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08-11-04, 12:29
Lima versus Sao Paulo?

Could someone who has experienced these two places tell me what Lima has to offer that Sao Paulo hasn't?

Sao Paulo is full of action but the girls regard themselves as self-employed professionals and are seldom interested in pursuing a relationship outside their "work". Could it be different in Lima? Does Lima have a thriving network of Introduction agencies like Cali, Colombia?

Thanks for the feedback, it will help me take a decision about whether to give Lima a try.


08-11-04, 20:00

I never have been in Brasil, but I know Peru a lot, and can assure you that girls in Lima are the oposite of your descripcion abot Sao Paulo girls. They are always looking for a relationship, a succes in her life. They use sex for this purpose, although peruvian society is quite conservative. But with a stranger, limas chicas change her normal ways of relation with a man, and is relatively easy to take action sex. After that, you have to think that you dont will forget this girl easily (I always talking about semi pros or non pros). Shell call you frequently, shell present her friends (for her a westerner boyfriend is a succes), and will be very polite, submisive and good girl, but always with a future objective.

Try this site, I always recommend it cos is a free and good way to find chicas.


Good luck

08-13-04, 14:50
I plan on visiting Caracas and BA.

Would you guys say that Lima is also worth a visit?
If not which other SA country would you suggest for great girls.
I think the Caracus girls are more my type.

One thing though, I don't speak Spanish.

Or would I be better of just doing the 2 countries?

Member #4351
08-13-04, 17:54
If you're going to Caracas and BA...no reason to come to Lima.

08-13-04, 23:31

Take the overland bus to Cartagena, Colombia, from Caracas or fly if you can afford it. Cartagena is great, cheap and some parts of it safe 24 hours a day. Prices for girls are low, from 10 us$ for a quickie( if you bargain well) and there are all kinds of girls available, whites, blacks and more "typical" Latinas.
Colombia is a far better choice than Venezuela and Caracas is not safe at all anymore. I was mugged by a group of young people with knives there and had my MD stolen from my hotelroom, so be careful.

08-14-04, 10:55

You should keep abreast of the news in Venezuela. The country is now is the throes of a referendum about the impeachment of the President. Huge crowds in the streets.

Even at the best of times, I always avoided Caracas on the advice of people who had been there and found it crime-ridden, overpriced and unpredictable. It is a hotbed of instability, both political and monetary so you never know what to expect from one visit to the next. Apparently, the situation is much better in smaller cities but you have to get there first.

Given the choice, Colombia is much better.


08-15-04, 18:28

I am surprised that Caracas was that unsafe.

I did think of Columbia, but I just didn't find the girls my type, where as caracas they are.

There is also Chile?

I may swap.

Member #4351
08-16-04, 20:31
Forget about Chile. By the way, how many girls do you need? I think that BA will probably have more than enough talent to quell your urges.

Latina Crazy
08-18-04, 17:00

Some suggestion about Lima, linked to my experience in this city 2 years ago (I stayed there for about 1 month).

1) Peruvian girls are not usually very beautiful (unless you like the 100% indigena girl style) but in Lima there are many girls very pretty.

2) Peruvian girls like a lot gringos, and not only to get the possibility to get a VISA for Europe or USA.

3) IMHO Lima is one of the best places in the world for non pro action.

4) It's very easy to meet girls, just smile when you meet one and say hola como estas, it's easy to arrange dates, very easy-going people.

5) Good Spanish skills are almost mandatory to find a real GF.

6) Medium and upper class girls usually will not have sex with you the first night, but after 3-4 days dating it's very easy to get laid.

7) During the summer go the "playas del sur" discos, a lot of nice girls there.

When i was in Lima I was very lucky: I knew one college student from an upper class family in a disco. She presented me all her friends (of course I was specially interested in females) and I got invitations for various private night parties in Miraflores.

In one month I fucked 4 different girls (and the last week I was fucking all the 4 during the same days), they were all college students 20-21 yo, very nice, and one was really beautiful.
I had no time for mongering those days in Lima.


08-18-04, 22:47
Just posted some information on Madonna Club in the Peru classifieds. Offer good for Forum members.


Lima Busy
08-20-04, 17:54

3) IMHO Lima is one of the best places in the world for non pro action.


It is the best place but lets keep it a secret so everyone will go to BA.

Lima Busy

Big Johnson
08-23-04, 15:03

I have done both Sampa and Lima several times (probably 20 and 10 respectively.) There is nothing in Lima that would compare to Cafe Foto. But, you would never need to pay that kind of outragous rate (Cover and Chica fee) in Lima. In general most of Lima's venues would be more like Love Story but on a smaller scale. The other thing is that you can find girls just walking down the street in Lima. I guess the best way to say it is that in the mind of the chicas, they are semi-pros in Lima vs. Girls in Brazil are really professional. Most spend a considerable amount of time at Foto, Bomboa, etc. These girls are looking to pay the bills.

Sampa used to be a much more 1 hour and gone type of place. Most of the girls I have hooked up with in Lima, the time is open ended, (unless you are at an MP or call through the newspaper.)

The MP experience in Brazil is better but more expensive. But, my opinion is if you have a hotel room or apart. to go back to, an MP is not necessary. IMHO, MPs should exist for locals because they need a place to go that has a room. You will typically have a better experience in you own place than on a MP mattress.

The last is also IMHO. Girls in Lima want to take care of men. They see it as their role in life. Girls in Brazil see their role in life as sex. In Brazil, the service is about sex and the girl will try to make it as wild as she can. In Lima, the girl will do what you want. If you want wild sex, she will provide it. If you want romantic GFE sex, she will provide it.

These are my thoughts on the difference in the Lima experience vs Sampa.

Hope it helps.

Lima Busy
08-23-04, 17:31
Well I have been in Lima for two months now, living in Miraflores with my novia. I am headed back too N.Y. for a well deserved rest.

Just wanted to post some thoughts,observations and a little advice.

I have flown a number of different airlines from N.Y. to Lima and IMHO Lan Chile is the best. They have a direct overnight flight that is 7 1/2 hours and runs from $500-800 dollars. Flying economy feels like a business class experience as they have good leg room, TV's in the seat backs and provide all passengers with ear plugs & blindfolds. Wine is free and the flight attendents remind me of the glory days of flying.

RENTAL CARS. on three seperate occasions I have booked a rental car over the internet with Budjet/National/Dollar. On all three ocassions when I arrived at the airport there was no reservation. Typically the internet fare was $80-120 dollars a week. On all occasions I ended up paying $180-220 per week.

Exchange rates. The exchange rate has dropped over the past two months from a high of about 3.55 soles to the current rate of 3.35/37 soles to the dollar. I did notice that the Budget rental counter was offering 3.50 the other day so you might want to make your first exchange there. On the street typically the worst prices are on sat/sun. I make a habit of stopping at the grocery store (santa isabel) whenever I pass and making a small purchase as they will exchange $20 and usually give you the $3.50 rate.

If you do not speak spanish it is easiest to pick up the non-pros in Miraflores. Lunch time is normally 1.30 and there are alot of girls out on the street then. Stay out of the tourist restuarants around Parque Kennedy as the locals can not afford to eat there.

Alot of the ex-pats here have learned a little trick that is most helpfull. There is a english school here in Miraflores called Britainnico on Malecon Balta, alot of chicas study english there.

After classes they go go down the street to the cafe Z. This is a famous american owned coffee house with great music, Bohemian atmosphere, where you sit around on coffee bags.

On numerous ocassions chicas have come up to me and a fellow monger here looking to have a conversation in english.

Pizza street. The young chicas working in the restuarants generally work 11-4 and then have a three hour break till 7pm. As they live far away they have three hours to kill. If you go into the restuarant about 3 pm and hit it off the chicks, you can invite them for coffee and get them back to your apartment.

This works well as my novia gets off work at 7pm.

I happened across a MP in Miraflores off Ave. Pardo. It was a tuesday afternoon at around 3pm. I walked in and they had 5 incredibly hot chicas that came out and did a lineup. Prices were 40 soles for 1/2 hour and 70 soles for 1 hour, with a discount for two chicas. BJ was $35 and anything goes $50. I took a hot little 18 yo tarapoto chica for a hour. Great cbj four or five positions and finished off cim. Great attitude, hard ass and tits like rocks.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me. I went back on a friday and there were only 3 chics of which only one was doable.

I got there numbers to avoid the house cut in the future. When I get back in September I will take a group photo of the 5 hotties, In the meantime here is one after we finished our last session.

Lima Busy

Member #4351
08-24-04, 03:51

08-25-04, 23:42
Hey fellas,

Anyone ever stayed, or know the quality of, a hostal on Avenida Diagonal called La Casa de Sanchez or something similar? They quote around $US35 or 45 per night for a one bedroom, but I got them down to $US20 per night for two weeks. Sounds pretty good. They said chicas were ok, but I didnt mention there may be many of them.
Im recently retired from the Asian board. I was initially into latinas, then went Asian, now back home to mama......



Member #4351
08-25-04, 23:47
You might want to stay at Monger Central...Las Palmeras...price about the same.

08-26-04, 01:25

CBJ, but you came in her mouth? Nice looking girl. Wish I could see some more pictures of the girls in Peru. Not sure if I am going to go to the Phillipines or Peru this winter.

Thanks for your reports.

08-26-04, 23:45

Anyone know the website for Las Palmas if there is one.
I really dont mind which place, but the Sanchez one sounds pretty good on their website. Sanchez and Las Palmas are very close to Pizza St., and Avenida Diagonal arent they?

Thanks to all.


08-27-04, 01:21

Here are some websites for Lima, and Miraflores area.

Las Palmas:





08-27-04, 04:21

I believe I stayed at Casa De Los Sanchez. It was a few years back so my memory is a little hazy. The rooms for 20 bucks are extremely small. I upgraded to their suite. It was a very big studio $50USwith a perfect view of Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. On the downside, the furniture was very outdated. The bed, although big, was somewhat uncomfortable. They put 2 doubles together so there was a tendency to separate. This usually occurred when I was in bang mode.

A single wall separated the toilet and shower from the rest of the room. You could be taking a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and look into the mirror above the bathroom faucet and see the entire room. I would hunch down on the toilet making cough sounds as I let’em rip while my chica was kicking it on the bed. Definitely an uncomfortable situation at the time. I can’t help but laugh about it now.

Lastly, the place is chica friendly. However, since its so small, they lock the place up during the night. You’ll need to ring the maintenance dude who will let you in anytime after 12:00 in the AM.

Overall, I think you can find a nicer hotel with more amenities for the same price.



Latina Crazy
08-27-04, 12:14
Lima Busy,

Just one week ago went to a latin disco here in Milan, Italy.

Met a Peruvian girl from Lima, she lives here since 2 years.

She liked me a lot, but I didn't liked her (too fat for me, but she is a very nice and funny person, so good for friendship) so nothing happened a part from dancing together and having some nice conversations.

The very next day in the same disco I met the same girl and she presented me a friend of her, who was just arrived from Lima one week before, to live here in Italy too.

The new girl was very pretty and couldn't speak anything in Italian, my good Spanish skills helped me to be the only Italian guy in the disco who could have a decent conversation with her (consider that almost all latin girls, also the ugly ones, living here in Italy become like stars, because a lot of guys look for them, as there are a just a few of latinas here, this is not Miami unfortunately).

The day after I phoned the girl (the pretty one) who had left me her number. Just joking I told her that I was missing the real Peruvian cuisine, she took me very seriuosly and she offered me to come to my home to cook ceviche for dinner.

I bought all the fresh ingredients to the local supermarket, put 2 good white wine bottles in my refrigerator and went to pick up her in her place to bring to my home.

She cooked a very good ceviche, we had a nice dinner in my terrace, drank a lot, danced together bachata and merengue and, guess what, one hour after the end of the dinner, I was fucking her like a crazy on the floor of my dining room.

This experience tells a lot about some Peruvian girls attitude in my opinion.


09-01-04, 23:36
Hey fellas,

Anybody ever stay at the Peru Star Hotel/Apartments in San Isidro? Looks good on their internet site, but you never can be sure.

There was another Apartment/hotel type place en Miraflores near Larco, Pizza St., that was nice but I dont remember it. Had nice rooms, wish I could remember it. Any help? Thanks.


Lima Busy
09-02-04, 17:28

The Peru star apartments are very nice. I have stayed there on several occassions and the people are great. Room 18 is my favorite for short stays ($212/week) for longer stays and in season room 10 by the pool is best ($280) week. For 10 soles per day you can have a broadband hookup for your laptop. It is a 5 min walk to the grocery store (Santa Isabel) and a good Cafe is is about 5 min away(Cafe Rovengo). For exercise you can jog on the central mall on Ave. Salaverry. My personal preference is around the San Isidro Golf Course. about 5 blocks away. It is a quiet area with no night life. 15 min by taxi to Ovalo Miraflores. about 7 min to Ovallo Gutterez. It is convienient to both the King Spa ( ave. arequippa-Lince) and Club Emanualles is a 5 min taxi ride away. The owners speak english well. The reception girl is very nice and speaks a little english as well. Overall it is a good place to stay, but I think you would prefer to be right in Miraflores for the same money.

Lima Busy

Brazil Lover
09-08-04, 00:16
Can anyone point me to a map of the area that includes the hotspots like Pizza Alley and the good MPs.

Over time, I have found maps like these for other destinations (CR, Rio), but haven't found one for Lima. I will be in the Miraflores area on business in November, but if I have the time, I would like to make a quick stop or two. :)

Thanks for any info!

09-08-04, 06:53
Brazil Lover,

Great idea!!! I think a map like that is a long time coming, and on the wish list of many mongers who frequent Lima. The only current map I know of is the mind of Nib's. On any given street in Lima, Nibs can tell you exactly where the closest MP is or was at one time located. He's freakin savant when it comes to this!

I'll be down there in a couple of weeks. I will try to meet with him and put something together. I don't think it would be difficlut to map some of the more established mp's like King's Spa. However, many of the "Established MP's" are overpriced and give incosistent service.

The real issue is the 100's of other places that shutdown and reopen on a daily basis. It's very difficult to track these places other than reading the post.

Suggestions Anyone?



09-08-04, 08:07
Hi guys,

Last night I did a fairly lengthy search on hotels in the Lima area. The best resource I found was perulinks.com and peru-hotels.com. Perulinks also has a large adult thread. The following sites are what looked to be the most reasonably priced hotels 20-50us. I didn't include any hotels ln or near downtown Lima. I focused on the Miraflores/Barranco/Isidro areas.


I have no idea if these are chica friendly. If anyone has stayed in these hotels please post your experience.




09-09-04, 16:53

Check out La Castellana. Its a couple blocks north of Parque Kennedy near Benavides. They have one room that you can get to without going through the lobby. Make sure you get that room. Their website, http://www.hotel-lacastellana.com/index.html, has a picture. See that door to the far left? Thats the room.

Its a good, clean place. I used to put my friends and family there when they would come to visit me in Lima. I used that room on several occasions too. Check for my stains!

09-10-04, 06:50

Thanks for the info. I checked out the site. It looks pretty nice. They advertise 60us a night for a double. Is the room on the side the same price or more? Is it larger than the other rooms?

Thanks Again!



09-10-04, 21:12
Hey fellas,

Three weeks to go and I am in Lima. I remember going to a place one time, but being shitfaced, I dont remember much about where it was. Maybe someone can help me out.

A guy I met there took me to a place fairly close to Miraflores for some late night fun.. It was a place that had two very small bars side by side in the same building. I think they were piano bars, or maybe the place was called piano, I dont remember. There were naked girls dancing on the small bar inside the crowded establishments, and many other girls milling around inside and outside in the area between the bars as best I can remember.

The prices were cheap, real cheap but to my surprise the girls were not half bad. I met a very young and cute girl, about a 6.5 to 7, who went back with me for around $20 as I remember and did me all night. Gave me her number and came over whenever I called to clean the pipes.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? If so, do you know the name of the place, the area of Lima and perhaps the street or how to get there from Larco Mar area?



Long Stroker
09-11-04, 02:48
Hey guys,

I'm planning my next trip and I'm thinking about bringing my GSM cell phone. Can somebody give me an idea about what a locally purchased SIM card costs per minute? Any that offer incoming calls free?



09-11-04, 06:48
Hi Guys,

I found out the room rates for the Park Suites Hotel. It's located in Barranco. The rates are 40us and 50us for roooms w/jacuzzi. They will also discount for stays longer than 1 week.

Here's the link http://www.hotelparksuites.com/.
I think these are the nicest rooms I've seen in this price range. Several of the rooms are themed after different countries. I think the chicas would get a kick out of those rooms.

The million dollar question is whether or not they are chica friendly? If anyone has the answer, it would be much appreciated.



09-11-04, 07:06

Are you sure you weren't at Peppers/2 Stars in St. Isidro? The place is similar to what you described. There's actually 3 little bars sandwiched between a couple of financial buildings. They all have little horeshoe shaped bars. Entrance is free, and yes there can be many doable girls milling around depending on the night of the week. I'm not sure the exact address but it's just off the Via Expresa on Rivera Navarrete.



Member #4351
09-11-04, 16:03

Almost all the hostales have rooms with jacuzzi. A cheaper place would be hollywood suites, in the center of the La Marina disco action. Should cost you less than $25 a night. And since its reason for existing is purely for sex, no problems bringing in girls, boys, midgets or probably even donkeys. Have theme rooms also. I think your place in Barranco is probably somewhat nicer...but if you'd like to save some money for mongering you might want to check it out. I think Nibu has used the place too, (don't know if that's a recomendation or not).

Long Stroker, just read your question after replying on the Nibu Board. The U.S. and Peruvian cell system is the same. Have to pick up a SIM chip at any TIM center, (they are all over the place). Cost is between about $15 and $30 depending on what kind of promotion they have going.

09-12-04, 13:54
Long Stroker

Everyone has told you that the phones work here and the cost of a chip, but forgot to mention that ALL incoming calls are FREE.

You only pay for the calls you make. Some plans with TIM allow calls to the US and other countries at the rate of 2 minutes local for one minute international. So if you have 100 local minutes, you have 50 international minutes.


Long Stroker
09-13-04, 04:44
Thanks for the info guys. With those free incoming minutes, it looks like I will actually be answering the phone when they call (unlike here in the states when you let the voicemail get it because you're not in the mood for a bunch of jibber-jabber from an emotional nutjob.)


09-16-04, 20:27
I'll be in Lima for a few days in October and was hoping to get some advice. Yes, I have RTFF, and it seems like there is LOTS of action to be had for anyone with a little time to sniff it out.

I don't really have much time for hobbying since I'll be traveling to Peru with my girlfriend and the trip will be 99% typical tourist fun. (Lima, Cusco, MP, Huaraz) Before you say I'm stupid for bringing my GF to a place like Lima, keep in mind that I do love her and plan to fuck her brains out almost every night. I also hope to have at least a couple of hours for some extracurricular fun.

I've been saving money for a trip for quite some time and that
has included staying away from the MP's here in L.A. for a couple months.

Here's my question: what's the absolute best option for someone
with 3-4 hours max and no way to bring a chica back to the hotel/hostel? I'll be staying in Miraflores.

Thanks for any and all tips.

09-17-04, 17:14
Flying Ace - checked out the Madonna club last night. Very nice. Many hot women. Thanks for tip on how to avoid paying taxi referral fee of 100 soles and special entrance.

After meeting multiple georgeous and friendly chicas I took Linda home. $60 for 2 hours. It was late and she had the most magnificent real boobs I have every played with.

Probably overpaid at little but she was a hottie and kept forcing my face into them at the club so I had no choice but to pay. My little head had taken complete control. Had a great time back at hotel great GFE. Wanted to come back today but I have non pro date so had to pass.

Club is very nice. Lots of cute girls. Definitely PM Flying Ace before you go to get the lowdown. Very classy.

Going to monger with Nibu this afternoon to see the other side of Lima :)

Member #4351
09-17-04, 22:40
I'd suggest one of the better MP's or Baños Turcos MP's. Ely's Spa, Gold Spa or one of the other recommended ones (RTFF). That way, you won't get busted in your hotel, and don't have to worry about getting another room in order to meet an outcall. Cost will be about $50 for full service and massage. Hotel Bruce Baños Turcos is more expensive.

09-17-04, 22:57
Thanks for the help David_33.

I had been reading the file quite a bit, but I guess I was looking for advice on the very best options. I'll try to read more in the fileabout Ely's and Gold Spa. $50 is great, roughly 1/3 of the cost of an MP in Los Angeles, as I'm sure you're aware.

Thanks again,


09-18-04, 16:33
thanks David33. Your mailbox is full.

09-19-04, 16:44
Brothers in Arms,

Two weeks to go and I am in Miraflores. I read something about a guy that goes by Flying Ace (I think) that can give info on how to get into Madonna Club without paying entrance fee or the cab an extra fee. Can anyone, or the man who can make it happen, let me in on it? Is Madonna superior to Tequila? I have had great succes in Tequila in my past trip, but dont know what the situation is like now.

I decided to stay in that place La Casa de Sanchez on Ave. Diagonal near Pizza St. They offered me a room for US$20 total with a bed for two persons. No extra charge for any and all companions I want to bring in. I know its small, but its so centrally located that I decided to just take it since I dont have tons of cash to burn on this trip.

Since I dont have alot of cash to toss around this time, I am looking or any and all tips I can get.

I remember walking down avenida diagonal one day on my last trip and these two chicks walked up to me and smiled, said something in spanish. It was obvious what they wanted. I took one of them back to where I was staying, she wasnt bad. Big tits, long hair, fat lips and actually fairly respectable looking. For ten bucks she sucked and jacked me off for an hour. She stayed a big longer as I plied here with a couple beers and some cigarettes and did it again. I would take the same chick again if I could find her. One of greatest all time deals in my history. Reminds one of Angeles City, Philippines type deals.

Take care mongers.....


Latina Addict
09-19-04, 22:13

It is no secret about Madonnas. The key is to say you are a friend of Fransisco to get in for free. This info is located in the South American Classifieds under Peru. Couple of reports there.

As far as prices, they compare to Tequillas in prices, but for short times. Overall quality in my opinio is better at Madonnas.

Been a year since I was there.

Latina Addict

Member #4351
09-20-04, 01:00

If you're short on $$ WHY are you going to clubs like Tequila, etc.? Costs are like three times the going outcall rates. $100 vs. S./120 .

09-20-04, 03:06

I never paid that much when I went there, I dont know why anyone would. I consistently got girls to stay all night with me for $40, and I had two who stayed all night for cab fare home in the morning. I always played the innocent naive American bit, not knowing Im in a *****house and my first time in Lima. Talked to them like regular chicks and said I wanted a girlfriend here in Lima. I dont know how but it worked. $50 all night was the most I ever paid, cab fare the least. Maybe things have changed.

I am certainly open to your suggestions and knowledge and hope that you can give me some tips by PM or here. I will need inexpensive action this time.

Also, I saw the Las Palmas, it looks like a pretty nice place with a full service restaurant and a special on a one bedroom......I am thinking of taking it over the casa de sanchez place on diagonal.

Do you think its a better deal? Is it totally chica friendly with no extra charge for a guest?

Thanks buddy.....I know I need to be shown the ropes a bit, but I never got taken to the cleaners down there....I think those chicks in Tequila like it when you play hard ball with them and maybe they respect you more....I dont know....

Thanks for the Info David.

Take care


Member #4351
09-20-04, 16:28
Las Palmas is Monger central. Its pretty much in the center of the action. Less than a minute from Pizza Street (if you get desperate), and 5 minutes from you Tequila. The girls generally ask for $100 there. If you got away with less, good for you. My feeling is that generally the girls there are un friendly and extremely mercenary. Of course, that is a generalization, and there are surely some worthwhile chicas there...sometimes. I just feel that one's time and money can be better spent elsewhere. Since it seems that you have pretty good luck with the girls here, maybe you should concentrare on normal girls. If you are OK looking and can speak some Spanish there is no need to P4P. Of course it probably costs about the same to take a girl out for a date and a possible score, and getting a sure thing in a MP or outcall. If you REALLY want to save some $$, convince me to take you out to the Trocadero: $3.50 entrance, $6.00 per lay.

09-20-04, 16:51
Did Angel at Banos Turcos Bruce on Sunday morning. My amateur friend was at home so I was free to play. Great service but pricy 30 sols to enter 40 sols for massage and 200 sols for great BJ. She was a hottie and did a great job but I couldnt think of anywhere else I could go on Sunday morning and be sure to find somebody.

Latina Passion
09-20-04, 17:55
Guys will be in Lima over Thanksgiving Holiday!

Can anyone tell me if San Isidro or the Sheratin is best as far as location, location, location!


Member #4351
09-20-04, 17:59
Yeah, like I said before, Bruce is the most expensive MP. There are other cheaper ones open Sunday mornings, Ada`s for example. A good idea, if you can read some Spanish, is to pick up the Sunday "El Comercio" newspaper and check out the "relax" ads in the want ad section. You`ll find plenty of options there. 200 soles for a BJ is way, way out of line...but when the little head is in charge........

09-20-04, 23:12
David you MB is full again so I posted here:

Chicagoboy: 15:15
I feel so violated ! Still hard to get mad for awesome service and 200 soles is only $60. Plus she was real hottie. Oh well - stupid tourist strikes again. Thanks for thin info. I was in a rush - my friend was coming over in an hour and I had to get relief fast!

David_33 wrote on 09-20-04 14:52:
They charge what ever they can get. At a normal MP a blowjob with nudity shouldn't pass 50 to 70 soles. At the Bruce, could be more...but not 200!!!! I'm sure you'll be welcomed with a big smile if you go back.

09-20-04, 23:17

If anyone here has stayed at the Las Palmas behind Pizza St, could you PM me, or tell me here if the one bedrooms are ok? Restaurant ok? No hassles at all? How compared to Torreblanca or La Casa de Sanchez if anyone has seen them all?

I have to make my decision very quickly as two places are asking for final confirmation.

Thanks alot.


09-21-04, 02:37

I met my old girlfriend in the English Pub, or Pub Inglese as I think its called there. Stumbled in one night just walking around and found it. Couldnt believe it when I walked in, a bunch of drunk gringos and white spanish looking chicks everywhere.

For those of you who have been there, do you think that place is full of gold diggers who know gringod go in? Or could it be possible (or likely) to meet a sincere regular girl there. I was never really sure about mine. I think she was just infatuated with being with a tall blond gringo for the most part. But at least the sex was outstanding.

Do you think Barranco is similar in any way, or more for the Peruvians. Is this still a good place to meet nice girls for a gringo?

Thanks fellas


09-21-04, 07:31
Where is the English Pub? I remember one in Miraflores, don't remember the name. Is this another?


09-21-04, 09:53

Pop/Pub English

I went there for the first time about 3 years ago. I had a date with a non-pro who took me there for an after dinner drink. I was impressed with the bar as it reminded me of a TGI Friday's but with hot chicks everywhere.! Since then, I went back one other time with Nibs and his novia. We had a drink and left before it started to get going.

I think the girls who go there are looking to meet affluent men similar to some trendy bar in New York. The club is close (Swiss Hotel is next door) to many of the upscale hotels in Miraflores where Americans as well as business dudes hangout.


I, and others have posted in the past about the Las Palmas Hotel. Here's a run down of the good and bad about the place. It's a nice, inexpensive, chica friendly, hotel a block away from Parque Kennedy. The shower water stays hot for your entire shower. The rooms have free porn, and they have a computer with free internet access in the lobby area. I've stayed there several times and never had anything stolen or unusual overcharges.

The downside to the place is the single bed rooms are quite small, and their larger rooms are usually booked. The beds are small and firmmmmm. The walls between the rooms are paper thin. To make matters worse, music resonates throughout many of the rooms from a small club situated next to the hotel. It couldn't be some cool latin music or soothing reggae. Rather, its shitty music from the 80's! This won't be a problem if your like me and party til 6:00am every night.

If your on a budget and location is key then Las Palmas would be a good choice. I'm not going to stay at Las Palmas for my trip next month, because I have a little more spending money this trip.

By the way, RTFF means Read the Fucking Forum! Don't take the acronym personally but serves as a reminder that much of the info can be found in prior posts.

Let me know what dates you will be in town, and maybe we can meet for a beer.





Latina Passion
09-23-04, 01:29
$50 $60 $75 AND $100

Do you guys read David_33 reports at all?

I was in Lima in January, and the most that I ever paid was 150 Soles! the reason for that was that I just got off of the plane and little Stevie was hard from reading the reports!

$45 for my first pop, because little Stevie could not wait, and the girl was from a web site that David_33 suggested!

Then the price was down hill from there! I had just landed arrived at my apartment, broke out my sex bible reports regarding Lima, and call an out call provider.

$150 Soles, my friend arrive and take a look at her and say not bad how much? My first friend pays $100 Soles, my nephew pays $50 Soles and the I hit it again.

The infamous Pizza Alley! Mi espanol es muy malo! I mean it sucks, $50 Soles for a few hours with a Chica! She was 28 1 to 10 a 6.325, got her cell phone after that is was $50 Soles for all night long!

Tequila Rock: Hot Hot ass blonde $50 US for a few hours, but my cheap ass had to read David_33 reports and passed, yes I could kick the shit out of myself for that one, thanks DAVID!

Casa de Sexo: $3 Soles a minute, not US but Soles, with a minimum of 33 minutes! what is that $9 US for some tail?

The quality did suck tho, f---- nasty, but my point is why pay more then your hotel room?

09-23-04, 20:18
Hi everyone,

i will be in Lima from October 4 to 13th.

It would be great to have a scout over there, so anyone with experience like to have beer with me while looking for the action?


Lima Busy
09-24-04, 20:58
The last 2 months or so the price my friends and I have been quoted at Tequillas has been $50 dollars for 2 hours.

I normally pay 70 soles for 1 hr massage and 150 soles for full service over at the little place on calle arica.

You might also notice the girls are starting to prefer to be paid in soles as the dollar has dropped from around 3.50 in June to the current 3.30.

It is pretty funny when one day in Ripley's all the prices are in dollars and the next it is soles.

I am thinking about buying some high end apartments to rent out ST.
They will be within walking distance of all and have all amenities.
If you are interested and want me to keep you apprised PM me. The price will probably be in the $300/week range.

Also, Parque Kennedy/Central Park/Larco Mar all have WI-FI access as of 2 weeks ago. It is not safe to use your computer in the park, but you should be ok if you are hanging out in one of the cafes.

I moved down 3 months ago as did some other guys I have met.
With the broadband here in Lima we can now work at Cafe Zeta and watch the girls stroll by in their summer outfits.

A laptop here with a webcam is a great chic magnet as well.

The USA is a great place to be FROM!

Lima Busy

Member #4351
09-24-04, 21:02
Nibu is an expert on showing everything there is to be seen. If not, I might have some time..

09-25-04, 11:19
Limateens ?

This is a website with lots of "models".

To get to it, just carry out a search for "limateens" in Google and click on your first hit.

The website has this "send an e-mail to ..." function, so I suspect they're available.

Has someone tried to contact those girls?


Member #4351
09-25-04, 17:18
As far as I know, these model pages are exactly that...pages from the modeling agencies trying to get real bookings for the girls. They are probably charging the girls to put there pics there also. The company where I work has used one of the pages once, and they check very carefully that the request is a valid one...that is not some horny monger looking to get laid. Maybe some of the girls do tricks on the side...however this page has pretty young girls and I would doubt it.

09-25-04, 18:46

I will also be in Lima when you are there. Lets get together over a beer and talk some shit.

David_33, hope to meet you as well. I am always willing to learn from the real men who know what is going on. Thanks for your reply to mi message.

One more week and I am in the land of putang.....(Pussy, for the guys who dont know the southern lingo.)

Take care mongers...be safe


Member #4351
09-26-04, 00:41

Maybe can get together with you and Ziadi...

I`ve never heard of the word "putang"

puta = hooker

chucha = pussy (anatomically speaking)

concha = pussy (anatomically speaking)

09-26-04, 04:01
If you want the Quechua for "pu**y":

Phonetically it's chew chew may ka.

For the "back door" it's

"phonetically": O ko ti tu

as in "Como estas su o ko ti tu?" (How's your a**) But be careful with this, a lot of the girls from Tarapoto and environs know a little Quechua (native South American language).

As for Pootang - I've heard this from Vietnamese in California, and "gentlemen" from the southern states in the US. (Southern lingo?)


09-27-04, 01:56
I spent about a month in Peru during the summer of 04. Here's a brief description of my hobbying experiences.

(1) Madonna club in Lima

Paid 30 Sol to get in and 80 Sol to leave with a girl.
Paid the girl $80 for two hours back at my hotel.
Service was good, she didn't ask for extra money or even cab fare back to the club.
Madonna's had a nice atmosphere. Roomy, lots of girls around, a nice stage with frequent dancers. Totally non pushy.

(2) Turcados, the massage place in Lima

20 Sol entrance fee
20 Sol for a a nice masssage
140 Sol for one hour with a girl in an onsite room.
The selection of girls was so so. The onsite room was nice, had a tv with porn channel, very clean, etc...

(3) Some unknown bar in some god forsaken small town

Paid 150 Sol for the girl and her exit fee for two hours back at the hotel. She asked for 50 extra Sol after we got there. Complained a bit about me being too big (I'd say I'm average) and so wouldn't let me deep thrust in some positions. Great fuck though. No condom required for BJ or sex (my bad, I know).

(4) Scarlet Club in Lima

25 Sol entrance fee
80 Sol for 30min with a girl in an onsite room
This seemed to be an upscale club. Nice bar. Two different rooms. One was a strip stage and the other a sort of erotic performance stage type thing. Best selection of girls from all the places I went. Even some white girls from Argentina. I vaguely recall a fair amount of japanese businessmen. The back rooms were...austere...the sheets were clean though.

Some general stuff:

- A taxi from the airport to Miraflores should be 30sol at most

- Some of the girls may try to cheat you on time, be sure to be clear on when the clock starts

- Don't forget to pick up some cheap viagra knock off sfrom the local all night pharmacy

- I had good luck with "hiring local guides". Basically anyone who I knew to be somewhat trustable. I'd pay for transportation, drinks, and entrance fees. In exchange I got cheaper taxi fares, cheap entrance fees, taken to some out of the way places that most tourists don't know, and kept out of the bad areas. I asked a guy with the travel agency who dropped us off at the hotel "where can I find some girls" and he said "meet me at kennedy park at 10". Great night. The locals are friendly!

- There isn't a whole lot of difference between $25 a night hotel and once that charges $160. I stayed in both and regret the more expensive ones.

Peru is a great place to hobby and relax as well. Very vibrant, happy atmosphere.

Member #4351
09-27-04, 15:31
I think you're referring to "pooNtang" southern U.S. .. not South America. The Peruvians that speak Quechua don't want to admit it .. since its the Indian language. Asking a Limeña if she speaks Quechua will probably be taken as an insult.

09-27-04, 20:32

I found an old buddy of mine who just happens to be in Lima now. He lives ith his girlfriend in Brena, about 5 minutes from el centro. He say I can have the upstairs bedroom and bathroom all to myself and do whatever I want. he doenst know much about mongering since he has been a Christian all his life. I think he may be naive about the general area as he just showed up. Wondering if you guys think its an ok area to stay in with no big safety concerns if I play it cool. He told me the house is near a hostal called El Buen Mochileros on Avenida Venezuela....if I felt like I needed any kind of total privacy for a day or something. Anthing about the area of this hostal is appreciated.....thanks


09-27-04, 20:41

Anyone know of a small hostal called El Ovalo on Jose Pardo? Any opinion on this place? I hate when I scramble like this at the last minute....its always the same for me right before a big trip. All the blood is rushing downstairs rather than upstairs. Cant make a decision...ahahaha


Member #4351
09-27-04, 21:53
Breña is not a good idea. Bad neighborhood. Why are you making such a big deal out of where to stay? Stay at Las Palmas the first night and if you don't like it move.

09-28-04, 04:55
Boka D,

Did you pay the girl from Madonnas 80 soles or 80 dollars for her services? If the latter is true, the total bill with exit fee was just over $100 US? Is this the standard price for this club? Didn't realize Madonna's was this expensive.



09-28-04, 12:03

80 Dollars. Of course it's never a good sign when they want U.S. currency instead of local. From what I had read on the board this seemed like an average price for that club. I think one hour would have been $40. All in all, Madonna's was my favorite place. I got treated well and they were upfront about all fees.

Member #4351
09-28-04, 20:24
That's why its a good idea to try to avoid the nightclubs unless you don't have an alternative. If you read back on the forum I mentioned how I was chatting with a cutie at the Troc (about $7 or $8 a ST) and she mentioned that once in awhile she worked at a well known nightclub in San Isidro, charging 10 times as much. I realize that coming from the U.S. or Europe, $80 for a sweetie seems like a good deal, but its way out of line for Peru where an outcall from a normal agency rarely goes over 150 soles...and only about half of that goes to the girl. There's a lot of offer and not that much demand...the opposite of the situation in the states.

09-29-04, 01:23
I paid 200 soles for Linda for 2 hours @ Madonnas. Another girl wanted 250 soles for TLN. Also was 2 drink charge (30 soles each).

However Linda had magnificent real breasts and gave great GFE experience.

I am sure you can do cheaper - but the quality was there :) I thought she was very comparable to girls I had in BA.

Member #4351
09-29-04, 16:34
Well 200 soles isn`t $80 plus $20 bar fine. That comes out to about 335 soles. Anyway, if you got along well with the girl, she would probably come down on her price for future meetings.

Latina Addict
10-03-04, 02:38
Stay away from " Marilyn". who walks the Pizza Alley. 19 YO, cute as a bug's ear chica, that has an awsome ass (in jeans only), and hides her 20 extra pounds perfectly. Same ol 19 YO horseshit that some girls have. ie. your dick is too big, I need to go now (before time was up for TLN), promised but no DFK, promised but no oral, not much of a personality, has had a kid and it REALLY shows. She does cum sweetly on top of you though, but definately NOT worth recommending and especially not repeating.

She will be in Iquitos for a couple of weeks visiting her son, but when she gets back, we need to boycott this chica until she hits the gym and learns how to play the game.

Also, on my previous report about Karina (AKA Almendra de Club 69), she did call , but was too stupid to leave a message. I guess I missed her, even though she said to meet her downstairs at exactly 8:00 PM. Duh, I was not in the room when she called 3 times because I was outside waiting for her never to show ass. Damn, cuz this chica WAS worth repeating. I will seek her out in Tequilas next trip to Lima.

Latina Addict

Long Stroker
10-04-04, 16:34
I found this story using Google news feature. This info is somewhat unsettling as I was planning on using bus travel in the Andes during my upcoming visit.

"In Lima alone, 715 people died in bus crashes between January and August this year..." Jeez!

Can anyone recommend a reputable bus service that uses safe buses and employs enough drivers so they don't fall asleep at the wheel? I've heard Ormeno mentioned as a good company.


Deadly Bus Crashes Make Travel Risky in Peru
Sat Oct 2, 2004 11:03 AM ET

By Robin Emmott

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Accountant Lucia Puelles, lies in agony in a hospital bed, her legs destroyed by a bus crash that should have been a straightforward journey to take her on vacation to Peru's southern Andes.

A victim of the alarmingly frequent bus crashes in Peru, Puelles was watching a film on board when the driver lost control of the vehicle and plowed into an oncoming truck, snapping the bus in half and killing four passengers.

Bus crashes are one of the biggest threats to public safety in this poor South American nation, where an illegal bus industry has mushroomed and chauffeurs often drive dangerously along poorly maintained roads, fall asleep at the wheel or even drive drunk.

"We are facing a monster," said Patrick Allemant, director of motor traffic at the transport ministry. "Many buses are not fit to be driving on our roads."

More than 100 people were killed in bus crashes in July and August, including at least one foreign tourist, police said.

In Lima alone, 715 people died in bus crashes between January and August this year, 6 percent more than in the same period last year, according to transit police data.

Officials decline to give a national figure for the number of deaths this year, but say it is "much higher" than in Lima.

In one of the most gruesome crashes in recent years, a bus hurtled into a gasoline station in March 2002 and exploded on impact, burning 35 passengers alive on the Pan American Highway, 125 miles south of Lima.

The main victims are poor Peruvians, but travelers from Europe and the United States have also been injured in crashes this year, something that does not aid Peru's tourist industry, a key foreign exchange earner for the economy.

"Driving standards in Peru are poor ... Crashes resulting in serious injury and sometimes loss of life are an almost daily occurrence," the British Embassy Web site warns tourists.


Bus crashes are common across Latin America, but officials say accidents are so lethal in Peru because many bus companies run illegal buses built on the chassis of cargo trucks -- known as bus trucks -- which break up much more easily on impact and provide little protection to passengers.

"We've seen a proliferation of the bus truck vehicle in recent years because they are much cheaper than modern coaches," said Allemant. "Because a truck's engine is at the front and a bus motor is at the back, when you build a coach on a truck's frame, you affect the structure and stability of the vehicle."

A new coach costs around $250,000, while a bus-truck costs $80,000, according to Joaquin Ormeno, owner of the Ormeno bus company, which says it only buys genuine buses.

In another tactic to cut costs, a single chauffeur often drives for 12 hours without a break, when by law companies should split the journey between two drivers, police say.

But that way, bus truck operators can sell tickets at a third of the price of legal bus services. For Peru's poor, who make up more than half the 28 million population, cheap travel is often more important that safety.

"I need to travel north and I cannot afford to do so any other way," said a man who declined to be named as he climbed aboard a dilapidated bus at the ramshackle Fiori bus station in a northern Lima shantytown.


Officials say the biggest hurdle to improving safety is Peru's liberalized public transport market, where anyone with a driving license can register a transport business.

Ex-President Alberto Fujimori opened up the market in the 1990s to offset the job losses caused by a large-scale privatization program and permitted imports of used vehicles.

While such imports are now banned, many people still turn to running a taxi or bus service when they find themselves without a job and face minimum regulation.

Police have launched a nationwide operation to arrest owners of bus trucks and close down the illegal workshops that build them. But since bus trucks look the same as normal interstate buses, they are not easy to spot, officials say.

"There is also a shortage of police to carry out the controls, especially in mountain areas," said Gen. Cesar Marallano, head of Lima's transit police.

Staff shortages aside, many argue that authorities are simply not doing enough to avoid road deaths.

"Because we transport mostly poor people, nobody cares about the accidents. When a plane crashes, even the president comes to give his support," said Ormeno.

Police concede that the exact cause of accidents is never known and few drivers are ever prosecuted. Injured passengers say they rarely receive compensation.

"I've been in hospital for eight months and the (bus) company has not accepted responsibility," said Puelles, 40, who needs seven operations to try to rebuild her legs. "It is a torment for me."

Member #4351
10-04-04, 22:19
Depends on where you are going. Cruz del Sur and Ormeño "royal class" are pretty good. I prefer to fly myself.

Don River
10-04-04, 23:16
Long Stroker:


The flight from Arequipa to Juliaca( the airport closest to Puno) takes 45 minutes. The bus ride takes about 5 hours over one of the most terrible roads you can imagine. Semis come hurtling out of nowhere. I had a flight grounded in Arequipa because of fog and I wanted to get to Puno that night. I went to the " bus terminal". It was a market for the various buses. There were Indians with kids,chickens,dogs,and goats. I asked my companion where the animals went and she told me in the bus! I ended up paying a taxi driver to take us to Puno. The trip took 8 hours. I was lucky to get there alive. I can tell you that if I made that trip 10 times I would expect to not survive 7. The altitude and my little head affected my judgement. I should of taken a hotel for the night.

A flight from Lima to Cusco takes about an hour. I don't think it is possible to make it from Lima to Cusco by bus in less than 24 hours. Parts of the trip are very,very perilous. Additionally, there is always the danger of having the bus robbed(like a stage coach in the old west).

If you want to see the country, take a plane to Cusco and then take the train through the country.


10-04-04, 23:21

I did some extensive travelling all through interior Peru for several years in the mid-90s. The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most is the crash sites. Do you know how latinos always build a little shrine or place a cross where their loved-one died? Well every few miles all through the Andes, there is giant, gaping hole in a section of guard rail, with 20 or 30 little shrines in front of the hole. I may be somewhat adventurous, but theres no fucking way I'm ever going to get on a bus in Latin America.

Member #4351
10-05-04, 01:57
Don River and Maltrufio,

You said it better than I could have. I didn`t want to be too negative, but all that you have said is true. I'm going to Chiclayo in two days...by air.

Long Stroker
10-06-04, 04:52
Damn, fellows.

I would say that's about as much unanimity on any single subject one could reasonably expect on WSG. And if not, well, hell, it's good enough for me.

Thanks to all for taking the time to post and share your experiences. I have a few logistical questions I'd like to ask on the matter, but don't have time at the moment. I will post again soon.


10-07-04, 02:20
David_33, may I please trouble you with a specific request? Let's say I'm connecting through Lima in the early evening with a 4 hour layover. Where would you recommend for some convenient, quality action? Obviously I don't want too long of a drive from the airport. Thanks.

Member #4351
10-07-04, 15:51
Early evening means that most clubs are closed. Checking into a hostal around the airport and counting on an outcall to actually show up on time is too risky. Around the airport there isn't much quality. I think that you should grab a taxi and head for one of the higher class MPs. Taxi to civilization will cost you about 7 or 8 bucks (since you`re a gringo). About the same to return. Will take about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Good reports on Ely Spa. Easy to get to for taxi drivers:

Av. Nicolás Arriola 251 Of. 304
Telf. (01) 471-6085
Atendemos de 10:00 am. - 9:00 pm.
Lunes - Sábado

Full service (after paying for the massage) shouldn't be more than S./ 150. So figure on total cost of about $70.

If I knew what kind of chiquita you were looking for, I could probably arrange for someone to visit you in a hostal near the airport, but it would probably be better for you to choose for yourself.

Member #4351
10-07-04, 18:27
Another possibility, if you speak some Spanish, would be to go to one of the many hostales on Tomas Valle which is one of the main drags to the airport. Any cab driver will be happy to take you. Get one outside the airport and should cost you about $1.50 each way. Choose any decent looking hostal...tell the driver to wait a minute..or let him go since in the same block there can be 4 or 5 hostales. The cost of a good room shouldn't be more than $15. But first make sure that the guy at the desk can get you a girl. There are a bunch who live in the area. If you don't like the one he gets you, send her back and ask for another choice. The chica should cost around $30 (no more) and a $5 tip to the desk guy (who will be hitting up the girl for his cut also). Only if the girl is a super cutie. Let him know that that is what you want. Try to get an 18 year older up to 24 or so.

Sunny Kalla
10-08-04, 15:11
Hi David_33,

I have been reading your reports and I consider you as an expert in Peru.

I am an Asian and speak no spanish ! I am planning to visit Lima for a week in November. Will I have any problems because of my looks and lack of spanish?

I am planning to stay in Las Palmas (read your advice to someone) and also plan to visit cusco. Any advice on chica friendly hotels in Cusco ?

Please give me some tips regarding the Escort services in Lima. Do the chicas speak Enlish ? I would appreciate it greatly, if you could pass on any useful contacts.



Member #4351
10-09-04, 16:13
I´m not that much of an expert..but I have lived here awhile, am single and love to grab chiquitas...so I can sometimes help out. There are tons of asian peruvians, so you`re not going to stick out like a sore thumb. There is really no prejudice against asians as far as I know. Like many cultures, in Peru lighter skin is considered a plus, so the racial prejudice tends towards the darker skinned individuals. That said, black tourists here have had an excellent time here, and not encountered any problems.

The fact that you speak no Spanish restricts your hobbying somewhat. More than anything, it limits your getting to know ¨normal GF types¨. However if you´ve read the forum, you know of the contraversy over if you end up spending more bucks for a lay with a regular girl on a date than just paying for it up front. Even paying for it here, you often find that the girl will treat you warmly and affectionately...unlike western sex providers.

Most girls here speak some English, and some speak it quite well. The English academies are full and there are new ones springing up every day. The dream of the average Peruvian is to get the fuck out of Peru and make it to the States...second option..Europe. Also, many jobs require English.

As far as Cuzco goes, you´ll find that like most of Peru, the hostales and hotels are generally used by horny couples, (because almost everyone lives at home). Therefore, as long as you´re not with some scummy SW, you shouldn´t have any trouble anywhere. Right now I am spending the weekend in the north of Peru, in Chiclayo, and had a screamer in my room for about 5 hours yesterday afternoon. I´m in the number one hotel of the city...No problem what so ever.

If I can be of any more help right me at the forum or PM me.

John Sperm
10-09-04, 17:51
Hello there fellow Peruvians,

I usually post on the NY board, I was bron in Peru and fly there every year. Last time I was there I was taken to La Nene, cause Las Cucardas was getting Cleaned.Hopefully I will get to fly again on November and I would like to hook up with you guys we can even have an orgy in my house since I have my parents house in Santiago de Surco, hope to see you all and hey Guardenme esas perritas.

10-09-04, 20:26
Hello everybody,

Which city is better for GFE experience with normal girls?

Lima or Buenos Aires? or Santiago?

Long Stroker
10-11-04, 03:09
Maltrufio, David_33, and Don River,

As this subject pertains to all of Peru rather than just Lima, I have posted some follow up questions on the General Info section.



Lima Busy
10-12-04, 20:01
Sunny Kalla,

Like David 33 said "there are many girls of asian extraction here in Lima"

Lima Busy
10-12-04, 20:42

You really need to try our famous Chifa.

10-13-04, 06:09
Hola Dudes,

I will be in town this weekend. Anyone whose in town and wants to hangout for a beer, send me a pm. David, If you have some free time next week let me know. I think we were going to do the troc trip last time, but you were under the weather.



10-13-04, 06:23

I think you answered your own question. If you happen to get together with a normal girl from any of these countries, they will consider themselves your girlfriend thereby you will have GFE.

I've haven't been to Chile. In my experience, it's easier to hit amateurs from Lima than BA. In Lima, women are generally attracted to those who have the American/European look. Whether this attraction is the result of wanting a piece of the Western Culture they see on television, or a perceived meal ticket out of their country, you will be the "hunted".

It's a little harder in BA since the Portenos, those who are from Buenos Aires, are not much interested in the Western Culture. Americans/Europeans are not such a novelty since we look much like the general population. However, the pro's in BA are excellent. They are by far better providers than in Lima. I only prefer Lima because I have more friends than in in BA. I also like the Limeans because they are less pretentious and more down to earth than the Portenos.

If your there for a week, alot of things have to go right to sleep with a normal girl. I think the key is the ability to speak Spanish. If your fluent in Spanish then you can feed them the garbage they need to hear to rationalize having sex with you. If your not, you better be good looking and prepared to wine and dine them.

Another thing to consider. The more times you frequent a city, the easier it will be to get laid. Before Lima, I used to go to Cali, Colombia. I ran into a girl at a club who remembered me from my last trip. Later that night, I had hot steamy sex with her.
By the way, Colombia is a great place to meet normal girls. The people of Colombia are just as genuine if not moreso than the people of Peru.

Again, this is just my opinion and only based on my experiences from the past 5 years.



Member #4351
10-13-04, 14:51
Before everyone begins to ask how to meet "chifa". The chinese restaurants here in Peru are called "chifas", from the Chinese "chifau" which means "eat rice" (I think). Doubtfull that the girls name is chifa.

Big Boss Man
10-16-04, 17:39
I am thinking of spending a week in Lima beginning November 29, 2004. I have been reading the Board but I still have some questions.

How is Lima on the weekends? Is it slow like Sao Paulo or is it worthwhile to stay on in Lima through the weekend? I might make Sunday my travel day.

My preference the first time in a city is too stay in a nicer hotel. The Marriott seems to be the only hotel that keeps appearing that meets this standard. However there are several hotels at around $100 a night when I do my searches. Most of the search sites do not have pictures. Other than the Marriott is there a recommendation for an upscale hotel in Miraflores. How about Los Americas Apart-Hotel or El Condado Miraflores?

10-16-04, 19:49
Hello Jud,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes I know that B.A. is much better, what concerns escorts.

Anyway I will go to Lima and I think I will stay about 2 months.

It would be good to meet each other and to have a good time there.

10-17-04, 15:33
David_33, please see the PM I just sent you.

Member #4351
10-17-04, 17:05
Big Boss Man,

There are lots of 5 star hotels in the Miraflores area. Hotel Las Americas is one, the Swiss Hotel is another (but is in San Isidro). Check on-line. I think that the two you mentioned are not 5 star. You should be able to find a great variety on-line.

More happens on week-ends then during the week. More movement, more action.

10-22-04, 21:33
Hey fellas,

Just got back from two weeks in Lima. My apologies to those I did not contact, no big loss for you, but apologies just the same. I really hit the ground running and simply didnt have my pants on long enough to do much else.

As usual, I lucked out. I seem to have good luck whenever I travel. I met three regular girls just by walking around and chit chatting on the street, malls, restaurants, bars, etc. I only mongered one time, I am ashamed of myself, but when your getting it for free (sort of) it didnt make sense to go looking to pay. I did stick my head into Tequila one night out of habit and got my usual all nighter for $40. She was asian and pretty damn hot. I made it clear to her what I wanted and said no money until the morning after. She seemed ok with it and off we went. She sucked me off twice without condom (dangerous, but what the fuck) fucked me hard and I also got her in the ass twice. She seemed to like it and I plied her all night with beer and cigarettes and fuck movies on the TV going full blast all the time. It seemed to really get her off. She is well worth the time for all of 6 hours I was with her and for a paltry $40 I cant complain. So drunk I dont remember her name, but she was the only asian in there and was about 5-2, 110, nice tits, long beautiful hair and a very pretty face with big lips. All a man needs...hehhee

As for the other regular girls. I met a broad named Claudia in the english pub. I was with another girl, Sonia, when I noticed this blond kept eyeing me up. I winked at her several times and told her I would come back in two hours and to stay there while my chick was in the bathroom. A risky move but it paid off. I took Sonia back to my hotel, banged her and sent her home as she had to work the next morning. cleaned up a bit and headed back to the english pub. There she was waiting for me. She seemed a bit upset, but I told her I was not serious with the other girl and she seemed to buy it. Gave her a few beers and then we left. I took her to the La casa de sanchez hostal down the street, paid 40 soles for short time and proceeded to bang her hard. She demanded my "leche" on her tits so I complied, then tittie fucked her and jammed it in her mouth for good measure.....she massaged my goo all over her tits, then put the covers on and went to sleep without washing. What a trooper. she tried to put some in my mouth, and i quickly put that idea to rest.....jiz is for chicks...not for my mouth....jejeheheh

Then there was Irene. A gorgeous babe from Chimbote who was working in Lima. I met her in Cafe Cafe one night and asked her some stupid question and then bought her a drink and pretened to be helpless in Lima. she offered to show me around. The next night I was in her apartment tossing the salami in and out of her hot, shaven pussy. None of the girls ever ask me for anything and even paid for taxis, drinks and food on occasion. I ended up staying with irene the rest of the trip as she was a freak in bed and I didnt feel I could do much better. She was a 9 overall. Her face was so pretty I couldnt believe it....looked like she was from Spain.

Anyway, all in all a successful trip and my cock is thoroughtly milked. Will be back in january for more fun and games. I really think that acting like the helpless, idiot gringo really works well. At least it does for me. If they feel sorry for you, then the pussy seems to flow like fine wine.....thats my plan and Im sticking to it....

I stayed in Lince....a nice place and cheap but was a very comfortable room with big TV, double bed, hot water all day and night, big bathroom, excellent room service, good breakfast and no problems with chicas......all for the amazing price of 35 soles a night.....you can upgrade to 55 soles and get a bigger room. Nice guys work there and were amazed at the broads that came to visit me. I met alot more than I fucked, but there just wasnt enough time to "work" the nice girls enough to get them in bed with the others on deck waiting.....

take it easy fellas


10-23-04, 11:02
Could you tell us more about the place where you stayed?

Hey fellas,

Just got back from two weeks in Lima. My apologies to those I did not contact, no big loss for you, but apologies just the same. I really hit the ground running and simply didnt have my pants on long enough to do much else.

As usual, I lucked out. I seem to have good luck whenever I travel. I met three regular girls just by walking around and chit chatting on the street, malls, restaurants, bars, etc. I only mongered one time, I am ashamed of myself, but when your getting it for free (sort of) it didnt make sense to go looking to pay. I did stick my head into Tequila one night out of habit and got my usual all nighter for $40. She was asian and pretty damn hot. I made it clear to her what I wanted and said no money until the morning after. She seemed ok with it and off we went. She sucked me off twice without condom (dangerous, but what the fuck) fucked me hard and I also got her in the ass twice. She seemed to like it and I plied her all night with beer and cigarettes and fuck movies on the TV going full blast all the time. It seemed to really get her off. She is well worth the time for all of 6 hours I was with her and for a paltry $40 I cant complain. So drunk I dont remember her name, but she was the only asian in there and was about 5-2, 110, nice tits, long beautiful hair and a very pretty face with big lips. All a man needs...hehhee

As for the other regular girls. I met a broad named Claudia in the english pub. I was with another girl, Sonia, when I noticed this blond kept eyeing me up. I winked at her several times and told her I would come back in two hours and to stay there while my chick was in the bathroom. A risky move but it paid off. I took Sonia back to my hotel, banged her and sent her home as she had to work the next morning. cleaned up a bit and headed back to the english pub. There she was waiting for me. She seemed a bit upset, but I told her I was not serious with the other girl and she seemed to buy it. Gave her a few beers and then we left. I took her to the La casa de sanchez hostal down the street, paid 40 soles for short time and proceeded to bang her hard. She demanded my "leche" on her tits so I complied, then tittie fucked her and jammed it in her mouth for good measure.....she massaged my goo all over her tits, then put the covers on and went to sleep without washing. What a trooper. she tried to put some in my mouth, and i quickly put that idea to rest.....jiz is for chicks...not for my mouth....jejeheheh

Then there was Irene. A gorgeous babe from Chimbote who was working in Lima. I met her in Cafe Cafe one night and asked her some stupid question and then bought her a drink and pretened to be helpless in Lima. she offered to show me around. The next night I was in her apartment tossing the salami in and out of her hot, shaven pussy. None of the girls ever ask me for anything and even paid for taxis, drinks and food on occasion. I ended up staying with irene the rest of the trip as she was a freak in bed and I didnt feel I could do much better. She was a 9 overall. Her face was so pretty I couldnt believe it....looked like she was from Spain.

Anyway, all in all a successful trip and my cock is thoroughtly milked. Will be back in january for more fun and games. I really think that acting like the helpless, idiot gringo really works well. At least it does for me. If they feel sorry for you, then the pussy seems to flow like fine wine.....thats my plan and Im sticking to it....

I stayed in Lince....a nice place and cheap but was a very comfortable room with big TV, double bed, hot water all day and night, big bathroom, excellent room service, good breakfast and no problems with chicas......all for the amazing price of 35 soles a night.....you can upgrade to 55 soles and get a bigger room. Nice guys work there and were amazed at the broads that came to visit me. I met alot more than I fucked, but there just wasnt enough time to "work" the nice girls enough to get them in bed with the others on deck waiting.....

take it easy fellas


Long Stroker
10-23-04, 16:52
From the Globe and Mail - Saturday, Oct 23, 2004

"Peru is home to one of the largest Latino Chinese communities. Chinese slave labourers working on sugar plantations were the first arrivals in the mid-19th century, and the fledgling Peruvian-Chinese community grew in the following century in successive small waves.

Like elsewhere, many of these immigrants established restaurants known as chifas in what is commonly referred to as Barrio Chino de Lima, one of the Western Hemisphere's earliest Chinatowns. But, as China sought to beef up its relations with Latin America, local Chinese business and cultural groups also became bridges for trade.

Today, China has become Peru's third-largest export market. Fishmeal and metals are the big products. China's Shougang Group owns Peru's major iron-ore mine."

BTW, excellent comprehensive report Mikster.


Member #4351
10-23-04, 18:14
Peru, unknown paradise for horny americans.

10-23-04, 18:39
Mikster's got the right approach.

Practice your Spanglish on the locals and ... enjoy. I'd only reserve Tequila Rock for the easy/'I don't want to explore too far' kill for those who wish to spend a little more and get a bit less in quality. Personally, I preferred the massage parlors (let the favorite girls know that you have other friends in town and frequent Lima and get their numbers for outcall), outcall (ditto), and La Parada chongo/etc. adventures.

For the adventurous ... (1) try the peñas in Barranco and hook up with the unoccupied ladies, (2) stroll through Centro in the daytime and get some numbers from the local girls behind the cash registers, (3) get some numbers from a couple 'richer' girls in Jockey Plaza, and (4) make friends with some of the Peruvian guys ... who may show you to even greener pastures.

10-24-04, 01:56
I first thought Peru was poorly represented on the web, compared to, say, Brazil, but there are in fact quite a few prostitution-related links to be found.

1) http://chicas-lima.webcindario.com/link.htm
This page contains all the agencies + a few "independent" pages

2) http://miarroba.com/foros/ver.php?id=256292
This is a huge site in Spanish where Peruvians exchange tips and ratings about girls and places. There are hardly any pics and the Spanish is quite colloquial.

3) http://www.clasifica.com/buscar_en_subseccion.cfm?seccion=6000&subseccion=6030&usid=0
This is a starmedia site with adverts. You should enter the country (país), then the city (Lima), then "mujer".

4) http://paginasamarillas.com.pe/default.asp
These are peruvian "yellow pages". Enter "Lima" under "Departamento" and "Kinesiologas" where it says "Buscar por actividad". "Kinesiologas" is the standard Peruvian term for "masseuse".

5) http://www.elcomercioperu.com.pe/clasificados/macro/BusquedaOportunidades.asp

This link should lead you to the small ads of "El Comèrcio", Lima's main newspaper. Enter "Relax" under "Tipo de Aviso", "Ofrecido" under "Operaçión", and "hoteles" or "figura" or anything related to sex in the third row. "Relax" seems to be the code word for hanky-panky.


Member #4351
10-24-04, 18:02
The best bet is the Elcomercio URL. If you put in "Kinesiologas" as a search word you are going to get quite a few transvestites. They can be identified by the term Kinesiologa (o). Since all cellular phone numbers begin with 9 you can put in 9 in the third row and get a ton of results. You'll also get some URLs with photos. Sunday is the day with the most ads.

Member #4351
10-24-04, 18:07
Play2, I agree with all your excelent suggestions except for number 4. You've really got to keep your eyes open on that one...could be a little touchy. I don't want to generalize, but for a trusting foreigner who isn`t used to the way things are in LA countries, some negative consequences could result.

Long Stroker
10-24-04, 19:39
Looking up relax at El Comercio led me to this website:


I wonder how much it costs to get actress Katie Holmes to come to your hotel for a few hours of fun?

Long Stroker
10-24-04, 21:23
From the chicas-lima website that XXL so kindly posted you can find this link:


Looks like an Asian Massage Parlor in San Borja. No indication of whether it is actually staffed by asians. Has anybody visited it?

This got me to thinking.... Has anyone ever scouted around in Chinatown for an AMP? I love a good massage by someone who knows what they're doing (maybe a little back walking from a 98 lb sweetie) and then a nice relaxing HJ. Is this possible in Lima?

Member #4351
10-25-04, 16:30
Long Stroker, It's just a normal high level MP. Like an Ely's Spa. Don't pay more than 150 soles (around $44) tip for full service. About ten girls working. Cut throat atmosphere amongst the girls for clients, although you won't notice it when you're there.

The China town area of Lima has some action, but with normal peruvians. It is a dangerous district for mongering. Nibu can probably give some pointers. That said, there are plenty of asian looking girls working...check out the ads and the web pages.

Brazil Lover
10-26-04, 04:28
Other than the Marriott is there a recommendation for an upscale hotel in Miraflores. How about Los Americas Apart-Hotel or El Condado Miraflores?

The Miraflores Colón Hotel is an excellent hotel with good prices. However, I do not know if they are guest friendly. :(

10-26-04, 09:18
Hi guys,

I will fly into Peru tmorrow from New Zealand and looking for a nice hotel, mid priced, in the Miaflores area. Any suggestions would be appreciatted.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

10-26-04, 18:26

David is right, Peru is the great unknown paradise for horny men from all countries. I feel that I barely scratched the surface, and in effect, I did barely scratch it. I could have done so much more. I got tangled up with regular girls that I let the mongering go other than the usual $40 all nighter with a tequila broad. Cant help myself, for some reason I like that place, but not as much as in the past. I just like to go there and get loaded up and watch the broads openly via for my dollars. They dont get much of it thanks to my seemingly great negotiation skills. The truth is, any guy can get an all nighter there for $40 bucks. Thats pretty much the bottom line for all night, any less and they dont seem interested unless its for a one or two hour trist. I dont like those kind of deals. I like to get the **** into my room and bang her all night while watching the free fuck movies. It makes them hot when they see the big 9 or 10 inchers banging into some chicks ass. Makes me feel a bit insecure, but what the hell. I have what I have and it seems to do the job, or so I tell myself. heheheh who cares? As long as I am getting it I could care less. I think alot of guys are afraid to just come out and make the meager offer for fear of being seen as cheap. Dont worry about it, theres more girls than guys so you have the upper hand. I cant believe some guys pay $100 for a couple hours, ridiculous.

I still feel bad that I didnt hit the Trocadero with david and his generous offer to take me there. As I said, I got tangled up with regular chicks giving it to me so I just kind of blew everything off. The funny thing is, right beside the hotel I stayed at is a turkish bath, and it never occurred to me to even walk in and check it out. I was over-sexed I suppose and didnt need it. There were also numerous SW trolling around all night offering it to me when I would emerge from my dungeon like room. Going price for suck and fuck appeared to be around the $10 range for one or two hours. Im sure I could have gotten a better deal but I had appointments to keep.

For those Pming me, the name of the hostal is El Conde. Av. Arequippa cuadra 24, calle el Conde. Phone number is 471-6148. Word to the wise. Have a talk with all the front desk staff members and tell to keep their mouths shut about your doings. I had one dude tell two girls about my slutty behavior and I was royally pissed about it. I had to have a heart to heart talk with them after the third day to keep their yaps shut. A few soles should do the trick. I was surprised by their openness with telling chicks, yes Mikster had girls in his room. I had a hard man to man with them and fixed that problem. I suggest you do the same, especially if you have regular girl you are dating as i did. Got me into some serious shit with a couple of them, which I quickly lied my way out of somehow.

My view is that lying is not really needed if you tell the broads that you want a nice peruvian girl and that you are going to meet other girls on your visit. You will be surprised how much more hot you become in their eyes. No need to lie about it. Just tell them you have come a long way and you can bank on one chick having the hots for you after suck a long journey, time, and expense. The truth actually got me laid. It may seem paradoxical that I say dont lie, but then pay off the staff to shut up, but you cant be exposing all your behavior or you will get nowhere with regular broads.

Peru is a great place. Cheap to get to, cheap to stay, cheap to fuck and easy to get girlfriends who are not *****s. Really a great bargain and underrated in my book. I agree that going to a brazilian sauna with two hot, busty, highly motivated chicas who are professional and willing to please to the utmost is probably superior to any other experience for a ***** monger, but peru is just too easy.

I highly recommend it to any guy on the fence. If you cant get laid good in Peru, and get a girlfriend or two to boot, then you may have serious problems. Brazil may be the place for you. But if you have any game at all, and i mean any game, then you wont have any problems in Lima or elsewhere. I feel that I need to branch out a bit and explore the country more, but its just too damn easy in Lima and I am a lazy monger. I like it easy, fast, quick and no hassles and Lima is a great underrated place for these activities we call mongering or otherwise.

My final advice, from an admitted novice on Peru. Play the helpless gringo in need of help and ask stupid questions of regular chicks who are hot and you will have a girlfriend in no time flat. You might even fall in love if you can keep your cock flaccid long enough to do the small amount of work required to get them. There are other ways, you dont have to do it my way, but my results were spectacular and I dont feel I need to change my game.

Comments welcome, tips also.

Take care monger.....my brothers in arms.


Long Stroker
10-27-04, 01:20
Another great post Mikster. You made some damn good points.

To paraphrase one of your lines: "The truth shall get you laid."

This is so true. Even with American girls, it helps to have a few lines cast in the water at all times. If you're known as a hot commodity, automatically you are seen as more desireable. But what's really something is how much farther you can push it with Latinas.

Lying in the bed one morning with the primary GF from my last trip around 8:30 am, the phone rings. Its a chica I had talked to the day prior about meeting for some coffee or something. I had no-showed on the meeting with her because of some last minute plans with primary (PGF). I figured she would be upset with me for me cancelling and I wasn't planning on calling her again. Yet here it is the next morning at 8:30, and she is asking if she can come over.

So I'm trying to get this chick off the phone without sounding like an asshole in front of PGF who is lying next to me in bed. After finally get her off, PGF looks at me with a smile and asks, "Who was that?"

"Oh, nobody really", I said. Yeah, right. I'm sure she heard the female voice on the other end. Of course she knew the score. And that's the beauty part. In Latin America, thank God, women still expect men to act like men. What do men do? They fuck around. It's only natural, baby.

10-28-04, 03:18
Just came off of 24 hours in Lima--so short because as usual I am on a business trip. I was very disappointed by the quality, but it is my own fault for not taking everyone's advice. I did not get to Club Ely or Tequilla Rocks. Instead I used the internet and the classifieds. I held the price to no more than $50, and did I get some good sessions in, but all three women were lame looking. Do not believe what they say in their ads, and it really helps to speak Spanish.

10-29-04, 23:41
I just returned from a week in Lima. I only stayed in Miraflores.

Sat 10-23
Went to tequila rocks. S/ 20 entrance fee. Most of the girls in there aren't attractive. In fact only 3 were doable by my standards. The best looking there was an Asian probably the same as mikster reported in post #813. I was surprised at the number of Asians and Asian mixed people in Peru. However I didn't travel to South America to fuck Asians that's what Thailand is for.

The first chick I talked to wanted $70. I speak almost no Spanish so negotiating is difficult for me. But because of these forums I knew better than her BS that normally it's $100.

The next chick (Sandra) I spoke with had been giving me bedroom eyes from the moment we first saw each other. But she was sitting with another gringo so I didn't bother them. Later she was at a table by herself so I went to her. Immediately she said all night for $50. I agreed to S/ 150 and off we went. I'm sure I could have gotten her for less but I liked that she didn't try to over charge me a ridiculous amount right of the bat.

I would rank Sandra a 6.5 in looks and a 9 in GFE. Her fucking skills were good and oral was ok. BTW I only like BBBJ so anytime I mention oral it's bareback. We fucked for about 2 hours and then talked with a dictionary for another 2 finally going to bed at 4:30 am.

We woke up at 11 and set a date at 3pm to meet up again for a regular date. I wanted a local to show me around. I was hoping she knew some great restaurants. We met up at the church. I told her I didn't care about the price. So she says KFC or McDonalds. I'm like no I didn't come across the world to eat at McDonalds. So we go to the mall and I'm thinking great there must be some cool restaurant in here. Then we arrive at the food court. Mmmkay So I'm like forget it I guess we will eat here.

Afterwards we went to Baranco and to her cousin's house somewhere in Lima. It was fun we rode one of those local minivan buses where the guy is jabbering about where it goes. Finally we go back to my place to fuck that night. The next morning she asks for a propina so I gave her $30.

10-30-04, 17:35
lima monday 10-25

i walked to bano britannica on arica at 3 pm. only 2 girls were there both were 6s. she told me s/ 60 for an hour massage. this was my 1st time in a sex massage parlor but i've had 1000's of professional massages because i was licensed once myself and traded with lots of therapists. her massage really sucked but we did it in the steam room which was interesting. after about 15 mins she asked if i wanted sex. i said yes because her massage wasn't doing anything for me.

she wasn't enthusiastic about the sex but her fucking skills were ok. the steam room was uncomfortable to fuck in and smelled a little. i mainly did it because i had never had sex in a steam room before. i was really hot in the room so i only fucked her for 20 mins. sex cost was s/ 150. i feel cheated because i paid s/ 60 for a crappy 15 min massage.

later that night at 11 pm i'm horny again. i decided i want to fuck a 10 so i go to club 69. i know it's expensive but i didn't care. it's impossible to see it from the outside no sign or anything i just heard the music so i knew it must be there.

s/ 80 entrance fee. expensive but once i entered i knew it was worth it. 8 girls there were 9s and 10s. the rest were 7s and 8s. but most importantly they all were looking at me like hungry wolves. tequila felt like a regular bar with girls looking at you and flirting. but in this place i felt like a rock star back stage with all his fans.

so i walk past this hot asian (one of the 10s) like i said i didn't come to peru to fuck asians. she was disappointed when i passed by but i wanted to talk to a latina behind her.

this girl was one of the high 8s. she was all over me sitting in my lap straddling me french kissing etc. so i bought her a drink for s/ 35. i found out the price was $100 for the girl and $ 40 for the house for 2 hours.

then i spotted annie i knew i was going to fuck her that night. so i went and asked her if she wanted to go to my hotel. she said yes and went to change. they got one of the girls there who spoke english to help with settling the payment. then i saw celeste and i wanted to fuck her too.
so we went to ask her if she wanted a threesome with me and annie. affirmative and she went to change also. total cost for the house $90 that includes that drink i got for the 1st girl.

in the cab ride back the girls were all over me both were great kissers. back in the room celeste starts giving me a bbbj while annie and i passionately kiss. annie is an awesome french kisser with the correct finesse. she gently sucked on my tongue and simulated oral sex on it. we alternated between sucking each others tongues and toggling the tips of our tongues rapidly.

after 20 mins of the bj and great kissing i decided it's time for sex. for all of celeste's hard work with the oral i thought she deserved it first. so i gave it to her missionary and doggie. annie was very helpful pushing my ass in and out, passionately french kissing and basicly giving me moral support. celeste was a really good fuck. she knew how to move and basicly work it.

now i was ready to hit it with annie. this is where i fell in love with her. our bodies just fit well together. and she fucked exceptionally well. we fucked missionary, doggie, cowgirl. celeste was also helpful by kissing and helping push me in annie.

i wanted to fuck celeste again. the only thing i didn't like was the girls wanted me to use different condoms on them. i would have liked tapping them back and forth without changing condoms every time. but it wasn't too bad.

while i was doing celeste again doggie style and french kissing annie, i thought to myself this is the best threesome ever. so i shot my load to end a great session.

i would rate the girls 9.5 in looks and 10 in fucking skills.

10-31-04, 14:33

I will be soon in Lima.

Does somebody know a website or the email adress of a real estate in Miraflores or San Isidro to rent a small furnished apartment for 1-2 months?

It will be my first time in South America.

10-31-04, 18:43
Long Stroker and the boys,

I had the same experience stroker. I was laying in bed with Irene, a regular girl who was smoking hot and had just banged her all night. The phone rang. I said to myself, "oh shit." It was Ivon, a nice girl that i was just being friends with. She helped me when I was sick the first three days, fed me soup, took me to the doctor and was just an angel. She wouldnt bang me, and wanted to have a relationship. Anyway, she called and immediately Irene grabbed the phone unexpectely and say hello, who is this? Oh shit again. Irene got up, put on her clothes and ran out of the room crying, not even bothering to question me about the incident. She went downstairs and sat in the parlor area and cried. The clerk called me and told me what was going on. She was asking a million questions and the dumb fuck finally confessed that the girl Ivon had indeed, visited me in my room.
Took two days to straighten her out, then the make up sex was one for the ages. There is nothing like make up sex in my opinion, I will take that over the two brazilian hotties in a sauna anyday. She was so happy to be back with me that she almost literally pulled my dick out of my body when she was sucking and jacking me....had to finally give her a little smack to get it through her pinhead that she was hurting me.....sweet pain I suppose.....but then I jizzed all over her tits so that made it all worth it.

I will never forget Claudia, the chick from the english pub who "demanded" my leche on her tits.....massaged herself with my goo like a masseuse.....then the tittie fuck with my goo as lube....and the mouth jamming...

My God......I need to go back now. If there is a God please transport me to Lima right now.....Someday some geek will invent the transporter and we can come home from work and go to lima every night to get laid....WEll, it sounds good in my dreams..

Later studs


11-01-04, 00:21
Tues 10-26

I had to fuck Annie again. So I called her and we met a 2:30 pm. I just love fucking this girl. She feels so great. Her only bad trait is she won't do BBBJ. I still highly recommend her.

That night I decided to go to Madonna club. I had heard good reviews from here. I arrive at the door sometime after 10 pm and tell the man I'm a friend of Francisco. I saw his offer here for all members. Well that offer isn't true anymore. They told me Francisco wasn't there and kept repeating veinte. I figured 20 soles isn't too bad it's the same as tequila rocks' entrance fee.

No 20 dollars! Ok I'm thinking this is a little high for a place that's supposed to be around the same quality as tequila. Remember Club 69 and emmanuelle are $25 entrance. I almost left right there but I figured I might as well give them a try.

Once inside I got a drink and sat down. Soon a girl named Debra came and sat with me. She told me the price for the house was sesenta or setenta. I have trouble hearing the difference between the two numbers. I'm thinking this place is much higher in cost than Tequila rocks. There is no bar fine there. However the girls are better looking at Madonna's but they don't match club 69. I bought Debra a drink and talked with her more. Debra is attractive but I didn't have any chemistry for her. She had tattoos on her stomach and just seemed run through the mill too much for me.

Debra was a very cool girl though. She is studying japanese and wants to work in a karaoke bar or something. I saw Nichole and decided I would take her home. I ordered another drink and had her sit with me.

She told me $50 for 2 hours and I agreed. Jose the bartender told me the house costs would be S/ 70 and the cost of 2 more drinks. I was angry at this point. I paid $20 entrance which I thought would be complimentary. Bought Debra a drink and myself another one. And now they want me to buy 2 more plus a bar fine for Nichole.

I told Nichole I was sorry but this was too expensive. Remember I spent $290 the night before at club 69 but was treated like a king there with lots of better looking girls begging for my attention. At Madonna's Debra was the only girl who came to me. And Nichole wasn't acting that eager. But when I said no she immediately lowered her price to $40.

I told her it wasn't her price but the club's. She left to go talk with them and when she returned I just paid $20 bar fine.

On the taxi ride home Nichole seemed distant from me and pissed off at me for some reason. I had a little buzz from the 2 drinks and was being silly trying to cheer her up. At a red light this little beggar boy came to the window. I opened the door for him and offered him a ride. Nichole gave me this horrified look. And the taxi driver was shocked I opened the door. Even the kid was surprised. I was saying he just needs a ride lets help him out.

So we drive on and arrive at my place. Once there I get the dictionary to help me talk to Nichole. I ask if she is mad at me and tell her I'm sorry if I offended her. She says no but I can judge people's body language and emotions very well. She didn't want to be there.

Nichole is very cute 18 year old girl but she looks younger and is kinda small. I would rate her a 7.5 in looks. Her pussy was too small though. I'm only 6.5 inches erect so it wasn't me.

I forgot to ask about BBBJ at the club so I ended up paying her $60. Her oral skills were very good. In fact I was surprised because she really didn't seem to like me. I can't imagine how good head would be from her if she were really into me.

Fucking her really wasn't that good. She wouldn't spread her legs wide enough and it felt like she was trying to keep me from going too deep inside her with her legs. And she wouldn't let me put her legs on my shoulders because she said it hurt.

Doggie was better because her pussy didn't feel so restrainingly tight. I suppose it goes with out saying she wasn't a good French kisser. That was my 1st warning sign at the club that I foolishly ignored. At the club at first she wouldn't kiss deeply or with tongue. I told her before we left that great French kissing was mandatory or I wouldn't take her. So she finally started kissing me correctly. Well now back in the room we were back to the half hearted no tongue kisses.

So I'm giving it to her doggie enjoying myself despite her bad attitude and suddenly she stops and turns around starts blabbing about something. I finally figure out she is asking me if I'm done. I'm like fuck no you will know it when I'm done. Then she starts saying it's late blah blah blah. We had only been fucking maybe 45 mins so I knew we had time left.

Now I'm soft and pissed at her. And I can't get it back up partly because I'm mad at her and also because I had great sex with Annie that afternoon and was a little spent from that. So I tell her to suck it and them we can resume fucking. She said she doesn't want to suck me.

This is where I drew the line. I told her very clearly. If she wants to stop that's fine. If she is uncomfortable I understand she can leave now. But you're not getting paid anything! We had verbal contract and as far as I was concerned she was in breach.

When she got the point she started sucking me again. And as unbelievable as it may sound she sucked very well. This girl has a natural talent and could become very good with effort and a better attitude. So she sucks me for a few mins and gets me hard again. I go back to fucking her doggie but this time I fucked her jack hammer style. I was going to make sure she earned her money now.

I only fucked her another 10 or 15 mins before I decided to blow my load. While we were getting dressed she asked for taxi money. I almost didn't give her any but gave her S/ 10 anyway. She tells me it's not enough. BS so I decide to fuck with her. I get the dictionary out and explain to her for 20 mins how sometimes the taxi drivers try to cheat you. And that you shouldn't pay the first price they quote you.

I walked her out at escorted her to a taxi for her security. I guess my walking her to a taxi touched her because before getting in she thanked me and kissed me goodbye in a thoughtful and genuine manner. Her attitude was different now.

I would recommend Nichole to someone who wants to fuck a girl that looks like a high school sophomore. Has a pussy thats too small and an attitude that makes you feel like you are forcing her to be there. That's not my thing I like being with sluts who love sex as much as I do. Needless to say that was my last time at Madonna's Club.

The best part of the night was the look on Nichole's face when I offered the beggar boy a ride. I would do it all over again just for that look.

11-01-04, 05:06
Hey guys,

I have a quick question for you. I will have an overnight stopover in Lima and I was wondering what woul be my best option for some good action. I arrive on midnight Sunday and leave on Monday at noon. I guess that most of the action must be dead on a Sunday night. Nevertheless I would like to see whether it is worth it to venture out of the airport or not. (How far are Trocadero, San Jose, Tequila, from the airport, any action on Sunday nights and or early mornings??)


11-01-04, 08:20
I stayed at this hotel while I was in Lima a couple of weeks ago. Previously, I stayed at the hotel Las Palmas. Both hotels are very similar in location as the Maria Luisa is located on a side street behind Avenida Larco. From the seventh floor, you can see the top of the church in Parque Kennedy.

I would rate Las Palmas as having better amenities such as the room service food, computer hooked up to the internet, and a nice little lounge area. The Maria Luisa was chica friendly as they offer coupons to Tequila Rock in their lobby. However, the Maria Luisa only allowed one guest in your room at a time, where as it wasn't a problem at Las Palmas.

Other than those details, I preferred the Maria Luisa for the following reasons. The junior suite was similar in price to the small single room at Las Palmas (28us per night). The suite included a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave. The bathroom was much bigger and had recently been retiled. The hot water knob was a little touchy but I never was without hot water. The bed was queen size and fairly comfortable. Lastly, the Maria Luisa was much quieter than Las Palmas.

Here's the link the hotel: http://www.hotel-marialuisa.com/



11-03-04, 03:48
Hey guys,

I have a quick question for you. I will have an overnight stopover in Lima and I was wondering what would be my best option for some quick action. I arrive on midnight Sunday and leave on Monday at noon. I guess that most of the action must be dead on a Sunday night. Nevertheless I would like to see whether it is worth it to venture out of the airport or not. (How far are Trocadero, Cucardas, Tequila, from the airport?? Any action on Sunday nights and/or early mornings?) Keep in mind that I am originally from South America, so Spanish is not a problem.


11-04-04, 21:59
Could anyone please fill me in on this hotel? I was wondering if it is a nice hotel in a good place. Also, if someone knows of a 5 star hotel near the beach for around $100 I would appreciate the info.



11-05-04, 03:21
Can anyone tell me where this is?..also some good non pro clubs im here from New Zealand and was wondering if anyone wanted to get together and head out one night. PM if interested.



11-05-04, 11:28
Hey guys,

I have a quick question for you. I will have an overnight stopover in Lima and I was wondering what would be my best option for some quick action. I arrive on midnight Sunday and leave on Monday at noon. I guess that most of the action must be dead on a Sunday night. Nevertheless I would like to see whether it is worth it to venture out of the airport or not. (How far are Trocadero, Cucardas, Tequila, from the airport?? Any action on Sunday nights and/or early mornings??) Keep in mind that I am originally from South America, so Spanish is not a problem.


Crazy Ami
11-05-04, 21:41
Hello gents,

I'm unexpectedly stuck in Lima tonight on business, and I'm staying at the Sheraton. Is there anyone willing to give a guy who's unfamiliar with South America (I'm usually over in Europe, where I've made a couple of reports) a little help / guidance tonight? I'd appreciate it a lot.

Crazy Ami

11-07-04, 19:06
Hello Judd,

Thank you very much for your interesting report. As I will be in Lima very soon, I read it a few times.

Do you have a security box in your room?

If you could answer to me quickly, it will be great.

Johnny Jets
11-07-04, 23:17
I met up with a great driver at the airport called Richard, he does airport transfers and also takes you to clubs to do the negotiations if you don't talk Spanish. I don't.

He took me to the best club in Lima in his view, expensive but the show and the girls were the best I have ever seen. No jeans, all outfits very sexy. He found me a girl from Iquitos who spoke ok English and we went back to my room for two great hours. She said all the girls are tested each month and only covered bj are allowed.

Her passion and kissing confirmed what other members have said about these jungle girls. Her body was thinner than average, great breasts and shaved pussy. Definitely model material, but with a great attitude.

Richard's cell phone number is 9814-3705. PM if you want his email address.

Sky Dog
11-17-04, 05:20

The Maria Luisa does not have a Safe at all. All they have is a locked drawer behind the front desk. It is a nice hotel though. Only $25us for a Junior Sweet. Also 24 hour porn channel.


Sky Dog

11-19-04, 14:24
Stayed at the Melia Lima during my visit to Peru. The hotel is nice for US$59. However it is not chica friendly. They will charge you an extra $25 if you want a girl come to your room. I avoided the fee by bringing a girl in myself, but I think that had I got caught they would have charged me the fee. Overall, I would not stay there again.

I checked out the Marriott also. It is a very nice hotel right near the ocean. I don't know if they are chica friendly, but the entry is not on the same floor as the lobby so if you bring a girl in yourself I don't think you will have any problems. There are also a lot of restaurantes and a mall within easy walking distance.

Tried out www.bellasvip.com. Only tried once, but the pictures were not real. The girl who showed up was cute and had a great body so I went ahead with the deal anyway. As it turns out, she was great and I ended up hooking up with her the next night for dinner, dancing and an all nighter. Of course dinner and dancing cost about the same as having her come the first night but it was a lot more fun.

My last night I tried a club named Ecclipse. They girls were above average in looks but I got the typical club vibe. I would not recommend this place. US$25 to enter with 3 drinks included. Dancer drinks are around $12. 4 drinks you can take the girl out or you can pay 150 Soles. The girls generally start at US$100 but of course that is negociable.

Long Stroker
11-20-04, 19:16
Well, I´m here. I´m staying in Barranco, Hotel Antu. Its nice and I like it. Serves my needs and overall it seems Barranco is a little quieter and less crowded than Miraflores.

The trip here left me kind of wrung out, so I´ve been kinda laying low a bit. Actually had a bit of a cold, which fucks up my already weak Spanish even more. So, as a result, I put off contacting some of my on-line friends that I have met for this trip. I did contact one girl from last time I was here and we got together. That was pretty great.

I did an incall from an ad in El Comercio. Same service I used last time. A lady answers; I guess she´s the madame. First she quoted me the price in dollars - $40. I asked for it in soles and it sounded like she broke out the calculator to do the conversion (putting on a show for me?) She says 128 soles. I counter with 120, which we agree on.

45 minutes later Roxanna shows up. Pretty girl, not a show stopper, but some very nice tits. Two pops no problem. Second time around, was doing her doggy, (prone doggy?) Does anyone know the name of the position where the girl lies down flat on her stomach with her legs together stretched out behind her? I just love that damn position. So anyway, somehow my thumb found its way into her asshole, which allowed me to control that ass with even more precision. She brushed my hand away at first, but my thumb found its way back. I wasn´t doing her that hard, but she was a squealer. Better than average fuck. Second pop resulted in cranial fireworks for me. She gave me her number to cut out the middleman for next time, should I desire to see her again.

Last night, didn´t have anything lined up, so I thought i´d take a spin over to Tequila Rocks just to see what all the fuss is about. Well, everything was just as you said it would be, David_33. I was talking with this nice little chica for a while. Asked her if she wanted to leave. She smiled and said it would cost $100 dollars. I said that´s a little expensive, I don´t usually pay more than $60. For a split second, she looked at me like I had just sprouted a unicorn´s horn from my forehead. But she recovered, and to her credit, she was very polite about it. She said something about having bills to pay, and paying whatever to get in here, and bid me a pleasant evening. She then went over to the bar and told no less than three of her friends about the gringo who was trying to buck the established price structure. I think you´re right David about them having a union.

But having busted my nut earlier that evening at the MP at 3040 Aviacaion for 35 soles + 15 soles tip HJ, I was in a position to let the big head do the thinking. At this point, I wasn´t even really horny. Like I said, with so much having been posted on it, I just wanted to see for myself what TR is all about. The girls are attractive, yes, but IMHO not to the tune of $80-100. So I left. No loss for me, except the 20 soles cover charge.

Let me say one thing, Milkster (as Nibs has so thoughtfully christened you) you must have some Magical Fucking Wizard Power to get those hoes down to $40 bucks. More power to you, my friend.

11-21-04, 23:10
Long Stroke,

I have been blown off by alot of girls when I offer the $40. I dont just walk in and get that price from anyone. I usually stroll around and chit chat with alot of them before making the offer. Last time, it was the fourth girl I had worked who agreed, but she agreed immediately with no hassles. That was the oriental broad I told about. She was better looking that than the other ones though. I dont know why, but I seem to have some kind of luck when I go there, cant explain why, but I dont argue. Its like a challenge to me now. Whenver I go to Lima in the future, I will have to go and get the $40 all nighter in Tequila or I will feel ripped off. hahaha

Hey, you might want to check out a Turkish bath on Avenida Arequippa, cuadra 24, you cant miss it. I never walked in but one dude told me they have good prices and service there. maybe Nibs knows about it.

With luck, I will be back at the end of December and I am already homesick for the place.

Hey, for the guy who stayed at the Maria Luisa. Did they charged extra for a guest? Do they have a swimming pool?

I have heard that in Lima during the summer you can go to a hotel that has a pool and use it for a few hours for a fee, anyone know about this or have done it? Hotels who will let you?



Sky Dog
11-23-04, 04:08

The Maria Luisa did not charge me for bringing a guest. I did not ask if they had a pool, but I don't think there is one. It is a great location. It's about 50 yards to Parque Kennedy and about 2 blocks from Tequilla Rocks.

I left Lima on Saturday, I was there for four days. This was my first trip to Peru. Lima is a fun relaxing place.

Me second night there, on the advise of a WSG post. I sat at a table on pizza street, that was close to the walkway. I flirted with a waitress that worked at the resteraunt across the walkway. She came over and we talked awhile. She said she had to work until 5AM. She was very pretty, but I didn't want to try and hook up with someone that had to be at work all night. Awile later two girls stopped and spoke to her for awhile. I was attracked to one of them. After awhile they walked away and I called the waitress over to ask about her friend. She told me that she had just moved to Lima. SHe told me that she would be back in awhile and she would tell her friend that I asked about her. When her friend returned I caught her eye and motioned her to come over. She came over and I invited her, and her to join me.

We had a beer and decided to go dancing at a disco that was upstairs on Pizza Street. We drank alot of beer and Salsa danced for a few hours. It was great fun. Then I invited her to come to my room with me, and off we went.

The hotel staff saw me come in with her. I stopped at the desk to get my room key. They didn't say anything or ask for me to pay for her. I assume they don't charge for bringing guests.

She was great. SHe had one the nicest set of tits that I've ever held. Her nipples were slightly larger than thimbles and they stayed erect. She was 36 D and stood straight out. At first I thought she had implants, but these puppys were real. I was truly impressed. SO we went for a round and then we fell asleep.

They next morning we awoke and went for another round. What a girl. I could not keep my eye and/or hands off of those great tits.

I took her for a late breakfast and she told me that she had to go home for awhile. She never asked me for any money. I new she had just moved to Lima and had no job. I gave her $50 and she seemed very happy about that. I'm still not sure if she was a pro or not.

Smove Cat
11-24-04, 23:53
I just returned from peru and i stayed at the Maria Luisa, I must say that i enjoyed the establishment quit a bit. They do not charge you for guest; however, you are only allowed to bring up one just at a time. Just make sure not to forget anything in the hotel after you levae if you do they will pretend like you never left anything. I did not see a pool while i was there but that does not mean that they did not have one, but i do not believe that they have one.

Long Stroke,

I have been blown off by alot of girls when I offer the $40. I dont just walk in and get that price from anyone. I usually stroll around and chit chat with alot of them before making the offer. Last time, it was the fourth girl I had worked who agreed, but she agreed immediately with no hassles. That was the oriental broad I told about. She was better looking that than the other ones though. I dont know why, but I seem to have some kind of luck when I go there, cant explain why, but I dont argue. Its like a challenge to me now. Whenver I go to Lima in the future, I will have to go and get the $40 all nighter in Tequila or I will feel ripped off. hahaha

Hey, you might want to check out a Turkish bath on Avenida Arequippa, cuadra 24, you cant miss it. I never walked in but one dude told me they have good prices and service there. maybe Nibs knows about it.

With luck, I will be back at the end of December and I am already homesick for the place.

Hey, for the guy who stayed at the Maria Luisa. Did they charged extra for a guest? Do they have a swimming pool?

I have heard that in Lima during the summer you can go to a hotel that has a pool and use it for a few hours for a fee, anyone know about this or have done it? Hotels who will let you?



Long Stroker
11-25-04, 01:05
Big ups to David_33 for taking me out to the Trocadero Sunday night. We both had a great time. I know I did. I did two chicks, both for 20 soles each. (Yes, that's $6.17 US at the current rates.) The first one was the sweetest thing. You could just see it in her face. David even remarked on it. So opposite from the hardened ho you find in the West. 21 years old, she had a nice warm wet pussy, too. Excellent time. After 20 or so minutes of recovery period, spent walking around looking at the varied scenery, I visited a 19 year old charapita from Tarapoto. This chick had a ridiculous body! Super slim with big ol firm titties. It was like one of those physically impossible supermodel waifs w/big tits. Yet there she was in the flesh. I did make sure those tits were real.

Thanks for expounding on your TR approach, Milkster. In truth, I left after only talking to 2 girls. Sounds like a little more persistence is key. But, the way things are going, I'm gonna need more than persistence. Like maybe a 3rd testicle in order to pump out all the cum these girls are draining from me. I'm talking about the non-pros. I just banged my 3rd non-pro this trip, a 18 yr old administrative student from Callao. What a sweetheart. But that'll have to wait for when I have time for another post.

I fly out to Cuzco tommorrow. Can't wait to see what that place is all about.

River Traveller
11-27-04, 01:40

I tried this little sleazy looking place on Pasaje Alarcon (just south of Ave. Grau by Ave. Republica). Walked by 160 Alarcon and this guy says "chicas...entrado", or something like that. Went up to the third floor, and there is an unmarked door with a guy coming out, with a bit of a grin, so I figured this would be the place. I walked in and saw about six girls, of varying ranges of cuteness, two of whom started to strip for me. I picked the smaller cuter one, whose name I forgot, and we spent about a minute looking for an unoccupied room - this place was hopping. It was decrepit, faded, dirty paint, crap linoleum floor - it had all the sleaze that could please. Anyway, 22 soles for the guy by the door(no charge until you pick a girl) and then onto business. CBJ, but done with elan, and when she saw that I was not overly responsive to this, she started kissing and nibbling me, getting me into the mood. She rode me until I came. She requested 20 soles, but I had to give her 30.

11-27-04, 18:06
Hey long Stroke,

Your staying at Barranco, have you checked out all the bars there on that party street with all the pubs and dance joints? If so, how does the action look? I got the impression that its mostly regular babes who frequent those places. I was there for only one night and did the rounds and got eyed up constantly. Unfortunately, I was with a broad and couldnt make any moves to see what was up. So I cut my losses, took her back to the hotel and fucked her. Oh well, who can complain about that? I remember there was one pretty wild place called la Noche or something similar. Around 12, they shoved all the tables to the side and the placed exploded with wild dancing and debauchery of the drinking kind. So crowded I grabbed ass by accident. No complaints. Let us know what you think of the scene there.

Nibs, got your message and will hook up with you when I am back. Wouldnt mind going with you, or David for some trocadero debauche. Got to go there after all the posts about it. It sounds like a fuck factory which is ok with me. And the hired labor is cheap, another bonus.

I will have to check out the Maria Luisa, sounds like a great place to stay with no hassles and probably a nice upgrade from the El Conde Hostal I stayed in. Thats not a bad place though, especially for 35 soles a night and its not a dump, trust me.

One dude was asking where the English pub is. I dont know the street, but is very close to Pacifico Theatre, Pizza Street and right down the street from Norkys restaurant. Ask anyone and you will find it. Its a place that has regular girls, mostly gold digging but who cares. Tell them what they want to hear and you can get pussy out of there for nothing other than the overpriced boozed they charge there. I have never failed to get laid when I go there and never paid a dime for the actual sex service.

Speaking of the English Pub, Flyer, did you hook up with Senorita Leche? The broad that demands it on her tits so she can massage it in, and then just leave it there as she passed out? She's from Tequila, named Claudia. Brother, get that cell number for me if you can. She is really pretty, if she could manage to lose 20 pounds she could be somewhat of a stunner. Shes not "fat," but just good enough to where any guy would probably do her with that pretty face and sexy lips, long hair, and willing body. She does need to work on her sucking skills, but shes a freebie if she likes you so what the hell?

Ok brothers. Take it easy and pump it for me a few times. Im tired of jacking off looking at my photo collection of my last trip. hahahhaah


11-27-04, 18:10
I meant to say Claudia from the English Pub, not Tequila. She doesnt appear to be a working girl at all. Except when she working your cock.


11-29-04, 18:17
I can recommend this hotel. A weekly price of 91 dollars per day had been negociated but they were so kind as to grant me the fortnightly price (around 80 dollars) as from the 5th day when they found out I was in Lima for nearly two weeks. The hotel seemed half empty but this may have had to do with the time of year (November). Anyway, I found the price very good value for money. (I might have thought otherwise a few years ago when 1 euro = 0,8 dollars. Now with 1 euro = 1,3 and soaring, ....)

The rooms were huge and all was modern and spick-and-span. Traffic noice was heard from the street up to the 10th floor where I had my room but if you're a night sleeper like me, you can still sleep without ear plugs. It's another matter during the day. The service was efficient but unobtrusive. Girls were allowed in with ID, free of charge, except that they only allowed one girl at a time, or so one of the girls told me (no threesomes).

If I were to visit Lima again, I would check into the same hotel. It is a five minute's walk from Pizza Street and the egregious Hotel Las Palmas.

Apart from being able to bring girls into hotels free of charge, one thing Lima has to recommend it over Brazilian cities is the much cheaper taxi fares.


Big Boss Man
11-29-04, 19:52
Is anyone around? I gladly meet up for a beer or something. I will be in town through Monday. I am staying at the Marriott. Please do not boo too loud.

12-01-04, 02:10
Hi guys. Recently got back from a hectic 10-day trip to Peru and had a great time. Managed to get a fair bit of monering in. Thought I would write a report in separate parts. All prices are in Soles. So here is the Lima section....

Arrived on the evening of Thurs 11/11/04. Got to my hotel in centro at around 9pm. I stayed at the Hotel Balcon El Dorado on Ucayali. The owner Jhim is a friendly guy. For some reason I expected it to be a big hotel but turned out to be a small, family-run place. The rooms weren't great but for $25/night couldn't complain. I asked him about ladies and he agreed I could bring them back but would charge me $8 a night more if I did.

I soon got a taxi and Jhim insisted on arranging it for me. He asked me where I wanted to go whic stumped me as I was just gonna ask the driver (best people to ask in my opinion) where the street action was at that time. I just said I wanted to check out Miraflores etc. without thinking. So, he aranged a return trip for 20 NS. What followed is a 20 min ride around looking for streetgirls in centro. We eventually ended up on Colmena (I think that's how u spell it). Pretty big road with loads of women of all shapes and sizes standing along it. Kinda stopped and b4 I knew it an oldish looking, tall and fairly well-built Peruvian lady was in the taxi after the driver had a word. Had to rush a bit as the police were giving hassle. Quickly agreed everything on the song sheet (or so I thought) - I shave her, give each other oral (uncovered) followed by straight & anal sex covered and facial. Eventually agreed on 50 for an hour.

Returned to the hotel and the I stupidly agreed to still pay him 20 for his trouble (I wised up as the trip progressed). Also had my 1st of many battles in the country regarding obtaining change - what a nightmare! In the hotel, Jhim and family were about so it was a bit embarrassing. Also realised for real that working girls really don't carry condoms there. Luckily Jhim had a couple of packets which I seemed to get free in the end. In the room, the problems started when she wouldn't let me shave her down there. She at least let me go down on her hairy pussy. Her tits were a reasonable size and she was pretty chunky really. Refused to fully undress the top half though. My spanish isn't great but it seemed she was from Lima and had a couple of kids. Claimed she was 28 but definitely over 30. Oral without was then out of the question too. Sex was pretty average and then se refused to do anal. Needless to say I didn't cum after all that so she left me pretty dejected and disillusioned.

Next day I sepnt the whole day travelling to Nasca and back but it was worth it. Didn't get back till about 8.30. Ended up going to Miraflores for dinner at this Argentinian place where the mixed grill was amazing. Decided to check out one of the clubs recommended here which turned out to be in the Lince area. The taxi driver seemed cool but the place was deserted. He too me around quite a few of the working areas around there and saw some nice chicks and TV's too. Due to the distance none wanted to go back to a hotel in centro though. After nearly a couple of hours we ended up back on Colmena. We went along as I couldn't see a slim girl as that is what I fancied that night. It must have been quite near Plaza San Martin along he road that we saw these 2 young girls standing. One was dark haired and the other blonde. Ended up talking to the dark one who was reasonably fair skinned and slim. Rather pretty too. They had a little argument b4 we could talk. She agreed to pretty much everything for 50 too. Turned out her name was Jarita and she was from Trujillo but had been in Lima for a while. Had a young kid too. Got back to the hotel and the taxi guy wanted 40 for his troubles but I still paid him as he was good and it had been about 2 hours. It must have been after 1 am by now and Jhim was nowere to be seen. A lad who works there let us in. Back in the room she was great - no prob shaving her bald. Her figure was amazing and her tits fair sized but a little droopy. Showered together. Loved me going down on her and eventually allowed kissing properly. Turned out that she was lactating too! She was reluctant to do OWO eventually but agreed in the end. Sex was pretty great and anal was amazing as it popped in so easily after lubing. Let me come over her tits but not her face. The whole session actually took over 2 hours and I was concerned as I had a taxi at 3.30 am for a 6am flight to Arequipa. I explained this to her and by then it was a real GFE. Needless to say I paid her a 20 tip as she didn't ask for this. She insisted on coming to the airport and on the cab ride there we were constantly kissing and groping. She wanted to meet up when I returned but I didn't want to really. Oh yeah, the other great thing is that I never did have to pay the $8 for bringing the 2nd girl back!

Returned back from Cusco on Sat 20/11/04. Arrived in the morning and found out more about Las Cucardas. It appeared to be a similar type of establishment to the places I went to in Cusco & Puno. I had some sightseeing during the day and decided to leave it till early evening. Got a taxi out there at about 7pm. Found out there's a similar place called La Nene right next door that is cheaper. Basically entrance into there is 5 but Las Cucardas is 16. It was seedy but with loads of chick (some aggressive) of all types. They had quite a few rooms (about 30 I guess) along 2 bars and a couple of corridors. It wasn't quite one girl per room. There weren't great toilet facilities etc. Most of the girls offered the usual 15 mins service (that was actually 10) which was a basic 2-min covered blow job plus straight sex with them on top for 15 which is pretty cheap really. I ended up talking to this short, light, slim, young (21 she said) Limena. She agreed to letting me lick her, giving me a covered BJ, straight sex and anal for 35 I think. There was also 2 S charge for the cleaner. Most of the service was ok except for the anal as I don't remember doing that with her. This was a about 30 mins. I left after that even though I was offered the works by larger, older women for as low as 20.
Went for dinner in Miraflores again. Had my worst taxi experience of the trip as the driver I got from outside the club appeared to be drunk. I think one that I had in Cusco was a inebriated too but this guy was worse. He had no idea where the street I needed was. He also changed his mind on the price as we agreed 12 but he later wanted 15. I didn't budge on principle and left him outside the restaurant.

I later got a taxi back and decided to check out Colmena again. This time I took a stroll along the main block. Loads of ladies out. I was approached by this really short, plumpish lady (must have been 4' nothing as I'm only 5 and I was towering over her! We talked and agreed on the works for a couple of hours for 30!! I delayed a while as I wanted it to be late so that the owner wasn't there to see me come in. I also wanted to look at other girls as this would be my last street opportunity probably. Eventually she caught up with me later and we just stood and talked and soon we were kissing. Turns out she was 32 with 2 kids and from Huancaino I think. Got back to my place after a bit of kissing in the taxi. The same lad let us in. In the room she undressed as we kissed and she did smell quite a bit. She had a charapita look about her but her tits were rather small. Her pussy was shaven except for a tuft at the top and her arsehole was v. responsive and opened to the touch. I ended up shaving her bare b4 we hit the shower. It was a total GFE and she loved me going down on her juicy pussy. Oral without wasn't a problem and her mouth was v. adventurous. Sex and anal were both impressive and she even let me have 2 pops at this. During this she annoyed me by insisting on another 10 S. Her whining annoyed me more than anything as I would probably have given her a tip anyway. I didnt help by saying I had paid other girls 30 for an hour b4. I think I paid her 40 total in the end b4 she left. Needless to say I didn't pay extra for the room on this occasion either. Mental note - give that lad a tip b4 I go!

Next day was Sun and I was due to fly out at 9.30 and arranged a taxi for 6.30 at the hotel. Spent the morning sightseeing and had lunch in Miraflores again. Eventually got a taxi out to Las Cucardas again about 3pm. Entered paying the 16 (u can pay by VISA there). U get a free drink, a ticket and a condom. It was after this that I realised that the standard prcdre is that the girl keeps the ticket and u use the condom obviously. The minimum service charge for the girl is 30 and anything else is extra. There are a couple of long corridors and a bar area. Must be about 40 rooms total. Again various types of girls. Some here from Venezuela and Ecuador here too. BBBJ's were at a real premium here. Rooms were a bit better than the place next door. Toilet facilities too. Eventually decided to go with this older, busty LImena who said anal etc was "Trenta mas". My Spanish being as good as it is, I thought this meant 30 total. What she actually wanted was 60. After an embarrassing explanation, I exited with my opened but unused condom. By the way, if u want a 2nd girl u pay another 8 for another ticket and condom! Anyway, I soon found this cute, slim young thing who said she was 20 and from Tumbes I think. She (like most outsiders there) had only been in Lima a short while and the same with that job. She was v. responsive and totally enjoyed the oral receiving. She came and found that she too lactated! Her oral on me was average but she did lick around my balls etc. Sex was pretty good but anal wasn't poss as she was too tight. I paid her 40 for about 30 mins.

After this I decided to check out La Nene again. Paid my 5 to get in and it was practically dead. Time was running out so I chose this young, fairl well-built girl with shortish hair. Said she was from Chiclayo I think. Service was ok but nothing special. Don't think I came with her though. Got a taxi (just a normal guy with a real banger of a car!) back to the hotel with a bit of time to spare. That was the end of my trip sadly. Only regret was my generallack of experience with real charapitas or girls from the Titicaca/Puno area really.

Member #4351
12-01-04, 15:23
Interesting report. It is usually not a great idea to stay in the middle of downtown Lima. I also think that you were overcharged for your room, and definitively shouldn't have been charged extra for guests. Unfortunately the average Peruvian sees tourists as something like a walking ATM. All that said, you didn't overpay for the SWs. They must have really got a kick out of the guy who wanted to shave them. You will probably be remembered in some way.

12-02-04, 02:13
I'll have an overnigh layover in Lima on Sunday December 19th. Is anybody interested in hiting Trodacero on Sunday midnight?? If you are kind enough to show me around your girls for that night will be on me. See U!!

12-05-04, 01:22

I will be traveling to Lima in January. I am going to see Macchu Picchu. The other five days I am going to monger monger monger.

I've read all of the post but still have a few questions. Perhaps some of you will be kind enough to respond.

I notice alot of you are paying $60-$100 USD for some of the girls. Thats bugs me a bit.I can pay that at a massage parlor here in Los Angeles. Where are the cheaper women? I would like to pay significantly less for more. After all sex travel to a South American country should be cheaper.

Many of you mention clubs and streets to see. Yet on many maps I cant find places such as the Pizza Street that is mentioned. Can anyone suggest where I can find a good map?

Lastly are STD's. Believe it or not in all my years of mongering I have never had sex with any of them. Handjobs, jerking myself off as I look at their tits and an ocassional CBJ are it. I would hate to travel to Peru for five days of mongering and have no sex. Any suggestions or experiences regarding STD's? has anyone caught anything or not? I'm just afraid of catching something.

Thanks to all for reading my post.

Member #4351
12-05-04, 01:23
Sorry, I`ll be in Colombia until the 20th.

12-05-04, 16:54
After many months outside of Lima, I have returned and I found many changed places.

A summary of that found:

Club 69, pretty girls but boring. Expensive place.

Emmanuelle, Pretty girls very daring, amusing, expensive place.

Ravine Suites: Only two Pretty girls, very expensive and boring place.

Club Eclipse: Ugly girls, ugly place.

I found one WEB page of Peru scorts, the pictures are very beautiful, and I have already know two women of that it pages, Cielo and Pilar, a price cheap and very good sex. www.placeresdelperu.com

Thats all for tha moment.


Member #4351
12-07-04, 16:47
Jedi Earth,

Please RTFF. If you think that you can beat the 7$ ST cuties at the Troc in the states....forget about it. If you read back some months you'll see that there are some who LOVE TO WASTE THEIR MONEY in Peru. It's their money. I get tired of telling guys not to waste their bucks in places like Tequila.

There are different scales of girls...from the troc and SWs to semi-amateurs to out calls to night clubs. From $7 to $120 for example:


as they say in BKK..."it`s up to you".

12-07-04, 19:26
Hello Nightman,

What was the price for 1 hour with the escort www.placeresdelperu.com

I paid with the agency sabrina, 70 soles for 1 hour and 15 soles for the taxi. So less than 30 dollars. And that was a full hour sex and bbbj.

I called placeresdelperu, but it seems that they all have a messages box

Member #4351
12-08-04, 15:17

That was cheap for an outcall. They are usually about 120 soles minimum...and the girl gets like half. Each girl in placeres is independent (supposed to be anyway). And a lot of them have fake photos on the page. However, the ones mentioned have received other positive comments.

Long Stroker
12-09-04, 19:20
In reference to current outcall pricing:

Yesterday, I called the same agency that I had used back in July of this year to see about getting a girl. They quoted a price of S./190, which I was able to talk down to S./150 but she wouldn't go any lower. I said I used you guys a few months back and only paid S./120. What gives? She said that in December the prices rise cause the girls need money for Christmas.

Any truth to that, anyone?

Lima Busy
12-09-04, 22:08
While it is true that prices may be higher for some girls in December, as alot of the girls go back home for Christmas and need the money for thier families and travel expenses. IMHO it is more a function of the dollars devaluation and the Euro's appreciation. There are alot of Europeans around right now and prices for them have never been cheaper.Unlike the states, people here know the value of the dollar/euro every day.

I do not p4p anymore as I do not find it necessary. I was in tequilla's for a drink 2 months ago and a very hot model type quoted me $50 for two hours.

My friends go two or three times a week and normally pay $90-100 for TLN.

Lately my friend has had alot of luck with what he calls sugarbabies. Basically
they are 18-22 y/o model types he picks in stores and on the street during the day. He pays them 100 soles a week to come over and service him.

They are normal working chic's that make 400 soles a month for 60 hours a week.
They work for him 10-12 hours a month and double their salary. They do not give him any crap because they know he can replace them in a NY minute.


Lima Busy

Mountain Guy
12-10-04, 22:37
Has anyone tried to make a reservation with Hotel Las Palmas via their web site? I filled out the form and submitted it twice and also e-mailed them and haven't heard back. Should I call and try to talk to them with my marginal spanish or just show up and hope they have room?

12-11-04, 04:45
If you want around 90 soles for 1 hour, you can try


SABRINA send to me the first time a girl for 70 soles and 15 soles for the taxi. When I saw the girl, I just paid the taxi.

The other one is the one mentioned above. As you can notice, prices can change a lot as I paid 70 soles for 1 hour for the second girl. It depends on which operator you have on the phone.

In the agency KAREN, price were 70 soles for 30 minutes and 90 for 1 hour and 15 for the taxi.

I didn't have a girl from KAREN.

I think many girls in these agencies are not really the kind of models that you can find in others. So that's a risk to take.

12-11-04, 09:21
I more on the COL board, but i am looking to start hitting peru next year, so would like to get as much info as possible. Especially regular, non-mongering board, but discuss about day-to-day issue, people, culture, dating, etc.,

Is there one for english speakers? There's one for COL, but i like to know if there's one that you peru-lovers check (beside WSG) :-)

Again, this is for


12-11-04, 14:02

I have read the reports about the hazards of bus travel within Peru. I know there are some places definitely not worth the risk taking a bus to. However, I am not sure of all the places one would rather fly than bus.

My chick from Cuzco has come up with the idea that now she wants to come to Lima and take me to Mancora (Tumbes?) and lay on the beach for a week. She wants to take the bus.

For those in the know, would you bus it from Lima to Mancora? I dont know if there are any worrisome hazards along the way such as mountain passes to cross, not to mention tired, drunk, or hungover bus drivers.

I think Trujillo is about the halfway point, I could be wrong on that. If there are any dangerous areas of the trip, are they before or after Trujillo? Or both? If after, is Trujillo a good alternative to Mancora as far as a beach/vacation destination?

Any opinions appreciated. I'm not even sure if Tumbes/Mancora has an airport for that matter. BTW, what's the safest airline within Peru in your opinions.

Thanks a ton.....


12-11-04, 17:23

i haven't been to tumbes, but from what i understand it is a great beach vacation place. the road along the coast is "better" than those that cross the andes, but that isn't saying much. what you may think of as a highway is not a highway here in peru. sections of the road are fine, but the coastal "highway" passes through the cities along the coast and so you have roads that have deteriorated, cities that have installed "speed bumps" (again - not like other countries speed bumps), and there are areas where you have coastal fog and "blowing" sand at times.

i drove from lima to tarapoto. the route was from lima along the coast to chiclayo. we passed through chimbote and trujillo, and overall this part is better than the mountain crossing. i encountered fog, blowing sand, a "ton" of speed bumps, and of course the everyday peruvian driver (trucks without lights, cars without lights, brake lights that don't work, etc.)

i wouldn't say a definite no to a bus (cruz del sur, scial and others are more reliable, albiet a bit more expensive than the others). a word of caution about some of the cheaper services, the buses they are using are converted truck bodies, therefore the chassis and suspension design is not for the weight and size of a bus body with the associated top heavy design for passengers. additionally, they normally extend the chassis to accomodate the bus body, and so there are some inherent weak points in the "new extended" chassis. i'd think that a bus ticket on cruz del sur to tumbes would be in the range of 130 / 200 soles - 40 to 70 dollars. this would be in the "executive" area on the 1st level (seats about 15 to 18) in a more comfortable setting than the 40 or 50 seating on the second level. if you're planning on traveling during christmas / new years, prices may be a little higher - supply and demand. if you happen to use another service and are quoted a "cheap" price, i'd be cautious of using the company.

a final comment on bus travel - travel light - don't take anything valuable - consider what you have on your person and what you pack. i say this because there have been "bus" robberies between the provinces. the robbers, in some instances passengers on the same bus, demand everything the passengers have with them - money - watches - cameras - take what they can and then leave. items that were in the luggage below were untouched. but, if you pack it in the luggage you have to be careful and watch that your luggage doesn't "get off" with another passenger at a city along the route. even "express" busses stop at quite a few cities along the way to pick up and drop off passengers.

as for airlines, the two i would consider safest in peru are taca and lan peru (lan chile). taca only has one "national" flight (lima - cusco), the remainder of their flights are international (lima to santiago, bogata, sao paolo etc). lan peru has additional internal flights (lima to tarapoto, iquitos, arequipa etc.).

the former aerocontinente / now nuevo continente is "off limits" to americans traveling in peru. the us government has declared the owner a drug trafficer (sp?)and therefore seized all their holdings in the us. additionally, you cannot buy a ticket using american express or other us based credit cards because of this. and if you do happen to buy a ticket and the us (through your passport) discovers the fact, the us treasury can and will impose a stiff fine. (reported to be in the $10,000 range).

i have a trip coming up in the next few weeks to tarapoto, and will be using lan peru for my travel.

sorry if this is a little long, but maybe you and others will remain safe and understand some of the hazards of travel in peru.


12-11-04, 19:04
Last night I was in Tequilla.

I talked with 2 girls and both of them agreed for 80 dollars for the night, but I was not so interested in having a good time with them.

A friend of mine talked with one that only agree for 100 dollars. However I succeded with another one to get the price of 60 dollars.

So I think it's still possible to get a price cheaper than 100, but you have to bargain or to be patient.

Big Boss Man
12-11-04, 22:25
I stayed at the Marriott in Miraflores. Services are very expensive. It is girl friendly. They have a two elevator system. I simply rode the first elevator to the third floor and then took the second elevator to my room. By doing so I avoided the reception desk. However you do pass security and the concierge on the casino level so they obviously know what is going on.

I enjoyed having a casino on-site. I enjoyed it more since I won three consecutive nights. The dice were rolling in my favor. It is almost a waste of good fortune because I was playing the minimum bet of five dollars and they only allowed odds of 2 to 1. I wish I was that hot in Vegas where odds are typically 3-4-5 to 1. Craps in Lima is not a serious game and most of the other players do not have a clue to what they are doing. I had one guy what was playing strictly No Pass with no odds telling me my system sucked and that I only won because of the good rolls. Of course my system is exactly that being a pure money management system. I hope to stick around long enough at the table where I can take advantage of a series of passes. I figure I have control over money management and how I bet but have no control over how the dice are going to roll. Gambling and girls, Lima is a fun town.

Big Boss Man
12-11-04, 22:36
I went to four of these places.

For my money, Hotel Bruce has the best facilities and the cutest girls. It is also the most expensive.

Ely Spa rates second. They told me that they are moving this facility on January 1 so look out for a new address. Massage by Valery was excellent. I got her phone number for outside activities but she never answered. Too bad I thought she was a qualtiy mujere.

221 Arica or Britannia Spa was reported closed on Sunday. However it was open at 12.00 PM with one girl available. We did it in the wet sauna and it was fun.

Hotel Andes is a little more seedy. I did not like the lineup on Saturday afternoon although I did pick what i thought to be the best girl. One advantage is you go to a hotel room with a real bed which I like better.

Big Boss Man
12-11-04, 22:50
I only went to two Emmanuelle and Suites de Barranca.

The lineup in Suites de barranca was horrible. In fact the best girl from Columbia approached me first and I turned her down just having a bad experience at the Platinum Club in Santiago. The show was lousy and I left without participating in any action. $30 cover

I enjoyed the Emmanuelle Club. Good show and hot girls. A night here will run you about $200. I took Ivanna back to the hotel. She is fairly fresh but will get spoiled fast I am afraid. I had her come to the hotel for a second round. In the three days between seeing her she had gotten a tattoo. She charges a $100 for take out. I have her phone number and PM me if anyone is interested. She asks that the guy speak good Spanish even though I can´t. I get hard just thinking about her. She is not that adventurous yet but I would like to be the guy who teaches her the ropes. Unfortunately, I know I am not going to be the guy.

12-12-04, 14:27
Flying Ace,

Thanks alot for the travel info. You gave me alot to think about. Even with the safe bus lines I am now concerned about my luggage being taken at a stop along the way. I suppose you just have to get off the bus and watch, right? Does anyone think Trujillo is just as good a spot to go to? At least its closer than Mancora.


Was that $80 for both girls or $80 a piece? I have never paid more than $40 for a piece of ass out of that place. The more I hear of other guys paying exhorbitant rates the more I wonder how in the hell I get away with it. If you can get the $40 rate, then its just about as good a deal as Trocadero if you can bang her all night, then another shot in the morning before she leaves.

As I said before, it can be a real struggle to get the $40 rate and I have been rejected many times before my persistence paid off. Maybe I am just damn lucky or end up with a girl who is not a regular and only comes in once in a great while. I have never seen the same girl twice that I have banged out of there so could be something to that theory. Or maybe I finally hit on the girl who needs the money real bad for some reason on that night. Always more girls than guys so I think if a guy sticks with it he can get it done. After all, the girl can always lie to her friends about how much you pay her to save face or stay in line with what the "union" wants us to pay. Its not a bad deal for all night if you like her and she puts out good for you.

Later fellas,


12-12-04, 15:04

I didn't want to "scare" you off from bus travel. I have traveled by bus to Arequipa and overall was OK. I just wanted you to be aware of what has happened in the past so you can prepare to travel appropriately. Also, if you're planning on being in Peru for a longer stay, you may consider leaving some of your items in Lima while traveling. If you don't need everything, just pack a small bag to take the essentials and leave the rest. Some of the hotels may have a "checked" luggage facility where you can safely leave a bag or two.


I Jags
12-12-04, 22:47
I felt very safe there.


I didn't want to "scare" you off from bus travel. I have traveled by bus to Arequipa and overall was OK. I just wanted you to be aware of what has happened in the past so you can prepare to travel appropriately. Also, if you're planning on being in Peru for a longer stay, you may consider leaving some of your items in Lima while traveling. If you don't need everything, just pack a small bag to take the essentials and leave the rest. Some of the hotels may have a "checked" luggage facility where you can safely leave a bag or two.


12-13-04, 00:11
It was 80 dollars for just 1 girl.

I took no girl that night.

Well my friend succeeded to get one for 60 dollars, but he asked 3 girls before.

Does anybody knows where to pick up girls in the streets at the end of the afternoon?

Don River
12-13-04, 18:05

I visited that area in March of 2003. Tumbes does have an airport. They get 1 flight a day from Lima via Trujillo.

We stayed at the "Blue Marlin Resort" in Punta Sol.The beaches are nice, but the ocean is cold and treacherous. It is very deep within 100 yards of shore. Accomodations are not what most Americans expect. My friend used the word "rustico". I called them" fucking primitivo". No a/c, no fans, and no refrigerators in the room. They turn the electricity off at 10:00 pm, no telephones, the water pressure is about 20 psi and the hot water is from a box on stilts. The water is saturated with sodium bicarbonate. You can check them out on the web. About all there is to do is coger,comer,y dormir.

Punta Sol is where Hemingway used to fish for marlin. All the fish he caught for "The Old Man and the Sea" were caught there.

Here are a couple of pictures. The tower in the right hand side of the third picture is the hot water heater.

12-14-04, 23:30
Don River and fellas,

Hotel las Arenas de Mancora is the name of the place she wants to stay there. I saw the site and it looks ok, but who knows. I seem to remember alot of Peruvians talking about how Mancora was so beautiful and that everyone wanted to go there.

This hotel has four different plans.

Plan inclusive is all food and drinks to your hearts content for 90 bucks a day. (all $US quotes here) Thats per person.

Plan B or whatever is all food.....about 70 bucks a day.

Plan C is breakfast and dinner for 45 bucks.

Plan D is breakfast only for 30 bucks or so.

It looks like a smaller place with bungalow type of rooms....maybe 15 in all or so.

Anyone know anything about this place? Seems like mancora itself would be a good place to hit on middle and upper class broads.

I really dont know what is in her mind about which plan she wants but now I am not so hot on even going there. I heard Trujillo is just as nice but she doesnt seem so interested.

She says the bus is 17 hours!!!! Fuck!!! With dinner and breakfast and its makes a bed. I have never seen a bus like that before. Is this for real?



12-16-04, 19:55

I don't know what kind of GF you have but mine right now (panamenia) is also giving me crap like this...she wants to go to a pace were the costs are US$ 150,- a day...YES SIR. Hell she earns fucking 400 bucks A MONTH!!! Talking about setting your demands!

I mean i am not "tacano" (=stingy)but in all honesty for a monger like me to spend 300 bucks (I guess i will be paying her bill as well.....) a day...seems like crazy. I certainly will not do so. I think 50-70 BUCKS a day for 2 persons is a very good deal;-) Certainly in third world countries as Peru(which it actualy still is). I did that before...and will stick to it. I teherfor told her to NOT push the envelope. And she agreed with that,because she noticed I was p.o-ed about her request.

Tell you....there are many decent GOOD and save hotels in peru. I had mine back in 2002 for 12 US $ a night with breakfast(!!read the forum history about the details...if you like)Don't do this shit.....unless you realy have the $$$ to burn. I mean what's next??



12-16-04, 20:05

Been reading a bit of your stuff here....
I can tell you about airfares that Peru is NOT cheap. Brasil and Colombia are far more cheaper then Peru regarding inland tickets.
Back in 2002 they charged me US $ 250 (!) for a two-way ticket from Lima to Cuszco and back to Lima again. At that time I found that to be too expensive. Hotels rates in Cuszco also are NOT cheap. I recall under 30 bucks you could NOT find any private room with a decent shower and toilet.

Anyway...if you travel there by BUS it takes up to 20-24 hours....back then it costed 15 bucks. Right now I wouldn't know.

Did you guys try and BUY a local newspaper...and look for sex ads?????

I mean in 2002 the news appers were FULL of those ads...!!!! Mucho freelancers and ***** houses to be found.
Just need a phone and your best spanish;-)

enjoy.(I know I did!!)


Lima Busy
12-16-04, 20:33
Now that aero/nueva continental is out of business. Lan Peru/chile is pretty much the only game in town for in country travel. With that bieng said, Lans fares are pretty good now. Alot of us will be travelling north for new years and the average ticket with taxes is only $85 each way. Having driven the coastal route many times on the weekends, I can only say I would never get on a bus here. They think nothing of passing on blind curves let alone respecting a double yellow line. On my last trip to Ica and Paracas I saw a half dozen cars run off the road with fatalities and one gas tanker jack-knifed and exploded. Take a plane and arrive alive!

Lima Busy

Don River
12-16-04, 22:44

even if you fly to tumbes, you will have about a 1 1/2 hour taxi ride to mancora.

i don't know where you are from or what your standards are, but mancora is one shithole of a town. a lot of young people go there in january and february to party, but i can tell you that a lot upper middle and upper class peruanos go to florida and the dominican republic. that hotel is very small it's not bad, but you are talking about a lot of money in high season plus another $30.00 per night for air conditioning, tv, and a refrigerator. that's $ 135.00 per night!!! you have to take a taxi everywhere, and they [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) you on their fares!!!!

there were quite a few english chicks in town when i was there in march. they were taking advantage of the sun, relativly cheap prices (to them) and the horny local boys.

check out the dr, you may be able to get a package tour to there for about the same price as a package to mancora.

12-17-04, 01:08

No, I wont be paying $135 per night. Thats for the all inclusive plan for guys with big bucks. I emailed the hotel and the guy offered me plan C or whatever, for $US55 per night for two people. Thats breakfast, a king bed, and air conditioner. Hotel has pool and right on the beach according to him. Irene said she would pay for her own bus fare and half the $55 for the room.

I know nothing about Mancora or Peru other than Lima. For all I know Mancora could be a shithole. I just dont understand why so many peruvians told me how beautiful it is there and how they would love to go. Maybe for them its a cool place. My broad just wants to go there to be alone with me and keep me away from Lima and all the temptations in my opinion. She even offered to pay for half of all our meals and taxis.

I am probably going to say fuck it. I dont want to sit on a bus for 17 hours to arrive in a shitcan. I think the hotel is probably ok, but who knows about the rest of the trip.

On that note, can anyone recommend a decent priced hotel that has a swimming pool and breakfast/small cafateria and bar in Lima? I think I will just stay in Lima and have her come there after my play and hit the beaches south of Lima and maybe stay a few nights there as a consolation to her. I have heard that there are nice hotels south of Lima on the beach that can be a real blast and good action with regular girls. I think one guy posted about here a long time ago.

Lord, all I want is to get my dick sucked. This is getting too complicated. Maybe I will just dump this psycho and hand her off to one of you hard pumpers. jijiji



Don River
12-17-04, 21:24

For a lot of Peruanos that type of a trip is a big deal. When someone makes $300 or $400 dollars per month $55.00 per night is a lot of money. The beaches are beautiful and they are clean compared to the beaches in Lima & environs.

An example:
I thought the Blue Marlin resort was a dump. When we were there, the former Interior minister and his family were there. I would have guessed that they would have opted for somthing else, but there they were.

A lot of preferences are cultural. I would guess that this gal wants to impress her friends that she has a extranero
novio who is taking her to the beach. On the other hand, if she is as good looking as you say, she must like you(or what you do to her!!!) a lot to offer to pay for half of everything.

Lima Busy
12-17-04, 21:46

I think $55 a night is a great price for what you are getting.(girl included). There is alot more to experience in Peru than Lima. I was in Paracas a few weeks ago and spent $90 a night no food/no ac. I had a amazing dune buggy experience and tried my hand at sand boarding.

Make sure you pick up your Whiskey at the airport in Lima. What you will save on drinks in the room will pay for your hotel.

I would not be interested in paying for all-inclusive as you can eat much better and cheaper at a restuarant or on the beach.

If you decide to stay in Lima and go to the beaches south of here I can get you the name and website of a hostal on the ocean with a pool that is reasonbly priced and sure to impress your chica.

Buena suerte,


12-18-04, 19:05
Don River and Mongers,

There's probably something to what you say about her wanting to impress her friends. Problem is, nobody will know as it will be a quick trip as i arrive if she has her way. I suppose she can brag or whatever. Still, the fact that she is so willing with the bucks perplexes me. Who knows?

I dont think I give it to her any special kind of way. As I recall, I simply drove it home with all my might, and maybe that is the well known secret. hahaha

I have decided to say fuck it on this little plan of Irene's. If she wants it then she can come to papi. If not, I wont be lonely, as no respectable monger should be in Lima. There is plenty of backup plans available for the hard cock in Lima of all places, for God's sake. haha

Fuck em' hard. Fuck em' good.


12-19-04, 15:25
Lima Busy,

I would be interested to know about that hostal on the beach you mentioned. Please post the website if you can. Thanks.


Lima Busy
12-19-04, 19:47
This hostal is 30km away from Lima - Punta Hermosa’s Casa Barco, which is my second favorite hotel on the planet (behind the unbeatable Kathmandu Guesthouse). Casa Barco is so close that it makes a great getaway from Lima that you can profit from for a day, weekend or week. Perfectly located for the sunset and both beaches. But it’s hard to leave the excellent cuisine and clever two-tier swimming pool. Take a look at www.casabarco.com

Lima busy

Lima Busy,

I would be interested to know about that hostal on the beach you mentioned. Please post the website if you can. Thanks.


Silver Shadow #2
12-21-04, 05:28
Hi Everyone,

Returning from Lima, as always I’ll try to share a little to our valuable knowledge base. First of all the environment has turned a little wild: Now you can find TV’s at Emmanuel, you will get your surprise once you are in place. Take care of the calling services as they will arrive pas out. The current sport of many of this gangs, is to put a pill in your drink to grab your belongings, the main issue is that there has been many OD's. Please Take Care. The only place that I can recommend is: Suites de Barranco, A1 material you can find your princess here; the problem, ultra expensive. Good luck.

12-22-04, 15:46
Is it possible to hire a girl for a week trip to a coastal area?

Member #4351
12-22-04, 16:56
The "peperas" as they are called are known to put ground up pills in one's drink. Just keep an eye on your glass and you'll be OK. General opinion is that the Suites of Barranco has gone way down hill, and I've never heard of TVs at the Emmanuel...(one of the competitors of the Suites). Is it possible that one of the posters has a vested interest in the Suites?

Member #4351
12-22-04, 16:59

No problem...but why would you want to? Why be stuck with someone you might get sick of after a day or two? All the coastal areas have plenty of action (unless you are thinking about one of the small beach towns), so that you shouldn't have any trouble finding company.

12-23-04, 04:30

No problem...but why would you want to? Why be stuck with someone you might get sick of after a day or two? All the coastal areas have plenty of action (unless you are thinking about one of the small beach towns), so that you shouldn't have any trouble finding company.My spanish skills are extremely limited, and I'm pretty lazy as hustling.

I want to go to Costal Azul to surf and chill.

Any suggestions?

Member #4351
12-24-04, 00:26
I`m PMing you.

Hoof Hunter
12-27-04, 20:53
I've been digging through much of the info here, but still need some help.

I need some basic info on Lima. I will be there mid-Jan for a long wkd. If I like it, I will return over the course of the year. I already have some regular chicas there, but do not want to confine my time to them alone.

My SA experience has been Brasil, Colombia, and Venezuela. My Spanish is decent, as I am able to get by on it traveling alone and not speaking any English throughout my trip.

I will be staying in Miraflores. I've been told that it is a better, more central option than Barranco.

1. Can you recommend any G/F, clean, safe, hot water, A/C hotels in the $25-45 price range? I've seen the reviews on Las Palmas. Is it best to make a reservation online, or just walk up to negotiate?

2. What are the normal prices, ST & TLN? I know how to negotiate, and how to walk away from a 10. Done it before, and was able to artfully work that into future great experiences.

3. Which local beach would you recommend for Sunday hanging and action? I've heard some things about Playa Asia, near 97.5 km. Any info.

4. What are decent afternoon spots to pick-up? We will be going to Largomar (sp?), but need other spots to hit (malls, plazas, bars, restaurants).

5. Any other info on non-pro night spots? I hear that the disco in Largomar (sp?) requires a membership, which can be bought during the day. Are there any other regular nightspots that we can hit before heading to to monger pickup bars, if we still need to?

Let me know if you'll be in town during the weekend of Jan. 14th. I'll like to buy you a few beers as a thank you.

12-28-04, 03:37
I'm going to be in Lima the second week of January and have done some research on this Forum. I notice most of the mongering prices are quoted in USD. Is USD widely used in Lima? Should I change to local currency while in Lima?

Member #4351
12-28-04, 15:06
The dollar is declining in Peru like in most of the world. One only pays in dollars at very expensive (not recommended by me) places. I NEVER pay in dollars. For your hotel, its a different story...use your credit card. But for girls .. pay them in soles. Plenty of money changers in the streets of Miraflores. Don't change money in the banks or hotel. Get someone to help you out if you don't feel comfortable.

Mountain Guy
12-28-04, 17:28
Hey Kiwi & Hoof Hunter,

I'll be in and around Lima January 7-15 if you want to hook up. I've been talking to Nibu about getting together for some group mongering. I did it with some fellow mongers in Thailand and its much more fun than going alone--lots of laughs, teasing, and challenges. Perhaps we can talk David into joining us.

HH--I tried booking a room at Las Palmas via their web site and also via their e-mail address and couldn't get it to work. I called and the senora I talked with spoke English about as well as I speak Espanol, so it will be interesting to see if I have a reservation. Sounds like you know Spanish better than I, so you might give them a call.

Here's a good one for you. Yesterday when I went to my doctor for my final vaccination, she asked if I would be spending time at altitude and explained that there are new studies out that show taking Viagra lessens the chance of altitude sickness. I smiled and said I had better get a prescription just in case. (I'm not planning on using them for altitude sickness). I tried the little pills in Asia (where you can buy them accross the counter) and they do wonders for long sessions.

12-29-04, 02:16

Thanks for your response. I would assume ATMs are plentiful in Miraflores area. Also, I understand very little Spanish, any problems with my mongering activities? Am I limited to picking up at bars/pubs in high-end hotels?

Member #4351
12-29-04, 20:47
No problem. Suggest you read a few months of the forum. There is some great advice, some more or less advice and some I'd rather not give my opinion about...but it will answer most of your questions. If you have any more after doing your homework pm me.