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01-01-03, 20:13
Bar Idem. It is a bar and a brothel. Not much of a bar atmosphere. Not much English spoken. Go in, buy a very cold beer if you wish, talk to the friendly English speaking manager named Roberto, ask his advice, and pick a girl from the seats along the wall and go upstairs. Give the girl C14000 or so and she will pay the cashier and return any change. It is probably more now. A bigger downstairs room is C17000 or more. Get down to one half hour of business and tip her if she is pleasing, which most all are. Expect to start with a BBBJ and end with a covered entry. There are no exact addresses in San Jose for anything. It is 50 meters South of the intersection of Ave. 10 and Calle 11,... across the street and 100 meters Southeast of the Tin Jo restaurant. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Tin Jo Restaurant at Ave 10 and Calle 11. Walk across the street and down a few doors. Search this site for a WSG map of San Jose and download and print it. Take a cab after dark, and to be safe, in the daytime too. The Idem which is in a bad, low rent area.

Wine and Spirits.
As a wino I can attest that the Max x Menos market, one block South and one and one half blocks East of the Del Rey, has reasonable priced wines from Spain, Chile and Agrentina and a few German and California ones thrown in. The Chilean wines are good values anytime especially the Cabernet Sav and Merlots. I also found a good value Chardonnay or two and an Asti sweet sparkler which the girls love. There are a few good sparkling Cavas from Spain but do not expect French Champagne. They do not have high end stuff nor exotic Alsacian or German wines.
If you like American or Scotch whiskey, bring it, as the import tax is very very high. Regionally produced vodka, gin, tequila and rum are good and good values, unless you insist on high end imported brands. The usual mixers are available, including fresh limes.
Other related stuff.
Bring a corkscrew in your checked luggage to San Jose or buy one locally. You may be able to bring it to SJO in your carry on, but you CANNOT take a corkscrew OUT of San Jose in your carry on bag, nor folding umbrellas. Absolutely different rules than for domestic US and Canada flights. Your CHECKED bag will be HAND searched as will your carry on bag.

01-02-03, 03:00
Tipping the girls.
I tip about 10 percent or so (with a minimum of C1000 at the 747 which is cheap anyway... It costs about C4500 for F/S at the 474 plus C1000 tip.)
See abbreviations in black border above.
I also bring gifts to give instead of tips, such as perfumes, lingerie and CDs. They love it. If you give em lingerie they usually will agree to pose in it for your photos.

01-03-03, 03:03
to npaul:

There are decent wines available at the local markets. They have some very good wines at the dutyfree store at the airport. Be sure to go to the dutyfree store BEFORE you go through immigration. They won`t let you back in once you have been cleared.


01-04-03, 19:16

la casa de vina (the house of wine)
san jose, costa rica

address - de la alianza francesa 50 meters este barrio amon

website - www.lacasadelvino.co.cr

email - lacasadelvinoamon@hotmail.com

hope this helps

reviews to follow in a week or so

01-05-03, 00:12
Snooky: Gringo Gulch.
Calle 9 from Av Central to Av 3.Av 3 over to Calle 5. Down Calle 5 to Av Central and over to Calle 9.In this box you will find The del Rey,Blue Marlin,Morazon,Holiday Inn,Morazon Park,Key Largo,The President and much more just out off this box.That is one of the things I like about San Jose it is all right there.

The Morazon has no charge for the chicks.The President are del Rey would be the place to stay.

01-05-03, 06:26
Purplengold: Price of all night.
Price of an all nighter (more like 8pm-6am).Low end would be us70 for two girls.(that is us35 each) That was my best price and a good night. High end would be us300. Moust will take us150-200. As for enthusiasm. Take them to dinner and make it more like a date and there enthusiasm will go up. DO Not give them all the money till the AM are they will bolt.

01-06-03, 00:37
I had mentioned in an earlier post that I'd used my Visa at the Tango India - a strip club I really enjoyed.
I just received my credit card bill and all is well. I even got a better exchange rate on my Visa card than I expected.


01-06-03, 06:58

You asked about places. Don't know what you are looking for specifically, but will mention a couple of options not often posted on this board.

I enjoy going to Olympus. It is within walking distance of the other places. They have never charged me a cover charge. they have some pretty hot babes in there, and they don't put the money push on you like they do at the other high profile strip clubs. Not all the babes are 10's, but they look decent on the stage, and there can occasionally be a hot one worth spending some time for. If I recall, they charge the same price for drinks for the babe as they do you, and give real drinks to the ladies..

The other thing I like about the Olympus is that connected to it is the massage parlor, with a Greek name. I forget the specific name. Anyway, when things are slow on that side, you will see ladies dressed in street clothes come in from the back. Those ladies work at the massage place. So, you get to look at them too. Or, you can go to the John in the back and see some of them and check them out. Also, those ladies work for themselves, so to speak, and they can come and go as they please..so, if you get lucky like I did one night, you can find a really hot one in there, sit down and talk to her with a drink while watching the other ladies get nasty on the dance floor...and cut yourself a deal...or just take her to the back room and pay to fuck like at Idem or other places.

Another place I like is Hollywood. It has changed over the years. It used to be a low rent place mainly for locals (I have never seen another gringo in there). But now, it is owned by a group that owns some of the other clubs in town. The drink prices are the same as the others, but it has some interesting ladies...Plus, you can negoitiate for on site services if you want...they have rooms in the back...or you can get lapdances back there...as well..all kinds of things are possible.

I like going to these other places just to get away and see a different scene...

Like I said, depends on what you want.

Also, at least in the past, I have found that hookers will hang in the discos up at el Pueblo during the week. On Fridays and Saturdays it is full of couples so the hookers aren't there..but en el Kokoloco and the other ones, you can find some ladies..of course it depends on you being able to spot them and talk to them...but those things are possible...again, depends on what you are seeking...

01-06-03, 07:03
Studplayer, Hollywood is on the south side of the Sabana..just down the road just past the Tennis club (going west) from the McDonalds located on the southeast corner, .. Any taxi driver will know it...don't go before 10,

Jony Vegas
01-08-03, 07:36
WilliamWalker - The Morazon os no longer as girl friendly as before. They now charge for a girl as of Nov. 2002

Jony Vegas
01-08-03, 07:53

Your question was:
What's the best was to get from the Del Rey/San Jose to Jaco Beach? Does the Del Rey have a bus or something to take you there? NPaul suggested the IRAZU JACO BEACH HOLIDAY INN but I think it is a Best Western from my google search. What is a good place to stay at in Jaco Beach that is close to the action but also a decent place to stay. Snooky

I stayed with in walking distance an right on the ocean at a cool place, the Copacobana Hotel. It is a one block walk to 2 of the 3 hottest club/bars in Jaco.

Depending on your budget, the Best Western is also only 1 to 2 blocks from the action, and is on the main drag.

Del Rey can arrange for a small comfortable, air conditioned bus to drive you to Jaco fro about $18 US and it will take you door to door. Or you can public transportation bus, which is nice, very large, and will cost $5, but you aren't taken door to door of your hotels.

01-08-03, 19:01
Get to know the guys at the desk at th Morazan. Treat them nice and they will take care of you. Treat them bad and you will pay the $5 Girl fee. They are pretty much full, so what dose that tell you. SEAHAWK at the MORAZAN. The best sports bar in San Jose.

01-08-03, 23:35
Has anyone subscribed to the Tico Times and/or AM Costa Rica? If so how expanded are the different sections compared to the free online version?

I am specifically interested in knowing if the classifed section under women seeking men has many ads in there?

If so, this may be a way to make contact with a Tica prior to a visit.

01-09-03, 00:41
I'm in Jaco now, staying at Hotel Cocal, negotiated hard for $65 for a single. It's on the beach, 2 pools, pool bar,casino, breakfast, friendly people, chica friendly. It was $95 last week and Jaco was jammed. Now it's back to normal.

Hotel Cocal is between the Beatle Bar and the disco La Central, the 2 main places to hang out. Women are available in both. I also liked Hotel Flamboyant (?) a block or so North of Cocal. Just as nice, and cheaper (maybe $47).

The Best Western is a little too family oriented and too big for my liking, and probably more $$. It's also very far from disco La Central, most of the restaurants, shopping, food stores, etc.

Hotel Copacabana looked nice also, but I really like the location of the Cocal.

01-09-03, 03:46
real thrill

I used to read the Tico times all the time...and the ads are substantially better in the print edition...there used to be many more running than the last copy I picked up while visting last August.

They offer maybe 30% online..just the main headlines.

However, as to the value of those ads as a quality medium for contacting ticas in advance of arrival depends on your objectives. A high percentage of those, it seems to me, are looking for a more long term arrangment.

There are a substantial number of ads for guys coming to visit and requesting that women contact them. If I were you, I would try that as well...you can be real honest up front, saying what you want, anglo visitor (or what ever you are) coming to Costa rRca for week, wanting a travel companion and country/cultural guide..bonus if spoke english (unless you are fluent in spanish). You will probably get enough answers to get some options to evaluate. A lot depends on how much time you have before you plan to visit...

and how you want them to contact you...by mail will take a lot longer. I know you can set up an answer box to the Tico Times and have them forward the mail to you..but don't don't what are the times for that option..

Good luck...

01-09-03, 05:39
I have stayed at the Morazan since '98 and love it. I think they changed owners last year and when I was there last June, they had done some much needed renovations. Since they know me, now, I only take care of the front desk help and Ricardo the bellhop, when I'm leaving. They are always friendly and give helpful advice during my stay. Enjoy! I hope to be back there sometime between April and June.

01-10-03, 01:37
real thrill...the pros do use the local newspapers...just look under the servicios section...or personales..if you don't speak excellent spanish, have the bell hop or somebody show them to you..there are ones than advertise that speak english...

I think that would be a worthwhile source, especially if looking for a week long or days companion to the coast.

The problems I encounter for finding those types in the normal pickup places are two or three:
1. They have kid(s) and need to make arrangements for them. Sometimes this isn't a problem, but for 8 out of ten that have kids, it is a problem. sometimes though, given 24 hours, they can work it out.
2. They have a daytiime job. there are less and less of these in these places, but several years ago, there were a high percentage that had a daytime job and would just show up every few days for some extra money. Those, in my mind, were the best. Nowdays, the pros have moved in, lots of Dominicans and Colombians as well that make this their full time job. Anyway, some of the very best GFE I have had with Ticas (and they are the best, forget what colombians and dominicans look like) has been these types. Trouble is, they are only available on saturday and sunday (beginning friday night) to leave town.

Another way to go about it is to find a girl at the beach location. The board has some very good tips on Jaco, Quepos, other places. If you are going to the south west coast (Tamarindo area), I would say, from what I have read, you better take something with you.

You can look up La Nacion and the other daily paper on line. You might scan the want ads there and see what pops up. You could always hire somebody where you live who speaks spanish to give them a call and see what you could set up. Just an option to think about.

One thing I think is certain. If you know what you want and you can explain it, there is no reason you can't find it. One of the techniques that I woud think I would use would be to find a girl at the Blue Marlin who speaks english and tell her what you are looking for. Assuming that she isn't what you want or she can't go, offer to pay her a tip for finding you a girl who can meet your conditions. They all know each other or enough around, that they can pass the word a helluva lot faster than you can interview them all to find out if they can make arrangements to leave for a few days.

Good luck..wish I was with you. I could find the chick for you. Have done it several times for others...

catch some fish too..the last time I went out, my partner and I had double doubles (both had sails on at the same time, twice). It was fast and furious.

01-10-03, 17:31

Thanks again, this is great information. I am going to be staying at a timeshare in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. I know Playa Coco, which is nearby, may have some action at the bars, but it is definitely hit or miss.

My Spanish is so-so, I know most of the verbs and the important nouns. My problem comes with some of the irregular verbs, and conjugating in different tenses. If I stick with present perfect tense, I am pretty good. So I think I can communicate OK.

I think I am a pretty good looking guy, and pros here in the states can't understand why I visit with them. Some have actually said that they think I should work at the local ladies club.

My taste is for very beautiful women. I could give you links to ladies here in Houston and show you what I'm talking about. The lady will have to like being active (Diving/snorkeling, fishing, dancing at night, etc.) I'm not into sitting at a pool for 3-4 days doing nothing.

I was speaking with a captain in Playa Hermosa and he thinks I will easily have a chance at Sails, Tuna, Dorado, Roosterfish, and possibly Wahoo.

I will try the local paper sections to see what kind of talent is in there. If that goes belly up, then I think I have to play it smooth in Playa Coco, unless you know some trophies who wouldn't mind starting an email correspondence with me to see if we would be compatible.

A friend of a friend lives in CR on the SW coast someplace. I am going to see if he can help put me in touch via email with a model type semi-pro or pro ladies. I do want to spend my time with a Tica, not a Dominican or Columbian.

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to email me at real-thrill@excite.com

01-11-03, 03:14
I was in CR in November and spent 3 days fishing at Mal Pais. There is a little fishing village south of the village of Mal Pais and the it's a bargain. I only paid $20.00 hr. and we had 2 or 3 lines going at all times. The fishing village is about as far as the road goes south on the peninsula so you can't miss it. There's also a canopy tour right there.
Our guides were Emilio and Andres - they are partners and co-own the boats. We spoke to some other fisherman but I wasn't impressed.
I caught 4 tuna and 2 magnificent Dorado (also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin Fish). I also saw giant sea turtles swimming right by the boat and hundreds of sting-rays breaching the water.
Mal Pais is a surfer's village so, if you like the big waves, it's a bonus.


01-11-03, 21:38

A canopy tour is where you are hoisted to tree-top level in the Jungle forest. Most people don't realize that about 90% of the wildlife in Costa Rica is up in the forest canopy (the upper tree level where the leaves and branches cover the sunlight).
CR has an incredible amount of wildlife so this is a must-do while you're there. Then if anyone asks you about your visit to CR, you can talk about blowjobs, 3-somes, the Del Rey, and howler monkeys.


01-13-03, 01:27

No, don't pay American prices for charter boats. That was one disappointing thing about CR - prices in American dollars. I'm a Canadian and, with our bad exchange rate, I don't appreciate having to put up with it in a non-US country.
I checked with some charter companies that wanted $650.00US for a day's fishing. Sure you get nicer equipment and all the beer you can drink, but I'd rather spend my money on women. Besides that, the fishermen in Mal Pais have one of the best fishing grounds I've ever seen.
I spent some time in San Jose, Mal Pais, Playa Coco (near Playa Hermosa) and Liberia. The only SW's I spotted were in San Jose. I didn't see any in the bars I visited either (besides the obvious Del Rey). I've travelled a lot and my impression is that you either need to make arrangements in advance or REALLY know where you're going - unless you speak good Spanish, which I don't.
I visited in November, just at the end of the low season - there weren't a lot of Americans around - mostly Europeans and Canadians - except at the Del Rey (God Bless America!). There I met a scammer who claimed to be a movie producer (took credit for "Enemy at the Gates") and said he was worth a Billion dollars.
If I were you, I'd start with the Blue Marlin bar at the Del Rey. I would look for someone who can hook you up with what you're looking for for a small commission and an extra bonus if everything works out well for you.
I also made friends with a Columbian girl at the Tango India. She might be able to hook you up with someone honest and friendly. If you're interested, email me at whistle830@aol.com and I'll pass on the info.

Hit n Run
01-23-03, 03:01
San Jose Gambling question. I've contacted a few of the hotels
with roulette questions. Most have said the "wheel" isn't used,
they play "canasta" (balls in glass like lottery). Can anyone
tell me exactly which casinos offer the roulette wheel, and also is
it American version (0,00) or European (0). Thanks. I'll be posting
sleazy stories from there in a month, but I like to gamble also.

Jaimito Cartero
01-26-03, 12:10
NY Guy,

BBBJ is not the norm, without asking. I'd say about 25% give it off the bat. About 50% will give it if you mention a tip.

I'm sure the cleaner you look, the more likely you are to get it. I've also found some chicas that won't do it even with a condom. Ask before money changes hand.

Rocio at 747 gives a real nice one, for about $11 the last time I was there in August.

01-26-03, 19:45
Am in San Jose at the Del Ray. The 24th was my first night this trip. Was with a lovely yong thing from the Blue Marlin.Yes have photo. She was new at what she was doing but she was so good looking.On the 25th I was with a girle I first saw on my last tripe. 26 petite good looking and experienced (a good thing ).Yes there is a photo this tme last time she would not leet me tak any.

01-27-03, 02:42
Hey guys,

Where is the best place to exchange money? The airport? Where are the best rates at...also, where else besides the hotels can we exchange money since they charge such a substantial premium. Thanks.

01-27-03, 22:07

The airport isn't bad, but some hotels used to give a decent exchange. When I was there last May, I just went to the bank across from the Hotel Morazon. The bellhop help me to pick times when it wasn't too busy, so the wait wasn't long. Morazon didn't seem too anxious to exchange, since I wasn't gambling.

The bank is a block from the Del Rey.


01-28-03, 18:47
Hit n Run;

I went into a number of casinos around San Jose and at some resorts in November. I didn't see any "regular" roulette tables anywhere - just the canasta version. From what I've read in the guide books, you're not likely to find one.

Exchanging money:
The hotels seemed to have the worst rates, banks had decent rates but some charged a fee - I went to the Bank of Nova Scotia in a mall thinking that I'd do okay with a Canadian bank but was charged $5.00US. Best to ask about service charges first but I'd been in a long line and needed cash. The local banks were the best bet.

ALSO: Note for non-US citizens. Use American cash and travelers cheques in CR. Even if you have to change from Canadian to US to colones, you'll still be ahead. All the exchange rates for Canadian dollars were out of sync with the actual rates. Even the Euro, which is worth more than the US dollar right now was exchanged at about 75% of the US buck.


Originally posted by Hit n Run
San Jose Gambling question. I've contacted a few of the hotels
with roulette questions. Most have said the "wheel" isn't used,
they play "canasta" (balls in glass like lottery). Can anyone
tell me exactly which casinos offer the roulette wheel, and also is
it American version (0,00) or European (0). Thanks. I'll be posting
sleazy stories from there in a month, but I like to gamble also.

01-28-03, 19:20
Use the ATM machines. They will give you the current exchange rate.

01-29-03, 00:41
San Jose Jan 2003 part two. The 26th I was with Victoria. First saw her in Feb 2002.Not what you would call a sweet yong thing.More like a skilled pro.But this girl is fun.Yes new photos of her. On the 27th made it over to New Fantasy.I am not much on massage parlors but this one could chang my mind. The night of the 27th I saw G from the Blue Marlin. This girl could kiss. The best I have had in Costa Rica (best kisser).Tell them you are in town for weeks not days and the Quality of serves will go up. Yes photo. Lee

01-29-03, 19:39
San Jose Jan 2003 part 3:
What day is this? Must be the 29th.What is there to do in San Jose before 6pm? NEW FANTASY. Last night (28th?)was Dominican night. I love the Blue Marlin it is like a variety store all you could look for is there just learn to shop.My Dominican and I had a long night. Yes there will be photos. But no Photos of New Fantasy. I do not take anything of value to go exploring. Lee

01-30-03, 19:48
San Jose Jan. 2003 part four.
All I am going to say is ( what a doll). The body is by mother nature and I have photos. This will be my last night will make the best of it.

Jony Vegas
01-31-03, 00:33
HIt n Run - There are no "regular" roulette wheels in CR. Also, I would steer away from gambling at the Blue Marlin. The black jack deal tried screwing me when I asked for a hit (obvious call since I had a 9 showing against his 10 showing). He didn't give me a card. I asked him about it ...he ignored me. When I asked him to call a pit boss over he ignored me. Even everyone at the table told him I asked for a hit.

I finally called a pit boss over who agreed to look at the video tape after my coaxing. They did and found that it was very obvious that I asked for a hit. They gave me my bet back and paid me as if I had won.

Now, I am not saying I am a big better or anything (a $20 bet is not that much). However, the principal of the matter ticked me off.

At another time, I was sitting at an empty table (no dealer or anyone) waiting for my friend to come out of the bathroom and they got on my case telling me to move and that I couldn/t wait there.

I recommend the casino next to the Blue Marlin. It is a nice place, never seems to be very busy and I ran into nice friendly people there.

Jaimito Cartero
02-01-03, 14:57
For NYGuy,

Yes, there are quite a few Pensions or small hotels such that run in the $15-$25 range. I've stayed in one before, and while it wasn't horrible, I'd spring the extra 10-15 and get a hotel.

I seem to recall people saying that the Morazon or the Presidente had a $35 special or such.

I never brought a girl back to my room, so not sure if any are girl friendly.

I'd recommend you buy one of the explore Costa Rica type books.

The noise levels can be pretty bad. I stayed in the Balmoral my first time, and along with an earthquake waking me up, the street noise was pretty bad.

02-01-03, 20:39

I appreciate the information...I will do some searching when I get down there....thanks.

02-02-03, 01:57
I am certainly considering going to either CR or the dominican Republic in late February. I hope someone could just answer my few questions. I am hearing conflicting things about the Del Rey hotel and am hearing more Positive things about the Presidente hotel. Since I am a monger who will be possibly going to either CR or DR for only a few short days I want to have the best possible time. Any info from an experienced CR monger about the hotels, babes, food prices, etc would be GREATLY appreciated.



02-02-03, 05:29
Home from Costa Rica.Have photos. The photos are on MSN Groups.(http://groups .msn.com/adayatthedelrey).

02-02-03, 06:26
Acapulcoheat:The Presidente is the best value and the Del Rey is the moust fun.One is only 50 yards from the outher.You can stay at the Presidente for $45 a night and get a free breakfast .You can stay at the Del Rey for $55 a night and have the Blue Marlin right there.At the" P" the girls get in free at the "DR" it will coust 3500 colones. (355 colones = $1)
Food:Coca Cola Botella and Sopa De Pollo =C2,000.
Coca Cola Botella and Queso-Burguesa=C-3,050
Coca Cola and Roast Beef Sandwich=C3180
Babes:See http://groups.msn.com/adayatthedelrey

02-02-03, 06:42

Excellent pics. Are all the girls from the Del Rey? What is the menu pricing for, Presidente or Del Rey. I'll be there in two weeks, I'll post pics whenI get back. Snooky

02-02-03, 06:57
Snooky: The menu is from the Del Rey as are the girls.

02-03-03, 00:32
Thanks Lee! I appreciate the info. What did you pay for the babes?

Thanks again.


02-03-03, 02:55
Wish I could join you. Sounds like fun.

Almost anytime you go to SJO and hang out at the Blue Marlin or the Park Hotel bar on Fri or Sat nights, you will meet some good people to hang with. I know a lot of the names who post here and they know their stuff.

Somewhere here, someone posted 16 rules for San Jose and if you can find those stick with them.
Keep your cool, do not wander around drunk and act like you have common sense and you will do OK.

Good Luck, and have fun. Say hello to Roberto for me at IDEM. -WW.

02-03-03, 22:58
See post by Ace00 dated 10-25-02, in this San Jose forum for the 16 rules.

02-04-03, 02:41
2 questions:

1. What kind of cancellation policies do these hotels have? For example, what is hotel presidente's policy? Also, what's cheaper per night, hotel morazan or presidente?

2. Do girls negotiate in dollars or colones?

My five years of spanish classes only allows me to count up to 9999...anything above that, I am unsure, I would imagine it's a mouthful though.


02-04-03, 05:36
Concellation Policies;just like the US you pay first night if a no show.Morazan is $39 and the Presidente is $45.Girls negotiate in dollars but will take colones.

02-04-03, 06:06
Does anybody know what the layout of these "suites" look like? The hotel people said they are two rooms, one with two beds, and another with one.


02-04-03, 18:10
KYJ and WW,

Thanx. The sixteen rules of ACE00 (posted 10-25-02 here) will guide me always. As far as Iím concerned, if you wander around drunk at night in a third world city, you DESERVE to be relieved of your cash. Iím not going to Costa Rica to DRINK; I can DRINK right here at home.

Claro que sŪ . . . I will give your regards to Roberto at IDEM. In fact, I may head straight to IDEM after checking in at the Presidente on Friday in the early evening (2/21). Maybe New Fantasy instead? I know thatís probably not the best time of day for IDEM, but Iíll be interested in some quality time before the much-storied show at the Park Hotel. On Saturday and Sunday Iíll do the grand tour . . . the circuit, remembering Don Gordoís rule . . . that the tour is subject to unannounced delays by reason of meeting beautiful chicas.

Iím pysched, and Iím looking forward to meeting some fellow adventurers along the way.


02-04-03, 21:35
Dudes,whats the policy at the Presidente regarding bringing a girl to your room?

02-05-03, 05:26
It is two separate hotel rooms with a door that connects them to make a suite out of what was just two rooms.If it is the Presidente .

02-05-03, 15:48
Hi All....To any first timers going to San Jose I would stay at the Del Rey as it is the hub of the gulch.Ask for Tom ...He is an American who grew up in CR ...He will set up fishing trips...escort you around...answer all questions.He is a good guy and will take care of you....especially if tu no habla espanol.As for the chicas I was there last month and the prices have gone down from my previous trips.Immigration is cracking down on the girls....Also remember you must get a pasport effective 5/1/03 to enter the country.....Have fun....Be careful.....Be nice....

02-06-03, 04:04
Hotel Del Rel Bar is filled with mainly ugly girls. Many are fat and stupid (not personable) Some are outright nasty looking and acting.
After the 3rd or 4th mangy girl tried to get me to take the bait she asked me what I wanted; I replide 'Sofia Vergara" at which time she started cursing me out. (I am fluent in Spanish)

Many will not talk to you and just expect payment in full and "lets go"

It is good to talk to the girl to see if she is personable, happy, "into it" rather than give them what they demand and become a robot.

Some will roll their tongue and make other obscene gestures (in Latin culture very unladylike, unfeminine and RUDE)

I think some "gringo" moron once actually gave a girl 100 dollars and after that they all decided to ask for that. Utterly ridiculous. I would not get close to those girls if they paid ME.

Yes I know many will argue with what I say and yes for those people, the Blue Marllin girls DO SEEM wonderful. Guess it all has to do with perspective and relevance. If you speak Spanish and know Latin culture almost CERTAINLY you will not find the Blue Marlin girls attractive.

At shopping malls and associated restaurants and night clubs are MUCH better local women eager to meet you, dance, have fun.

CR indeed has many beautiful and sexy women, too bad they don't go to Del Rey Bar.

The few Colombian girls there are "nothing to write home about" although they were more amiable and friendly, and maybe good as lovers.

For women, Colombia is a world above CR. Smart, friendly, beautiful, HUNGRY and sweet!!

Sorry, but for pro's, you can keep Costa Rica.

02-06-03, 05:31
For all those that are familiar with the scene in SJ, CR...can someone provide me with an email address so that I may inquire more questions with...I don't want to splatter the board with newbie questions. Also, if anyone wants info on Santo Domingo, DR, feel free to email me as I have pertinent information about those surroundings.

02-07-03, 00:11
Hello NYGuy,
Don't know much about CR, but would
like to know more about DR. What is your
email? reach me 4strikes4@excite.com.
Thank you, Frank

Jaimito Cartero
02-07-03, 11:46

Well considering that most of the "paying" customers in the Blue Marlin are Gringos, I'm not surprised if they do some tongue rolling.

I've never taken a girl from the Blue Marlin myself. It's not that they weren't attractive to me (a gringo, of course), but the value of $60-$100 a pop wasn't attractive to me.

I have gone in with Tico friends, and I can tell you that they were ignored totally. Where else would a really BIG guy get a dozen cute chicas all over him, and a studly Tico get ignored?

Most of the girls there are serious pros. They're not there to drink beer, they're there to bring home the money. It's always better to have a personal relationship with someone, rather than to just say "Suck Me".

Check out the other places, Bar Idem or the more Tico style Club 40, Molino Rojo or 747. I've been to the latter three and had some good times there.

02-08-03, 01:42
Ny Guy

If you are looking for info about San Jose, go to my web page at
There you will find links to Lumps Map of San Jose as well as DonGordo`s walking tour.
If you have more questions, my email is posted on the web page...


02-10-03, 03:36
Delta has another Delta website only, delta.com, sale to SJO. It is effective now thru June 1. No blackout dates. Not a bargain basement deal but far less than the usual fares. Seven day advance purchase required and stay three days including Sat nite. It is fifty dollars cheaper Mon thru Thursday. DO NOT GO during Holy Week of April 13 thru 20th. The bars are closed by law, and the girls go home. Yes the State has made a law concerning the establishment of a religion, I guess. In all likelyhood there will be a even more terrific airfare sale effective Holy Week because everyone is avoiding San Jose, at that time.
Reminds me of the story of the man who opened a wh*re house and before he had any girls in the place he had to run the place by hand. You will be doing yourself by hand too during holy week.
Back to Delta, the fare is $499 out of ATL on Mon thru Thurs after April 1 and $549 before that, will all bullsh!t taxes and fees included, I think. $50 more for weekend travel.

Get your hotel reservations early

02-10-03, 12:11
Hola Jaimito Cartero,

Looks like you feel the same way I do. If you spend a few days/nights in Bogota you will not find many, if any Blue Marlin girls attractive at ANY price including FREE.

Que este bien

02-11-03, 17:18
Hi all,

I am heading back to Costa Rica from feb 22 to march 4th. i will be staying at the delrey as i have for the last two trips, yes they are expensive but i like being able to roll out of bed at 3am and find women available. i am checking two other things out while i am there, and wonder if anyone has had any experiance with them. one is a thing called fantasy resorts which supplies everything including women for one inclusive price. the other is costarican escorts (50 bucks to join) has anyone used them, and what is one day price. will give some info on past trips, as well as a report on this upcomming trip.....thanks

02-12-03, 08:44

Both are overexpensive rip-off. You can do lot better on your own and save money. You can get twice as many gals at one half price on your own. San jose does not require these escort services.

02-12-03, 13:36
and, escort services are illegal in costa rico and the all inclusive resort may be illegal too, both under the prohibition on pimping as they define and interpert the law. i do not think the exact term pimp is used but the law is clear on the point.

one all inclusive resort was raided a few years ago. the authorities made a big deal about ****d females there. that made them look good whether or not it was true, as it sounded good in the press. the pimp aspect was played down.

i agree with tasty1 that these are very expensive rip-offs and you do not need them at all.

02-12-03, 23:13
Regarding the escort sites. I may be taking one for the team, because thanks to the help of another monger, I joined costaricaescorts.net yesterday.

Opinions thus far:
Upon entering their "Members" section, there are pictures and descriptions of about 30 ladies total. You can see 2 photos of each lady. The description consists of their name, age, country of origin, and english speaking abilities.

If you see one that interests you, you can send her an email, flowers or candy through the service.

Now out of these 30 ladies, there are 10 that I would do, and 5 that I think are 7-8 in looks. The rest of the ladies move slowly down the scale. The web site claims that there are many other girls available, but they don't want their photo posted. To contact them you must contact the board with a description of you are looking for, and they will put you in touch. It doesn't say whether you will ever be provided a photo of these "shy" ladies.

The website costs $54.95 per month! Yikes.

Once the initial email is sent through member services, the service will ask the lady to contact us directly to make arrangements and negotiate a deal. THIS WILL BE KEY AS I DO NOT PLAN ON EXTENDING THIS SERVICE. In this way they avoid the "Pimping" scenario, because you are dealing directly with the lady. Yesterday, we sent a total of 5 letters to 5 different ladies. Now I have to hurry up and wait.

I will keep the board updated on how this progresses.

What we requested of the ladies:
We told the ladies that we thought they were special, and that we wanted to spend 5 days at the beach with them. Are they interested and how much. There was more flowery stuff in the email, but that is the meat of our request.

Here is why we joined:
I am arranging a trip for me and my friends to CR. We will be arriving in SJ at noon on a Wed., and we will be driving over to the coast later that afternoon. We are pretty picky in our choice of women, and I don't think we can find 3 quality (both looks and attitude) ladies, that will be able to go to the coast with a partial afternoon notice. So I took a $55 risk for my team and all of you. Hopefully this works out and we are able to line-up quality ladies ahead of time. Since I will be emailing directly with the ladies, I should get a feel for their personality, attitude, etc.

I will keep all of you informed as this deal progresses. I won't pay for a second month, so I basically have 27 days to line up 3 girls from this site that will have external conversations and keep the deal alive. I will also let you know how the negotiations go. My goal is to get to $150 or less per day for 5 days plus expenses. They get to hang out with guys that most ladies rate in the 7-8 range.

If it doesn't work out and turns out to be a rip-off, then everyone will know. I will be sure to post my findings at CH, WSG, CRSex, etc. I anticipate things to be on the up and up since this is the site that advertises on Ricardo's site so much.

And if I end up getting burned and educating all of us, then hopefully some of you regular CR mongers will help by giving up an email and photo of your favorita so I can contact her. A great (pleasant) attitude and hot looks are what I'm after.


02-16-03, 08:47
I lived in CR from 1991 to 2000 (still have a business there) and just visited with a couple buddies. This was my first time mongreling and I must say that El Presidente treated us well. Attentive bell-hops and the jacuzzi on the roof is great (be sure to reserve it). Arte Masaje girls are hit and miss, but when you hit it, the attention is great and I like the cleanliness of the place. The steam room is nice. Did not make it to New Fantasy though, how does that establishment compare?

02-16-03, 20:17
I would like to know a few things about going to CR. Is it safe to go as just one person? What is the best way to find flights to there? Do you Need a Pass-Port if your coming from LA? ( I really neeed to know that question. I'm ready for a new adventure and CR is where I want to go.

02-17-03, 16:52
I have traveled to CR alone several times (may even be going back in a few weeks). Fun place to go but like anywhere else,be careful. I recommend reading all the postings here. There is a web site ************.com and from there click on to the discussion board. There you will find many of the questions you have already answered. Check out Dongordo website. It is excellent , he included a map of the mongering places to visit including photos of women. Always take a cab, especially at night. There have been muggings and you can read about them
at the ************.com website discussion board. Fun place to go but use your head ( the one on your shoulders). It helps but it is not essential if you speak spanish. Go to the Blue Marlin and there are plenty of gringos there that can probably help you out over a beer or 2. Passport is required after May 1st , I recommend having one now, makes it easier to get throught customs. pura vida

02-19-03, 03:22
I make two or three trips to Costa Rica a year. I am over 50 and not a very big guy. Most of those trips it was just me. My advice would be as follows. Get a passport there's way too many advantages to having one. Make your reservations directly with the airline over the Internet. Have confirmed reservations with your hotel. Reconfirme that at least once. Ask your hotel to pick you up at the airport. Most are happy to send a taxi for you. As you exit the airport your driver will be there with a board with your name on it. Dressed down and be polite to others but firm. If you're going anywhere outside of Gringo Gulch take a taxi. If you are the least bit intoxicated stay put. Be nice to the girls you'll get much more than your moneys worth. Your money will get her to your room your attitude will keep her there.

02-19-03, 05:53
Kid Rock....Lee is right on the money...I went 5 times last year the first time i went alone and had a great time! Use the net to reserve your room...I would suggest the Del Rey or the El Presidente....although the Morazon is nice and you can get a room for US$35....Del Rey is $55 ...It is the hub...You will love it!!Have Fun.....Mule69

02-22-03, 00:14
I wish I was there right now, I also went by myself, but you can always ask if there are other members going around the same time and hang out. Also, there are Internet Cafe's there so you can still connect to the rest of the world.

02-22-03, 18:44
Hi All,

I wanted to know if the Best Western downtown allowed you to have guests. I plan on being there in March and would like any info.


02-23-03, 01:17
thought i'd send in a report from a 1st time traveler to cr. this is my friend who went a week earlier than i e-mailing me. i will be arriving feb 24 and will report. both of us have mongered extensivly in se asia over the years but this is our first trip to central am. new perspectives from cr newbies.

day one:
you are going to love this place. i had a hard tine opening an acct down here. most everything is in spanish and getting it into english took some experimentation. which brings me to more important stuff. hundreds of poonies down here, all getting f'd while you freeze your ass up north. you and your deviant sidekick neely will have raging woodies just peeking out the window on the way from the airport!

prices are high compared to thailand but everything is negotiable. the del rey has beautiful girls, maybe 100 girls every night but they ask for 100 dollars and maybe you can get them to 50-70 dollars. idem has prettys for 16000c (there are 384c per dollar) so 40 dollars arty massage is the same. fantasy is 6000c for half an hr. the other massage places are the same but quality is so-so at all massage places. the girls have beautiful faces and big-big titties. but the are also a lot of chubbies. may be a problem for you. not a problem for me though. (by the way they all seem to have tight poony, i mean like your ring finger will be a tight fit!)

1st night i got a skinny little beauty who was great and the milk from her titties was sweet and excellent. later that night i got a chubby beauty with even more milk, it could squirt a foot or more, like a goddamed river! . anyhow i had another yesterday evevning, a dark little nicaraguan with 14 pounds of tit at idem and she was great(they all give incredible head). last night i took a big fun dominican girl for the whole night for 20 dollars. nailed her 4 times and ran out of steam. she told me i could f her back door but it was too tight for me, what a shame. all the girls have tight poon. 3 out of the first 4 have actually gotten off while doing it. this tropical climate must really make their poon itch, hell i dont know but they are really into it!

i am wasting valuable time writing this while on my way to try and pick up a non pro at the park. sometimes it can work i guess, then off to the park hotel for the first time and then maybe 747. tonight i may spend big money for a tall thin dominican (they are all blacks) and try my first viagra.

changing cash is no problem. i have been on the street after dark in the barrio w/out problems so far, it is possible to get robbed however. if you bring cash you will need a hotel with a safe. hotels are expensive. the del rey is about 60 d the morazon is 45d for 1 bed or 2. similar quality, meaning nice and newer are 55-70d. i found a good one called castillo for 35d cash and 8-23 d for scrappy places.you might not like them. save them for the end of the trip. if we leave i will leave the map and directions and helpful info at the morazan hotel for you. they are a good group at the desk. if i were you i would stay there the first night and get a feeling for the area and change to different hotel if you want on tuesday. the morazan is 1 blk from del rey and a perfect location for all action. taxi from airport to hotel is 12 dollars.if were not here when you arrive talk to the dudes at the bars and they will help you out. taxi drivers must be told exactly where to go. do not let them take you to their own massage place, will be too nuch money.

02-23-03, 20:05
DAY 3-4

Got a 12 this afternoon at ***** the little Dominica 1.5 hrs for 12000c abt 32d. She was a horn dog and you will love her but get her soon as she is on her way to bigger n better things. Besides when I get back you will have to stand inline. 5' tall, 90lbs n 3' braided hair with beautiful face and figure you will recognize her no problem. She sucked me in the sauna n the steam room while another couple was in there. Back in the room she let me cum in her mouth while I ate her poon. It was clean sweet n tight, I thought my finger got stuck at the knuckle. The girl came while I was fingering her and couldnt get enough, she told me that 1 cum only per house rules but she was having fun so she decide 2 cums was fine and saved the rubber for the hosing.

After her mouth catch which she thought was f she brushed her teeth gave me a great massage with oil and lotion on both of us and I fucked her for 20 minutes all sweaty and oiled up with a big screen porno going. It was fucking incredible! Her poony is so tight even neely will feel it!

My father took a viagra and right now having sex for the first time in 5 yrs with a real cutie.

Rio Indio fishing trip in Nicwawa will cost about 100 r/t airfare 110 per night lodging in 1st class fishing lodge n boat is 475/day split 4 ways with guaranteed excellent fishing.

We will fish 1-2 days starting wed next week (after you arrv) in jaco for sailfish. We leave tommorow / sat morn for volcano / monteverde / jaco fishing trip delivering us to San Jose on Wed or Thurs night. We rented a car and driver to take us on this tour it was cheaper than an organized tour. Will check out action and Jaco supposed to be great at beetle bar.

Tips: buffet at Morazan Hotel basically all you can eat but ask first (2 plates /trips through line) from 1100am-200pm for 1000c (a steal) I think dinner buffet all you can eat at Key Largo from approx 900pm-on for 1000c. I heard the Park Hotel lezzie show is not that great, fatties.

I dont have my map with me so I will try and remember the walking route from my memory. 747 sucks. Bella donna sucks, Club 40 sucks.

This will be better description. The massage places basically suck based upon my exploring and I saw 80% of them between 4-700pm they all say more girls and better girls after 700pm, its possible but dont count on it. Basically the girls are fatties w/bad bellies/babeees. You should go check them out because they have shift changes new talent etc... besides its a fucking adventure. Better take turns being first through the door or else there will be a standout girl in a pool of shit and you will be penis number 2 after neely or vice versa!

Good places. Fantasy Club, Idem 40d, Eros sucks fatties n 65d art y sauna can be good one. At Art y sauna was the pretty / skinny /diamond nose stud n pierced tongue girl she was the first milker very tastee. Fun too name Nicole. She was not there last night so I nailed a chubby cutie. Other milker at fantasy with dyed red hair and huge titties but her belly is a road map she hides it with tight clothes (make them all stand up before deciding so you can get a good look!!!) but she sucks like no tomorrow and can squirt a river!

There is potential at cha cha cha next to 747 and Alcazar had a beauty and great rooms but 65d per hr.

Heard Europa was great but not when I looked. Vips was poor but Vips Grande (dont know which one) is supposed to be good for Dominicas. A club called The Dungeon is preferred by the local expats but I cant find it from the directions they gave and door has no sigh on it. Ask.

I am going to find a girl tonight at Del Rey because I will be 3-4 days without on nature tour. Another tip I heard today was try to strike up convaesation with local girls on the street / restaurant etc. Many will turn a trick for extra spending money.

Also go to Del Ray at night, it gets hopping at 1100-1200 or so. Then find a pretty ***** and ask for her phone number for the nexy day in afternoon and I heard they may do it for 10000c. At any rate they will be cheaper in afternoon when they dont have shit!

Stay away from strip/dancing bars or you will get fucked. If in doubt ask before you order anything. Don't carry anything you can't afford to lose after dark. i have not had a problem and I have been in the barrios after dark alone where I shouldnt be, but I like the thrill of a good foot chase.

Cameras are expensive here buy some instants before leave home. At Morazan you can get a double for same price as single 45d and take turns using the room or fuck the bitches at the same time if your not shy. Dont let anyone give you a drink in room as you can buy rolphies over the counter here!

There is a ton of addt'l shit to remember but I told you the most important stuff. More happy dreams to you god damned deviant bastards.

02-23-03, 21:56

I am happy to be reporting live from San Jose on Avenida Central. All is well in paradise.

I paid $313 roudtrip out of Miami on LACSA through Orbitz.com, traveling on a Friday and a Monday, but you might get an even cheaper rate from TACA.com, the parent company of the airline.

Dont check any baggage unless you must. Customs was a breeze. Immediately upon exiting the airport I was greeted by male and female uniformed employees of the taxi company, who steered me to a ticket booth not ten paces from the airport doors. $12 to Hotel El Presidente... reddish orange compact taxis. It might take you 20 minutes to get there during rush hour. Sit in the front seat if you are alone.

The Prez is located at the corner of calle (street) 7 and Avenida Central. The avenues are numbered sequentially upwards from here, Odd avenues to the north and even avenues to the south, assuming Lumps map is oriented with North to the top (sorry I cant figure out the apostrophe on this spanish keyboard). Avenida Central is a pedestrian only shopping street. All very sensible, but for the lack of street signs (there are some posted directly on the corner of whatever building happens to be there, but dont count on it).
Also, some the taxi drivers are surprisingly uninformed. Carry Lumps map with you, and tell them by street and avenue. Be patient and overpay them (what, its a couple of bucks).

The News Cafe is part of the Prez, right on the corner, with open brick and railing vistas... perfect for watching a country full of beautiful women walk by. I have a junior suite (506), two rooms, $65 per night, reserved via email. High up and in the back is the quietest. First room has a couch and two chairs and a coffee table, plus another table and two chairs, a closet with a safe. The second room has a huge bed with nightstands and lamps and a TV with more channels (english and spanish) than I get at home. The bathroom is large and the shower will scald you. Its all very clean and modern, white tile floors. The staff is friendly and patient when dealing with clueless no hablo mucho espanol newbies like me.

I arrived on Friday evening a took a taxi to New Fantasy. At night take taxis everywhere... they are abundant and cheap (500 calones for every destination) They have taken down the large sign that was over their front door, but there is still a small sign beside the front door, so it doesnt look exactly like the picture on their website. My spanish is weak, but no problemo. The chica with the best english gave me a tour then took me to choose from about 10 chicas, ranging from sixes to eights. They have a sauna and steam room, and little bedrooms with low beds and a nightstand and a TV pumping out porn. I chose a 22 year old Tica. BBBJ (bare back blow job for you newbies), DATY (down at the Y, use your imagination), but no besos (kisses). I would rate her a 7, 7, 7 (face, body, attitude). 18,000 calones plus 3,000 tip. Bring your own preferred brand of condoms. Open nine to nine daily, but not Sundays (damn). I was going to do more, but I was exhausted, so I got a good nights sleep.

Breakfast excellente is included at the Prez in the News Cafe. Self'serve, fresh squeezed juices, custom omelettes.

Saturday morning is a big shopping time on the Avenida. Exit the Prez and turn right and walk about three blocks and on the opposite side of the street you will find the Mas o Menos (not to be confused with the closer Pague Menos). This is a supermarket with everything from toe nail clippers to fresh fruit, candles, candy, cookies, Bacardi. I recommend many small packages of goodies (not one big box)... unopened is fresh and assuring... can be given away.

Changing money can be a challenge, especially on a weekend. Bring twenties... I wouldnt worry with travelors checks. The Prez desk can do about $100 at a time. The casino next door can do some too. There seem to be long lines at the ATMs, and I would not trust the guys on the street offering to change money. So... exit the Prez and turn left and walk one block (to the square) and turn left again and you will find the Banco Interfin S.A., where there is zero wait and they gave me 383 calones to the dollar.

I walked into one of the many small Farmacias around and said Yo quisiera Viagra pero no tengo receta (I would like some Viagra but I dont have a prescription). No problemo. A little less than 5,000 calones for the 100 mg pfizer... the real deal.

Exit the Prez and turn left and keep walking and you will eventually come to a flower market, fresh and cheap and beautiful. Makes the room extra nice.

On Saturday morning at Arte y Sauna (exit the Prez, turn right, one block, turn right, two blocks on the right). I chose two chicas out of a selection of about eight, maybe of slightly less quality than New Fantasy, but close enough not to matter. I had a 20 year old (8,7,7) and a 27 year old (8,6,7) for 15,000 each. Arte is not as new as New Fantasy, but its cool. Taking two was a mistake, however, because when together they had to follow the rules (Im guessing). When both were present they would only give me little kisses, but when one was out of the room, the other was all mouth... very nice. The 20 year old was embarrased having never done a three way. CBJ, full service, 5,000 tip each... so a total of about $105 for a dream come true, on a rickety creaky tall massage table (not like the low beds at New Fantasy). Try to get a room away from the little lobby entrance, as the traffic and laughter can be a distraction.

I finally stopped by the Blue Marlin, the center of San Jose ***** culture, on Saturday afternoon, intending only to check it out and head to IDEM. Instead I took home a 22 year old Dominicana (9,7,8). She started at the obligatory $100, but we left on 25,000 calones with propina (tip). BBBJ, DATY, and a GFE (girl friend experience)... lots of besos largos, excellent enthusiasm. I paid her after (no problemo). She wanted dollars, so I gave her $80 plus 5,000 calones.

By the way, the dominicana had a petite columbiana friend who was the pick of the litter at the Marlin. Some too drunk gringo asshole was sending her free drinks, and even though he was an easy target she avoided him because he was so drunk. Instead she talked with me and the dominicana. He was mad. Dont be a drunk asshole and you will find that life is better. Everywhere in the world, you will get more bees with honey.

The Marlin is the top of the line for selection (and price), but honestly the selection is not THAT much better than at the other places. As the senior members have said many times... get out of gringo gulch!

Took a nap then headed to IDEM. Met Roberto and told him how I had found out about his place on the WSG and we talked about DonGordo and Rico and others. He runs a great place. I did not sample the goods, but only because I was not in the mood. This has got to be the best place in San Jose. Excellent selection of about 15 chicas. Zero pressure (unlike the hard sell at the Marlin). A very tight ship. Roberto is the man. Open every day until midnight, but not Sunday (damn, damn, damn). Well, Im gonna hafta come back... thats all there is to it.

Arrived at the world famous Park Hotel at about 830... the place is smaller than I imagined. Its kinda seedy, and it was a very slow night (not even every bar stool was taken). Imperials for 750 calones. Bill, the owner, collected 6,000 calones from each patron at about 930, we watched all 48 seconds of the Tyson fight, and the show FINALLY started at about 1030. Seven chicas... three that I would do. A must see lesbiana spectacular in San Jose. Three rules... you must participate, no penetration, and no photos. I won the free blow job afterward (because I had collected a bunch of tickets from other gringos who had left), but I gave it away to a guy I met there who seemed more into it than me... which prompted a lot of joking about me giving him a free blow job. I actually took home one of the girls from the Park (the most petite). I was tired, and all I really wanted was some company. Instead of negotiating everything up front, which is the safest course, we did the opposite and negotiated nothing at all. We stopped and got something to eat around midnight... very dangerous out there at night... you can actually watch the desperate as they case you... taxis only. Well, she was a 27 year old tica (8,7,9). BBBJ but no DATY and little sexo (she had some kind of medical, painful situation down there, which might explain why such a cutie is working at the Park Hotel). However, it was a total GFE... very tender. So nice. She asked for nothing... I gave her 30,000 calones.

On Sunday morning it is not so easy to get action. The Marlin is 24|7, but come on.... Walked to 747 (closed) and New Fantasy (closed)... ended up back at Arte y Sauna, which opened at 11 am. About five chicas to choose from, including two or three nice ones. Chose a 20 year old tica (8,7,7) for 15,000 calones. CBJ, full service, besitos only. 5,000 calones tip.

OK... I know Ive overpaid a bit, and I apologize for not helping to keep the prices down... but I did not come here to save money. I make pretty good money in the states, and these ticas need it more than I do. I have limits too, but Im not going to haggle with a fruit vendor in the street... so what if they charge me double (TWO dollars instead of one)... good for them and good for me.

I will file a concluding report upon my sad return tomorrow. Thanx again to all of the senior members who have posted such incredibly helpful information here at the WSG. I understand that a guy named Jackson is the WSG master and that he lives in Buenos Aires (or so the legend was told at the Park Hotel)... if that is so, thank you Jackson... your site is THE best.

Keep it safe and legal,


02-24-03, 03:39
The Best Western Hotel is located in a very bad part of town. I would advise everyone not to stay there. Panadero

02-24-03, 05:21
Hey Tanager,

Good report!! Were you the guy in the gray shirt from Gainesville. I was the guy at the Park Hotel that told you about Jackson and the Thanksgiving party in Buenos Aires. Glad to hear you won the free BJ, with my luck it was probably the ticket I gave you. The place really emptied out quickly after the show. I left just as the girls were coming back into the bar. Which one did you end up with? Was it the one with dark hair, nice tits, and thin legs or was it the toned blonde with small tits and a great bunda? Inquiring minds want to know.

I went back to the Blue Marlin after the show and hooked up with a nice 22 year old local. I would rate her a 8,8,9. I may do her again but with so many to chose from probably not. Ha!Ha!

Again great report and I agree with you on everything. I think I will give the Arte y Sauna a try.


02-25-03, 00:41
Panadero, thanks for the info I wanted to know what other hotels would be better to stay in. I am looking for something safe but still within mongering distance. Any info would be great. Thanks.

02-25-03, 04:54
hey kozak, the best western DT is very chica friendly no fee, don't worry to much about the neighborhood , i've stayed there twice and haven't had any problems!!! i'll be there again in June......i always think i'm gonna stay somewhere else....but i always go back the the BWDT.....they have a really great staff!!! good luck & have fun ........the rabbit

02-25-03, 06:52

yeah, astroglide, that was me, and i left with ďthe one with dark hair, nice tits, and thin legs.Ē ana is her name, i think. she was so sweet, in a jaded sort of way... like me i guess. was that a good time or what? that skinny gringo old-salt biker ďbenĒ strongly recommended the other one too, ďthe toned blonde with small tits and a great bunda.Ē i believe her name is diana. i forgot to mention earlier... the park hotel show is especially great if you happen to like feet, because they start and finish by dancing on the bar. in between, they do everything else on the bar. the park girls were not so bad... and their attitudes are so much better than the pros at the blue marlin.

i agree with the posts from wanderlust1; if you like them a little bit chubby, especially in the belly and upper hips, with big generous tetas, then costa rica will truly be your paradise. i like Ďem tight and petite myself, which i think tends to drive up the price a bit (supply and demand). i was a very happy man in asia, but there is plenty of skinny happiness to be found in costa rica as well.

but dude, your friend who gets a thrill from taking risks at night in the barrios... like mom used to say... itís all fun until somebody gets hurt. itís not a game to them. i guess he can keep the sharks interested while i visit with the mermaids. you bait Ďem long enough and youíll get bit.

comparison to nuevo laredo: there is a greater variety of girls in san jose. san jose is a much more interesting little city, and the prices are roughly equivalent. plus, for me, it's actually cheaper to get to san jose. maybe more english spoken in nl. iíve had some excellent times in nl, but iíll take san jose for the variety. iíve got to check out dr now.

i just got back from cr (monday evening). i can tell you that your options are limited on a sunday afternoon. having already done arte y sauna that morning, i headed back to the blue marlin after walking all over san jose. (i think itís safe to walk pretty much all around during the day, just keep your wits about you and walk like you know what the hell you're doing). took a double dream team back to the prez; a long and lean, blonde nicaraguan, 20 years old (8,8,8, ďileaĒ) and the petite brunette columbiana (9,9,7, silicon, ďmareĒ) that i mentioned in the previous post (to my taste, the best at the blue marlin). the nica responded very nicely, but the awesome columbiana was a little too much the pro. they basically promised me the world at the bar, but as the deed was done, i had to re-negotiate a bit. still... i can die a happy man now. cbj, besitos (little kisses, but not real kisses), daty with the nica, multiple positions with each, and some very nice team work. check that fantasy off. i admit i paid too much again... they started at 40,000 calones each... we left on 30,000 each, but i tipped them 10,000 each. about 90 minutes in the room (i could have spent the rest of my life there).

good cheap food and flowers: exit the prez and turn right and walk one block and turn right and walk one block and you will find a very little restaurant on the corner with the word ďsandwichesĒ on the windows. iím not sure it is the cleanest place in the world, but you can get a great plate of food there fast for about 750 calones ($1.96). i had rice with a sort of beef stew. you could throw a baseball and hit arte y sauna from there. also, just up the avenida 2 from there, there are more flowers for sale (much closer than the flower market i mentioned in the previous post).

i also forgot to mention that there was a small fridge in my junior suite at the prez. next time i think iím gonna get the very nicest room they have on the sixth floor (the top)... itís only maybe ten dollars a night more, and why not live like a prince for a few days on vacation? plus, like women everywhere, the chicas practically canít help but respond to luxury.

sunday evening i finally made it to the legendary key largo. unfortunately there was no live music on sunday, but itís still a must see just for the architecture and detailing on the inside. some nice chicas in there too. maybe a little darker in general.

for my final experience i took another columbiana from the blue marlin. this 20-year- old, long and lean girl looked exactly like brandi, the african-american pop singer, except with silicon. long hair in tiny braids, probably a weave, (9,9,8 ďcamillaĒ) a rapperís dream. cbj, besitos only, multiple positions. this girl was definitely into the daty. she nearly hurt me crushing her little man into my mouth. i paid her $100 plus 10,000 calones. again about 90 minutes in the room.

i like lacsa, but only because i am currently having a love-affair with all things costa rica. supposedly they have the most modern fleet in the americas, but they are not famous for being on time or for routing luggage. if you have to make a connection (which i did not), you may want to consider another airline.

ok, maybe iím just a fool, but it sure seems to me that the girls start with some rules in their head, but if you play your cards right, you can get them to respond despite themselves. in other words, play to the gfe, and you have a much better shot at getting the gfe. after all, they are only human... chat them up as much as possible, treat them well, if you take them back to your room give them some chocolate or cookies or grapes or whatever (a lot of times they are hungry), go slowly at first, warm them up, let them realize that you really donít want anything from them that they are not comfortable giving... and suddenly... theyíre pulling you toward them with both hands and itís all access.

again, i apologize for paying too much, and i promise to take my generosity to idem next time. i agree that idem must be ďthe best bang for the buck.Ē

i realize now, of course, that i am living in the wrong country.

three questions: when does the rainy season begin and end? does it typically rain all day or just in the afternoons? how much do the prices fall in the rainy season?


02-26-03, 03:40

Listen to yourself. First of all, i'm glad you had fun. Second, you get all the information from people from this site and then you break the number one rule of overpaying? Just because you're well off? What does that do to everyone on this site? What if there were ten of you goofballs doing the same thing. You're a leech and anyone who disagrees with me is a hypocrite.

02-26-03, 05:28

Youíre criticism is fair and on the mark. I apologize for overpaying, because that is the beginning of ruining a good thing for my fellow travelers, who have been so generous with their information. In fact, Iím NOT really well off (to say the least), and I am greatly pressed for time because I am running my own business here in the states. With very limited vacation time, I guess I felt I had to spend more to get what I wanted fast... but that is only an excuse and certainly no justification.

To make amends, I can only promise to try and correct this mistake in the future by, for example, taking my business to reasonably-priced venues such as IDEM and Arte y Sauna.

You are right. Please accept my apologies.


02-26-03, 17:02
Hoping Someone could help answer a few questions.

First time Poster here, I have posted to the Cuban board before and would be happy to give any information on Havana.

I am looking into a trip to San Jose, and in researching the Del Ray and Presidente, I have noticed that they are in the center of the city.

How are the beaches in the area are they easy to get to from the hotels?

Is there any action to be had on the beach?

One of the great feelings about being in Havana is that you know you can pretty much have any woman you want if you take the initiative to approach her, is the situation in San Jose at all similar?

Finally what is the best time of year for hobbying down there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



02-26-03, 18:53
San Jose is inland. It is hours from the beach. Look at the posts in Jaco and Quepos. Those are beach towns.

02-26-03, 19:39
Take a look at (http://communities.msn.com/adayatthedelrey)it will show you much about San Jose.

02-26-03, 22:57
Thanks for the information, and sorry about the stupid question about the beach, I saw the map right after I posted.

The Del Ray and the Presidente both sound great, I didn't see mention of a pool at either, I would think it would be nice to cool off and hang out with chicas around, is this possible?

I assume guests at these hotels are no problem per previous posts, but are girls hanging out there all the time or is most hunting done at other venues?

Finally, the idea of brining some chicas to the beach with me for 2 days sounds very appealing, does anyone have a reference for costs that can be expected?

My Spanish is sufficient to hold a decent one on one conversation.

Sorry for all the newbie questions.

02-26-03, 23:26

"I assume guests at these hotels are no problem per previous posts, but are girls hanging out there all the time or is most hunting done at other venues?"

That's the main difference between the Del Rey and the Prez. The Blue Marlin is on the first floor of the Del Rey, and the top-of-the-line action (and price) is 24/7 right on site. Ten dollars extra fee to the hotel for every chick you take up the elevator.

The Prez is two short blocks away. Walkable even at night. Just sign the girls in at the desk (in a special book they keep on the end of the desk facing the door). No fee.

El Prez es mas tranquilo... plus a delicious breakfast included.


02-26-03, 23:44

Also, no pool at the Prez, and no chicas hanging around available in the Prez. There is a jacuzzi on the roof of the Prez which can be reserved in the evening. I don't think there is a pool at the Del Rey either, but you're right, that would be pretty nice.


02-27-03, 08:30
No pool at the Del Rey. You have to pay $10 for ***EACH*** girl you bring to your room, and they have to leave their ID (recommend you look at it if there is ANY doubt about their age). A lot of your questions could be answered by doing a search or simply reading the posts going back a few months. The Del Rey has hookers there, plenty of 'em. Casino there too. Do NOT let the girls talk you into taking them into the casino area.

02-27-03, 09:05
Does anyone know if you can take girls from TangoIndia to your hotel?

If I arrive at 10:30PM in SJ, is there still some type to place to go to like IDEM that late. NEW FANTASY is closed by 9PM.

For one night I will be in transit in SJ at Marriott (arriving at 10:30PM), any suugestions.

Thanks in advance. You can e-mail me at wow@socal.rr.com or post here.

02-27-03, 09:52
You are saying you are only there for one night and arriving at 10:30 PM? Then fuck the Marriott and stay at the Del Rey. If your flight gets in at 10:30 you should be all checked in and showered by midnight = perfect.

02-28-03, 06:26

It is part of a tour, so no choice about hotel or time. Therefore I will be spending three nights at the end of the tour in SJ. That night I just wanted to "activate" my dick before I return to SJ in ten days. Any suggestion appreciated.

02-28-03, 06:32
Sorry, don't know how late IDEM is open but I'm sure some else does and will post the info right quick. If you get in a hurry, just hit the Del Rey and drag out the first three or four gals you see.


02-28-03, 06:38

Would girls from KL or BM travel to Marriott (about 7 miles). Does anyone know a place like IDEM which is open until past midnight. Thanks in advance.

Can't find lump's map on costaricasec.com site. Does anyone know what happened to it.

02-28-03, 07:14
Update for my post on the Costa Rica Escort Site.

Joined Feb. 11, posted initial impressions on Feb 12. Only about 20 ladies on the site. Best is a 7. Sent emails to 5 ladies, so far there is no response.

After 2 weeks of no response from any of the ladies selected, I sent an email to the costaricaescorts site owner, and they referred me to Venus Soul. Venus said she could arrange something for me, but it would be $250 per day. We negotiated a couple of times and I stopped at $125, and Venus is at $225.

Venus told me for $125 that I should go the Blue Marlin and possibly get ripped off by the druggies and bad ladies that work there. Didn't anyone ever tell her it is not good to bad mouth the competition? Especially since the competition has a much better track record than sites like hers?

I have since told Venus that I would not spend more than $150 per day for a lady. If she wants me as a customer and they want my money that is what I am willing to pay. Venus hasn't responded.

A couple of observations:
1. The website says you arrange dates directly with the ladies to avoid pimping. Results so far, NOT TRUE.

2. They don't collect fees from the ladies. MAYBE NOT, BUT THEY NEGOTIATE FOR THE LADIES AND YOU CAN'T ACCESS THEM.

Hopefully my posts on this escort site will stay around and other men will read them before spending their $55 for one month membership.

Consider the bullet taken and reported. If anyone has any questions put them out here, and I will answer them for you. My membership expires in about a week and a half, so ask quick.


02-28-03, 17:28
With your Spanish and a good attitude you should have no problem finding a girl to go to the beach with you for under $200 a day.
Guest or free at the hotel president and $10 each at the hotel Del Rey. You will find dozens of girls at the Del Rey from 9am -5am daily. There will not be much at the President. But the hotel Del Rey is only 100 yards away. Theres no pool at either hotel.
Feel free to ask questions.Dickhead is right about reading all old post. There is much information there but not all of it is 100 percent right and keep in mind some have their personal agendas and issues.

02-28-03, 17:44
The girls from the Blue Marlin will be happy to go to the Marriott . I cannot help with IDM but most places like that closed about midnight. There is a link to the map at http://communities.com/adayatthedelrey.or http://lumpsluvscostarica.homestead.com/map.html

03-01-03, 04:01
I will be going to San Jose in the next couple of months.
I was wondering if anybody has ever stayed at the Heminway Inn in San Jose? Do they allow women to be brought into the rooms? Are they ho friendly? Or just might stay at the Del Ray!

03-01-03, 04:23
Originally posted by Tanager

Also, no pool at the Prez, and no chicas hanging around available in the Prez. There is a jacuzzi on the roof of the Prez which can be reserved in the evening. I don't think there is a pool at the Del Rey either, but you're right, that would be pretty nice.


While there's no pool at the Presidente, there is a rooftop Jacuzzi that you can reserve for private fun with your chica(s).

03-01-03, 08:09

Thank you so much for enlighting us. Now we know these rip-off escorts services are rip-offs. Keep us posted. My hats off to you for sharing with us.

03-01-03, 19:34
Tasty1, IDEM is open every day but Sunday until midnight. Be sure to ask for the owner Roberto. Also check out http://www.dongordo.com and http://lumpsluvscostarica.homestead.com/map.html.

Real-Thrill, Thanx for the warning.


03-02-03, 00:52
The Hemingway is not guest friendly but is in a nearby location. Cab at night as usual is mandatory there. No Hos.
Try the available Del Rey. Action central.

03-02-03, 03:33
I saw that you can get a jacuzzi at the President I have rooms booked for May and didn't see anything on their site how the charge does any one know?

03-03-03, 08:35
What other places are there (other than BM and KL) to pick girls to take to your room? Can you take girls from places like IDEM to your hotel room? Any help appreciated.

03-03-03, 08:39
this is a long winded and verbose trip report. i enjoyed it and hope you do too.

this was my first trip to costa rica since i was 13. now this was not my first mongering trip as iím a veteran of asian travel for over 20 years. let me just preface this with the fact that my spanish sucks. all my negotiations were in english, if they didnít speak it or have a friend translate it, it wasnít going to happen. i know, my loss. on my next trip i will know spanish.

i was supposed to start on february 14th but with the impending blizzard on the way to the dc area i decided to start this trip a day earlier. god i love these buddy passes. well as it turns out a lot of other people had the same idea and i wasnít able to get out of dc until after noon which was 4 hours past the connecting flight to sjo and had to spend the night in atlanta and try to catch my original flight to sjo.

leaving atlanta wasnít that easy either the plane had an instrument malfunction and an hour delay on the tarmac. finally made it to sjo on saturday about 3:30 along with 4 other flights. sjo immigration really sucks (especially when a couple of flights are late and come in with others) and took another hour to get through that. i was picked up at the airport by my uncle who moved there 30 years ago, who somehow thought i wanted to have a party at his house with all my cousins. although enjoyable, there goes another 4 hours. finally get to the del rey at 8, check in with no problems. i got an inside room on the 5th floor, was very quiet and dark when i wanted to sleep. i unpacked my bags, pulled out my regalos for the girls. i like the perfume white diamonds so i bought a dozen small spray bottles under $10 each from a local discount store

1st night i pick up this beautiful panamanian girl named leah at the bm, body and face about a 9 kind of a britanny spears wannabe, she said she was 19. her breasts looked great but soon found out that her miracle bra was working overtime. doesnít matter to me as iím a leg and ass man anyways and she had all that going too. she wouldnít come down off the $100 mark but it was my 1st night and i had won $300,000 colones on the tute table (4 of a kind baby and she barely qualified with an ak). gave her the white diamonds to use. very good in bed, coverd bj, not too much gfe but hung around a bit afterwards to raid the mini bar. was a good experience. took a couple pictures of her clothed.

2nd day, again a winner on the tute table not as big but enough to pay for mi amore for the evening. i had been watching this beautiful blonde sitting at a table in the front of the sports book area from the tute table. this woman was gorgeous, the best looking woman i saw the whole 10 days there a definite 10+. iím pretty sure her name was lalayla (not sure of nationality) but others on the site tell me that her name was lacey, iím positive she was introduced to me as lalayla by an american guy i had met at the tables. anyways, she has playboy looks, tall, great rack (store bought), great legs and ass. she spoke english as well as i did. she too quoted $100 but i wanted her and didnít bother to haggle as i wanted her bad. we got to the room gave her the white diamonds to use. she gave me a little strip show to some spanish mtv show on the tube. gave great bbbjtc and swallow. then she wanted to have sex. so after a regroup and some gfe snuggling we got busy. she was great in bed. we were up in the room about 2 hours. was very photogenic.

3rd day i went on a canopy tour at san lorenz. if you havenít done it, it is such a rush, especially the last four lines. a definite must for any trip to cr. after a shower went over to new fantasy, did an hour with jasmine. not much to look at, spoke no english but gave a great message 45 minutes and bbbjtc with a swallow. price was $12,000 colones. went to casino, treaded water for 3 hours and broke even but up about 8 bavariaís. looked around the bm for something interesting but nothing tripped my trigger. went looking for my playboy blonde but she was nowhere to be found. decided to just go to bed.

4th day went on a solo walking tour of san jose. not a recommended thing to do, too many hills, 85 degrees, 80% humidity, street signs are limited, each barrio has their own sets of streets, and some neighborhoods are pretty dangerous looking. after 3 hours of being lost i ended up in front of new fantasy, what luck. i went in looking for wanda but she was busy, picked a nice looking girl name hali <sp?> not that good of a massage but good bbbj and nice sex. price 12,000 colones. went back to the del rey took a power nap and hit the bm. looked for my playboy blonde, not there. went over to key largo and hung out there for awhile. while sitting at the bar i met illiana, 28, black hair and a little on the heavy side but sexy lips and tongue. i wasnít really interested but she said $40 for sex and bbbj she didnít even start at $100 or anything like that. couldnít beat that price so took her up on it. sex was ok, body was 6-7, and attitude was good until the end. finished with bbbjtc (not her choice) and spit and choke j. wanted me to tip another $40 for the spit and choke but i refused. she left, i did give her the perfume though before she left.

5th day, went on the 4 en 1 tour, all day, 6am wake up and all. well worth the money especially the riverboat tour. saw crocks, toucans, iguanas and monkeys. all the good stuff. this tour ended up being 14 hours and i was beat when i got back. took a power nap and went down to the bm and saw this cute blonde columbian with braces. must be a sale on braces in cr, a lot of girls have them. anyways, her name was claudia spoke english pretty well. negotiated down to $70. got to my room took some clothed pics. got her undressed and she was even better looking without clothes, definitely no signs of bambinos. nice firm, natural tits with great nips. gave a covered bj but the sex was great. very energetic, liked all positions. hung around snuggling, talking, watching some spanish variety show and raiding the mini bar. gave her the white diamonds and a tip.

6th day, slept in til noon went to new fantasy, wanda was busy again so i took jasmine again. still just as good as the 1st time. went back to the del rey and played a little tute and then went to dinner with my uncle. came back rested up and hit the key largo, not much happening there. went back to bm looked for my playboy blonde, where oh where did she go? i was going to ask her to go with me to jaco the next day, i wanna see that bod in a bikini. hung out at the doorway by the phone you can see all the girls making their laps around the bar. hung out there for about and saw nothing that interested me until claudia came by again, whooo she was wearing these low slung hip huggers, so low the pubs were peeking out over the top. we bsíd a little and she wanted to go with me again. i said only if she does a bbbj i would do it and we settled on the $70 price again. she agreed and boom, boom, boom off to my room. we sat around, talked, ordered room service, ate, and watched tv. we didnít even start to have sex for 2 hours, she kept her promise on the bbbj. it was good but the sex was even better this time. i asked her to go to jaco with me but said she couldnít but would spend the rest of the night with me if i wanted. i asked her how much and she said just give me whatever you thinks was fair. she spent the night but fell asleep in 10 minutes, lol but woke me up to a nice present.

7th day, we got up had breakfast and she went on her way. i went upstairs and packed up for my trip to jaco. someone recommended that i stay at the cocal, what a dump, went to the room the bed spread was stained, air conditioning didnít work, it just sucked and for $98 a night. i went and got my money back and started walking down the street suitcase in tow to find another hotel when i happened across this travel agency who hooked me up with the best western. same price, all the food and drink is included although they do have a $25 guest fee. went to the beatle bar not as good of talent there as the bm but you gotta do what you gotta do. picked up a nica there, unmemorable experience canít even remember her name. btw, the beatle bar is an open air bar and it is pretty muggy there day and night especially when itís packed.

8th day, hung out at the beatle bar all day with all the local expats and around 3 oclock moved on to a little bar down the road past the best western where i met this beautiful dark haired columbiana named jaicinda who was the bartender. pretty face, great smile, green eyes, small boobs but a great butt and speaks pretty good english. when we left the bar i gave her my business card with my room number at the bw on it and asked her to stop by when she got off and iíd take her out to dinner. i didnít think she would but thought iíd give it a try. low and behold, my room phone wakes me out of a deep drunken sleep/power nap at 8 to jaicindaís voice saying she is in the lobby. i quickly brush my teeth and comb out the bed head. i go out there and meet her and bring her to the room so i can change and go out for dinner, i talk my way out of the $25 guest fee promising that i was just going to bring her there while i changed instead of leaving her in the lobby. i change and we are off to dinner. donít know where we went but the civeche was great and they had my favorite dessert tres leches. it was good conversation, like a real date. she not a working girl we just hit it off at the bar. we went to a rock club across the street from the beatle bar then we went to the disco at the bw and i paid the $25 guest fee. we danced until the disco closed. it was fun night. i was going to take her home but she said she wanted to stay the night. well, thatís free piece i got on the trip. very sweet, not as experienced but good nonetheless.

9th day, spent the day at the bw pool with jaicinda, she looks great in the bikini i bought her (i guess it wasnít free) then back to the del rey. cruised the bm for my playboy blonde but nowhere to be found. picked up a pretty dark skinned dominicana name jani again with braces for $50 but the whole time she complained that her pussy hurt from too many guys. real turn off. i gave up after 15 minutes. my one and only dud. i went down later on and ran into claudia again. i had to have someone i knew would get the job done. she definitely knows what to do. she spent the night again, ate breakfast and then off to the states.

even though i did a repeat and a threepeat and had a dud. i had a great time. iíve already received e-mails from jaicinda (note to self, donít give out business card with e-mail address on it). i plan to go back in july. i will go back and do claudia again, why not go for a good thing. i will still look for my playboy blonde. itís not as cheap as bk or angeles but it also isnít a 20 hour flight.

pura vida,


03-04-03, 03:53
Snooky could you provide the names of the tours that you used?
willysp@direcway.com. I am off for my frist trip to CR in mid May, and beside the women I wanted to try some of the tours.

03-05-03, 02:56
They were all done at the Del Rey travel desk, not sure of the tour agency but I did the 4 in 1 tour and the canopy tour at San Lorenz. Both highly recommended. Snooky

03-05-03, 03:31
Thanks Snooky I will check them out when I get there

03-05-03, 05:43
Originally posted by WillySP
I saw that you can get a jacuzzi at the President I have rooms booked for May and didn't see anything on their site how the charge does any one know?

No charge for the Jacuzzi, but you can only reserve an hour at a time. It can get busy on Friday and Saturday Evenings.

03-06-03, 02:29
Thanks for the info lotsafun

Jaimito Cartero
03-07-03, 10:11
Hotel Park Show - Bar Idem

Well, I've heard about this for years, their "Lesbo Show" on Friday and Saturday nights. I went last week, and am glad I did.

I guess the starting time varies, depending on how many people you have. We stopped at 5:30pm or so, to find out when the start time was. We were told 8:30pm, but to get there at 7:30pm to get a "good" seat.

I had been wanting to check out Bar Idem for a looooooong time, so we grabbed some KFC quickly near Parque Central, and then walked down to Bar Idem.

Don Gordo has been raving about it for a long time, and the last time I was in San Jose, I went there at noon when they were closed. I ended up going to Eros across the street and was only 1/2 satisfied.

We got there and got some drinks. (The most expensive I've seen in CR. About $2.50 for a Coke). But the view was amazing. About 20 girls, all lined up in their chairs against the wall.

I talked to Roberto, and after I had cooled off from the walk, I had him introduce them all to me. It seemed about 45% Tica, 45% Nica and a Columbian and something else thrown in.

I got to meet the lovely Karla, and decided to take her upstairs. Cost is 16,000 colones.

We took a very nice shower together, and Karla was soaping up all the right places.

When we got back to the room, she asked what I wanted to do, and I opted for a short massage to relax me.

She has a really nice body, and I sucked her nipples and then when down south for some seafood. Que sabor!

Then she gave me a very nice BBBJ. She definitely doesn't like any come in her mouth, but I gave her fair warning, and all was well.

I'd rate her body an 8, and her attitude a 9, skill an 8 also. Very pleasant, and takes requests nicely.

My poor buddy was left downstairs sucking on a beer. Nothing worse than watching 20 delicious babes for an hour or so.

It was now after 8pm. I was afraid I'd miss the Hotel Park show, so we caught a taxi and got there at 8:15pm or so.

One of the guys at the Park said something about not letting my buddy in since he was a Tico. We went in anyways, and nobody said anything else.

The Park is a fairly old hooker bar I'm told. There are about 12-18 girls in there all the time I was there. Ranging from a 5-8 in looks.

8:30 goes by. 9:00. 9:30. 10:00. Bill finally comes around and collects the 6,000 colones, but doesn't give us raffle tickets. After about 20 minutes of reminding him, I finally get ours.

The show FINALLY starts at 10:30 or so.

8 girls walk out onto the bar, in bikinis. They put towels down on the bar. Everyone gets a small bottle of baby oil. Then the girls start gyrating to the music. Then the tops come off. Then the bottoms.

We' encouraged to rub lotion all over the girls. Real fun!

Then all the girls pair off and go down on each other. You're encouraged to keep rubbing that lotion in.

After that the girls dance in front of you, and give you some special attention. Then the girls get down on the bar again and use a double headed dildo on each other.

I help out by shoving it back and forth into the two girls in front of me.

After they're done with that, Bill pushes my mouth into the pussy of the girl in front of me. Not one to pass up such an invitation, I dive in.

Now I move down the line of other girls, and sample a nipple here, a pussy there. I oil up all 8 of the girls.

I'm just starting to grope the last one when the show ends (25 minutes?).

About 1/2 an hour after the show is over, they have the drawing for the free blow job. The first number drawn has already left the bar. He lost out!

However, the second time is the charm, and I win! Since Karla has tired me out quite a bit, I give it to my buddy and he disappears up stairs for at least an hour. (I think he upgraded the BJ).

The 8 dancers varied from a 19 year old looking girl (7.5 on looks), to a 40 year old (5 looks). I'd say there were 3 very nice ones, 3 so-so, and 2 past their prime. One even looked 4-5 months pregnant.

An exciting Friday night at the Bar Idem and the Park Hotel!

03-10-03, 20:53
Was passing thru San Jose the other night and thought i'd check out the Blue Marlin for old times sake. Hadn't been there in a while (2 years).
It was a Tuesday night at about 11pm ... the quality was good as far as looks go ... but damn, most of these girls are "hard", personalities of ice.
Colombians in the Blue Marlin are nothing like the hunnies in Colombia and the prices ... GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!
Please! All of you that paid these ridiculous prices and ran the price up (even the ugly girls start at $100 now) ... PLEASE stay in Costa Rica and the US!!!!!! Don't go ruin all the other countries too!!
Unbelievable to pay a girl with the personality of a rock the prices they ask, I don't care how nice looking she is!

Remember ... south america is DANGEROUS!! DON't GO!!
Please don't go down and "gringoize" all the other hot spots.
STAY in COSTA RICA!!! YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-11-03, 05:25
I agree with you Ricker. A lot of these clowns pay the high prices cuz they "can." Ruins it for the rest of us. They do it everywhere, not just CR...they do it in the States too. I have more to say, but I should stop before some of you really get offended.

03-11-03, 14:20
I'm tired of hearing people ***** and moan about the price of tail in CR! Let's break it down to what it would cost to get a non pro in bed - dinner movie etc = 100+ several times depending on the girl and your still not guaranteed to blow a nut. Shell out 100 and your guaranteed a nut as well as a bbbj most of the time. If you can't afford the 100 you should'nt be on vacation in CR.

03-11-03, 17:00
Hope not to offend anyone but Whitedog misses the whole point of not paying the high prices and running up the price of pro-chicas in San Jose or any where else for that matter.
If he or guys like him don't "get it" by now, i won't even try to explain it. Trying to compare the price of a a chica in San Jose to his dates back home in the U.S. is ridiculous.
As for "vacationing" in San Jose, don't worry, i won't be returning and i think you and your over-paying pals have ruined that for quite a few others too.
Please - please - please !!!!! Continue all your vacations in Costa Rica though ... let's keep the rest of the world real. Thanks.

03-11-03, 23:21
I do get it! The average worker in Costa Rica makes practically nothing in comparison to the girls. The issue is does that worker spread their legs for every old fat dude. It's all about supply and demand and if they can get the 100 bucks good for them.

Have fun in El Salvador or the other holes you may be talking about being uncorrupted -just make sure not to drink the water or walk the streets.

03-12-03, 01:26
Economics 101.
Time to put this $100 issue a way. I am a frequent visitor to San Jose. First trip 1997. Last trip February 2003. Have Economic background. I'm going to create you an economic model of prostitution in San Jose. To set the model first fact is in February 1997 Key Largo was the big place. Asking price was 100 - quickly down to lowest 40 with some negotiation. Blue Marlin was only one-half the size it is now. Starting price was 100 but would take 60 with no fuss. Quality of the girls at each the same. It was the same girls. Difference in price - customer expectations. Other than the Blue Marlin and Key Largo they were places like Bar Idem and the park Hotel. Prices at these places were 20 to $40. Quality of the girls did not compare with the girls and Key Largo and Blue Marlin. Yes that is an opinion.
Over time 'with the help of the Internet' the prospect of making up to $300 a night at the Blue Marlin attracted more and better looking girls. The Blue Marlin doubled its size and for a number of reasons Key Largo lost its prestige e. With more and better looking girl showing up at the Blue Marlin and the Key Largo losing its traffic that displaced the marginal girls. The displaced girls begin to show up at places like the Park Hotel and Bar Idem. Much improving the quality for the girls and the value of the price. There are other contributing factors such as the troubles escort agencies are having.
The driving force in my model is price. As the price rises the quality of the girls rises. If you disagree with me on the quality and price issue take a look at my site (http://groups.msn.com/adayatthedelrey). The girls from 97 ,98 and 99 or nice looking but do not compare to the girls of the last three years. Over that time I have paid the same price. The quality of the girls at the less priced places has increased the same. If it was not for the hundred dollars many of the girls you see at the blue Marlin would not even be in our economic model. So if you're $100 guy go to the blue Marlin if you're not do not complain you have many other markets in San Jose that will answer to your price.

03-12-03, 02:03
Just returned from a week in CR... my family lives in San Jose and I have been going there since I was little. This was my first trip as a hobbiest. I ditched my 75 y/o aunt and had a long walk around San Jose.
First thing... Do not do what I did and walk around alone in downtown at night . I am hispanic, speak perfect spanish and weigh 230lbs. Downtown is FULL of unsavory types and not all of them are Americans! :) Several tourists have been mugged and/or beat up in the last few months. Taxis are dirt cheap and all interesting entertainment venues should be less than 700 Colones ($2) from any downtown hotel and 1000 Colones ($3) from most outlying resort hotels.
Prostitution is legal and well established in CR and has always be so, so you are less likely to be ripped off than in the US or Tijuana.
The easist fixed point to navigate from at a distance is the Downtown Holiday Inn. Most Hobbyest points are within 10 blocks of this reference point. The main problem for navigation is that San Jose has never had the need for numerical addresess or street signs, so addresses are hard to find. This map posted by others is invaluble for getting around downtown:

The tall Holiday Inn Building is #40 on the map and is visible from just about everywhere.
Went to Key Largo last Sunday and Tuesday. Generaly quiet. Sex rooms are available upstairs but the 15-25 girls were only from a 4-7 so I walked to the Del Rey/Blue Marlin only a block away (south then east past a small casino so relatively safe).
Del ReyHotel/Blue Marlin Bar was full of women of every shape and size both nights. From a 3 to a 9 were available. Stayed for several hours both nights. More then 50 women from all over latin America.
Did not find what I was looking for either night (my Aunt would be unhappy if a brought home a pro, I think) but talked with lots of women in Spanish both nights. They are mainly students, secretaries or whatever and alot of them have a sad/ mechanical attitude about what they do. The thing they seem to hate most is the drunk loud guy. A few of them said that guys have gotten mad with them because THEY had whiskey dick and acted like it was the girl's fault. Those women told me they will run away from any intoxicated Gringo from now on.
I twice saw security gently remove drunk 20-somethings and deposit them outside. Talked with several guys and was able to negociate $100, $100 and $80 for the whole night until 9am for three of them, with the girls they were interested in. The hardest part for the guys seemed to be from them to tell me what they wanted me to ask the girls to do!
The only 10 I saw both nights at BM was a tall WAITRESS with blonde hair. She dodged my question when I asked what she was doing after work, so I am unsure about her working status. The best Pro I saw was a ~33 y/o Columbian brunette named Laura who sits at the corner of the bar under the big boat for sale. She had a great attitude, smile, tits, brains and class with an awsome body for her age. The guy I fixed her up with ($100 all night) sang her praises the next time I saw him and ended up getting her for a second night.
IDEM/Eros are across the street from each other one block east and 5 blocks south from the DR/BM through a very tough area. Both were closed at 10pm on sunday and tuesday when I went by. But went by an awsome asian restaurant called Tin Jo 100 yards from IDEM/Eros that has food from every asian country (India, Japan, Thai, China, etc.) with high class decor (at normal American prices, however)
Finally, the strip clubs in San Jose allow you to get VERY thorough lap dance with fingers/tounges anywhere for $10- $20. Olympus was the best when I was there 4 years ago. My, soon to be married, Cousin is going to have his bachelor party at either Babes or Pitufos strip clubs but have not seen them personally.
As to the issue of price...In all the countries I have hobbied in, (6 of them) a polite, to the point guy will be able to negociate cheaper, longer lasting sessions than the loud obnoxious Gringo, any day. Places I have visited with heavy tourist traffic, St. Petersburg, Russia, Tijuana, Mex and San Jose, CR are ruined pricewise by juvenile assholes as much as overpaying.
Remember be safe and Taxis are cheap in CR!

03-12-03, 20:08
I am moving here tempory from ************.com I am having problems getting thru. Any questions on San Jose, just ask. I am at the Del Rey. Seahawk

03-14-03, 06:38
Anyone has phone numbers of semipros to share. Sometimes I may be too tired to hang out at BM etc. Please e-mail me. Any suggestion appreciated.


03-14-03, 22:50

Thank you for your insightful historic/economic analysis of the market in San Jose. It is interesting to consider how the gradual inflation of prices has shaped the quality, the geography (both source of chicas and point-of-sale for chicas), and overall availability. I imagine that you are right; an increase in price at the top of the range has resulted in an increase in quality at the top of the range, with a corresponding increase in choices at the middle and lower parts of the range.

However, I still agree with NYGuY and Ricker that we should generally try to hold prices down as much as possible (because I am now well satisfied with the available quality). I bet the chicas talk together about getting the prices UP. All this collusion on prices would be an antitrust violation by both sides in the U.S., but hey... weíre talking Latina America here.

I believe there are more of them (working chicas) than there are of us (mongers), and we can take our dollars to any one of several markets, whereas the chicas are much less mobile. If we donít overpay, we can use these advantages to maintain a more favorable pay-for-play exchange rate.

I have overpaid on occasion in the past, and Iím damn sure going to try to avoid that mistake in the future.


03-15-03, 09:01
across69- Good report and summary of the situation. Stay relatively sober and be polite and you will get better mileage for your buck. Use common sense to get ahead...

lee- Good points. Only a fool pays the asking price at the Blue Marlin. We all know that prices for everything in Latin America are subject to negotiation. Same for most things in North America come to think about it.

Both posts have the same points. Use common sense, and use your big head to rule your little head.

03-16-03, 00:06

I read in a travel booklet that in CR you cannot use US$100 bill because of high number of counterfit bills. Is it true?

03-16-03, 10:00

Interesting issue of US currency in CR. Apparently, according to the hotel desk people who make change and accept cash to settle bills, only pristine US bills of any denomination are acceptable by their bank. They do not like any tears or missing edges at all. And do not like any marks on the bills. They will not accept them at all.

One friend had a chica reject his tender of payment because the bill had a 1/8 inch tear in the bottom edge.

Only bring crisp new new bills of any sort.

That being said, the Costa Rican colons look like they have been in a cesspool in general. They are in poor shape as a rule.

One Hundred dollar bills are very acceptable if pristine, as are all other bills.

It is easier to cash dollars for colons than change colons back into dollars, except at banks.

Jaimito Cartero
03-16-03, 13:59
Originally posted by Tasty1

I read in a travel booklet that in CR you cannot use US$100 bill because of high number of counterfit bills. Is it true?

This is not really true if you are dealing with banks. I usually take a number of 100's and change them at a bank.

It might very well apply if you're trying to get a hotel or other retail establishment to change them.

Things to watch out for: Make sure that the bill is not torn, or have any writing or marks on it. Many banks will not accept these.

I always take the "new" $100 bills with the big picture of Franklin on them. I've had some problems with the bank not wanting the old style.

One thing to remember about banks. The lines can be a killer. Unless you're running through a lot of money, consider using an ATM to take $200-$400 per day out. I don't think that CR ATMs charge you any fee, just whatever your bank charges you in the US. You can find ATMs that dispense dollars or colones.

Many Ticos are now getting their paychecks deposited directly into their banking accounts. On a recent payday I saw 30 people lined up to use an ATM by the Burger King in Parque Central.

03-16-03, 21:23
re money-
Bring only crisp bills in pristine condition. No red ink, no marks, no tears at all... None. US $100 are OK but most places have inadequate change. Use a casino change booth. Hotels cannot change large amounts of money for every guest. I bring lots of ones, fives, tens and twenties to pay the taxi to and from the hotel (always quoted in dollars), departure tax, tip to bellman upon registration, tip the maids upon arrival for extra towels in the room, tip the porters at the airport, buy snacks at the airport and buy duty free items at the airport.
Note- It is almost impossible to change colonies back to dollars so change only what you need.
Negotiate deals in colonies for the best advantage. It is harder for a Tica to refuse X amount of colonies for some reason. But they know the exchange rate better than you, in their heads.

03-20-03, 06:34
To Jaimito Cartero...
I just came home from a San Jose vacation and I found a card in my wallet with YOUR name penciled in...Did I meet you there and was I so Drunk that I have no recollection of the meeting????I am drawing a complete blank.

Help me if you can.

Don Gordo

Jaimito Cartero
03-20-03, 12:37
Wow, it must have been a very good vacation for you!

I saw the lovely Karla the day before you flew in. I told her to say hi to you. I had emailed you about Nicaragua before I went down in the middle of February.

A quick question. You have a picture of Anna on your page. Does she work at Idem, or??? I've enjoyed every one of your picks so far.

03-20-03, 22:39
ATMs are everywhere in just about every country I have visited from Russia to Egypt to CR. I have had problems with even "new" 100's in other countires but not in CR. My advice to travelers in most countries, especially if you are in the major cities, is to carry little cash and use ATM's. You don't have to deal with lines, passport checks, running around to find the best rate and unpleasent exchange people.
You don't have to worry about hidding your money in your hotel room or risk carrying it on your person. Also, even with the $3-$7 ATM fee your bank will charge, you usually get a better exchange rate, as long as you get out more than the equvalent of $50 US each time. If you find a good exchange house and you exchange too much money you end up buying a whole bunch of crap in the airport on the way out trying to spend this extra currency. Finally, getting mugged or getting shaken down by cops for several hundred dollars, as happend to me in Russia, can really put a damper on your trip.

03-21-03, 04:19
Originally posted by Jaimito Cartero
Wow, it must have been a very good vacation for you!

I saw the lovely Karla the day before you flew in. I told her to say hi to you. I had emailed you about Nicaragua before I went down in the middle of February.

A quick question. You have a picture of Anna on your page. Does she work at Idem, or??? I've enjoyed every one of your picks so far.

Now , I remember Karla writing your name on the back of my card...re Anna...believe it or not, you can find her afternoons at the Park Hotel.


03-21-03, 04:33
I could never understand why they accepted colones that we would sent to the incinerator long ago, but were so picky about US bills. So last May when I was there asked a banker. He said its because the US gives such a hard time if have to ship/exchange.

I've experienced the same problem with some US bills. A simple solution for the local banks would be to re-circulate them. But sooner or later they'ed look like of the colones and guess the US wouldn't touch them.

03-21-03, 04:35
Any word on the current state of affairs. Unless things really heat up in the world, I'm planning another two-week trip in May.

03-22-03, 04:43
Anna, the afternoon girl at the Park Hotel has always been one of my favoritas too. Let us keep her a secret.
I always see her on the afternoon of my arrival in SJO. She is a real sweetheart, and a good looker.

Jaimito Cartero
03-22-03, 07:18
I saw the Friday night show there about a month ago. It was the first time I'd been to the Park. The taxi driver didn't even know where it was.

While the girls there were interesting, I'd only say that 5 out the 18 or so girls there were interesting looking enough.

I think one of the girls said that 13,000 colones was the standard girl and room charge. Is this about right? What time does Anna leave?

03-22-03, 10:56
Jaimito C.
13000 Colonies sounds about correct. Some will agree to 10000 C but I always tip 2000 to 3000 for good service if earned. It usually is. The room is about 3500 Colonies.
Anna arrives about 12:30 PM and leaves about 6 PM. Never on Sunday. I dream about her T&A.

About the chicas in the Park show. Sometimes they are not paid in full and if you win a free BJ afterwards, remember that they are not paid much to do this so remember to tip them. If you do in advance you can get full service as well.

Some chicas in the show are overwieght, many are not 10s, but there are some real gems from time to time. Usually two or three each show. Reserve them early. Buy the girls drinks before hand and they are much friendlier during the show and afterwards...

Jaimito Cartero
03-28-03, 08:28
I'm coming to San Jose for a quick stay next week. I usually just go out a few times, so don't have time to hit every place, or every girl!

I've gotten a couple of good candidates from Don Gordo and others here. Anna at the Park and Wanda at the massage place.

I'm looking for another one or two to check out while I'm there. Beauty isn't as important as great attitude and very good oral skills.

I don't stay at a hotel, so Blue Marlin girls and such are out of the picture. It doesn't matter if they're at 747 or Idem.

Thanks for the help!

marco tulio
03-30-03, 04:26
Ok guys this is my first post, I come to Wsg often as I travel a lot. I'm early 30's and find this site very much usefull, I will try to make some add in other areas as well.

I was some time ago in CR for work and I had read about the Del Rey and BM so on my very first night I headed there and stay for about 2 or 3 hours, actually met a guy from my town and it was nice to talk my own language, which is not English nor Spanish. Finally I left with two girls form 120 USD both. Maybe it was even too much as it was not what I had expected. I'm fully aware that they are pros., but at the bar they somehow behaved more normally, so when we reached the hotel and they started to behave very much like pros., that disapointed me a bit, anyway it was fine and it was my first threesome. I should try it again!

I know there are some of you who want to know if it is possible to pull out a bartender from Blue Marlin, actually I do not know but I saw an Austrian guy who was at least very near to pull two of them, I didn't stay that long in that corner to see if he actually scored or not, but I guess he did.

I did score with one of them myself on the second night at Blue Marlin, but it was technically not in the BM, but from the Del Rey. So I can say I left the place with a very nice young girl and had sex for free !!!

04-02-03, 22:40
marco, does sex for free mean you avoided talking money first and then stiffed her?

04-04-03, 06:26
Ace 00

Just shot you an email. I cancelled my trip to BKK due to the SARS problem and have rescheduled for SJO, 14-28 Apr. I was really looking forward to the land of smiles and 10 million massage parlors, but I'll suffer through it.

marco tulio
04-04-03, 15:04
Rod pipe,

No I mean that she is a bartender from Hotel del Rey BM and for sure not a professional, atleast she did not behave like that, it was more like having an affair rather than business, plus she did not at any time showed any hint of wanting something else (money) but having fun. Sorry other details about her I will keep them to myself.

04-04-03, 23:20
O. K. marco I'm an asshole. Anything is possible with good Spanish, I guess... I'm working on it. You could probably give me some pointers on picking up latin women.
I recently spent a couple of three day streches staying at the Morazon( which is located accross the street from the Del Ray and is fully remodled and I would highly recommend) between trips to Jaco and Guanacate, and had some experiences of widely varying quality. Let me start with the low end. I picked up a nineteen year old Columbiana, very pretty slightly on the petite side. On her suggestion we smoked a joint beforehand, and this turned out to be an aid for her to block out the proceedings and she turned very uncooprative, ignoring me and just lying there while I did her. She was very tight however, and this kind of saved the situation, but the sounds she made during sex were akin to someone tolerating an uncomfortable medical procedure. As always the most pleasant and sexy girls were Ticas followed by a very nice Nica.
It the same night as the aforementioned Columbiana, I went back to the bar at the Del Ray, and had a couple beers and met a cute Tica who was maybe a 7+ petite had a long chat(english) and she gave me her cell to call her for the following night with a promise for an unrushed experience. The next day we met and had dinner, she was very afectionate during dinner and it was very date-like. Back to the Morazon we made out, did mutual massages, and her body, although she was not what you would call classicly proportioned, turned out to be great, with very firm natural breasts. The sex was great and I was glad I had chosen to call her even though I could have picked out a hotter girl at the Del Ray for the same money. The effort for her to keep up speaking English was evident, and I promised to learn some Spanish before I returned. In conclusion, even if they speak English they would rather not have to put out the effort, and that's where some of your money is going, so don't ***** about the hundred dollars especialy if your depending on thier English skills to communicate. They may be paying for lessons as this girl was.

marco tulio
04-05-03, 02:08
Rodpipe, you are not an asshole, indeed knowing Spanish as fluently as I do is a help, but I look let's say European, not Latin so the girls in El Rey where quite puzzled, they approached me in English and I answer in Spanish, which is even better than their's. Anyhow, do not mess with Colombians, they just want your money and after that to get rid off you as soon as possible. Ticas are ten times better.

I do not usually go with professionals as I do not like the way they normally behave, I normally try to behave nicely with them, always tip them and do not ask for too wiered things, just normal joyful sex and I hardly get that from professionals, just only once or twice.

However the girl I met and had an affair (not business) with spoke english better than you and me, actually she has lived in the States, so that was not any inconvenience, we shifted from one language to another very easily and depending who was next to us and I repeat I did not pay a penny to have sex with her ! and she could be anything but a professional, so I feel myself lucky about having met her.

Jaimito Cartero
04-05-03, 09:54

The common opinion is that if everyone pays $100, then they'll start asking for $200. Minimum wage in Costa Rica is about $1.25 an hour. Public doctors make less than $5 per hour.

I personally have never paid Blue Marlin prices. It's a personal choice. A lot of guys give way too much money so they can feel that they're not ripping a girl off, or are helping her.

I've had great service at 747 for a bit over $10. Did I tip the girl $90 to make up for the difference? Nope. I gave her a 2000 colon tip, and she was happy.

04-06-03, 01:50
I also had one decent experience at vips 1 for 5000 colones. The girl was very nice. But this creates a situation where she's possibly doing allot of guys to earn a living and is on the fast track to HIV. I think if you pick one from the Del Ray you have a better shot at disease free. Of course there is no way to know. I did hear of a saliva strip test someone mentioned. Anybody else know of this or is it fantasy?

Jaimito Cartero
04-06-03, 06:00
HIV free?

Well, it's all in the numbers, I suppose. If a girl gets screwed 20 times a day, she's more likely to have something.

However, all the girls are supposed to have a monthly medical check, I've been told.

A girl working in the Blue Marlin is not screwing many Ticos though. They're screwing all my fellow Mongers who who screwed every hole from here to Pakistan.

Who would you think more like to be a carrier?

Everyone keeps worrying about the girls being infected, but what about you guys? Try out some of those test kits on yourself. If you don't wear a condom, then you're taking a risk. And if she will do with you without a condom, she's done it with 100 other guys too.

Vips Molino Rojo isn't bad. Pretty basic rooms, but the female selection is pretty good. I haven't been to the #1 yet.

The Del Rey reminds me of people who only drink $50 bottles of wine. The did a test and replaced the wine with $4 wine, and everyone was just exclaiming about how good it was.

But it was really only $4 wine. So, it's mostly in your head. (The little or big one?)

04-06-03, 16:48
I'm planning a "sightseeing" visit to SJ. Would like a suggestion for a good comfortable hotel in the downtown area. Doesn't have to be girl friendly.


04-06-03, 17:23

Hotel Presidente is quite good and my favorite.


I agree with Jaimito Cartero about price controls and keeping our costs low. The Japanese have a real bad reputation these days for causing prices to go up, Americans are next. No need to spend lavisly, it will come back to haunt all of us.


04-08-03, 07:42
Am going for my first trip to CR next month, I don't speak Spanish - will this be a major problem? From some of the posts I have read you can get the lower prices and sometimes better service if you can speak the language.
I will be staying at the Presidente. Used to paying high prices at home and looking to get the best value for the money on this trip.
Any advice would be appreciated.

04-08-03, 15:31
Thank you for your recommendation of the Presidente. Made my reservation for next month.


04-08-03, 17:40
Willy...Since you are staying at the El Presidente not speaking Spanish will not hinder you too much.They see many Americans and english is common to the people you will have contact with.It should not be a big issue...although you will most certainly run into a communication problem with the chicas....They understand$$ ..and believe me they can count!! Have fun...A good attitude always helps.....Mule

04-08-03, 19:58
Sorry but I would stay at the Del Rey.

The Presidente has a new policy of only one guest at a time which means no two girls at the same time.
So if you think you want a threesome, avoid the Presidente and keep those rooms available for the many eco tourists groups... that are usually there and which stare at us hobbiests.

If you are not bringing girls to your room and using the local massage parlors etc or the quickie Asia hotel, which is around the corner from the Blue Marlin, stay at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica.

04-09-03, 01:52
Mule69 and KYJ thanks for the advice. I am going to go ahead with the Presidente and take my chances with the guest situation. I will give details once I return.
Thanks again

04-11-03, 04:30
Planning a return trip next month. Can anyone post the phone number or email for Hotel Morazan?


04-11-03, 06:35
I get in Monday night real late, staying at the Prez, leaving the 28th. I'll do lunch at the BM sometimes and will do a few afternoons at the Park Hotel sipping on a beer. The Park does have some real nice girls at night and a few during the day, damn good bang for the buck.

Think I'll do some sight seeing outside the gulch (Northwest area and the volcanoes).

See y'all


04-11-03, 08:12
A friend and I are going to be at the Presidente from May 10 thru May 17. Any of you that will be there during that time period? I understand that the Presidente breakfast is a common time to meet other mongers.


Jaimito Cartero
04-11-03, 14:35

Just remember that the first week you're here, it's Semana Santa (Easter Week). Many places are going to be closed. Including the marvelous Fantasy Massage.

A big thanks to DG and everyone else who recommended Wanda. A warning though. If your heart is weak, do NOT see her. She'll kill ya!

04-11-03, 18:03
At the risk of her becoming unavailable due to popularity, may I say that Danny at the New Fantasy massage is the ultimate in pleasure. She is great looking too.

04-12-03, 01:33
I have not had the pleasure of being with Danny at New Fantasy but she is definitely on my "to-do" list right behind Wanda who will never disappoint any of you.
I will give further reports after my May 23- May 28 trip


04-12-03, 04:08
I will be at the Presidente May 9 - May 17.

04-12-03, 05:09
Where is New Fantasy? I usually stop by Lucy's (Eros).

04-12-03, 08:03

Is New Fantasy closed all week, I was planning on hitting it Tuesday.

There's always action around, just not as plentiful.

Thanks for the heads up


04-12-03, 09:04
Alcohol ban covers
Thursday and Friday
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Despite rumors to the contrary, Costa Rica will enforce a ban on alcohol Holy Thursday and Good Friday. These are key days in the Catholic religion, and the Ministerio de Gobernaciůn, PolicŪa y Seguridad Pķblica said that the ban was to allow the faithful to participate in religious celebrations without fear of problems generated by the sale and consumption of alcohol.

As is traditional, officers of the Fuerza Pķblica will seal off bars and the alcohol section of stores by midnight Wednesday.

And as is traditional, Costa Ricans will continue getting around the ban.

Bars will be physically closed with tape and Fuerza Pķblica stamps placed on the doors. Such establishments may not open until midnight Friday,

04-12-03, 10:21
I get a lot of good information from this board in preparation for my first trip to San Jose.

Thanks, guys.

I am considering staying at the Hemmingway. Has anyone stayed here? Comments, please.

04-12-03, 15:30
I will be staying at the Presidente and intend to try the New Fantasy Massage. Sounds really good. What are the normal rates and what is the regular tip for the girl. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else.

04-13-03, 04:45
Just the vacant ramblings of a drunken ole boy

I wonder why so little is said of the pure joys of toothless women. A BBBJ w/o teeth is a joy and wonder to besucked. You have no idea how much a set of teeth can foul up a playground. When I first meet a gal after I scope out her tits I look for the teeth, real or the gates to heaven.

Really guys, the gates to heaven.

Hay, I'm not talking about granny, but I'd do her in a pinch, they all look alike when you're looking at the top of their head.

One and a wake up till SJO time.


04-13-03, 09:16
The Hemmingway is very nice but not guest friendly.
Try the Del Rey if you want to bring a guest to your room.

The rates are about C6000 for a half hour and C12000 for an hour. I tip about C2000 for a good time for the half hour and C3000 for a good time for an hour. Leave the tip out on the table and she gets the hint that you are generous and will usually give extra good service.

04-13-03, 09:28
William Walker, you must be the bad gringo.

Regarding Friday, April 11:

Today is a holiday, the 147th anniversary of the Battle of Rivas in which Juan SantamarŪa distinguished himself by torching a building held by the forces of William Walker.

The battle, won by Costa Rican forces, is generally considered the beginning of the end for Walker, a U.S. adventurer who wanted to annex Central America to the United States.

All government offices are closed today, as is the U.S. Embassy.

04-14-03, 03:02
If you're staying in the Gulch, keep in mind that there are several friendly hotels there, in addition to Del Rey. Del Rey is pretty much an institution. You also have Presidente, Hotel Morazan, (which I've tried to get info on), and I believe Hotel Balmoral. Those three are all walking distance from Del Rey.

04-14-03, 06:17
This was my first trip to the Costa Rica. I am eternally thankful to the all "old-timers" (I mean that as a positive). However I will like to add my two colones worth as a new comer. This was my first trip to the Costa Rica and to the San Jose. So here are some observations. Please forgive me if your experiences were different.

1. Any girl working in sex services in San jose, over the age of 18 years, is a mother with at least one child. Thus you will not find one without stretch marks. Thank Pope for that (he does not believe in birth control)

2. Every P**** I had was shaved. I had 13 in a week. Some more than once.

3. If you pay before or after sex, it makes no difference to the quality of sex. A good company is a good company whether she asked for money before or not. Some girls have a hang-up if they don't get paid first. It is like "I got money, so now I can have fun." If you prefer "take in" go to New Fantasy, it is clean, price is very reasonable (12,000 col for one hour) and every girl will give you time of your life, not rushed and almost whatever you want. Had seven girls and ALL were perfect in service. Choose one who makes you horny and forget the rest.

4. For pick up and take out (fast paced) go to BM. Very good selection. Try your skills and you may get a gem. If not, you will get a good lay. But it is always crowded. You prefer little more slow pace go across the street to KL (they charge 1,000 col entry fee). Less selection, but good girls to talk and decide.

5. Almost all "take out" girls asked me if I had condoms ("Take in" places have enough condoms). As if good Catholic girls don't carry condoms. Thus take your own supply as a pack. All take in girls use oil for lubrication. I suggest take a bottle of Astroglide or other KY jelly. They will appreciate it.

6. My final comment is. Be yourself, don't drink too much, carry condoms and jelly in your pocket and always be a gentleman. Go to New Fantasy and skip all other "in places" if you want one hour of great time. For taking one to your room, go to BM (for slower action KL). Negotiate, without being cheap. All other places are dump. In Idem, I felt so disgusted (carpet was more discolored and gunky than my toilet) that I forced myself to f**k this poor gal.

7. My best experience was taking a gal from the BM. She was a beauty. No negotiations were held. We talked, went to a quiet place, went for dinner, came to hotel, had great gfe sex and I walked her over back to BM. Five hours and I gave her $150. We agreed, and she called me next day, we went to dinner, came back to the hotel and had almost three hours of sex and cuddling etc. I still miss her and would think of her for years to come.No reason, you can't enjoy same. If you need more specifics e-mail me at "wow@socal.rr.com"

8. I stayed at Presidente, mini-suite at $65, room 506. It was great with super-size king bed. It is one block from BM. I felt very safe. I say this is the place to stay unless you are walking from the BM to the Presidante at 2:00AM. It takes seven minutes to New Fantasy. Between New Fantasy and BM/KL you need nothing else but your pecker and wallet.

Happy f***ing. I am still hurting thinking of the ones I missed and the ones I had.

04-14-03, 22:17
Originally posted by Tasty1
You prefer little more slow pace go across the street to KL (they charge 1,000 col entry fee).

When this happened? Miguel is a personal friend of mine. I went there many times. My last visit was in November. I was never been charged an entrance fee.

I am glad you had a great time. But, I don't agree with few of your comments. I had at least seven girls between 18-19 years old who never experienced motherhood. Not all of them are shaved, although, I will generally agree with this point. "Idem" got several gorgous ladies, both in looks and service, that are very desirable. If you become a friend of "Roberto", he will provide you with a better room without any extra charge. You are right though that there are some rooms which are less desirable. "New Fanasy" is great but "Idem" is still the king of the brothels.

The last thing I like to do is to criticize somebody for paying $150 to a chica. As long as you know, this was way over the general going rate, including all those dinner time etc. and you spent it without being conned. I showered a 19 yr old with gifts, dinner, Champagne (Dom Perrione) filled after dinner extravaganza to celebrate her 19th birthday. It did cost me a lot that night. But I knew exactly what I was doing and I wanted to make her happy for that special moment. The funny thing was that I did not even have any session with her that night because she fell asleep the moment we entered the room. Of course, next morning was another matter. The point I am trying to make that $100 is good enough to get any chica, including columbians (most of my encounters) for whole night, which include dinner, dance and all other things. And generally they leave in the afternoon. For a short session of 2-3 Hrs, $50-60 is more than enough. Unless as I stated earlier, you want to give them more money out of generosity.


04-15-03, 22:14
This site is so very good and the information looks like it will prove priceless when I get to Costa Rica myself. Thank you so much for the information.

I have a few questions... I will be in CR from April 27 - May 3. I understand the May 1rst is called "International day of the Worker" is that like Labor Day and government and shops are closed? Is it true that Vitamin V is available over the counter and is completely legal? What is the price in US Dollars for Vitamin V? I am looking for a place to stay still and am looking at Pension De La Questa (http://www.suntoursandfun.com/lacuesta/) simply because of the price is right, does anyone know anything about them for visitors and hobbyists? I am sure I'll have a few more questions before I leave, and I can post about my experience in Toronto and Houston while I wait.

Thanks for the help,

04-15-03, 23:49

I was there week of April 6-13, 2003. At KL ,no more than five or six (not quality but numberwise) girls on three occsions. About 8-11PM. They were just not busy and I hated idea of having tp pay C1,000 colones for simply entering a bar.

For my sweetheart, money you give because you want to versus money demanded of you is two different things. Also no charge second night, so it comes to $75 per night. Very reasonable.

04-17-03, 07:34
Hotel Balmoral is right across from the El Presidante. Close to everything. I do not know rates or guest fee, if any. Looked fine from outside.

Jaimito Cartero
04-19-03, 11:54
New Fantasy - Danny - various reports

I saw Danny (Danielle) when I took a buddy to see Wanda. I didn't feel up to another session, but the manager (Arriana/Adriana?) talked me into a half hour with Danny.

She was fairly decent, but didn't seem to be too focused in my opinion. Her body was a bit better than Wandas, but she was still a few notches below in overall service.

Wanda was totally incredible, I have to say again. Overall, I'd rate her a 7 on looks, but a 9.8 on attitude and service.

Gentleman, before you die, you must see and experience Wanda. I almost chose someone else because Wanda was busy, but remembered Obi-Won Kenobi's advice, "Wait for Wanda". Maybe it was really DG, though!

My balls were still throbbing the next morning after Wanda. Talk about nice torture!

Everyone at New Fantasy seemed to be really friendly, and I felt really comfortable there. It's been many years since I've been to Arte Sauna (old location, actually), but New Fantasy was far better.

The Park was totally dead in the afternoon. Anna was nice (and has hair on her pussy!). I'd rate her a 6 1/2 on looks, and a 7 on service. The Park rooms are pretty rough though. A tiny bit better than Club 40 (which is pretty bad).

Speaking of the guy complaining about Idem. I saw Karla there 6 weeks ago, and I thought the room I was in (upstairs, in middle) was decent. It was better than the one I had in Eros across the street.

I'd say the worst ones I've been in are Molino Rojo and Club 40. These are still better than some I've been to in Mexico, though.

I've never heard of mongers staying at the Balmoral. I would assume there's a reason for this. I've stayed there a long time ago, and it was nothing special. I did not attempt to bring guests there.

For the person looking at the La Cuesta pension. The pricing seems good, but I would not depend on bringing any girls there. If the place is not close to the Del Rey, then they may be very hesitant to go there.

If you're looking to go to only incall places, you'll obviously have no problems.

If you just want cheap places, you can find other pensions for even less ($10-$15). I stayed at one once, but it wasn't exactly nice.

04-21-03, 07:11
Vitamin V is same priced if you buy in US, Mexico, Canada or in Costa Rica. Anyone offering cheaper is selling fake ones. For 100 mg tabs. ( you need only 50 mg, half tab, unless you are deader than dead) it costs about 12-20 US dollars per tab. So it is $10 per 4-10 hours. I have been able to get one night and next morning worth of juice from 50 mg tab. You have to see for yourself. Please don't overdo it and NO No No Vitamin V if you are taking Nitrates fro heart. Good luck.

04-21-03, 14:10
Hey Guys
Sorry to ask such a stupid question but, where is the New Fantasy located in regards to the Presidente Hotel. Is it within walking distance or will I need a taxi?

Jaimito Cartero
04-21-03, 19:37
Sal - New Fantasy Massage - walking.

Well, it's not too far. I'd guess 7 or 8 blocks. I wouldn't have a problem walking there during the day. The area around the Parque Morazon is a bit nasty at night, so I wouldn't walk then.

Taxi fare should be 220-300 colones. Possibly more late at night.

You can check out Lumps map. New Fantasy Massage is #55 on the map.


I think New Fantasy hours are 9am-9pm. During the week. Wanda works 12-9. Friday-Saturday, all hours.

Don Gordo also has a "walking tour" of San Jose. I don't think he has New Fantasy in it, since it's relatively new. Also links to New Fantasy, plus other cool pictures. No picture of Wanda yet.


04-22-03, 04:20
Thanks, Jaimito,

For info on New Fantasy. I asked a while back and didn't get answer. I'll be in CR during the last two weeks in May and hope to check it out.

04-22-03, 06:22

New Fantasy is about four blocks from Presidente> It takes about seven minutes to walk. They are open 9-9. Until it becomes dark, it is absolutely ok to walk. Highly recommended.

04-23-03, 04:57
To Sal & anyone else,

I'll be in CR again during the last two weeks of May. Not staying at the President, but can hook up for breakfast watch, or something. Also, planning to catch the Park show on Friday or Saturday. Let me know what time for breakfast.

Jose Marcia
04-23-03, 15:51
An interesting arcticle in today's A.M. Costa Rica regarding San Josť strip clubs and a possible scale of fraud. Please be aware.


04-23-03, 16:00
Also noted in A. M. Costa Rica, there is an increase in the tourist exit tax of over 50 percent. Starting soon expect to pay $26 tax to just to leave the country. What do you get for your $26? Nothing.
That stinks.

Jaimito Cartero
04-24-03, 07:27

You don't seem to get the whole picture. Costa Rica taxes are usually NOT added into the ticket. US taxes are.

Here's the fare for my last Costa Rica trip in April:

Base ticket cost: $422.

US Customs tax: $5. US immigration Fee: $7. US International Transportation tax: $26.80. US APHIS User Fee $3.10. Security Service Fee $7.50. Costa Rica $6.00. Passenger Facility Charge $4.50.

$59 in taxes, of which $6 is for Costa Rica, I think.

So which is fairer, $32 total in CR taxes, or $53 in US taxes?

The customer pays for the nice airport, security, runway and such. Right now Costa Rica charges it separately. If they didn't, you probably wouldn't be complaining.

CR is working on including this fee in the base ticket amount. This last time I went to Nicaragua and returned two days before my outbound trip. I paid only $2 at the airport!

Jaimito Cartero
04-24-03, 07:30
Being stupid in a strip club.

Not too bright. No matter where you are, you will get taken big by giving them your credit card. Especially if you're stupid and drunk.

During my stupider days, I used an AMEX card in a strip bar in San Jose. They did not want to take it. I believe because AMEX usually sides on the cardholders behalf. After I told them, I had no other way of paying, they finally "figured" it out. Only $35, though.

04-26-03, 03:00
I've never been to Panama and was wondering if anyone is doing a 1 or 2 day trip from CR to the Canal zone during the last two weeks of May? OR better yet is worth going?

Hit n Run
04-28-03, 01:30
What's the latest on pricing at El Presidente? Is it still easy to
get the TSM $45 rate? Any change on bringing more than one
girl up at a time? Can you bring up 2 at a time at Morazon?

04-28-03, 13:55
At the Presidente you MUST request the TSM rate in advance when making your reservation. Upon arrival is too late.

You cannot register more than ONE guest at any one time.
Try the Morazon or Del Rey. Internet hookups at the Del Rey.

At the Del Rey you can just walk downstairs 24 hours a day for some hot action and a cold brew. The restaurant has 24 hour service or something similar. The restaurant at the Presidente closes tight at 10 PM.

The Del Rey has a nice lobby with multiple chairs and coffee tables, for people watching while the Presidente has limited seating.

04-28-03, 22:22
Planning to travel to San Jose CR. Is there anyone that would like to go and show me the good places. email me rogmister@hotmail.com

04-29-03, 04:25
Yo fellow mongers, just got home from two weeks in SJO. I'll post a more detailed report tomorrow, but today a shortie and a warning.

Saw two of three ladies that I have phone numbers for. E' came over three times and I'm just flat ass tickled pink with her. What a lady. A' came by once, but stood me up for our second date. Tried to contact R' three times but her phone was off each time.

Went to New Fantasy MP at Av 9 & C 9, just down the hill from the Hemingway Hotel. 12K Clones for a full hour. I got a BBBJ from Triania (I'll correct the spelling tomorrow) that is the best I've ever had, better the A'. That is saying something!.


I have in the past seen Maria quite a few times on my past visits. She was a most trusted person and friends with my amigos also. Last year N' got a phone call from Maria's husband/boy friend. Basically the boy friend wanted to know about the relationship between his wife and N'. Maria told us that her sister had let the boy friend use her (Maria) cell phone when she was not at home and that her boy friend had gotten into the memory and got N's phone number and called him. I believed her. I waited seven months to contact her. Sent her an email and just let her know that I was coming to town and would look around for her.

I got to town a week before I told her that I would be there and tried to check with her old friends to see how she was doing and was she hooked up with the same guy. I could not get any info so I didn't follow up on looking for Maria. A few days into my second week I get a call at the Hotel from Maria's boy friend, again he was asking about our relationship.

Short of it is, Maria does not have a computer, she has to go to an internet cafe to check her mail. No way anyone would have known I was in town except to read her email, and that would have to be with her knowledge and cooperation.

Maria has worked the Park Hotel, BM and Piano Bars. There is a picture on her on the TSM board and I'll get an exact location so we can all see what she looks like.

One last thing, her boy friend had the name of some other guy he was looking for, again a contact of Maria.

This makes three times Maria has let out who she was seeing and so far two of us have been very lucky, I hope the third guy fares as well.

Maria has a very pretty face, almond shaped eyes, big tits and slightly over weigt. She speaks good English and is very nice to talk to. Again I'll find her picture and post it's location.


04-30-03, 07:52
the girl you are warning us about is maria lourdes.
i got a call in my hotel room from her mother asking for her about a year and a half ago.
how the hell did her mother get my name and room number?
scares the [CodeWord116] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord116) out of me. from now on out i am telling them my name is bill klinton.
thanks for the warning.

04-30-03, 15:55

Yes your right about the name, she has also used Maria Revera and Maria Perez and Sylvia.

It's not appropriate for me to post a thread to her picture on another board, I'll try to get one and Jackson will post it for all of us to see.

I understand she is showing up at the Park Hotel after the show. I told Louis the Park bartender about her so anyone who goes to the Park can ask Louis about her.

This is the only person I've had problems with like this, shes one we all need to avoid at all costs.


04-30-03, 15:56
Hello All,

New Fantasy Question, I see hours are 9-9 Mon
-Sat. Are they open Sunday?

Any new talent other than Wanda?

Thank you, Frank

04-30-03, 16:18
I could just cry. I spent half an hour typing a report and lost it when AOL droped me off the net. Any way met some great NICAs without papers that were happy with 5000c for two hours at 2000c short time hotel. The illegal NICAs spread the work and they always found me in my hotel casino.

Always compose long reports in a word processor (Microsoft Word, Word Pad, etc.) and then copy the it into the Forum. This way, you always have a backup copy of your report in the event of an internet or website problem.


04-30-03, 23:18
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Strikesfun
[i]Hello All,
Hi Frank
New Fantasy Question, I see hours are 9-9 Mon
-Sat. Are they open Sunday?

Any new talent other than Wanda?

Thank you, Frank New Fantacy Closed Sundays. SEAHAWK

05-01-03, 05:35
New Fantasy has a web site, New Fantasy.net, look it up if you want to. According to the site they are closed on Sunday, I did not try them on Sunday, but I sure did the rest of the week. Girls worth a visit, Wanda, Daniella, Trianna and Sylvia. Trianna or Tiania (this is a monger board, not a spelling contest) is a young and slim black girl who is excellent. Gives a great rub down, has a great attitude and sucks with gusto.

I had a hard time finding it. If you use the Holiday Inn as a reference, go two street behind the HI and one street to the right. At the corner of Av 9 & C 9 are the Hemingway Hotel and Hotel Don Carlos, NF is just down the hill from both. It has a small sign on the door, easy to spot if I can find it.

Read me next report for some further news.

05-01-03, 05:49
Readers Digest - Shamas trolls for pink snapper in SJO.

Sure did miss Ace and Nononsense this trip. Had some in calls from E and A, but R had her phone off the three times I tried to call her. E took the hook three times and we had great fun. A came by once, but stood me up for the second visit. I'll get a new casting technique and make sure I land her a few more times on my next excursion. All three ladies have ties to the Park Hotel and are very pretty but more so they are great people at heart and a true joy to be with. A is a petite bomb shell, the CR version of the briefcase nuke. Small with a hell of a blast. E is taller, great body and pretty face with a great smile. Life is good.
R could be in any mans magazine. She's not going to be a centerfold but she could be on anyother page and hold her own.

Went to Arte Sauna, first time I told the desk lady I was just looking around, she lowered the price from 12K to 10K Cs. I took it a few times and the price to talent level ratio was in line.

New Fantasy is in a nice neighborhood and they are remodeling the building. All of the facilities are new and clean. The rooms have electronic door locks so your valuables are safe. Your provider keeps the room card around her neck when you're at the shower or steam room. They are busy and I had to wait one time for 20 minutes for a room. Trianna played with me and started with her massage when we were waiting. This did not take off from my 1 hr time, it started when we got into the room.

IDEM, visited with Angie, yo mamma, yo mamma, yo mamma yo! They have a few really nice looking girls and a few less so, always worth a visit.

I'm not a BM fan. Went there and met Vegas Bob. I'd much rather spend time with guys like him there and drink a few beers and gawk than take any of the girls there. Lets not get a session going about how some of you love the BM, it's a thing about the price and talent level being unequal when compared to other establishments.

Key Largo. If you want to dance to a live band then this is the place, if not, don't waste your time, only had two pretty girls on Saturday night.

Got beers at the Piano Blanco bar and New York Bar quite often. Not much for talent at either place, but nice to sip a brew and waste away a few minutes.

Went to the Park Hotel a couple of afternoons. They usually have a few nice girls there for nooners. Not as pretty as the BM, but so much nicer and accomidating. Did the show on Friday the 25th. They had 11 girls on the bar. E was there and the prettiest of all. I met J there, he stays at the Park when he visits, very nice guy from NYC. G went with me for the show, he's a newbie from Fla. I won the second BJ give away after the show. E had left with her date for the night so none of the other girls did anything for me, I had two MP visits that day, the second just before I got to the Park that night. I asked Bill if he would let me give my winning ticket to another. The old pirate bitched but gave in. One of the newbies I had met from Fla got his rocks off with gusto.

I stayed at the Presidente. They are constantly upgrading the facilities, now they are painting the exterior. They have two terminals for guest to use for internet access. Both are in the second floor office.

I took most of my meals at the News Cafe. Usually took my last few beers of the night there also. The staff is great and the food is very good. My last day I told the owner just how much I liked his place and staff, he appreciated it.

Gotta go

Shamas O'Dognasty
Septic tank cleaning and
Gourmet Catering

05-02-03, 22:12
First time poster. Sorry this is long, but it the way I write and I feel these boards are more useful with context. Some disagree I know, but this is me.

Just back from my first trip to CR. Overall I have some positive feelings and some negative. Let me say this was my first trip strictly for s#x. I have been to AMPs a few times but that is about it. Going through a bad breakup, I felt this was the right time to try.

I think the openness of the scene is a positive thing. Now on visiting I see how this fits the CR culture. A negative is the general quality. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I did have a good time, but I'm mixed about going back. I agree with one of the posters about most SW having babies. I did experience a few others without, but you should ask as part of the interview process. Here is my general report:

Arrived Wednesday evening. Not a bad flight and it was about 9:00PM when I got to the Gran Via. I tried for the Del Ray or Presidente but they were booked at least one of the nights. Just an aside, you may want to consider the Gran Via for your trip. Although the big negative is no AC, the nice part is a balcony which I used to sit and watch people below (alone and with chicas). Also, the staff is very cool about chicas. The night man basically was handling my itinerary for me. This was a big plus.

When I settled in, I decided to hit the BM. Met up with a guy I talked to on a plane. Anyway, we end up talking to a few chicas he knew from a previous trip. He mentioned to me that this one chica (Francesa?) was good (she was listening in which may have forced him into that). I knew she would ask for the $100, but figured I would offer it for more time. I know this was a mistake now but becuase this guy said she was "good" I felt like this was right. Well, let's say this experience sucked. Naked she looked kinda Olive Oil like. She had a nasty, rank smell and I ended up kicking her out after 15 minutes. A general note was that I found a lot of pussy that wasn't up to snuff. Don't know if these girls believe in douche or if it is the hot weather, but I demand showers for me and the girls and what I'm reporting is after the showers.

Was so upset with either her or myself, that I went to the Key Largo just to check it out and get something to eat. They have a cook and some basic Latin American fair, so I'm sitting and eating while watching a few people disco, when two chicas working as a team come up to me and start turning on the big "carinosa" (affection). DFK and group hugging. They were both chubby but not bad looking. Can't remember the names sorry, but the expereince was not great. Price $60 each and when in the room they acted like pigs (not in bed since CBJ, basic positions) but to each other calling each other putas and such. They ended up swiping all my flavored condoms. It just didn't do it for me, but at least I could come once.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I had an attempted robbery near Morazon park walking from Del Ray to Key largo. Two transvestites started walking along side me trying to turn me on. After saying "No Interesante" a few times both grabbed for a pocket of my pants, I grabbed one of their arms and pushed back and the other one started pulling away. Nothing taken, but not what I needed first night. Do be careful of these TV types, they are everywhere.

After the first night, I was starting to really wonder if this was a mistake. Could all the posters with positive experiences be talking about some other place. Went to sleep pondering my next move.

Slept about 2 hours and up at 7AM (gee, why didn't I sleep sound :). Anyway, Gran Via offers a breakfast option which is good. An old CR lady does all the serving and cooking. Not bad food like scrambled eggs and ham with pinto beans and rice. After breakfast, went to find the New Fantasy. Now I know everybody says ask for Wanda, but it was only 9AM and I heard she didn't start till later, so they chose a lady for me hearing it was my first time. Name was Piola. At first I was going to ask for a change since she was a little bigger than I like. She wasn't huge, but I wondered. She just had a very soft looking face with full lips so I said, ah I'll do an hour and see how it goes. Well it turned into 2 and a half hours. She is very affectionate, has very suave (soft) skin. [Btw, I'll mention I don't speak great spanish, but I know enoough to carry a reasonable conversation with chicas which as others have mentioned can not be underestimated. I have found a direct relationship to high quality with non-english speakers]. Anyway, Piola gives a nice massage with those soft, warm hands and has soft body kisses with those big lips. I kept wondering what the BJ would be like. Well, she is one of the finer. Worked her way from balls to shaft to head in excellent fashion and had some nice deep throat action moves. It was my first BBBJ from a pro and boys let me tell ya there is no going back. Also her body turned me on from behind since she is not huge, but has enough body fat to have a cute little ass shake when doing doggie. That kinda turned me on since her skin is so soft you can really feel it press against your body.

Now I was starting to feel like this was worth it. Went back to the BM that night and saw two cute chicas sitting on the lobby couch. Decided let me go to them since I really didn't want to sit at the bar after last night. First's name was Alexa and other can't remember now (you can guess I went with Alexa). We had a nice repoire and she speaks no english. Ended up taking out both dancing at La Plaza which was fun and then we went to Kareoke. Alexa and I had great DFK in cabs. Gave them 5,000 colones each (about $13 each) for evening and made a date with Alexa for the next afternoon.

Next afternoon, Friday, we went for lunch. Alexa has the kind of face I love, she always smiles softly at you without ever it feeling fake, and is petite and reminds me of that high school girl you always hoped you'd asked out. Turns out she has been though some bad troubles with An ex with which she had three kids and she has a knife wound in her stomach from ex. DFK in my room was outstanding and her BBBJ was great. The rest was not as great since I couldn't get over that knife wound and strechies. Bottom line is although I repeated with her for DFK and BBBJ only, you really can't tell overall naked body with some of these girls because of the tight CR dress. 30,000 colones ($75) which was what I offered becuase she didn't ask.

That night I went back to New Fantasy and really wanted a hard massage and asked for best. Since only CBJ was offered by this lady, just took the massage and steam.

Saturday, I went to Europa 2000 and had a session with Wendy. Looked OK sitting down based on selection of 4, but then noticed crooked teeth when in the room. Was going to ask for a change, but figured she had some big natural tits, so I figured I'd have her give me a starter HJ, and them f#ck her tits from a cowboy position. Gotta say with the right naturals, and appropriate chica pressure, this can be like a c#ndomless v#ginal experience.

Went to the Del Ray for lunch Saturday and then met some coked out porn film producer in the bar. He was so wired he scared off chicas that he was trying to pick up (you can imagine what it would take for chicas to refuse business). One who was scared away was Shirley who had a dark tica complexion and decent body. Decided to take her to lunch at Mariscos? that was mentioned as a good place on this board. Had a nice Spanish conversation and went back to the hotel for a nice BBBJ and multi-position action. Gave 25,000 ($60-65) colones + bought her a CD she wanted because she never talked money.

Decided to take a one day trip to Jaco on Sunday. Took the local bus for 1000 colones just for the experience. Hit the Beatle Bar that night. Have to say, I think the quality is higher here. Picked up a nice columbian with tight body. She loved that I could communicate in Spanish since she had basically no english. Had dancing at the disco with awesome carinosa. Decent session that night although she tended to grind me a little tighter than I like so had to grab her a#s and direct her on pace. Good BBBJ, but she wanted to leave after an hour. Couldn't really blame here since the cheaper room I got had no AC (bad choice in Jaco). Anyway she agreed to another round and recovered nicely with BBBJ/CIM. $100 + $20 tip.

Cab to San Jose early Mon. and decided to just do repeats. Had Piola two hours at New Fantasy. Made appointments with Alexa at 5PM and Shirley at 9PM. All was good except for Shirley who just had a bad meal at one of her cousins earlier and kept stopping the BBBJ too early. Back to the BM for final night since I fly out Tuesday and waited will 5AM since I was drinking with some people I met the other day. Ended up talking to this Nicauraguan team. They were cousins aged 20 (no kids) and 24 (one kid). My best bargain of the trip since they offered $100 for both. I figured based on my last threeway I wanted a recovery before I went home. A nice session with CBJ (only bad thing) from the younger and some cowgirl and doggie with her while the older provided DFK and body carressing. We ended up spending the end in three way embrace and almost dozed off, but I had an 8:30 cab and we were getting close to 7:30 and I hadn't packed.

Not a bad trip and got better at the end. I know I overpaid for some action and I think you just need to do it a bit to get better since I became a more firm about what I could afford. Once thing I found was it is good to say to their offer, you are definitely worth that, but I'm a little lean on plata (money). I also think I'm definetely a GFE type of guy and think Argentina sounds like the place for me. I also like to give little gifts to the chicas that gives it more a GFE feel.

05-03-03, 02:10
Shamas and SeeksGoodTime,

Guys I like your long reports. In fact, I am heading down to this wonderful country for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks. I too will post a long trip report.

I wish others would follow this lead and contribute in this manner.


05-03-03, 16:59
i was reading reports about new fantasy, a girl named wanda was mentioned by a reader, it said before you die & go to hell or heaven whatever the case may be, get wanda. so i got there & asked for wanda, she was busy, so i waited for her for about two hours, watching cnn unloading abraham lincoln & watching president bush giving the speech on economy & war.

i got wanda, and she is as good as the reader said. no lies, so gentleman i second the reader. vote for wanda.

intercontinental hotel is having a whole world half sale, but there price is $145 plus tax plus $4 after a seven days advance booking, which is way out of my budget, so forget that unless you are rich.

05-03-03, 18:58
A Little Warning - Park Hotel

The new bartender at the Park Hotel, named Louis, is asking the chicas there for money and free sex for him to recommend them to customers. Most regular chicas refuse him. Do not trust Louis.
What a scumbag.

05-04-03, 05:08

Dude you paid way too much for what you were getting. Throwing around money like you did ruins it for the rest who will follow. Skanky bitches are worth no more than 25 dollars, if they can find someone who will pay that.

You deserved what you paid for.Too bad you are ruining it for the rest of us.

This is not the USA, 100 dollars is NOT the going rate.

05-04-03, 17:07
I know I made some mistakes this time. Things improved later in the trip. I think $50 is more than enough for a few hours. $25 is a little dicey for what you will get IMHO.

Key is to start your night late so these ladies are off their high horse. Rookie mistake that will not be repeated.

Jaimito Cartero
05-05-03, 08:15
Penny-wise and pound foolish! SGT

It's weird how some guys will pay way too much for chicas, but won't spring the extra $10 a night for the AC room. Jaco is way hot and humid. You rode the Tico bus there, but took a taxi back? What'd the taxi cost $30-$60?

If you had really read all the messages, you would noticed all the warnings about walking around Parque Morazon.

And if you give the girl the money, before you see her body, then you're a bit of a retard. Go to the room, if she's not what you expected, then give her a few thousand colones (or nothing) and send her off. I think we've all made similar mistakes.

It's somewhat frustrating when people here have posted really good advice here, people don't go back a few pages to read it.

I do thank you for your longer response. I'm glad you found some good ones on your trip.

Oh, and if a BBBJ is that critical to you, I think you would ask the girl before you get into the room.

Jaimito Cartero
05-05-03, 08:17
Louis - Park bartender

I had heard that the daytime bartender was a bit of an A-hole. I hadn't heard his name though. These girls work hard enough dealing with us... No money, no play!

05-05-03, 15:54
Like I said, I now know some of the things I did wrong on this one. I was in a bit of an emotional state during this trip and this did cloud my judgement.

However, I want to clarify a few things and not be a total punching bag to the group. I did read the posts on CR pretty well, but I do think for a first time trip monger there is a big difference in practive on round one. Like I said, now I am confident that it won't happen again.

The $100 was done twice. The first was a total mistake. The second was for about 3 hours of dance/affection/sex and an added BBBJTC. Considering these woman were asking that rate por hora, I thought this was a better way to negotiate.

Now for the ones that didn't ask any money, I probably could have done $50 for a few hours, but I like that aspect of service where the money amount was not requested and added another $10-$20 for that. Maybe I was wrong, but that was how I felt at the time.

There was only one case where the money was asked up front and that was with the first poor quality threesome. That should have been my clue since I know I have read that on this board that that is a bad sign.

In terms of the bus, I took it as a local experience. I didn't even plan on getting a room in Jaco as I was going to take the 5AM return the next morning, and actually wasn't thinking of sexo unless the conditions were right. A guy I met on the bus, directed me to the Roblear hotel accross from the Beatle Bar and I said well a shower would be a necessity here. The AC didn't cross my mind for some reason. Hotel was $30 and return cab ride was $60 FYI (the bus was full next day).

I do think I improved later in the trip. As I say the second threeway for $100 ($80 + $20tip) for 2 1/2 hours) I thought wasn't bad for very good quality chicas. I'm curious if that was out of line as well. If so, then maybe I'm just totally out of whack. BTW, I was asking for the BBBJ (Prefiero sexo oral sin condom) with most but with these two I thought there was a different dimension to explore.

Anyway, sorry for some of the mistakes, but let's not get too personal in the return attacks. I'm still learning and I'm trying to do the right thing as I get more practical exposure to the trade.

05-06-03, 05:04
We met Louis a few times outside of the Park, he was really nice and helpful. It's a shame he's trying to leach off the girls. We all know the Park ladies don't make that much money. I wonder if Bill will keep him around?


05-06-03, 19:10
Was in S.J. for first weekend in May. Sampled the fare almost exclusively at New Fantasy on Av.9 btw calles 7 & 9. A very sleek, ultra-modern set-up, with girls' time-in and time-out all registered by a computer. But the scientific organization of the sex/massage business, in this case at least, is to be applauded. Girls have been screened in advance for attitude and availability to perform the services (all girls are expected to provide BBBJ as a prelude the final act, and the 4 I sampled were all disposed to French kissing). I know that the reviewers have focused on the arts and skills of "Wanda", and there's no denying that she brings a degree of skill and professionalism to her work that can only come from true commitment to and passion for her art (she told me that she reads books on how to enhance corporal pleasure). Since, however, there is often a waiting line for her, here are my alternative picks: 1) Carol, shorter and younger than Wanda but very nicely proportioned and well-endowed, loves to frolic and roll about with you; 2) Jennifer (of Nica origin), more dark-complexioned and younger than Wanda and slightly taller than Carol, with very large rack--will go crazy for you if you say you're Italian-American (or better yet, Italian); 3) Valeska, about as dark and young as Jennifer, but taller and with a very graceful classy look to her (of all 4, I'd say she's the best looking), does everything the others do but with a tad less passion. I suggest going to the steam sauna AFTER you've finished up in the room--very relaxing and cleansing feeling you get. All in all I'd say that this is a premiere place--it's true that the score (6-7) on looks of the 25 odd girls puts them below what you could possibly find at IDEM or the Blue Marlin, but there's no beating the massage/sex combo for price (12,000 colones/hr=$30) and the quality of extra-sexual services available at the establishment such as the saunas (steam & dry) and showers. And, to sum up my appraisal of New Fantasy's scientific approach to the MP biz, I'd quote Lincoln Steffens (on the occasion of his visit to the USSR in the '30s): "I've seen the future and it works."

On another front, here's a cell phone number for a Nica cutey named Fatima on the short, but well-proportioned side (7-8 in looks) who was a hotty (BBBJ/DFK) in bed: 3583571. Picked her up in the Blue Marlin and got her for an hour in the Presidente at the unheard-of rate of 15,000
--say you heard of her from "Lorenzo."

05-08-03, 09:22
what now on sunday?

the arte y sauna massage place within walking distance of everything, is closed, at least for a while, after a raid tuesday. guess what? no ****d chicas were found there. it was a political thing. any bets on when it will reopen? or is it already back in business?
it was the only action on sunday daytime until chicas made it up and into the infamous blue marlin. the sunday afternoon crowd of chicas did not turn my head as a rule. then again, neither did the chicas at the arte y sauna.

05-09-03, 05:47
check out the Gringo news links that hint at certain events concerning Arte y Sauna:




05-09-03, 06:54
as a reply to seeks good times post: I think that other members should value and critique detailed posts like yours with a kinder eye... as as far as I can tell you did well on your first trip. There is always a vast difference in hindsight( What do they say: monday quarterback?) Its all about reading personalities of the pros involved. And as a note to all u penny pinchers... work more ***** less... and diet and excercise for the beer belly does wonders too...

Jaimito Cartero
05-09-03, 07:33
i haven't been to the new location of arte sauna, and don't have a lot of info on how the new setup is. however, as all massage places i've seen in cr are the same, this thing seems to be total bullshit.

they're having a child prostitution conference in town, and they need some local action to prove they're doing something.

i'm all for nailing people who go after kids. i've seen some steetwalkers that could have been ****d. i never stopped and asked. how about getting the kids some help?

oh, you ask, how many kids were working at arte sauna? none.

they got the managers for pimping. i doubt they were doing anything more than renting the rooms out, and taking their (probably half) commission on the deal.

05-09-03, 07:43

Ditto Rodpipe, he put it very well.

I hope you return to SJO, it's a great place. Like all newbies you learn as you go, some good, some bad.

Next trip post ahead of time and see who you can hook up with. Nononsence and Ace really helped me out and saved me lots of time and also lots of learning pains.


05-09-03, 20:55
I wanted to get some expert advice. I am headed down to CR for a friends bachelor party. We are planning on staying at the Hotel Del Rey. Do I have to make a special reservation like you do at the Presidente to bring girls up to the room?

05-09-03, 21:42
Shamas and Rodpipe,

Thanks for the encouragement. It is a fun place and I think the more you go, the better you understand the mentality of the providers.

One more note for newbies to the scene in general is, it is hard to prepare for what you will experience with the liberal attitude and availability of booty all around you. I would recommend not even trying to get laid the first night and just watch and talk with the chicas. This will give you a better acclimation to the environment.

As far as pricing, I think in the future, the benchmark for pick-up chicas should be based on MP pricing. New fantasy runs about $30/hour and I think this is reasonable for any company for a chica in the 6-7 range. For a 9-10 add 25%. I actually found using this as a negotiating tool with one Panamenian in BM who was hitting on me. I said, I'm dry and just had a two hour session at New Fantasy. She asked how much, I told her, and she said that was doable for her also. So, it is a good idea to challenge their worth by using good ole free market concepts.

The one that pisses me off is that first $100 dollar screw-up. I should have at least forced her to finish up the time with massage or something or tried to reduce the rate becuase I wasn't into it. Well, just move on, everybody is allowed one bonehead move.

I think before I repeat in CR, I might try Dominican Republic since that might give me some better comparitive. I might like to do an extended trip to CR/Rio/BA in the fall if it can be arranged with other commitments. Like my post in the addiction section, this scene gets you thinking wierd first time through. Like a drug that agrees well to your body. Like has been said before, think with the big head first cannot be overestimated.


05-10-03, 01:58
Just got an email from Delta airlines. They've got a great fare during May to Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica, check www.delta.com. Wed, Sat and Sun only. Most US cities are $309 tax included. The cheapest I've seen. Atlanta is less.

05-10-03, 02:52
Originally posted by Jason
I wanted to get some expert advice. I am headed down to CR for a friends bachelor party. We are planning on staying at the Hotel Del Rey. Do I have to make a special reservation like you do at the Presidente to bring girls up to the room?

Nope. Pay the house $10, she leaves her ID, you take her up. Repeat as necessary.

05-10-03, 23:55
I will be in costa rica at the end of May, and I would like some feedback, if any, about D'pelufo?

Their website looks great are the chicas game to take out?

Jaimito Cartero
05-12-03, 08:50
D'pelufo - I've never heard of them before. In general, most of the dance places (Puro Platino, etc) are ripoffs. I would NEVER give these places my credit card. There was a story further down about some schmuck who had $11,000 charged on his credit card. Apperently he signed the credit card receipt or something.

05-13-03, 06:15
Just to echo what Jaimito said and add my 2 clones worth, the strip clubs in SJO all have a bad reputation. All are very expensive and most are just pure rip off joints. Their prices are equal to US prices. BUT if this is what you want, just be forwarned.
DO NOT ever use a credit card anyplace outside of the US, unless you are very sure of the honesty of the person you're dealing with. The Hotel Presidente is safe.


05-16-03, 00:52
San Jose is a city of *****s.
Thank God, what a place.
Again,much thanks to this forum and all of your great posts guys.
I took much advice and went to New Fantasy...highly recommended...and saw WANDA.
One word...well two words:tongue bath.
She is all that and more.
I was a bit surprised at first,cuz she was not the hottest looking of the 20 or so young hotties on the other side of the two way mirror ( the place is full of hot young shit at 40bucks each...take 3!!!),but Wanda did not disapoint: great attitude and all tounge everywhere without hesitation or cover all the time non stop double pop,can't wait till my next stop.

05-17-03, 12:12

I am considering my first visit to Costa Rica in July. I went to the DR last year. If any of you guys have visited both places, I would be grateful for a comparison, preferences and recommendations.

Thanks in advance.


05-17-03, 17:52
Visited Sosua in North Dominican area last March and SJO, CR in May. I usually visit CR and that's my preference, the two are hard to compare, because they don't. The DR is a low cost, highly aggressive, one culture (pretty much) environment, while CR is a higher cost, less aggressive multi-culture (Ticas, Nicas, Columbians, Panamanians.) I enjoy both places, but prefer CR.

I did meet a couple of German tourists in DR that liked the darker tan, but I still like CR, and plan to be there next week.

05-17-03, 17:53
BTW, I also found more things to do during the day in CR, than in DR.

05-18-03, 04:54
Question for the CR experts. I have not been to CR before, mostly just Buenos Aires. I was thinking of trying to make a weekend visit to CR (much closer) and since I am near Atlanta I would probably do the Delta flight into Liberia. I was wondering where to go from there? I suspect that the area to be in is SJ but what is the best way to get there?

Thanks in advance.


05-18-03, 17:52
It is pretty cheap to fly from Liberia to San Jose, maybe $40-$60. You fly on scary little six-seaters or perhaps a 17 seat Beechcraft. I rather like it; you see some great scenery.

But if you are in Liberia, you must definitely go to Parque Rincůn de la Vieja, the most beautiful place I have seen so far in the world (although this has nothing to do with pussy). Get there early in the morning and hike to the lagoon, then hike back to the mud pots in the afternoon. If you are in very, very good shape, hike over the crest to the other lagoons (to your right as you are heading to the Blue Lagoon).

This will make you a more rounded person than if you just screw a bunch of hookers down there, and you can compare the beauty of the hookers to that of the Parque.

05-19-03, 00:36
My first trip kind of a long report.

Friday May 9
Arrived around 3 pm checked into the President. Walked around some and couldnít get my directions straight.
Ended up at the Blue Marlin, met Mary from DR. Promised a great massage and BJ worked out $50 for the hour and went back to my room. Body was alright about 5, massage, and BJ were good have had better.

Saturday May 10
As it was my birthday I really wanted to treat myself. Finally started to find my way around, what a few street signs would do for this country, my only real complaint. Found New Fantasy was given a tour by Jennifer from Nicaragua, and chose her for a 2 hour session. A great breast, body overall 7 or 8, into French kissing, was very enthusiastic, did the steam room, sauna, and shower and tried every position she could think of.

Went back BM and met Sandra from Columbia, not the greatest experience, CBJ seemed to be in a hurry to get things over with, worked out for $60 but tried to up sell at the end. Body 6 nice ass, small breasts.

Sunday May 11
Went to BM met Anita, boy was she persistent, wouldnít budge from $100 and wouldnít leave me alone, finally started saying I didnít like her and all kinds of bull so I just left. Wasnít worth the trouble.

Monday May 12
Back to New Fantasy, with so many to choose from I just couldnít stay away, that and 14000, Jennifer was busy so I choose Ale. Body 7 small breasts, but very good BBBJ, really used her tongue a lot, loved to play with your balls.
Went out at night to IDEM they wanted $60 for an hour, had a good selection of women available, but with the service and prices at New Fantasy, I didnít want to settle for 1 hour when I could get 2.

Tuesday May 13
Back to the BM met Diana, couldnít get past looking at her breasts, and made a bad choice on this one. Body 5, sex was less than enthusiastic. Wanted taxi money for later, didnít give her anything for that, after paying $50, and the lack luster performance I wasnít about to give her more money.

Wednesday May 14
New Fantasy again, this time Wanda, blond, with a great set of breasts, really got into the BBBJ, using her finger nails to tickle and play, really could drive you crazy. She had a cold but still performed well.

Thursday May 15
New Fantasy again this time Sam, hot little number about 5 feet tall body 7 or 8. Lots of eye contact during the BBBJ covered her body with oil and gave me massage with her body, good breasts, and nice ass.

Friday May 16
My last full day and tried to do as much as I could. Tried 4 or 5 pharmacies but couldnít find one that would give out Viagra without a prescription.
Started the day at New Fantasy, just my luck again, Jennifer was busy again, would have really like to gotten her again. Oh well picked Laura, about 5í, great breasts, and spoke the most English of all the women I was with at NF, she was the only one who didnít kiss or shower with me. She was very enthusiastic rode me so hard we moved the mattress half way off the bed, by the time we finished we were both half way off the end of the bed.

Off to BM and met Melaina from Columbia, 22, body 6, small breasts, said she needed silicone, and liposuction from her 2 bambinos. Again pressure to pay more at the end. Wanted taxi money when I wouldnít give more for the sex, she was the only one who wanted my lubricant, rubbers, and to take all the chocolates.

Saturday May 17
Really debated going to NF before my flight, if I had realized I didnít need 3 hours before the flight I would have gone. But as this was my first trip I didnít want to take any chances on missing my flight.

I did a rain forest tour, and an all day country tour which was really great. I found the people to be very friendly and found plenty to do. Would like to explore both coasts on my next trip as well as more of San Jose.
Need to explore the other places in SJ for fun that I either couldnít find or didnít have time to visit. 747 was elusive, and the taxi driver didnít seem to know where it was either. He was one of 2 who didnít have change and wanted 1000 for a 3 block ride.
I need to learn more Spanish, as this would help with the basics as well as better success with the ladies.

Overall for my first adventure I would the country beautiful, the people very friendly and the women and fun were great. I look forward to my next trip. Overall my best experiences were at New Fantasy, was a welcome relief from home where the same service costs over $300 an hour.
Also found that most women didnít want their pictures taken, did shoot a couple, but was really disappointed on not being able to take more pictures.

05-20-03, 22:52
Arrived on yesterday afternoon. AFter a brief rest, went to New Fantasy. All the posts were on target. I was a little concerned when I saw el policio standing guard across the street, so I asked okay and he said yes. I picked a different one, Jackie, kinda petite, small breasts, good oil massage, along with everything else. Great double shower, also.

Staying at Morazan, but had breakfast at News Cafe. Will be here two weeks, maybe hook up for breakfast, or taxi ride to Park Hotel on Friday. Checking Emails daily.

Think I will run over and try New Fantasy again.

05-21-03, 06:35

I will be in SJ june 5-june 9. Since I will be traveling alone I would love to have a "wingman" or sort to go with me pick up chicks. I am 25, Asian American. If you will be in SJ during that time please leave a note.

Thanks and I can't wait to sample the p*ssies in CR.

05-23-03, 06:25
Can anyone clue me in to the approximate start time of the Fri/Sat Park Hotel show? I know it varies, but I may be flying in to SJ at 8:40 pm on a Fri. I know I would miss the pre-activities, but would I miss the actual show? How long does it usually last for?


Caribbean Gringo

Hit n Run
05-23-03, 06:38
Caribean: You'll most likely miss the Friday show. The airport is
almost a 30 minute ride to San Jose. The show is Sat. also, get
there about 8:30-9:00. Go thru archives for more advise.

Jaimito Cartero
05-23-03, 16:05
Park Show - What hours?

Well, the time I went there (February), they told me the show started at 8pm or so. I'd say it was close to 10:30pm before it actually did, so you might be able to make it there.

The show itself is only 20-30 minutes. I don't know if they don't start until they sell enough drinks, or paying customers...

Jaimito Cartero
05-23-03, 16:08
New Fantasy! Idem $60?

Glad to hear everyone is doing well at New Fantasy. The girls are amazing. I don't recall hearing anyone have a bad experience there.

It's nice to go to a place where you don't need to be worried about being ripped off, and where service with a smile has a whole 'nother meaning!

The last time I was at Idem it was around $40. The only other add on was if you got one of the expensive downstairs rooms.

05-23-03, 19:27
Originally posted by biggy69
I will be down there those same dates. Drop me a email and we can set something up !!!I need to work on my Spanish with the chica's biggy69: how do I lookup your email? I certainly don't want to post my email addr here. Please inform.

05-23-03, 19:31
Originally posted by biggy69
I will be down there those same dates. Drop me a email and we can set something up !!!I need to work on my Spanish with the chica's Also I might have to change my dates to 6/11-6/18. Will you still be around SJ?

05-24-03, 04:14
As a rule of thumb the Park show starts around 9:30pm, that is if they have a good crowd. Later if the crowd is thin.

05-24-03, 04:56
Does anyone know if if the Balmoral still has coupons in the Tico times. If I remember right, they were about half off.

05-24-03, 21:12
Originally posted by CO2
Question for the CR experts. I have not been to CR before, mostly just Buenos Aires. I was thinking of trying to make a weekend visit to CR (much closer) and since I am near Atlanta I would probably do the Delta flight into Liberia. I was wondering where to go from there? I suspect that the area to be in is SJ but what is the best way to get there?

Thanks in advance.

CO2 Take a rental car from Liberia...the airport is in the outside of the "city" itself and head south towards Puntarenas, then from there you'll be heading southeast to SJ. Personally I find Puntarenas a blast, but it's not for everyone...look for the "Porton Verde" (PV)

05-25-03, 18:45
Ad says Balmoral $33 plus tax, for residents.
Also, Morazan says $39 plus tax.
(high season supposedly ends on 5/31, so others will go down also. Last year in June, I paid $32 at the Morazan. I came here two weeks early this year.)

Also, we went by the Park for Friday night show, about 8:15 pm. three customers, two girls and show would cost 6,000c, we left and decided on more hands on experience.

05-26-03, 05:15
Originally posted by Qncterra
Ad says Balmoral $33 plus tax, for residents.
Also, Morazan says $39 plus tax.
(high season supposedly ends on 5/31, so others will go down also. Last year in June, I paid $32 at the Morazan. I came here two weeks early this year.)

Also, we went by the Park for Friday night show, about 8:15 pm. three customers, two girls and show would cost 6,000c, we left and decided on more hands on experience.

Thanks for looking that up. The ad for Balmoral didn't say for residents the last time I was there. Oh well.

05-27-03, 06:45

Last time I tried IDEM, Roberto wanted US$47 for regular room and US$57 for the better room. Why give him such a premium while New Fantasy is about $33 for same services. IDEM ought to reduce their prices.

05-27-03, 10:12
What percentage of the chicas do anal? I haven't heard many of you talk about it. It's not a requirement or anything but I'm interested (mainly since the asians I usually see aren't into it at all).

I can't wait to go.

Jaimito Cartero
05-28-03, 22:55
Anal in CR.

I'm not a real big on the anal thing, but I do ask for informational purposes... I'd say about 10-20% will do it, usually for a decent tip. Again, you've got to ask, and negotiate it for before you hit the room. If you've got a big dick, your percentage may go way down.

My experiences are only with Idem, New Fantasy, Park Hotel, etc. No Blue Marlin or independents.

05-30-03, 00:13
Well I am heading down to CR next week (June 5-9) and I am really trying to stay at the Del Rey. For whatever reason I am striking out and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation. I have called a couple of places on the net and I have been getting every from they know longer accept reservations from us to they are sold out (could be the case). Anyhow as I keep trying a found one place that claimed they may be able to get me in at $67 a night. I guess the place appeals to me because of the Blue Marlin Bar and all of the woman that hang out there. A close second is the Presdidente but it doesn't look like they have a Blue Marlin type of bar. Wondering everyoneís thought......

For the record I enjoy a woman that can perform anal every now and then. I have never been to CR before but I have been to Bangkok a couple of times and it seemed like about 10% would perform the act. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Cola?

Also if anyone is going to be down there (June 5-9) and wants to get together let me know.

Hit n Run
05-31-03, 17:19
There's only 3 major hotels, BM, Presidente, Morazan. If BM is full, the Morazon is across the street from BM. Presidente is fine as well, just another block away. For specific sex acts, go to Bar IDEM (brothel), ask Roberto for whatever you want. See www.dongordo.com for a map of brothels in the city. BM has the most girls, and cost is alot higher.

05-31-03, 20:48
hola amigos...it's been awhile...but i will be at the del rey in july. ihave heard the government is cracking down on some of the spots such as the arte sauna....this is not good.i was at the del rey last dec. 28 when immigration raided the place and carted out the girls whose visas had expired....i guess my point is this...little by little this place is changing...the government is under pressure to stop the **** prostitution(which should be stopped))...but it's effects will also hurt the hobbyists. the government is making it tougher on the sex businesses and casinos....still a great place....but changing

Jaimito Cartero
06-01-03, 03:20
If you're in downtown San Jose, don't forget New Fantasy Massage. I don't think I've heard of anyone having a bad experience there, and I know they do some kinky stuff there.

I, of course, am a big Wanda fan. I think there are lots of very nice chicas there too. I think it's 12000 colones for an hour, or 6000 for 1/2 an hour. Very good value for the money.

06-03-03, 00:33
Thanks for all of the information !! I am looking forward to comparing it to Thailand although I hear that there is nowhere else in the world that will ever compare.

Well I finally made it in to the Del Rey and I am looking forward to doing a little pink snapper fishing as Don Gordo says. I have to tell everyone that Club ****** is an excellent source of information. It takes time to sift through it but it was exactly what I was looking for considering this is my first trip to CR.

As it stands I am looking forward to the Park hotel show on Friday night. Does anyone else have any recommendations on shows? I understand the strip clubs are out.

Also what is everyoneís experience on guests that spend the night? In Thailand it was referred to as long time versus short time. Reading all of the posts it seems like the woman are more short time. Is this true for the most part ticas? It is always nice to wake up and take care of things first thing in the morning. I hear if you are lucky enough to find a tica that spends the night it will typically run you around $100 after negotiations.

Doc Bill
06-03-03, 05:48
Originally posted by biggy69
Well I am heading down to CR next week (June 5-9) and I am really trying to stay at the Del Rey. For whatever reason I am striking out and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation. I have called a couple of places on the net and I have been getting every from they know longer accept reservations from us to they are sold out (could be the case). Anyhow as I keep trying a found one place that claimed they may be able to get me in at $67 a night. I guess the place appeals to me because of the Blue Marlin Bar and all of the woman that hang out there. A close second is the Presdidente but it doesn't look like they have a Blue Marlin type of bar. Wondering everyoneís thought......

For the record I enjoy a woman that can perform anal every now and then. I have never been to CR before but I have been to Bangkok a couple of times and it seemed like about 10% would perform the act. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Cola?

Also if anyone is going to be down there (June 5-9) and wants to get together let me know.

I think staying at the BM is a rip off. You have to pay a fee, I think it's ten bucks, everytime you bring a girl up to your room. I was much happier at the Presidente, where I could bring girls, it's just a block away from the bm, friendly staff, and no fee for guests.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Doc Bill
06-03-03, 05:51
I went to Costa Rica for the first time two years ago. I had a blast. I'm thinking of going back and wondering if anything has changed? Are there any new places I should check out? This place called the New Fantasy seems to get good reviews, I don't think it was there my las trip. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I would probably stay again at the Presidente, I liked it and there is no guest fee.

One more question: Any suggestions on how to find a real girfriend there, not just a strictly working girl?

Thanks, guys, and I promise a full report when I get back!

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Gringo Tim
06-03-03, 08:03

I think I had the Diana you mentioned. Iin your trip report during my last trip in January. The Diana I had was
a Tica, about 28 to 30 years old, maybe
5'4", shoulder-length dark brown hair,
great chest, spoke a lot of English,
and had somewhat squinted/slanted
eyes. Same chica?
Anyway...I remember seeing her at the BM on several previous trips, so in
January, upon seeing that nice rack,
I figured that I just had to have a session with her. Like you stated, it was a bad
choice. She asked for the money first.
I refused...told her after! I paid $80.
She said no kissing...no GFE. Was all business. No enthusiasm at all!
Like in your case, she wanted extra
money for a taxi. Said no way!
I would rate her body a little higher
than you did though...maybe an
'8', just because of her chest.

John Holmes
06-04-03, 13:00
Hola Guys,

I have been reading the forum for quite some time and just joined. I am heading to San Jose and looking for more info on the New Fantasy Massage. How far will the girls go beyond a hand job and what can I expect to pay. I am looking forward to meeting Wanda since she has so many great reviews.


06-04-03, 22:42
My first trip to the Land of the Ticas

My trip was between May 22nd and May 26th.

I landed and the first thing I noticed in my taxi ride to the hotel (Hotel Presidente) were the amazing women who reside in San Jose. I was awestruck at the beauty and phenomenal bodies that these Tica's possessed. As soon as I checked in, I met my buddy and we went to the bank to exchange money. We could not believe the beautiful women in the streets and believe it or not they are so friendly if you talk to them. I got the phone number of the bank teller although my Spanish is very limited (at best). I had received a e-mail of a local tica someone had given me so I called her up and set up an appointment. She came around 7 pm - met me at the News Cafe at the Presidente and we shared a drink and seemed to hit it off. This is one of the most beautiful women I have seen. Physically she is slim, 5'6", pretty but she spoke perfect english and had a great personality. GFE all the way. After finishing a 3hr session, My buddies and I hit El Pueblo where a lot of the local girls are there. We had fun dancing and then called it a night.

06-04-03, 22:55
Day 2
Get up early to take a tour of the volcano Poas and some other crap. It is good since you get to see much of the country but it was from 7 am - 7 pm (long day) Anyway get back, sleep, shower and get ready for the Blue Marlin. We go in and I meet a Nicaraguan girl. she is cute and my buddies find some other girls to go out with. We all go to el pueblo and dance with the girls. The Ticas love dancing. Treat them with respect and show them a good time and they will extend their time with you con gusto. After I got this nica back to my room I realized why she wanted only $50 for the whole night. My 4 tequila shots numbed my senses and couldn't see her fatty tummy. I still tried with her but "sorry guys" that tummy turned me off. I shoved her out the door after paying her and had a long nap. ZZZZZZ

06-04-03, 23:01
Day 3 - Saturday
This is party night and we were definitely going out of the GULCH today. We woke up had breakfast at the News CAfe (BTW - eat there just for the view of the TICA's running around town). We went to New Fantasy but it was packed with gringos and not good selection so we took a taxi to San Pedro Mall. If you are even half way charming and have command of the spanish language - YOU CANNOT FAIL. I speak no Spanish and I am about 29, handsome, but no Brad Pitt, and I got over 10 phone numbers from local girls - ages 19 - 25. They love a guy who is confident and most of all courteous. We ended up going back to the Blue Marlin and I picked up 2 girls who my buddies ended up stealing from me, but I got this hot Columbian who I took to my room - she did insist on a CBJ but was very,very good. I was very pleased and only paid $60. SHe also allowed me to take pictures and overall was a GFE experience. We later on went to El Pueblo and I was able to meet some of the girls from the mall. Just made out with some of them but still a great experience. Also a tip for you guys (bring trojans or your favorite brand of condoms, the condoms i picked up from costa rica (DUREX) are awful - it numbs the sensation and took me forever to ejaculate. Next time I will go TROJAN.

06-04-03, 23:07
DAY 4 - Sunday
We went to new fantasy - was closed.

We went to IDEM - was closed

We went to EROS - open but limited selection so we passed.
We ended up back at Blue Marlin but on a rainy Sunday afternoon - slim pickings.

I finally saw after a couple hours this cute blonde tica. I struck up a conversation with her and found out she was a school teacher (WOW). Long story short. She gave me a BBBJ with some coaxing on my part, a nice long 2 hour love session and was GFE all the way. She really appreciated the amount of times I got her off and I need to move to Costa Rica because I think my skills work better on Latin women than American women, but overall a $80 3hour fun fest that I enjoyed greatly. Anyway, after dinner we hit El Pueblo again (you see a consistency huh.) Sunday is good since all the ticas go to relax and I met this cute blonde tica who I ended up making out with.
All in all, my first trip was superb because I did what some veterans told me - pace yourself, be nice to the girls, and get out of the gulch. I felt that even in the gulch you can live like a king but I enjoyed the whole experience. I definitely gotta make it back soon.