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05-20-02, 02:03
I am going to Lima this week, and I am intrested in what happends on the sex front in Lima. Where to go for good sex, not to exspensive, clubs with good possibilitys for picking up girls etc, good cheap hotels . Can't bring girls to the place I am staying.
Any information is priciated. I know ther was several gay on the old discusionboard who seems to have good knowledge on what is going on in Lima.

05-22-02, 11:32
Hallo rabagast,

I am staying in Lima from 4 till 18 June.
I also want to have "some fun"...hehehe;-)
I love latina ladies and will meet some...allthough my choice is rather small.

Let me know if we can hook up. Maybe we will meet Nibu as well...

my email is j.janszen@home.nl

I am Dutch. I speak english,German and some French and some spanish (allthough not at proffesor level..lol) I am 35 yo and lots of FUn.

In my hostel is 9 USD per night (breakfast is 2.5 $ extra) I can bring gurlz to my place:-)


(somebody had allready my name...!!)

05-22-02, 23:16
Sorry guys but I am having this problem with Peruvian chicks. No matter what I try they wont send their pic to me!!! Some of them told me that I was goodlooking and a nice guy. They also told me that they HAD a scanned copy of pix from them. But they do NOT send it to me throught the internet???


Untillnow I only got pics from two (2) girls....and they weren't very sexy or goodlooking..:-(

Is this somekind of Peruvian "girlplay" or what??

Because if it is......I DO NOT LIKE THIS ATTITUDE!!!

Johan007 (the real Johan)

05-24-02, 14:52
Hallo Johan,

I am in Lima now, was out last night, in a new disco called TRAFFIC. Man ther was a lot of realy beautyfull girls, did hook up with one, going to meet he to day for lunch. I woud like to hoook up with you but i am only sating in Lima until 30th of may. Burt I will be frecuently comming back to 'Lima, maybe next time?
Traffic is AV. Larco, next to the disco called Tequila Rock. Anyway good luck in Lima.

My e-mail is rabagast101@yahoo.com

Member #4239
05-25-02, 14:36
what is the conversion please from soles to U.S. dollars? thanks. J.G.

05-30-02, 22:26
The disco TRAFFIC is in the corner Diez CAnseco and Larco, in front of tne muncipal building. It opend like 2 weeks ago.
If you have been in Lima so long, do you remeber the disco called The Edge, Traffic is in the same plce, in the basement. It was a Casino on the ground floor before, now a doiscountstro, callede 5- quince I think. Next to the Santander bank.

05-31-02, 09:01
Hey Nibu
I am in Europe, but I will take contact next time I am back in Lima.
Good luck so far. I haven't checked out the Street scene for girls. The Club in Costa Verde was a good place to pick up non pro and russian/east european girls some years ago, have not bin ther in 2 years. As far as I know Carlos and Charlys in Larco Mar is still in buisness. I don't know abuth the pub/disco Barcelona.
The disco The Piano is a club in the Ce¨ntro Comercial Polo in Monterico, in front of the US embassy. It was the place who the bomb blow up some days before BUSH was her in april. Its a good disco, a lot of uperclas girls, but the have a pretty strickt dresscode and member policy. I was member ther some years ago. I think the The Piano have the same owners as TRAFFIC.

06-01-02, 10:30
hey Nibu and all othes..

I am in Lima in 4th June...but I reckon I will be beat and dead tired..timedifference and 15 hours in a fucking plaine.

ok Nibu I emailed you the site of "safe in Lima".

Here are once more the details.

Adres hostel "Safe in Lima"
Enrique Barron 440-Barranco (Lima)
Tel: 583-0206 (in lima)
owner is called Jean-Paul. (he is a belgian guy who also speaks english and spanish)
url http//:safeinlima.tripod.com.pe/
email: safeinlima@yahoo.com
the place is nice and small and clean. Not expensive and (most important) SAFE for tourists.

Nibu maybe it is a good idea (as you are close to this hotel) to look me up on 5th of June arround 12.00 or so...or leave a message.
I willl be sleeping late I guess....

I sure hope to see some heavy fuck action in Lima....



06-02-02, 00:00
Hi Nibu!!

Thanks dude for all this info on ho's and clubs and stuff....
But I eraly don't know if you EVER GET TIME TO EAT,[CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) OR TAKE A DUMP while you are on track to check out these fucking places???????

I mean you are doing a hell of a job.....

ok..I know I can take money from the ATM with my banccard.
Infact today it is even wiser to exchange Euro's then dollars in Peru...for me..that is.But I allready have $$$$.
NO prob.

Sorrry Nibu...but I realy can NOT go down on ALL these adrresses and tel #..!!!
I simply don't have the time....:-(


I mean Lima is so huge and big with 8 million people and all....

Besides that I reckon NOT every place is save for forreiners at night....
Do you speak good spanish Nibu??

Man...you can't beleive how I would like to FUCK,LICK and suck on one of those latina pussy babes there in Lima....!!!!
Then they get some real (dutch) cock between their legs...
do they liked to get fucked in the ass???? Not that I am very keen on that...but maybe I just want to try this out.

Sure have great respect for all your knowhow on the hooker scene in Lima.....!!!!

take care.


06-03-02, 20:59
ok guys...I am on my way to peru!!!

check out my Porn site at yahoo for tripreports.

Don't expect them too soon...I reckon I will be beat the first two days.


I will check out some clubs,bars,disco's and ho-action as much as possible.

have fun now....

el ****** caliente JOHAN.

06-05-02, 17:44
Hi nibster!

yo soy in Lima ahora....!!!
I am staying at the belgian hostel which I gave the info of some days ago.
enrique barron 440
in barranco.

hey i did call ye today...at 9.45...nobody ansered.
last night i was fucked up pretty bad...very tired.

today I am back....

el ****** caleinte is in Town!!!!

madres...bettter hide your ninas....;-)


06-07-02, 18:37
Hi Nibu,

I donñt get it...I phoned you but I didn,t hear the answering machine!!
Anyway I all over in chicas!! I met the daughter of my emailfriend and she is a great girl of 22...YES. fine culos as well and some fine tits.

I don{t know about saturday as we are planning a trip into the mountains.
That other chich I told you about (Diana)...I had an appointment but I didn{t go. So screw her...she was the one who lets me wait for three weeks on one pic of her!!!

Maybe we can do something next week....

Hey dude...about the vampy club of yours...Some ogf the other hostel buddies and me went for it last night. We were nearby Radio Nacional and in San miguel...nobody knew that place. WE drove for almost one hour arround..FUCK.
WE end up in some ho bar...I think it was called Tequilaa or something. Some mighty fine bitches there....woweeeee!!!
But also very agressive...some of those ask me after one minute for a beer and a cigatrette!! She ask 120 soles for one hour...buit I was too tired and I thought it was also way to expensive.
I hear the cicalina club are gurlz who do you for 50 soles an hour!!!!

Seen some street ho{s as well....they looked all great to me except for one ugly *****....yuk.

DUDES Lima has zillions of pretty chicks..If you speak some spanish and are open and not 50 with a huge beergut you might get lucky EACH NITE!!!!!

Hey NIBU ...next time get that phone if it rings dude....!!!

You can also leave me a message in Safe in Lima hostel....enrique barron 440 in Barranco (it{s nearby the Mitschubitsi car dealer).

ok....I have a fucking blister on my foot of the walking.



P: I did drink 9 (!) gklasses of home made pisco sour yesterday evening..!!!! Damn that stuff is good.

06-10-02, 19:50
Hi to ye all.

If somebody ever doubts has doubts about the info Nibu gaves us...I can only tell this:


I was last night on a little trip with NIbu and his pal Juan...it was GREAT!!!

I mean the guy knows it ALL....NO SHIT!!!!

He knows all the plACES WERE TO GET LAID...WERE THE STREET HO{S HANG OUT...and much more!!!!!



Youi have it all...withe pussy,latina pussy,mestizo pussy...even black and chinese pussy....!!!

DAMN...I think I"l start to get adicted to this place:-)

I think Argentinian girls are pretty...but they nearly all have this stuck up nasty attitude towards Americans and Northeren Europeans.

And what{s more.....Argentina is way more expensive then Peru.....even with a full scale crisis going on.

I mean you can get laid here for 50 soles (US $ 15,-)....So why anyone wants going down to argentina????
Airfares are way more...hotels are more expensive...well you get the picture.

And Buenas aires isn{t a real save city (anymore).
Sure parts are save...but many parts aren.t...

Have fun you mongers..out there.


John Deli
06-11-02, 01:26
hi john . I'm an Italian guy and i've just reserved at safeinlima hostel. I'll be there monday !!
How is the hostel? Is it safe and comfortable?
See you in Lima man:)

John Deli
06-11-02, 10:13
hi Nibu!. Thank you for information about hotel polonia. What do you mean when you say "50 soles ", dollars or peruvian money, and what do you think about the safeinlima hostal?
I am 35 years old and i'm coming to Lima .After Lima i'll try to move north to Tarrapaco and then in Bolivia. What's the weather like in Lima now?
See you in Lima man:)

06-11-02, 10:19
Hi Nibu

Sorry for not replay on your messages for a while, I have bin busy with work and travel. I don't know when I will be back in Lima, maybe July.
The clubs The Piano and Traffic do have a dress code, I will recommend more dressed up than Jeans, especially if you want to go in an as non member. Remember this places market them against the "young, rich and famous" crowd. You will find the kid's of the most powerful people in Lima there, as well you young successful people. They are not trying to attend the foreigners, backpackers etc. It's like in the States/Europe, the doorman will let you in if you are cool, have the right looks, looks that you belong there. I don't know about Traffic, but The Piano will not honour a foreign passport to let you in, but both places will let non members come in early in the evening. If you want to be a member in this places you have to apply, and put up references to other members or/and the managers.
So I hope this did give you some more information.

John Deli
06-12-02, 09:42
yeah nibu. Everything is ready and monday afernoon i'll be in Lima.
I will be happy to join you and johan in your trip round Lima . At the beginning i will stay at the safeinlima hostal and then i'll move to one of the hotels you wrote me.
See you in Lima!

John Deli
06-12-02, 11:45
hi Nibu. I have one plan : to go to cape horn straight down by chile. My return flight is from santiago and i have abouth two months to spend in south america. First of all, i wanna stay in Lima and have some good time , then i will move to the north and then to bolivia and Chile. Thank you for your information . But what about the weather in Lima? And what about the medium cost to spend some time with a girl ? I'll write some more before monday and i hope to meet you . Johan , write something please.

06-13-02, 00:04
hi guys,

right now I stay in the ANTU hotel.
it is in Barranco.....Jean paul knows were this is. from safe in lima yu canb walk this in about 5-10 minutes!

The phone number is 247-4677.
the street is calle bregante. it is a vbery clean and safe hotel....but the oinly thing is the bar is closed!!!
OK giovanni ask JP about the hotel and hook up with me...

I am meeting some chicas tomorrow...but they are NO HOOKERS!!!
They are normalgirls....so don´t expect to much.

Try to leave a mesage for me at the hotel.
This wholeplace is pretty chaotic....and I don´thave my cell phone with me here.

I willcheck out the Kapital disco and others later.
Tomorrow for sure I will go to turkiis banos....hehehe



John Deli
06-13-02, 09:25
To Nibu : did u receive my e mails? To johan : thank you a lot, i will leave a message for you when i'll be in Lima. Maybe we can meet all of us to have some good time in Lima:)
See you in Lima!

John Deli
06-15-02, 09:48
hi Nibu. Thank you for your e-mail. I will call you monday when i'll be in safainlima hostel. thanks a lot Johan , i hope to meet you too monday in the evening. No more time now. I just have to take the plane and be in Lima !. See you in Lima my friends:)

06-16-02, 04:53
Hi 2 all,
Nibu I finally managed to log in into this new forum. Await my email on some investigations from me and Dr. Collazos on Sta Maria Auxiliadora Hospital.

Take care, call u back soon!

Ur Brother,

El Mercenario

Ps.- Dr Collazos says Standford ***** house has been re-opened. Can u confirm that? Also, do me a b-i-g favor: on Huaraz (breña) place tehre was a hot selva gril by the name of Rachel: can u please check if she is still working there ? (get her cel phone number!)

06-20-02, 11:40
ok...I am back in Holland now...got very lucky only to get 90 minutes delayed in Madrid airport.
They will strike today the WHOLE day!!!

here is the # of Jenny a realy nice goodlooking chick:
she is 22 years old. 175 cm large(!..I mean that is large in Peru guys...)
and have a great ass....:-)
She works in peppers AND in platters in calle naverette in San Isidora..

Also that other charapita chick phoned me several times...Jose knows her. She lives on Cruce de Facett/calee venezuela in the street las Alileas 281.
Her name is Fabiola, 25 year old...and she has a kid of 9. She looks good,but speaks NO english.
Her cell phone is 8720045. She is FUN,but she is also desperate to get out of peru.
Watch out dudes...This one wants to get out real bad!!!! She also has a girlfriend named Janina....also a great looking chick. She speaks a bit english.

right now I try to get rid of that fucking jet lag..:-(
Man I am so tired...had to wait nearly 4 hours in Madrid....:-(


06-20-02, 21:46
Johan, After you rest give us your opinion of Lima.

06-21-02, 03:53
Coming back to Lima early next month.

Speak some passible spanish, but not enough to venture far from home there.

Looking for good info in San Borja / San Isidro / maybe Miraflores.

I'm staying in Ate (Salamanca) - by ave Canada / Rosa del Torro.

Particularly interested in young 18-19 ans w/ small breass.

Early during the day only (as my wife will be with me.......

Went to a baños turcos on ave avacion last year, and know of a few listed there still, but don't want to waste time.

Thanks in advance -


06-21-02, 22:49
My opinion about Lima.

Hi guys,

Ok I will write MY personal view upon Lima. As you know (or not know) I have been arround in some countries to see,*****mongering or whatever.
I was in Bulgaria last year and in Greece. This year I was in Dom. Republic and in Peru (Lima)
In earlier year I spend time in Romania (my ex was from there),Hungary,Poland,Czech Republic,Ukraine. Also I am familiar with my oun country the Netherlands,Belgium and Germany and Spain.
Some buddies of mine visited Thailand,Philipines and Brasil. But I myself was never in those countries. Fromwhat I hear about Thailand it is clean,save and good fucks. Brasil is certanly more expensive but has more women that I would prefer. (I am NOT realy into the asian types)
India also seems to be a rising star in the fuck scene. But hey….nowadays…who wants to get a fucking atomic missile on his head??? LOL.

As a person I realy like tanned women and prefer black,latina,mulatta,Indian or darker skin white women.
In DR I had some pretty nasty fuck action. I fucked one haitian girl,and she was HOT. Also I fucked a few DR girls,some of them were hot and two of them were real DEAD PIECES of MEAT.(that is a negative fuck experience…well you get the picture).
The women in Lima looked GREAT. You have all types there. Even black jungle girls (charapita’s),real latinas and white type of girls and meztiso’s (mix between indian and white).

As a whole I found the ho scene less aggressive as in DR or in Bulgaria/Ukraine. Were sometimes pimps are very seeiable at present in the street trying to “sell” you something of their merchandise. I don’t like that…I like to make my own pick,without being hassled by some streetpimp.
AS A WHOLE I prefer the NON-Professional women,or the socalled amateur sluts. (the peruvians call them “Ruckas”) Usualy you can fuck one of those after spending some beers or dinning out in one of the cheap dinners in peru. (great food guys!!!) Offcourse some of these
Compared to eastern Europe the prices of pro-ho’s were relatively LOW. The DR is definitely MORE EXPENSIVE TO GET LAID AS PERU…..that’s for sure. Also the food And the hotels overthere (in trhe DR) are more expensive.
Also I never realy felt unsecure in Peru. That is offcourse if you do NOT go alone to certain area’s as callao,La Victoria or Brena. In the normal districts there is NO greater risk then fe in Amsterdam,New York or London to get robbed or get mugged.

EAst Europe as a whole is way more expensive. Imean maybe for US guys it is stil atractive for *****mongering,but for me Dutch guy it is too expensive. I mean I paid in 1999 in Kiev allready US $ 50,- for one hour with a hooker in a nightclub. And that was three years ago.And she wasn’t THAT great looking……

I also met an american dude in Lima who was in cambodia. And that guy told me that there was this Australian runned hotel in Pnom Penn which was called the “walkabout” or something.
In this place you could realy get laid for the WHOLE night witth gorgeous whoors for less them US $ 20,-!!!! An hour was just about 5-7 bucks…!! I mean those prices are hard to beat…everywere.
I just don’t understand why US males pay so goddamn much for a ***** in the US…..it is a bloody shame. They should legalize it.

Lima is a vivid and lively city. The moment I got off the airplane I smell this smog from benzine,diesel and whatever smelly shit. Also it is a very LOUD city with cars hunking everywere,kids running and playing in restaurants….well you know. If you like to rest LIMA is OFF LIMITS!!! Lol.
But the nightlive is GREAT. Sure mondays and tuesdays it is dead…..but hey…we can’t party 24-7 non-stop….???

But now I have met this realy nice chick in Lima I guess my *****mongering days are over……
I am definitely going back there. At the latest in march next year.
But you’ll never know what happens.



06-21-02, 23:00
Hi guys,

I have been reading some posts on the argentinian section here...
And I realy can NOT believe what I see.
Some dudes actualy PAY US $ 150-200,- an HOUR for a ho in Argentina!!!!!!!

They are fucking crazy. They spoil it for all other guys.
For that amount of money you could get laid Three whole nights in Lima!!!!! with a gorgeous chick.


06-22-02, 16:53
Thanks Johan for your candid opinion of Lima.

06-22-02, 18:05
Johan ... your post of 06-21-2002 at 22:49 hours is great.

06-23-02, 16:51
Hi to ye all.

Ok..the sunday before i left (16th june) Jose and I went to tropical. There we met a sax player (a friend of Jose) With him we drove to break and there were still many chicas arround...even at 3.30 am!!
That is were I met that charapita chica named Fabiola (see earlier post).
She was HOT...and also her GF Janina..(she spoke some engl)
But it was very late,she was a bit drunk and I was tired.
I brought them home and we exchanged adresses and phone numbers.

I could know she was real desperate to get out of Peru...she is 25 with a young daughter of 9.
I could have taken advantage of her very easely,but that is NOT my style.

So I gave you dudes her number and address...CALL HER. But better speak spanish because she doesn;t speak engl. too much.

Thursday night I picked up a ho in peppers. (san isidora) maned Jenny. (well nibu knows her too)
She looks great and is sympatico. (no type of ho that grabs your wallet right away...LOL)

Next time I am in Lima I have to think about something because my new GF will be watching my ass very closely...!!

Giovanni I only saw at our little ho-crusade monday night. He was deadtired and wanted to see Italy-Korea at the WC Football.
Next day I was very busy with buying souvenir shit and packing and saying goodbye to everybody.

But let me tell you guys......LIMA KICKS ASS AND IS 200% FUN TO BE IN. All those guys seeing Macchu picchu...FUCK Those places don't go anywere...Right NOW I want ACTION. I mean I ain't getting any younger here;-)(35)
Ok...if you are 58 and having a huge beergut you always still can fly to Dom. Rep...LOL:-)


06-23-02, 16:57
to all you dudes who still go sex hunting in Colombia or other (dangerous) shitholes.....

I mean there are lots of places with pretty gurlz and good pussy. There is no need to get your ass shot at or getting kidnapped.
Argentina isn't all that save anymore...and way too pricey and has not much variety on chicas.(mostly only white latin types)



06-23-02, 19:30
on my way back home I sat next to a Bolivian guy. He was some kind of housing constroctor guy. He was some hotshot of that organisation in Bolivia,and the guy showed me his paspoort. Boy...he did travel all over South-And middle america,and now his first trip to Europe.
He visited a organisation In Belgium. As he din't spoke any english (nore dutch) I helped him to find his way out of Brussels airport to Overijse.(were he had to go to).

He envited me into La Paz next year.
If I am in Peru in March,I will visit Cusco and probably La paz too. (with my girlfriend)
We cpuld stay (for free) in his hostal from the CSTCB. (Confederacion Sindical de trabajadores en Construccion de Bolivia)

Nibu....I send you allready her picture.

But I am afriad that next year I will have to do some sneaky operations as she is truly a very serious (catholic) girl.
She has C-cup tits....:-) And a real nice ass.
And what's more......she speaks a decent english!!

Anyway....that guy told me that in Bolivia also MANY women and not so much men...;-) So a non-pro fuck scene will be garantueed..in La Paz.!!!
However take it easy the first two days.....as LP is the HIGHEST capital in the world at about 4250 meters! You could get into trouble regarding the high-altitude.

Have fun you mongers.


PS: for anyone who still didn't know: I LOVE LATINA ASS...!!!! IT RULES!!! No one can beat latin asses....:-)All ye guys go and fuck arround in Russia,Thailand or whatever place....I'll stick to latino-America...!!(peru)

06-23-02, 21:21
To johan007 or anyone who can help me,

What are the going rates for chicks in Lima at the moment for either short-time or all-night service?

What's the legal age of consent in Peru?

Thanks in advance.

06-24-02, 00:24
ok buddy I hear ye....

legal age is 18. But mind you some gurlz are 15-16 as well...and ON THE JOB;-)
Normaly they don't give you a hard time if you fuck a 16 year old being an adult....but it is always better to ask for any ID before IF you have doubts about her age.(most girls do look way older)
Only citizens above 18 have ID's...!!;-)

Well some snobby little ho asked my in peppers night club 150 soles for one hour (that is US $ 44,-) But I do NOT pay that...not even if she is a 9 or a 9.5...NO WAY!
Gurlz in clubs might go with you between 80-120 soles....average price is about 100 soles (US$ 29,-) that is a fair price.
MIND YOU....FOR GIRLS IN CLUBS STILL HAS TO BE PAID THE FUCKING SALIDA (to get her out) now...that is usualy another 30 soles us $ 8,70)
In the end you will have to give her also 5 soles for a taxi,if she was good. If she was lousy do NOT give her any taxi money..!!

Beware if you go to any shady fuck-o-rama hotel.....it is better to take that chick up to your place.
DO NOT buy that crap some ho's tell you that you can go with TWO of them to your hotel.(i admit..it's tempting..lol)....ONLY One is being allowed up to your room! The other one is a waiste of money;-)
In most hotels they wait untill you come down with her....so they see everything is ok and she didn't steel anything from you.Do NOT flash arround your money or your wallet.....;-)

That would be MY advise. Anyway most fuckhotels take you for another 35-50 soles an hour....(that is another US $ 10-14,50)
So it all adds up you know.

Cheapest gurlz are the streetwalkers. They are everywere. On "La Marina".calle arequipa (watch out for transvesties)...or down in "miraflores" the calle de Pizza. (more classy ho's)
They ask you 100-120 soles an hour. But you can bargain them down to 50-90 soles an hour(depending on the gurlz looks,your spanish and the time...)...and you do NOT have to pay any stupid salida;-)Normaly when it is getting real late (after 01.00 AM) I do NOT take any hooker for longer then one hour.
Whole night is Bullshit IMHO.

If you just want a quick shot for half an hour...never pay more then 40 soles!!

You can ask Nibu about this too.....the guy is an expert. I seen him in action,so I know;-)



06-24-02, 04:34
Does anyone know how you can get the cucardas web page. Everytime I use the old web address I get some fucking law firm.

LA Larry
06-25-02, 14:40
Hey NIBU: (or Johan)

Need your expert adice on the scene in Lima.

How does it compare with the chicas from Buenos Aires.

What do the girls look like?

What are their attitudes?

Are there allot of 10s down there?

What does a 10 cost? and what does a 6 cost?

Is anal allowed?

Thanks for the info (keep up the posts!)

06-25-02, 16:08


Av. Aviación 3040 1er. piso, timbre 101, San Borja, costado Tacos

was only like 2 girls there (ok looking) when I went.

35 s/ for massage/hj.

I have seen others on Aviacion, and nearby but thats the only one i went to.

Got the idea from a web site - www.relax4.s5.com

i think they get the ads there mostly from the sunday el-comercial.

I like the baños, but want more ideas. (Safe - cheap- daytime!)

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


06-25-02, 23:25
For LA Larry (and maybe others?)

I never was in Argentina or in BA....so I don't know shit about that scene.

BUT....I do know some about latin women as my list of EEWL at yahoo was originaly a list for western man with Latin women.

Some of my Opinions about argi women.
1) Many of them are having CLASS...not to say even sometimes a bit SNOBBY.I personaly do NOT like this.
2) Their looks. They are very pretty real latina girls. You see selfomly dark skinned or mestizo gurlz in BA...and that is something which I also do NOT like. (I prefer darker women...)
3) The general attitude towards america is neutral and in sme cases even hostile. Most women (even if they are poor or runnned down) still prefer a life in Europe,that is Spain or Italy.
Many argi's have spanish or Italian ancestors...so....;-)
A life in the USA or Northern European area(non-latin countries) will NOT be attractive for them.

basic line:
Everywere you can find pretty gurls and good fucks. But RIGHT now I think the argi women are a bit OVERPRICED and overrated.
Also I hear more and more stories (also on this noble board) that BA is NO longer a save heaven and is becoming rapidly equaly dangerous as Rio de J. or Colombia!!

Please ask this question also on the argi section......

That was MY opinion.

I like Lima and peru....I think it is more authentic then Argentina.
Also the prices are much lower then in Arg.
Not to mention the HUGE flight (17 hours) from Europe to BA....:-( which is still 3 hours more then to Lima.
besides that I like many kinds of women...Charapita jungle gurls,white latinas,black skinned women or mestizo ladies. I am afarid you can only find the more (white) European looking latinas in Argentina......so for me Arg. is right out as a target for sextravels.
I was also in many other places...recently also in DR.....great fuck place..but as a whole LESS quality girls and less culture to offer as Peru.

If you still want to go and get laid in Arg.....do send in a tripreport.



06-25-02, 23:42
ooo sorry I forgot to tell about looks....but hey..that is kinda personal.

personaly I like em a bit chubby with a great latin ASS. Preferable a Bubble butt. Tits..like a good B or a C-cup. I don't like those huge flappy DD-cuppers...yuk. Good firm legs as well...is a must.

Ages....yu'll find the more younger ones everywere.
If you are into 16-18 year olds...ask any cabbi....they know wer those "rucka's" hang out. OR read thse postings of Nibu...;-)

personaly Im prefer them between 20-25.

In some sleazy shady clubs (Hawai....hee Nibu remember that one???? lol) YOU HAVE YOUR AVERAGE 5-7 GURLZ...AND ONCE IN A WHILE A TRUE 8.

iN THE MORE pro places (peppers,platters,la marina etc,etc) you find between 6-8....and once in a while a true 9.
The street action in Calle Pizza is between 7-8 as well....some stuner might there. Av. Arequipa is between 5-7...sometimes a true 8. WATCH OUT FOR TV'S.
All over Lima you can find streetaction if YOU look good. In the weekend this is the best.(thursday-saturday)

Blunt 10's I seldomly saw....and this is NOT my main objective as I know that 10's seldomly are GOOD FUCKS. Mostly they are just TOO goddamn stuck up and snobby.

So I go for the 7-8 kindda women.
If am real horny and want to have a quick "de-load"...a 6 will do as well.(or a free-be...lol)

During the daytime downtown and in Miraflores you can watch DOZENS stunners (8-9's) in their office uniforms or whatever cloths passing by. Personaly I like LEGS,and BUTTS...so I watch for these features. f she also has a nice face,that is a bonus..LOL.
Please remember that these women are NOT *****s and you need a pretty good pick-up line to score with those babes,because they tend to be a bit picky. Their ages may vary bewteen 21-30-ish In Latin countries you can PICKUP women at the street.....they don't feel uneasy with it. The worst that can happen is that she ignores yu and walks by.

As long as you are NOT over 45 and don't have a huge beergut and you speak some spanish your changes are 50-50 to pick one up,as many Limena women are realy into forreign (white) guys.

Good Luck.


06-26-02, 13:03
Hell I forgot Nibu....I only know her tots were HUGE...!!!
DD super knockers or something like that...damn.


07-05-02, 16:59
SUITES DE BARRANCO. Two thumbs down. NOT recommended.

I visited this combination strip club and cathouse last week on a Wednesday night about 8:45 pm. I had heard about this place for a decade or more and was curious to see if this expensive place really had the best girls in town.

The doorman explained in Spanish that the minimum was 100 soles, about US $30, which included four beers or two drinks. Optionals included a room at $70 for about an hour and, of course, a price to be paid to the girl, which in Lima nightclubs seemed to start at $100 and go up. I asked if there was a show going on and the doorman said yes.

He walked me inside and proceeded to try to sell me on a $200 annual membership. He explained that benefits included 20 percent off of a bottle purchase such as 600 soles for scotch would cost 450 soles and bringing in three guests at no charge for them. I wondered why such a well-known place was selling memberships?

There were about 25 girls and four customers inside the club. None of the girls approached me or any of the customers. Girls would talk to a customer if he initiated the conversation. After ten minutes, a girl danced one number on the stage.

For the next hour, I sat alone at the bar and stared at the walls, the uninspired mundane decor, and the girls nailed to their chairs. I could not believe that not one girl would come by me sitting at the end of the bar near the entrance. Two girls eventually came to the other two customers at the bar and they simply took what they could get and bought drinks for the girls.

The girls were more interested in talking to each other, sitting around the club than the customers. But, hardly any girl would walk around, much less walk near the bar where myself and two other customers sat. They were on the average more attractive than most elsewhere. However, I did not see any real beauties (yes, a subjective viewpoint) in Suites de Barranco. I thought some girls elsewhere were better than any SDB girl, such as a few in Emmanuelle and Club 69 which charged half the minimum.

Finally, about 10 pm, over an hour later, another girl got up to dance on the stage. She was thin and nearly flat-chested, maybe a rated seven. As she began, I drank up and left. Outside the building but still inside the enclosed compound, all the doormen had disappeared but a middle-aged lady employee ran up to me to give me a free drink coupon for my next visit. I explained that Suites de Barranco was overpriced and boring and gave it back. She did not look surprised or unexpected.

I left the place feeling like I had wasted $30 and my time. I could have bought four beers at the bars, Platters, Two Star, and Peppers, in the district of San Isidro for ten soles each or $12 total, looked at so-so quality girls who charged much less for an encounter, and could have gotten more enthusiasm and personal warmth. Of the ten or more places I visited in Lima last week, Suites de Barranco was the worst experience.

My advice: save your money and go elsewhere. its exclusive reputation of yester-years is not justified today.

07-05-02, 18:06
I was in Lima about three months ago and stayed one night at the Prince Hotel somewhat close to the airport. A girlfriend and I stayed there. This is a fairly pricy hotel for the area and I was expecting privacy and security, but instead got a ***** knocking at my door every ten minutes.

We arrived and were escored to the room by the bellboy. HE left and not 20 min later had passed when a skinny girl wearing nothing but a shirt came to my door and handed me a beer. I don't speak much spanish but my girlfriend is Peruvian so she asked the girl what she wanted. She wouldn't say anything. I opened the beer, gave it back to her and shut the door. Anyway, this girl had knocked and scratched at my door all night...probably a dozen times in all. I don't know if she was a drunk **** looking for some 3-way action...or just a prostitute. She was about a 6, but young. Anyone know of this hotel's reputation?

If you are a white guy traveling to LIma, check out prince hotel. I'm sure you'll get a visit.

07-06-02, 00:59
Hi blobster.

Nearby the airport?? that must have been Callao..a shitty neighborhood! Seems to me that was some kind of Fuck-hotel were they rent rooms by the hour...LOL..

Couldn't you convince your GF that you could fuck the shit outta that gurl?? Maybe she was also nice for your GF??
Yeah I reckon she must have been drunk...knowing you in there with your GF...LOL...(try to imagion the picture)

why did ye stay that long in such a boring place....???

Like I said before (some-were) Nibu and I like real sleazy places...in such places it doesn't take long before some hot chibola or a hot freaking Ruka HO comes up to YOU....:-) I like em young and busty and a bit chubby. I don't like slick,wised-up,smart-ass ho's who think we are all dump shit gringo's....:-(
Ho's who speak too good english are also a RED FLAG for me....;-)

The women in Platters and pepper are ok....some try to get wise to you and tell you crap that yu can bring them BOTH to your hotel!! Do not buy that shit...most hotels do NOT allow more then ONE gurl inside your room..!!
Did you meet Jenny in Peppers??? I gave the cell number of her in an earlier posting. She is great. Quite,not too flashy and good in bed. Also she is a great LOOKER!!:-)


07-06-02, 06:50
Nibu,The area that the Hotel del Rey is located in is called Gringo Gulsh.A lot of Americans congregate there. There are alot of men there with a lot of money. Girls in the Blue marlin start out quoting prices of $100 dollars.I tell them how much i am willing to pay. Alot of the Americans just pay what the girls ask,they have the money and dont care about trying to keeping the prices down.They are there for a little fishing and a little sex and they are out of there. I like the convience of the Hotel Del Rey.

07-07-02, 01:50
Hey Guys,
I am planning to spend a week in Lima, not sure but hopefully in
August. I want to know for a guy that wants to have a week to remember, how should I plan for it? I have read about some of the shows and I am interested in going but defintely don't want to spend alot because I can't really afford it. Want to try las cucardas for one and want to know what are the best sex shows to see and thereafter houses to go. Don't really want to "buy" a girl from the bar because I heard it is expensive. I like to travel
alone and just want some recommendations. Thanks to anyone that can help me. - iamlookin

07-07-02, 20:17
Hi to all the crew.. tehre is no need to get though but I believe most reports must go on the topic -not a simple sum up of #this is the way I like girls". Please Jackson, keep msgs right to the topic.. just a suggestion.

BTW, when will u be finally back in Lima Nib? Gotta join for some "investigations" right away!

- El Mercenario

J Wadd
07-09-02, 02:20
Hi guys -- I'm a long-time Brasil+ poster, and I was wondering if someone could take the time to give a full scene-report of Lima.

I.e. Streetwalkers, sex-discos, sex-restaurants, pick-up lounges, hotels, massages, high-end escorts, pick-up bars, in-call, etc. Safety? Etc.?

Thanks in advance,

Member #4239
07-20-02, 12:30
When I am on a business trip, I work my ass off. Those of us who actually have jobs know exactly what I am talking about. If I am in a country for 4 days on a work trip, I don't have time to be searching around for the cheapest pros in town, even though I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently. So I just arrange to have a top of the line girl delivered to my hotel room. Now if it costs 100$ or 150$, so be it. And I know that the poor girl ends up getting may be 30 or 40$ at most, and the rest goes to middle men, but that is not my problem.
Now there are a couple of punks here in this forum(I think we all know who I am talking about) who think they know everything, and that every body else is a moron. They think that no matter what, you should always look for the cheapest motel room, and the cheapest *****s. Well, that's BULLSHIT. They also think that because I pay 100$ for a top of the line agency girl, that somehow they will suffer by having to pay higher prices for their cheap *****s. Even if that were true, THAT'S TOUGH. I like a bargain-every body does- but when time is limited, you do the best you can.
So I say to the couple of jerks who think they own this forum, go f... yourselves. PENTA. J.G.

Nibu Raphael
07-21-02, 07:31
Hi The article and photos are still posted on Yahoo News Sorry it was Utopia at Jockey Plaza Piano Discoteca is The one By El Polo Shooping mall across from The US Embassy. I heard some important rich young kids of congressmen died. Yeh Greed Kills The Mayor of that district said the Club was an accident waiting to happen. JG Looks like your club is gone. FOr JG The clubs you need to check out in Lima for your rich tastes Traafic,Piano Discoteca,Costa Verde Grill and SHITTY Suites De Barranco. Rich Club 69 is kind of alright. I got the new Cueros mag. but whenever I go to The Cueros website it never functions at all.The Website is www.cueros.com.pe If It does not function E mail them cueros@terra.com.pe If you want to get a copy of the Monthly mag. Write them a letter Jiron Porta 130 Oficina 809 Miraflores Lima Peru. Most of the ads seem to be taken from El Comercio newspaper. Telefax them 446- 5254,9229409 and 9669715. Ask the international operator for the Lima Peru Code I think 511- I got a great hand job nudey show from my good friend Pamela tonight at 131 Perricholi in San Isidro for a 100 soles. A great friend of mine I have known her for over a year. Wendy is long gone from Perricholi. Wendy had no Tits but very friendly. When Pam used to work on Canturias Her Friend also my friend Mily was very nice. Mily Is living in Comas still but a Normal job now I think Telemarketing,,,,,,, Got to Get Back To Cold flesh---- Bloodstorm,,,,,,,,,, NIBU,,,,, ARRGGHH Brutal Musick And SEX...

07-22-02, 06:27
In file, you can find sex of different prices, some prefer something very cheap and others prefer to pay but for a deluxe service.
I have proven the two types, but according to what I have read, many of the recommended places are dangerous and I would never go.
For what I would recommend it is to ask well according to their economic possibilities.
That that if I can assure it is that in Lima many women try to take advantage of the tourists, to if as some nightclubs.
If they ask me which is the best Nightclu, I tell them that it was the Emmanuelle, but it finishes it time that I was (two weeks you finish) there was not any girl that was worthwhile, or that it was worth the price that they request US $100.00.
I found another place in San Isidro that I consider good, cheap and I clean; it is not a nightclub but is a brothel.
Visit the following page www.placeresdelperu.galeon.com
Good Luck

Big Johnson
07-22-02, 15:05
Nightman and JG,

I too come to Peru only for work. I understand the too beat to hit the streets and find sex. Nibu is lucky and more willing to assimilate to the local culture and life style. JG, it sounds like you and I need a first class hotel to transact more business than sex business. Finding a street girl or more local type provider wouldn't be the easiest move in Marriott. The other side of the coin is you don't want to destroy the market as well like Costa Rica. So, I see both sides. A girl that is receiving a higher payment will tend to be happier about giving you service. She is just happier in her job. She may not need to rush to go on to the next client. She may share a drink with you. Talk with you.
Give you more GFE. Some people shop at K mart, some at Nieman Marcus. You may get the same thing but you may be willing to pay more for the service and presentation.

So each can do as he needs, in the end both parties get what they want.

07-23-02, 14:55
Nibu, i would like to talk with you. Please email me at acatman@hotmail.com

07-23-02, 18:20

I don't care what some Folks are telling me here. I LOVE SLUTS!!!! With their shorts skirts,their sleazy t-shirts and above all their cheap looking trashy jewelry...:-)GOD I love em....

AS long as they wash up a bit and use a condom whilst fucking: I DO NOT CARE!!
For me LIMA was ****-HEAVEN man.....:-)
And if you speak some spanish....YOU ARE READY TO GO!!!!!

Go fuck those chibola Ruka sluts....NIbu.
Damn I'm missing them allready. At this moment I am getting my doubts about Venezuela man.....indeed pretty scarey shit overthere,nearly just like Colombia.
Whats next?? Turkey (heard some pretty nasty T-sluts overthere),brasil??
I also KNOW Suriname has LOADS of young girls who want to get out (preferably to Holland....jajajaja;-) Here you surely can get many GFE's...as well as pro-action. Many DR,Colombian and brasil ho's in Suriname. For US $ 50 you'll fuck em ALL NIGHT (yes that's right JG....;-)
It is cheap,save and has LOTS of dark and mixed women.....:-)
btw also no language probs for me there,because Suriname was a Dutch Colony and everybody speaks Dutch:-)


07-25-02, 02:56
Hey Nibu,

Thanks for the info on the ruka clubs - I didn't get to try any of them, but did go by a couple of them in north ate along carratera central. My wife made it a point to remind me that that area is verry dangerous, and it is all hoes...

I did get to try several of the baños turcos in san borja...Kings that you recommended - great inside, and not to bad for s/30 entrance - s/30 for a basic massage. There were about 10 girls working ranging from 5 - 8. I picked the 8. You were right - all small b - c cups - which I prefere. She did an ok massage - but tried to gouge the dumb gringo for s/280. I made it a point to explain that I was a somewhat educated gringo - and that that was fucking outrageous!!! She got the picture, and gave in to s/90...I didn't haggle any further, and she was good looking - but she tried to end as quickly as possible.

Tried another one 3115 avacion t-202 in san borja - only 2 girls in a made over apartament - 1 was pretty good - you can have the sauna and a massage for s/50 or just a massage for s/35. She didn't go for f/s - but did give some good lip service - sin ropa for s/50. They might do more if you have been there a few times.

There are several others along that stretch of avacion - but didn't try them as there was nobody worth trying ...

Untill my next visit nextt year...

07-25-02, 03:02
Nibu - p2

Didn't see much street action..went to miraflores around kennedy park last friday and had pisco sours at haiti - damn good, and damnn too strong ---- but you can sit and watch the girls walking by and around the park....but other than there - didn't see any....

That fire was some shit - we could hear the band playing at jockey plaza when we came back from miraflores - i am just glad that there was not any serious problems in lima with that para they had on the 17th.....

Nibu Raphael
07-31-02, 08:15
Hi Nibs Back Shit Sorry I pressed a button before finishing my message and fucked up. Yeh Last Night in Tequila I was there for 4 hours This Young skinny **** there Monica is a *****. Gabriela Big 38 DD is a ***** too. Always be careful in Tequila I do not go very often just once in a great while because of too many stuck up cunts there go to www.tequilarock.com.pe Another joke there is When the working girls go in there with There Peruvian boyfriends all PROUD. Shit They Are *****s good for fucks not more. Johan knows my girl is no *****. *****s to fuck not for girlfriends or wifes. Also most of these Peruvian boyfriends and there hooker *****s live on less money then me monthly. Whatever Fuck them as Jackson says knowledge is POWER. All you Foreign guys just be careful in Tequila Johan knows. Do not be shafted ***** Gabriel quoted 80 bucks to me. Shit she is worth 40 not 80. If half of these bitches lowered there prices they would have more instead They Fall short on money in Peru. Greedy Fucking Cunts. I wanted Gabriels Cell number and she said she does not give numbers to strangers. Shit Alright then I offered Here A Beer and She declined. Shit How Would I get to know her and become an UNSTRANGER. DUMB FUCKING ****. I also saw when she left to Fuck this other Chum She Took her ***** blonde Girl with The Big Ass Too. You regualars at Tequila would know these two cunts and to Cry Baby ***** MONICA WAAAAAAAAAAA WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

07-31-02, 10:50

yes tequila rock is great for looking...but if you get a ho from there it'll cost ye!!!! Some even ask 100 bucks as if it were the normal thing in the world...well NOT here!!
Like Is aid before.....i DON'T PAY WESTERN PRICES IN A THIRLD WORLD COUNTRY...;-) How hot or pretty those cunts may be...;-)

I mean there are so many other places were one can pick up cheaper ho's or even normal Gurlz....

One stupid ***** even asked me 50 bucks for a backrub massage.the first night I was in Lima..hahahahah..YEAH RIGHT!!!

I can copy that, Nibu's GF is very attractive and a decent girl.

Some guys have all the luck....lol.

Nibu more and more I am thinking of getting down to Suriname next year....:-)
Been emailing with some hotties from Colombia...but the place is too dangerous for me.
Lately I only hare BAD stuff from South-America.....Paraquay,Venezuela,Argentina,Brasil (real is also going down the hill)Ecuador,Colombia etc.etyce.etc.
DR is also going down the hill with tourists numbers.....haiti is f*cked up anyway......
Cuba??? naaa don't think so...too much hassle to porc a Girl there. Costa Rica also isn't exactly your cheapest holiday place to be:-(



08-04-02, 02:00
Hi Nib and all the crew,

Such a long time.. well I got just one question: does any body know where in Lima can I get a black grl to have sex with? I mean, I am looking for a hot no-time-rusher to fuck for the lowest price... Once I went to Lima´s DT but was unable to find Negra Fresa.. Nib, Iu say there is one big titted Negra by Universitaria: P_L_E_A_S_E send me her phone numba! Any one else who knows of any black **** for rent, mail me at gvelasquez@yahoo.com


El Mercenario

08-04-02, 19:34
El M.

I emailed just such a BLACK busty hot gurlie to Nibu about two weeks ago!!! She lives in Lima and is 25 yo.
with phone number...!!!! She is a player I guess....

I stupid ass deleted her email....ask NIbu if he still has that mail...with picture.
You'd love her man....big black busty tits and ass...:-)

Anyway I know those types are hard to come by in Lima:-(


08-06-02, 23:08
Howdy folks,

I'm planning a trip to Peru (Lima and Cuzco) here at the end of August. Everything I've read from your posts (Johan and Nibu) sounds great. I had just a couple more questions:

-How bad is street crime in Lima?

-Is the economy hitting the skids like in Brazil and Uruguay?

Thanks for the advice,

LA Larry
08-11-02, 14:00
Johan or Nibu--

Please provide the board with prices in US Dollars for SHORT TIME and LONG TIME expereinces with Hobby Bar girls in Lima.


08-13-02, 22:42

I am NOT a pro in this but I try.

sleazy *****s (hehe my dept.)...all arround Lima on the streets...main place is calle arequipa..look out for TV's...:-(
US$ 10-20 for an hour....but if yu come late or on a rainy night yu can do em in a backalley for 5-10 bucks:-) but then it's only a "shot" and go....ok? Calle Marina is also street action....
Nibu...what did you pay for that BJ there??? 3 bucks??

more classy women on the streets...cale pizza or down in central (watch out for those little piranitas fucks) 15-25 bucks/hours.

Club girls....depends on the club..in Hawai (hehe) you can blow your cookies for 15 bucks.....IF you go to a real classy joint pay up 50-70 bucks....
remember those gurlz ask you for cab fare...."salida"....and maybe some other BS fee.....do NOT give em more then 5 soles for a cab...!!!

Expensive escort/hotel hookers 70-100 bucks /hour....worthless.....snobby pieces of shit....:-( Most likely to be clockwatchers or dead pieces of meat:-(

disco hookers are 50 bucks...they suck...no action and too expensive.

GFE....is certainly more $$$$$ but also MORE fun....:-)

I settle for the sleazy bags;-) They give the best sex.

Besides that the non-pro action is the best...take your time..and LEARN SPANISH!!!!!!

Ask Nibster for real gutter sleazy clubs in Callao....I gues for 10 bcks you could get FS for maybe 90 minutes!!!IF they like you.....;-)


09-16-02, 22:19
hi johan & nibster

thanx for the phone numbers; ive just learned the wsg forum was operational.. hell, nib foward to me that email of the busty black mama johan says he sent ya! dont forget to include the phot, asap!

btw, here i got a few more cell phones:

shirley: a 23-25 years selva light babe. nice big tits and good attitude. 864-5556. full service: 50 soles for 30 minutes (u pay the hotel) **

sahiam: a 21-23 years looking shorty white grl. has that [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901) like face. 852-1489. full service: 65-70 soles for 30 min. (u pay the hostal)**

rachel: 28-30 years old. seems "jungle-chola". big tits and big assed. full service: 35 soles for 30 minutes (u pay the hotel). 890-5586***

jacky: 25-26 years looking jungle baby. recalls me a girl from "colombianas 2" cd video. full service: 50 soles for half an hour. 854-0832 ***

when i say: "full service", it means oral, vaginal and anal. the * refers to the overall attitude (i.e.: if the grl would suck your cock after anal sex... something i really enjoy, hell!)

the only one that may reach a 4* is a girl by the name of bibi; she works at "standford" hostal; she has changed her cell phone number so i havent been able to hire her in the last 2 months. whosever manages to get her cell, p-l-e-a-s-e post it!

why doees she deserve 4*? gotta discover it by yourself...

- el mercenario-

ps.- do never forget: whenever u go to a brothel u must get the girls cell phones.

09-18-02, 19:49
Hi Nibu Raphael,

may I ask you a specific question? As far I have understand you life permanently in Lima and you have a good knowledge about the girl situation there. First I have to say I like latina girls very much. To be honest because they have mostly a pretty face, a round big backside and a wesp waist. Now my question it is easy possible to get in contact with them? Are there a lot of Latina women (with Spanish or Italian ancestors) or have the majority native Peruan ancestors? To be honest again I don't like the look of the native people very much. Of course in South America you can find also pretty Indios like in Maracaibo /Venezuela but the most are not good looking. In Venezuela it is difficult to get in contact with women if you not speak Spanish and if you have not got pick up abilities like me. In Brazil it's very easy to get in contact with girls unfortunately not with the white Latina girls. How is the situation in Lima? I have to say that I'm 33 years old, I have a average look, I'm from Germany and I speak only a few words in Spanish.

Thanks in advance!


09-19-02, 01:59

I was in DR and I saw a lot of Germans there;-) Also a lot of cafees/restaurants are runned by germans.
Also in Brasil (Rio and Fortaleza) are MANY germans. I also hear in Cuba there are lots of them.
No mater WERE you go in SA....it's better you speak spanish. (unless in Brasil). Even in high profile tourists area's most people do NOT speak English!!!
Depending were you are....how you look....and if yu speak spanish you could get LAID everywere in SA as these women LOVE to Fuck.
I am from Holland and also speak German (very good) and English.
Am learning now more spanish as I will go in february to Colombia.(probably Cartagena,Cali or BQ)
Sorry Nibster...gotta get that Puzz overthere.....it's hot....;-)

Been thinking also to use my friend in Bolivia. But then again,Bolivia has NO FUCKING beach....and I missed that very much when being in Lima (it was winter then when i was there...so no swimming wheater).

Alles Gute DG69......und mache mal einen Mega-Fick in SA....:-)


09-19-02, 07:51
Hi Johan,

it's seems that you were in the same places like I. I was a few years ago in Varadero /Cuba before they throw out the pros. I was in Fortaleza and Rio several times. I was in Venezuela which I can't recommend and I'm from Frankfurt and maybe you know here are a lot of SA pros too. To be honest the situation in Frankfurt is very good if you search for a budget f... . In those brothels you pay 25 € even for a very pretty girl. It's only for 20 - 30 minutes but mostly that's time enough. I have to saw that here are many Columbian women from Cali and they are very pretty mostly. Therefore I'm very interested to go and spend my holiday there. But I'm not so sure because this area is not so save. I'm not very easy to scare but I would not fly alone to Cali. But, if you would go to the same time and you have some insider information than I would like to join you.
My plans for holiday in this year is next week I will go for two weeks to east Europe (Prag and Romania) und in the end of October for 3 or 4 weeks to Fortaleza or maybe to Lima. Fortaleza is a nice place to make holiday with good weather and nice beaches, also I guess now it's very cheap because the Real is going down. Before it was cheap too, I got there usally a good looking girl for the night in the Disco Desigual for about 50 - 70 Real. Unfortunately the average girls there are not so pretty you will find very seldom a girl who is a 8 mostly they are 5 or below. If someone can recommend me Lima than I would also like to try this country. You was also there I have read, could you tell me your impressions. Are the average girls there pretty and it's easy to come in contact with them? How is the price situation there is it a cheap country? Do you know the weather situation there in October? OK, enough questions for today.

All the best and always try to stay upright!


09-19-02, 11:33

I was in Lima...in June this year!!! I had some action with Nibu.(ask him) The guy is in expert in sleazy *****s (just what I like...hehe)...and cheap brothels.

I never pay 50$ for an hour....in the end it's all the same...so why pay MORE???;-)

Fortaleza is cool....but NO marriage stuff there;-) (as I am also looking for a lifemate)

Did you ever was in Holland??? Here hookers are cheap.(mostly) Too bad we don't have too much SA *****s anymore...only in Amsterdam area(which is 2.5 hours drive from me:-(

Here we have a lot of private houses with ama-hooks....cost you €60-80 per hour.
Half hour is about € 30-35.......
But on the streetscene here it's abput 20-30....;-)

I married and LIVED In ROMANIA for more then a year....if you have questions ask me....!!(I also speak RO)
My last visit there was in 1998.....so maybe I am a bit outdated...but I still "know the tricks"...hehe (see the RO section)

Cali ITSELF is "save",(see the CO section).....UNLESS you travel to the country side...:-( That's a NO-GO area. From all cities Medellin and Bogota would be most likely the danegrous places to stay...so I was told.

Remember EVERYWERE you can get robbed,stolen or mugged....that's not an Colombian monopoly!! I once heard they mugged a German in DR (sosua) when I was there....and he was not the only one.

Show some Brasilian 09-11 shit last night on discovery.....brrrr gave me the creeps:-( Those guys are CRAZY!!

mail in private at: johan_nl@eudoramail.com
if ye have further questions...(i can read German...so don't withhold yourself;-)

Bis bald...


ps: I live 20 min from AACHEN;-)

09-19-02, 16:47
Hi Johan,

you wrote:

"I never pay 50$ for an hour....in the end it's all the same...so why pay MORE???;-)"

There is a kind of misunderstanding. I payed in Fortaleza for the whole night usually 50 Real and very seldom 70 Real that was in March about 25 - 35 € and it's now 17 - 23 €. So you can say Fortaleza is as cheap as Thailand. But the average girls there are also not look good, like in Thailand too. Of course in Fortaleza you have to pay more if you are there in December /January when is the high season. Then Fortaleza is packed with Italian guys. Also, it's a question of your own look or your charm, if you look good or have a lot of charm you pay less. In Thailand only money rules, in Fortaleza you can also find very easy a women as life time partner if you speak Portugese or Spain. Even if not like me I could find there always a girlfriend. The matter is the type of girls I like is very seldom there and therefore very difficult to get. OK, this is not more about Lima and it's better when we disscus via Email.

Also, bis gleich!


09-20-02, 19:19

My emails to you are being returned to me!!!
do you ahve another email adress???


09-20-02, 20:30
Hi Johan,

I got your email this morning and I send you my email also this morning. Have you got it? I have a other email address but is from my work and I don't won't post it here. Try a second time to this email address GermannD@gmx.de.

See you!


09-22-02, 23:07
I am heading down to Lima next Wednesday(9/25) and will be there til Sunday. Anyone going to be in town (or already living in Lima) during that time who wants to get together to chase puss and party, let me know. Last time I was there I hung out with Nibs and had a great time. You can email me at judd2120@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

09-26-02, 04:35
I return to Lima, two months in mine company is a long time. The last time that I stay in Lima I know Korean Girl 18 age, a pretty girl, but search in petit thouars block 33, but can´t found, somebody can help and say me where she work now.
Or say me another 17 to 19 teen girl phone.
Maybe I begining to work in Lima, I don´t like the mine.

Nibu Raphael
09-26-02, 21:14
Sorry I got cut off Milagros number at home is 564/2132 She also works at Banos Pacific on Colonial I think block 16...

09-29-02, 15:33
Has anybody tried Shantel from escortsperu.com?


Only two are listed on this site, however the other girl is a skank.

10-05-02, 01:27
To anyone that can help me here.
I have gone to Costa Rica a couple of times for the women and have had a great time. I am interested in checking out Peru. Can anyone tell me if there are brothels like in Peru. If anyone has been to CR are there places I can go to like VIPS, CLUB 40 or 747 of CR. I am fluent in Spanish and of cuban decent so there is no problem with me talking to the locals.
Is prostitution legal in Peru? Places like club 40 and Vips
charge about $17 -$18 bucks for a quickie. Is that what I will find in Peru? Girls at the Del Rey or Key Largo ask for $100 but settle for $60. thanks to anyone that can help me here.

Member #4351
10-07-02, 15:27
For iamlookin,

Easy. Go to El Salvaje (ex trocadero) on Avenida Argentina. Any cab driver will be able to take you. Should be a cab fare of about 15 soles (4 $) from Miraflores. Less from central Lima. If you have a car....not to hard to find. Let me know and I'll give you directions. Anyway entrance cost is 13 soles (a little less than $4). There are around 100+ girls from 1 to 7 or sometimes an 8. There is a super cutie named Carla at the end of the first row on the right. The girls charge around 15 soles (4$) for a quickie. Everyone will say that its dangerous. I've never had ANY problems. Great for trying various girls. Since its one of the only legal *****houses all the girls are regularly checked for disease. If you want to spend a little more...go to Las Cucardas (they've got a web page) o El Nene. Any cab driver knows about those too. Have fun and if you need any more info. Let me know. I've been living here for years.

Member #4351
10-07-02, 15:38
Hey Nibu,

What's Vivianna's number? Also what's she look like? You're right about Naomi....good treatment and cheap. Hasta luego.

Member #4351
10-07-02, 16:10
Ooops..just read your mail again. Naomi and Vivanna are the same girl right!! Got to wake up. Sorry about that.

Member #4351
10-11-02, 18:20
Hi Nibu...nice to meet you. Just went to the trocadero the other night. You can't beat it for a few quickies. It's like being in a Fellini movie. Great!!. Who wouldn't like to fuck Gulliana. And those tits are REAL. Haven't made it to the Scarlett club yet. A little lejos since I live in La Molina. Closer for you if you´re on Tomas Valle. Vivianna is great. Haven't seen her for months but I keep in touch. She was in an article about massage on the first page of the Hogar section of the Comercio last Sunday. Never tried Anali....might be the same service as Vivianna (also known as Mistress Naomi). They've got a ton of phone numbers. Never been to Markahausi. If you're going I hope that you're in good shape and like to ride donkeys. Haven't checked out the disco scene lately. But the other weekend I stopped into Marina Park with an enamorada around midnight. RICAS CHIBOLAS!!!! They look like they're 14 or 15 years old...don't know what they told their parents. Take care.

10-11-02, 23:12
hey nibu and co. ...I've read a lot of your posts, thanks for the very useful info. Have you thought about taking photos and putting them on the photo gallery? it may be a deciding factor for people like me to see if lima is worth the investment to visit

Member #4351
10-12-02, 15:53
OK Nibu, not much in La Molina. A baños turcos overpriced with a couple of 6´s. I´m not a huge tit pervert like you, but I like them once in awhile. Have fun in the hot baths in Churin.

Jaguar, I've got photos, but since I live in Peru I prefer to be descreet. But I think that if you come to Peru you'll find that Lima is definitely worth the investment. You can find anything you want, including kinky stuff that would cost you an arm and a leg in the states.

Member #3407
10-14-02, 00:59
In November (11/7), I will heading down to Lima and will be there until 11/10 before leaving for a few weeks to the Sierra (Cuzco) and the Amazon (Iquitos) and returning back to Lima on Nov. 30 for a few days before departing to the States on Dec. 2.

If you are going to be there during that time period and want to get together and chase latinas and party, contact me. From what I have gathered from this forum, there are places in Lima you should not visit alone for safety reasons.

Johan told me, "DO NOT go alone to some callao brothel.....!!!! Chances are 99% you get robbed or ripped off."

You can email me at [Email address deleted by Admin].

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to removal of email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

10-14-02, 01:56

in fact there are many areas you should avoid at night being alone. there are gangs of little kids (do not laugh,this is not bs!) they are called "piranitas"...they will attack you with 10-20 kids and rob you if you get lucky.
most likely they also beat the shit outta you as well....even peruvians are being attacked at night!!

victoria,callao,brena,centre are some areas you should not go alone at night.
miraflores,san borja,surco and barranco are "save".maybe i forget some areas. in that case contact nibu. he knows it all;-)barranco and miraflores have a great night-life. check it out.

offcourse i want to state out that also in every large city you can get robbed,stolen,ripped off or even killed!!!

imho i think rio de j.,mexico-city or caracas are much more dangerous then lima.
and what to think of marseille (france),now that is a city (about 1.5 million people) that i would like to avoid even in the day time!!!;-)
now and i don't even want to start here about johannesburg or kaapstad (capetown) in south-africa; in that country the most tourists are getting killed! seems there is being a [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) every 2 seconds.....

have fun,try the chicas out and fuck em hard!! keep your head cool if you are on the "loose".


10-14-02, 07:41
You said you stopped at Marina Park. Can you give more info on that place. Are the girls available, are there rooms there?

Member #4351
10-14-02, 15:58

I live here and would be glad to hang out some night if you want. Walking around Callao can be dangerous, but I've been to the Trocadero a ton of times...no problem..I'll take you there if you want and if you can handle more that a 100 putas to choose from at an average price of around 5$ ST. You can E-mail me at david_33@hotmail.com since this mail fills with spam mention WSG in your ref.

Johan007, you're correct about the piranitas. Got to watch where you go. Since I like the down and out experiences as well as normal whoring...I go just about everywhere, but I've had pretty good luck so far...and speak Spanish more or less.

CheapYngHoLuver, I just checked out Marina Park the one time and since I was with a GF...couldn't do more. It appears as if the young cuties are just there to have a good time. No hooking. However there are no shortage of 15 year olds who ARE working in other locations. However, this is illegal in Peru and although you aren't at that much risk...you've got to watch your step.

Member #4351
10-17-02, 01:41
Of course Nibu....what do you think? I've been there. Probably the only gringo to have dared to enter the famous Hotel San Pablo. Great place! Haven't been there for awhile. It's next to the mercado de frutas. There were some cuties there...young. I don't remember the cost but super cheap...the same or a little cheaper than Salvaje...Trocadero. But definitely dangerous. However I never had any problems. Even drove there a couple of times in my car. Unbelievable...but better to grab a cab. I'm about the same age as you. If you want we can go out next week sometime (I'm super busy this weekend).

Like I told you, I talked to Vivi and she told me about the article about her in the paper. Seemed happy. Where are you getting all these numbers? The papers right? Anyway...take care with the chicas with bad breath (I always bring binaca just in case) along with the Love-lub.

Member #4351
10-17-02, 18:32
OK Nibu...I'll get in touch early next week. It might be called Hotel San Pedro...pedro, pablo...who cares. I don't know if its a good idea to go with 4 or 5 guys...I think two or three would be better and not stand out so much. Hasta pronto.

Member #4351
10-17-02, 22:37
Yeah Nibu...I'm about your age. Live and work here in Lima. I work in a regular job....I don't know what you do....except travel all over the place. I hope whatever it is it's legal. By the way..have you checked out Marina Park? Tons of super chibolitas...but I don't know if anythings possible. We'll get together next week if you're in Lima.

Member #4351
10-18-02, 15:45
You're right about the drugs Nibu. Anyone who's stupid enough to touch that shit in Peru deserves what they get....a cell shared with 5 giant blacks in Lurigancho.

When I went to San Pablo there were two floors of girls. The top floor had a couple of cuties, but most were on the first floor. I say first floor but its up a flight of stairs. Another Fellini type experience, dim light, a bunch of hornies wandering past the doorways of the girls. I'd say that there were about 80 or more girls. On the second floor I got a great show....some guy was lying down behind a grandmother (left the door open)...had to be about 60...grey hair and super boobs which were being grabbed by the customer...pretty funny.

Iquitos has a bunch of Aids due to the Brazilian tourists coming up the amazon. Two condoms are more liable to break than one. Use Love-lub if you´re worried about breakage.

I live about twelve blocks beyond Jockey Plaza near J. Prado. When I go to doubtful parts of Lima like SMP (just joking) I drive an ´86 Toyota...so nobody notices me. For going out with a friend, prima o hermana of your girlfriend...I'd drive a newer car...don't worry. It's pretty dangerous to run around in a new car in Lima. Keep it for special occasions or traveling. E-mail me at: david_33@hotmail.com give me your cell number and I'll give you a call so you can tell me why you travel so much.

10-19-02, 00:58

do I want to look for 'gangbang action in Colombia"???(too bad I didn't try that in peru)
Do I want to fuck SLEAZY YOUNG CUNTS????18 and up...but not over 24 preferably.
Do I want to fuck with 2-3 women???
Is anyone saying that US $ 60,- a day for a Colombian hotel is a "bargain" a MORON??

Now.....I'll ask you..Is the Pope Catholic??



10-19-02, 10:26

JG is not too bad.....read the Argie section and then you'll see some real "hotshots"....LOL.


Member #4351
10-20-02, 14:52
OK Nibu...have fun in Canta. Still can't figure out why you're going to the middle of nowhere every week. Anyway your plans sound good. I'm up for anything sleazy...as well as a GFE with you cutie and her friends etc. I've added you to my Windows messenger and I'll send you my home phone. Just say you're the big tit heavy metal pervert when you call so I'll know who you are. Also there may be some gang bang possibilites for your friend. Later..

Nibu Raphael
10-23-02, 04:08
Hi Nibs back here for part 2 of my report. Ok I called the place on Beta 2008 in Los Olivos they say they open now at about 11 and close at 9. The girl told me about 4 to 5 girls work there.

10-29-02, 05:54

I'm deciding on a trip to Lima at the end of November. Is this a good time to travel. It sounds like the weather is getting good at this time. I would like meet pros and non pros. Is it possible if you can show me around while I'm down there? What's a good hotel. What are my chances at non-pros? I'm decent looking, can speak a little Spanish, and from San Francisco, California. Are there any nice beaches in the area?


Member #4351
10-29-02, 16:30

Tons of nice beaches around 20 minutes from Lima to the South. There are beaches in Lima also which aren't all that bad, but the beachgoers aren't the highest class people you might say. Also tons of pros of all types as you have probably seen reading the different comments on this page. There are hotels of all types....it all depends on your budget. Nibu tends to like the cheaper places to stay. However others prefer a different type of hotel. Like I said, it depends on what you want to spend. If you are looking for non pro action, your best bet is staying in the Miraflores district. You can stay in a super hotel like the Marriot, or the Americas ($$$$) or a comfortable hostal which would probably cost you around 30 or 35 bucks a night. Nibu will probably get back to you the next time he's in an internet booth. However if I can help you in any way...let me know.

10-29-02, 18:07

Thanks for the info. Will non-pros go back to your hotel? Will they care about how nice the hotel is? Do the nicer hotels even permit girls in the rooms. I certainly don't want to spend more money than I need to, but if it will increase the chance that a non pro would visit me then I'm ok with that. Budget is not an issue, but I would like to spend a minimal amount of time in the hotel/room, and more time meeting people. I would like to go for 2-3 weeks.

Also, I thought it would be cool to hang out with somebody like Nibu, or any other person who's currently down there so I could safely learn my way around the town, make some trips to the beaches, and show me the area. I'm more about going out and having a good time, go dancing, trying to pick up some non-pros and if all else fails pay for pussy. This way I know I'm getting laid every night, heh!

Nibu seems to have a girlfriend who's interested in fixing up her friends, so this might be a nice angle.

David, do you currently live in Lima/Peru?


Member #4351
10-29-02, 20:20

It depends on the girl. If you have the good luck of ending up with a girl from a "good family" you might have some problem in getting her to your room. But with the majority of middle-lower class girls..shouldn't be any problem. Remember that the dream of the average Peruvian girl is marrying an American. The Peruvian men don't treat them very well (I'll expand on that idea in person if we get together). As far as I´m concerned, a Peruvian girl makes a MUCH BETTER WIFE than an American. If you have ever been in a Latin American country you'll know what I mean. Therefore, I would suggest a decent hostal...you don't want to live in a zone like where Nibu lives (sorry Nibu), which has zero tourists and not very much chance to meet non-pros who are worth while. There are a lot of places in Miraflores where girls hang out with their friends looking for a good time. However the ***** house scene is pretty interesting also for a change. I haven't had the chance to meet Nibu in person since he seems adverse to using the phone to give me a call, and travels all the time. I live in Lima and have done so for some years. I'm single and like nothing better than grabbing girls. Anyway...I'm glad to help out another American, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. By the way, if you're going to be here for a few weeks you might want to head up to Cuzco and do the tourist thing for a few days. Machu Pichu is pretty interesting.

10-30-02, 04:02
Just some input for Miguel...

Stayed three weeks in Lima last year with a girl I met there. Here is what I saw:

Beaches..they suck. Sorry to disagree here, and I know Nibu loves Peru, but by California standards the beaches to the South (while nice for Peruvians) are dirty. I saw trash bags washing up on the beach.

Girls...stayed at PRince HOtel first night in LIma and had a young, decent looking skinny ***** knocking at my door all night. THe management knew I was American, and obviously someone there informed her where my room was. THis is a nice hotel for the area, around 80 bucks, and I didn't expect this reception...on the first night either! I was with my girl in the room, so I didn't accept the invitation.

Cusco...nice place and loved Machu Pichu. I saw some very nice young chicks in the main square one night and made eye contact. Just then, two young boys ran over speaking English and wanted to know if I wanted a hooker. NIbu was surprised when I posted this here. That square is nice, but bitches permeate Peru. SWs are everywhere.

10-31-02, 06:24
Thanks for the advice guys. I think I will stay at a hostal in Minaflorez. I found a nice apartment on the internet but it was already rented. Can you recommend some good hostals in the 25-35 dollar range. Should I make reservations in advance, or should I just show up (tell them I would like to stay for a couple of weeks) and get a better deal.

Stupid Question: If I stay more than 2-3 weeks will I get bored?

I was thinking of staying December 5, Jan 5, for the New Years. How are the New Years in Lima?

Dave, I would like to buy you a cerveza when I'm down there. Maybe you can give me your email address and phone info. My email is navarro_miguel*nospam@yahoo.com. Obviously remove the *nospam.


11-12-02, 03:53
Has anybody been to www.matchingsys.com ? All of the women are from peru, most from Lima. Some are pretty. It costs 49 for a month to join to write unlimited emails. I was thinking that this might be a good way to hook up non-pro stuff even before I get there. Do you think that this is a good idea?


Member #4351
11-12-02, 19:52

They want to get married..do you? If not, avoid the bad karma of leading them on. Don't worry, there are thousands of girls hanging around the area where you'll be staying. If you're not a monster, you're going to run out of time...not girls.

11-13-02, 19:31
Hey David,

Actually, I would like to marry a Latina girl, but I’m not trying to fall in love and get married right away. My first goal is to immerse myself in the culture, Second is getting laid, and maybe meet some marriage minded girls, do the penpal thing in the future, that kind of shit.

So, I don’t really care which girls I fuck, but I doubt the kind of girl I want as a potential wife/girlfriend would be fucking right away.

But it sounds like I don’t need to worry too much about hooking up with the chicas. I was thinking if I wrote a couple of chicas I can have them take me out and around until I get my bearings straight. I also wouldn’t mind have somebody to go with to Machu Pichu. But it sounds like I can arrange this adhoc.

11-18-02, 15:10
Hey Nibu

On the new Senor Frogs. Which one is better, and attracts more non pros? I guess the larcomar one still would as it has a great location.

Nibu Raphael
11-21-02, 21:20
Hi I will post this new place to for reference for me for I know When I come back. Centro Integral Massajes Ave. Universitaria Aka Bella Union number 341 half block from Lima past the Peru Ave. bridge. David can you check out this place for me in SMP. can you take over my reorts in Lima while I am gone??? Also that place with that Kelly girls is just a few blocks up north check it out too I think full service with Kelly only 50 soles. Ok That last massage place is by the Discoteca Persepolis and Helden gothic club and Uni Hotel......

Member #4351
11-23-02, 16:40
Nibu, I'll try to check out the place on Universitario...although its a little outside of my usual zone of action. That's the problem with Peru...too many girls...too little time.

Nibu Raphael
11-23-02, 23:01
Hi Miguel yeh if you could take care of cab fares and beer I am in. Yeh Dude I will be back like the 24th But It would be better after Christamas. I guess you leave the 1st???? Right.... So I could be frre from the 26th on but New years eve I would like to be with my woman. Yeh You,Me and David can hook up also with Johnny M. E mail Juan M. testamentmag@hotmail.com My E mails are wipy1999@yahoo.com and ctw30@hotmail.com David is in touch with me now thru hotmail messenger. I usually am In contact with him in the early day. I called him a few times too he seems like a great guy. I just never have met him. thanks to him he gave me the couarageos to go with Johhny and another wSG guy to the two brothels in La Victoria---- Gammarra--- La Parada. Are you willing to go with us??? Dude its a fucking blast there. Ok Back to David Yeh that Kelly girl on Universitaria is young short big titted girl with a nose piercing I think she is 22 years old. Hey David A new Place that is advertised on Thomas Valle I think 1187 now has a sign go to the place on Universitaria 750 B but that place sucks. Yeh Man the whole whole stretch of Universitaria there must be like 8 massage places And Ave. Peru like 6 places go for it Dave Take my spots on Reports for a month. To Miguel E mail me right away,,,,, NIBU R.......

11-25-02, 00:09

something about the girls in senor Frogs....(I was in Largomar Frogs)

I think they were kindda trendy,snobby and yes..hell even arrogant!!
But they looked pretty though. general public is young....girls mostly don't reach over 21-22.

In general Larcomar shopping mall is a place were middle-class and upper class people hang out.
Look carefull if you go dine at Tony Romas (an American styled trendy restaurant).....my ex pulled my inside and before I knew I could pay US $ 60 (!) for some spareribs with a roasted patatoe and 4 cokes:-(
Yes It's expensive.
But I didn't knew that.

Stay away from the sea-food restaurant right at the beach......
This is the MOST EXPENSIVE place in Lima.
A dinner for 2 will probably cost you easely up to 80 bucks or more....:-((an outrageous price for Peru)
It was good that smb else told me this,because 2 days later my ex wanted to eat THERE!! I just made an excuse that I didn't like fish;-)

Personaly I got my KICKS out of the MANY Chifa joints (chinese food)...cheap....cheap...and lots of choice and mostly a pretty young girls serving you;-)
I eat good (I am a big fan of chin. food)quality food and enough (not like that french crap that when you are finished you still are hungry...lol)with a coke. Never paid more then 3-4 US $...!!
Now the chin. restauramt at Larcomar is another story:-( Here you also pay easely up to US $ 12-20 per person.....

Pizza hut,Mcdonalds or Buger King in general are expensive and if I am hungry it's just NOT enough for me. Besides that who wants to go to PERU (or infact all of SA) and eat fucking JUNKFOOD???
Those places thought are always a good excuse if you have to go to the Toilet......while there is nothing else arround;-)


PS: stay away from that terrible yellow INCA COLA....it tastes like very sweet liquid buble gum...:-(

Member #4351
11-25-02, 02:32
Johan, you're right about Larcomar. I only go there when forced by a GF and then usually to Cafe Cafe. Good view and less expensive. Forget Tony Romas and Carlos and Charlies has some of the worst mexican food anywhere. Here´s an Inca Kola joke:

The folks at Inca Kola sent a sample for analysis to Miami and received a phone call with the results: "We have some good news and some bad news for you......the good news is that he´s not going to die, the bad news is that your horse has diabetes.

Nabu, If I can I´ll check out some of those spots...however as you know, I have a job, and not too too much time for massage parlors. However, I can always find some time when a newbie comes to town to check out some of the down and out spots. Like you said...La parada is unreal. I like the trocadero too...for quantity of women and price....can't be beat. When I visited Ugarte I was with Milagros....no big tits but great service and plenty perverted.

11-27-02, 05:55

I'll send you an email. I will be leaving the 29th, so I won't be there for New Years, the price for airfare went from 500 to 1000. I'm down pretty much for anything. I'll shoot you an email.

I'm counting the days ....


12-01-02, 06:15
Hey guys,

I'm an occasional poster on the U.S. board living here in chilly New England who is planning on traveling out to Lima. I'll be out there from 3-29-03 to 4-5-03 ... and I'm looking forward to partying!

I read through your posts on this forum, and I've got to give props to Nibu, Johan, David, and Miguel - thanks for the very informative posts. Would any of you want to hang with me and go hunting for Latinas when I head out there? It would be cool to hook w/chicks in the company of some new friends. I wouldn't mind meeting up with any potential GF's that I could be introduced to, as well. (FYI, I am 28, Asian-American, single, and am fit. I could send a pic if you need it.) Also, are there any sites where I can pre-write some women in Lima, prior to going there (similar to what Johan did last year)?

Of course, if time permits, I may be checking out Machu Pichu ... and even try a day or two in the jungle, but I'm really looking forward to some Latina action, while I'm out there. Let me know, and cheers. I can be e-mailed at: play274@hotmail.com


*By the way, Nibu, I - too - am originally from the windy city. Which part of town did you live in? I'm a north-sider.

Member #4351
12-02-02, 16:41

You should try to check out Cuzco and Machu Pichu unless your only coming down for the chiquitas. If you go to Cuzco you should plan on 3 days there. Iquitos two or three days too. You might be a little short on time if you try to do the entire coast, andes, jungle trip. As far as girlfriends go, there are plenty of clubs with Peruvian girls looking for HUSBANDS. You might be able to fool a couple, but the club will cost you around 40 - 50 bucks for a month in order to obtain phone numbers. As I mentioned before, there are no shortage of girls. I don't think you will have any trouble.

Unfortunately, you are coming down exactly when I will be in Thailand and Cambodia (for a little change). Hopefully someone elso might be able to show you around.

I was born in New England and make it back now and then to visit relatives.

Good luck.

12-02-02, 17:07
to david_33

when you fly from peru to thailand, is it a direct non-stop flight ? if so, great. if not, what is the intermediate city? thanks

Member #4351
12-03-02, 01:14
Senior Member
Posts: 16
to david_33

when you fly from peru to thailand, is it a direct non-stop flight ? if so, great. if not, what is the intermediate city? thanks


No...got to go to the states first. I'm using up some AA mileage and using Cathay Pacific....Lima - Miami - L.A. - Hong Kong - Bangkok. A mg. of Xanax and business class should make it a little less of a torture.

12-05-02, 14:23
I'm making my return to Peru, I think on Janaury 21.

I'll rent an apartment in Miraflores for three weeks, with taking short trips to Iquitos, and Cusco.

If anybody wants to get together during this time let me know.

Member #3407
12-08-02, 21:07
To all that are interested, here's the Story Of Nibu Raphael:

Nibu is a great guy. He met me at the airport in Lima at 5:00 in the morning. He brought me to a great little hotel that cost me about $7 per night and even paid for the taxi. He's is just too nice of a human being and often gets taken advantage of. So, if you have a chance to met him like I did, do pay his taxis, cover charges, and beers. He will more than compensate you by turning you on to the most interesting places in Lima. With respect to his spanish, he understands everything but has the heaviest gringo accent imaginable. I think he does it on purpose. But the incredible thing is that he never has had a spanish class. Quite an acheivement. So enjoy your stay in Lima and if you are fortunate enough to meet that intrepid traveller named Nibu, buy him a beer and thank him for his contributions to this forum. Write me at DanDaMan93906@yahoo.com if I can provide you with any other information. I plan to return to Lima and Cuzco in May of 2003.

12-09-02, 01:04

Good post and what you say appears to be very true. I've gotten in touch with Nibu and he's even introduced me to one of his heavy-metal-loving friends. Nibu seems like a very genuine guy, but - for those who are heading down to Peru, if you're gonna hang out with him, it wouldn't be too difficult for them to at least grab a free beer or meal for him; he actually has a kid on the way (in 2-03) as well - ha ... talk about responsibility. I'm going to Lima in late 3-03 for 1 week, and it seems as if I'll most likely hang out with him. It's nice to know that some genuine people can be met off of this board, such as Nibu. Anyways, have fun, and keep in touch. To anyone else who's going to be in Lima in late 3-03, maybe we can a group to hang for an evening of chica hunting. Let me know!

12-10-02, 18:38
Anybody have any information on Pizza Alley and Jockey Plaza?

Member #4351
12-10-02, 22:56
The pizza's lousy...but on weekend nights there's action...but the SW (who are sitting at the tables) are a bit over the hill. Jockey plaza is like your local mall. Plenty of cuties working in the stores but that's about it.

12-10-02, 23:20

When I was in Miraflores two years ago I picked up a few non pros in Larcomar.

Where else is it easy to pick up regular Peruvian Princesses?

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12-11-02, 19:06
If you're half way decent looking and speak some spanish you can usually strike up a conversation with any girls working in the shops..in malls or otherwise. If you risk going to the center of Lima around Jiron de la Union there are a ton of shops with girls making around $100 a month....happy to meet a gringo. If you had good luck in Larcomar stick with it.

12-14-02, 20:45
Just wanted to say thanks to Dave33. My friend and I were down in Lima the first of December and met up with Dave. He gave us a great tip on massage parlor in Lima. Pretty girls at the massage parlor and you could get a fairly decent massage for 30 soles and whatever else you wanted for another 30 or 40.
Later he picked us up in Miraflores and took us to a place with at least 100 women. Lot of cuties there and the price was around 20 soles for everything.

If you're heading to Lima Dave is a good guy to get up with. Thanks again Dave.

12-15-02, 02:36
Hey guys can somebody recommend a good apartment I can rent like for one week. Closer to Miraflores the better? Lokking for safe, and cheap. If it's away from most of the car horns a plus.

Member #4351
12-16-02, 17:10
Plenty of apartments here:


Good luck.

12-18-02, 22:57
to the guys hey i amnow a total fan of lima yes iam a ($160) amp groupie from dc area,but i have no problem meeting chicas when out of town I will pay for quality ,but can you score in lima without paying all the time .If i met my future wife .thats cool long as you dont know her. haha .so i want my trip to be the hunt and the search I love latinas and if sex was my main goal thailand here i come. I plan on cusco fora week the spanish classes ya heard of them. would you like to hang out scope some sweet chicas .I am on amigos .com and there seem to be some sweeties on there I plan to see when there thanks for your insight and the other guys to I feel like i been there through the stories seeya in march and yes i will give details it was a toss up venz or thai so here i cum to my tuff decision peru is my final awnser.

12-20-02, 05:30

Two weeks ago I return to Lima, and I found many new promotions, Its only for business man who like sex with young girl in a quality place, see club Emmanuelle nad 69 club, I can drink all the beer or whisky that I can for S/. 100 soles (28 USD), since 9 Pm to 12 am.
I don't like los olivos, Lima center, I prefer san Isidro or Miraflores,

Good luck with your hunt,

Member #4351
12-20-02, 22:55
Nightman, don't forget the $100 that the girls want plus at least 50 soles BF. You can get the same pussy a lot cheaper.

Member #4351
12-20-02, 23:08
Well at the risk of pissing Nibu off, I have to agree with JG regarding traveling style. I appreciate a comfortable hotel room with a hot shower to come back to after I finish whatever I get up to in the street.

Member #4239
12-21-02, 10:47
re: Vagringo the ignorant
You have missed the boat amigo. Where you go or what you do is your business. Every body to his own. Every body will do what their budget and their risk tolerance allow. My problem with you is that you write at the level of a five year old. In case you didn't understand it, I'll repeat it: you write at the level of a five year old.
You are right in that I have not contributed anything about picking up two dollar toothless *****s or staying in three dollar motels without running water. I don't give a damn about bus routes either. So if you are waiting for me to write about that crap, keep holding your breath. J.G.

12-21-02, 15:27
Here's my 2 cents (for the little that it's worth):

Guys - let's just get along without the jabbing. Some of us are wealthier than others, and some of us like an adventure/bargain while others prefer something more conventional. Personally - I like it both ways, depending on my mood. There's no need to diss your brotha' on these boards. Cool?

Anyways, I can't wait to hit Lima this spring ... from the bits that I've gotten from David, Dan, and Nibu (thanks guys). Moreover, maybe I'll be able to add a bit to this board after my time there.

All right guys ... I hope that I've heard the last of this bickering ... keep it cool, and I'll catch you guys later.

Member #3407
12-21-02, 18:53

When are you going to Thailand? That's the next place to visit on my list. If you like, you could hook up with a friend of mine that's living there. His name is "Taxi Dave." I met him in Santo Domingo where he was a fixture for many years. He provided a very inexpensive taxi and tour service there for American ex-patriots living there. For some reason he got fed up with the DR and moved to Thailand. He really gave me some excellent advise and taught me the ropes when I lived in the DR. Presently, I live close to San Francisco and you can get cheap flights to Thailand from here, especially if you are a courier. Who knows, maybe we can meet up there.

Dave, thanks for all the good advise you have been providing on this forum. I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to meet when I was in Lima; We tried, but Nibu and I just didn't have it together. If you are in Lima in May, we could give it another try.

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12-22-02, 03:36
I received the following email and I thought it would be of general interest to the group.


To Dan:

Thank you so much for the information on hotels in
lima. I will take your advice and stay in Miraflores.
I have just one more question if you can help me. From
what I understand from the WSG postings there are 3 to
4 large brothels in Lima, El Salvaje (El Trocadero?)
Las Cuccerdas and El Nene.
Please let me know where are they located in Lima and
their street address.
I really want to thank you for all the info and I'll
let you know how everything goes with my novia.

Take Care,




You'll like Miraflores. It's safe and there's alot to do there. But you might feel like you're in Europe more than in South America; its relatively modern, but has a European flavor. With respect to brothels, I never made it to the Trocadero. I did however visit Las Cucardas at Ricardo Treneman 875 (Alt. Cdra. 9 Av. Colonial y Av. Argentina), Phone 330-0370 (this info is from one of their ads). El Nene is next door and is a little less expensive. Both have cover charges, and when you go to a room they will try to charge you for a pitcher of water and a condom. Try to give the girl exact change or you will have a hard time getting your change back and end up paying for the water and condom. I always bring my own quality condoms and "Wet Ones" antibacterial moist towelettes to clean up after. But you probably won't worry about being overcharged because it's so inexpensive. The girls were only asking for 30 Soles (about $8 bucks). Last time I was in Tijuana they were asking $80 (room included) and tried to charge me $5 bucks for the condom. I also visited the San Jose (aka San Pablo) Brothel which has about 100 girls. The girls ask for 16 soles (less than 5 bucks) there and there is no cover or charge for a condom. Visit ClubHómbre.com for details, as both I and Nibu (Sexpig2000) have made detailed posts about that brothel there. If you do venture outside of Miraflores, try to visit Janet Bar at Jr. Miroquesada 244 in Callao, Phone 420-1494. It's one of the better clubs.

Have fun, be safe, and let me know how everything turns out.


12-23-02, 17:50
David33, Ok, I am accord with you, I can find a girl for 50 soles, but I prefer a girl with 5 stars, i prefer a young girl 18-19, I don't like the brothels and the street girls, I search quality. If you walk in the center of Lima, you cand found a young girl for 20 soles, but care with the illnesses.
I admit that not all the girls the emmanuelle and 69 club are 5 stars, only two or three girls score 100 dollars.
I count you something, as 5 months ago I was in Lima and in a house of massages I met a 18 year, a korean girl new in the business (I assure you that if it was new) and I only pay 50 soles the hour, she gave me later their telephone and two months when another time I was in Lima and I calls it, she told me that their services were of 60 dollars and it is worthwhile to pay for her, you that now she works in the Suites of Barranco and it charges 100 dollars.
In Lima there is sex of all the prices, and for all the likes, I prefer that of quality.

Member #4351
12-24-02, 17:52
Nightman, I agree with you somewhat. I know that at Emannuel and Eclipse etc. there are some cuties. But a lot of them started off in the lower level services...i.e. outcalls with ads in El Comercio or even the trocadero. I've seen some 8´s at the cheaper places too. I like the 5 star chicas also. But since I'm single I usually try to do a GF scene. Ask Miguel (who is in Lima now and has so many FREE cuties after him that he doesn't know which one to go out with) or the other David who was here a few weeks ago....The main thing I have against the clubs is the drink and BF rip offs. I guess if you can get the girl´s number and avoid the rest of the BS you're probably better off. Anyway...got to go get ready of my lunch date with Miguel and two super cuties.

12-26-02, 18:57
Merry Xmaz to all the crew.. hey Dan, Id like you to gimme some details on San Pablo (San Jose) brothel -is it in La Parada - La Victoria district? Please, if u got some cel numbers/names from girls inside of it, Id appreciate it a lot u can provide them 2 me... contact me via email/msn messenger at caraxxxo_man@hotmail.com

Regardz 2 all, gotta have a meeting before this 2002 ends; can anyone organize soenmthing for 31rst? Nibu Raphael, p-l-e-a-s-e I beg u 2 gimme a phone call one of these nights, Ive lost ur numba!

- El Mercenario -

12-27-02, 00:41
I will be in Lima from Jan 7 to Jan 12 with a friend. Can anyone reccommend good hotels or apartments that admit visitors? We will be looking for some pro action and since our Spanish is perfect we will try to hook up some non pro too.

If any of you are going to be there during those dates you are welcome to hang out with us.

Member #3407
12-27-02, 03:35

Here's some details on the San Pablo (San Jose) brothel. Yes, it's in La Parada, and actually there are two brothels there. One is a 3-story brothel called San Jose while the smaller one is about a block away is two-stories and called Las Jardines. One nice thing is that there isn't any cover charge to enter either of these two brothels. The girls ask for 16 soles (less than 5 bucks, condom included) and a session lasts 40 minutes. Both chongos are located practically inside of the La Gammarra mercado near the vegetable vendors. You would be wise to go there early in the day (before 1:00 pm) as this area is somewhat dangerous. There was no shortage of girls there with the San Jose Brothel (AKA San Pablo) having about 100 girls and Las Jardines having 25. Visiting these brothels was unreal, like something out of a Fellini movie. The girls were all standing in doorways dimly lit with red lights, beckoning you to come in. I talked to one girl and told her I was an American and she couldn't understand why an American would come to a place like this. I didn't know how to explain to her that the world is full of elegant bars with overpriced sluts, but that I had never experienced a place like this.


Member #3407
12-27-02, 20:27

It should be easy to find the Chongos in the La Gamarra Mercado. Just ask a cop. Seriously, that's what we did when I was there with Nibu Rafael and his peruvian pal Juan. I'm not sure if all the girls charge the same or if the house controls the price. I was just there that one time and had a very nice experience. The girls are not spoiled nor do they jerk you around like street hookers can. Like most peruvian hookers, they do not complain and will do just about anything you desire. The time might vary and I can't guarantee that it's always 40 minutes. I took a girl up to the roof-top where there are some rooms that they share. The girls that share these rooms are located on the top-floor in the hallway near the stairs. There were about 25 of them there when I visited. Nibu did manage to get a phone number and name of the girl I was with. Maybe you and Nibs can organize something for New Years.

Good luck,


Member #4351
12-27-02, 22:20
Dan got lucky or his girl was unlucky. The 16 soles price is for a very ST usually 10 minutes or less. If you stay more time you're supposed to give the girl more. They make their money on a fast turnover. I went to the troc with a friend from the US who made the same mistake and after doing the girl for around 45 minutes only gave her the 20 soles. Didn't understand why she was pissed off. I suggest not to be too penny pinching.

Take any taxi...since you're already living in La Victoria the cabs that are around there should know about it. Really try to go around 10 in the morning. If one doesn't speak Spanish and isn't accustomed to marginal neighborhoods, I suggest they skip the San Jose....if not go for it.

12-27-02, 23:55
Hey Nibu, I will be contacting you as soon as I get there. Let me know how to contact you. Show us the best places for girl hunting and well take care of beers, taxi and food. By the way, I'm from Puerto Rico so my spanish is very good.

We are planning to stay at Miraflores (suites larco). Do you know anything about them?