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05-11-02, 02:07
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05-18-02, 15:26
I was here October 2000. I stayed in Trinidad for 1 night before moving on to Tobogo. English is the official language here. It appeared that all the people walking around were very friendly when I said "HELLO". I stayed at The Pelicann Inn Hotel, which had a bar. called the Pelicann Bar and I saw one girl that wanted $100, but she was a "5" in looks. I was going to stay at Alicia's Guest house but after checking it out, I dececided it wasn't for me. It seemed that this was not a safe city at all. I needed to travel by taxi at night and they were not cheap. I went to 2 different clubs where the girls were in the 6 range and they wanted $100 for a few hours. A taxi wanted $100 to take me to some other town on the Island, called San Fernando, but I decided to pass on it.

I took the 6 hour ferry ride to Tobogo, which was much safer but there seemed to be nothing around to choose from. It is in the early stages of becoming a tourist attraction. I didn't go all out like I did when I was in DR, so maybe there is more to this place then I found. When I went back to Trini I took the 20 minute plane ride. It was cheap. Tobogo is very small so you can walk to the airport from your hotel. I also took note of their houses when the cabbie brought me home with him. They live in decent houses and are not very poor like some of the Spanish speaking Islands.

05-27-02, 19:12
Hi all,
I live in T&T and I am a bit knowledgable about the ins and outs of this type of toursim......
anything that u want to find out please do not be afraid to ask

06-18-02, 01:56
Hey Robin:

I have to go to Trinidad myself and was wondering the places to go? What is the scene like overthere? Quality? Please email info to SFloridian@hotmail.com!


09-15-02, 22:52
Here's what I've been able to find out about Trinidad so far (thanks to WSGForum archives, other websites which I now forget, and the Yahoo club called "unclefighter").
In Port of Spain, the bar called Pelican Inn is a GREAT place to pick up (or BE picked up by, if you look like a rich American) a companion for the evening. Unfortunately, the fancier hotels make it hard for you to get her up to your room.
Also in Port of Spain, there is a strip club called Caribbean Isle which also has "back rooms" where you can be "FULLY" entertained by the girl of your choice.
I will be there in a few weeks, unfortunately I only have ONE night free by myself. I hope to be able to provide a full report in October.

10-01-02, 11:20
Robin/Any other locals,
I know Trinidad quite well but nothing about Tobago.
Can you suggest any clubs or bars where I can fiind women
in Tobago, especially near Crown Point ?
I plan to spend most of my time in Trinidad but will be in Tobago
for a few nights too.
An early response will be appreciated.
Thank you.

12-11-02, 19:47
Originally posted by Figrindan
Here's what I've been able to find out about Trinidad so far (thanks to WSGForum archives, other websites which I now forget, and the Yahoo club called "unclefighter").
In Port of Spain, the bar called Pelican Inn is a GREAT place to pick up (or BE picked up by, if you look like a rich American) a companion for the evening. Unfortunately, the fancier hotels make it hard for you to get her up to your room.
Also in Port of Spain, there is a strip club called Caribbean Isle which also has "back rooms" where you can be "FULLY" entertained by the girl of your choice.
I will be there in a few weeks, unfortunately I only have ONE night free by myself. I hope to be able to provide a full report in October.

I stayed at the Pelican Inn. It was really very dead at the time. I hired a taxi to take me to a few clubs and they sucked.

02-10-03, 16:21
I was told TT was a great place to enjoy girls that they were beautifull ect...

I probably don't go in the right spot !

Except Carnival... Does anybody know Where there is a Strip Bar (in POS) with back room? Or any other good address ?


04-23-03, 07:09
Trinidad is a good, cheap place for night action. Caribean Isles is good. So is Villa Capris in the south of Trinidad. Anal is more readily availabe than it might appear. Will only set you back about $100. The Latins are not much into it, but you can get about 25% of the locals to try it in the ass.

Happy Cat
05-23-03, 19:48
Updating POS

A surprisigly big and modern city (by Caribbean standards), with a particularly nice architecture, in a country of 1.2 million people, so itīs no your usual tiny island. Not a violent place, as it had been reported, though, as in any city of 300 000 people, you can have problems in the night. Having said that, the places for hobbying do not abound:

Reported Pelican Pub has changed management and the girls are not accepted. Donīt loose your time.

Two main places in Downtown POS:

Caribbean Isle, by the Port (Wrightson st. ) is a bar with 15-20 girls, looks from 4 to 7, ages from 20 to 30, mainly from Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana (and one classic barracuda from Trinidad). Some american and other tourists. Prices in the back rooms are about US50. Rooms are a bit depressing, but clean.

Copa bar near Targerete Rd. is very similar, but there are more girls (20-30) the looks are more diverse (from 4 to 9, but mostly in the 5-7), seemed to me younger, and almost every one of them Latinas. Much more local young guys. There is a poor quality show with Trinidadians, but they do not "entertain" there. Prices are slightly less (US 45), and again the rooms are depressing, but clean (the one I used had a bathroom).

Both places are gloomy, and not a nightclub in the usual sense, open at 6 pm through 3 am Monday to Monday.

A few bad looking SW around Victoria Square.

Beware of the prices of taxis. In the hotels they can charge you as much as 10 to 20 US dollars each way. You can get collective taxis in the street for as low as 2 TT dollars (0.30 US), but you must be able to tell them the address where you are going, and you must stand on the appropriate side of the street, so you catch the taxi that is going in the direction of the club (a map can help)

Both clubs allow girls to go to your hotels with an exit fee of 35 US, and if I had had more time I would have tried that option. One girl quoted me 200 US to go, but other quoted just US40, so YMMV. I think that a good option can be to use the time before 6 pm, and try to avoid the club fee.

The other place Vila Capri seems to be more upscale, but the taxi fare can easily wipe off 100 Us from your wallet. Again, next time I will try to rent a car and pay a visit.

All in all, seems to be a beautyful city and country, with lots of places to visit and hobbying as a side order, specially if you like Latinas.

Any Trinidadians can give us more insight??

08-02-03, 22:40

I am a Canadian White male moving to Tobago next week to work as a chef at a hotel. I am very interested in finding a hot slim big chested black girl for some regular fun. Preferably one who is into Anal, daty, 69, and bbbj. I heard that Tobago can be dry for sex. I can be quite generous for the right girl. I love black girls but will consider Latinas, or Indians as long as they are hot. 6-9's. Also is Tobago as dry as I have heard. Seems to me all the action is in Port of Spain. I do not want to travel all the time just to find sex!

09-01-03, 04:42
Hi all,

Local Trini here again.

Just want you guys to know that lately things have been slow, especially in the Port of Spain area because police have been making busts in the ***** houses.

So, my advice is to be cautious when visiting these places:

Best place to find pussy now is in the Express newspaper classifieds.

The massage ads are really call girls, check it out.

Peace out

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

10-06-03, 01:17
Hey Freaky here. Well I made it to Villa Capri last Friday night. Small dingy club but quite lively. Many girls maybe 25-30. Mostly 4-7 when I was there. Sex very boring for me. No anal, no bbbj, requested but denied. Very cheap though. Saw two columbian girls for two hours for 400 TT. about 60 US. Few white girls, Jamaicans, Columbians, Indians, Saw one Vincey girl very hot maybe a 9. Spent under 300 US and got laid four times in five hours, including a few beers. Rooms small all no bathroom. Next time I will take a girl to my hotel. Takes 40 mins from downtown P.O.S. I live in Tobago so I cannot go frequently. Tobago has girls by word of mouth only. Let a taxi driver or local set you up. Some gems are there. As well the escorts in the Express classifieds will travel to Tobago for a small fee. Next time maybe I will try Caribean Isle. It is way closer. Pelican is a good pick up joint, just has limited selection. Met a nice Trini girl took her to the Hilton where I stayed. 300TT for 11/2 hours. Plenty of sex in TT just gotta know where to look.

Thats my report for now.

10-06-03, 01:30
Robin_2 Freaky here. I have tried a few angels to getting sex here. What I want is to find a west indian girl who will let you do anal, bbbj, 69, daty, almost anything goes. A girl who seems to enjoy her work. Back in Canada we call a girl like that a girlfriend experience or GFE. Are the escort services good in TT. I have yet to try them. I want a girl with a good chest , slim, and has braids or dreads, that loves to ****and suck alot. Oh ya I live in Tobago but will go to Trinidad for the right girl.

10-21-03, 13:30
Anything new to report on the scene in Trinidad. I'll be there this weekend (24th Oct) for a few days. Hope it won't be boring !! Help me out guys - tell me where the action is.

11-13-03, 14:50
I tried an escort service from the Express ads last time I was there (Oct 24th) and I was not very satisfied. Girl kept complaining all the time about pain. She would not even spread her damn legs properly. I could really use some advice on the better escort ads. Don't mind a few direct numbers. Come on guys, give me your contacts !!

11-17-03, 04:51

If you are still willing, I have some contacts for you. Let me know OK?

11-20-03, 19:02

I am definitely still interested. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

12-23-03, 16:28
Visiting Trinidad in February. Been there a few times before. So I know some of the spots. Any guidance on where guaranteed anal sex can be obtained? I understand there are escort services. Can such a service (anal) be specially requested on the phone? Or do you have to wait to ask the girl when she comes over? Also looking for local contacts who know the ropes.

Photo Time
12-31-03, 04:18
This report was was copied off of Club ****** and it is now here with the permission of the author: Gitano.

Basics on Trinidad:

In general the area is not a great pay-for-play locale. I would not plan a major trip here from the US. Although there are P4P activities, the island is interesting, and there are some incredibly beautiful local women, itís not worth the effort compared to other comparatively accessible locales (from Miami) such as the DR and CR.

The island is 40% Eastern Indian, and there is a small Chinese influence, that is intermixed with a primarily Caribbean Black population. There are some jaw dropping young women walking around that in general they seem quite friendly. The island is rather Americanized. There are a few crowded 4 and 6 lane highways that are lined with crass billboard advertisements. There are plenty of Pizza Hut and TGIF restaurants as well.

The Port of Spain airport is a good 15 miles out of the downtown area and surprisingly modern compared to other Caribbean locales. Itís comparable to SDQ but not as crowded. If you stay downtown and donít drive, the best hotel is the Hilton You will go broke paying cab fares. I rented a car and chose a hotel near the airport. I figured it would be easy to find for a night arrival and I could explore better.

I chose the Bel-Air at $75 a night and suggest that you NEVER stay there. The people are very nice and the place is safe. You will need directions to find it. The rooms are dumpier than most places that I have stayed in Tijuana. The hotel is located on a runway and a 7:00 AM BWIA takeoff set off several car alarms. Hot water is equivalent to winning the lottery. I am looking for additional hotel suggestions. I am thinking about using the Crown Plaza (good location in POS) if I go on another trip, although it has been suggested that the Hotel Picaro near the airport is a good value.

Driving is British style and the locals dart and weave on the main highways. A car comes to about $60 US a day. The car rental kiosks are just to the left after clearing airport security. Buy a map in the main airport lobby for 10 TT and study it. This is a big island and a little difficult to learn. Kalloo (car rental company) has an office at the airport and can be reserved through:


Trini dollars are about 6 to 1 compared to US. There is a cambio just past the first customs station. You do not need a receipt to sell back at the end. There are also plenty of ATMS in the main lobby of the airport.

After checking in to the hotel I hired a cab for my first night. I figured Iíd get my bearings and some tips. The cab drive to and from POS from the airport cost $300 TT. The driver waited for me for an hour.

I told the cabbie that I wanted to go to the Limousine in Arouca. This is near the airport. He told me that it was being remodeled and offered to take me to the Caribbean Isle in POS instead. I am still wondering if I was worked for the longer fare and the club that gave a kick back. I drove through Arouca the next day and looked for the club, but did not see it.

The Caribbean Isle is about a mile north of the Crown Plaza on the coastal road. There is a $10 TT entry fee and drinks are a little pricey. A whiskey for one of the girls was about $30 TT. I got there about 9:00 on a Friday night and there were about 15 girls and 5 guys in the place. Most of the ladies were in the 6 range, but there were a couple of 7+ Colombianas sitting by themselves. I went with one for $300 TT short time. She had said $600 for long time and $1200 for over night. The taxi driver had said that the going rate was $250 TT short time and $600 over night. Then again I wasnít too interested in the girls I saw him talking to. My newfound friend turned out to have a bad boob job, but other than that was a very good choice. For reasons that Iíll get into later, I went with her several times that weekend.

Late the next afternoon I drove down to the San Fernando area looking for the Villa Capri in Marabella. This a well recommended club that is supposed to have a lot of hot Colombianas. The main highway south (Uriah Butler) was under construction in this area and although I gave it a shot I got lost and never found Marabella much less the Villa Capri. My refined plan for next time is to park in the general vicinity and then hire a cab.

I should comment that there are a lot of good things written about the non-p4p clubs from what I have read from various sites. For example, I have read that there is a casino area in a large Shopping Mall called the Grand Bizzare. I think I noticed this where the two main highways intersect. Also, the following non-pro clubs were recommended in the few sketchy reports I read.

∑ The Pelican club, 2-4 Coblentz, Cascade POS
∑ HIRPM, Gulf City Mall, POS
∑ Club Coconuts, Cascadia Hotel, POS
∑ The Anchorage, Chaguaramas
∑ Pier One, Chaguaramas
∑ The Tunnel, Chaguaramas

Additionally, the St. James area is recommended for non-p4p nightlife, and it has been suggested that the Grand Bizzare is equivalent.

Saturday morning I drove up to Maracas Bay. This is a very laid back beach area on the northern coast. There is a lot of parking, plenty of food stands, and a well marked undertow. I got a few encouraging looks from two local girls up here, but wasnít all that interested. The ride is pretty, reasonably well marked, and worth the effort. My cabbie had offered to take me for $500 TT, saying I could not find it by myself. I betcha the Limousoine was open.

As you can see, I am stumbling about finding my way in a new locale. I hear there is good escort action, but I usually donít care for that venue. There is no central p4p area, so it is difficult to learn. I would not recommend it as a primary destination from the US, but there is fun to be had if you look for it.

K Dubraw
02-18-04, 07:09
Greetings. Glad to see there is activity on the TnT board. I will be traveling to POS just after carnival for a few days. Been there before, a long time ago, but never checked out the P4P action. I do remember seeing some of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes upon. (It is amazing what can happen when you mix flavors.)

Photo Time - thanks for the detailed report. I'll definitely check out Caribbean Isle, don't know if I'll make it to Villa Capri. Any updates on the police crackdown activity Robin_2 mentioned?

Any updated info, contacts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I like to try to connect with some non-pros or part-timers when I travel. Any tips on how to score with these would be appreciated. I gather the locals are abit more conservative in this regard than some of their latina sisters in DR and CR.

Thanks again for the posts in this and other parts of this forum.


02-28-04, 05:40
The police activity is still high. But there are nights when you can go without fear of being busted.

If anyone likes to visit, I will be happy to show them around.

03-18-04, 20:23
Hey Guys and Gals,

Just to let you guys know that the police activity is still high, however, there are places were you can avoid them all together.

Recently K Dubraw was down here and we hooked up. I think I can safely say that he had a good time that night. We visited Villa Capri and by the time we left, he was breathless.

I hope he writes a report on his experience so all can share. Again I am willing to show anyone who wants to visit the ropes, and to clear up any doubts in anyone's mind, I do not charge for this, I do it because when I travel, I would like to get the same hospitality and I love to show off my country for the beautiful women it has. All intrested check out this site for a sample of the beauties over here: http://www.triniscene.com

Let me know your comments

Stephen Gibson
03-27-04, 21:44
Greetings Mongers,

If I didn't warn you all about Trinidad, I would be doing a disservice to the forum. My story is, I caught a very cheap flight to Port-of-Spain and PLANNED on going to Venezuela from Colombia to make a cheap combo trip from NYC. Not worth it. Trinidad is a bust and i would not recommend going there unless you are very interested in great food; but you wouldn't be on this forum if you wanted to fly way down to South America to eat something other than pussy, which by the way IMHO wouldn't recommend without ample protection.

I will say that what saved Trinidad from being a complete disaster is Villa Capri, aforementioned in other reports. It is "the truth" where I got a nice, thick, blonde Colombian, 7.5 on the scale, about 27 years old (so she says, I think she was about 30) from Cali, Colombia. I broke rule #1 and did not drive a hard negotiation. I paid $25 USD (6 TT = $1, you do all the math) for a great 35 minute session where she worked her bom bom like a true Colombian mama. I speak Spanish though and if I did not, she probably would have given me the gringo price. I had no complaints, well yes I do and here they are.

Villa Capri is about a 35-40 minute drive from Port-of-Spain. That said, you will have to get a taxi to drive you there which will cost about $25 each way (Trinidad has a strong economy). If you're like me, you don't want to be that far away from the city without a ride and there aren't other taxis in this remote pat of the island.

After reading about Villa Capri on the site, I was lucky enough that my taxi driver from the airport happened to recommend it to me without me even mentioning it and I called him up the next nite to take me down there. Most taxi drivers did not know how to get down there, and it'd be tough for a foriegner to give directions. It is just that remotely located. Paying and traveling to get down to Villa Capri almost negates the great price (but not the experience). I will also note here that Villa Capri is filled with Colombians and Venezuelans and I didn't meet any Trinis.

Villa Capri is very dirty and more of a brothel. It is no mystique, just down to business. After paying for the chica, i went down a dirty stairway behind the building and was greeted with a line of 6 other local mongers with their chicas! The line was a wait for one of about 20 rooms to become free, waiting outside! It was somewhat awkward i must say and I KNOW that the beds or rooms were not cleaned before each session. The situation almost prevented me from getting aroused, thinking about possibly laying in another monger's jizz. But the BJ from the Colombian got me where I needed to be :-)

K Dubraw
04-09-04, 06:03

A delayed post from my visit about 4 weeks ago. I had a bit of a different experience from the last poster, so I thought I'd chime in. Flew into Port of Spain on business and with the work schedule and my coworkers I could not get to play until the last 2 days.

I did contact Robin_2 from this board. Now this is a cool dude to hang out with. I called him at first at a bad time, but we set up a time for me to contact him again, and we started making plans to do some touring.

I had not been in Trinidad in many years, and was really very impressed with what I saw. The place in doing very well for a developing country (blessed with oil and natural gas). It is not your standard tourist destination but it is really beautiful. We toured some of the beaches on the North Coast - check out Maracas Bay on a Sunday: nothing but fine beauties in bikinis. Man oh man! I felt very safe all the time, including walking around by myself in town (daytime and some at night) but do keep your head on like anywhere else. We went to Pelican Inn in St Anns a few times. Nice tavern with music and darts, etc. Beautiful women. Some seemed to be working, but I had my business team in tow, so I could not really conduct my own negotiations.

Finally my team left and I had two nights left to myself. The first evening I swung by a massage parlor in Maraval, just off the Savanah, that I saw in the Express newspaper. I called and they gave me good directions (near Royal Castle fast food joint). I took a cab and walked the last block or so. I was a bit concerned at first, as most of the ladies there were 4-5's, but then in the corner was one 8-9 with a coffee'n'creme complexion. She was about 19 with a very cute face and killer slim body. She had a bit of an attitude, but I probably made it too obvious that she was the only one there that I was interested in. We chatted a bit and then went to a back room (small and sparse, but fairly clean). About $25 (with tip) got me about 30 min of fun. Reasonable BBBJ followed by 2-3 positions and a cool HJ finish. I'd visit again, but only for the same lady (can't recall her name, sorry)

Next night I connected with Robin_2. We went to the local Tony Roma's near the Savanah (there's a TGIF as well). It was hopping. Seems all the upscale young folks hang out there on the weekend and the ladies were in fine form. These were not pros, but I imagine there were some possibilities. We connected with a few of Robin's buddies and hit the road. I had expressed an interest in seeing the infamous Villa Capri, so we left and headed south on the highway.

About 40 minutes later we arrived and it was crowded (Friday night). Mainly locals it seemed, but a number of tourists and everyone seemed real cool. The ladies were in abundance. All flavors including many Colombians and Venezuelans, ranging from a few 5-6s to a number of 8-9s. I was walking around in the crowd when this Columbian cutie stops in front of me and grabs my crotch. She was agressive but in a nice way. We chatted for a while and I told her I would get back to her in a while. Never made it though, because in walks this local lady with a body I'll not soon forget. She bent over this chair to talk to someone and I saw where I wanted to spend my time. Jennifer was her name - dark skinned, about 5 ft-9 in heels with shoulder length dark hair. Slim body again, and a round poutty butt. I'd give her a solid 9.

We chatted a bit and I decided to go for it. With the crowd there, I did not bother negotiate too much, so I got about 45 min for about US$35. Now, the stories about Villa Capri have some truth to them. There was a crowd down the back steps waiting for rooms. But the conversation back there was as funny as I've had in a while. I guess we were all excited about the fun to cum. My lady swung a deal (cost me an extra 40TT - 7US) and we jumped the line to a private room (some girls seem to have their own rooms that they rent from the owners and then rent to other girls to cut down the waiting time - sounds like good business to me). The rooms and waiting area could certainly have been nicer and cleaner, but the sheets looked OK by my quick inspection (with the lights on). I've certainly see worse in San Francisco.

Really good BBBJ and nut licking. Then she rolled a condom on with her mouth, turned around and put that butt in the air and we were off. Suffice it to say, after several positions and a lot of sweat on both our parts, I was very satisfied. This room had a shower (actually quite clean) and we