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01-07-17, 10:17

I went here a few days before Christmas because I found out on a german board than Susanna, the chef, was offering her services as a pregnant lady. Beware she's not working everyday, I think her work days are written on the website and it's better to call first.

The club is near Dusseldorf HbF, you just have to push the first door without ringing and then go straight to the end of the corridor where you can find the door and the bell to Susanna's institute. I was greeted by a nice young theke who made me wait in one of the club's rooms where the working girls came one by one to introduce themselves. 3 girls (one skinny and young, one very tattooed and one very chubby) but no Susanna, so I confirmed to the theke that I was here for Susanna and she called her to be sure she was coming. She let me wait in the room (pretty long time) with magazines, water. For Susanna.

Once she came, she introduced herself and I had the unpleasant surprise to learn that there was a 50 extra for pregnancy. So for one hour I had to pay 125 + 50 . She asked me if I had special wishes for her clothing (lingerie) and went to take a shower. 30 minutes later (she told me max. 15. Women.), she came back just wearing heels and stockings. The lady is tall (178 cm), in her early 30's, well pregnant and with a rather massive build, not the kind of girl I usually choose but she was very sexy in her way and the pregnancy was a fantasy for me.

It started slow and gentle and became more wild (face sitting, dirty talk, .). She called herself a pregnant **** who loves cocks and some other nasty things. Big boobs, big nipples, and gigantic pussy! She didn't allow fingering because of her pregnancy but she let me play with her big lips as long as my fingers didn't come inside. Fucking was a little difficult because of her build and of her pregnancy so I finished by jerking on her stomach but still I had a good time with her. We took a shower together after. Maybe I'll come again later after she gave birth.

Beware, the german part of her website is updated more often than the english part, I'm not even sure that the pregnancy is written on the english part.

The planning of the girls is here : http://www.susannas-institut.de/de/anwesenheit/