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09-25-13, 22:46
Sex Kinos. Berlin

09-25-13, 22:55
Email Transcription between myself and good friend and fellow ISGer Cocksure on the night I visited . The reason why I am only posting Email Transcription is I am simply too busy at the moment to do a full report that I normally do.

Day 1 - Sept 9th - Kino 44 http://www.club44-sexkino.de
Youtube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i23eb23FWBA

Email Transcription:

Wanking - Well mate I only arrived at hotel at 12.00 am. Too late for de 40 deal at de swinger oase club. Im now in kino 44. Five euro entry. Women are well ropey..ony 4 of them, rom bulgs and a dying looking thai. Having a beer, 3 euro and trying to decide whether to fuck one. Licking is 30 euro, and dat includes 20 mins in de room with covered blow. Its a real shithole. They have a site, i sent it to u last week. Google kino 44 Berlin.
I might just wait till tomorrow and save my dosh.. I could get a hj for ten but not sure thats enough for me.

Cocksure - did u do any licken? :D

Wanking - Hehe went for a 10 euro hj after. She wouldn't allow licking for dat price bit had a nice feel of her pussy and came after 10 mins. Best of de ropey ones. Walking back to hotel now, mile or so..Using phone navigation

Cocksure - hehe not bad for a tenner! does ur fingers still smell o pussy? just think u can have a luxurious wank to that! u musta jizzed a lot over her hands just now!

Wanking - Hehe.. Yeah i can smell her pussy a bit on my fingers. Man she had black teeth,!! She caught my jizz in a tissue

Cocksure - hahahaha thats funny. black teeth jesus, good job u didnt lick her!! lol

Wanking - Young burd, 25 ish, might a been preggers, fair little belly on her, kinda hard too..

Cocksure - nice

10-19-13, 19:45

I probably would not have even bothered going into this place but I was bursting for a shit by the time I got there, so I paid the 6 euro in LOL !!

On my final day Friday 13th I had a few hours until my flight and I decided to just call to this cheap Kino. It was a total shite hole, and I only really went in because I was bursting for a shit! It was 6 euro in, a little bar at the front with a few poker machines, then a lounge with 5 horrible ole grannies in it and a small Kino at the back. Man the women except one were old, over 50 and 1 over 60, and just hideous. I will be generous and give them a 1/10. One was a rom / bulg lady of around 40 who was kinda doable but I was just sexed out from Insomnia the previous day, and declined. Prices quoted were 15 for 15 minutes in the kino or private room, covered blow and covered fucking, DATY included. One 50, which is ok value.

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