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Larry C
10-07-03, 05:39
Mr Mundo,

The Trocadero is located in Callo on Av Argentina. Most taxi drivers in Miraflores will know how to get there. If anyone is interested, I have the exact GPS coordinate (waypoint) of the Troc.

Dave 33 thanks for taking me out to the Troc when I was in Lima.

10-07-03, 07:14
Hola Dudes,

A post to cover the weekend. First, much thanks to Nibs for hanging out with me last week. It always fun to check out lesser known spots in search of the gems. Sorry about today though, I wasnīt much in the mood for Habich...My fault.

Thursday, I had a nice session with big titted Cassandra, and got her again right before she left in the afternoon. By the way, She doesnīt work at Peppers, but the club directly across from it. She told me the reason why she quit the other club. However, I could not understand a damn thing she said since her mouth was on hyperdrive. I just kept knodding and saying "Verdad" every once in while wondering when I could unleash her tits from the enemy...her bra!

Friday, I got a nice jerk from Patty at the massage parlor across from Tequila. However, she does not do full service at the parlor or your hotel. Oh well, still gave her my number just in case she comes to her senses.

Friday Nite, I got plastered with Nibs and other friends in downtown Lima. The concert of our friend ended. We then had some Anticuchos and went on a puss hunt to what seem like an endless supply of *****houses and strip clubs in this area. By this time, my mind was in a state of shock between all the young chicas parading before me in next to nothing, and the never ending flow of Limean Cerveza. I just smiled, gulped my beer, and gave out my hotel number like an ambulance chasing attorney (One girl called me this morning but I canīt remember our conversation).

Later that night, I ended up in Davidīs favorite place, Tequila, in search of my muse, Marita. Low and behold she comes running up to me and gives me a big hug. Yes, I finally track her down and will surely have some unbridaled hot sex tonight! Wrong! Sheīs drunk and probably high. I donīt remember what I said to her, but she got pissed and stormed off. Continued to drink, lost my hat, went back to the hotel, and passed out til Saturday night. Could have been the perfect ending to a great night of hanging with my friends and carousing with chibolas. However, like most stripper chicas, sheīs very unpredictable when heavily sedated!

Onto bigger and better things. Saturday night, went back to Eclipse and gave out my number to a busty black haired girl named Helen. Called me the next day and took her to Larco Mar for lunch. Made something up to get her up to my room. Starting making out, and got the "itīs too soon to fuck" routine. Kept pushing the right buttons. Eventually, itīs not soon to Helen after 1 hour, cause we were banging.

She has a nice healthy D sized rack with big Areolas surrounding her nipples. I expected her butt to be bigger judging from my several stares at it throughout the day. It was still a nice ass but just didnīt have the "roundness" I expected. All in all, it was a good session, but I could tell she wasnīt very experienced.

Itīs truly amazing when you think one of the more attractive strippers at a popular club is not very experienced in sex. She didnīt even know how to "tity tity bang bang", and sheīs an extremely busty girl. She wondered why I had to finish jerking myself. She just wasnīt skilled enough with doing BJīs to know how to get me off.

I guess this is why I like mongering in Lima. Where else can you get naive strippers who have not been plundered in everywhere but their ears!

I gave her 60 pesos (she looked puzzled) telling her it was for her taxiīs. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left happy.

To be continued...

10-07-03, 08:12
Judd here, back in the mongering trenches ...

Monday, had to take care of couple of things during the afternoon. Set up a meeting with David later in the day to head out to Trocadero. David wasnīt feeling well, and opted not to take the long drive out there. It was best, and I felt the same way earlier in the day when I was with Nibs in Habich.

David was nice enough to give me a lift to "Casita Club". Casita Club is advertised in most of the local papers such as the Trome. Itīs a bit tricky to find, and would be easier to locate if we went during the day. Located just off Avenida Arequipa on the 15th cuadra, itīs about a 4 to 5 soles cab ride from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. More specifically, Heading on Arequipa from Miraflores, it will be located on 275A Emilio Diego. In addition to the name of the street, they are also numbered this being the 15 Cuadra. Itīs on the right side of Arequipa and itīs on a one way street with traffice coming towards you. Youīll have to get off on Arequipa or have the cab go down the next street and back track around. Itīs a dark maroon building with two doors.

I first went to Casita Club last year when it was at another location. I had a good time with the girls. I ended up buying some beers afterwords and talking to them mostly about "gringo land". Nothing fancy here with no sitting area like the last place. Basically, itīs a house with girls and some, I guess you would call them, beds. They had several more girls than last year, ranging from not doable to extremely cute...maybe fifteen girls total.

I recognized one girl, Lucy, who I enjoyed last year. Sheīs an extremely cute young buxom girl, but her body deteoriated somewhat in the year sheīs been on her back. We had fun and I detected (a little of her love juice was on the condom) her enjoying the short session. Everything was covered but she told me I could go bareback for a tip. I acted like I didīt understand what she was saying as these girls get banged several times per day.

I then, moved onto Karina. Karina was another cute one, whose been working there for a month. Although her body was a tad on the thick side, she was soo cute, I couldnīt resist. Nice large C cup and a big butt. What turned me on was how she arched her back during doggie style. This made her average butt look incredible! Overall, an uninspired bang but was still able to "busta nut", and arched butt was worth the price of admission.

The sessions were 40 soles for 1/2 an hour and I gave 10 soles tip to both girls to lay the groundwork for next week. The key for success here is repeat sessions with the girls. Donīt expect anything close to GFE at a place like this your first time. My suggestion would be to hit this place a couple of times sampling several of the women since itīs relatively inexpensive. Find the one you who turns you on and try to spark her interest...make them laugh! Invite her out to coffee or dinner. If she gets to know you better, and having the session at your hotel should improve her enthusiasm. This will be my plan with that cute little muffin, Karina, when I get back to Lima late next week.

All right guys, not sure if I will have another report from Lima before I head to BA late Wednesday night...I feel a cold coming on and Iīm also over budget.

Michael 1967,

Make sure you pack a couple of xtra sweater for your trip, it still gets cold here at night.



Member #4351
10-07-03, 15:38
Hey Judd,

Sorry about last night. We'll make it out there when you get back. Yeah, there were some cuties where I left you off. I think I'll try to make a visit one of these days. By the way, the street is Jr. E. Althaus, not Emilio Diego.

Rocky Rocco
10-08-03, 23:34
Hey Nibu,

It would be great if someone could help me find where all the high-class pussy is in Lima. I would be glad to cover the expenses for you and your friends. Just let me know. I'll try not to inflate the prices for you guys.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a hotel that would impress the ladies? I hear the Marriott is in a good location.



10-09-03, 11:52

Thanks for the info about the weather. I've been tracking it carefully for the last two weeks. I live in Seattle and (if you've never been here) we wear shorts when it's 40 degrees F outside just as long as the sun is out. People take the tops down on their convertibles if it's 32 degrees F and the sun is out (they're bundled up in heavy jackets, but they're happy).

I should be there tonight. I can't wait.

10-10-03, 03:33
Coming to town Wednesday Oct 15. First time any one in town? Any one who can show me around a bit would be apriciated by a free beer or 2. I'm a Vet of Many parts of Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Germany and Netherlands. Please post or PM.



10-10-03, 22:56
Iīm in Lima now and having an okay time. I did arrive at 11:30 PM last night and did get laid by 3AM. I asked the taxi to take me to a popular discoteca and he dropped me off at one (I never saw the name). It was fun, I got hit on by someone with a boyfriend, he came back and glared at me, I left, went to pizza alley (which was kinda dead). Tried to talk to a few of the girls there and was ignored. I finally went into the Iīm an American and I donīt speak Spanish act (which wasnīt hard, I havenīt been in a situation where I've needed to speak Spanish to survive in two years and I'm more than rusty). Suddenly they were all interested...strange how that works.

I'm met a short, skinny, young Peruvian with a big ass and did her. She didn't ask for money so I gave her 50 soles for a cab. I find the women here really attractive, but for some reason alot of the women have some serious acne problems.

Received a call from Nibu this morning, sounds like a nice guy. I was terribly, terribly hung over and finally got some aspirin and had lunch at pizza alley (which, by the way is really expensive). I got asked out on a date by the waitress (Hannah or maybe it's Anna) where I had lunch and she's taking me out dancing tonight. I guess in reality, I'm taking her out since she only makes 20 soles in a day (exchange rate is 3.45 to 1)! She speaks a little English and seems really nice, not my type though. Sheīs 25, cute and skinny but no butt and tiny tits. I only agreed because she asked me (come on when was the last time a woman asked you out) and she was really cute and embarassed when she did it. This may be a mistake because if we have fun, I may not be able to pick women up at pizza alley.

Anyway, the parts of town I've seen are much better looking than I expected. The women seem to be friendly (now that they know I'm American). I've had no racial problems either. I hate the cab drivers (I gave the one that took me to the discoteca a 20 and he raced off without giving me change).

Anyway, I'm at the Hotel Las Palmas in Room 303, if anyone is in town. It would be nice to cruise with someone.



Member #4351
10-10-03, 23:10

Glad you're having a good time. We warned you about the cab drivers. As you've found out, always have change. But cab drivers everywhere do the same thing. Haven't seen that much acne...however could be from eating the crappy pizza on the pizza street. (By the way, the same three or four persons own all the pizza joints there). As far as the prices go, youīre in the "high rent district" of Lima. Once you get out of Miraflores the prices should go down. As far as living on the cheap goes, Nibu is the expert.

10-11-03, 02:53

Glad you checking it out. How long are you planning on being in Lima?
From what everyone says, many mongers staying all the time at Las Palmas.
When you have a chance, I'd like to email you of the board with some more general questions re: lima, hotel, girlz etc. My email is

Thanks & have a good time.


10-13-03, 00:47
Eric 7,

I'm here until 10/21, I will spend part of the week outside of Lima and return Thursday or Friday.

My report for yesterday:

A girl I met on the street stopped by my room yesterday at 3PM. We sat and talked for awhile, she was seriously hot. We talked for awhile and then she asked me how much I would pay her to have sex with her. I told her I didn't pay for sex with my friends. She said she'd do anything I wanted for 100 soles. I was in.

As with the other women that I have had sex with here, she was really animated and really LOUD. Though it was kind of a turn on for me, it also turned me off because it seemed so phony. Kind of like the porno movies. Of course she was about 5' and weighed about 100 lbs and my monstrous manhood could have been ripping her apart....but I don't think that was the case. I definitely got my money's worth.

Also, I encountered a transvestite on Friday night. I'm from Seattle and have been around the gay people enough to know a regular guy from the transvestites and I was completely fooled. I went to his-her room and saw schlong and ran. Yes and I lost 100 soles on that one. The scary part was after I hit the streets again, I met the girl that was in my room yesterday and her friend and we went out dancing and had a great time. Well when the girl was in my room and we were talking she mentioned that her girlfriend was a guy also. Again, this woman did not look like a man, and now I feel stupid because I spent the night dancing with two people and one of them was a guy in drag. ICK!

She told me that many tourists come here and want to have anal sex. The transvestites work very hard to hide their schlongs and are open to anal sex so they get alot of work. I've been fooled twice now and will ask before I pay anyone else.

I met two Americans yesterday and one had been in a 7 year relationship and never got laid (yes, he was from Seattle). I was stunned. He said that he was in a monogamous relationship. I explained to him that monogamy was having sex with only one person. He wasn't having sex with anyone, so he was in a sexless relationship. I then tried to get him laid, we met an extremely hot woman and her homely friend (yes, I played wingman). We got them both sufficiently wasted, and walked them back to his hotel room. My ugly amiga left in a taxi, and I knew he was in. Somehow he blew it and let her get away. I guess there was a reason why he hasn't gotten laid in 7 years.

Lastly, I have seen problems with tourists here but I haven't had any problems. I guess since I'm a light skinned black person, I'm treated like everyone else. Last night I was walking with a friend from pizza alley. She saw a bunch of black guys walking down the street, she grabbed me and told me to get a cab quickly because "negroes are only good for robbing people and if you walk past one they will try and rob you". I told her I'm not afraid of them and she said "they never fight fairly and six will attack you at once, stay away from them." I figured I could be an idiot to prove my point but I decided to walk back where I came from.

That's about it. It's Sunday evening and I'm need to find a place to go dancing tonight. I hear it won't be easy to find one. There are two very slutty looking girls (i hope) sitting in the bar of the hotel watching TV and I'm going to try and get one to go to my room.


Member #4351
10-13-03, 15:37

Your reportīs a riot! You almost got anal sex...but on the wrong end! Don't worry, more experienced people than you have been fooled. There is a couple of blocks in Santa Beatriz that are full of TVs every night. There are some real cuties that you would swear are chicas. They stand there with their boobs hanging out. Nibu has a TV phobia.

I'd personally stay away from any guy who had lived with a girl for seven years without getting laid. He's either a complete whacko or I'd be afraid to catch his bad luck.

Boy in Lima
10-14-03, 20:44
Rocky Roco,

Glad to hear that someone like high-class pussy here in Lima.I live in Lima and ocasionally travel abroad.If you are interested in nice looking girls , an escort agency is the way to go or just visit top night clubs which are very few here in Lima.
A list of escorts agencies can be found in a local newspaper called "El Comercio".

I hope it can helps


10-15-03, 00:12
I'm still having a good time here. I've been wanting to take off for Cuzco for the last couple of days but it looks like I have some trouble at home. I'm hanging out here until it gets fixed, I don't want to be in the mountains and have to suddenly race off to the airport.

Sunday night was another great night. I met my dream girl. We all have our different ideas of what our perfect female body is like. I encountered mine on Sunday. I was in the Old Timers Bar or Cafe in Pizza Alley. I met an American that had lived her for 4 years. While we were talking this woman walked up to the bar and ordered a drink and cigarettes. She was truly amazing. My friend said "she's standing there because she wants you to talk to her". I thought he was giving me shit. He explained that the local girls here aren't very aggressive at approaching men. I ignored her. She went and sat with her friends and her friend kept looking at me and giggling.

I finally went and talked to her. It was her 23rd birthday and she was celebrating. Within about 30 minutes we were making out heavily in the bar. She got my e-mail address and wanted to write me etc..,. By about 11PM, I was working the let's go back to my hotel angle. Since the hotel was one block away, I showed her where it was and told her which room I was in. We practically had our clothes off against the wall outside of the hotel and I was preparing to spend the rest of my time here with her. She was as perfect as could be.

Then...it happened. Her friends said she needed to get home. She lived with her parents and if she wasn't home by midnight she'd be in trouble. I told her to tell her parents she was staying at a friend's house and stay at the hotel. She wasn't going for it. So at 11.30 her friends grabbed her and left. I sat at the table with my mouth hanging open and every guy at the bar laughed at me. They had been watching me for a couple of hours and they knew the girl was a "good" girl. They had been betting on whether she was going to leave with me or her friends.

They bought me a couple of drinks and told me I encountered the last virgin in Lima. I did go outside and grabbed the first nice looking girl I could find and took her to my room and banged the crap out of her.

On to other stuff...

Got ripped off by the money changer at the front of pizza alley. He uses a calculator that he's rigged to not total the correct amount that you're supposed to receive. I guess you should know how much money is coming to you before you go to them. I sat down two feet away from him and anyone that tried to change money with him. I told them the story. After an hour he left (I'm on vacation, I have nothing to do).

Encountered two girls that spoke English last night. They talked to me for a few minutes and the security guard at pizza alley told them they had to leave. He said they had a history of drugging tourist's drinks and then taking them back to their hotel rooms and robbing them. After they left, I noticed they stole the waitresses tip off of the table.

Gotta go but more later.

10-16-03, 03:08
Hi Michael,

I've been enjoying your posts. What an adventure!

I'm studying Spanish right now at the local community college. I'm trying hard to be fluent enough to confidently make my way around Peru. As soon as my Spanish skills are up, I'll be flying to Lima. I'm hoping I can adventure in Peru in by December 2004.

Keep those great reports coming!

-- WT

10-16-03, 08:09

It's Wednesday. Yesterday was the day from hell. I met an extremely hot non-working woman in Pizza Alley in the evening. I was very polite and invited her to come sit with me.

I bought her drinks and dinner and was really working hard on her and then "Jennifer", a girl I screwed on Monday (I think), sees and asks me if she could sit with me and the girl. I thought "what the fuck is wrong is you?" I nicely told Jennifer that I was with my friend and that I would meet up with her later. She then says, "I went to your hotel room at 3. Why weren't you there?" I pulled her aside and explained the fact that since I paid her, I need her to be more discreet, especially when I'm sitting with another woman. She left.

I then immediately came up with some lame ass story about this girl and that I had just met her etc..,. 5 minutes later, the woman I banged the crap out of that I mentioned in a previous post shows up and wants to hug me and kiss me on the cheek. She leaves and my hot woman went really cold. Then....you guessed it...the transvestite that I danced with on Saturday showed up to say hi. At this point, at about $15-20 into her, I knew I lost her.

Pizza Alley no longer allows prostitutes in the alley Wednesday-Saturday after 9PM. They don't want to offend the tourists. The prostitutes have moved to the park and the areas around the park. This is where I met my two girls tonight, they were together and they offered me a threesome. I took one back to the hotel...did her and as I was dropping her off at a cafe where her friend was, I had the urge to do her friend and took her friend(for those of you that like names, I'm horrible with names and if they tell me, I forget very quickly...but there are many, many hookers in the area and I've only had one that I wouldn't consider great, I will get her name and post it...I see her daily walking around). 100 soles each. The girl and security guard at the hotel laughed at me when I brought the second one back.

BTW though I haven't mentioned every girl I've met, I only pay 100 soles. I've had women ask for 200 soles or 300 soles, but not one person has turned down 100. So that is my official maximum price. Everyone that I have done, in my opinion, have been solid 9s. Of course we all prefer different types of people and I'm sure a blonde here would demand more than the tiny dark haired girls with the nice asses that I love so much. I'm sorry but I couldn't imagine paying $100 for a Tequila Rocks girl, but to each his own.

I may be off to Arequipe tomorrow. I meant to get out of town this week and hit Cuzco and a couple of other places, but I've been having some trouble at home and thought I may have to fly out quickly so I stayed in Lima. I'll decide in the morning whether I stay here or take off to Arequipe.



Member #4351
10-16-03, 15:32

Good job on holding down the prices. You were sure to bump into the same people in the Pizza Street. Thatīs where they hang and you'll always have the same problem. If you meet someone decent, take them to Larco Mar if you want to stay in the Miraflores area.

10-17-03, 05:37
Hey Michael1967, great story telling. Tis good to see mongers telling great adventurous stories once again. Nothing like a good monger's adventure to get the blood pumping.

I'm already scheming my way to Peru, due to the great reports on Lima and Cuzco. Maybe I can catch a plane from Manaus- Brazil to Lima-Peru when in December? Any Sugguestions?

Kudos to your great story telling!! (Kudos also to DDM, Play2, and Judd)


10-17-03, 07:04
I live ago a lot in Lima, and I know many places where it can be girls, those but expensive that they are the Night Clubs like the Emmanuelle, 69 Club or Suites of Barranco, but looking for found one girls' WEB it paginates in Lima, www.placeresdelperu.com there pictures exist, it paginates it this in Spanish and they leave in the girls' telephone.

I call to a Brandy, she is 18 years old, and she needs to pay their studies in the university, I have been with her three times and the sex was very good, it finishes it time I present myself two girls friends of its university that also wanted to make the same thing, the telephone of Brandy it is 9794 - 2789.

The cost is of 200 soles that it includes the room of the hotel.

If you want tells him that Martin gave them the number that youy are my friend.
I think that is a good altermative.

Good Luck.

10-17-03, 07:38

dude, your absolutely blowin up in Lima! Great reports. Hey, if any of your amateur chicas have some good looking friends, hook me up. I will give you a buzz today and see if you want to hangout this weekend.



10-17-03, 21:02
Hey Judd,

I'm finally leaving for Arequipa today, I should return Sunday. I'm sorry we didn't hook up but we still have Sunday evening.

My report:

During the daytime in Lima, when I wasn't sitting around reading a book, I was hanging out with one of the girls that work in Pizza Alley. I'm not going to give you her name, but she's a really nice person. Wasn't my type, a little older and not especially attractive (if she offered, I would have done her). She was really nice and showed me around the city during the day. I didn't think much about it because she watched me chase everything that moved and I figured that she knew I wasn't interested.

On Wednesday she took me to her house to meet her sisters and her son and her cousins etc..,. I hung out there, had dinner (in the middle of the afternoon...I still haven't got used to that) and left. She took the cab back to the hotel with me to make sure that nothing happened to me and then was going to take the bus back to her house (1 hour bus ride). I wouldn't allow that and gave her money for cab fare. When she got home she called me at the hotel and asked if I wanted to go dancing with her that night. It finally dawned on me that she liked me.

I told her that I would meet her and somehow it didn't happen (okay, it didn't happen because I was chasing other women). So last night I promised to take her out after work. In typical conservative Latin American fashion, she told me she couldn't go out with me alone because people would think poorly of her (I've encountered this in many Latin American countries...she invites her friends, you pay for them and then don't get laid). She was very nice to me so I figured what the hell. She invited her friend from Pizza Alley (in my opinion, the second hottest person that works there). We waited at Media Naranja and her friend was about 45 minutes late. She panicked and thought she wasn't going to show up, so she called her sisters to chaparone us. Of course her friend and her sisters all showed up. I took off to the hotel to get more money and on the way there I saw a chica that I'd seen all week but never got a chance to talk to. I told her to meet me at the hotel at 2AM (because I knew I wasn't getting laid).

I returned and we all got into a cab and went to Baranco. The hot one from Pizza Alley called her hot cousin and she showed up. So I'm buying drinks for myself and 5 women. I got them all pretty wasted and then 2 guys from England show up and sat with us. At first they tried to shoo them away because they thought I would be mad that these guys were joining us (I guess the men here get pissed about stuff like that), but I was happy that I had someone to share the cost of drinks with. We hung out for awhile and went dancing. The two English guys immediately went for the hot Pizza Alley girl and her cousin. I was stuck with the woman that would occasionally hold my hand when no one was looking.

We danced for awhile (the English guys left after they found out the girls had children) and then 2 AM rolled around and we were still having fun, but I knew where this was going (nowhere). So I called the hotel and told them to have the girl wait for me. I hung out for another 20 minutes gave them about 20 bucks so they could keep going and catch a cab home and left (told them I was expecting a call from my children in the US...at 2AM....that was believable).

Got back to the hotel and my chica was there with 2 friends and asked if I knew any other Americans that were looking for the companions for the night. I told her no and then was offered the foursome. I told them no and took my chica to my room when I suddenly realized I was out of condoms. I gave her 4 soles and told her to go buy me some condoms (I've done this several times now and they are more than happy to do it). She came back and we attempted to have sex.

For 45 minutes all got was Owwww! Me Duele! Despaciao! It was horrible. I don't understand how someone could be 20 years old, be a prostitute and be so tiny. I felt like I was deflowering a virgin or something. I finally let her ride me (where she was only let me in halfway) and imagined the girl in Pizza Alley and finished. Then I committed the biggest of all sins...I fell asleep. I woke up when she kissed me goodbye before she walked out of the door. I called down to reception and told them not to let her leave until I checked my room. I checked money, wallet, credit cards... everything was there so I called back down and let her go.

The Hotel is definitely one of the most chica friendly hotels I've encountered in a long time. I will probably return here in a few months for a "real" Peruvian vacation (go look at old shit), and I will definitely stay there when I'm in Lima.

My plane for Arequipa is leaving soon but I will continue from there. It looks like no reports for quite awhile.

J Wadd
10-18-03, 02:28
Im (no punctuation on this computer) in Lima. I guess Ill try Tequila Rocks and/or Scarlet tonight. If anyone wants to hang, Ill be wearing a gray North Face zip-up mock-turtleneck; six two with short brown hair.

Let the good times roll,

Boy in Lima
10-18-03, 03:34

To all of you visiting nightclubs.As a local, i can advise you that maybe you haven't considered going to Club69.Prices are cheaper than Suites de Barranco and quality of girls are still from respectable to fair.I don-t recall the address exactly but if you get to Emmanuelle Club (which is very popular club) you will find a bunch of taxis that can take you there for about 6 or 7 soles.
Entry fee is 80 soles and chica fee goes from $60 to $80, that depends on your skills to negotiate.
I don't know you guys, but Local TV here shows that Pizza street and all the restaurants and bars around are full of people wanting to steal money to travelers in some way or another.I would run away from those places like hell.

I hope it helped.


J Wadd
10-18-03, 10:51
LIMA DAY 1 (a Friday) (and please pardon this bitter novel):

Well, huh. With all due respect to the Lima pros, I didn't find this place very good on day one. I went to a lot of places, too.

The night started out at Pizza Alley at about 8 p.m. It's kinda like a Cancun restaurant street with food-hawkers pitching their various joints to you all at once. It's just off of Parque Kennedy (the street to your left with the main church to your back) and very easy to find. Just follow the Mexican neon.

Anyway, no action and average (and overpriced) food at 8 p.m. Had about 5 beers and went one street down to look for anybody at Las Palmas. Totally dead. No sportsmen.

Drank more beer, had some coffee, pissed about 20 times, and went to Tequila Rocks.

By the way, let me take this second to say how sub-par this thread is in summarizing/describing the Lima action to the newbie. I read about every post for the last year and really couldn't figure out the scene. Miraflores? Centro? Parque Kennedy? Banos Turko? Scarlet? Peligroso? Etc.?

It's now about 11 p.m. and I went through Parque Kennedy again (looking for some SW action). Totally dead.

Entered Tequila Rocks (20 soles -- other side of Parque Kennedy in a more-or-less staight line from Pizza Alley) and it was a little dead; the pack of girls I started talking to assured me that it would get going around 1 a.m.

I could tell just by entering that this place wouldn't really add up to much. Amateur night. Girls were not that cute and roundly wanted 100USD for 1-2 hours. Fuckin' funny. I told all of them how it worked in Brasil -- and they all admitted to the fact that Brasil is better, Peru sucks, and that gingos are stupid to pay that price. We all laughed together. Really.

Anyway, the music was bad enough for me to actually perversely enjoy it, so I stayed and got even drunker. The girls seemed to enjoy my company and I was making a good show of it. Never one to be grumpy, you know (despite my saber-rattling here).

So I left at about 1 a.m. and went to Club 69. I couldn't believe the entrance fee -- 80 fucking soles (I'm in 3rd world Peru, right?). I paid it and found about 15, 100USD for an hour, average girls inside. I talked to them, made them laugh, spinned the best price down to about 70USD and left disgusted (though smiling).

The man at the door asked why I left so early. I gave him my stock "Brasil description" and he (knowingly) agreed that Peru can't compete, Club 69 is over-priced (he really said that -- along with the guy who sold be my entrance ticket!!) and that, "This is Peru -- welcome to it". Huh. At least they're honest.

Incidentally, Club 69 is about a 7-8 minute ride from Parque Kennedy. There are rooms on-site, but the bandits who run the place want an astounding 112 soles for an hour (that's the number they wrote down for me). That's more than my hotel room per night. But wait, it gets better.

I decided to walk back to Parque Kennedy (and Tequila Rocks/Pizza Alley) at this point. And what do I see? A low-ball strip-club called "Platinum Night Club." It's just before the underpass on the way back.

Well this place needs special mention. They wanted 50 soles at the door for 100USD/hour girls with 50USD/hour room fees. 50 fucking USD per hour for the rooms. I laughed, the doorman laughed with me and explained that he knew it was fucked up but that it's the policy of the club. Really. I'm not making any fo this up. No big deal. I walked on.

I figured that now, about 1:45 a.m. would be prime-time for Parque Kennedy and Pizza Alley. WRONG. Parque Kennedy: dead. Nada. No street action. Pizza Alley: busier, but no spinners. Not a single working girl to be seen. Oh well.

So now I decided to check out a "normal disco" -- "Traffic." It's right by the church, near Tequila Rocks.

This was another, if different, kindergarten scene. No spinners, and (seemingly) no single women. The music was so fucking bad I almost wet my pants ("Papa don't preach," Bon Jovi, etc.). I have to admit, though, that I did like doing the YMCA dance with the crowd. It was like I was hanging out with a bunch of people with cultural retardation -- me included (at this point).

So by now I figured everything was academic, and I returned to the kindergarten scene at Tequila Rocks. I actually wound up hooking up with a busty (if older) cutie for 100 soles. It took mucho negotiation, though. The sex was good.

I felt good about vindicating a little sportsman skill. Keep the price down, you know, and all that.

I know Lima's got a good scene somewhere... But what the fuck? I've sported in about 40 countries and literally hundreds of cities and have never encountered such consistent discrepancy between price, talent and availability as I have here on this first night (Iquitos wasn't much better). Maybe I just had a bad first run.

Anybody have and advice for tomorrow night? Should I cut my pickle off and sell it on the street for as many soles as I can get?

Nibu? Judd? Fellas? WTF??

I'm game for the Lima olympics Sat. night if any of you cocksmen want to chase the pink dragon with me. I'll be in that Brasil bar at the far end of Pizza Alley around 9 p.m. if anybody wants to hang. Don't know what I'll be wearing, but I look about as gringo as the grinch. Your kinda grinch, my fuckers! 6'2" with short brown hair. About 250 pounds (not too fat, either). The Brasileiras love me, at least.

JWadd (and sorry if I've pissed any of you pros off -- it wasn't my intention (really).)

10-18-03, 16:50
jwadd, i believe that you're in need of some help ... it would be a shame if your trip continues like that. club 69 is a pricey club, and tequila rock has been pretty well known for not being the place for 'those in the know' to go to.

here's a quick list w/location and prices that i had made before my trip last spring. you may have already read it (as i had posted it a few weeks ago), but i'll repost it - in the hope that it helps you. at the end of the list, i'll try to type out what i would do, if i were you (and i sure as hell wish i could be there ... rather than the chilled northeast). note: this list includes everything that i had put together prior to the trip (thus, having some overpriced places/services); as i've mentioned, read below for what i'd do with the list.
-miraflores: **sexylolita - ave. arequipa 4341, 936-4544 (call first) - 100ns/hr, call first
-miraflores: 131 bajada balta (call first); calle bellavista, r ave berlin, 1 block to oscar benavides, past r bookstore/small strip mall, cross street + immed. right, halfway down find 131 entrance, enter + turn r + upstairs, to l upstairs, to end of hall, last door room 21, 246-2163, 100ns/hr
-la victoria: la parada - entrance is on n side of ave. san pablo, practically inside la gammara mercado off of ave. aviacion in la victoria - right next to the vegetable market (3-story building directly opposite the market and the other is down a side street a few doors), 3-story san jose/san pablo (90) w/2-story las jardines (25) down the street, (taxi 5ns, no cover + 16ns/10min -or- 40?ns/45min)
- ?portugal 118 hotel stanford (crosses 13th street of av alfonso ugarte), wooden door with stairs - 1ns entry, 40-less/time, anything, vivi/camilla

-callao: **cucardas - 330-0370/423-7202/431-6891, 875 ricardo treneman, alt cdra 9 av colonial y argentina, taxi, 15ns entry, 30-40ns - 40 rooms
-callao: *trocadero / la salvaje, 18th street of avenida argentina in callao, (4)5pm to 9(10)pm w/peak at 7pm (taxi 4us, 10ns entry, 15ns)
-san borja: baņos turcos - mariano #660, san borja, 733-7082 - 100ns/time, call first, password
-san borja: baņos turcos atenas - ave aviacion #3040 1er piso, timbre 101, san borja, 9am-9pm - 35ns massage/hj
-san borja: king spa - ave aviacion #2938, san borja - 225-2715 & 225-2860, 30ns entry, 30ns massage, 90-100ns for 30-45 min (haggled)
-san isidro: baņos turcos windsor - miguel dasso #156, san isidro, 440-1050, mon-sat 10am-10pm, nursing uniforms
-miraflores: **turcos en los andes , angamos este 833 (floor 8), taxi ne of markets, open 24 hrs in a hotel w/3 floors sauna showers, jacuzzi, choose from 6-7 $70, (av. angamos este 833-835 8vo. piso del hotel los andes, 447-8177) - call first, 20 working, 20ns entry
-miraflores: *miraflores massages, 912-6600, www.amigasvip.net/mm.htm, mon-sat 10am-9pm, (www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/amigasvip.php)
-miraflores: baņos turcos - manuel bonilla? #162, button 201, 241-0263 & 241-4300 - call first
-miraflores: hotel bruce, jirón bolognesi 181-191, miraflores, 4453198/445-3200, 40ns entrance + 100-180ns, casino entrance + straight + down + right
-miraflores: la esperanza 237, 5th floor, miraflores - (was cantuarias 270, 11th floor, room 1101, miraflores) - 20ns/30min
-miraflores: britanica bano sauna, arica 221, a block from av j pardo / cmdte espinar - m-sat, noon-9pm, 30ns/30m, 60ns/45m+sauna, 100-150ns/time
[late pm]:
-san isidro: *eclipse - augusto tamayo #158, 440-4913, 1 block from ave rivera navarrete, 50ns admit/drink, $20 leave, $60-100/night
-san isidro: *emmanuel - ave. rivera navarrete #465, 442-5055, across hotel gardens, 50ns admit, $15-35 leave, $100/night
-san isidro: casanova - calle miguel seminario #365, 1 e of via expresa & 1 n of ave carnaval moreyra, 1/2 w of ave rep de panama, 50ns + $100?
-surco: **moonlight - los preciados #153, higuereta surco, 449-3300, 2nd floor, down ave. a benavides east, 50ns admit, $20 leave, $100/night
-surquillo: **club 69 - jean paul satre #190 (calle uno), 1 block from ave angamos & tomas marsano, 50ns admit, $70/room, $100/hr, 120ns/leave 2hrs
-miraflores: seņor frogs - across the street from marriott, in marina park, gfe's
-miraflores: **tequila rock - av. ernesto diez canseco #146, a la espalda de la municipalidad de miraf., 444-3661+ 426-6697, 20ns admit, $50-100/night
-barranco: *suites of barranco - ave republica de panama #250 (l/east side of street), 247-2893, 100ns minimum, $70/hr or night? for room, $100/hr
[lima call]:
**272-0071 or 449-1073 (from el comercio) $50/hr + taxi for 1-2hrs, young, 'coki' told me to call, younger, appointment card
- *amilcar, call-in, amilcarsafe@hotmail.com, 973-1676 - $40/time, 60ns/amilcar // daniel 898-8914 - (cab driver)
- **www.placeresdelperu.com - *mp $35/hr (100ns/hr), out $45-60/hr ($65-100 or 150-200ns/2hrs) - the site changes often and they work out of different parts of miraflores and surrounding areas
-miraflores: *sexylolita - ave. arequipa 4341, 936-4544 (call first) - mp 100ns/hr, call first, may also outcall - (www.sexylolita.galeon.com/kinesiologas.html)
-miraflores: www.escortsperu.com/m_shantal.html
-san borja: chicasalacarta.galeon.com/index.html - chica 10 (blond/lean/long hair) - 742-0181 - block 111, san borja, $120/2hr ($60-160/1.5hr) - 739-6510
- www.hot-peru.com/angelsmodels $100/hr 840-5375
- dos estudiantes - 885-7860, $55-90/1.5-2hrs
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/amigasvip.php 734-4179, 723-1165 --contacto@amigasvip.net $100
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/femmesvip.php 636-2786 - 100/hr(120/1.5) for normal
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/affair.php 859-7309 comp/b = 40 (1/2), 60 (1), 80 (1.5), spec/c = 100/hr (for all)
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/stylepassion.php 924-3062 (24hrs)
- www.claudita8.wo.to 882-9893 - $100/2hrs
- www.equis.ya.com/karlitax 266-0667 karlitalovex@hotmail.com - everything, jesus maria, 120ns/hr(60/30min), pucallpa girl
[a 5 multi-point plan]:

(1) wake up in the morning and make it easy for yourself. go to *turcos en los andes* on angamos este 833 (floor 8). for about 3-4 ns, a taxi will take you ne of markets. it's open 24 hrs in a hotel w/3 floors sauna showers, jacuzzi, choose from 6-7 women for about 150ns for the session. also, there is a 20 ns entry fee.(av. angamos este 833-835 8vo. piso del hotel los andes, 447-8177). it's not the cheapest place, but it'll start you off on the right foot; i went there 3 times, and each time found a rather attractive chica to choose from. if you really enjoy your session, ask for the girls cell phone number for a possible nightcap at your hotel with her. these girls work 8 hour shifts, and, out of the 150 ns that you give them, they only get to keep 75 ns (half of it) ... so keep that in mind. 100-150ns should be able to give you a nightcap with her - heck, maybe even for free ... if she likes you.

(2) have lunch in pizza alley and talk with the waitresses. try to sit next to some girls that you may be interested in. make sure that you bring a pen and paper, because you will be asking for cell phone numbers. just be obvious about it, jwadd ... because - if you're not obvious - you will experience the same boredom that you had yesterday.

(3) continue on your (con)quest to get phone numbers from chicas. don't expect everyone to say 'yes' to you ... but you will get enough numbers if you keep moving and grooving. where else to go other than the tiendas of miraflores?
((3a)) if you go to centro, there are a lot of tiendas there on the streets ... some stores which are run-down department gallerias which you should walk into. if you see a girl you like, ask for her number. ask the ice-cream girl, ask the 3 chicas who are walking down the street ... be aggressive and have fun. jwadd, i will be disappointed if i hear that you don't get at least 2-3 numbers from a walk through the street tiendas. beware though: centro has a lot of pick-pockets, so be especially careful with respect to you cash. it should be easy for a taxi driver to take you to centro for 4-7 ns. i wouldn't stay there past sun-down ... however.
((3b)) go to larco mar and enjoy the site of the ocean ... maybe have a snack. once in a while, you'll find a girl standing/sitting alone. if you like her, act fast and get her number. quite frankly, she may or may not be amenable to you actions, but - heck - it's your adventure. if she says 'no,' it's her loss; you should save your gringo-laden company and (achem) talents for the next girl who says 'yes.'

(4) for the mid-late afternoon, before the sun sets, go to one of the following places:
((4a)) *cucardas* - 330-0370/423-7202/431-6891, 875 ricardo treneman, alt cdra 9 av colonial y argentina, taxi, 15ns entry, 30-40ns - 40 rooms
((4b)) *trocadero/la salvaje*, 18th street of avenida argentina in callao, (4)5pm to 9(10)pm w/peak at 7pm (taxi 4us, 10ns entry, 15ns) - note: not open until about 5pm.
both of these places will require for you to ask for a taxi to take you there, wait for you, and take you back. you should be able to do the trip for 10-15 ns, but beware of inflation if (1) you look very gringo and (2) if you don't speak fluent spanish.

(4) before dinner, go to an internet cafe in miraflores and go to *placeresdelperu.com*. if you really like what you see, you can set up either (1) having them come to your place for 150-200 ns for 1-2 hours, or (2) going to their place - my preference - for 100 ns for 1-2 hours. usually, they work from morning till about 8-10pm ... call them if you're interested.

(5) hopefully, by the evening, you can hang out with with a girl or two who you had already contacted from lunch or the early afternoon. if not (which i sincerely hope would not be the case) ... do not go to places like club 69, suites de barranco, or tequila rock ... unless you want to spend freely on what can be had for much less, if not free; i had those same places on my pre-trip list as back-up, but never had to go to them. you're bad start to your lima trip is due to visiting some of the worst possible places (imo). what to do? give amilcar a call at 9-973-1676. he is very discreet about hooking gringos up, but be nice and say that a friend recommmend him to you. ask him if he knew of any good girls who can accompany you, and he should be able to help you - if he is not busy. if not ... call one of the call services. the newspapers have listings of escorts, as well - if you want more than what you see on my list. also, something that i didn't take advantage of when i was in peru - hang out with one of the guys from this board. have fun, and party! meet the locals, and branch out. rather than going to traffic, go to a pena in barranco - the locals in the penas love foreigners; i went to one named "de cajaro" and had a blast! mingle and start racking up your free/girlfriends for the evenings ... haha ... while reserving your mongering for the daytime. if you have a friend to go with ... try la parada in la victoria ... it's an experience (if you want to see wall to wall, inexpensive chicas ... albeit, in a grungy, edgy atmosphere - you have to see it to understand).
alright, jwadd ... good luck, and keep us all informed with the gorey - i mean - successful details. take care, and remember jwadd ... todo al maximo!

Boy in Lima
10-18-03, 18:51
To Play2 and all of the rest in this board :)

Woau.That was a very thorough description of pro action in Lima.Just let me point out something for people visitng for the first time,uhm...how do i say this?...ok...places like La Victoria and La Parada are not one of those places to have fun.Unless you consider fun to have your wallet stolen.
I normally go for the escorts agency.Altough prices start running from $80/1hr.There are some escorts agencies which contact some known and semi-known local tv models but their prices start from $150 usd /1hr.Some of them are really cute and have a glorious body.Just take your time and have them send one of these girls and if you don't like her , just give her a 20 soles cab fare and that's it.Neeeext one haha.
As for nightclubs like Suites de Barranco, I was aware that they were having a promotion for hotel suite.At least for September they were giving a matrimonial suite for free.Check their website: www.suitesdebarranco.com and click on english/promotions.I guess you have to print that page in order to get promotion but as it reads it's a September promotion so i don't know if it's currently available.As I said, check their website.
As for the girls of Suites de Barranco, i'd have to say they are the best among the other clubs.Yes.They are much more expensive than other clubs too.Ok.Warning! they are not as classy as Black's Argentine girls if you have been to Argentine before.But certainly there are at least two or three that deserves you to try.

That's my humble advice.I'm a local so i guess i know this place a little bit better than you :)


10-18-03, 19:56
Jwadd, Judd

I'll be back in Lima at about 11PM tonight (Saturday). Arequipa is very pretty to look at but not much more.

I'll be at Las Palmas after 11PM. Maybe we can hook up when I get back.

Jwadd talk to everyone that you find attractive that will speak to you. Get phone numbers but plan to meet them at a certain hour (and make sure you're late, Peruvian time isn't as bad as Central American time, but no one is on time). The last few nights I was there, I met people that wanted to know if I had friends for their friends. I'll see if I can hunt them down for you.

Lastly, in my previous posts I noted that the girls are no longer allowed in pizza alley after 9PM Wednesday - Saturday. They are concerned about upsetting the tourists.



J Wadd
10-18-03, 21:24
play2 and others, THANKS MAN! That's he kinda of poontang fraternity that I know makes the WSG the best out there. Great responses to my first-night flail.

On another note, I like Lima. Go figure. It has a European feel to it (which I tend to miss while in Brasil). Having a good time for the food, mild weather and cafes.

Michael: I'll make a point of coming by Las Palmas at around 11 p.m. I asked for you last night, but the nice receptionist said there was no one there who fit your description (African American by the name of Michael). I hope you don't consider that crude -- only way I had to reduce the "needle in a haystack" factor.

Anyway, we'll bump it up a notch or two tonight. Judd and Nibu should be around.

'Til then,

10-19-03, 01:52
JWadd - Any time, man! Reading your post made me cringe at the thought of all the opportunities that you're missing out on. As Michael1967 has experienced and correctly pointed out, Lima is great in the GFE seen - so, take advantage of it. Considering that you've been through Rio, it's obvious that pro-scene/clubs in Lima will mightily pale in comparison to it. However, the sincerity of the Limenos and their interest in you should give you a great opportunity to 'hook up' with chicas left and right.

"Talk to everyone that you find attractive that will speak to you." Exactly, Michael! The success rate is frighteningly good in Peru, isn't it? From reading your posts, I'll imagine that you'll have to go through chica-detox when it's time to head back to the states (FYI, I'm still feeling withdrawal almost half a year out from my last trip to Latin America ...).

J Wadd
10-19-03, 23:58

Hooked up with Nibu, Judd and Michael at about 11 p.m. at Las Palmas. They're a great bunch of guys -- and I want to thank Nibu particularly for showing us/me around.

It was a fun night, though it wasn't the best for sex. I'm not the sole dissenting vote this time, either. I think they'll all comment similarly when they get around to posting.

Anyway, we went to about 20 clubs (yes, twenty), ranging from the low-end scene in centro, higher end scene at Scarlet, the clubs around Peppers, the disco/SW strip around "something-Mar" -- finally ending the night (again) at Tequila Rock just for a night cap.

All of the clubs were pretty dead. I guess Saturday is nap time.

What I could tell, though, is that Lima DOES have a healthy, inexpensive scene that I missed last night. Scarlet has promise (though I'm told it's in a down-cycle due to its aggresive pro-peddling), and the clubs around Peppers looked like they could be relied on for some action on a better night. Emmanuel(sp?) (passed by it -- in the Peppers area) looked promising, too.

BUUUT, what play2 (and Michael) are saying might be the best bet -- amateur talkytalkyfuckysucky.

Tonight I'd like to check out the SW scene on Arequipa (above Parque Kennedy) - maybe later returning to Tequila Rock (so far the only place with solidly good-looking girls that I've scene -- and by the way I'm not having any trouble getting them there for 100S), or maybe Emmanuel if it's open.

'Til then,

P.S. I'm told the MPs are not to be missed. Maybe tomorrow.

10-20-03, 01:32
Hi everyone in Lima.

I will be arriving in Lima in the next couple weeks and would appreciate a first night hotel recommendation in the 3-4 star range. Something up to around us$50/night. My experience here in Central America is that you can pay less but run the risk of a shitty experience or even getting sick which is totally pennywise and pound-foolish. So any recommendation? And if anyone wants to show me around, Iīll be happy to pick up the tab.

Member #4351
10-20-03, 15:24

Youīve got Nibu salivating with that last sentence.

Most of the cheapskates on this board stay at the bottom of the barrel places so you won't find much information on more or less "decent places". On second thought, a couple of guys DID stay in decent places (like the Marriot and Las Americas), but these are 5* hotels and probably a little outside your budget. I suggest you go online and checkout the different options and deals of places in Miraflores. When you have a few choices, mention them and Iīll tell you what I think (for what its worth).

J Wadd
10-20-03, 23:45

Sun. night, not much going on.

Started out with Michael about about 10:30, by taking a cab ride up Arequipa to look for some SWs. Drove about 20 blocks and found only 1 girls (Jabba-the-Hut type).

Did a U-turn and went to Emmanuels in San Isidro. Closed. Tried Casanova, also closed.

Wound up going to Pepper's, in the same area. It was open and I got phone number for Mon. 150R is a haggle-price, with a 40R bar-fine.

Walked over to Eclipse (yet another strip club) but they wanted 80 soles to get in. Hah!

Soooooo, what do you think happened next? Went to Tequila Rock at about 1 a.m. Pretty dead. Some cuties, though.

Tonight, girls were quoting 80USD (about 250 soles) -- with all being able to be haggled down to 200, and many to 150. I guess that's an acceptable price. No big deal.



10-22-03, 01:30
I'm back in Seattle and don't have time to write much but after reading a few posts that about the amount of that we pay for women and hotels etc..,. I have to say a few words.

First off, Peru is a poor country. The average person there makes about $4,500 US per year. I understand that we all value different things in life, but, maybe it's the accountant in me, I can't honestly comprehend spending $125-$150 per night at a Marriott or Holiday Inn in a country where people make $400 a month. Quite honestly, I would rather give that money to average Peruvian person than a huge US corporation.

Secondly, when I vacation. I like to hang out with the local people. That is why I attempted to learn Spanish, why I spend my time at discotecas and places where locals hang out, and why I try and engage in conversations with both men and women wherever I go. I like to eat what they eat and I like to hear what they have to say. I met quite a few locals on this trip and I know many will be my friends for life. This would not have happened if I only wanted to be around "high class" hookers and was concerned that I would "get sick" if I went to the wrong place. I had dinner at a local girl's house and met her family, I would never, ever deny myself that experience for the fear that the food that she's serving me is contaminated (BTW it was wonderful).

Lastly, in the grand scheme of things, while I enjoy having sex nightly on vacation, it is just a small part of what I like to do on vacation. I'm 35 years old, I can get laid at home on a regular basis, and I can go anywhere in the world and get laid without paying for it. To me, paying $100 bucks for an hour with a prostitute is utterly ridiculous. This might be from the fact that I don't have to do this...talk to me in 10 years...maybe then it will be worthwhile for me to pay that amount. I have had some definite knockouts in my life and I've had some so-so looking women in my life and there has NEVER been a correlation between their looks and how they are in bed.

I spent 12 days in Peru, I had a great time. I budgeted $2,000 for the trip, including airlines tickets. I spent exactly $2,000 and got laid 10 or 11 times by 9 different girls (I think). I met great people, I will return in a few months and be a real "tourist". The best part is, since I only spent $2,000, I can afford to return again and again and again.

10-22-03, 01:35
A quick note to Judd:

Sunday night I took JWadd's big titted chica back to my hotel. Her friend was with her and wanted to know all about you. She said that everytime she sees you her heart races and wanted to know if you were married or had kids.

She had a great body, but just a homely face. Maybe you know who she is. Anyway, she wanted me to make sure that I told you this before I left.

...more later when I post about my last couple of days....

10-22-03, 22:47

Are you talking about Cassandra? What's the girls name who is interested in knowing more about me? I finally hooked up with Marita last night. Going to Tequila everynight finally paid off.



J Wadd
10-22-03, 23:35

Can't remember. Where am I?

Oh yeah. More of the same. Did the club rounds again. Nothing much.

Went to a few Banos Turkos. Not worth the effort.

Went to a few brothels. More of the same.

Finally got a chance to look into Emmanuels. 50soles entrance to find about 15 6s and 6.5s -- all of which I'm sure wanted 150+ USD for sex. Lame. I'm glad they let me in for free.

Went back to Tequila Rocks with the crew. Got in for free -- and after about 2 hours managed to take a very pretty girl out of there for 150 soles (about 43USD). Great sex.

So far, Tequila Rocks is about the only place where I've been able to find 8s+. I hear the massage parlours are good, though.


J Wadd
10-22-03, 23:42

We can call this night, "JWadd, the fat chick likes you" (Judd, I know you're lol).

A Peruvian friend of Nibu's showed up with 3 chicks at about 8 p.m. Judd seemed to hook up pretty quickly with a cute-ish one, the second was so shy she didn't even speak once, and the third seemed to take an instant and unwanted shine to yours truly. No big deal. But it got a little high-schoolish. These are normal Peruvian girls, mind you.

Anyway, spent the night drinking -- finally taking most of them to Tequila Rocks (again) at around 2:30 a.m. Ditched them and hooked up with a near-9 for 200 soles. I know it's a little expensive -- and I had a VERY LONG TALK about how pricing really works when the girls enter a little place I like to call reality -- but she was really so fucking pretty (model type) that I figured 65 USD can work. She usually charges 400 soles. Whatever. Great sex. Went 'til 8 a.m.


10-23-03, 01:50
Michael1967, amen brother. Jwadd and others, good coverage.
Hope I can see Peru soon, it's pretty high on my S.A list.

10-23-03, 02:57

I don't know the girl's name but she was good friends with the first girl that Jwadd screwed in Lima. He can probably help you out on that. Probably would only be worth the effort if you can get away with not being seen in public with her.

My last few days in Lima...

For the most part Jwadd covered a bit of this so I'll skip to the fun stuff. Went to a variety of places with Jwadd and ended up at Tequila's again. I knew it was my last night in town so I had to find something good. Jwadd left and just as I was getting ready to leave, JWadd's big-titted chick asked me to walk her and her friend to Pizza Alley to get a taxi.

We stopped and got sandwiches at Sandwichs Miguel (which Surprise!!! I paid for.... actually not a big deal). While we were eating I think I very eloquently explained the laws of supply and demand to her. We discussed the value of her time and ridiculous amount of money that the women at Tequila ask for and when they don't budge on their prices, they end up going home with nothing. I asked her if she would like to go out every night for a week and possibly make $100 in that time or would she like to go out 2 times a week and make a guaranteed $50 each night and spend the rest of the time with her family.

We talked about other things and she finally asked me if I wanted to take her to my hotel. I asked her how much she wanted and she said ...you guessed it... $50. I walked right into that one. I was too much of a gentleman to say that she screwed my friend JWadd for 100 soles (but it truly crossed my mind), so I told her I had 125 soles on me, take or it or leave it. She took it.

We walked to the hotel and her friend was still with us. She asked me if her friend can wait in the reception area. I told her no, I didn't want trouble with the hotel. She told me it wasn't a problem with the hotel and her friend can just wait. They could then catch a taxi together and be safer. We walked into the reception area and I just laughed my damn fool head off.

All of the seats in reception were taken by women from Tequila's that didn't get laid. They were all waiting for their friends to finish. We're talking about 8 women, including some of the hottest women that were there that night, just sitting around waiting for their friends to get done. There was one extremely hot one that I saw for the last two nights I was there and I thought she would probably charge alot. As the night got later and I wasn't looking at anything good, I finally talked to her for a few minutes. She wanted $125 (US) and wouldn't budge from that number. She was sitting there waiting for her friend (who probably charged alot less).

I waved goodbye to all of them and took my girl upstairs. BTW she was good, and I couldn't imagine her being any better if I paid her an extra $65.

Monday evening, I trolled pizza alley and found a girl (she actually found me) to do at the last second before I left. 100 soles.

All in all a good trip. I learned quite a bit about why I hobby in the 12 days that I was here. I realized that, for me, the chase is more important than the catch. Yes, I like getting laid by gorgeous women, but to walk into a room, see someone attractive, pay her money and then screw her, just doesn't do it for me. I need to have some possibly that she'll say no before it gets exciting to me. I don't know,I guess I enjoy working for it.

I'll be back in Peru in a few months.

Judd, Jwadd, Nibs it was great meeting you. For the 5 or 6 lurkers that I met while I was in Lima (you know who you are), I hope you decide to start posting.

My e-mail address is mljohnson1967@yahoo.com if anyone wants to contact me or send me hate mail.

10-23-03, 20:02

I've done and seen the very same thing happen with the girls at various other hot spots like "Help Disco" in Rio.

Good Report on the art of negotiating!

Amen to that!!!

10-23-03, 22:28
With all the mention of model quality chicas at Tequila Rock. Has anyone come across estefany? I'm guessing she's about 20 and built like a Ferrari. All I can say is, highly recommended!

J Wadd
10-24-03, 02:11

Firstly, excellent reporting, Michael. I had a great time hangin' with you.

Lima day 6 was spent with David_33 at Trocadero. David describes it as Fellini-esque, which is exactly what it is.

The place is comprised of about 3 long corridors of about 50 doorways/quartos per side. The place is lit in a garrish red half-light which adds a perfect ambience for a great, low-ball sex scene.

Prices are about a sole a minute, with many cute girls to be had. The cost-effectiveness of this place is astounding. On Friday and Saturday evenings (the place closes at 10 p.m.), I estimate that over 250 fifty girls would be available.

I wish I could give directions, but Lima is a labyrinth -- and Trocadero is in its (seemingly) most dense section. I think, though, there're explicit directions a few pages back.

Incidentally, the place seems reasonably safe. Trocadero is more like a compound than a front-door-on-the-street type of club, so questions of neighborhood safety (which didn't seem that bad anyway) aren't that germane.

Thanks again, David, for taking me here!


Member #4351
10-24-03, 16:13

It was my pleasure. As you saw, I proved my point regarding people who insist on paying $$ in the San Isidro and Miraflores clubs. The first cutie I was with (you saw her) normally works at Peppers, and gets a minimum of $50 a pop. My cost? 20 soles. Same quality girls can be had as you experienced for yourself. But hey, better for us if everyone else wants to waste their money in the clubs. Whenever you want to go again, just let me know.

J Wadd
10-25-03, 03:46
I will!!! I should be back in town somewhere around the 1st, not leaving until the 5th. Plenty of time to figure out a mission.

'Til then (and thanks again),

10-25-03, 04:38
Hey guys, I'm glad to hear that good times are definitely rolling in Peru. I was curious ... from Nibu's post, I heard the San Pablo in La Victoria was raided and closed down? It just doesn't make any sense ... what's the deal? Are elections coming up?

Member #4351
10-25-03, 14:50
Everytime they close it down it opens up again within a few days.

J Wadd
11-09-03, 21:18
Just want to add one last tip:

Las Cucardes (I think I'm spelling that right) is a great brothel/chongo about a 7 soles cab-ride away from Miraflores. Safe area, cheap prices -- and very good looking girls. About 30 of them on any given day. Give it a try.


11-09-03, 21:53
Aside from Chicas, is Lima worth a visit?

Is it inetersting to walk the city, and how is the shopping like?

Member #4351
11-11-03, 10:40


11-11-03, 15:39
Man, it depends on what you're shopping for. I usually fill a suitcase with pirated software, playstation games, and music cds. At $3 each, its hard not to.

11-14-03, 17:39
Hey Rocky:

If you like a High Class girl, you con got to Emmanuelle, 69 Club, Barranco Suites, or call to Chicas de Primera.

In Peru your you find girl of all price, according to your likes.

I don't like to go to dangerous places.

11-15-03, 18:18
Hey all,

Firstly, a special thanks to Play2 for his detailed plan on page two - had only a few short time and it was good to now where to go at which time of day. Went to Las Cucardes (875 Ricardo Treneman, Alt Cdra 9 Av Colonial y Argentina). Went at about 6.30pm. Apparently this is when the girls are changed and about 10 locals flooded in. About 25 girls and some nice ones. Tried to speak to the nicest but she just started to tell me the prices. Anyway, chose her and paid (15s for entry, 40s for 30 mins.). I cannot remember her name but it was a common name and she was about 5ft 2, 19 with brown hair and a nice figure. Half way up on the the left hand side of the left hand calle. Maybe it is the 30 mins thing but she was very perfunctory - she told me to take off my clothes and she took of hers - no foreplay. We did not even kiss and she made it very clear that she was not interested in anything other than the money. A pretty poor experience but I know other guys have had better times there so I guess I was unlucky. Caveat Emptor, I suppose. It should be clear how interested the girl is and this one wasn't.



Gringo Loco #2
11-17-03, 00:36
Hi Guys,

I've been following the South American Forums for quite some time, and I would like to officially change my status from a lurker to a contributor.

In particular, I have been following the Peru forums and would like to specifically thank DanDaMan, David_33, Mercenario, and Play2 for their excellent contributions. Also, reserved thanks to Nibu for his occasionally coherent ramblings.

Special thanks to DDM who served as my personal guide in Cusco, introduced me to several beautiful cholita girlfriends, and even helped me with my Spanish by turning me on to some excellent lessons - Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone CDs. My Latina-chasing ability is already improving thanks to my increased Spanish fluency.

I will be in Lima soon, and if anyone would like to hookup for some mongering, please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service. I will be staying at the Marriott in Miraflores the week of November 23rd. Specifically, I would like to have someone serve as my guide for some "special action."

Gringo Loco

Rocky Rocco
11-22-03, 22:23
Hey Nibs,

Thanks for all your posts and generating enthusiasum for the Peru section. Without your contributions, this section would be dead like the Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador sections.

Shortly, I will be in Lima. It would be great to meet and do some exploring. I would like to checkout some high class Limeņas. Are you game? I can take care of all your expenses.

Keep up the good work and please let me know. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


Member #4351
12-01-03, 21:29

I donīt like the Cucardas for that reason. They are really clock watchers. IMHO better off at the Trocadero.

12-02-03, 02:00
Anyone going to Lima, Peru in late December? If so, what hotel will you be staying at? I would like to meet with fellow mongers for town-hopping, chica-chasing, drinks, share tips and suggestion, taxi-sharing etc to make the most of our trips, assuming you are not a native peruvian living in Peru.

You are welcome to PM me if you like. I haven't made any plans yet, but I want to stay at Miraflores area. Thanks.


Member #4351
12-03-03, 16:46

Not too many native Peruvians on the board. The only one I know of is Merc.

12-04-03, 05:38
David-33, Thanks.

Can you tell me which is your favorite destination among: Peru, Argentina, Panama, Colombia?

I think Peru is cheaper than Argentina. In Argentina we have Jacko and Roxy to help us out. I wish there were people in each destination to help and arrange for our hobby pursuits.

Any ways.... I might just go to Argentina after all. Also 800 rebels in Colombia surrendered their arms now. Looks like there will be fewer kidnappings and more Colobian girls are going to see more gringos visit their country.


Sexy God

Member #4351
12-05-03, 21:42
Sorry, only hobbied in Peru (because I live here) and in SEA. If you like European looking girls then I expect that Argentina is for you. As far as Peru goes, its not such a nightclub scene as is Argentina, but no guide is needed. I, and others are always happy to help out anyway. I've personally taken around 6 different visitors to the Trocadero (a spot that can be somewhat difficult to go to for one who doesn't live here).

Rabo Verde
12-05-03, 22:46
Colombia, especially Medellin and Cali, are the top discount mongering destinations, but tourist services are limited and there is some danger.

12-08-03, 07:04

Hi! I heard the insurgency in Colombia is winding down. Is that true? As for touristic services, well, the only thing we need is basic food, transportation, hotels and of course, abundant chica supply. I like Colombian females, but I hesitate to go there because of the kidnapping stories I hear every now and then.

Any ways, all said and done, I am debating between Argentina and Peru. Lets see, I'll decide in a few days.


12-10-03, 16:36
Wow, I am so happy to be here finally. I have been reading this stuff for a year or two, but was never able to post for some reason. Anyway this is my first post. I travel a lot for the sport. I go to Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Domican Republic, and of late, Peru.

I am going to Peru this Monday, December the 15th. This will be my 3rd trip in the last 2 months. I was there two weeks ago and in mid November. The information from this site was so helpfull. I hope i will be able to add in the future.

Well I have a girlfriend in Lima. I met her on a internet site. I actually have met 5 regular girls on these sites and "interviewed" them. This one so far is a keeper. She is 22, nice and hot. A good girl. She works long hours, like most Peruvians do, and she needs to be home by 11pm each night. This works well for me, because then I have time for the sport.

I have stayed all three times at Las Palmas hotel in Miliflores. Thanks to all of you. It is a great hotel, very very girl friendly. The first night there, the night time guy told me he could get a girl for me in 20 minutes. I had just arrived from the hotel, and it was 1am. She came and she was very nice. I paid 40usd. (I had only USD). I had about 10 - 15 girls that first week, and did about the same on the second trip.

There is a taxi driver named Ernesto who works the daytime outside of the Las Palmas. We made a deal that I would pay him 10 sol/hr for him to drive me places and be my body guard. I often pay him more than this. He picks me up at the airport as well. He takes me to the shopping areas, massage parlors, and my favorite, cucardas. One night I did 4 chicks there. At 40 - 70 sols a shot, how could I not. 70 seems the going rate when you want anal. I never seemed rushed there, and the girls seem fasinated I am from NYC. Only had one bad chick there. Like doing a dead body.

I would go to pizza street every day. My favorite place is one from the end on the left as you face the Main Avenue. I did a few of the chicks there the first trip, but they all wanted 100 sol. They were average and not great. After I discovered what I could get for a little more, I never did anyone there again.

I found a lot of pros on the internet, and they were very very hot, and great in bed. One girl Daniael I did three times. I will see her again this trip also. great sex, and she loved anal. Another chick I did twice was Jennefer, (placesdeperu) she I did twice. It was like a hot girlfriend experiance. They really know how to please. Both girls were bbbj. Both I paid 150 sol for an hour, but both ended up staying for 2 -3 hours each time. Much better than the pizza street girls who were out the door as soon as posible. I will post the photos of these two when I can later.

My driver also took me driving the streets. He would take me to the streets in Central Lima where the girls are just lined up. Rate them about 5 - 7. I took one, but she would not go to Miliflores, so had to get a room in the area. 20 sol for the room. My driver was very particular where to go. He is funny, makes it seem so dangerous. makes me lock door and keep window up. Though I did see someone in a car in front of us have a guy lean in the window and snatch something. Anyway had a great time, and now will be back in a few days.

My girlfriend is in love (or so she acts to me). and I have two or three new interviews set up. It is hard to get the regular girls into bed in one day, often need to get to second date before that happens.

Has anyone been with Agentinita also on Placesdeperu? I tried to hook up with her last time but she was busy. Her photo is hot. Also I called Karen Andrea, and she came to hotel. She was a 5. gave her 50 sol and told her I was sorry but I had been with another girl and could not do again. I did not want to waste it on her, I like them flaca, and she was not.

I also went to that massage place on the ninth floor of that hotel. Some nice chicks, but I could not do any. (had just finished 4 a cucurdas).

Ook, thats all for now. I will go to other sections and post some stuff there. If anyone is there on December 15 - 20, let me know. Also would like to meet Nebu one day. My driver is taking me to Trocodera on tuesday. We should rate the chicks by room number and name in both Cucardas and Trocadero. Also any information on other places like those? What about the place down the block from Cucardas? Okay, enoughs enough.

Bye all and thanks loads.


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12-12-03, 04:56
Hi guys.

I am a new member and this is my first posting. I am a Canadian who is planning his first mongering vacation and am looking for some help. I am on a limited budget and am trying to maximize my 2 weeks with as much booze and broads as possible. I have settled on 2 distinations, Peru and Thailand and must choose one, which is really proving to be difficult.

I live in Vancouver which is half asian and in the year I've lived here have developed a severe case of yellow fever, meaning all I can look and think about are asian women, but I can see myself taking a shinning to latinas. They are rare in Canada. I have heard from other travelers about the great gfe you can get in Peru so that has become a factor fighting the asian fever.

Basically (before this turns into a rambel) I would love to hear from those who have done both areas and what they could recomend to me. I mean right now I could flip a coin. It's my first trip outside Canada and it has to be life altering, lol.

DanDaMan has written some great stuff on the indigenous girls and it sounds interesting (the prices are unbelievable), but I havn't seen any photographs of these women...so not sure what they look like. I'd appreciate some insight guys. Also, why isn't there a photo section for Peru. Thanks, and I will be asking much more until the fateful trip in February.

(ps. If anyone has some photos of the indiginous girls of Peru I'd love to see them)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period followed by a space at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

Member #4351
12-12-03, 18:14

Go to Eva air online and buy your ticket to Thailand. Go to Pattaya. Stay at the Eastiny Place on Soi 8. More and cheaper booze and girls then in Peru. 10 meters outside the hotel doors you'll find more than a thousand girls. Around $20-25 dollars ST.

12-13-03, 03:28
David 33,

Thanks for the advice friend, I am leaning towards Thailand. I am worried that my lack of spanish will slow down my mongering activity in Peru. I know I shouldn't be talking about Thailand on this forum, but I have few more questions for you and then will post on the Thailand forum.

Why would you suggest Pattaya over Bangkok? This hotel you suggested, what are the rates and do they have weekly rates, what are the quality of the rooms and can you bring guests without extra charge? Also, do you think a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam would be worth it, I know girls there would be cheaper, but would it be as much fun?

Anyways, thanks for the info. Do you know of any cool guys to hang out with in Pattaya (other members).


Member #4351
12-14-03, 00:20

Just got back from Thailand two weeks ago. Eastiny Place Hotel (not Eastiny Hotel ), ask for "B" bldg, 2nd floor or higher, on the pool side, and not the end room. Book ahead...fills up. Around $20 a night although now in high season could be more. Phone 011-66-38-427-702 - I suggest Pattaya because all that is there is booze and girls....both cheaper then in BKK. Stay for a week and if you want go up to BKK...around 2 hours drive. Forget Vietnam, Cambodia is somewhat cheaper, but with the flight will end up costing more. You'll have more than enough to keep you busy in Pattaya, believe me. No extra charge for girl in the hotel unless you bring back more than one at a time (I brought back twins my last night and paid the small guest fee). As far as people to hang out with, go to the Pattaya board.

12-14-03, 06:16

Thanks, great advice. Most people think perverts are bad people, but my experience with mongers and swingers are that they are the kindest and most giving people. I appreciate the info and support I've gotten from you guys the last few days.

David, I am assuming you are a Canadian, actually you are probably from the states as your prices are a little lower then what I have researched. Either way, I get the idea. Those twins. That interests me! I suffer from double vision, so it's like fucking quaduplits for me. Were they in Pattaya? Is there a way I could contact them?

Also what is the girl friend experience like in Thailand...I heard it was great in Peru and SA. I am an attractive, hip, young guy, deep blue eyes and all...lol. I was hopping for a gfe for a bit, someone to show me around.

Thanks again. I think I will do SA next year. I just met a Columbian girl here in Canada. She has been here for 2 years and is studying at a college here. She assures me that things are not as bad as they seem there. So it could be good pickings right now.

Anyone coming to Vancouver let me know. I know of some treasures out here, not bargins as in the 3rd though, but not too pricey and they look seriously like porn queens...150 us an hour. Vancouver with the internet (which is a huge biz here) has become equal to San Fernando Valley for porn. There are some breath taking milk and honey girls here, also many amazing rich and hot girls from Hong Kong.

12-14-03, 06:28

Thanks, great advice. Most people think perverts are bad people, but my experience with mongers and swingers are that they are the kindest and most giving people. I appreciate the info and support I've gotten from you guys the last few days.

David, I am assuming you are a Canadian, actually you are probably from the states as your prices are a little lower then what I have researched. Either way, I get the idea. Those twins. That interests me! I suffer from double vision, so it's like fucking quaduplits for me. Were they in Pattaya? Is there a way I could contact them?

Also what is the girl friend experience like in Thailand...I heard it was great in Peru and SA. I am an attractive, hip, young guy, deep blue eyes and all...lol. I was hopping for a gfe for a bit, someone to show me around.

Thanks again. I think I will do SA next year. I just met a Columbian girl here in Canada. She has been here for 2 years and is studying at a college here. She assures me that things are not as bad as they seem there. So it could be good pickings right now.

Anyone coming to Vancouver let me know. I know of some treasures out here, not bargins as in the 3rd though, but not too pricey and they look seriously like porn queens...150 us an hour. Vancouver with the internet (which is a huge biz here) has become equal to San Fernando Valley for porn. There are some breath taking milk and honey girls here, also many amazing rich and hot girls from Hong Kong.

Member #4351
12-14-03, 17:06

GFE better in South America...but you said you wanted to get laid and drink. If you come to LA and have a GFE you'll be with the same girl for your entire time. If you want pure sex and variety go to Pattaya. The twins are there. Total price for a couple of hours including bar fines was around $100. Expensive for Pattaya, but how often does one get the chance to be with two cute twins?? If you decide to go to Pattaya, I'll tell you where can find them.

As far as perverted sex goes, kinkier things than the normal f and s, I've found that latinas are more into these actions than SEA girls. However, you can find about anything you want in Pattaya if you look hard enough. Go to soi 6 for more down and out cheap sex. Details on Pattaya page.

12-16-03, 16:49
Got one question? Why the heck are you talkin about Thailand if this is PERU's forum?

Advices and info not restricted to the forum' topic should be given via PM. At least that's my point of view.

12-16-03, 17:08
BTW, boyz, P.L.E.A.S.E; Ive just noticed Jackson took on our wish and put a Gallery section. So -once again- PL.E.A.S.E, go there and upload some pics, right away!

Dont take on placeresdelperu and similar pages, cuz im planning to upload them this weekend.


12-24-03, 02:58
I just came back from another trip to Lima. I ended up breaking up with the girlfriend. Oh well. She took too much time anyway. I had three more interviews set up but could not get to them. I stayed at Las Palmas again. I love that place. I got two rooms, one 409 a suite and the other 222 a regular room. I did not have as much trouble as last time. My driver, Ernesto, was so happy to see me, expecially since I brought a cheap car cd radio for him. I needed music while he drove me around. I paid 150 USD total for 5 days. He only asks 20 sols an hour for driver, bodyguard work. A nice guy, just ask at the desk. The only problem is that he speaks very little english.

I love trocadero. That place rocks. One day did 5 there, another day did 7. They open at 9:30am, but wait until at least 11am. They close at 9:30pm, but the girls start leaving at about 8pm. You need a driver who will take you there and wait for you. I felt fine there, but I was with someone and I am hispanic and can speak a little. It consists of three red lit corredors, about 50 doors in each. Only about 30 percent had girls, but that is still alot. Many nice ones. Good bods, young. My favorite was Cielo, I can't remember room number, but 19 and hot, long dark hair. First door on right, don't know which corredor. Anyway, I went almost every day, they ask only 20 sol for regular and 30 for complete. When I found a good one, I did her again. This was always great. I did about 30 there total. Only one was not good. I never had a problem with time also, there was no rush. Most of the chicks were suprized I did not want to come, and some tried hard to make me keep going, but I knew if I did, I would have to stop.

I went to Cucardos again, now I do not like it, lots of duds. About 50 percent were good, and they all wanted 40 to 70 sols. There are only about 30 girls. The good point is that it is open late.

The other place I went was the Chonga Place in La Victoria. Damm, never saw my driver so nervouse. Its true go way before 12 in the afternoon. They open about 8am. Only two floors, but tons of chicks. A lot of hot ones, young and hot. Same price as Trocadero, 20-30. My driver parked about 5 blocks away and we would take another cab there. Pretty wild. Again, I look hispanic and I would dress down. I would not recomend this place for anyone who looks like a tourist. We went three times and always early in the morning. Lots of girls, I would say about 80 -100. I loved the experience and will go there again.

I only did one from Pizza Street, and she was hot. 19 blond flaca, nice chest. I will post her photo. I have her number somewhere. She was great and enthusiastic. I did her twice.

I did call in twice, one was a repeat from last trip, excellent. The other was Elizabeth for massage, huge fake chest. Nice massage, told her did not want the sex, did her a bit though.

That was it besides the girlfriend who is hot, but got into an argument with her the last day. Well I will return in about a month. Cuba is next, then either Colombia or Ecuador. I could not have done it with out all the help here.

Thanks guys,


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Member #4351
12-26-03, 00:47

You did the right thing by maximizing your bang for the buck. I do the same as you...sample 4 or 5 girls without coming and then spend a longer time with the hottest to finish off the evening. Lots of people think Iīm nuts for pushing the Trocadero, but if you go with someone its really the way to go; got the best variety...super cheap (less than $6 for ST) and without the dangers of Hotel San Pablo in La Victoria. But some guys like to spend $100 at Tequila.

12-29-03, 19:14
I have a question. The place that I went to in la Victoria did not look like a hotel. It did not have a name also. Dirt street, trucks produce all over the street. Doorway, up one flight of stairs to first floor of chicks, then another above that one. What other ones are there, and do they have as great a selection. I met some girls there who also worked at Trocadero. They said the did this early then went to Trocadero. The hotel one in la Victoria sounds interesting, but I do not know if that is where I went. I had given my driver what I found in the notes here, but as we got close, he just asked people for a chonga house that had lots of chicas. I don't know if I found a new one old one or one reported on. Any info would be helpful.

I'm going to Cuba next week, and then Ecuador the week after. I will start to report there soon. Thanks all.

P.S. I will upload photo of Dyana, the girl I do every time I am in Lima. She loves sex. She is hot and only 150 sol. I found her on latinamor.com.


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