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11-06-19, 20:49
After spending a few afternoon hours at Luderland I checked into my hotel & took a nice nap. Around five I was getting hungry so I went online to check on some clubs that I wanted to visit over the next couple of days. Two small ones I visited last year were now closed (no more sweet Isa for me at XS Sauna) but four medium sized clubs that I haven't visited yet looked interesting. Salome was mentioned on the ISG boards but with very few details. I decided to save the other clubs when I had more energy so I drove the 22 min. To Salome Spa Club to check it out.

I paid the 40 E entry and had some Chicken & rice for dinner. Later I walked around the club and noticed that quite a few girls here had a few extra pounds on them. Maybe many European guys like a more curvaceous woman but I prefer slender (not Skinny) girls. Petite and Athletic are an extra Bonus for me. I noticed one slender girl at the bar who happened to be the only topless girl at the club. She didn't speak English. I wandered around some more and a sexy looking Girl named Sonya gave me a big smile as I passed her couch. She spoke English so we talked for a while. I told her I was going to see someone for 1/2 HR in about an hour or so after I digested the meal I just ate. Sonya tried talking me into going to the room with her now. I repeated that I was waiting until later. I asked her if she knew the topless girl at the bar. She told me the girl's name was Larissa. I told Sonya I was thinking of maybe seeing her & Larissa together to see which one was better so I would know for future visits. Total BS but I thought it might encourage them to give better service.

I left to watch some TV in the back room. About a 1/2 HR later Sonya came into the room and said Larissa was seeing someone else for 4 hrs and wasn't available. She said she had a replacement & brought over Elena who she introduced as her sister. I told her there was still a 1/2 HR left so if Larissa was not available at 9 o'clock then I would see her sister. I decided to get some details so I told the girls I wanted a little kissing, BBBJ ,69 and sex. Sonya replied only BJ's with condom in this Club. Then both her and her sister both said no kissing. I told them this was getting to be a problem & Sonya quickly replied OK some kissing. She then tried to talk me into an hour saying it would be more fun I told her only 1/2 HR & to Come back at 9.

At 9 PM I went back to the main room and saw Larissa sitting at the Bar. I should have known not to trust Sonya then but the little head still wanted her. Sonya came to me in the main room & I told her Larissa was coming with us. In the room Sonya removed the teddy she was wearing and I finally got to see her see cup puffy tits with large pink areolas & nipples. I was thinking the little head was right after all. I got on the Bed & Larissa sat on me rubbing her pussy against my Dick. L then moved down and started rubbing my Dick. It looked like she was about to give me a BBBJ when S spoke to her in Romanian while handing her a condom. While L applied the condom I told S to sit on my face. L began what turned out to be a really good CBJ. I started licking S's pussy but after 30 seconds she pulled away. I reached out and pulled her hips back to me but she pulled away again. S then leaned down and put her puffy tits near my face so I began licking & sucking on her nipples. Within seconds S's nipples swelled up to the size of my pinky finger to the 1st joint. I looked at S and said " Wow those nipples are huge". S laughed and cupped her tits in her hands to show them off. I went back to sucking her nipples but a few seconds later S pulled away again.

By this time L's CBJ much to my surprise was getting me close to popping. I told the girls to switch. L moved up facing me and I reached up to grab her petite ass to pull her pussy down to my mouth. S moved down to switch the cover & began a HJ. L started making low grunting sounds and moving her pelvis around as I licked her pussy. I looked up and saw she had leaned forward putting her hands on the wall. The more I licked the louder L moaned so I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and went at it with long slow licks in between flicking my tongue over her clit. I was so into licking L but the BJ I was suppose to be getting didn't feel right. When I lifted L's ass up slightly to see what S was doing I saw she was still doing a HJ. I told her to stop the hands and suck my Dick as I went back to licking L. It felt like S might have done a BJ for a few seconds then she was back to the hands. I again moved L up a little and told S to forget it and just to sit on my Dick. She looked confused so I told her to get on top.

I went back to licking L who was dripping by now. Again something didn't feel right so I moved L up again and saw S Squatting over my Dick but just using her hand with Lube on my Dick. I was pissed so I got up and told S to move over for Doggy. She didn't look too pleased but she did it. I got behind S and she started squirming as soon as my Dick was in her. After falling out of her pussy a few times I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I fucked her. It was good was about a minute then S twisted her body and pulled away from it. I looked at S and said " forget it. Just get out of the way".

L switched the covers again and I started Doggy with her as S knelt off to the side. It wasn't long before L started grunting loudly so I went at her hard and fast & the moaning got louder. L was so loud that S actually moved closer to us to see what was going on. I looked at S's face and she looked confused again. After a few minutes I had L turn over and I got on top of her. L starting her moaning again and she wrapped her arms around me as she pushed her pussy onto my Dick as I fucked her. I was having a great time except for L's moaning so loud next to my ear. It really didn't matter much because L soon popped and I went along with her. L who hadn't said a single word to me the whole time just looked at me with a big smile on her face.

We went to the money lockers and I handed S 50 E which she said was the 1/2 rate. I then turned and pulled out two 20's from my wallet and handed it to L. Then I pulled a 10 and handed it to her. L looked surprised and gave me another big smile. S was leaning over watching the transaction very closely. Something seemed odd so I went to receptionist and asked her what the 1/2 HR rate was. She replied 40 E. When I told her that S had told me it was 50 E the receptionist said that the girls set their own price and they have no control over it. It seemed the * Sonya was a liar and con artist as well as a bad lay!

After I showered I ate a little and was about to leave but I was still fuming about the Sonya * When I went to the bar area I saw Larissa at the bar and Sonya sitting with a group of other girls nearby. I went over to L and told her I had a very time time with her in a loud voice so Sonya would hear it. L looked confused. Shit I forgot no English. I pointed to her and gave her a thumbs up and then I pointed to S and gave her a thumbs down. L starting laughing loudly. While I felt better it still didn't seem like enough so I went over to S and told her she was a liar and a waste in the bedroom. She gave me a sarcastic smile and said " OK " . The other girls with her looked shocked & just stared at me as I walked away. At least I felt better.

I would recommend Larissa for a great time but not the * Sonya!