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12-17-14, 19:31
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Adress: http://www.traum-paradies.de/anfahrt.php .

Prices: http://www.traum-paradies.de/preise.php.

12-17-14, 19:37
So, I was debating whether to visit Teeny Land, Cats-Exclusiv, Relax-Massage or return to Traum Paradies last month on my visit to Cologne.

Decided to visit Traum Paradies, as it had been a few years since I had my first (very positive) visit and knew how to get there by S-Bahn / walking. The others looked very promising but I felt that I'd have to spend some time finding them via public transport, so opted for what I knew.

TP hasn't changed much in three years -- still a very well organized and very clean place. I arrived at about 6:30 on a Tuesday evening and only had four women in my "parade" The house mutti, who I wish had been on offer, was very helpful. Of the four, I chose Isabelle, an older (late thirties) blond -- about 5'8" who looked better than the others, quite frankly -- no tattoos, nice body and a nice smile. She also offered A-level, which I did take advantage of.

As usual, the session begins with a co-showering -- lots of soap and fingering. After drying off, it's on to the huge bed (we were in the Egyptian-themed room). Isabelle is a DFK specialist -- but she's also a smoker -- that doesn't bother me. Lots of FK -- followed by OWO. RO oral was fun but exhausting. Wasn't really responding so I asked her to put on a show for me whilst I stoked the little guy. She was amazing -- playing with her pussy and fingering her asshole. I asked for Anal (extra), and she lubed up and it was off the races. She encouraged me to spank her while thrusting into her -- and she was quite vocal (which whether she felt it or not, just spurred me on! I lasted about five minutes and enjoyed every second.

Afterward, she gave me a nice massage and I was on my way. Completely relieved, spent and happy.

TP is in an industrial park type setting about 20 minutes south of Cologne, with very little foot or auto traffic. It's a very safe walk from the S-Bahn stop, Spich.

Total damage: 150 Euros for one hour -- A-level. Additional 50 Euro.

Tip: As I was leaving at about 7:30 pm, I noticed there were many more girls on duty. (They congregate near the front door, so I was able to see an additional 5 or 6 available girls.) Much better talent looked ready to serve at this later hour -- so, you might wish to consider this when making plans to visit -. TP's web page : http://www.traum-paradies.de/girls/isabelle-554.html.