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Capt Fred
08-25-03, 17:04
Originally posted by Traveler0099

I need a reasonably priced hotel (100-200 Euros) and one that has Internet connections in the room (free if possible).

Close to Wencelas Square please.

Anyone know of such a place?



P.S. Trip report when I return.

You can try "Mary's Travel & Tourist Service" at www.marys.cz, or call them at (420) 222-254-007. They are very good at responding to emails (travel@marys.cz), and very accommodating. I have checked lot of so called bargain web sites, and Mary’s prices & information about the facilities was the best.

Good Luck,


08-26-03, 17:45
Prague Report 1

After havibg spent hours on the thisboard and www.escort.cz I will like to make this report for people who are making there first trip to Prague.
1. All different privat, escort agencies etc are not what they are made to look like on the escort cz. More information is always better but take information from that site with a grain of salt. Some time I called six or seven privat and all phones were picked up by the same woman who will ID herself as "secretary" only. Thus privat system is based onrotation for many girls and only 1-3 will be working on a given date. "Secretary" will tell you where. You will have to travel some distance and then maybe be told ALL girls are busy and you may have to pound the sidewalk for an hour. Or they may not answer door if with a John. Enough to kill your lust. Couple of privats I was able to make to, girls were not bad looking but so bored that I wpould have preferred a body in coroner's office. Going rate for an hour in privat is 1200ck for an hour. Ignore ALL pictures of girls on privat section in escort.CZ site.
2. Prices are in the following order. From cheapest to most expensive. Privat, escort from privat, escort from privat, escort, club and escort from club. Range from 1200 to 4000 CZ for an hour.
3. Do not go to clubs like Atlas, Darling unless all you want to do is get drunk, watch some silly dancing and be ripped off. They will charge you based on their mood, once you are in you cannot leave til you pay, whatever they think you owe them. Safe, if with a large party of 5plus people. You can use their room for 1 hour for about 3000CK plus entry fee of 200-300ck.
4. K5 Relax club is expensive (2600 for 1/2 hour and 3900 for full). They will waive 500CK enterance fee if you pick out girl within a few minutes of entry and don't linger. Great selection, good and even service. No dishonest rip offs.

5. Most escort service girls are 2000ck for an hour. Most are good looking but may not do oral unless you specify at time of booking and most would not go for DATY. Not a bad deal for money. Do not go for "whole night." It only means seven hours. It will cost you 8000-10000ck plus taxi charge of 500. Why not order three girls, one before dinner, one after dinner and one befor sleep. This way you pay 2500 times 3 = 7500cz and sample three. If you order one for an hour, like her a lot, you can always pay the difference and make it "whole night."
6. All (at least the ones I ran into) pictures are fake. Someone mentioned M+M and Esther escorts. M+M booked one for me to arrive at 7:30PM for "whole night" (theirs is 12 hours) for 10000 plus taxi. At 8:30 they called me and said she is running late and will be there at 9:30 (thus two hour late). I told them to cancel it. Esther girls did not look hot to me at their site. Same woman answered phone for both of these escorts and sated that some girls have left and new one joines. Thus site was outdated. Go and figure that out.
7. You may or may not like a given girl but almost all are good looking and young. If calling room service you must be preapred with your own condom AND K-Y. One girl, after taking money said she forget condoms. Another one used a substance in lieu of KY and when I realized she was using "baby cream", mind you not baby lotion, I had to take condom off, put new one and use my own supply of KY. If you are not convinced try this at home. Put a condom on put Nivea baby cream and see what happens.
8. By and large these girls are polite, honest, and shy. Everyone smokes cigarettes here.
9. Bottom line. Skip privat, they are for locals. Order room service. Any agency will do, except bad ones listed on this forum. If you have mony, go to k5 club and f... a beauty. Any questions, post them here and I will reply. I am still in Prague.

08-27-03, 02:44
**Traveler 0099**

Scroll down to my earlier post on the Julis Apartment Hotel. I got a great rate there over the internet (about 70 Euro a night) and they have free dsl cable hook up in the apartment. It is located right on Wenaclas Square.

I think it might be what you're looking for.

08-27-03, 08:57
Tasty1, I´ll be in Prag on Sept-5/7 for an exhibition and would like to ask you if you have any suggestions as to the semi-pro or non-pro scene, you know those clubs/discos/pubs where you meat girls available to have some fun. Thank you for helping

08-27-03, 14:49
Tasty1, and any other mongers in Prague right now - I am going to be in Prague the evenings of the 28th and 29th. Anyone fancy a trip to K5 with me? I am planning a visit beginning at about 21.00 on the 28th. First round of beers is on me!

Email me at ottograham at hot mail dot com to let me know your contact info.

-Uncle Otto (usually of the Buenos Aires WSG forum)

08-27-03, 17:15
Tasty1: what is DATY?

I'm visiting Prague at the end of September, and was considering visiting the privat's as well. There is one girl called Erika (983524 on escort.cz) that seems to be real with her own email address, etc. She's emailed me back twice when I ask questions, so I think she's real. Check it out.

Have you checked out Sex Park? That sounds like a lot of fun, even it's just to go and take a look.

Keep us posted!

08-27-03, 18:58
Concerning private Appartement, I admit that for the first trip to Prague you will have to try a lot before you find the good ones. However, after a few trip, I was able to find a few that offer good service.

The point is that you have to know the good adresses and not bother about a particular girl.


PS: if you write your email, I will send you a reference that is going to change your view about privates.

Steve H
08-28-03, 01:37

Thanks for the report. any recommendation of the romm service provider that has very pretty ladies?



08-28-03, 07:10
First piece of info to share, Jaguar Pub-Club is on Skorepka, just southwest of the Old Town Square. It is a short street.

I will be paying a visit to K5 tonight beginning at about 21,00 is any mongers care to meet up to share stories

Uncle Otto

08-30-03, 08:24
if i'm staying in frankfurt de, what am i looking at in cost (travel) for doing a weekend in prague? i heard not to try and take a rental car (avis) across the border, as you will most likely get turned back or confirep001ed or worse you get across and it is stolen, so i would do a train instead.

any help as to the best centralized place to stay in prague that is nice would be great.

College Boy
08-30-03, 17:54
Hi every body.

To Latrell2:

I been in Prague last year and I had the same problem with private appartment. I guess I did not find good one.

I am going to Prague by end of Septmber. I hope you can help me with good reference of private in Prague.

Thank you.

PS. If anybody have any suggestion about regular or semi pro girl in Prague, please write some advice.

College Boy

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08-31-03, 04:45
Uncle Otto:

I will be in Prague in three weeks, so sorry that I cannot join you.

I have made contact with a girl who has gone independent who was reviewed on Capt69. The guy who saw her gave her a fantastic review and she sent me a pic of her. I emailed him the pic and he confirmed that is she.

I have exchanged emails with her and she costs 300 Euros for 12 hours. Her English is good and she is very provocative and randy in her emails. I am pretty sure that I cannot repeat her review here from Cap69, but suffice it to say that her notes to me gave me a woody and she claims that no holes are barred.

She received a 93 on the Cap69 F-ometer.

You can email me at traveler0099 at yahoo dot com for details and her contact info.

We DO have a date for mid-September already booked for 12 hours.

A quick quote from one of her emails to me: "I do like oral without and both in mouth and on face - wait you will see what I like:-)"

08-31-03, 14:30

I would love to see that report too.

My email is listed posts below this one.

Capt Fred
09-02-03, 16:08

I will be visiting Prague in December. Can you please help me with references for good privates in Prague?


09-02-03, 16:15
Looking for a hotel near sexpark. Prefer one that is guest friendly in case I find an overnight guest. Any suggestions?

09-03-03, 01:53
Tio Otto... or should I say "Dyadya Otto"

Glad to see you're covering some new ground. Now I really do envy you!

Don't forget to fill us in with all the juicy details.


09-03-03, 04:54
Last fall I took the overnight train from FRA to PRG. I highly suggest getting a sleeping car. It is worth the extra $ to get a semblance of a night's sleep. If I recollect, it left PRG at 10 PM and arrived at about 7 AM.

Lots of good hotels recommended on this board. Problem is that it is high season in PRG right now so decent hotels are hard to find.

Good luck.

09-03-03, 15:43

I can't totally vouch for this service yet, as I haven't been to Prague yet this year, but I booked an apartment for single use for 8 days at 1200 per day (approx $40USD???)


The one I got was just a few blocks north-east of the Old Town Square.

We'll see how it is when I get there! (3 weeks)

09-03-03, 16:55
K5 for beginners

Recently spent three great days in Prague. I highly recommend the city for its tourist qualities. One down side, and that is that in almost every single restaurant I was gypped for probably 60-90 crowns. Be aware of what you order, because they are thieves.

Happily, this is NOT true of K5 Relax Club!

K5 is simply the best full-service brothel I have ever been to.

It is one station south of the Museum on the Green Metro line. the street is Korunni 5 (thus the name). Open 1600-0400. Cover charge is 500 crowns (1USD=30 crowns). There is a bar area on the fifth floor where all the girls hang out. Downstairs, another bar where you can bring a girl if you want, but they don't go down there alone. Sports massage for 450 crowns, highly recommended!

One great thing is that they give you a computer chip upon arrival. It is used for all drinks, to pay the girls, etc... Also a full-service restaurant. Prices are slightly higher than Prague average, probably 300-500 crowns a course, depending. Drinks also about 100 crowns each, again depending (beer cheaper, of course, and foreign liquor more).

The managers are helpful, and will explain everything to you. They speak impeccable English. ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU WISH! Victor in particular is a nice fellow, but they were all helpful and pleasant.

Drinks for girls are normal price - no special "girls drinks," or as Victor called them, "ripoff drinks." No charge for girls to sit with you, but heck, don't be a toad and occupy their attention for 3-4 hours. But sitting and talking (a lot speak English) gives you a chance to see if there is "chemistry."

Rooms are tasteful, clean, and nice. 3900 crowns an hour. Girls also available for takeout if you wish.

Girls? Only something like 30-40 available when I was there at about 2300-0000 for two nights in a row. Distribution was 6-10. Probably average of 7.5. Oldest one I saw was probably 35, but a nice-looking, well-preserved 35 (and probably gives the best service, as I've found older women are almost always better trixies than their young and inexperienced sister). Youngest that I saw was probably 20. Personally drilled Maria, what I would call an 8, a 21 year old English-speaking Czech GFE for two nights running, oral with, but smelled like heaven and had skin smoother than a baby's ass. And she couldn't fake those mind-blowing orgasams I gave her both times, unless she's a better actress than Nicole Kidman heh heh heh.... And DATY - which personally I never do when with a trixie, but heck, this one tasted as sweet as anything I ever tasted. I was overwhelmed by her sweet smell all over, and couldn't help myself! :D :D :D In addition to the house fee, I did tip her about 1000 crowns an hour tip. Which certainly wasn't necessary but which bought me EXTRAORDINARY GFE on the second night when I had made an advance appointment with the same girl. If you get a reputation for being stingy, it WILL get around to the girls. And vice versa.

Oh, man, what can I say, it was two nights of HEAVEN! Prior to selecting her, Victor had some nice things to say, compared the the couple of others I asked about. So I recommend DO relying on the advice of the managers.

Payment easily accomplished on a credit card, the computer chip shows all drinks and girl, precisely in order. No rip-offs here, no sir. Spend your money with confidence! (And feel free to ask any questions of me, I am only happy to oblige.)

YES, this place is a bit more expensive than other places in Prague. But you know what? When you spend $1000 on a ticket from New York, and $150 on a hotel room, why not spend $130 an hour for a first class fuck in a classy brothel/bar/restaurant? Why spend $50 for time on greasy sheets with a girl missing teeth? Why indeed? K5 is the CATS ASS! I can't wait to go back. 'Nuff said.

-Uncle Otto

09-03-03, 20:52
Otto Graham,

Thanks for one of the best reports I've read in a long time.

Have been to K5 several times and concur with your assessment of the place. I also agree that if you're going to spend the money for airfare, hotel, food, etc., that you may as well tip the girl liberally. I mean, she's one of the reasons you traveled all that way. I, too, have found that to tip her well and return to see her the next night will almost always result in a monster fuck.

In reference to the restaurants, I, too, have found that they have trouble "adding" correctly and it's usually in their favor. They're somewhat surprised that Americans can add correctly. Still, Prague is a great place if you're careful and alert at all times.

09-03-03, 21:04

In K5, I found that there was no DFK or BBBJ (rare in Prague ?). I though that this was a big minus but overall, I concur that the atmosphere was good though the music was rubbish and the girls were mostly 5-6. I had a really good looking one called Kelly - in fact I took her back to the hotel for a 3 hour session - very enjoyable despite the lack of DFK and BBBJ.

We also had a look at Velvet but it was empty though there were a couple of 8s there.

All in all, K5 is the place to go in Prague.


09-04-03, 01:04
Looking for info on the Lotos Club ...

There seems to be a paucity of info on this club. Can anyone tell me:

1. Entrance fee
2. Drink price
3. Fee for one hour with a girl in the club
4. Fee to take a girl back to the hotel for a few hours?

What's the likelihood of OWO or DATY?

Just looked on escort.cz at their site, and ALICE is very hot looking. Sure would like to "do" her!



09-04-03, 01:20
Three more quick questions ...

1. Does anyone know if it cheaper to rent a cell phone in Prague or in the USA? If Prague, how would one go about doing it?

2. A gent named CINGULAR (no this is not a cell phone joke) who lives in Prague emailed me recently. I lost your email. Please re-send.

3. Last time I was in Prague, after getting burned by two bait & switches the previous day, I took an AAA taxi to the airport. The guy spoke some English and we had a terrific conversation. I am looking to call them again and ask for an English speaking driver to help me once in a while on this trip. BTW, when we got to the airport, I was about 200 CZK short; the guy said forget about it. Nice.

Anyone have their phone number?

Thanks all.

09-04-03, 02:59
1. Thank you all for your excellent reports. I am going to Prague in a couple of weeks' time and feel confident that I will find what I am looking for. Report will be posted if I can think of anything relevant to add to your comprehensive reports.

2. Another thing-
Do any of you know if it is possible to acquire Viagra legally in Prague without a prescription? I am hoping to be able to sample several girls in the two nights I'll be spending there and the magical cildenafin citrate would be of "great" help.

Thanks in advance


09-04-03, 15:53

Try www.impotenceprescriptions.com for Viagra, if you are Stateside. And after your trip, no matter what you think has been posted before, DO post your experiences. This is what makes WSG a great resource.


Depends on the girl about DFK or BBBJ, I think. Mine did the first but not the second. I didn't push it, as my mind was lost in her terrific smell....... But at K5, at least, tell the managers what you want, and don't be shy. They have heard it all, and won't think any less of you for asking for a specific preference, such as two-girl, etc...

-Uncle Otto

Luc Besson
09-13-03, 20:14
Hi Trippy,

I'll be in Prague from sept. 25 to sept. 30. I've been there once before about 2 years ago with two friends of mine, had a great time, even though it was in february and rather chilly. I'm traveling alone this time, so why don´t we meet, have a beer someplace and check out the scene together? I'm staying at an apartment in the old town, near Charles-Bridge (Husova Street). My email-address: lbesson1@hotmail.com


09-13-03, 20:18
Hello gentlemen,

I will be visiting Prague this coming month for the first time...I have read some great posts on K5 and will definitely visit this club. But any info or suggestions on the club Velvet? Is this club better than K5? Are services similar?

Any info would be appreciated!

09-13-03, 21:12

K5 is best club in Prague. Avoid Velvet (and Escade, Empire), pure tourist traps.

Best second tier club is Pink Dolly. Not as much choice as bigger clubs like K5 and Lotos, but better price and, if you're lucky, you'll find students working during the holidays for their school fees (no idea how they attract those students, but they do from time to time).


Lotos is running special prices for the summer. Still valid for September. This is posted on their EOL forum :

For the big succes, you can use very special price offer also in September!

1 HOUR .......................... 2.500,-CZK
1/2 HOUR ........... ...............2.000,-CZK
ALLNIGHT SERVICE ........... 15.000,-KÈ

1 hour is a good price. Allnight is still too expensive for Prague.


09-14-03, 04:01
Great and superbly informative site. Thanks Jackson.

Prague is locked in with planning in process for Brazil during carnivale 2004 and Southern France and Italy in Spring. Could not have planned added dimensions to these trips without WSG.

For now, Prague flights are confirmed from Sep 22-25th as a solo tourist though I am still looking through the host of hotels and apartments out there. Sure I'll find something well placed.

Any other fun seekers visiting at the same time care to connect?


09-14-03, 04:14

Very good recommendations. K5 is as good as Escade is bad. I'm going to be in Praha in November (13-18) and will go to Pink Dolly on the basis of your recommendation. I've read many good postings in reference to Pink Dolly on several sites over the years but have never been there before.

Also, in reference to second tier clubs, I'd have to add the Butterfly Club. I go there at least once every time I'm in Praha and I always have a great time. It's a long way from the city center but there are always many nice looking girls there and few punters. Last time I was there, I walked in on a Saturday night and was surrounded (literally) by many really beautiful girls. It was a bit taken aback by this initially but eventually settled on a cracker of a girl. They'll also sit with you afterward for as long as you want. All the girls I have met there are super friendly and personable. So, for what it's worth.

College Boy
09-14-03, 06:01
Hi Evry body,
Hi Latrell2,Trippy and Luc Besson.
I´ll be in Prague from sept. 25 to sept. 28. I´ve been there once before . I´m traveling alone this time, so why don´t we meet?
I´m staying at an apartment in Prague7, on the river. My email-address: brent24090 at yahoo dot ca.

To Latrell2:
I hope you can help me with good reference of private in Prague.

Thank you.

PS. If anybody have any suggestion about regular or semi pro girl in Prague, please write some advice.

College Boy

Cafe Dog
09-14-03, 08:11

You can rent mobile phones, but I think it is better to buy a used one and sell it back at the end of your trip.Go to the Narodni Trida metro stop, walk out to the sidewalk, and you are standing next to the Tesco. Across the tram tracks (and maybe a few doors to the left), there is a shop with used mobile phones for sale.

Now you need a SIM card. Cross back to the Tesco, and walk around the corner (make a right hand turn at the corner). Just after the Tesco, there is an Oskar store. Buy a pre-paid SIM card for 400 CK. Now you have a local phone with a local phone number.

At the end of your trip, go to the back of the same store where you bought the phone, and a chart on the wall shows how much you will get for selling the phone back to them.

09-15-03, 06:08
Hello Otto, this is Tom. Tried to catch up with you when we were both in Prague.

Sorry I missed you over Labor Day Weekend; sounds like you had a great time at K5. I did well myself. I stayed at the Julis Apartments Hotel right on Wenceslas Square for a last minute summer rate of EUR 105. Really nice apartments and very girl friendly, as you enter the elevator directly from the street.

On Wednesday night I stepped out of the Hotel and stopped next door at the Hotel Adria lobby bar. I was there not more than 30 seconds when I made eye contact with a very nice pro named Lucia, a local Czech girl about 25. She was very well put together and was learning to speak English from here girlfriend, so the end result was very cute. She asked for $100 and accepted $80 for an hour or two. What a great GFE! She is a young single mother and lives with her family. Not a street tough like some of the other SW's you see there. I enjoyed her so much that I looked for her the next day and found her at the same place for another session, this time even a better performance!

The Julis is great, in that you can shop around on the street where there are many great finds, and bring them back to the apartment with no hassel.

09-16-03, 03:59
Hey Tom, sorry we didn't meet up. Maybe another time?

I think your suggestion of Amadeus is good info.

I forget if I mentioned it earlier, but I took another poster's advice and used the apartment-booking service of www.marys.cz and got myself a nice apartment about 3 blocks from K5 and the subway for about US$40 a night. I was really happy with that, especially since Prague is expensive for accomodation.

I can't wait to visit again!

-Uncle Otto

The Voice
09-16-03, 09:28
one place i can recommend for a great gfe at incredibly reasonable prices in prague is maya-escorts. they have girls from ukraine and belarus and do incalls-outcalls for 2,000 czk. i had the most incredible expeeriences with their girls including one of the best bbbj's i ever experienced. check out their site at www.maya-escorts.cz

09-16-03, 14:43
Hey, the voice, one problem though: they only have 3 girls on their website and none of them look too hot to me. or are any additional girls available?

Can any of you prague-experts out there give me some advice:

I´m gonna have an escort come to my Prague-apartment for the first time, pretty expensive this one, but I just couldn't resist, she's supposed to be a new one, looks like a real supermodel. If you're visiting a girl at her apartment you can always just turn around and leave in case she doesn't have the looks, but how do you handle the situation when your waiting for her in front of your apartment and it turns out she´s not the girl you saw in the internet or she just doesn't look anything like you expected? She´ll probably have someone with her, so is she/are they going to put you under pressure?

I'd be glad for any advice.

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Capt Fred
09-16-03, 20:09
Uncle Otto:

Glad you liked the Mary's apartment. Where did you stay at (what street)? I have reservation for Husova - 6 in December for $47 a night. By the way, did you have any problem taking the Ladies to the apartment?

Mary's accomodations are very reasonable, and their staff are very friendly, and helpful. Their web site is www.marys.cz.

I would like to hear more details about your trip.


09-16-03, 20:33

Usually, the girl comes alone. If she's obviously not the girl you saw on the web, just send her back. If necessary, close the door on her face and call the reception to get her out. This may sound rude, but some agencies abuse of this bait & switch technique and bet on the fact that it's late, you're a gentleman and you need a girl for the night anyway. They shouldn't be encouraged to stay in the market. Good agencies, as well as future clients visiting Prague, will thank you.

If she's the girl on the web, but doesn't look quite like you thought. Well, .... in my case, I'll keep her. But I never do an overnight escort with a girl I never met before. She can be stunning, but a disaster in bed.

The Voice,

I fully agree with you for Maya's. They are my reference and my first port of call in Prague. I even go further than you : I always book them for overnight (this is an exception to the rule I set for myself above, i.e. not go overnight with a new girl). I have never been disappointed with a Maya's girl, and I've been with 5 of them now, 2-3 times with each girl.

Girls are much better looking in reality than in photos, and their company is even more enjoyable than sex.


09-17-03, 05:09

What you're doing is pretty risky. Odds are better than 50-50 that they'll send another girl. Even if it is the same girl, she could be a real disaster as an overnight escort. Also, if you have to pay upfront (which some agencies demand) she has no incentive to provide a GFE. You should read the hundreds of entries about 'escort services' under the "FORUM" heading from www.clubs.cz It will give you pause.

Generally, the escort services in Prague are kinda shady fly by night outfits which are constantly changing. They often seem to be disappearing and re-emerging with a new name, but the same old management tactics, same girls, etc. I basically gave up on escort services in Prague.

I would suggest going to a club and taking the girl out or privately contracting with her on her off day. These girls only work a few days out of every week. This way, you have at least met the girl. Using an escort is like going out on a blind date and you know how those usually go. Just some random thoughts.

Alex Blanc
09-17-03, 17:03

I am visiting Prague 29th sept staying at the Hotel Diplomat. Do you know if it is possible to meet girls in bars close to this hotel or even this hotel. I have heard it can be better value for money. Also can anyone suggest clubs/massaghe parlours nearby. I don't want to risk going into unknown territory on my own.

Cheers and keep up the good work! I will report back on my escapades.

Capt Fred
09-17-03, 20:19

Has anyone ever tried:

1. Amanda Escort (www.escort.cz/amandaescort)

2. Eli Agency (www.eliagency.com)

Amanda has quoted a price of 270 Euro for 12 hours.

I know Eli Agency are more expensive, but 990 Euro for 48 hours is not bad!

I just want to know if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with these 2 agencies!



City Angel
09-17-03, 23:04
Have just got back from Prague having spent the last 5 nights there. Bit of a mixed city as far as the woman is concerned.

Started my trip off on Friday at Lotos. Very unimpressed. Was told on the phone before I went that it cost 2500k per hour with no entry charge. When I got there, after a 500k, 20 minute taxi ride from Central Prague, they tried to charge me 1000k to enter. I suspected that this was to pay the driver, even though he was one of the private drivers from the Hilton. I refused and was quickly offered 500k, which I reluctantly accepted. Once inside there were 6 girls working ranging from a 3 to a 7. So I got myself a soft drink, which cost me 100k, and took a seat. Chose a blonde, about 5'4, who was from Prague. She spoke very limited English, but at the same time was very communicative and a real flirt. Offered to buy her a drink which cost me 600k!The sex was OK, cost me 2500k for the hour as advertised. She allowed me to French kiss her, but would not let me touch her pussy. Left 90 minutes after arriving, having spent a total of 4700k including taxis. Would strongly recommend that nobody visits the place, it’s too far out the way, and the quality of the girls is not what you would expect from a city like Prague.

Saturday morning saw me doing the tourist stuff with group of friends I visited the city with. I eventually managed to sneak away for a couple of hours late afternoon. Got a taxi to the Sex Park where I was charged 20k to enter (Why do they do this?). Thought the selection was awful. Decided upon a blonde in her early 30's with a decent body. The sex was very mechanical, she was at best a 6 in looks and a 4 in performance. Having said that it only cost me 1000k for 30 minutes. Which totalled, including the taxi from central Prague, 1420k. Like the Lotos though I suggest you keep away from this place, you can get a service at a similar price and quality in a London Walk-up.

On Sunday night the whole holiday came to life. I tried the much-talked about K5. I think the Hilton Concierge got it right when he said it was the best *****house in the Northern Hemisphere. The club is on the 5th floor of an old building. Every taxi driver knows where it is. (although you may need to pronounce it Kar 5). When you got through the door your are searched for weapons, with a metal detector, and showed to the lift that takes you to level 5. On exiting the lift you are met by one of the girls who introduces you to the manager, and shows you round. She then bring you back to the reception where the manager goes through the pricing policy and gives you an electronic key, which you use for paying for absolutely everything.

I was then showed to a seat facing towards the stage, and was got a coke. I was approached by the manager, who showed me their computer system which every table has It is in the same style as there WebPages, but shows a more comprehensive list of prices plus profiles of the 25 girls who were working that night. She was really helpful asking what sort of girl I wanted, advising me of the different qualities of the girls working that night. I decided that I would have a “sports” massage, which was thoroughly enjoyable and lasted aprox 25 minutes. When I got back to the bar, which was now filled with about 15 customers, some on they’re own and some in groups of 2 or 3. I sat down in the same seat and was once more approached by the manager who selected a 6-foot goddess for me by the name of Sylvia. She was in her final year at University and spoke very good English. After talking for the best part of 20 minutes, I decided that we move on for an hour in private, where I had a very enjoyable time. On returning to the bar, we spoke for about 20 minutes, before I headed off home. I had spent 500k admission, 3900k for the sex, 300k for the sport massage, a total of 300k on 4 drinks, and 400k on taxis, totalling 5500k. But it was the best 2.5 hours of my life.

The placed was so good I went back Monday night. This time I had two girls, first Elisabeth, a tall brunette with perhaps the best body I have ever seen, and then a short brunette who was from Slovakia, name unknown. I stayed for 5 hours and spent a total of 6400k.

A big thank you to K5 you made my trip unforgettable, I was the tall British guy with the blonde hair. I’m pretty sure that you guys read this website, or even contribute?

I will be going back to Prague at Christmas, and there will be only one place I will be visiting.

Alex Blanc
09-18-03, 18:38
Great Report City Angel

I will definitely give the K club a visit when i go to Prague.So is it possible tpo sit in the K club have a few drinks and make a leisurley choice or are you put uneder pressure to make decsion. I like to soak up the atmosphere and feel safe before jumping in. I have aslo heard you can choose a girl and take her to your hotlel room is this possible?

Alex Blanc
09-19-03, 11:03
I have had a quote from Amandas escorts for 4000ck for two hours with a girl or 8000k for the night can this be right?

09-19-03, 12:52
Was in Prague end of August, stayed at the hotel St John, which is Just after the Charles square, its a good clean place to stay, and you are allowed to take girls in if you can find them I couldnt. went to the sex park, got a girl called Aleena she has a pretty face and a good body no english though. Had to take a shower I think that is when she stole my money. Always keep the door open when you shower.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

09-21-03, 00:40

2000 per hour is about the average in Prague. Don't expect the girl to stay until morning if you are being told 8000cz for the night. At the most you can expect the girl to stay until about 2 in the morning. But do let us know how you get on.

09-21-03, 09:50
City Angel,

Nice report. K5 is best club in Prague and my favourite one indeed. However, beware for Christmas. It's still much a family get together in Eastern Europe, and many girls stay (or go back) home. K5 is even usually closed on Christmas. Last year, it reopened on Dec 26, with only less than 25 girls per night, without rotation (same girls every night). Usually, they have over 90 girls, who rotate each night (35-45 girls per night). New year's eve is a nice party, though.


It is possible to come to the club, choose a girl and take her back to your hotel. However, escort price is on the very high side for Prague. K5 is better enjoyed in the club itself, with its special concept.

There is no pressure at all. For more details, see my previous post on K5 concept :



09-21-03, 18:18
I was in Prague for a week during the heat wave, which made for incredible viewing of the hot women walking around the street. The first day I called Erika at Privatek Erika. I highly recommend getting a mobil phone. I got mine through my travel agency where I booked my apartment www.travel.cz (great service from the agency). After much confusion, Erika finally messaged me her address as I could not understand her. It was way the hell out in Praha 10, but I went anyway. I was greeted by a stunning 21 year old 6 foot godess. She was so cute too. I kept telling her how beautiful she was and she blushed and turned away. I ended up paying her 4000kr for two times. The first was her on top, which was incredible. After we relaxed for a bit she proceeded to give me a BJ with condom I then had her suck on my balls while giving me a hand job.

Second night I went to K5. I got Kelly from Slovakia. She was incredible. Jet black hair and milky white skin. Regular sex, nothing out of the ordinary, but Kelly was so personable. I liked her so much, I went back two other nights. I actually do not recommend this. It is better to try different girls because the first time is always the best with a provider I think because they want to please you, so you come back. After you have come back, they don't feel the need to sell you as much as you have already come back and the service suffers. This is not always the case, but it was with me this time. The third time there, although the sex was still very good, she was somewhat cold and complained about being tired. Anyways, still an incredible club with very friendly staff from the bouncers at the front to the managers to the bartenders. K5 is a must.

I also tried Privat Beautie (it is on www.escort.cz) or something like that and again was given an address way the hell outside Praha central in Praha 10. I actually walked out here. I called this place because there is a gorgeous picture of Lucinka. When I got there I was greeted by Nicolka. She was a little 19 year old blond fireball that was an able substitute for Lucinka. I gave her 4000kr for kissing and bbbj until I came. Then we kissed some more and then fs. Afterwards, she talked my ear off for an hour. Really nice girl with a lot of energy and definitely likes sex.

I also tried Privat Martinka and got Pawlinka. Really cute girl. Very quiet, but she was still fun. Paid 2000Kr for fs. Did not bargain or try for any others as I was too tired from walking around in the heat.

I did not try for sex in sex park, strip clubs, or escorts. Prague-bunnies is definitely something I want to try next time. I think I like the privates the best because in my experience there is a hot 20 year old Czech girl waiting for you.

I had a few offers from street girls. I was too afraid to try although one was very tempting. Young dark skinned girl walking around with her mom (gypsy I assume). She was around Nahrodni street. Very young and hot. I loved Prague. Cheap, beautiful, incredible beer, and even more incredibly beautiful women.

Alex Blanc
09-21-03, 21:45
Thanks GrandJim. I read your report and you have convinced me to give it a whirl.

Does anyone no where the Jaguar club is I have heard good reports about this too.

09-22-03, 00:44
First of all, thanks to all who gave me some great tips for Prague. Much appreciated. Some thoughts first on the city and then on the girls I saw in the next report.

1. A cell phone. Renting a phone is easy at the airport. I rented a phone from T-Mobil for about $7 USD a day. Had to buy a SIM card, which is a chip card that stores your current balance. Stored 400 CZK when I rented the phone. “Topped up” three times during the week. Top-ups had at local T-Mobil store, although most any tobacco shop will sell you a top-up card. You buy the card for 200, 400, or 800 CZK. Scratch off the code on the back of the card and call a number. Instant top-up! Cool system.

2. Getting around. I took a taxi almost everywhere I went. Except for a trip to the Lotos Club, never spent more than about 200 CZK for a taxi, with most in the 150 range. BTW, I was staying in Prague 5 in a nice hotel but out of the way. If in Prague center, a taxi should be almost never necessary.

3. Getting around by foot. I was able to walk most places that I need to, once I got in the general area. Never made it to Prague 2, where many of the privats are. No problem for me.

4. Taxis. NEVER take a standing taxi at night. These guys are rip-off artists. Get a mobile phone, use the same taxi service every time, tell them your name at every chance, and you will be treated as a loyal customer, as I was after 3 days. Used both CITY taxi and AAA taxi. Reliable and dependable both at any hour of the day.

5. Hotel. I stayed at Andel’s Hotel in Prague 5. Nice new hotel for 140 Euros per night; king bed; very nice bathroom with bath tub and shower; breakfast included. Taxi to heart of downtown was about 150 CZK. Internet access 5 E for one hour, more than enough time to peruse escort.cz and take names and numbers for the day.

6. escort.cz. This site is full of info, but in my opinion is mostly a place to shill for its advertisers. I mean, how many times can Escort Sen be the service of the week? “Top establishments” seem to be the most recent advertisers, otherwise why does the top change so often? I would be careful about the pictures shown as so many are B&S.

09-22-03, 00:53
had seven experiences overall: two making my all time best list.

let’s count them down.

7. took a taxi to club lotos one night expecting to see alice, a dark-haired beauty advertised on escort.cz. was quoted 1200 entrance, when i arrived alone (at 2:30 am after a 350 czk cab ride from downtown). stupidly paid all, asked around for alice; it seems she “does not work here any more.” took a second look at the lady serving drinks – and yep, it was alice, a little shorter than expected, but what a fox!! however, she did not admit to being alice, only tatiana (gold t on a chain around her neck). about 12 girls sitting around looking bored. finally selected a small blonde but was told all the regular rooms were taken for another hour but the room with the pool was available now for only 3000 czk. f that. i dropped the little blondie and left the place without any service. called old reliable city taxi and they came and got me.

6. took the taxi back to the hotel but called a privat (pree-vot) near the hotel first. this is now 3:30 am. two girls working. my first privat experience. found the place easily; a fox was answering the phones in good english. she let me in to see this overweight girl. i inquired about the other girl and was told she would be out very soon. about 3 minutes later she appeared. about 20 years old; 6 in looks but great rack; college student. it was so late and i was so horny that i took the hour for 2000 czk. classic sex and cbj service was passable. i did my business after 30 minutes and split. walked back to hotel.

5. after some late night carousing, i started back to my hotel by taxi. driver asks me if i wanted to go to a club and he suggests amsterdam. i say what the heck. admission was 500 czk. i was the only guy at 2 am. called over a cute blond czech girl named terezka who quoted me 2000 for the hour. shower first, each alone, then she joined me one the bed for some cbj. condom was very tight so she took it off and started in bbbj. nice. i figured what the heck and let her finish me by mouth and an oily hand. too tired for intercourse. looks 6; service 7. an ok experience.

4. another very late night and i was horny. called "oral without" escort service at 3 am and michelle the phone lady sent over vanesa (btw, the services, oral without condom, m+m escort, and ester escort are all run by the same people with mostly the same girls). pics as advertised, right down to the zits on her butt. looks 7 (little on the heavy side but decent looking); service 8. started with bbbj, switched to mish & doggie. while bbbj, i asked if she did anal and she nodded and hummed yes. while in doggie, i started to get her ready, but she had second thoughts and decided no. it was 3:30 am anyway, so i gave her a facial and bbbjtc/cim. she was in and out of the room in 40 minutes.

3. now we get to the best parts. my #3 was ester/anna, the indy girl that i had arranged for my first night. wakeywakey had done a very accurate review of her earlier. ester can be had from m+m escort. about 5’9”, dark hair, nice blue eyes. a solid 8 on looks. a bit of a flake, but a lot of fun. she arrived about 8 pm on saturday night and left at 8 am sunday am for 300 eur. had dinner together after round one on saturday night and she kept rubbing me through my pants at the dinner table, laughing all the way. bbbjtc/cim twice, gladly taken. lots of sweet daty, dfk, positions, laughter, and fun. in the am, she wanted another round but i was too pooped, as it was my first night and jet lag was hurting me. she tried hard to get me to partake, but i was too tired to join in. she was ok with that. a definite repeat. note, ester was an indy for about 3 days before she got back into the fold of the agency. 12 hour date with agency is 400 eur. lots of energy, clean lady, and good conversation. a repeat for me.

1. and 2. are very hard to separate from one another. let me try.

my next-to-last night in prague, i decided that i wanted a duo. michelle (the phone lady) at m+m had a double of viky and sandra lined up for me, but they were my second choice. i came upon this site:


and really liked the looks of denisa and mikayla (michelle, no face shown though on site -- doesn't matter, the pics are not her anyway). i called to ask if they were busy and they said no they were not. i took a taxi to their privat and figured that i would check out the goods in person. if i did not like what i saw, i would return to the hotel for the viky /sandra duo.

see the pics in the pictures section. densisa’s pic is off the web site; i took the shots of michelle.

the privat is a nice apartment about a 5 minute walk from wenceslas square; address at web site is correct. ring the bell marked odem.

mikayla / michelle speaks english good enough to get you to their apartment and to have a conversation. upon arrival, i was greeted by two beauties, solid 8’s. denisa is 18 and speaks almost no english. michelle is 23 with some english. denisa was thus a little quieter and michelle more outgoing. i loved the looks of both and asked for a duo. they started with the menu thing and what started as 4000 czk for the both for the hour, escalated to 7000 czk for dfk, bbbj, daty, and classic sex. no “lesbi show” ordered. what the heck! i went for it.

both girls are about 5’7” or taller and very clean. i showered first, and wrapped myself in a towel, waiting for their arrival by laying down in the bedroom. they showered and came out wrapped in towels too. laying down in the bed between the two, michelle asked, how shall we start? i began dfk with michelle (great kisser, btw), with denisa rubbing my chest, and then switched to dfk with denisa (she has one of the longest tongues you will encounter, lol), while michelle’s hands wandered to mr happy. things took off from there to an unbelievable pse session that had so many different positions, with me licking them, them licking me, kissing all around, them trading off between mr happy and his two friends, 69 with one while the other did bls/bbbj, dfk with one while the other was bbbj. i could go on, but i will not. it was a session for my personal record book. about 40 minutes into it, michelle clearly got into a new phase of horny and she started kissing, licking, and datying densisa. i helped michelle as best i could with denisa (helping myself to michelle along the way), and then denisa and i both enjoyed michelle. back and forth, all over the bed, the girls and me, 3-way kisses, licks, etc.

with about 5 minutes left in the hour, denisa says the hour is almost up and did i have more cash. the two girls and i are sweating like crazy, faces flushed, breathing hard. i have no more cash, so i say that i had better get started on ending this. i start doing densisa doggie while she eats michelle, who is on her back, loving it, looking directly at me, and smiling widely. i then change to doggie with michelle, but not after she gets on her knees and spreads her lips very wide for me to see what awaits me. i do her doggie for a while, with denisa rubbing and kissing me and michelle. i finally pull out and leave a load on michelle’s butt while denisa smiles at me. we ran about 20 minutes over but no one complained. the girls said that they really enjoyed the session and asked when was i coming back. i promised to return the next night with more cash. i stayed for another 15 minutes or so while the girls each showered. while one was in the shower, i was dfking and feeling the other in the bedroom. denisa and i danced together while michelle showered, with denisa doing her best strip-club poses and squats. overall experience 10+. would repeat every night if i could.

the next night, i wanted the double again, but figured i could have quite a bit of fun in a 1-on-1 with michelle. she came to the hotel from 7:30 pm to 12 am for 10,000 czk. it was like a repeat of the night before, only it was just one girl. michelle is a great sex partner and, for 23 years old, this woman is fantastic!! we took a break in the action and had dinner outside the hotel, got to know one another better and traded email addresses. we had so much fun together. all in all, a most excellent evening.

i told michelle about escort review boards and she had never heard of them. i said, “never underestimate the power of the escort review board,” but she thought that putting a review on the internet would not have much effect on their business (which was slow recently because of a phone number change). ha ha ha!!!

so guys, to show her just how we operate, when you call, tell her that “steve” sent you. that is the code that i told her that i would put on the internet to show her just how much business she could generate with a good review.

btw, make sure to leave some more of her for me. i am already planning my next trip to see michelle.

09-22-03, 01:15

Accidentally deleted your email. Please re-send!


09-22-03, 05:31

Going rate for room escort in Prague is CK1200 per hour from an escort ageny. Do not pay more than you have to. There is no better class of and good looking girls on this earth than K5. Expensive but worth it.

09-22-03, 10:52
Hi GandJim,

I read your recent post; why do you think "Girls from Sara" should be avoided?


Alex Blanc
09-22-03, 12:30
Hi Tasty 1 .

I'm a bit confused 1200 ck is very cheap around 28 quid surely can't be right. My plan is to have a visit as one experince as I have never done that before and also experince the K club and perhaps the Jaguar club I have heard so much about,

Cheers Alex

09-22-03, 20:35
Tasty1 - who are these agencies that only cost 1200 crowns per hour? The best I can find is 2000cz per hour, usually plus taxi.

09-22-03, 23:22

Not sure what city you were in, but Prague hotel escort prices were quoted to me as 2000 CZK and up, depending upon the agency.

1200 CZK???? Where did you get that number?

09-23-03, 05:05
Tasty surely meant to say 2000 crowns. It's the basic rate.

-Uncle Otto

09-23-03, 12:06
i had a very good experience at atlas. i was just walking on the vaclavske namesti after a warm-up at peep show (where i get a cbj from a cute blondie who unfortunately spoke no languages, was not bad but wouldn't define it a real gfe as elsewhere reported) when a nice guy invited me to have a look for free at atlas, i accepted and due to my spanish skills had a nice conversation with a young man from cuba working there who gave me the right insider's suggestion. he told me there was a delightful new entry from some country of the former soviet union, i had a look from the distance and wow - decided i would go for her. although the club was full of beauties, all types all styles, i kept my idea and invited her to join me. she told me she spoke only russian czech and korean (!), so i was obliged to multiply on the spot my basic russian in order to create the good feeling for ... guys i made miracles. it came out that she came from uzbekistan, namely from samarkanda, and i was able to astonish her due to the fact that i've happened to visit that country just one year ago (see my reports on tashkent :-) she began to look at me as if i were coming from the moon :-) she was a delightful sample of uzbeki beauty, not russian or korean type but original uzbeki, this means basically turkish-like but with some light asian features that increase the final result by a factor-10. small cute body, eyes like diamonds, shining smile and russian sweetness, guys, a combination that would k.o. everybody. really the rearest flower to pick, forget about all the ordinary blondies you find plenty of in prag.
i managed keeping the conversation bright and brilliant for a while (what she really loved), ordered a cocktail for her and a beer for myself, then invited her to the room. had to pay before (2400 czk for 30 minutes) but not in her hands, just at the cashier where i was given some towels. we went to the room (upstairs) there was a whirlpool and that's exactly where the game began. forget about hard liners, this was just a tender flower, a terrific combination of uzbeki passion and russian sweetness, while passionately exciting me she continued to whisper ja ocen' rada, my god, after making miracles with the language i made miracles with the rest, datyed her almost to death (hers i mean ...) then fucked and refucked her in different positions, when she was over me she finally came and since she did not do it in a movie-like manner (remember goldy hawn) i was sure it was not faked, with my fantasmagoric russian asked her pravda ili teatr and she replied net teatr, then i continued fucking and refucking her while she called my name, after the warm-up at the peep show i was perfectly in control of the situation and continued as long as i felt like it.
it was really the sweetest experience i ever recorded in such an environment. after that, she continued saying i'm very happy that i met you, come back to me, i liked you from the first moment i saw you (which i may believe) and terminated with the most irresistible prichadi k mne which i have memory of. i paid her back with a shining ty prosta vilikaljepna that she may as well have believed :-)
how can't you name it a terrific gfe, i will only add that the beer and the cocktail were charged 16 euro totally, and the entry fee was 200 czk. moreover, i liked the bright and joking general athmosphere in that club, it looks really easy going. and the quality of girls appears to be good.

09-23-03, 17:59
To Axel Springer re "Girls from Sara"

Tons of warning are posted regularly on many forums, including this one. Latest example is on EOL "Reviews" forum. Abstract copied below :

GANDJIM [11.09.03 09:50]


There are tons of warning against Privat Sara. Just browse the various forums, in particular for escort and privats. They even once have their own forum in the "establishment forums" section, but removed it with all the negative reports coming in. The fact they are mentioned as "Tips of the day" on EOL main page is just paid advertising.

I've been with one of their girls myself, before I saw the warnings. It was exactly what other people now says again and again since for their other girls:

Pro : The girl is the same as on the web
Cons : Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING else. Extras to be added for each additional service so you end up with 4000-5000cz an hour. Can't even say the girl is mechanical, she doesn't even move ! Dead meat. Just lay there, open her legs and "fuck me". Other girls come in while we're in action and they have a chat, take the phone and send txt messages ....

In other words : Stay away.

ESCORT ONLINE (V.I.P. Member) [11.09.03 15:57]

Well you are a little bit overreacting here - there is also tons of positive comments for Sara Privat too..

GUEST [13.09.03 11:40]


GANDJIM is correct. I been to Privat Sara 3 times and first was good but next 2 were just like explained (Only maybe not quite 4000-5000 KC an hour). Worst was that Krystinya got a phone call and got up to talk in the middle of the Fuck! Then in the end she tells me my time is up so I can't finesh. My Thoughts - KS

GUEST [13.09.03 13:07]

Hi there
I have visited several 'Sara Girls' about one year ago.
They are very beautiful.
Also true is that everything cost extra. A lot extra.
The pleasure you get is the same as when you take doll from the showcase of a department store.
They show absolutely no feeling.


SOURHONEY (Member) [15.09.03 10:46]

Sorry EOL..... but I have to add a pretty new experience.....

Wholeheartedly agree with Charles.

My worst fear was that my weight could ...deflate ...the doll!!!!
:-) :-) :-) :-)

may be that (as someone said, are waiting just for nice, young, rich guys. I call this the Pretty Woman syndrome....

FRANK [15.09.03 14:10]

I agree with Sourhoney and Charles.
It is no fun going there.

ESCORT ONLINE (V.I.P. Member) [15.09.03 20:04]

All right, all right... you opinion matters of course..

GUEST [16.09.03 19:01]

I had a very good experience at Privat Sara!About 15 months ago I visited the first time and the hour was as bad as everyone here describes it. I paid extra for everything and ended up in paying 4000 for a awfull hour.The girl wasn't even mechanical.I feared she died while fucking because she did not move.So I had to have a closer look and recogniced she is still alive.But the second visit was better because I prepared myself for it. I first visited another good privat and had a very good hour. Then I had one of these devilish blue pills that make your dick hard as steel for hours and went up to her again.We agreed on one hour without extras but anal.Then I pounded her ass for about 54 minutes (5 I spent in shower). Her question for a short break (cigarett) I refused with the hint of my paid time and that I would prefer to enjoy every single minute of it.I left well satisfied with a big smile on my face.And I knew this was the first time a girl of Sara really earned hr money. evil otto

Etc... etc.... No a simple good review in that thread.


09-23-03, 20:27

Denise and Mikayle's phones have been off the hook since your last posting. I guess "Steve" did the trick.

All else exactly has reported here - the phone and privats. No time to really chacj anything else among the tourist stuff.

Thanks for the great info.


Capt Fred
09-23-03, 21:05
Alex Blanc:

With regard to Amanda Escort, I got the same kind of information (270 Euro). And, they told me if I make the reservation via email, it would cost me 250 Euro! nfortunately, no one has replied to my requests for information on this agency! I have posted twice requesting information, and no one seems to know anything!


09-24-03, 10:31

It's Traveler0099 who posted about Denisa and Mikayla ;-)

So credits to him. I must say that I'm quite interested myself reading his post, and will certainly try to contact them on my next visit to Prague. :-)


Alex Blanc
09-24-03, 13:42

Thanks for your info I was also waiting for someone to respond to your enquiry as I have booked a girl with them next monday. I would like more info before commiting myself. I was geared up for Privat Sara or Sara Sexy as her email are adressed, but will give that a miss thanks to the WSG Forum.

So my first visit next Monday 29th. OK obvioulsy I will go to K Club but what about afternoon action? any tips? Has anyone been to Privat Desert (sp)?


09-24-03, 19:49
Oh crap .. phones are off the hook !!! What have I done.


(Note to self: must keep these things secret next time)

And, yes, Ashok it was me that did the review. Give some credit where credit is due.

LOL !!!

09-24-03, 21:38
prague and a word of caution to my fellow hobbyists

gentelmen: i wrote this report one year ago and decided to share it here. what a difference a year makes!!

i was planning to be in europe on business and having heard the wonderful stories about prague, i planned a 24 hour stay. in anticipation of my visit, i spent a great deal of time studying the ladies at www.escort.cz, looking at the country report in **********.com, as well as joining www.captain69.co.uk and reading the occasional prague review there and on www.theescortreview.com.

what i was looking for was not so unusual: classic sex (as they call it – sex with condom in multiple positions), bbbj or owo (depending upon where you, dear reader, come from), and kissing with tongue. i did not insist on anal (doesn’t interest me much), nor am i into [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117), or anything else out of the ordinary.

bottom line for me: hobbying in prague is a rip-off and a waste of time. let me explain.

1. reviews in ***. one of the girls i saw was denisa, who had been reviewed by jhaskins at *** (who is a long time *** prague reviewer). more on her later, but i can only assume that mr. haskins is a shill for this agency (pictures accurate? as if!), or that denisa is a leopard who has changed her spots, or the agency sends out who it likes. despite being promised by the agency that the girl in the photo is the one who would show, any resemblance between the girl who showed at my door and the girl in the pictures is entirely coincidental (well, they both have two eyes!). my note of caution to you all based on two escorts in prague: don’t expect the girl in the picture to show up. and be a lot braver than i was to turn her away at the door if she is not. more on this situation later. bottom line for me: if you see a picture that looks like the latest czech model in playboy or victoria’s secret, she will not show at your door, despite what the agency will claim.

pictures and claims on www.escort.cz. this site has to rank up there with the biggest crock of b.s. i have ever seen. do doubt the owner of the site will claim that the site is only as good as the information that he gets from the agencies, but come on! the driver of the getaway car of the bank robbery can also be prosecuted for a crime.

note to mr. olduv sen, the owner of escort.cz. you would do yourself a better service by being a more reliable and reputable source of information, instead of acting as an accomplice in an elaborate and ultimately obvious rip-off scheme.

let’s itemize the places and calls that i made (all sites are on www.escort.cz):

privat don giovanni & celebrity escorts: looking for pavlinka (described by jhaskins as a sex machine on ***). person who answers the phone says no pavlinka works there, even though her photo is on the site.

escort sen and privat pusinka: called both places about 8 times looking for anyone. beata got a great review by jhaskins and sen girls are regularly featured on escort.cz. eight calls, voice mail every time. left a message twice in english (no call back). do they exist?

andre club: great reviews on *** of romana and eliska. i call the place. romana, eliska, and sharon (all on web site) not working today. any girls who do bbbj? no.

escort denisa: another site featured prominently quite often on escort.cz. 15-20 girls on site, great *** review of a duo. called 3 times. voice mail only – btw, this is on a saturday afternoon & night.

agency veronika: some great looking babes. phone operator says that none will kiss or do owo. several pictures look scanned; i suspect that none of these ladies would have shown up.

girls from sara, privat sara, privat beauty, private iluze: several different phone numbers listed for each service. every time i call one of these places, i get the same lady answering -- a most tired and annoying *****. after the sixth or seventh call to yet another phone number, she gets angry at me and says, "don’t call back unless you want a girl." i say, well how should i know that you will be answering the phone for every one of these numbers? she says, "one hour before, you call me with the girl’s name and she will come to your hotel." i say, well, who is working so i can chose (given the pictures on their site)? all are working. how about this one? not working. this one? not available until later maybe. the other? doesn’t work here anymore. this one? she is working. ok, let’s talk prices. 2 hours = 8,000 czk. how about bbbj? add 1,000. kiss? add 1,000. massage? add 1,000. she then starts giving me a hard time. "you have pen? you taking notes? have you written this all down? don’t call me again unless you want girl." fuck you very much.

privat woow aka goldsilver.cz: reluctant to send someone to hotel. english is good. i turned down invitation to come to privat because it is pouring outside and i don’t want the hassle. anyway the girl i wanted to see, eva, does not work on saturday.

escort angelina: some great looking babes again. owo? kiss? only two will do that, of 15 or so girls on site. extra 3,000. attitude of the phone operator turns me off altogether. no way am i having one of these ladies show up.

escort art, escort gabriela, escort jennifer, escort andrea, escort jessica, escort alena, escort petra, escort leona. i called all of these places. every call answered by a different and disinterested phone operator. any girls bbbj and kiss? no to all.
escort vanessa. in the afternoon, i pick out denisa, advertised as 180 cm tall and slim. pictures show a tall girl (180 cm) with long brown hair with small breasts. just what i like. more on her later.
i ask for her to come to my room on saturday afternoon.

escort tereza and klara. some of the same girls on escort kristina are advertised here. or at least both sites use the same fake pictures. no girls will bbbj or kiss.

escort kristyna. some major babes here. several have been reviewed on ***. 2 hours, 8,000 czk. wait a second. bbbj? extra 1,000. kiss? same. anal? same. i ask about the same girls pictured on tereza and klara. this phone operator claims that every one will do bbbj and kiss. are you guys getting the picture? i ask for a blonde, denisa, to come to my hotel at 10 pm. two denisas in one day? just a coincidence.

bottom line: altogether i made about 70 phone calls (literally, i have the hotel bill for $130 usd in calls to prove it!) and all i found was deception, double-talk, non-responsiveness, rudeness, and voice mail. my suggestion is to stay away from all of these places and go to another city.

a week before leaving for europe, i e-mailed about 12 of the agencies listed on these various sites, particularly those found on escort.cz. of those i emailed, only two emailed back to me: prague-bunnies and mon cheri. linda at pb was very helpful, emailing me photos of girls who had "pictures upon request." i gave her my arrival date and asked for pictures of those ladies not on the site. i received pictures of 5 or so girls who were "pictures upon request," giving me in all pictures of about 12 girls. i picked my five favorites – some with and some without pictures on the site -- who interested me. the message back was that 4 of the 5 were not available (two were out of the country when i would be in prague; and this after giving linda my schedule!) and the fifth was my #5. i told her that i would call her upon my arrival in prague to discuss. bottom line: i tried calling her three times the day of my arrival and received a voice mail message each time (try figuring out what a voice mail message is in czech!). moncheri of prague was also helpful, and i selected simona from their site, a tall, slim, model-looking girl. it turns out that when i inquire about her services, she does not kiss or do bbbj. i get a recommendation for a 19 year old girl who is 165 cm in height (i was looking for 170 or taller) and no pictures. of course, i am assured that she will perform all requested services. when i called about 9 pm saturday night for her (after a rather frustrating day), it turns out she has a family emergency and cannot see me. bottom line: even the more "reputable" agencies will give you the run-around.
finally took the plunge on saturday afternoon with denisa from escort vanesa. denisa was advertised as 18 years old and 180 cm tall and the pictures looked good. i verify that she does bbbj and kissing. i ask for the two hour price in case things are going well. one hour after asking for her, "she" shows up at the door with her driver, a guy over 6 feet tall and rather wide. if this were moscow, he would be called a "flathead," a term usually reserved for bodyguards in the russian mafia (see nightclub reviews at www.exile.ru ). i open the door, denisa walks past me into the room, barely 170 in thigh-high hooker boots and chewing gum, and the driver puts his foot in the door and says, "give me the money, please." okay. so here i am with this meaning-looking thug in my face and a woman who is clearly not the lady in the photos paying me a visit. oh well, i say to myself, at least the operator promised bbbj and kissing. wrong!

we immediately undress at her suggestion and she plops herself down on the bed next to me. when i go to kiss her after some small talk, she turns her head and says she does not kiss. i can give her a small peck on the lips but other that that, she is off limits. this pisses me off, but i say to myself, well at least there’s a bbbj coming. she begins licking my chest with the ever-so-slightest use of her tongue (by the way, the gum is still in her mouth). she continues licking my chest and she’s rubbing her fingernails on me as she’s kissing (notice that her hand has not dipped below my waist). she finally picks herself up and goes for her purse and pulls out a condom. she opens it and puts it in her mouth, clearly readying it for me. i say, whoa! i paid for kissing and bbbj and i have gotten neither. her response? "the operator didn’t tell me this. i don’t do that." i say, let’s call the operator. she tries calling on her cell phone while i try calling using the hotel phone. after several false starts and busy signals by both of us, i finally get through to the operator and i tell her, "remember i paid extra for this?" (i did not even mention the fact that my denisa did not at all look like the girl in the pictures.) her response is to ask to speak to the girl. what ensues is quite a ruckus, as the two of them are arguing in czech rather heatedly. mr. happy, by the way, has gone from standing at attention to lying down dejectedly.

after a few minutes, my girl has "lost" the argument and she begins a half-hearted bbbj (gum still in her mouth), but still will not kiss. time is running out so i ask for the condom so i can "drill" her. we go at it doggy and mish, but her attitude is clearly miles away. i finally decide that the only way i am going to get off is to literally take things into my own hands. i jerk off on her chest and neck (hoping i could have gotten her right in the face, as she so well deserved). she goes and takes a shower, gets dressed, and she is gone. thank goodness.

having spent much of the rest of the afternoon on the phone. i finally decide to try the girl denisa http://www.kristynaescort.cz/girl.php3?gn=3&gp=0&h=1&lang=2&menu=2 at kristyna escort recommended by jhaskins and others at ***. so looks like a major babe and the reviews promise an amazing time. at 10 pm, the appointed time, she shows up, along with her driver (the same guy!), and hotel security. seems that security wants 1,000 czk because i have an after-hours visitor. so i give him the 1,000, denisa is sitting in the bed doing what? chewing gum! (it is another girl, but not in the picture). and the same burly guy at the door asking for her 2 hour fee. this is like the movie groundhog day! i was just too beaten down at that point so i paid him and he was gone.

denisa was not bad looking and spoke english well. she’s 26 (although i guessed her age at 31, but when she asked me, i said 28) and the mother of a little boy. well, guess what sports fans? no bbbj or kissing! why? exchange of bodily fluids and too unclean. ok, i was beaten. she’s got two really rock-hard implants, and refused to take her stockings off. she gave me a mediocre bbbj, no daty allowed, and i finally decided to try intercourse. she got on for some cowgirl, but very quickly her knees got tired. we moved into doggie and i started to hammer away. i don’t know what inspired me (frustration? insanity?), but i said, how about some anal? her answer, "sure." you could have knocked me over. she lies on her back to start and then she flips over into doggie. she had clearly not prepared for this eventuality, and let’s just say that the sights, smells, and sounds were a real turn-off.

after a change of equipment, i managed to come in her vag, doggie-style. as soon as i could, i sent her on her way. glad to be rid of her.

6. denisa does provide me with one favor and gives me the phone number of a taxi company that will take me to the airport on the meter (about 350-400 czk) instead of a flat rate of 800 quoted to me by the hotel. does anyone notice a pattern here in czecho-land? the driver arrives at the appointed hour on sunday am, speaks modest english, and i engage him in conversation. i tell him about my adventures the day before and i really get him laughing. he offers me a guidebook to czech sex nightlife, which i decline. we finally get to the airport and i realize that i had given away most of my extra money to hotel security the previous night and i only had a bunch of usd $50 bills, three $1s, and 200 in czk. the fare was 370 czk. i told him that i didn’t have all the money and guess what? he says, "just give me what you have. you deserve not to be hassled anymore." thank you, sir!!! goodbye prague, goodbye rip-offs, goodbye


as i re-read this,, i have to say that very little has changed in the past year. bait & switch still exists; bad phones; shilling by escort.cz all are still with us.

i guess that a lot more preparation, more time, and a lot of luck made my most recent visit a trip to remember.

happy mongering!!

09-24-03, 22:39
I've been following the recent reports as I may be in Prague soon. Seems that there are a lot of overpriced escort agencies and some houses and apartments that feature girls. Neither of these are really my choice of venues.

Are there pick up bars where working girls are and where you take them back home to your place?

If so, what are the most popular ones and their rates?

I have scrolled back a while and read old reports, but have yet to find anything.

Just curious, thanks!

09-25-03, 00:16
To add more insight to Sara, this is an email I sent, and the reply.
An automailer. A bullshit sales pitch word document was attached to the email telling me how great they are!

I do not want to judge your agency on a few reviews.
What ARE your prices? Is oral and other services extra?
I would like to use your agency but I dont like when i see a questionable review!
An honest reply would be welcomed.



Dear Pete,
thanx a lot for your interess in my girls.:o)
I send you complete information in atashed file.
See you soon in beautiful Prague...
Kind regards

As tempting as the girls look, if I want to sleep with a lifeless piece of flesh, I will go to my butchers and get something there.

09-25-03, 04:03
I agree with Traveler0099, anyone who expects to see girls in pictures on escort.cz delivered, is out of his mind. Oh yes you can get girls lokking like that and even better but do not waste your time picking a specific girl and expecting exactly same one to show up at your door, privat or whatever.

Dr. Skank:

Why not go to a club/bar (like Nancy, K5 etc), pick the girl and do your stuff. That way you know the price and the merchandise. If you are still hung up on being so good looking that you can "pick up" a girl at the bar, trying one at home might be safer and cheaper. At least you will save the airfare. I mean no offense, but be real. Do you really think 1200CK ($45) for an hour is "overpriced"?

09-25-03, 07:29

The escorts listed in most posts below were all above 200€ if I read correctly, some more. That might be a normal escort price, but it is still overpriced in my opinion. $45 on the otherhand is cheap. Which $45 service are you refering to? This is almost too cheap... :) I did read your post refering to the price....it is per hour at a Czech agency. How is the quality of woman? Seems to me that most posters were paying much more.

I am refering to a pick up bar where pro girls work and the merchandise can be checked out. And I am looking for girls for all night, multiple sessions etc in the price range of $100-150 with DFK, BBBJ and other things I consider standard. Is this possible in Prague?

Of course I prefer picking up normal girls if possible and as long as I still can I will. But the pro option is often money and time well invested if the only interest is surefire sex without any hassle of chatting up women all night while risking going home with absolutely nothing.

09-25-03, 07:32

I agree. Any guy who thinks that the supermodel that he sees on the net is the same one who is going to show up at his door is a dreamer. Being a Prague veteran, I gave up on escort services long ago. The whole escort concept is bad and poorly conceived to begin with.

On the other hand, if you go to a club you can actually "see" the goods and make your selection. You can also talk to the girl beforehand where you get to know her and, most importantly, she gets to know you. I believe that women tend to be more responsive if they know you somewhat and have had some conversation. Call it a type of foreplay if you want. None of this is available if you go the escort route.

If you go to a club the owners have a vested interest in making sure that you're happy because they have a reputation to uphold and want repeat customers. They're in business to make money. The girls are also well aware of these basic business principles and the last thing they want is to have customers complain about them to management.

I once met a girl at a club who kept insisting on a threesome and having had one the night before at a different club I wasn't "up" for it. I decided to leave and asked one of the club supervisors to call me a taxi. He asked why and when I told him, he bought me a drink, asked me to stay and took the girl into the back. She came out real apologetic and literally begged me to stay. I did but I picked another girl.

So, it's all about having control of the sitution. Escort services and privates tend to give you little or no control.

09-25-03, 10:05
Tasty1, Paddy,

Well, .... I disagree (partly) ;-)

It is correct that many escort agencies in Prague use bait & switch, but this does not mean that there are no honest ones. In the upperscale ones (with supermodel girls), I know these ones, which always sent the girl ordered :

Eli Agency (Prague Angels)
Prague Bunnies
AAA Travel Consult

Prices of Eli are going through the roof, but Prague Bunnies and AAA are still affordable.

It is correct that it's a hit or miss. My best and worse experiences come from escort, not from club or private. But these agencies also care for customer feedback. Last month, AAA sacked a girl after complain from a customer (who is a friend of mine) and offered him another night for free with another girl. Eli (in the good old days of reasonable price) on one occasion reimbursed me part of the money because the girl said she had to leave 2 hours early (booking was for 12 hours) and, coincidence ?, she disappeared from their listing.

I've read problems Traveler 0099 had last year with Prague Bunnies (reposted below). Well, that confirms that they will never try to send you another girl if the one you ordered is not available. Problem with them is that some girls are so successful that you need to book them well in advance. I do it for at least a month, even 2 for one girl I deadly wanted.


09-25-03, 16:03

Sorry to hear your story. The hotel phone bill being the worst. I ran up a similar number of calls on the local mobile line I picked up from Oscars for 400KR ($15?) calling the Privat lists from escort.cz. Still have half left on the card and a cz tel number.

The list shrank swiftly to a few that I could communicate with. But these seemed to work well ranging from 700Kr for 30 mins to 2500Kr for an hour with light fetish. All in Praha 2, walking distance from the center.

Good but not great is the best description and this left to my leaving Praha with unspent cash. Their loss.

On a different not, I noticed earlier that SW approaches were being made to guys dressed in suits. So I donned my business jacket, a nice pair of pants and business shoes and walked around old town. Had two hits, one a czech (blond etc) the other by a darker group. Passed on both. Too young and lean for my taste.

In the old town center strolling slowly and alone had approaches from several "guides" who offered "free" tickets with escort services - declined these too based on forum experiences.

Praha is not on my future menu though a great town to visit with excellent tourist activities, food, wine and beer at low cost.

Happy touring.


09-25-03, 16:07

Please accept my 'umble apologies for not crediting the great finder. That number took many calls from me too. At the least I wanted to say "Steve" sent me but no answer and no VM.

Let's call it a LIE and it may come back....



Capt Fred
09-25-03, 17:52

I hope you get to see this posting before next Monday!

I hope you still try Amanda Escort, and everything goes well for you.

Hopefully, I will go there in December.

Have lot of fun in Prague, and keep me posted!


09-25-03, 21:54

I am as surprised as you are to find out that the number is not working. BUT, you may recall that I said that Michelle had related to me that business was slow because they were having telephone problems.

As I recall right now, I had tried going to this privat earlier in the week at about 2 AM. I had called and they told me to go to a corner nearby and then to call them from there. When I got to the corner, I tried calling about 10X and got no answer. That was the night that I finally called Michelle at M+M escort and asked for Vanessa at 3 AM.

But, let's not call it a lie.

I also had another phone number to call (a mobile number) that I got from them after the first night's three-way. I am trying right now to get a list of numbers called from the hotel that I stayed at, because I know that I called the mobile from the hotel because my SIM card had run out of cash.

When I do get this number from the hotel, I will call the girls and try to find out what is happening with the number listed on the site.

If you are in the area, just try walking up to the privat directly , I guess. It is only about 5 minutes from Wenceslas Square, any taxi driver can get you there, and the bell is marked ODEM. They are on the 3rd or 4th floor. What's the worst that could happen? You don't get buzzed in?

09-26-03, 00:30
"I've read problems Traveler 0099 had last year with Prague Bunnies (reposted below). Well, that confirms that they will never try to send you another girl if the one you ordered is not available. Problem with them is that some girls are so successful that you need to book them well in advance. I do it for at least a month, even 2 for one girl I deadly wanted.


1) I AGREE with you , Prague-Bunnies (PB) doesn't send you ladies who weren't ordered.

2) I DISAGREE with you : at least twice , I booked more than one month before and at the end the ladies weren't available anymore ( furthermore, I was informed about the cancellation only after I had emailed to make PB recall my appointments (the first 48 hours before, the second one week before; of course , Linda wrote to me that she would inform me without my email but the FACT was that I was only informed only after my own email)

09-26-03, 04:37

I tried about five different girls from various "privat" listed on escort.cz. I did not go to privat per se but had room service to my hotel on various dates. Most of those were listed on escort.cz in the area of Museum and all charged from 1200-1400 per hour. Call around and you will see. All girls were good looking, young, slim, trim, spoke limited English. Some were (as in real life) more lively than others but none were a turn off. For that price try couple of them in the afternoon before you go for real hunting.

09-26-03, 07:22

Thanks for the tip, at 1200-1400ck/hour it is defintely worth a try.

Do you know of an apartment rental service that can be recommended, or are there many of equal caliber?

Thanks for any help.

09-26-03, 09:36

My comment about a lie was only to save the telephone number for those who have tried and will hopefully try again - certainly not a comment on the veracity of your report. In fact, the very first time I called, someone answered and I could hear her but she could not hear me - I guess. Incidentally, I did walk down to the unit just to be sure I could haul myself up there - after your report - in the event we connected. It is a mere 5 mins.

Thanks for the excellent reports guys.


Diet Coke
09-27-03, 10:05
Visited Sex Park and had session with Katrin, a dark complexed, dark haired 21 year old from Prague. claimed spoke English but not much. No kissing breast or much touching pussy. After quick shot was ready for me to leave but I reminded her I had confirmed for 30 minutes so stayed awhile and tried to chat in English and German and had a smoke with her then shower and left. Okay for the price of 2 lap dances at home.
Next visited again in afternoon and had session with Jitka, about 5 ft 9 or 10 with glasses, cute face and nice small tits. Also asked if spoke English, said yes. That is the wrong question. They all seem to know that phrase and respond yes and it turns out they may that and not much more. She was okay but a bit of BO armpit smell I had noticed before started session. Again no pussy touching but allowed sucking her cute breasts. Returned again that night. About 10 + guys wondering around halls and about like number of girls available. No one struck my fancy so finally I left. A number of rooms had doors closed but light on so I assumed sessions in progress.

Stopped at Red Light bar. Not impressed. Some a numerous bar girls would dance every once in awhile but they kept their clothes on.


09-27-03, 19:16
Being curious, I have called the privat of my "friends" Michelle and Denisa several times since Ashok mentioned that he couldn't get an answer.

Neither could I -- about 8 times -- but finally I spoke to someone today (8PM Prague time). Michelle and Denisa are not working until Monday.

BTW, they are listed on escort.cz as Privat Patricie or Escort Patricie in Prague 1. The map will show you exactly were they are.

I also got the list of numbers that I called from my hotel. Too many to try to make out which one was theirs.

When I visited the privat, Denisa gave me a "visit card" (very cute institution) with her picture that had the address and all phone numbers. Lost it in the packing and unpacking shuffle. Damn!

And Ashok .. no offense taken. Glad you were able to find the place. Hope you get to see the ladies!

Diet Coke
09-27-03, 20:46
Called several currently listed privats at escorts.cz but no ringing and some stuff in Czech.

Sex park, it is convenient and has availability during the day. Visited Sat afternoon and saw Martina. She says she is 21 and has been there 4 years. Fairly good English, but not as good as claimed. About 5 ft 7, long black hair and slender. Sort of giggly and pleasant greeting. Claiming could stay for 30 minutes but was really ready for my exit after cumming. Cute but complexion a bit bad when light are up. Good oral technique and good session except all three sessions have started with me laying down and them doing oral at my feet so can not easily reach tits or anything else. Also digits in pussy seem a general no no there. Martina did have cute cone shaped breasts that were of the puffy type. Nice.

Interestly she said room rent was 6800kr a month, so I suppose could pay rent in one day although I forgot to ask how often she worked. Katrin from the other day had said she worked 2 days on and 2 off.


Sweet Mi
09-28-03, 09:52
Going to Prague mid-Oct. would appreciate any tips on individual females worth connecting with (understand about K-5 being a great club but I do prefer Private sessions). Also, is Viagra available over the counter in Prague or is a prescription required?

Thanks for the pointers in advance.

09-29-03, 04:13

What clubs do your recommend? I will be Praha 2 Oct and will be looking.


09-30-03, 01:22

I would suggest that you read the previous postings for the last several months. You'll notice recurring themes in reference to specific clubs.

Best place overall seems to be K5. Have been there several times and it's a class act. I've also had a lot of success at Butterfly for some reason. One of the guys on the Prague forum recently recommended Pink Dolly although I've never been there. Lotos has historically been one of the best clubs but has been surpassed by K5 and has not had very good reviews as of late. I would also suggest that you go to clubs.cz and click on FORUM. You'll get many reviews dealing with clubs, private apartments, escort services, etc. I'd also suggest that if you llike a girl, talk to her after the deed and see if she's available to show you the city on one of her off nights.

To be honest, though, it's often a function of luck. It depends on who's working there that night and how you click with the girl. I've had great times at places like Butterfly and Marthy Club and bombed at others. Best of luck and happy hunting.

Alex Blanc
09-30-03, 10:53
Ok finaly in Prague. Message for Jim thanks for the message as for Amadas escort I am afraid I can't help you there as there was a bit of a mix up blame on both sides. My mob was not working and our emails took to long to respond. But she seeemd genuine enogh next time if i have more time.

The day scene is little quiet is seems and a lot of leg work. However stop wasting your time and just go to the K Club. It was a fantastic experience. I arrived at 7 via AAA taxis 270 k . Shown around and led to a table club very quiet except for about 15 gorgeous girls. Occasionally one got up and danced and during this time Victor came up to me to explain the "protocol" of the Club, in short if you like someone just to call him and he will arrange. Well at this time various girls were doing very uninspiring dances, frankly i have been more excited wathing the snap crackle and pop of my breakfast cereal. Then WOW a girl in a black tribly hat , white shirt and tie and the tighest hot pants imaginable i thought they had been sprayed on, just got up and started dancing. I knew from the first instance that this was the girl for me. What a body and beautiful as well. She had a long blonde platted hair. She got the place kicking even her fellow girls laghed and cheered as she gyrated around the pole. What a performance, anyway i asked her to join me her name was Sophia from Slovakia 22 y.O. Nice chemistry bought her drink (Ornage juice) and we discussed rooms and rates which she showed me on the computer.You could tell this girl was really up for it adn I could not wait to get her in that room. I went for the hour. Absoluty fantastic every position imaginable and her covered blow job was mind blowing! She put my hand behind her head and encouraged me to push her head up and down. Doing this kneeling up was brill and the vision of her looking up at me on all fours sucking my memeber will live with me for a long time.
Guys stop messing about K club is the answer and for those who like hotel services still go to the k club and pick out a girl. They even provide me with a taxi back to my hotel 300k . Back tonight!!!!

PS Bad news to report is that Sophia is leaving tis wednesday to go back to school in Slovakia.

Alex Blanc
10-01-03, 14:10
The next night back to K5 of course. However the girls were not of the same quality as the nighty before except fotr Sophia, but i wanted to try someone else. As i walked in she was up dancing and nearly sucumbed for a repeat session. I asked about a particualr girl and the manager advised against! he reccomened another blonde in the other corner but i told him i like slim blondes. He showed me a photo of a beatuiful girl and I said yes to her . She was not inn yet so they rang her. 30 minutes later she arrives and her name in Vanda. An absolute doll, she looked like a glamarous porn star. Wwe chatted drank etc and ordered an hour with her. Although the sessionwas incredibly good we had little chemiosrty in terms of chat but her eargeness to please was without fault. I got the impression she wanted me to come as quick as possible but little did she know about my stayig power! She was absolutly knackerd when we finnally finished and she was just sweating. Thisd is one fit girl perfect body blonde and blue eys but stricly for sex and not ompanionship. She told me she loved her job but hated going out on escort as nearly every one ask for a small petite blonde with blue eyes and she gets the hit every time. Petite maybe but her breast were fantatstic and doing Russian was a joy. I don't know whether it is a club rule but like sophia the previous night no Surf and Turf AKA DATY. But still a meemotrable experince non the less

Capt Fred
10-01-03, 16:34
Here are some telephone numbers on Taxis in Prague:

AAA Taxi
3311.3311 - 333.22.333 - 14014

City Taxi

Credit Taxi

Taxi Halo

Radio Taxi


And if you are like me and don't want to take a bus or subway from airport with luggage, you may want to try "CEDAZ" (http://www.aas.cz/cedaz/default_e.htm) (+420 2 20114296). They are a lot cheaper than taxi (90 krn! each way!).


10-01-03, 19:27

Nice reports, am pleased to hear you had a good time at K5. My favourite club indeed.

For DATY and other services like DFK, fingering, OWO or anal -- if you're going back there tonight again ;-) -- ask a manager. There are always some girls who do, and they usually don't ask for extras for it (except for anal). And you'll be surprised to find out that, sometimes, it's a beautiful girl who does it.


City Angel
10-01-03, 21:35
When I was at K5 a couple of weeks previous, I had very little luck with finding girls who were prepared to do 69 or BBBJ. The manager, Victor suggested that there was only one girl who was prepared to do it, who unfortunately did not speak or word of English, so I declined. One of the girls did offer extras once in the rooms. She said that 69, BBBJ and DFk were all available at 500 extra each.

As far as the appearances of the girls are concerned, I felt that although there was a difference between the appearances of the best and the worst lookers there, the differences weren’t much. I would say they were all between 7 and 9 in appearance.

Alex Blanc
10-02-03, 12:32
Thanks Grand Jim wish I had got your message earlier as I have now left.

My final punt was at Sexpark. I was quite suprised how good looking the girls were. I went upto one girl and asked if she could do anything for me and suck fuck was the answer but she had a great body and as I had two hours before leaving it was worth a punt. When she said 1000k I thought oh dear this is going to be awful. But in truth suck and a fuck for 1000k (£24.00). It was a good experince she was pleasant and responsive. I have had a lot of worse punts for a great deal more money than that believe me.

Well I believe there is a massage sauna back innthe UK full of Czech and Slovak girls so will report on soon but I can't belive it will anywhere as good as the K club.

10-03-03, 12:24
I'm planning to travel to Prag in this month, I'm stopping there 3 days, I have no time to try and try privates or Club to find good girls, so I need some good privat-club-escort names, addresses, tel. number. I'm looking for girls that provide BJ without condom, French Kiss. I heard about Myla's and Maya's escort, somebody have personal experience about these places?

Thanks in advance

10-04-03, 21:08
Nanto 71,

I've just come back from Prague. Maya's is still top class, and you would get BBBJ definitely, kissing if you got on well with the girl. But they only have two girls, and both are incredibly popular at the moment. Recommend you contact them immediately. Mila's seems only to have one (new) girl. I have no experience, but search on the forum. Maya's seem confident that they will have new girls soon, so maybe the booking will get easier again.


Dogs Body
10-05-03, 23:05
On a motorcycle trip thru parts of Europe I had one night in Prague. Decided to try K5 and though it is not cheap, it was without question the best overall experience I have had yet. It's the year 1890 at K5.
Discloser: My experience is limited to Europe and South America (BA).

It was a Friday night about 2300 hours. On arrival the place was packed out and the door staff parked me in the sports bar around the corner for about 20 min. Staff was looking frazzled but were very pleasant to me. K5 is small, is on several floors and if there were not for loud music playing, could be called intimate. The system was explained in detail by staff and those seeking that info should read earlier posts.
What's good about K5?
It is the first time I have not been pressured about the time factor and could savor the experience of a old style bordello. No pressure from the girl about payment or time. The girls are not pushing drinks. A general feeling of security that is lacking in many other venues. Nice rooms and bars. Staff very helpful. Normal girls, 5 thru 8. Not for those seeking the less common types of release. Anal reported to be possible with some girls and a upcharge. You should consult the staff.
The areas needing improvement?
Music too loud in both bars. Very limited selection of non alcoholic drinks. I could not get my standby, a tonic water.
Recommendations: Buy the "run of the house" (4 or 500ck) pick your partner in the contact bar asap and then go to the quieter downstairs bar for conversation. If you regret your first choice you can try again. That's nice.
My costs: Run of house, mirrored prism room for one hour and 3 drinks was about 4300 ck. Tipping did not seem to be expected.
Another K5 operation is reported to be in London. My lady was TDY there for 3 months. Anybody know name and location?
Baskerville Hound

Alex Blanc
10-07-03, 11:18
I am thinking of staying at club Ariandne pension for few nights. Has anyone had any experinces of the place? I figured if i am going to visit Prague again I would rather spend my money at the K5 instead of an expensive hotel.

10-07-03, 11:28
If you scroll back 2-3 weeks there is some very, very good advice on this forum which will help you have a trouble-free time in Prague. There really is no need to risk a disaster, especially if you do not know the place. Take the trouble to digest the info, it is worth it. Here's some more.

Flights: went from Germany via Amsterdam to Prague - third of the price compared with direct from Frankfurt. Düsseldorf (direct flight): even cheaper, but didn't suit. Search engine was tui. http://www.tui.de/TUI/Startseite. Click away. You can book online, but take your choice to your travel agency. They usually have no idea themselves, but can book your flight. BTW: anyone know any other good search engines for flights?

Accommodation: followed forum recommendation travel.cz. Easy to book, problem-free, really flexible, helpful. Took apartment, therefore no reception hassles. Cheaper. Sometimes free airport transfer.

Taxis: took the forum-recommended companies: AAA, Profi usually. Always reliable, no cheating. The girls use them too. They know why.

Ignored privats and telephone escorts, so didn't have to bother with phone and internet and footslogging and undesirables around Wenceslas late at night. Booked everything (forum-recommended medium-priced escort agency I knew anyway) by email beforehand. Girls turned up. Didn't go to clubs, but the advice on this forum is quite clear on which are good. I wouldn't hesitate to follow it.

Everything was as expected. Recommend saving yourself a heartache!


10-08-03, 16:03
I got to Praha a week ago and have been slow on the uptake, but did pick up a ind on Wesalova ? Sq. about 9 pm, the girl was about a 6 but I needed some body any body. 4000 krone for 2 hrs

But another better experience was had by calling Natali who had an adv on Prague Post titled "coffee time" as it turns out she runs a dating agency, but some of the girls are indes. Natali charges 60 euro to introduce you to the girl and the negotiations are up to you and the girl.

I had a sweet 24 yo music student, body was 9, from the Ukraine. She wanted 4,500 kron for 2 hrs. and well worth it. No rush, not a pro, just sweet. She required a condom for intercouse but not for anything else, kissing was cool for her. She wasn't into anal, but neither am I at this point.

Natali can be reached at 420 728 22 55 31 she can give you easy directions to her office, from the square by the museum on the metro red line. The office is just that, a place to meet, look at photos and arrange a meeting with a girl. She had about 5 who would consider meeting for sexual purposes, others want to date and marriage.
I think this is a good alternative to k5 and street girls.

Anyone have a recomendation for cheap clean safe hotel close to the center of Praha? I've been staying in an apt. but it will not be available when I return from my trip to Bp.

I want ot thank all the contributors for the info on Praha and elsewhere in central and eastern euro.

10-08-03, 16:44

I got a mobil phone in Praha at the yellow Mustek metro stop. I bought the phone for 1200 k, could have gotten a cheaper one, but wanted a smaller one. The sim chip was additional for a total of less than 2000 k. They will buy the phone back at the end of my trip for half of what I bought it for. I got 300k service which can be added to if I need more minutes. It is a T-mobil service and is working great.

10-09-03, 05:06

club Ariandne is a dump. May not be bad for a quick f88k but to stay there, forget it. Get yourself a decent but inexpensive ** or *** star hotel and book room for two. If you stayed at club Ariandne you will be depressed as hell and your tool is not going to feel like getting up. Take my word for it. It will be waste of being in Prague.

Alex Blanc
10-10-03, 11:59
Thanks Tasty1, I guess I will take your advice and find another place to stay.

PS Any suggestions? I would like somehing close to the action if you get my drift.

Diet Coke
10-10-03, 20:20
Sex Park is still convenient, yeah it is not K5 but it is cheaper. No GFE. Visited a bit after noon and about 6 girls available , also a number of rooms apparently occupied with red light on, and several looked good. Chose Maria. She said did not like playing with nipples but could touch pussy. While I was showering she was naked on her stomach with her butt in the air getting ready playing with a vibrator. She later said she did not have a child or boyfriend but had the vibrator as the only way to get her off. 26 years old and from Praha, and a Taurus. Decent nooner session. It is conviently located one tram stop from a metro stop.

10-12-03, 04:11
Anybody got any latest info about what going on ?? this just came the news.

PRAGUE (Reuters) - Nearly 5,000 Czech police have stormed more than 400 brothels in the biggest strike against the sex slave trade in the central European country, officials say.

Interior Minister Stanislav Gross said the raids across the country on Friday night were in response to growing criticism, both at home and abroad, that police were doing little to contain the illegal sex trade.

"We decided to take this action because the slave trade is considered the third most profitable kind of international crime," Gross told a hastily arranged late-night news conference.

He said foreign women detained in the raids would be given a chance to win residency permits if they co-operated with police.

The country, which is due to join the European Union (news - web sites) next year, has become the transit point and also destination for large numbers of sexual workers from other east European countries once belonging to the Soviet bloc.

Drivers crossing the border from western neighbour Germany have become used to passing buildings dotted with flashing pink hearts and neon signs and women sporting short skirts and stilettos on road shoulders.

Generally lower price levels in the Czech Republic lure visitors from wealthier countries west of the Czech border to shop in local stores and refuel their cars. The lower prices have also fuelled the sex trade.

Prostitution is a grey area in the Czech Republic. Officially it is illegal but police have been accused of turning a blind eye to it.

Many women from poorer ex-Communist east European states such as Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria or Romania work illegally in the Czech sex industry.

"These women must be separated from their pimps. If these women do co-operate, we can... even award them a long-term residency permit," Gross said.

10-12-03, 06:08

I went to Reuters and found no reference to your article dating back until September 1. When did this occur?

Alex Blanc
10-12-03, 11:56

Follow this link to news on raids

I would be interested on people views and or what is just CZ fexing it's muscles preparing for EU memebership


10-12-03, 14:19
I also saw this report on CNN it was this past week. I do not mind though I offten travel to prague and have been with a few girls there. I do not want to be with a woman who is there by force and does not get anything from her work.

10-12-03, 15:46
I got that report last night off of Yahoo. I was hoping to hear first hand report from a fellow Monger as to what's going on but the boards are quiet.

10-12-03, 15:48
I say go for it Czech Police. The sadder side of the sex industry as a whole is the fact that many women are abused by pimps and 'madams'. If things were organised and run better (like the very few agencies out there that operate this way) perhaps things would not have come this far.

10-12-03, 15:51
Most of the women I have been with in Prague are using escorting as a second booster income. Not being moral on the subject - I dont go to brothels, never liked the atmosphere or the conditions. Bars, Escort Agencies and Clubs are the best place to find nice women who like sex and respect decent company, IMHO.

10-12-03, 19:08

I tried Reuters, Yahoo, NY Times, Associated Press, and the Prague Post (English). Nothing!

Can anyone provide a link??

10-12-03, 19:19
It happened during the night from friday to saturday : 435 night clubs located in the whole Czech Republic were raid by czech police, employement administration officers and firemens... Targets : illegal workers from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova... and "forced" working girls ( slave sex ). Police found drugs, weapons and fake banknotes in several nights clubs... All customers ( czech as well as foreigners ) were checked ( ID or passeport ) but were not targeted by police controls. Night clubs clients had no problems untill they were searched by czech police or interpol for a crime or carrying drugs or unregistred weapons...

10-13-03, 15:27
Well, I see everyone is concerned about the brothels so try Natali in my last report. An up date on her service.

I met with Natali again and told her the first girl was too expensive so she suggested a price of 50 euro so I gladdly said yes. I prepaid her 50 and one for the girl and when I met with the girl there was no mention of money and she spent the night to boot. This girl asked for anal after my oral on her and convensional love making. So I think I found a good deal. The girl was Ukranian working as a nanny for a Cyeck family, 35 yo and hot.

I will meet her again this evening before my train to Budapest.

Natali also, has helped me find a flat in the centum for 55 us so she provide pretty much as full service as I have found. One stop shop.

Good luck in the brothels but Natali has a better deal.

Capt Fred
10-13-03, 20:04
I know this is a little old, but this is an interesting article in Prague Post with regard to legalizing prostitution in Czech Republic (dated September 11, 2003).

Strangely enough, K5 is mentioned!


Here are some numbers for "Sex for Sale" in Prague:

• Money made by legal residents at high-class brothels: 4,000 Kc to 5,000 Kc ($133-$167) a night

• Potential annual tax revenue from brothels: 6.5 billion Kc

• Number of reported cases of trafficking in 2002: 15

• Number of people convicted for trafficking in 2002: 20

• Number of people convicted who were given suspended sentences: 15

850 Number of brothels in Czech Republic

5 Average number of prostitutes per brothel

3,000 to 6,000 Estimated number of street prostitutes

Source: Interior Ministry

With regard to the recent raid in Prague, I think they are just trying to flex their muscles and be in the news, for their up coming election into EU.

I hope they legalize prostitution in Czech Republic, and eventually in USA.


10-13-03, 20:54
If they really could ban some mafias gangs and liberate sex slaves: Bravo (but , unfortunately, I really have some doubts!)

10-22-03, 05:51
First visit to the Golden City at the end of last month. Sorry for the slow report, but I've been busy. My is that sense is that soon mongers will recall the Golden Age between the Velvet Revolution and Accession to the EU. Prices are already up to a par with those in the EU, and intelligent, attractive, service-oriented young women-particularly those fluent in English-already face a growing number of career options. The recent crackdowns might be related to the need to maintain their borders, not that Frankfurt or Amsterdam need to worry about that. The rules are different for those joining the EU than for those who are already members.

Clubs appeared to be spread throughout the city and in a concentration in any area. This made plodding through the streets difficult. I can't imagine how they were able to raid that many in such a short time. I visited Ariadne, Marthy, and K5.

Ariadne had one woman working at the time I arrived-she was thin, haggard, distracted and listless, looking vaguely Romanian/Balkan. She listed prices in broken English, starting at Kc2000(?) for an hour F/S and worked down to Kc500 for a CBJ. I passed and plodded along.

Marthy went down into a basement suite lit in red, centered around a small bar. Again, only one woman was working that afternoon-a tall busty friendly blonde with a big smile and high mileage. Prices were quoted to me in Kc and translated into US$70 for ½ hour and US$100 for the hour. Tough call, but I also chose to pass and see what else would come along.

K5 was very different from any place I’d ever been in ways that were both positive and negative. Uncle Otto’s objective is accurate, but some of the details are missing. At the entrance, I was greeted by a muscular young man with a ponytail who climbed up out of a room to the right of the entrance. He wanded me and checked my fannypack for weapons. After waiting and flirting with two of the women on their way to work on the 6th floor, I went up to the desk where a stocky host who affected an Oxbridge Upper Crust British accent greeted me. A tall, slender brunette in hot pants took me on a tour of the club, then returned me to the humble host.

The host apologized for so few women working at that hour and offered me three options: One was to pay the Kc500 cover charge and enter the club, meet the girls, mingle, and eventually choose one. I could stay all night if none of the girls appealed to me. The second was to choose a girl and pay for the room directly. I would have to leave after the hour was up, unless I wanted to pay the cover charge. The third option was outcall at the Kc3,900 rate at my place, with assistance in determining who would be best suited to meet my needs and a selection not limited to the women who were there at that time. I selected option 2. At the going exchange rate, that worked out to be US$145 for the hour.

After observing them and getting descriptions from my host, I chose Karlina (?phonetic spelling) was a tall, slender blonde I guessed to be 25-she turned out to be 28. She wore long black slacks. With her clothes on, I would have rated her a 9 or even 10. That rating might be subject to adjustment for reasons I later learned as I was leaving, but were not a concern at that time.

We went downstairs to one of the theme rooms. The moon room was an ultraviolet lit windowless room with fluorescent stars, a bed set in a faux crater, and the model of a lunar landing vehicle. She made me shower before letting me touch her, and examined me in the dark indigo.

She is studying to be a nurse, and is well-versed in only the safest of maneuvers. After putting a beret on my head, she gave me a wonderful little French lesson, but declined DATY to my disappointment. Her lithe, taut body climbed on top, and i lost control. She asked me to shower again and I did. The next half hour was spent stroking and caressing, and she was well on her way to her destination when the phone rang. Time's up. It's not that she's a clock watcher--others are paid to watch the clock for her. The mood broken, my budget broke, I showered a third time. She showered and I found out that the long scar on her leg was from a ski accident. The price of being active and taking chances. We went out and upstairs through the maze of locked theme rooms. They scanned the chip, rang me up, and I paid my bill in US$. They made me take the elevator downstairs, and of course more lovely young things were arriving as I departed.

Yes, it was relatively expensive, but worth it. I would return if that is an option, but would not make it a regular habit. I hope that Prague can maintain its charm and character.

10-22-03, 18:13
Second visit to Prague coming up:

Last June I went to Prague for a relaxing vixen vacation of some ten days that included romps with 21 different young ladies.

A CZ-speaking pal was in town most of the time and his advice and experience helped me avoid being ripped off for the most part. Also I did tons of research and printed out pages and pages of privat and establishment ads. I had a terrific time!!

I will report the hi-lites of the trip here from time to time, but only for the vixens, clubs, and privats for whom the info is still valid.

There seems to be a seasonal turnover in Prague.

This coming weekend I go again.

I'm staying at Hotel Anna this time because it is close to K5 and two dozen privats. Those maps from Escort.cz are amazingly useful.

You can click on the little huts and go to the webpages of every privat in Prague, then print out the maps and mark them up. The maps show the hotels too, so you can research all privats near your hotel.

Two hi-lites for a start.

Eva at deBoss Privat on Sleszka was my fave. Beautiful young blonde.

Saw her 3X. Excellent cbj and noisy mish. She has great stamina.

She's still there, and two others at deBoss look promising: Paola and Sabina. They would make a good foursome for indoor golf.

I had fine experiences at Iveta Privat in Pr5, although they have had bad reviews. You have to go their and pick a vixen. They do B&S with outcall and are unreliable as to who is working.

BUT, they have several amazing real babes.

I saw Iveta herself and Vladka, and met Monica who then was the phone vixen. Iveta was cbj. Vladka was bbj. Both are leggy lookers.

More later

10-22-03, 21:46
There goes the neighborhood :) Late last year, post floods the hotels in Praha 1 were in a mess - I got a extremely competitive deal from Mariott - What suprrised me was that the apartment girls had begun to move away from USD to EUR and uping the rates. Still at 260EUR for overnight was not bad - Now who knows.

10-24-03, 02:57

Only my second trip to Prague and second post here.

AustrianAir.com has some great bargains from the States to Prague and Budapest via Vienna. All three cities are excellent sites for vixen hunting.

$399 is one r/t quote I got. Agent said I could spend a few days in each city and still have cheap rate.

That is much better than the CSA US$700 r/t NWK-PRAHA I wound up with before after changing plans a few times.

Also, found an apartment-finder in Prague - www.marys.cz - and got a nice efficiency with everything I need near the FLORA Metro, right in the heart of Privat-Land. Only 1240CZK per night. Better than most NYC $200 hotels.

Have ten days to explore, and printouts of about 40 Czech vixens who look very nice. All from Privats, because of bad agency experiences in the past, except, the AAA is excellent, recommend Ellen, Lenka, and Nicole there if you want to experience supermodel GFEs.

If you enjoy upscale evenings out, AAA is good, as are some of the ladies at Iveta and Prague-Bunnies.

Bergen Bob
10-24-03, 15:52
I was in Prague last summer and had a great time.

Here is a report from a couple of clubs.

Adriadne: This is a rather small club in a basement in Zitna street. It was about 8 girls in the club, and a few of them was quite good looking. I can recomend Dora, she is an asian girl and she gives a great massage. I was with Dora for 2 hours and the price was 4400 Kc.

Nancy: Stay away from this club, I tried 1 girl for 1 hour (2600 Kc) and the service was the worst. The girl was not interested in me she was just laing on the bed with her legs in the air.

Lotus: Great club, beautiful girls and they have a swimmingpool in the club and the price is 2500 for 1 hour.

K5: The best club in Prague! I have been there 3 times and it was great all tree times. I can recomend a girl named Vladka: she is a beautifull girl with red hair and large natural breast. The price is 3900Kc/h

Bergen Bob

Capt Fred
10-24-03, 18:53
Does anyone know the latest rate at "Sex Park" in Praha 7?

And, has anyone tried and asked for anal sex at Sex Park? If so, how much more?

I am going to Prague in December, and would love to check out this place.

K5 sounds wonderful, and I know it is! But too rich for my pocket! Cost of one drink + 1 hour with a Lady + anal sex + cover charge = 5,500 to 6,500 kc (172 Euro to 204 Euro - they emailed me this rate!). I can visit a privat or have an escort for 3-4 hours, for the same amount!


10-24-03, 19:11
I'm going to Prague with a very sexy blonde lady friend, and we want to find some bi girls to play with, and to take some girl/girl photos and video.

k5 sounds like fun, but I wonder if there are discos or clubs, or sex clubs where we could find a bi-girl.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

10-24-03, 19:17
Capt Fred - Rate in sex park is 1000 czk for 1/2 hour ( one cum )... Girls are definitely not offering GFE but poor mechanical service... I don't know if anal is on the menu, usually ( in night clubs ) it depends from girl to girl... But don't expect more than a CBJ and boring sex... Some girls will even not let you touch her breast ! The quality of girls is not very high ( 4-7 ) accordings to my own experiences ( I visited Sex Park 3 times ).

10-25-03, 02:47

On the day after tomorrow I return to Prague for a ten day vixen vacation, full of vitamins and horizontal aerobics.

I would like to share with other WSG members some of the time-tested strategies for maximizing your horizonal and hooverizing experiences.

I can tell you that I've had over 20 excellent experiences with 8-9 rated (by me) girls who were very naughty and are must-sees. Research is important, or you'll be ripped and disappointed. I mean at least 50 hours of research over time. Hide them in files marked "SEARS TOOLS" if you must.

Escort.cz, while a commercial escort ad site, contains a wealth of information that is very useful.

The site has about 850 girls listed as of Oct 24, 2003, and 40% of those are 8-10. In DC 80% bark, moo, oink, or all of the above, so be happy about Prague.

The point is to find a Privat with girls you like, or actually find about 30 of them. There are well over 150 privats, aka incall apartments, on the internet.

Print out the privat pages and the escort pages and note the concentrations in Pr 2. Find a 3-Star hotel there, such as Anna or Triska or Lunik. There is online booking. Anna

Hotel Dependance is a no hassle and the club K5 is nearby.

With your printouts go to the privats. 50 are within walking distance!

If the babes there are non-babes or oinkers, leave dammit!

I've walked into about 30 privats and left only 3 times. If the vix is marginal, you can always get a 600 CZK bj. That's only US$20 or so!

You can't match that with a cute possum in Kentucky!


The Lost Schlong

Capt Fred
10-27-03, 19:51

Thanks so much for information. I may just try Sex Park once, just to sample Praha!

Can anyone provide some detailed information about their last visit to "Pink Dolly"?


Capt Fred
10-27-03, 19:55

I think Mary's apartments are the best deal in Prague.

I have reservation for 1 bedroom apartment in Husova (not far from Old Town) for about 1,400 per night in December 2003.

Their accommodations and prices sure beat any 3-4 star hotels in Prague.


10-29-03, 17:51
I wanted to point out to everyone the ability to send Private Messages using the software on this site has now been activated. It works well.

However, there is no default "On" setting. You need to physically turn it on by following the instructions on the site.

-Uncle Otto

Please don't forget to donate to www.wsgcharities.com! For every two dollars you contribute between now and November, I will match it with an extra dollar's contribution. Make your Pay Pal or snail-mail contribution by visiting www.wsgcharities.com, and emailing me with your contribution amount and "I'm a friend of Uncle Otto" in the subject thread at "Ottograham@hotmail.com"

10-29-03, 23:39
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know if Milas' is still in existence? Their website has been down for weeks now. I know that Maya's has been directly competing with them for some time now.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


10-30-03, 04:44
Paddy here is a address i would try

10-30-03, 05:22

Thanks for the info. Finally found it at Mila-escort.com I was worried that maybe Mila packed it in or something. I've had some great nights there.


Alex Blanc
11-05-03, 12:13
Hi TheLostSchlong,

Thanks fotr the info I will be staying at Hotle Anna the list of privats you mention are they to be found only on escort.cz. Is the hotle Escort friendly? And finally any particular privats in the vicinity of Anna would you recomend? And why?

Cheers Alex

11-06-03, 20:31
Come on Guys,

I thought Czech republic was reputed to be good value but scanning through the recent reports it seems similar in cost to the UK (I can get a fantastic massage with oily handjob that has you scratching the ceiling) for £30 for 1 hour.

Does anybody know any Saunas in Prague? in K5 can you hang around for a drink and sauna before picking a victim, are there any equivalents to FKK clubs around. I am going to look at Annas hotel and Marys appartments, Thanks to Reddog and Aurix for their info so far any useful info to a newbie to Prague would be appreciated.

11-07-03, 01:16

I feel that Prague offers good value. Blow jobs for $20-30 or sex from $50-100 with some extremely attractive women. Your choices for the best price IMHO are the privats and the clubs. There are too many to count. As the TheLostSchlong pointed out in a prior post, do your research and you will be rewarded. Get comfortable with the metro to easily get around town. Prague is a entertaining city with many stunning women. I plan to go back in the early 2004. I can make a recomendation for a good well priced hotel in Praha 1, £52 a night winter rates if you ask, good location and clean, with a excellent restaurant. When is your trip planned? Enjoy your travels.


11-07-03, 02:05
Hello Luke

I think that for me outside of the FKK seen in Germany you get the best bang for you buck in CZ. I have almost always had a GFE in boarder towns for around 70 euros per hour. In Prague I have used Milas and ound it ok if you are nice they are nice. and although the FKK gives good service great even it stills feels quite often to be service. but i still enjoy them. if you follow the recomendations here you should do well.

11-07-03, 16:48
Thanks again Reddog,
All the info you have provided has been saved on my laptop along with all posts regarding Czech republic, I can refer to them while I am there.

Luc Besson
11-07-03, 22:40
Hi everybody,

I'll be in Prague once again next weekend (Nov. 14 to 17). Will anybody else be there?


11-12-03, 23:15
Thanks Reddog for the info you have given me so far, I have been reading the reports on Wroclaw in Poland and it seems much cheaper than Czech with plenty of action. My question is how easy is it to get from Prague to Wroclaw by train or coach and has anybody else made this trip and would it be worth it.

I know I am asking a lot of questions but I do like to do my research and contribute regularly on places I visit.

11-12-03, 23:50
Hi at all!

Thank you to all for good information about Prague. I gone one month ago, and I had good time every different day (and night). Best opportunity, I saw is K5, where with 4000 or 5000 kc, you can spend nice night. Entrance fee is 500 kc, just to talking and drink, all the time you want. Not entrance fee if you go soon with lady-ies.

RDL instead is low profile, but I saw which is very funny and cheap.

Thank you

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

11-13-03, 03:54

I have never been in warclaw. but i drove to east CZ once from prague and it takes about 4 hours to drive to ostrava. I then drove back to germany through poland and it was not a lot faster the main problem for me was that the moutians in the south of poland and east of CZ could really slow you down. I still say that boarder towns are the best dubi teplice in cz have a high concatration if you are just looking for service there is a lot to choose from.


11-14-03, 01:15
Well, I'm back from Praha and will file this report. I was there the first and last two weeks of Oct. I have already filed a report this will be in more detail.

As I wrote before I contacted Natali (420 728 225 531 & 607 737 115) who is starting up a "dating service" Touch for a Cup of Coffee". Most of the girls are from Ukraine or I met one from Belrus. Anyway a few of them will meet a guy with the understanding that he will pay for sex that day/night. Natali charges 50 Euro for the introduction.
I met four girls this way and I was happy with the results.
I will save you Natali's fee and give you the girls numbers below. These girls are not pros, just supplementing their incomes. So be nice........tell 'em Denis sent you.

Alisa dark hair, slim, 25 yo, tele. 420 606 197011 is probably 5'-8" nice figure and very alluring. We went to a cafe to discuss the deal before heading to my flat. She wanted 3000 kn ($115) for several hours, no rush. She brought her own flavored condom. She was very much into it after I "went down" on her and she seemed more appreciable than I for the sex. Very good time. Spoke good english and works for a real estate company. She would be happy to help anyone find a flat in Praha. You might start off the encounter with an inquiry into a flat and go from there.

Victoria is 24? 5'-5" blonde, nice nice body, 420 737 883 504, a music student she was the most expensive at 4000 kn ($153) but it she was sweet and I wanted her so I paid. I went down on her, but she required covered BJ and other. Her english was less than Alisa.

The third girl I am keeping to myself, we might actually have a thing going. Anyway she's older 38, 5'2" slim and likes uncovered anal and BBBJ. She also helped me find a flat for 1000 kn per day in the center. We ended spending a lot of time together, she cooked us meals and always great covered vaginal sex. She like me going down on her too. Great time.

The fourth girl ended in a no go, she didn't get the message from Natali about paid sex. She was heavy anyway so I wasn't disappointed.

Other sex in Praha:
The infamous Perlova Street is still hot with Bulgarian girls. I found a 19 yo, Analily, petite for 3000 kn for an hour in my flat. The young ones are nice to look at but there's nothing like experience. Most of the other girls hanging on that street are not as cute or not cute at all, some even fat! Anyway most of you guys may not do the gypsy thing, but I had her a couple of times and was well pleased.
The girls on that street will take you in to a bar and do a cbj in the WC, but that's not my style.

I also met another gypsy on Vaclavske Namesti (Vasaloff Sq. don't know how to spell these Czech streets.) Anyway it was my fist girl in Praha and was totally ignorant and horny she took me for 4000 kn / hour. in my flat.

There were many Bulgarians on the streets between old town sq. and Vasaloff sq. who will approach you directly. They start off at 50 Euro, but I didn't go with any of them so don't know what other charges are tacked on.

All of my excursions were before midnight and were safe. BUT one night coming out of a cinema alone just after midnight a gypsy girl approached me asking first for a cigarette then sex. Her hands were all over my pants pockets and two other girls came up from behind me. I had to stiff arm her and yell NO to get them to back off. It was intimidating and if I had been drinking could have lost what ever was in my pockets, which was nothing. Word to the wise.

I did call a number from the Prague Post Paula & Monica 420 602 754 343 which was an agency. I had a girl come to my flat for 2500 kn. $96/hour. She came with a driver who collected the money on the street before we went up to my place. She was heavy with nice face, 20 something, had stretch marks and sago boobs from child bearing, boring sex, but I went with it.

Taxi's 257 257 257 is good and fair, you can sms them with address. From central Prague to airport was 350 kn I tipped large.

AAA taxi is also good but they don't use sms 602 331 133, most drivers speak english.

I avoided all the clubs K5 etc and have nothing to report about them. I hope some of you check out Natali and her girls. Tell her Denis sent you, I was a good client.

11-15-03, 20:47
White Light,

I was in Prague in June and called Natalie as well after seeing her ad. about Coffee Date. But I did not see her as I thought paying 50Euro for a dating service like this is a waste of money since she has no control of the girls.

Nevertheless, I think your idea of meeting these girls without necessarily negotiating a deal is the best. But the problem is time and energy required to date these girls. Having said that, I think I will date them without talking about money and sex. But I will buy expensive gifts and see how they will react. If the feelings are good. Then I will pay the price.

Can you comment more on Alisa and Victoria?


11-17-03, 20:48

Sounds like a plan with the gifts. I'm a bit over the pros and paying in cash for an hour of there time. Of course we all know we pay in the end, which ever type woman we spend our time, but the pros are too hard line for me and watch the clock too much.

Alsia maybe very open to the idea, you might try opening the dialog with an inquiry into an apt. since that is her main line of work.

Victoria, I don't know, it's worth a try, but she's a student and I think she is in more need of cash.

Why does Natali's fee discourage you? I was told "most" of that fee goes to the girl. If your looking for a woman to date in a convensional mannor, then it's not much different than the other dating services I've used in the US, only some of the money goes to the girl.

European Pro
11-19-03, 05:16
Hello Hobbiest,

I am in Europe having a bang (no pun intended).

Prague and the other towns are top notch. I have many reviews that I will be posting soon.

European Pro.

11-19-03, 12:20
White Light,

Sorry, I was not too worried about the 50Euro. It was more like if I will meet nice girls and have a girlfriend experience. I don't like the one hour quickie. I don't mind to spend money as long as the girl is pleasant and sweet and pleasing to me. That is why I prefer non pro. Alisa and Victoria sounds nice to me because they are non pro. I am already buying expensive gifts for a girl that I know for sometime on internet but never met. It is the slow process that I like. I like slow dinner, clubbing, sight seeing and then the final fun. I like to have more descriptions about Alisa and her appearance.

For Victoria, 4000 is for how long? An hour?

Anyway, I sure will report to you and this forum after my meeting with these girls.

Fine Play

11-19-03, 14:28

Victoria spent about 4 hours with me, not all of it in bed. I think she would consider an all nighter if the timing was right for the rest of her life (school classes) Meet during the week to see if you like her etc. and then plan a week end as you like it.

Alisa I've described before. I will attempt to remember: about 5'8, not bone thin but less weight than average, black hair, long legs, dresses very elegantly, wore a thong when I was with her. Does not drink alchohal likes juice, but smokes. english was good enough. Uses her sms for everything (even taxi 257257257)

Wants her own business someday in what she doesn't know, will keep her finances seperate from any boy friend and wants to retire at age 40.

She lives out of the center somewhere.


California Guy
11-20-03, 06:32
Are there any decent priced agencies on line for girls here or is that the worst way to pay? I am thinking of making a quick trip because the rates and I heard Prague was very nice? Any help and links would be appreciated.

Capt Fred
11-20-03, 17:34
California Guy:

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


Capt Fred
11-20-03, 19:19
Latest News On Accommodations – Apartments in Prague


For those traveling to Prague in November or December 2003, Mary’s Travel (www.marys.cz - 00420/222-254-007) is offering last minute 20% discounts on their apartments in Prague. Believe me, a lot cheaper than hotels in the area. These are apartments (full kitchen & TV), so you don’t have to worry about taking Ladies to your room, or pesky receptionists.

Check their web site daily, they always have some type of special going on!

Also, they offer transfer from airport to their office to pick up the keys, and then to your apartment for 500 CZK.

One last thing, they rent cell phones for 100 CZK / day, and 400 CZK sim cards. This is cheaper than cell phone rental at the airport (200 CZN - $7-8 per day)

I have reserved an apartment on Husova for 1400 CZK per day, for 7 nights!

Wishing you all a safe travel,


11-20-03, 19:51
I just came back from a 5 day trip to Prague. This was my third trip to Prague, the last one being a year ago. Overall the trip was a bit of a disappointment compared to last year.

I had done my homework using escort.cz with a particular focus on the privat segment. Though I had some very good experiences, overall escort.cz is more than ever a “Pitch and Switch” game. Out of 13 ladies I had selected, 7 turned out to either weight 20 extra kilos or not exist.

Regarding the club segment : Darling (across the street from Atlas) has the best selection (better than K5). But 2500K/80 euros for 30 minutes of covered BJ and sex is just too expensive compared to the top German clubs (Atlantis, FKK-world or Happy Garden) where the going price is 50 euros for uncovered BJ and sex. So why bother.

Report Card from privat girls at escort.cz

Alice at Alice privat: a little heavier than the picture but nice figure, nice lady, very average covered BJ and a bit passive sex.

Diana at privat u diany : a bit less sexy than the pictures, very average covered BJ and a bit passive.

Jana at privat relax : does not look as sexy as the picture, I decided to take a pass.

Iva at privat relaxace : she does not exist

Vladka at Iveta escort : the only thing in common with the girl pictured on escort.cz id the name : she is 20 cm shorter and weight 20 kg more, a deadly combination.

Paola at beboss privat : I never managed to see her when I went there, I suspect she just does not exist.

Krystina at elite privat : far less sexy than the picture and a bit overweighted, I decided to take a pass.

Kristynka at follow me : she does not exist. However there are 2 nice ladies working there : anna and dana. I had a good 30 minutes session with anna.

Nicola at sexy iveta : 20 kg more than the picture, 10 cm shorter, I decided to take a pass

Terezka at kiss me : very good 1 hour session for 1300K, beautiful large natural breast, very nice, good covered BJ and good sex. Recommended

Eva at sexy cats : nice lady, not as thin as the pictures suggested, average covered BJ, OK sex, in short nothing special.

Dominika at privat u dominiky: a Czech barman called her for me to get the address, bell name and floor, I went to the address Pocernicka 3225 12C, I went there but she was not there and did not answer any phone calls: a very frustating experience…

SexPark: I went there a couple of times, had 3 shots, all 3 were disappointing: very passive girls who try get you out as fast as possible. The 30 minutes session usually last only 15 minutes.

As I mentioned before the Club scene is widely overpriced compared to Germany and in fact you are most likely to find the best Czech girls not working in Prague but working in Germany.

Overall I have the impression that Prague has passed its prime as a top sex destination.

11-21-03, 10:16
Can confirm Capt Fred's info on Mary's accommodation. I too took a flat on Husova last week. Quite modern and cosy. Easy to organise, no hassles. Transfers worked well. Only disadvantages: rather noisy at night (late night drunks), and checkout time is 10.00. For CZK 250 they will pick up your luggage and take it to their offices. But you then have to go there yourself for the transfer to airport.

Highlight for me: they provided a washing-up liquid called "Colon". Was so impressed, I went out and bought a bottle to show my friends :-)

11-22-03, 08:13

I had similar experiences when I went to Prague in June. I stayed at K&K Hotel, right next to Darling club. I was paying 180Euro a night at K&K as it was summer high season. Naturally I went to Darling 6 nights in a row. Weekend was packed with about 150 guests and about 30 - 40 girls all together. Never been to K5. But I would say Darling does have alot of beautiful girls. I had a girl every night. Back in June the price was 2400crown for 30 minutes. The girls mostly are fine, rather mechanical. I don't remember what nationalities. But I think Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukranian, a couple Black girls and 3 - 4 Asian (either Thai or Vietnamese) girls. Out of 6 nights, I had a Czech girl, blonde, killer body and not necessary the best sex. But her looks and body impressed me so much that the imaginatiion of her even today get me a hardon. I went to SexPark as well. I think 2000crown for an hour. I won't do SexPark again. It is just bang, wam, and you are out of the door. Tasteless, unless you are just for the unloaded.

I will be in Prague next week for 7 days. I will check out some of the spots and report back here.

11-22-03, 15:15
Some things never change ...


I read your report. Take a look at my report dated 9-24. Looks like me all over. LOL


11-23-03, 19:55
Many of you have written about Mary's apartments, so I have booked an apartment there. I have a question about your experiences: I noticed that they charge extra if a second person shares the apartment with you. How do they know if somebody else comes? Do they have a cleaning lady, who comes every day? I was wondering, because I do not want to have any problems if I bring an escort overnight or if a girlfriend comes to visit me for a couple of the nights. Please let me know if they leave us in peace or if they control every day, who has been there.

Also, I would be interested in suggestions for discos for meeting non-professionals. There is the big disco near the Charle's Bridge, that is several stories high, but my impression is that only tourists go there.

11-24-03, 09:21

I always reserve the apartment for two. It will be used by two (or more :-)) people, so for example there will be more towels. I think Mary's (and others) generally offer maid service (general cleaning) after every three days. But I'm sure they don't check every day who is using the apartment.

Capt Fred
11-24-03, 21:20

After a long delay, and trying to find a best deal on airlines, I am finally set for travel to Prague on Dec. 23 (arriving on 24).

The dates are unfortunately later than what I wanted!

Is the escort and privat scene going to be dead around that time?

Lot of the Ladies have sent me messages that they will be available between Christmas and New Year. What is your experince?

By the way, I have got an apartment with Mary's Travel, with transport from airport (transport: 250 czk), plus cell phone (cell phone: 100 czk per day + 400 czk for the sm card). If Mary's is closed on the day you arrive, the driver will have your keys and everything.


11-27-03, 13:19
I haven't been there in a while, but nobody talks about Hanka Servis any more. It may not be K5, but it wasn't bad last time I was there...

Any updated news on Servis at Hanka Servis?

11-28-03, 03:07

I was bait & switched by Iveta Escort (aka Iveta and Friends Privat in Prague 5). I ordered Iveta for 3500 krowns, kissing & OWO included. The driver took my money and, once in the room, the girl was surprised herself that the agency promised she would kiss & do OWO.

She called the ageny to complain.

I got on the phone and the agency said they would send another girl and that my girl should go downstairs. THe girl looked me in the eye and said that this was not a good agency at all.

I walked her downstairs and there was a car waiting. Of course, no other girl. This driver said to wait 20 minutes.

I went back up to my room and called the agency again. They said that a driver would return with my money in 10 minutes. I asked if they were going to rob me of my money, which of course they said that they would not. Of course they never returned and I am still waiting for my money.

Meanwhile, I went back up to my room and continued to call the agency. They did not answer and I tied up the agency's phone for over an hour with last number redial and them not answering.


11-28-03, 03:15
So after 45 minutes of calling and no answer, the operator finally answered the phone and she claimed not to speak English (only Deutsch).

I said a few phrases in German to her and then she hung up the phone.


11-29-03, 01:00
That's rigth that most of Iveta Privat's ladies don't speak English but the driver (if ever he's still the same I met in march ) talked many foreign languages.

I didn't use Iveta's escorts (I came at their appartment ) and I was deceived by Sara Escort (the lady came at my hotel for the hotel).

11-30-03, 02:43
The lady who came to my hotel said that she worked for several agencies. Her English was very good and she told me (in effect) that the Iveta Agency was a bunch of rip-off artists.

BTW I saw two different drivers and neither was interested in talking English to me.

11-30-03, 05:35
three quick reviews

1. i saw ester at m+m escort again for an all-nighter (400 eur). great girl, funny, a bit goofy, intelligent smart-alecky. i like her. dfk, owo, bls, cim, positions, anal available but not taken. i would see her a third time.

2. loren of flowersmodels.com. pics on site are accurate. she was not into the session and was a big disappointment. she needs to be in another line of work (200 eur for 2 hours).

3. niki of prague bunnies (2 hours for 230 eur). wish i had booked for longer, but both of us had to get up very early the next am. pics available from pb show a very voluptuous, very pretty lady. what the pics do not show is her winning personality and smarts. a must for those of you who like ladies who like to lock their eyes on you while owo. a fabulous combination of speeds, trajectories, and pressures -- wow!! she won't be around much longer as she is taking a job in another country. a must-see.

11-30-03, 18:55
If you were a first time visitor to Prague and had a max daily accommodation budget of 150 eur, wanted to sight see and hobby, where would you stay and why? (assume no car) Is area 1 desirable or too touristy? Please PM me.


11-30-03, 22:58
I agree with you Traveller0009 , Flowersmodels and Prague-bunnies are more serious than the two privats/escorts I knew and mentioned.

Latin Ass
12-01-03, 15:41

Arent those prices a bit expensive for Prague? I was there earlier in the year and a young great looking 18 year old cost me 50 euro for one hour.

As long as you had fun.


12-01-03, 19:16

Ester was 12 hours. The other two were 2 hours each.

You can spend 50 EUR for an hour and you can spend more. IMHO, I would rather deal with a reputable agency that has girls who are consistently reviewed and whose pictures I can see.

For this privilege, I am willing to pay more. Different strokes for different folks.

I also suspect that 50 EUR per hour is rarely, if not at all, available for a hotel visit. All of my encounters were in my hotel.

By the way, for even higher quality girls, one can pay even more.

12-01-03, 21:31
Hi All,
Gave the Privat Kiss me a try (see earlier report by xxxx) unfortunately Terezeka not there when I visited but Monica didn't disapoint,b as reported
1 hour costs 1300Kr 1/2 hour 800Kr definately no rush and the girl was upset when I left after 40 minutes. There were only 3 girls there when I visited
and they were very friendly, clean towels and lots of hot water for shower in fact be careful of the shower I scalded my hand.
I had a bit of trouble finding the place, there are no signs outside and the only name on the intercom is Novak so I will try and give some directions so
you don't have the same problems as me.

Take the metro to Pankrac station as you come up the stairs stand so the Bahaus store is over the road on the right, look straight in front of you and
you will see a car park / spare land with a row of buildings at the back this is Pikrtova you want number 7, just to confirm you are in the right place the
building at the righthand end should be a Pizza restaurant. Enjoy I did.

Alissa the girl Whitelight posted about sorted me a nice apartment out but it was way out of the centre Sinkulova 25 Praha 4, the price she quoted was
1000Kr a night but when I got there she said it was 1500Kr if I wanted both rooms living room and bedroom (living room had no bed) I knew they were
taking the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) but it wasn't megabucks. Alissa asked for 1000 for finding me the apartment and another 1000 for going out for a drink and a meal
when we got back to the apartment and started doing the business she the said it was 3000Kr for sex so all in all 5000Kr .

As for looks she has a good figure and reasonably attractive but she is not an amatuer as the impression given earlier and does a lot of escort work
I managed to extract a lot of info from her, she left me about 00:30hrs and was meeting her friends in a disco she thought I couldn,t understand when
she was arranging it on the phone. She is from Belarus (Minsk to be precise) used to have an English boyfriend and has a son back home witth her
parents in conclusion not a bad experience but not what I expected so I would have to say not reccomended and expensive.

I have to agree with other members opinions posted that Prague is no longer worth a visit as a sex tourist yes there are some beautiful girls but they
have to compete globally these days and they are way overpriced.

May the force be with you.

Just paid another visit to Privat Kiss me Monday 12:00hrs glad I did, Monica was busy but I was glad as there was no pressure to take her again,
there were a couple of different girls available the one I took was called Michaela and she was probably my best ever punt, this girl was fantastic in
attitude and she loooked stunning good siize tits but not influenced by gravity too much, long blonde hair, good figure and a smile to give a eunach a
bone on. As I said she had a fantastic attitude/personality very capable sexually had me ready to explode in about 5 mins, she was using peach
flavoured lubricant and must like peaches as she licked every bit off.
She couldn't speak a lot of English but told me some good places to hang out where she
thought there woulld be some freelance type action or girls looking to hitch with a "rich european type" one she mentioned I tried called Duplex right in
the centre but it seemed just like a Yuppie bar to me (it was early). The other bar she said which is a disco type place was called Solidni Nejistdta on
street pstrosova I didn't manage to try it out so I cannot comment. In summing up my weekend to Prague would have been poor to say the least if it
wasn't for the girls at Kiss me saving the day, anybody need any more help in finding the place just ask.

12-02-03, 01:24
Have to agree with Traveler. I used Ester agency 3 times and compared to the other efforts of agencies, I found them very proffessional. A few of you may scoff at the price I paid for the ladies in question, but I have always been a believer of quality has a price, usually higher. I am returing to Prague again on the 9th December, and will use Ester again. I have used the 2000cz agencies before and the service was mediocre at best. Late, lies, changing prices, not the girl in the photo etc etc.

For the sake of another 1000cz, I think it is money well spent.. The fact of good service and honesty, I have pointed out to Ester a few times, which in turn has reaped reward.

Chat soon.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

12-02-03, 05:44
Prague sounds like a good choice for those in Europe. Can you tell me if it's worth going to if you're coming from the USA. It's like a 15 hour plane trip. I hooked up with some girls from Czech Republic in Switzerland and they were GREAT. Plus, I hear Prague is a beautiful city.

Any input is appreciated.


12-02-03, 09:07

For the best info, wait until Nibu comes over from Peru and starts posting about Prague. Hope that helps.


Sour Honey
12-02-03, 12:06
I think Prague worth a trip from US. (and you won't be the first....)

IMHO, is the most beautiful city in Europe, and our hobby can be satisfied at levels more and more upper than US (I will be in US for a year total) and at cheap prices.

If you are searching for a GFE, you can have a day (24 hours) from 300 to 700 Euros. If you are more toward the FAR (Fuck And Run), one hour starts from 50 Euros to 100. But, anyway.... other levels than US. (May be some in Canada.... Vancouver is a good city....)


12-02-03, 14:08

Agree with Ric, Prague is a beautiful city, with good GFE for a fair price. I have a friend flying in from California several times a year. However, beware as there are unfortunately a lot of tourist traps, bait&switch and rip-off places, so do your homework before coming. Just browse this forum.

Best club by general consensus is K5. Prices on the high end for Prague, but nothing compared with the US. Browse back this forum to April 26, 2003 and you have some dicussions on K5 and its unique concept.

Coming all the way from the US, I suggest you make a stop in Germany to visit FKK clubs and their even more unique concept (don't think they exist anywhere else in the world). They are even listed separately from Germany in the WSG country forum listing ! Most flights from the US have a connection in Frankfurt and, around, you have some of the best FKKs (Atlantis, Oase, with World picking up lately). There are special agencies organising tours to FKKs (hotels, guide, transport to clubs-many are out of town), which are very popular with US tourists.

I usually go to FKKs for PSE (3-4 girls in a day) and to Prague for GFE (the opposite, sometimes only one girl for 2-3 days...). And when I'm on a budget, I go to Moscow ... and their tochkas, another fun (and dead cheap) concept ;-).


12-02-03, 19:31
Thanks for the tips. Don't worry. I'm not prone to getting conned or the bait and switch tricks. I've heard Prague was a beautiful city and I'd love to take time now to enjoy some beautiful cities along with seeing some beautiful girls. I just reserved a ticket to arrive in May '04.

One important question. I plan on staying in a posh 5 star hotel like the Savoy (http://www.hotel-savoy.cz/) or Marriott Renaissance (http://www.renaissancehotels.com/dpp/PropertyPage.asp?MarshaCode=PRGRN) . Does anyone know how far these hotels are from some of the clubs you are mentioning? Will I have any problems bringing back a girl to a hotel like this? I assume no. What is the best part of the city to stay in? The East or the West side?

Also, I read back in the old posts about guys renting phones. Can't you just bring your unlocked GSM phone from the USA and use it there? If so, what is the cost of a SIM card there. Thanks for your help.


Capt Fred
12-02-03, 20:58

Check your "private message" section. I sent you a 2 part detailed report on traveling on a budget, to Prague. If you need more information, please let me know.


12-02-03, 23:37

prague ain't ba, but it's great in its own way.

phone: i suspect you may be able to use your unlocked phone, but who knows? ther are lots of t-mobile shops all over the city and at the airport. a sim card was reasonably priced, although i cannot remember the actual cost. top-ups will cost you about $10 - $20 usd per pop.

most folks stay in prague 1 or 2. may i suggest the praha palace ( http://www.palacehotel.cz/ ) to you? luxury hotel right off wenceslas square. i stayed there last year and had two visitors with no problems.

my last two visits, i have stayed in prague 5 (other side of the river) at l'andels hotel. it is part of the summit hotels chain and you can google it. if you stay on the club floor, you get a very comfortable king-sized bed, high-speed internet for about $20 eur a day (expensive, but not available at most hotels), large bathroom with stall shower and bathtub, and buffet breakfast. my rate thru the web site was $99 usd per night. two girls i saw said that l'andels was one of the best hotels in the city, as far as they were concerned.

only problem is keycard use of the elevators. i solved this by either meeting the girl in the hotel bar or outside the hotel. i didn't mind either. one of the bellman told me that he could arrange suitable companionship if i asked him (he had been a taxi driver in chicago so his english was very good). taxi to center city is about $7.

i found that a taxi ride to most places is $5-$10 usd. the most expensive place i took a taxi was to lotos club, and that cost about $12 usd. i would never go there again though, for other reasons.

for getting around town during the day, most taxis will be ok but never be afraid to negotiate. as i knew that 200 czk would get me to my hotel from center city, any unmetered taxi driver (of which there are many) who would quote me 250 or more would get a pissed-off look from me and a counter-offer. sometimes they took my offer and sometimes not. when not, i just walked a block or two and found someone who would. i would also give these guys some slack if it was rush hour, as that 200 czk ride could turn into 250 or 300 with traffic or bad weather. the difference between 200 and 300 czk is, after all, about $3 usd.

at night, you must use a radio taxi, because the unmetered taxis will rip you off and they won't negotiate, imho. call city taxi (257 257 257). they have english-speaking dispatchers. if you plan on using them a lot, give them your name and use it every time you call. they will appreciate your business and they will treat you right.

my suggestion to you is to investigate the privats in prague 1 and 2, but mostly stick to the high-end ladies at the better escort services. they will tell you what services the girls perform and the pictures are true.

pm for more info if you like.

12-03-03, 05:08
Thanks Traveler0099,

That's good information to know that you pointed out. Yes, I don't think I'll have a problem using my unlocked GSM phone. It's worked everywhere so far I've been this year.

I'll check out those hotels you mentioned. $99 a night is a lot less than some of the other places I was thinking about staying. I want to tour the city and see all the sites. Maybe some of you that have done this can PM or post some good information about this. I like to get the whole flavor of a city.

I'm thinking about shortening the trip to 5 days and hitting Paris and Madrid a few nights each too. Anyone else that can offer some good tips about Prague please post. Thanks for the information.


Cafe Dog
12-04-03, 03:49

I gave really detailed instructions on buying a SIM card (or even a used phone) in Prague. Just search on my name in the Prague forum.

If I remember right, the Marriott was a really ugly hotel from the outside.

Have fun in Prague. It is awesome. Get up really early one day and go to the Charles River Bridge before the tourist masses show up. You'll be glad you did.

The Commander
12-04-03, 07:56
I have been lurking at this site for a few months now and finally decided to give my 2 cents worth. I visited Prague four times so far, three times since past July. Just got back a week ago from my last trip. I will submit my reports in series so you won’t get one long one.

Cell phone is a big help especially you plan to visit privats instead of the clubs. One time I rented a cell phone before I left from U.S. from a company called cellhire. Web sits is http://www.cellhire.com/ I found this company when I was renting a car from Alamo. The phone rental is free as part of partnership with Alamo. I received my phone via FEDEX before I left and returned it using the prepaid return envelop provided. FEDEX cost me $15.00 each way which is billed to the account. Airtime is about $1.00 per minute if calling within Czech. The phone works anywhere within Europe even from the states. My whole bill cost me about $50.00 for seven days. Not too bad. In my last trip, I decided to buy a phone in Prague. I picked the T-mobile pre-paid plan called Twist. Cost me 1999 kc. It included the phone, sim card, 300 kc airtime credit and even a Puma gym bag as promotion. It probably worth $10 to $20 alone. I made about 20 phone calls (short calls in duration) still left with about 100 kc in credit. I will need to buy more credit in my next visit. The Czech T-mobile web site http://t-mobile.cz/ gives you addresses of the authorized shops. I went to the one in the Flora shopping center.

Here is my first report on privats. I visited Kiss Me Privat 3 times so far. Even though I did see Terazka there one time I was there. I agreed she did look very hot. But I went with Misa (aka Michala) all 3 times. By reading LukeSkyWanker’s report you understand why. My experiences with Misa were just as good if not better IMHO. She gave me a tongue bath up and down my legs, thighs, and balls. Initially when I tried to kiss her she said no, but when I tried it again she gave me one of the best DFK from a working girl ever. We did it in just about every position including me pulling on her hair while doing doggy style. In my last visit, she finished me of with a BBBJ with CIM. She told me afterwards normally those are extra but she did not ask me for more money. I am willing to pay extra for it next time if she asks for it. The experience was well worth it. And I think she deserves it too. Her English is bit limited but makes up with her looks, body, and attitude. Be nice to her and you won't be disappointed. That’s is all for now. More to follow.

Sexy T
12-04-03, 15:45
Hello there,

I'll be in Prague from 24 December to 26 December on Christmas eve. Any interested girls can send me private message through this forum.

Sexy T

The Commander
12-04-03, 21:32
Here is my report on another privat. I visited the Rebel Girls near Wenclass Square on a street right behind the museum. Hooked up with a girl named Melany. Beautiful face with a nice set of big natural breasts and tongue stud. The interesting thing about her was she told me she just did a video recently. It was part of the “Natural Wonders” series. Not surprising because she does have a nice set of boobs. The video is not out yet so she does not know what number in the series. She told me her stage name is Mandy May in the video. She said next time if I bring the video, she will autograph it for me. She has a rather small frame, about 5-2. Her English is pretty good and we had a nice conversation the whole time. Her uncovered picture is posted on escort.cz along with phone number and map to the privat. Doorbell name Rebel. She even gave me a cigarette lighter with the company logo as souvenir. The cost for one hour of classic is 1700 kc. She’s into just about anything. Any desire is negotiable for a price. Overall, she is no GFE, but better than average 15 minute F&S you get in Amsterdam for 50 euro. What intrigues me is the fact she is the closest thing I will ever get to a porn star. I recommend her for those who are into big natural breasts.

12-04-03, 22:20
Topping up a T-Mobile Twist SIM card is dead easy.

Even if you don't have a T-Mobile store nearby, many tobacco shops and newstands will sell you a top-up card for 400, 800, or more Krowns.

The card is the size of a credit card and it is wrapped in cellophane. Take out the card, and scratch off the stuff that hides a special number (this is like a lottery scratch card in the USA and other countries).

Even if your SIM is out of cash, you can dial the number on the card, then key in the number you revealed, and then Voila! Instant top-up.

You can also get a Prague city map from T-Mobile that will show you the locations of all T-Mobile stores.

I also checked out buying a used mobile phone in Prague. There are stores called Bazars all over the city selling various electronic stuff. I went to one in the Muzeum Metro station and used phones were available for as little as 1300 CZK.

Member #3447
12-05-03, 00:48
Hello Prague Board!

Some questions. Been checking out the escort.cz site and I am interested with the privat girls. Besides calling them, how do you get their actual addresses? The interactive map just shows general location and number, but no address.

How much would they generally charge for just one hour?

Last question: Are they also available for an outcall to my hotel? Any 'bait and switch' routine?

Thanks in advance.

The Commander
12-05-03, 02:48
Ho Chaser,

I visited about 15 privats so far, almost in all cases maps posted on escort.cz are pretty accurate. By looking closely at the little red house, you can even tell which side of the street the privat is located. You have to have to call them to get the exact street number. Escort.cz used to list the exact addresses including street name and number, but they are far and in between nowadays. When you call for exact address, don’t forget to ask for the doorbell name. One of few Czech words I learnt was “zvonek” for doorbell. Sometimes once you arrived to their apartment buildings, you still have to call them to buzz you in because doorbells are not labeled, not working, just do not exist. That’s why having a cell phone is a big plus.

In my experience, one hour of classic runs between 1000kc to 2000kc. Most of them cost right in the middle at 1500kc per. But keep in mind, 2000kc per hour not necessary means they will be twice as good. One of my best experiences only cost 1300kc for the hour. In any case, it is still better deal than anything I can find back at home.

Even though I never tried it myself, some of the girls do list escort as one of the services provided. I just do see why you need to do that. First you have to worry about if your hotel reception desk will give you any hassle. Next you have to pay extra for them to come to you which can run between 500kc to 1000kc. If they do use bait and switch, it is always easier to just walk out of a privat than trying to send an escort home without at least paying for their cab fare.

About 75% of the time, I found the girls I saw on the web site during my visits to the privats. Again, I cannot speak for escort service.

Hope this will help.

Ponce de Leon
12-05-03, 06:08
Traveler0099 -

A personal thanks to all the information you and others are providing on Prague. Not just on the girls but all the other information you provide as well including directions and hotel information. For me everything goes into planning a trip. A comfortable room is as important as a beautiful girl. I'm also making the trip next year and I appreciate all the helpful posts. Thanks again.


12-05-03, 12:08

I'm afraid the only way to know a private address is to call them. You don't need only the street address, but also the name on the ring button (it's often not the name of the private, but of a person). Price per hour usually vary from 1000 to 2000 cz, but you need then to agree with the girl what services are included. Sometimes, it's all included (DFK, DATY, BBBJ). Sometimes, it's just classic minimum sex (can't even touch her breasts) and you have to pay extras (usually, anal is always an extra). Sara Private (Girls from Sara) is well known for having beautiful girls quoting a low hourly price (less than 2000 cz, can't remember exactly), but then ask extras for each and every service (DFK, DATY, Fingering, BBBJ, etc...), so you can end up with 4000 cz or more an hour. In addition, service is horrible. Can't even say girls are mechanical, they don't even move (except only to take a phone call or send SMS while you're in action). For one good review, they must have 20 negative ones on EOL.

Bait & switch is unfortunately quite frequent for outcalls, especially for girls with the face blurred out in the photos. Lots of info on bait & switch on EOL and on this forum. Agencies like Iveta, Kristyna, Tereza & Klara are well known for bait & switch.

Usually, girls from privates (and night clubs) are available for outcalls but, again, there are exceptions.

So best thing is to go to the private first, see and maybe "sample " the girl, and take outcall only for a girl you already know. And if they then send you another one, just send her back.

Last, but not least, check that your hotel is escort friendly if you want to take outcalls. Some info on EOL and on this forum too.


Member #3447
12-05-03, 12:32

Thanks for the tip. By the way, what's 'EOL'?

12-05-03, 15:53

Sorry, EOL is Escort On-Line, in fact the escort.cz site you mentioned. ;)


Sexy T
12-05-03, 17:02
Can anybody explain me what is OWO and what is the short word for full anal sex with and without condoms?

Sexy T

Member #3447
12-05-03, 20:58
Thanks again, Jim. I am also wondering if there is a street scene in Prague and if there is, what areas and streets where they concentrate in?

I love Streetwalkers! I hope Prague has them. Thanks.

12-05-03, 21:04
Sorry to interrupt guys but the street in Prague is supposed to be Perlova but when I visited 2 weeks ago it was dead.
On the main drag walking down from the station towards the river I was approached by a couple of old old old WGs asking if I would like to go for a drink but they were too old for me.
To be honest I wasn't impressed with Prague and will try another eastern european city instead next time I get some free time.

May the force be with you.

The Commander
12-05-03, 22:44
In my four visits to Prague, I always rented a car. For about 30 to 40 USD a day plus gas, I can come and go as I please instead of paying 10 USD for each trip and worrying about being ripped off by taxi drivers. I am also not limited to stay at hotels near the center and pay higher hotel rate. I found parking is not as big of a problem as I was led to believe. I came from a big city and used to parking problems. Parking in Prague is easier than what I’m used to. A word of caution when driving in Prague, turn on your headlight even during daytime. I was stopped by police one day and he hustled me for 200kc fine for not having my headlight on. I had to pay him on the spot and I did not get a receipt for the fine nor a citation. So who knows if he just pocketed the fine.

I stayed at the Hilton during my first visit for about 140 USD per night. It was a nice hotel. But I prefer to spend my money on my real reason for the visit. In my second trip I stayed at Hotel Duo in the Prozek section. It’s about 10 – 15 minutes drive to downtown. Not a bad place for about 65 USD a night in July. It has bars, restaurants, and a sport complex on the premises. If you want bare bone lodging, Hotel Chodov costs 700kc in November and 500kc in December each night with free parking and continental breakfast. That’s about 20 – 26 USD a night! It is located in Prague 4 off the highway towards Brno. Again 10 – 15 minutes by car gets you to downtown. Bus stop and metro station are near by. It is a good size clean room. Like I said the furnishings are bare bone. My advice if you stay there, bring your own bath towel because the towel they provide is the size of a wash towel. There are two hotels in Prague 4 called Opatov and Twin Opatov . They are two 18 story high rise buildings located next to each other. The only difference between the two are Opatov (three star) has TV, phone, and refrigerator in the room and Twin Opatov (two star) does not. The price ranging from about 30 Euros for the two star and 45 Euros for the three star for single occupancy. Peak season may run another 10 to 15 Euros. I checked out the hotel in person during my last visit. All rooms actually have two separate bedrooms to accommodate up to 4 people. If you make reservation for a single person, you will still get the two bedroom apartment and pay for single room rate. Don't know if they are guest friendly.

I also went to Mary’s office to check out their apartments. Most of them are located near downtown. For about 100 USD, it’s good deal if you want to be close to downtown and does not have a car. Since they are private apartments, there is no reception desk in the building which means you should be able to bring guest/escort in without any hassle.

To Ho_chaser,
After midnight, you have to fight off the SWs with a stick around Wenceslas Square and the streets leading towards Charles Bridge. I could not walk 20 steps without being asked “sex and BJ?” Overall they look average to slightly above average. Age around mid to late 20's. Most of them look like they are Gypsies. They are the more aggressive ones. Some local SW girls actually look pretty hot. Did not take up their offers because SW is not my thing. Beware of the ones try to grab and hug you as you walk by, I heard some of them pick-pocket.

12-06-03, 00:28
Just a short report on the Atlas Club which was conveniently located near my hotel :-) Arrived around 10.30pm on a Thursday night and the place was pretty busy. Quite a number of girls adorning the bar area and in terms of quality ranged from the rough to the pretty tasty! But I guess that's going to be the case in most places and it's probably a hit or miss process. I hitched up with a lovely skinny Czech girl (and fully shaven too!) and had a very enjoyable 3/4 hour for 2500 Kr or about 80 Euro. Not cheap, but on balance good value for she was very cute and gave a very enthusastic performance which is all a guy can ask for in the paid sex business. Wouldn't go for the triple play (vaginal, anal and BBBJ) but she did seem to enjoy a little gentle anal fingering and was very happy for me to shoot my load over her quite delightful breasts. Perhaps another time for the full works he said hopefully!

12-06-03, 10:18

Avoid the street scene. Mainly vulgar (and ugly) gypsies who will try to empty your pockets by the same occasion. But if you're really of the adventurous kind, they are out at dark, after the shops are closed. Just walk around downtown (Old Town) by midnight, and they'll approach you, sometimes agressively (and insult you if you start a conversation and then push them back). In the summer, they are also around the museum garden and will propose you a pop in the bushes, if you're fancy that kind of adventure.

Never tried, not my cup of tea. Not at all the street scene you can find in other countries.


PS : Another thing to avoid in the streets : Guys proposing to change money for a better rate than the official change offices. They'll give you Bulgarian or Romanian bank notes which look similar to Czech money, but is'nt worth a cent.

Capt Fred
12-10-03, 00:35
The Commander:

Could you please check your PM, and respond!


12-10-03, 21:09

Thanks for the thanks.

Without WSG, I wouldn't be as knowledgeable as I am.

A word of preference. I had a great time in a privat in September. From what I have read and experienced, the privats are mostly hit or miss, and maybe mostly on the hit side.

For me, I prefer the longer dates of several hours and even a sleep-over. That is why I would rather go with a well-reviewed girl from an established agency.

I find the one hour "wham-bam thank you m'am" of the privats to be unfulfilling. I like to take my time, like her to take her time, like to have another if I want and when I want, and somehow that morning hard-on is never wasted if there is a tasty young woman sleeping next to me.

Call it a preference for quality over quantity.

Just MHO.

Capt Fred
12-10-03, 21:42
"I find the one hour "wham-bam thank you m'am" of the privats to be unfulfilling. I like to take my time, like her to take her time, like to have another if I want and when I want, and somehow that morning hard-on is never wasted if there is a tasty young woman sleeping next to me." - Traveler0099

Well said! Specially the morning hard-on, with a tasty young Lady!

I will see Ladies in privat to see if I can see them for a 12 hour session.


The Commander
12-12-03, 21:30
Visited Deep Magic Privat twice. Address Vinohradska 48 in Prague 2. Enter through cinema Bio Illusion, door bell Benda, phone 721-616-055. Katerina has long silky black hair and a killer body. Saw the picture of Gabinka on EOL, she was not as hot as I expected, but still looks fairly good. Told me she just lost 5 kg recently, that’s why her boobs were not as big as shown in the picture. The cost was about 1800kc for classic and cbj. Both were average experience. Was offered full service with hot tube together, massage, kissing, DATY, and, bbbj for 3000kc/hour. Appreciate any feedback if anyone has experienced their full service.

Privat Don Giovanni is located on Blanicka 8, Prague 2 near Club K5, doorbell Hlavanz, phone 732-474-576/222-523-252. Paid 2000kc to do anal with Alice, pretty brunette with slim body, and big natural boobs. Average performance. Second visit hooked up with Karolina. Real pretty blonde with piercing blue eyes. Original intended only to go with 1500kc/hour of classic. But she kept pushing for a threesome with another girl named Alice for 2000kc. She is a short brunette. Stay away from her. Unenthusiastic and a bad attitude. Felt like telling her to get dressed and leave the room even though I paid for her time. May be my experience would have been a lot better if I was with Karolina alone.

Tha Commander

12-13-03, 21:34
I have a question to those who know a bit about Prague.
I am lucky enough to have a G/Friend who "enjoys" looking at women almost as much as I do, and frequently enjoys a bit of a strip and lapdance.

I have been to Prague a number of times, and am well aware that alot of Strip Joints are fronts for more (Which is fine! But not this time!!)

Can anyone recommend a good Strip/LapDancing bar in central Prague with stunning women that is the sort of place I could take the G/Friend??

Someone suggested GoldFingers?? Any opinions?

Thakns in advance


Late Night
12-14-03, 01:17
Anyone been to K5 lately?

I miss that place and I can't wait to go back. I have been to countless number of clubs around the world and I can honestly say none of them come close to this masterpiece.

Petra, Jessica, man oh man.

Gotta go back to Praha before the Euros kick in.

See ya in Praha!


12-14-03, 01:20
Same as my last report, we all know how a plane, train and bus work so I won't go into it.
Sometimes I think some reports on a BBS can be like the diaries of Adrian Mole aged 9 and a half.

Some even bordering on a short novel! But none of that here thank god.

Alice Escort:

I have used these people in the past. I am afraid it will be the last time. The offered and the arrived differed greatly. Young she certainly was not. Nice body but thats the only good thing I will say about her. Not terribly pretty looking. If girls in the industry wore a ranking stripe on their shoulder for their clinicalness and robot like performance - this girl is a 4 star general. Absolutely nothing good to say about her. She went into the bathroom but I have my doubts if she showered herself. I paid 2000kc for an hour. After 20 minutes I asked her to go. Sooner loose money than my health. It was a pity because I have had really lovely girls from this agency in the past. I didn't ring them very late so I wasn't getting the last of the bunch. Just another sad tale of agency decay.

Avoid them.

Ester Escort (again):

Met up with Ester again twice. Same performance as before - mad and live wired. Clever girl and fun to talk with. Services and fun were the same as before, OWO, oral, classic, kissing. And again she remembered I don't like being tickled - so she tickles the shit out of me, laughing her ass off. This being the funny downside of when you meet the same escort more than once. The upside being they remember the things you really do enjoy, without having to be asked or guided.

The only slight difference was she began to give me oral on the couch in the sitting room with the lights on and waving to the window to any potential onlookers. This is usually kept for the bedroom. Being on the 2nd floor, the opposite block had 5 whole floors who could see right in our window.

Got funny looks at dinner because she was making rude movements with her tongue at me. But as the two of us then agreed - life is great so who cares !!
An overnight 12 hours cost 400 euro including taxi.

I had another lady booked with this agency but the dreaded misfortune plague took her away. The misfortune plague is what I now call the epidemic sweeping working ladies in Prague. Having booked her well in advance, as usual a terrible misfortune and calamity in life stopped her making the appointment. Her mother had an accident ! I think mothers in Prague must be the most accident\illness prone in Europe. Life expectancy in Czech women must be no more thant 50 years .

Prague Bunnies:

Andrea was a delightful lady. Met her on the street after my slight mistake with the address. Dressed like a catwalk model and looks to go with it.

Exactly as on the website. Bright, bubbly, very intelligent and very pretty. Good english and manners. Kissing, OWO, mish, oral and massage were enjoyed greatly by Andrea and myself - I can spot the oscar nominees a mile away.

Linda the secretary was reasonably quick with her email and SMS replies. Cannot fault the experience. Prague Bunnies have been around for a good while - the longevity of their business is all the proof needed.

Cost was 330 euro for 3 hours, worth every cent. I would use Prague Bunnies again.

Some of you may moan about the price I am willing to pay for a bit of fun - BUT.
Out of all the ladies I have met in Prague the dissapointments have been in the cheap zone.

The ones who have been the most fun and enjoyment have been the dearer ones.
So since it is my money I am spending, I would rather have the safer bet.
I find (not always of course) the cheaper ladies to be 5 to 7 in looks, performance and services.

I dont think any dearer lady comes in below an 8 for the same.

As my friend Traveller will agree, quality comes with a price, for which I don't mind paying for.

12-14-03, 01:32
Forgot to say that I stayed in the same apartment as last time in Prague 1 - 30 euros per night. No problems at all with 'guests'. I don't really like hotels for the obvious reasons. Saw the famous street girls near the Old Square - bloody rough looking bunch. Operate in packs of 3 upwards. Being a cityboy and a reasonably savy person, watching them from a far I would make a good guess that they are slick operators. Robbing you at the bat of an eye.

To add to that not one of them looked remotely nice looking. Saw no ladies on Perlova Street.

12-14-03, 18:48
Hey LateNight,

Been to K5 numerous times over the last couple of years, so I can say that it's been pretty consistent for having a great time.

As a side note, found the RedLight area on my last trip, and it was a hit & miss experience. By coincidence my hotel was just a few blocks walking, very surprised by the proximity of it, made for some very convenient afternoon/evening sessions before going out at night. I can say that I was lucky to find one girl who was very hot, and visited her a couple of times. Wish she spoke english, aside from the attempts to communicate, we did manage to have fun. I sampled a couple of other girls who were not my first choice, and they were just in the adequate category. It's worth a visit, it's inexpensive, about 1,000Kc, so well worth it if you find a nice one, but no big deal if you don't.

K5, what else can be said about the place. My first visit to Prague a couple of years ago was during the summer. THat first trip I went to K5 twice, first was an afternoon and it was quite an impression. Met a fantastic blonde/blue eyed Czech girl, and she warmed up nicely during our hour & a half session. I left there completely satisfied and smiling. The next visit was in the later evening, there were several 9's, although I couldn't get either of them as they were busy, I settled for a girl who at first appeared to be a 7. Talk about pleasant surprises, this girl was a really cool to hang out with, sat and had drinks and had nice conversation for quite some time, with absolutely no pressure at all. WHen one of the 9's appeared to be available, for a second I thought about getting her, but the girl I was with was so cool, it just seemed like we were having a good connection...so of course we eventually left for a room and one of the most amazing GFE's. Even afterwards, just relaxing in the main bar and talking with others was quite interesting, a nice international mix of fellow mongers.

The staff of K5 are fantastic, on my last trip I had a chance to get to know one of them a bit better. The downstairs bar is a great place to hang out after the sessions and have dinner and drinks. Some have complained about the large bouncers at the front door, and in all fairness to them, they're just doing their job. I was turned away one night because I didn't have a reservation, and my buddy who's got a VIP card was out of town. Based on that busy night I tried Lotos, it was o.k., but IMHO simply not equal to the K5 experience.

For some reason I didn't seem interested in going to the Privats, just was far too convenient and comfortable to go K5. The staff their speak several languages, and they cater to your requests, so if there's something special you're looking for they can make a recommendation.

I've been to Prague in the summer and the winter, I think I'll go back again when it warms up. It's quite nice seeing the women there when they're dressed for warmer weather.


Diet Coke
12-14-03, 20:40
When I was in Praha in the fall I encountered a number of SPs in the Old Town area, I think along Rijna and Narodni streets. I was alone during late evening but was surprised at the openness of their offers. I was also amused when I walked back the same route toward the bottom of Wenceslas Square that they followed me and to their offers of blowjobs they wanted to know "why not".

12-14-03, 21:45
I found an internet reference to the following places in praha 1 and wondered if anyone had any positive or negative experiences with them:

Goldfingers & Alhambra...strip tease, floor show, nude dancers

Go Go Bar Cascade...strip teace, erotic shows

Golem Club...aimed at wealthy company directors and friends

Klub Bily Konicek

I keep reading positive references to K5 and other places in this forum, but wondered about the above as well. PM me or post here.


12-16-03, 10:52

Thanks for the report on Andrea (Bunnies). She's been top of the list for many months (great smile, bewitching eyes), but I had not seen any reports, so was hesitant before stretching the budget. You mention both OWO and oral. Oral is DATY? Maybe not on your menu, but CIM?


12-16-03, 20:13
My "problem" with Prague-Bunnies is that I can not plan long time in advance : three times already , I failed in booking Krystina even if I booked her around one month (or more) before the date.

Finally, I could meet Krystina in August instead of Andrea after having booked Andrea around one month before this date.

Currently, I booked Andrea for next January 10th but I'm told that it's early now, so I will see if I will meet her?

Other agencies, in contrary, prefer me to book at least 2 weeks before.

12-16-03, 22:59
yep DATY is oral, CIM I did not ask for.

There not many reports out there for sure. I took a gamble on this lady, especially at that price. But it worked out OK. She did have just a little of the Prague Misfortune Plague going on though. Which only slightly bothered me.

Ladies, if you are reading this - put a fuckin' cork in it will you? We have heard it all before.

But then again, maybe it's just me they whinge and pour it all out to?

Late Night
12-16-03, 23:28
Oh good old Praha. I miss you dearly!

Should come back soon!

12-17-03, 16:52
Quick question for the Prague experts. I'm heading there next May for a week or so. I like to at least learn a bit of the local language. What would be the best language to learn besides Czech? I'm not sure if I can find Czech classes here in my town. Do many of the girls there speak Russian or are they able to understand it? I'd rather learn Russian because I probably will travel there in the near future and would like to be able to communicate. Do Ukranian girls understand Russian well too?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Capt Fred
12-17-03, 19:15

Here is a wonderful web site that I have found for learning the Czech language:


You can also email them and ask them for free translation via email. Also, there are references on their web site for places and types of educational aid available for learning.

With regard to Ukranian woman, yes, they do understand and speak Russian.



Late Night
12-17-03, 20:22
Lets try that again! :)

12-18-03, 03:54
Hello Saint!

I learned a lot from your Buenos Aires posts. I'm glad to see you are further expanding your horizons!

If I understand your question correctly, you were asking which language, other than (or in addition to) Czech, would be best to learn before a visit. While I am no Prague expert, I can tell you from personal experience that German is spoken by many Czech people, although most those speaking German tend to speak English as well. The same is generally true about Hungary too.

12-19-03, 06:20
Languages for the Saint

IMHO, if you don't speak Czech, then either German or English are best.

And all of the Ukranian girls that I have met are fluent in Russian as well.

12-21-03, 22:57
I was wondering what "DATY" means? I see this term used a lot in these forums.


I see this question in the Forum ocassionally, so I have to ask: In your browser, can you see the link labeled "Terms and Abbreviations" in the black menu bar at the top of this page? Apparently there must be some problem with the visibility of this link in some browsers, so any feedback you could give me would help me identify the specific problem.




12-23-03, 05:26

DATY is Dining at the Y (i.e. Cunnilingus).

An equivalent term is YITC. This stands for "Yodeling in the Canyon."


12-23-03, 08:09
I concur. They speak German as their second language, English as their third. I spent 2 weeks in Prague a couple years ago, and and I never had a problem comunicating. Even lost and pulling random hot prague women off the street to give me directions, all I encountered spoke english. I haven't tried it, but from what I understand Czech is a fairly difficult language. Ciao

12-24-03, 05:24

Learn Russian.

Czech is a language that is slavic like Polish and Ukrainian.

What happened to the Argentinian beauties??

12-25-03, 00:07
Prague Report December 2003.

I have been following this forum for a while preparing my short trip to Prague before Christmas (Dec. 20 – 23), and have decided to pay back some of my debt to this forum by contributing with this report.

To Jackson: I agree 100% with you, we must not let this forum deteriorate into a chat room style forum. The many posts only requesting information and the answers it generates makes it time consuming to find the posts containing genuine information, which all users of this forum seeks. I have tried to the best of my ability to adhere to your guidelines on posting reports. Let me know if I missed something.

To contributors and senior members such as eg. Traveler0099, Capt Fred, Keg, wakeywakey and others who has posted genuine reports with valuable information on Prague, thanks a lot!

To all of you, who seek inspiration and information, read the reports previously posted in this forum and take your time. You can’t get all the information you want in 10 minutes. ‘He who seeks shall find’ & ‘ a little knowledge shared can bring you far’. Planning is essential if you want a successful experience. Study the centre of gravity (Vaclavske nam,) and the streets leading to it, here you will find most Night Clubs, Privates and the Street Scene as well. Get to know the most important Metro stations such as I.P. Pavlova, Mustek, Muzeum, Nemesti Miru and Flora and the streets around them (Noticeably Vinohradska), here you will find a few Night Clubs and a lot of Private apartments.

First I would like to give all of you my greatest thanks for all the useful information one can get at this forum, which has made preparation much easier and to avoid some of the pitfalls. So I can only recommend all future travellers to read the reports previously posted in this forum – it’s of high quality and credibility.

I stayed at a hotel in the city centre – very close to the night life and most of the Private apartments. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mary’s Apartments which is much recommended by this forum.

In the arrival hall at Prague airport I purchased a T-Mobile cash card for my cellular phone (GSM) for 499,- CZK including 300 CZK prepaid time. This is very useful when you call the Private’s or Escorts. I still have more than 200 CZK of prepaid time left on the sim-card. If you travel to Prague several times a year, this could be of great value to you, as the sim-card is valid for 12 months without topping it up.

I didn’t use TAXI to get around but walked and most of the action is within walking distance if you stay in the city centre, otherwise use Prague’s very good sub and tramways. Tickets can easily be purchased at most small retailers (kiosks) many located near Tramway stops as well as at the Metro Stations. Tickets are very cheap only 12 CZK for 1½ hour and you will be able to go almost everywhere in Prague. You can find a map over Prague city’s public Transportation system on ‘caramba.cz/ Foreigners in Prague’ along other very useful information when planning your trip.

I will say that Prague is quite a safe place and it is unlikely that you will be harassed in the streets. You will offcourse be approached by the street girls in the evenings, but if you avoid eye contact, most will leave you alone and will respect no for an answer, only the odd few is very persistent and will follow you a short distance, but just ignore them and they will stop.

If you go for the privates, you will need to call them and don’t be surprised if the address you get from the girls doesn’t match what you can find on escort.cz. It is my experience though that most of the phone numbers for the privates as found on escort.cz are accurate.

I bought The Prague Post to see their advertisements, but saw only a few on Escorts, but it is of cause an advantage that it is in English. Another paper I would find very useful is called ‘Special Annonce’ as I found out on one of my visits to a Private apartment, see later. In this paper I found a reference to a web page ‘sexystranky.cz’ where many of the Privates and Escorts present them selves, but it’s not in English.

Can’t comment on the Bait & Switch issues much discussed in this forum, because I didn’t use the Escort services.

Below, you will find my detailed report on my experience regarding Private apartments, Clubs and the street scene.

Private apartments:

Privat – Diskret:

Private is situated on Stepanska between Vaclavske nam and Zitna. Met Veronicka, only girl there but decided to stay, average looks but great body. Small one roomed apartment on 1st floor. Only one girl and not 3 as is the impression you get from escort.cz.

Veronicka was very nice and talkative, had to smoke al the time, but was very active and enthusiastic in the bed, a very fun girl to be with. The service was of very high standard, I was offered coffee/tea when I first came, later I was offered a drink and after the session I was offered a Sprite. Veronicka also asked if we should take shower together before we entered the bed, but I missed out on her question and lost a great opportunity for a nice start.

Got classic with cbj one hour for 1.500,- CZK. Small kisses which was very nice and she was not afraid to touch you and to be touched.

Appearance in my eye was around 6 - 7, Great body though with nice small and firm tits.
I was told that this Private was associated with Private - Discret Girls on Vladislavova close to new town hall, and that the girls worked both places with different schedules.

Privat – Discret Girls & Rebel Girls:

I’ve put these two privates together because I had bad luck on both. First I called Privat Rebel Girls but it turned out that they had closed for the holidays. On the Discret Girls I first tried to go to the place following the instructions I had received earlier from Veronicka, and I found the place easily on Vladislavova, but the Girl answering the doorbell told me that she was busy for another 15 min, so I took a walk on Vaclavske nam and returned only to be told that she was still busy. I had not made any arrangement at this point so in a way it was understandable. I returned to my Hotel and later called the private to make an arrangement and the girl confirmed the time, but to my great disappointment nobody answered the doorbell when I arrived and I had to leave unfulfilled.

Privat – Harmonie:

Private is situated on Korunni near Flora metro station on Vinohradska, Tramway 16 from I.P. Pavlova will take you direct to the door, just get of at the Mestek police station (Orionka stop). I aimed at Privat – Satén on Londynska, but the girl that answered the phone gave me direction to Korunni in Praha 3, I decided to go because my mobile was running out of power and I didn’t want to go back to the hotel and recharge it. I walked the distance from I.P. Pavlova, a good 20 min. walk. When I arrived, I was asked to wait for another 15 min. before I could get in.

Walked around the block and passed Flora metro station, when I returned, I was let in and met Sara (19+ yr), who told me, that it was only her and another girl working and that her friend would be occupied for another ½ hour. Sara looked very nice (9+), so I went for 1 hour of classic with cbj for 1.400,- CZK (½ hour was 1.000 CZK). Sara’s service seemed a little mechanic and not much enthusiasm from her side, compared to my adventures on Saturday, but she did her chores and I left 1 hour later with mission accomplished. Sara told me that Privat – Satén no longer exist on Londynska, but have moved to this new address under the name Privat – Harmonie. They are four girls working there and as I was leaving another girl arrived for work (Good looking as well, 19+ yr).

Privat – Follow me:

Private is situated on Lucemburska near Flora metro station on Vinohradska. It is only a short walk ~ 200 m from the Flora metro station. Again I was calling the number of another Private (Privat – Goldsilver) which turned out not to be the private I was directed to. This time I took the Tramway from I.P. Pavlova and got of at Flora Metro station, and I walked the short distance. When I arrived, I was guided to a small kitchen, where a woman (35+ yr) was seated. I was offered a glass of water and seated at the small table and the woman told me that only she and one other Girl were available at this time. Further more she told me the going rate for ½ hour and 1 hour service. She showed me the girls from a paper filled with classifieds, where they had their ads in. The Paper is called ‘Special Annonce’ and contains a lot of ads from both Privates and Escort. Clearly a useful tool in the hands of the travelling male. You can easily pick up a copy of this paper in any News stand, it’s not in English but the section is easy to find because many of the girls use a picture to present them selves. Her you can find phone numbers, prices and if they offer Escort as well.

A little difficulties on the language, but finally we could understand the most essential phrases. The other girl available entered the kitchen after a few minutes her name was Jana a local Czech girl and she looked 20+ appearance 5 – 7 and average body, not the best looking of the girls I’ve been seeing during my visit to Prague, but she came through on all other accounts as is revealed next.

I was asked if I wanted to stay, and I confirmed that I would have 1 hour with Jana including classic and BBBJ. The price was 1.400 CZK for classic and additional 600 for BBBJ.

Jana turned out to be a very nice experience first we started with DFK and then she worked her way down and started the BBBJ. After 5 minutes I changed position so that I could do DATY on Jana while she continued the BBBJ. After about 15 – 20 minutes in this position I was ready to go ahead with the classics. After we had finished, Jana offered me massage which I accepted and she did a very good job. Finally she asked me if we should shower together, and I agreed so we continued the DFK while showering and she also did DFK before I left the Private.

I left this Private with a big smile on my face and was sorry that I didn’t give Jana a little extra for her effort, because her service and attitude clearly deserved it. This is a Private with a very nice atmosphere and excellent treatment, my warmest recommendation goes to Privat – Follow me.

Night Clubs

Darling Club:

Club is situated on Ve Smeckach 32 between Vaclavske nam. and Zitna just opposite the Atlas Club. Got to the place around 11 pm on a Saturday evening, after a late dinner on a restaurant on Vaclacske nam. Entrance fee 200 CZK.

Place was packed with girls easily more than 30+ - all aged from 18 - 25+ all straight 10's some dancing on one of the many shows other entertaining the guests. I counted four small bars with its own show and discrete seatings in this place.

Only drawback for this Club is the prices. Lady’s drinks 500 CZK, Beer 100 CZK, Bohemia Sekt 70 Cl 3.500 CZK. ½ hour with one of the beautiful girls will set you back 2.400 CZK and 4.500 for one hour.
Another drawback in my eyes is that they don’t accept credit cards only cash.

I left the Club after one hour, where I and two beautiful Czech girls had a drink and talked. Difficulties with the language but we managed with some mixed English and German.

Checked out another club in the area (Ariadne) - but was very disappointed with the place and decided to go back to Darling Club despite of the prices.

When I returned to the Darling Club I went with two girls, Iveta (19 yr) and Simona (23 yr) for one hour with classic after one drink. Had a very enjoyable time with these two girls, and it was an unforgettable experience for that one hour session. These girls are very pleasant and will give you a very good service.

Ariadne Club:

Club is situated on Zitna 4 close to Karlovo nam. and new town hall. Small place in the back of a building down some stairs into what looked like a basement bar. Had to pay entrance fee of 100 CZK. You will have to keep the ticket during your stay. I believe it is used to keep count on the drinks and if you go for the private show. If you fail to return the ticket as you leave they claim - that you are liable for 5.000 CZK

Drinks are cheap only 60 CZK for a glass of red wine, ½ with one girl is 1.800,- CZK and one hour is 3.500 CZK

Selection of girls are less than 5 - 7 and they vary in appearance of 5 - 8 I'll guess their age to be mid 20's up to 30.

Didn't stay so I can't tell more about this club, but not worth the effort IMHO.

Atlas Club:

Club is situated on Ve Smeckach 31 between Vaclavske nam. and Zitna just opposite the Darling Club. The club is clearly not as versatile as the Darling club, only one stage floor for the show and the selection of girls is a little bit more reduced, I will guess that less than 30 girls was there at the time I visited the club. Not as many guests as in Darling Club, but maybe that’s because it was on a Sunday. The appearance and age of the girls varied also a little bit more, and I will guess that the age range was between 19+ and start of 30’s. The girl’s appearance ranged from 5 to 10, in my opinion around 5 to 7 girls could go as a 10.

Prices are a little less than in the Darling Club, lady’s drinks costs only 275 CZK, and 1 hour in private with the girls cost only 3.600 CZK. The Atlas Club accepts Credit Cards which in my opinion is a big plus.

Met with Dominicka from Hungary, age 19 and she said she has been a Student in Prague, but finished last spring. She was one of the 10’s in the club and she gave an excellent service and I would not hesitate to visit her again another time. Tried the whirlpool together with her and it was an experience to remember for a long time to come.


Went to this club Monday evening, but it was closed for the holidays so I can’t comment on K5. It will be a priority next time I return to Prague.

Street Scene

Saw street girls all over the place in the area of Vâclavské námesti, most not attractive as accurately described in this forum, saw one which was very nice and clean age 18+, but didn’t go with her.

Check the streets around mustek (Zitna, Karlovo namesti, Jungmannova and Vodickova) after 8 pm if you are interested in this hobby, they are easily spotted.

12-26-03, 22:33
a note about privats:

thor**** mentions some problems with private apartments in prague. my experience recently is that they are honest and the women listed in escort on-line really do work there. however, the women work in shifts, so you have to call and ask when a certain woman is working. in one case, i really wanted a particular woman, but she was not from prague, so they never knew when she would come.

it turned out that in prague i wound up seeing women from clubs. the price is normally not that much higher and you get to know the woman first and it is a more relaxed atmosphere. i like chatting with the woman for a while before going to the bedroom.

in brno the opposite is true: private prices are much cheaper than clubs and the women are better looking in the privates. however, even there it turns out that most women in privates work in groups so even if the ad says "non-stop" next to a woman's picture, the particular woman than you want might only work during certain hours.

12-27-03, 02:03
thor****, thanks for the acknowledgement.

note to jackson - perhaps we could set up a seperate topic of discussion called 'travel and accomodation'. nothing stoping anyone writing a report and posting the relevant parts in the appropiate sections?

keeping the lady\client details central to the board and the frilly details elsewhere?

also if someone has a question about a certain issue - perhaps they could private message them instead of using the board. not to say that i have not done this of course.

just a thought.

12-29-03, 17:15
Hello folks,

I'm arriving Prague January the 15, and will stay for six days.

I have been to Prague before and have used the services many times.

This time I also got my own apartment in old town, no hotel-harassment.

Are you in town on business or/and mongering, and maybe need an monger-friend or just wanna have some beers with a fellow hobbiest, keep in touch. Hunting is much funnier when we hunts in pairs;)

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Capt Fred
12-31-03, 17:41
Christmas Day in Prague - Oh Heavenly Dominika

Well Gents, just got back from a six days vacation in Wonderful Golden Prague.

I arrived there on Dec. 24, and I knew that all the escorts and privats will be closed that day. So, I spend the first day relaxing, and getting over the jet lag!

I stayed at Mary's Travel apartment in Praha 2 (on Vinhoradska), and I will talk about this on later report (www.marys.cz)

On Dec. 25, Christmas Day, again, most of the escorts and privats were closed. I was lucky to had arranged a date with Dominika beforehand via email. I called her and setup an appointment for 7 PM. She arrived about 10 minutes early! When I opened the door, I saw this tall beautiful angel (176 cm - 5'-8") dressed in black leather pants, wearing a black hat, and sheep skin jacket. She looked absolutely great! I have attached a picture of her from the www.escort.cz. This is not a fake, and not a touch up photo. She is that stunning!

I wanted to spend all night with her, but she apologized and told me that she could only stay for 3 hours. She had to go home and spend time with her grandmother.

After getting to know each other for few minutes, we got comfortable on the bed. She is very safety conscious, so everything is covered, and she doesn't like DFK! That was fine by me. She has such a soft smooth skin. I touched and caressed her whole body. I just had to be inside her! She felt so wonderful and great in all positions. Anal sex is not her favorite thing, but she knew I liked anal sex, and she wanted to try it with me. Started with light anal (guided with her hand), and then she removed her hand for some real deep penetrations. After about an hour of sex, we got dressed and went out to dinner. I knew most of the restaurants will be closed for Christmas, and I was hesitant of what kind of place she might take me to! Maybe it is a real expensive place, that she always wanted to see! Contrary to my fear, she took me to her favorite hide out in Praha 4. A local Czech restaurant, very unknown to tourists. We spend quite a long time talking and enjoying ourselves. By the way, she drove me to and from the restaurant, and would not accept money for the ride.

I decided to spend the next night with her also, this time an all nighter! Again, another wonderful night, and she stayed over. She is not a great fan of sex in the morning, so she has to be in the mood. Oh yes, don't wake her up too abruptly, she is very grouchy in the mornings!!!

For 2 days, she drove me around Prague, and showing me places. We went together for drinks and for dinner. She loves to have good time, and not all just sex! If you want a fabulous time with a real knock out, and not just all sex, then you should really try Dominika. She is kind, sexy, polite, intelligent, and speaks good English.

Dominka's rates are: 1 hour - 2500 CZK, 2 hour - 4000 CZK, 12 hour - 10000 CZK, and anal is 400 CZK more.

Oh yes, she has Privat in Praha 4!

Dominika’s Privat web site: http://www.escort.cz/v03/result_e.php?FID=223&Lng=2&Edn=2&Sch=3

Dominika's mobile number: +420 728-720-009

Dominika's Favorite Position: On her knees, doggie style (she has such a beautiful buttocks, very firm!)

Dominika: Looks - 9, Sex - 8, Attitude - 9, Smoker

I will have more detailed report of my second day with Dominika and her friend Helena later.

I told her about WSG and she would not believe me, or the power of this web site! So, please if you plan to see her, please tell her that Fred (or Capt Fred) from America, has recommended you. Please mention my name! She will tell me how many calls she had received about this report!

BTW, she smokes Marlboro Lights, and loves flowers (roses!)

She is a Lady! Please treat her kindly and treat her as a Lady that she is.


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 18:09
Here is more picture of Dominika!


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 18:39
Apartments in Prague - Mary's Travel (www.marys.cz)

I had done 2 months of research, and contacted well over 10+ agencies with regard to apartments in Prague. I compared prices, services and accommodations in Prague. The best of all was Mary's Travel (+420 222-253-510). The staff at Mary's Travel speak: English, German, French, and Russian fluently.

I was picked up at the airport. No hassle, no wait! Cost for the transfer from airport to apartment: 500 CZK ($25)

I had a mobile phone already programmed and ready to use for me. You can also rent phones at the airport, if you like to wait in line, and then spend time trying to learn to program it with the SIMS card! Mary's Travel offers very competitive rate - 100 CZK ($4) per day for mobile phone.

I was told exactly how long it takes for me to arrive at my apartment. I was tired after a long flight, so they knew that I wanted to relax as soon as possible! We arrived at the apartment on Vinhoradska, Praha 2. I was shown around the area, and the location of the Metro and shopping center. It is about 1 minute walking distance to Flora Metro Station, and Flora Palac (Mall & shopping center). The area is nice, quite, and very secure. My luggage was carried in, and I was shown around the apartment. I was also provided with a 24 hour phone number in case I needed something.

The best thing about this apartment is that you have a full complete facility with full kitchen, and cleaning service. My apartment was cleaned every 2 days, and I was provided with new sheets and towels. Oh yes, I had a king size bed! No pesky reception desks, and no worries about being stopped for taking a Lady to your room for a day!

BTW, there are about 20+ Privat close by on and about Vinhoradska!

Mary's Travel has over 50 apartments around Prague. Some are at downtown, and some are in Praha 2 & 4.

I spent on average $48 per day for this apartment. Two days during my stay was considered high season, so I had to pay a little more.

My return flight was at 07:35 Am, and I wanted to get to airport early. The driver was ready and at my apartment at 05:00 AM!

So call them, and ask for Katka or Ivana.


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 19:38
Escort Services and Privat in Prague [Dec. 25 to Dec. 30]

*** Stay Away From Super Girls Privat & Escort ***

I called and asked for an Escort who also offers anal sex. I was told that a blond young Lady will be at my apartment in an hour. She showed up on time, but she was brunette and wasn't that young (30+!). When she walked into my apartment, and I asked her about anal sex, she said she doesn't do anal sex. I spent 10 minutes trying to reach the Agency, but no one answered the phone! I sent messages via mobile phone, and no reply! So, I spent about 30 minutes talking and trying having classic sex with her! The sex wasn't that great! So I paid her 3500 for one hour and asked her to leave. STAY AWAY!

Angel Privat & Escort (+420 723-435-805)

I called the Agency, and arranged for a 3 hour escort. I really didn't feel like walking around town looking for Privats. I was promised a slim Lady, with dark hair. I had requested someone who does anal sex. When Renata arrived at my apartment, I saw that she was not very slim. She wasn't heavy, but not what I expected. She spoke very limited English, but it was fine by me. I was in the mood for all sex, and not much talk anyway! For 3 hours, including anal sex, I spent 7000 CZK, which was not bad. I had 3 hours of almost non-stop sex. Little time for chatting and smoking! She was really great, and loved all different positions. No DFK or DATY allowed! Covered BJ!

Deep Magic Privat & Escort (+420 606-283-283) [SECOND BEST IN PRAGUE]

I called, and requested a blond hair Escort for 3 hours, and dark hair Escort for an hour for a 3-some. First, I started with Amanda! She is petit, blond hair (dyed!), and number 2 breasts. She is only 18! Very nice ass! Amanda speaks good English. I spent 2 hours of non-stop sex, trying all positions, including anal sex. She was real awesome! After 2 hours, her friend Klara, whom Amanda had recommended, joined us for the fun! Klara is tall with number 3 breasts. She speaks NO English, and only Czech and German. Klara loves anal sex, and she hadn't done it for a while. So, she wanted to try it more with me! I spent over half an hour just pounding her lovely ass. I pushed in so hard, she had tears in her eyes. It was from her enjoying it, and she enjoyed the pain! They wanted to do a lesbi show for me, but I wanted to be part of the fun, so I asked them to touch each other and kiss while they are with me. Cost for Amanda for 3 hours - 8000 CZK, and 1 hour with Klara - 3500 CZK. Oh yes, DFK, DATY, BB BJ, all allowed. No CIM!

M+M Privat & Escort (+420 607-210-946) [ALMOST BEST IN PRAGUE]

I called 2 days and tried to see the Famous Ester! First day, she was in Germany, and second day she was in Taiwan for the weekend. WSG has really made her famous. One special thing about Ester, she offers full SM (moderate pain!). Anyway, I settled for Romano. A nice petite black hair beauty, in her early 20. She has a nice figure with voluptuous buttocks, and legs. She is not fat! I requested anal sex, and it was no problem with her. She just asked that I start out slowly. The first night, I spent 3 hours, of almost non-stop sex with her. All different and wonderful positions! The second night, was even more filled with sex and anal sex than first. At the end, she begged me to stop having anal sex with her (she got sore!). She is charming and speaks good English. Cost for Romano for 3 hours – 9000 CZK, including anal sex. No DFK or DATY! BB BJ, no CIM!

Why do I say almost best for M+M, because my lady, Dominika was really the best!

I called Rebel Girls, Amozonia, Amanda Escort, they were all closed for the holidays. I called Pink Dolly and Viagra Club requesting escort including anal sex, and they had no one! So I didn’t bother going to these clubs. I think K5 was also closed (no answer!).


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 20:10
Picture of Amanda & Klara - Deep Magic Escort & Privat
(Heavenly Duet!)

Amanda is the blond, and Klara is the dark hair!


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 20:15
Picture of Romano (M+M Escort)


Capt Fred
12-31-03, 20:27
Dominika & Helena (OH WHAT A NIGHT!)

After my second day with Dominika, I told her that I want to have a 3-some. She recommended her best friend who lived outside of Prague (about 40 KM - 26 mile). She offered to go and pick her up at no charge to me. That’s how Dominika is! Treat her right, and she will go out of her way to take care of you.

She told me that her friend is very young (18!), and hasn't tried anal sex yet, and she won't want to try it. So it was fine with me. I asked them to be at my apartment at 7 PM. Right on time, Dominika and Helena arrived at my place. Helena is tall, very slim, with gorgeous blue eyes. She does have eyes like a tiger! She has number 1 breasts.

Having these 2 beautiful, knockout Ladies in my bed was really awesome. The best 3-some I ever had. I wish I could do anal sex with Helena, but not possible! Dominika asked me kindly that I be gentle with Helena, since she is very young and new to this. Helena only speaks Czech and German! After having sex with Helena for a while, she told Dominika that my penis fits her just perfectly inside, and she loves it! I had 2 hours of remarkable sex with both of them. During the whole time, they are kissing and touching each other, and me.

I am sorry, I didn't take pictures of them together.

If you are going to spend 2-3 days with Dominika, then you can ask her to get her best friend Helena to join you.