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Jack Jericho
02-07-19, 00:07
That's why I am proposing the forum split.
Us type 1 guys find type 2/3 information utterly useless honestly. It reads as literal spam to us.
This way us type 1 guys can talk about type 1 stuff uninterrupted by type 3 people publicly posting their private arrangements.
I've created a Lima Chongo thread if anyone else is interested in joining me.I'm sorry but, IMHO, there was no need to do that.

This thread seems to have existed in the forum since 1999. It's just that nobody ever posted anything here.

I think it would be best if the "type 1" chongo crowd posted their reports and comments here so their new posts would appear at the top of the page instead of down there at User Blogs.

Just an opinion.

J. J.

02-08-19, 17:44
No probs. Happy to use either one, but considered the blog may be better to allow active user moderation.