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This girl goes by the names of Sara and Jessica, and I believe her real name is Alejandra. Do not trust her in your apartment unless you have your eyes on her at all times. She works LDV and Electra almost daily, and speaks some english. She is a beautiful girl with a great body, very articulate and friendly, but she will also steal from you if she has the opportunity. I was not going to post the pics and deal with a bunch of bullshit from antagonists, but I believe it is important I do so, as I hate to see anyone getting ripped off by these girls.

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Thanks for the heads up but I wouldn't even give those bitches a second look in LDV. I always try to get a 2 bedroom or a 1 and a half bedroom apartment. 1 for all of my shit that I can Lock and the second Just for fucking. This will squash alot of anxiety. ALSO put your money away guys as soon as you get in the apartment. Cell phones, ipods, cologne and jewelry immediately in the caja fuerte.

Take it from me!

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This girl goes by the names of Sara and Jessica, and I believe her real name is Alejandra. Do not trust her in your apartment unless you have your eyes on her at all times. She works LDV and Electra almost daily, and speaks some english. She is a beautiful girl with a great body, very articulate and friendly, but she will also steal from you if she has the opportunity. I was not going to post the pics and deal with a bunch of bullshit from antagonists, but I believe it is important I do so, as I hate to see anyone getting ripped off by these girls.I banged her two years ago. She didn't rip me off because I don't leave shit around to be ripped off. I did get a bad vibe from her though like she might take something if she had the chance. Thanks for the heads up.

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i met a girl my last time in colombia, and we hit it off. i am wondering if anyone has taken a girl from colombia to mexico. specifically cancun. does anyone know what documents are required to enter mexico. i am thinking a passport and one of the mexican tourist visa that they pass out on the plane. however i am looking for real world experience.

also how long does it take for a colombian to get a passport?

thanks for any help.this is an interesting question speedstick has on the medellin thread, so if anyone reading my thread can answer it, it would be greatly appreciated. i checked on this a few years back, and it was quite difficult for them to get the necessary documentation to go to mexico.

i believe the reason for this is because of the amount of money that the united states goverment gives to the countries of colombia and mexico to fight the drug trade, that they also influence what it takes to get the necessary documents needed to go to mexico, because of mexico being one of our border countries. the united states goverment feels it will be a gateway for the drug trade if the colombian goverment does not make it difficult to get a travel visa. on the other hand, a mexican does not need no visa to travel to colombia. i hope someone with more knowledge of this will share there information on here.

thank you in advance for doing so!

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More pics of Taganga and Parque Tayrona.

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Not sure where I am going to go with this as the ISG is a site about sharing information on women and sex, but for me when I travel I like to do other things other than go to massage parlors/casas, so I will try to give those that are interested a preview of the area and where things are, as well as give you suggestions on where to take your chica that might be accompanying you. Rodadero and Santa Marta I would only recommend for those that are beach lovers, as there is not many other things to do.

As I suggested in a previous post, Rodadero/Santa Marta is a great place to take a date whom you might have met in Cartagena, Barranquilla, or any of the major cities in Colombia for that matter. They will be thrilled to have the opportunity to go to this place. For those guys traveling alone, I would highly suggest you find a chica at one of the many chica venues in Santa Marta, and arrange for her to spend the day with you. I am sure she would be more than happy to. Santa Marta/Rodadero is also a very popular place for the Colombian people because of the beauty of the beaches and the ocean waters. Also if you are into the beach scene, fishing, snorkeling, diving, or hiking in the mountains, there is not a better place to be. This is why I prefer this area so much. You will pay much less here for everything than you would in Cartagena. Prices are very reasonable.

The city of Rodadero is noted for the beauty of its white sand beaches. The beaches do get quite busy every day, and it has your beach vendors and so forth if you want to buy a beer while lounging on the beach under a carpa or relaxing in a beach chair. The thing about these vendors that is different from the ones you would find in Cartagena, is these vendors are not pests. Rodadero also offers many patio type of open air bars, restaurants, and an endless number of shops selling anything your needs might require.

You will find several banks within a 5 minute walk from this main area, and many ATM machines located throughout the area. I know of one Casa de Cambio, which is located directly across the street from the Edificio Karey, but I totally discourage anyone from using it, as they will try to rip you off every time. They use several slight of hand tricks to try to get you confused, so you do not know exactly what you are getting, hoping you just walk off, as they are thinking “I just fucked another gringo”. If you do not speak Spanish, and do not have a total grasp on the peso currency stay as far away from this place as possible. I have used this place on two occasions and both times I had problems. Also if you are going to use the Bancolombia which is a 5 minute walk from this area, you will need to have a copy of your passport to provide to them, which they keep, so just having your passport with you will not work, as they will send you to have a copy made. They will not make one for you.

Far and away the best restaurant in Rodadero is called Burukuka. I am going to attach a pic of it. It sits all alone high up on a rock and looking down you can see the beautiful beachfront of Rodadero. It is also a very romantic place to go to impress your date, and the food is incredible. You will not find a better filet minon anywhere in the world. It is that good!. The prices are also very reasonable. Actually this place is a restaurant/disco, but I have never been to the disco. The disco I believe opens at 10pm. The restaurant/disco is closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is a must place to eat at if you are in Rodadero. ISG member Vics Picks recommended it to me initially, and I know member Ken Apples also really enjoyed it during his stay in Rodadero.

There is also a seafood restaurant, and the name I cannot remember that is very good that is located about a block from the Bancolombia, and on the same side of the street. It is quite popular as well. It is an outdoor patio restaurant, but they do have a inside seating area with about 4 tables if you so desire to eat inside. The inside area is also somewhat of a romantic setting to it, as your pretty much isolated from others. Every time I eat here I have langostinos or langostos and they are fantastic. This place is also reasonably priced.

Taxi’s are everywhere in Rodadero. The price to go to Santa Marta is only 10,000 pesos, to Taganga is 14,000 pesos, and to stay in the city of Rodadero it is approximately 5,000 pesos.

An Exito supermarket is a 5 to 8 minute taxi ride from the main beach area. Also within a 5 minute walk you will find a Olympico.

There are many of these places located throughout Rodadero, but my favorite place is across the street from the Edificio Karey and to the left about 50 feet. There are also many single girls who come in this internet café to use the computers. They also offer fax service if it is needed.

As I stated previously there are several patio open air type of bars, and there are a few discos, but the times I have went they were really dead. For nightlife it is necessary you go to Santa Marta, but without a knowledge of the spanish language I personally would not recommend anyone going, unless accompanied by someone who does, as I do not consider Santa Marta to be safe at all. Some of the places I would recommend for anyone looking for girls is Club Flamingo, Bananas, and Club Los Angeles. Girls were asking 50,000 pesos for short time, and 100,000 for spending the entire night. The places I partied in were alot of fun, and quite different from what you would find in Cartagena. However, I have not partied that often while in the Santa Marta/Rodadero area, so maybe some others can add more places to this report. I go to Rodadero to enjoy the beaches, the ocean waters and sports, so I am up in the morning at 6 or 7am and am in a launcha or on the beach by 7:30 or 8 until 4 or 5 in the afternoon, so I am tired come the night time hours. I use this area to come and relax and enjoy the tranquility it offers. I also always bring a chica with me so there is no need to hit the bar scene at night.

To get the things not to do out of the way, I would not go to the aquarium as it is a waste of time and money.
If you elect to go to Parque Tayrona which is a must in my eyes, do not go by bus, unless you have a good set of comfortable shoes, and want to do some hiking. The walk to the actual park takes a good hour. It is a easy walk through the jungle with nice trails, and you do get to see some interesting things along the way, such as wild monkeys up in the trees, I cannot think of the name of colorful birds that look like a Tucan or Macaw might also be flying around. You will also pass donkeys coming down the jungle trails with bags of coconuts strapped to there sides, and just the many things you might encounter being out in a jungle type of setting. I actually enjoyed it myself, but would not do it again. I also did not walk back to the bus, but decided to rent a launcha to take me to Taganga where I rented a taxi to take me back to Rodadero.

*****In Rodadero going to spend some time at Playa Blanca is a nice break from the beaches in Rodadero. It is just a short launcha ride to get there.
***** I highly recommend going to a very small fishing village called Taganga. Attached is some pics of it. From Rodadero it is a 13,000 pesos taxi ride. Have them take you to the beach front. In Taganga you will find tiendas selling beer, ice, and convenience store types of things, as well as several restaurants and bars lining the ocean front, which is the only commercial area of this village. You will also find several bars. The reason I go here is to rent a launcha (boat) for the day to go and explore all the beaches, as well as to go snorkeling, diving and fishing. Diving classes are also offered here, and it does have a dive shop. If these activities interest you, I suggest you walk down the beach front until you see a red building with a coca cola logo on it. It is the only red building along the oceanfront at this time. Directly across the street from this red building you will find many guys looking to take customers out in the launcha for water activities. Ask for Wilson. I use his services almost everyday I am in Rodadero. He is a great guy, has good equipment, makes a great guide, and he is a professional in maneuvering the launcha across the ocean waters. If you are interested in his services here is here cellular telephone number 317-622-7991. His fees are very reasonable, and he has access to any gear you might need if you want to go diving, snorkeling or fishing. I usually use his services from about 7:30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. For those interested in going to Parque Tayrona by boat I also would suggest you contact him. By boat, Parque Tayrona is only a 40 minute boat ride compared to the 2.5 or 3 hours it would take you by bus and the walk I described above. You will also not be paying any commissions to any vendors, like you would if you purchased a trip to the Park if you were in Rodadero.

If beaches are your thing, the following beaches are spectacular, and have Wilson or whomever you hire take you to them, but I am sure they would do this anyway. Most of these beaches all have bars and restaurants on them, and some offer chairs and carpas. Some even offer cabanas and camping facilities for those that desire something like that.

Playa Cristal is amazing, and it is your best beach if you also want to go snorkeling. The reefs are fabulous, and you will find many different species of fish and plant life. Every Colombiana I have taken snorkeling has been truly amazed at the experience, so this is something you might consider doing with your chica. Playa Cristal is only accessible by boat. It is very easy to spend a half a day or a day on this particular beach.

Playa Grande is a good beach to spend some time at, drink a few beers, and then move on to enjoy the many others that are only a short boat ride away. It is just a short distance from Taganga.

Playa Neguanje is a long beach that gets quite busy on weekends with people mostly from Santa Marta. You will also find you can purchase food and liquor on this beach. Where you might like to go barhopping on land, well this is an opportunity to go beach hopping in the launcha enjoying a beer or two at all these beautiful white sand beaches.

Other highly recommended beaches you might want to checkout if you rent a launcha is:
* Bahia Concha
* Chengue
* Gayraca
* Cinto
* Guachaquita
* Palmarito
* Playa Brava
* Playa Linda
* La Piscina
* Cabo San Juan This place is close to Arrecifes, and it offers overnight accomodations.
* Arrecifes is another popular place for those interested in renting a hammock, or a cabana for the night, or for pitching a tent. They also have a tienda/bar/restaurant on this popular beach. I do not recommend an inexperienced swimmer to go swimming here as the currents are really wicked. Not to far from here, and next to Cabo San Juan beach, is a nudist beach!. :)

*** For those that enjoy snorkeling, Wilson knows many reefs that located out in the ocean waters he can take you and your chica to that offer you the opportunity to see spectacular reefs, marine and plant life. This is pretty cool as you are in areas not many have ventured.

* Punta Venado: 5 minutes from Taganga. Here you can do incredible shallow dives and see the Gorgóneas which is veritable submarine garden in just few meters of water. There is also an interesting underwater cliff which drops to 20 meters. This is one of the best sites for a spectacular night dive.

* Granate: This is the first bay you find in the Tayrona National Park, about 20 minutes from Taganga.

* Casa Camargo: Some 25 minutes from Taganga by launcha. Here you will find an underwater cliff and lots of pretty exotic looking coral. You can also dive here at night.

* El Salidero: In this area you will be able to see alot of barracudas, fauna, a and coral gardens. It is pretty awesome to see.

* El Torin: In this area it is super clear and it is filled with corals and many exotic looking fish.

* El Palo: This area to dive in is pretty cool as you it is filled with underwater caves.

* Punta Aguja: Diving here you will see alot of lobsters and eals. It is really cool.

* Wreck "El barco hundido": This is about 40 minutes from Taganga. There is sunken cargo ship lying on the bottom of the ocean, and it is totally covered with oysters, clams and coral. The ship sunk I guess about 14 years ago. There is also a hole in the ship that allows you to swim and see the engine room.

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More pics from my Cartagena April/May 2009 trip.

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Thank you Helpman and Bijou for your compliments. It is nice to know that the time and effort I put into sharing my information and experiences is appreciated, and that it is helping someone in there future travels. This is why I have Jackson moderating my thread to keep my antagonistic fan club from cluttering my thread with useless garbage.

I am hoping my thread can become a source of valuable information for anyone considering coming to Colombia. I will have Jackson delete any posts that are not related to the sharing of information that will help others have a successful and hassle free vacation.

I also encourage anyone who has something valuable to share, or a question about something pertinent to mongering to post here.

I will try to post a report on Cartagena tomorrow along with the posting of more pics.

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i believe it was in the medellin thread that there was a discussion about the legality of having drugs in your possession. i found this article today, and it clearly defines what the laws read.

one thing to keep in mind, the article clearly states for your personal use in your home, so having it in your possession i believe in the streets will lead to problems if you are stopped. you can reference this in the 3rd paragraph of the story below. you also have to keep in mind, if you have drugs in your possession, and want to fight with the police over it, you have to consider if you want to waste a day or more of your vacation sitting in a colombian jail, or would it be much easier for you to just pay the bribe the police want from you.

may 3, 2009

colombia' president wants to ban the personal use of cocaine, marijuana, and ecstacy

bogotá, colombia - as a regular marijuana user, alicia fajardo freely exercises her right to light up a joint whenever she pleases. but if a new push from colombia's conservative president álvaro uribe succeeds, her habit would become illegal.

colombia's congress last week began debating a constitutional amendment introduced by the government that would prohibit possession and use of recreational drugs, overturning a 1994 constitutional court ruling that said the prohibition of drug use violated the right to the "free development of personality" set forth in colombia's constitution.

since then, adults have been able to legally possess up to 20 grams of marijuana, one gram of cocaine, and two grams of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy for consumption in the privacy of their homes.

but mr. uribe says it is a contradiction for colombia as the world's largest cocaine producer and exporter to claim to be waging a war on drugs – funded with billions of dollars of us aid – while allowing domestic use.

"it's not ethical to make that effort against production, against trafficking, against the criminals and simultaneously be permissive at the source, which is consumption," uribe said in a recent speech.

uribe's crusade

for uribe, outlawing drug use has become something of a crusade.

since he first began campaigning for president, uribe vowed to outlaw possession of drugs, but in more than six years as president he has failed to see the measure pass.

he included the issue in a broad referendum in 2003 that was not approved. on four other occasions he has tried to push legislation through congress outlawing possession and imposing mandatory jail sentences on repeat users.

sen. armando benedetti, although a fervent supporter of uribe, has opposed every one of the president's attempts to penalize drug use. "the state can't try to be a father, regulating the personal lives of colombians," he says.

ms. fajardo agrees and says she does no harm with her habit. "why should the government interfere in my private life?" she says.

hundreds of defenders of personal drug use laws recently gathered in public squares of three cities, waving unlit joints in the air to reaffirm their right to possess what has come to be known here as the "minimum dose."

despite the laxity in drug laws and the easy availability of recreational drugs in colombia, use is relatively low. the latest drug use survey for colombia, released in february, showed 2.3 percent of colombians admitted using marijuana at least once in the past year, while 0.7 percent admitted to using cocaine in the previous 12 months. in the united states, according to the national survey in drug use and health, 5.8 percent used marijuana and 0.8 percent used cocaine during the same period.

but mr. benedetti says that despite previous failures to outlaw drug use, this time around uribe may just get enough votes in the congress since the government has backed off its original stance of trying to penalize possession.

a less punitive bill

the latest bill, as introduced by the government, would make possession and use a misdemeanor rather than a felony, and focuses on treatment by setting up "therapeutic courts" comprised of judges, physicians, and psychologists. rep. nicolas uribe, a member of the ruling coalition but not a relative of the president, says the government made a "substantial change in its position" from previous attempts where it focused on punishment.

but even the treatment aspect became controversial. "if they are going to force treatment on drug users they would have to do the same for users of tobacco, alcohol, and even chicharrónes (pork rinds) because the fat content in them is a public health issue," says benedetti.

taking up those concerns, lawmakers changed the text of the amendment to simply prohibit possession and use, leaving the details of prosecution and treatment to be decided later as a regular law.

"what's important is making it clear that drug use is wrong and that it is fueling terrorism in our own country," says rep. uribe, referring to the fact that leftist rebels and right-wing warlords fund themselves largely with the drug trade.

but fajardo rejects the notion that through her drug use, she is feeding colombia's decades-old conflict. "the big consumers are in the us and europe. all we get here are the leftovers," she says.

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This report is geared to someone who will be a first time visitor to Cartagena. The information is current as of May 2009.

Apartments If this is your first time in Cartagena I would only rent from the following people: http://www.venpro.net/fotosapartamentos/index.htm and itts@excite.com which is Juan Ventura.

Dave Jones from http://www.colombiarental.net/ and

Mery Salence from oficerna@yahoo.com

Juan Ventura is a class act of a guy. His apartments are very nice, and he actually lives in Cartagena within a couple of minutes from any apartment you would rent from him, so if you have any problems, he is there to fix them immediately.

Mery is also a very nice lady who lives within 5 minutes of any apartment you would rent from her. She is also very accessible at any time of the day. As far as Dave goes, he is a super good guy, who I also consider a friend, and will do his very best to accommodate all of your needs.

Presently Dave lives in Medellin, but has someone maintaining his properties in Cartagena for him named Giovanni.

You can expect to pay about fifty to sixty dollars for a luxury one bedroom beachfront property, and seventy five dollars for a two bedroom luxury property. Make sure you request exactly what you are looking for, such as an apartment with a terrance overlooking the beach and ocean. Also make sure the air conditioning is working good, because in Cartagena it is a necessity to have especially in the summer months. There are also apartments that are ocean view but to get to the beach you have to cross a narrow street, and there will be a building in front of them. It is necessary you state you want a building that sits directly on the beach if this is what you are looking for.

If someone is interested in a 2 bedroom oceanview luxury apartment rental with a walkout terrace that is in one of the newer buildings in Laguito please contact me. This unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, wi fi internet, hot water, 3 air conditioning mini splits, washing machine, 3 televisions, and all the amenities you would desire in a beautiful luxury apartment.The building also has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and gym. It is very secure as you enter into a beautiful lobby, that is secured with a professional security staff. This 2 bedroom unit is in one of the newer buildings in Laguito. The rental rate is very reasonable and is in line to what Juan Ventura, Mery Salence, and Dave Jones charges, but with many more amenities. One unique thing about this rental is maid service is included in the rental price along with the wi fi. The maid comes approximately every other day. I have pics available I can send you of this beautiful building and apartment.

Apartment maids:

I highly recommend you use Antonia. Her telephone number is 315-699-6047. She is the maid also used by Juan Ventura, and you will never find a more honest person. She is just super and very reasonable in her rates.I have on several occasions left coins out as well as other peso denominations to check on her honesty, and not one time has she taken anything. Infact, on a couple of occasions, she has found some pesos that had fallen on the floor or I had sitting out and put them in a viewable area so I could see them. She also does a super job of clearing the apartment. If you want she will do your grocery shopping laundry and so forth….. Please tip her well because she does not make much money and as I stated her service is extra ordinary.


The cost of the taxi from the airport to anywhere in Laguito is 12,000 to 14,000 pesos. When you are in Laguito and take a taxi to almost anywhere in Boca Grande it is only 5,000 pesos. Lately I have not had a problem with being overcharged by taxis, but in the past big time. It is very important to know your fares. I have a taxi driver here who I befriended and can be a very big help to you if you want to use his services. He charges the normal rates, but you are not getting ripped off. He can also pick you up at the airport and drop you off as well. His name is NELSON, and his telephone number is 314-587-5635. He knows his cell phone number is being provided to others so there is no problem. He is just a super good honest guy, who I consider my very best friend in Colombia. For someone new in Cartagena with limited spanish I most certainly would give him a call until you can understand the taxi pricing structures. He can also be your guide to venturing out of the tourist zones to meet more of the local clientele.

If you are interested in going to Barranquilla or Santa Marta I highly suggest you call one of the following private transport companies. They will pick you up at the front of your apartment and drop you off exactly where you want to go. The cost is approximately 20 to 25,000 pesos to go to Barranquilla, and approximately 50,000 pesos to go to Santa Marta.

Servicio Puerta A Puerta contact info:
Cartagena: 656-5656 office
300-288-8393 Cell phone
Barranquilla: 378-4036

Transporte Especial:
656-3757 Office
311-416-1362 Cell phone
300-660-1884 Cell phone
315-452-4653 Cell phone

Santa Marta:
300-816-1601 Cell phone
316-528-1366 Cell phone
310-728-8719 Cell phone

MariSol: I do not have there contact info. available right now. Will post it later.

ATM Machines:
There are ATM machines located everywhere. You will not have a hard time finding one at all. If your Visa card does not work in a ATM machine, the ATM might not be hooked up with the proper network your bank uses. If this happens, I suggest you use a ATM at a Citi Bank. There is one in Bocagrande near blockbuster video, and there is one in El Centro.

Internet Cafes/International calling:
Internet cafes and places offering international calling are everywhere. In Laguito I prefer the Internet café and the international calling that is available on the ground floor of the Conquistador Hotel in Laguito. This is located across from the apartments, Torre Centauro, Playa Mar, and Marinare. The area where this café is located also contains many tiendas offering everything you will want. The location is excellent. Another very good Internet café and international calling place is located next to the hamburger franchise place called Prestos. It is called "Puntocom".This is located about 300 yards or so from the apartments I have mentioned above.

Cell phones:

The first thing I would do after checking into your apartment would be to go and buy a cell phone or a sim card if you already have a phone. You have 2 companies to buy from, Comcel and Movistar. Both of these companies have offices very close to the Edificios Playa Mar and Marinare. The cost of a cell phone at Movistar is approximately thirty five to forty dollars. You then purchase cards with various amounts of minutes to enter into the telephone.


Ok here goes.

1st... learn to like Ron Medellin or Whiskey. If you buy a bottle of Ron Medellin at all the discos it comes out for the most part much cheaper than ordering individual drinks or beer. The rum (Ron Medellin) is good and most Colombians drink it straight as shots or with ice. I also have found that whiskey is very popular with the girls. The brand of whiskey that is most popular is called Old Pa or Buchanans.

LDV... I really like LDV, as the place is generally filled with many beautiful women, all in the p4p business. It is a United States style dance club with music blaring, people are dancing, and the girls are all dressed to impress. It is the place you will find the most beautiful pay for pussy girls in Cartagena, most coming from Medellin. The place is very clean and very comfortable to be in. It does not get going until 11:30 or so. Next door to it is a casino. The girls who work this place all know each other, so word travels very fast, so whatever you pay a girl, be prepared to be stuck at that price for the rest of the times you frequent LDV, as the girls love to talk!. Most of these girls all live in apartments together, and travel between the major cities together. I would never pay over 150,000 pesos for them to spend the entire night. That is the going rate at the moment, even though they are asking for much much more. Pay no more than 60 to 80,000 for short time. I also really have luck pulling girls from here and never discussing money, and I never do short time when it comes to the bars/discos. I then just pay them what I want in the morning. If you happen to meet a girl in LDV, who you have some chemistry with, another good idea is to ask them if they want to go to Electra or some other after hour club, and 90 percent of the time they will. After that happens you will know she is with you. You might also want to set something up with someone you have hit it off with for the daytime hours, such as going to the beach, or going out for lunch.

Ok, now there are a few different areas for discos. I will call them... Mr Babilla, Babar, and Cafe Del Mar. Those are the names of 3 discos that are in different areas, even though Cafe Del Mar is more of a outdoors type of bar/restaurant.

First MR. BABILLAS... Mr. Babillas is the name of a disco. This is a fantastic place to take a date. I think it is the most fun place to take a date in all of Cartagena.You can expect to dance your night away from the time you enter the bar. You will find people dancing on top of the bar, on tables, and anywhere else they can find room. This is also a big place. There will be some chicas there that are p4p with their dates. However, for the most part, most of the people frequenting this place are couples. It is only open on Thurs/Fri/Sat and Sunday nights. I would make sure you hit this place and try to take a date (either non-pro or a pro). This place is special and a lot of fun. Do not go to Mr. Babillas anticipating on finding a pro or non-pro or you will more than likely end up being disappointed.

There is also a long street of discos all up and down the sidewalk from Mr. Babillas. It is really hit or miss. I cannot tell you which one is happening as it seems to change nightly. These discos are not tourist type discos but for locals, but worth checking out. Again you will be totally safe and secure in these discos and in this area. Different flavors of music... electronic, reggaeton, salsa, merengue. Feel free to ask the doormen at each of the different venues to let you go inside to check it out before you pay the cover.. no one will ever say no.

BABAR... You may find some non-pros at Babar. There are also numerous discos in the vicinity of Babar. Personally I am not to fond of Babar. Tell a taxi to take you to Babar, and from there you can walk around to check out the various venues. There are also many people out in a "square/parque". It is kind of like a little park with various venders selling food and so forth. There will be pros hanging around outside all these venues. So Babar is another area as Mr.Babillas was an area. Walking distance from Babar is Tu Candela.

TU CANDELA is an institution in Cartagena, and it is also hit and miss. Do not even bother to go there before 11pm. It is also an expensive place to drink in. I do consider it probably the best place to go if you are alone and just want a normal type of disco. I usually buy a bottle of rum or whiskey to drink, instead of spending alot of money for individual drinks. This is also a great way to meet girls hanging out around the bar, and you can then offer them a drink from your bottle. This place has a upper and ground level, but I pretty much stay on the ground level. Tu Candela is a place that you can take a date, but also here you will find quite a few semi-pros and pros. It is one of the most popular discos for the non working girls as well.

Around the corner from Tu Candela is ISIS. It is filled with girls for take out, but you have to pay a bar fine to take them out of there. I believe it is quite expensive, but it is a place you can go and have a drink in, while checking it out.

Also in this general area is a place called QUEEN. I have been here on a number of occasions and have had alot of fun. At times you will find some very nice looking women in here. This is also a working girls place, but there is no bar fine, as all the girls are working for themselves. This place plays techo music. It is also quite small.

Another disco is called BAMBOO DISCO. I have only been in this place on 2 occasions, and it was very quiet. This place is really laid back.

Another area is Cafe del Mar. CAFE DEL MAR is the name of an outdoor bar/restaurant. It is a hip place where you may find some single chicas or semi-pros or pros by themselves and it's a place to just take a date and chill over a few cocktails.

There are other discos around Cafe de Mar as well. JOY SLAVA opens around midnight and stays open pretty late. There are definitely many p4p opportunities as well as semi-pros at this place. Easy to meet chicks there and there are 2 separate discos in 1 local. There is a techno bar and there is a normal bar that has salsa, meringue, reggaeton. Actually I think there are 3 discos inside Joy Slava. I have only been here a couple of times.

Then there is ELEKTRA which is an after hours only disco. Opens around 2am to 5am. It is full of chicas around 2:30am, so obviously it is very easy to hook up for p4p here. The times I have been in this place it has been great! It is filled with all the chicas from LDV after it closes. The music in this place is techno. This is probably my favorite place to go in Cartagena. I always have alot of fun here.

A new disco, as least for me that I found on my last trip is called LEGUERO. It is located about 5 minutes past Pleyboy. It is worth a visit, at least it was the 3 times I stopped in. It is a small place but it had some quality girls working. World Traveler69 might want to add it to his list. I am going to attach some pics of some of the girls from this place that I met on the beach.

The only stripclub in Cartagena is called PLEYBOY. It compares to the lower level stripclubs you will find in the United States. The place generally has about 25 or so girls working and the quality I have found to be very good!.

Massage Parlours/Casas….
All the casas I am aware of in Cartagena, are located close to the stripclub Pleyboy. These casas look like typical houses, but once inside you will find and open air area that is set up with tables and chairs. You will find chicas all sitting around the tables, having a drink or just talking among themselves. The best one of the casas I found is called ROCIO. The casas are serve beer and liquor. They have a bar atmosphere to them. I would highly recommend as a first time visitor to the casas or to get to Pleyboy, you contact my taxi driver friend Nelson. By using him, you will learn the area and locations the casas are in, as well as the cost. If you choose to visit this area of Cartagena with someone else, the chances are you will be going to be overcharged for the taxi fare and everything else. By the way the taxi fare is only about 5 to 7 dollars to get to these places.

Check out the link below... click on it and then click on Cartagena and then scroll down to see photos of the various places I have referenced to you in this letter.

There are tons of great restaurants in Cartagena.. everything from cheap to expensive.
My favorite fine dining restaurant is called LANGOSTOS.
It is located close to the Café del Mar. It is a super restaurant to take a date, as the ambiance of the place is very romantic. It is pricey, but again for a fine dining restaurants it is well worth the money. All taxi drivers should know where this place is, as it is quite popular.

I would also highly recommend a restaurant called "COCINA DE SOCCORO". All taxi drivers know where it is. It is fine dining, with the Langostos being excellent. It is priced in the same manner as any fine dining restaurant.

Other fine dining restaurants I would be happy to recommend is the ARGENTINEAN STEAK HOUSE and PACOS. Both restaurants are located which in the old city, also called the walled city. Pacos is in Plaza Santo Domingo area, and The Argentinean Steakhouse is close to the Hotel Santa Clara. Prices are in the 20-30k pesos for steak or shrimp.

As far as good reasonably prices places:
My favorite reasonably priced place is called AREPAS PUES. This is located in Boca Grande very close to the money exchanges, and where all the action is, with tiendas, outdoor vendors, all in this happening area. It is a 15 minute walk from the Edificios Marinare or Playa Mar. It is a popular place!. An arepa is like a deep fried tortilla folded over and filled with meat, or whatever you want to stuff it with. My favorite at Arepes Pues is the mixta, which is beef and chicken together. This place does not open until 6pm, and it stays open until 4 or 5 in the morning. An arepa costs only 6 or 7 thousand pesos. They are also served in the bakery across the street from the Torre Centauro Apartments, but not nearly as good as the ones in Arepes Pues. At this bakery they also serve them with eggs for breakfast. The area in Boca Grande where Arepas is located is a great place to meet non pros, as the street area in front of it gets quite busy.

If you are looking for a hamburger I would recommend EL CORRAL. It does not compare to a hamburger in the U.S, but as far as Colombia goes, it will be about the best you can find. This is located in Boca Grande, and it is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Edificios Marinare and Playa Mar. All taxi drivers know of this place, and a taxi fare will be 5000 pesos.

Another hamburger place is called PRESTOS. It is about a 5 minute walk from the Edificios Marinare and Playa Mar, and it is located on the road that runs along side the beach, and basically all the beachfront apartments in Laguito.

There is also a McDonalds in Bocagrande.

Another restaurant that is reasonably priced, I would highly recommend to everyone, is called JULIAS. It is located next door to the Edificio Marinare. The food is excellent, and you get very nice portions. They also offer natural juices. They open at 7am and close at 9pm. Everyone in the place will treat you like you are there very best friend. Just super nice people!

RIQUISSIMOS, I am not sure I have the spelling correct, but it is also a highly regarded restaurant in Laguito that is quite popular. It is located on the same side of the street as Edificios Marinare and Playa Mar. As you exit these apartments walk to the left, and you will run right into it after about a 5 minute walk. They have a wide range of items on there menu, with the prices going from reasonable to high. The baby beef is exceptional. You get a good size portion with french fries and a salad for 30,000 pesos. It is alot of money, but at the same time it is not, for the portions you receive and the quality of the meat. This place is also a great place to watch the chicas walking by, as they will be more than likely coming from the beach.

Now regarding chicas: A good way to find pros and non-pros in Cartagena is to take a taxi to El Centro and go walking around the various shops and simply strike up a conversation with anyone, from store clerks, girls walking on the sidewalks, or by speaking and asking questions to other people shopping and so forth. You will find Colombianas are very easy to speak with and get to know. Of course some knowledge of the spanish language is required.

Beaches and Tony #1
Next regarding the beach. You hear alot people say stay away from Tony. I disagree as I have posted previously in the Cartagena thread. Tony can be your biggest asset and he is a world of entertainment, but he can be the biggest pain in the ass at the same time!..... First of all after you locate him, DO NOT tell him where you are staying, or provide him your telephone number, or he will be annoying you constantly. If you see some chicas on the beach that you like... regardless of whether they are pros or regular girls on vacation, there is a very very good chance he can convince them to go with you. He is very good at this. Now keep in mind a few things.. if your goal is to meet non-pro chicas, try it on your own... you can do it, but you can have Tony right there by your side, so you can ask him about every single chica that walks by. He knows his shit and he knows who is who. If he does not know a girl and you want to talk to her... he will make sure it happens. He will also be able to tell you if they are a pro or not. This is good, as most girls will lie about it. However, you do need to set some guidelines when you sit with Tony (though all of them will try to screw you out of a few pesos). It is also imperative you know the pricing structure of everything you might need or use, such as carpas, chairs, the cost of beer, speciality drinks, water, and so forth. It is also imperative you keep track of how many drinks you have purchased and what they were, as he is going to inflate your bill. When he brings you your bill, laugh at what he is trying to charge you if it is not correct, as opposed to getting mad. He knows how much your bill should be, though he will scratch his head and be like "really? don't you fucky with Tony." Those will be his exact words! You can also tell him you are a friend of Eduardo, and he will know who you are talking about, and quite possibly he will be less intent on padding your bill. The first thing you have to do though is find him. He works on a beach called Playa Hollywood. When you get on the beach, every 50 feet or so the guys that run the beach chairs will try to convince you to sit in their section. Just pass them all up. Perhaps ask "where is Tony?" They will probably all say they are Tony as many use that name now because so many people know who he is. The Tony you are looking for is called Tony #1. He is black, has a big belly, has a gold tooth, has a running nose that does not stop from being a cocaine user, but he is also a really good guy. I am sure you all with enjoy him. Infact, I am going to post a pic of him so all of you will know who he is when you run into him. He speaks kind of a Jamaican-like English. He is about 5'8" and is chubbiest of all the guys that call themselves Tony. He will also say shit like "hey, how bout a beer for Tony" probably every 30 minutes... I always buy him a beer or two over a 3 or 4 hour period. He will also try to get you to buy him a pina colada, but just tell him no, but you will get him a beer. Treat him as you would a friend and not like he is some asshole trying to rip people off, and you have a very valuable asset on the beach at your disposal. When he asks if you want him to find you a chica... tell him sure... but you want someone new, not a regular beach chica that has been there for years...make it a challenge for him. He will eventually find you a 10, trust me. It may take him a while, but he will not give up... and you owe him nothing for that. He will spend all day finding you your ideal chica, and negotiating it for you if you want him to. If he calls a chica to the beach, make it clear to him, you are not paying for her taxi, and if you do not feel chemistry with her, you are not going to take her. Be firm about this. The chica typically gives him 10 to 20,000 pesos for his referral. I do not know this first hand, but this is what I have been told. Of course you do not have to use him, but it is an option for you, especially if you do not speak spanish. The best part of sitting in his section is really the entertainment you get by watching him just be himself all day on the beach. You will understand what I am talking about when you are there. Playa Hollywood is to the right of Hotel Dann. When you are walking on the beach you will see a big brown type of thing on a building, Playa Hollywood is in front of this. I will also attach a couple of pics of this so you have some type of guide to go by. Another way to find him is once you are on this part of the beach, ask for the massage lady named Emily. She is an older lady, but a sweetheart in every sense of the word. I am also attaching a pic of her. She is another person who can be a real asset for you. She is always in Tony's section, generally sitting by her mothers fruit stand. If you are on the beach and want a massage or want a manicure or pedicure, do not get it from anyone else other than Emily. You can also negotiate with her on the cost. I generally get a one hour massage for 30,000 to 40,000 pesos and I usually buy her a beer or a water as well.

Like I said, Tony can be a great asset, befriend him, be firm with him (don't let him fuck you over), enjoy the entertainment, have fun with him, and give him his respect. (If he comes through for you only once with a perfect 10, he was worth it. If not, it's not like you paid him anything.) Also he will try to borrow some pesos from you, and again do not do it. I know you are probably saying no way would I do that, but Tony is a very good hustler with alot of game. I also have his telephone number if any of you want it.

Daytime Action:

Other than the beach, daytime action can be found even though it is sporadic around the internet cafe called Puntocom. You can also get plenty of opportunity for daytime action by sitting on the cement bench for lack of a better word, that is in front Edificio Playa Mar, and across the street from the apartments called Atlantis. The best times to be around the internet cafe is from 1pm to 5:00pm, and in front of Playa Mar it is from 3:30 to approximately 6pm. The girls who go to the internet cafe are much better looking than the girls who pass by Playa Mar. For short time during the day, there is no need to pay more than 50,000 pesos, and that is the maximum I have ever paid for daytime fun.

Party treats:

If you choose to use cocaine or marijuana do not carry it on you, do it and leave it in your apartment, as the cops stop people and cars, including taxis on a regular basis and do searches, including on person searches. This is also happening in the daytime hours as well as throughout the night. This is about all I can share with you at the moment as my mind has gone brain dead. If I can think of other things I will post it later on.

05-06-09, 19:03
Mansion, Laureles Penthouse, or Mayorista in Frank's place. I really like frank but I really like the laureles area shown in the photos of malodr and the mansion seems really nice but it is really expensive. I a new and my experience is limited to Canada, USA, Aruba. Basically tourist destinations where it is really easy.

So please give some advice.It is my opinion there is only once choice, and that is at Franks Place, for the reasons I mentioned in a post I made awhile back. See it below. I think if you read back through the many posts written by other members about Frank, and the housing he offers, you will find almost everyone will agree with me. Have fun and be safe!

Hello to anyone considering an apartment rental in Medellin!

I have a very good friend staying at Franks "My Place", and this experienced monger who has traveled the world over has been treated like a King by Frank during his stay in Medellin. His apartment is very large, furnished very nicely, secure, and immaculately clean, and Frank has been there to give him tours of the city, take him shopping, introduced him to many non-pros, taken him to many non-pro clubs, as well as the p4p clubs and casas. He has been there for every need my friend has had, making his experience at My Place, and Medellin, a memorable experience for him, going way beyond what would have been expected of him. To this I say thank you Frank for taking such good care of my friend, and I hope all others who are going to be looking for lodging in Medellin, will provide Frank there business, as there is no one that provides the quality of service that he does!. Lastly, the cost of the rental is under $50.00 dollars a night, and this includes all the services that my friend has been provided!

Guys, it is a no brainer when it comes to booking your accomodations in Medellin, and that is at Frank Casio's "My Place".

05-07-09, 02:30
In my posts on Cartagena and Santa Marta I mentioned several private transport companies that will pick you at your apartment building or hotel, and drop you off at the door of your destination. These transport companies which are actually van pools, which provide you an economical way to travel in between the following cities: Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta. If you are in Santa Marta they will also take you to a small village I will be posting about probably tomorrow, called "Minca", which very few of you have heard of. It is located about a half an hour from Santa Marta, and makes for a nice day trip with your chica to have a day away from the heat and the beach life, as it is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range.

The main reason for this post is I did not have the telephone numbers for probably the most popular transport company of the ones I mentioned in my posts, which is called MariSol. I now have that number available for you.
Cartagena Office: 6564192
Cellular number: 300-805-6659

Barranquilla Office: 368-3272 or 369-4228 or 373-6425
Cellular numbers: 300-808-3147 and 313-545-0004

05-07-09, 14:05
But are you sure about staying in Mayorista. I think Mr. Casio seems really really nice. But I'm not sure about the area.Just look at the number of reports written by members who have stayed with and partied with Frank. You have several every week, and not one has been disappointed in the accomodations, or the service they had received from Frank, and not one person has reported that they felt in danger or were threatened. I HIGHLY SUGGEST you contact some of those members such as Ken Apples, or Vics Picks to use as two examples of members who had no previous knowledge of Medellin what so ever but stayed at Franks. Medellin Mansion on the other hand in Poblado was robbed, and several times guys were robbed walking back to it, as it was reported here on the ISG. This was not just an isolated incident, but it has happened on several occasions. Does that make Poblado a bad place, no, as these things happen, you just have to be careful of your surroundings.

If I did not think Franks Place was the best place for a person to stay who was visiting Medellin for the very first time, I would never recommend it to anyone, but I have had probably 10 to 15 people who have stayed at Franks Place on my recommendation, and everyone of them has reported to me how greatful they were for my recommendation, and that they felt safe and secure, and was provided five star service from Frank.

Franks place is booked solid, and I do mean solid, as I have had people try to make reservations for 30 days out, only to be told he had no space available, and the reason for this is the word is out, that Frank provides a nice place to stay in at a reasonable cost, and because people feel safe staying there. I am sure you know how fast word of mouth travels, especially through boards such as this, but you will find NOT ONE report of a person who did not enjoy themselves or feel safe at Franks Place. It is a no brainer, make your reservation now with Frank, or you will not have the opportunity to do so later, as no space will be available for you. There is also not a better wingman in all of Medellin to boot. Again, the field reports posted here by members back my statement up 100 percent!. Have fun and be safe my friend. If I can be of further help to you please let me know. I will respond to your personal message later on today when I have more time.

05-07-09, 14:40
A recommended trip for anyone who wants to get away from the heat and the beaches in Rodadero/ Santa Marta for a day is to take one of the transport companies I have mentioned in my previous posts on Cartagena and Santa Marta and go to a small mountain village named “Minca”. It is located about a half an hour from Santa Marta. The cost is 5000 pesos if I remember right. This is using a transport where you are sharing the fare with others. You can also take a taxi.

Minca is a small village of under 700 people that is located in the rainforests of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. The temperature here is about 70 degrees. What is unique about this little village is its surrounding forest is inhabited by Kogi Indian tribe. The village does have a couple of restaurants, hotels and hostels, so it can be a nice little peaceful get away from the city life.

What to do in Minca:

*****This area is noted for its coffee, and supposedly has some of the best coffee in the world. You can see coffee brewed here over all things, "charcoal". I had never heard of this before! It is pretty interesting to see to say the least.

***** It is also very well noted for its Kogi Indian ruins and history.

***** You can walk to an area called Las Piedras, which means rocks. This is about a 15 minute walk from the middle of the village. You walk past a church, and a couple of restaurants, one being called Dona Ana I think. You continue to walk and you will run into where two rivers come together. What is unique about this is the temperature of the water in each of these rivers. One is very cold and the other is quite warm. They then come together forming one, with the water passing quite rapidly over the rock formations. It is a real beautiful area, and those that like nature will love it. The people that usually visit this area like to relax in the water, letting the water massage your body and relax your minds.

****** You can take a hike to see a waterfall that many years ago was used by the Indians for there religious ceremonies. Now days people swim at the bottom of it. To get to the waterfall it is about a 40 minute hike, but the trail is very easy to walk on. I actually got lost trying to find the place, so it might be best to follow another group, or make sure you get directions from someone in Minca. I relied on someone who just told me the general area that it was in, which was a mistake on my part. The name of the waterfall is Arimaka.

***** For you hiking enthusiasts this is a super place to be, for there are many trails and interesting things to see in the rainforest. It is also one of the more popular areas in all of Colombia for bird watching, so it is a interesting place to spend a day enjoying all that nature has to offer.

***** Hotels/Hostels: Those interested in spending the night in this tranquil village, there are several places to stay, from the economical end, ($13 to $15.00 dollars a night, which included breakfast,) to renting a 4 bedroom house or cabana with quoted rates of $50.00 to $100.00 dollars per night.

http://www.casasantander.info/index.html this is a nice place I would definitely stay at.

Sierra Sound is a also a nice place and would have no problem staying here. It is beautiful.

Posada del Camino is an economical place to stay.

Sierra Round is another economical place to stay.

Hostal Sans Souci is also an economical place to stay.

If I can think of anything more to add I will post it later on. I was happy I chose to visit this beautiful and unique village. It is also a great way to spend some quality time with your chica, because of the tranquility it offers. The chica that was with me, had never been out of the city before, so she really enjoyed the nature that Minca offers.

John Gault
05-07-09, 14:43
But are you sure about staying in Mayorista. I think Mr. Casio seems really really nice. But I'm not sure about the area.Lets see,you walk out the door and there are some good looking girls at bargan basement prices. Cheap food. Close to the Metro. A police presense.That sums it up for me.

On the other hand if you are a guy who would rather spend his money on fancy apartments or hotels then Franks Place is not for you.

Daves Pison
05-07-09, 22:45
Tiger Paw is in poblado pretty safe area around 2 blocks from oarke lleras lots of bars eating places and lots of girls to be pick up. Depends on you my friend I stayed there last month and had a great time you are from a taxi ride from everywhere within the city. I'm not saying the frank's place is not good but I'm giving you the other side of the coin.

But are you sure about staying in Mayorista. I think Mr. Casio seems really really nice. But I'm not sure about the area.

05-15-09, 18:41
Greetings Everyone,

I recently cleaned up this thread by deleting a number of off-topic posts.

This cleanup process is not perfect, and it's possible that I may have inadvertently deleted a few otherwise legitimate posts. If you find that your own report was also deleted, please don't take it personally.



05-20-09, 00:46
I was recently convinced by a friend of mine (aka, Da Wizz Kid) to travel through the hot spots of Colombia. Unfortunately, I don't speak the local language so I am a bit apprehensive to travel alone. I was thinking of hiring a sherpa to carry my stuff and act as an interpreter. Since you seem to be a keeper of odd knowledge about Colombia, can you give me some advice?

Thanks in advance,


Dos Lunas
04-21-11, 23:57
My hats off to you this is by far the best guide I have come across for CTG. Thank you!

This report is geared to someone who will be a first time visitor to Cartagena. The information is current as of May 2009.

Apartments If this is your first time in Cartagena I would only rent from the following people:


And itts@excite.com Which is Juan Ventura.

Dave Jones from.



Mery Salence from oficerna@yahoo.com

Juan Ventura is a class act of a guy. His apartments are very nice, and he actually lives in Cartagena within a couple of minutes from any apartment you would rent from him, so if you have any problems, he is there to fix them immediately.

Mery is also a very nice lady who lives within 5 minutes of any apartment you would rent from her. She is also very accessible at any time of the day. As far as Dave goes, he is a super good guy, who I also consider a friend, and will do his very best to accommodate all of your needs.

Presently Dave lives in Medellin, but has someone maintaining his properties in Cartagena for him named Giovanni.

You can expect to pay about fifty to sixty dollars for a luxury one bedroom beachfront property, and seventy five dollars for a two bedroom luxury property. Make sure you request exactly what you are looking for, such as an apartment with a terrance overlooking the beach and ocean. Also make sure the air conditioning is working good, because in Cartagena it is a necessity to have especially in the summer months..

07-01-14, 06:05
Great write up.