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Never Return
08-22-03, 07:12
Hey Philo,

Thanks for giving us some ACTUAL experiences in Cambodia. Intresting how your report seems to paint Cambodia as vastly different and much less enjoyable than it was a mere 6 months ago!! that is truly disheartening. Sort of discredits the previous rants about how great Cambodia is. From your experience would you even recommend Cambodia anymore? My trip is only a month away but it sure doesnt sound like its worth going there from what you are reporting. Maybe i am reading only the negative but the prices have TRIPLED. At those rates would Thailand be a better choice? I'm still intrested in going but am a bit put-off by the unjustified tourist gouging. Obviously the economy has not improved 300% so these prices must only be for the tourists. IS it possible to bargain them down?

08-22-03, 07:40
An open inquiry to Jackson:

Have you ever banned anyone from this site just on general principals, e.g., being an obnoxious asshole who wastes everyone's time?

Just wondering; and certainly not referring to anyone in particular. A purely hypothetical question. (-:

By the way, I would not have a problem if you chose to do so.


08-22-03, 13:11
I'll say it loud! By "asshole" you no doubt mean Cambodia Pro-fuse mouth. So what he banged a hundred taxi girls in Phnom Penh last week. Any fat ass barang with a little viagra and wad of five dollar bills could do the exact same thing. What a complete idiot!
Dishonorable mention to another mostly meaningless mouth, Guy#2. This dude thinks he's the group ombudsman by dredging up all those ancient posts from others elsewhere on the net while claiming to be a Khmer with expertise. What a joke! No doubt there are many mostly quiet Cambodians in places Long Beach, CA or Lowell, MA (with huge expatriate communities) who can smell a sham or at least one of their village idiots gone wild.
Neither would ever make the cut at a REAL Cambo sex guide board like km11.com. Cambo Pro-fuse mouth with his completely useless banter would first get laughed off by the "real pros" and then the official boot by the no nonsense moderator.

Cambodia Pro
08-23-03, 08:02
easy boys, ENVY IS NOT A VIRTUE.



I can tell the members that are married to obese ugly western wives ,and get green with envy at what they can't have.

I am with you in spirit brothers. I know it hurts. But, you can do it too. I do it without the viagra, and I am very handsome elite man.

You can cut your losses and divorce the beast, and come to Cambodia to live the dreams in real life. You can have your own orgy with a modest ten girls for less than what your current wife ask you to buy her in Big macs every month(about $150).

So relax, your faith is your hands, but you have to act. The beast will control you as long as you put up with it.

I am considering uploading some of the pictures of my 100 girl fukathon. But I think it will be to painful for some of you to see what you can't have. I will think more about it, and maybe post a few. It is unreal, you have to see it to believe it. Even I can't believe I accomplished such a feat.

Cambodia where sex dreams come true.

The sex king of Cambodia...... Cambo Pro

08-23-03, 08:59
Never Return, All

I'm not negative. I had many good times, I just cannot put my Cambo trip in any known cathegory (?) And I am a sissy in some sense. Up to the point I got my reentry visa to LOS, I was never shure whether I would get out of Cambo or not (paranoia?). Maybe I have read to many warnings ....

What do you in a brothel with the a Viet cutie that you think is 18-20 (papasan say what he thinks you want to hear), when you have read that you can be set up even with a legal (in western 18+ sense) girl? Switch to 25's with two babies? I only wish they had ID's .......

You should check out www.km.11 for prices from USD2/B200 to USD 20(30,40). You can haggle ....

Anyway I payed ST 7/10/13, LT 10/15/20 in PP and S.Ville. Never made it to a 2-5 ST place. May be I newer will..... A USD 10 Viet lovely on the 63rd was in brothel with dead rats, used condoms everywhere, 10 yo spiderweb, and brown cold water in a barrel in case you want to wash. Poor girls .......

But I will probably go back to Cambo.

Guy #2
08-26-03, 05:46
This will be my last post because I am a man of my word. I am spending $2000 reihl an hour or .50 to post this from an internet store in Phnom Penh.

I have been in Cambodia 4 days now.

1. Day 1 My driver took me to a to a hotel that had beautiful gilrls to pick from. You can sing karoke for $8 a room and $7 a girl or you can take her out for $60. I did not negotiate the price. I took out a beautiful girl.

2. Day 2 My driver took me to a brothel area near Lucky Star hotel for another beautiful girl for $25 for the night.

3. Day 3. I went to Martini's near the Intercntiental. It was packed with ugly small girls who like theyr had AIDS. This was the only time I saw any white people. You guys are going to the wrong places. I had my driver go back the Monument at 9:00 p.m and there were 100 girls for $10 a night. You white guys would like them but I thougt they were ugly. I also went to U2s which is a karoke bar and a place where you can take girls home for $50, 75, 100.

4. You have to spend at least $50-60 for a beautiful girl. They will showere and expect ypu to shower. They will not undress n front of you. They will lie down and allow vagnal sex. No foreplay.

5. My report is short because I am a little disgusted with myself and the conditions here. Yes, the girls fo $60 a nigh are beautiful. But I am still nauseated from seeing the girls at Martini and near the monument. I have not had time to look at the beer girls because you have to wait for them to get off of work.

6. Jackson, I am sorry for the grammar and punctuation. I am not in a place where I can write privately.

7. Oh, about security. No one tried to arrest. Everything is okay.

8. I will visit Svay Pak today.

9. I think that the girls for anything less than $60 a night is very repulsive looking.

10. The girls in the karoke are beautiful. You rent the room and some places the girls are free. You go in the room and what you do is between you and the girl depending on your tip. Nornmally you do not fuck her. You just hug and maybe feel her up. I have not tried that. I want to take the girl to the hotel for the night which is $60-$100 a night.

11. I am surprise that you guys who have travelled to Cambodia never post what I am writing.

12. I do not want to tell you the name of the hotel where I met the beautiful girl. I feel so sorry for her that I gave her another $40.

Go to US nightclub and go to the karoke upstairs. The girls are not as beautiful but better than than the brothels by Lucky STar or by the monument. THe brothels are located near Mao Tse Tung and the Intercontinental near Martinis.

I hope you guys treat these girls well. Some of the locals are like savages. That is why I share my posts. As Americans, we are more inclined to treat these girls like human beings as opposed to dogs.

I am a little disgusted with myself after seeing the streetwalkers. They are repuslive to look at. The more bneautiful girls are more expensive and difficult to deal with. Some will let you fondle their ass but not their breasts. They will let you fuck them but no foreplay.

This is my last post.

The Lizard
08-26-03, 07:11

$ 13 for ST is a pure rip off (esp. if you think over how this girls look like). $ 5 for ST is normal (even for westeners). $ 2 or 3 is difficult to get (only khmer). LT for $ 10 is ok (Hun Sen Park) including the chance to get robbed (by girl or pimp). For "better" places you will have to pay normaly $ 20.

Cambodia Pro
08-27-03, 04:54
Guy#2 , You are very amateur. Go to martini's after 10PM.
$15 to $50 for movie star. If you read this, and you are truly in pp, I'll be at Martini's this Friday at 9:00PM. Will be wearing a a white polo shirt, and brown khakis. It's easy to recognize me. Look for the most beautiful girl in the place. She will be with me.

Cambodia, " Amazing Grace"

Originally posted by Guy #2
This will be my last post because I am a man of my word. I am spending $2000 reihl an hour or .50 to post this from an internet store in Phnom Penh.

I have been in Cambodia 4 days now.

This is my last post.

08-27-03, 13:14
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Cambodia Pro
[i]Guy#2 , You are very amateur. Go to martini's after 10PM.
$15 to $50 for movie star.

Why the wild swing from $15 to $50 Mr. so-called Cambodia Pro? You are proving yourself to be the amateur while Guy#2 (if believable at all) appears to be a totally in the dark and lost Khmer boy. The going rate at Martinis is $20 LT to perhaps max. $25 for your so-called movie star. Anything close to $50 is an outrageous, ruinious price! Yes, $15 is certainly possible in low/monsoon season - like now! ST is $10 at Martinis or half that amount certain brothels full of lovely VNamese working staff. Please no more bragging and no more disinformation or utter stupidity out of U 2 !!

Marco Pole
08-29-03, 06:33
Amen Cambo Pro,

Guy #2 is either completely full of shit or blind as a bat. Unless things have changed dramatically since April, Martinis still has plenty of hotties for no more than $20-25 for the whole night.

Guy #2, if you actually are there, keep paying $60-100 (should have stayed in the US moron) per lady until you run out of money and then do us a favor and leave the country as well as these boards. Your posts are nothing but useless banter that is both difficult and boring to read.


08-30-03, 00:42
Some good and interesting reports on this board, but it looks like this board could do with a purge or two, like we have at km11 from time to time.

Guy2, I suggest you go back to school and take again misery economics 101 instead of trying to play father Christmas. Prices in Cambo are nothing like what you say. You're either a complete moron, or a cretin that falls for anything. Either way I wonder what you're doing in SEA.

But there again maybe you're a 5 foot 300 lb wrinkled tatooed monkey with a strong body odour and sweaty palms. In that case they come cheap at the prices you quoted and we're all wrong, sincere apologies.

"Cambodia Pro", as soon as one sees your name that hints at your modesty, one cannot help wonder what a loverboy like you is doing in a dump like that. Try to befriend Ron Jeremy, not us modest punters. I can't fault you on your reasoning about western bitches, though.

09-03-03, 23:06
Hey, guys.

One of you referred to a book here recently and I got a copy and it makes for very entertaining reading. It is a first hand account of the author's adventures in Phnom Penh. Many of you are no doubt familiar with it, but for those who are not it's called:


Amazon sells it for around $12.50.



Cambodia Pro
09-15-03, 05:57

Hot damn! I never thought this would happen , but it did. I am bored in Cambodia of the cuties. I might have fucked every pretty cutie in PP. I have fucked every cutie at the top places. I've been in Cambodia for almost a year and a half. Even the 100 cutie fukathon does not seem to be great feat anymore.

I went to Thailand over the weekend and had some Thai pussy from the Toy bar. Great sex, and a change of pace. The thai girl wanted to suk me in front of everyone at the bar. I passed, I am not giving free entertainment for others. Stayed at the nana hotel , and fuked a few beauties from nana disco. Nothing special, I am so spoiled, even a great sex with a 9 is a forgetfull experience nowadays.

I am taking a vacation in Europe for some blond pussy. I'll go to London, Germany, Czech republic, and Romania if time allows.

I'll come back to Cambodia in two months.

The sex king of Cambodia,
Cambodia Pro

The Lizard
09-15-03, 08:04
Thanx Cambo.........and don't come back.

09-15-03, 08:26
cambodia pro:

sorry to see you go. i miss you already. can't wait 'til you return to this forum and delight us all with your inspiring and ever truthful tales of your adventures, as you afford the "cuties" the privilege of your companionship and expert sexual techniques. i bet that it is those signature white polo shirts that really gets them hot. you sound like a real winner and a man i could learn from. i only hope to achieve one percent of your success.

by the way, do you plan to zip around europe at the speed of light?

i'm sorry. did i sound sarcastic?

Never Return
09-15-03, 13:22
Hello all! I FINALLY am going on vacation. Been in Asia a year and tried 3 times but something always came up. So, I'll be in Cambodia on Sunday night. i guess that is actually Saturday for those in the west still. I'll be sure to give FACTUAL accounts of my adventures.

One open question to anyone who has travelled inside Cambodia. i know I can take a plane from PP to Siem Reap, but can't find any prices. Anyone familiar with the costs of doing that and how to do that?

Also here is a great site (not sex-oriented) for people who are SERIOUS about living in Asia or just want more info.


Never Return
09-15-03, 13:24
Sorry, I meant Sunday MORNING... :S

09-15-03, 14:27
Never Return, I've never flown from PP to Siem Rieap, in fact have never been to the later as ruins aren't my thing. However, I know that Bangkok Air/Siem Riep Airways has regular flights. They're actually the same company I think. Just get a moto to take you to their offices. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say $100 range one way? My Bkk/PP round trip was only $200.

09-17-03, 06:48
Never Return,

If you've got the time, there's a great package you can do by bus to Seim Reap, all inclusive and return to Phnom Penh. A 4 day 3 night package, all meals, air con hotel room, guide, park fees etc. for 60$ K.U. Travel and Tours. 012 806232.

PP to Seim Reap by air 125$ R/T 35 min flight.
Ung Phearum Travel 012 919039
Go to Sharkey Sun night 8:00PM, good food, and I can tell you a little about
Angkor Wat. Amazing Place.

I won't be in a white polo shirt but I sure like the guy.

Never Return
09-17-03, 13:48
Thanks Opebo. My travel agent also guessed it is about $100. I almost had to cancel my vacation for a FOURTH time as my Work Permit is expiring and my employers want me to get a new one NOW. I guess they will just have to wait. Hopefully I don't get deported :)

Never Return
09-17-03, 18:44

Terrific info! Thanks. I only have a week and plan to visit Sihanoukville too so I only want to spend a day or 2 at Angkor Wat. $125 RT sounds within my budget and I will try to meet up with you on Sunday at Sharky's. I'll be wearing white shorts and a short-sleeve blue dress shirt.

Also, its a shame Cambo pro left, i was looking forward to shaking hands with the master-punter!

Cambodia Pro
09-19-03, 04:46

Ljohnson, I am reading your posting in an internet cafe here in the Swiss airport on my way to Germany. And I am laughing so loud, I am getting stares from the people. Can you believe the stupid swiss airport has no gates?? You get in a bus to take you to the plane in the runway. Felt like a third world country. So much for swiss progress.

Anyhow, I always enjoy the cheap shots that the celibate members take on me. When one is the big dog, and you rise above the rest , it is bound to happen. I rather enjoy it. Happened at Harvard too, Summa Cum Laude as a matter of fact.

I will be back in Cambo in two months.

The World Sex King

09-20-03, 16:19
As has been pointed out before by several wise hands here; this CAMBODIA PRO is CAMBODIA FRAUD. Anyone who is a real life jet set intl playboy does not need to constantly brag about it. Individuals with such supposed vast means do not go around boasting all the time about their latest so-called million dollar deal. Only a pathetic loser would have to chime in constantly with his latest alleged drooling excapades in Rio, Rome, Tokyo or where ever - besides showing up in Phnom Penh every other month. Nowhere does this clown provide solid travel report info, only rambling, bragging BS. His latest boast; he's a Harvard man and summa cum laude - of course! When will the meaningless posts end from this child of 14? A lot of legit posters have given up on this forum as too childish - no surprise! This dudes been unmasked by the real Cambo Pros who are obviously not celibate as this fool claims, but travel often to or live in Cambodia. Such individuals prefer detailed erotic travel reports over useless juvenile dribble. I'm sure most here take it all for a good laugh, BUT PLEEESE, will this so-called Cambo Pro just finally go away. He cries victimization, that it's all a cheap shot? Not at all, since cold hard facts are stubborn things that such shams just can't stand up to when challenged.

Never Return
09-21-03, 15:55
Damn, the internet is SLOOOOW in this country. I'm in Cambodia finally. I was surprised. It is not so bad. Sure the Central Market seems more like a Flea market, but the city is generally safe and not bad. I found a good HONEST moto-driver. Lienn Pho. In PP his phone is 012-972-135. He is a Buddist and told me to decde how much to pay him. Needless to say after his courteous attitude I will be paying him about 10,000 Riel for driving me around all day! he can be found at the Boddhi Tree Guest House. I would not reccommend the Boddhi Tree GH btw as a punters destination. It is a nice hotel but ALL the guests are White, and most are those "decent' types that frown on prostitution. :) I got a room for $15 US HIGHLY EXPENSIVE. But i was so worried at the airport about being robbed that i went to the first place i knew... I will switch to the ASIA HOTEL tommorow. ANYWAYS, on to the sex report. SADLY I havent gotten laid yet... I TRIED but it didn't go well. My driver took me to a run down neighbourhood and they made me sit and wait for a girl. The girl they brought in was likley 15 yrs old... or maybe even 13. She was crying! ummm, no thanks... seriously, (one side-note here. When I saw the 15yr old girl crying I felt sick. maybe I'm a softie, but there is NO WAY any DECENT human Being would enjoy having sex with a child.) THEN they wouldn't let me LEAVE. i kept trying but they made me sit and look at 2 other girls. Both were 18+ and cheerful but by that point I was a bit paranoid about this place I was in. So I gave the pimp 500 RIEL (7 cents) and left. I went to Martini's at 8pm but didn't see Jon50. I stuck around for an hour drinking beer at $1.50 a SMALL can. (it is 50 cents outside the bar) In that hour I had 3 women come up to me and "chat". 2 were NICE, one was an old BAG!! like 50 years old!!! I was bored because Martini's doesnt get going until about 10pm so sent this quick email. I'll continue this report later after I actually get laid... Tommorow I will go to K11 and see what that is like. Oh yah, C Therrien, You can exchange currency at the airport for 3933 Riel = 1 US (today) or in town MANY places for 3900-4000. It is very easy. You also can get it as change when you buy anything. no ATM's but you can transfer money from overseas in US at 4% service charge IF you need it.

09-21-03, 17:46
Therrien - Assuming you are arriving by air - the visa is $20 at the airport (for some reason visas cost more at land crossings) and is good for 30 days. Just the hassle of filling out the paperwork (and it makes things a bit easier if you have 3 passport sized photos with you (they let me use passport photo copies but that was at Koh Kong - a land crossing - It has been posted here before that they will copy your passport photo if you arrive in PNH by air))

So - bareback? Uhhhhh.... ASSUMING you don't know that Cambodia has an absurdly high HIV rate... But it's your nickel

NO (REPEAT - NO!!!) ATMs in Cambodia. Take bucks (or whatever your current currency converted into bucks) with you. Pay in bucks, get small change in Riel (4000:1 rough exchange rate) do whatever you want with the riel (only paper - didn't see any coins - makes good trinkets to bring home to give to the relatives if you get "new" notes)

09-22-03, 08:07
Dingy, you're right in warning theirry of the dangers of barebacking, but I think 'absurdly high' is an inaccurate description of Cambodia's hiv rate. According the the CIA world fact book its 2.7%. Those are fairly up to date figures. Of course the rate among working girls, and particularly at Svay Pak, is no doubt higher. And then again, Theirry's question 'is it safe to bareback' was absurd. Of course it is never 'safe' to do so, but in my opinion, it is well worth the very small risk.

In fact I was just up at Svay Pak earlier today - my first visit this trip. None of the girls I had even suggested a condom. Wish I had brought my K-Y though - these Vietnamese girls don't always get as wet as the Thais and Philippinas I'm more accustomed to. Perhaps the generally tighter fit is painful.

One final note, and more in the nature of a report: I tried 'Sophie Club' last night. Its similar though much grubbier to Le Cyrcy. I can't recommend it - even worse service than Le Cyrcy. Its a typical Kmer place - girls unattractive, service very poor. The contrast with the Viets is marked. I picked two girls who promised anal, and one did try to accomodate, getting it in just a little. The other didn't even try - pulled that nonsense where they squeeze their buttocks so tight there's no chance, all the while letting you waste effort trying to push it in. Really an awful old *****'s trick. After that I was too angry to finish in some other way, so I left. Didn't want to pay up the exorbitant $10 for each girl, but the place was kind of hard to get out of, up a steep second floor flight of concrete stairs. So to be cautious and avoid trouble with two angry girls and who knows how many lurking kmer thugs, I payed up and left. Will never go back. It just affirms a sensible rule - when in Cambodia avoid all kmer run and staffed places, stick to the Viets.

09-22-03, 08:48
To Asiaphile:

Well said. Ditto.


Guy #2
09-22-03, 17:04
i could not respond to the attacks on me because the website was down:

here is a report of all the escorts and brothels by streets and price ranges that i visited obviously there are more than the ones i visited):

a. high end escort service (these places run out of girls by 12:00 midnight, except casa which is open until 3:00 a.m. and holiday international manhattan club)

1. casa hotel night club and restaurant no. 5 france street 47 near what phnom girls arrive at 8:00 pm, all independent escorts with one madameson vietnamese $67 a night ($50 if you rent a karoke room) chinese $150 a night cambodians $67 a night (no negotiation on the prices)

karoke room is $8 all night, girl is $7 plus tip of at least $10. what you do is between each other, no sex in the room. you can take her home for $50.

2. club 99 no. 10 street 252 girls arrive at 8:00 p.m. cambodians girls vietnamese girls one mademason $70 a night (negotiated down to $60 a night)

3. holiday international manhattan club street 84, off monivong girls do not arrive until late at 1:00 a.m. vietnamese and cambodian they dance on the disco floor. tell the waiter you want to speak to the mademason. tell her who you want. $50 a night (i did not negotiate)

4. xo club, no. 85 a, street 163 by far the best looking girls, vietnamese and cambodian. this is not an escort service. the rooms are $8 an up a night. the girls are free but expect a tip. you sing karoke and hug them. they make money off the food and drinks. the girls drink what you buy them. many married women work here to make ends meet. the girls and beer girls will go home with you if they like you. there is no pressure to go home with you.

if you want a girl right away, ask to see the madameson. girls are $70 to $100 a night.

see also the yellow pages under nightclubs and karoke. "karoke" is a code word for escort service and places like xo.

b. middle range escort services.

1. the cambodian brothels are all located near the lucky star hotel no 14 street 336. at night the brothel owners rent space at the hair salons. when you drive by, the pimps will call you in. the brothels are open during the day as well. you have to knock on the doors. the girls are all cambodian. prices are $10 to $25.

there are also girls that stand in groups of threes on the street corners nearby.

2. the vietnamese brothels (there are four of them) are all located on street 63 sangkat phsar thmei ti 3. no. 40 is a brothel. during the day it is a haircut shop. knock on the door during the day. the girls are $30 a night. you can negotiate. i chose not to negotiated.

the girls at the brothels work harder to please you than the independents at casa, xo, and club 99 because the pimps actually beat them up if you complain. the girls at casa, xo, and club 99 do not have pimps or owe money.

c. low end escorts

1. martinis

2. the girls standing at night near the monument and near what phnom (over a 100)

i never said that the girls were ugly or fat. no fat people in cambodia because they are all malnourished. i said that i was afraid to pick them up because they looked sickly, old, and repulsive, i was afraid of catching aids. i knew that the local cambodians did not have the money to pay for the girls at xo and casa and that my risk of aids were lowerer with the high end escorts. that is why i chose the high end escorts.

i never said that these girls were not pretty. there are some. but i am just leery of 100 girls all standing around for $10 a piece, some of whom looked repuslive. it was just unprofessional. i feel more comfortable going through an agency or middleman.

i am also asian so not everyone looks exotic to me. i was really turned off by the girls at the martini's. they looked old and very short in stature. i saw one eastern european fat girl. they all approached me. i just said i was waiting for a friend and haven't decided yet.

this was the only time i ever saw any white guys, except along the mautalay.

d. u2

i do not know where to place u2. they charge $50-100 a night but the girls look like the $10-25 a night. on my last night, they offered to let me sleep with a television personality for $200 but i did not have enough cash on me.

e. moto taxis all the moto taxis have their own connections. i found one girl who worked as an escort on the side through a moto driver. i paid $100 for the whole day and night. no negotiation.

f. heng ly and the restaurants across the japanese cambodian friendship bridge

there are beer girls here at night but you have to wait until they get off work at 1:00 a.m. i didn't feel like waiting.

some of you will call me stupid. but i was looking for quality. many of you who call me stupid never post any addresses or prices. you post the same thing over and over again: martinis, k11.

i kept my word.

i may post my experiences in the future. i also have pictures. i hope you are much kinder to these girls than you are to me.

i share my information freely with you because i know that americans tend to be more civilize than the locals. some of the girls told me stories about showing up at a hotel room and finding 3 cambodian guys and getting gangraped.

at night the rich kids called "steives" ride in groups of 4 on their moto bikes and kidnap and [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) ordinary girls off the street. their parents get them out of jail through bribery.

i did not experience any problems with the law, so i do not know what your concerns are if your intent is good clean consenusal adult fun.

you guys really psst me off. i did not see any white guys at the places i went to. i did not find any of this information on the net. the locals don't even know about martinis. what does that tell you?

i found places that the chinese and japs go when they come to cambodia. i found places because i can speak cambodian.

i do not know if i will post anything else. it seems the more i tell the truth, the more i get crucified.

i told you guys that when the time comes, i will post my experience. unfortunately, i did not get to cambodia until the week of august 21.

but i have not found any other website that posts this information. plus i came back with the yellow pages that lists all the clubs.

you can still visit your $10 escorts. i never said don't. i just said that i am afraid to pick up those girls.

Guy #2
09-22-03, 17:17
As promised, I posted my report WITH street addresses.

I never saw any foreigners besides the Japanese and Chinese where I went. I have never seen anyone post my information.

My hotel in the Cambodiana had a yellow pages with all the escorts, bars, and massages. I brought thebook back with me. Why didn't you guys post this stuff.

You know, the comment about me being an old fat guy really pissted me off.

1. You have to separate something. First, we are talking about escorts. Do you think that you are good looking because a $10 escort blew you as opposed to a $60 escort. The $10 escort can also blow me for $10.

2. I chose the $60 escort because I felt safer. I never said that the $10 girls at Martinis were fat. I said they repulsed me and I was afraid to pick them up. They look small and sickly and pale. They were mostly Vietnamese.

3. I never insisted that you go to the places I went. I just want to give you options. You go to the lowest common denominator and expect me to do the same. That's like if I just got off the boat from Cambodia, went to the inner city for a $10 crack hooker, and said wow you guys are stupid for paying for a $300 blonde in the suburb.

4. You really don't know Cambodia. Nobody even talks about the beer girls at Heng Li across the Japanese Friendship bridge and all those restaurants there.

5. I also owe an apology to Philo. Now I know why he was so offended by my comments about seduction. You can't seduce these girls. You can but you would be a sick bastard. These girls--even the $60 escorts--are so pathetic that only a sick person would take advantage of them. They are so happy just to get $10 or $20. Why would you want to take advantage of them.

6. The other thing you have to separate is that I went there to get engaged. I am between the age of 25 and 35. I stand taller than the average Cambodian and much taller than the Vietnamese girls at Martini. In Cambodia, the Chinese are more affluent so people pay you more respect if you look Chinese. I had mothers trying to get me to marry their 18 year old girls. If I was a fat old cow, I don't think they would be doing that.

7. But these girls have nothing to do with the escorts. The escorts simply provide you a service and expect to be paid. It has nothing to do with your looks. If you were so good looking in the first place, she wouldn't charge you anything. She charges you $10 because she needs to eat and because you are taking advantage of the prices.

That is why I do not negotiate the prices. I am NOT father Christmas. I am just being decent. Have you ever tried that? being decent?

8. As for Cambodian Pro, I am glad I am an amateur. I do not want to a be a "pro" at fucking Aids infected women. I like being a "virgin." Haha.

I will return in November. Maybe I will get the prices to go up and you guys can return to Bangkok. Haha.

Guy #2
09-22-03, 17:33
PS Cambodia Pro is not Cambodia fraud.

I saw the $20 girls. You can theoretically arrange that. These girls get beaten if you complain. That is why they service you.

I am NOT telling you to use this to your advantage. I am hoping as Westernized people, you have some sense of decency.

I do not know if Cambodian pro did all those things. But it's theoretically possible.

But at the Casa and the upscale escorts, it's harder to do that because the girls do not have pimps who beat them. If you are not nice to them, they don't give a shit.

K11 is open. I am an American but I look Chinese. There are no officials to arrest you. You guys live in a fucking dream world. No one arrested me. I did not want to go in because I did not want to get padlocked in a room with $1000 cash in my shorts.

Why do you go to K11 when there are escorts in Phnom Penh for the same prices?

Do you go there for the young girls that have been reported to be there? That's sick. If not, then you should be able to find the same quality girls in Phnom Penh for $20. You can negotiate--I chose not to. See my reports on street addresses.

At least I posted addresses. No one else has. Can I at least get a fucking star?

I recovered a bit from my shock. You can tell from my report in Phnom Penh that I was really shocked and repulsed when I saw the $10 girls. That is why I am surprised you want to go to K11. Fantasy and reality are two different things.

I think living in the US we are so used to fantasizing because the girls are not that cheap.

But when you get to Cambodia, the girls are so cheap, that I do not understand how the brothels in Phnom Penh cannot satisfy you. They are so cheap that it sickens me. I went to K11 because I was curious. They say go at night at 6:00 p.m. But I went during the day. It took my driver 2-3 passes to find it.

I think that if you can't get satisified by the girls in Phnom Penh and have to go to a place like K11 and Toul Kok you are either (1) on a budget 2) do not know the area or (3) demented. K11 and Tuol Kok is where my driver goes for sex. He makes $40 a month. He goes there because he can't afford Casa.

I went to Cambodia with a $1000 budget with $100 a day.

PPS Based on my web research and without going there yet, I have concluded that Argentina is the best deal for beautiful women. Hungary and then St. Petersburg or Moscow. Maybe Vietnam somewhere in between. Just curious, Jackson, do you live in Argentina? Did you reach the same conclusion?


I've made several month long visits to Thailand, Cambodia, The Phillipines, Indonesia, Central America, South America and Eastern Europe. Yes, in my opinion Argentina represents the best combination of attractive women in a civilized urban environment, which I why I moved here last year. However, my opinion is subjective, and I can tell you that for me personally, I prefer the company of Caucasian women of European decendancy with Christian backgrounds and university educations, and who have been raised in a modern urban environment.



Guy #2
09-22-03, 20:29
I have a new idea that I want to share with you:

1. Before I start, I would never encourage you to seduce someone in one of these poor countries. What is there to seduce when there are hookers for $10? Seduction comes into play when you live in a Western country where women are expensive.

2. I am thinking about going back to Cambodia in November to get engaged because I am in my late 20s and want to have kids. But it will take me 2 years to save up enough money before I can even have kids. So I have come up witha creative solution: in two years I will return to Cambodia to get married and then have kids.

During the next two years, as I am starting my career, I will do what a lot of Americans do when they bring a Phillipino girl here to clean their apartments and suck their dick. I will get a mail order bride from Russia, a really hot girl to service my cock and clean my house. After 2 years, I will let her go. In the meantime, I am eating great white pussy for the cost of an airline ticket. These girls are so desperate for a green card. They will do anything for a green card. Even if she leaves me after a month, the cock sucking will more than pay off for the airfare for her.

Not to mention that when I go to Russia, there will be a lot of girls putting out for me to get me to select them.

After 2 years, I will get rid of her (divorce) and just marry a traditional Cambodian wife.

Great idea. I should patent this.

3. Remember do not use this idea to seduce a poor creature from Asia. USe it to seduce a hot blonde from a Russia or Ukraine and get your dick serviced.

When she gets here, she can pay for herself. She can work on an I-765 visa. There are no headaches too. Who cares if she cheats on me or leave. I want her to leave. I just want a little pussy for free for a few months or a year.

Cambodia Pro
09-23-03, 06:00
ATM's/Cash in cambodia.

Therrier, You can get cash at Mekong Bank. The service charge is reasonable. You can withdraw from your visa, or atm card up to your daily limit. You will need a passport.

K11 cuties are international. Dollars are accepted. As a matter of fact, you can pay in dollars everywhere in PP. If you need change you get dolars back, instead of coins you will get riels.

[ and please USE condoms for FS (bbbj are less -fatally- risky)even if you think you are healthy, don't bring more diseases to cambodia, Women in Cambodia are so tight(specially the Viet goddesses) that you will not notice the difference between barebacking and sex with a good condom like the new ones with larger head lubricated pouches, new design] The most common diseases in Asia are Gonorrea, and Chlamydia. But there is also the fatal one , AIDS, brought to you courtesy of the UN soldiers during the 80/90's.]

My appologies to my swiss friend, I like swiss people, but not their airport.

I am in Germany at one of the fuk clubs in Cologne, had some German pussy, and I can tell you, blonde pussy always gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. Gorgeous 19 yo,a 10 model, but hugely expensive compared to cambo model 10 quality cuties. This German girl fuked me silly, Maybe Hittler had a point about saying Germans were the master race, LOL.

I am beginning to miss my Cambo cuties though. It's only been a few days.

I rented a Porsche here in Germany($50 per day), and I am driving to the Czech republic next week, the porn capital of Europe to meet/fuk some porn actresses.

The sex king of the world.

Never Return
09-23-03, 06:03
Day Three Morning.

Just ate breakfast on the waterfront. $2.50 for a sandwich and a milkshake. Good food and a nice view. no beggars. Last night i went to a Krmer corner "restaurant" (think Taiwan roadside eatery but not as nice) Food adn a drink was only $1.25 but i was harrassed NON_STOP by about 4 children beggers and a woman with a baby. Not enjoyable at all. Sunday night I went back to Martini's and grabbed one of the pretty girls -there are MANY- We agreed (or so I thought) on $15 ALL-NIGHT. took her to the Boddhi tree, got some strange looks. haha. Dont go there for punting. Anyways, the girl was good to begin with pictures OK, even naked, showered together and kissing. She was tight and although not overly-intrested in sex was OK. then the problem comes in. I tried to change positions to doggy-style and she resisted. Tried to explain, but no avail. after about 3 minutes of this I'm not aroused, and she takes that to mean SEX IS OVER... So she says "You go now" I assume she meant "I go now" and wouldn't continue to have sex. 30 minutes later of trying to convince her we agreed on all night is futile. She is just sitting on the bed and won't let me touch her! I try to offer her less money and she says $15 and sits there. What the F***! Finally I'm so angry I pay her $15 and she leaves. The next day I go to the Royal Higness Hotel. $15 for a nice room, I bargain to $12. The guy at the door constntly says "massage $5" every time I see him. I decline bc he can't speak ANY other English. So I get the Door clerk to bring me a girl at night. The first is fat, old and ugly... SO I send him off again. The second and Third come together and both are OK and younger. BUT they won't come into the room when they see I'm white.... SO, girl #4. Also pretty and thin. The hotel guy takes me outside the room and says I need to pay FIRST. SHould have known better $15 all-night AGAIN turns into a scam. By the time I'm back into the room she's undressed in a towel on the bed. I try to take off the towel and she's under the blankets. I take off the blankets and she won't touch me or let me touch her. Maybe I'm strange but I DON'T get aroused seeing a girl laying on the bed half covered... SO after 10 mins of that crap she get DRESSED again and LEAVES. I follow her to the front door of the hotel, and after 20 more mins of arguing between me, te hotel guy and the pimp, she goes back upstairs. This time is even worse. Pathetic. I finally leave and she follows me. This has wasted over an hour. The otel guy says "This happens all the time with Foregners. They take too long" I say I don't want this girl and she smiles for the FIRST time. of course, the scam worked! The hotel guy says he will get me $5 back tommorow. The next day he is GONE, and they say he is on "vacation" now for 3 days... This is the ROYAL HIGHNESS HOTEL. $30 and no sex yet. I never made it to KM11 bc It was raining... I'm going to take the bus to Sikanouville today and see if that is any better. So far I'm not impressed.

09-23-03, 06:45
Never Return,

I too waited at Sharky's for you till 10:00 pm, not Martini. I can clear up much of the leg work that everybody goes through when coming to PP. I'm not a "Cambodia Pro" yet, but what I know will help. If you're in town on Thursday, come to Sharky 8:00 pm, have a beer and share some tales. Once again, I won't be in the white polo, but if he were here he would also be welcome.

09-23-03, 11:47
Cambodia Pro

LoL - For some reason, I always enjoy reading your report! Maybe because I dont get offended or pissed easily :)

Please let me know if you can show me your hunting grounds if I go to Cambodia for a short trip. Would definetely love to do those Viet girls. Never seen or met a viet girl in my life.

Needless to say, I'll report our experiences here.

Thanks mate!

Romeo Blue
09-24-03, 12:15
Can anybody tell me if the houses at k11 are open now or are they closed by the authoritys?

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The Lizard
09-25-03, 06:19

Most of the houses are closed. A few are open. It is still dangerous out there (esp. that little dirty pimps aged 8 -15). That's the reason why you will not find foreigners there (well, a couple of Japanese, but they are out there because that idiots cant read english). Most of the girls you can't take to your hotel. You have to fuck them there and for a white foreigner this is more than dangerous.

Guy #2
09-25-03, 15:53
Do you remember the Act that I told you about that makes it illegal to travel abroad to engage in illegal sexual activities?

Quote from the article: "But another part of the law makes it a federal crime to engage in illegal sexual conduct in foreign countries."

Should this apply if the foreign country either implicitly or explicitly tolerate prostitution. Nevada for example is a state that has certain counties where prostitution is legal.

In addition, aren't escorts legal in any country where there is no exchange of mone for sex, i.e. taking a woman out to dinner.

I am NOT encouraging sex with minors. But the Protect Act also may encompass sex with escorts who are at least 18 years of age.

See the CNN article below.

But the present Administration is so Christian high and mighty and right wing. Let me know if you are know whether or not the Protect Act encompasses sex with consenting adults.

REMEMBER, I am NOT encouraging and I do NOT promote sex with minors. I just want to know if the Act encompasses overseas travel for sex with women who are consenting adults at least 18 years of age.

Article from CNN
crimes abroad
Wednesday, September 24, 2003 Posted: 8:26 PM EDT (0026 GMT)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

• Protect Act of 2003
• Sentencing provisions and Ashcroft: An assault against federal courts

(CNN) -- Marking the first case of its kind, a federal grand jury in Seattle, Washington, indicted a 69-year-old man Wednesday for traveling abroad to engage in illicit sex with young boys.

Prosecutors charged Michael Lewis Clark with traveling from Seattle to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and engaging in sexual activities with boys aged 10 and 13. Although the indictment lists only two explicit sexual episodes, federal authorities said Clark may have molested as many as 40 to 50 children over the past several years.

The legal significance of the case is the government's first use of a provision of the "Protect Act" signed into law by President Bush just five months ago.

The legislation received much fanfare because it expanded the Amber Alert system, which enables travelers to assist in spotting kidnapped children. But another part of the law makes it a federal crime to engage in illegal sexual conduct in foreign countries. (Full story)

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which investigated the case, credited Cambodian authorities with fully cooperating in the case and making the arrest.

Clark is described as a former U.S. military veteran who had made several trips to Cambodia. His last trip was in May; he was arrested in June.

Clark, whose hometown was not known, remains in custody in Seattle pending trial.

The growing issue of combating international sex trafficking and exploitation of women and children has become a priority for many Democratic and Republican lawmakers, as well as the Bush administration.

In his address to the United Nations Tuesday, Bush called for global cooperation to stop international sexual trafficking and sexual predators.

"Those who create these victims and profit from their suffering must be severely punished," Bush said.

Guy #2
09-25-03, 16:02
I am the last person on this site to claim that I am a pro. I am not embarrassed to say that when I went to Cambodia, there was no sex. I had escorts to go to dinner and to go sightseeing. There was no sex and no exchange of money. I did that for a few reasons:

1. I did not want to get AIDs.
2. I heard about the bill regarding the Protect Act and was concerned that it might apply to women over the age of 18.
3. I did not want to take advantage of my own people. I just wanted to know that there was a pool of women where I could find a wife.
4. Once I build up my self confidence by having dinner with so many girls, I could return to the states and find someone here over the age of 18 here for consensual sex where the AIDS factor is smaller and where it costs nothing because the girl is NOT an escort.

I want to argue--but do not quote me on this and do NOT rely on my layman's comments and opinions--that the Protect Act should not apply to consensual sex with women overseas because for several reasons:
1. First it was consensual and there was no exchange of money.
2. Second the services are more escort like. If the girl does something on her own, that's a consensual act.
3. The government there condones, tolerates, or promotes implicitly or explicitly prostitution like certain counties in Nevada.


I invite responses about the Protect Act.

Obviously, after you are done calling me a dumbass because there was no sex and I overpaid just for someone to have dinner. I didn't see it that way. I considered a "donation" a charity for these girls. So I took someone out and gave her a nice dinner and a movie. I have the states to return home to. She has to go back to that god forsaken existence. She can take advantage of me all she wants. I still have freedom and security. She has nothing. That is why I overpaid just for dinner.

I also would never brag about being a pro for the reasons. stated above. I am not even an amateur.

Guy #2
09-25-03, 16:11
All the girls I had dinner with was at least age 18 and older.

Never Return
09-27-03, 05:54
Hmmm, Jon 50. You are right. Sorry about that. I wish I had gone to Sharky's now and met you, because after 2 days in Cambodia I couldn't take the scams and unwilling women. I was going to take a bus to Sikanouville but while I was in line 2 jerks came over and tried to steal my luggage! It never stops. Thieves and scams. perhaps it's because I'm a newbie... so i just took a flight to Thailand. I don't think i will return to Cambodia unless i am going with a Foregner who has LIVED there and knows what to do. All in all it was not a pleasant experience.

Romeo Blue
10-02-03, 11:23
I went to Cambodia and had very pretty young girls around the age of 18 but after a few days I prefer to pic up girls around 20 in Martini. They have more experiences and also a lot of fun.

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10-06-03, 15:40

I will get a mail order bride from Russia, a really hot girl to service my cock and clean my house. After 2 years, I will let her go. In the meantime, I am eating great white pussy for the cost of an airline ticket. These girls are so desperate for a green card. They will do anything for a green card. Even if she leaves me after a month, the cock sucking will more than pay off for the airfare for her.

Not to mention that when I go to Russia, there will be a lot of girls putting out for me to get me to select them.

I know nothing about Cambodia. But I don't think you will be pleased trying to exploit Russian women. I'm sure that you wrote that just for provocating. If not, be very carful, Russia is not SE Asia.

Good luck ;)

Malter Man
10-14-03, 00:33
Cambodia is great for nice cheap pussy. I had a vietnamese girl from Martini, while in PP. Took her to my hotel for the night and gave her 10$ in the morn although she asked for 20. However, regarding, nightclubs, Sharkey's is my favourite. Will try Svay Pak and Tool Kook next time around, even if for just the fun of experiencing them. They're legendary for me. Missing Svay Pak last time around is like going to Cambodia and not paying a visit to Angkor Wat.

10-19-03, 17:44

I have heard mention of the "Cashbox Go Go" Bar in Phnom Pehn. I couldn't find it anywhere. None of the taxi drivers or hotel guys had heard of it. Anybody know where it is located?


10-22-03, 14:14
Hi folks,
A quick question. I will be in P.P in a few days and I wonder have they ever gotten around to getting an ATM that dispenses local and/or US greebacks. I remember that there is one bank in PP that gives cash advances but the withdrawal doesnt appear on your credit card statement until months after. Any update on the location of an ATM that accepts VISA?


10-22-03, 20:17
The Lizard, what's so dangerous about that place out there for a 'white foreigner'? Why would the Japanese not go there if they could read English? I never saw any signs saying 'stay away'. I'm just curious what kind of horrible danger I missed or misunderstood.

Subaculture, still no ATMs anywhere in Cambodia. I understand you can get credit card advances though. Don't know for sure.

10-23-03, 07:47
I believe the Cashbox closed over three years ago.

10-24-03, 06:16

No ATM's at present. Refer to Cambodia Pro's posting of 9-23 for helpful info. Enjoy your visit. It has the potential.

10-25-03, 16:32
i'm planning a trip in Cambogia from thailand by land.
I'd like any information of Koh Kong - Sihnoukville and Phnom Penh about:
nightlife (place and price)
hotel (prices and problem to pick up girl)

Luke Skywalker
10-26-03, 14:20
To hotsam

I am no expert, but have been to Cambodia and will let you know how I got there etc.

I took a mini-bus from Pattaya in Thailand to the Thai-Cambodia border.Once there you simply walk across the border and get your US$20 visa and you're in. Once accross the border there are plenty of young cambodian men who will offer you a ride into town either by car or bike, and will take you straight to a hotel. The prices vary of course, it's up to you what you want to pay. There is a local "chicken farm" (brothel area) which is always full of girls. Your taxi driver will offer to take you for a visit 5 minutes after he meets you. US$5~10 each. I stayed in Koh Kong for a day, and that was plenty for me.

I took the ferry down to Sihanoukville (although I will never again) otherwise I imagine you can get there by road.....
Sihanoukville is much nicer than Koh kong and there are girls a plenty. I dont even think I saw a cop there??? I stayed at the King Gold Hotel US$10 a night, pricey but well worth it, very clean and aircon, hot water and woman friendly. Lots of places to find women. Once again the motorbike boys are the best source of info, they know all the places. The guy I had as a driver was named Vibol, he spoke English well and was well connected around town. The fishermans den is great for a beer and a chat, and has freelancers at night. There were plenty of good places to eat and drink, western and local food was good. The chicken farm was nothing special but worth a visit. Mainly vietnamese girls and all prices are discussed with the mama-san. Some nice ones there.

I took a bus to Phnom Penh, the bus was nice(cheap too) and the road smooth,a good option. Once there I visited K-11, which is, how do I put it? Interesting. Not many over the legal age, very cheap US$3~5 a go. And if you've read the recent reports maybe K-11 isnt the place to be.

Martinis was fun and full of ladies (they ask US$20~25 a night but pay less), I also went to Sharkeys which was also a cool place and the food is decent enough(full of expats who know all the good bars and knob shops). There are no shortages of places to get your knob polished and the motorbike lads will let you know where if you dont get some info from a long timer. I stayed at the Hawaii Hotel (I think thats the name) its near the market and a stones throw from Sharkeys. A little pricey US$14 but I had no knowledge of where else to stay and for a couple of days it did the job, and its woman friendly.

Some other PP experts can probably tell you a bit more, but I hope this helps.


10-31-03, 00:15
To Luke Skywalker:

If you don't mind, please explain why K-11 "might not be the place" you want to be. Physical danger? Danger of arrest? Or disease?

I am curious and want to go there when I visit Cambodia in February, but I take such cautions seriously. Should I stay away from K-11?


Luke Skywalker
11-03-03, 15:32

In response to your question about K-11:
"If you don't mind, please explain why K-11 "might not be the place" you want to be. Physical danger? Danger of arrest? Or disease?"

What I meant was.....

It might not be the place to be because, when I was there I didn't see many girls(if any really) over the age of 18, in fact a lot looked very young indeed. Thats a judgement call for you I guess.
I felt no danger there at all really, but I was only there during the day, and was with a friend and came with some motorbike guys who seemed friendly with the locals. Some ex-pats told me that there are rarely arrests (this was in early 2002) but they do happen from time to time. As for disease...well I guess anything you put your member into in SE Asia is a game of Russian roulette. I am sure you'll wear a hat.

Hopefully someone who is there now, or who has been there recently might post a more recent account.

I wasn't aiming to scare anyone away but there are better places to go like sharkeys or martinis or any number of places described on this great site. I prefer Thailand myself, but Cambodia is still a great place for a shag. Ask around about the situation when you get there is your best bet I guess.

Hope this answers your question.


11-04-03, 17:51
Thank you to Luke Skywalker for a good report and for the explanation regarding K-11.


11-10-03, 06:15
I am making my first trip to PP in December and would appreciate a little advice from you old pros. I enjoy extensive foreplay before my dessert. Are Cambodians or Vietnamese ladies more inclined to enjoy foreplay. Also do you get better service in this area from the freelance lady or from the LT brothel ladies?

11-10-03, 15:37
I am planning to make a short mongering vacation to SE Asia and was tihnking whether I should try Cambodia instead of Bangkok. Never explored Cambodian scene though; how would you recommend spending 4-5 days - stick to reliable BKK (or is it as good as it used to be about a year ago when I last visited there) or is it worth to make a side trip to Phnom Penh?

Marco Pole
11-12-03, 07:44

If by foreplay you're looking for a blow job, I would highly suggest sticking with the vietnamese girls. I've been through Cambo twice now and have yet to find a Khmer girl who enjoys giving head. They seem to think it's something degrading that only vietnamese girls do. As you know the two cultures don't exactly love each other.

As for locations, they can be found at the usual spots posted on this board (K-11 if it's open when you're there, Sharky's, and Martini's to name the common spots.)


If it were me and I only had 4-5 days, I would definitely stay in BKK. It's not to say that Cambo isn't fun, but with so little time you're probably better off with the reliability and amenities Thailand offers. Do Cambo as a side trip during your next long trek through LOS.


12-08-03, 16:57
I am traveling to bkk in early in 2004, planning on going to PP are there problems there and should it be avoided.

12-14-03, 15:41
I've travelled 3 weeks from Bangkok to Ho-Chi-Min City, by land and ship. I didn't found nothing in Cambogia that I can find better in Thailand. The famous "Chicken farms" are horrible places with some under-age girls, no igienic conditions and many girls are slaves, sold by vietnam's family for 500-1000 usd.

A little better the beer-garden (karaoke-bar). I was 2 nights in Koh Kong, 7 in Sinhaoukville e 3 in Phnom Phen.

If you desire a funny night (drinking, dancing and fucking) Cambodia I think it's not the place.

If you are looking for a cheap place for brutal fucking and
smoking marjuana, Cambodia is ok.

However, I found Cambodia safe enough and cambogian
very friendly.

Good trip, but I've no reason to come back one more time.

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12-18-03, 14:00
Hi guys,

I'm planning a trip of a couple of days in Cambodia.

May you help me?

I've never been there and I'd like some information about the prices and the places.

Are the hotels guest free?

Is it safe regarding police and criminality?

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

12-23-03, 21:38
I was in Cambogia 22 nov - 13 dec.

In PP I "rented" a Mototaxi (with the driver!) for 5 usd (the whole day - and 3 usd more for the night). Mototaxi are a very good source of information in Cambodia.

Girls in Phnom Phen: I never spent more of usd 20 (at first many of them ask 30 or more you can bargain) for freelancers - cheaper
in the brothels.


01-06-04, 04:16
monday january 05

an american arrested of sexual abuse and mistreatment

(includes photo captioned "american man frankant wearing hat and
the four vietnamese sex workers")

an american man was arrested thursday last week on charge of
sexual abuse, women mistreatment and taking pictures of the
undressed women in a hotel in phnom penh.

the american man, frankant, 47, was arrested at chamkarmon
district's golden bridge hotel following the discovery of having
sex with four vietnamese sex workers and forcing them for naked
pictures, according to the police.

police also arrested the four vietnamese prostitutes—nguyen the
yang, 17, nguyen the tua, 16, nguyen the yiap, 15 and nguyen the
ngieu, 18—and were later sent to afesip organization, where they
will be rehabilitated and had vocations trained.

police detective said, a crying vietnamese woman, who ran out of
the golden bridge hotel, led to the arrest of the american man.

"an american man is having sex and mistreating against four
women in the hotel and forcing us to take a string of naked
pictures," she told a secret policeman, who pretended to be a
motorcyclist stationed in front of the hotel.

"he is not only having sex with each of us but also mistreating
us badly as well as compelling us to pose for nude photos," she

the arrest has been made soon that day with a strong cooperation
between the police and phnom penh municipal court.

"the man really had sexual perversions with each of us and took
our naked pictures," admitted the four vietnamese prostitutes,
who earlier agreed with the foreigner to act upon in favor of

police also confirep001ed a camera and rolls of films left after
taking series of hot pictures.

frankant used to be behind the bar in the united states on the
same charges, said a police detective.

the man is temporarily detained in phnom penh pending for an
extradition from us embassy to send him back to his country
spends his jail term there.

Romeo Blue
01-07-04, 18:22
i want to come again to cambodia in beginning of feb.

now my question:

if a mototaxi want to bring you to see girls, can you generaly trust them?

is k11 open and save there, how about the boys who hang around at the restaurants there! they offer you very open **** girls! do they work with the police together?

is there a street where you can pic up girls or is it only in the bars?

how much do you have to pay for a girl for one night? and what should i give her if she leave already after one time?

thanks for your advice

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01-12-04, 00:10

i clearly live a sheltered life.

here the stings i'm familiar with tend to be pretty obvious -- bait in the form of an uc le female standing on the street with nearby support.

if the socio-political efforts are to destabalize sex tourism, i can see why these stings are effective. haven't seen this particular story in the western press, but those that are looking to cambo for kicks will surely find mention of these stings if they are at all interested in becoming informed before traveling. i've only seen one mention in the western press, and it was about an american man who traveled to cambo and got caught with boys.

i believe the mores of all stable cultures have unfortunately been heavily invested with hypocracy because guilt and shame, being the lowest of human spiritual states, are so easily manipulated by authority. this leads into a discussion of moral relavitism. are the khmer men who screw these **** girls acting within their accepted cultural norms? if so, i am, as a white judeo-christian american, appalled, but simultaneosly intellectually curious of how such a culture came to be. i am not in any way even remotely advocating, or even thinking about, morally justifying screwing **** women! i'm a student of humanity and i'm just curious about this from a sociological perspective.


01-19-04, 19:20
El Ricardo,

Please stop posting that blatant anti-sex-tourism propaganda. Sure you have noticed by now that we're persona-non-grata in every country, and that the press assumes any time a woman sells her body its some kind of dreadful misery being forced upon her. In fact I suspect you're not a genuine hobbyist or you would already know this.

Hi Opebo,

I haven't read El Ricardo's post, but I know him personally, and I can assure you that he is an authentic monger.



01-20-04, 03:04
Well, fuck me, I guess that answers my question.

01-21-04, 12:42
There are big differences in prostitution. In Thailand the majority of the working girls do it to support there family or to buy themselves gold chains,mobile etc. They even could easily find another job like waitress, working in a shop etc. It is just not enough money for some luxury items. And nearly all of them are not forced into prostitution. I have seen all the farang bars as well as the local MPs where are only Thai men all over Thailand. But in Cambodia it is different. If you think it is the Khmer traditional way to fuck a 14 year old who is sold by their parents for some hundred dollars then I have to say this way sucks. But it is reality in this 3rd world country. That is not anti-sex-tourism propaganda. I am now nearly 2 months in Thailand and banged about 35 women but Cambodia is too much. If you go there and try the local brothels you will think the same.

El ricardo, I can only speak about Thailand and Cambodia but Thailand is still a world class mongering destination.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

The Lizard
01-21-04, 13:03
Thanx for this report Alexander. It is actually impossible to tell the real age of a Vietnamese girl. They have very slim bodies and to Westeners they look very young . Many of them are of course malnourished. It is not unusual that a 20 or 21 year old Vietnamese girl looks like 14 or 15. Of course they are all illegal in Cambodia and they do not have any form of identification.

Khmer girls do NOT look that young (so here you have to be careful)- a Khmer girl who looks like 15 IS probably 15. But even here you could run into a NGO setup because Khmer have as many as 3 identifications (with different names and ages of course). Therefore it could happen that you get a 19 year old Khmer girl who looks like 19 and you find yourself at the police station (yes, the girl has an ID saying that she is 14). Bingo - you pay - and you pay a lot. Police gets money, NGO's get money (yes, they take bribes) and then they publish your name in the news and make money again. All this shit happen here actually daily and that's the reason why you MUST be extremely careful when getting a girl in Cambodia.

El Ricardo
01-22-04, 13:23
Hi Everybody,
I appreciate all the comments. While I am not a crusader, I would like to believe I am dealing with sex workers who are doing this by choice and that I am not contrubuting to someones misery. So I'm intrigued by Kristof's actions. Here's yesterday's installment of his saga from the New York Times:

POIPET, Cambodia — Srey Neth and Srey Mom were stunned when I proposed buying their freedom from their brothel owners.

"It's unbelievable," Srey Mom said, smiling with an incandescence that seemed to light the street. "There's no problem with taking pictures and telling my story. I want to tell it. But I'm a little afraid that if my mother sees it, she'll be heartbroken."

After I decided to buy the two teenage prostitutes, as recounted in my column on Saturday, I swore them to secrecy for fear that the brothel owners would spirit them away, rather than let them tell their stories. But the first purchase, of Srey Neth, went smoothly.

[For an explanation on how I chose Srey Neth and Srey Mom read my post in the Kristof Reponds forum.]

I woke up her brothel's owner at dawn, handed over $150, brushed off demands for "interest on the debt" and got a receipt for "$150 for buying a girl's freedom." Then Srey Neth and I fled before the brothel's owner was even out of bed.

But at Srey Mom's brothel, her owner announced that the debt was not $70, as the girl had thought, but $400.

"Where are the books?" I asked. A ledger was produced, and it purported to show that Srey Mom owed the equivalent of $337. But it also revealed that the girls were virtually A.T.M.'s for the brothels, generating large sums of cash that the girls were cheated out of. After some grumpy negotiation, the owner accepted $203 as the price for Srey Mom's freedom. But then Srey Mom told me that she had pawned her cellphone and needed $55 to get it back.

"Forget about your cellphone," I said. "We've got to get out of here."

Srey Mom started crying. I told her that she had to choose her cellphone or her freedom, and she ran back to her tiny room in the brothel and locked the door.

In my last column, I described the sex trafficking in places like Cambodia as a modern form of slavery, and I believe that. But the scene that unfolded next underscored the moral complexity of a world in which some girls are ambivalent about being rescued and not all brothel owners are monsters. Some brothel owners use beatings and locked rooms to enslave their girls, but most use debts and ostensible kindness to manipulate them — and the girls are often so naïve, so stigmatized by everyone else and so broken in spirit that this works.

With Srey Mom sobbing in her room and refusing to be freed without her cellphone, the other prostitutes — her closest friends — began pleading with her to be reasonable. So did the brothel's owner.

"Grab this chance while you can," the owner begged Srey Mom. But the girl would not give in. After half an hour of hysterics about the cellphone, I felt so manipulated that I almost walked out. But I finally caved.

"O.K., O.K., I'll get back your cellphone," I told her through the door. The tears stopped.

"My jewelry, too?" she asked plaintively. "I also pawned some jewelry."

So we went to get back the phone and the jewelry — which were, I think, never the real concern. Srey Mom later explained that her resistance had nothing to do with wanting the telephone and everything to do with last-minute cold feet about whether her family and village would accept her if she returned. The possibility of rejection by her mother was almost as frightening as the idea of finishing her life in the brothel.

On our return with the phone and jewelry, the family of the brothel's owner lighted joss sticks for Srey Mom and prayed for her at a Buddhist altar in the foyer of the brothel. The owner (called "Mother" by the girls) warned Srey Mom against returning to prostitution.

Finally, Srey Mom said goodbye to "Mother," the owner who had enslaved her, cheated her and perhaps even helped infect her with the AIDS virus — yet who had also been kind to her when she was homesick, and who had never forced her to have sex when she was ill. It was a farewell of infinite complexity, yet real tenderness.

So now I have purchased the freedom of two human beings so I can return them to their villages. But will emancipation help them? Will their families and villages accept them? Or will they, like some other girls rescued from sexual servitude, find freedom so unsettling that they slink back to slavery in the brothels? We'll see.


01-22-04, 18:29
El Ricardo,

My apologies for doubting your authenticity. But this second installment you just posted clearly shows its all a lie. If the girl were really in such dire straights she wouldn't be worried about her cell phone and jewelry. If true, its all clearly just another stratagem to get money out of this soft-hearted (and sof-headed) foreigner. This girl is a great actor, and this guy is a fool. She'll probably split this 'freedom purchase' price with the owners, and go right back to her lucrative job after the foreigner leaves. They never question how she got a cell phone and jewelry in the first place if she's some kind of slave who has her earnings taken from her do they?

Though of course its also quite possible this 'journalist' is just as much a fake as the typical NGO, and is enjoying the girls like any normal male before writing this twaddle.

Also, rather than cluttering up the board with this kind of junk, maybe you could just post a link?

That Asshole
01-23-04, 03:03
That the missionaries would receive kickback from the police while possible, I wouldn't think is a great issue.

All of the missionaries earn the equivalent of western wages and to them a couple of hundred bucks wouldn't matter much. However the continuation of their employment and enviable lifestyle would weigh a lot more.

To a local cop earning $100 a month of course a couple of hundred bucks equal a jackpot (that he can blow in Svay Pak or Tuol Kork naturally).

Let's do some calculations here:

Pay 19 year old girl $50 to say she is 15
Pay $50 for false birth certificate
Pay local cops $100
Pay judge $200

That's the price of a foreigner's head. Let's take just 5 shots a year, the the figure's still only $2000p.a.

If there are just 10 mission officials sharing this cost then it's still only $200 each in investment per year that yields them $50,000 p.a jobs each!

They got their quota. Upheld the morals in this "barbarian" country. Kicked the ass of some inmoral rotten criminals. Satisfied their donors who are ready to give again the next year even more.

Look back in history: Any guesses where the term "missionary position" comes from? This is not a joke.

It originated from so called religious fanatics who were cast out from their own countries so they went to spread the WORD among other things like their seed, to the "barbarians" in Africa and America. I would be most amazed if this has changed a lot since.

Wanna do some business? How about making some serious cash? Why don't we set up a charity mission in Cambodia to help local exploited sex-workers, handing out free condoms, advocating the great wonders of westernisation.

Let's call it "Mission Opexander" (from Opebo+Alexander)
We contact all the womens magazines, collect donations in Europe, North America, Australia.

Meanwhile we bust a few asses from among these mongering WSG members and live like kings. Just from three or four successful busts a year we could live very well, drawing a salary of at least $30,000each++. (Can we write off the bribes as tax deduction?)

Sounds like too inmoral? Don't like it?
Then how about another idea, we could set out to uncover the shit (I feel a big smelly rat buried there somewhere), the set-ups, bribes, etc. Let's go sniffing around busting the asses of missionaries.

Only problem with that is that very soon one or both of us would be found one nice morning in the gutters, laying face down in a pool of blood with a headshot.

I believe that one sliced-off head costs around $250 in Bangkok. Given the number of guns around and the general living standards that would somewhere be near $50 in Phnom Penh.

About the young reporters story again: Any figures how much $$ does he get for this? He got published in the New York Times. They don't pay chicken-shit.

In any case the monies he paid for the girls didn't come out of his own lifesavings but from the money received for the "great" article. Plus "he got published in this grand newspaper". His carerer is set up for life. Any comments about "unselfishness"? Doesn't it sound that the girls were a mere utility assisting his carreer? Is he committed to the or to the 'cause' or rather to $$$$, popularity, etc?

Sorry, I just suffer from 'hero-diarrhoea'. Heroes are coming out of my arse at every step. It's quite inconvenient. Hero Superman, hero Spiderman, hero Matrixman, hero Policeman, hero Doctor, hero Fireman, so on and on... One more hero, I cannot cope with. Hero Newspaper Journalist Mister Sir, no,no,no.!

01-26-04, 13:08
Hey Mr Z,

So you married a Thai bar girl huh? All going well? Maybe you can be a prime example to people like Samus Aran who think that it's impossible to end up happy with a Thai girl.

01-26-04, 19:31

I've moved the reports regarding the latest discussions of child prostitution into a new section titled "Child Prostitution" in the Opinions section of the Forum.

From now on, please post news reports and your opinions regarding child prostitution in this new section.



Mr Z Man
01-27-04, 23:09

I'd love to report otherwise but ours is not the elusive bar girl/expat love affair that made it back home.

She was a Hottie who worked at Thai Farmers bank. I was an expat working for a Fortune 500 firm. I had the patience and the time to make it work, unlike most short timers.

I'm sure there are countless bar girls who have made the transition to the straight life. Thailand is full of girls who hook only because of the lack of education they are able to receive, and the inability to find a decent paying job.

Thailand only educates until the six grade, so unless your family has money you will never get off the merry-go-round of poverty.

Keep looking your hero is out there.

BTW I didn't pay a ransom to mama only a promise that I'd take care of her daughter and love her forever.

01-28-04, 00:23
Mr Z,

Good for you. On reading your post again, I don't know why I jumped to the conclusion she was a bar girl. No offence intended. So she's adapted to the western way of living, no problems? I've always had girlfriends from thailand but their strong sense of family makes it extremely difficult for them to relocate. Good to see you've worked it out. :-)

01-29-04, 05:38

perhaps many of you saw the piece on the new york times web site, but if you haven't, you should.

will not be available for more than a few more days, i think! www.nytimes.om

"freeing sex slaves", in cambodia

i will reserve comments. the video and voice over was very well done, great if you have highspeed.


Bear Foxtrot
01-31-04, 21:48
OK, let's get to the point, shall we?

Has anyone heard any of the latest news, or anything about the current situation in Svay Pak or Tuol Kork? Availability, pricing, tourist conditions? Anything?

02-01-04, 03:51
Any problems in PP these days? Was there a year ago and had no problems in town and at Svay Pak.

Would appreciate recent experiences.


The Lizard
02-02-04, 07:36
Cookie and Alexios,

The short answer: simply forget it.

SP is almost closed and too dangerous for tourists.

At Tuol Kork white westeners are not welcome anymore (they spot you and close the doors).

Bars in Phnom Penh? The girls are old/ugly with an attitude.

My advice: Try to find other countries.

02-02-04, 08:15
Word from others in the know tell me that Svay Pak is not where you want to go right now after the recent national broadcast of the sick kiddie stuff on NBC/USA. They say the doors are open more but Barangs are absent as everyone is paranoid. Cops are taking money to catch people but its mostly locals right now. Any foriegners around stands out big time at the moment so go at your own risk. (as always).

There are many p4p options in cambodia. Please stay away from any sick kiddie stuff and be careful.

02-02-04, 13:16
latest news k11 svay pak is that there are some reports of guys getting busted for pulling **** girls including those at pre-pubescent ages. the fine is $5000 bucks and you won't be allowed back in the country and you may face prosecution in your country of origin.

wsg does not promote sexual activity with girls under the age of 18 and ****philia.

a tell-tale sign of such activity happens when you walk into a house in k11 where flat chested little girls run out pulling you by the arm offering yum yum.

check out the back side of the free phnom penh 3d map for a ad that says sex with children is a crime. more than 500 offenders have been arrested and prosecuted.

Bear Foxtrot
02-03-04, 09:04

Thanks for your help.

But what's wrong with old/ugly girls? It seems to me they would be cheaper and try harder to please, not to mention the experience they bring to the table.

The Lizard
02-04-04, 07:54
Well Alexios, what can I say?

Maybe this: "Everything a question of taste the monkey said when he bit into his ass".

02-04-04, 08:04
on another board some jerk posted pics of **** girls and stated he had partaken of their services. he was banned ! i know cambo has a bad reputation for these activities and i can't amagine why someone would want to play with k*ds. as for myself, i want someone with some miles under their bras, someone who knows how to perform and might even know a trick i haven 't tried.

imho ****s are a scourge to us all and need to be delt with. adults know what their into and can make decisions about their activities. k*ds deserve to grow up in a k*ds world.

this subject is sensitive and i hope that none of use are that low.

adults should deal with adults.

that's my opinion and i'm sticking to it.

shamas o'dognasty

02-04-04, 22:28
Here is the Ad from the free Phnom Penh 3d map

Big El
02-05-04, 02:52
Can anyone recommed a good, clean, inexpesive (by PP standards) hotel in Phnom Penh with a clean pool and cable; which of course is woman friendly?

I havn't been to PP since my back packing days and $3 a night guest houses. Always found K11 to be too far away, don't much go for the warm beer with ice, but the women are the most beautiful in Asia.

Looking forward to being back at Sharky's, Le Cerece' (I know I misspelled that) and the infamous Martini's.

02-06-04, 08:18
Hey, where is Guy#2?

I Heart Asia
02-07-04, 03:32
I stayed in the Star Royal on the River. No pool, but it's a comfortable hotel for $30 per night. They're visitor friendly, and the room are like a holiday inn in the states. Much cleaner than the $12 per night rooms.

02-28-04, 05:17
MSNBC in USA ran a one hour expose with hidden cameras of Sway Pak. Lots of nasty stuff on tape an on camera. It was on TV tonight. They even showed the tape to Colin Powell who earmarked 1 million dollars to the group trying to close it an other places in Cambodia down.

03-07-04, 20:55
Try the Royal Palace Hotel. 4****. Nice rooms for $35- 45, depending on room type and season.

Girl friendly, and will even organise them for you!
Contact directly on:

Can organise airport pickup, or book through driver Sovan Mee
sovanmee@hotmail.com . He can fix everything for you.

Carlos Spain
03-07-04, 21:19
Good Driver(person) of trips in Phnom Penh, Mr. Sovan Mee.

I have been with him several times and I advise it

The next April 6 will be in Phnom Penh and I would like see him again.

Carlos (Spain)

Big El
03-16-04, 00:27
The Hawaii Hotel was a pretty good place to stay. I would recommed a new arrival pick up The Phnom Penh Visitor's Giude. It can be helpful. They list virtually every bar and resturant. They refer to the working girl bars as a "men's bar".

Two bars with short-time rooms I went to were Le Cyrcee Club and Sophie Club. The girls are very touchy and eager to get you to go to a room, but for $10 per girl it's a good place to take two.

Sharky's had many lovlies. Martini's did too, but I get wierd vibes from that place, though that's an individual thing. It's my pal's favorite bar in the world.

I like exploring cities on my own and did not arrange a guide in advance. Phnom Penh is not that difficult a city navigate and moto taxis are everywhere, but if you find a moto guy who you get a good vibe from and trust, he will be more than happy to be available to take you anywhere.

Enjoy, Khmer women are the most beautiful in Asia.

Never Return
03-16-04, 17:07
just checked the board recently, and am surprised at the prices skyrocketing in cambodia. i was there 6 months ago, and the hotels were all $15 a night for a good, large, clean, girl-friendly room with a tv, movie channels, phone, closets, bathroom, windows. and that price is easily bargained down to $8 after 2 minutes of neotiations. where did $35-45 come from all of a sudden. keep in mind cambodia is a 3rd world country. i don't claim to be any kind of an expert but the locals "know" whiteys are all "rich" so they'll charge you $50 for a room or sex if you are willing to pay it. turn to leave -goes for the girl or the hotel- and the price will drop to the normal (overpriced) $10. just remember that the locals had the same girl you have for $2 last night. 2 years ago the most expensive girl was $5 before the influx of foregners.

also stick to "short-time" deals. even if you agree to "long-time" the girl will try to leave after one shot. one other recommendation is unless you have experience in another asian country don't go to cambodia first. it is the new "tourist-trap" of the sex world right now. from my (perhaps abnormal) experience, thailand was cheaper than cambodia was! the only good thing that cambodia has is the $5-$10 girls, so think about that when you plan to spend you time and money there. it is not a vacation spot.

i am also a little surprised with the obsession over k11 or toul kok. if you are not intrested in **** girls why would you even go there? every bar in town has women and you can bring them to your hotel instead of banging them in a shack.

also, what is up with "driver sovanmee"? $20-25 a day. it was $2-5 a day for any moto-driver 6 months ago.

i'm sorry if my post seems negative, but these prices are ludicrous.

03-18-04, 07:41
'Every bar in town has women and you can bring them to your hotel instead of banging them in a shack.'

Agreed -- brothel shagging is an acquired taste -- try the Hotel Indochine II down the street from sharky bar [walking distance]. 12 bucks a night, tv, hot water, clean basic room, quiet, private, nice restaurant on the ground floor, I had my own key to the front door so no one every saw me bringing in girls. You can also find a guesthouse as your personal short time room for $1.00 a day.

'Also, what is up with "Driver SovanMee"? $20-25 a day. It was $2-5 a day for any moto-driver 6 months ago'

I was paying $7 bucks a day for a top notch driver who didn't leave my side. That was the price he quoted me. I ended up giving him 10 a day becuse he was really cool.

Cambodia still a bargain....

03-20-04, 00:47
One establishment that I forgot to report on from my February trip was Sophy Bar. A monger on my flight told me that they offered something I hadn’t found elsewhere, which was bbbj’s right in the bar. I’ve always wanted to have that type of public experience, and after watching years of porn, wondered if I had what it took to perform for a long time with others watching.

First off, Sophy Bar is on the second story of what appears to be an abandoned office building. It’s a dump, but so what? It’s Phnom Phen. I was met at the door by two ladies and ushered into a very low comfy leather chair. They were very attentive, got me a drink, and quickly tried to move me into a room, but I explained that wasn’t what I was after, and told them what I wanted. They both went to work. I sent one on her way with a dollar tip. This is okay, according to the fellow on the plane. They apparently don’t get twisted about that. I thought I’d only take one. Then another comes up and makes herself comfortable on my left armrest, so I put her to work, too, thinking that I might send her on her way if she wasn’t up to snuff. Well, she was a hard worker, so I kept her. All told, these two worked on me for 35-40 minutes. Mongers came and went. Some cheered, others laughed or just ignored me.

Yeah, I have what it takes to be a porn star, at least as far as holding back and not minding an audience. All I need now is a 12” dick, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to buy one in BKK.

One fellow, a bloke, or a mate, or some such (either a Brit or an Aussie) recommended I tip them $2 for their extra efforts, because I’d worked them hard and long. So I did. They jumped up and down and acted like they’d just won the lottery. It was just too much to see this, but it was $4 very well spent because it made them so happy. Service was $10 each, paid to the bartender/Mamasan and $2 for the Coke. $2 for a Coke? That pissed me off, but WTF, I’m gonna be a porn star now, I can afford it :D


03-23-04, 22:49
$2 for the coke. That's the really funny thing is that you didn't want the fucking coke at all.

03-24-04, 01:17
No, I didn't even finish the fucking Coke.

Instead of correcting my post below, let me give the right info on the name, and add the address and phone, too:

Sophie Club
9E0 St. 118 corner of St 53
Tel: 012 885 234 or 012 619 821

03-30-04, 01:19
Robux, that was a really enjoyable post to read. You can buy one in bkk. I laughed, I cried. Two thumbs up, a real eye opener.

03-30-04, 16:48
Do any of you have experience with:

1. Staying at Cafe California 2 in PP, or

2. Using the services of Driver Sovan Mee?

I am planning a side trip tp PP from Pattaya in mid-April. Thought I'd arive in PP on the morning of the 16th and depart (back to Pattaya) on the evening of the 18th. Am considering staying at the Cafe California 2 and hiring Driver Sovan Mee as my driver/guide for the three days and two nights I'll be there.

Any advice for me?



Traveler Tom
03-30-04, 17:11

Sovan is good and reliable - I have no reservations about recommending him - he knows the Tourist and the Punting biz and his car is, usually, pretty reliable (he may have moved on to a grander one, by now, anyway)!

A nice man.


Traveler Tom
03-30-04, 17:17
Never Return

Do your homework.

Sovan's moto has 4 wheels and aircon

The dollar has fallen out of bed and, for the time being, everyone wants their money's worth - if it strengthens the rates should come down but I doubt it.

Thats life!


03-30-04, 22:35
California 2 was my temporary residence in PP and I enjoyed my stay there. It's run by an American and they serve a good huevos rancheros. American food serves me well as a cultural anchor and helps me to ward off culture shock.

Cali 2 is a few extra dollars a night -- I paid $20 for a river-front room, but it was well worth it for me for the view.

$25-30 per day for a driver seems a bit much. $7 will get you a moto driver who will be at your beck and call all day. Down side -- no aircon and potential safety issues. Wear a helmet.

PP is pretty easy to deal with. Martini's. Sharkey. Sophie. Hotel was the key for me.


03-30-04, 23:26

Thank you for the info. I am enough of a pussy to pay extra for the security of being inside an enclosed vehicle with a/c. Then, if I want to bring a girl back to my hotel she and I can ride together in the relative safety and security of the car. Plus, at least one other member of this forum had a good experience with Driver Sovan Mee, so I will likely pay the extra cost for the "luxury" and peace of mind.

Thank you,


03-31-04, 04:54

If you're going to spend more than a day or two in PP, please get Jim's advice before you hire Sovan Mee. Jim manages the California 2. There are usually two to four motocycle drivers hanging out in front of Cali 2 all day. Jim might be able to make a recommendation for somebody better/cheaper with 4 wheels and aircon. I don't know about $25-$30 per day. That just strikes me as REALLY high for PP. Jim pays his senior staffer $70/month + room and board and she has 5+ years with him. The choice is always yours. I didn't take all his suggestions. Thing is, he's on the ground there 24/7.

As for putting your date on a motorbike, don't worry. That's the easy part. I saw entire families of 5+ on mopeds.

Keep in mind, I'm a bottom-feeding skank-monger. :) Attention K-Mart shoppers!


03-31-04, 06:59

Thank you again for your input. I look forward to having something to report soon. If all goes well, I will be able to report about Bangladesh (two locations - Dhaka and Cox's Bazar), Pattaya, and Phnom Penh.


Traveler Tom
03-31-04, 07:50
Sure - you can get anything 'cheaper' - you can everywhere in the world. 25 US is acceptable for a day or two with a good driver and you can try and bargain down, if you feel it necessary. You pay for what you get - saving 5 Dollars per day just for the sake of it seems to me to be pointless. Almost everything is cheap in Cambodia and I am sure that most visitors are not near bankrupcy - not much to be gained by screwing the extra Buck or two out of these people who try and make a crust and keep a family, car etc. going. Reliability and competence are worth more than all the dollars that you can save so make sure you do not spoil the ship etc..etc......................

I have no vested interest in Sovan except that I might still own 50% of a secondhand altenator in his car!


03-31-04, 09:27
Anyone think about adding a detailed report or basic guide on things? I haven't been to Cambo in a while. I would love to make another trip there before this year ends.

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03-31-04, 14:27
Re: flights from BKK to PNH

Expedia.com lists daily flights from BKK to PNH on Thai Airlines for $290. Is this a good price? Can I get the same or better price if I wait and book my flight in person at the airport in BKK?

Does anyone know? Also, do I risk not getting a seat on a flight if I do not book ahead?



Traveler Tom
03-31-04, 18:48
Seems a lot to me. Normally better to buy locally if you can. At this time of the year I reckon you should be OK with seat availability - you are moving out of High Season and, anyway, PP is easier now as there are direct flights BKK to Siem Reap which takes a big load off the traditional routing to SR via PP.

Have not bought at the Airport but downtown BKK - have heard that Airport purchase no problem and, often, better.


04-01-04, 02:21
I normally stay at the paris when I am in PP but looking for new hotels more central in town up to about $20 us any recommendations would be appreciated.

04-02-04, 17:28

Go to one of the local travel agencies and ask about President Airlines. The price was as low as 3200 baht one way and 5800 baht round trip when I was there last year. Different agencies will quote different prices.

04-03-04, 00:27
anybody know about the malaria potential and mosquito population around Siem Reap?

Traveler Tom
04-03-04, 08:05
My view on the mosquito business is very clear. Do not worry about it and just make sure that you have some repellant on you (vit B pills give off a slight smell which the mossies do not like, as well). S.R is not a bad mosquito area and more harm is done by taking anti-malaria pills than actually getting malaria and then getting cured. This may sound a terrible generalisation but if you look at some of the histories of illnesses caused by various products and their side effects you would take this seriously - I travel throughout SEA, Africa and Latin America - sure I get the occasional bite but nothing serious; colleagues of mine have taken, for example, Lariam and are still trying to recover from the problems that it has caused, and this five years ago!


04-03-04, 15:25
Traveller Tom

I thought that once you stop taking Larium, the depression and nausea stops. I did not know that there are long standing problems with this medicine. What kind of problems are your friends experiencing ?

04-04-04, 05:10

Check http://www.cdc.gov. They have excellent advice in the "Traveler's Health" section.

The last time I checked, the prefered method of avoiding Malaria in Siam Reap was prophylatic doxycycline.


Print out this page and take it to your MD unless you are dealing with a major travel clinic. I been to travel clinics where a NP breaks out a 3 three year old version of some handbook I could buy at Barnes and Noble.

Dont worry too much and have fun.

04-04-04, 19:33
Indeed, when I mentioned to my MD here stateside that I was planning to visit Cambo, he stocked me up with 4 weeks worth of doxycycline. Also told me to chew on some Pepto Bismol in the morning and before bed to avoid any stomach gremlins.

04-05-04, 04:42
Buy the doxy in US or Thailand or Cambo? The CDC info was to the point and valuable but didin't address the "start when" - I sort of got "day prior"- it did addrress the "take for a week after you are out of the affected area"

Sorry for the non-monger info request - just that I would LIKE to continue to be able and the plasmoid infestation (malaria is actually a parasite) would sort of make that difficult

04-14-04, 17:18
The Christmas Gang Bang

My friend and I met this girl and her 2 friends at the only shopping center with an escalator in PP. (called Sorya or something similar). At the fourth floor food court we noticed the little brown girls checkin us, so we struck up dialogue, the "you know english?" type. Couldn't really speak any at all! but that didn't stop us from buying a 12 pack for them and taking them back to our 3.00$ room at Uncle's Guesthouse. They were cool wiith letting the girls go upstairs with us.

My two girls were a couple of bitches, so I inserted it in one but she wasn't into it. Man, kicked those two out. My friend's girl was dark brown lactating mother of 1. WOW,I love cambo milk.

She was a freak for free! I pounded her 7 times that night. I'm not exagerating, this girl was Smoking hot! Anyway, my friend beat off on her eyes 3 times. Yes, 3 times and she let it happen. WOW, she was blinded and squealing as I fired load after load all over her chest, back, hair, chin. Man, I love Cambodia. And that was all on Christmas 2003.

The lesson: check out the shopping centers for real girls. They're cheap or free. The LIKE sex and they're probably a little cleaner that professional *****s.

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Romeo Blue
04-15-04, 21:36
Hi Guys! I will come to Cambodia next week again!

I guess the scene has changed a lot since my last visit!

So my question!

Where can you pic up girls from the street? Is there a street where the girls are and waiting for mans?

I know sharkeys and martini is a good place, but are there other places?

Would you sugest me to go to K11 or better not?

Last time a mototaxi took me to a place where are a lot of young vietnamese girls are! can you trust this guys if they want to send you to there?

How much is a motobike from martini back to the central market after midnight?

04-16-04, 22:35
Dody 1967

I've sent you a PM.

From my readings K11 is pretty well dead, not worth the trip. The street action is moving around as the police are cracking down. The usual bars and MPs are doing well. I can't remember the part of town were most of the locals go, I've been warned to stay away, too many problems.

As far as motodrivers, most guys are either hooking up with ones they know or getting them through the hotels where they stay.


Edited - Svay Pak is the part of town I couldn't remember. Recent reports indicate that tourists are being watched closely in this area.

The street action used to be centered just in front of the Prime Ministers residence. The girls have been chased away and tourist hasseled.

All of these problems attributed to NGO pressure.


James Khoa
04-17-04, 10:05
Alright, here's a question for all yougrandmasters of Cambodia. Read most of your reports, and btw I am hoping to travel to Camb, since I am working in Vietnam, and it seems that there is absolutely no problem in getting girls. BUT, I have read mixed reports on getting girls to stay overnight in hotels. Is the difference due to the safety? (as in stealing and stuff).

And not wanting to pay too much, can some one give an updated summary for prices? As in short time (ST), long time (LT), certain places. Quality of chicks, length of time, hotels, so on?

Thanks in advance.

Romeo Blue
04-20-04, 15:00
Cambodia is pretty cheap. You can get a ST in a massage parlour for 5$, and if you take a girl to your room it is 10$. A long time is around 15-20$ it depense how good looking is the girl!

Make it clear before you go to hotel what you want! Bumbum or Jamjam! Sometimes my girls dissappear after one shot! Then I give them only 8$. If they agree for long time or sometimes 5 it depends how good was the one shot. I have good experiences with the girls around 25-30 years! Good service and they dont try to cheat you!

I dont have any valuables in my room and my camera and the daily money is in my suitcase which is locked!

If you go to a massage parlour, take your money with you if you take a shower!

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04-20-04, 15:11
April 19 – Around 8PM
Cambodia is so fucking hot you could fry eggs on what passes for the sidewalk! Having left BKK earlier today, I was shocked to discover that there’s a more humid place in the universe. I was also amazed that there is a place where the drivers are worse; Apparently the Cambo’s never learn that you don’t make a turn into oncoming traffic, and then just drift over to the correct side of the road.

Did some sightseeing during the day and talked to a couple of expats to get some good info on the local mongering scene. So, armed with info on where to get a quick, on-site fix of my dick in a girls mouth, I headed over to Sophie Bar. Don’t ask me where the fuck it is, because I had my eyes closed the entire moto-ride.

Was escorted upstairs into a dimly lit, dinghy, room where about 12 girls were sitting on a sofa and another two were keeping the company of a foreigner at the bar. As soon as I sat down, half the girls on the sofa were all over me. It was great, but I only saw two that looked worthwhile, and it was hard to dislodge the undesirables.

Ordered a water, and the lady said $2. $2?!?! For a few ml’s bottle of water? I think not. Since, I liked the look of my two girls, I declined the water and took them to the room (after agreement to $10/girl).

There names were Sertheu and Lisaah, or something like that. Lisaah was the cuter of the two, and in the bright light of the room, was the only one I really wanted. Both were obviously past their primes (though they claimed to be 20 and 19 respectively) but Lisaah was not bad, and had some big-ol-titties that looked fun to play with.

Off to a shower, where Lisaah washed the boys. Then, back to the room where they went to work on a two girl suck-me-off fest. Sertheu wasn’t much in the bbbj department, but did rim me and that felt really good while Lisaah got a nice head bob rhythm going.

I wasn’t interested in fucking either of them, so I let them bbbj for about 30 min before I let loose in Lisaah’s mouth. She pulled off and ran to the bathroom to spit it out, but came back smiling.

I paid the girls, got change for the moto driver from the bar, and was out on my way.

Name: Sertheu (Sophie Bar)
Age: claimed 20, my guess is 30
Height: 5’/105lbs
Measurements: 26a (flabby)-26-26 (Guess, but the proportions are right).
Looks: Looked good in the dim light, looked worse in the bright light, looked worse still without clothes on.
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 3/4/5
Cost: $10
Pros: okay rim job
Cons: Very little sucking skill
Recommend: no

Name: Lisaah (Sophie Bar)
Age: claimed 19, my guess is 25
Height: 5’/105lbs
Measurements: 26D (firm and nice)-26-26 (Guess, but the proportions are right).
Looks: cute face and smiled a lot, but had a bit of a pooch
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 5/5/6
Cost: $10
Pros: nice tits, decent bbbj
Cons: pooch
Recommend: if no one else catches your fancy

04-21-04, 00:39
PNG, thought I 'd check you out over here. 1 burning question, what did u do with Joy? She must have been hard to leave, especially after the week end. Are you going back into LOS? will be there with The Traveler on the 30. PM me if interested.

04-21-04, 12:01
I spent 45 hours in Cambodia; the evening of April 15 through the afternoon of April 17. My first time there.

I called Sovan Mee from BKK and he said he could not come but he would send his friend. I spelled my name for him and told him what time my flight left BKK. When I came out of the airport at Phnom Penh there was no driver waiting for me. I waited around for a while and no one came. A number of drivers wanted to drive me but I said my driver was coming. One of the drivers had a cell phone and let me use it to try to call Sovan Mee. A woman answered who did not speak English, so the driver who loaned me the phone spoke to her. Apparently she said Sovan Mee was not there, and she did not know about any arrangements to pick me up.

I asked the driver (his name is Yorn) how much to take me into Phnom Penh. He said $2, so we hopped on his moto. As we were riding along I realized I would need a driver that night. I asked if he was available and he was. I asked "How much" and he said "Up to you." He recommended a hotel (Morakat Hotel) and I got a room for $20 per night. I showered while Yorn waited. Then I told him I wanted to go to Sharkey's and Martini's. He took me there and I asked him to accompany me inside.

We ascended the stairs at Sharkey's, entered the bar and took two bar stools. Two girls immediately came over and began to massage my back and shoulders as I started drinking Scotch. Two drinks and I told Yorn let's make a circle around the bar and then go. I tipped the two massagers $1 each and thanked them, circled the bar and left. Then on to Martinis.

Uneventful but pleasant. Sat at a table where we could see the movie projected on the far wall. Two girls joined me and rubbed my legs, dick, etc. Awkward conversation given the language barrier. Couple more drinks and outa there. Yorn said he knew a "lady house" where he thought I could find a girl I liked. He took me somewhere and I saw a few girls and selected one who was very pretty and petite. I paid more than I wanted to pay. Thay asked $40. I said $30 but they said no. I said I'd give the girl a $10 tip if she was good. They finally agreed to $33.

She was a Khmer girl; very attractive, young looking but I believe legal. The hotel didn't ask her for ID nor even seem to take notice that she was with me. She kissed passionately and had a sweet personality. She sucked my dick expertly and was a very good fuck; her on top and me on top.

The next morning I wanted another round. She was willing but less enthusiastic. I wanted head and she obliged, but again, little enthusiasm. I wanted her to rub baby oil on my dick (I like that) but she just lay on her back with her legs slightly spread indicating I should just fuck her. So, I did. It was a good (not great) fuck and she was responsive once we got going. No condom this time (we had used one the night before.) She didn't even mention it and I don't like them and I am aware of the risks.

After, we showered and dressed and went down to the lobby for breakfast ( I often take girls out to eat after I fuck them.) Had a good breakfast and then Yorn showed up ready for the day. I will report on the day's activities in a separate post.

I want to heartily endorse Yorn and will do so in the Cambodia Classified and Personal Endorsements section.


04-21-04, 13:47
April 19 – Around 8:45PM
Had a bit of an adventure returning to my hotel from Sophie Bar because the moto driver—the same one who brought me to Sophie Bar in the first place--got lost.

Before you get on a moto, ask the driver to take you to wherever you want to go. If he has the slightest hesitation about where it is, do not go with him. I’ve learned the hard way that a lot of these guys have no fucking clue where things are, and will simply drive in a semi-straight line until you direct them otherwise. In the case of a complete newbie, this can waste a lot of time and become quite scary when you become lost down a dark street. Of course, the lack of hesitation is no guarantee you will be taken quasi-directly to your destination, but at least it’s better than nothing.
: end aside

Anyway, on the way back, we passed by a place called Ming’s Man Massage. It looked vaguely like a poor thai soapy joint, so I had the driver stop. Unsure whether the ‘man’ in the name referred to a massage for men, or a massage by men, I asked the gate guard. He said it was ladies doing the massage, so I told the moto-driver to wait and headed on in.

Now, I will do a search for this place tomorrow when I get to an internet café, but I don’t remember seeing anything in the Cambo thread about it, so, when I was quoted $8 for an hour, and said sure. The papasan led me back into a room with a bunch of chairs and a couple of really old ladies sitting around. One jumped up and started heading my way, but I said no and asked the papasan if he had younger girls. He pointed to one who was probably 45 and looked extremely lazy. I hightailed it outta there.

Maybe it was the time of night, but I won’t be back until I hear some success stories about the place.

04-21-04, 16:12
Day 2 in Cambodia - April 16

As noted previously, Yorn showed up at my hotel between 8:30 amd 9:00 a.m. as my Khmer cutie and I were finishing breakfast. I decided to do some sightseeing. He took me to Tuol Sleng, the genocide museum which is a school the Khmer Rouge converted into a detention center and torture facility. I had heard about it and wanted to see. Yorn waited outside the gate while I explored on my own.

Next he asked if I wanted to see the Royal Palace. Sure. He took me there, I wandered around for under an hour and he was waiting for me at the exit. So, much for tourism for today. I was curious about Svay Pak and wanted to see. I was pretty sure I only wanted to look, given the heat that I had heard was on the place. By this time I felt that Yorn would do what he could to keep me out of trouble. He told me if I got into trouble with the law, he would, too.

So, we headed the K-11 (Svay Pak.) I was looking for the Coca Cola sign that I had heard was a landmark to look for. Didn't see it. Yorn turned his moto left into the dirt/gravel drive which immediately sloped downward. We travelled just about 10 yards down the slope and made a left and then an almost immediate right on the first street. Yorn told me that there would be boys beckoning us to come into their establishments but that we should not go. After making our right turn onto what appeared to be the main street, we stopped at almost the first establishment on the left. We left the moto outside and the sliding doors were opened about a foot for us to enter.

I was led to a room near the back and asked to sit on a small couch. Ten girls were brought out. Seven were on my left and constituted what I will call the "younger" group." The other three, the "older group" were facing me so that the ten girls formed and L-shape, with the "younger group" forming the longer bar of the "L" and the "older group" forming the shorter bar.

I was shocked at what I saw and knew immediately that I would not be fucking any of these girls. But I was already there and I was curious, so I asked a few questions. I asked the age of the girl I judged to be the oldest of the "older group." I was given a number I believe to have been inflated by at least two years (I am fully aware that Asian girls appear younger than their Western counterparts and I took that into account.) I asked how much for her - asking price $50.

I gestured toward the "younger group." I asked thier ages. Again I was given a number I believe to have been inflated by at least two to three years. I asked how much - $70. I smiled at our host and at my driver, Yorn, and politely said "No, thank you" and told Yorn I would like to go now. As we left I handed the girl I perceived to be the "oldest" a one dollar bill. I'm not sure why.

I was feeling a litle queezy and stunned by this experience. Perhaps slightly in shock. I had been curious and wanted to see. Now I had seen it for myself. Yorn took me to another house just a few doors down, on the same side of the street. Went inside, about three girls there (I guess this was about 10:30 to 11:00 in the morning) and all of them were clearly of legal age, but the guy in their was really pushy and was pissing me off. He was just doing his job and I was not in a good frame of mind at this point. I told Yorn I wanted to get out so we left. I think I handed a girl a dollar; she had been cuddling up to me and I appreciated her effort but I was in no mood.

We headed back out to the main road and toward the city. I was feeling like Phnom Penh is not such a great place and maybe I should just head back to Thailand and my beloved Pattaya. As I was turning this over in my mind, Yorn asked me if I had tried the "medicine" that makes you "go a long time." Ah, Viagra! No I had not tried it. (The name "Viagra" meant nothing to him, but we understood each other.) I had been curious about Viagra and, since I was planning on "performing" as often as possible for the next several days, why not?

He took me to a pharmacy and he asked. They brought out "Zeagra" which was $8 for a box of four tablets and "Kamagra" which was $10 for a box of four tablets. They appeared to be the same, each tablet being 100 milligrams. They only had one box of the $8 tabs so I paid $18 for the two boxes and popped one immediately (Yorn had already told about a place we could go for a girl for $15 short time - I was feeling better already.)

I wanted a manicure/pedicure so he took me to a barber shop where I got a shave, haircut, manicure and pedicure. Total price - $4 USD. (I like this town.) Also, as the attractive 30-something Khmer lady did my nails and massaged my hands, my cock began to stir. The viagra was kicking in!

Yorn took me to a "house" where a cute, if slightly tomboyish girl in jeans and t-shirt invited us in. Mama was seated on a mat and another girl came out. She appeared to be of legal age but was really petite. Yorn talked to Mama and said I couild get her or the cute tomboy for $15 short time, on the premises. I said how about $20 for both? We agreed on $25 for both and the two girls and I went up the ladder/stairs to a tiny room upstairs. They warned me repeatedly not to bump my head as the upstairs ceiling and door ways were quite low. I had my first ever threesome. It was great. One would kiss me on the mouth and neck and chest and suck my nipples while the other licked my balls and dick and sucked me expertly. Then they would trade. I chose to stay on my back as each of them took turns fucking me. After some good fucking, I directed them to use the baby oil I had brought to get me off manually using both hands. I came really hard and was a very happy man.

The three of us went into an adjacent room where they washed themselves and me. My dick was still rock hard and they commented on it, which I enjoyed. I tipped them $2 each and were were on our way. I decided I'd remain in Cambodia another day and night. Things were definitely looking up.

[Please check the Cambodia Classifieds and Personal Endorsements section for info on my moto driver, Yorn.]

More later.

04-21-04, 16:50

$33 + breakfast?!?! Buddy, you gotta edumacate yourself on the rudiments of not getting ripped off before hunting again. Why bother with Cambo if you're going to pay BKK prices?

I'm no expert on the Cambo scene after just my one trip, but, it doesn't take much reading this board, and talking to mongers on the ground, before you realize you can get any of these girls to stay with you overnight for $15. And, even that appears to be a ridiculous increase based on reports from a half-year ago.

Also, no condom? You say you know the risks, but, you appear to think that her HIV isn't active in the morning. Please, protected peckers provide perpetual punting!

04-21-04, 17:07
April 19 – Around 11:30
Busy day. On the advice of a fellow monger, I headed out to Martinis. It was a $1 moto-ride each way, and the driver waited for me outside, $1 more (this one spoke good English and said he was a regular at my hotel so knew how to get back for sure).

Martinis is pretty cool as far as a third world, thatched hut, disco goes. There are lots of ladies hanging around and not too many foreigners. I saw waiters around, but was never even asked to buy a drink. There were 3 distinct sections. If you head to the left upon entering (through a throng of moto-drivers at the door) there are a couple of pool tables and a bar. Behind that is what appears to be a dining area and there was a big screen with some movie playing. If you head right after entering the bar, there is the elongated dance floor with some decent music playing. There is a seating area on both sides of the dance floor, and there were some foreigners rubbing against their chosen honeys while enjoying a beer. The dance floor itself was jammed with at least 30 cambo cuties and only 2 foreigners.

I figured I’d be sure to get some play on that dance floor, but, couldn’t get eye contact with a single girl out there. One was especially cute, but she seemed lost in her own little world, so I gave up. Anyone out there care to explain how to crack this nut?

Went back to the dining area and had a seat. Again, the waiters were present but not pushy at all, this is cool. No sooner had I sat down then a cute viet girl came over on the pretense of standing in front of the fan and struck up the universal “Where you from” conversation.

She was pretty good looking and fairly small, like I like them. Negotiated $10 for one pop, and she agreed to let me take pictures (this would not happen though :( So off we went back to the hotel.

Back in the hotel, she was kind of biz like. Wouldn’t shower together and reneged on her promise to let me photograph her. This pissed me off, but, as I didn’t feel like going back to Martinis (about a 10 min ride) I just snuck a photo while she showered. I’ll post it once Jackson gets the photo issue resolved.

After showering, this girl set in on one of the best rim/BBBJ’s I’ve ever had. Slow, silky and deep. It’s obviously something she’s practiced at a lot, and I think I forgot to mention that she had big fat bj lips. I was tempted to just blow in her mouth, but I was thinking that maybe her fuck skills would be as good, so I let her go on for about 30 minutes until she complained that her jaw hurt. Should have let go down her throat because she was pretty much a starfish. I pumped her for a while, but got bored and let the soldier fill up the condom.

She hopped up almost immediately, showered and was out the door (after being paid) in less than 2 minutes. Oh well, she wasn’t worth keeping around for socializing.

Name: Hah (Martinis)
Age: claimed 23
Height: 4’9”/95lbs
Measurements: 28a-26-28 (Guess, but the proportions are right).
Looks: pretty face, long black hair, bj lips.
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 6/4/5
Cost: $10
Pros: great bbbj
Cons: light kid scarring, starfish
Recommend: Only for the bbbj, but definitely for the bbbj.

04-22-04, 09:24
Reuters story via CNN

Code seeks to protect children from sex tourism

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- U.S.-based travel giant Carlson Companies Inc. on Wednesday became the first North American travel firm to sign a code of conduct aimed at protecting children from sex tourism.

The code was launched in North America by UNICEF, the World Tourism Organization and the children's rights advocacy group, ECPAT, at a news conference at UNICEF's New York headquarters.

Chairman Marilyn Carlson signed the code for the privately held Minneapolis-based travel company, which owns the Radisson and Regent hotel chains and Carlson Leisure Travel Services.

"The travel industry is critical in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation. We can no longer look the other way while members of our own communities are abusing children in the most unthinkable ways," UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy told a news conference.

More than 50 travel firms in Europe already enforce the code, UNICEF said.

As many as 2 million children are sexually exploited in the multibillion-dollar commercial sex trade, the U.N. agency said. Most of the victims are girls but a significant number are boys.

Sex with children is a lure to tourists around the world, with Acapulco, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Bali and Cambodia among the major centers.

Rights groups estimate the number of child prostitutes in Brazil at between 100,000 and 500,000, out of a total population of 175 million. Some 200,000 children work in Thailand's sex industry, according to a U.N. estimate.

By signing the code, travel firms commit themselves to establishing a corporate policy against the commercial sexual exploitation of children, training their staff to uphold the policy and providing travelers with information on the sexual exploitation of children.

A U.S. law enacted last year made it a crime for any person to enter the United States, or for any citizen to travel abroad, for sex tourism involving children. Sex tour operators and patrons face up to 30 years in prison for violations.

04-22-04, 14:55
PNG: I was at Martini's the same time you were. Too bad we didn't say hello. I thought the scene at Martini's was way too "in your face" and I was disappointed overall. There were lots of girls but they appeared too young for my tastes. That's a problem I'm finding everywhere in Cambodia.

04-22-04, 18:53
This was a reply to a PM, but I figured it might be worthwhile to others... all info is based on my one, 3 day trip, so give it the appropriately level of confidence...

Phnom Penh is definitely not as developed as BKK. It's interesting though and worth a trip. The prices appear to be $10/st. From the on the ground intel I gathered, you can pay a girl $20/lt, but most will leave after one pop anyway.

There are plenty of Cambo and Viet girls to choose from, and I would say the average Cambo girl is prettier than the average BKK girl. However, the Cambo's are amazingly homogeneous in facial structure and body type, so there is very little std dev in looks. I think the better looking BKK girls outstrip the Cambos by a lot, but that's just my opinion.

I never looked at HIV rates or anything like that because I always play with padding and think the HIV stats are inflated by Right Wing Religious zealots anyway.

As for bars, there are plenty of bars in PP. Most appear to be freelancers. There are places like Sophie Bar that are basically brothels where you can have a drink ($2 for whatever you order). The two major freelancer bars are Sharky's and Martinis. They are across the city from one another and a moto-ride between the two will cost $1.

I noticed a couple of places (can't remember names) that I didn't understand. There was a restaurant (?) where these girls sat outside. A mamasan assigned one that took me inside, where, there was a band playing really loud, shitty music. I didn't see how I was gonna get any, and the 'music' hurt my ears, so I bailed. Another place, across the street, rose something or other (?), was similar, but the girls were all sitting in the foyer and no one assigned them. I left there to because I just didn't understand the scene, and the girls didn't seem to interested. Anyone with info on these kinds of places?

I recommend staying along the riverfront. I stayed at the California 2 (google for it). The manager, Jim, is a laid back San Diegan who will give you lots of info. He helped me plan my day trips and recommended night spots to me as well. He serves up some good fish tacos (using egg wrappers for shells) and the bar/lounge area usually had a couple good guys to chat with. River view rooms are $20/night and other rooms are $15. The rooms were clean, but had no safe (only a key locked bureau). This was okay for me because I left my valuables (computer) back in BKK and my passport in Jim's lockbox. I will stay there again next time.

You can get a visa on arrival; Make sure you have a passport photo with you (you can get these at photo stores in BKK, 10 for 120BT). Cost is $20 to enter the country and $20 to leave.

04-22-04, 18:55

Where do you normally hang? I kind of liked Martinis, but I like the young (but definitely legal) cuties.

World Traveler
04-25-04, 22:24
i experienced one of those restaurants myself. buy then my moto bike guy had provided me with good tips on where to go to have fun so, when he suggested that place, i went along. i don¡¯t remember the name but i think it was close to the river.

there was a large parking lot and my moto bike guy dropped me off at the entrance to the parking area, i thought to myself that was strange because they have a tendency to provide door-to-door service. as i was walking toward the restaurant, i noticed a whole bunch of girls who were dressed up very nicely hanging outside in groups of two or three each. i went inside and was greeted by a hostess who showed me a table. the restaurant was busy with locals and it seemed like to could be a family place. i think i was the only foreigner in there. then the hostess reminded me that the minimum charge for the table included up to two, three (i think) persons in a party. she said if i wanted to, i could ask one of the girls outside to join me at my table. so, i went outside and invited two girls to sit with me and they happily accepted.

i was still trying to figure out the scene. there was a dance stage in there, which seemed pretty popular with local music playing. at least no one was stirring at me. i decided to find out what could be ahead. i put my hand on the lap of one of girls sitting next to me and she didn¡¯t react but when i tried to move my hand more she pulled away. i tried it a couple of times and she reacted the same way. in meanwhile the hostess, kept bringing these plates of food or snack that were wrapped in plastic and they would charge you only if you use them otherwise no charge (they didn¡¯t look good to me).

i tried to speed up and find out if there could be any event later on but didn¡¯t get anywhere. the girls sitting at my table were not interested. they were just happy to pick up their cut of the minimum table charge. but they kept telling me (with broken english and body language) that there were girls who might. a couple of other girls set down to negotiate with me. these girls were going crazy just unwrapping the plates and just wasting them. very similar to your hotel room mini-bar syndrome. one of them wanted 100 us to go with me to my hotel. i barely bailed out.

my observation was that the girls were catering only toward locals. rich local guys go these places and are accompanied with these girls for a night of drink, dance, and maybe more. but they wouldn¡¯t qualify as freelancers. i think i ended up paying like 20 us or so which was extremely expensive at the local rate and for what i got. i know i got out cheap. it could have been a disaster.

morakat hotel is $15 per night. you could negotiate it down to $12 if you really want to.

on another note to all of us, some fellow wanabe hobbyist travel to thailand a couple of times and think they have mastered the scenes. they keep that experience and try to apply it everywhere else. we all started with thailand but we grew out of it. there is even a better world out there, outside thailand (although i wish most would just go to thailand and leave the rest alone). every place has its own scene and that is what attracts a lot of us. if we go and try to change it to thailand so we could enjoy it (because we don¡¯t know any other way to enjoy it) it just ruins it for future visitors. granted, they may still enjoy it but at the cost of not knowing what it used to be like not too long ago ¡¦.. just because sometimes we want to apply our standards to everywhere. i say it again, haven¡¯t we guys figured out how we all lost pattaya. that¡¯s why i think posts on new discoveries should be limited to (senior) senior members only. those who have the capacity to take, apply, enjoy, and pass on to the rest of us; not those who take, apply, enjoy, and ...... ruin, destroy, burn, demolish ...... on their way out.

04-26-04, 03:53
World Traveler

Good report on the Cambodia scene.

Unfortunately, if it bothers you to talk about new places because you are concerned that they might get spoiled by the increased tourism, then, you have a decision to make.

I made mine. I share whatever little new information I get.

Enjoy the life,

04-26-04, 06:53
World Traveler,

Thanks for your report on the dinner houses. Unfortunately, your final comments on not sharing cast the whole report into doubt. I have to wonder if you are just trying to hide one of your gems from the newbies :(

I agree with Ferolga777. You need to reacquaint yourself with the mission of the board.

04-26-04, 09:41
I am going for my first trip to Phnom Penh, a Visa-Run from Thailand, any recomdeation for hotels who are girlfriendly? , areas of the city? Is the "heat" from NGO's still high or have it cooled a litle bit down?
The K11 area, most reports says its a "dengerous" area, have some one bin there lately?

04-26-04, 11:25
Ragabast, RTFF!! Every one of your questions has been answered within the past few pages.

Please, no one respond to RTFF requests like this!

Native Humper
04-26-04, 21:54
My My Purple and Gold, aren't you grouchy today. I imagine that most questions in this forum have been answered for the first few months of the forum being active. Isn't this forum for us sharing information? Lighten up please

04-26-04, 23:26

I wanted to take a moment and disagree with what you said about rabagst's post. All due respect ofcourse. My feeling is that we are here to help, the guy is probabally in Thailand, sitting at an internet cafe tring to hide the fact that he is on the forum. I think, if we can get information to him efficiently and immediately, even if it creates a little redundancy, then this forum is doing its job. If he appreciates the help that we can offer him, then perhaps he will recripricate, and help out another newbie. That is WSG utopia...

Just wondering, are you a Pirate? (Their colors are Purple&Gold, and I got my MBA from there...)

Either way, best regards to all of you!


04-29-04, 21:43
Anybody been during the weekend in Sihanoukville?

Getting a hotel during the weekend seems difficult.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

04-30-04, 16:43
Native Humper,

I'm in LOS getting off 6-8 times a day with the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in person. In addition to that, I'm getting ST's every couple days just to keep the freshness. I'm not able to be grumpy :) As for lightening up? RTFF'ers don't deserve light.


Point taken. Still, I think, if the newbies would take a bit of time to familiarize themselves with the search function (or even bother to read just one or two pages), then we wouldn't need the redundancy at all :)

BTW, I'm not a Pirate. I'm a native of So Cal, and have been a Lakers fan since I was old enough to sit on my grandpa's knee (at least that's what I'm told as it predates my own memory).

05-04-04, 05:33
I was a trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh for a change of scenery and VISA run. Arrived on Sunday, had a reservation on Scandic Hotel, nice little place, with a pool.
After checking in I heeded for the streets, asked one of the Motos waiting outside the hotel gate driving me, don’t remember his name, asked him to drive me to place where I could make international phone call, he recommended a place near the post office, it was cheaper there! Well paying 2 USD a minute calling Thailand is not cheap!
Then I asked him to bring me to the River area.
He offered me to drive me around for the hold evening for 5 US, and he spoke fairly good English, so I accepted his offer.
He had a good knowledge of different places as well. I went first to the Riverside Bar and Restaurant, had a beer and did some people watching.
Thereafter I went around the corner to the DV8 bar, sat down and chatted with the owner, a gay from New Zealand, Barry is his name?
When I had some more beers, one of the girls in the bar come over and stated to stoke my cock outside my pants. As the man I am after a while I wanted to do some more. Barry had told me that his bar had a pool room on the second floor, with a balcony and three “short time” rooms upstairs, so upstairs we go, after agreed on the 5+5 USD charge. (The going rate for S/T according to Barry)
The girl was short, no more the 150 com, little bit chubby with decent sized tits. Nice face.
She gave me first a BBBJ before I fucked her. After finishing with her, I settled my bill and left.
I asked my moto driver to bring me to one of this “Happy Pizza” places, wanted to try that. He took me to one of the pizza places along the river. It was a good pizza, had some more beers.
Then we went to some other bars, I don’t remember the names.
Lather one it was time to check out some other of the places like Shopies, Martinis and Sharkys.
First we went to Sharkyes, not to much people, to early I guess. Then we went to Shopies, I could now start to feel the “effect” from the herbs in the pizza, so I sat down and ordered some thing to drink. Two girls come over, and started to touch me. I my condition I decided that I wanted them both, went up to one of the rooms with both of them, I was in a relaxing mode so I asked them to BBBJ me, the did a good jog, I guess the worked on shift on me for 45 minutes, licking my dick, balls and the rim before I blow it on there faces.

I have to admit I do not remember the details about the girls, the where “dark skinned, dark hair, not so slim, they had tits, and did a good BJ!” so I got what I wanted.
The bill was 24 USD.

Then I went over to Martinis, had some beers and looked at the crowd, decided to go back to hotel, had to go to the Embassy next morning.

At the Thai embassy the old me that since I was living in the south of Thailand, they could not give me a new VISA, I had to go to Malaysia or Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked to speak with the clerk’s supervisor; he told me that they had so many applications from Cambodians that they only attended to people living there!
So here we go again, back to Bangkok on first flight.
Check out of the hotel, rebook my return flight, pack etc.

So after less that 24 hours in Phnom Penh I was on my way back to Thailand again, with no new VISA.
I asked the driver to bring me somewhere to eat lunch, and he brought me to the Riverside bar and restaurant, had a decent club sandwich.
So I had like two-three hours to kill before my flight, what to do? So I asked the driver to bring me somewhere with some daytime action!
He brought me to place called “Sony Hotel” I h\think, the had several girl sitting in the front, one very aggressive one who dragged me in to the place and upstairs, after looking closer at here I decided that I didn’t like her. So I told her no Boom-Boom or massage, and started to walk downstairs. On the way out a light skinned girl with decent tits come over and asked if I wanted a “massage” from her.
I had limited time before my flight so I settled with her, in to a room and she started to give me a massage, actually quiet good back massage, the she asked me to turn around, and look down on my hard dick and asked “boom-boom or only massage?” So I fucked her, she was nice and tight, complaining that I was to big for her, to bad, I fucked her for a while with me on top, then she rode me and at last with her on the back and leg folded up, no she start to push me away each time I pounded her, so I just took out my dick and let it go over here face and tits.
I gave her 15 USD and left the place.
Then back to airport and Bangkok.

The little I did see of Phnom Penh was interesting, I will definitely go back. It was different from Thailand (Have bin living here for 2 years).

Now I have to plan a short trip to Malaysia or Singapore!

05-05-04, 05:27
I had forgotten just how Happy you can get when ingesting that type of pizza. After a delayed reaction, I felt the full effect of the pizza for quite some time. I went to Happy Pizza on the riverfront. I don't know whether or not most pizza places in PP serve their pizza "Happy" style.

There is also a Happy Pizza in Siem Reap.

05-05-04, 05:57
Damn! I was in Phnom Penh for two days and forgot all about the Happy Pizza. Now I have to go back.

Thanks for the reminder, guys.


That Asshole
05-07-04, 09:06
World Traveler,

Couldn't agree with WT more. Having visited Cambodia recently, have made some amazing discoveries.

Compiled a report but eventually decided against posting it here. There are just too many perverts reading these lines and are too ready to destroy all these beautiful things.

See what happened to Svaypak. If there was a way to transfer the information to "genuine" senior members committed to the welfare of this noble hobby, I might post a detailed report.

But the scene is just too fragile at moment, so I rather wait. Sorry guys. If you want to see it, then buy a ticket and discover it for yourself and keep your stuff for yourself, at least for now. Seriously.

At least let the scene grow strong enough so that it can be sustained even against adverse publicity, lies, etc.


Bez Bezarra
05-08-04, 15:03
Hey bag o' gas !

Thank you for a really great report, sounds like you went right off those rails with the happy pizza etc. on your unsuccessful suck-fest visa run!

Especially enjoy the part at Shopies that your girl "had tits". I think most mongers will agree that' s always a pretty good indicator that you're heading in the right direction. To stay on the safe side, you just might also want to check that there are 2 of them, and that they aren't hairy or sticking out from her back.

05-09-04, 08:17
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the great info. Question for everyone, for my first mongering trip outside the United States which destination would you suggest. Cambo? Bangkok? Brazil? or Europe?

Thanks Semi

Member #1210
05-09-04, 21:16

My 2 cents worth, if I were you, I would go:

1. China
2. Thailand
3. Argentina
4. Brazil
5. Cambodia.


C Me Type
05-10-04, 01:12
I would recommend Bangkok.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

05-10-04, 03:18

I'll respond on this thread and then suggest you review the Thailand/Pattaya postings.

I highly recommend Pattaya, Thailand for a first timer. You can get a flight to Bangkok from wherever you are and then take a bus to Pattaya for under 100 baht (around $2.50 USD.) Pattaya makes it very easy for you. Just get a hotel anywhere within walking distance of Walking Street (South Pattaya) for 1,000 baht or less per night (easy to find a room for less; depends on what you require.) Then you can find a girl for short time (about 2 hours) or long time (all night) for anywhere from 500 baht to 2,500 baht or more. Freelancers are the cheapest; go-go bar girls are the most expensive, but still a bargain according to many and arguably the best looking. Girls from the open air beer bars are in between, in quality and price.

Pattaya is not everyone's first choice (it is mine) but I would highly recommend it for a first timer. I've been there twice as well as Bangkok and I also ventured to Cambodia. I will definitely return to Pattaya. I also want to return to Phnom Penh; but go to Pattaya first.


P.S. Review the Forum as much as possible before asking too many questions. If you ask questions that have been answered already, prepare to be attacked, or ignored, by fellow members. You might be admonished to "RTFF!" which is their way of telling you to "read the fucking forum." It's good advice. I'm telling you now, politely. Heed my warning.

05-10-04, 04:38

Thanks for the info. Will heed your warning. Sorry if I pissed anyone off.


05-15-04, 15:05
Cambodia (or PP as saw) is a *****mongers paradise. Nowhere comes near it for price, quality, exoticness, vitality and size of its prostitutes. An absolute 'fucking' relief in an overpriced and overplayed region.

Bez Bezarra
05-16-04, 18:04

Think about it, shouldn't your destinations really depend on your level of curiosity, or at the very least your personal tastes?

What is your favorite flavor?

Do you even have one, do you even know, have you tried every flavor yet ?

I mean asian/latin/euro pussy ? Mongering is a bit more art than science.

Each tastes different, and has a unique flavor, and the passion of these women, the way they fuck and their responsiveness, can also be quite different.

If your mind isn't made up, if you haven't experienced enough to distinguish these differences or have a prefernce yet, THEN YOU NEED TO GO ON A WORLD TOUR !

After you try all 3, then you'll know, unless you are a monger's monger, which means you'll just keep trying all varieties, going for the exotic rather than the mundane tried and true. Gulag eskimo sex in siberia/amazon rain forest sex with plate-lip indians/ Full moon Java cemetary sex with toothless married animists.

Or you could just go to Chesterfields, HELP, and BATS.

05-18-04, 00:17
Mangus Man,

You are right, I do need to go on a World Tour. I need to try every flavor out there.

Can't wait.


05-18-04, 03:56
semi - also that "little" thing about whether you speak any other languages than English - you might have a better time where English is more widely spoken (Pattaya is OK) The "tonal" languages - Chinese, Cambodian (Khmer), Thai, Lao and Viet are downright DIFFICULT to master. Anyaway, Kampuchea is better pricewise but a "bit" more difficult to navigate (to and IN/OUT). As you would hear in thailand "Up to you..." Although, when it comes to gurlz, I have a hard time finding a pussy I don't like <smile> (or <smirk> if you wish) Turn out the lights and all cats are black (Ben Franklin said that)

I'm off to Siem Reap Saturday to visit Angkhor Wat (there are other things to do in Cambodia than fucky-sucky.)

Tube Steak
05-18-04, 07:30
I believe Ben Franklin said "All cats are grey in the dark. Tube said "And pink on the inside." - TS Eliot
PS Tube also says" If it flies, floats or f**ks- rent!"

05-20-04, 17:36
Anyone have any Idea what the best airfare and airlines to fly into Phnom Phen from Bangkok Round Trip next month around the end of June?
Any help would be a good thing.

Oh, those were some nice tube shots in the photo Gallery

05-20-04, 23:04

I keep hearing about "cheap flights" but when I shopped around last month, the best I could do was around $275 (you'll have to pay in baht) USD for r/t BKK-PNP-BKK on President Airlines.

Happy hunting. Let me know if you find a better deal.


05-21-04, 04:06
Thanks Ljohnson,

I will keep you posted on what I find

05-21-04, 06:52
Are you looking for these airfares while you are in the USA? Its generally cheaper to buy in Asia. If you are overnighting in BKK buy the ticket in Bangkok. In Thailand tickets always cost more at the airport so your best bet is to go to a travel agency in town if that is practical for you.

05-21-04, 10:05
Thanks jimbehr2000

I am living in China now and I am planning a trip for the end of June to Thailand and Cambodia . I would be flying into BK form HongKong which I got a great deal on 1600rmb R/T

Its hard to get info on airfairs here. and I remember the last time I was in Thailand it seemed that all the travelagents had the deals but I didnt want to take a chance that things were different.

I would like to spend 3 days in BK and 4 days in PP and I was not sure if that kind of short notice would be a problem when I got there and tried to book a flight to PP.
If you know of an airfare and airline or travel agent that can hook me up please post it here or PM me

The Lizard
05-21-04, 10:12
hi guys,

received some information about cambodia. some info you might already know, some might be new.

1. the ngo global – pac donated $ 5.700 in night-vision goggles and high-tech audio devices. the donator will cooperate with police to fight sex crimes in cambodia. global-pac intends to begin a project in sihanoukville.

now, normal people would think that they need this kind of equipment to protect the borders! no – far away – we are in cambodia – they are going to use night-vision goggles and high-tech audio devices for the surveillance of harmless tourists!
great – congratulations – that’s what tourists expect for their $ 150 a day – for sure they will come back.

btw – somebody was mentioning “rose’s” brothel (sihanoukville) – forget it, it’s closed since about 4 weeks (anybody out there who could verify that?) they had indeed from time to time nice hotties inside and to my opinion it was the only acceptable place in snookyville left. apparently you reported too many times about that facility – game over/ rien ne va plus – or were it the night-sight goggles?

anyway this city seems to be pretty dead – chicken ville disappears slowly due to the extension of the port (i guess another year and it will be gone) and the *****s on the blue mountain are getting older and older.

2. the cambodian women’s crisis center and the ijm were criticized by police for allowing 10 prostitutes to flee their institution.

"if they can not find them, i will file a lawsuit against this ngo’s for allowing the girls to run away", said touch ngim a police officer with the ministry of interior.

ha, ha – now the police has to work and produce their own evidence in order to get the pimps money – outrageous. will cost that fuckin’ ngo something, this i call justice! but isn’t it interesting – they all run away ! – and nobody is asking why! clever girls – they don’t like to fuck for free.

3. overheard at the most recent sihanoukville tourism development meeting (std for short) was a tourist policeman being asked why it costs $ 50 for a tourist to file a stolen goods report for their insurance: “because it is very important, that we protect tourists”, he answered. so, if you are robbed in sihanoukville, make sure an extra $ 50 disappears to the thieves because the real thieves will get it anyway.

4. and then...3 ngo workers linked to a passport scandal!

at least 3 men involved in an international pp scandal – including one pegged as a us intelligence operative – have been linked to a mysterious ngo planning to open its doors to fight sex tourism in sihanoukville (yes, you heard right – its sex tourism and not the “p” word). the men are connected to the “virtual” organization global-pac. steven ray, based in washington and accused of working as a us spy was employed by the ngo to design their web site (www.global-pac.org). the web site is registered at an address in washington, d.c. that is the former office of attorney mark zaid, who specializes in cases involving intelligence operatives.

despite the questions swirling around the group, intrior ministry officials were not alarmed. thong lim, a national police general said: “i think it’s great. the department doesn’t have enough equipment”.

anybody wonders now why this country is poor and will stay poor for at least the next 2 decades?

5. the international red cross is cheating the poorest in cambodia.

a lottery to raise funds for the cambodian red cross was used to extract money from teachers and civil servants. the teachers were forced to buy lottery tickets or had money involuntarily deducted from their wages to support the cambodian red cross.

teachers, whose notoriously low salaries average about $ 30 per month, leveled the same allegations about the red cross.

the head of the red cross, mrs. nehm sophany, denied the allegations. nehm sophany is the wife of cpp parliamentarian nguon nhel who is also second deputy president of the national assembly.

“so far i hear that a lot of teacher complained because they wanted to buy more tickets, and they were only allowed to buy 3 or 4,” nehm sophany said "the lottery was a success, we will repeat it next year".

aaaaahhha – somebody needed a new 4 wheel drive.

the lottery was set up to aid the red cross’ ailing budget, which has been hurt by a lack of donors! “since donors have stopped their assistance (if i would be a donor i would stop my assistance, too) , we don’t have any money”, said a red cross provincial development officer.

the lottery grossed more than $ 23.000 for the red cross. the cambodian red cross is run by prime minister hun sen’s wife, bun rany.

well, that’s cambodia – the poorest pay for the richest. cambodia has one of the highest mortality rates of children in the world. if a pregnant women gets problems and if she has no money (which is normal) all of these “honorable” organizations are happy to see her and her baby dying in the dirt. the international red cross has been always a slimy organization. apparently they have never heard about the “hippocratic oath”.

6. beware of a new guest house in sihanoukville. it’s the “green (or blue) frog” on the hill (victory hill, backpacker/junkie hill). the new owner – a guy with long red hair (ponytail) and beard – he looks a bit like out of an asterix comic – is an american undercover journalist!

7. frenchman accused of running a brothel. phnom penh municipal police arrested frenchman z.h., the 49-year-old proprietor of “le cyrcee club” on tuesday night (18th may) for operating a brothel.

z.h will be charged with “prostitution” at the municipal court, based on having employed 15 women and complaints by two former employees. an arrest warrant for z.h. was issued and he will be charged under article 4 and 5 of the anti-trafficking law, which pertain for pimping and provides for a 5 – to 10-year jail sentence. according to aarti kepoor, legal adviser for the anti-trafficking ([CodeWord126] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord126)), ngo “afesip”, two women arrived at their organization several weeks ago, complaining about z.h.

both women were about 20 years old and had consented to work as prostitutes, which is not a crime. kapoor also said that the organization is worried that the court will allow z.h. to go free!

this will cost him something.

05-21-04, 15:47
The fare from BKK PP BKK is about 8000 bht. on Bangkok Airways and about 6500 bht on President Airways. This available in Thailand, not other country or on internet.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Pedro Chilli
05-21-04, 20:28

Cambo cops using sophisticated surveilance equipment? Sounds a bit far fetched. Cambos still a fun place. Dont believe the hype.

That Asshole
05-22-04, 08:36
hello everyone,

after much consideration i have concluded and decided to publish the promised cambodia report in it's full version, including names of establishments, maps, etc. this will be available to everyone, including the "junk" who read these pages, that is unipec, dirtcross, and other disrespected members of the "white trash"variety.

the reason being that i like writing reports much more than i like pumping pussy and i had a great time gathering the information.

the scene is nothing short of "great" at this moment. i won't give it a year or two and it will be reduced to trash. irrespective of whether i publish this report or not. it's not up to me or to this report. so, go there while you can and taste itfor yourselves.

contrary to all other sources i have to state that there are no **** activities available to any significant extent. so, it's just all crap. all girls are at least 19 years or more, anywhere. of course they are asians and very petite so that must also be considered. also, they (the khmers) are the most lovable, beautiful and hottest women that the earth has ever carried.

possibly something the thais could have been 20-25years ago in their still unspoilt, original form.

so, you have 6months maximum to see it. the junk is already there. ready to destroy and turn to trash anything they touch just like back at home they did.

you can't help but notice how the city of phnom penh is flooded with big mouthed, loud, arrogant, fat western women. they are everywhere, as teachers of english, aid-workers of some sort, or simply spies? who knows.

you will find them by their big loud voices, once you sit down in a riverside restaurant for example. they are there to destroy, to spread their culture of arrogance. i couldn't blame you for spitting on one.

so, the report is coming. just wait a couple of days os so.


05-22-04, 11:13
Hey I got another question for you Cambo Experts. Is it worth it to go to Sihanoukville for the beaches for a couple of days. Or is it a waste of time and money.
I love the beach and I like relaxing there. any recomendations.

Also Thanks Lee66 for your help

Native Humper
05-22-04, 23:15
I have not been to Cambodia for three years now, but I have made a total of 5 trips there since 1993. All of the trips were for business and I was with a Cambodian associate. I saw a lot of the country and the beaches were very beautiful. White sand, blue waters. The beaches were empty, no crowds. I have not posted on this Cambodian board before, I usually post on the Seattle board. I always read this board thought because it brings back memories that I like to rehack. When I was in Cambodia I did not check out any of the Phnom Pehn haunts mentioned here. I scored girls by hooking up with the beer girls in the resturannts, the hotel massage girls and also just asking my floor person in my hotel to send me some to choose from. I also met some freebies in offoces etc that would sometimes work out. I have seen alot of change in Cambodia since my first visit there. During my first visit the UN troops were everywhere. Actually, it was the presence of these troops that caused prostitution in Cambodia to expand to the level it is now.

That Asshole
05-25-04, 05:13
sex in cambodia 2004 report


1. introduction
2. the country: people, costs, accomodation,etc
3. getting there
4. koh kong
5. shihanoukville
6. phnom penh
7. martini's disco
8. delightful stories

1. introduction

"white trash"

i am to blame too. together with other men i have given them the power that they have now. now it's also up to me to take back whatever i can. they are westernized, educated, in position of power, wealthy and they have credit. they are the women who hunt on men. they have achieved great power back at home. now they are taking over this beautiful country, cambodia.

only a few things i can do. i won't vote for female politicians. won't patronize female run businesses. women must be respected and treated fairly but they must go back to the kitchen table and to the laundry, otherwise they make too much trouble. see what's happening now.


i like to gather information and present it in an organised format for all to use. i like it even more than i like pumping puzzy, the latter rather being an inconvenience in the course of gathering information but necessary nevertheless. if any details bring trouble to anyone, it's really not my intention to do so. not really my fault either. see>"white trash" above.

the country:

kingdom of cambodia. being a traditional asian society, men command most of the power politically as well as financially. the role of women is rather subtle and subservient to males in this traditional society. things do happen, but nobody talks about them much, as women still have little voice. it's all for the good of people, the family. it's all good.

geographically located between thailand and vietnam, is easily accesible from either countries. most practical would be to combine it with a thai pussy trip, eg. pattaya and bangkok.

some other words to describe the countriside would be: beautiful, green, quiet, undeveloped, welcoming, friendly. very exotic.

the people:

after much turmoil has taken it's toll on the population, the result is nothing short of spectacular. they must be the simplest, happiest and most humple human beings on earth at this moment. it's such a joy just to be there. forget the thai attitude. they have none of that. men and women are quiet, humble and possess a great sense of humour. women are sweet and subservient, ready to please.

the women:

(khmer) naturally beautiful, happy disposition with wide, enchanting smiles, very approachable, healthy, affectionate, very sexy and shameless. work very well as a team with others and great stock for group-sex.

there are also lot of vietnamese women selling puzzy. they are whiter, also beautiful, have pink nipples and puzzy and usually speak english better than khmers.

sex-scene (overview):

there are a very large number of traditional brothels countrywide with very basic facilities, servicing mostly local clientele. local men pay rock-bottom prices, like $2-3 for a pop. in these places foreigners are normally charged $10 per hour and a small tip is expected.

there are also higher class brothels featuring nice rooms with attached bathroom. foreigners pay $15 per hour. there are nightclubs, discos servicing mostly locals and short time rooms are often available on site or nearby. major towns are littered with individual short time brothels that open in the evening. many massage houses also provide extras. "chicken shops" open after sunset often in beauty or barber salons where local part-timers flaunt their wares. these are "takeaway" only and overnight costs $20 for foreigners. most moto-drivers would know where they are.


to demonstrate how great value it all is at the moment, here are a few comparisons. let numbers speak.

(usually i like to stay in quite comfortable accomodation and have quite a few beers too.)

cost of meat:


days spent:16
total spent:$809.-
cunts fucked:17
spent per day avg:$50.60
cost per fuck avg:$47.60
fucks per day avg:1.06

days spent:18
total spent:$1116.-
cunts fucked:11
spent per day avg:$62.-
cost per fuck avg:$101.-
fucks per day avg:0.61

days spent:8
total spent:$318.-
cunts fucked:4
spent per day avg:$40.-
cost per fuck avg:$79.-
fucks per day avg:0.5

thailand (pattaya+bangkok, a typical trip)
days spent:10
total spent:$520.-
cunts fucked:5
spent per day avg:$52.-
cost per fuck avg:$104.-
fucks per day avg:0.5

as it can be seen the ready availability of meat in cambodia at present is even greater than in thailand and this results in the exceptional "fuck/day figure" of 1.06!
even with this figure the daily spend is only $50.6 per day, much less than the philippines and even less than thailand with an 0.5 "f/day figure"!


local currency is the riel. 1$=4000 riel, 1baht=100 riel, 1$=40 baht

all these currencies can be used near the border area but only us$ or riel in phnom penh. plenty of moneychangers near any market in any town. there are also banks in larger towns that change travellers cheques for 2% commission. try canadia bank in p.pen or shihanouk. there are no atms. credit cards have very limited use. if you have an exotic currency such as australian, canadian dollar or pounds sterling you might be better off changing some to baht in thailand as baht gets exceptionally good rates.


anywhere in the country $5 or less will get a clean fan room and $8-10 aircon. rooms are always clean, maybe even more so than in thailand. no need to prebook anywhere, save sihanoukville on the weekends or public holidays. usually there is no safety deposit box but sometimes safekeeping can be arranged with reception.


there is a definite french influence. most menus are more international than thailand. local dishes are not as spicy as thai dishes. there are many expat run eating places. good pizza can be found all over the country but it's not too cheap. cost per plate is $1-2 in local or chinese restaurants and $3-$5up in tourist restautaurants. markets have cheap food stall for around 50cents a plate. you must buy bottled water to drink.


local brew "angkor" is very good. as is beer lao. 50cents in supermarket. in a restaurant a can of local beer around $1, night venues charge $1.50-$2 or more.
all spirits are cheap enough (although not as cheap as in the philippines). 1 litre imported vodka $4-5, scotch $8-$10 / 700ml bottle.

transport (local):

mostly motorcycle taxis, although there are a few cars serving as taxi as well. taxi drivers are always men. they are essentially friendly, just don't loose your wits for example when they surround you as you get off the bus or ferry. wait and remain calm. they are nice chaps if you are nice to them. essentially they are lot-lot less arrogant than thais. it is important that you know where you want to go, otherwise they will take you for a ride, wherever.

they can be hired per trip r 1000up or by the hour $1/hr approx. they will often get commisions from places where they take you. don't try to find a moto that doesn't accept commissions. there isn't any.

in phnom penh there are also tricycles. they charge r500 and up per trip and tend to speak less english than motos.

roads in towns are usually okay, but out of town very shitty as a rule. traffic in town is very slow and seemingly chaotic. but deep down you will notice a rule. just plain common courtesy and kindness.

get a map of some sort as soon as you can. there are many free tourist maps around.


try to find some form of safety deposit for your valuables. don't carry them around, especially at night. they are very nice people but the poverty is also great. there are many guns on hand although not so visible like in the philippines. at night try to use a moto driver you know or take one from in front of a hotel and don't just flag one from the street. daytime, ask your driver to drive slowly. they like to speed on straight stretches.


local language is khmer. not unlike thai and so is the script. hopelessly difficult but you will pick up a few basic words soon. in border areas you will get by with speaking some thai. english generally is more widely spoken than in thailand. now all children learn english at school. some also learn french.


hot and humid all year around. well, it's tropical asia. wearing light, loose fitting cotton clothes is imperative. rain can flood the roads even in towns and then you walk in water to the knees.

getting there:

most convenient from thailand. thai airways, bangkok airways and president airlines fly from bangkok to phnom penh. fare around $100/200 , one way/return. flight time 2 hours.

overland: either through aranya prathet in the north-east or hat lek in the south-east from thailand.

aranya prathet: trains leave bangkok at 5.55am and 13.05pm. journey time 6 hours. there are also frequent buses from bangkok. if you want to see angkor then you have to cross here. the cambodian side of the border is poipet. from there on there are buses to angkor (siem riep) or phnom penh.

hat lek: conveniently can be reached from bangkok by public bus or from pattaya by minibus. government buses from ekamai bus station in bangkok leave 6am,7am,8am,9am,11am,12.30pm,2.30pm,4.30pm, 5.30pm and midnight to trat. travel time approx. 6 hours. fare 160-190 baht. there are also buses from mo-chit. from trat there are hourly minibuses to the border at hat lek for b100.

from pattaya take the ko chang minibus to hat lek for b500. leaves daily at 7.30 am. any travel agent in pattaya can book it for you and they pick you up from your hotel. 4 hour trip.

the same goes for the return trip back from cambodia to thailand. the minibus back from the border at hat lek will drop you off in trat town right in front of the bus station back to bangkok. if you want to continue to pattaya then you will have to cross the road and the government bus company (bks) runs 2nd class aircon buses that leave trat 5am, 9.30am,12noon and 3pm. trip 4 1/2 hours.fare b120. (from pattaya you are better off with the minibus as it is unpredictable when the bus from bangkok will pass through.)

at the border (open 7am-5pm):

stamp out of thailand (easy). walk 200 metres to cambodian checkpoint. they will scam 50 baht out of you for a yellow paper that they staple in your passport. a health certificate that is supposed to be free. then they might try to scam you into paying b1100 for a visa that's supposed to be $20. i got out of that one. it's up to you whether you fall or not. the difference is 300 baht.

from there on you will need a motorbike taxi to get you to the cambodian town nearest to the border (koh kong). the cost is 50 baht. the drivers are quite nice chaps though, just like all cambodians. 10 minute trip over the bridge. there are lots of hotels in town, always empty. you may pay a dollar more that way but you can let the driver find you a room if you don't know your way around. count on $3-4 for fan room and $5-8 for aircon.

koh kong:

so, you have crossed the border and now are in koh kong town, cambodia. find some
place to stay. a choice of centrally located hotel would be the kolab cheay den for 150-300 baht, otto's guesthouse 100 baht, or bopha koh kong 300 baht. these are very near the ferry to shihanoukville, your likely next stop. there are plenty of restaurants around town especially near the market. a plate of food typically costs around $2 and a beer $1.

now, what about da puzzy?

there is lots of it. most likely many moto drivers will approach you and offer to take you to the "chicken farm" (yes, in english!). they are not really chickens, everyone is over nineteen but there are some good looking women nevertheless. the attitude is generally also good as they are hungry. (compare that to the attitude of well fed fat women!). it's not far from town, just five minute ride. shouldn't cost more than 1000riel. (10 baht). the drivers will also get a commission from the mamasan if you fuck there, regardless what they say to you. but this is unavoidable, unless you have your own transport. the price of one hour full service 300-400 baht for foreigners. you can have "take-away" or "dine-in". overnight in your hotel is $20 or around. you can also buy a whole night "unlimited short-time fuck ticket" for $30 at 5pm or $20 after 9pm. ask the mamasans. there are chicken farms in just about every town in cambodia. that is the way of life there. local guys fuck for $2-3. it's just a row of about 6 houses in koh kong with bright neon lights out at the front. foreigners are welcome. in fact the girls will virtually tear you apart as you get off the moto (did i say they were hungry?). but be warned that the rooms on site are basic to the extreme. eg. no lights, no ceiling, sheets and towels get changed weekly, you wash from a barrel behind the back. it's okay for a thrill but no repeats for me, thank you. after having a chat with a few girls i settled for a khmer woman who was 25 but looked like 21 with very beautiful face, but body strongly built. this actually worked out quite well at the end. we settled the price at $10 for the hour (they are not really watching the clock). she spoke some thai and a little english. she led me to a tiny room which was rather like a cubicle just the size of one single bed. i hanged my clothes on some rusty nail sticling out of the wooden plank wall. there was no ceiling but the cubicles just rather partitions in a large shed. the only light was coming in through some cracks in one wall. above all this there was some deafening disco music played probably to cover up all the noises. she wanted to get into the action right away but i demanded some form of washing first so off we marched out naked to the back of the building where we scooped tepid water from a large barrel on each other. back in the cubicle. after all this joke of a shower i din't want to get much oral action so i just kept grabbing her not too bad tits. as many asian women do she just kept licking me over but stayed away from the private parts. i tried pushing her head that way but unsuccesfully. it was becoming a bit frustrating and maybe she felt that her tip was at risk so finally she gave in and suddenly swallowed the whole thing and i got a terrific deepthroating blowjob. it was really expertly done. after about five minutes she proceeded to sit on it bb but i halted it and picked a condom out of my pocket. we didn't need lubricant as she was literally swimming in her own juices by that time. then she started riding on top as if she was crazy. i had never seen a hooker work so hard for her money. like if she was breaking in a wild horse. sweat was pouring down her back like rivers. i was afraid that she would break my dick and actually i heard it cracking a couple of times. i held it as long as i could but the time came that i had to do something . i turned the woman on her back, ripped off the condom and emptied a huge load on her chest. she looked somewhat surprised about the quantity of it (and so was i), but she worked for it. back again to the barrel for a final wash. it was really funny her marching to the back through the communal area semi naked with sperm dripping from her chin and chest. but it must be quite an everyday affair there as nobody blinked an eye. i gave her $2 tip, paid the mamasan outside, chatted a couple of minutes more and off we went on the moto. looking back, it was actually quite a good and thrilling experience.


it was still early so i decided to go to karaoke. my driver would sing khmer songs and i would just listen and drink beer. he also promised girls. the karaoke joint is near the centre of town. the vip room costs 100 baht an hour and that includes the services of a girl. beer is 40 bath a can. we sat down, three girls came in. my driver asked if they were okay. they were okay for me to pour the beer for sure. none of them spoke any language that i recognised. but they sang, taking turns with my driver. we drank the beer, danced to khmer music. i had a great time. my driver made a call on his cellphone and asked if one of his mates could come along. we had enough beer so i said "sure, no problems". the chap came in, introduced himself and started singing too. we had a good party going. the driver made another call and asked if one more friend could come along. then it looked suspicious to me that soon i would be buying drinks to the whole town so i said that he could come if he didn't drink beer. he didn't come. the girls were friendly enough, although we couldn't speak a word. the driver said that i was allowed to touch them, grab their tits, etc. as it was included in the price of the beer and he demonstrated but i remained conservative. the girl sitting right next to me on the sofa was quite cute, a bit chubby but with a beautiful smile. she asked through the driver if i was looking for a girl-friend. but i had a great fuck already that night and was about to leave the town the next day, so i declined. of course the girl-friend would cost extra. we stayed for a couple of hours. for the room, the beer and $2 tip to each girl my bill was around 1000 baht. reasonable value, i think. it might be a good idea to watch the number of beers as it is possible that they charged us more but i didn't want to complain.

other things to do in koh kong:

it is possible to spend a whole day with sight seeing from a moto. aim to pay around $1 per hour. it's a very exotic, unspoilt and quiet area. there are waterfalls one hours ride away. you can also go fishing on this great river. tackles and bait are sold at the market. to hire a boat for a day to go to some islands would be ove 1000baht.


the bullet-ferry leaves koh kong for shihanoukville once each day at 8am. it's comfortable enough although the seating is rather crowded. the ticket costs $15 or 600 baht for foreigners. the journey is four and a half hours. it stops after two hours on some island for five minutes to pick up passengers.

in koh kong you can buy the ticket at the office to the left of the boat. on the morning is okay. you can even buy it on the boat. some guys might try to grab your bag and carry it aboard. for this they will demand 5 or 10 baht afterwards. so, it's up to you if you let them.

as you arrive in shihanoukville, as usual, moto drivers will surround you and drag you in all directions. it's better just to tell them to fuck off and not to be so rude. there is no hurry. wait until the rest of the passengers is dragged away. then you can negotiate in peace. there are always lots of motos around. a reasonable fare to town is $1 or $1.50 to any of the beaches (4000 or 6000 riel respectively). it's a ten minute ride to town. if you are after "poozzy" then the town itself is more convenient, but it is not essential to stay there as distances are short anywhere.

there are many cheap hotels in town as usual especially around the market, for $4-10 and visitors are okay (no matter what the house-rules might say on your wall). hotels usually not have safety deposit boxes but some sort of safekeeping might be available at reception. don't carry your cash/passport around at night.

the beaches:

are nice enough. sometimes you canhave a whole beach to yourself (eg. sokha beach during the week). the water tends to be very shallow though and it's not very clear, unlike samui in thailand (but that could be seasonal). lots of hotels on victory and occheutal beaches.

the puzzy:

1. there is a traditional khmer brothel area near the port where you got off the ferry. it's called phum thmei village. see the notes about koh kong's "chickenfarm". everything's the same except here are more houses. here the nationalities are separated as there's one house with viet girls and the rest all khmers. prices same as koh kong. in this area is also the biba nightclub/disco that opens around 10pm. the brothels are open 24/7.

2. in shihanoukville town itself there are four classy brothels with reasonably nice rooms, shower, etc. they all employ vietnamese chicks. all strictly 19 years or over. they are called street 01, 02, 03, and blue mountain. these are classy brothels compared to the chickenfarms. just like brothels in europe. foreigners get charged $15 for an hour in-house. or you might get away with $10 for 30 minutes. overnight $25-30.
$15 is just 600 bahts so don't fret over it too much. the girls are much higher quality than at soi yoksad in pattaya and there you pay 750-800 bahts. it's mostly a local scene but foreigners are welcome nevertheless. many girls speak english and those will come to you first. the ones that don't speak english are more shy but they can be good looking too. generally the vietnamese are beautiful, fair skinned, very professional and expert at their jobs but they are not nearly as hot as khmers. these brothels are not far from each other but you will need a moto as you can't just walk at night.

3. there are also many so called "massage" houses in town and along the roads to the beaches. they also do full service for $10. they employ khmers and english is not generally spoken but they may understand thai.

4. biba disco/nightclub: opens 10 pm. in chickenfarm area. have freelancer poozzy. usual price $10 one hour for foreigner. have short-time room nearby. or you can take home overnight for $20.

4. the places i did't like:

fisherman's den. in the middle of town. their advertising promises "entertaining company" but i didn't find any of the sort. it's mainly old, fat aussies and new zealanders drinking their beer and playing pool with the girls. sure, the girls can be barfined out but all the better looking ones are usually taken by regulars (expats living there) and unless you actually fit in the club with the regular clientele you have minimal chance of taking home reasonable puzzy. along the same lines are a couple more aussie run bars on the main road. waste of time in my opinion. beer is cheap enough though, 75 cents for draft.

as far as i know, there is not much puzzy on the beaches if any at all. far-far behind of times. just fat european cunts with their boyfriends.

travelling on to phnom penh:

several companies run aircon buses from the center of town. $3.50 one way. four and half hour trip. several daily departures.

phnom penh:

my favourite town in the world. i had never fucked so many extremely beautiful and friendly women with such ease. the junk is already out there to destroy it (see "white trash" in introduction chapter) so go while you can.


bus terminal near central market (psar thmei). usual scene with motos>see shihanoukville. you actually don't need a moto here. there are lots of hotels near the bus terminal/market area.


or pay just 1000 riels to get to any of these nearby hotels: hawaii hotel $22, singapore hotel $10, pacific hotel $25, ledeauville hotel $10, angkor bright $15. stay for one night and you have time to discover even better than these. i suggest you stay away from the riverfront as it is full with beggars and mama/papa/with their kids, etc.


lots of cheap chinese run restaurants around the central market. a plate of food $1-$2. beer $1, chinese tea free with meals. martiny's disco also have cheap food. dining at the riverfront will cost $3-$5 and up for a plate. there's where the pizza shops are too, including the "happy pizza" (or should i call it just "sleepy pizza"?).


motos as usual. there are also a very few cars serving as taxi. fares 1000 riels for short trip. to martini's area from central market is 2000 riel daytime, 3000 at night.
tricicles called cyclo are also okay for short hops, 500 riel and up to 2000. (again:$1=4000 riels).


several supermarkets in town, well stocked. eg. bayon market, pencil supermarket, lucky supermarket.


canadia bank is good for travellers cheques on st.110. otherwise many moneychangers at all markets (cash only).


i won't give you many definite addresses and descriptions in this case. just clues. finding them is half the fun and not that hard if you are committed to the "hobby". let's not make it too easy to destroy this beautiful "hobbytown". get the "3d-tourist map" free at many hotels, martini's, sharkey's. ask the moto drivers. everyone everywhere is strictly over 19 years old.

types of venues:

1.brothels: k11 (svay pak), many more open at night all around town $10 a pop.

2.barang (foreigner) oriented massage places ($10 a pop). have many, many.

3.expat bars. takeout only. barfines $10 before 9pm, $5 after. you also have to pay the girl on top of that. also many of these.

4.freelancer bars: such as sharkey's and some more.

5.discos: casa (near wat phnom), martini's, heart of darkness (sux!).

6.go-go bar: viper lounge on krom kampuchea blvd (very quiet!. patrons still haven't caught the idea of a go-go yet, looks like.)

7."chicken shops" (my favorite!) after dark in a large number of beauty salons, barber salons, restaurants or just empty parking lots gather local girls of all description. up for grabs! moto drivers know them. many are near martini's. takeaway only. $20 overnight. very much like it happens in manila, philippines.

the ones i didn't like:

"rose bar" on st. 104. see the comments about fishermens den in sihanoukville. but french seem to gather here. if you not in the club, no poozzy for you.

"heart of darkness bar" on st.51. full of fat white cuntz and their loverboys. zero atmosphere in comparison to martini's.

"cathouse tavern" st.51. you can't even barfine the girls here. but if you are very nice to them they might talk with you or play pool. (shove it up!)

"howie's bar" on st.51. didn't like the owner. also you can't barfine here.


martini"s disco (i liked this one!):

to summarise it up i have to say that while martiny's is great for eating, drinking, watching films it is not the best place to pick up girls for sex. the main factor being that you are likely to have so much fun that you won't want to leave to go home and do the old boring bonking thing again. to leave at 1 or 2 am is a bit late to start good sex for me and to leave as early as 10 or 11pm would mean to forgo the wild dancing and flirting sessions with the multitude of cute little cunts. at one time there were up to five chickens pulling me in five different directions to dance with them. not because i can dance. i can't. but the previous nights i gave them a dollar each or a drink as saying thank you for dancing with me while also indicating that i am not interested in boom-boom (as not to waste their time).

by the time i got to martiny's at 8pm i usually banged two girls elsewhere and i had the rest of the night just for fun. but yes, the very last night i took one from martini's as well, at 1am. just for the record. but it turned out to be quite a good one. a tall, slim model. quite unusual in that place.

about martini's:

located on mao tse tung boulevard, near the intercontinental hotel. all moto drivers know it. (if you fly thai airways, their office is very near!)

bar opens: 7pm
films start:8pm
disco starts: 9.05 pm
moto fare from central market area: r2000 day, r3000 night
local beer-$1.50
imported beer-$2-2.50
soft drink -$1.50
plate of food-$1-$2
cousine:thai, chinese, north american
disco:not too loud, very dark, lots of hungry women
bar/restaurant area: semi outdoor, loads of hungry women
facilities: pooltables, big screen cinema (action flicks), poker machines
note:the place gets packed in unpleasant proportions on fri/sat nights. other nights are no problem.

a couple of heartwarming little stories:

group sex:

cambodian females because of their team spirit, playful and shameless personalities are particularly suited for group sex in my opinion. i had tried it before in indonesia and the philippines and had the best action so far in cambodia.

banging several women at the same session has many advantages:

-they tend to be more relaxed as they feel safer
-there is no sentimental shit involved like in most 2zomes. it's just pure, refined sex.
-because of the above, it is much easier to change partners at the next visit
-you save time, effort and money. only have to undress once, shower once, take taxi once.
-you get two or more points for your little record book in just one short hour

so, why do 2zomes any more?

one typical session went like this:

i had my eyes on a particularly beautiful girl for a while at my favorite brothel. she was downright gorgeous. slender, tall (nearly 170 cm), with a beautiful face and smile.
after arriving i chatted a bit with the participants of the last session, gave them some small gifts and called over this particular girl to sit with me. she arrived with a big cheerful smile. i asked if there was any particular lady she liked to work together with and she picked her room mate, who was not quite as stunning as her but had a huge pair of bangers. this promised to be fun. both of them 19 years old.

from now on i will just call the gorgeous one "beauty" and the big titted one "tits". off we went to take a playful shower, everyone together of course. being soaped up by four soft hands and thoroughly cleaned was quite a good start. then back to the bedroom, i lay on my back in the middle of the bed and tits started to give a good blowjob. beauty laid down alongside me. beauty and me started kissing and then i moved on to caress her perfect tits and nipples. after a while tits expertly positioned a condom and sat on my dick. she started moaning and groaning. she leaned forward and we got into 3way kissing. that's fun!

by that time beauty joined into the moaning as well. next thing i did, i turned tits on her back and started pounding her from above. beauty became a bit impatient and demanded that i bang her as well. so, we changed condoms, beauty took the place of tits and i continued the same thing on her. all the while i took turns sucking on their gorgeous breasts. their moaning got synchronised and even louder.

i suggested to tits that we make beauty happy and asked her to help me caress beauty's left nipple, while i took care of the right one. this turned out well as beauty seemed to like that a lot. then i thought of trying something new and picked out a big pink dildo from my bag.

they both were shocked and for a moment i felt very silly. these girls were not used to dildoes obviously. they wouldn't even touch it!

but we somehow kept our sense of humour and proceeded to continue our work. except that because of this little emotional upset i lost my erection in an instant. so i instructed beauty to give my tool a good strong suck while tits to suck on the balls.

two girls working on your dick can do wonders and in two minutes i was back in action with full steam. beauty suggested that she would like to sit on it and i had no objections there. she started riding while i caressed tits' massive mammaries. they started the moaning again. i like to keep track of the time even if the girls seem to forget it sometimes. after all i am a professional (of sorts) and they are just amateurs.
so, sensing that we only had a few minutes left i motioned them to have a rest and take positions in my arms. we were all cuddling together, being all very tired. there was no sound except the peaceful, deep breathing of the three of us. there, with these two beautiful women in my arms i felt so happy for about five minutes as i hadn't felt before for a long time.

then off we were to shower together again followed by some playful testing of the cheap parfumes i brought for them as gifts. i paid mamasan $20 total for the two ladies. had she asked for $100, i would have been happy even with that. but it costed only $20. plus a couple of dollars for the gifts. tits got somewhat relaxed with the dildo by that time and she brought it back with her to the common room. this gave reason for some more jokes as the dozen or so girls played around with it. i sat for a few minutes, finished my beer and then left.

next stop: matrini's. only for eating, drinking and dancing. of course there was no pussy there that could compare to the experience i had shortly before.


bj bars:

one day i was wondering why amid all this poozzy there are no thai style blowjob bars in this town.

as it happened i was about to try a new place i had never visited before. got in through the doorway and big, heavy curtain. so dark inside i could only see siluettos. but there were many-many girls.

"welcome sir, sit down".

i sat down on a barstool, ordered a beer and right away without any warning there were a large number of soft hands inside my pants, opening the fly and within about 10 seconds a warm mouth was enveloping my tool. after a minute or so the girl moved back and another would take her place then another and so on. i didn't even know how many blew.

i didn't ask for this, just a beer. but i had no complaints of course. nevertheless i was surprised and somewhat shocked (pleasantly). (by that time i got used to the dark and could see quite well). all i could think:"wow, wow! is this real or not?" but they all looked quite real and many of them very cute with beautiful warm smiles.

i was asked if i wanted to go to a private room with a girl for $10, or 2 for $20 and so. i noticed a very beautiful one in the back. she was a bit shy. she also did't blow. her name was angie and she was 19. i asked if she had a friend she liked to work with. indeed she pointed out her sister, a couple of years older but still cute.

i handed out a few $1 bills to the bj ladies and they seemed pleased. off we went with the two cuties to a basic but clean room with shower. they brought my beer as well. it was fun splashing around with them. they were not shy. afterwards we all had a great time in the bedroom, i think. gave them $1 tip each and paid mamasan $20. money very well spent. helping starving cambodian families. i felt good.

05-25-04, 18:14
I've never been to Asia but i really appreciate your approach to this thing. My metric to any sexual encounter has been cost/fuck for over 15 years and it works great. I hope more of you use the same metric

Travel Fox
05-25-04, 18:36

I understood that the houses in Phnom Penh were $5 a pop (k11 street 63). Has this price gone up? Also for the motos, I understand that in the daytime the price should be 500 riel for most destinations and 1000 at night. The prices you posted are double that. Again, have prices gone up? Have you tested the waters on the above prices? Anyone care to comment?

It seems except for the genuinely nice attitudes of the people there is not much more to go there for if in fact these prices are the rule now. I can get the same prices in Pattaya Thailand. BTW the prices you pay on average in the other destinations seemed very high.

However, many thanks for the comprehensive information Alexander.


05-25-04, 20:30

Great report! I think reports like this are needed from time to time to keep things up-to-date. This is one I'll save for reference.

Sio Seeker
05-26-04, 01:35

I have regrettably been unable to locate my business card for the Pharmacie de la Gare in Phnom Penh. Is there any lucky guy in PP that could find out for me their email address and advise?

There is a reward of some of my best PP photos ;-).

Many thanks.

05-26-04, 15:38
Alex's report has some errors apparently due to picking the higher priced venues. and when it takes 2 hours for a flight of some 250 miles... also he seems to have not done brothel experiences where the going rate is $5/10. anyway, just my .02 US worth. Oh, and the traffic is closer to controlled chaos that anything else - USUALLY everyone drives on the same side of the road.

05-26-04, 17:19
This report is Alexanders personal experience. From my side I would just like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with this great report.

Hope to read (and see?) more from you!


05-26-04, 17:53
This kind of report is wonderful. I wish we had a place to put reports like this into a country FAQ section. It would make finding good information in the midst of all of the BS much easier. I hate going back over a year of BS and flames just to find a name of a good bar or hotel.

Good work! Thanks!

05-27-04, 03:56

The prices you mentioned still stand. They only go up for those who don't know or those afraid to stand their ground. True, not a big deal for someone who has saved up vacation money to last a few weeks but it gets to be an annoyance for those living or working there throughout the year, who need to keep reminding them about the prices. (One exception is "takeout" short time).

A better approach for any first person trip presentation should be "I paid $xx.00 though you may bargain for less". The idea is never to cheat the girl but to pay the actual going rate. If you want to pay more then give a bigger tip. I have never slept with a mamasan in my life so there is no need to pay her for something I'm not getting. Just to explain ahead you need to understand that the mamasan only needs to account for the standard price. This obviously means more money for her and not the girl when the split is made. This is yet another .02 cents from the gallery.

05-27-04, 08:39

Fantastic post! Wow, you've encouraged me to return to Cambo, and spend much more time there than I did on my previous trip. I'll be spreading the riel's much more in Cambo next trip!

05-28-04, 15:26
there was a show on tv the other nite about sex slavery in cambodia. outside of pp they had a little dirt town where they had "enslaved" these girls that ranged down to 5 years old! that were there for yum-yum no boom-boom. an american doctor was found to be getting some there but only with 15 & 14 year olds. the girls were run by a 15 year old pimp and some mamasans were selling virgins outright for 600. some girls were sold into it by their parents for economic reasons. sick shit. seeing the fear in the faces of these little kids was heart breaking as was watching their smile when the talk of money came into play for yum-yum. collin powell was talking about the ****files that travel for this type of "fun".

i've never been one to buy into news stories so i was wondering about the reality of it all. is this country that poor that this actually happens or is this one of those isolated dark corner type things that's getting hyped by our government.

Travel Fox
05-28-04, 18:22
I saw that report too. One of the things that have stopped me from pulling the trigger on a ticket to Cambo. I know if you avoid it you are not guilty of anything but the bounds are a little less clear cut out there and that is something I really do not want to be involved with. I have a hard enough time explaining my trips to Bangkok. Also with the recent surge in tourists over there (recent compared to say 5 years ago) I think I will just stay in Thailand.


05-29-04, 01:38
to cienega32:

i will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is the first you have heard of any of this. having said that:

please note that this forum does not permit discussions of sex with **** girls. posts like yours can be interpreted as a request for information so that you could partake. (see what i mean?) jackson might delete your post when he sees it.

there is a separate section of this forum where the topic can be discussed.

you need to spend sometime looking through this forum. rtff means "read the fucking forum." a few months ago the program you are referring to first aired and was discuused at length here.

i have been to phnom penh and to svay pak, the area you are referring to. in my opinion, the news report you saw is one-sided and sensationalistic; but not totally untrue.


05-29-04, 06:14

Thanks for pointing that out. It did cross my mind about the content of my post but not about the possibility of a "read between the lines" type of request. Valid point. And no it wasn't intended to to be one.

I did read back a bit but didn't remember nor recognize the town name. I didn't know that the show was a previously aired one. I've never been to Asia but have always wanted to for many reasons. The topic of that show not being one of them.

The fact that TV shows such as that are - well - what they are made me curious as to the reality of conditions there. Nothing more than that.

Thanks for the guidance.

Cloud Seeker
05-29-04, 06:54

One hell of a report - I will certainly refer to it for future travel purposes. You did a great job and kudos for the efforts. I agree with another poster who said this type of a report should appear in the Q&A section / facts.

I was surprised to learn that Cambodia is THAT cheap - seems like it's much cheaper than Thailand (where I spent a gorgeous, albeit brief, week in mid-May).

The only thing is, I was a bit stunned as to the prices you've paid in Thailand. US $104 per fuck?? I spent roughly 12,240 Baht for my 7 fucks (incl. the beer I bought for the girls). That yields an average of $58 Canadian dollars, so at present f/x rates roughly US$43. This being my first trip to LOS (or SE Asia for that matter), I was later kicking myself for overpaying!!! US$104 is a lot, IMHO.

Still, a fascinating report and I couldn't ask for better info. You've convinced me about the country.



The Lizard
05-30-04, 03:25

King Norodom Sihanouk accused the French owner of Le Cyrcee of victimizing his female employees.

The King said on his Web site: "The proprietor of Le Cyrcee club and his clients, of whom innocent Khmers are the victims would they be little pigs?"

This man seems to be out of control ! Gee, why nobody arrests him?

Words from a man who had sexual intercourse with girls young as 12!

Words from a man who knows that his country has NOTHING to offer - NOTHING- exept loads of dirt and pussy.

Well, he is a little bit old, a little bit senile and probably next to madness.

Next week the asshole is going to North Korea - visiting his friend the serial killer, hopefully he stays there.

And you my friends: don't be little pigs in the meantime!

Do you see where this country is going to? Pussy for Khmers only!

Do yourself a favor and teach them about economical reality - DON'T GO THERE ANYMORE!


Go to "Royal Messages 2004"
Then go to "May"
Then go to story "104"

05-31-04, 01:33
The Lizard -

I understand your position.

But I LIKE the Cambodian girls. Am I going to deny myself all that pleasure just to spite the senile king? Tell you what. You don't go there anymore. That'll show him. (-:


Great One
05-31-04, 13:13
my 2 cents, i recently read about the msnbc storey on cambodia and did some more internet research. my opinion is that even though people believe that it's wrong, that the us gov't should be spending it's time on focusing on all the problems in the us. not only the matter of that report but most foriegn affairs. like this prison shit in iraq. they kill, torture and beat inmates in the us prisons too! so all this money goes to help other countrys to change it's laws help ngo's to fill prisons. to make them like the us. frankly, i can't wait to move out the us. prisons aren't the answer. ngo's are seem like there not only out to stop child prostitution but all prostitution and turn every one into some religious zombie that deprives themselfs from things some people enjoy. also some cultures have sex with young people. i believe that if that's thier culture than who the hell are you that come to thier country and see something you don't like them doing, then go and get gov't, police, and ngo's formed to stop it. if you don't like something then don't go there. i know if you come in my house and don't like the food or what i'm watching on tv ect.. then you can get the fuck out my house. lol. i never have been with a **** female but i tell you this, i'd rather fuck a **** female than fuck some other man.

Great One
06-01-04, 06:01
I don't know if any of you are from the SE Asia board but I was reading alot of it today and I'm interested in these NGOs. There was a post there on how to spot them and to yell when you see them with there hidden cameras. An idea I had is that if people know where there offices are in that country, is to sit out front of it and spy on them, just like they do to mongers. Then take photos of the employees going in and out of the NGO office and then publish them on the net ect.. or hand them out to the (pagoda boys?) in Cambodia. Funny story also is that the NGO with all there morals got busted with drugs in Phnom Penh.

06-01-04, 18:06
those ngo"s are increasing the **** prostitution as well as making it more abusive. all they are doing is driving it underground. they do have a few pimps arrested etc, and the '"rescued" girls are taken from one ngo to another for "re-education each ngo collecting "donation" money based on how many girls they have. there are plenty of poor vietnamese eager to take the place of jailed pimps so they get more girls, instead of being at k11,, they are hid in a few places in pp and the girls have no one to talk to and are kept locked up all the time. and customer can only have short time. at least at k11 they could talk to there friends and clinic personel would come around and check them etc. unfortunitly the girls are treated like a commodity by pimps, ngo's, police, etc.

06-02-04, 08:34

Martini had its last day on 31.05.2004, and is now closed down. New buildings will be constructed on that ground.

A new Martini is opening on 09.06.2004, some blocks away from the old one. Taxi driver / Motos should know where it is.


Great One
06-02-04, 23:24
Reguarding hotels, Alexander wrote you can get aircondition hotel room for $9, I've seen some other reports where it seems rooms for around $15 that are clean. Well I came across this web site and I reconize some of the names listed on it from these reports as places to stay. But on the web site the prices are double to triple of what you guys said. Maybe they are jacking up prices on the site?

http://www.cambodia-travel-hotels-tours.com/ . They even have a hotel for almost $1000 a nite there.

Great One
06-05-04, 02:29

That was interesting.

06-10-04, 19:44
I have been in Kong Kong 4/5 times and beleive prices in FAQ below are too high. The brothel area is about 1 km from the town down a unlit road (20 baht to the driver). You pass two new brothel shacks on your way to the main strip. Pass them and head to the strip with about 10 houses on each side of the road. ST is usually 100 (on premises)-200 baht ($2.50-$5) and LT 300 (on premises)-400 baht ($7.50-$10.00). They ask for more so bargain. Give the girls 20 baht for their moto to your hotel. Tip 1-3 US after deed.


06-15-04, 05:19
The new Martini had its grand opening party last friday/saturday.

It is a copy of the old one, same structure with the outside sitting area for drinking, watching movies, eating; some billiard tables are there, too. And - the inside disco.

I was disappointed, no new investment can be seen, just the old equipment was moved from the old location to the new one. Don't know why the owner did not take the chance to add some new features or exchange rotten equipment. I was NOT impressed.

The place seams even a bit smaller for me, the road to go there is simply sh..., you cannot really talk that this is a road. The sound inside the disco is bad, it is not even fun to dance there. The sound system needs some professional adjustment.

Many people there during the opening days, same girls like before, very pushy.

For me more or less a place not to go again.


06-17-04, 10:46
How is the situation at Svay Pak these days ? I hear business is picking up. Is that correct ?

06-20-04, 07:18
Spent a couple of nights in Phonm Phen. Visited Sharky's, full of Vietnamese. Nothing spectacular so moved on to DV8's (Its a couple of blocks from the FCC). Unfortunatly the hit mama-san was not available. Settled for 3 locals and had to wait as the room upstairs was occupied. The room at the top was clean with a large bed. Can't beat having 3 honey's rotate on you for an hour. Definitly recommend and at $10 a girl you can't complain.

06-20-04, 19:27
Erik: Unless you are a Khmer or an NGO, the former K11 is NOT a safe place anymore from what I am told by guys who have been in PP THIS MONTH.

If you did not have almost 300 posts, I'd wonder if you were an NGO looking for updated info. Caveat emptor (buyer beware).

06-21-04, 09:50
i'm an avid mongerer who visits pnh at least once each year. in more drunken moments i end up at k11 (svay pak). on a recent trip i got talking to an american guy at sharkeys, who asked me how i enjoyed k11 that day. i'm a reasonably observant person, even when rat faced, but didn't notice this guy there - most people sit out front having a few coldies before and after their 'activities', so he should have been noticeable.

on talking to locals the next day - aus and american guys that own hotels in pnh i.e. they know what's happening - it seems the cia routinely covert photograph people at k11 and if there's a hint of ****philia, pass the photos to interpol and that person's government. when you get home there's a knock on the door from the federal police asking you to explain why you were at a known brothel that may involve **** activities, etc.

despite my paranoia there was no knock on the door. but does anyone know of this happening?

Marco Pole
06-23-04, 10:56
I would have to agree with Surfer on this one. I was in Cambo last year which was around the time they were filming the Dateline piece that aired in the US a few months ago, and even then, the mood around K11 was very paranoid.

The fact is that K11 has received so much international exposure in the past year that you would have to be an idiot to set foot on that street regardless of your intentions. Your best bet is stick to the standard (i.e. Martinis, Sharky's, etc) and forget that K11 ever existed.

As for the CIA taking covert photos, it wouldn't surprise me. According to news I read, one of the big NGO's that was showcased in the Dateline piece has just recently received a large amount of money from the US gov't (in the millions) to track down and bust foreigners who are on vacation for mongering.

Be careful!

Great One
06-24-04, 03:50
It seems that NGO's have forced young boys to become pimps. These young boys are taking the girls money. The boys are becoming very rich and powerfull and are now over 25,000 in numbers. They say the are planning attack on NGO's there. They say that they have learned all there ways from the NGO's. I was writing by one of these young boys and he sent me this picture. He said "pimps up hoes down" "we'll run the NGO's out of town". He said while the hoes are making his money they are mastering at becoming a ninja so they can whoop all the NGO's asses and run then out their country. He said that "they may have won k11 but we are taking over the streets of every city now in Cambodia". Here is the picture he sent me.

06-27-04, 12:06

Going to PP in a few weeks I could use a driver who can help me find handicrafts in daytime and girls in the nighttime.

Thanks for any help


06-28-04, 00:47

You asked about a taxidriver.

I visited phnom penh two weeks ago.

I used Mr Ben Wee. He gets exellent ratings at another webside so I tried him.

Perfect. Speaks reasonable english. $25 a day, starting at a time you chose. Ending at a time you chose.

e-mail: benweekh@yahoo.com

Tel 016 88 65 44.You should start with the prefix of Cambodia and Pnom Penh.

When you e-mail him, say you are a friend of "john" from holland.

06-30-04, 15:37
I stayed on my last trip last week at three different hotels in PP:

1. Royal Star on the river, the cab from the airport took me there, maybe he gets a kick back:

Girl friendly, nice terrace overlooking the Tonle Sap, food sucks, be aware of the 5.30 a.m. LOUD music infront of the hotel, when you have a river view room, when half of PP comes there to do aerobic exercise. But without the noise waking me up, I wouldn´t have seen the georgeous sunrise.

2. Goldiana, not girl friendly, UN-refuge, stayed only one night, but good area, good hotel

3. My favorite: Sakura Hotel, it´s part of a massage parlor. Get the large suites (living rm. and bedroom, bath) for around $30-40 (I know outlandish for PP, but worth it, big, excellent mattress, good view): It comes with the daily girl which you can order from a menu at the front desk, they send her up to the room, free laundry service (be sure to tip the lady who does the laundry) and a breakfats voucher. I liked it there a lot.

Otherwise: Sophie Bar was another one of my favourite hangouts, if no Cambodians are in the bar, only farangs, the girls like to show off by givving great BBBJ at the bar. I takes them about a minute after you are seated to get your cock out and ready. I like it!

I didn't like Sharky's that much. Some of the PP massage scene I found a little bit "too down to earth" compared to BKK: Have fun!
(IMHO: I still cannot understand that people go for these young girls, when real "dirty" performance can only be purchased from 20+)


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



07-02-04, 10:21
I've travelled overland to PNH many times, from Pattaya and from HCM, but never thought my experiences could provide useful information to others.

So, here goes. I'm planning to go back to PNH in mid-Sept, spending a few nights in Pattaya, overland via Koh Kong and Sihanoukville, then to PNH, a few days in Siem Riep, before returning home. If any monger out there wants me to collect specific information, I'd be more than happy.

Post your requests.

Turbo Carl
07-05-04, 11:13

In September I will visit Phnom Penh at my first time. I will stay at "The Juliana Hotel" near the Central Market.

Is this hotel girl friendly or have I to pay a lady charge when I bring in a lady?

Are there any nice and clean GoGo-Clubs like in Thailand in Phnom Penh?

Thank you in advance.

07-07-04, 11:53
Just back From PP and here what I found.

I stayed at 3 hotels the only one worth metioning was California 2 its girl friendly clean and safe and $15 a night. Its on the river and the owner JIM is a great guy. Very freindly place good food and nice service.

Sharkys is for sure a pick up place and there were a lot of 5's and a few 7's the price for the whole evening was $20.

The NEW Martinis was nice but a little far away from the river. Its full of girls that want to go home with you and I tookone from there and she didnt ask for a dime. I gave her a $20 and it was a real GFE. SHe wanted to hang out but I had other things to do and since I was traveling with others I had to ditch her.

Heart of Darkness was a nice bar settiing but I saw no "Talent " there Seemed like it was more of a couples bar.

The WALK ABOUT. Great little place open all night and they served food after everything else was closed. ALso a pick up Bar lots of action. I took one away there $20 all night average sevice and wanted to leave early.

K11 is still open and my motor driver knew about it and took me for a look. Its way out of town and seemed dangerous but I just wanted to see what all the hype was about. IMHO Stay in the city dont waste your time.

07-07-04, 18:00

Thanks for the PP update. I was there in April and had a great time but I see now that I overpaid a bit. I'm glad to know about your Sharky's experience and also the new Martini's. I will definitely plan on staying at California II next visit.

I also visited Heart of Darkness and didn't see much that interested me in terms of action. I did have a good conversation with a Dutch guy there who, it turns out, was gay. He told me the PP gay scene centers around that bar (I have heard that elsewhere.) Maybe that's why the girls we're looking for are in short supply there.

I also went to K-11 just to look. I reported on that in this thread in April of this year. I was a little freaked out. Very interesting, but kinda spooky. Oh well, it is Cambodia.

Thanks for the update.


07-09-04, 07:12
WOW, Good to know the Heart of Darkness is a gay bar. I will have to cross that one off my list. I am also glad I went with a Canadian girl who told me she had heard it was a cool place, go figure.

07-09-04, 14:55
I am sure glad I read the thread
Frankfurter mentioned the Sakura Hotel.

My motor driver took me there one afternoon and it was great one hour massage for 5 U.S. and it was a GOOD massage a real massage in a private room (clean and AC with TV). The next day I took the Canadian girl to have one and she loved it as well.

I got the happy finish for 5 extra on my second visit and think I could have for less as she did not ask for anything I just tipped her 5

They also have a fish Bowl so you can pick which one you want or they will pick one for you like they did with my Female travel companion. (I dont think she was quite ready for the fish bowl and probably would have freaked) I got the same girl from the day before and the guy at the fron desk remembered wich one it was so there was no trip to the fish bowl to pick for me or her.

SO hell yeah that place rocks for massage but I did not stay there
also I have seen in the thread that some have said that dollars were not good to have in PP. I did not find this true everywhere I went they wanted dollars and some times gave change in Riel which I gave to the motor driver at the end of the day.

SO...... IMHO PP is very US dollar friendly

07-09-04, 21:34

In Cambodia paying in dollars in no problem BUT the dollars should be rather clean. Dollars with stains, plies, etc are not accepted. Maybe that is the reason why somebody wrote that dollars were not accepted in Cambodia.

07-10-04, 02:21

I didn't mean to imply that Heart of Darkness is a gay bar per se. I was just told that there is a gay scene at that location. It didn't seem like a "gay bar" as such; just probably not the best location for straight guys to find girls for sex. As a general scene and hangout, I liked it. It seemed very international and, as I said, I got into a good, intelligent conversation with someone who was not drunk on his ass and was quite intelligent. A pleasant surprise. He even paid for the drinks. (Omigod, maybe he "liked" me.) (-:

07-10-04, 04:05
I do not know about Heart of Darkness being a gay bar, but 19 months ago it was boring and did not have many girls. I will take another look at it in November.

07-10-04, 05:20
Now thats funny Ljohnson.
Yeah the place seemed clean and nice but very artsy and after your initial comments made me think, yeah probably a gay bar. I would never go back any way to the HOD, the Walk About is much more my cup of tea and close to the river and I have always had good luck in with Aussie bars all over

As for the Dollar thing William3
I was given some real ugly dollars ( a couple looked like they were used to clean a Machine Gun) for change and had no problem using them in the street. I think the banks are the ones with the clean crisp money problem. I have had 100's turned down at 50 banks all over the world because they had some flaw.
That really makes me crazy. I have asked them if they want me to Iron my money before I bring it to them of course they didnt understand but it was funny to me.

07-10-04, 06:56
be careful with accepting 1996 $100 USD.....they have been counterfieted to an extreme and most countries will not accept them...I have had money changers try to tell me they will only give me 95 for a 100 because it was 'dirty'?

Member #2001
07-10-04, 09:21
I use to have the same problem in Ukraine. I thought it was crazy too. I mean do they really thing an Ameican would have bad money or was it some kind or strange costome or ritual. After a while I got into practice of looking at my money too. Sometimes I freinds would trade new money for old when they knew I was going back to the states.

At that time they had some strange money was called the kupon (believe it or not). It really looked like monopoly money. Things got so bad that poor people would use the smaller bills for toilet paper or christmas decorations the counterfeting was so bad.

Ahh, back in the days when the dollar was worth something

Carlos Spain
07-11-04, 18:41
Care in Martini!!!

In the last days have been seen TV reports in Spain carried out by ONG'S with hidden chamber in Martini disco.

The chamber focuses to foreign people with girls in the Martini disco!!

07-12-04, 05:47
Regarding the Heart of Darkness:

I was there one evening in February and found it full of young caucasians, perhaps the children of NGO'nics. Nicely decorated, dj spinning techno, would easily fit into any Western metropolis. I didn't get the gay bar vibe and saw no single males cruising. All patrons appeared to be hetero couples. Saw no P4P action, so I left.


07-20-04, 23:11
Driver in Phnon Penh:

I just got an email from Yorn, my driver in Phnom Penh. He was thanking me for posting his info here on the WSG. Some customers have come his way as a result. I posted a picture I took of him in the Photo section.

As a reminder, he is, in my opinion, a very good combination driver/tour guide. I recommend his services if you go to Phnom Penh. Details may be found on this Forum. Go to Classifieds section, under Asia, Cambodia. (No, I am not getting any kickback; I just enjoy directing people to him as he made my visit very enjoyable.)



07-25-04, 12:13
Just back from Phnom Penh. had an amazing time met en ex-pat he showed me the ropes hit up all of these bars. I liked Sharkeys nice selection but ended up with a girl from Martini's. Stayed at the Inter Continental and had no problems bringing her in just had to sign for her. Cost me $23.00 for her for the night. Was $20 but she needed $3.00 to pay off gaurd or something like that. Cheapest lay I have had in a long time!

07-28-04, 19:15

Has anyone had trouble logging on to k11.com?

What am I doing wrong?

07-30-04, 02:13

I have not had success for the last week.
Keep getting re-directed to a new domain.
What's up w/that?


07-30-04, 10:50
I read that over a year ago the site was down (K11) in this forum
Hope that helps

08-01-04, 06:01
I had problems for a few days getting on Km11 but it's cleared up as of last night.


Member #2001
08-01-04, 10:29
Now I am courous. What exactly is kll.com?

Traveler Tom
08-01-04, 10:38
I think that you guys will find out that K11.com is History.

It changed its name, ages ago, and the redirect is the current site.

If you get something on K11.com and it does not redirect I reckon you have pressed the wrong key!


Capt Kangaroo
08-05-04, 14:58
Wow, I'm really starting to enjoy eat DOG!



08-06-04, 03:24
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained links to a competing Forum, which include Yahoo and Google groups. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

08-08-04, 04:12
It lives, it's not history. As Jackson has stated it's not nice to advertise compeditors on his board,

I read and post on it quite often, WSG has just as good info as does XX11.


Native Humper
08-08-04, 04:12
regarding k11.com. I tried km11.com and came up with a Cambodian site that does have a discussion board on our topic.
I will be going back to Cambodia in September and this will be my ninth trip. My first trip there was in 1990. A lot has changed since then.

08-08-04, 05:05
2001 - k11 is also known as savay pak (might have the spelling a bit off). a well known brothel area in pp that was written up in several publications for having very **** girls (girls in the true sense - reports were pre-pubescent availabilty). it is located 11km out of town, thus km11 or k11. there was reported to be heavy ngo activity in the area and quite possibly stings against caucasian users of the **** service. other than that, go out on the net, say, "google" or one of the other search engines and see what comes up.

Capt Kangaroo
08-08-04, 13:48

Can anybody tell me where the lovely Russian girls are in PP?

I really don't want to have to travel to Moscow yet!



08-09-04, 01:40
reports pertaining to k11 are mixed. some say it's the end of the world, dirty, skanky and down right a pest hole while others say there are a few modern bars, with a few clean establisments. there are many reports of sting operations aimed towards anglo tourist seeking too young partners. i've stated many times that having any type of adult relationships with **** partners is totally unacceptable and i have no pity on anyone who gets caught. i never want to see the outside of a cambodian jail much less visit the inside of one.


Member #2453
08-16-04, 18:08
I was on my first trip to Phnom Penh recently, detail report to follow. On recommendation of senior members on this board I hired the services of motor taxi driver Mr. Neak Yorn for the first two days. I found from our conversation that he gets a lot of western tourist, because of the exposure he gets on this forum and a few other similar forums.

Over the next two days I found that he is a big rip off, trying to overcharge where ever he takes me. The prices he was quoting were like 100% more then what I had noted on this forum. As I was not very confident of being in this new place I was forced to use his services on the first evening and for some part of the second day. He got me laid for short time at 35$ and then in the evening I asked him to go to Martini, he says its very far and quite unsafe to go now, we will go tomorrow and takes me to some temple bar, attached to Angkor hotel, there were 8 to 10 girls in the scale of 6 – 8. I choose the best looking and he talks to her and says 75$ for long time and she will stay till 10am next morning, after a lot a bargain the price comes down to 60$. I was dam tired from the journey and the days activities, so I took the lady and went to the Big Lucky hotel where I was staying.

The next day I got hold of another driver in front of the hotel, nice guy, charged 8$ per day, and for the next 5 days was always at my services and got ladies for 10 to15$ for ST and 20-25$ for LT. I can highly recommend this Driver.

08-24-04, 15:14
Hey guys. I'll be in PP in late September and was looking for some hotel recommendations.

California 2 seems to be recommended but Sukura sounds intriguing. Has anyone stayed at Walkabout?

Appreciate any tips.

On The Road
09-04-04, 19:39
Travel Report

Follows from the VIETNAM / HO CHI MINH CITY section.

Phnom Penh:

Hotel: California 2 Hotel
Price: US$ 15. Breakfast included.
GF?: Of course...
Notes: Ok, Jim is a good guy (and a good monger, too...)

Day 1:
Tried to go to Martini, but was closed down.
Went to Walkabout, and had Ho, 22yo Viet girl from Ho Chi Minh City. Very young and good looking, but a little bit shy and very few english spoken.
Asked a starting price of US$30 LT, decided not to negotiate. I was offered a threesome with a friend of her, but declined.
Ho was really shy outside bed, but not inside, and performed a special BBBJCIM "saigon style". She worth her money.

Day 2:
Asked Jim, and he confirmed that Martini was closed due to some complain from their new neighbors, and all girls moved to Sharkys or to Walkabout.
Went to Sharky, and found Kay (picture in photo gallery) 24 y.o. khmer freelancer. Not the most beautiful one, but she had a good attitude.
Settled a LT for US$ 25. It was a positive experience, she was really tight, but she didn't performed oral at all. So bad.
In Sharky I was even able to spot a (beautiful) deaf working girl too! This is Cambodia...

Day 3:
Went to seeing hands, massage by blind. Of course no action at all.
Went to the Heart of Darkness. Good music, I saw some stunners but only with rich japanese or yankees. No other girls seems available.
Went in front of Howie's, but the music was too loud.
Went to the Walkabout again, looking for Ho. So bad she was in charge with another guy, so I went with her 31 y.o. friend that offered the threesome two days before. She was a Chao Doc viet girl (picture in photo gallery) and we agreed for a US$15 ST. Great oral skills, positive experience.

It follows in the CAMBODIA / SIEM REAP section.

09-07-04, 18:22
When I was in Phnom Penh in May 2003, Casa disco had a whole different setup than what it does now. Now it's basically a disco again. When I was there, Manhattan was still open and popular, and Casa was not. Casa was empty, 100% empty. But at Casa, they had a bunch of working girls there anyway -- a dozen or so. And most of them were very hot, top quality. A big step above what you'd find in Martini or Sharkey, for example. The downside was that the mamasan there bargained pretty hard to get you to pay $50 for overnight (and so I didn't go for it). I heard it could be gotten down to $35-40 later. But basically, there were plenty of really beautifully girls dressed in cocktail dresses there to choose from. The price was higher (double, about), sure, but there wasn't anything else I found even close in terms of just how gorgeous the girls were.

Anyway, when I went back in early 2004, of course Manhattan was closed and the Casa setup was history, because now the Manhattan crowd moved southward down to Casa and the empty disco / brothel was no more.

So now I'm wondering: does something like that exist somewhere else in Phnom Penh these days? And I'm not talking about a standard disco -- I know those are there. I mean, a place where its mainly just girls there, the available ones, and that's mainly what it's about, and there's not the general disco-going public around confusing things. You could just sit there with a beer, watch the girls dance a while, call Mamasan over, pick one and go. That simple.

09-07-04, 22:06
Hey Paisano: I think we ALL love bbjcim, but what is different about "Saigon Style"?

The VN girls do seem much more amenable to that than the Khmers.

On The Road
09-08-04, 01:17
I'm an italian living in Italy, not and American/Italian... ;)

Well, I found that in SEA the only girls that LIKE to give oral are viets. Nor khmer nor thai girl like it, and if they perform it they do it in an unpleasant way.
In Saigon I had a great BBBJ, really deep throat.
The Ho's one was really particular, she licked and sucked me EVERYWHERE, starting from my feets and going to my ass, too. A very special style I never found anywhere else.

Marco Pole
09-11-04, 09:26

Thai girls don't like to give blow jobs??? Dude, what part of Thailand did you visit? I've had some of the best (and most enthusiastic) bj's in my life in Thailand so I would say your comment isn't quite accurate.

As for Khmer women, I will agree with you on this point. It is extremely difficult to find one that will give head. According to a few ladies I hooked up with on my last trip, the main reason behind this is that most khmer girls look down upon the Vietnamese as being dirty, and they associate the act directly with the opposing culture.

09-14-04, 07:01
Hey guys,

All of you who are "homesick" to go back to PP, like myself in December this year:

Check out the movie "City of Ghosts" (Matt Dillon, James Caan) which I bought in PP on my last trip (excellent quality, $3, Central Market). It's as crazy as Cambodia, but good, you will not regret it!.

09-21-04, 13:57

Besides Sharky's and Martini, Walkabout bar also has freelance Cambodian and Vietnamese chicks. Temple bar gets a few Cambodians in there too.

09-23-04, 06:55
Quick report on PP from a few months ago.

Needed a quick bit of slap and tickle so headed out and found Sharkeys. It took about 3 minutes in there (at 7pm) for a girl to come and offer me services. She looked OK so we headed off to a short time hotel just up the road.

BBBJ, and a boink, and I came in only a few minutes which is very unusual.

I was then struck with about the worst case of mongers remorse I have ever had. The girl had almost no tits. The room was quite shitty - I don't know, I just wasn't happy and couldn't leave fast enought.

10 dollars for the girl, 4 dollars for room and condom.

Service was just fine, but the memory is still a very distasteful one.

Samu Ray
10-05-04, 01:58
I was in Phnom Penh in May and June. Visited Svay Pak about seven times. The houses that still have some girls are closed during the day. They are open when some tourist gets close to the houses, the doors close afterwards. In years past, girls would come out, you had a chance to see who was attractive. The girls are still young, most are unattractive. The price is still the same, $20 for overnihgt company. I have lost count, I think I have been visiting Cambodia for five to six years. I usually spend few months around So East Asia. I travel on budget. There is a Hotel close to the central market in Phnom Penh tha charges $5 a night. It is clean, hot & cold water, cable tv. They don´t seem to care who your guest is. This time I toot a bus to Vietnam. The trip took about six hours. At Vietnam border and Cambodian border don´t botter tourist. Your bags are put through a scanner on the Vietnam side. Coming back from Vietnam you go through the same procedure. Visited Vietnam to renew my visa. In Vietnam found $ 5 hotels with fridge. I read somewhere, someone saying that, Pacific Kiss Bar in Phnom penh was great because you could find great girls! visited the place twice, did not find anything, just ugly *****s! I will reprt on my visit to Thailand soon!


10-05-04, 18:42
things have changed radically since i was there in july/august. svay pak aka k11 aka the farm is now a police camp. yes there have been various temporary closures in the past, but i have it from reliabler sources (who live there) that this time is different and it appears the ijm has succeeded. the bush administration has diverted funds from homeland security to fight their jihad against the hobby (and not limited to **** girls, make no mistake). how any monger can vote for the new puritans is beyond me, but plenty do. fing hypocrites imho.

10-08-04, 17:26

Unless you happen to see George Bush in Svay Pa/k11/etc, please leave politics out of this web site, especially if you can't site specific evidence to what you're talking about. No offense, but I'd rather hear about someone's adventures.


10-22-04, 01:03
I am planning my first trip to Cambodia, in conjunction to a return (after almost 40 years) to VN.

Some great information on this board.

Given that I am an old fart, I plan to make a very comfortable, as upscale as possible trip. The advice I need is, If you weren't concerned about price, where would you suggest I find the best selection of high quality ladies in Phnom Penh?

And if anyone is familiar with both Cambodia and Argentina, how would you compare the experience in those two places. I am asking as I have had extraordinary experiences in Buenos Aires.

10-22-04, 23:43

I agree that in general politics should be left off this board, but Surfer's comments were related to our hobby in general and the conditions in Cambodia in particular, which in my view makes it a perfectly valid subject of discussion.

Your comment about not wanting to hear about it until one sees GW in Svay Pak is absurd, since you know it will never happen in part precisely because what Surfer said was true. Not wanting to hear it or belive it is like sticking your head in the sand.

One does not need to cite specific evidence as it is a known fact that GW, a born again Christian, is allied with the religious right and has made imposing his moral values on the rest of the world part and parcel of his foreign policy. This can be seen in numerous areas, whether it is denying funding to family planning services in developing countries that provide abortion counseling, advocating abstinence rather than condom use as the way to combat the spread of AIDS in Africa or casting a wide umbrella in its attacks on sexual tourism. You can say whatever you want about other aspects of the Bush administrations practices, but that much is really undeniable.

10-23-04, 06:17
I saw GWB's two daughters working at Sophies in PP last summer, did you see them?


I sent you a PM

Shamas O'Dognasty
Gourmet Catering &
Septic Tank Cleaning

10-23-04, 12:44

I haven't had time to sit down and write about the month I spent in PP this last summer, but the lights were way too dark and the girls were way too good at sucking my dick for me to worry about who was down there doing the job. How old are his daughters anyway?


10-24-04, 00:20

They are twins, quite good looking, especially when you are look straight down on the top of their heads and holding onto their ears. They are 21 years old and take it all three ways.

Shamas O'Dognasty

10-28-04, 05:03
I heard from reputable source the police are to be gone from kll by the end of oct, hopefully those type of girls causing the problem will also be gone, so it could be like it was some 5 years ago.