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07-14-18, 00:23
Starting post

Aller45 : Allerstraße 45.

12049 Berlin-Neukölln.


Aston : Dominicusstraße 33.

10827 Berlin.

S-Bhf. Schöneberg.


Stella : Jahnstraße 14.

12347 Berlin-Britz.


07-14-18, 00:44
I read on the French written forum (youppie.net) a positive post about Sophie at Aston, Berlin.

So, when I was in Berlin, I tried to meet her at Aston.

My last failed attempt was on May 4th (Friday) but I could talk to her by phone: she told me that she would be at "Aller45" on Monday.

So, Aston's Sophie is Aller45's Sophie, even if in Aston's description she's 168 cm tall and in Aller45 she's 175 cm tall!

My meeting on Monday May 7th was successful but without any illusion: she did her job but her behavior made me constantly conscious that she was doing a job (by the way, none kisses, at least with me) !

Sophie's page
on Aston's web site : https://aston-berlin.de/damen/sophie/.

on Aller45's web site : https://aller45-berlin.de/damen/sophie-2-2/.

11-30-18, 02:13
Wed. October 31 - ALLER 45 : I expected to meet Sophie but was said that she already left. I stayed with Clara. The meeting was OK, not exceptional. (Kisses: 5 Euros).

Thur. November 1rst - ASTON : I met Sophie again. The meeting was like the previous: just nice, no more. No kisses.

Summary :

There is no rip-off but I felt that the RLD's spirit reigned there: I chose 30 minutes meetings but, the lady behave as if they were finished after ejaculation. (So I've never tried 60 minutes to see how would be their behaviour).

However I think that the services are correct comparing to the (low) prices.

Rationally I should not come back but. I like Sophie's body !!

Clara's web page : https://aller45-berlin.de/damen/clara-neu/
Sophie's page
on Aston's web site : https://aston-berlin.de/damen/sophie/

on Aller45's web site : https://aller45-berlin.de/damen/sophie-2-2/

02-03-19, 01:13
Aston: aston-berlin.de. 24 h brothel. 30 e /20 min sex. They check the ID of all men who look young. I visited it Thu 22:00, Fri 10:00 & Sat 9:00. They presented 2-6 girls each time. I can recommend Caro & Diana, who both were great experiences. Diana had the tightest pussy & firmest ass I've seen. I also tried Patrizia, who I suggest to avoid. When I asked her to remove her dress, she denied "with 30 this is what you get" answer. Bad attitude.
Caro :https://aston-berlin.de/damen/neu-caro/.

Diana :https://aston-berlin.de/damen/neu-diana/.

Patrizia :https://aston-berlin.de/damen/neu-patricia/.

03-31-19, 02:29
Vacationing in Berlin and decided to give the local mongering scene a shot. Hit up Aston around 2 pm, standard amount of people going to and fro on the street. Not sure why but I thought the location was going to be in a more seedy area but was glad to be wrong. Got to the door hit the buzzer and in I went, up a couple levels and was greeted at the door by what I thought was mamasan, more in that in a sec. She spoke decent English and led me to a room, nice aesthetics all around. She asked how much time I wanted and I went with the 20 minutes due to being a noob to the Berlin scene, just wanted to get my feet wet. She asked for the money up front, 20 minutes was 30 euro, and told me to wait for the line up. After a couple minutes in comes Maria, she looks good but there was no vibes. Then in comes mamasan again and asks who my choice was. With a confused look I ask her if that was it, she nods and with a smile mentions she is also available. Not sure if she was actually mamasan or just filling in, maybe someone here can clarify? Anyway she looks good so I agree to see her. A bit more waiting and she comes in ready to do the deed. She has an amenable attitude and I was digging her so we talk for a minute and she asks if I'm Indian. I say no, Hispanic and she starts speaking spanish! Being fluent myself I ask her for her name, Klara and age 25. Thought she was Latina for a sec but she's actually romanian. Read a while back on here that Romanians watch a lot of Latin telenovellas and mentioned so. She was surprised I knew and we hit it off from there. She started the service with a HJ then moved on to CBJ. Not bad a bit mechanical but I enjoyed it. Onto cowgirl and she was moaning a bit, I appreciate the effort on her part to make it convincing. Blew a weeks worth into the bag and cleaned up from there. Standard suck and fuck but I didn't expect any more for the money spent so I was satisfied, the good vibe from her made it extra worth it. As I was leaving she caught me at the door and shouted Hasta la Vista! From down the hall. Gave me a good laugh! Aston seems like a nice place and I would repeat when there's a bigger line up.

Big thanks to all the posters here and the other German forums, reading back through your reports convinced me that Berlin is a great and safe place to monger. With that said, if anything is off about my report or I messed something up please let me know for future reports. Thanks again and stay safe folks!

12-22-19, 00:13
I visited Aston and was badly "welcomed" by the hausdame who didn't want to say who were the ladies busy in rooms, to answer at what time Lorena would come.

12-22-19, 01:01
Hello fellows,

Any news about Nelly from south Africa she was a true goddess but can not find her on the website anymore?

11-11-21, 21:21
Aston Brothel:

Saw about 8 girls on offer. Paid 100 Euro for one hour. Offered to pay more for kissing, but she didn't offer kissing. Chose Beatrice 20 yo Romanian blonde with beautiful ass with that breathtaking curve near the hip. No kissing, and generally pretty non-GFE. She did arrange some interesting positions and has a cracking beautiful face and body, but she will not be the cuddly girlfriend you might be hoping for. Came in pussy twice in the hour. Given the pricing and lineup, I would definitely repeat here.
Excerpt from :


Beatrice's web page :