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World Travel 69
02-05-19, 19:56
Some is most old, so we need your help.


The Tall Man
02-05-19, 23:53
Some is most old, so we need your help.

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&mid=1JAqFCbNjGlK3SWLq-RBRVKUP18Z1c0vi&ll=7.882061346981194%2C-72.51960336701552&z=13Damn World Traveler you must have been reading my mind, jajajaja seriously I have spent the last two hours researching on google and youtube both Cucuta and Arauca (relatively nearby) and got an itch to spend some time and yes this points me in the right direction.

I will put this out there, does anyone want to ride shot gun from Medellin to Cucuta in the coming months? I am thinking 2 days travel there and 2 or 3 days there exploring (and updating the map with our recon visit) then return to Medellin.

Maybe March or April? I have my own car. I want to see the border town bars and the cute venies, jajaja.

Now you can ride for free BUT my wingman must have good to great command of espanol as mine still sucks and the purpose of our mission is to get up to date information, lets do this.

Drop me a PM.

The Tall Man.