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Starting post

( There is a thread "What defines a "brothel" : http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3496-What-defines-a-quot-brothel-quot-in-Germany
What I propose to call by "brothel" in this subforum "Germany-Brothels" is a place "indoor" ( not in the streets or a park .. etc ..) where we can find ladies who propose "paid sex services (with coitus)" AND if we are not interested in any ladies, we can leave the place without spending any penny.
Often (probably not always) in these places,
1) free drinks (probably not all kinds of drinks) are offered if we decide to stay with a lady
2) the house manages as much as possible to avoid a customer from meeting another one ).

Apparently, some members can not create a new thread in this sub-forum "Germany. Brothels", so I create this thread " Berlin, other brothels" for posts about brothels in Berlin other than.

Kamilla-Dee: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3590-Berlin-Kamilla-Dee-%28KD%29.

Liberty: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3583-Berlin-Agentur-Liberty-%28Liberty%29.

Monrouge: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3593-Berlin-Monrouge.

Prestige: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3587-Berlin-Salon-Prestige-%28Prestige%29.

Royal: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3592-Berlin-Royal.

Tiffany: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3597-Berlin-Tiffany.

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January 31st, 2014 - Shah Khan's post - anja@rheinsberger78:


June 4th, 2014 - Euthought's post - Erotik: Mandy :


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Hi guys.

Next week I will be in Germany.

I am interested in booking an escort (not in the fkk scene.).

I went through their website (see below the link) and the ladies look nice.

Anyone tried them before and can share is experience?


I will appreciate you advise.


06-09-14, 21:31
Hi guys.

Next week I will be in Germany.

I am interested in booking an escort (not in the fkk scene.).

I went through their website (see below the link) and the ladies look nice.

Anyone tried them before and can share is experience?


I will appreciate you advise.

ThanksHello, never tested escort in Berlin. Brothel is the best I think, but for escort I would try http://www.escort77.de. Reading good about this agency.

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As for brothels in Berlin, I can really recommend Stella (near you-Bahn Grenzallee). Small club, usually around 7 ladies around. Good rooms, some of them even really enjoyable atmosphere, all of them clean. No nonsense mood all around the place. I am sort of a regular, dropping by once a week or so. Met several ladies of the core group, always had a particularly good time with Miki (tall, smart, from Romania) and Paulina (a few years past 30, very good service). The other day I met Linda, dark lady from Cuba, who said she would go back soon. If you manage to still catch her, she is a real treat. Those are my 50 cents concerning the etablissement around the corner (in my case it is true), the short visit for relaxing, the feel of extended family (if such a thing is possible with a brothel, and I think it is).

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OK, lets start! First stop; Salon Deluxe.

Salon Deluxe (http://deluxeberlin.de/index.html).

This brothel was not what I had in mind first when I arrived in Berlin, I was more into going to Kamilla Dee or Liberty but when I found myself sitting at a bar just a couple of steps from the entrance I thought what the heck lets give it a try.

I pressed the buzzer and walked the three stairs up where a cute girl waited for me at the door, she had abit more weight than I expected but her face looked nice and she seemed to have a good attitude. It's a smaller place and I was showed to a room with a couch and a bed. The normal procedure then went along with two other girls presenting themselfs in a fast pace. I was hoping for the standard to be higher, two of them had OK bodies but was not very good looking in my eyes (the girls that was presented to me is not on the website anymore though). The third girl was the one opening the door, Sonja. Normally I wouldn't have gone with any of them but I was dead horny so I decided to take a 30 minute session with Sonja with BBBJ as she seemd to be a nice girl.

I paid her the 60 for 30 minutes and another 20 for BBBJ and she ran away to take care of the money. I sat in the sofa and waited for her to come back. When she got into the room again she started to strip my clothes off very slowly and asked my to lay down on the bed. She wore a black lingerie-thingy which soon went off and I got to see her body in full. She is cute but has some more weight than the pictures on the website shows but the extra weight also made her breasts extra lovely to squeeze. She then started to wank me and lick my dick. I got hard immediately. Her blowjob technique was OK but not the best I ever had but she did some nice tounge action now and then around the shaft which felt nice. An OK blowjob, but nothing more. When she started to play with my balls I had to ask her to go slower as I already was about to cum (I was really horny as I mentioned before). She listened and blew and wanked me very slowly for a couple of more minutes.

10 minutes into the session I was ready to fuck and she got on her back and I started fucking her in missionary position. Her pussy felt very very nice and was alot more tighter than I ever would have expected. I enjoyed fucking her like that for about 5 minutes when we switched to doggy which felt equally as good. Another 5 minutes more went by and she did a quick cow girl before I told her I was ready to cum.

I asked her to wank me until release and she did so pretty good. Lubed me up nicely and touched my balls while getting me off very slowly as I asked her to. All in all it was an OK session, the blowjob was good but not amazing and the fucking was pretty OK considering her tight pussy. She had a good attitude but I wouldn't call it GFE. Her english is good though and I had no problem communicating with her. I'd give her a 6/10 which is an absolutely OK score in my book for an 80 session.


09-26-14, 23:04
Karlsruher / Erotik:

The competition for Salon Prestige in Halensee is the brothel Karlsruher on the street with the same name. I went there at 1 am and there was a line-up of six or seven girls. As I entered the place I walked past the working girls sitting in a sofa playing games on their cell phones. The standard of the brothel is maybe a little bit more simple than Salon Prestige but the line-up was better. I chose between Bianca and the Romainian girl called Maria2 on the website and went with the latter. I like dark haired girls like her and thought she was quite hot. She had big natural tits and a nice juicy ass. She looks just like her pics on the website. She didn't seem in the mood but I was so horny it still worked out well. I enjoyed fucking her in missionary kissing her cheeks and armpits. In doggy she allowed me fucking her quite hard and to push her legs together to get in a good position to pound against her ass. Maria's looks / body: 8. Service: 6. 5.

L'amour 2 a:

This of course is a simple place without the flair or finesse. But the line-up was consistent, no really bad looking girls but everyone had about the same attractiveness to me. It was hard to make a decision and I went with Polish Angelina, could have gone with anyone though. Angelina is a cheerful and busty brunette with a nice smile. She is tall and maybe a little bit towards the chubby but nothing too much. We had a quickie but she was quite into it and we had a wild and hard fuck but it just got too hot in their so I couldn't concentrate on finishing. Angelina's looks / body: 6. Service: 7.

Ginas Tango Rosa:

Conveniently enough this place has got the daily schedule of girls on their website. So I was going there with three different possible girls in my mind that had attractive looking photos. One of them were free, Polish Magda. She is blonde and on the bigger side but has a good looking face and huge natural, perfect tits. I went for half an hour with BBBJ and I got very horny with Magda. She smells good, it's heavenly to touch her breasts and she gives good blowjob. Quite an experience to fuck her doggy style and feeling up her bosom at the same time. Looks / body: 8. Service: 7. 5.


This place in Neuklln attracted me since I spotted a Cuban girl called Rubi on their website. I went their and we had a 20 minutes session. Her pictures on the internet are not very accurate. She is old looking, probably nearing 40. Her stomach's got a jelly-like quality to it and the ass is big and soft. However her tits are huge and fun to suck and play with. Rubi made a little bit of an odd impression on me, she's got some silly and goofy antics going on. Talking rapidly during sex and making a lot of facial expressions. Maybe this is just her style. Looks / body: 5. Service: 5.http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1625451&viewfull=1#post1625451

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Karlsruher (Karls) :


Ginas Tango Rosa(GTR) :


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So, further to my report on Artemis, this is what I can add to the bordelle scene in Berlin.

Firstly, there are a dime a dozen. Around the whole city. Intimberlin. De is a good start to locate them, their costs and timings based on where you are staying.

1. Karlsruher. Average place, decent line up. 50 E for a 30 min. Not the worst of rooms and average service. One of the first I sampled.

2. Kamila dee. Overhyped in my opinion but had it on my todo list after all the reviews here. At 80 e for 30 min, overpriced? (Artemis is 60 E for 30 min once you paid the 80 to get in). Went there looking for stella or Juliette (who was on as per their schedule) but didn't find either. Checked out the other talent from the 6 girls but held back thinking ill try for juliette again. Never got around to it. Definitely a more upmarket place.

3. Europasalon. Was near my hotel so pranced over to check it out. Dodgy small place. Was let to a room where there was hardly any place to stand. Thankfully all girls were busy and was told I can wait 10 minutes. Made an excuse to go grab a bite. Didn't come back. Cheap place. No idea of theor line up.

4. Sex in the city: again close to my hotel so checked it out. Nothing impressive in the LU despite some amazing talent on their site.

5. Liberty: the GEM. Again very close to my hotel and managed 4 trips there at 30 min for 60 E. Very great service, up market finishings. Good line up everytime. On the 3rd time, barely made it as it was closing up. Got my girl and had a great time. Chit chat later and we actually bonded. Had to leave because mamasan had to lock up. Took a shot in the dark and asked the girl to join me for a bite at the turkish shop a few shops down and she said yes! Spent a nice hour eating kebap and chatting. She's a professional in my allied field and does this for fun! Explains her great service. Agreed to meet for same in my hotel for 100 E, echanged numbers and intermittently chatted late into night and next day but sadly meeting got cancelled as she could only come in earlier. And I couldn't see her till later.

6. Aston. Again a few bus stops from the hotel and open late (liberty closes at 11). Lower end place but had a decent line up. Amazing 30 min with a wild romanian called Maja. Were enjoying a nice postprandial chat when there was a knock on the door at about 40 min. Time for elvis to leave the building. A good value for money place for a late night adventure for sure.

Overall most bordelles are good. Advantage is they offer a 20 min quickie. 30 min I session or a relaxed 60 min with 2 sessions. They all have a line up and you can choose from given they come in, say Hi I'm XXX and out. Only at liberty did I feel there was actually a bit of time, then after you choose a girl, you can discuss extras etc BEFORE you go in the room, AFTER you have paid.

Personally I think the advantage of the Bordelles is that they want you back, so at least they try and give you better service.

At a place like Artemis, they know the regulars, so if you not a regular face, its all down to getting you in the room and get the process over while saving themselves for the next punter.

In addition, don't know if it qualifies as a Bordelle. Went to an erotic massage place across from my hotel. 60 E for a 30 min session of the most mediocre massage. Was simply putting oil to my skin and rubbing it. Did use her body. She was hot so I asked her about option of FH and said its 70 E extra but with a condom. Which she didn't have, and I don't walk with! But managed to convince hert to come to my hotel across the road, got her number and did her after her shift at 11 pm for 70 E for like 45 min as she had to catch the bus by midnight. That was worth it! So keep that in mind, most women are receptive to the idea of hotel service especially when you put it as they can keep all the money and not share part with the house!

More on 'independents" and the kaufmich ladies later.

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I just posted my experiences at Club Carena and Stella on the general Berlin forum. It was the third part of my trip report, and I wanted to keep it in context to my two other " Hobby Nutte" dates in Berlin. Thus, I posted it there.

Here is the link: