank for her bedroom. She said she wants to be my GF. I am perhaps the only person to treat her with any dignity and respect.

When we fuck, it is always so passionate, it is almost like I am with my girl friend versus the machanical sex of a hooker. Our relationship is purely sexual (most of the time we have dinner and just fuck after), she speaks no english, so it so hard to carry a conversation. She comes from a poor village in Yunnan province and is now working in Guangdong.

I am not sure whether to continue the relationship. People have warned me to cut her loose because it could lead to troubles later. She is a nice girl that was dealt with a bad set of cards in life. I have no intimate feelings for her, but I care about her as a friend and not just as a hooker.

What should I do? Cut her loose? I have other girls, but so far she is the sweetest and mose genuine.

01-03-05, 20:39
I met a hooker a few weeks ago in a massage parlour. I have been seeing her regularly outside of her work. I paid for sex only twice, once in the brothel and once at a hotel after her work. Now she won't accept my money, despite my attempts to pay her. She wants me to buy her gifts, and food, not too expensive. Today I bought her a blank for her bedroom. She said she wants to be my GF. I am perhaps the only person to treat her with any dignity and respect.

When we fuck, it is always so passionate, it is almost like I am with my girl friend versus the machanical sex of a hooker. Our relationship is purely sexual (most of the time we have dinner and just fuck after), she speaks no english, so it so hard to carry a conversation. She comes from a poor village in Yunnan province and is now working in Guangdong.

I am not sure whether to continue the relationship. People have warned me to cut her loose because it could lead to troubles later. She is a nice girl that was dealt with a bad set of cards in life. I have no intimate feelings for her, but I care about her as a friend and not just as a hooker.

What should I do? Cut her loose? I have other girls, but so far she is the sweetest and mose genuine.

Objectively I would say cut the tether now but maintain a grip. What the fuck am I saying, you ask? Take the relationship out of the bedroom and make it purely plutonic and then she will likely see that the inability to carry a conversation kind of will get in the way of things. Perhaps you can drift apart slowly and gracefully should you really care enough about her in that regard.

If its not possible to keep it plutonic, just drop the tether and let her float away. Cruel and hard but the longer that this relationship goes on like this, obviously it will be the more difficult to do what is right and inevitable.

My two cents. Thanks for sharing.

01-04-05, 11:55
Here's my take on our Honan Hoedown with OAH and MPL. The evening had great potential, but was a disaster in the end. I'd been plotting to get OAH and Wingman (local) all together for a trip to Honan.
CroninHi Cronin or OAH,

It looks like a very large are for BBS. The maps help a lot and the area looks like it's near a subway station. About how many BBS shops are there in this area?



Travel Dog
01-04-05, 16:21
I think it depends. She obviously wants to be your GF. If you have feelings for her and you want that fine. If its the last thing you want just tell her you don't want a GF right now and gently let her go.

Ace of Spades
01-05-05, 02:58
I am afraid I might just have to let her go. I am traveling with another family member doing business between China and my home country. I cannot afford to have any troubles in China. If relations were to go sour, there might be problems with my personal safety or that my family member. I have too much going on risk losing it all for a hooker. No feelings involved, just sex.

At this stage, the girl would have to leave the brothel and then I might reconsider. However, she is not in a position to leave the brothel because her family depends on her wages.

I don't really need a GF right now, just a girl to pass the time. I have a serious partner in Beijing who is not a hooker (good education, stable family) and have plans to marry someday.

Bill Lee
01-05-05, 03:03
Going to take the early morning bus on Thursday to Macau from GZ. Anyone care to join me or meet me there for the Lisboa walk of beauties?


Min Shenzhen
01-06-05, 06:30
In Shenzhen, many of the massage places let you stay overnight for free to sleep. I'm going to Guangzhou next Friday and have to be at the airport at 8am. Instead of getting a hotel, I'd love to find a massage place where I can relax at (FS or not, doesn't matter) and then just sleep there.

Has anyone done this in Guangzhou?

01-07-05, 06:32
Min Shenzhen,

There is a sauna on Dongfang Lu, near Liu Hua lake that I slept at in the past. It may be called Golden Door or something like that. I think I paid 198 RMB including a happy ending for 90 minutes so it is pricier than what is available in Shenzhen.


Blue Wolf
01-09-05, 09:11

Dongfang Lu ??? I can only find Dong Feng Xi Lu on my map, do you have the name in chinese and a little more abouth the place ? is it in a hotel ? near by what building ?


Min Shenzhen,

There is a sauna on Dongfang Lu, near Liu Hua lake that I slept at in the past. It may be called Golden Door or something like that. I think I paid 198 RMB including a happy ending for 90 minutes so it is pricier than what is available in Shenzhen.


Bill Lee
01-10-05, 03:33
I hope nobody minds if I post this on the GZ board. But if I post it on the Macau board, which I also will, you GZs may not find it soon enough:

Well. I made it to Macau on Thursday morning. Took the 830 a.m. from the Garden hotel and got to the border about 11:30 a.m.

Went looking for the bus stops for the local buses in the upper level. Later to learned that they all moved down to the lower level.

Spoke with bus dispatcher on the lower street level and pointed out to the photo of Lisboa casino in tourist map found in border lobby side of Macau. I spoke limited Cantonese and did not know have to say the Lisboa so the map came in handy. Dispatcher told me that the best bus was the #3 and I noted that the bus sign at the stop listed the Lisboa. The fare was $2.50 and guess what? I had that exact change left from my last trip to Macau.

Jump on the bus and couldn't recognize any of the stops along the way. Finally after 30 minutes asked the bus driver where the Lisboa stop was with the use of the map. Lucky thing, turned out to be the previous stop and I had only walked five minutes to the Lisboa.

As agreed, went to the basement area to look for Cronin but did not find him. I got in too early. Check out the streets behind Holiday Inn (HI) and found no one there.

At 1:00 p.m., went back into the Lisboa a basement Chinese dim sum restaurant and got myself a nice seat to watch the girls. There was a nice selection of about 20 girls doing the back and forth parade. Sat there until 1:45 p.m. and couldn't wait for Cronin any longer. Since Cronin and I agreed on trying to meet up at this restaurant every hour on the hour.

Waited until 2:10 p.m. to select a young cutie in a plaid dress. Agreed to paid her the usual 5 as we were in the elevator. Just walking into room, mentioned that BJ was included. Since I spoke and understood very little Mandarin, she appeared to be not interested. I started to walk out (I really didn't want to. She was sweet) and she relented and it sounded she had mentioned condom which I agreed. Did the thing and it was sweet looking at her all the time. She said that she was from Hunan (but aren't they all?).

Came back down about 3:00 p.m. and finally meet up with the master, Cronin. We sat down for about 45 minutes and watch the parade go by. Two of the honeys sat next to me while Cronin walked away. When Cronin returned, we managed to get one of them to agree to do Cronin for 5. But that was just a test and we decided not to take her. Although she was sweet, we were not ready.

Then we decided to walk to HI and check out the back streets and there were maybe one or two Sws but nothing more.

We decided to try Darling but did not which was best I or II. So we hailed a cab and asked his opinion. He suggested Darling II and we were there after a 20 HK dollar ride.

Walked into and immediately saw the fishbowl. Wasn't as high tech or well design as I had imagined. There were 40 girls inside. Designated by the color of their badge were the country where they came from, Mainland, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Cronin picked a sultry cutie but I didn't find any to my liking. Although I must say one of two had peaked my interest. Perhaps it was the cheesiness of the fishbowl that turned me off?

I asked the papasan if I could wait in the area while my buddy did his thing and the papasan agreed. This continued to give me a view of all the girls in case I changed my mind. I noticed that about ten girls started to come down from upstairs and greeting the papasan and clocking in. Some of them including a couple of Caucasians (probably Russians) returned upstairs while some of them entered the fishbowl.

After 15 minutes of waiting and still horny as hell, a mamasan offered to take me upstairs to the models which was priced at 1399. The fishbowl were 799 or 899 (not sure which one).

There were 8 girls up there including 3 Russians. They were taller than the girls down in the fishbowl but wasn't any better in looks. Except for one in a short dyed hair looking like a Chinese Hong Kong model or movie star. Whatever it was, she filled my fantasy so I picked her.

We went to a room and where there was a nice big bathtub. First, she washed out the tub and then she washed me with her tits and then her p@ssy. Did my back and front and while doing my front, it was so close in having the wanker get slip into her hole. I was so worried that I would premature. Never had such good and long service. But I kept it in and she blew me while I was still in the tub. Awwwwwww!

Next, she brought me over to the large bed where she started on everything. Licking my parts and blowing into my ears. Oh she knows my weaknesses. But don't they all?

Lick my AH as I arched back to give her a better position. What a Feeling! She was opened to repeated request for BJ and a good ass licking. Finally did the nasty in several positions before she took over and got on top of me and did my final release.

At the end, asked to photograph her for extra compensation but she declined and she wasn't the type that could be changed. I think her number was 218 but I'm not sure but I wouldn't recommend her at least not for the price and I could have probably gotten the same service downstairs. But some fantasies in life has to be fulfilled and she was one of them.

After the deed was done, waited downstairs for Cronin who was still at it. You people will have to wait for his report. I'm sure it will be mind blowing. According to him, it was one of his best, if not the best he ever had.

During this time, I got a chance to see the girls in the fishbowl again as new customers continued to stream in. There was another 3 girls I would have picked.

Finally after 15 or 20 minutes, Cronin all happy and in love. Wait for his report for the details.

We cab it back to the Holiday Inn and this time, the cab was 14 HK dollar. Makes you wonder about the first 21 HK cab ride.

At the back street of Holiday Inn, there was now about 20 - 25 SWs.

We walked back into the Lisboa basement and as we cornered the first restaurant, all the girls were quickly walking into an exit and leaving the area. There was no girl to be found on the runway except a few inside the dim sum restaurant. Things look blighted as I wanted to do another before leaving and having already who I had in mind.

We decided to take a cab to the seedier part of town where the low end hotels were and the girls were at 2. Since I forgot to bring my Forshan Pension hotel business card with me from the last trip, I asked the driver in Cantonese where the cheap hookers were and he told us that they were priced at 2 and that he probably said that he would take us to the Forshan Pension. That's where he drop us off.

We walked into the lobby and we were mobbed by 25 young things. More Cronin than me and some of them were trying to talk Cronin into their service. Since this was the first stop, I told Cronin to leave and we went on to three hotels where we found only one hotel with two girls in the lobby and it appeared they were shy in coming out.

We returned to Forshan Pension where I had my eyes on this sweet young thing. I selected her and left Cronin in the lobby still mobbed by the honeys.

Took my girl up to the room and found out she's was from Hunan (but aren't they all?). What a doll. Asked for her number and she told me that she did not have a phone yet. Service was adequate but I couldn't ask for more for 2. Although at the end, I paid for more for extra services.

By the time Cronin and I were done, it was 9:30 p.m. (I was supposed to be back in GZ at 9:30). I dropped off Cronin at the Lisboa and hurried to the border.

Crossed the border but found that the bus ticketing office back to GZ was closed. Panicking, I asked some people there on how to get back to GZ and they all suggested that I take the buses upstairs.

Made it upstairs and found that the last bus had left minutes earlier. Got mobbed by several cab driver who offered to drive me. One especially followed me and spoke Cantonese with accent. Did not like him at all. Saw two locals looking to a hail a cab. Learned that they were trying to find a cab that was returning back to GZ. That creepy cab driver continued to hassle me for the fare. He agreed on $200 RMB split two ways with the other local would have been $100 each. Several cabs stopped and learned that they also offered $200 for the same trip.

Decided on taking on one of the cab that had quoted me 200 and asked the local if he wanted to split the fare. But he was on the cell phone and his buddy wasn't that honest looking. Decide in the last minute to get in the cab myself and pay the full 200.

Driver left the area and after a 20 minutes drive arrived at a dark area near the highway. Got scared and asked him why he stopped and he told me that he was trying to pick up additional fare. Told him that I would only wait five minutes. Then after a minute, told him that I was leaving the cab and not pay him if he did not leave. He was pissed but he left. Kept my eyes opened and looked for recognizable landmark. Didn't see one until the KTV that has the U.S. capitol dome in Panyu.

Got closer into GZ and the driver wanted an extra 30 for tolls. Complained and bitched and finally agreed on 25 instead.

As we got into GZ, driver now wanted me to be dropped off not at my hotel but rather near it since he was not familiar with the street. Bitched and complained before finding a passerby who told us that we were about a $7 cab ride from my hotel.

Bitched and complained but got the cab driver to take off 10 off the cab ride. Took a local cab back to the hotel for $10 instead.

Well that's my Macau journal for Jan. 2005. Will try to post some pics of the sweetie found in Lisboa and Forshan Pension. Turns out Cronin follow up with my Forshan Pension girl.


Blue Diamone
01-10-05, 04:50
Hi all member,

I will staying in a hotel in the above mention place.

Are there any action around the area. Will appreciate your advice.

Cool Kid
01-10-05, 16:38
Hi WSG brothers,

My normal visit is to Beijing, but will be visiting Guangzhou for the first time this month. Not sure where I will be staying at (my client is booking the hotel), but sure want to do some mongering while at Guangzhou.

Since this is my first trip there, is it better to stay with Sauna? And if I want to go hunting, what's the best area for SW and BBS? Thanks.

I'll be flying into Hong Kong International Airport, what is the quickest way (and easiest) to go to Guangzhou from the airport.

This is the greatest forum, thanks for your help.

Happy Hunting

Cool Kid

Bill Lee
01-11-05, 04:35
For the last five years, my regular route has been the Gogo or CTS coach buses leaving from the airport to any of the major hotels in GZ, such as Garden, China, Landmark. The one way price is 250 HK (?) and roundtrip is double and 50 less.

However, the last time, there was a new service (at the same counter area where gogo and CtS are. A "VIP" company offered the same ride to your destination in GZ for the same price but in the comfort of a seven passenger van.

As soon as you walk out of the HK immigration and custom, the counters are located together in the left side of the terminal. Their sales girlswill mobbed you for their business. The van and bus counters are feets from each other. Best thing to do is to ask each one when is their next bus out to GZ and more importantly when will they estimate your arrival time be at your final destination.

Only thing about VIP was that over the same China border crossing, you have to hook up with another van from the same company. I think the bus services uses the same bus and driver. But sometimes not. The van service also like Gogo and CTS have female employees at the other side of the China border looking for your paper badge that all the bus services stick on you to ID you as one of their customers.

VIP was faster too since they did not have more stops and passenger to deal with. And being that it was new, I was the only passenger on the van. So it took me a little over two hours to get to my GZ destinations. The regular bus rides are about three hours.

Now there's the train that leaves from the airport that is more faster and more expensive but I'm not familar with that. And it requires a change of station either in HK or Kowloon.

Try the new VIP company. BTW, they are only one way now from HK to GZ.

Perhaps telling us which hotel you will be staying at will yield more info from others on the board.


World Traveler
01-13-05, 09:11
This and the following posts are from the second to third week of December. I drafted some when I was traveling but I am sorry, I was too busy having fun to think about you guys. I am doing it after I have come back from my trip. The information is not time sensitive and the post is meant to share my experience more so than providing any new information. I got all my info from the pervious posts here and I found some good ones. So, not much to add to them (yet) but enough to keep you guys interested. For more information, do your research and ask the more senior, more frequent members for better information or help.

When I arrived at Guangzhou, I was greeted by a couple of Chinese families whom I contacted through the local Chinese community. I was picked up from the airport (Is that airport operating under capacity or what?) and taken to a reasonable hotel (160 Yuan) not too far from the city center area. Next couple of days, it was things with the Chinese families. I was even taken to Pan yu to look at a couple of flats. Can you believe that? I had a couple of pages of posts on Pan yu, in my hand and I couldn’t even sneak out for a minute.

The first time that I got the chance to break away was the third night in Guangzhou. I knew I couldn’t take anyone to my room. Beside the security stuff, I was worried about the staffs' big mouth than anything else. I took one of the easier ways and took a taxi to the Garden Hotel area. This is about 11:00 o’clock, p.m., weekday, and I tried to follow instructions to find the R.O.G as described in previous posts. My luck, the police watch was at its full scale and police security was all over.

With all the directions you guys had provided, I still ended up going the wrong way, what can I say? Keep in mind that I am not used to this street approach thing and I could only speak two words of Chinese, one is ‘shee sheea’ and the second one is …. I already forgot.

If my back is to the Garden Hotel then, I should have gone right but I went to the left instead. I went all the way to the second (high) overpass and came back on the other side of the street. As I was walking, I had a couple of propositions here and there. The best one was this good looking thirty or so, busty one who kept up walking with me in the same direction. 300 Yuan +50 for the hotel. Where is the hotel? .. Minutes from here. I didn’t show any interest and kept walking, the price dropped to 250 + 50 and I kept walking, ... she gave up. I went over the bridge and as I was approaching the side walk, this cute youngish one made eye contact and as I got closer, she says “sex okay?” … Couldn’t communicate much and kept walking. A couple of blocks later and still under tight police watch, I saw a group of women at one corner, like they were ready to cross, but didn’t move. All different looks and types but none to slow down for. Nothing like I would expect from reading previous posts.

Around 12:30/1:00 am I went to Gypsy Kings. I got there and it was not that crowded, there were more men than women. No cover charge, friendly staff, … went half way and stood near the stage. I don’t drink so I was waiting to see if there was any pressure to buy a drink or not, there wasn’t, cool. I watched the stage for a few minutes and made the same observation as the previous posters, some local Chinese women enjoying the dance and music. So, I was minding my own business when I noticed this cute, tall, long leg, long hair gal is trying to get my attention. I didn’t think of it much because there were a lot of guys around, but she tried again. She motioned to go and sit next to her which I did. She goes through the routine of where from and bluh, bluh. When she asked me where my ‘house’ (hotel) was, I started to pay more attention. I knew I couldn’t host so I was having fun with her. She took me to the other side of the stage to meet her friend who was sitting at a table in a group of men and women. I thought her friend was pretty cute. If I had seen her picture somewhere else, I wouldn’t have guessed she was Chinese. Kindna shorter, small face, and very charming, she could speak more English than the first gal. They went at it talking and whispering (like I would understand anyway), maybe updating her friend with details. I was sitting in the middle and I could feel her warm breast rubbing against my right arm .. and I was liking it. Her friend asked me if I would like to take the gal with me to my ‘house’ and I explained the situation. Apparently, she lived too far away to host at her house. Somehow I was able to ask a price or so and she says 100 .. US. When I laughed, she knew she had started on the wrong side. Of course, the price was negotiable and how much would I like to pay? I was not into playing the guess game and they cooled off. The first gal said she was going to dance and left, and I left the place as quietly as I had entered it. Walked back to the Garden Hotel, took taxi to my hotel and went to sleep.

I’ll write the next post soon. If you guys think this one was too long, off topic, or too boring, you can let me know and I try to do better on the next post, don’t be shy.

01-13-05, 14:38
Great Post, love the little details, good for us newbies, the seniors and seasoned travelers can skip through the post if they want to.

Keep it up on posts 2 -3, hope your luck was better.

World Traveler
01-17-05, 10:19
The next day, I approached one of the older guys around the hotel who helped me the day before, to convert my cell phone to the Chinese system and found me a place to eat. I tried to communicate with him if he could help me out with something soft and curvy! And he said yes, he could help me and how much I wanted to spend. I showed him two fingers for two hundred, … hold on guys. He looked disappointed and tried telling me he would do what he could do. Later that afternoon the guy caught up with me and directed me to outside hotel. I kept following him along the sidewalk. Passed some shops and stores and eventually, slowed down by a vendor on the sidewalk, There was this attractive woman standing there, smiling at me. She looked good. Kindna tall, round Chinese face with small features. Nice bust and pasture, and she had a long ponytail on. I knew exactly what I was going to do with that ponytail! The guy turned and asked if I was interested and I was, … immediately. He went at it with the girl for a while and paused for a minute to ask me if I could pay three hundred. With all the temptation and frustration I was facing, I still wanted to test the waters and held firm. He went at it with the girl again and I realized that there couldn’t be any level of communication available with her, along the sidewalk, people walking by, and stuff, .. I had to stay at the mercy of the girl and her generosity! I slowly turned around and started heading back to my hotel.

A couple of off-topic observations. Was that fog, humidity, or air pollution hanging over Guangzhou all day or what? In mid December the temperature was 26 degree Celsius. I cannot imagine what it is like during summer.

There is officially no public transportation available to and from the Airport. The closest thing they have is the Express Shuttle (Bus) to and from major hotels, 20 Yuan each way. If you could find your destination close to one of these hotels, you could take city buses from there to your destination. At least taxies would cost you less.

To be honest, I never learned the name of hotel in English, and I stayed there a few times, didn’t have choice. The thing is that I never saw the name of the hotel (in English) anywhere. Not on front, receptionist area, floor receptionist, or even the hotel business card. Either that or I was too distracted to pay any attention. However, the hotel was a few shops down from Yuan Yanc Hotel. Actually, that was what the hotel staff wrote down for me to show taxies going back to my hotel.

I didn’t see any other tourists or even foreigners around anywhere I went except, when I went to the Garden Hotel area, go figure.

World Traveler
01-19-05, 10:20
I tried the Garden Hotel area again a couple of nights later. By then, I had learned how to navigate better and I took the bus this time. I got off directly on the other side from the Garden Hotel, started walking east in search of the R.O.G, and followed he landmarks and descriptions in previous posts. I would call the first landmark an ‘underpass’, or did I miss that? I went to the end of the underpass and walked for another few minutes and passed Haggen Daz … but no sign of nothing. I mean absolutely nothing, … not a sole. I reviewed the directions a couple of times and I was pretty sure I followed them correctly. I saw the shopping center on my left when I came off, .. the second overpass, etc. I started walking back, went to the end of the underpass road and ended at the end of the Garden Hotel. Turned right and walked along the street on the south side of the hotel, nothing. Went to the intersection, turned right and went over the ped. overpass and went back to where I had started. Reviewed the directions again and started walking east, this time went over the underpass and continued.

As I was walking I saw two Chinese young women, arm-on-arm, walking toward me and smiled, I smiled back. As we were passing by, I turned my head to look and they did the same and turned around and followed me. By now, I was at the T-section, approaching a crosswalk. I slowed down to let them to catch up with me. I looked and there was this (I think) Quick store and I decided to spoil myself with an ice cream. They caught up with me and they asked if ‘sex was okay’. I smiled and tried to get their interests going until we reach the end of the crosswalk. I went to the store and they followed me. After they saw what I picked up, they wanted one! I just ignored them and walked outside and opened my ice cream. One of them asked me if I wanted to take the other one with me to my house, I replied no, how about her house, she said okay. Where was her house and she pointed at the north and I looked up. It must have been the extension of the mall or something but not like a hotel or like. How would we get there? .. taxi. How much? Then they tried to convince me to take both of them. Okay, how much, 300 Yuan each. I turned and started continuing on my walk. By the time I finished my treat; I was at the corner of Holiday Inn. I heard music and crowd from the west side of the road along the hotel. I started walking north on the other side trying to make observations. There were at least three clubs side by side, one was Wave, couldn’t tell much more. Cars parked along the street and a couple of Chinese girls going in or coming out. I am not sure if there was any cover charge or not because they would show something and get in. I felt I was not dressed enough to have any luck and turned around and started heading back south toward the hotel. As I was approaching the same corner (next to Holiday Inn), I saw a group of girls/women standing on the east corner. I thought I saw a couple of cuties so I slowed down to check them out. As I was getting closer and as soon they realized I was available, I heard too many words at once. That wasn’t bad enough, a couple of street kids came around asking for money. A car was trying to turn in and had its lights on me when another car was trying to get out, talking about keeping a low profile. I realized the easiest thing to do was to walk faster and get out of there.

I started walking back west, toward the Garden Hotel, on north side of the street. As I was getting there, I saw a Chinese woman coming my way and trying to make eye contact. She looked around 30, shoulder length hair, nice rack, and nice face. I smiled back and as we were passing each other she said something and I said something and she turned around 180 degree, got hold of my right arm and kept walking with me in my direction. Keep in mind that all this time, there is still police watch and everything else just like the other night, she was happy she could walk with me without being harassed by the police. We go through the q’s and a’s and she says 300 + 50 for the hotel, where is the hotel? .. minutes away on taxi, … seven Yuan for taxi. I said it was too much and I wasn’t interested. Maybe I would like to pay 250 + 50, she says, and I say no. We are still walking arm to arm and the police are not too far from us. She knows if she drops off, she would be harassed, and she keeps walking. The price dropped to 200 + 50 and I was smiling. I had already had my fun for the night; let’s see if I could push my luck a bit.

So, as we were walking, I got closer to her and started ‘talk sex’ her, you know, like ‘phone sex’. Have you guys tried that? It wouldn’t be much fun if they don’t understand English, but she knew. I saw her blushing and turning red and blue. She couldn’t believe herself hearing those words whispered in her ears. But she didn’t drop off. Ha, she must be a tough cookie. Finally, I said I wanted two pops for 200, and she said that would be 300 Yuan. I thought that was my chance to end it there and I said no. She looked around and saw a policeman ahead and another one not too far behind us, ready to (probably) snap at her as soon as she was separated from me. Just about this time a taxi slowed down trying to get a business and she said yes! Lets go, and she motioned the taxi to stop and we hopped in.

The taxi went west for a few blocks, turned right and went south for a block and turned right again. Went a couple of blocks, made a u-turn, and stopped in front of a hotel, … the meter was exactly seven Yuan. The hotel staff greeted us and she started talking to them (in Chinese). After a short hesitation, they did the paper work and she signed it. It was 50 + 50 for deposit. I was still going along but ready to back off anytime if I wanted to. We went a couple of floors up and the floor receptionist opened the room for us, not bad. A large room with two beds, a dresser, a couple of chairs and stuff. She asked me to pay first and I said no. She said it was ‘normal’ but I said no, she was cool with that. We took a shower and went back to the bed. I started with fondling ( I always do) then a long BJ where I led in different positions :) Put the cover on and tried different positions and she was totaly accommodating. Finally, finished with CIM. Wow, what a satisfaction, .. a good one. That took me a good forty minutes or so and I didn’t want to push for a second pop. We cleaned up again, I paid her, and we left the room. At the lobby, I gave them the receipt and was handed back a 50 note and we left. She wanted to take a taxi and take me to my hotel! But I knew how to find my way back and told her I was going to walk back and she wanted to walk with me. She was happy that she could go back without the police harassment. She had a good attitude and I let her take my arm! (yeah sure)

The thing is that when I am with a woman no matter, how old or young, sister or lover, I am all hers, and sometimes it shows. I am not saying it is anything unique but you guys could interpret that however you would like to. As we were walking (very GFE), I learned more about her. She was thirty, with (I think) an eight year old daughter who lived with her mother in another town. She was separated (Chinese don’t divorce) from her abusive husband, yeah, yeah, … yeah. Had rented a studio not too far for eight hundred Yuan, which sounded right. As we were walking back, I recognized the road, which was supposed to be the R.O.G. Still nothing. We got to the Garden Hotel and I told her I wanted to go and eat and if she would like to have something to eat with me but she politely declined and gave me her telephone number and left. She sounded like she knew how to sneak into my hotel room if I wanted to, I didn’t call her.

I ate and went back strolling again and saw the same scene. Girls walking by, smiling, trying to get your attention under the police watch. Went back to the Garden Hotel and took a taxi back to my hotel. When I took the bus earlier, I discovered that the first night the taxi drivers had each cheated me of six, seven Yuan by taking a longer route, some people think so small. One thing I wanted to mention was that if you ended up going to the one-hour hotel and paid the deposit; hold on to the receipt yourself instead of her. It could keep things simple.

01-29-05, 21:48
This is a locals area in north GZ. Although there are independent SW, most of the system is with mama pimps. There are dozens of mamas standing on the street, but they are all calling the same set of about 100 - 200 girls in this area. Follow the mama to her apartment, she'll keep bringing girls until you see one you like. White guy tax is 200 and locals 150. In four visits, I've had only good experiences, but stay aware, you're following strangers into blind, dark alleys.

Here's a map and some pix of the gaunlet of mamas. They are really hard to take candid photos of since they are super aware of what everyone around them is doing. Here, they've all spotted me trying to take their photo and they're laughing and running away.

Look for pix of the girls in the photo section.


World Traveler
02-02-05, 18:12
This is what got my attention from one of the previous posts about Dashi: " Interesting offer in this area are girls that only lie and cuddle and let you fondle their tit” I had to try it. I remember the poster called it “For the adventurous at heart! “, that would be me.

The map prints it as Dashi but I think the local calls it ’Dassu’, ‘u’ is hardly pronounced. Or I couldn’t hear the difference.. Good luck finding your way there if you don’t know Chinese. I took off early afternoon and after transferring a couple times on bus, I was dropped off on the main (divided) road (going north-south) in Dashi. It didn’t look like a small city at all. I had no idea where to start from and started walking south on the same side of the road. Turned left onto a wide alley and started getting into a market area. I think it was so obvious that I didn’t have business there because I got a lot of stares! I noticed there were a couple of Chinese men sitting in front of a store and doing nothing. I ignored my brain and follow my ****. I walked toward them with a smile and tried to talk to them (like they knew any other language!). There was no direct communication but I didn’t leave, I hung around. The Chinese women in the stores where excited to see a foreigner and the guys felt good about it, I guess. After fifteen minutes of bull shitting and air talking, I tried to tell them what I was looking for. They had no clue. They thought I was in the wrong city. I gave up and started walking back. I want the same way I had come and further. Went to the first (big) intersection, where you could find crosswalk, and went to the other side. Went south a bit and turned left on the main road. Walked for five minutes, ten minute, fifteen minutes, … nothing. The problem was that I didn’t know what I was looking for to begin with.

I was carrying a small bag on me. You know, for map, water, dictionary, tissues (a must), condoms, etc.! The things that you keep on the nightstand of your hotel room. So I had water on me, I kept going. I tried a couple of shop owners, vendors, and bicycle shops, ….. to get some direction but nothing. They all sent me to here and there with no luck.

I turned left on a main street and started heading north, already getting tired, I went all the way and when I reached the end of the street at a T section, I noticed a group (more like a gang) of Chinese men sitting around, doing nothing. I slowed down and finally stopped not too far from one of them who were standing up. Waited a minute or so and very what I call discrete, approached him. When your brain is not in charge, you could do stupid things.

As soon as I started saying a couple of words in English, a couple of other guys stood up and started walking toward me. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by a gang of Chinese men. There were at least ten, fifteen of them. I felt like a sheep cornered by a pack of wolves. I didn’t blink. I remembered the Ferris’s movie where him and his friends were about to be kicked out of the restaurant. I thought if I were ever going to be attacked by a gang of Chinese men, it wouldn’t be them. It was daylight and there where people on the street, though not too many so I was not panicking. I talked no longer, smiled a couple of times, and avoided any eye contact with any of them. I just stood there, firm, comfortable, .. motionless. I stayed like that for about ten, fifteen minutes then they got tired of standing up and started sitting down one by one. I started walking very slowly and kept going straight until I disappeared in the crowd.

I was still not about to quit. I approached this guy on a motorcycle and tried to ask him if he could help! I was bolder this time. It appeared that he understood me and knew exactly where to take me. I hopped on. Went east on the same road until we reached almost the end of it and he stopped, He said that was it, pointing at a hotel. It looked like a very legitimist hotel. There was no sign of anything! I got mad at him for wasting my time and walked away from him without giving him any money. I think he knew he had not understood me and just took off. Shit, I was in middle of nowhere and I am now in middle of nowhere of nowhere. I cooled off and took a look around. A couple of shops and stores, … a place to eat and etc. .. But wait a minute I see a barbershop sign! I walked toward the sign and discoverer a shop at the end of a short alley. Can it be it? I walked slowly to see if I get any attention from anyone or not, .. not. As I approached the front of the store, I almost stopped. A guy came out and directed me to go inside. I asked what it was, he didn’t understand. I asked again. He said message, .. I wouldn’t be interested, .. Can I do any thing else, I asked. Yes, .. he says. What, .. he says go inside, I say what can I get, he says a lot! I went inside. A bunch of cuties, some in uniform, very bubbly, very cute. He said I could take one upstairs for 30 Yuan. ,, Then what? Take one and go upstairs, he says, I was wondering what it could be. I didn’t get much eye contact from any one and I decided to leave. Ha, was that what I was supposed to be looking for?

I went back to the main street and looked more. Wow, there is another barbershop. As I am approaching this one, there were a couple of Chinese guys sitting outside, and as they saw me, one of them got up and directed me to go inside, I did. One related observation, later on at the end of this trip, I learned that the man pimps turned out to be more reliable. … I went inside and took the first chair I saw. The guy tells me for 30 Yuan I can take one of them upstairs. About ten young Chinese women, very cute, very good looking, what I cal ‘uninhabited’, sitting around watching TV, talking to each other or on cell phone. I took the first one who gave me a smile and a welcome look. She looked in mid twenties, shoulder length hair, nice rack, nice face, very feminine. She took me upstairs and we passed a couple of cubicles on the way. She took the last one. There was a single size bed, a small table (or was it a chair), a light, .. enough room to turn around. There was no door but a curtain.

I showed no interest in message or stuff like that, I am not into. She is very cool, she’s been there, seen it. I sit at the edge of the bed with my legs hanging and she was standing in front me with her tits almost in my face. So, I started fondling her (full cloth) and pulled her closer to me. She was being very playful, pulled away just enough to tease and at the same time to keep me going. I was happy now. I remembered that a while back, one of the local posters mentioned in his report that sometimes just seeing a fresh pair of tits was worth so much. .. and I was playing with them, anything else would be a bonus. Then she motioned to me to lie down, I did. She came up and laid down next tom, … remember single bed. Just writing about this experience makes me excited.

So, I am enjoying myself and by now, I am under her sweater and under her bra and everything. Somehow, I managed to unfasten her bra, I pulled up her sweater and bra, nice juicy tits, and I liked them. Keep in mind that during the whole thing she was moaning a bit, pulled away a bit, and teased and stuff. I went for more and open her pants, nice skin. Reached under her underpants, she liked it. She was clean and smelled good. By now I was also able to open my pants and pull down my short to me knees, and I was enjoying myself and she started to help. All these time, she’s been very cool, she thinks I am all this and all that, she is amazed by the way I am enjoying her, and she is excited about the hair on my body, … and now she is fascinated by my size! She took closer look, which was fine with me. Then, she motioned that I could get between her legs! You must be kidding! I didn’t even mention the money and stuff (is not like me not to) and I reached into my bag and took out a condom to make sure I understood her correctly, .. yep. She helped me to put the condom on while I was busy enjoying her body. She motioned to get on top, but wouldn’t take her pants down all the way. Only to her knees and I could only do the same. I have to admit that the missionary position is one of my least favorite ones but I was not worried about that right then. With some extra ‘acrobatic’ movements, I got on top and she put it in for me. So, now I am on top, I have her sweater and bra up her large melons, feeling her nice smooth skin under me and looking at her pretty face, my pants down to my knees and hers too, couldn’t hold it much longer. After that, she helped me to take the condom off and to clean up. I always carry these small sanitary napkins on me. I have always done that but since a couple of years ago when I read in a post (probably different section) that carrying sanitary hand wipe is a must, I have done that diligently. I cleaned up with a big smile on my face and pulled my pants up thinking what a pleasurable experience but apparently it was not over yet.

She motioned to me to lie down again and relax which I did. She came up and slept next me, her head on my left arm, her face on my chest, and the rest of her body hanging onto me, relaxing. I had enjoyed her so much already that I didn’t mind. So, I relaxed too thinking about my new experience and how far I had gone to do it. She fell asleep on my arm for about fifteen minutes or so while I didn’t make a move. Finally, I started telling her that I was ready to leave if she would like me to but she didn’t want me to. Anyway, we went at it again. I couldn’t believe it, a double double bonus, very nice. I didn’t go inside for the second time but she helped me manually! To watch such a beauty doing it for you, … very nice. I cleaned up again, got dressed, and left the cubical. On the way down, I was able to use their restroom (yeah) to wash up. Felt very good. I gave her forty before we left the cubical and paid thirty to the guy downstairs. When I came out of that place it was around 5:30, I was stumbling from joy! I was walking like a drunken guy coming out of a bar, I couldn’t walk straight, and I couldn’t hide my smile. What a different experience.

World Traveler
02-07-05, 22:46
i came back from the place and i felt like i was not done yet. it took that much to find something and i wanted more. i started walking away from the place and took the first alley on my left. i went to the end of it and ended up in a crowded area, like a market. i decided to fix myself. i found a place to eat and another store to have a feast of fresh fruits, …. only if i could find some coffee! after i was done with that, i stood at a corner, kindna in the shadow, and lit up a j***. i read my notes again. there must be more to dashi. the post mentioned allies, i had to investigate more. so, i started walking again. i thought i found some leads but turned out to be hoax. finally, i approached a motorcycle guy for a ride. he happily accepted. where to? i asked him to just drive; i found it easier and faster to check out the place. i directed him to go here and there, turn around, go back, … may be not. nothing, i couldn’t find anything or i didn’t see anything. the guy was wondering what i was up to so i explained to him i was looking for some action. he said he could help. he was in his mid twenties or something. excited to have a tourist on his bike, practice his english, happy making some extra money.

he drove me to a place on one of the main roads and asked me to wait until he went inside, came back, and asked me to go with him inside. it was a barbershop. it looked legit. there were these three very good-looking girls in there. each with her own beauty (my taste) and style. it was confusing what was going on and what to expect. they were being very discrete. somehow, and i don’t how, i lost it my self and approached it what turned out to be not the best way. you see, i was still in the mentality of the previous place where i had my fun. i was thinking in the same line of thoughts. i convinced them to go upstairs with me where there would be more privacy, and they did. there i was sitting on a massage bed and they were standing in front of me, lined up. i was like a kid a candy store, i wanted them all. i am not sure where i went wrong but couldn’t get them interested. i thought about it later and i realized that for one, i wanted to do too much to be able to communicate it with the girls. .. have to keep it at a level that could be communicated, they can’t read your mind and can’t speak anything other than chinese, what do you expect. two, i didn’t offer enough money for what i was asking for to keep them interested, three i should have played their game (whatever it was) longer and be more patient, i should have tried one at the time. i lost them, couldn’t work out anything with them. later i admitted to myself that i missed some fine beauties due to being a complete idiot. how many times would you get the chance to have three of them lined up in front of you like that? even the motorbike guy was surprised to see me coming out so soon. … no big deal lets go. he took me to two more barbershops. not too many choices and those with potentials where hard to reach. … why women are always jealous of other women.

i missed out on another opportunity. we went to this place where i saw a very cute one. i went upstairs with her, not knowing what to expect. she was being really playful and that added more to my interest. i tried to actually convince her to give it up right there but apparently, it couldn’t happen there (on premises) and it had to be in another location if i wanted actual sex. how much and for what and due to language barriers something went misunderstood. we started heading downstairs and on they way out of the place, she motions to another girl to go along with us. we left the place and went to the building next door. they had keys to a couple of doors and we ended up in a fairly large room on the top floor. i found a couch (or chair) and sit down. still not knowing what to expect. all of sudden i saw the cute girl started taking her clothes off. and the other girl started doing the same thing. if i knew it was going to be double pleasure, i would have preferred to pick the other girl myself and it wouldn’t be her. it felt wired because i had not worked out the money situation and i wasn’t going to take my clothes off yet and there were trying to encourage me to that. i stopped them and asked what they had in mind. apparently, when i was trying to work out the details with the first girl, between how much and if i wanted two girls, there was confusion. she must have asked me if i wanted two girls and i though she was asking for two hundred. the deal was that they wanted two hundred each. to be honest the other girl was not my type and i would have preferred a different arrangement. meanwhile, the first cute girl kept taking her clothes off. what a nice pair of tits, nice skin, barely any hair, … very fresh. and i had to control myself not to let my dick to make decisions. … didn’t work out with them. i guess it was either two of them or none. where did i go wrong there?

the motorbike took me a couple of other places, rep001tered. nothing to stand out, some sleepy girls here and there. the price 150 yuan and they wouldn’t go down. where? .. at the nearby hotel. i left again and asked the guy to keep driving. where to now, … just keep driving for now. i remembered the post motioned about the price at 50 yuan, but where could it be. the motorbike guy stopped and said he didn’t know of any other places to go to and i said something like that was end of his services too. he paused and started thinking for a minute. he said he knew of one other place he wanted me to try, okay. i hoped on again and he went on a different direction, to the end of the road and got on the freeway. he got off shortly and took this dirt road. there was no other light than his bike’s. actually, it was too narrow to call it a road, more like a path. there was no way any automobile would fit or survive that. it was just wide enough for pedestrians and bikes. i remembered one of the previous posts from johnny and (i think) oah when they were trying to make new discoveries late at night following dark allies, ready to back off any time. the motorbike kept going and i couldn't back off now. every once in awhile would pass a pedestrian or two or maybe another motor bike, otherwise nothing. you would think you were miles away from any civilization. all of sudden the motor slows down and he tries to get my attention, look. i looked and i couldn’t believe my eyes. there were a couple of girls standing by this dirt road, … working. i had to keep rubbing my eyes. he stopped in front of this girl and started talking to her. she must have been in her early twenties, short round hair, round chinese face (of what you could see), full lips, firm body, nice rack. i was asked how much i wanted to pay and i said fifty. ... that wouldn’t be enough. i checked her out and said fifty again, .. not enough, … then lets go, .. okay come back, fifty is good. where? follow her. the motor guy waited there when i followed her. passed a store and a couple of houses and went inside this place with large rooms. she had the key to one of the rooms. there was a bed, cover, and stuff. nothing else. i had to pay first but i refused. she wouldn’t budge, i paid her. she laid down and wanted me to go at it. couldn’t touch her here or there, wasn’t very accommodating at all. wouldn’t let me enjoy her. you guys guess what happened next? suddenly she says ‘time is over’ .. in english. i couldn’t believe my ears. she said it again. what this world has come to? i was in middle of no where. one the most uninhabited places i have ever been, .. and she says “your time is over” … in english, bit*h. i guess you guys must have gotten to her way before me. anyway, it turned out to be a rush service. nothing to mention about. no foreplay, no nothing. put the condom on, and get on the missionary position, ... only. we left her place and i hopped on the motor and we left. as we were leaving, i saw another girl standing by the (dirt) road, … youngish looking, and a bit chubbier, a bit bustier, nice. as soon as we got back on the road, i told the motorbike i wanted more. i wanted to go back for the second girl. you guys should have seen his expression, ... like, are you serious, .. yes i was serious, but i had take a break first. we were passing some houses and i saw this local store and asked him to stop. i wanted to get a pop and sit down for a minute. imagine showing your foreign face at this place that time of day. the place was in middle of nowhere, locals only, and i started heading inside. the motorbike guy hesitated and found it unsafe to go inside. he stepped back. i went inside and pointed at an orange pop which turned out to be frozen after all, paid the inflated price, sit there for a while had some sunflower seeds with them and left. we went back on the same path. the second girl was still there. less negotiation this time, same price, 50 yuan but she had to take all her clothes off, ... okay. i followed her to her place, which was as shabby as the first place. she locked the door from inside and started taking her clothes off. nice firm body, lighter skin than the first one, nice fresh tits, not much hair down, nice smooth skin, very nice. .. and she would let me do my stuff, … not bad at all, ... no oral or anything else. took my time enjoying her, put the cover on, and tried it in a couple of positions, … very nice. left the place alone and found my way back to the motorbike guy, hopped on and went back to where i had taken the bike at the first place. … very satisfied.

p.s. has anyone else having problems logging in and posting? the board has been very 'sluggish'.

02-22-05, 06:27
Hi guys,

I am heading GuangZhou again for the spring fair. Going to be living in a company apartment. Wanted to know if i wanted some action on the weekends which area of the city should i go. Want to try an area that have high amounts of bbs or walkers.

Thank you.

G Reddy
02-24-05, 09:04
I am planning on visiting a city 1 hour north of GZ. I think it is called Qing Yuen. Anyone has any infomation on the place? How to get there from GZ, What hotels and obviously the action there.


03-01-05, 11:44
World Traveller,

Great posts, but IMHO I don't think you were in Dashi. None of the landmarks, streets/roads, directions sound familiar. I was there just before CNY and most of the alley girls were gone. Probably, home for the holiday if they saved up enough at 40RMB per pop. You paid the laowai price, but for 10 RMB who's counting...hehe.

I did manage to find one candidate, but the room was such a filthy rat trap, without even a toilet. I was afraid to even lie on the bed. Just leaned her over the bed and did her doggy. I had gone window shopping in the alleys a few times, but did not take one before. First time and last time. I like value for money, but this is far below acceptable. Also, none of the alley girls agree to BJ regardless of the offer.

There is a sauna on the left side of the main road just over the bridge coming from Riverside Garden. Sunday promotion is 2 hours with happy ending for 118 RMB inclusive. The hardware is clean and reasonable.


03-02-05, 02:16
Is there any activity in or near the Marriott Hotel?

03-02-05, 16:25

Do you mean the China Hotel by Marriott? Catwalk in the basement may have some action. There are a few SW around the hotel. Having said that, IMHO, it is not the best area in town to monger nowadays. Avoid the lady hustlers showing you pictures of young girls. What you see is not what you get most times. I would suggest grabbing a cab to the area near the Garden Hotel or Tao Jin Bei Lu area for SW. Ramada shops for BBS action. Happy Hunting!