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05-14-14, 23:09
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The adresses (web and house) :


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Posts about meetings at Prestige are very rare in the forum so, sorry, I mention mine:


05-14-14, 23:25
During my short last stay in Berlin, I met Sunny again at Prestige:

1 rst meeting: 1 h (she had an appointment just after our meeting) , 120 + 20 (FK) = 140 E.

2nd meeting (before going to the airport) : 1 h20,160 + 20 (FK) = 180 E.

Nice meeting with complicity.

09-26-14, 22:55
Salon Prestige:

I arrived at Prestige at about 10 pm a Friday night. There was a weak line-up of six or seven girls. All of the girls ranging from maybe 4 to 5 or 6 in looks. The room was tidy and clean and reasonably elegant. I chose 20 min with Steffi, a girl from Berlin that seemed new in the game or at least at Prestige. She mentioned that they would put up her pictures on the webpage soon. Her service was very average, CBJ and missionary plus doggy. A quite sweet and chatty girl though. On the way out I meet a rather good looking girl that presumably had been busy on my arrival, a little bad timing. Steffi's looks / body 5. Service: 5.

I returned a couple of days later to Prestige and was met by an equally disappointing line-up. I went for 20 minutes with Annie from Thailand who's got firm enhanced tits, see-cups. Annie was kind of eager, she kissed a lot and gave compliments. It was sexy to fuck her mouth, she received in a submissive way. I am not that much into Asian girls and everything felt a little bit theatrical. Annie's body / looks: 6. Service: 6. 5.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1625451&viewfull=1#post1625451

Prestige's web pages:

Annie : http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/ladies/annie/annie.html.

Steffi : http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/ladies/steffi/steffi.html.

05-25-15, 02:25
The adresses (web and house) :


The prices :


... etc ...House's adress and opening hours:


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07-09-15, 18:03
Starting thread

The adresses (web and house) :


The prices :

..The adresses (web and house) :


The prices: the prices we have to pay are composed by prices for the ladies (published on each lady's web page) and prices for the house (room):

The following URL indicates prices for the house:


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07-12-15, 04:49
The adresses (web and house) :


The prices: the prices we have to pay are composed by prices for the ladies (published on each lady's web page) and prices for the house (room):

The following URL indicates prices for the house:

http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/index.php/en/rates.htmlIn each girl profile / listing it lists services provided. I assume some services are extras. Any idea extra for FT and or swallow?

04-09-17, 00:53
After my great session at Salon Delux with Perla I headed down K'damm in search of two things, one I found and one I failed to locate. I had read about and found a table at Haus der 100 Biere on K'damm, where I had a tasty dinner along with one of the namesake beverages. I failed to locate, however, Karlsruher Strasse brothel, despite the "Brothels for Dummies" address in its name. One door had doorbells with just family names, and at the other door I saw a name had come up when I did my initial Google map research this was a quasi-looking commercial but otherwise unlabeled door at the premises, but it looked closed; this made sense to me at the time since it was after 9 PM at this time. It turned out my research was flawed: Karlsruuher Strasse seems to be open plenty late, but the website says its entrance is in the hof, the building courtyard. So a miss for me here. A shame in that there were some great looking girls on their site.

I had another nearby option, however. A bit further down K'damm and roughly across from the Halensee SBahn station, in a side street at a kind of meeting of two streets at a V, was Salon Prestige. This place like most of the brothels on my trip had exteriors that seriously belied what lay inside. In terms of the building exterior-inside thecor disparity this may have taken the cake. The building, entered via s small L-shaped alleyway, was not in bad shape but a very plain mid-20th century restored structure, I would guess.

Inside it was anything but dull. As I discovered (at times in the dark) on my way to and from the bathroom / shower, Salon Prestige is a warren of hallways and landings and sunken rooms and elevated parlors and cul-de-sacs. This Aladdin's cave was all done up in high bordello style plush carpets and velvety curtains and the most bric-a-brac I saw in any Berlin brothel. There was even a piano in one hallway, making me think how great it would be if they had a piano man playing ragtime and the rollicking atmosphere of an 1890's *house, instead of the anonymous ushering of clients from room to room.

In any case, the late hour, about 9:30 PM and so approaching their closing time, ensured that the place was anything but lively. I may have been the only one there, and only three girls were presented for my choice. The decision basically made itself, as there was a black girl among the three, Adriana from Kenya. Why she is listed as "Karibbeanischer" on their website I do not know.

In her early 20's Adriana was fit, although her braided hair wasn't especially to my taste. The half hour was the only real option (60 Euros), and I declined the pricey 20 Euro kissing extra but went for the 20 Euro uncovered BJ. Given the late hour I was not surprised that Adriana was kind of detached and listless. And without kissing as a warm up, the session began coldly, stilted with Adriana laying there on her back as I sucked on the nipples of her smallish breasts, and stroked her pussy.

That's the thing about sex, we humans can package it commercially but that won't necessarily kill the animal drive. As I caressed and licked her Adriana began to get really turned on, becoming nice and wet and squeezing my cock with her hand. I can't even remember the oral sex, but at some point Adriana slapped a condom on me and pulled me on top of her, guiding my dick into her pussy.

The intensity ramped up as I slid my dick in slow and shallow and then deeper and faster. In a move new to me, Adriana reached up and grabbed my face, hard, then pulled me down in for a deep kiss, her passion overriding the fact that I didn't pay for kissing. In another move new to me, she had me straddle one leg in a kind of scissoring, allowing for really deep penetration and eliciting open-moth gasps and moans from Adriana. The action didn't let up once she got on top in cowgirl, rapidly bouncing her ass up and down as my hands struggled to keep hold of her ass cheeks. She really put her athletic body to use riding me hard and her skin getting the sheen of perspiration. Her horniness didn't subside, as she leaned in to suck the breath of out my mouth. So just like the unexpected opulence inside Salon Prestige, this session turned out to be a pleasant surprise.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=2018491&viewfull=1#post2018491

Adriana's web page : https://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/adriana.

05-16-17, 00:22
On this sunny day (Monday May 15th), I arrived at Prestige around 12:10, expecting to meet Sunny (I was said on Saturday that she would be there around 11 o'clock) or Melina.

The Hausmutter told me that finally they would come around 17 h (the time I had to go to the airport), so I chose Katalina who was rather cute and smiling (at least during the parade).

She kept her bra during the BJ but agreed to take it off when I asked to!!

I asked her if I could lick her breast: NO!!

Fortunately, she allowed me to f. K her!

I think that the duration of the sex session (BJ included) was less than 10 minutes: she left the room (for a shower ?).
When she came back, I saw that she wanted to close the meeting (sometimes ladies asked if I wanted a massage for remaining time) so I asked for a shower: NO, just once! (I only had a shower before the sex session so was not allowed to have a second shower!

Fortunately, I only paid for 30 minutes (unfortunately, I didn't pay for just 20 minutes) !!

By the way, on Saturday, a friend of mine chose Nikoletta but was asked for extras for breast kissing and licking so he left!

Is it the new spirit of the house since the web site was not written in English anymore?

Katalina's web page :https://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/katalina.

05-18-18, 23:11
Now, the web site's adress is:


(not https://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/ anymore)

07-08-18, 00:29
When I met Melina, I was surprised because she was blonde while on the web her hair was black (the photos were updated since).

The meeting was positive but not exceptionnal.

Melina's web page: http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/hure-melina-42212.html.

08-23-19, 23:22
Main page : http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de.

Models' page : http://www.salon-prestige-berlin.de/modelle.

Melina's page : http://www.berlinintim.de/hure-melina-42212.html.

08-23-19, 23:35
... etc ...
Then I went to salon prestige around 9 pm. 8-10 girls to choose from. I go for model looking girls all the time, so I wanted to try something different. I went with Sharon. She is big girl. Bigger than her pictures on the website. She has perfect English. She was great. Very eager to please. Total damage for 20 minutes with owo was 60 euros.

The other day I went back to prestige around 8 pm. Only 3 girls to choose from. I chose airis. She is from Brazil. She was the first Brazilian woman I fucked, so something special for me. She was nice. Total damage for 20 min with owo was 60 euros.

... etc ....http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=2359316&viewfull=1#post2359316

Sharon's web page :


Aris' web page :


10-17-19, 18:05

120/ h.

+ 10 for kissing.
CIM: + 30.
COB: free

Nice session, showered together, kissing and oral in shower. Things went south when I licked her. Got angry, yelling in English with German accent; why you don't let me finish? When I'm about to finish, and you fail, I get stomach pain, why do you not understand? You are older than me. At third attempt she exploded in my mouth, but was still angry. Told me my licking was bad and kissed me goodbye.

Maybe repeat, cause in a bizarre way, she turned me on. She mentioned my lack of skills during doggy and mish. But still kissed my mouth.

Un poco loco.

12-22-19, 00:06
After an unsucessful visit to Aston (see http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?4012-Berlin-Aller45-Aston-Stella&p=2404984&viewfull=1#post2404984), I went to "Salon Prestige" and met Melina again (see http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?3587-Berlin-Salon-Prestige-(Prestige)&p=2199561&viewfull=1#post2199561).

The meeting was better, kisses (extra +20 Euros) were better.

However, I don't know why exactly, she's not among my top choices.

Melina's web page: https://www.berlinintim.de/hure-melina-42212.html?t=LL00X&s=S1018.