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See information in South American Classifieds - Peru


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Long Stroker
01-04-05, 03:50
Tue, Dec. 28, 2004


Miami Herald

LIMA, Peru - The men walked up and down the cement floor, the shy ones looking furtively, the bold ones casting an appraising eye at the women standing in the open doorways wearing nothing but bras, panties, high heel shoes and a beckoning smile.

Traffic on a recent Saturday night here at one of the two legal bordellos in metropolitan Lima was a fraction of the business 10 to 15 years ago, however, and that may hold an important lesson for authorities trying to move the city's thriving prostitution trade off the streets.

Cesar Gonzalez, mayor of the Lima neighborhood Lince, began calling two months ago for the creation of a "red zone" that would feature legal brothels, sex shops and porn theaters.

But the day after visiting the Trocadero bordello here, Gonzalez has discarded this idea for another.

"I learned that you can't do a red zone, it would fail," Gonzalez said in his office. "There was no one there last night. The men simply visit prostitutes in their neighborhoods. Why travel to a red zone when you've got what you need in your neighborhood?"

So Gonzalez has hit upon another solution that he hopes to sell to the other 41 mayors in Lima: Create legal brothels throughout the city in hotel-like buildings. The first floor would feature strip clubs where men could choose women who caught their fancy and then transact their business in upstairs rooms.

Gonzalez heard about the idea from a group of Spanish lawmakers from Catalonia and saw it in action firsthand in Barcelona.

"I'd like to convert some of the regular hotels into sex hotels with municipal licenses," he said. "Hotels would give greater security and stronger medical controls."

Asked why he has adopted the issue as a personal crusade, Gonzalez pointed to an oil painting in his office. "He's responsible," he said, pointing to a likeness of his grandfather, Juan Gonzalez.

As way of explanation, he handed a slim book with a green cover to a visitor: It was Juan Gonzalez's 1918 doctoral dissertation. The subject: Regulating Prostitution in Lima.

"The interest is genetic," Gonzalez said with a laugh.

But Gonzalez has a more practical reason for wanting to crack down on street prostitution: He has received about 3,000 signed requests that he address the problem in Lince, which has a population of 75,000.

Gonzalez is hardly alone. Just about every neighborhood mayor in this metropolis is facing similar complaints.

Lucio Campos, the mayor of another neighborhood, San Martin de Porres, has even offered a large undeveloped tract as a potential site for a red zone. He, Gonzalez and a third neighborhood mayor have formed a task force to study the proposal and report back to their colleagues.

Juan Gonzalez's doctoral dissertation reported that Lima had 4,000 prostitutes in 1918, at a time when the city's population was 150,000.

Today, Lima has 20,000 prostitutes - 30 percent of them are transvestites - among its 8 million inhabitants.

Many residents in lower income neighborhoods complain that they have to walk among the prostitutes and their would-be clients while shopping or on their way home from work.

For a time, Gonzalez had his police officers arrest the prostitutes in Lince and deposit them miles away on the beach. The women had to climb a steep dirt hill to get within hailing distance of a passing bus or taxi.

Their attorneys raised such a fuss that Gonzalez stopped. Now he has a special police unit called the "Panther Command" that swoops down on suspected *****houses. He said he discovered the locations by looking at classified sex ads in Lima's El Comercio newspaper until the prostitutes wised up to him and stopped advertising their addresses. The Panther Command now relies on tips.

The idea of creating sex hotels throughout Lima gets a favorable reaction from the madam of the Little Boat bordello, which adjoins Trocadero and a third brothel, Wild, in a windowless two-story building in Lima's port city, Callao.

"The `johns' like to stop by after work," she said in the Little Boat's lounge as men on the prowl walked by. "They are tired, they want to be distracted. They don't want sex immediately. They want to sit down, have a drink, watch a bit of TV and then look for a girl."

The madam said street walkers turn tricks for as low as six soles, or about $1.80, which has undercut the three red zone bordellos. To enter any of them, customers buy a ticket for 13 soles. To spend 15 minutes with one of the prostitutes costs an additional 20 soles.

Yackelyn Macedo was one of the prostitutes at Trocadero advertising herself in one of the doorways, a red light overhead. "Yaky," read the girlish hand-written sign on the door.

She said the advantage of the red zone is that prostitutes have work cards from the government Health Ministry and are tested once a month for venereal disease and every six months for the HIV virus. "It's much safer for the johns," Macedo said as she sprawled on her thin mattress, a mirror propped against the wall, toiletries and condoms in a small dresser at the head of the bed. Use of the room costs her 20 soles a day. The price includes an adjoining toilet and shower without a plastic curtain.

Macedo, a 24-year-old mother of two, has spent the last four months working as a prostitute at Trocadero. She took the job for the added income, 2,000 soles per month (about $615) versus the 800 soles (or $245) that she earned as a secretary.

Macedo liked Gonzalez's proposal to create sex hotels.

"It would create more opportunities for safe work," she said.

Member #4351
01-05-05, 00:57
Good idea, but I can't see it happening. By the way, I'd say that 20,000 is on the low side.

01-06-05, 23:41
Will be heading to Lima next week, bit of a worry if that article is correct and 30% of the women are TV´s - have to drink less. Any updates on the hottest clubs in town?

Hoof Hunter
01-07-05, 18:00
I'll PM you guys with more info. Sorry haven't gotten back to you sooner, but had a very busy week. I did have time to peruse thru some of the older reports from 2002-2003. In fact, somebody posted a pretty comprehensive list of places with timeframes, plus websites. Very helpful as it had addresses and phone numbers.

I'm booked in the Hotel Maria Luisa for next weekend. Anyone know the difference in Maria Luisa between a junior suite and a senior suite, besides the price? Website was unclear. Made reservation over the phone, but not sure if I understood the chica correctly. She only said that the senior suites were apartment-styled and had bigger televisions. Junior suites appeared to be apartment-styled as well. $10 for a larger TV? Someone help me.

I'm down to check out the spots in Callao. Been warned about the area, but what's life without risks. Trocadero, etc. I'll be travelling with two other dudes, plus I have some regular local contacts there. Let me know if you'll be around next weekend. We plan to monger in between our tourist crap and dating regular chicas.

Have some quick questions.

1. Is normal cabfare from airport still in the 15 soles range?
2. What's the best place to hit for semi-pros on a late Thursday night, approx. 12:00 a.m.?
3. Where can I find the best quality/value for morning massages in Miraflores? Want to wake-up, have a quick session with last nite's chica, then hit a MP or something for a real massage with the option of full service.
4. What's the best spot to hit on Friday nights for good music with many regular chicas with semi-pros & pros mixed in?
5. How far is Larcomar from Maria Luisa/Parque Central area? Can we walk?
6. How safe is Barrio San Martin de Porres? Where is it? Around Av. Peru - 37 block?

Anyone else around during next weekend, let's hook up for drinks and hunting.

Lima Busy
01-07-05, 19:25
Hoof Hunter,

Have some quick questions.

1. Is normal cabfare from airport still in the 15 soles range?

2. What's the best place to hit for semi-pros on a late Thursday night, approx. 12:00 a.m.?

3. Where can I find the best quality/value for morning massages in Miraflores? Want to wake-up, have a quick session with last nite's chica, then hit a MP or something for a real massage with the option of full service.

4. What's the best spot to hit on Friday nights for good music with many regular chicas with semi-pros & pros mixed in?

5. How far is Larcomar from Maria Luisa/Parque Central area? Can we walk?

Anyone else around during next weekend, let's hook up for drinks and hunting.[/QUOTE]1. Normal cabfare to Miraflores from the airport is more like 11-25 soles.

2. Probably your best bet on thursday night will be the "Old PuB" on Calle de pizzas. If there is no action in the pub itself you are right in the heart of things.

3.Probably the MP Bruce, Most places that offer full service, the massage will suck.

4. Normally the three do not mix together. Probably better off Starting off at Cafe Zuka in larco Mar or Phuket on San Martin/larco. If you can't get a regular girl move on to la Noche in Barranco after 12.Still no luck you should be able to get a semi-pro on Calle Pizza.If all else fails the girls from Suites de Barranco usually hit Tequilas about 6 am.

5. Larco mar is a 3 soles cab ride or 10 minute walk to larco mar.

Happy Hunting,

Lima Busy

01-08-05, 04:15
Hey fellas,

I will be arriving in Lima the night of January 21 for three, possibly four weeks. Who will be around at that time?

David, how about a trip to the Trocadero? Would you mind pm'ing me your cell number? I need to see that place at least once in my life after reading about it for so long. If you dont want to go, and I went alone, I would assume it would be better to go during the day?

I ditched that broad Irene, TMW....too much work. Some other swinging dick can bang her up in Cuzco. If I can get her to tell me the name of the supposed cafe she will be working in I will let you all know so you can try and get some. Then I can finally find out if she is real or not if nothing else. Let me know how I taste. hahaha

Keep it hangin'


01-08-05, 12:24
I setting some non-pros, but will have to monger for a bit. I speak basic spanish and have travel/monger to COL, but not Peru. We can hook up for drinks and mongering.

David33, i see my bud hoof is partying next weekend w/ you. If you're not to worn out partying the afterwar, i like to buy you a beer to get the low down.

Mountain Guy
01-08-05, 19:47
Hey Nibs,

Thanks much for the tour last night. I went to sleep dreaming about that hottie from Casanova. I think I have to have her. The $16 chica was fun though.

My hotel (Las Palmas) was really noisy. I used ear plugs and still was kept awake. I´m going to cruise aroung the City, get a massage and hj, then sleep all afternoon. See you tonight.

Member #4351
01-10-05, 18:20
I'll be around. PM me. As far as the noise in Las Palmas goes,,,if you've got some extra $$, a monger was just down here...didn't like Las Palmas and found a new hotel a few blocks away called the Hotel Colòn. I picked him up there and was impressed. New and modern...even a little pool. He got it including breakfast for $50 a day. Fast internet for guests also.

Screwed Up
01-12-05, 02:42
I arrived last night at 1AM. I did't really keep contact with many chicks since my last time in Lima. This is my fourth time and my last time was 11 months ago.

So me and my buddy went to Tequila to get drunk and maybe pick up some hoes. Getting drunk was our main goal though.

How funny it is that I met one of my free girls Susana:

Oh yes, it's like 3 months ago since she last went to Tequila (yeah, right). She was there with her sister (who is an even hotter bombshell and a known Peruvian model). I'll have pictures of her sister prolly tomorrow.

So I went with Susana to the hostal she lives in. I did have to pay for an extra room as she didn't want to be fucked with her sister sleeping in the bed next to us. So I paid 35 soles for the room and banged Susana in the little garden that room has in the sun at 6AM. Life is good.

My buddy picked up her friend.

All sex was free.

You'll recognize these girls because they are prolly the ones using this introductory phrase: No soy puta, mis amigas no son putas, pero si puedes hablamos.

Susana isn't such a good fuck, btw and she doesn't give head. But as she's so tiny I can throw her around any which way I want.

Went to Comas today to visit the parents of my ex-novia back in Belgium and drop my dirty laundery. I don't life in Belgium anymore and I'm moving around now. Using hotels for dirty laundery is expensive.

On the way back went to Scarlet in Los Olivos (strip club and *****house) at 4PM.
2 hot chicks in the place. Wanted to do a threesome, but went for Angela instead. 18yo and from the Selva. Has only been working for a week and it kinda shows. CBJ and was about to come on her chest. Couldn't finish up so I fucked her again untill I came.
120 soles/h. She was ok. I did whatever I wanted pullling hair, slapping ass, positions, but wouldn't repeat again as her rithm kinda sucks.

I'll have more stories tomorrow.

01-12-05, 07:46
I was chatting online w/ this hottie(part time model) fr lima, i met her thru the internet. We only exchange couple of email before the chat. She already emailed me her phone number to call her when i'm in town. So we are chatting not flirting or anything, she asked when i'm coming into town, where i'm staying, etc., What i've found odd was couple of things, about couple of minutes into our chat the following happens:

a) AFTER i told her i will be in town the weekend of 1/21, SHE ASKED,"have you bought your ticket yet?" I thought that was odd BECAUSE, i told her i was GOING, NOT just planning to be in town, of course i have my ticket, actually i got tons of FF miles. Was this a BS filter questions, to filter out guys that just talk?

b) She asked what my flight number is, because she offer to PICK ME UP at the airport! Now I thought that was REAL strange because we barely know each other. I politely decline telling her my flight gets in past midnight.

c) As we chat some more, i tell her i also was meeting some gringo buddies in lima. I always tell chicas i have friends in town so i have ready excuse to "hang w/ the boys" ie, mongering. She tend offers to introduce her friend to MY FRIENDS! I said, thank you i'll ask. BTW, David/milkster if any of you guys want to me to set this up, i can setup for friday night 1/21!

d) After the chat, i read her email that sent Prior to us chatting, she wrote,"hospedarte significa alojar y te brindo mi casa y mi
amistad espero verte muy pronto llamame" the translation program spits out, i offer my house and friendship to you, etc.,.

So are peruvian chicas really friendly and nice or i got pyscho on my hand? And i'll be kidnapped and abused by a peruvian hottie! LOL..

I notice just fr the response i get from the interneting dating sites, the peruvians chicas seem friendly and much quicker to offer phone number and tourguide service than even the colombian chicas. I keep reading about how Peruvian chicas are more friendly and easier than Colombians, surely this can't be true?

Screwed Up
01-12-05, 18:47
I don't know about Colombian chicks, but I do know about Peruvians.

And yes, that sounds pretty normal for Peruvian girls that is.

She is prolly trying to get grip on you so you won't be fucking around to much once you notice how easy it is.

Another thing now, all these girls were boned for free, but we suspect them to be hoes anyway. Anyone did these? Just curious.




Member #4351
01-12-05, 18:56
Up until the house offer, its all normal. The Peruvian girls are really friendly and since there is a lack of gringos around, would like to meet someone for a possible long term relationship. I have often had offers to meet me at the airport. The deal is that they probably want to get you under control right off the bat so that you don't start hanging with the competition. As far as if everything is on the up and up, I'll be happy to get together with you Fri. to check things out. Don't let her know that I live here...make her think that I'm a tourist also. If you want..PM me.

01-12-05, 19:14

I just arrived in Lima, would be interested in hooking up for a beer and some chicas.

I'm staying in Miraflores.


01-13-05, 08:00
Hola Dudes,

There’s not much difference between the Junior and Senior Suite. The Senior Suite has a larger seating area. I opted to stay with the Junior Suite. I didn’t feel it was worth it to upgrade for the price difference. Don’t forget to pick up a couple of free passes to Tequila located in the lobby area.

I paid 12 soles for a ride to Miraflore from the airport. Nibs really worked it. 15 should do the trick. Keep in mind, you have to walk thru the parking lot and flag a cab from the street which borders the airport. This is a mild pain in the ass especially if you’re toting a large suitcase and carry-on. The cabbies just outside the terminal will charge around 15us.

I agree with Lima Busy in that non-pros and pros usually don’t mingle together. It’s usually one or the other. The Break and Club Tropical are good clubs to checkout the local scene. The night I went to the Break, a really good salsa band was performing. Got hammered! Fairly young crowd though.

I went to a place located next to Tequila. I received a massage with release for 40 soles (check prior posts for exact price and location.) However, FS was not available with this chica. Another massage parlor I went to was on Aviacion 2040. It’s about a 10 minute cab ride from Miraflores. Price was the same for massage and HJ. They opened at 10:00am and I believe FS was available. Have a pic of the of chica attached to a prior post (2003).

Check with Nibs on this one. I nailed a virgin (no joke) who lived in San Martin. She took me there one night to meet her family. Looked pretty fucking dangerous to me. The red flag being a lot of dirt and broken cement around the road and housing areas. I don’t know what it is about Lima, but that seems to be the general theme. If you see lots of dirt and rubble around the road, you’re probably in a dangerous locale.

Should be in Lima for the first part of February. Anyone in town shoot me a pm.



Hoof Hunter
01-13-05, 16:52
I'll be in Lima tonight. May be hooking up with Nibu et al tonight, and will call David tomorrow. If you're around, PM me to join forces in our hunt!!!

I'll report back when I return.


The taxi info is really a backup, as I'm supposed to have someone meeting me at the airport.

Great info on the hotel. I'll check the rooms first before I downgrade to a junior. If seating place is the only major diff, the junior suite will work out well. I'll post my experience there as well for future travellers.

I'll check your reports for the massage info.

I have to go to San Martin de Porres to meet some friends, actually a buddy's grandmother. Just passing by to say hello.

Thanks for the feedback all!!!!

02-01-05, 10:41
Hi Screwed Up!!

Off Course!! I had the pleasure to know (and taste) Zoby. look the photos I post in the photo section!

Be quiet with this girl! (advise for future users), shes a professinal tourist oriented hooker. She lived alone in Miraflores (lima,s most expensive quarter) with the money of her "victims". She dont work on local market, except in some local disco fiesta. She's specialised in contact foreigner people to be as a guide and a lover.
I contacted her in a curious way. I saw her profile in cybercupido.com, a web with thousands of latin chicas looking for a westerners. Her profile is:


In this profile he demands a "long term relationship"!! :)
I wrote her....very cool and polite, but the strange thing was that she told me that she had economic problems and wanted a "little help" of 300 Dolars!! After saw that she lived in Miraflores i obviously imagined that she was a tourist hooker. I sais her that I "help" her when I arrive to Lima.

My "help" wasnt this amount of money, of course. Only some free meals, drinks, fiesta , and a regard for taste her warm pussy.

So, its a nice girl, exotic cholita beauty, but be quiet with her demands.

Well, answering Caslung ...... Of course, peruvian girls are very friendly, and its normal that they offers you as a guide, her house, know their parents, etc.. In Lima there are few single tourists and thousands of young beauties looking for her westerner or american dream. But at the same time is a local tradition for the foreigners...so be quiet!! Not always this invitation is a free way to her pussy!!

02-01-05, 10:47

I forget that if you want to see a cybercupido,s profile you have to be registered!!
But no problem....its free and secure, and the best way to contact with semi pros or non pros. When I go to Lima I always arrive with a pack of young limeñas contacts from this web!!

Hoof Hunter
02-05-05, 08:47
David_33,Nibu, Mountain_Guy, et al!!! Thanks for the info.

I never got a chance to meet up with you guys, but your information on this board was extremely valuable. I had a great trip and will provide a quick mini-report, forgive me, but can't remember names.

For now I will say that I hit the following spots (mongering/non-mongering):


Pizza Alley (several places) - Rustica was good cheap food, and prime spot for chica checking as it's located right in front

Larco Mar - only during the day; thx Dave for the hint about nightlife there; cool mini outdoor shopping mall on a cliff overlooking the Pacific; some of the chicas working there were cute, start convos, they were interested, just never followed up

Casa Vieja - regular local disco; fits about 1500 people; 30 soles for all u can drink; mixed crowd of teenagers (18+) and late 20-somethings; decent non-pro action available; doubt if you'll score that night, but YMMV

Barranco (several places) - hit a cool local bar/disco in front of the park near "the bouvelard"; had regualr chicas with us; they enjoyed it and so did we; very few tourists; plenty of dancing and pisco sours flowing

Pub Cubana (Miraflores) - cool date place; subdued version of a Miami club/lounge; not large, but has bar dancers; fun atmosphere; non-pros available there

Tropicana Casino - took dates there to sing karaoke, was actually fun

Cybercupido (internet site) - had several chicas on call when I arrived; however, only contacted one; boned her within 1 hour of meeting her, and she came back the next day for more; cost: nothing, except a couple of drinks later that night.


La Cucardas - best place I had the chance to get to; reminds me of a La Piscina/Atunes of Bogota fame; comfortable environment; many more quality chicas available than Troc; comfortable environment; yes, they clockwatch, but 40 soles for 30 mins? no big deal; had a bar area for you to ease into the scene - drinks up to approx. 15 soles; basically two hallways with rooms on each side; about maybe 30 chicas; met some from Cali, Ecuador, Maracaibo, etc.; really sweet chicas; my experience was great with the Ecuadorian; my buddy had a blast with the chica from Maracaibo and another spinner; my buddy's experience with the Calena wasn't very good, she was new; would definitely recommend; went on a Sun & Mon.; on Sun. there was a feautured performer named Pamela, blonde, stacked, had an attitude, and also a line of dudes waiting on her

Trocadero - Please heed David_33's advice; not for the faint of heart, and I'm from the Brooklyn, NYC slums in their heyday; the place is like an old prison-like building, what you'd remember from Alcatraz; only 5 decent chicas doable out of about 60 that we saw on a Monday, but the atmosphere alone was enough to scare off an erection; didn't even ask for prices; and please have your taxi wait for you

Tequila Rocks - left here every night around 7:30 a.m.!!! - hardcore chicas working there, but some decent ones; everyone quoted $100USD upfront, then backed down; pulled a couple out for $40USD for 2 hours, they always stayed later and provided a parting morning shot; one chica was being paid $150USD a night by some young American dude; flirted with her the 1st 2 nites; got her on my last night for $60 plus 20 soles taxi tip; sorry dudes, but I had to have her; she stayed til 12 p.m.; will be repeating, for dinner and drinks!!!! By the way, the free passes only work Mon-Thurs. nites.

Hotel Los Andes???? - got there at 4 on a Fri. morning; chicas presented were less than desirable; quoted $70USD for an hour or something; passed

Emmanuelle - taxi took us there, probably thought he was getting a commission; doorman told us 50 soles to enter; looked dead; passed on it

Paid 40 soles from the airport; 30 soles going back using a car service; I know could've been cheaper, but flight was 4 hours late, arriving at 3 in the morning; I just wanted some action; damn the haggling at the airport

Mountain Guy
02-10-05, 01:36
I've been trying to give a report on my trip ever since I returned, but haven't been able to get into the site long enough for a post.

Las Palmas has been mentioned here frequently as a monger favorite, so I booked there. They are installing an elevator and it is a huge construction zone with dust and very loud noise starting at 8 a.m. every day. This was a big problem, as Nibs kept me out to 7 a.m. one night and 6 a.m. the other. I couldn't sleep even with ear plugs in. Mongers should avoid this hotel until the construction is over, and at the pace they were making, it could be months at least.

Also, the phone didn't work in my room, which I didn't discover until Nibs and I missed our meeting one night. He stopped by several times and they kept ringing my room, but of course it didn't work.

Nibs took me by Maria Luisa Hotel a couple times to try to hook up with Hoof Hunter and it looks like a much nicer place to stay and very quiet too.

Mountain Guy
02-10-05, 01:44
After missing my hook up with Nibs, I went to the outside beer place next to Las Palmas on the corner of Pizza Alley. A couple young and pretty chicas who said they were sisters stopped to talk to me and asked me if they could join me "to practice their english". One said she did massages and was teaching her sister, who looked nothing at all like her. Bought them a couple drinks and they asked if I wanted a free massage. Went back to Las Palmas and they told me to undress and get on the bed. When I raised my head up, one pushed it back down, but I noticed the other one one near my clothes. I got up in time to catch her taking the cash out of my jeans and threw them out. Luckily, my cameras, passport, and credit cards were locked in my luggage so nothing was missing.

Ok, I'm a little naive and should have know better. Watch out.

Mountain Guy
02-10-05, 02:06
I was really impressed with all the mongering opportunities in Peru. Nibs and one of his Peruvian buddies surprised me at the hotel just after I checked in and took me on a whirlwind, all night tour my first night. We must have gone to 30 different places all over Lima. I was primed and ready for action with the first few chicas I met. Highlights were Cassanova, where Jenny was all over me while the dancing chicas were stuffing lit candles in all their holes. Also got CBJ and the main event at Luna Rota (is this the place, Nibs?) for 50. She was about a 6, but very friendly and eager to please.

Went to the turkish bath at Hotel Bruce the next day and was pleased with the selection and service. This was more of a pornstar performance and 300 for everything. If you want no hassle reliable service in the afternoon, although a bit expensive, this is a good choice.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jenny from Cassanova and took her the night I returned from Cusco. Performance wasn't great, but she was a 10--young, petite, perfect body. Very affectionate and great GFE. Was 300 for the works and she stayed 2 hours.

On my last night, Nibs took me on another lengthy tour of these places upstairs in buildings with no signs that you would never know exist. Liked almost everything I saw. Finally ended up at ?? & Relax and was in bad need of release. Took the first one I met, a 19 year old spinner. She didn't know any english so I asked Nibs to tell her I knew a language we could both understand. Paid 180 for massage and full service, including BBBJ. Performance was stellar, enthusiastic BJ, very tight.

Left and was worried about making my flight, but Nibs said "Hey, you got laid. It was worth it".

I overpaid for a couple of my rounds and had some really cheap ones like the 20 service at La Curva in Cusco. It all averaged out and I only get to do this once or twice a year so I didn't care.

Lima won't be the same without Nibs there to conduct the exhausting field research and testing.

02-11-05, 07:50
just wanted to see if I could actually post a message of words without some sorta problems.



02-11-05, 07:56
I can't believe the site is somewhat working. Hope everyone is still around. Was in Lima Last week. Stayed at the Maria Luisa. Everything was great at the hotel (85 soles per night for junior suite) except for one thing.

Be prepared not to get any sleep after 8:00am unless you passed out from the night before. They are building a new hotel or office close to the hotel. As usual, someone with a pick and hammer work at a slow methodical pace all day. And for some reason car alarms go off almost nonstop throughout the day as well. Fucking annoying as hell, but that's the price you pay when you go out all night.

02-11-05, 08:03
I'm breaking up this post because I don't trust the site yet. I tried to post last week but went to submit and the site went down again.

The little massage parlor next to Tequila Rock on Diez Canseco has moved to the fourth floor #403. Shit, I already forgot the price, but I think its 35 soles for 1/2 hour massage with HJ release. Couple of cute girls. Opened from 10-10 its a great way to start out the day.

Peppers on Rivera Navarrete in St.Isidro is a no go. Granted, I went there on a Sunday and Monday but there was not one doable girl at the club. Checkout on Friday or Saturday night you might find something doable. No entrance and beers went up to 15 soles.



02-11-05, 08:20
ran into a couple of chicas from the past at tequila last week. both girls i posted photos of in the gallery section a few weeks back (lifesaver socks). had good sessions with both chicas.

screwed 2 other chicas from tequila for 150 soles each, and get this, they were both lactating. it was wild! this girl is riding me and as she pumps on my pepee she spraying my chest with her leche. luckily, i was hammered as i do not consider this a turn on. nice little body on this girl will post later.

the next chica i nailed a few days later was lactating as well but not as bad as the first. this girl was cool and was loving the hard bang. she loved looking in the mirror as i pumping her at a fever pitch. i will post the names of these girls once i find there numbers.

unfortunately, i got really sick about 2 days into my trip which severly hampered my mongering activities. will have some more post this weekend. might be traveling back to lima or ba the last week february. anyone making plans send me a pm.

shit, i forgot to mention. the tequila on la marina is happening on thursdays night. the girls there are not pro's rather ruka's (girl who like to drink and party and sometimes fuck). there was a few cute girls and worth checking out for a couple of hours.



02-12-05, 21:38
was banging away and keeping me awake last week. I was in Lima last week and stayed at Maria Luisa also. They moved me from the Junior suite to a regular room $50 Sols. Damn car alarm!! I went by Tequila Rock in La Marina, but locals kept telling me that is was semi dangerous.

David, never got a chance to hook up with the cypercupido chick, masseil. So she's in the Ms. Peru contest? Damnn, wished i knew that earlier i would have tried harder to hook up with her. BTW, if u r s on cypercupidos or match, i can tell you her profile number if you want to give it a go.

02-13-05, 04:51
For one thing, will everyone please tell us what currency they are speaking in? Just saying 100 or 5 million doesn't really say anything. This is pretty elementary stuff.
The other thing, and I apologize for a fairly routine question, is: can I find on the board (which is hard to get to these days) or can someone post, a list of 3 or 4 hotels in Miraflores, close to the action, that are guest friendly (no surcharge!) and between 40 and 50 U.S.? I will really appreciate it, specially if telephone numbers / email are provided.


02-13-05, 05:05

It's not dangerous in the La Marina area. There's always a lot of people milling around with the touts and cabbies hanging around the clubs. The street is always busy. I was staying in room 603. I did have a few screamers, and one girl was riding me like a horse yelling wohoo and giddee up! Peruvian chicas make for great GFE's.

I'm finally over the flu, and I'm gearing up for another week in Lima. I will be in town the last week in February for a week. I know I'm not suppose to do this, but here's my email for those who want to hook up judd2120@yahoo.com. I apologize for posting my email address Jackson, but this site is so unstable, I'm afraid I will get PM's from dudes and not be able to reply.



Mountain Guy
02-14-05, 20:28
In my posts, all prices quoted were soles.

Maria Luisa Hotel, 241-7888, www.hotel-marialuisa.com
Hotel Las Palmas (not recommended by me) 444-6033, www.hotellaspalmas.com

Checked out a couple newer looking hotels that were $35 to $50 US, but they had an extra charge for "guests". Previous posts mention some others.

For one thing, will everyone please tell us what currency they are speaking in? Just saying 100 or 5 million doesn't really say anything. This is pretty elementary stuff.

The other thing, and I apologize for a fairly routine question, is: can I find on the board (which is hard to get to these days) or can someone post, a list of 3 or 4 hotels in Miraflores, close to the action, that are guest friendly (no surcharge!) and between 40 and 50 U.S.? I will really appreciate it, specially if telephone numbers / email are provided.


Hoof Hunter
02-16-05, 18:37
Junior Suites cost apprx. $28USD - 85 soles
Senior Suites cost apprx. $33USD - 120 soles
Jacuzzi Suites cost apprx. $43USD - 140 soles

No guest fees.

Any rooms smaller than those, you may get some flack for bringing back guests.

For instance, in a triple room, they don't allow guests (chicas) up unless there is only one person (renter) in the room. I experienced that last time down. I guess they want to limit gang-bangs occurring in their rooms.

02-18-05, 00:36

I see that alot of you use the cybercupido website before going to Lima. I used it also and met a girl named "Gray" from there during my last trip. I was wondering if anyone has met this girl before while in Lima. You dont need give me any details if you have, I just dont want to make a mistake if she is not all she appears to be. If you know her, have banged her, etc., let your brother monger know so I dont fuck up.

As I said she goes by the name "Gray." Her real first name is Erica. She is 23, around 5-5, 115, dark skin, long, brown curly hair, navel piercing and one of those semi wide tattoos above her ass, its green. She was on cybercupido before we met, then eliminated her profile while I was in Lima. She comes from a good family, father ex-cop, mom works doing something. The three of them live alone in a nice apartment. She has a sister in italy, I think.

Let me know if anyone knows her and details would be appreciated if so. We can exchange notes and see what the deal is.

Sorry I didnt get hold of anyone on this trip. Continental lost one of my bags with all my numbers in it and it really fucked me up alot. I was stupid to not carry them with me. They finally found my bag, after I had come back home. I had done alot of work getting chicas numbers and had to go from scratch when I arrived other then Gray, who met me at the airport. I still had a good time, but wished I had all my numbers. I tried to access this site several times to let people know where I was, but everytime I would go to the internet, which was not often, it was down or busy.

I will write more about the trip later. Will probably be going back soon. I am addicted to Lima. Just too damn easy there even when starting with nothing but walking down the street or entering a bar or restaurant. Got a professional model on this one, no charge. Just lucky. Got laid for free out of Tequila twice. Lucky again. Other one for $40 all night as usual. Two out of the English Pub, freebies. One in the Irish pub, cost me drinks.

More later.



02-18-05, 00:38

I see that alot of you use the cybercupido website before going to Lima. I used it also and met a girl named "Gray" from there during my last trip. I was wondering if anyone has met this girl before while in Lima. You dont need give me any details if you have, I just dont want to make a mistake if she is not all she appears to be. If you know her, have banged her, etc., let your brother monger know so I dont fuck up.

As I said she goes by the name "Gray." Her real first name is Erica. She is 23, around 5-5, 115, dark skin, long, brown curly hair, navel piercing and one of those semi wide tattoos above her ass, its green. She was on cybercupido before we met, then eliminated her profile while I was in Lima. She comes from a good family, father ex-cop, mom works doing something. The three of them live alone in a nice apartment. She has a sister in italy, I think.

Let me know if anyone knows her and details would be appreciated if so. We can exchange notes and see what the deal is.

Sorry I didnt get hold of anyone on this trip. Continental lost one of my bags with all my numbers in it and it really fucked me up alot. I was stupid to not carry them with me. They finally found my bag, after I had come back home. I had done alot of work getting chicas numbers and had to go from scratch when I arrived other then Gray, who met me at the airport. I still had a good time, but wished I had all my numbers. I tried to access this site several times to let people know where I was, but everytime I would go to the internet, which was not often, it was down or busy.

I will write more about the trip later. Will probably be going back soon. I am addicted to Lima. Just too damn easy there even when starting with nothing but walking down the street or entering a bar or restaurant. Got a professional model on this one, no charge. Just lucky. Got laid for free out of Tequila twice. Lucky again. Other one for $40 all night as usual. Two out of the English Pub, freebies. One in the Irish pub, cost me drinks.

More later.



02-19-05, 05:45
Thanks for your postings guys - Hoof Hunter and Mt Guy. From what I see there is only one hotel recommended Maria Luisa. The Las Palmas is not, I assume because of the noise that was mentioned some time back.

Are there not one or two other hotels I can count on? It will be nice to have the names/numbers of some others in case of problems with Maria Luisa. Again, in a reasonable price range.

Mountain Guy
02-21-05, 21:33

As I mentioned in my posts, I checked out a few after I got pissed at Las Palmas, but they charged extra for guests. I recommend booking one night at Maria Luisa and walk around to the dozens of others nearby and find one you like. Be sure to ask if they allow guests. If you could get a room on the back side of Las Palmas far away from the elevator construction, it might also be tolerable for an evening. It is conveniently located and allows guests (be sure to check out the porn on channel 80).

02-26-05, 16:22
I went to Las Vegas and saw a chica named Betsy. Small 5 feet dark skin with a tatoo on her belly and some great tits. She had a piercing on her chin. She was a great fuck. I went back to see her again and she is gone. Has anyone seen her or know where she is. The best bj I have had in a long time I guess that's why I want to see her again.

02-27-05, 16:47
Screwed Up,

I got your email and responded but with the system acting up not sure if you received it. You were asking for a photo of Gray so you could discreetly check her out. My response is if I send you a photo and you dont know her, how are you going to check her out? Do you know all of the girls from that website or something? If you do, then why do you need the photos? How do you discreetly check out someone you dont know, if in fact you dont know her? My description was rather detailed, either you do or dont. Which is it?


I see you have been in Colombia for quite awhile. In general, are the colombian babes alot hotter than Peruvians? Did you make it to Cali?



Member #4351
02-28-05, 02:01

I was there for just a few days on my way back from the Colombian and Brazilian Amazon regions. I had an excellent impression of the Colombian girls and have decided that my March SEA trip will be the last for awhile, I want to concentrate on Latin America...at least I speak the language. So I am planning to spend some time in Colombia in a few months. I probably haven't helped you out too much, I think that both the Peruvian girls and Colombian's are a lot alike but I strong recommend you check Colombia if you can. Only trouble is that thanks to the U.S. govt's handling of things, the dollar has dropped a ton vs. the Colombian currency.

02-28-05, 18:36
I'm new to Lima. I looked through the thread and it appear Tequilla is the place to hang out. I'm staying at Marriott, Miraflores. How do I get to Tequilla from Marriott? If it is within the walking distance, is it safe to walk there at night? I'll only be here for 2 days so any help or advice from you Lima senior mongers is much appreciated.

Member #4351
03-01-05, 14:54
If you've read the forum well you will have noted that i(IMHO) it`s the place to hang out for suckers who want to pay too much. But since you're spending hundreds per night in the Marriott, you probably won't notice another $80 or so. You're about 8 short blocks away. Just walk up Larco, (you can't walk down or you'll end up in the ocean), and hang a left on Diez Canseco. The address is Diez Canseco 146 and the phone numbers are: 444-3661 and 426-6697.

Member #4351
03-01-05, 14:59
It's safe to walk there, but if you're worried about it, or don't like walking, take a cab (not a hotel car) from the street. Don't pay more than S./ 3.00 each way. That's 3 SOLES not dollars. Settle the price before getting in the cab.

Member #4351
03-02-05, 21:10
A girl I passed some time with confessed that her greatest fantasy was to have relations with another girl...a girl who was somewhat dominant. Another girl I knew had told me that her fantasy was to have relations with a submissive girl. One's birthday is today and the other`s birthday is tomorrow, so as a kind of dual present...I introduced them to each other a few hours ago. Neither had been with a girl before. I got my hands on a large strap-on and other vibrator and left them with the toys. They wanted to be alone (embarrassed I suppose), so I stayed in the connecting room (with a good view). After they got into it, I snuck up on the dominant girl who was screwing the other with the strap-on and stuck my dick into her while she was doing the friend. She was dripping wet. Anyway...here are some photos:

Long Stroker
03-05-05, 06:13
One girl with domination fantasies, one with submission fantasies, with birthdays one day apart? How fucking perfect is that?

Great photos, David! Thanks for sharing.

Screwed Up
03-06-05, 07:22

I ment that I could ask one of my "girlfriends" if they know the girl.

The more I go back to Lima the more I realize everybody seems to know everybody and some people know who I am without ever even meeting me.

Not sure if that´s good or bad.

Anyhow, I believe that any girl on a dating site that looks attractive isn´t as innocent as you think. If you find her hot, there are tons of other gringo´s who find her hot as well. You don´t think they contact her too and she´s playing the same game on them?

Anyway I won´t be back in Lima untill May-Juin. I´m in Panama now. Leaving to Colombia tomorrow.

If you´re young and/or good-looking and/or have a little game (=speak Spanish) you should be able to get laid for free in Tequila or at least not pay more than $40 for an all nighter. I was stunned about the amount of pro´s hitting me up for free on my last trip. Maybe they´ve realized they can sucker more money out of a gringo boyfriend if they fuck him for free first, hoping that he will fall in love with them. I don´t know, don´t care.

Member #4351
03-07-05, 02:38
"I was stunned about the amount of pro´s hitting me up for free on my last trip." That was after they saw your tongue.

Siam Beach
03-07-05, 13:00
My first post. I'll be flying in to Lima in April and am going straight to San Bartolo. Does anyone know any inexpensive places for pro action in San Bartolo?
My usual area of entertainment is Thailand but TACA offered a $400 flight to Lima from ORD. Couldn't resist.


Siam Beach

Lima Busy
03-07-05, 20:41
Siam Beach,

I do not know of any pro action in San Bartolo. Probably the best spot for picking up the non pro's would be the "Home" disco on weekends. Good luck as most girls are further south on the weekends (Asia KM 99)

Lima Busy

Weekender 123
03-08-05, 07:30

I have been a long time lurker and finally got my membership upgraded so that I can post. I don’t have a lot of experiences to share (yet), but am a huge fan of the board. I will be heading to Peru fairly soon so I have been doing a lot of research.

I thought instead of just posting some questions, I would also summarize my notes from going through all 60 plus pages of this forum….twice.

First my questions:

1) Hotel –

a) I will be traveling with a friend and we will want some privacy at night. Ideally we would like a hotel with either 2 separate bedrooms or a separate bedroom with a hide a bed in the main room (a Jacuzzi would be nice too). Does the Las Palmas have any rooms like this? Any suggestions?
b) Has anybody ever stayed at the Hotel Esperanza http://barrioperu.terra.com.pe/htlesperanza/

2) Cell Phone

Any suggestions on where one could rent a cell phone. If I remember correctly it is cheaper for girls to receive calls than to make calls, so having a cell phone would important in the hunt for non pros.

3) Isabel …. Holy shit!!

David 33 this girl is incredible. Do you think the prices on this site are negotiable; US$100 is a little steep. Maybe she puts in a shift at the Trocadero? http://www.vanezatops.galeon.com/isabel.htm

4) Easter

I read some where that Easter Week can be busy with hotels booking up fast. Is this true (I trust opinions from the board more than those tourist books). If so, is it just the weekend or is it for the week before or after Easter Monday?

5) Spanish

I am trying to learn some Spanish as quick as I can…..do you think it is possible to learn enough to get buy in 3 weeks?

6) David 33

You are an incredible asset to this board, if you are looking to play tour guide for a night (or go straight to the Trocadero) let me know. Beers are on me.

Summary of things I found on the board…..obviously this isn’t comprehensive, just a quick summary of things I found useful for my circumstances:

Internet Girls – in the US$50/hr range



Trocadero (El Salvaje) - S15 taxi, S13 Entrance, S20 short time. Avenida Argentina, 18th st, Callao. Not the best area of town.
Las Cucardas – S15 Entry, S40 short time. Not a great area of town.

Strip Clubs

Scarlet – S25 Entry, S80 for 30 min

Madonna’s – S30 Entry, S50 Exit, US$70/hr – say you are a friend of Francisco to avoid entry fee, although recent report says this no longer works.


69 Club – S80 Entry, $70-$100USD/hr + room fee

Barranco Suites – S80 Entry, $100USD/hr

Eclipse - S80 Entry, S105 Exit, US$70-$100

Non Pro’s

Everywhere – just know some Spanish and approach the girls. Lima has some of the
best non pro action in the world!!!!

English Pub (Pub Inglese) – next to Swiss Hotel – gold diggers looking for gringos.

Senior Frogs in Marina Park – although they may be a little pretentious.

Café Z – near the Britainnico school on Malecon Balta – I love this one, girls go to the café after their English classes and want to practice their English (who better than a gringo to help them out)!!!

Massage – too many to mention and the rates are all over the map.

Tequila Rock – girls start at US$100 – don’t pay it, either negotiate down to US$40 or leave.


Las Palmas - http://www.hotellaspalmas.com – primary hotel of choice for WSG members. Girl friendly & inexpensive although noisy area (especially with recent elevator construction)

Other good sites for hotels are:



Hopefully someone gets some value from this info, I know this board has helped me.

Siam Beach
03-08-05, 12:46
Thanks Lima Busy,

Well, I guess I can wait for Cuzco and maybe Pisaq. Anybody hear anything about Pisaq? After a week in the Cuzco area I have 4 more days in the Lima area before flying out. TACA to Cuzco, return, only $138.04.

Would like to visit brothel(s) with fellow monger(s) in Lima near the end of April if someone feels up to guiding a New Guy.

Regards, Siam Beach

Hoof Hunter
03-08-05, 16:37
Can someone explain the set-up of Playa Asia for me?

I've heard that it's about 60-90 mins south of Lima. I heard also that the beaches are somewhat private. I also heard that this is the beach where most of the normal chicas go to on the weekends, some with their families, some in groups.

Are there hotels down there? How do you get down there? What does it cost on average? Is it worth the trip?

I've never been down there. But judging by how the beaches were filled on a Sunday from Playa Larco Mar to Playa Barranco and past, I could only imagine how much eye candy would be down at Playa Asia.

Member #4351
03-08-05, 17:09
Siam Beach,

If you're coming for mongering your going to the wrong place. No P4P action in the south beach areas. You could bring someone from Lima. The people who have houses in the Asia compounds probably have more money than you and me put together. Only chance would be to find some drunk rich teenager in one of the discos.

Plenty of cuties at all the south beaches on weekends. Silencio and Señoritas are next to each other and always have tons of babes. If you don't have a car its kind of difficult to maneuver around.

There are some hostales in these areas. Most nothing to write home about. Having said that, check back a few months, someone posted a link for a really nice place to stay with gourmet food...I think it was in Punta Hermosa. I tried to do a search..but the server problems persist.

Member #4351
03-08-05, 17:11
I think this is the place: http://www.playasperu.com/hoteles/hotel.php?Codigo=11

Siam Beach
03-09-05, 03:02
Thanks, David. I like beach life as much as mongering at my age (50+).

I'm at a surfer hotel for one week in San Bartolo. I can wait til Cuzco for mongering, I guess. Thanks for the info.

Siam Beach

Screwed Up
03-09-05, 19:44
I am trying to learn some Spanish as quick as I can…..do you think it is possible to learn enough to get buy in 3 weeks?Spend all your free time watching movies with Spanish subtitles on.

Read and read those subtitles while listening to the DVD in your native language.
Which DVD does´t offer Spanish subtitles nowadays?

That´s how I learned all my Spanish: going to the movies three times a week and reading. I never ever opened a book or followed lessons.

03-10-05, 19:37
hey screwed up,

i finally got around to reading your post as to the girl "gray" that i met on cybercupido. i am not exactly sure where you are coming from, but you can believe me when i tell you that i am not a guy who gets "played." just the opposite. you will never meet a more jaded and cynical guy as i am. i dont believe anything when it comes to chicas until i am totally convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, which takes some doing. having said that, you can also believe that not every single girl who puts her photo on a dating website is a ****, *****, or out to use a gringo. believe it or not, there are women who actually have feelings and want to fall in love with a guy, whether gringo or peruano. i know the first intinct very well, dont believe anything, but you have to keep an open mind.

as to the girl gray. she didnt play me, i dont give up cash, gifts, or other such nonsense for just about any girl. i pay when i want to get fucked, and sometimes even manage to get a ***** for free. (see earlier posting.) when i meet a regular girl who i can confirm is not a *****, then i go the regular courting route, but i still dont give up the dinero just because she is a nice girl. they have to earn it before they get much more than dinner and a few drinks at a decent, but not expensive, restaurant. yeah, i suppose your still paying for it in a sense, but its not the same.

i didnt sent you her photos because i know you are in to the porn sites and i dont make a habit of sending peoples photos to just anyone without their permission. its amazing what people can do with a simple bikini photo. they take and the next day she is sucking some guys cock. jijiji not saying you would to that but its best to be prudent. this girl was from a nice family and lived in an apartment with her parents that is nicer than mine. a real sweetheart, she had me smitten within three days.

i suppose the real reason i was smitten with her was because when i finally got her clothes off it was one of the best pieces of ass i have ever had. so sweet and hot. 23 years old and looked like she was 16. i swear it was like fucking an **** girl. thats not my thing, but if they look that old then all the more power to me, as long as they are old enough. visit the filipino board to hear stories of guys with young girl fetishes. some of those guys need to be shot but thats another story.

well, i never did a decent trip report but i will get around to it. i tried to go to the trocadero but the ended up at las cucardas instead. i dont think the taxi driver wanted to go that far and probably figured i was a dumbass gringo who wouldnt notice the difference. i guess i really didnt care after we got there because it was so fucking hot i just wanted to get out of the taxi. i was taken aback at first by the amount for security standing outside. three well armed cops and a couple bouncers inside. actually, it made me feel good because if the cops are there, then i would imagine theres nothing to worry about. i spent about five hours there, fucked three chicks in between getting drunk. the price for a drink is exhorbitant compared to buying one in a supermarked but when you get in the *****mongering spirit it doesnt seem to matter so much. i was also surprised by the number of girls who were from different countries. i fucked one from ecuador, one from cali, and on peruana. all in all, a great day of drinking, sucking and fucking. what more could a man want?

more later. keep those cocks hanging boys. cant wait to get back in may.


Screwed Up
03-11-05, 03:36

Well, I was not insinuating that you were being played.

All I ment was that most if not all of these girls fuck around behind your back.

It has nothing to do with being gringo or peruano.

They just like to keep their options open.

And as we like 2-3 girls more than just 1, so do they.

When I started to treat my chicks more like friends (that I fuck) by telling them that I fuck around and have no intention to stop, they started to open up. And up came the stories about fucking this and that guy, even while they are "dating" me.

I tell them I go to nightclubs, *****houses and they tell me when they meet a new foreigner and how things go.

Maybe I meet the wrong chicks, but I end up with chicks fucking me for free while they are supposed to be hardcore prostitutes and I see them drawing money from the ATM with the VISA credit card of their 10 years older boyfriend and they show me pictures of their holidays together. But they always say that they do love him...
I doesn´t seem to matter the latin concept is: lo que el mente no sabe, corazon no siente.

People like you keep telling me "Believe it or not, there are women who actually have feelings and want to fall in love with a guy". Well, I´m trying to believe that, buddy, but it´s damn hard at times.

Well, I would never ever do that with pictures. But I can´t blame you for thinking that. After all we never met. I´ll be back in South America too around May (Colombia and Peru, I think). I´m in Colombia now but will be heading to the USA and Europe at the end of this month to fix some stuff.

Maybe we can hang out together then?

03-11-05, 17:34
Screwed up,

This is actually very interesting to me. The truth is, I have no idea what this girl is doing now. She could be with another guy for all I know and I suppose therein lies the problem. How in the world do you trust anybody in these situations. She call here alot and gets extremely upset when I voice my doubts to her. She did cancel her profile after a couple days I was there and I cant find her anywhere else on the internet after and exhaustive search. She works and enrolled herself in the American English school, pays for it herself even though I offered to help a little. Says she wants to learn english so she can talk to me better and be with me in the future. It all sounds to good to be true, but I hate to throw her away or just use her for sex if she actually is on the up and up and is sincere. I cant believe that every girl is immediately on the prowl, but I suppose it could be possible that most, or at least a high percentage are.

I am curious as to the types of girls who are telling you these things. Are most of them P4P, or so called regular girls that you meet on websites? Do you get the impression they feel gringos are easy marks for the most part? Do you think they are expert liars and can fake love that well? What do you other boys think about all this? Would be interested in hearing from David and other vets their thoughts on this.

I like latinas alot, definitely my favorite. I wouldnt mind finding a good one and calming down this lifestyle, but then again, I remember a guy telling me to just find a nice girl and keep visiting here and keep her down there. That doesnt equal alot of face time with work and all and only so much vacation. Wonder how long a girl would put up with that type of deal, or if she would just find someone else and also see you when your in town? It would seem hard to me to keep it secret when the dude shows up and expects all her time......

The think about this girl I met, is she gave me the password to her hotmail and yahoo accounts and showed me the first time I ask her about it without hesitation. Maybe she had already fixed it but she didnt seem worried about receiving any emails every time we would go to the cafe to have a look. She was willing to do just about anything to convince me, but I guess I am still not convinced and probably wont be knowing me.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated fellas.



Screwed Up
03-12-05, 17:22
My Cuban girl in Belgium was married since she was 15 with a 28yo bank dude.
He took her out off Cuba, but I should have known you can never take the country out of the girl.

They seperated about 2-3 yrs ago. Could even be less as far as I know. But officially she is still married when I met her at 21. I´m 24.

These girls are pro´s in lying, cheating and deceiving. I don´t know your girl, so I can´t judge yours. But when I was with this Cuban girl she too gave me the passwords of her account even without asking and the keys of her appartment.

I meet the girls here the same way as I meet them in Belgium: some on the internet, some working in a bar, some going out, some walking around in the city.

I suspect two of these girls to be prostitutes.

Both of them had or have a 40+ guy supporting them financially.

Another girl just likes to hang out with good-looking young guys for free. I never saw her with older men.

Most of the dudes I saw her with are better looking than me. But all of them think she´s an ok-girl. Like I did last year.

When she introduced me, she would tell them that I´m her cousin.

Just think rational. Don´t support or marry a girl that you haven´t spend at least a full year with. Would one marry a girl in a first world country after 1 year? Most probably not, so why would one do it in a third world country?

Whatever you do, don´t take them to your country.

You will be in for a quick surprising. She might be the best girl in the world, taking her to a first world country will corrupt her. She will claim it won´t, but the thing is she doesn´t even know how it will be like. She has no clue how life in the first world will change her.

One´s best bet would be to have other gringo´s try to get in contact with her by telling them where she can be found and at what hours. And then wait how long it takes before she fucks them.

I made all my buddies promise they would try to fuck mine if I would ever fall in love again. Hell, I banged the girl from AFF on the first day together with my buddy. And she´s the girl I like the most now. Hahahahahahaaa

03-12-05, 21:02
Yeah, I know. Every guy thinks he has found a girl that is different and he is the lucky one who got the special girl. I suppose the only answer that can alleviate those fears totally is to just bang chicks the rest of our lives and forget about love or a relationship alltogether. If I could find interest in American women again that could be a way out but who wants that now after knowing what we know about latin women and the kind of sex and companionship they provide?

I had a girl up here several years ago. She was from Lima and she was staying in D.C. for six months prior to coming here to stay with me permanently. A friend of mine suggested I hire a Private investigator that he knew and got me a cheap deal as a favor to my friend. He was an ex-model and would put the moves on the girls himself. After getting to know her a little he started making attempts to get her. The farthest he got was one night he ran into her at a bar and she danced and drank with him. She resisted his efforts to get cozy with her at the bar and finally gave him her phone number. He called and she refused to talk with him. Maybe she had a weak moment, I dont know but even that bothered me. Why is a girl who says she loves me at a bar dancing and drinking with some other dude? Its enough to fuck up the whole thing because you dont know what could have happened had he persisted or if she really wanted him or not.

Well, this is a *****monger board so I guess I should stop talking about all this other nonsense. I suppose the bottom line is you never know what is in another persons thoughts, or what they want to do if they have the chance, or what they will do when given the chance. I wouldnt mind have somebody try to date or bang her, but thats hard to do when you have some kind of feeling for her. Then you never know for sure if the guy will tell you the whole truth. Maybe he would bang her and then never tell you for some reason, or not bang her and say he did. Too many variables to go for it I would say. I would have to be a witness to the whole thing like a private eye or something to see what really goes on.

Oh well, theres always pussy to make you forget these trivial matters. If only I had more time.

Later fellas


03-12-05, 21:16
Speaking of looking for nice girls, there is a board exclusively for guys hunting wives in LA, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Its pretty much the only reason they go to these places, to get engaged and married. Some guys do it in one weekend, I have seen them in action. Weekend wonders I call them. Some of the biggest idiots in the world visit these so-called marriage agencies full of women wanting to marry gringos and get the hell out of dodge. Of course, the agency or the girls would never tell you that but you can bet most of them are there for that reason solely and not for love. There are a few in Lima that I know of and I actually visited them and was less than impressed with the clientele or the ladies in the books. A waste of time really. They even have 'socials' where you can pay the whopping sum of several hundred dollars to attend their weekend extravaganzas. Im sure there are many guys on this board who have tried the marriage agencies and then monger on the side, or just bang the girls from the agencies like I did. Its just about the same thing alot of the time. I love it when the dudeds on the marriage board say, "you just have to meet the right girl," as if they know what the hell they are even talking about. 60 year old guys marrying 20 years and thinking the chick is in love with them. Better yet, I know one dude who married a girl from Tequila. Me and my friend did our best to talk him out of him but he would have none of it. I even banged her back in 2000 and told him, but it didnt matter, he still married her. Unbelievable.

The funniest by far though are the guys who go to Angeles City, Philippines, a complete ***** town and stay on the fuck strip and end up marrying girls who are working night and day banging anything with a dick. As soon as the guy leaves, she is immediately back to being stuffed with cock again. I met a girl there who was engaged to an american sailor. She told me since she was engaged and in love, that all she could do was blow me, and let me fuck her tits.....which I did. Oh well, to each his own.

I even more jaded now after writing all this. Maybe I will stay single the rest of my life. Why fuck up a good thing, huh?



Screwed Up
03-13-05, 18:55
Yeah, Mikster, I feel you.

The other mongers are probably bored by now because our last posts don´t contain any monger info.

Anyway I´ll be glad to go for a night of mongering in either Cali, Colombia between now and the 29th of March or after the 10th of May.

And in Lima, Peru 2 weeks later. Just hit me up with a PM.


Member #4351
03-13-05, 21:11

Having lived in Peru for quite a while, and dated a great number of girls from all social levels, both from web sites, and met through friends or just during day to day activities, its very possible that the girl is on the up and up.

I would check her out for you, but am leaving next weekend to BKK and other SE asian spots for a few weeks. I think that our dear Belgian friend is being just a little too cynical and pessimistic. So far she hasn't asked you for anything...if you really feel that there are long term possibilities with her...go for it. I think that if one feels one MUST get married, I tend to agree with the philosophy put forward on www.nomarriage.com ; marry a latina or asian. From what I have seen, I think that in general Peruvian girls make excellent wives.

03-13-05, 23:07
Just got bak from Lima...What a great friend to have in David. Excellent knowledge about the chicas in Lima...Cannot go wrong with his choices.. Helped me a great lot in Lima.. Looking for ore trips to Lima..Thanx again David for all the hospitality and info u provided in lima...Have a great and safe trip to SE Asia....

03-14-05, 01:09

Madonna’s – S30 Entry, S50 Exit, US$70/hr – say you are a friend of Francisco to avoid entry fee, although recent report says this no longer works.

Weekender 123,

The entry fee can be waved, you just need to understand how it works in Lima. If you get in a cab and ASK to go to XYZ Club, the cabbie will try to show you another location. Because you asked, he can't tell you it costs x soles for entrance. The cabbies get 90-100% of all entrance fees! If they see a "foreigner" the price goes up. Normal entry is 20 soles, "foreigner" 80-100 soles with anywhere from 70 to 100 soles going to the cab driver.

So, if the cabbie tells you an entrance fee- it's his price - not ours! If we don't pay him, he doesn't bring any more customers to the place. If I could only convince the other clubs to stop this would be GREAT, but the first club that starts paying again gets the clients.

PM me if you want some additional info on prices.


Long Stroker
03-14-05, 05:56
Mikster, Screwed Up, what an excellent discussion you guys are having. On the contrary, I don't find it boring at all. These are the issues that all mongers dwell upon in their darkest hours. As a matter of fact, I am taking part in a very similar discussion over on the American Women thread of WSG right now. Questions like:

When is it safe to bring a foriegn GF back to the states? (Answer: never)

When is marriage a good idea? (Answer: very rarely)

You guys should come join us. Sounds like you both have interesting perspectives to share.

Milkster, you know someone who married a Tequila girl? That's fucking classic!

David33, have fun in SEA, buddy. Here's to yellow fever!

Member #4351
03-14-05, 15:11
Nice cutie!!

Member #4351
03-14-05, 15:12

Thanks for the complements. I'm happy to help out. Don't like to see fellow gringos get ripped off.

Long Stroker
03-16-05, 06:12
Glad you liked the pics David33 and slhyd. I pulled 'em down, because like I said, limited time only.

Slhyd, I sent you a PM.

Money 69
03-18-05, 18:16
Can anyone whos been to Lima tell me how it compares to Colombia, I was recently in Medellin about a month ago and I was thinking of going to Lima this next time for about two weeks. Can anyone compare the non-pro action between Medellin and Lima?

Screwed Up
03-18-05, 21:33
Can anyone whos been to Lima tell me how it compares to Colombia, I was recently in Medellin about a month ago and I was thinking of going to Lima this next time for about two weeks. Can anyone compare the non-pro action between Medellin and Lima?I'm in Cali now for the first time. I´ve never been to Medellin.

I've been to Lima 5, 6 times and spend about 6-7 months there over the last 3 years.

If you had non-pro one night stands and first date sex in Medellin and if Cali compares to Medellin, then you will have tons of one night stands and first date sex in Lima.

In one week in Cali I fucked two regular girls for free on the first date.

Dated two others and they would not fuck yet, just kiss. I can score better in Lima.
But the P4P scene is so cheap here in Cali, way cheaper and better than in Lima.

03-20-05, 00:51
Guys: Screwed Up, David_33 & all, you guys are doing a fantastic job posting a first hand experience of the LIMA & CUSCO scene.

reading thru all your posts I notices that you have spend considerable time down in LIMA & Cusco. However some of the visiting mongers like us don't have that much time to work some of these women till they give it up.

So it maybe helpful if you could post some of the popular clubs (for non pros) and also a some of the clubs/in call houses for Pros. I know that some of the clubs are hot and some vanish get closed down etc.

However a monger like me, I am going to be down there in Lima for 4 day and If I had that kind of information I can plan my mogering so that I getter better success.

Also if you guys are around, it would be great to buy you guys a drink.

Member #4018
03-20-05, 03:36
I arrived January 2nd at 10:30 that night. The cab driver arrived about 11:30. When he did arrive, we went to Las Palmas for me to check in and then we hit the streets. We went to centro for me to look for night company but the 1 girl I wanted only worked out of the particular hostal she stood in front of. So we returned back to Miraflores, ate, and called a charapita whose number I got from clasifica.com. She was terrible. She complained that I was too big and kept talking. We negotiated for 2 hours but when she saw me, she wanted to stay all night for the 100 soles. I told her she could leave after 1 1/2 hours because she kept complaining during the sex. After that, I fell asleep.

Second day, went to eat at a chifa, flirted with the girl that worked there (so damn cute), and went to the internet store. After a nap, hooked up with a girl who David33 knew. She was cute and loved sex more than me. Night and day compared to the other girl. 2 1/2 hours later, my taxi driver comes and wanted to know if I wanted to go out. I said no and called it a night.

Third day me and the girl from the day before went to see a movie at Larco Mar (Ocean's Twelve) and returned to the hotel for 2 hours of more sex. I took a nap, got up around 1 a.m., showered, went to eat on Pizza Alley, and hit Tequila Rocks around 2:30 or 3. About 1 hour and 3 beers later, a girl approached me. She looked like my regular in Rio but a slimmer body. I noticed that those girls will ask for the world but if you show them that you're not stupid, they'll straighten up quick. She said 100 U.S. so I told her in espanol that I wouldn't pay 100 anywhere on earth. I offered 120 soles all night and she fell over a table to leave with me. She left at 8 or 9 the next morning, I can't remember exactly when.

Next day I walked around the city, decided to try and leave that night and called the girl from the previous day that I met from David. She stayed with me for 2 or 3 hours and then she left. The taxi driver happened to show up and after I showered and packed, we headed to the airport. I didn't make my flight so I called him back and 1 hour later, he showed up. We headed back for Las Palmas, I showered, and we left for Pizza Alley. I met a girl while exiting the taxi and she left her number for me to call her that night. We ate and then she returned. She took 140 soles for a few hours. She was cute and looked like another of my regulars that worked in a terma (massage parlor) in Rio. She left that morning.

Last day so I walked around the city and didn't know what to do. I decided later that day to visit Las Cucardas. Best decision of the trip. After 30 minutes of driving, finally arrive and enter. A BEAUTIFUL girl approaches me speaking spanish fast. I told her to slow down. She said sexo and I told her to wait about 10 minutes while I walked around. There were sexy girls there but I returned to her. When she took her clothes off, I confirmed that she was one of the best looking girls that I'd ever seen on any trip I'd been on. She rated with my Colombian ex and with my Brazillian ex (the colombian a worker and the Brazillian a marketing directer in Bahia Brazil). After the sex, we drank and talked for 1 hour. She offered to cook dinner for me that night but I told her I would be returning to the U.S. that night. We exchanged numbers and email addresses for my trip in February. Went back to the hotel to pack, hit the airport and returned home.

Overall, it was a great trip. If I had never been to Brazil, I probably would think that nothing compares to Lima. Also, I wanna say thanks to David33 for all of the help that he's given me.

This is my first report. I'll report about my February trip on a later date.

Screwed Up
03-20-05, 19:29
Guys: Screwed Up, David_33 & all, you guys are doing a fantastic job posting a first hand experience of the LIMA & CUSCO scene.

However some of the visiting mongers like us don't have that much time to work some of these women till they give it up.If you feel there is a slight connection with a girl on the first date, invite her to your hotel room to "talk, chill and watch tv". Once in your room, what do you think she came with you for? She knows you´re gonna try and it´s more often hit than miss. You have nothing to loose, so make your move in your room.

Btw, it might be better to tell any girl you are with (pro and non-pro) that you´re staying in Peru for a whole month. So they will be more eager to provide good service. On your last day you just tell any of your GF´s that something came up and you have to go back home fast.

So it maybe helpful if you could post some of the popular clubs (for non pros) and also a some of the clubs/in call houses for Pros. I know that some of the clubs are hot and some vanish get closed down etc.Before I visited Panama City and Cali I read the last 10 pages of the thread on those cities and made notes. It´s your best bet to maximize your time.

Personally I liked these in Lima:

Break on Avenida Arequipa in Lince (lots of locals, most below 30yo).

Bierhaus in Barranco (a lot of backpackers, most people below 30yo).

- Tequila in Miraflores (YMMV in this place big time). If you can´t find a free girl here, at least don´t pay more than 120 soles for all night.
- night club Scarlett in Los Olivos. Cheap and great shows.
30 min.: 60 soles, 80 soles if she´s a dancer.

Read the last 10 pages on Lima and make notes, you won´t regret.

Also if you guys are around, it would be great to buy you guys a drink.I won´t be back in Peru untill May-Juin. Thanks.

Have fun.

03-22-05, 04:26
Hello fellow mongers,

I have only posted a few times on here, but have lurked well over a year. I must say that I spend alot of time browsing the pix.

And based on some of the pix, I can tell which mongers have the same taste as me. For example, Master Monger and Saint are completely on point with me!!!!! There are many other mongers that also have the same taste as me, but whom I have forgotten their names (mainly from the Asian pictures).

In any case, I feel that from the pix, I think that I would have a great time in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and/or Peru (in that order).

I have never actually travelled anywhere simply for mongering duties (and the idea turns me on). I would be travelling alone, and predict about a 2 week stay. I plan on taking many digital pix (around 500), as well as bring along alot of nylons (stockings and pantyhose). I love women in nylon so this is a must. I do not speak Spanish though....

I like the GFE experience and would be interested in the following activities (in order of preference):

Meeting regular young chicas on the street or well-known pick up joints

Having hotel staff send me regular girls, or even workers from the hotel!

Escort agencies (although this is my last choice, I must admit that the Platinum website (Argentina) is loaded with babes, so I would be willing to just blow my dividends all there!)

My question: Regarding my camera, will authorities verify the contents of my camera when I exit the country? Also, when entering any of these countries, will airport authorities check my bags, and if so, if they discover these pairs of nylons (still wrapped), could they legally do something to me..?

These questions are very important to me, so i would appreciate any feedback from you veterans regarding these aforementioned questions or any other comments about my interests. thx boys!

I am from Canada, and I 'm hoping to become a more integral member on WSG. I'm wishing I can add more to your already wonderful message board.

Screwed Up
03-22-05, 17:04
My holiday pictures
[Photo Link deleted by Admin]
NONE of the girls in these pictures ever asked me for any money. Not even cab money.The other link is only from one day.
This is the good link. [Photo Link deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of a hot link to photos on another site. If you have photos you would like to share with the other Forum Members, then please post them here. Thanks!

NJ Dude II
03-22-05, 21:02
Broadcast last week in Lima.

You can see the TV news report in www.frecuencialatina.com.pe
->90 segundos

This 'news' program sent decoys to the girls and taped them inside the hotel room (no nudes). These sick bastards will do anything for ratings. The featured lady, Thalia, a most-beloved provider in Lima, is now MIA.

Pete in NJ

Mountain Guy
03-22-05, 22:57
I've mongering in Asia and most recently, Peru, and have never had my camera checked when leaving the country. I always replace my memory card just in case though. If you are worried about this, you could always e-mail them to yourself and erase the photos.

Member #4351
03-23-05, 04:30
As long as you aren't wearing the pantyhose yourself, you shouldn't have any problem.

03-28-05, 04:48
Are those pictures of the actual girls they will send out? Are they a rip off?

Do any of those girls travel?

Jelly Donuts
03-28-05, 11:54
Are those pictures of the actual girls they will send out? Are they a rip off?

Do any of those girls travel?I had a sessions with three of the girls on the Placeres del Peru site and I can vouch for the service. If I remember correctly, the prices varied from about NS 150 to 200. I can't remember if that was for one shot or two or by the hour - but the girls I met were all GFE types and I usually ended spending the night or more with them after applying some charm and taking them out for dinner etc... The listed numbers are the girls' cellphone numbers so the company doesn't send them out - the girls pay for the photo session and the website listing. They all looked like their photos - just remember that the photos were taken by a professional in optimum lighting. If she is blond in the photo, it's probably a wig. I think most of them lie about their ages - but so do all women. Call them first to ask what they are willing to do.

I wouldn't say it was a rip-off. The girls in the newspaper charge about the same but you have no idea what they look like. IMHO, better quality and "fresher" than most of the girls in Tequila.

Some girls only do in-call and some only do out-call. I'm sure they would all be happy to do some travelling if you're a decent guy - or rich...

Member #4351
03-29-05, 07:36
Some are agency girls...and you might get a different girl from the one in the picture...but bye and large, I've had pretty good luck with them also. Another page to check out is: http://www.peruanasbellas.net/home.php

04-01-05, 08:26

Love this board....does anyone here,know a girl named Claudia, who is 21 and lives in Lima. Especially, did anyone on this board just take her on a week long trip to Argentinal??

I have been chatting on Yahoo with her for about 3 years and I am curious as to if she is as good as she sounds and looks in her picture.

Thanks guys....keep up the good work!!

04-01-05, 13:49

This board is for guys who want to find women, pros, non pros (mostly hookers) etc. If you have spent 3 years chatting with someone.......... that seems like an eternal relationship.

What you you want guys from this board to tell you. Is she a Hooker?

Bang as much pussy, share the knowledge...... thats awsome.

04-01-05, 22:51
Hey Phish,

Well, I think my post was pretty simple. I totally know what this board is for, I have been around it for years, and what I was asking is no different from what I have seen other men post when they have shared girls, or how to contact them.

The girl is not a hooker other than she will do anything for money and for anyone that treats her nice (as any woman in any part of the world will do), and she is very desperate to get out of Peru, especially to get to the USA.

Chatting with someone for 3 years on yahoo certainly is NOT my idea of a relationship. Relationships are from face to face contacts and real life interacting, not cyber crap. I do not fall in love with girls on chatlines, and I take what they tell me with a HUGE grain of salt. For example, last year she tried and tried to convince me that she needed a new cell phone and that a cell cost $500 (U.S. dollars) in Peru....hey, I dont blame her as I am sure there are many other guys who would do it for a slim chance to get in her shorts.

So I simply want to see if by some chance any of the contributors here were lucky enough to be her companion and if she is worth a trip to Peru just for her. (I would also not mind seeing the photos she said he took...lucky bastard!) Infact any contributors live in Lima??...let's talk..

Take care all!!

Weekender 123
04-02-05, 00:00
Hello - thought I would share some of my experiences from out here in Lima so far:


The city is extremely safe and clean as long as you are in the proper area. In Miraflores or San Isidro it would be like any other North American city. In fact I would feel safer walking down the street at 4 in the morning in Miraflores than I would most other cities.


DoubleTree del Pardo (part of Hilton chain) - stayed here the first couple nights while I was getting acquainted with the city. It is terribly expensive and not worth it at US$110 per night.

Hotel Las Palmas - highly recommended by this board because it is girl friendly and inexpensive. Checked out the rooms, but did not stay there, I would rather spend a couple extra bucks for a little better hotel.

Hotel Boulevard - currently staying here. Great rooms for US$40 per night. The suites are large and clean. Definately recommended, but it is NOT girl friendly and it will cost US$10 to bring back a guest.


Strip Clubs:

Scarletts - S20 Entry fee and the girls are S70 including the room. Selection was OK and atmosphere was nice.

Eros in the Marina district - S20 Entry fee. Hot girls, great atmosphere. I would suggest going there just to buy the girls some drinks (I think they were S10) and they will spend time with you. They are S200 for sex which is far too expensive so I would not do that (instead go to a brothel after).

Other strip clubs - all the taxi drivers will want to take you to Club 69 or Emmanuelles. Have not done this because it would be around S80 entry and the girls would be too expensive.


Trocadero - Went here during the day time, the entry is a bumpy road bordered by large concrete walls....it helps set up the experience. The building is a large concrete delpatated building, inside it is long & wide hallways with bright red lights. The girls stand outside their rooms down the hallway. Did not partake in any girls. Would not suggest it for the faint of heart, but nonetheless just going there was an experience I will never forget.

Las Cucardas - favourite spot so far. It has a little bar with a hallway that goes in a circle with rooms and girls. It costs 18 Soles to get in and the girls are 30 Soles during the day or 40 Soles at night. The quality was relatively good and the price is reasonable. As for price & quality I think this is the best value so far.

La Nenne - right beside Las Cucardas. Have poked my head in a couple times, but not gone with a girl. Although it may be a little cheaper than Las Cucardas, I like the quality and atmosphere at Las Cucardas better.


Pizza Alley - still has all the bars and discos. You will see some pros wandering through. I enjoy going here for a couple beers.

Tequila Rocks - a nice dance club where a lot of pros hang out. I enjoy going here to watch the girls dance and flirt. The girls are expensive (still asking for US$100). Was able to take a girl out of here for US$50. It was 5am so it was relatively easy to get the price down. I doubt they would be as willing to negotiate earlier in the night.

Non Pros:
It is relatively easy to pick up non pros. Have been able to pick up a few non pros even though I dont know any Spanish. The first knew English well and was teaching it, the next knew very little English, but just wanted to be with a gringo. I wont get any action from these girls, but they have shown me around Lima for the price of a couple lunches.

Have found a taxi driver who charges US$10 per hour to drive me around the city. He knows English so also helps translate at various places.

The 2 areas I still want to go to, but havent been able to find are Cafe Z and the English Pub. If anyone has some ideas on where these places are some help would be appreciated.

04-02-05, 07:06

Thanks for the update and info. I still have not made it to Lima yet, but feel comfortable and knowledgeablebased on all the posts.
Is Hotel Blvd located in Miraflores, or cab ride away from T. Rock/Pizza Alley area.

Also, expand a little if you can in regards to Trocadero. I know from David and others who have frequented it, of it's condition and area of town.
I love the desrciption of the "bumpy road bordered by large concrete walls".
Great illustration. In what ways would you say "it not for the faint of heart."
Safety, cleanliness, smell, rats ?? I assume, all the above. I remeber someone once saying they actually took a girl on the roof of the building. But nonethless, I still revel in the description of the place. I too anticipate going there, if for nothing else, just the "experience." Sounds awsome.

I've been to seady places in Central America, but none of the size and ambiance of Troc or Las Cucardas.

Thanks for any additional info you may add.


Screwed Up
04-02-05, 19:06
Scarletts - S20 Entry fee and the girls are S70 including the room. Selection was OK and atmosphere was nice.Did you get a dancer down from S80? Or did a regular girl go up to S70?
Normally it´s S60 for half an hour with a girl and S80 if she´s a stripper.

Non Pros:
It is relatively easy to pick up non pros. Have been able to pick up a few non pros even though I dont know any Spanish. The first knew English well and was teaching it, the next knew very little English, but just wanted to be with a gringo. I wont get any action from these girls, but they have shown me around Lima for the price of a couple lunches.You WILL get action from those girls, you have to be firm. After a nice day or night out ask her to come with you to your room (to chat, to rest, to watch tv or even ask for a massage). They know what´s up.

In your room just lay on your bed and watch tv and talk and tell them to lay next to you. Than just kiss them. It works. I´ve even done it with girls that didn´t even like me that much. I can be harsh when I´m drunk. If a girl likes you a bit, you will be popping that pussy in no time.

Member #4351
04-04-05, 07:36

It is clear that you are a longtime reader of the Peru forums. The "roof" action, was, (as I remember) on the roof of the Hotel San Pablo, a location far more dangerous than the trocadero. The Hotel San Pablo, in a part of Lima where even hard core residents fear to tread, has some rooms up near the roof area. Back to the Trocadero, I prefer it over the Cucardas because you don't get timed. At the Cucardas you pay for about 15 minutes (as I remember), and after that they bang on the door and you have to pay again. The girls in the Troc let you stay as long as you want...obviously you have to settle on a price for LT or any strange perversion (such as pantyhose) which you might have.

04-04-05, 12:52
Can any of the members living in Lima tell me what visas are available for ex-pats? I know that you can get a tourist visa. What kind of visa can you obtain that will be good for a longer period of time? Also, how difficult is it to obtain?

For example, in Mexico you can get a FM3 which is good for a year and can be renewed annually.

Some countries offer an 'investors visa' where you deposit an amount of money in the bank of that country and you get a visa that is good for an extended period of time.

I plan on moving to Lima but do not want to have to leave the country every 90 days or so just to get a new visa.

Thank for any information.


Weekender 123
04-04-05, 20:53

The Boulevard Hotel and Casino is in Miraflores, about 5 blocks from Pizza Alley so it is walking distance. The nice surprise about Miraflores is how safe it felt. I would walk from Pizza Alley / Tequila Rock back to the hotel every night somewhere between 3 and 9am and I felt totally safe.

Don't know what else I can say about the Troc. Definitely an incredible experience if you are a little adventerous.

Screwed Up,

At Scarlett's the prices for a half hour were 60 for a regular, 80 if she is a stripper plus 10 for the room.

If you guys have any other questions, let me know.

04-05-05, 04:01

Awsome man. Thanks for the update, and I know now, when given the choice between Troc and Cucardas, Trocadero sounds good beacuase of not watching the clock.
The Hotel San Pablo sounds like a hair-rasing experience. I like it !!


Screwed Up
04-05-05, 08:38
... The "roof" action, was, (as I remember) on the roof of the Hotel San Pablo, a location far more dangerous than the trocadero. The Hotel San Pablo, in a part of Lima where even hard core residents fear to tread, has some rooms up near the roof area...So one can actually bang chicks in open air on the roof? Or do the roof rooms have a terrace? That´s the kind of stuff I´m looking for (outdoor sex).

In what neighbourhood is Hotel San Pablo? I came up with this address after googling it, but nothing more to be found. Av. Mariano Melgar 643. Is that it? Is it still in business? What dictrict is that in? Santa Rosa de Sacco?

Hoof Hunter
04-05-05, 16:51
This is just my experience, from this year. I've only been to Lima 2x so far in 2005. Please don't flame me, I know I'm not an expert. YMMV.

I went to both places, a few times. Actually, Las Cucardas won my business easily, as I did about 5-6 visits. Outside of the time-watching thing, it's not even a real choice.

At Cucardas, it's 30-40 soles for 30 mins, and you can re-up from there if you want. To be honest, I had chicas go past the 30 mins several times. All you have to do is talk with them a bit beforehand. Maybe even give them a drink, or the remainder of your drink. They really loosen up if you show them a little bit of respect. If you want 1 hr, you can negotiate that upfront.

Atmosphere, safety, cleanliness alone, as well as the quality of the chicas at Cucardas, completely trump Trocadero. There's a little bar area, with couches, to get ready for your sessions to come, to watch the strip show (nothing spectacular), and to re-group after a session. Drinks are reasonable with Red Bulls, whiskey, and other liquors at 10 soles. I think cervezas are cheaper.

The reception area guys as well as the security are more than willing to assist you in any way. Running down the prices, the better performers (if you ask), find a safe taxi for you, warn you about safety. They want you to have a good time, and return in the future. I always tip the bartenders 1-2 soles, so they're cool as well.

Several of the chicas will meet you after their shift. Some work in San Borja banos turcos at night, some are independents. I've been able to get some tel. # and negotiated S/T and TLN from some of these chicas. The experiences were even better in my hotel than onsite, as they were relaxed and not worrying about the next customer. By now, some of the girls there know me, so they refer me to some of the better performing new chicas, if I decide I want someone new.

My best experiences with P4P in Lima has been with chicas from Las Cucardas. I've had chicas from Lima, Maracaibo Venezuela, Cali Colombia, Iquitos, amongst those I've done in Las Cucardas.

In Trocadero, it's reminscent of an old prison set-up, or an old factory. No decor at all. It's dark and dusty. Out of the girls that saw, and we went through each of the 3 aisles or so, so there might have been 70+, maybe 5-6 were even just doable, and I'm not that picky. Doable, as in, slim enough (110-120 lbs), shapely, with a cute face, skin color varied. Didn't see a real bar area to sit back and think out your options, just a couple of counters that sold a brew or so. The rooms looked old and dilapidated. Beds weren't very inviting, meaning IF I decided to do anything, all action would occur on my feet. 3x there at the Troc, each time I decided it was best to head over to Las Cucardas, rather than drop trough at the Troc. This has been between 5:00-8:00 p.m. each time.

I promise that I have absolutely nothing to gain from sharing my experiences between the two. And I have not been fortunate enough to have met David33 to date. I'm definitely not challenging him, as he is definitely an expert on Lima. I generally did these visits on my own, once with some other newbies to Lima who pretty much agreed, another with a WSG monger, who I believe, agreed as well.

Hope this helps. Enjoy Lima as I did!!!

Weekender 123
04-05-05, 21:25
Hoof Hunter - great comparison. I would like to also point out a couple things:

1) At the Curcardas cervezas are 10 soles, however you get a free whiskey with entry charge.

2) Safety - every time at the Curcardas there was a security guard, at the Troc it was a 70 year old man at the door taking tickets.

3) Anyone planning on going to the Trocadero should note that it also goes by the name El Salvaje. Some taxis may not know the name Trocadero.

I couldn't agree more that David33 is the expert on Lima and his advice was invaluable as I planned my trip. He has suggested that often the girls at the higher priced venues put in the odd shift at the Troc. Therefore, for the budget concious, if you don't mind the atmosphere of the Troc you can have the same girl for substantially cheaper.

I guess it simply comes down to. Are you willing to pay a little more for a cleaner atmosphere at the Cucardas or do you simply want the best price you can get for the girl. To each their own.

I would also suggest that if you are looking for a unique experience, a visit to the Trocadero is worthwhile. Kind of like visiting Maachu Picchu (although I didn't have time for that).

I can't wait to head back to Lima.

Member #4351
04-06-05, 04:53
It appears as if they are now giving more time at the Cucardas. I have had some good times there, and don't want to give the impression that the place isn't worth visiting. They are also customers of the company in which I work, so keep going there..no problem! However, for those who want an adventure, to go to a purely "locals" place, and feel like they are in a Fellini movie, you can't beat the Trocadero. The San Pablo is even more down and out. I think that I was the first "gringo" to set foot there some years ago...even before the famous "Nibu" checked it out. I strongly suggest against going there unless you get someone who lives here and knows the zone to go with you. It is in the most dangerous part of La Victoria, about a block from Ave. Aviacion in the fruit market district. All the fruit porters, lay- abouts, delincuents and residents go there. I have never had a problem, and the guys who work there told me that they have a deal with the local thieves not to rob any clients until 1 in the afternoon. (It is open from about 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, some of the Trocadero girls including some of the Ecuatorians work the San Pablo in the morning and then go the Trocadero at 5 in the afternoon). One girl told me she did 35 customers at the San Pablo before arriving at the Troc. to begin work.

Screwed Up
04-06-05, 21:37
...The San Pablo is even more down and out. I think that I was the first "gringo" to set foot there some years ago...even before the famous "Nibu" checked it out. I strongly suggest against going there unless you get someone who lives here and knows the zone to go with you. It is in the most dangerous part of La Victoria, about a block from Ave. Aviacion in the fruit market district...Aaah, now I remember. Nibu told me something about a chongo in La Victoria.

...the guys who work there told me that they have a deal with the local thieves not to rob any clients until 1 in the afternoon...Fucking hilarious.

...I generally did these visits on my own, once with some other newbies to Lima who pretty much agreed, another with a WSG monger, who I believe, agreed as well.Yeah Hoof, great hanging out with you. I liked the Las Cucardas pretty well too. Except for the big booty Colombian ***** complaining that my dick was too big. But that depends more on the girl than on the place.

One of the things I liked most there was the music, booze and atmosphere. They were playing reggeaton non-stop. I´ve been looking for an all exclusive reggeaton disco the whole time I was in Lima. Only Tequila would play reggeaton sometimes and that´s not even a normal disco. So they´re only playing reggeaton in *****houses or what?

Some guy told me that the Peruvian tv makes their reggeaton reports in little disco´s who are spread out all over the bad neighbourhoods in Lima (not on the district´s boulevards). Those are mostly frequented by young local gang members and there is no metal detector nor search at the door.

I don't know. I guess a grain of salt is in place here. I´ll continue looking next time although I think none of ya´ll will be looking for such a place.

Everybody else was saying they would play it non-stop in Los Olivos and Comas. I went there on several occasions and the music wasn´t that different as in Miraflores, except that they would play more salsa.

Reggeaton, anyone?

Member #4351
04-07-05, 10:19
Reggeaton is found on Sunday afternoons and evenings all over Lima...especially Ave. La Marina and Los Olivos...also some places in the Carreterra Central. I personally know Mickey Santana "El Rey del Chuculun".

04-07-05, 15:48
Ok Guys finally I am here. Got in from CUSCO yesterday morning. The damn change in weather has given me a bad sore throat and cold. But still took some advil & slept in the afternnon and went mongering around 10:00 p.m

As I am at the Maria Angola decided to hit Taquila Rock last night. Looked it up in the LP guide but walked by it and missed it - the fucken sign is hidden. Finally asked a COP who said its there in the basement.

Got to the door had to folk 20 soles. 10 for entry and 10 for the mandatory drink. I got in around 10:00 p.m. not much to start with approx 6 chicks mostly dogs. There few other dudes at the bar. The chics came by and say hi and tried some small talk. I wasnt interested.

Finally the real crowd started to flow after around 11:30 more women and more guys. I scoped out 3 women as potentials..... Damn one was a girl who worked there... so scope narrowed to 2. The ***** I was really interested had a lot of guys hanging around here and many guys gave up.... looked like she was sticking to her price.... so decided to pass.

The other one left with a customer so I was fucken stranded on my first selection. Got another drink and re-scoped the club. Then saw this Joyce chick who had a 34B rack and a nice ass. It was getting late and my standards dropped too with the booze.... dick beging to take over.

So started chatting with her and after 10 minutes she wanted 100US$. I just laughed and said baby I dont pay those prices in New York. I told her I tipped the bar man and he said the going rate was US$40 max...... she pretended to be in disbelief.

Anyway I negotiated her down to 40US$. Took her to the hotel and Id and to the room. Firstly she woudnt do anal. Then she says that she will only blow with a rubber. Anyway I had so much booze in me that it took a while before I blew my load. I didn{t have it for round 2. So crashed around 3:30 a.m.

Woke up around 8:00 and she wanted to leave. I said blow me before you go. She said I am tired.... I will come back around 11:00 a.m. (Ya right, I have heard that line a million times).

Hey if thats the deal you could have left last night. She relended and had a BJ and a missionary fuck. She cleaned up and gave me her ph.... I shot a couple of pictures, I will post them when I get home. She did not allow nudy shots with her face.....

I gave her 40US$ and her face showed pain.... I said OK ***** take another 5US$ and sent her home at 09:00 a.m.

I am now heading to do the tourist shit.... my spanish is too spoty to try some non pros.... May check out some of the other places.

If any of you guys are around give me a shout we can hook up.. I am here till Saturday night.

Long Stroker
04-07-05, 16:30
During my first visit to Lima last year I went to Las Cucardas. On my second visit later last year David_33 was kind enough to take me out to the Trocadero. It's true, he really is kind of like the ambassador of mongering in Lima. I had a great time wandering the halls of the Troc, checking out the cuties from all corners of Peru and beyond. I ended up banging 2 chicas that night, one jungle girl and one limena. Both were great. Total cost: > s./40

Las Cucardas was great too. Less overall number of girls, somewhat higher prices, but better quality overall. Don't let this mislead you, though. The Troc makes up for its lower quality percentage in sheer volume. The end result is that there as many doable chicks at the Troc as there are at Las Cucardas, IMHO.

Important distinction: The Troc is made up of independent contractors, in such a way that it's kinda like going to a bazaar. All the girls rent the rooms, you pay them directly, so all interaction takes place thru the girls. At Las Cucardas, the girls work for the house, so there is more central control, i.e. time limits enforced by the guys working there.

My advice: Why deny yourself? Visit both and report back here!

Phish - great report, way to stick to your guns on price at Tequila Rocks.

04-07-05, 16:35
Hey guys, I had read sometime back that there is a cafe somewhere near an English teaching institute or university where chics stop by and try to practise english and many non pros are easy to pick up.

Do any of you guys remember the place.... supposedly a day time hang out.

I searched the whole forum but coudnt find it. If it does exist do post and I will check it. I have spent to much time on the web gotta go now... to cover up my mongering with holiday pics.

Weekender 123
04-08-05, 05:04
Hey Phish,

The place you are thinking about is Cafe Z near the Britainnico school on Malecon Balta.

I didn't make it there, nor do I know if it still exists. That is just what I had written in my notes as I prepared for my trip.

04-08-05, 21:24
Damn: I just got David_33 message, because of my handicap of the language Taquila Rock seems convenient... anyway read on.

This this Day 2:

The whole day I walked in Centro and took a tonn of pictures of every building monument and park. In the process I also got lost in some of the roug parts of down where there seem to be plenty of Street walkers. I did not even try, i was carrying my expensive camera in my bag, did want to part with 3K$ that quick. But those of you who are interested check out the side streets arounf Plaza San martin. Also saw a number of theaters showing XXX movies... just a sleezy area.

Got back slep for few hours and went to TQ rock again this time by around 1:00 a.m. It was just a bad day from the start, there were few decent ones but every dog was demanding a 100$ and looks like many stupid american were paying it. Almost every one I made a move wanted that and some would even talk doen from 70 to 80$.

I hung aroung a long time in fact till 06:00 a.m. There was one really hot chick got talking to her and she said that her sister was in Miami and that she would be visiting in may etc. Really wanted to bang her.... she may have been the chick that someone else reviewed. She is a bit asian looking nice rack and asian ass.

She would not budge from a 100. It was 6:00 a.m. and she had turned down at least 4 guys. I was the last, she said something like go to the bathroom for 40US$. I said baby I can affort to pay anything see, here is the money(showed her 200 US$). Its just that I dont want pay more than market, I am not stupid American.

There was another hot blond... same story. She said she wanted 70US$ plus another 5 for taxi for just 2 hrs. I said look here all the EScorts are only 50US$ and they are much better lokking and younger and they come to you room. Why should I pay 75$ for you......

It seems a lot of stupid guys have killed the market there. Its not 100US$ quality market. Anyway I say the girl I banged yesterday as I was leaving, she said if you want to pay thats ok otherwise it cool. I felt a little sad so took her home and she was much better in bed today.. as she was more drunk I guess.

Also she said that she was damn horny and wanted me to finger fuck her before I actually did her. She said that she will tell me when she is ready to cum so that I can bang her to finish. That was pretty cool. Oh man I hand ached by the time she came... easily well over 40 minutes. But its more fun sometimes when these hard core pros enjoy the sex.

I feel it worth one trip to see the scene but its better to check the others out... the price is way above the league of what the women are. I ask this chick who I banged honestly yo say what the price are..... she says it 100$
She said that maybe most women take less but whenever they talk amongst themselves they say YA he gave me 100US$......

So I know for a fact that some guys did as one of the girls I almost closed the deal for 50 all night slipped when she got another offer... I am sure it was 100 or quite close....

Sunday morning continental flight is damn early so I really have only a day and half and 1.5 nights of mongering. As I need to be in the airport by 4:00 a.m. most definitly tomorrow I will call an escort....

I will post how tonight goes.

Weekender thanx for the update I don{t think I will have time for the non pros at the cafe. I would be curious never the less.

Member #4351
04-09-05, 05:39
Well Phish, you have demonstrated why WSG exists and why it is important to READ THE FORUM before going out and looking for girls. If there wasn't a WSG even more fools would be going to Tequila and paying $100. Some guys who speak the language and are extremely good looking, like our friend from Belgium, manage to get the price down..or, according to them, even some freebees there. But with SO MANY other possibilities, I have always said: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME there. But many don't want to believe me. Listen, if someone comes to Lima and is too lazy to hassle going out and looking for girls, or because they don't speak the language don't feel comfortable going to a MP or club, its understandable. But you can always call an outcall on one of the web pages mentioned here. If the girl who shows up isn't to your liking...give her a couple of bucks for the taxi. You're still better off than wasting your time and money in Tequila..IMHO.

04-09-05, 17:45
Guys, firstly you have to excuse me with some of my spellings etc. This key board is so damn worn out I cannot make out a thing. Also the mappins are screwed up when you want a hyphen you get a comma etc,etc.

Today I had decided that I do not go to Taquila Rock and I check out the strip cub and maybe an escort if I feel early enough.

During the day time did the regular trip around mira flores and check out the park of love etc, etc.

Oh forgot to mention I did visit the In famouse CAFE Z. I found it easily. Its a large Cafe but I think most universities were closed yeaterday due to the Popes funeral. Anyway I spen half hour at CAFE Z. Its a regular cafe that has tables in two area and outside on the street too.

First when I got there there was nothing of interest not chics just few families and some tourists haing coffee. I decided to get coffe as I had a splitting head ache. After a while I saw a bloody Hot blond stroll in. She came inside and looked around... maybe looking for someone. She was in a business suit. Then she went out bought some cigarettes and sat on an outside table. I though... opportunity and I make the move. I was above to move over when a another dude came in and they bother aparently knew each other... so that was the end of the story.

It looks like this place has possibilities. I did see that every girl or guy who strolled passed look inside to check out the scene. So looks like there is something more to it. Need more time to explore.

Anyway I got back to the room as my cold was killing me. decided to take a nap... bif mistake. I was out as a light and when I work it was 1.00 a.m. shit my strip club option was out. So supidly I was back at Taquila rock as a dog.

Tonight I got there around 1.45 p.m. and the club was packed as it was a friday night. All the usual suspects where there and as usual every dog as well as hot piece of ass wanted 100US$ to which I always smiled and said no thank you.

They had some dance by some visting Arab girl called Shamina or someting. very sensual dance. Hot piece of ass... not sure if she is available, even if she is got to be out of the radar.

I shortlised a couple of probables and was just thinking let me make a move. Just about then one of these girls who has been eyeing me since day one, seems totally drunk and she almost falls into my lap as says.... sorry, sorry and then started to damn deep throat me. I was taken back, she was a hot piece of ass... asian looking petite chic with a 34B rack and asian ass.

I said maybe I got something here. so she seems dead drunk and she says she has been watching me and want to go home with me. Right now my antenna goes up.... As a seasoned monger, I have been ripped off, so I never leave without firmly agreeing on price...... There is not free lay in a place like Taquila Rock, at least for me because I arnt no Brad Pitt here.

So I ask her dod you speak english... she says no I speak only spanish. She sya she has drunk too much and wants water. So I get her some water which is 6 soles. Then I sit her down and ask her are you sure you want to go.... she says yes. I love indian guys and that bullshit.

Now I tell her look her I dont care but I will give you only 40US$ no more. No cab fare nothing more for all night. She says.OK.... I repeat clearly. So she still seems drunk and don{t know if she is pretending.

Anyway she grabs her stuff and we go. Once outside she says she will walk as taxi is too expensive. I tell her here its so close it will only cost 3 aoles and you cannot walk with your shoes so let get a cab.

In the cab she tells me that she had no ID, no passport as she is from Chile and her mother is Peruvian and father is chilean. Again I see my danger signs here but I said, she she acts funny I just throw her out.

Finally we get a cab and go to the room. Now we get to the room and she seems even more drunk. Finally we get to the room and I stip her down and she is still acting drunk and say suck *****.

She says I want a 100US$, I tell her look her I told you very clearly many times only 40US$ not a dime more. Then she says OK give me money now. So anyway I give her the money.

She she starts to give me a BBBJ, half way she says I need a condom as I dont suck BBBJ. She doesn not seem that drunk now, I get the feeling that it may all be an act. Anyway I get her a condom and I let her suck. After about 10 minutes she says f()/ me.

I am ready and start to feel her pussy and I see that suprisingly she is bloody wet and ready. Horny little minx. So I start with missionary and get going. After few 10 minutes, I am going no where as she is a dead fish. I am fuck limp. She acts drunk not will not blow me.

So now I get myself hard and say turn around let me do doggie. I pound away and she is screaming some spanish slur at me. Anyway I keep going and she tells me that she has already cum and wants me to cum. Its true because I can she that he pussy is virtually dripping.

Anyway I finishup within the next 5 mnutes and crash. I am too tired for round too and she still pretends drunk.

Now the problem starts in the morning. Its around 9 and I have to throw her out as I have stuff to do. I finish my breakfast, shave shower etc and I am ready for my farewell fuck.

I wake her up and say time to go baby suck me. She starts to give me atitude. She pretends not to know english. I tell her hey there is no need to know english to suck my dick.

Then she says, I want to stay till 3.00 I tell her no. I am going now. Then reluctatly she starts to suck my dick with a condom. When I am ready to fuck her she says I am not ready so finger fuck me. So I do to her get ready, and she is all coiled up so she comes very quick.

Now when I start to bang her she is trying to pull away and not taking the pounding. I want her to turn around and she gives me attitude. When my dick slide out she says you are too big..... a whole bullshit.

Then she says I already cum but you take too much time. I cannot fuck you. Then I tell her ok then suck me off. To which she say I dont understand.
By this time I am tired of the bulshit and want to throw her out.

So I get her stuff and say get dressed and get out of my room. She says you are crazy. I said look at my did I did not cum. I don{t care if you cum our not. I paid you so either you are going to suck me or get out period.

She wants to take a shower. I told her fuck you no showed get out NOW. She gets into her clothes then say I need taxi fare. I said fuck off.... nothing for you *****. I will call security.

Got all her stuff and threw her out. So guys learn from my experience here are some tips.

1. Is anyone acts too drunk..... that maybe an act
2. Always negotiate price firmly if if she wants a freebee...
3. If she says she speaks no english that maybe a setup...
4. Last of all forget TAQUILA Rock... it is mostly scanks wanting 100US$

I am done with Taquila Rock. I will visit the strip club today and I have a early morning flight tomorrow back to the sex prison USA

Member #4351
04-10-05, 08:09
Hmmm .. Let's see if she says she likes Indian guys next time.

04-11-05, 11:27
I wanted to post the last report yesterday but did not having much as I had a bad cold so i quit mongering the last night and also had to leave to the airport around 3:30 a.m

I will have a couple of photos of these women.... very few as compared to my prior trips.

I will post them this evening.

04-11-05, 16:24
Hey boys,

David and Phish are correct about Tequila. Its not worth going unless you just want to see it and try your luck with a $40 all nighter if you can get it. I have been extrememly fortunate when I have been there in the past. I am not quite sure why I have had such good luck, but I still wouldnt recommend it either. Not worth it when you can simply go to Las Cucardas, Trocadero, etc. and get exactly what you want at rock bottom prices.

I would usually always try my hand with "regular girls" first and if I struck out, then you have your back up plans to clean the pipes out. Its pretty hard to strike out with regular girls in Lima if you apply yourself and its actually very easy to attain a girlfriend that you could be happy with. (at least for awhile until you tire of her, heheh) Dog that I am, I usually end up with someone pretty nice, and then cheat at night if my cock has any strength left. The last time I was there I had the girl I talked of earlier, Gray. She made sure I was milked so often that when she went home to her parents I sometimes needed a crane to get it up.

Lima really is a cool place with so many possibilities for the monger or love seeker alike. Its very safe too. With just a bit of common sense one need never have any problems whatsoever. So different from when I was in Cali where I felt menace in the air at all times, but thats another story. Cali is so full of hot bitches the mind can hardly put it into words, but Lima is just better to me for many reasons.

Later fellas,


Jaimito Cartero
04-12-05, 06:26
I'll be in Lima for a week, starting next Wednesday. If anyone one is in town and/or wants to share any good tips PM me!

04-13-05, 17:09
I'm in Lima right now. I went to check the Cucardas, it's a 20 minutes cab ride from Miraflores. There were like 10 girls from 5-7 in looks. The price to get in is 18 soles with a free drink included, I went there around 11 am, they told me that all the girls come in at 6pm.

I got a girl from Trujillo I´d rate her a 7 with an 9 in performance, she charged me 30 soles for f/s, very enthusiastic in bed. Today I´ll go back to check las cucardas and la nene. I´ll be here until Monday if anyone wants to meet up for some beer.

04-13-05, 17:19
Lima really is a cool place with so many possibilities for the monger or love seeker alike. Its very safe too. With just a bit of common sense one need never have any problems whatsoever. So different from when I was in Cali where I felt menace in the air at all times, but thats another story. Cali is so full of hot bitches the mind can hardly put it into words, but Lima is just better to me for many reasons.

Later fellas,

Milkster[/QUOTE]I agree with you Milkster, when I was in cali i felt the same way that you did, I think that Lima is a safer place.

John Sperm
04-16-05, 01:23
My fellow monmongers and fellow Peruvians, I picked up my tickets today and I am flying to Lima in June from the 4th to the 24th, I will be staying at my parents house in Santiago de Surco, as some of you know I was born in Lima some years ago, although I been to Lima a number of times and visited local houses, this time I would like to do the Troca, I been to la nene but never to the Troca. So my fellow mongers I would appreciate if possible to take me around the areas for I will have info on Local houses since my cuz is into the hobby also and he is usually my guide. 2 Days before my flight I will post my number so I can get in touch with the ex pat and locals in Lima.

Thanks @@@

04-16-05, 22:27
I know I should RTFF but still please let me know the top 5 chica friendly hotels in Lima around $ 50.00 in the action area.

Also top 5 chica pick up streets and top 5 MP or bars with pricing.

With the help of this forum I did very well in Costa Rica and I want to do the same in Lima.

Thanks in advance.


04-17-05, 06:30

I don't think I have see anyone post about street action. I don't remembr seeing any post. If you go back few pages you will see my detailed posts I have mentioned some street walked that I say.

This seemed like a quite a rough area, reun down buldings wth lot of street walkers. I connat recollect the actual street but its somewhere one one of the side streets near st. Martin square, I think there is the Bolivar hotel at that square. They were real cheap scanks not even worth a look.
Believe me there were lot of dirty hoes half as bad as them even in TAQUILA Rock asking for 100US$..... so be well aware of he going rate and playthe game well.

Its quite near to the Plaza de arms. I did see a lot of Cop cars go up and down and the hoes seem to scramble evey time they say the cops. I was carrying very expensive camera equipment so did not even want to make eye contact with anyone and end up being a 6K casuality.

Anyway for 50US$ you can find a number of nice places in Miraflores that are all chica friendly, las Palmas, Hotel Colon are couple of options at that range. There are many more for that price range.

04-19-05, 23:45
Do you have web site addresses of Lima hotels in $ 50.00 range in action area which I believe is Miraflores.

Any good web site for air fares from west coast to Lima. My search so far is in $ 500.00 range.

Thanks for all you help.


Jaimito Cartero
04-20-05, 05:07
Thanks to all who have emailed me suggestions for my weeklong trip to Lima. I'll be getting in at the crack of dawn on Thursday and departing a week later. I'm hoping to meet David33, and if anyone else is in town, PM me.

Member #4351
04-20-05, 20:15
Tony, I have mentioned that some guys really liked this place as a step up from the usual monger haunts: http://www.channels.nl/94848.html

You should probably phone them: 511 444-2000 . If you pay cash you can get a room for $50...although they will try to get more from you.

04-20-05, 23:03
Hi David,

Thanks so much for the info. Colon Hotel looks very good.

After I make my travel arrangements I will get in touch with you.

Again I appreciate every body's help in making my trip enjoyable.


04-21-05, 05:43
I just made reservations and will be arriving on May 11 for 4 nights.

I will appreciate all your help in making my trip memorable.

What clothes should I bring , summer or winter or both?

On my top list is:

La Cuc

Any more help will be appreciated.


Member #4351
04-21-05, 15:29

Are you just going to be in the Lima area or will you be going to Cuzco? If you're just staying in Lima, you won't need any real cold weather clothes. A light jacket or sweater for the evening..maybe.

As far as your list of places to go...I'd forget about Tequila. But that is my well known opinion. Lots of other possibilities. Tons of Baño Turco MPs for example. Anyway...you can PM me if you have any questions.

04-22-05, 04:22
Hi All,

With David's suggestion I made reservation and staying in Colon hotel for $ 50.00 including taxes and breakfast. My question , is it chica friendly?

Please help me on this one.



04-22-05, 16:51

You private message inbox exceeded your quota.

Please check your hotmail e-mail.



Jaimito Cartero
04-22-05, 22:21
i'll preface this report by saying that i often run into difficulties my first day. i almost always enjoy a place once i get the feel of the place, so don't take what i say negatively.

i flew in on co at 5am or so thursday morning. luckily i was upgraded to business class, so i actually slept a couple of hours on the flight.

while i did read back a few months on the forum, i didn't have a real feel for what the city was like. i had just brought a carry on, so i got through customs with barely a stop. i was looking for an atm to get some money, but didn't see one. the official currency booth was giving 3.20 which sounded good, but they usually suck, so i was wary.

once through security, but still in the building, i was bombarded with taxi guys. i saw one sign for green taxis quoting $us10 or 35 sol. i did the math and said dollars would be perfect. i had seen one souce online quote $17 (lonely planet?) a taxi ride, so thought this was okay. once i got outside the building, i had to wade my way through hundreds of taxi drivers. they yelled $5 and other lower prices. i wasn't sure of the safety however, so i stuck with what i had.

once inside, i verified with the driver the $10 price. he started to hem and haw, about how it was $12 now. i told him the sign said $10, and i was getting out if it wasn't $10. off we go.

a bit on the city at 5:30am. it was a big foggy (or smoggy?), and the drive from the airport the area looked a bit depressed. it reminded a little bit of the time i went to baranquilla, colombia by accident (san jose, costa rica fogged in). the taxi driver was pleasant though, and he wanted to know how corrupt the usa police were (he wanted to know how much you have to bribe them if you run a red light). since i've never bribed a cop in the us, i wasn't a good source for info.

we get to milaflores, and the guy can't find the hotel (i have the hotel address page printed out). he ends up backing up a one way street and finding it. i'm staying at the maria luisa based on recommendations from here.

easy to check in. i had reserved a jr suite for 85 sol a couple of months ago. i don't think they take credit cards, and needed payment for the first night. they changed dollars at the 3.2 rate.

up to the room, and into bed quickly. it's a nice room, with a front salon area with table and chairs. a 1/2 size fridge, microwave and sink. none are plugged in, however. queen sized firm bed. good selection of cable channels. one porn channel that is conveniently located next to the tbn (religious) channel.

i wake up about 6 hours later. i'm on the 7th floor, and it is a bit noisy up here. traffic noise, and car alarms. it's tolerable though. i think there are only 4 rooms on this level, so you do get some privacy.

i head out to get some food, and find an internet place. no wireless internet in the hotel. they have a computer downstairs but it's not hooked up at this time. they say, "next week".

no breakfast is included, but is available for 10 sol. i haven't tried it yet.

i ask at the front desk about money changers, and they tell me to go look on the main street. i find a number of them and they usually start out at 3.22, and 3.24 was their upper number on thursday. i just changed $20 to get a feel for it. i know in some places (costa rica in particular), it's not a good idea to do this. fake currency and ripoffs abound. the guy tried to stiff me on the small coins (3 x .10 soles). no biggie, really.

i'm also looking for a grocery store to pick up some snacks and stuff for the chicas, in case any come back to jabba the hutt's lair. :)

i notice the vast amount of casinos in the area. as far as i can tell, they just have machines only, no live card games.

i find a small internet place. .50 sol for 15 minutes. the guy actually reminds me when the 15 minutes is up. decent speed too.

i then ask for a supermarket there, and they tell me of a place a couple of blocks down, and maybe 6 blocks over. i do see a bakery across the street so grab some bread and couple of bottles of water.

i need to grab some grub first, so i head to a chifa across the street. they have a 6 sol meal that i partake of. you get a nice soup, fried wonton and fried rice for 6 sol. the guy acted surprised with a 1 sol tip. i don't know what's normal here.

i start walking towards the supermarket, asking a couple of times to make sure i haven't gone past it. i find it, and it's a huge honking affair. reminds me of a lotus/tesco or carrefour.

i grab some drinks, assorted foodstuffs, and then walk the mile or so back to the hotel. i like to check out the locals, and get a feel for the area.

i get back to the hotel, and pick my key up. (they always make you leave it). i'm pretty tired, but after resting for awhile, i'm ready to go.

in the afternoon, i read through the printed pages that i had brought with me. i go through it and put aside any pages that look relavent to my trip, so i'll have all the info handy when i go out. i tuck 6 pages that have info on some of the recommended places.

i think david is going to take me to the troc, so i'm skipping that. judd recommended scarlet to me, so i figured i'd go there. i had gotten some soles out of an atm in late afternoon (exchange rate 3.225), but didn't want to bring too much money in case i ran into problems. i brought 230 with me. i would need every one.

i asked the front desk about how much for a taxi, and they said not more than 15. the girl at the desk is quite helpful.

i go out to the main street (narco?), and look for a nice looking taxi. the first one tells me 25 pesos. i scoff, and go to the next one. i find one of the little baby taxis, and the guy tells me 15, so i figure that's good enough.

i tell him scarlet's, and he seems to know where it is. a few miles down the road, i ask him about las cucardas to see if it's close to scarlet. i thought perhaps i'd go to it afterwards. however, it seems that he thought i had changed my mind. after asking 4 different people, he finally found it. i figured it was fate, so didn't complain.

as the taxi is turning around a middle aged chica is giving me the eye. she smiles at me, but i head into the club.

it's about 11pm. it's 18 sol entry. i head in, and see all the girls laying on their beds or in fornt of their individual rooms (about 50 rooms). i go to the bar/stage area. there's a show going on that's decent, but nothing special. i order a water, which they pour out of a big bottle and cost 10 sol. i then take a couple of laps around the rooms. a couple try to pull me in, but i like to get the feel for everything.

i finally decide on a nice looking, early 20's chica by the name of marita. average height, nice body, large b or c tits. however, this is where it goes downhill.

there are a pile of opened condom wrappers on the floor. about 10 so far. she's been busy. this is a sign. not a good one, unfortunately.

i give her 50, and she refuses to give me change. says, "propina". i say, "no". she ignores me. she then asks for 2 soles for toilet paper. she has 1/2 a roll, but wants me to finance the rest of the night, i think. she buys it with the 10 she's already refused to give me.

she's all business. let's go. rush, rush, rush. lots of rules. no bbbj. no kissing. don't *even* think about sucking her nipples. claimed that she'd get hepatitis from kissing/nipple sucking. this is not good at all.

she slaps the condom on, and sucks for about 60 seconds. she then grabs the lube and slathers her pussy up. she then jumps on top. i think she's trying to get out in 10 minutes or less. this is not how i do it, though. i just lose all interest. she then jumps off and tries to give me a handjob. she's pulling so hard i think she want my dick as a memento. i tell her to get off, and dance for me. she does it for a couple of minutes.

she then says she's done (15 minutes elapsed). i say, "whatever", and start to dress.

overall impression: nice looking chicas, but too businesslike and too many rules for me.

i popped next door and looked at nene. 10 sol entry, and was told 1/2 hour was 50 sol. only two old/fat chicas that i could see. cashier said there were lots more, but i didn't see any upside on entering.

i go outside and look for a taxi. i'm thinking about going to scarlet. the older lady (late 30's, early 40's) came up to me again and started rubbing up against me. her name is carmen. she promises me anything i want for 30 soles. i clarify, bbbj, ball washing, etc. she says yes. for 3 hours if i want. she wasn't someone i would normally choose, but my balls were aching, and needed some release.

she told me 10 for a hostal, 5 for the taxi. we get into the taxi, and go 1 or 2 kilometers. we get out. the taxi driver asks for 8 sol. carmen says, "no, no, 5". he accepts. ah, everyone loves to overcharge gringos.

we go into the hotel. it's not 10 soles, but 15. i ask her if she's taking the extra 5 out of her money. she says no, and looks horrified that i would suggest such a thing. she tells the guy it short time, and he finally takes it. she also tells him that it'll only be an hour. this is interesting, since she promised me 3 hours.

we get up there and she starts to undress. she asks for the money up front. bad sign. i debate whether to give it to her or not, but end up giving it.

she then asks for money for condoms. i tell her that i just want a bbbj. she says she needs the condoms for the bj. i tell her, no, we discussed a bbbj. she tries to say just use a condom. her attitude is getting bad, and she's lied to me too many times in the 10 minutes i've known her.

i get dressed and tell her i want my money back, since she lied. she refuses. she's still naked, so i take her clothes and tell her that i'll throw them out in the street. this is harsh, but i *so* hate to be played. she's blocking the door. she says she'll give me the money. i ask where it is. in the pants. i take it out, and tell her that she shouldn't expect to get paid for services she agreed upon, but wouldn't provide.

she yells and says that it's a dangerous area and that i need her or i'll get robbed. i was going to tell her that i'd been in much more dangerous areas (detroit), but just left.

i take the room key, and go downstairs. i'm not going to argue about the 10 sol or such. i just give them the key and tell them that she's crazy.

the neighborhood is rough, but nothing too bad. i do see some cops or security guys around. i do see some street girls here, but i'm not about to do that after the night i've had already. i walk a few blocks and find a taxi. i decide i'll roll the dice and go to scarlet after all. i have just 108 sol left now.

the taxi wants to charge 15 sol, but i think we're not that far and offer 10. he accepts. he then ends up going to some other discos, and says, "nightclub". i had told him 5 times nightclub scarlet. he asked a security guy and finally found it about 5 kilometers away.

i go in, and find it a pretty nice club. (for reference, it's just on the side of the hospital los olivos, you may want to use that as a reference for taxistas)25 sol entry, which includes a totally watered down cuba libre. this is a medium sized club. about a 50/50 mix of guys/chicas. a professional dance show, some with guys as well. only the chicas strip, thankfully.

most are two dance sets, with the last one the girl taking her top off. i only saw one show where the bottoms came off at the very end.

a dark brazillan looking (said she was from peru) sat with me for a bit, but she didn't do anything for me. i saw a nice girl that i kept eyeing. 5'7" or so. after the other girl left, i finally found her again, and got her to sit down. her name is luciana.

she wanted a tequila, but i only had 75 sol left. i verified the amount for the 1/2 hour (60), and we went upstairs. her name is luciana, and is 23 or so. said she'd been working a week, but you know how those stories go.

nice body, with rose w/dagger through it on her thigh. she was pretty interactive. allowed kissing, but no dfk. nipples were fine to suckle on, and more or less allowed daty. (she wasn't enthusiastic about it) the only downside was no bbbj, no bj, nada. she had offered to give me her number, but that's a bit of a dealbreaker to me.

she was pleasant, though didn't seem too experienced. body was quite nice, and if you just want a nice fuck, i think she'd be fine. the door banging came just after we finished. the rooms are nice, with partly mirrored ceilings.

the only taxi's here are "house" taxis. they want 25 soles here. since i only had 23 soles, this presented a bit of a problem. i offered 20, and after a bit of complaining, he accepted it.

the ride home was uneventful. the taxi driver was nice, and we had a good conversation. i asked about some girls i saw in the street, and he told me that they had "extra" equipment, ie, dicks. not for me.

i get back to the hotel, pay him his 20, and blow the last 3 soles as a tip to the door guy.

Rick Rock
04-23-05, 02:12
Hey gentlemen,

Long time lurker here, with lots of mongering experience in New York and the DR, I've posted some pictures, and I plan to start making some detailed reports of my exploits soon. I have some business travelling in South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile) in June and thee's one thing I would like to ask you. I enjoy filming my mongering exploits very much. I own a small discreet pocket size digital camcorder. My question is would I have trouble getting the chicas to allow me to film sessions with them in the brothels?

Much thanks for your help!

04-23-05, 04:13
Hi L stroker :

No I am not afraid of any thing. I just asked a simple question, can you give me more details about the diez canseco girl?



04-23-05, 22:11
That is a really dismal experience Jaimito, especially for someone who appears to be experienced in these matters.

And especially because many people make Lima out as the three top mongering cities in South America.

Can someone suggest what Jaimito could have done different?

Better yet, is there a suggested road map for a first timer? Like, for someone going to Rio, and not wanting any hassles, I would suggest the termas right away. For Lima? The escort agencies maybe?

Long Stroker
04-24-05, 06:10
Does anyone know the apartment number of the massage place that is in the building above Tequila Rocks? I went there on my last trip but I can't recall the floor or room number.

Tony, did you get the PM apology that I sent? I didn't realize that you were already seeking assistance on this thread. No need for the attitude. I told you everything I could recall about the MP in the PM I sent you.

04-24-05, 14:36
Hi L Stroker,

Peace buddy: I still want to get the info from you on that lady I asked you about.
She is really my taste . She looked good with wet hair.


Jaimito Cartero
04-24-05, 21:07
Well everyone is different, and a *****house type arrangement is not my perfect place. I knew this going in, but I like to see everything a place has to offer.

The girls in Las Cucardas are generally good looking. However, their job is to get you off in as little time, and get someone else into their room.

I really subscribe to the ¨money after¨ theory. If they have the money in their hand the pressure to perform isn´t there. After all, they´ve already got the money! This is normal in many of the non-brothel type places that I go. (Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia and Costa Rica)

If I had just gone to Scarlet´s as I had planned in the beginning it would have been a pretty good evening. I had much better luck last night, which I´ll post in a separate report.

Jaimito Cartero
04-24-05, 21:30
I called up one internet girl (Isis), but only got voice mail, so I headed over to Pizza Alley last night.

I walked around to the back first, and saw a few very low grade girls hanging around the perimeter. I was hungry and wanted to get some steak. A place near the back looked decent, so I got a seat outside to check out the action.

For about 15 soles, I got a 6 or 7 ounce steak with fries and salad. Decent quality. I had many girls (mostly in pairs) come by and give me the ¨hola¨ treatment. I saw a few possiblities, but wanted to be there for awhile to get a taste of all the girls. I hate it when I pick a girl and then see a super hottie stroll by.

One early 30´s chica sits down, and I try to get her out of the seat real quick. Nothing wrong with her, but just a step or two below what I´m in the mood for that night.

I see one girl in the next restaurant who keeps smiling at me. After the last girl leaves she smiles and waves. I smile back. She then heads over to my table. Introduces herself to me, as Jessica. Says she´s 27yo, and studys at the Brittanico English school. Says she´s been going for a year, but the amount of english she used makes me think she should get a refund.

She´s fairly affectionate. I get her a beer and we talk about things in general. She says she wants to go dancing. I knew she was working, but just took things slow. Her older, slightly chubby friend came over, and it was apparent that they wanted me to take them both. No thanks. It wasn´t a problem though.

I told her I was tired and just wanted to go to my room. No problem. I pay the bill and head off with her to the hotel. We get up, and she´s affectionate, kissing and so forth. I then start undressing her. I want to take a picture but she is very adamant about NO pictures. She says ¨mas tarde¨. We go to the bedroom, and the ¨propina¨comes up. I say no problem, but she wants it upfront. After the last time, I´m pretty hesitant about it. I tell her after, but she keeps asking for it in a nice way. I ask her if she doesn´t trust me or such. In the end, I just put the 120 pesos on the dresser, with the remote control on top it.

First a description. She´s about 5´6¨ or so, dyed blonde hair. Nice body, B cups with really hard nipples. Not white, but fairly light skinned. Her pussy was shaved recently, but has 5 or 6 days growth on it.

She pulls out a condom and puts it by the bedside. We start kissing and I nibble on her super hard nipples for a bit. She then starts to blow me, mostly licking without actually sucking. She works on the balls as well, and seems open to almost everything. It seems her ass is the only thing that´s sacrosanct.

After about 20 minutes, I want to chow down on her pussy. I go to work on it, and she gets wet very quickly. I think she´s going to cum quick. 90 minutes later, it seems she´s still on the edge without going over. She starts to communicate a bit more (Mostly she was just saying, ¨Si, si, si, si¨ and such). It turns out she needed very rapid little cat licks on her clit to get her off.

I had her start back on me again. She didn´t seem to want to really get into BBBJ. She´d suck the head in, but not much more. Finally she said she wanted the condom on, so I let her. Then she went to town, and was deep throating me and such. This was nice, but it´s very difficult for me to ejaculate with a condom on. 30 minutes of a BJ was pleasant though.

I finally just had her take the condom off, and start sucking again. I think she didn´t want any cum in her mouth, so the last minute or so just jacked me off while just licking the shaft. Since it took over 3 hours the ¨blue balls¨ syndrome kicked in and I shot like Old Faithful.

She then cleaned me up and gave me a massage for 10 minutes as well. I´d rate her looks as a 7, and attitude a 7. She didn´t ask for any additional money, and I would repeat if I couldn´t find anything else. She must have had bad experiences with people taking pictures, as we discussed it for 20 minutes with her not giving an inch.

I nicknamed her ¨Pippi Longstockings¨as she had some a bit different than the pictures that Judd posted earlier this year.

Jaimito Cartero
04-24-05, 21:38
David has been really helpful for my trip here. I had actually almost met up with him in Bangkok when I was there last month.

He came by in the afternoon and we went out to a nice Peruvian place. I had misunderstood the schedule a bit, so had eaten at noon, so wasn´t real hungry. We did talk about a lot of the interesting Peruvian things, and places/chicas to check out.

We stopped for gas at a place where the chicas are all dressed in hot little jumpsuits. Almost any of them I would have jumped on in a moment. The normal girls here are so hot, and friendly. I think if you were here for awhile, or very outgoing you could really pick up some nice girls. I swear David charmed a few of their panties off just in a few minutes!

I´m hoping we can go out exploring a bit more before I leave on Thursday. He´s a real encylopedia for Peru, that´s for sure.

Long Stroker
04-24-05, 22:42
1. David_33 is indeed the monger-mayor of Lima. He's like the welcoming comittee, the chamber of commerce and Max Hardcore all rolled into one.

2. Way to go with the super comprehensive postings Jaimito Cartero! It's that kind of attention to detail that makes reading a trip report worthwhile.

3. Jaimito - you might have a better time at the Trocadero than at Las Cucardas. At LC the girls work for the house, which contributes to that rush-rush factor. At the Troc, they work for themselves, so there's no worries about a dude banging on your door when the time's up. Less pressure, a little more relaxed. The girls I was with at the Troc seemed more concerned that I had a good time than those at LC.

4. Yes, Tequila Rocks sucks. It's not worth the time, money or effort.

Member #4351
04-25-05, 02:34
Thanks for the nice comments...sorry for the mix up and hope to hit the Troc with you Wed. Well in Thailand and Cambodia one pays at the end of the service...which seems normal. Here in Peru, one always (unless you are a repeat customer) pays upfront. This may be a funcion of the typical Peruvian customer getting off and then deciding that he is going to pay less than the agreed upon amount, or not pay at all. EVERYONE pays upfront, so don`t feel bad.

Jaimito Cartero
04-25-05, 02:56
In the morning, I went looking for an internet place, but all 3 places were closed (One listed Sunday hours, even). I ended up going over the freeway to a big fruit/vegetable/meat market. Lots of fruits I hadn´t seen before. Nice folk giving you a taste of anything you want. I ended up getting a couple of bags of stuff. Total damage 14 soles. (Large pina, Papaya, razzberries). These go with my huge 1.25 kilo Mango that I´m waiting to get perfectly ripe. Great fruit here.

I go back to my hotel just as the guy is finishing my room. This is a bit of a sore subject, since a couple of days ago, I come back and my room door is wide open. It seems they started cleaning, and then left. Since I´ve got a couple of thousand in computers/money, etc I wasn´t thrilled. No real problems since.

I also got to see a couple fucking their brains out (Only their torso´s though), two rooms below, across the building. I´m hoping for a repeat. :)

I went back to the room to leave off my purchases and then left to Pizza Alley for lunch.

I almost always catch a movie or two wherever I go, so thought I´d do so today. Many things seemed closed today, I had to try 4 different internet places before one was open.

The little kids and other people asking for money didn´t take the day off though. At first I would just say, ¨no¨and keep walking, but that didn´t work. I had one kid follow me almost a kilometer. I find that saying an emphathic ¨No¨, and then growling a little bit scares them just enough to leave you alone. :)

I walked down to the nice beach park. It´s a kilometer or so from Pizza Alley and is quite nice. Lots of family´s there, and you can see all the people surfing way below.

I had one cute girl ask me to buy chocolate, but she seemed a tad too young (18, I´d guess), so I didn´t pursue her. It´s always hard for me to show I´m interested, but not be a total horndog at the same time.

I went to the Larco Mar Mall, which was pretty nice, but real crowded. They were selling 5 soles movie tickes (Anti-Piracy day), so I went to see Hitch. There were lots of cute chicas there, but rather hard to make eye contact.

I really like the Miraflores area. Great weather, good selection of food, and lots of things to do.

I may stroll Pizza Alley late tonight, or go try some of the pickup bars mentioned in some reports.

04-25-05, 11:41
Hi All,

I am having difficulty deciding in which hotel to stay.

Hotel Colon is $ 50.00 and Las Palmas is $ 25.00. Cost is not issue but I want to stay close to the action since it is my first time in David's Lima.

Please suggest.



04-25-05, 15:55
Jedi Earth,

Please RTFF. If you think that you can beat the 7$ ST cuties at the Troc in the states....forget about it. If you read back some months you'll see that there are some who LOVE TO WASTE THEIR MONEY in Peru. It's their money. I get tired of telling guys not to waste their bucks in places like Tequila.

There are different scales of girls...from the troc and SWs to semi-amateurs to out calls to night clubs. From $7 to $120 for example:


as they say in BKK..."it`s up to you".Hi David ,

What is the charge from this web site?


Lima Busy
04-25-05, 17:31
Hi All,

I am having difficulty deciding in which hotel to stay.

Hotel Colon is $ 50.00 and Las Palmas is $ 25.00. Cost is not issue but I want to stay close to the action since it is my first time in David's Lima.

Please suggest.



Miraflores has hundreds of hotels from $15-$500 a night all within walking distance of the action. It all depends upon your standards and budjet. You may want to book a moderate place $50 night for your first two nights and then see what you like when you get here. The pro action in Miraflores is limited to about 3 banos/Calle Pizza's/tequilas. All of these are in easy walking distance of each other around Parque Kennedy. Non pro daytime action is along Larco & Pardo "The so called stroll" around the Miraflores Ovalo. Non pro nighttime action is at "La Noche" in Barranco (5 soles taxi) on Monday nights. Thurs-Sun nights good places for Non Pros (older women) is Bar 443 on San Martin/Phuket on San Martin/ and of course "The English Pub". Do not confuse the english pub with "The old pub" or "the Irish pub" The hot non pros go to the "English Pub" which is a five minute walk from calle pizzas the second cuadra of Pardo. If u can borrow/rent a puppy then go to the malecon between Larco Mar/Parque Amor between 4-7. That is usually when all the chicas/empleadas are walking their dogs. I will be the blond guy with the Shar-Pei puppy. LOL! If you have game the non pro daytime street action will keep you busy for months. Look for chicas carring a folder of resumes. They are walking around looking for jobs. Go up to one and ask her for directions to the best place for Helado(ice cream) Then invite her to join you.

Beware of the Chicas on calle Pizza. They are usually trying to get you to take them and a friend dancing and for drinks. Gringos normally only hang out at the "old pub" if u go make sure you sit outside facing the street. If you see one pass by you like wave and call out a name in Spanish (ex. Maritza) When u get close say "I am sorry, I thought you were the girl I met the other night in Barranco! Would you like to go to Cafe Zeta for coffee or a drink. Just so you know Cafe Z closes at 11 pm but gives you the best Whiskey/cocktail for the price in Miraflores.Also be wary of young looking girls/they graduate high school here at 16 and are always wandering around during the day looking for work. Office chicas have lunch between 1-1.30.

Have "Menu" at one of the restuarants on Porta near San Martin(6-7 soles) In Lima the main meal of the day is lunch. from 5-7 you can find alot of hot chicas shopping in "Ripleys" stay on the first floor. Make sure you have a cell phone and bring along business cards with your name and either hotel or cell #. Others might beg to differ but right now gringo's 40-55 rule down here. I came down 2 years ago and like most of my friends decided not to go back. I realize it is much harder for STmers to score down here. Go to a BT in the morning and if you have not scored by dinner start calling the agencies!

Good Luck!

Mountain Guy
04-25-05, 19:10

Read my previous posts about Las Palmas. If cost is not an issue, don't stay there. Alternately, stay one night and look around for a nicer place. There are dozens in MF and almost all of them have vacancy.


Hi All,

I am having difficulty deciding in which hotel to stay.

Hotel Colon is $ 50.00 and Las Palmas is $ 25.00. Cost is not issue but I want to stay close to the action since it is my first time in David's Lima.

Please suggest.



04-25-05, 19:57
Hi All,

After reading all 60 + pages I have found that anal is pretty common in Lima as compare to Costa Rica and Thailand.

Another is the payment up front before the deed. Where as in CR and Thailand (where I have so far in mongering) money is always afterwards.

Please comment if I am wrong.



Jaimito Cartero
04-25-05, 20:54
I am having difficulty deciding in which hotel to stay.

Although I had a problem at the Maria Luisa, I would recommend it for the nice rooms and friendly staff. Unless you have some special requirements, it doesn´t seem smart to pay double for a hotel. I think Las Palmas and Maria Luisa are similar in price for a Jr Suite. (85 pesos per day at ML)

Jaimito Cartero
04-25-05, 20:59
Hi David ,

What is the charge from this web site?


If you look on the website, it says $100 US in cash. An hour. Doesn´t sound like a deal to me.

04-25-05, 21:10
If you look on the website, it says $100 US in cash. An hour. Doesn´t sound like a deal to me.Yes it does not sound good deal.


Jaimito Cartero
04-25-05, 21:23
After posting my report yesterday, I exited the internet place, and was going to get some dinner at a Non Pizza Alley place. There are a couple of places just south of the park that I wanted to try.

As I´m exiting, I see a duo heading towards me. They looked like ones I had seen in Pizza Alley the other night. Both a bit short, one a 1/2 mestizo looking (5 foot tall) with fairly big tits, the other a little taller, braless with nice B cups.

The both ask where I´m going and sandwich me in. I tell them I´ll see them later after I eat. They want to come with me, not to eat, but ¨just¨ to keep me company.

I know the game, but they are friendly. Very friendly. The taller one is DFK me in the street and letting me squeeze her tits 20 seconds after we´ve been introduced. I figure at worst I´ll have an interesting dinner.

I know that people had said that my hotel (Maria Luisa) only allows one girl, so I´ll have to choose at some point. I figure I´ll get to see who I like the most over dinner.

We go to a an Italian restaurant (Lola). It´s more upmarket than where I´ve eaten before. About 25-40 for an entree. I get a nice steak, they share a small pizza and a glass of wine each.

I´m sandwiched inbetween them. Claudia (Shorter) on my left, V (Vanessa?) on my right. V has got her hand on my dick as soon as we´re sitting. Once she starts to kiss you, she won´t let go. A couple of upper class looking younger chicas give me a look a few times during the night.

Dinner runs 85 soles with tip. I´m glad that I can´t take them both, as I only have 140 soles left from the 700 pesos I took out of the ATM on Thursday.

As we walk, I tell them that my hotel will only let one of them in. The tell me to go to a hostal instead. I wanted my room, so told that I liked them both (true), and I´d let them decide which one would go. Claudia ceded to V, and said maybe I´d take the other one the next day.

They tell me to check the hotel anyway. I ask the door guy, and he says to ask the desk. The nicer girl is there, and I ask her nicely if I can take them both up. She starts to protest a little bit, but I use a bit of charm and she says I can them them both for ¨awhile¨. I smile, and off we go.

When we get upstairs, I take pictures of both with clothes, and as they´re disrobing. They then ask about the ¨regalito¨. I tell them that after the dinner I´m close to seco. I tell them 75 soles each. They say, ¨75 dollars¨ each. I laugh and say, ¨soles¨. They agree.

It turns out, that even with change, I only had about 145 soles left. They split it up and tucked it way.

Again, before they came up, I had them agree to everything I wanted (and a few I didn´t, just to see what was on the menu). The only thing not on the menu was lesbianism, which was sad.

These chicas weren´t great looking by any stretch. Nicer than the girl I got my money back from on the first night. Claudia said she was 27, but her ID card (that I looked at when giving it to the girl at the desk said 33/34). So I´d say they were both early to mid 30´s.

They stated that they worked in stores, but when I pressed them for what hours they worked, it then turned into an ¨independant¨ job, and not one that they showed up to every day. Yeah, right.

These chicas were very good about pictures. I took 15 or so. I was a bit worried about being ripped off, so I made sure any money was in a secure place, and I reverified it before they left.

Claudia did try and use a condom for the BBBJ, but quickly relented when I reminded her. I did almost everything except anal with these girls. Total time about 2 hours. I even got a 10 minute massage at the end of it.

About 75 in, the front desk calls telling me that one girl needed to come down. I told her that we´d be down before too long. No more calls, though.

When they left, I went down, and sweet talked the front desk girl, and gave her $5US. (The chicas had every last centimos of my soles).

I went out an hour later to get some water, but all the pulperias seemed to be closed. I asked the front desk about a proper massage since I had walked about 7 km that day and was sore. When I came back from my water run, she told me she could have someone come for 80 soles.

I asked if maybe she could give me a massage away from the hotel. She smiled, but said no. I figure sooner or later, I´ll convince a non-pro.

04-26-05, 16:22
Those are interesting reports Jaimito. Sounds like things have improved for you.
Could you perhaps provide an additional detail that will help someone new to Lima? Directions to the Pizza Alley, the supermarket and the beachside park you mentioned, relative to the Maria Luisa. It may be obvious once a person gets there, but it will help if he has some idea.


Member #4351
04-26-05, 18:43

1. Forget about vaneza tops...I think the pictures are false.

2. Colon is newer, more modern and has more stars than the Marìa Luisa...that's why it costs more. You aren`t in BKK in Miraflores...everything is fairly close, Larco, the longest street is only about 14 short blocks or so. In reality, IMHO pizza street should be your LAST choice of venues, (well maybe Tequila is worse...but not by much). Jaimito likes to walk, so he ends up there a lot. There are tons of better alternatives. If you really don`t want to put out much effort, I can always help you out.

3. STOP WORRYING! If you've mongered the places you say you have, you won`t have any problem here.

04-26-05, 18:56
Thanks David for your help.

I look forward to seeing you. I hope Colon is chica friendly that's where I am staying now on May 11.


Jaimito Cartero
04-26-05, 21:34
All are pretty close. Maria Luisa is one block south of the park, inbetween two streets. KFC is on the street to the east. Just take either street to Larco (The main street here.) Walk across the park, and on the other side are tons of restaurants. The locals call it 'Calle del Pizzas', for the alley that has mostly pizza places down it.

Things are a bit more expensive in the alley. Usually 15-30 soles for a meal, less beverages. On the street side (not in the alley, more to the west, next to the Chifa), there are a number of less expensive places. A 24 hour place, has 1/4 chicken with a huge plate of fries, and small salad for 6 soles. I'm not sure about their pink ketchup, but the service and food is fine.

If you take a left on Larco, you head towards the beach. It's an easy walk, and lots of stuff to look at. The LarcoMar Mall is actually mostly below a park. Lots of shops, restaurants and a Cinema with 12 or so theaters. I think the Marriott is also right near it, if you need a point of reference.

Jaimito Cartero
04-26-05, 21:51
David told me about a cute chica friend, and she sounded just like what I needed.

She came by last night at 10, and I think the front desk girl knows what I'm up to now...

'J' came by and we headed up to the room. Very cute, 19 years old, University student. I haven't had an in depth conversation with any of the chicas here, so she was a real breath of fresh air.

We talked for about 45 minutes about how things are in Peru, and it's always great to get the local opinion on stuff. She's quite intelligent, but very sexy at the same time. My perfect chica.

We head to the bedroom, and we start kissing, and she's just great. Very affectionate and tender.

Let me describe her. 5' 2", medium length black hair. Nicely built, super firm C cups, no babies. Pierced belly button, a medium sized tattoo on her back. Unshaved, but trimmed bush. When I asked her about DATY, she said 'Si', but with a slight hesitation. I always take these cases as a challenge.

She was super clean, and tasty. She was very receptive, but never came. She said she has never done so with oral stimulation. This is a disappointment, but she was still a lot of fun.

Only negative was that her mother called while I was eating her. She ignored it the first 5 times, and finally answered it. However, she quickly got off the phone, I dove back in.

After an hour or so, I had her start on me. She gave the most delicious BBBJ. Slow and deep. No hand job, or trying to get me off quick like some of my other experiences here. A total sweetheart.

We finished off with slow nice missionary. Afterwards we talked a bit, and I got some nice photos of her dressing, showering, etc. She made me promise that they weren't to be sent out, and I always honor these.

Total cost was $US50. I tipped her a little bit for excellent service. She also never even mentioned money the whole time which just made it great. 2 1/2 hours total. She was happy with the $50, and never asked for anything else.

A great big thanks for David for sending this beautiful chica my way. Just imagine her as the great looking chica that you see walking down the street. I don't know how often she works, but I'd guess semi-pro at best.

Long Stroker
04-27-05, 02:16
Tony wants to visit the MP on Diez Canseco St where I found this chica. I think it's in the same bldg as Tequila Rocks but I can't remember the apartment number. Can anyone help?

Member #4351
04-27-05, 16:09
That place is known as not giving full service. Did you get more than a bj there?

Jaimito Cartero
04-27-05, 16:37
Well, I had another great chica last night. David posted some pictures of ¨M¨a year ago or so in the photo forum. She´s a short little beauty, somewhere around 5 foot or so. Black wavy hair, sensuous lips, and a ¨please fuck me¨ look on her face. She does some sort of dancing (Not stripping), and is 20 years old.

She couldn´t find the hotel easily, so came a 1/2 hour late. However, the wait was worth it. She had these very sexy black boots on, with a shirt with a cute pussy (cat) on it.

I talked with her for awhile, not as in depth as the night before, but I was much more comfortable with her, it was like she´d been my girlfriend for months.

We moved to the bedroom and just worked everything real slow. No rushing, super comfortable. She seemed multi-orgasmic, and had fun all the time. She also gave me an excellent BBBJ for 20 minutes. She then mounted me cowgirl style, and then we finished in missionary with the legs back touching the wall behind her. Fuuuuuuuun girl.

She then showered, and spent some time in bed kissing and just talking. Very, very nice. Another great evening thanks to David.

I had hoped she would stay TLN, but a bit after midnight, she said she had to go home to momma. I was sad, but what can you do?

I leave early tomorrow morning. David and I will be hitting the Troc tonight with luck. I think I´m pretty spent, as 4 solid nights or 1 or more chicas a night.

Lima Busy
04-27-05, 17:13
Tony wants to visit the MP on Diez Canseco St where I found this chica. I think it's in the same bldg as Tequila Rocks but I can't remember the apartment number. Can anyone help?I do not know the address. But the one on Calle Arica 221-225? provides full service. Prices are 35-70 soles for 30 min-60min massage. Girls are $50 for full service. No bbbj. Normally 5 girls. Quality varies on day etc. Have not been there in about 9 mos. so things might have changed. If Rita is still there, she provides excellent service and is the youngest/flaca chica. The manager was also great looking, though I never tried her. Sometimes they offer a twofer special on slow afternoons.The girls also freelance if you get to know them. My friends and I share a chic from "The Bruce" for 100 soles.

Lima Busy

04-28-05, 01:45
Jaimito, so, when I visit next month I beg and plead with David for M's contact?
What did she end up costing by the way, about the same as the others?

Long Stroker
04-28-05, 01:57
That place is known as not giving full service. Did you get more than a bj there?

Yes, I banged the girl in that picture in the sauna room. Full service. But, based on your comment, I do now remember two things that were unusual. First, as we were boning in the sauna, she kept putting her finger to my lips to suggest that I be quiet. I thought she was just kidding around, but maybe she really didn't want the other girls hearing my grunts. And number 2, if I recall, she wrapped up the used rubber in a little baggie and asked me to take it with me.

I guess, taken together, those two signs might suggest that FS may not be something the girls do there regularly.

(Also, and this is really reaching back in the old memory banks, but I recall the massage rooms themselves as having only a massage table - easily lending itself to HJ or BJ, but not very practical for FS. Maybe the secret is to pay the extra for the sauna - when the water jets are on, it creates a nice white noise cover for the extra activities.)

Michael Tours
04-28-05, 09:39
Hola Lima mongers,

Thats right about the massageplaces, they are not allowed to have sex there, but if you are quiet, it can been done.

I have done it a couple of times, on the massagetable and on the floor, just tell them you know they do it and you wont tell anybody about it.

I was at the place next to Tequila, 4th floor. Well I will be back later this year,to have more fun . Have been over a year in Lima ,togheter the past 5 years. have a lot of girlfriends there.

I am from Europe, and speak ok Spanish. I am now in Pattaya ,Thailand right now , but I am missing Lima. Ok have fun guys, and fuck on.

From Michael Tours

04-28-05, 13:10
Hello Everybody :
I wil be in Lima from May 11-15. Any body else around at this time send me a PM for group hobby.


Member #4351
04-28-05, 15:17

No problem..when you get here I'd be glad to put you in touch with her.

04-28-05, 16:37
Hello Everybody :

After reading all the posts , seems that anal is pretty common in Peru as compare to Costa Rica.
I would like experts shed a light on this topic.


Jaimito Cartero
04-29-05, 07:13
Well, I've made it almost home. Just thought I'd give a few details before I forgot them.

Many businesses will take dollars and give you better exchange rates that the street guys. There are some 2001 series $100 bills they don't like at all. Try to bring clean bills, and I think the 2003 versions are the safest.

Pharmacies, and restaurants will usually change $20 or $50 at a time. I didn't find any who changed $100's. I wish I had known this at the beginning. Rates in the street were 3.23 or maybe 3.24 if you really bargained good. I got 3.25 and 3.26 in other stores.

The airport tax is $28.24 cents. It's cheaper to pay in Dollars, as they will give you an inferior exchange rate.

Unfortunately, I had some stomach problem on Wednesday, and didn't feel up to going to the Troc with David. Again, he's very helpful and a very lucky guy to live in Lima.

I only ended up getting 2 hours sleep before I had to leave, so I was a bit in a fuzz when I left.

I've had a few people PM me with requests on some of the girls. I'm pretty much pointing everyone to David at this point, as I personally would not refer the last two I saw to someone I didn't know. Especially if have 0 or 1 posts, you really can't expect people to help a lot when you haven't posted anything.

I regret that I can't post any of their pictures, since I promised them. David did post some about a year ago. I will post the one of the two semi-ugly ones if anyone wants. I should be embarassed, but I'm not.

Jelly Donuts
04-29-05, 12:25
Hi All,

I am having difficulty deciding in which hotel to stay.

Hotel Colon is $ 50.00 and Las Palmas is $ 25.00. Cost is not issue but I want to stay close to the action since it is my first time in David's Lima.

Please suggest.


TonyI stayed in the Hotel Colon and I liked it. I was also able to negotiate a discount by staying for a week. I think I got it for U$40/day.

While Las Palmas is closer to Tequila and Pizza Alley, Colon is in a nicer quieter neighborhood and is closer to the LarcoMar entertainment center - which is a fine place to scope out the chicas. Taxis are cheap and plentiful anyway so being "close to the action" shouldn't be a factor.

It is also girl-friendly - I had a new girl or two every day and never had any issues. The girls at the desk never looked too happy with my activities but who cares. Actually they were very helpful - they once phoned me just after a girl had left to see if everything was in order and that I hadn't lost anything. Also the bell hops are more than happy to help hook you up with their friends.

Have fun!

Long Stroker
04-29-05, 16:50
Post the ugly ones, Jaimito! You are correct not to be embarrrased. Ugly girls need love too, you know.

And why did you have to go and promise to the pretty ones not to post their picture? Couldn't you have crossed your fingers or something?

Member #4351
04-29-05, 18:16
When I get some time I`ll post a couple of photos with face semi-censored.

Jaimito Cartero
04-30-05, 05:40
Post the ugly ones, Jaimito! You are correct not to be embarrrased. Ugly girls need love too, you know.

And why did you have to go and promise to the pretty ones not to post their picture? Couldn't you have crossed your fingers or something?

Well, I'm very aware that these girls have normal lives, and wouldn't want it to be damaged by some friend (or enemy) finding their picture online.

I had to make the promise to be allowed to take the pictures. I will post the ugly ones in the photo forum. Even these ugly ones would be making $US1000 a day in the US.

The last time I took money out from the ATM, I discovered you could take out dollars as well. I was chaged a $1 fee (on top of the $1 my ATM charges me). Still not a bad way to get money.

Just a quick rundown of costs for those interested in Peru on a budget.

Airplane: $367 from LAX + $98 for last leg to PHX.
Hotel: 8 nights at 85 soles per night (About $210 total)
Chicas: 7 chicas (Including 1 double).
Las Arcadas: 40 Soles (Not good)
Scarlet: 60 Soles (Decent, but no BJ)
Pizza Alley: 120 Soles (1st time, Jessica). No photos. Decent BBBJ.
Pizza Alley: 145 Soles (2 girls, 72.25 soles each). Older/uglier gals, but decent service when prompted.
"J" chica - $US50 plus 30 soles tip for sick mother. Great service. Great BBBJ. Yummm.
"M" chica - $US40 plus 40 soles (ran out of dollars). Great service BBBJ. Great GFE.

All girls that came to my room, stayed for at least 2 hours, and some as long as 3 1/2 hours.

A little tip. If David recommends a girl to you, you won't be disappointed.

I figure about $US100 a day, less airfare. I spent between 6-30 soles per meal, most in the 6-10 range. Taxi's were in the 5-15 soles range, except for the airport. I'm sure I could have gotten a better deal on my return taxi trip, but let the girl at the hotel arrange it for $US10. I was still a bit sick, and didn't want to screw around with going to Larco and getting a taxi.

I would walk quite a bit around the Miraflores area. Believe me, I need the exercise! Lots of good stuff to do, I walked the mile or so to the Larco Mar mall, and had fun there.

Internet pricing is between 1.5 soles per hour and 2.5 soles. Some of the smaller places were much friendlier. My favorite place was 3 blocks south of the KFC (Or two blocks up from the Maria Luisa hotel). The most I ever paid there was 2.5 soles, and that was 3 hours!

The place next to Tequila rock was pretty rude, and you only got their "best" rate in full hours. Their best rate was 2.5 soles per hour, but if you stayed an hour and a half you were charged 2.5 + 2 soles (1 hour, plus their 1/2 hour rate).

I don't know if Lima has the weather all year like it did when I was there. I reminded me of San Francisco a bit. A little chilly at night, but almost always pleasant. It was funny to see the people dressing up in jackets and pretending they were freezing when it got below 65 degrees!

The kids and people asking for money got to be a bit much. I know that real poverty exists in Peru, but I don't think panhandling is the solution. One 9 year old kept bugging me on Sunday, late at night for a propina. I was looking for the big bottles of water. I told him that nothing in life is free, but told him if he wanted a job, he could find me a place that was open that late that had them.

It was 1am, and most of the stuff was closed (pulperias, etc) during the day, and at night is was almost impossible. After scouting 10 places, he found a place that had some. I had him carry them to my hotel, and paid him for the job. I'm sure I'm trying to tranfer my work ethics to him, but I always think that doing a job and getting paid for it is a good thing.

05-01-05, 00:19
Jaimito, you are right to behave ethically about posting pictures. It is nice of these girls to let us take the pictures, and unless they expressly give permission, it is not nice for us putting up their pictures. It may be an old fashioned approach, but I believe behaving ethically pays off in the long run.
And, practically, it has a bad effect. As many people are aware, girls in Thailand have become very suspicious of having pictures taken, because of this practice.
On another issue: I will need to leave my main bag at the hotel when I go off to Cuzco for a couple of days. Did you get the impression that the Maria Luisa is a safe place to do so?
And, finally, I enjoyed your reports. It is reports like these that make this board so useful. But, I see that you have more than a thousand reports - so I am sure you have heard this before.

Jaimito Cartero
05-01-05, 01:36
I think there is a big difference between a pro working and an amateur. I do feel you have to have some sense of honor when dealing with chicas.

Thanks for the positive response to my reports. While I monger while travelling, my main purpose is to explore different places and have a relaxing time there. I think some guys go to a place and don't see the the great local environment. I was somewhat guilty of this, on this trip, but still got to see a wide swath of Miraflores, and a few of the other areas.

I also believe on reporting on the negatives as well as the positives. I love to fuck cute chicas. I will also fuck fuglies as well. Often it's the attitude (or if my balls are bursting) of the chica that's the deciding factor.

Member #4351
05-01-05, 16:14
OK, here are the pics I promised.

05-01-05, 19:29
Have any of you Lima cruisers met a pretty girl named Claudia? 22, short, tongue stud, and now has a snake tattoo on her stomach?? Not a "working girl" but kind of a fine line between that and the sugar daddy thing. Any feedback would be appreciated. Keep up the great posts.

Rich II
05-01-05, 22:24
Thia is my very first post to anywhere! I've never been to South America, but my best friend is from Lima and had been asking me to go and see Machu Picchu. Every thing you guys said is right on! Over priced taxies at the airport. Good thing I was with my friend.

I stayed at the La Haciendain Miraflores. $70. 00 US per night. Nice place and the bellboys had alot of friends at $50. 00 to $70. 00 for two hours of mid-day fun.

Emannuells was great. We went on a Thursday night and there were 50 to 60 of the hottest girls I had ever seen in one room! There were only 5 guys there including my friend and me. It took me one hour to narrow down the choice to one girl. She was from the jungle, 19 and said she had only been in town for three weeks (ya! ). $100. 00 US for two hours was worth it!

The next day she meet me for lunch and another 3 hours of fun. Long currly hair down to her perfect ass, and a face to die for. Didn't speak a word of english so I couldn't get anything going with her.

Went to Tequila Rock and again everyone is right about the girls wanting $100. 00 for 2 hours. Some nice ones and some hard core putas there.

Pizza alley had some street walkers that looked to hard for my taste.

Peppers and Two Stars had a couple of dooers there in the $50. 00 for 2 hour range. Never made it to any massage parlors.

I had my ticket to go back this Wednesday, but had to pospone till the end of June. Anyone going to be there at that time?

I will try to post some pictures when I learn how to. Had the best time of my life! It was hard to do 12 chicks in 7 days, or 12 chicks in 7 days because it was--- hard!

I picked up alot of phone # from non-hookers. Girls would just stop me in the street and give me their #'s. It's wierd because I'm in my 50's, and alot of them were very young. I'm going back every 3 months if my heart holds up.

NJ Dude II
05-02-05, 07:52
Stop paying US prices in Peru. I was in Lima for 10 days and didn't have to pay over $ 40 /hr for excellent service from young beautiful girls. Emmanuelle girls are a rip off. Paying $100 for the girl plus hotel is unthinkable.

I found lots of very pretty girls in incalls and saunas. I live in New Jersey and can't wait to go back to Lima.

Jaimito Cartero
05-02-05, 09:00
I picked up alot of phone # from non-hookers. Girls would just stop me in the street and give me their #'s. It's wierd because I'm in my 50's, and alot of them were very young.

I feel hurt. No girls on the street gave me their numbers.

You did overpay a bit, but it does sound like you had fun. If you do a bit more research, you can pay $35-$50 for 2-3 hours with no problems. The girls in some places like TR will try and bleed you, but many will go for $50 or so. Just don't seem too anxious.

If you go back, see if you can go out with David one night. He's the Lima Master.

Member #4351
05-02-05, 17:17
I don`t know about being a Lima Master. But Rich II paid the going rate at those clubs. That`s why I don`t go there. But if someone has the bucks and wants to pay IMHO, too much. No problem. There are cuties in the high priced clubs. But as I posted once before; one night I did a sweetie at the Troc. for the usual around $8 price. She told me she also works at Peppers...one of the high priced clubs. There she gets her $80 or $100 when she goes out. But thats the caveat..when she goes out, if she goes out. They can sit around all night and fuck up their bio rythms and get nothing, or work at the troc...do 10 STs and get the same bucks guaranteed. I imagine that the superstars in the high priced clubs get bought out (because on top of the girl`s price you`ve got to pay a fairly heavy bar fine) just about every night and probably get their asking price. A lot of politicians and rich married guys frequent these clubs.

Lima Busy
05-02-05, 18:15
Well it appears tourist season is about to begin and they are trying to clean up Miraflores.

Friday night I was coming back from dinner around 10pm and took a walk down Pizza Alley looking for some friends. Low and behold about 15 of the local security forces were rounding up all the usual suspects. They would go into the bars and restaurants and drag them out to the waiting Paddy wagon out front. In about 10 min I watched them grab 15-20 chicas.

I imagine they were going to take them down to the beach. As I was leaving there was a 18y/o hottie walking by herself towards Pizza Alley, She never made it, as she passed by the paddy wagon in front of PastiPizza they just grabbed her and threw her in.

The only ones they did not take were chic's sitting at a table with gringo's.

I do not know if they came back again Sat nite.
Sunday morning on Reportaje they showed a high end brothel operation in Miraflores bieng shut down.

As most of you know Calle Pizza's is primarily for the hard core low end chicas that can be had for 30-40 soles.

Ocassionally a real diamond will come by when they first arrive in Lima from the selva looking for a place to stay and a few bucks.

I find it ironic that they raid calle Pizza and then a few Km away the municipality is charging 5 soles to fuck on the beach and selling condoms.

But as we like to say "Peru is Peru"

Lima Busy

Member #4351
05-02-05, 23:01
It appears that the older uglies have Pizza street sewn up. They have kind of a union and don`t let in the younger, better looking competition. Physical violence is used.

05-02-05, 23:33
Hi Lima Busy Can you please give more detail about fuck on the beach.
Are there huts or rooms and girls available?
If it is than I really want to do it.

I find it ironic that they raid calle Pizza and then a few Km away the municipality is charging 5 soles to fuck on the beach and selling condoms.

But as we like to say "Peru is Peru"

Lima Busy[/QUOTE]

Member #4351
05-03-05, 00:42
Charge for parking in the beach parking lot in a CAR at night.

05-03-05, 00:49
Hello all,

I will be in Lima for a total of 8 days with a side trip to Cusco planned. I will try to be a good monger and report on my escapades while they happen instead of returning home and not having the time. All prices below are in soles.

David 33 is a scholar and a gentleman. He is vey willing to help out a fellow hobbiest and is quite entertaining as well. Being I dont contribute, I was not expecting much from him and didnt want to push info out of him, but he is willing to share his all of his Lima wisdom. He is probably the nicest person I have met in my short travels thus far. If you find my report useful in anyway thank David, because he is the biggest reason why I am posting this report. Okay Dingman, enough with the ass kissing on to the report.

Day 1, Part 1A

Maria Luisa. I am staying here and couldnt be more pleased with the 85 a night JR suite. One note that I dont think has been mentioned is if you check in before 7am (I arrived on the early flight) you are expected to check out that day before 1pm. To actually stay the night they wanted me to pay 85 more. I got them to down to 25 for the early check.

Cavin Spa. Calle Rodolfo Beltran 175 in Santa Catalina (close to puente Quiñones)

I am a big spa lover and am enjoying the Banos Turcos in Lima. They kind of have a Rio Terma atmosphere, but are different in many ways. Cavin Spa is open 24/7, in fact from talking to the receptionist they are open 365 days a year. I got the info from perutops (thanks Nibs), but I will summarize the prices here. Its 20 to get in, 20 for a massage, and 80/100/150 no haggle for hj/bj/completo. Didnt ask about anal, its not my thing. These are prices if you pay in cash. They charge a little more for credit cards. They also have private rooms upstairs. The charge up there is 50 for the room, 50 for the massage, and 200 for completo.

Let me describe the experience of banos turkos because I dont remember reading on here what you expect once inside. Once you enter the spa, the receptionist will be towards your left. She will hand you a bag and tell you to put your valuables. I was hesistant at first, but put all of your cash, your watch, and credit cards into this bag. She will place the bag into a mailbox, lock it, and hand you a bracelet with a number and 2 keys. One key for the mailbox to unlock your bag of valuables and one for your looker. You will walk up the stairs and into the locker room area. Strip down and grab 2 towels (trust me you are going to need 2 for the after activities clean up). Once you walk out of the looker room you will have access to the dry and wet spas, showers, a bar, jacuzzi (sp?), and swimming pool. There was a TV lounge and restuarant type area as well.

The massages and chicas will be down stairs. Each chica gets their own room with a massage table and small looker. There are a bunch of rooms but most will not be occupied. Find the open room with the TV. This is supposedly the waiting room, but I had to go looking for chicas because they were all in their rooms. Just knock on doors and they will let you know if they are free.

I saw a lot of locals in the place but they didnt seem to be interested in massages or chicas. I saw alot of them sleeping and just hanging out. I should mention I was there at 6:00AM. So I had a choice of 4 chicas (there were supposedly 8 girls working, but many choose to sleep at that hour because again not many are there for the massages). I would rate them as one 7, two 6s, and one 5.5.

I choose the 7. I think her working name was Nena. Cute face, tanned skinned, nice boobs (all though starting to sag), sweet ass, and good personality. Good foreplay massage (which I gropped her for the entire time) and then I shagged her silly. The only downer was that she gave a cbj and for less than a minute. This is a one pop and out type opperation, but they did not seem to be clock watchers. Once you are down she will ask you to sign 2 slips. One for the massage and one for her tip.

I would and did go back. The chicas and staff are very friendly. Infact while waiting for a taxi (this is not the best of areas, I recommend taking a taxi from the spa door especially at night. should be about 8 soles to miraflores), the receptionist and bartender were trying to hook me up with another receptionist. She was cute, very shy (she was digging Dingman), and friendly but not really my type.

05-03-05, 01:29
Day 1, Part 1B

David picked me up at 6:30 on the dot and we headed for the Troc. Jamito (thanks for you latest reports on Lima) you missed out. This place is out there but I got to know David a bit on the trip up. There are 2 establishments and we only went into the one on the right which gave us access to about 3 rows of girls with rooms on both sides about a 100 yards long. This price is 13 soles to enter.

The place is a gold mine with hidden gems. There were probably 6-7 young early 20s looking girls that any monger would bang in a heart beat (better than any of the ladies of Cavin Spa) and another 5 that I would easily bang. The price is 20 soles for about 15-20 mins. Negotiate everything before you step into their office. I ended up tipping a little extra for bbj for each of my 3 sessions. 2 cuties (one which I bagged like crazy for short changing me on a bbj as long as I wanted deal) and one chubby because I was in the mood for big tittys.

The two cutties had nice soft skin and tight snatches. I had to fight back loads 2 and 3 (to some less extent) for the day. Their attitudes were so-so, but I made them pay on all fours. The chubby girl was actually the best. She blew me for a good 15 minutes while I played with her juggs. Think ping pong ball though a garden hose. She even smacked herself with little Dingman, which amused me. I finally told her about this being my 4th release of the day and she took care of with me with a nice hj.

Total damage was was 123 soles. 40 for cuttie number 1, 30 for number 2, 40 for the chubby chica, and 13 for the enterance. And of course David drove so I saved on Taxi money (he even bought me dinner afterwards altho I was to tired to put out).

The ladies in this place absolutely love David. The guy could be a semi legend here if he visited the place more often. As we were leaving the Troc, chicas were begging him to take their phone numbers. He has away of entertaining the chicas in conversation while being very blunt and straight to the point. One chica even recoginized from several years back and commented how he hasnt changed (in reference to his bluntless).

This place is defenitly worth a trip. I am not going to lie and say that this place is for everyone. Its seedy and does have a prison/dungeon type atmosphere, but its an experience. Go with David, you will have a blast.

Member #4351
05-03-05, 14:54
Now everyone is going to expect me to buy them dinner.

05-03-05, 15:21
Hi David :

Dont worry about me.
Beer and Troc treat is on me.


Member #4351
05-03-05, 15:54
Just pay for the gas.

05-03-05, 16:07
David it will be my pleasure.

05-04-05, 03:44
Day 2

David sent over Jamito first little cuttie 'J'. His discriptions of her are dead on and will add that she is sweet and bubbly enough to be your kid baby sister (SHUT your mouth David!!!). She stayed with me for a good while and was good company. Treat this one right if you are lucky enough to have the pleasure.

Afterwards I went to Cavin Spa again to relax, which in retrospect I regret a little. Not that I didnt enjoy myself, but I should have checked out a different spa. Anyways, the staff instantly remembered me and got the your-back-for-more smile. Very friendly staff. This time I got there around mid night and the place was dead. Same shift girls from day 1 but there were options I did not see the first time (they were must likely sleeping). I took a cute little spinner (I would rate 7, but a cute little body, tight little ass, and blew little Dingman like a champ uncovered).

Was not going to session again but a friend of the spinner (lets be nice and give her a 6) started rubbing up against me at the bar while the 3 of us were chatting it up. So since little dingman was at attention, I figured why not. For the life of me I can not remember their names. I talked both of these chicas down to 130 soles each for completo because I was under the impression I was over paying. They made me promise not to tell anyone (oops!). The going rate according to perutops is 150 for completo.

The total damage was 332 soles for 2 massages at 20 soles each, 2 nuts at 130, entrance fee at 20, and few drinks (which they might have fucked up on in my favor). All in all a good time was had by everyone.

Rich II
05-04-05, 22:58
Just a quick update. I didn't know about this web site untill I got back from Peru! I wish I had found it before I went!

I went to Largo Mar but didn't see anyone I felt comfortable talking to. Most of the girls were kids, and I'm not going there.

I am going back June 21st. How do I get in touch with fellow mongers. Are we allowed to post our EMails. I'm still feeling my way here.

05-05-05, 04:30
Day 3 Part A.

Decided to try new spas today. A note when giving taxis directions. You will have to give them the street address plus the district they located in, such as Santa Catalina, San Miguel, MiraFlores. Streets tend to be reused in different districts.

Mithos Spa. Av. la marina Cuadra 34 in Maranga - San Miguel

This spa is better laid out than Cavin and much smaller. Much cleaner feel and more bright inside. I went in about 2:30pm. In this spa, after you have locked up your valuables (same procedure as Cavin Spa) you take your clothes off in one of four open doored dressing rooms. You set your clothes on the bench and grab a towel (grab 2 actually, put the second one over your shoulders). An attendant will come in later and store your clothes and shoes away.

After leaving the dressing room to the right, there will be a set of stairs to your left and bar/restaurant area to the left of the stairs. Behind the bar area is where you will find the spa facilities (steam room, dry sauna, pool, jacuzzi and showers). Up the stairs is where the chicas and massage rooms are.

While in the sauna a local was nice enough to give me a few pointers. Basically the place is open from 10 to 10 (or until the last customer finishes up) and they are not at full chica staff until around 4:30pm. Most of the chicas should be in their early to mid 20s. Told me to enjoy the spa facilities and hang out until all the chicas arrive. Dingman wasn't about to wait until 4:30. So after the sauna, I head to the bar, order a drink, and get the low down on the number of chicas currently available.

I try to confirm with the bartender the massages are upstairs and this draws giggles from one of the receptionist and the professional house masseuse that were sitting at the bar. The bartender with a smirk points to the pro masseuse and asks what type of massage I want (more giggles). The pro masseuse smiles back and tells the bartender to explain the deal to me. I playing the stupid innocent gringo, appear shocked at the extra option massage, pause, confirm thats what I want, and retreat upstairs. I have never heard so much laughter behind me.

Once at the top of the stairs there's a long hallway with massage rooms on both sides. All are open except for one. The last room on the left doesn't have a door so I pop my head in and my mouth almost dropped. There was this absolutely drop dead gorgeous little chica that was an easy 8.25 on the Dingman scale. She was wearing her normal clothes that consisted of tight jeans and tight white blouse with buttons undone to show cleavage. No older than 21 years. I would rate her higher but she was gap toothed. She must have seen the dumb expression on my face and with a smile asked if I would like a massage? Uh si mi amor!!!

The massage was solid and she was teasing little dingman from underneath which he absolutely loves. She tells me full service is normally 180 soles but said for me it would 150 soles. What a nice gal (should be 120 or 100 for old regulars according to perutops), but I did not feel like negotiating and didn't want to ruin the joyful mood (yeah I suck). She leaves and comes back wearing just a towel.

She tells me to get off the table and that I would have to take off her towel. I take it off and I was about to loose it. She had the nicest set of natural c-cups that I have seen in a long time. Her stomach was completely flat, had a killer little ass, and a shaved (tight) snatch. Her body was tight and had the softest smoothest tanned skin. I had to fight long and hard not bust so quickly (that tight shaved snatch did me in though). This chica loved the naughty talk too. I believe her working name was yorlanda or something like that. This could be my first repeat of the trip, just a killer hard body and smile.

Total damage was 180 soles. I paid with CC on this one (they dint charge extra for using one) so I have the receipt, but can not figure out the breakdown of the charges. It was 150 for full service (she didn't even offer lesser services), 20 for the message and either 10 for the water or entrance? maybe they wave the entrance fee before a certain time? If I make it back I will try to clear it up.

05-05-05, 04:37
Day 3 Part B.

Sauna Relax & Vida. Av. Carlos Villaran Nro. 121 in front of the Interbank in Santa Catalina.

When I was doing my initial research for Lima, this was the highest rated spa on perutops in a poll even though their was no full service. I went about 8pm and was the only dude (or so I thought) in the place with about 6 cute chicas ranging in 7 to 7.75. All the girls were under 25.

This banos turcos is set up differently. In this one you walk in and sit in a bar area fully clothed. Since I was the only guy in the place the mamasan presented me with all six chicas and four them sat down with me and seemed fascinated in my gringo ass. All chicas were sweet and were able to hold short enlightened conversation. After about 15 minutes of chatting, I made my selection out of the 4 (a solid 7.5) at the mamasans request. My chica then led me to the dressing room.

Once in the dressing room, she removed all my clothes and places a terma style robe on me. Then takes me to a private room that has a steam room, jacuzzi, and showers. The protocol is that you start in the steam room. Here the chica will give you a message (and I gave her one too). Next its off to the jacuzzi for some good times, then to the shower for cleanup. There is no full service here. I got a 1 minute bbj (much persuading), a little DFK, and hand release.

The cost here is 70 soles plus the chicas tip. The 70 soles includes the entrance fee and (I believe) 45 minute session with the girl. For hand release, perutops mentioned tips should run 30-50 soles. 100-120 soles is a bit pricey for hand job and bbj, but I enjoyed the different experience. This place had the cutest and friendliest chicas of any spa that I have visited hands down. I am not going to even mentioned what I tipped, I had a NBA Fantastic time and pulled a phone number.

This will be my last report for a little while as I am off to Cusco todo touristy stuff.

Lima Busy
05-07-05, 01:59
at various times i have seen reports and seen questions regarding this bano turco.
first, it is above tequilas in the older office building to the left when you are facing tequilas. coming from park kennedy it will be the opening on your right a few stores down from tequilas. after you walk thru the entrance you will see a hallway with a security guard and two elevators in a hallway on your right. just go in as if you belong and take the elevator to the "3rd" floor. when you get out of the elevator it will be in front and to your left #302.

there is a picture of a half naked girl on the door with a peephole in it.

now that everyone knows where it is the only question is why you would want to come here?

david 33 commented that he thought full service was not possible here? for the average looking monger he is correct.

once you walk into the apt. it is not a real bt there were 3 girls working at 11 am. two were busy so i decided to try the 3rd. we discussed price and agreed on 35 soles for 1 hour massage and additional 50 soles for nude massage with bj.

the chica was a little spinner from trujillo whose name was something like
(sa judy) excuse my spelling. she said she was 20 but i suspect by her titties and little snatch was not a day over 18.

you have to pay her upfront unlike other bt's and that was probably my first mistake. she started giving me a #3 massage on a scale of 10 and i had to remind her it was supposeed to be nude. she was a little timid and i had to remind her bra and panties does not qualify as nude.

finally she bared it all and what a nice little body she had. i decided to say screw the massage and see how far i could get.

we talked for awhile kissed lightly and she let me kiss,lick and fondle her little titties and tight ass. i told her i wanted 69 and she said it was not on the menu. after a little coaxing i got her to spread her legs and give me a nice close look at her little shaved snatch. she allowed me to spread her lips but no kissing. oh well!

she climbed up on the table and started to give me the fbpm until i told her i was married and living in lima (sorry i can not tell a lie) at that point she froze up a little until she found out my wife is a peruana the same age.

at this point i wanted to bust a nut and asked her to blow me. she told me it was manual release only! red flag! i said no we agreed on a blow job and i was not about to spend 50 soles to get jerked off.

she asked me if i had a condom as they do not have them and this was not included.(basically you better bring a flavored non lub condom).i said no and told her i wanted bbbj. she was a little suprised but agreed to a ball wash,titty fuck and licked my shaft and jerked until i blew. i swear when i came she just froze, i think it was her first facial he he!

after she cleaned me off and i split. all in all it was a nice experience but not worth the 85 soles. she was really sweet the whole time and i am sure i could have f**ked her had i had a condom.

i will go back to nail her in the future but i think you guys can have a much better experience at some of the other places.

bueno suerte,

lima busy

05-07-05, 16:19
Any body around from May 11-15 for mongering.
I will be staying at Colon Hotel.

05-09-05, 05:58
day 4 - part a

la marina spa. av la marina 2865 in san miguel

this spa is open from 10am to 10pm and is close to mithos spa. i got there around 7:30pm. same procedure as other spas as far as locking up your valuables. you then go into a dressing room, remove you clothes, and some guy will come by to store away your stuff.

the spa is laid out real nice. after exiting the dressing room there will be a bar with tables to your right, swimming pool and jacuzzi to your center, and the showers and steam room will be to your left. you have to pay one sole for a bar of soap (ask the attendant).

the one thing i really like about the spa is that all of the chicas are sitting out in plain view. on this night there were a good 10 chicas present ranging from 6s to 7.5s. so after showering up, i head to the bar and order a gatorade, which seems to be the drink of choice at this place. then i notice all the locals are watching some soccer match on the various tvs rep001tered around the bar and ignoring the chicas that seem to be sitting together. so being the social butterfly that i am, i go and sit right in the middle of all the chicas.

the chicas are all shocked and happy that some dude would pay attention to them rather than some soccer match. when they realize i am gringo their eyes light up like dollar signs. so i work down my selection between 3 chicas. they are all digging the dingman. then i get a bright idea, i pull my favorite chica aside and whisper into her ear how much a massage plus full service is going to cost me upstairs (where all of the massage rooms are). she says 175 total (massages are 25 soles at this place). i counter with a 150 soles total and tell her ¨or else¨ looking in the direction of her 2 friends, who obviously know that we are negotiating. she looks at me for a half a second and says lets go.

up in the room she gives a short massage followed by a solid performance of multiple positions. a solid 7 and i took her because we had the best chemistry. her working name escapes me, but she did give me her real name and number and i might call her on her day off.

then as always to the showers and jacuzzi to relax.

total damage was 175.50 soles. 20 for the the entrance, 25 for the massage, 125 soles for complete service, 4.50 for the gatorade, and 1 sole for the bar of soap.

05-09-05, 22:28
Day 4 - Part B

Hotel Los Andes Spa. 833 Angamos Oeste in Surquillo.

This spa is located on the 8th and 9th floors of the hotel and is open 24 hours. When you walk into the lobby of the hotel there will be a set of elevators to the right. Walk in and head straight to the elevators as if you are a guest there. Head to the 9th floor. This is where you will be greeted by the receptionist, lock up your values, and change and store your clothes into a locker. You must pay 20 soles up front to use the spa facilities. I was also assigned a male attendant to take me to the sauna facilities. He was also the one who gathered all of the chicas into a room for me to select for my massage.

This spa has the worst sauna facilities so far and they are all located on the 8th floor. The only reason to come here is to get laid. I did not use any of the sauna facilities. The showers did not have hot water, there is no pool or jacuzzi, and the steam room was small and unbearably hot. So off to the massages I tell the male attendant.

He leads me into a room. A few minutes later the chicas all parade in, about 10 total. The first chica into the room was an 8.5 easy. Dingman was in love. The rest of the chicas ranged in 6 to 7.5s. They were all wearing uniform black jump suites (think high school girls drill team uniforms, the ones that perform at half time during football games). Apparently none of the chicas were permitted to say a word even when I greeted them all. You are suppose to just point to the one you want.

I choose the first chica whose working name was either jale or jade. This chica reminded me of my high school prom queen who never gave me the time of day. She was a 19 year old little Peruvian spinner from the country and had only been in Lima for 2 months. She was a single mother looking for cash in the big city. She did not have a hard body, but it was petite with b cups, no belly, a sweet little ass, completely tanned, and tight snatch. Had the most adorable smile and a perfect set of teeth. She even had a little girl chipmunk voice that I absolutely find erotic. I would have given her a 9, but she had the worst attitude of any of the chicas by far.

Off to the massage table. Red flag number 1, she doesn´t like me grabbing her sweet ass when I go for a greeting hug. Red flag number 2, the massage was the worst by far. Red flag number 3, she doesn´t like me fondling her during the massage. I could have just cut my losses. On the flip she says she wants 80 dollars. I just start laughing. She then says 50 dollars for half an hour or 150 soles. I counter with 120 soles (honestly thinking that the massages were 30 soles and not wanting to break the 150 soles for both full service and massage, she wasnt worth it at this point). She says nothing. At this point I am willing to cut my losses and say it looks like it will just be a massage today. She then agrees to the 120 soles to which I am not too thrilled about.

So back to the receptionist, again I have to pay for services up front. My chica asks me if I had any condoms to which I reply of course not (all the other spas provide condoms). 4 soles for 2 condoms. Dingman is not happy. Then we are shown to a hotel room with a full sized bed. This was the only redeeming thing about this experience. It even has a shower with luke warm water.

In the sack my chica started out as cold as a fish. I know this bothers some mongers, but I get a cheap thrill out of banging a chica that has no interest in me. She sucked my dick for less than 10 seconds and starts bitching that I maybe too big for her. I tell her to turn around on all fours and lets see how big I really am. This chica has the tightest snatch so far and it took me a while to get fully in. Once I get fully in, I pound the living hell out of her for a good 10 minutes slapping her cute little ass while she is fake moaning wishing she was in a happier place. Tired and sweating like a champ, I start side humping her and rubbing her clit. Her box is super wet at this point and starting to stink. So I put her in mish and finish just as the phone rings tell us that time is up. This chica is completely drenched in my sweat and comments how no one has fucked her for that long. We then both hop into the shower together (which she is not so thrilled about) and we both cool off.

She is the first one out of the shower, quickly puts her clothes on, and basically runs out of the hotel room while I am still in the bathroom. To her credit she at least took a good drilling for 20 plus minutes, but I would never repeat with her or this spa. As I was getting dressed to leave, I heard the staff fighting loudly about tip money, very unprofessional. The oldest staff person could have been no older than 25 and you could tell that no one wanted to be there and they weren´t even trying to hide it.

The total damage was 164 soles. 20 for the entrance, 20 for the message, 4 for 2 condoms, and 120 for a half hour of full service.

05-09-05, 22:41
I spotted a not so bad looking street walker looking to provide on Sunday night at the intersection for Larco and Canseco caddie corner to the 24 hour Internet place. This intersection is close to Tequila Rocks and Park Kennedy. The street walker was standing in the dark near one of those out door snack and news paper stands.

So I cross the street to investigate. The street walker asked if I was looking to get serviced. Little Dingman gets intrigued when a chica wants to service him. Notice I said chica. When I went in for further inspection this was no chica. Dingman did a quick retreat. It would not leave me alone and chased me a good block up the street telling me how it would be the best time I had ever had.

Anyone have a similar experience?

05-10-05, 03:12
How is situation at pizza alley? Are there any police raids?

Member #4351
05-10-05, 15:46
Hotel Los Andes is bad news. A giant rip-off. One guy posted that he had a good experience there...I don't know how. I checked it out once, and all the girls were way too expensive and sharks. This place is only for the uninformed. The Tequila rocks of Baños Turcos. If one insists on paying a lot at a Baños Turcos, go to Hotel Bruce or the Yin Yang.

John Sperm
05-10-05, 19:29
I been to this place twice, some three years ago both times I paid 120 soles I picked a nice chica whom I spent some hour for said amount. Its all a game you get the girl for 120 soles for an hour multiple cups. And I wll definately hit it again in June, and if they try to pull some sick shit as that prob. They will have a prob with me cause I will make a ruckus.

Member #4351
05-11-05, 01:21
Let us know how you get treated now.

John Sperm
05-11-05, 02:05
As a matter of fact I will not only let you know how I get treated but I will have David 33 be my witness. O my mongering experience. Salud! Now how come I can not upload pics from my previous trips?

Member #4351
05-11-05, 14:42
I get to watch? Can`t wait.

Lima Busy
05-11-05, 15:15
How is situation at pizza alley? Are there any police raids?Tony,

I was there again this friday a little earlier, maybe 9.00 and there were no raids going on as we saw all the usual suspects and a few new faces. Autumn has arrived (feels like winter) No more bikini clad girls walking down to the beach, all the chicks are wearing sweaters and coats now. I hope they bring back the mini-skirt and that sock thing again!

05-12-05, 15:19
Hi All:

I am here and let me know if any want to hook up for hobby.I am changing hotel from Colon to Las Palmas today.


Hawg Dawggie
05-13-05, 13:38
After some so-so experiences with chicas from Miraflores, I figured I'd take a taxi over to the Scarlet Nightclub, which a few mongers here have mentioned. It was worth it!

To begin with, the place is CLEAN, new, and very upscale and professional. In fact, I don't recall ever being in a place before where I paid for the chica at a cashier window that felt more like being at a bank teller (right down to the Visa and AmEx logo stickers on the window).

The place opens at like 2:30, and it was still VERY early when I rolled in around 5pm. (10 soles to enter if you're there early.) Only saw 3 chicas. A darker haired, small breasted chica with wavy hair and a somewhat too big butt, maybe a 6 overall, who came over right away and introduced herself as Fernanda. Wasn't too interested though because the other two looked like more in line with what I was shopping for. A little while after I blew off Fernanda, the second chica came over, tall, slim, fake blonde, maybe a 7, but she had a real phony attitude so I blew her off too. That left me with number 3: a shorter, large breasted blonde who said her name was Janet.

I liked Janet. Great attitude, kind of an impish friendliness. Made no secret of the fact that she really REALLY liked gringos. Seems she was trolling for one to help her get a visa to the U.S. Yeah right...can you see yourself bringing one of these honeys home to meet mom."So where did two meet?" "Well, mom, it's like this."

Anyway, we went upstairs, I paid the cashier S/.120 (no upselling, no extras) and we proceeded to the room. Nice room too, clean and with at least a modicum of decorating (curtains in the windows, etc.) I've stayed in 2-star chain hotels in the U.S. that weren't as nice as this room.

Janet turns out to be a little tiger in the sack, but with a knack for lovin'. Did a CBJ then your basic missionary to pop, went and showered off, came back to the bed for a little cuddling and recovery, Janet gave me her cell number and offered to come by my hotel the next morning, then ole Pedro was pretty much ready for business, so on to pop number two. Not bad at all for under $40.

I definitely recommend Scarlets to anybody who would rather stay away from dumpy crap holes. Scarlets is safe and clean but still cheap. The only thing that's gonna hit you is the taxi fare. Scarlets is near the airport. Once you get near the airport, you take the Panamericana norte until you get to the ovalo at Naranjal (next to Purina), then it's the first right on a small street (Hornos) into an industrial park, then first right again onto Yunques. The club is about halfway down the block. There's no sign, but you can't miss it. It's a bright pink fuchsia place that looks like it should be a residence in a new high-dollar country club community.

The Hawg *likes* clean. The Hawg is going back to Scarlets *tonight*.


05-17-05, 04:09
Got there on Wed night and stayed in Colon hotel. It was just an O.K hotel . I did not like the location and it was not also chica friendly. So moved to Las Palmas and for the money and location it is a good hotel. I was in superior room 402 which is in the back so did not have any problem with noise. JW is the hotel if cost is not an issue.
Davis 33 set me me up with Y on first night but missed her since my flight was delayed 2 hours. Met her again and she worth every penny. Very nice lady.
On my first night when I missed Y and I was horny so went to Pizza st. Picked up a lady which turned out to be a TV when we got to the room.
In short TV gave me hard time in returning my money and than I got invloved Colon hotal security and they got involved police and a small amount got a big mess. The TV gave me my 50% back and he or she was rude with police and hotel security so police took him to the station.
Over all I did not like Lima for action. The girls are not all that pretty.
Went to Las cuc but it was not upto my standard, banged one there but did not go back, it was scummy, the lady cleaned me and her self in a plastic pan.Could not believe what I am doing there. After LC experience did not have the courage to go to Troc.
Found a couple O.K looking chica's in pizza st on weekend.
Also went to TR, at about 1 a.m it was still empty on Friday night so I was disappointed there to.
I really like views of Larco Mar. I cheked a couple of restaurants and they were all excellent.
That is the end of my short report and would not go to Lima again for hobby.


Member #4351
05-17-05, 12:35
You also didn't pay Y what you promissed her (through me), that you would pay her. This is not a good idea, and gives other mongers from the board as well as myself a bad name. I think you should think about limiting your activities to another continent.

05-17-05, 13:55
Lima Busy and David 33

I will be in Lima for 5+weeks starting June 8. I would enjoy meeting the both of you. Be glad to buy you all a beer or two. I would like to 'pick your brains' about life in Lima. I am seriously thinking of moving there.

Also, can you give me an idea of what type of clothes to bring for the months of June and July. I understand that it is cooler at that time of year. However, how cool (or cold) does it get? I live in Texas however, I am used to cool weather. PM me if you don't mind.

Lima Busy: thanks for the info on the visas. I will contact the local consulate in Houston. You got my mouth watering when you started talking about your deli sandwiches. Although Houston is not N.Y. when it comes to delis we have a very good one called Kenny and Ziggy's. True authentic N.Y. deli. Too bad those sandwiches do not travel well- I would bring a couple with me.

I do not know how much mongering I will do. Joined cyber cupido and the results are amazing. I will try the gfe types first. If necessary monger later.

To any readers of this forum- if you want to try and hook up with some gfe type girls you might try the above. I suspect that some of these gfe's may be 'semi-pro's'. Guess that I will find out.

Looking forward to the "Lima experience" - hope I can provide some additional information to the forum readers. Although Lima Busy and David33 are the masters of Lima.


05-17-05, 15:46
David I paid her $ 50.00 for 1.15 hour.
I did have 2 problems with her , first she showed @ 9.00 a.m without calling when I was sleeping and tired from night before and was not in the mood at all. Second when I was nailing her her period started .
Well if you want me to send her another $ 100.00 I can do that without any problem. It might help her as well as you who is posting such a thing without checking with me in PM.

05-17-05, 15:52
David I mean to send her money if you give me her info where to send.

Member #4351
05-17-05, 16:15
Don't want to enter into a discussion, but since she had to make a 45 minute trip (and pay the taxi both ways) to meet you and you didn`t show up, you agreed on the phone with me to pay her $70...the normal $60 plus $10 for her screwed up evening (your fault or not...you set the time and didn`t show). Therefore I told her that she would be getting $70 and she got $50. Since she doesn't speak very good english....there may have been some failure to communicate on the time you wanted her to come. As far as the period goes...I`m sure she didn´t do it to you on purpose. She is a very nice person, and I was sad to receive her e-mail that she got semi-stiffed by you. No one else, of the very few guys she has gone out with, have had any complaints. Let`s leave it there...that there was a failure to communicate. But since you didn`t seem to have enjoyed your trip at all...I suggested that you might better enjoy some other part of the world.

Lima Busy
05-17-05, 20:29
First off, thanks for the compliment. BUT although I try to help out the Lima Board, I am definetly not in the same league as David33. I moved down here to get married and have a child with a lovely young local (28 years younger)and do not have much of a desire to monger.

I would love to meet up with you and david for coffee, lunch whatever to shoot the shit about Lima.

I can certainly help you out apartment wise if you are planning to stay in Miraflores.

I was glad to here you had success with a cyber-site, as I feel that is the best way to approach it. As we all know down here it is easy to find a pro on short notice if things do not progress with the non-pro's.

Give me a shout when you get to town!

David 33, Sorry we have never met, but I respect most of your posts. I had a bad feeling about TonyUSA from the get go. If your friend is available early afternoons I would love to make it up to her with Lunch and a session wednesday next week.

All other mongers. I am sure not everyone has a positive expierience when they come down here. I feel the more you put into the planning, the better time you will have. Lima is a lot more than getting laid. gotta run more later!

Member #4351
05-18-05, 13:53
Not worth a comment.

05-18-05, 16:02
Hi Guys :
If you are planing a trip to Lima just for hobby, I suggest you go some place else. Following are the most talked places in Lima section,

Las Cuc ( Scummy,filthy and dirty atmosphere,over all very sub standard)
Trocadero( Did not go there but heard worst than Las cuc)
Tequila Rock (Hardly any girl at 1 a.m on weekend)
Pizza St. ( Girls are ugly)
Emmanule strip club ( Too expensive)
WWW.placerdelperu.com ( exagerated and professionaly taken photographs.Hard to communicate over phone no body speaks English)

Over all I say this again that girls are not pretty in Lima.

All above is IMHO

Hoof Hunter
05-18-05, 23:22
Someone tries to hook you up with a cool chica to start off your trip. Your schedule is screwed up, you fail to contact your appointment to say that you'll be late, she loses out on money on cabfare and who knows what else, you speak no Spanish, and your experience with her sucks??? Are you surprised?

Then you short her on the money that you agreed to pay her, and you blame who? Even worse, you call David33 a pimp? What a loser you sound like!!!!

At what point will you take responsibility for your own fucked-up actions?

How about not traveling to places where you don't speak the language, or even know the local customs. Try the same actions in Brasil or Colombia, or even the DR, and see where they get you. Please stick to Miami or Vegas.

Lima is a great city to monger in, esp. when the ugly Americans (like this dude) stay away. And yeah, every chica in Lima is butt-ugly, yeah, right!!!!

05-19-05, 04:21
So Hoof Hunter :
Why dont you rate the places I mentioned.
IMHO a couple of guys on this board exagerated about Lima.
I dont speak spanish and I had great time in Costa Rica. Same in LOS.
What would you do with a girl who comes to you for sex with period.

Hoof Hunter
05-19-05, 06:20
So Hoof Hunter :
Why dont you rate the places I mentioned.
IMHO a couple of guys on this board exagerated about Lima.
I dont speak spanish and I had great time in Costa Rica. Same in LOS.
What would you do with a girl who comes to you for sex with period.

Dude, I'm headed back to Lima next week.

I'll stay in the Maria Luisa, as usual, jacuzzi suite for $43/nite. Much more quiet and modern than Las Palmas.

I already contacted some non-pros that I met last time down. I was balls-deep into one within the 30 minutes of meeting her. I'm not a stud, she was very sexy, even spoke perfect English. It's sometimes just that easy down in Lima. Cost me nothing more than 7 soles for her cab ride home. It's what you give off. They serve a wonderful purpose down in Lima in between mongering, plus they love showing you around. I went to a few great non-gringo places at night in Miraflores alone, thanks to them.

My experience will be 100% different than yours. I took the time to learn Spanish. I can communicate clearly with the chicas. You can't.

- Trocadero - really not my style, but I will head back there alone to give it a 2nd chance. 30 soles to bone, 13 soles to get in. Some of the chicas who work in the high-priced clubs, work there sometimes also.
- Las Cucardas - love the place. Point and click pussy. Scummy, flithy atmosphere? Were you in Cucardas or La Nena next door? The talent in Las Cucardas is very good. I've boned some sexy chicas from Cali/Medellin Colombia, from Ecuador, from Venezuela, and other parts of Peru in this place. Heading back there next week also. Approx. 15-18 soles to get in, 30-40 soles to bone. Some of the chicas are clock watchers.
- Calle de la pizzas - Hit or miss, depends on the night, and of course, you! I met a couple of the waitresses there and got numbers to set up plans, but time ran out. Of course, there are some scuzzy working chicas there. Ignore them and focus on the other chicas there. Camp out at Rustica or the English Pub and have a beer. It's not hard.
- Emmanuelle - against David33's repeated warnings, I went there anyway. They tried to hit me for 50 soles to enter!!! Yeah right, this is Peru, no way in hell I'm paying that. Chicas wanted $100USD. Out the door I went. Top-notch chicas, but they can be found at the Troc some days or Tequila Rocks later.
- www.placerdelperu.com - never needed to use it.
- Tequila Rocks - has its moments. Also has its chicas. Patience, wits, sense of humor, negotiating ability, and the willingness to walk out alone is needed. The chicas are there for a reason. Just wait them out. Give them a reason to leave with you. Make it worth their while, but make sure they are worth your while. If you can't find that balance, go home and jerk off!!! I never paid more than 150-170 soles for the nite (4-6 hours), and as little as 120 soles.

If the girl fails to tell you that she's on her period, or you fail to ask, be a nasty bastard like me and donkey-fuck the shit outta her anyway. She's already there, and you're already horny. Just put a towel down, or fuck somewhere other than the bed. Or, there's always room service and a 20 soles tip.

Now do us a favor, head back to Costa Rica. It's paradise for dudes like you. It's the joke of monger destinations. Leave South America alone, you're not up for it.

05-19-05, 09:35
Well Hoof Hunter :
I was not there to do a science project. I was just there for hobby.I dont want to go to all that shit hassel you mentioned.The only thing speaks is money no matter where you are.
NJ Dude gave me some contact info and I used his info for in call , like harumi,leslie or Natalie and one more I dont remember her name. Request him to ask those ladies how I treated them.
I am stick to my opinion about Lima. Girls are not pretty there. It is not a good monger destination.
In regards to Pizza st. waitresses, I found only one cute and she was working at Rustic.

Hawg Dawggie
05-19-05, 13:40
Just a warning to watch out for a chica who may go by the name "Angie" and who may be found around Pizza Alley. She managed to cheat ole Hawg Dawggie out of about S/.200 (due in large part to my own stupidity and an unwillingness to blow her off despite warning signs). She's got these small lens glasses that give her a kind of retro intellectual look. Nice, full "kiss me" lips. Tight little ass.

Anyway, here's what happened. Monday night, I'm hanging near the back of Cuba del Sol, watching the local babes practice their salsa, when "Angie" approaches me. I was half tempted to blow her off right there, but she had a nice mellow attitude and oh, that butt.

So, I'm going to take her back to Maria Luisa. They won't let her up because she doesn't have her ID (should have been a warning for me right there). She suggests we go to a little hostal nearby. We walk over to Pardo, up the street next to Norkys, then hang a left. There's a little hostal about halfway down the block that lets rooms for S/.40.

She asks for $100. I say no, S/.100. I end up overpaying and giving her S/.200 for todo la noche. She pockets the cash and says "hold on a sec, let me go get a condom from the guy at the front desk." I'd evidently been drinking WAY too much, because it didn't immediately register to me that I was being scammed. I wait about 2 minutes, then it hits me. I AM AN IDIOT. I ask the front desk guy where the chica was. He shrugs, "she left". Yeah, with my S/.200!

Ah well, lesson learned. I should stick to Scarlets.


Lima Busy
05-19-05, 16:53

Also, can you give me an idea of what type of clothes to bring for the months of June and July. I understand that it is cooler at that time of year. However, how cool (or cold) does it get? I live in Texas however, I am used to cool weather. PM me if you don't mind.

Sorry, no one answered you about the weather. We are changing over from summer to winter now. The weather can flucuate hour to hour during the day,sun/fog/sun and temps go from about 60-70. That said you will almost always require sweater or light jacket at night, where normal temps are in the 50's. Also if you live in Miraflores it feels cooler because of the ocean breezes/fog and humidity.

Lima is a very casual city. restuarant fancy here can be jeans and a sportcoat.

If you plan on dating normal chicas alot ,khakies and button down shirts are probably best.

Laundry is very inexpensive 3 soles a kilo. Dry cleaning very expensive = the states, so do not bring anything you can not wash.

Do not know where you plan on staying but hotels are plentiful here. Also if you join the South American Explorers club (50 soles a year?) you can stay there for $150 a month untill you find something else. Also members can store luggage for free and have there mail sent there.

Where you stay depends on what you plan on doing. A great little place I and others have stayed at is Perustar apts in San Isidro. It runs about $250 a week but the people are great,location very quiet and has all your living needs within walking distance. It is also a five soles taxi to miraflores,centro lima Etc.

My landlord has 2 nice studios over near Ovallo Guitterez/border san isidro' and Miraflores for $375 a month. I hear they can be noisy at night though and they are usually occupied.

If you are planning on learning spanish try IPCNA on ave arriquippa. prices are cheap and there are hundreds of young girls there who are trying to learn english. Just hang out in the cafeteria!

Movies! go to Larco Mar tue 15 soles for two, wed 20 soles for two.First run movies most in english with spanish subs.

The best sex in Lima under $10 has got to be 114A next to Polves Azules mercado. If McDonalds wanted to get into the fast sex business, this would be there model. I think jackson should start a thread for this category. Depending on the value of the dollar I have gotten laid here from $6.47-$7.07.

Kudos must go to Nibu for introducing this site. It is very convienient and safe in the daytime and normally has 5-7 girls. At 7 bucks it is hard to rate quality but every chica there is better or equal to what u find at most BT's in Miraflores. On occasion u can actually find a young stunner.

Be forwarned ****THIS IS NOT FOR "TONYUSA TYPES"***

Member #4351
05-19-05, 20:10

Sorry, I didn't even see your post until Lima Busy mentioned it. June and July weather is pretty dismal in Lima. If you go to other parts of Peru you will find varying weather, but in Lima its just about always overcast and cool to cooler. The humidity makes it feel colder than it really is. I agree pretty much with everything else Lima Busy says. There are tons of places to stay and it pretty much depends on how much you want to spend. You generally get what you pay for. Blue jeans and a light coat will get you by unless you want to go to a fancy restaurant (i.e. Rosa Nautica or the Costa Verde) with a girl. $$ . I have had excellent results with about an 80% success rate for internet club girls. However the fact that I live here probably helps. This has been discussed often on the forum....which is better...normal girls or pros. The working girls in Peru are often very affectionate...not the hard core girls which one finds in other geographic locations. Therefore the benefits of looking for "normal" girls may not be that great as far as your return on investment goes.

05-19-05, 20:52
I would like to mention one more thing.
I dont know why this place is so much talked about in here.
An average monger cannot go there, even the taxi drivers of Lima are scared to go there because of security reasons.

John Sperm
05-19-05, 23:01
I think that the charade should stop.. between these two guys.. some like Lima some Dont, to each his own. I lived in Lima for the first eight years of my life then moved to New York City, and I tell you I love my city as it is with its crime, mess up legal system , and so forth .. and then I hit Lima once a year maybe twice and I just can not seem to part ways with my past, I am now an active monger and Lima gives that sense of freedom as far as I can fuck any chica my spanish is fair and I know every trick in the book. Now please if some of you have problems with places maybe these places are not your thing you must try to hit other places meaning $$$$$ ok but when I go to Lima I hit the places where locals go and always find a chiquita that wants to marry me ... yeah granted I get lots of GREEN CARD looks but who cares. Fellow mongers is a good thing to post but dont knock places only because you can not speak the language or do not get the Royal treatment Lima is cosmopolitan and you can buy your way in Lima .. and I bet anyone can shag any chica or even TV if you desire, and show us more pics.. David33 bro PM me so I can give you my Nextel worldwide direct connect number so we can get together I PM the other guy but no answer.. my brothers good luck and happy hunting ....Lima here I cummmmmmm........!!!!!!!!

Hoof Hunter
05-20-05, 01:53
I agree with you and offer my apologies to the board, if anyone was offended.

However, David33 is a dude that goes over and above with info. His contributions to the Lima board is very helpful and extensive. As he's based in Lima, he's made some cool semi-pro chica contacts, and has graciously shared them with the board...for free. Most of the guys seemed to enjoy themselves. This dude had a bad experience and throws David33 under the bus. Calls him a pimp, then goes back and deletes it? I had to call him out.

Lima is not the prettiest city, but has its places that are cool. Mongering is fun in Lima, as there is something for everyone, if you do your research. You go unprepared and you'll not enjoy the charm of the city. David33, amongst others, has laid out where in Lima to find those charms. He deserves some respect.

What's crazy is that I've never even met the dude in person. I just appreciate his assistance.

I'm done with this subject. Back to mongering.

05-20-05, 03:08
It is good to end this. David bad mouthed me that's why I kept it going. His girl came with period and honoring my words I gave her $ 50.00 for about 1 hour.In my first report I intentionally did not discuss it and gave her good remarks.
I just dont want average monger like me to go to Lima keeping this in mind that it is going to be like CR and BKK.
Average monger does not have time. Average monger just need easy access of preeeeeeeety girls. Money is theeeee only language of this world of putas.
I just want people to stop exagerating about Lima. There are lot of other cities in the world for action.
If some body want to have his dick cleaned in a small kitchen pot after action than follow David's route.

05-20-05, 07:48
Tony USA,

Listen, don't blamme anybody or you if you didn't find in Lima what you expected, but, such is life. I don't see how "Everybody could pleased with Lima". Maybe, after all you should have never gone down there. I myself could possibly find dislikes on just about any mongering destination in the world (I've travelled quite a lot).

I intend to go to Peru next month and always get to enjoy my trips, regardless where I go.

Cheer Up, at least you know now where not to go!

05-20-05, 14:04
Lima Busy, David33 and JohnSperm

Thanks for all of the info.

JohnSperm- I will try and email you this weekend. Sorry for the delay. I will explain in the email.

LimaBusy, David33

Yes, lets all of us try to get together for coffee or whatever. I do not know yet where I will be staying. Please PM me and we can plan a time to meet. Long story short- one of the chicas that I have been chatting with is supposed to have made reservations for me at the Maria Liusa. She also suggested renting an apartment and is doing some 'research' for me. I may want to get your opinions when I have found something.

I expect to be staying in the Miraflores- San Isidro area. I do not expect to do a lot of mongering. I am too cheap and if I have some GFE's I probably will not spend the money. To me a 'free 6-7' is as good as a P4P-9. Oh well, to each his own.

To any mongers wanting hook up with non-pros or semi-pros I strongly suggest one of the internet sites. I have had amazing results (at least initially). For example, I have had over 125-150 women contact me from Lima. This is over a period of three months. Most of them realize that the men contacting them are just interested in sex. Some of them will be up front and say they are looking for something long term. Others will realize what you want and if they are not interested will tell you so. I was able to narrow down my list to about 15-20. I will keep the forum posted on what develops and how the action is.

Look forward to meeting the Lima experts in a few weeks.


Lima Busy
05-20-05, 15:57
If some body want to have his dick cleaned in a small kitchen pot after action than follow David's route."The right tool for the job" I always say!

Member #4351
05-20-05, 22:33
Well, I never bad mouthed TonyUSA. I just stated the truth and after reading his personal insults didn't feel that his posts were worth replying to. However I have just received an e-mail from the friend who I unfortunately set him up with. He was quite rough with her and made her bleed. So to set things straight, no period, just vaginal bleeding due to very aggresive and prolonged intercourse. This type of treatment is what gives mongers and people of TonyUSA's origin a bad name. We here in Peru can only be grateful that he take his ill-breeding elsewhere. I have apologized to the girl and assured her that I will take much more care before I recommend any other "friends" from the board. This is the first time that I have had a negative experience with anyone from this forum, and I am sure that the large number of guys who I have had the pleasure of meeting will say that I am very, very far from being a pimp or trying to obtain any personal gain from anyone.

Long Stroker
05-21-05, 01:14
David_33 is not a pimp. He's just a monger who tries to help spread the love to his fellow mongers around Lima. He extended his generosity to me while I was there by taking me to the Troc. He never asked me for anything in return. He just enjoys hanging out with fellow gringos and getting his fuck on. Simple as that.

John Sperm
05-21-05, 01:22
As you all know I will be going to Lima .. well I need help in the customs department.. I will be bringing a couple of things and I was wondering if any of you know any guys at aduanas that will ease my search, I will be bringing lots of stuff from NYC to furnish my apt. The biggest being a full size barbecue grill I do not know whether it is legal or not need help with this.. or how much would it cost me to pass it thru.. and to the last post hells yeah we can meet and shoot the breeze if any ex pats are in Lima and need anything from NY let me know if I can I will get it .. and take it to Lima now I must get ready .. shit I feel like a kid .... if anyone has any info on my ques plz let me know ...

thanks !

05-21-05, 02:28
Had brunch with David33. He generously helped me search for a condominium to buy in Miraflores. In addition he is generous with his non mongering advice about Peru. He is a class guy who go out of their way to help their fellow mongers.

I like to think of him as our "Jackson equivalent" for Lima.

There are always some J*)#%$off mongers who abuse women just because they are paying them. As a result they never get a GFE and are never satisfied.

IMHO the chicas in Peru are awesome. Very GFE and skilled. They love to take care of their man, even if it is only for an hour or two.

Its different than BA or BKK. Not hundreds of girls in one location to choose from. However if you like latinas - you can have an awesome time without spending a lot of money.

05-21-05, 05:29
As lady's alllllways say yor dick is toooooooooo big.
What an excue for a puta.
David tell me how much money you need to shut your mouth against me.
I will send it via westren union.
And also how much money do you need more for exagerating abouut Lima especially Troc.

05-21-05, 05:46
I am not against any body.
I just want people like David to stop eaxgerating about Lima's sex life.
David always recommend Troc where native taxi drivers even dont go.So why even recommend.
Lima's night life is nothing compare to BKK and CR and other parts of world.
Every city in this world have certain street action. Lima's street action is worst where ever I have been to.Pizza st. Oh my God. butt ugllllly ladies. If you dont believe me try your self.
It is every man's fantasy to call his dick tooooo big. I am very normal in size and I have never heard this complaint before. And if it is true I am prouud of my self.

John Sperm
05-21-05, 12:35
This has got to stop, this an information board too bad that the puta was on the rag or was rammed hard by other dude. Lets keep this board professional as far as places and what to see and do in Lima, you all must understand that when you pay for these "services" , "things" may arise be it hurry up cause I got to pick up my kid from school, your pinga is too big or in this case blood.... sorry dude but keep the name calling and animosity to urself out of the many that have been to lima you are the only one complaining.. it makes me wonder??? How can you say Lima's night life is dead come on ... you know that is a lie; unless you stayed on the shady part of town. I have a house in Santiago de Surco and when Iam in Lima there is so much to do that time runs out before I can shag the chiquitas. Now I beg you to stop this.... if there is a pimp amongts ourselves; good just look at the discounted rate point of view. The more we shag his girls the more of a discount we get maybe even come up with a discount card or member card sort of SAM'S club or COSTCO ..pussy at a discount rate now wouldnt life be wonderful. Pussy buddies lets try to get along if anyone had a bad experience is good to let everyone know but do not blame others for you own mistakes. Next time ask '''tienes el periodo??"" three simple words, second grade spanish, are you on the rag? personally I would of have gone to Mr Brown and pass up the poontang but..heck what done is done....... good luck and happy nuts!!!!

Member #4351
05-21-05, 14:17
John Sperm,

Are you sure about bringing back a BBQ?? You're going to get hit up for overweight costs and you know how customs are at the Lima Airport. You can buy one at ACE Hardware in Jockey Plaza (near your house) for just a little more than it costs in the U.S. You can bring back as much as you want...but they're going to sock it to you in aduanas. I personally would just bring small things that fit inside a maximum of two large checked (you have a 70 lb. per bag limit) and one carry on bag. Then prey that you get the green light when you push the button in customs. As soon as they see anything suspicious, they're going to open up everything, and if you haven't declared the items on your declaration form then you get hit by penalties also. On the back of the customs declaration form is what you can bring in duty free...and it isn't much. You could probably find this information on line too.

05-21-05, 14:24
i have gone through customs about 12 times at lima. i have only hit the red light twice. i never declare anything. the maxiimum i have is 2 large bags. note the locals have carts with 4 or 5 giant bags per person. its crazy.

when i was stopped i was worried because my bag was packed with gifts etc. once they just took a quick peek to make sure i did not have any machine guns or contraband then waived me thru. the other time all i had to do was put my bags trhough the xray machine.

there is a sign now that says xboxes and ps2 are not included in personal $300 exemption so i might be careful with that. david33 is right. you can buy most things in lima. if they are made only in usa they are just little more expensive and might be 1 year behind in model.

Young & Restless
05-21-05, 15:10
Next time ask '''tienes el periodo??"" three simple words, second grade spanish, are you on the rag?

I am hardly the Spanish expert, but I think that "tienes su menstrual?" might work a little better.

Hi everyone,

Personally, I'm glad that Tony USA spoke his mind freely. If there is only one perspective offered on the forum, why bother reading it?? On the other hand... I would have paid the full amount that David 33 told me the girl was expecting. Even though the session did not turn out 'perfectly', I still would have paid the agreed amount, but that's just me.

Also, I wouldn't say David 33 is the pimp of Lima, I see him more as the mayor. Sorry Nibu Raphael, but I think most others will agree.

Y & R

05-21-05, 16:57
I am sorry to every one at this board.
This is my last post and visit to Lima section.
I will send a PM to David.

Lima Busy
05-21-05, 17:11
As you all know I will be going to Lima .. well I need help in the customs department.. I will be bringing a couple of things and I was wondering if any of you know any guys at aduanas that will ease my search, I will be bringing lots of stuff from NYC to furnish my apt. The biggest being a full size barbecue grill I do not know whether it is legal or not need help with this.. or how much would it cost me to pass it thru.. and to the last post hells yeah we can meet and shoot the breeze if any ex pats are in Lima and need anything from NY let me know if I can I will get it .. and take it to Lima now I must get ready .. shit I feel like a kid .... if anyone has any info on my ques plz let me know ...

thanks !John,

I moved down from N.Y.C. a year ago. Forget about bringing down stuff. Sell everything you can in N.Y. and buy the essentials down here. I travel up 2 N.Y. 3-4 times a year with 2 empty suitcases. I bring down my prized possessions little by little. When I have the time I will post the rules on what you can bring down. Basically as a tourist it is not much. 1 camera/laptop computer only with printer. About 50 CD's about $300 in gifts as long as nothing has a value of 100 or more.

If you get caught at the airport, play dumb tourist as most first timers get a slap on the wrist. After that they can and will prosecute you as a smuggler.

A while back I had a high end stereo reciever and a pair of book shelf reference speakers in my bag. Worth about 3 grand. I got nabbed and they wanted to charge me duty. I laughed and told the guy they were old (which was true) and if they wanted the stuff they could keep it because it was worthless. They waved me thru.

I belong to a group of expats down here. You should join as they post the answers to all our non monger questions, have a forum to buy and sell cars furniture and everything else down here. I will give you the info thru pm if you want it.

The major problem with customs here is that when you ship stuff in to the country they can assign whatever value they want and you have to pay the duty or you do not get your stuff. I know people that have also had to pay duty on the postage costs to send boxes down here.

We should probably take this discussion to the Living in Peru forum as I do not want to upset the people only interested in our exploits.

Also coming from N.Y. best bet is the lan flight from jfk at 11.30 pm. Also if you take the Taca flight with a layover in CR, tell them it is your first time on Taca and they will upgrade you to first class Gratis!

There is just enough time in CR to hit NF or ZB for a relaxing time before your Lima segment.



Member #4351
05-22-05, 02:13
Tony USA apologized and the matter's closed. I`ll buy Y lunch. Nibu has spent much more time than I exploring every nook and cranny of the Peruvian mongering world. He is probably the only American to have walked in to the Troc from Ave. Argentina. He has devoted 100% of his time and money to the hobby but is now suffering in Chicago. He and I have different styles, but credit where credit is due...I could never plumb the depths of the Lima scene as Nibu has. I don't have the time...nor the desire.

John Sperm
05-22-05, 05:37
I would love to move back to my motherland someday.. in the near future I am still young and would love to join you guys maybe we can start something up as far as items needed from the good ol' US of A dont know whatever.. well thanks for the invite and David33, Lima Busy along with Duesy45 well do brunch maybe instead of 3 people we can make it 6 people ??? ..just asking and thanks to everyone here although I have never meet any of you I feel that I owe you already .... By the way the Yankees lost again .... we are in the middle of the subway series ... thanks again ....

Hoof Hunter
05-22-05, 20:13
Anyone been there lately and can comment on the talent?
Is it worth a trip?
And what times are best?

By the way, I'll be in Lima at the end of this week. PM me if you're up for hooking up for a brew and some mongering.

05-23-05, 18:46
hi there

my name is Alfredo I am peruvian germany and will be traveling tomorrow to Lima from Duesseldorf.

I am always ready for some serious mongering so if you want to hook up to meet the chicas write to me at [Email Address deleted by Admin].

Travel safe

* Yes I speak spanish age 34

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Jaimito Cartero
05-24-05, 07:35
I've just been reading the section a bit after I've gotten back from my fun trip to Argentina.

I'd really like to stress that Peru is quite a bit of fun, and that I found plenty of girls to have fun with, and at what I consider reasonable prices.

Even without meeting David, I would have put it on my list of places I'd like to go back to. I really enjoyed the Miraflores area, and I only barely scratched the surface of the mongering scene.

However, with David's nice introduction of his friends, it was so much more. I'd rate both of them in my top 10 of GFE encounters. One of the reasons I didn't want to give out any contact info, is because although they're doing it for money (everybody does *something* for money), they're very sweet, and should be treated properly.

The two ladies I saw were instant girlfriends, and I was sad to see them leave after a couple of hours. I was pleased that David introduced me to these girls, and would hate for the girls to think that all foreigners are just going to behave badly.

Member #4351
05-24-05, 12:44

Thanks for the nice words. Thankfully everything has calmed down now here in the Lima section. I was very happy to introduce you to the girls, and they told me that they really enjoyed your company. You seem to have a way with women, since I heard the same last week in Buenos Aires. It looks like a few guys are coming down in the next couple of weeks, and I hope that they read the forum and end up having a positive experience like you did. I can honestly say that although Argentina has some advantages over Peru, especially for those who like more European looking girls, I prefer how things are here. IMHO I think that the GFE possibilities are much, much greater here and the girls more exotic looking due to their mixed ethnic heritage. However Argentina has a lot of things going for it...excellent food, nice places to stay (Jackson's apartment for example), and I had some good mongering experiences and met some nice guys from the forum.

Member #4351
05-24-05, 12:49
John Sperm,

I just came through customs yesterday and everything has changed from about six weeks ago when I arrived from Bangkok. They have a new system and now use x-ray machines. Saw my lap-top immediately and opened my luggage. No problem, they just wanted to make sure that it was only a lap-top. But forget about sneaking anything in that you should be paying duty on.

Jaimito Cartero
05-24-05, 19:04
IMHO I think that the GFE possibilities are much, much greater here and the girls more exotic looking due to their mixed ethnic heritage.

I would agree with you there. I find that Peru and Indonesia have the most opportunity to pick up normal or "semi" normal girls. Maybe because as a light skinned guy I stand out more in these countries, and a foreigner has more excitement than a local.

I try to treat the girls nice, because I really enjoy their companionship, and it's honestly more fun for me to have a girl enjoying the experience as well. And if you slap 'em around, they may decide your name is John Wayne Bobbit. :)

Member #4351
05-24-05, 23:55
...and in Thailand they either: feed it to the ducks, grind it up in a blender, or tie it to a helium balloon so that it can't be re-attached.

John Sperm
05-25-05, 00:05
These Cholitas are very rough ..gezzz I better watchout one of my girlfriends (read future wife) is peruvian, I wouldnt want to part out with little pancho.

Jaimito Cartero
05-25-05, 09:28
I hope that they read the forum and end up having a positive experience like you did. I can honestly say that although Argentina has some advantages over Peru, especially for those who like more European looking girls, I prefer how things are here.

Well Peru is more laid back than BA, for sure. I could easily see myself living in either city. I like a good selection of chicas, things to do, and good food to eat. Both cities have this. Some girls a little darker than BA chicas, but that doesn't bother me in the least. I like variety.

I think some guys just expect their sex destinations to be like Pattaya, Thailand. 100 girls grabbing for your dick, while you walk down Soi 6. Sure, it can be fun, but I got awfully tired of it after a few times.

I would NEVER plan to meet a chica a couple of hours after my plane came in. There are too many pitfalls there. And as anyone who read all my reports can easily see, my first day or so didn't go so well either. You have to learn to roll with the punches, stand up for yourself, and treat the chicas with respect.

Luckily, I've never taken a TV back to my room. I like to talk to most chicas, squeeze their tits a bit, and have some fun with them before I take them back to the room. DATY is going to be on the menu as well, and they get naked first, so no Gomer Pyle surprises. "Well golly, Miss Luann, that ain't a pussy"!

I never made it to the Troc, but would certainly check it out. I've gone to $8 or $9 *****houses before, so I'm sure it wouldn't shock me much. I don't think that many people said it was great, but just that it could be fun to go to.

I've mongered in 10 or so countries, and found something nice in each of them. Peru isn't in the non-stop pussy category, but has great semi-pro girls, and lots of pro action if you look in the right place.

M is a total sweetheart. I was just looking as some really cute pictures of her in boots. I don't know if the whole thing was a misunderstanding, or just plain uncultured behavior on Tony's part. She definitely deserves better.

You can buy a $5 language card at most bookstores that will tell you how to say numbers, and there are some spanish "fuck" words listed on the different spanish forums here. I don't see how someone can expect a non english speaking country to bend to their will. Some girls might know some english, but a little bit of spanish goes a LONG way.

End of rant.

Member #4351
05-25-05, 16:51
He was with Y.

05-26-05, 11:45
Lima Busy, David33, John Sperm,

I will be arriving in Lima June 8. Let's all get together for lunch, coffee, beer, whatever. Please PM me and we can schedule a time. I am staying at the Hotel Sipan. Got a great rate and understand that it is chica friendly. I will post more after I have stayed there for a few days.

Lima Busy - would you please PM me the information on the ex-pat group in LIma. Since I plan to move there I would be interested in joining.

I am looking foreward to the 'Lima experience'.


05-27-05, 14:28
Hello ,

I am currently in Lima, (for 2 weeks) and ready for some serious mongering !

PM me for my contact details, - have a car and speak spanish.


Lima Busy
05-27-05, 15:48
I prefer to recieve pm's from people I have had contact with in the past. It is to much work to answer questions from people out of the blue and my answers will not be of benefit to the board. So If U get a answer back from me saying RTFF do not take it personally, as I respond to all jerks this way. Only wish I had responded to TonyUsa's PM this way.

"QUOTE=Lucky2033]Hi I'm thinking about visiting Lima. Where are the
places to find semipros? Thanks.[/QUOTE]"

RTFF first,make your plans then ask questions!

As they are semi-pros they do not congrugate in one place. The best bet is to meet them on the internet before you come down. The only other way is through a friend down here, or if your spanish is good and personality and looks get you laid in the USA then any street in Lima and the lower end malls will offer the best oppurtunities. Better have a cell phone down here as most chics do not and have to call you from a payphone.