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05-16-02, 05:31
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05-17-02, 18:15
Hi everybody !

I’ve been yesterday May 14 in Amsterdam and I am going on to discover the sex charm of this town. Last month I meet Chiang Mei and Asmara. Asmara girls are great.

Yesterday, I began by the Gauguin-Van Gogh exhibits. It was really great and very interresting .

As it was about 3pm when I tried to discover the Pijp and the Single, but it was too early to find many windows. Only a very few girls were there, but I know where it is and how it is.

After that to make me in appetite, I tried Moulin Rouge. I know some erotic theaters in Paris and I would compare with Amsterdam Theater. ( rate 9/10 for Paris and 1/10 for Amsterdam) It is not a ripp off, that’s sure ; you pay €25 at the entrance, including 2 drinks, you stay as long as you want, even you can go out and come back, but there is really nothig to see, except may be if you are choosen to go on stage, the shows lasts 4 or 5 minutes each and you wait 10 to 15 between 2 shows, there were only 2 girls( a very nice one and a big one) for the 4 shows and it took 1h15 minutes for all.

Does some one know if it is the same in Bananabar and Casa Rosso. I saw an average rate on the 3 theaters,and it was 6/10 for Moulin rouge,4/10 for Casa Rosso, and 2/10 for Banana Bar ; as I saw what it was in Moulin Rouge I don’t think I will go in the two others.

After that, I walked in the wallen, there were many nice girls, and it was temptating to have a session, but my goal was different for to day. It is funny to see that as the day goes by, the men arrive and you see often the same guys hunting and watching.

So I went to Jan Bike at 7H30 pm but the girl told me it was only opened after 9pm.

So I returned to the wallen and went in « La vie en Rose » or « la vie en Proost » in Bethleemsteeg. I paid € 5 to enter, 5 € for a drink, and the atmospher is great. There are two bars in it, one with dancers on the bar and another one without. The girls who sell you the drinks are top less and cute, and the girls who dance are hot. If you want a lap dance, it is €10 without touching the girl and €20 and you can touch the breast , butt, and play with them ( 3 or 4 minutes) but the mood is very funny, and it is really a nice place. If you don’t want a lap dance, just say NO when the girl ask you. And you have sometimes guys who can climb on the bar ( I think they paid a lot for that) and the first one was handcuffed to the vertical bar on the stage and after that he has been completely naked by the girls. He really was surprised. But this was his choice. The other was half naked and receive strokes with his belt, real one, we could see the red line on his body, but this was his choice too. A place to see an to pass a good hour.

As it was 9h30pm I return to Jan Bik to see how this was really. It is strange and surprising. I rang and a girl (in the last 30’s came and invite me to go up stairs in the bar. In fact, it is not a prive, but a club. You can go there, take a drink and go out if you want. I took a coke for €3 and I sat down at the bar looking around me . I waited untill 11pm to see all the girls. You have all kind of girls, about 7 or 8 were available, but what is funny is the fact that you have all kind of girls, a slim ( 80 pounds) and a big (200) a black Indian and white nederland, young (20) and old (50), a nice and a huggly, blonde and black hair, small and tall, for all taste .

The waitress asked me to whom I desire to speak, I choose a great blond girl , about 27 y.o, she explained me the price, I told her I would take off her clothes myself, caress her and have sex for one hour with her and she said OK . € 90 . The girl was very gentle, beautiful looooooooooooooooooong legs, very nice butt, nice tits,
I’ve got a very good moment with her. So I undressed her for about 10 to 15 minutes, that’s my thing, and I caressed her naked for as long time, then she put me a condom and we’ve got sex in different positions, as I desired. She was ok with my desires . I came after 45 minutes and as I still had 15minutes to be with her, I gave her a massage, (I’ve not be paid for that ! ! ! !), brushed her body and she was like a little cat, almost sleeping, I love to do that, she looked very happy, and told me that never a man did that for her in her life. We stayed in the arms each other and as the time was 70 minutes I told her I had to go because the waitress could ask me for more money. She said she would still stay half an hour with me.

Sure Jan Bike is old and looks almost dirty (but I don’t think it is ) but with this girl, it was like a GFE and we share feelings , talked of our lives, got sweet contacts, and it was a strange but great experience.
After that I left and returned to my car for Belgium.

05-26-02, 04:06
Originally posted by cyranoDoes some one know if it is the same in Bananabar and Casa Rosso. I saw an average rate on the 3 theaters,and it was 6/10 for Moulin rouge,4/10 for Casa Rosso, and 2/10 for Banana Bar [/i]
I have never been to the Banana Bar, but I have been to Moulin Rouge and Casa Rosso and the Moulin Rouge stank (although not as badly that night as you describe) while Casa Rosso was the real thing.

Basically it was the same thing, the ten minutes between shows, the lackluster acts (only girls one at a time, no f/f act, no m/f act.

The Casa Rosso on the other hand did have the real deal, main complaint being that the theatre gets way too crowded and on busy nights they shorten the acts to get the audience to turn faster.

At the Casa Rosso you get continuous acts including the girl on girl and man fucking the girl act.

There used to be a better show across the street but the CR folk bought it out a few years back.

Anyone know what the good shows in Paris are? I went to one about ten years ago at the Love Theatre which was pretty good, two girls on stage who were clearly enjoing the sex. Unfortunately I could not find it again two years ago when I returned and the place we did go to was a rip off, no girls at all.

05-26-02, 17:36
If you guys really only intrested to see some live action fucking in the Netherlands then Kasteel Waterloo near Roermond\Velo in south eastern part of the country is the place to go. Its only a hour and a half by train or car .
This is a swinger club with stlye and is held in a Castle they allow single males enterance on certain days and you can usually expect for 200 or more guest attending .
Its not easy to score and get some of the action but it is possible .
If you want to see close up couples fucking wild and between couples as well as hired staff (usually colored guys extra well hung and athletic) it is all here
Its a sight that you wont find anywhere else like they do it here.
I wrote a long report about my experince at this place and posted a copy in the old archives.
It is not really my scene as I enjoy taking part and not hanging around watching anbd or wanking .
But everyone to his own .

05-27-02, 04:54
[QUOTE]Originally posted by zokko

At the Casa Rosso you get continuous acts including the girl on girl and man fucking the girl act. etc .....

thanks Zokko for your advice;
In Paris go to Chochotte or/and Show Girls, they are really good .Loving Chair in Pigalle is not really bad, but far from to be so good.

Member #1465
05-29-02, 18:55
I was at a club on Saphatistraat or something similar many years ago Does anyone know if it is still around and what the name and adress is. Is it any good or what other club should I try. Will be in Amsterdam one day next week. Also tried Golden Key. From what I remember it was a bit more expensive.

05-30-02, 10:43
Sarhatipark I think, and yes the club is still there. It's called Park 118, if I remember. You could also try the Vienna club, I don't recall the address, but you could find it in the Gouden Gids (Dutch Yellow Pages), or probably by doing a search on the web. There are dozens of clubs in the area, I'm sure you could find something.

05-30-02, 19:58
Asmara tel: 020-618-4069
70 Willem De Zwijgerlaan, (G7-J8) €135/H ok

Park 118 , tel: 020-672-3022 Sarphatipark 118, € 105/H ok 10h am à 2h am

Jan Bik tel: 020-622-2785 ouvert de 21h à 03h
€ 90/H
Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5, (H10)

Here you have some informations.
Personnaly I've tried Asmara, beautifull girls (20-22 years old)
and Jan Bik strange but cheap.
I've made good experiences in these 2 prives
In Jan Bik be carefull you will be surprised, but if you choose well the girl it will be ok. Read my report (the first one)
Golden Key is not a prive huis but a club. So it's more expensive.

06-02-02, 16:18
Hi everyone, those of you who have been following this site for some time will have seen previous postings from myself (Abdul) and Darth. Well I'm pleased to report that we have just been back for a three day trip to Amsterdam and sampled many of the local women again, in order to ensure that you have a head start when it comes to making your selection. It's a tough job etc etc..
This time we were accompanied by a good friend of ours who has asked to remain anonymous, but will be referred to henceforth as 'The Sloth' (which I have to say is remarkably appropriate)
So, coming up I have a number of reviews from each of us with prices, locations, anecdotes etc. This is likely to be a long posting for which I make no apologies - I want to read the who, what, where, even the how and why, I only hope that you enjoy what we have to say as well and that it goes some way to making your trip better. If you've got any comments or you would like to discuss any of what has been written here, please mail me at mailto:abdul.shagmaster@talk21.com


Betty - Dutch - Bethlemsteeg (1st cubicle on left) - €50
Betty was one of the primary reasons for our return and Darth beat me to her as his first of the trip but on his return I could contain myself no longer and headed off for my turn. Betty is just so friendly and nice that you are guaranteed a great time. I think that the important thing to find in a girl out here is one who works out of choice rather than necessity and Betty exemplifies this. The prevailing charging norm at present is €50 Suck and Fuck with one position (chosen by the girl) this should include fully naked and gentle breast fondling etc, anything extra e.g. multiple positions, more time etc. will attract a €25 surcharge. With Betty you get the lot for €50 and boy do you get to run through the full repertoire.
I mentioned that I had posted a review and Betty informed me that she had had a number of customers looking for her specifically on the back of this, which she thanked me for and certainly made me feel good.
Anyway, down to business, off with the clothes and joined on the bed by Betty stripped and ready for action. Betty has a routine and I'm more than happy to go with the flow and let her get on with it. So plenty of nipple sucking (which doesn't do a great deal for me but gives me a great opportunity to fondle her superb -albeit enhanced - breasts) and then she's onto my balls, fondling, licking and then sucking (sooooo good). Betty than just lay on top of me and we had a lovely cuddle whilst I caressed her gorgeous body, she has such smooth skin. On with the condom and Betty's sucking away voraciously, not wishing to end the experience prematurely I suggest we get down to some shagging. Betty switches to her customary starting position for a very vigorous cowgirl and when the slapping noises become a little distracting we move into missionary. Now the problem with missionary with many of the girls is that the won't open their legs wide enough for you to really get in deep, not so Betty. She spread so wide that we were locked together, our crotches grinding and rubbing which felt fantastic, but it has to be doggy to finish as far as I'm concerned so over she went and braced herself against the wall. Betty has the most fantastic arse and shafting her from behind is a pleasure that any visitor to Amsterdam should treat themselves to, I came deep inside her whilst gripping her hips and pulling her onto me, all the time Betty is forcing herself back on to me, wonderful. What a great start to my holiday - can this be beaten. Betty makes no attempt to hurry you when finished and chats happily whilst getting dressed. If you see this review Betty, I hope you had a lovely holiday, you certainly deserved it after making mine so good.

Mon - Thai - Oudekennissteeg - €55
Now my reason for choosing an Thai girl stems from the fascination a mate of mine has for oriental women (which he has yet to experience), so I thought I'd [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) him off with tales of my time with one or two. Now, with that in mind I set off looking and this time (unlike in December when they all seem to have gone back to Thailand) there were loads and the majority were very attractive. Mon was very small probably only 5' but with a very pretty face and a beautiful body with good size breasts (given her size). I was in and up the almost vertical staircase to her nice (but dark) room the moment I heard the price, €30!! As we climbed the stairs I thought she said 'I like your money', warning bells went off as I though I had managed to get myself a moneygrabber, so I said yes I'm getting you the money and she said 'No, I like Armani, your aftershave' and snuggled close, sniffing. It seemed inappropriate to mention that I was wearing Clinique Happy and let it ride. The €30 is for F&S one position, Mon offer me extras for another €25 and given that I was keen to finish off doggy I went with it.
The great thing about Thai girls (as has been mentioned before on this site) is that there is no need to worry about them getting their clothes off and they are genuinely keen to give you a good time. She was so small I could have held her in one hand and I think that added to the experience. A great experience and whilst she was a little time conscious I had a fantastic come ramming her pussy hard from behind whilst holding on to her beautiful butt. On descending the stairs she warned me to take care not to fall over and proceeded to miss her step and nearly land on me, which ended the experience with a smile for both of us. Recommended.

Carla - Italian - Goldbergersteeg (Kamer moves, but usually 6,7 or 8) - €50
Ah Carla, I have spent more money on Carla than any other girl in Amsterdam. She really isn't my type at all, as curvy with large breasts is really my thing and Carla is very slim, so why, because she is just so lovely. I have found that the majority of women I have been with in Amsterdam do not meet my usual criteria but perhaps that is what it is all about, trying different things.
Carla has a hell of a memory and as I passed her kamer she came out to chat asking how we were etc, so knowing what I was going to get and all for €50 I thought what the hell, in I went.
We chatted about my previous reviews and I mentioned that I had a copy of my postings with me (OK, sad I know), Carla asked to read it and we had a lovely 10 minutes just cuddling and reading through the reviews whilst Carla filled me in with info on the girls she knew. I had previously reported that Karla was in her late 30's, she corrected me and said she was 34, I apologised but I'm not sure about this, I think Carla tries to fit in with what people want her to be, frankly it doesn't matter.
Anyway, back to business. Carla gives a great GFE so lots of stroking and cuddling, a lovely blowjob whilst my hands roamed all over her body and started playing with her pussy. She asked if I wanted to finger her properly, so I thought, why not, I offered her two fingers for her to put a condom on, this was changed to one (no harm in trying) and I proceeded to play with her very attractive pussy. Then back to business, missionary and then finally, yet you've got it, doggy to finish. Mmmmmmmm, lovely. Carla tells me that she was recently voted the 2nd most popular girl in the RLD, I didn't want to be rude and ask who the most popular was, I guess I'll just have to keep searching for her. All in all a lovely end to our Day 1.

Bianca - Italian - 114, Dollebegijnensteeg - €80
I knew who I wanted to see to get Day 2 underway. I have seen Bianca before and filed a non too complementary report on her mistakenly using the name Bella, I guess it was good that I got her name wrong, because I think I must have just had a bad experience that day. Bianca is lovely, she has a gorgeous girl next door look about her with stunning eyes. I was determined to lay to rest the previous experience so thought I'd go for it. I wanted the opportunity of a nice relaxed time finishing off doggy so offered €80 and told Bianca to take things real easy. Bianca joined me on the bed and we just stroked and caressed each other, her small but very firm breasts responding nicely to my touch, after some time it was on with the condom and down to business. Bianca gives a lovely blow job, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if she had straddled me to do it, next visit I'm going to ask for this. And so to sex, Bianca has a formula and stands astride you and then reverses herself onto you, reverse cowgirl. As she has lovely firm, slightly thick thighs this was visually very exciting (certainly for me) and I just lay there stroking her fantastically smooth skin whilst she wriggled on top of me, I still question whether this method is designed to avoid penetration because it is virtually impossible to tell whether you are in her or not, but God it feels great nonetheless, not wishing to end it all to soon I suggested a rapid switch to doggy. Heaven, Bianca has the firmest butt and you really have to prize her cheeks apart, fucking Bianca doggy is the best and I came like the proverbial train, I know I will be back for more. I don't know what it is about her but I really fell for her, even if it wasn't the GFE I would have liked. She has a slightly quirky manner of offering you her hand in a handshake on entering and leaving her room and whilst she didn't resist the kiss on the cheek I gave her when leaving she certainly doesn't volunteer this sort of activity. So, despite this, I still think she's the girl I would choose if money wasn't involved (well you can dream can't you)

Nit - Thai - 13-2 (Middle of a block of three kamer) Oudezijds Achterburgwal - €30 (Yes, €30!!)
After my previous Thai experience I thought I'd see if they're all this good. Nit was one of three Thai girls in a block of connected kamer which I normally find a little disconcerting when it comes to negotiating as they generally seem to be more into chatting to each other than talking to you but this was fine. She was tiny, I'd guess at under 5' with a lovely tiny, slim, tight little body. Again €30 and things got better still, the €30 included multiple positions. As I didn't expect kissing (other than the usual peck on the cheek when you leave) I was surprised when Nit kissed me (no tongues but still a rarity in the 'dam, I've not encountered it from other girls) and proceeded to do so during our session. She has a good oral technique and I was quite happy to lie there and let her get on with it. We then switched to cowgirl which she seems to prefer (I guess because of her size), switched to missionary which was good. I then asked for doggy and was told this was not possible (this wasn't a financial decision, so I guess she is just too small for the serious shafting I had planned for her) so back to missionary where I really went for it (I must have been concentrating on not coming too soon in her wonderfully tight pussy as she grabbed my face and moved my mouth into a smile - believe me Nit I was enjoying myself, I just wanted it to last) I came explosively pulling her tight into me, great for me, I think I may have been a little too large for her (an believe me I'm no John Holmes) So, my conclusion on Thai girls, provided you don't expect a great conversation you'll have a great time and excellent value.

Adriana - Hungarian - Sintannendwarsstraat - €75
Adriana only works evenings and I had planned for her to be the perfect way to round off Day 2, and so it was. Adriana is quite beautiful but I had to wait around for her to come free and it was a toss up whether I saw her or visited Ramona (Stunning bleached blonde Austrian) who works next door (Direct opposite Sexyland). But I stuck to the plan and waited. As I have said, Adriana is stunning, the only downside being that she knows it and can be a little aloof, certainly your experience will go the way she dictates. I realised I had already seen Adriana once before and the experience had ended a little prematurely! So I was determined to make amends this time. Adriana delivers a killer blowjob and it would be all to easy to let her finish you off like that but I wanted the pleasure of coming pressed hard up against that fantastic butt. After the BJ it was on to missionary which is good but unfortunately Adriana was unwilling to let me explore her lovely breasts and brings your attention back to her face, which is no great hardship I guess. And so to finish, Adriana has possibly the most perfect butt I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing close up and doggy whilst looking down at it was a truly great experience. When finished Adriana is in no hurry to get herself back to her window and basically said I could let myself out if I wanted to leave, I opted instead to watch her get dressed, nice.

Bianca - Italian - 114, Dollebegijnensteeg - €76
Only one visit on our final day and it just had to be Bianca again, this girl really gets to me.
More of the same really, a lovely way to end the trip. If I could guarantee my knob would behave itself I think I'd be looking for anal with Bianca (not sure if it's on the menu), her pussy is lovely and tight so heaven only knows what her arse would be like. Bianca - in the words of Arnie….I'll be back

All in all another great trip (our fourth) and now it's time to save the pennies and plan for our return in October.
So over to Darth and the Sloth for their reviews


Betty - Dutch - Bethlemsteeg (1st cubicle on left) - €50
Having treasured the GFE, no end of positions and 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude during my previous experiences with Betty, my twitching knob guided me like a 'tractor beam' towards Bethlemsteeg where I was greeted by the radiant smile and scarlet shimmering bikini which kept Betty 'warm' on this cold and wet Wednesday afternoon. I levitated (I think you mean gravitated Darth, but then again it does appear that Betty had you floating on air - Adbul) towards her window and said 'Hi'. I didn't have to ask how much, I was welcomed in and my eyes started eating up the sight of Betty's boobs jiggling away to the sound of a dance mix. Despite wearing button fly jeans I was naked within 10 seconds and Betty was stood in front of me, a hand cupped around my balls, sucking away on my nipples. My right hand disappeared into the groove between her buttocks and I cherished the moment as my knob rose to the occasion. I laid on the bed and Betty laid down beside me, caressing and stroking my 'meat and two veg' (that's going to confuse the non British readers - Abdul), she then took my balls in her mouth and a nice teabagging session ensued. Betty rolled on a condom and came and sat on me in the cowgirl position and I gently kneaded her breasts while SHE fucked me. I then asked her to stop - held her up and returned the compliment, thrusting upwards to get my own back, yeah :-) We then switched to doggy and I hung onto those luscious buttocks (trying to restrain my salivating tongue), what a great ass, mmmm! I held Betty's feet and thrust in and out hard whilst grinding away. Betty braced herself against the tiled wall pushing herself against my cock. I plopped myself out and asked for another suck to which Betty obliged. I played with her tits again and we moved into the missionary before getting her to play with herself whilst I 'finished myself off' - mmm, a truly great experience for only €50.

Sara - Italian - Oudezijds Achterburgwal (Under No 29) - €85
Having been forced by Abdul to visit Sara I reluctantly made my way (Not exactly Darth, I just thought that you had a better chance than I did of understanding what the hell she was talking about most of the time - Abdul) My first impressions were - pretty but a little too young and 'whacky' for me, but when I started talking to her in Italian (her English was poor) I became very certain of the fact that Sara is actually very intelligent, loves her job and was just as 'crazy' as me. She invited me in and I made the excuse that my knob was tired (Betty had made sure that my sperm tanks were on reserve) I didn't wait to be asked twice when Sara said 'You won't be tired when you get inside'. Kerrrching went the sound of a cash register somewhere in my head. I bade Abdul farewell and followed my destiny down a flight of steps into a spacious and neatly fitted boudoir. I paid my €50 and undressed. Sara undressed and drew me to the bed with its combination of ultraviolet and red fluorescent lighting. She looked fabulous with her secretarial specs and in particularly her stilettos and I asked her to keep them on whilst she worked on my 'Limp Biscuit' (Enough of the euphemisms already - Abdul) Sara got me hard and we went into the missionary position. From past experiences I am a little reluctant to go into missionary particularly if the girl turns her head away and makes you feel that either you are a 'smelly bastard' or she hates the job. Anyway, I was made to feel at home and Sara held on, caressing my buttocks, my shoulders and strategically hugging me and moaning in synch with my thrusts. Close up Sara looked even more beautiful. Hmmm, I was enjoying this. We moved into doggy and the heels of her stilettos grazed my buttocks which added some extra sensations which were great. I tugged at her waist and continued spreading her cheeks, admiring her tight little brown eye which winked back at me. I stroked up and down her crack whilst bumping and grinding. I noticed Sara glance at her watch and knew I was far from coming (having entered tantric sex mode again - fuck!) I told her I needed some more time and got up to get my wallet which I quickly emptied to the tune of another €35. We got back to business and this time I asked for a standing doggy style. Sara wore her black stilettos and bent over her bed whilst I took her from behind. She complemented me on having 'nice muscular legs' which sounded quite sincere (She chose not to mention the beer gut then! - Abdul) I thought I'd better stay focussed and admired the reflection of her tits bouncing in the mirror as I pounded away. She can give, and take, a good shafting, again grinding back on me. After a few minutes of what can best be described as 'porno film style sex' I got Sara back onto the bed again in the doggy position. I finished inside her and must say that was the best orgasm I have had on this visit so far, suffice to say I'm probably infertile now! That was GREAT sex! You have got to visit her if you get the chance, just be clean and show some well deserved respect - you can't go wrong. I had lots of fun!

Well it seems that Darth has rather overexerted himself with his previous reviews, so I'll have to post his next three when he's recovered, but for the record, they'll be:

Karen - Dutch - €100
Adriana - Hungarian - Sintannendwarsstraat - €75
Belinda - Sintannenstraat - €50

The Sloth

<Smelly Feet!> - Dutch - Stoofsteeg - €100
This lady I shall refer to as Smelly Feet (Yes, mainly because you forgot to ask her name - Abdul), the reason will become apparent shortly. She was a blonde, mature babe with firm but enhanced breasts. Inexperience at negotiating led me to pay €100 for a €75 service. Gave good oral and she had a nice tight pussy, but unfortunately all of this was completely overpowered by her smelly feet and this alone means that I'm unable to recommend her. P.S. Her name? God knows, I think the odour had temporarily knocked out my memory cells. Ah well, chalk it down to experience and move on.

Carla - Italian - Goldbergersteeg (Kamer moves, but usually 6,7 or 8) - €50
On personal recommendation I visited Carla & wow, what sex. She gives a real GFE, great blow job and futuristic sex (Steady on there Sloth! - Abdul) Thanks Abdul and Darth for an excellent recommendation.

Safana(?) - Dutch - Covered area outside La Vie en Rose, off Bethlemsteeg - €50
(Note from Abdul - I'm typing this up for the Sloth and can only assume that he was still suffering the after effects of some of the cakes eaten the previous night!)
Do you like rock climbing? Do you really want to put your hands on a pair of solid rocks? Well, do you?...If so, Safana's your girl. I felt like Tom Cruise in MI2 when he was falling off the mountain in the opening scene. (So, you're comparing her breasts to rocks then?) Safana was a rock solid shag, she has a fit tanned body and is fully shaven with a warm and friendly personality. 5'8" Blonde/Brunette (Sloth, I know the lighting's dim in there, but really! - Abdul). There was no rush and she gave me time to firm up, not that I needed it. I would recommend Safana, all in all, provided you don't expect to feel soft, natural breasts then you won't be disappointed.

Mon - Thai - Oudekennissteeg - €50
So, no sooner had I shagged Safana and with time running out before we had to depart for the train I visited Mon on recommendation from Abdul. I was a little apprehensive as I was'nt too sure if I was up for it so soon, but rest assured Mon put me right on that score. Her blow job was very good and her firm breasts were a sight for sore hands! And what a pussy - tight and wet. Mmmmm.

I hope you have enjoyed the reminiscences of our trip, it was nice reliving the ups and downs.

06-05-02, 13:35
I am looking for streetgirls in amsterdam..
Can anyone help me with that ? which streets should I look into ? How are the girls ? How much do they charge ? what are they up to ?

Thanks for your help !

06-07-02, 09:20
Street girls? Forget them. That is what the red light district is for.
Unless you like thieves/heroin addicts.

06-08-02, 20:09
You know...I agree with Farty for the reasons that he stated.
I always avoided them even though they are cheap and give long term. But.....last time I was there last March, I was coming back from the RLD to my hotel next to Dam Square at about 1:30 am
when I stopped at the D.S. monument to get high. I was quickly approached by a young African SW who joined me in getting high.
She made the offer and I liked the price and we went back to my
hotel room at Die Port Van Cleve. I gave her 30 euro and fucked her once doggie for about 30 minutes. She said the trams had stopped running and could she stay with me until 6:00am when public transit fires up again. I made her a deal where she could stay in my bed like a Bangkok allnighter but I got to fuck her as long as I wanted. Anyway...I had all of my valuables locked in
the safe so I fucked her in the face and pussy until I had no more desire. She took a hot shower and then came to my bed, climbed in next to me and quietly went to sleep. At 6 in the morning, she quietly got up, dressed and left. All in all, I spent 30 euro and fucked her hard for 2 hours. She was very young and I suspect
that her business savvy was undeveloped but she knew how to work that pussy.

06-09-02, 22:00
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting but I was recently in Amsterdam, and having found out some addresses from here, thought I'd repay y'all with a report.

The first time (in Amsterdam!) was at 443 Overtoom at about 5pm on a Saturday. I felt a bit put off by how busy the girls in the RLD windows were - surely that's got to increase the chances of them having an STD, so I wanted to go a bit more exclusive.

However, I rapidly realised the advantage of the windows, being able to see what you are getting before you speak to anyone. There were five ladies available, and they weren't especially good-looking. I did think about leaving, but there was one African girl who had nice legs, so I decided to give her a try. Price was 75 Euros for an hour, 80 for a shower, just over 100 for a bath. No anal.

I won't go into details, but I was surprised that she was happy to french kiss (Yeah, I know its unhygenic, but it was fun), and she was very playful, liked sucking my ear, good variety of positions. Maybe it helped that I went down on her after we got out of the shower until I got a crick in my neck. Only bad thing was that her breasts were small, conical and wrinkled, not attractive. Overall, definately worthwhile, I liked the quiet atmosphere. LAS = 6/9/7

A few days later I decided to compare a private house with a club, so I went along to Ria's at 558 Overtoom. Arrived around 7 pm on a Thursday, and my initial impressions were not so good. There wasn't anyone immediately available, though the madam was very hospitable and made me at home. After a little while a couple of ladies did appear. One I immediately rejected, the other I didn't get a good look at, so I asked for her to come over. When she did, again, she wasn't especially good looking, but she asked for a drink. I don't know if that is some kind of signal, whether I should have just said no, but my mother raised me to have better manners than that, so I bought her a prohibitively expensive drink (15 Euros!).

We talked for a while, and I was trying to subtly hint that I wasn't interested, to no avail. She asked if I wanted to get a room and I said no, were there any other girls around? I think that gave her the impression I wanted a threesome! Eventually we sat in silence for a while, and then she wandered off, but not until she had got me to buy her another drink. I was really having second thoughts at this point, I might have thought I'd either found a rip-off joint or somewhere way out of my price range (but then why weren't the women here more attractive?). The madam still seemed happy that I was hanging around (I later found out that was 'cause they were charging me 10 Euro's for each glass of water!), and promised there would be more girls along 'soon'.

Eventually, at around 8:30 pm, the main shift seemed to arrive, and I decided to wait and see what they were like. A few minutes later the madam came over and named each girl to me, and I saw a stunning blonde called Iris, and that was it, I knew she was the one. When I started talking to her, she seemed interesting, and happy to immediately go to a room. She cost 180 Euro's for an hour (it occurs to me now, maybe the price varies with each girl?), which, yikes! But she really was gorgeous, so I had no problem with giving her a lot of money. I just don't like getting stiffed on drinks prices.

We had a really good time in the room, I have to say she was better at doing it than the girl down the road. That said, there was no kissing or anal (Iris said no-one at Ria's would kiss, don't know if that's true), so I didn't even bother asking about bareback or CIM. We had a bath while we got to know each other, I had a nice surprise when I went down on her and found she was pierced, and she reciprocated with the best blow-job I've ever had, before the proper screwing started. So I'd recommend Iris (LAS=10/9/9), but be aware that she only works once a week. Actually, that further attracted me to her, like I said at the start, the less often she works, the greater the chance that shes clean.

I hope this was of interest to someone. Please let me know if you've had a markedly different experience at Ria's, like anything more unusual than oral and straight sex, 'cause I'm shy, and wouldn't feel comfortable asking for Russian or pearl necklace, etc.

06-10-02, 08:24
I noticed recently that there has been an increase in the number of
street-walkers, even around the RLD. On my last trip I got approached
by two on my way back to my hotel. All the times I've been "propositoned",
it has been black/African girls, but they all seem kind of desperate
and needy, and I had my suspicions about drug-misuse.

Whoever was looking for the 'street' scene, you could try the tipplezone
on Theemsweg, but you'll need transport, as there is places to park
to do it in your car. Also, the North exit of Central Station usually
has some action (that's the exit away from Damrak), and in my
experience if you're hanging around the RLD at 1-2am, chances are
you'll find somebody. Yeah, it's much cheaper than the 50 euros
per 15 mins behind a window, but my advice if it looks like a junkie, move on.

As far as clubs go, Vienna is pretty good. I prefer the windows myself
since you can always see what you're going to get, but either Monique
or Sabrina are well worth a visit at Vienna. If you're really adventurous
you could try the gangbang night at the Paradise club. ;-)

Philip Augustus
06-10-02, 15:03
To JohnJ:

I'm a "regular" at Ria's, relative to opportunity -- which means I go there whenever I'm in the country. Last time I had a three-hour plane change and still made it there and back!

I have never paid for a drink there. I don't drink alcohol when punting, but I get coffee, tea and water on the house, so I don't understand this 10 euro business. On the other hand, after the first time I have always been in the afternoons, which is a different ball game. Nicer girls -- my regular girl says I wouldn't like the evening girls, they're harder-nosed -- and perhaps a different attitude to drinks. Also daytime rates are lower. (BTW; do NOT take a taxi to the door, they're on a kickback system, take the tram, or else ask the taxi for, and get out at, the western end of Overtoom, and wait for him to disappear before ringing the bell. )

I've never seen anyone at Ria's to match the knockouts of Trompetersteeg etc., but those of us who like a full hour will find it much better value.

My regular girl kisses me, gently-like. Bareback? Not a chance. The other things you ask about aren't my scene, so I don't know.

So try Ria's in the daytime, before the change of shift at 18.00.

06-12-02, 23:16
Just curious...has anyone heard about a proposal to offer
prostitution services at Schipol Airport? I would guess that it would be in the form of a discreet club so that it didn't put off the regular tourists. That would certainly make it easier to get to
the airport 2 hours early. Check in the bags...get a Heinekin
and a piece of ass...then board the plane and sleep the rest of the way.

Philip Augustus
06-13-02, 08:42
To November:
Yes I have, and the proposal died the death. It was the club Yab Yum, which most punters on the old archive described as a rip-off. I asked the airport information desk about it (don't try this at home, you Americans) but I don't remember the exact reason it died. BTW, in 2000-2001 there were three big fires at Schiphol, imagine the evacuation from the airport brothel :-)

06-13-02, 11:23
Hell..it probably died because the government is, deep down, a bit embarrassed by the prostitution and doesn't want it to be in
the "Gateway" to the Netherlands for all the world to see. Even in
Nevada, they put the legalized prostitution out in the desert away
from Las Vegas. Then again, its hard to beleive that Vegas would be concerned about their image since it was built on debauchery.

06-14-02, 16:40
Just back to florida from 2 great weeks in Holland, specifically Amsterdam and Rotterdam. What a cuntry! This being my sixth trip to the Netherlands, the girls keep getting better, gezeling abounds. Amsterdam is great for a 50 euro s&f., Rotterdam offers more bang for your buck. In Rotterdam, for around 100 Euros, you get an hour of massage, sex, intimacy, and the girls even bring you a beer or 2 . One prive apt had all Dutch girls and another had all Thai girls. In Adam , the girls are in windows and the usual is 50 euros for sex. Most of the girls try to get you to cough up more bucks, for the most part though, for 50 euros you are doing some of the most awesome *****s you would find anywhere. Penthouse quality! To maximize your chance for a quality good time, stay away from the girls that dont smileat you are have an attitude. Make the deal before you give any bucks to them, it is a job for them, and some girls are real aggresive. Otherwise, very safe no rip offs, and plenty of girls to choose from. I checked out the girls off the Singel area, but not nearly the quality you find in the RLD. Holland still reigns as the best place in the world for reasonable sex with the best looking babes. If you need any advice, or have any questions, e-mail me at beserkobob@aol.com. Best time was with the Anna Kornikova look alike girl in the Rld down the narrow alley by the rld Bulldog. She is a babe and a half, and will blow you away!!!!!!!!!!

06-18-02, 13:43
when you refer to an Anna Kournikova look alike, do you mean the blond chic in one of the last two booths on the left (when entering the narrow alley from the end with the Bulldog). If so, please tell a bit more about her. She is no doubt attractive , but has the worst attitude in the rld. I only assumed that she could never please anyone bcuz she's to full of her self. Let me know if I am wrong. But I agree she is dam hot and arguably the finest thing in the district!

06-18-02, 23:41
BlairOne & Beserkobob,
Based on the description (Usually wears a Nike cap) and location I'm pretty sure you mean Tanya. She's German and a pretty good shag but I have to agree with your views on her attitude.
Visited her in 2000 and 2001 (I posted a review of her on the old forum pages).
Whilst there in May I was taking my time perusing the available selections (as you do) and Tanya took it upon herself to take exception to my glancing (and I mean glancing as opposed to outright staring) and start snarling at me (most disconcerting and not unsurprisingly not conducive to me parting with my money)
Tanya has been around for at least 2 years and has put some weight on in that time (haven't we all) but she was fairly relaxed and reasonable value for money. My colleague Darth certainly rated her.
Certainly couldn't agree that she's the best. I would suggest Ramona if you like the look of Tanya. Ramona is a bleached blonde Austrian, works evenings directly opposite Sexyland and I could kick myself for not seeing her this time.
If you want more info, mail me at abdul.shagmaster@talk21.com

06-19-02, 03:12
November - the reason the 'hos are out in the desert in Nevada has nothing to do with La$ Vega$ lack of debauchery - during the construction of Hoover Dam (on the border between Nevada and Arizona) the US governmment set up a requirmeent that protistution was to be restricted in the areas the construction workers would frequent and the construction company agreed. The border was set at the Clark County line, thus all the houses exist outside that zone. A similar restriction was established for Reno and the Washoe county line was that border (thus the existance of "Mustang ranch" just outside the county line). Regulation was given to the individual counties

06-19-02, 03:24
Dudes, the girl with the nike hat is not the ana kornikova lookalike. and yes she does have a bitchen attitude. I started with 100 euros, and 150 euros and a half hour later, I left spent and with a smile. The classier girls expect more , they think they are worth it,and sometimes their right. She is half way down the narrow alley, and is definitely a looker! tennis anyone?

06-20-02, 03:43
Beserkobob and Shagm

Dudes, its quite possible that we are all speaking of 3 different girls. The one I was referring to would never wear a cap, she's to stuck on herself. I am also sure she is not in a booth in the middle of the alley. It seems that she works all the time. She is always in one of the last 2 booths on the left(coming form the canal entrance). She is hot as hell! But she has given me such nasty looks, almost like I'm a prostitute and she's the pope. Go figure. I would give her at least 8.5/9, but have never seen her as busy as the others girls.

06-20-02, 22:01
To Dinghy...

My comment was actually that Las Vegas is a debaucherous
town so why would they too not legalize prostitution? I will
dfer to you because your explanation seems well thought
out and quite likely based on historical fact. Thank you for
your contribution.

06-21-02, 20:40
Anyone know the names of the two Thai girls working in adjoining windows at the corner of Oude Kennigsteeg and the canal? Both
were slender and cute and I bought time with both separately. I wonder if they would do a good 'ol fashioned Bangkok 3-some.

pseud onym
06-23-02, 16:11
Certainly couldn't agree that she's the best. I would suggest Ramona if you like the look of Tanya. Ramona is a bleached blonde Austrian, works evenings directly opposite Sexyland and I could kick myself for not seeing her this time.
If you want more info, mail me at abdul.shagmaster@talk21.com [/i]

I highly recommend Ramona. I went to see her every day that I was there in March. She's got a great personality and is very accommodating. She won't kiss you of course, but she rates about as close to a GFE as it gets in Amsterdam.

06-23-02, 17:36
I am going to be in Amsterdam for a few nights. I know about the window booths in the main RLD but what about a good old fashioned brothel. Are there any good ones in the same area what are the going rates for a straight forward half an hour fuck.

06-23-02, 22:08
November: One of the thai girls on Oude Kennissteeg is called Yat, and she's very nice. Charged only 60 euros for a half hour. Don't know if she will do a 3-way with her neighbour. You could always ask. :-) I've heard the other girl is nice too.

06-24-02, 00:31
Yeah amorphous..both were cute as hell and looked like they could have been sisters. Each gave good service at 60 euro
for half an hour. I will definitely check to see if they are still around when I go in the the fall and see if I can get a 3 way

06-25-02, 08:48
November: A friend informed me that a 3-some is possible. He visited both within a couple of hours of each other, and the second one suggested next time he have both at the same time. I think the other one is called Mon, but I'm not certain.

06-25-02, 14:00
To the guy who posted below, there are plenty of brothels in Amsterdam, I would say there are anywhere in the order of possibly 200 or more brothels in area. A few I could reccomend are Vienna Massage on Rijnstraat, Asmara Club, and Park Club, there is a detailed listing and address of each club on ignatzmice.com which has a lot of specific info on these clubs. Have a good time I know I did.

06-25-02, 19:41
hello guys!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering several things:

1] Has anyone tried Pattaya Club in Amsterdam ?

2] Does anyone have a report on this club and the girls?

3] How many Euros would I expect to pay at pattaya club for, say, an hour?

Pattaya - Vrolikstraat 156 - Amsterdam - 020-6940436

4] I love thai girls if you have seen some good places tell me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck
titeuf of liege

06-27-02, 03:26
I never been to the Pattaya Club but there is another establishment I believe(Chang Mai) that is a ripoff, the women here only give a massage and handjob, no sex. To me thats a ripoff who goes to Amsterdam for a hand job?? C'mon. Anyway there are far superior clubs like Vienna Massage and Asmara Club which have gorgeous women that offer some hot fun for a low price. Amsterdam is off the hook yo!!!

06-27-02, 14:04
Guys...Here's another travel advisory. Thai Massage, located on one of the side streets in the RLD, doesn't offer real sex either. It was my lifelong dream to visit the RLD and have some real fun there. Earlier this month, I had to chance to visit Amsterdam for one day and this is the place I picked because I wanted a Thai girl. First off, to get into the place, they charge you 50 Euros. The Madam or Hostess or Mama-san (depending on what you want to call her) tells you up front that there is no sex offered but if you are from the US like me, you think that they have to say this to be on the safe side (Like the stupid games they have to play in AMPs in the US to avoid entrapment by LE). However, she means it. I got a nice massage from a fairly good looking Thai who took everthing off from the waist down but there was no touching her and no sex. I had to settle for a handjob for another 50 Euros. After that, I went cruising the sex shops trying to find a T-shirt that said, "I was in the RLD and all I got was a handjob and this lousy T-shirt" but I couldn't find one. To up your odds on laying Thai chicks, stick with the Thais in the windows and avoid the Massage Parlors. I should have better luck next month since I am back in states and heading to Tijuana (I am from LA). No window action but there are several blocks of working girls there. You can get a fine Latina there for $25 total and that includes the room. Viva Mexico!!!

06-27-02, 22:03
The place you refer to is Chaing Mai. Its on Barndestraat and it is well known that they offer massage and HJ only. Hell, they have a sign at the door that tells you that. Love Club 21 is a Thai MP one street down on Koestraat & they offer full service. I have visited both. I like to visit Chaing Mai the first thing after a transatlantic flight for a massage to work out the kinks. Its very pleasant and afterwards the girl will get in the shower with me and we lather each other up.

I believe that I paid 120 euros (about $100USD) last March at Love Club 21. This was for an hour that began with some time
in a jacuzzi, followed by a nice physical body massage...followed by an energetic BJ and finishing with a decent fuck. The thing about the AMP is that there seems to be a lot of staff turnover so YMMV.

During that same visit, I found and sampled two very cute Thai girls on Oude Kennissteeg at the corner with the canal. They were each charging 30 euro for 15-20 sessions.

06-28-02, 08:27
November. Thanks for the additional info. As I said, I only had one day so I was in a hurry. I didn't even notice the correct name for the place or the sign that you mentioned which stated what services WEREN'T offered. I guess I wasn't being very observant but that's what happens when your body is being controlled by the wrong brain. Just my luck that I did pass the other Thai massage place that you mentioned but it was closed at the time (It was early afternoon). Or well, you live and you learn. Hopefully, others will learn and benefit from my mistake. Later.

06-29-02, 09:29
hello guys!!!!!!!!!!


I am a regular reader of this message board and I plan to go to amsterdam for about 5 days I think [august 02 - august 06].
I was just wondering if Anna from Poland is still around?
If so, where exactly is she located?
One more question if you may. She is the girl with big tits, right? Thanks for your help.

Titeuf of liege

06-29-02, 14:37
I am going to Amsterdam by myself for the first time and am staying at an hotel in the main RLD. Big jessie that I am I am a little nervous about travelling by myself, should I be?

06-30-02, 08:42
Originally posted by dave43
I am going to Amsterdam by myself for the first time and am staying at an hotel in the main RLD. Big jessie that I am I am a little nervous about travelling by myself, should I be?

I was too nervous to go alone the first time and ended up going with friends who showed me round..
Ther is nothing at all to worry about.. The station is near the RLD, which is near the city centre.. I have been back a few times on my own and it's a second home..
From the airport, get a taxi or train into town.. Amsterdam is about the same size as Glasgow so isn't very intimidating...
Buy a map and a lonely planet guide as well..

06-30-02, 11:44

My first trip to Amsterdam was alone and it is no problem. I
guess at times it would be nice to have a partner along for company mainly for dining at restaurants , etc. but otherwise, I like the freedom of just moving about on my own without having to worry about anyone other than myself. Amsterdam is a good city for travel alone anyway because most people speak english so it is very easy to get around. Hell, if you want conversation,
stop in a pub. Farty is correct, Amsterdam is a small and
intimate city and you will feel quite at home once you walk
around and experience it.

07-01-02, 20:52
I was in Amsterdam for 6 days last week and got to visit the RLD quite a bit.
For the new fellow mongers, I would like to share a few insights.

Firstly, even though there maybe 100 grils, I found that choice of the girls that you can have is limited to only those who glance back at you via eye contact. A lot of these chicks do not. This effectively limits which girls are interested in you and of course which you are interested in. Those that you want and also those who return your glance are the only candidates. This system effectively limits the choices to about 20 % unless you are a model level client. I saw a lot of rejections out there. A real heartbreaker and not mention ego reducer! Of course if you are accepted and the chap next to you was not then that goes the other way.

Secondly, as stated in the earlier reports, I agree the asians are definately the best value. I took the hour massage at the Love club with sex and boy was that good. I had the same girl I had last year. Emai, is really well stacked and gives a full body to body massage. She even told me that I could come multiple times if I wanted to. Just to contrast her, I got one of the window girls by the name of Lisarge. She was about 5' with a very teen look about her and was wearing a leotard/ mini skirt type of outfit. When I approached her, she had just come into the room. As no one had visited her yet, I found the viriginal nature of the situation quite appealing. But ,she being dutch, and me being a poor innocent negotiater, made of a medeocre gfe. For starters, unless you negotiate, these girls do not have to take thier clothes off as was in this case. If you complain they start hinting about being too rough on them. Furthermore, all of these grils only give you what is called two standard sex positions. A bj and missionary position . Anything different is extra. And in a lot of cases quite a bit extra. In Lisarge's case,
I really wanted the doggy style. So she pulls of the crotch pannel while keeping everything else on and tells me that it will cost another 50e over the 50e I had given her. Talk about the hooking effect!!!
As I was really hard up for her, I caved in and gave her the money. In retrospect, I felt I was taken. With this kind of experience and knowing about the FKK centres who needs this?

Thirdly, you have to be an expert negotiater and spell out exactly what you want in great detail before you hand them the money. Absolutely no refunds are given and if asked for they will tell you things like " You know you can be thrown out to the street without your clothes"! Now this kind of a comment tends to spoil the moment take my word for it. Hence a real turnoff when one should really be turned on. This precisely what happened to me with another Dutch chick. I was all reved up with a major hard on and wanted her in the non-standard positions as I had become really bored with the usual two. But instead I got negotiation and threats. I asked her to return the money as I was no longer turned on by her. However all I got was the above line. I know this would have been different if I had negotiated before I took my clothes off. Quite frankly , at that moment I had to ask is this all worth it.

In retrospect, I think if you have studied contract law and are a good negotiator, you should be able to get by. But for my money FKK clubs in Germany are the only way to go. See my post under OASE.

07-01-02, 23:22
abc2: Really? I've met several friendly girls in the district!

One episode comes to mind, though. Once when visiting the RLD late at night, I saw a window with drawn curtains and two signs saying: "Only young and attractive guys with money" and "No smoking - no dope". Now, I understand that the locals like to tease the girls late at night (why? do they treat people at hotels or at a 7-11 the same way?), but that came across as a bit bitchy.

I guess you should go visit the girls during the day. They have fewer customers then, and no-one is teasing them.

You should also ask them if they take their top off before entering their room.

// samurai00

07-02-02, 06:13

I will be in amsterdam for a a few days in august and would like to have some tips from experienced guys.. also if some one is travelling at the same time we can hook up and explore things together if that is ok ... is rotterdam better than amsterdam in terms of value for money.. something like upstate NY better than nY City in terms of brothels/action though Ny city is in limelight...any recommendations on interracial threesome action...
BTW is there any brothel in the airport or nearby in A'dam...
Pl do share info maran123us@yahoo.com

07-02-02, 07:34
Originally posted by abc2

Firstly, even though there maybe 100 grils, I found that choice of the girls that you can have is limited to only those who glance back at you via eye contact. A lot of these chicks do not. This effectively limits which girls are interested in you and of course which you are interested in. Those that you want and also those who return your glance are the only candidates. This system effectively limits the choices to about 20 % unless you are a model level client. I saw a lot of rejections out there. A real heartbreaker and not mention ego reducer! Of course if you are accepted and the chap next to you was not then that goes the other way.
This is interesting.. I have never been turned down and have always been able to take my pick..
The girls can be racist.. What nationality are you??

07-02-02, 07:40
Originally posted by Freeler

Best advice is to take the train from the airport. Far cheaper than the taxi's and, as you pointed out, it's only a short walk from Centraal Station to the goodtimes...

"Buy a map and a lonely planet guide as well.."
The map is OK, but pleeeaaazzze NO LP!!
Those guidebooks are the most overrated books in the entire world.

PS Don't you think Amsterdam is overdoing it pricewise?

re taxi:
Depends how much money he has and how confident he feels finding his own way.. I sometimes take a taxi if I have plenty of cash on me. Just depends how I feel.

re LP:
I like them. They are the only guide books not aimed at American travellers. I wouldn't say any of the guides are exceptional..

Don't know what you mean by the last sentence..

07-02-02, 08:52
I always thought that the best guide was Get Lost! The Cool Guide to Amsterdam, by Joe Pauker I think. It even has a section on the sex scene/RLD, as well as coffeeshops, etc. Lots of good stuff that you don't get in the likes of the Lonely Planet guide.

07-02-02, 14:08
Every idiot seems to think Amsterdam is the center of the sex universe, most of them are individuals deprived of sex, these individuals can only be from three places, the United States, Ireland, and the UK. Yes sir!! Three puritanical countries where sex is considered obscene. There are many cities out there that have great possibilites for sex besides Amsterdam. Here are just a few:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - is literally a thongfest year round.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - gorgeous ladies and a lower currency make this place a bargain

Prague, Czech Republic - some of the upscale clubs rarely cost more than 50 dollars US and what you get is amazing.

Barcelona, Spain - ah Spain!! Literally the most beautiful women on Earth!! Nuff said.

Cote D' Azur, France - There are thousands of beautiful women in this part of France

Copenhagen, Denmark - Hotties all over the place.

abc, you said the girls have to make eye contact with you and smile and wave for you to go in the kamer with them. You mentioned only 20 percent of the women smiled at you when you had initiated eye contact with them. You must obviously be a real troll, because every kamer I walked by women smiled at me and waved for me to enter the kamer. There were a few incidents where several guys would be standing in front of the same kamer, I got picked first on one occasion and then on another occasion the other guy got picked.

07-03-02, 02:12

I would agree that there are many places worth noting for sexual
enjoyment. I have been to Rio, Barcelona, Madrid, Bangkok and, of course Amsterdam and can say that each has its charm.
Your message to ABC was, quite frankly, condescending &
damaging to your credibility. And I would check your spelling..
I believe the term is "connoisseur"

07-04-02, 05:14
Hello Farty;

The guys I saw getting rejected came in all sizes and colors. I think there is a direct correlation with how well you are dressed and shape you are in. To minor extent, rascim does play a part. Dress poorly and you can guarantee rejection. I proved this point several times.

I think the rudeness portrayed by the drunken Brits really does not help any. Over the period I was there, this was a really big problem at about 10:00 pm. These guys start cheering the clients as they come out of the rooms in the open. It must have to do with some kind of insecurities.

The fiasco with the money hussle happened at 2:30 in the afternoon.

07-05-02, 02:25
Anyway, I've been to a lot of other places to, including Amsterdam. Though it is not my favorite place, I have always managed to have a good time. You just need to pick and choose like any other place you go to. Sometimes you{re right on and others it's a total flop, misadventure and waste of money.

07-05-02, 09:06
abc2....Appearance goes a long way. But I don't think that you have to be a male model. I was with a Dutch window girl who took my 50 euro and got naked except for a gold belly chain. She then gave me a BJ>>>followed by her on top>>>followed by missionary>>>and finishing up doggie. I got close to 30 minutes out of it. She said that she normally charged extra for full nudity with multiple positions but that there had been so many slobs around her window that day, that it was nice to have a clean, decently dressed client who was sober. The moral of the story is it helps to present a decent appearance and don't go to them drunk. I have seen a lot of shady looking characters knocking on those windows and the girls have no problem waving them off. I saw a black dude with 3 of his "bro's" begging this hot blonde on Oz Voor to service him and his 3 buddies for 50 euros while she was waving them off to get the legit customers in.

07-05-02, 22:26
Amsterdam is a good place to be for fucking

Stoofeg street see Karine Dutch girl the best sucking fucking girl 50 euros. Jessica she is in a street near bulldog,you will see in the window her name she is also a good fucking

I will go in Amsterdam in August. I am looking a work and a place to stay near red light district for fucking. Can any one help me ?

07-07-02, 12:47
I`ve been to Amsterdam four times in the last one year and I did have nice experiences and also some disappointments. There are a number of beautiful girls in the RLD but you have to be careful whom to choose. I usually find eye contact the best although sometimes I was also wrong. Some very good girls are found infront of Sexyland. Last month I had sex with a greek girl that is very good in sex and do not rush you. With 50 euros she gets all naked, blow you and have sex in multiple positions. Another Dutch girl is found just next door to this greek. The dutch is also very beautiful and with just 50 euros she gives you a full service.
I also went with a very nice Bulgarian blonde found on the other side of the canal where casa rosso is found. But this time I had to pay extra to get her bra off. A real rip off was with a girl from Austria, I just had another impression of her but she is just not worth it. This girl was sitting just a few metres down from Casa rosso. In the window above her there was a real gorgeous tattooed blonde.
If you want to fuck multiple times a day or even in a single night you can buy herbal V from the smart shop next to Sexyland (www.sigra.net) or a real V from a sex shop near the other place.
Another suggestion. I visited a swinger`s club in the north of amsterdam named Club Paradise. (You can search it`s web site) On thursday a gang bang is organised where everyone is fucking all over the place even in the bar. To reach it you have to catch the free ferry just behind Centraal Station and a 10 minutes walk from there. You just pay 50euros to enter where you`re given a towel and a locker get undressed and put on the towel. You can then just go to the bar and have a drink (beer costs 3euros) or have a swim in the pool, sauna etc or just join the orgy in a room where there is a big bed on which everyone is fucking. Condoms are used. Go on Thursday and you enjoy yourself for sure. You can also sit down and relax just watching a porno. In the club there is a very friendly atmosphere. I went alone and I had no problems. For me Amsterdam is one of the best places for a sex holiday and is quite safe even to visit alone.

07-08-02, 16:33
Quote from Lovedove:
"If you want to fuck multiple times a day or even in a single night you can buy herbal V from the smart shop next to Sexyland (www.sigra.net) or a real V from a sex shop near the other place."

What do you mean "near the other place"?. What other place? Has anybody tried the herbal V, coz I have doubts about whether it would work. And after I come once, it usually takes me ages to be able to come again, even if I don't fuck for a few hours. Any tips? :-)

07-08-02, 16:49
Originally posted by amorphous
Quote from Lovedove:
"If you want to fuck multiple times a day or even in a single night you can buy herbal V from the smart shop next to Sexyland (www.sigra.net) or a real V from a sex shop near the other place."

What do you mean "near the other place"?. What other place? Has anybody tried the herbal V, coz I have doubts about whether it would work. And after I come once, it usually takes me ages to be able to come again, even if I don't fuck for a few hours. Any tips? :-)

The 'Other Place' is a coffee shop found on the other side of the canal where the bulldog is..you just have to walk a bit. Yes I agree with you that most herbal V do not work but I tried the one I mentioned and it seemed to work...just you have to try. Well regarding having sex for more than one time in a single night that depends on the individual and also on the mood. What I find stimulating is to watch some porn. If you have this problem then do not go to the club I mentioned (Club Paradise) cause there everyone is fucking again and again

07-13-02, 13:37

Yesterday I discovered a new site about rLD in AMSTERDAM with many pics.


07-15-02, 13:47
Hi Guys,

Need some help, I will be in Amsterdam for the first time around the middle of October for about 5-10 days ......

Firstly, the info you guys have posted about the RLD is great, but what about local, non-working girls ..... what are the chances of getting somewhere for nothing, don't get me wrong, I will be using the RLD also .... I was just wondering about local Dutch girls in general .... are they friendly enough with foreign travellers ? ....(Australian), and what places would you recommend to find them ??

Thanks guys ... keep up the good work .....


07-15-02, 14:36
Originally posted by OzGuy
Hi Guys,
Firstly, the info you guys have posted about the RLD is great, but what about local, non-working girls ..... what are the chances of getting somewhere for nothing, don't get me wrong, I will be using the RLD also .... I was just wondering about local Dutch girls in general .... are they friendly enough with foreign travellers ? ....(Australian), and what places would you recommend to find them ??

I haven't been in Amsterdam in two years but every time I've been there the non-professional Dutch girls I have met were always very nice. I can't say this for the Dutch girls who are in the business working the RLD. I tried two Dutch girls in the RLD and both were disappointing. My best RLD experiences were with Greeks, Italians and Thais.
Funny, but the best place I found to pick up Dutch chicks was at the various internet cafes. My favorite is this large one near the center of the city that has a great many flat screen monitors. It serves coffee and other drinks as well as snacks.
Also, when you're at Schipol (airport), many of the girls working the shops and kiosks are extremely friendly. Act lost (which you probably will be) ask one of the to guide you (they sem to all speak English) to the proper transportation routes into the city where you'll be staying. Sometimes they want to hook up with you later. I'm an American and have been lucky doing this a couple of times at Schipol. There was this very cute Dutch/Malaysian girl working one of the fish sandwich stands who was very helpful to me.
Some questions to get them going:
1. Do you know where the Anne Frank museum is? Almost everyone knows where this is and everyone has an opinion on whether or not you should go. I actually wanted to go there but was talked out of it by this striking Dutch woman from Arnheim but she convinced me to hang out with her instead since she thought it was a big bore.
2. Which boat provides the best tour of the canals? You'll get not only the name of the boat but which are the best times to go which is usually the only time she will also be available to come with you.
3. Why do you put mayonaise on your french fries? She will take you to her favorite french fry place to prove to you that mayonaise is 100 times better than ketchup, As an American, I am not used to mayonaise on French fries.
These are just starter questions that may or may not work in assisting you pick up a Dutch woman. They have worked for me in the past.

07-16-02, 07:14

Thanks for the great information ..... I sort of have this idea whereby I only pay for services, if I can't get it for free ......

I am 29, not terrible on the eye, and in pretty good shape, so, I like to try and meet local girls where ever I travel to .....

I just like Dutch women in general and wanted to find the best places to meet and mix with them .... and I have some good ideas now ....

thanks again ......


07-17-02, 13:16
In my personal experience I met some women on the South end of town in De Pijp in some local cafes and bars, some places on the outskirts are pretty cool too and its fewer tourists. But I have to admit between German women and Dutch women I think German ladies are more fun especially the more exotic Turkish women I have met in Germany. After spending time with a gorgeous German-Turkish beauty, no American woman could compare to her. No one.

07-17-02, 13:57

You are absolutely right ..... about a year ago, I went out with a german backpacker that was holidaying here in Australia .... she was gorgeous and had the attitude to match.

Thats why I want to meet as many local women as I can, I will be in europe for 6 weeks going to Germany, Holland, France, Spain and Italy, with a possibility of going to Denmark as well, and I have heard so many times people say how "beautiful" the European women are, and so far I have to agree.

I have no problem in going to RLD's and so on, and will be doing so ...... but I want to meet and mix with local non-workers too .....

Thanks for the feedback guys ......


07-19-02, 22:07
I assume that when you ask why they "pay" for sex, that you mean why do they pay professional girls for sex. If you have sex with any girl, believe me, you have paid for it. If its a girlfriend, you have paid to take her to dinner and\or a show and then if your lucky enough to score, you pay by having to listen to them talk about themselves and press you to "cuddle". In the end it cost much more but it still serves a purpose.

Professional girls offer a touch of fantasy. They are hot and you don't need a song and dance and two or three dates in order to "hopefully" get laid. If you are married, they offer the most discreet option. Are you going to have a little affair with a woman from work??? Go ahead and then find out she's a wacko who begins threatening to tell your spouse. You think a professional would do that? Hell no.

This doesn't take a documentary...The reasons are obvious.

07-19-02, 22:29

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why some men want to pay for sex. NOVEMBER is right on with his points.
Some of us don't like dealing with anything but the sex. It straight up, to the point and no hassles afterwards.
I guess straight geeks and homebodies may be interested in your documentary but guys like me just need to fuck and can't waste time watching TV.
A San Diego, CA USA paper called the SD Reader is doing a story on this also and is taking short recollections of men's experiences with prostitutes. Maybe you can contact them and see what kind of info they can share with you... e-mail those bastrds at letters@sdreader.com.

07-22-02, 05:35
I've only been to Amsterdam once. I had a great experience with a beautiful Greek woman with huge breasts for only $45. But before I found her, I too was rejected by half the girls. I'm not a "troll" as some have described. But I do have one point against me: I look like I'm 16 even though I'm in my mid-30s.
The Greek girl was nice enough to give me the benefit of the doubt and even asked me my age. But most of the other girls would just turn their nose up at me and go back to dancing in their windows. Two didn't believe me when I gave them my age. (nobody asked for ID but i would have been happy to provide it if they had just been polite enough to ask). The only other "sex" city I've been to is Frankfurt and Seoul and I must say that the women in Amsterdam are the most beautiful, but also the most snobbish and rude...

07-22-02, 11:45
Ok bigbob, ok boy I got to set you straight, you say women in Amsterdam snobbish and arrogant, yeah right. Their Dutch boyfriends are cheap as hell, and a guy without a lot of money can have a gorgeous girlfriend. This like many other cities in Europe you can find some rather hot women that will talk to you unlike those in America who will just walk the other way when they find out you ain't Richie Rich. Beautiful European women rock!! Oh yeah I'm curious if you visited any of the brothels in Frankfurt, because those places are better than Amsterdam. You want to meet an arrogant woman?? I can introduced you to my old girlfriend in New York. How about that? Or just about any woman in New York, they're all arrogant and all after the $$$$$$$$!!!! We can take a trip to Los Angeles, its New York but the weather's hot. Or Miami??? Ok, what about San Francisco?? You have never seen a freak until you have been to Frisco!!!!!!!!

07-22-02, 13:04
I got to agree about American broads. Most let themselves go
physically because they are lazy and the ones that do have enough pride in their appearance do it for the money. Even
here in the U.S. , I would rather date Asian, hispanic or Euro
rather than American fatbread...er excuse me whitebread broads.

07-22-02, 22:45
Does anyone know in Amsterdam where I can get viagra from? It has been mentioned some of the sex shops sell it over the counter and I want to give it a try. I would be grateful for any info on this. I will be visiting Amsterdam, Alkmaar and The Hague RLDs next week and will report back.

07-23-02, 09:03
Originally posted by tony70
Does anyone know in Amsterdam where I can get viagra from? It has been mentioned some of the sex shops sell it over the counter and I want to give it a try. I would be grateful for any info on this. I will be visiting Amsterdam, Alkmaar and The Hague RLDs next week and will report back.

You can find it from a sex shop found near the canal where the bulldog is. On the other side of the canal walk up and you will find another coffee shop named 'THE OTHER PLACE', just next door in the corner there is a sex shop (you will not miss for sure) just ask there. You can also buy a herbal V named SIGRA from a smart shop near SEXYLAND in the heart of the RLD. It really works believe me.
Another hint where to go. Try to find a sex club named 'CLUB PARADISE' it is not found in the centre but you have to cross to the northern part of Amsterdam by using the free ferries just from behind Centraal Station (a ferry is available every 6 and 12 minutes night and day). Find the web site of this club and you will have a map. If you go on Thursday night a gang bang is organised. You pay 50 euros and you can fuck as many as you can. Everyone will be fucking all over the place..in the bar, sauna, swimming pool etc. A porno film is shown on screen all the time and there is a very friendly atmosphere so d not be afraid to go..I went alone there. Believe me do not miss it even if you go for just watching.

07-23-02, 10:25
another question about buying Viagra in AMsterdam..do i need a medical prescription?
here in italy unfortunately i need a medical prescription to buy viagra..:-(
thanks everybody..

07-23-02, 21:56

Ask your doctor for a prescription. Hell if my doctor here in
the U.S. will write me a script, then you should have no
problems getting one in Italy. I don't say that as an insult
to Euro doctors..I say it because I think that they are probably
more enlightened in their attitudes towards their patients
sexual well being than their American counterparts.

07-23-02, 22:09
Dear Lovedove,

Many thanks for the info about Viagra. I will give it a try. I bought Sigra from one of the Smartshops on a visit to Amsterdam earlier this year and it worked for me. I didn't get any side effects. The only problem I did find was not being able to finish. Mabe I was all out of juice! I also tried Yohimbe which was from the smartshops and that also seemed to have the same effects a Sigra i.e hard on. It did the trick for me!

07-23-02, 23:04
I don't need Viagra for normal fucking but I tested it
on a trip to Amsterdam because I wanted to see how it
affected duration and stamina. I found that it absolutely
worked as advertised. I also found that, although I stayed
ramrod hard, I found it more difficult to get a nut after the first couple of times. On my last night, I was with a very pretty 19
year old Dutch girl and had to buy extra time because I couldnt
unload in the original time bought (keep in mind that I am 40
and the sight of this lovely young girl riding me should have made me cum easily. Like Tony, I just may have been out of jam.
Another item of interest was that it seemed to be effective
for a good 18 hours after dosing.

pseud onym
07-25-02, 07:21
Do you know of anyone who has contracted HIV even after "safe" sex encounters in Amsterdam?

08-01-02, 09:14
Originally posted by pseud onym
Do you know of anyone who has contracted HIV even after "safe" sex encounters in Amsterdam?

I think the deafening silence suggest not.. The girls really are very fastidious about this and anal sex is very rare.

08-01-02, 10:37
gangbang night at the Paradise club anyone have some information about it? Is it real and what is the price? whoul like to have news from someone who participated! Thanks

08-01-02, 14:51
Yes, gangbang night at Paradise Club is real. It's on Thursday nights. There is usually 4 or 5 girls and a lot more guys. I recall it is 50 Euros entry and you can have as much sex as you want. You need to get the boat from behind Amsterdam CS to take you over to North Amsterdam, and it's about 10 minutes walk.

08-01-02, 17:07
thank you! You said that the men are (naturally!) nuch more than the girls... but how many? ... is there any dander in this bangbang?

08-03-02, 17:07
Hey all...I've been to Amsterdam twice, last time was maybe 18 months ago, and I'm probably going again in October. Must agree with those who say you have to be careful about whom you choose. The first time I patronized the RLD, I picked an extremely beautiful Eastern European lass who was a complete cold fish in the sack. She sucked me halfheartedly and then I tried to stick it in her but she just lay there like a corpse. After 10 minutes she told me I had to come or get out....Wha'? I knew I wasn't close, so I tried to finish myself off but I was so turned off I couldn't even keep it hard. The mistake I made was choosing her without checking her demeanor in the window...she looked sexy but not very friendly at all.
Next time around I chose a Filipino woman with an absolutely amazing body. She seemed very friendly in the window, and I was not disappointed. First she rubbed her beautiful naked body all over me, then she administered an excellent BJ. She even pretended to enjoy it, I was surprised what a difference that made. I had such a great time, I went back to her again 30 minutes later!
So the moral of the story, kids, is make sure you choose one that appears friendly, it counts at least as much as looks.
On a related note, if you like weed, Amsterdam is the place for you, BTW.

08-03-02, 17:36
HaHa Sulaco,

The Euro broads are nice to look at but their attitude is
hit or miss. I prefer the Latin or Asian girls because
they seem to put a little more heart into it.

08-04-02, 15:24
Nice terminology, Eurobroads, no wonder they didn't care for you. Those Asian and Latin women probably won't either in the long run.

Joe Zop
08-04-02, 16:45
That's hilarious, CBGB -- a comment from you on kind and proper terminology after the amount of vitriol you've dished out!

I think you're right, Sulaco, that demeanor is a good indication, one I've found far more useful than nationality. I had good and so-so experiences with Dutch, Eastern European and Caribbean women in the RLD, and friendly eye contact and demeanor was the best indicator.

08-04-02, 19:49
CBGB..........Perhaps you feel stung by a previous comment of
mine. If so, I don't give a shit. Further...I don't care about the
Eurobroads, the Latins or the Asians for "THE LONG RUN".

08-05-02, 12:38
Originally posted by Freeler

You wrote:
"she looked sexy but not very friendly at all."

IMHO 'friendly' and 'smile' are way more important than 'age' and 'looks'.
I just returned from a trip to Tallinn, Estonia and didn't even bother with the women there. Pretty but unfriendly...
A total and utter turn off!


Funny, but when I think back over all my sessions, the best ones were the ones who looked sombre and the worst were the ones who looked desperate.. Not always the case, but more often than not.. The ones I definitely would not go back to all tried to lure me in, and the best ones just caught my eye without really trying...

08-05-02, 16:21
Originally posted by antonio.mi
thank you! You said that the men are (naturally!) nuch more than the girls... but how many? ... is there any dander in this bangbang?

Maybe as much as 6 to 10 times the number of men to the number of girls. It depends I think, as sometimes guys bring their wives/girlfriends just to watch. There are some rooms which are mostly made from glass so they are see-through where you can go for some slightly more privacy. There are porno movies playing and some guys are just sitting around whacking off on sofas. If you don't mind being part of a queue orinvolved in a free-for-all fucking session, I guess it might be for you. It wasn't really for me. I hear the Showboat club also does a gangbang night, which is supposed to be more relaxed, it's mostly locals that hang out there though.

08-05-02, 16:21
again on gangbangs: Candy Club, Paradise Club, Showboat, etc.: what is the difference between a normal night? Are the girls "offered" by the club or not? I never attended one of these feasts, but I am very curious. Why people should go the other days of the week when there is this possibility? ... I will be in Amsterdam in September and I am trying to be informed... Thank you!

08-05-02, 16:27
Originally posted by amorphous

Maybe as much as 6 to 10 times the number of men to the number of girls. It depends I think, as sometimes guys bring their wives/girlfriends just to watch. There are some rooms which are mostly made from glass so they are see-through where you can go for some slightly more privacy. There are porno movies playing and some guys are just sitting around whacking off on sofas. If you don't mind being part of a queue orinvolved in a free-for-all fucking session, I guess it might be for you. It wasn't really for me. I hear the Showboat club also does a gangbang night, which is supposed to be more relaxed, it's mostly locals that hang out there though.

Thank you for your reply that arrived just few second after I posted a new request.... I should be more patient!

08-07-02, 00:00
I have been to Amsterdam during the Queen's day celebration this past April. The Dutch non-pros in nightclubs seemed more friendly than the time I went in March about two years ago even after everything converted to Euros. (I liked the guilders better because things were cheaper even the RLD girls. In US equivalency, girls costed $40/per 15 min under the guilders and $50 under the Euros. I did less of the RLD this time around because it costed more but I had to satisfy one-eyed willie so he would not ruin my game with the women in the dance clubs by pleading to meet my sex quota. After getting past my sex quota with the RLD, I decided to try my luck at a few dance clubs. The worst place to meet non-pros is the escape club. These women are really American tourist women in disguise. The better place to meet women is the Ministry club. I went on a Friday night when they play house and techno music (Saturday is R&B and attracts the black crowd. When I got in, no one wanted to dance until I demonstrated the capoeira I learned in Brazil. Then many people bought me drinks (I ordered 7 red bulls after drinking 2 whiskey with cokes) and many women started talking to me about my dance skills. I got about 7 cell phone numbers and 10 e-mail addresses from Dutch local girls that night. One of the girls even took me back to her apartment. She was gorgeous about a 10, she had dirty blond short hair, blue eyes, 34c tits, slim waist, and gorgeuos long legs. She french kissed me on my way into her apartment, pulled me to her couch, unzipped my pants and went straight for my cock. My cock was already hard from looking at this gorgeous Dutch girl. It was the only BBBJ I had in Amsterdam (because all the pros blow you with condoms), but I had to wear a condom for intercourse because she didn't want to get pregnant. I don't know if this would have happened if I didn't bust some moves but in Escape, I tried the same thing and nothing happened. So for a GFE, try the Ministry club.

08-07-02, 02:06
hello all,

i have been visiting adam once or twice a year for the last decade. i originally visited for the coffehouses but soon became a *****monger deluxe. here are some of my observations.
the latinas are nice, they are eagar to please and can be negotiated with, especially if you speak spanish. there is a dominicana that calls herself mary magdalena in a large window that is shared with another latina at the north end east side of the oudezijds achterburgwal(o.a.). be nice to her and you'll get your balls licked.
the africans that are around the oude kerk and in some alleys north of there are very aggressive. they will tap on their windows and try to talk you in with promises of free blowjobs. as soon as your dick is hard they will try to get as much money from you as possible. my buddy fell for this and paid premium price for a nasty ***** from djibouti.
if you have willpower and can think with a woody, you can have one fluff you before going to the alleys south of the church where you can find the northern european megababes. these girls are all fine but mercenary. they will usually charge more money for positions other than missionary and sometimes even to show their tits. be sure to be very clear about what you want before entering. look for ramona from austria. she is usually in a window facing sexworld(porno and peepshow)
the asian girls tend to be in the alleys at the north end of the o.a., many are thai. they will give good service for reasonable prices(30 euros last jan.).
these are all just tendencies and each girl is different, so do sample around.
beware, there are many t.s.'s around the south end of the o.a.
many will have something to tip you off such as picture of dicks or songs such as "lola" and "dude looks like a lady" playing on a boombox. some are just obviously chicks with dicks.
i will be in adam aug9th-12th . look for me at the excalibur bar on the o.a. across from the banana bar. i am tall and will be wearing a black cap with jimi hendrix stenciled on the front.

happy whoring,


08-08-02, 21:28
You are right in general. My worst experience was with an Afirican
window girl in Oude Kerk. She lured me in (my fault after a couple too many Guinness's) after convincing me that I would get a F&S
with her totally nude for 30 euro. It was quite late and I figured that a reasonable price with business slow. After giving her the cash, It was the old story....."The 30 euro was for a fuck or a suck...not both...." yada...yada.... Too bad...she was very cute, slender and desirable. I won't be using the chocolate Oude Kerk
girls again. I had a much better experience with an African streetwalker in Dam Square and got a very energetic blowjob and fuck with multiple positions for 30 euro.

I have had very good experiences with the Asian girls. They get out of their clothes faster than any of the other girls and generally give you a hot experience for 30 euros. Two of them at the corner of Oude Kennesteeg & Oz Achter each charge 30 but I have read on some board about buying both for an hour for 200. I might have to budget for that sandwich on my next trip. That is unless I go to Pattaya and buy 2 for the night for less than half that.

A very sweet South American woman in Singel charged me 30 euro and gave me almost 30 minutes. She spoke no english and I spoke no spanish but it mattered not. It was cute listening to her moaning in spanish. She was quite good and I visited her again before I left town.

Its been hit or miss with the Euro girls. They are pretty but many of them seem to think that their pussy is paved with gold and some like to play those games "......Oh...topless is extra...one position only...a 2nd position is extra...." You really have to clear up the deal with them before you hand over the cash. I have never had that experience with the Latins or the Asians. The Asians apparently can't comprehend a session that isn't totally

08-08-02, 22:19
Thanks Freeler...I am not naive and I know that all girls in this business lie and attempt to get the most cash for the least work. I know that the moaning etc. is fake but I do give them points for
approaching their job in a professional manner. By professional, I mean that they understand that they are in the business of giving sexual pleasure and, although I am sure that after sucking & fucking the 10th...11th...12th strange cock that day, its difficult for them to get up for it. But....for those that do, I applaud their approach to their job! I generally leave my sessions quite satisfied and usually the disappointments are my fault for not clearly laying out the expectations and cost. And I have had some absolutely fantastic experiences with the Euro girls as well.

08-08-02, 23:07
The African girls in OA are the most desperate ones. They lie to you telling yo a price that is cheaper and then they do nothing. I went to Amsterdam with a friend who has diffferent taste in women than I do. I go for the elegant Euro chicks near the strip club and mushroom store. My friend has lower standards (much lower standards than I have). To me this girl is a 1 out of ten. Yuck!!! He was promised a suck and fuck ay position for 30 Euros but as soon as he got in, he was taken. He only got a BJ with condom and was thrown out after 15 minutes were up. What a ripoff!
Beware of the ones at night. These are even more desperate and they not only tap on the windows but they get out and grab you as well. One unfortunate African girl (about a 1 because she is chubby and pig faced) tapped on the glass and I ignored her. She shouted, "C'mon, I can give you a suck and fuck for 25 Euros. Hey you... come into my booth!" I ignored her and walked away from her to check out more girls. But then she ran out of her booth and grabbed me to try to pull me in. I shouted for the police but no cops came. I then kicked her in the stomach and made her fall on her butt an she picked herself up and ran back into her booth. That was my most scariest experience in the Red Light District. I then raced to the spot I usually go to where the Euro girls are and avoided that place like the black plague after that experience. I now take a different route to the Euro girls instead of walking around the church at night. I instead walk down the block with all th restaurants and bars to get to the Euro girls. At least the Euro girls are more honest and they tell you they only do one position wit suck and fuck for 50Euros. Also, a lot of them are 9s or 10s instead of 1s. I give the African girls 1s because of their fatness and ugly pig noses. Don't get me wrong, I think some black women such as Tyra Banks or Hollie Berry are gorgeous and get 10s in my book. But these are really really ugly ones that lure unsuspecting guys into getting the worst sex in their lives.

08-10-02, 14:24
To: Darkseid..

Desperate is one thing...dishonest is another. I can respect the former....not the latter. I have been with many women in the RLD
who charge 30-50 euro and deliver. These Africans will point blank
tell you one thing until they get your money in their hand and then say and do another. I would not spend another dime on an
African window girl. If I want an African chick, I'll hang out at Dam Square and let a streetwalker offer me a proposition.

08-11-02, 06:43
Yes, those African window girls are dishonest an I did not appreciate what they did to my friend. I forgot to mention that a guy who witnessed my scary event of me being almost dragged to her booth by a desperate one talked about his experience with these dishonest ugly African window girls. He was charged an equivalent of 30 Euros (about 1 year ago, when Holland used guiders, was 75 guiders) for a fuck and suck any position but instead the ugly African girl sucked him for a short time, spat on the condom and gave him a hand job. I would avoid these ugly and dishonest ones and go for the honest Euro women near the strip club and mushroom shop. They tempt you with cheap prices (and you would think they're cheap because they're ugly) but they rip you off in the end.

08-11-02, 17:15
I have to add to this discussion about the African girls. I have been frequenting windows in Amsterdam since 1996 and I would definately say the African women should be avoided. I have made the mistake of trying one out thinking she was different than the last only to be proven wrong. In many attempts I only had one black girl who was ok, she was from Jamaica, but she was hot and professional and more like the euro girls in here attitude, also she was not near the old kerk. The descriptions given are very accurate so I have nothing really to add to that as far as their behaviour is concerned. As far as attitude the South Americans get top marks in my book. I have always had a hot time with the Latinas.

One thing I must add is that on my visit to Antwerp last year most of the girls in the RLD were African yet most were totally the opposite of the Amsterdam RLD women. Just avoid the Amsterdam African RLD women at all costs. I went with one ages ago and she said 35 guilder bla bla bla, got in and I said to her "u give me suck AND fk for 35 guilder " about a million times. She took the money, I undressed, she started on the crap blowjob, which was one of the worst I ever had, and then i said lets fk so she said u pay me more etc etc, calling me cheap and so on. I just got up , dressed, told her to fk off and die and walked out. The next day I was walking passed the old kerk, where her window was, and she did her window tapping at me, she recognised me and said please come in this time i do everything, 35 guilder. What a stupid *****. Well me and other guys are getting our own back and helping others by posting here. AVOID THEM. Thats all I can say.

08-12-02, 23:04
Same experience with the Oude Kerk girls. If you want African,
get a streetwalker. I was on my way back to Hotel Die Port Van Cleve in Dam Square when a young (about 20) black girl approached me and offered a F&S at my room for 30 euro. It was very late but I took her back. I put all my cash in the room safe so I wasn't concerned about being ripped off. She was very enthusiastic and sucked me hard. Then she gave me multiple positions on my bed. I think that she was a bit inexperienced
"business wise". She ask if she could stay in my bed for a couple of hours until the trams/trains opened up again and fell asleep after I fucked her al gratis again.

08-13-02, 21:35
Hello All,

I just got back from A-dam, and I have tales to tell. It looks like I started a bit of Oude Kerk African bashing. The funny thing is I went ahead and did one this time and it was fun.

I found a fat African with big tits. She was totally atypical of what I usually go for, but my dick started to twitch and I decided to trust it's judgement. The negotiations were what you would expect, with her hard selling a s&f for 25e that got bumped up to 50e for full nudity as soon as the first cash changed hands. I knew that was coming and it didn't bother me much. I asked her how much to fuck her in the ass and she told me 30e more. I let her see the 30e but then told her I would think about it while we fucked. This worked like a charm. She maintained a good attitude throughout, hoping for that 30e more that she never got. I think I have a touch of jungle fever and it was kind of fun playing her bullshit game. I don't know if i'll do this again though because even 50e is too much for these girls.

I had three others who were all good. A huge tittied older Dutch woman near the church(70e euro for her on top with titties in my face). An Italian girl who looked like a young Charo with a great ass(70e doggy style of course). And a Thai girl who gave great service including ball licking for 30e.

All in all it was a good trip.

Happy Whoring,


09-14-02, 04:46
I haven't been to Amsterdam since the beginning of the year, and plan a visit soon. Does anyone know if a Blonde Dutch girl named Jackie is still there , usually wears a baseball cap with enhanced breasts ? Last time I knew she was in Goldbergersteeg, that new bit near the Old Kerke. Many Thanks.

09-15-02, 13:00

I have a big fantasm for a long time. I dream about girls in uniforms, specially in military uniforms.

next time when I'll go to Amsterdam I'll bring with me a soldier's uniform.
so I suppose ...... may be many girls to ask me more money........
If you have any info about girls with uniforms(schoolgirls,police,army)please write a short answer.


09-17-02, 04:03
News Flash Boys

.. I have been to Amsterdam many times since 1977 and I tell you what . The shopping is great but it is totally a hit and miss .. Rip of everrywhere if you for one second forget to ask the menu .. Totaly univolved most of the time .. Only one step better than masturbation .Borrrrrrrrrrring .. I never worried about paying but in Amsterdam as well as most places you sure dont get much for your $$$$$$.. The scams are unreal .. There was only one I enjoyed because it was free . I beat some poor sap on the pool table for 50 guilders at about 8 am when the new shift was comming on . So I got some fresh stuff for free if you know what I mean

Three years ago I decided to see what Cuba was all about .. Once you get past the problem of cops or security at the hotel or private house You will not belive what I,m about to tell you .

Never would I go out of my way to go to Amsterdam Again...
I,m in Canada and have been to Cuba three times this year . Never paid more than 50 US for all night .. The Girls are the best in the world bar none . I had everything from 18 to 36 year old women .. They never ask for money up front ..

90 % of the girls were happy with 20 US . Mind you 20 Us is what a doctor makes in a month ..

I am 50 and my current pretend girlfriend is 19 .. (I pretend to love her and she pretends Too.) we have sex at least three times a day and anything goes .

I can and so can you get a new girl every half an hr if you are at the right place . Mind you I have the $ to take care of her but most of the time I bring her 100 CND of good used clothes and a few new pcs . When I leave I usually leave her 100 to max 180 Us for a week of the best sex I ever had . Now she is not a pro and does act like a girlfriend but I take care of her and her family by sending her money monthly and all is well .. She waits for me at the airport and escorts me to the airport when I,m leaving .
The cops are not a problem because I,m concidered to be her husband because everyone knows I suport her . Small Town , they know everything .

Everyone tells me she is a good girl but I doubt it .. Most likely she has a few boyfriends but when I,m there she is on my arm 24..7.. In public and in private she is the most affectionate person I have ever met in my life . Sometimes I even think she is falling in love with me . The sex has gotten better every time . Last christmas she got the female problem the ;last few days so I tried for a few nights and got some anal .... Heeeeeheeeee . Now its there any time I want it . Just for the asking I get a complete t
ung bath and I know she enjoys it because she does not quit till I roll over to give it to her . Last trip she got carried away and Attacked my a.. with her fingers while giving me on of her now ( She learned) fantastic blow j... and even dough it was fun for a bit I wanted to get her to stop and she would not . Finally she climed on board , started on me for a few minutes stoped and said I,m going to have to hurry because her mom is comming home any time . ( it was our second session that night ) She took two strokes and had a great orgasm . I laughed and told her " I,m sorry I can't come that fast .. That was my joke for the week every time I wanted to tease her a bit .

Last trip Two weeks cost me 600 Us including a box of cigars I brought home and money I left her ( 140) . Air only was 428 Cnd When I,m not there I send her 120 per month which is a years wages for her father in Cuban Pesos ..
On his wages he cold not even buy a electric fan

Just a Cuban twist to the old game

I absolutely treat her like a girlfriend or a wife . She and her family watch over me . If I have to go somewhere alone father and uncles come along for safety . Never felt better . During the day when she is in school I am never alone . They can't take a chance of losing me to another chica . But if I want another one I just dont go to her town . So far the steady is working out great .

You do the math ... Amsterdam 100 yuro for a 9 for 15 min They all expect you to unload in 15 or less and pull the plug if you don't.

My girl is a 9 and because she is 19 and has a great personality in my book that makes her a 12 and because she is ready anytime I want I give her a few more points ..

Three and sometimes four sessions per day She is worth 100 Us per session plus companionship all day another Hundred
on this math she is worth 400US per day
What is a good tung bath worth in Amsterdam ,If you could buy one

So on 400 per day in 14 days I would be spending 5600 US in two weeks if I was in Amsterdam

For 120 per month I have the commpany and attention of a beautifull young woman . She helps out her sister her grandfather gets 10$ per month from her money . I feel great because I am supporting the whole family for so very little
And in Amsterdam you cant walk down the beach and run in the bushes for a quicky . One day I did just that Pulled her in the bushes . She looked at me puzzled and asked Here . I said "Si " Bent her over a low branch and perfectly understood that I was going to have to be Quick . I did the deed in a minute or two .. She turned around and looked at me and said ''''Ya " . I smiled and we walked away laughing because she could not belive how Quick I was . Normally at home it is anything from 45 min to 3 hrs for a good one ..

So you still want to go to Amsterdam . Dont take my word for it talk to someone else that has been there

Like I said I have been on three continents and absolutelly nothing in the world compares with the Cuban scene .. Read some posts about Cuba and if you go tell me about it here

The older but wizer OLDFART

Ps.. I think I just talked myself into buying her something big .. like a fridge ..
Hell using the above math I owe her 5000 $ US per visit ... Oh Shit I hope she never sees this or figures it out the way I do

Rabo Verde
09-18-02, 17:28
Have been to Amsterdam several times, had fun with the window girls, but kind of abrupt. Any private slower houses, agencies, where GFE or at least slow play is possible with young friendly girls? Please specify prices. Thanks!

09-19-02, 01:29
Don't want to be an old fart, or start a flame war. But Oldfart, post your stuff in the cuban section. Being a Brit I can travel to Amsterdam in in less than an hour, I can't have a daytrip to Cuba. So your posting is irrelevant to me here.

09-19-02, 02:42
Well I just thought I would tell someone this if they had a little more time on their hands .. No pun intended Besides people that have been to Cuba dont need any help

09-19-02, 19:26
Can you tell me how much I would pay for an hour with a girl (I need at least an 8) in the Red Light District? And would I stand a chance to find someone who does Greek? Are they friendly or mostly bitchy?

09-19-02, 23:16
Can't confirm prices since the introduction of the Euro, but the girls vary- they are all individuals. A lot of girls have been there for many years and are hardened professionals, newbies will be shy and passive. I would avoid German girls - have met few that do not try to deceive with fake sex and oral ( hard to explain this - but it happens), some eastern european girls are polite and friendly as with some Dutch girls. Dutch girls are more professional, discuss with whoever you choose what will you receive i.e fuck and/or suck, topless, bottomless ( have had girls that simply move aside their bikini's briefs), positions - some girls will only allow missionary. Anal sex is available - but not widely. I have sex with stunning looking girls who have just stared at the ceiling unmoved ( with that incredible internal clock), cold girls who did fuck me back ( cynically just trying to get me to finish ?? ),been ripped off and have encountered GFE or great sporting sex.

09-19-02, 23:24
Some girls allow 69 or reverse oral ( this may depend on being a regular) - BUT would you want to ? If you are at the end of the queue (line). Some girls will allow fondling of breasts - a lot won't. Pussy fingering is as above but maybe less so - these girls are safety conscious. Kissing is a real NO NO. My experience's are only with white european girls ( maybe the odd south american or Indian ). Can't comment on black/african girls - these are not attractive to me ( No Naomi Campbell's or Beyoncees here), and Oriental girls/ boys are not my thing.

09-20-02, 23:52
Oldfart - your post was very interesting and useful for a yankee like me who could easily waste time and $$ in other places.

09-21-02, 16:06
My wife and I will be visiting Amsterdam in the spring. I read in the archives about a couple finding a girl to do a threesome in the RLD. Any one else recently have experience with this?

09-21-02, 16:55

Absolutelly no comparison between the two . Night and day
Never would I go to Am....again unless I was just passing thru . Visit the cuba section or Cubanonet .com or cubamania.com for some real insite . Out of to during of seaso you can go for 400 US $ ta a cheap all inclusive ... and they dont stamp you pasport

Joe Zop
09-21-02, 19:53
Nope -- the ban's still there, Freeler, hence the reference to the lack of a passport stamp.

And let's face it, there are obviously a number of differences in the scene between Amsterdam and Cuba (or Brazil, or Thailand, or...) but let's also keep in mind that in Amsterdam it's legal and regulated, so unlike Cuba, you're not dodging police, trying to find friendly casas, putting women at risk of being jailed, etc. Or, if you're American, being illegal just by being there.

But this discussion really belongs in the "What Country Is Best for.." section.

09-22-02, 03:43
Is it ok for Yanks like me to go to Cuba? It sounds iffy, I would rather just go to Rio as they have some cut rate hotel and air packages there and its more established with regards to sex.

Joe Zop
09-22-02, 19:33
True enough, Freeler, and every system decidedly has its issues. Heaven knows civil servants are their own particular flavor of plague. You and I both like Thailand where it's "officially" illegal but practically not so, and Brazil and many other areas are very much the same way. But in Cuba they're much more aggressive against the trade, that's all.

All I was saying was that in Amsterdam you don't need to skulk around like a criminal, as you do in the US and many other places, and paying VAT and putting up with silly regulations can still be a welcome trade-off for that.

09-23-02, 00:48
I dug into the issue with Cuba, prostitution is illegal there and you can wind up dealing with some rather unsavory characters. A third world prison is not a joke and if you are arrested the government cannot do anything to get you out. Cuba is a military dictatorship known for murdering its citizens at will. I don't think I am going to risk my ass in a place like that. If in South America it might be better to go to Argentina where the government is somewhat more European in that they respect human rights more. At least Amsterdam is a safe city and in a democratic stable nation and is a part of the European Union which is a bedrock or democracy comparable to the US. I like to get laid on a trip but I don't like being dragged away to an undisclosed location by a country's secret police. I advise anybody here to be real careful taking oldfart's advice.

09-23-02, 04:09
Going in two weeks. The RLD seems to be hit and miss. I was thinking of trying a place like Golden Key or Ria(?) Park 118 etc. Would like it to be close to Leidesplein or city centre etc.

Any suggestions??

09-23-02, 13:16

It sounds like you're asking for recommendations on the best private houses in Amsterdam? Well, the majority of Prive Haus Experts would probably tell you:

A) Steer well clear of the Golden Key, notorious rip-off joint;

B) The most esteemed establishments are Vienna Massage, Park 118, Ria's and Asmara. Stick with any of these and you won't go too wrong.

Ria's can be reached by taking the No 1 Tram from the Leidsplein. Look for the black facade of the the club on Overtoom.

09-24-02, 00:09
GGBoy Ria's and Park are highly reccommended. Ria's is an upscale deluxe club with bar and Park is your standard brothel but it is an excellent one at that. Vienna Massage is another excellent place.

09-24-02, 04:14
Thanks for the info. Actually in addition to the private houses I was thinking of the club type - more like the german FFK. Are any of these good?? Is Rias a club or a Prive?? Any info on Societe Anonyme


09-24-02, 17:11
Hey, I'm going to be in Amsterdam for the third time next week and was hoping someone could answer this question for me:
I love all parts of a woman, but I have a raging fetish for bare feet (playing with them, licking them, f***ing them, etc.) and was wondering if there were any places in Amsterdam that might indulge my particular prediliction.
Also, I was thinking of hiring some outcall action for the hotel room, what are the economics involved?
Thanks much.

09-29-02, 12:13
I will be in Amsterdam in mid-October. What should I pay for a half hour in the red light district? What is the best way not to get ripped off? What are your usual limits as far as touching kissing etc.?

09-29-02, 21:06

Freeler sums up the A'dam situation pretty well. There are a host of caveats in the Adam RLD (by which we mean the Walletjes, as opposed to the Pijp or Singel RLDs). Prime Directive is: Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate before you go in to the kamer. It's true you can characterise it as a "pop n' go" enviornment generally, but there are also some good experiences to be had, if you are A) Experienced in discerning whether there is chemistry in a few second's interview time; and B) if you're lucky. Guess a combo of both is the best...

One general rule that is sometimes contradicted but most often holds true: More Beatuiful the girl, less quality is the performance likely to be. This means the so-called gfe is rare amongst the real stunners, but more likely amongst second-teir beaties. Your Milage May Vary reigns supreme.

Freeler gives a good tip: Go to the Amsterdam Pives for a surer thing: Park 118, Vienna Massage, Ria's and Asmara are all more likey to give you the memorable sex encounter you seek, than is the RLD.

But if you're after the window shopping scene and want the best combination of beaty and low prices with quality service: Follow the trail to Alkmaar, originally suggested by Feeler. This is a far better RLD than the Walletjes, imho, and has about 50 mainly Eastern European girls nightly. Lots of 7s and 8s, some 9s!! Play your cards right here and you can get a great hour of super sex with a very hot young EE girl for 75Euros!

The Alkmaar RLD is on a street called Achterdam, off the Waagplein about 20 minute walk from Alkmaar station or 5 Euro cab ride.

Trains to Alkmaar are twice per hour from A'dam CS. The ride is 30 minutes. Last train back to CS from Alkmaar is 0.08!



09-30-02, 00:51
This is a dumb question I'm sure but is it difficult to use the train from C.S. to Alkmaar or Den Haag if you speak only English?

Thanks in advance

09-30-02, 01:59

Is it incredibly easy to use the Dutch rail system. Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English and I am pretty sure all the employess of NS (Netherlands Railways) do also. At the ticket office just ask in English for a single or return to Alkmaar. They also do tickets for example Amsterdam CS-Alkmaar-Den Haag CS-Amsterdam CS.

As a foreigner you can also buy a ticket valid for travel for any three days in a month. This offers unlimited travel in the whole of the system (except international trains). The cost was Dfl130 (about €60)

The rail system is relatively clean, very safe and quite relaible.



09-30-02, 09:54
I'd forget about the Alkmaar RLD, as prices are now the same as the Walletjes,
but you pay an extra 10 Euro for the train, and 6 for the taxi (each way) - If you
don't know where you are going, the RLD can be difficult to find from the
station. The number of girls is also much less than other RLDs. If you do
feel adventurous, you could try the Zandpad RLD in Utrecht (20 mins by train
from CS) or the Leeuwarden RLD (2hrs by train, but the price there is usually
25 Euro and most are quite lenient with the amount of time too. Quality of
girls is pretty good, even an Anna Kournikova lookalike!, or there was the last
time I was there a few months ago - Authorities here in NL are cracking down
on places where there are girls from outside the EU). The Geleenstraat RLD
in Den Haag (which is quite close to the HS station) is also very nice, lots of
good qualities there, but I wouldn't go to either of the other two - in fact I read
one of them was being closed down).

As for trains, just state your destination, and you may get asked "enkeltje?" (single)
or "retourtje" (return), but most likely the attendant will spot from your accent
that you are not local and will ask in english. An alternative is you use the ticket
machines, which have instructions in english [they tell you which buttons to press
since they are written in dutch] - You have to use the ones that operate with
coins, because the card operated ones don't take foreign credit cards.


10-01-02, 20:21
A few thoughts on Amsterdam and Alkmaar. With about six trips under the belt to Amsterdam, I'll post a few things remembered and learned. In the last 4 years, things have changed for the worst. Four years ago the price was 25 - 50 nlg, now 50 euros is standard. All of the windows were full in the past, now often there are many empty windows even on a weekend. Many of the girls look much more hardened now, and if any of us had to do this work we would be aging as well. In the RLD there are some really nice girls now, just not as many as a few years ago. I have never had a bad session with one of the asian girls. Most will give you a 5 minute massage and actually act like they care if you are enjoying yourself. Same with the latin girls, but I have never seen many latin girls in the main RLD, mostly in the Singel area. The Dutch ladies are always very pleasant, but understand that time is money.

I have been to Bianca and it is true she is very nice, but I would not say it is better than Park 118 and is more expensive. As for Park 118, yes it is probably the best deal in town if there is a girl to your liking at the time you are there. Usually there is. Rosa, the large Latin girl is really fun, she is not a stunner, but she really loves what she does. I have not tried the other Prives, but you will not go wrong at Park 118.

The Pijp, this is where Bianca is and the area is pretty small. The girls are nice, but not spectacular. Thay asked 50 euros, same as the other areas.

I do remember the prices in the Singel being 35 -50, with 35 being for the older ladies. The younger ones all asked 50, same as the main RLD.

Alkmaar- I was there one time about 10 AM and that definitely is not the time to be there. It was about 70% empty, but I will go in the evening sometime as I liked the feel of the place, everything is in one area and less hectic than the RLD in Amsterdam.

I read in an earlier post that the prices are now 50 E, same as in Amsterdam. Can anyone confirm this has happened? The prices wre posted on little signs at 35 E in April.

Uetrech ( sp? ) is a lot of fun. Take the train taxi from the station, you have to wait a few minutes and usually share a ride, but it is about 6 Euros I think. They know where the boats are.

I walked the boats and near the end was a real nasty looking older Italian lady (35 - not real old, but not a 22 year old ). I usually try to pick the models and I will honestly say that I do not recommend doing that as MOST of the time, not always, it will be a very poor experience. So, back to the nasty older Italian. She did not speak on word of English and I , not more than 10 words of Italian. Well, she was unbelivable in any thing you can think of. She took me to her little bathroom and washed my ***hole and then proceeded to lick that area for 10 minutes, then greek with her and I stayed for one hour for 200nlg, then about 80 usd . So , I have not been to the boats more than once, but I know I will go back!

Den Haag- It was really bad! It was daytime, but I never saw any areas where there wre good looking anything. The area to the left of the staion is the worst, the area to the right was better, but not anything like the RLD in Ams or the boats. I think maybe I missed the better area in Den Haag, but I did go to three areas. In Amsterdam, you have better choices.

I would love to hear from the posters if things are the same or better today. I will be in Holland again soon and any new info is appreciated.

Holland is a great place and even if you have less than porn star experiences it is a great place to visit and enjoy!

10-01-02, 23:20
I too would like some info on the current prices in Alkmaar. If its 50 euro now, then I'll skip the train ride and stay in Amsterdam. I
have had several good experiences in the Singel and I like it there because I don't make a habit out of looking for 10's on a looks scale. If she is pleasant looking with a decent body, thats fine. If she has a good attitude, then I am there. I was paying
30-35 euros in the Singel last March. I also found some very cute Asian window girls in the main RLD for 30 euro. Their attitude was great.

10-02-02, 01:01
I was in Alkmaar in late July and the price was still 35 euro.It's possible that it has since gone up,but I'd be surprised.In any event,I strongly reccomend a visit especially if you like Eastern European girls.

10-02-02, 04:31
I will be in A'dam mid-October. Can anyone recommend the better Prive huis in the city. I would like to get as much info as possible as I would like to try this as will as a club and the windows. I'm probably attempting more than I can handle but here goes. I diffently want to get with a Thai during this time, where will I find the best (beauty or figure).

10-02-02, 09:02
Re the situation in Alkmaar during Oct 2002:

I was there a few months ago and the prices were, as AFI, states in the 35Euro range. The selection was also rather good with many East European girls.

But there have been recent reports of police raids in other Dutch cities that target illegal East European workers. Can anybody confirm whether Alkmaar was/is affected by this? Is there still the same number and range of Eastern European beauties as there used to be? or has the number declined now due to the stricter controls on illegal immigrant workers?


10-02-02, 09:38
On one of the dutchlanguage boards, I have read that girls in Alkmaar are now asking 45 Euro. Whether this
is all of them or not, I don't know. But a trick a lot them pull is to say they have no change. I know I was recently (last week) asked for 50, but I negotiated
125 for 45 minutes. Last week, there was about 70-80 girls I think, most are from
eastern europe and south america. The best time is about 10pm-2am, as this is when there are
more girls behind windows. As for the prices, I'm not entirely convinced the girls have control
over how much they can charge (or at least for the minimum). I know in 2000 there was a change from
50 NLG to 75 NLG, and I believe the people who control that street arranged it. However, most of
the girls there do not have a verblijfsvergunning which means they are a prime target for authorities.
Recently in Amsterdam there was a lot of Bulgarians and Romanians rounded up, and they have been
deported. Many working as street prostitutes, but also pimps, gangs, etc. In Amsterdam you can
find a LOT more nice looking girls, and there the east europeans are legitimate since they must have
EU passports or residency cards to be able to rent a kamer. An alternative to main area and the
singel, is the Pijp district near Albertcuypstraat. Most dutch guys go here. For value for money, you
could always try a club like Vienna, where you get much better rooms (double bed with jacuzzi
and air conditioner!), a much more relaxed and inclusive experience - If you don't like any girl there
you can leave, and you don't pay anything.

10-03-02, 12:59
Hy Guys,

I would like to receive some more information on the gangbang night at Paradise Club i. Is it still on Thursday nights?.


10-03-02, 22:32
Yes, it is still on Thursday nights. Can be anything up to 50 guys or more there. You will need to get the ferry behind Centraal Station over to Noord-Amsterdam, as that is where the Paradise Club can be found.

10-05-02, 09:54
still on the bangnight

how many girls? and their quality?

Can you get there by taxi from the central station?


i'll be there in two weeks.

10-05-02, 21:05
thks freeler,

do you think that paradise is the best place for that kind of night or others are better.

How many girls are there usually?


10-07-02, 21:49
Well I was at Paradise for the gang bang night on Thursday last May. I was alone there but I can assure you there will be a really good atmosphere, everyone fucking everywhere in the club. As I noticed there were about 5 professional girls there and a lot of guys, everyone waiting for his turn to fuck. One of the girls, a blonde was really hard fucking and sucking everone around. Highly recommended to go even if you just observe, have a dring or watch a porno.

10-07-02, 23:16
I think there's also a gangbang night at the showboat club, or something like that. Never been, I don't go in for that, but I heard it is beter than Paradise in someways.

10-11-02, 04:34
hello guys : Does anyone have any info on a nice place/price to stay close to the RLD. Ill be coming from Chicago, and will post reviews later I hope, THANK YOU :)!!!

10-12-02, 21:40
Visiting RLD late October...

How much can I expect to pay a window girl to give me a rimjob, deepthroat blowjob, take it up the ass, choke-fuck and swallow?

10-13-02, 02:47
Just got back from Amsterdam and Frankfurt (review in FKFT FFK secion). While in Amsterdam I stayed at the Hotel NES - about 3 city blocks from the RLD - 135 Euro for a very small room including breakfast - double bed was 160. It was only one in the cheaper range that would take one night - most want 2 to 3 night stay.

Took the tram to Ria's Saturday night just after 8. About 8 girls - no guys. Everyone has their own taste but I found 2 in the 8 range, the others far below. Sat with two - Manuela and Chantal for awhile and talked and drank a few wines. Decided on Manuela - 32, very nice body - natural breasts. Thought I would try Chantal later since she was 10 years younger and hotter looking and I would need the added incentive to go a second time (I am 52 btw so seconds dont come easy).

Chose the bath option - 180 Euro (150 without) for an hour. She started a bubble bath and we got in. Very relaxing time as she massaged my back while sitting face to face, legs entangled and I played with her. Once we got down to basics she gave a nice but short CBJ and then started CG. She wanted to change to DGY but I declined as I liked watching her bounce up and down on me. When finished she gave me a massage as I relaxed until our hour was up. All in all a great experience.

Once rested, I found that Chantal was busy, still no other guys but me and the one with Chantal. I calculated that if I waited for her I might miss the last tram back so I left very happy and went to the RLD.

In the RLD I walked a bit (in the rain) and found "K" (cant remember her name) A young Greek girl with very short dark hair and large natural breasts. Since I had been with a blond earlier I found her to be to my liking. She can be found about a block south of the northern end of Acterburghwal on the west side. Her door in full glass and located below ground level. She charged 50 Euro for 20 minutes. She gave a great CBJ, rode on top CG for a while then went to Mish. Being my second time I had to really pound her to get off and she took it willingly full depth full force. Another good experience.

I have had bad experiences before so I was happy that my one night ended up great. I would heartily reccomend both these women.

Buster Cherry
10-13-02, 03:14
Good grief Teddy?

" Visiting RLD late October...

How much can I expect to pay a window girl to give me a rimjob, deepthroat blowjob, take it up the ass, choke-fuck and swallow?"

Do you hang out in a lot of mortuaries?

10-13-02, 03:29
Thats goddamn funny Buster. Teddy better bring a shitload
of cash if he is coming to Amsterdam and lookin for that action. On the other hand, maybe he needs to try S.E. Asia.

10-13-02, 15:55

10-13-02, 22:52

I am currently planning my visit and have an Anal session on my "to do list"

Are there good stuff in Boomsteeg?

Any chance someone gives me a clear description of this street "boomsteeg"

10-15-02, 14:37
Originally posted by moneyshot
hello guys : Does anyone have any info on a nice place/price to stay close to the RLD. Ill be coming from Chicago, and will post reviews later I hope, THANK YOU :)!!!

For 5 star try the Grand Hotel Krasnapolski it is right on Dam Square. If you walk out the front door turn left, go 1 block you are in the RLD!

For 4 star use the Inntel Amsterdam Centre
Nieuwezijdskolk 19
Amsterdam 1012PV

Tel 0031 20 530 1818
Fax 0031 20 422 1919

Deluxe room reserved for 2 nights, Rate Euro 169 inc. buffet breakfast + 5% tax per night (just got this info from my travel agent as I'll be there 28th - 30th October).

I have stayed at both places and prefer the Inntel as it is 100 metres away from the best bar in Amsterdam - In de Wildeman, over 250 different beers and 18 on tap! Can't be bad!

Have fun


10-15-02, 14:44
Originally posted by Laloupe

I am currently planning my visit and have an Anal session on my "to do list"

Are there good stuff in Boomsteeg?

Any chance someone gives me a clear description of this street "boomsteeg"

Just watch out for the Thai lady boys in the windows in Brandensteeg! There seem to be more and more of them appearing, however I am told (honest!!!) that most are post op!


PS: I am also "told" that they give the best bj's! Not my cup of tea but you never know!!!

10-15-02, 14:51
Originally posted by teddy
Visiting RLD late October...

How much can I expect to pay a window girl to give me a rimjob, deepthroat blowjob, take it up the ass, choke-fuck and swallow?

Once I picked myself up off the floor I realised that you will probably be able to get all you want in Amsterdam. God knows where though, as most of the girls (in my experience) in the windows seem to be into straight stuff, though I dare say if you look long enough and ask as many people as you can, you will either succeed or will be arrested!

Good luck!


10-16-02, 03:10
Thanks Thapan.

10-16-02, 05:13
Once I picked myself up off the floor I realised that you will probably be able to get all you want in Amsterdam. God knows where though, as most of the girls (in my experience) in the windows seem to be into straight stuff, though I dare say if you look long enough and ask as many people as you can, you will either succeed or will be arrested!

Good luck!

Presumably the rim job and swallow are the two most problematic in that they are "unsafe". :p

Perhaps I'll just have to be satisfied with oral / anal / oral (with condom swapping of course). Would that be called Greek half and half and half? Estimated cost in Euros for this gig, 30 minutes?

10-16-02, 13:48
Pleasure Moneyshot, I'll be staying at the Inntell from 28th - 30th October, if you are going to be in Amsterdam then and fancy meeting for a beer let me know.


10-16-02, 13:56

Frankly I don't know but it would not surprise me if it turned out to be around €150.00 or more. I might be easier if you contact one of the Amsterdam Escort agencies and have a girl come to your hotel. At least that way you will get at least an hour, after all - time is money in a window!

Have a look at www.captain69.co.uk

Once you have entered the site click on Rest of World on the left hand side and drill down to Netherlands there are a whole lot of places to choose from.

Have fun!


10-16-02, 14:39
I read something here (I think) recently about a Thai massage parlour in the Amsterdam RLD called Chaing Mai (?).

Can anyone give me info on it as I can't find where I read about it and am going to be in glorious Amsterdam on the 28th and would like to visit it.

I think I read that it is in Brandensteeg (?) and that you can get a reasonable massage but no sex only a hand job.

Any one offer any more info?

Thanks a lot


10-17-02, 00:10

Chaing Mai is in the main RLD on Barndesteeg just off the Oz Achter canal. It is non sex and hand relief only. I like to go there to get an oily body to body after a long transatlantic flight to loosen things up for the real action. As I recall, last spring I paid 85 euros for an hour session (this is Western Europe, not Bangkok). There were 7 girls sitting around watching TV when I got there as it was early. Some looked disinterested. I selected one that smiled and seemed happy. The massage was good and she slid her body all over mine...first my back and then my front. She let me finish by tittyfucking her oiled breasts and glazing her chin and throat. She then showered with me and sent me on my merry way.

One alley down, on Koestraat is another Thai massage place called Love Club 21. They have full service (sex) with massage at 120 euros an hour. I have been here a couple of times and was satisfied (not that I am a finicky customer). I primarily value a
good attitude above all as it can overcome lesser skills.

Thre are a number of real cute Thai window girls that charge 30 euros for F&S (15 minutes) as well.

Happy hunting

10-17-02, 14:28
Hi November,

Thanks very much for the information! I'm off to Amsterdam in 10 days, it is a poor substitute for Bangkok I know, can't wait to get back there in January!

I'll probably try both places that you have mentioned - do you know if they are open during the day as well as night?


PS: If Chaing Mai is where I think it is - as you stand in the street looking at it there are 4 windows / door ways about 4 steps down below street level - be careful in those as they are predominantly "Katoey's" now! A few years ago when they were "real Thai girls" there was one who was a pure 10, she sat in her door wearing an orange thong bikini. She was so damn gorgeous, very soft mid tan skin and so damn sexy too. It was a real pleasure f**king her!

10-19-02, 04:11
Hello Guys, One question will january be an ok time to visit the RLD, I was thinking it might be cheaper in the winter and less tourists. Thanks :)

10-19-02, 05:36
I have been to A'dam twice in January and there is plenty of pussy and yeah, not too many tourists but my God it is fuckin A cold and you get this cold mist and rain and it is a ***** to walk around. But I had a great time anyway. Recommended.

10-19-02, 13:13
Dont forget the goddamn wind blowing in from the
North Sea. Its raining but too windy to use an unbrella. You need a good all weather coat with a hood. I was walking down through the RLD last X-mas holidays and in 15 minutes it rained..which turned to sleet...which turned to snow. All the while, the wind was blowing it horizontally. I slipped into a pub, had a pop and then found a warm kamer. Don't get me wrong though... I love the off season and I don't even mind the rain and snow... its just the wind that makes it a ***** to walk around.

10-24-02, 12:31

Just been to Amsterdam 19-10 - 23-10-02.

As the guys are saying here watch out for the ladyboys, there are a lot of transsexuals, around casa rosso, and even some in the smaller RLD of the Singel .... unless thats your thing.

I tried 2 women on my recent stay .... and can I just say that Amsterdams weather sucked, it rained part of everyday I was there .... good excuse to go into the coffeeshops to stay dry !!!

Anyway, the first was dutch blonde in a small alley near the ouderkirk, she was an 8/10 in my books, really friendly, negotiated, fuck (2 positions), suck, fully nude .... started with the blowjob which was quite good although not long enough, anyway we started fucking doggystyle, she was putting on quite agood act too, moaning and so on, I rolled her onto her back so I could play with her soft natural tits until I finished which didn't take too long .... a good experience.

The second one I found in the Singel area, I was actually detouring through there on my way back to my hotel, when in the last alley I was walking along I found another dutch blonde, a little older than the first maybe 27-28, very, very friendly, I negotiated the same deal as the first, she started the blowjob, which was incredible .... I almost cam within minutes, she really knew what she was doing .... I had to stop her or it would be over too quickly, so I told her I wanted to fuck her, this time in reverse to the first, I rolled her onto her back, and her eyes never left mine as I slid into her or even when I was pumping into her .... that was a fantastic touch too .... after a few minutes I asked her to get on her hands and knees, what a site her cute arse, beautiful soft creamy skin .... I came deep inside her, totally unrushed total time was right on 30 mins when I left, I hugged her, kiissed her on the cheek and even gave her an extra 10 euros .... just for being that damn good, Itotally recommend her.

Amazing Amsterdam ..... yep it is.


10-24-02, 15:45
Good report OzGuy!

I have been to "Amazing Amsterdam" many times but have not tried the Single RLD, can you tell me where it is and how to locate the girl you had there she sounds good to me!



10-24-02, 16:40

Thanks man ..... the experience was much better than my attempt to write about it.

The Singel ... ok, if you are coming from Centraal station, the main RLD is on your left, the Singel on your right ... they are maybe 6 or so blocks apart .... the singel is a much smaller area but there are some gems in there too .... there were quite a few Thais, but I will be in Bangkok next month so I will have all the time in the world for Thai girls then !!!!

The woman I was talking about in my previous post, was at the far end of the Singel, meaning away from the main RLD, I can't remember the name of the laneway she was in as I was wandering aimlessly back to my hotel in Raadhiusstraat .... but there are only about 6 to 8 windows in her lane, and she has the very last one .... if you have the chance, you will not regret seeing her thats for sure.

let me know how you go ....


10-24-02, 18:25
Hi, I have just got back from AMS and had a great time all round, but in particular with two Thai girls on Achterburgwal. (right at the end past a Falafel place and past the Bananenbar etc).

They called themselves Um and Om and were the slimest of girls. So friendly and really got into what they were doing. Naked, kissing, happy to swap at any time etc etc....marvellous!

Seemed to be a lot more ladyboys this time and not just in the one street....

Trompetersteeg serving up its usual fine fare of 9s and 10s.

Can't wait to return.

10-25-02, 09:10

Thanks for the info, I'll be in Amsterdam on Monday and will check out Singel as I'm staying half way between the 2 RLD's! Good planning it appears, huh?

Have fun in BKK, you have to try Eden if you have not been there before, their web site is: www.eden-bkk.com

They specialise in 3somes and you can make an online booking, I did and it works a treat! I had decided that after my 13 hour flight from London, I'd sleep for a few hours then have the Eden Experience - I was not disappointed, it set me up for the next few days.

I can also heartily recommend Angelwitch in Nana Plaza (2nd floor left hand side as you walk in) I bar fined 2 from there, the first called Ci - pronounced Sea - she was a bit older than most of the others, she told me she was 30 but didn't look it, she was excellent and that is all I'm going to say about it!

Have a great time in LOS, you can get a huge amount of info on www.board2.nanaplaza.com the guys there are really helpful as a lot of them actually live in BKK.

I'll be back again in January and it can't come soon enough for me!


10-25-02, 11:10
Hello Everybody, excuse my english but it is not my native language.
I want to report my i agression in the red light district of Amsterdam.
It was in 2001, queen day, 2 am.
I went to a prostitute, turkish one I think. It was close to the channel, Taapvergunning straat close to the sailors rest. She was black haired, 1m60, 50 kg like.
I asked her for having sex only, not sucking, for 100 guilders, she agreed with a friendly smile.
Once I entered the room and I paid cash, she changed attitude.
She ordered me to take off my pant only an lay down. I asked why I can't take off the t-shirt she responded "because".
She put a candom and started sucking, I said I don't want sucking, and stopped her gently. She said there's no fucking in RLD, only sucking, and refused. I said that it was not what we agreed, so she replied that she decide, and now I have to go home. I said give me back my money, she immediately pressed a button under her table and 1 minute later 2 guys entered, 1 of them had a knife and blocked the door, the other one punched me on the nose 2 times, I didn't react because I was too scared.
I started bledding so I soiled the floor, he gave me a towel and orderd me to clean it, I obeid.
They then let me go out. I immediately went to the police station, with the blood on my t-shirt. I explained the situtation so they send me back there with a patrol. The chief of the police crew talked to the window girl 2 minutes in dutch, then went back and asked me if I have eye witnesses, I said no, so he replied that he can't nothing, and that I can go back to my hotel.
The day after I went to the police station and I reported, 1 year later now, there's no result. And I know now that the *****s have a private camera system that they use for protection and in order to produce evidences in case of of problem with a client. But the client do not have nothing to prove anythong turned wrong.

10-25-02, 18:31

Sorry to hear your story mate .... I have had only good experiences in Amsterdam as have many people I know as well as others on this board, you have to negotiate everything and I mean everything upfront before you hand over any money at all.
Even though these women are doing what they do for money they are still very choosy, and alot are downright racist, I saw so many women walk back from the window or ignore whenever Asian or Arabic guys walked by, and not only once or twice but many times .... but I hope you haven't given up, there are many stunning, sweet women there too ..... hope you try again someday.


10-25-02, 22:37

Thats a tough break. Its too bad when there are a small amount
of bad providers that tarnish the otherwise good experience of the RLD. In a situation like that where you have paid for your 15 minutes in paradise and it appears to be going south, Just let her finish, put your pants back on and leave. The customer is always going to lose out if the vibe gets bad and\or confrontational so its not worth the hassle. Just remember to get her name, description and location and broadcast it on this message board and on www.ignatzmice.com. A girl has every right to refuse service to anyone whether its a racist thing or not. However, they shouldn't be luring customers in and taking their money under one premise and delivering (or not delivering at all) something else. Ignatzmice recently had an extensive # of posts about a filipino window girl who was trying to strongarm customers with her "enforcer".

10-31-02, 15:42
Just back from Amsterdam, what a place I love it! But first of all another word of warning, there are more and more lady boys in the main RLD some Thai and some European so be warned, having been to Thailand I am fairly good at spotting them but I very very nearly got it dramatically wrong! Fortunately I managed to back out of the situation before it got down to the nitty gritty and even before I parted with any cash!

FR: I took advice from a couple of board members and tried a massage at Chiang Mai, the first time I went the massage was excellent even though the woman doing it was about a 3, she had good fingers and finished me off with a hand job, I went back the next evening for another massage and got a girl who aws about a 7, her massage while good was not as good as the first! But she did have a super pair of nice soft tits! Again finished with a hand job, but it was a bit off putting to see her donning rubber (disposable) gloves, though I must say her technique was 100% wonderful, for a place where they say "no sex here" as soon as you walk in the door, she kept me on the edge for a while, I almost had to beg her to let me cum!

I found the smaller Single rLD, it was right across the road from my hotel! However I didn't see anything that toom my fancy there and headed back to the main RLD after dinner and a few beers. I found a vert tasty looking Indonesian girl, yes this one was genuine and spent a very pleasant 30 minutes with her for €50.

All in all a good trip even if it was primarily for business!


11-02-02, 20:13
Now I don’t wish to sound naive but just
what exactly is a lady-boy? Is it the same
as ‘chicks with dicks,’ or not? I know that
these people are fundamentally men who
have breast implants, but is that where it
stops, do they take drugs to make them
appear more feminine, but they still have a
cock down there? Finally whom do they appeal
to, and do they try to trick people and say
‘fuck me in the ass,’ and keep their cock
hidden somehow from the unsuspecting
client? I have heard tales about someone
who pays for a woman in Amsterdam, and it
tuned out to be a man, are they that realistic,
could someone be easily fooled, I would
appreciate any feedback.

11-02-02, 23:25

I can't give you the details other than to say that there are "Pre-Op" and "Post Op" ladyboys so I can assume that the latter have had their willy whacked (ouch!) and the area re-plumbed.

There are guys that intentionally seek out the services of either of the two preceding varieties so.....different strokes for different folks.

11-02-02, 23:31
Incidently Patrick....some look like VERY hot girls at a glance. Look for things like an adams apple, larger hands and feet than the average girl or.....if in doubt....just ask them before you hand over the cash.

11-03-02, 11:10

11-03-02, 14:05
Just for your information, in the Walletjes (often referred to as the "main RLD") the greater part of Bloedstraat is notorious for it's TV/TS/Lady-Boy (whatever you want to call it!) offerings! November's advice about the Adam's Apple, larger-sized bodies and extremities are the conventional things to look for. If you are in doubt, ask!

11-03-02, 15:55
I have partaken of many of the Thai girls in the red light district and haven't been fooled yet.

I wouldn't avoid all of them because there are a few tranny's out and about. I for one haven't had any problem figuring it out. If they're in a bikini, it's pretty hard to hide the "extra equipment"

I have found that over all the Thai girls give the best service at the most reasonable prices in the RLD. Most of them will give you more time and more affection than the European girls and most only look for 30 Euros. About half the Thai girls will give you a hug and a kiss after your dressed and before you leave. I've get to have any of the Eurpoean girls do the same.

Just pay attention and stay sober and you should have no problems.

11-03-02, 22:14
I have seen some really stunning post-op "girls" in Thailand - indeed good-looking should set your radar going. As November says check for large hands and adam's apple but remember that small hands & no AA is not a guarantee (both are variable and the latter can also be reduced surgically). I have not (knowingly) been fooled.

Asking first seems like a good policy: I'm sure a pre-op will not want the hassle when you discover an extra dick at the party. Response of a post-op is guesswork but I think most would tell you. In the worst case - if you can't tell the difference what does it matter? You have not chosen "her" for her ability to reproduce.


11-04-02, 04:59
Amsterdam is one of my favorite European destinations. This November 2002 will be my third visit this year. Although my primary focus is smoke shops I do stray and visit the RLD being so close to the best coffee shop locations in Amsterdam. The numerous times my travels have taken me to Adam, I have never seen any chick’s w/dicks. There are some women that are not gorgeous and my very first time through Oude Kerksplein was a shock. First impression was, these girls are not to my taste however within no time I soon discovered the little ally’s that have attracted pleasure seekers for centuries. Within steps of Centraal Station you will find the Oude Kerksplein, the old church center. Between St.Annestraat and Pijlsteeg is where all the babes are, I have seen 7 to 10’s and have never had a bad experience. This last August to my enjoyment I met a beautiful Russian girl about 20 years old, flawless face and a body to match. After negotiating the fun soon started. To my surprise after a great hour of joy she kindly offered a cold bottle of water and we talked briefly before I scurried off to my next adventure. If you know Dutch or have a great resource for translation, try the newspaper De Telegraaf, http://www.telegraaf.nl
Years ago the girl working at the prostitution information center mentioned this paper has listings to many sexual services and its true. Maybe there are some chick’s w/dicks in Amsterdam, this could probably be said for anywhere prostitution could be found. Just keep your heads up guys and you should have a great time in Amsterdam.

11-06-02, 09:33

Mate I don't know where you were looking, these chicks with dicks are everywhere !!! .... on my recent trip to Amsterdam I would have seen maybe 15 or so just in the main RLD.

On the last morning I was there a small crowd had gathered around outside of one particular Kamer, when my friend and I got close enough to look in also there was a bit of show going ....
One of these she-males had a customer who's back was to the street so was oblivious to what was happening .... so, anyway when we looked in the customer was on his knees giving head to the he-she, and everyone was just standing around watching !!!

I guess if thats your thing so be it ..... but imagine so many other people also knowing thats your thing !!! ... mate trust me, they are there and they're everywhere .....


11-06-02, 19:16
Ok OzGuy, like I mentioned it’s presumable that they are in Amsterdam however as I said “I have never seen them”. Maybe due to the fact that if a girl is not looking so tasty to me the eyes never focus in on it, I meander off to the next till I see a real treat and get the best bang for the buck. Been around the block enough to know tell all signs of a chick w/dick. It’s pretty obvious to notice who’s packing a tool and even if they are post-op you have to be blind drunk and desperate to patron. I don’t doubt what you saw on your last morning in Adam, it could be that it was a show intentional for the viewer’s benefit and possibly the guy desired that, who knows. Maybe I am reading your sentence wrong OzGuy and if so no worries, however this is not my thing.

11-07-02, 17:00
The small streets in Amsterdam near the "OLD CHURCH" is packed with real gems; much more beautiful women than the main streets.

Yet, any recomendations on strip clubs with rooms to shag the strippers???

What about bordelles? any downtown Amsterdam?

11-08-02, 04:20
Societé Anonyme is very close to city center. Ria's, Golden Key, Park 118 are all on Overtoom just outside the center - 5 minute tram ride. See www.ignatzmice.com for details

11-09-02, 10:00
I would steer clear of a notorious rip-off place like Golden Key. Ria's has a much better reputation, although recent reports indicate the girl selection can be hit or miss. Societe Anon. is just a 12-minute walk from Leidsplein, along the Stadhuiskade direction Rijksmuseum. Here again, recent reports are hot and cold. Do some research on the ignatzmice site and you'll get a clearer, up-to-date picture.

11-09-02, 21:59
Hello everyone,
I am now in Amsterdam on my final leg of my "Tour de Puss 2002". I arrived yesterday from Prague and every (and I mean every) hotel was fully booked within 25 Km from the RLD. It was horrible. I had to stay at the Radisson Airport for almost $200 per night. I can't believe how much it cost. Anyways, I just got my second piece today. My first was a gal from Espana (Spain). Her name was Elisia and she was a fine looking 24 yr old brunette. She was 50 Euro ($50) for 15 minutes, but I "bartered" her down to a mere 100 Euros for 45 minutes. Well, she let me stay for 30 minutes at least. She wasn't too bad, but I was expecting a little more. Se la vie.
My second specimen was a hot bulgarian (who I initially thought was a latina). She was about 5' 3" 100lbs, and had long dark hair. Her name was leanna and she was also 24 yrs old. She was extremely professional. She led me on to believe that it would be unrushed, but indeed she kept pushing me along. She was the same price as my first chick, but she only let me stay 20 minutes. I think these girls could learn a little from the Frankfurt area FKK clubs on customer satisfaction. She was not that good at all. She wouldn't let me touch her pussy or her face. She was a real bore. I am now in a "coffee shop" and will try (or at least attempt) to experiment with one more RLD girl. I hope I can at least have half-assed GFE. If I don't, I'll pack up tomorrow and you all can read about my Frankfurt FKK experiences in its respective forum in a couple days.

Peace and Happy hunting!

11-10-02, 04:08
I was at Rias a month ago on a Saturday night. Only two good lookers - Chantal and Manuela. The rest - only about 4 others - were not to my liking.

11-10-02, 22:50

If I were you I'd get out of A'dam asap! No GFE to be found easily and, as you yourself say, the German FKKs offer girl line-ups and attitudes many notches above the window scene!

Here's a suggestion: On your way down to Frankfurt, why not hit Planet Happy Garden FKK club. One of the best for East European young hot babes with great GFE attitudes.

Just take A'damCS - Koln train and get off at Duisburg Hbf. Then take S-bahn to Krefeld Hbf. Outside this station is a waiting bank of taxis who will take you to Happy Garden Club for about 20Euros. A pity of you miss this Club!


11-11-02, 01:29

Can this be a day trip? How much time does the train take to get there?

Is there a website "Planet Happy Garden" How many girls are there? When should one visit?

Keep up the good work.

11-11-02, 07:49

This can indeed be a day trip. Ams CS to Duisburg Hbf is about 2hrs and a bit via train. There are two or three trains per day, you'll want to take the 11.00 train or the 13.00 train in order for your timing to work and still get back to Ams by, say, 23.00 same day.

On the other hand, you can always stay overnight in Duisburg: There's an Ibis Hotel directly adjacent to the main station building.
S-bahn to Krefeld and then taxi should take another hour or so combined.

Website? See Kaleu's excellent site for the definitive fkk list: www.cfit.com/fkk.

Girls: PHG normally has between 25 and 30+ hot, hot girls. Many from Poland, Russian, Bulgaria, Czech, etc. plus some very nice young German girls. Recommend to avoid Sundays and Mondays for best selection. Tues-Fridays is great. Best to enter club from 16.00 onwards for good selection.

If you take 13.00 train down from Ams CS, you could be in the club by 16.30 no problem. Last train back to Ams is about 20.30, I think.

11-18-02, 01:58
I just got to Amsterdam for my first trip. Any advice anybody would like to give? Could someone tell me where Rias & Chiang Mai are?


11-18-02, 05:57

Long ago I found this website, it has the address you are seeking and a few more.
Within two weeks I will be back in Adam enjoying the goods and having some fun. Looking forward to it!.
Any first timers going to Amsterdam who seek a nice hotel, I know two places within steps from RLD and under 100.00. Drop me a note and I can forward you the links to those hotels.


11-18-02, 18:55

Chaing Mai is on Barndesteeg next to Nieumarket. They dont offer sex....just a massage and handy. When you go in, pick a girl that smiles and seems interesested. I had a good experience
there in March.

11-18-02, 19:02
By the way Dreams, If you want some cute Asian pussy, There are
some window girls that charged me 30 euros (as opposed to the 50 euros) for a very enthusiastic fuck. If you want a Thai massage and a fuck, go down one street to Koestraat and give Love Club 21 a shot.

11-20-02, 00:27


Can somebody please tell me when Does she work?

I am planning a visit next week so I would like to have your precious help!!!

big is always big

11-21-02, 15:29
Thanks for the information about Planet Happy Garden. I will go there tomorrow (Fri). Are you in the area? Let me know if you would like to meet there.

Well, I flew into A-Dam yesterday from Malaga Spain and had a very surprising experience. I had a young blonde Dutch gal named Laura. She rocked! She even gave me a back message afterwards. She was not as mechanical as my previous experiences here. After her, I went to the Bull Dog coffeeshop for a drink then off to another gal. This time I chose a hot brunette from Brazil. She was OK but not as good as Laura.

I am now gearing up for tonight's escapades in the Red Light District. I will check out the small RLD near the crown plaza hotel too. I will give details tomorrow.


11-21-02, 22:01
I am sitting in a coffeeshop chilling after my first of the night. Her name was Katerina and was Greek, althought she looked like Venezuelian or Columbian. She had a hard body and was 22 yrs old. The price was 50 Euros for 20 minutes and 100 for 30 minutes (I don't know where they learned their economics skills). As soon as we got into the room, she insisted that if I want her to take off her bra it would cost 20 more Euros and another 15 Euros for every position I wanted to do (outside of missionary). I was a little pissed, but I knew that I needed to make the best of it. The sex was mechanical and I ended paying her another 50 Euros because I needed more than 15 minutes. She was nice, but not worth the money. I am checking out the RLD in Haarlem and the small one near the Crown Plaza later.


11-21-02, 23:08
Ah, JT, my friend, once again I probably catch you too late, but you should forget Haarlem RLD and head to the Achterdam in Alkmaar instead. Much richer and more varied girl selection and no scamming Katerina's like you just found. BTW, where is your Greek Medea located? Which kamer on which street? Want to watch out that I don't waste my time/Euros on this. A'dam is becoming more of a non-value for money environment, and when one arrives from other playgrounds, like Prague and German Fkks, it's almost guarranteed that A'dam will disappoint.

Alkmaar, man, that's you ticket.

Enjoy PHG. Like to hear your impressions...


11-22-02, 00:41
I got your info too late. I am sitting in another coffeeshop and just finished with a much better girl. This one is from A-Dam and was very hot. She was 19 yrs old and had a great personnality. I had her for 30 minutes (the usual 100 Euro). She was definately (almost) worth the money. For A-Dam she was a great experience though. She even asked if I wanted to go to the Van Gough museum with her tomorrow. It's a shame that I already have plans tomorrow (PHG FKK). Her name is Francis.
As for the Greet gal, she is along a canal (I am sorry, but I don't know the canal's name) and next to a the Casa Rosso Shows. Her name was Katarina. She is smoking hot, but I wouldn't spend any money on her again.
Updates from FKK Planet Happy Garden will be posted in its respective forum withing the next few days.


12-03-02, 03:08
Hello, I will be in Amsterdam 8-13 of jan. for my first visit. Im not sure where I should start coffeeshops,rld. I am staying on singel for the first few nights. why are there no new post? Thanks

12-03-02, 12:25
Originally posted by moneyshot
Hello, I will be in Amsterdam 8-13 of jan. for my first visit. Im not sure where I should start coffeeshops,rld. I am staying on singel for the first few nights. why are there no new post? Thanks

Why not just wander tho the RLD and have a smoke.. Not that tough a choice...

12-07-02, 13:47
Just a little question?

I have in my brain a serious doubt about a Thai girl.
Last sunday I visited a girl who is located in Stoofsteeg, She had a great smile, long hair, fake boobs and also leather boots but she was very attractive, petite, otherwise..... (Her kamer is situated after the sex shop when you arrive from oudezijds)
I don't remember her name (may be SANDY)

Anyone have any information on this girl?

12-12-02, 20:01
Recently returned from Amsterdam and have to say it was a blast. Met a babe in the Oudezijds Achterburgwal who was a total 10. Long black hair, petit and all so cute, 100 Euro for the whole treat but worth every cent. There are some really sweet looking babes saturated on St Annendwars near the Old Church. While walking by a kamer I overheard a guy asking a girl for a lap dance?, Thought that was interesting and maybe it’s a way to get a great little treat for pocket change. Another blonde with a hard body was to tempting to pass by, I negotiated a 30 Euro quickie as I was heading to a coffee shop. The red light action by Singel is really low key, not so active compared to the Old Church areas. Even at 3:00 Saturday night/Sunday morning the place is alive, Adam kicks ass…


12-15-02, 00:15
Vienna report,
Hi all, just had a great experience at Vienna Massage at Monday night for the first time. Arrived around 20:00, met by a pleasant hostess and got 3 girls to choose from (one 7 and 2*6's). The place was quite discrete and clean even though the presentation was a bit in a hurry. (I heard the doorbell was quite busy.) Picked the "7" from Brasil, and the "7" from the menue and got about 30 min of "rug and tug" before the boss wanted some action. Various positions and a dose of smalltalk before the exit from behind. Everything was very unrushed and friendly. After payment of E130 and a nice smile from the hostess (her thick wool sweater was the only thing that annoyed me, but concidering -5 outside and constantly dooropening it's understandable!) I even got a large bottle of Remy Martin as Christmas present !!!!! Don't know if they got some quantity discount somewhere(?!?!), but they sure know how to pick potential regulars.
your U

12-16-02, 15:24

A while back I had a Thai girl that fits your description... great fake boobs, a roundish face and a sizzling performance. She was wearing some sort of leapord print top if I remember right. Her name was Dao.

Thats all I know...sorry. Seems to me that tracking down an individual girl in A-dam would be difficult...could be trouble too.

12-29-02, 03:07
My wife and I will be visiting Amsterdam in April. What's our best bet for getting some hot bi-babe action? I read an older post in the archives that indicated that the Thai girls in the RLD were accomodating. I am a little wary about getting a "post-op" ladyboy, however. Can anyone suggest whether we'd be better off trying the RLD, a club, or an Amsterdam Escort agency? (Even if you're not in the habit of bringing your wife/girlfriend to Amsterdam, perhaps you are still aware of where we may find the most luck). Thanks.

12-29-02, 12:46

Your design to find a bi-girl in the Amsterdam RLD is very achievable. The trick is to find the right one. Some girls with whom you find an attraction might accept you and your wife as a couple for a session, but she may not be bi herself, and I've heard reports of such sessions where the RLD girl did not intiate much with the wife/girlfriend, just let herself be touched.

On the other hand, I've read specific reports on another message board specialising in Amsterdam RLD where a frequently visiting husband-wife couple scored big with several girls where they found RLD partners who would show equal attention to both the man and his spouse. Normally, I would not advertise another message board here, but since your is a special case I hope the admistraters will be a bit lenient here. It is the ignatzmice.com message board. Do a search for posts by Bonnie and Clyde and you will have at your fingertips a good dozen reports about what you seek from both RLD and hi-end Amsterdam escort agencies. Clyde, who does most of the writing, often invites individuals such as your self, to e-mail him for nitty-gritty details.

Good luck,


12-30-02, 04:54
Hi all!

Planning a trip to Amsterdam from freezing Scandinavia in late January, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to find the best girls. I have 1500 euros to spend on women for 5 days, and I want to find the best&most girls. One interesting thing seems to be the privehuizen. As I heard the prices are lower, the girls can be more GF-like. Love club 21 is definately on the list, but the problem is that the lists of the other privehuizen aren't very updated. So do any of them have nice girls & a good atmosphere ?

My strategy in RLD is to go for Trompettersteeg and Dollebegijnensteeg to find the best looking, sexiest girls. I bet that in January there won't be many tourists, so many of the prettiest girls might be available, and they won't overcharge.

Any better bets ?

12-30-02, 22:12
Even tough you're in the middle of "everything" in A'dam I could recomend a day trip down to some FKK in Germany just for the sake of variation. (Check out reports from eg Planet Happy Garden)
I recently spent about E400 for 3 days with a class A car (Avis, free mileage) at Schipol, but this should easily be lowered to E200 for one day in central town by some "rent a wreck" or whatever.
From A'dam to PHG you'll use about 2,5h and they open at 11:00, so if you're leaving around 09:00 one morning you should be able to fuck all day for E25-50 each. And then you've got an impressive selection to study before / between your hits.
I'm not a real globetrotter in this area, but I've never seen or heard better ratio (price/quality) anywhere else in Europe.

your U

01-01-03, 04:06
Originally posted by Tantrik
Hi all!

Planning a trip to Amsterdam from freezing Scandinavia in late January, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to find the best girls. I have 1500 euros to spend on women for 5 days, and I want to find the best&most girls. One interesting thing seems to be the privehuizen. As I heard the prices are lower, the girls can be more GF-like. Love club 21 is definately on the list, but the problem is that the lists of the other privehuizen aren't very updated. So do any of them have nice girls & a good atmosphere ?

My strategy in RLD is to go for Trompettersteeg and Dollebegijnensteeg to find the best looking, sexiest girls. I bet that in January there won't be many tourists, so many of the prettiest girls might be available, and they won't overcharge.

Any better bets ?

Sir, I think you are getting ready to pay too much. Things are less expensive in continental Europe than in "freezing Scandanavia." With Euro 300 per day you could get 5-6 good quality window girls or 2-3 high class call girls EVERY day! For 250 Euro, "Yab Yum" will pick you up in a limo at the airport and fuck you all the way to your hotel. I recommend Yab Yum if you have the money.

Prive Huizen are good but if I had 300 Euro per day I would not bother; I would just call escorts to my hotel and be quite choosy. It is FOOKEN cold in Amsterdam in Jan. and in FKK as well and if you are from Scandanavia, what fun is that? Don't walk around looking for women. Call the women to your hotel and save the walking for the (excellent) museums.

Call Oriental escorts to your hotel and forget about all that rental car shit. Just my opinion, sir!

01-01-03, 11:48
What are the prices in the RLD in Euros? Back in the good old Guilder days it was cheap. 100 Guilders was about 40 USD. Do they charge 50 Euros or 100 Euros now?

01-01-03, 21:50
I'd like to add a few pointers to the recent posts about success in Amsterdam. In my view pay what the girls ask and don't try to haggle but also make sure that you ask for what you want. I always ask to make sure the girl gets naked. Some want more for taking off their tops. This for me is a red flag and I tend to give them a miss no matter how great they look. I also don't believe that very many of the girls that are lousy for 50 will all of a sudden become awesome if you give them 100.

I would agree that you're much more likely to get good service from the gorgeous European girls in the afternoon. I like volume and variety to my weekends in the RLD with 6 to 8 girls over a few days. In the early afternoon I tend to go with the centerfold types and have had some great experiences. The same type of girl in the evening is apt to rush you more hoping to land a "big fish". The only bad experiences I've had are in the evening where the girls are rushing you to finish. I've never understood why they think hurry up and finish is going to make you cum faster... in my view the good and the bad always want to get you off and on to the next customer... If you think you're gonna find true love in the RLD stay home.. I think the difference between the good and the bad.. is acting skill.. the good ones will scream a little and urge you on the bad ones will do hurry hurry. In general you always get just about the same amount of time, you just feel better about one than the other.

I tend to stay away from the girls that are really aggresive banging on the windows and such. I also stay away from the ones that look bored or angry. The girls are human too. I think they like the look of certain guys over others and I'm sure they go through the I hope he picks me and by the same token oh god I'd really rather not do him.

In the evenings I tend to look for the Asian girls. I've never had bad service from an Asian girl in Amsterdam.. some are better than other but all are pretty good. I've seen some postings worried about TV's but I certainly haven't experienced that. Mind you I don't got to A'dam for mind altering substances, just pussy so perhaps it's easier to tell sober. These rarely rush you and have an added advantage usually only wanting 30 Euro, they always get naked and often give you a couple of positions for that.

Finally don't take it too seriously, if ya get a mediocre fuck, try to figure out what went wrong so you don't repeat the mistake. My very 1st experiece in the RLD was awful but the next morning I had an awesome experience. 2 lousy one's my 1st trip, 1 on my second and none on the last. I guess I'm learning. I guess I'll find out when I return in January.

01-01-03, 22:17
Yes, the good ole days. Unfortunately with the introduction of the Euro they have somewhat converted to higher prices for their services. What was once a great deal at "$40.00" now costs 50 Euro minimum. The US$ Dollar has weakened and you’re getting about 95 Euro for $100 US. Still the power of negotiation rules and prices can fluctuate so haggle and enjoy.

01-01-03, 23:04
I like asian gals,
would like to be with Thai/Orental girls.
Would appreciate locations to visit.
Please, can you give more informations about YAT,DEN,TAEN,DA ........because I read many reports on www.hookers.nl but I'm not able to translate, therefore I understand nothing.


Happy New year and thanks

01-02-03, 04:02
Hello guys. 31yrs old straight guy here will be in in Amsterdam 9-14 jan. looking for people to hang with, first time visit.

01-02-03, 04:12
Originally posted by uggabugga
Even tough you're in the middle of "everything" in A'dam I could recomend a day trip down to some FKK in Germany just for the sake of variation. (Check out reports from eg Planet Happy Garden)

your U

Yes, I've heard they're really good. Probably a lot nicer for the girls to work in a place like that too, instead of getting people straight off the streets, like they do in RLD.

Problem is I don't have a licence at the moment, so I'll have to go with the ones I can reach by other means. Know any good ones ?

01-02-03, 08:26
Hey Guys,

I'm Going to Amsterdam this winter for about my 15th visit. I'm thinking of trying a privehuis. I'm looking for input. Which are the better ones? Which have showers in the rooms? How much will it cost? Will i be able to do different things, such as oral and anal?

Hope to see some posts on the subject soon.

Happy mongering

01-02-03, 19:14
Originally posted by Laloupe
I like asian gals,
would like to be with Thai/Orental girls.
Would appreciate locations to visit.
Please, can you give more informations about YAT,DEN,TAEN,DA ........because I read many reports on www.hookers.nl but I'm not able to translate, therefore I understand nothing.


Happy New year and thanks

A quick wander around the RLD and you should have no problems finding Asian girls. From my experience the best bets are Oude Kennisteeg, Stoofsteeg and along Oz Archenburgwal at the end furthest from Stoofsteeg.

There are translation websites for hookers.nl but are not terribly useful. I tried Da after translating one of those reviews. She's on Stoofsteeg with large artificial breasts and a tattoo of a scorpion over one breast. She was gorgeous but just so-so service and an added disadvantage that her kamer was so hot it was like fucking in a sauna!

I've found pretty much that all the Asian girls give pretty good service, good luck and happy hunting.

01-02-03, 22:16
Mojoworks, your 15th time !!!!!!!!!! then YOU should tell US all the juicy parts :-)
I've only tried Vienna Massage, Riijnsweeg 225. They have shower in the rooms and of course mirrors. OK selection and great experience for me. You're also alowed to walk out without charge if you do not like any of the one avalible.Think it cost about E130 for 45min everything. Your requested services are probably (and hopefully) up to each individual rather than the establisment, so why just give them a call in advance.

01-02-03, 22:49

I believe you made this statement about Planet Happy Garden in Oedt outside Kredfeld in Germany:

"Problem is I don't have a licence at the moment, so I'll have to go with the ones I can reach by other means. Know any good ones ?"

I should tell you that my first few visits to PHG were from Amsterdam and i used combination of public transport and taxi to get to/from the club and Amsterdam in a single day. You don't need a self-drive car to visit this club from Amsterdam...Self-driving does make it easier though. Do you want details of how to get to PHG by public transportation?


01-03-03, 02:34
Originally posted by Dickhead
Sir, I think you are getting ready to pay too much. Things are less expensive in continental Europe than in "freezing Scandanavia." With Euro 300 per day you could get 5-6 good quality window girls or 2-3 high class call girls EVERY day! For 250 Euro, "Yab Yum" will pick you up in a limo at the airport and fuck you all the way to your hotel. I recommend Yab Yum if you have the money.

Prive Huizen are good but if I had 300 Euro per day I would not bother; I would just call escorts to my hotel and be quite choosy. It is FOOKEN cold in Amsterdam in Jan. and in FKK as well and if you are from Scandanavia, what fun is that? Don't walk around looking for women. Call the women to your hotel and save the walking for the (excellent) museums.

Call Oriental escorts to your hotel and forget about all that rental car shit. Just my opinion, sir!

Thanks for your reply!

I'm young, so I like to live in youth hostels. It's nice there and I like meeting and living with other people, and you save around 100 euros per day on it. Problem is, you can't get any escorts home to you :-/

I do have some money, but I like to spend an hour or two with the girl, so Yab Yum will be out of the question. I also have a deficit to make up, if you see what I mean :-) Think I'll go for a combo of RLD window shopping mainly in Dolle + Trompettersteeg, trips to the privehuizen and maybe a day in an FKK club. I'm thinking about a visit or two to Love club 21 and maybe using Asmara as a base.

And as for the cold, it's 20 minus here, and I'm not freezing yet, and I'll be damned if Amsterdam's going to make me frozen. Will be kind of odd dressing off all those clothes when I'm going to see the RLD girls though. Oh well.


01-03-03, 02:35
Originally posted by Ortos

I should tell you that my first few visits to PHG were from Amsterdam and i used combination of public transport and taxi to get to/from the club and Amsterdam in a single day. You don't need a self-drive car to visit this club from Amsterdam...Self-driving does make it easier though. Do you want details of how to get to PHG by public transportation?



Yes, I'd like that, thanks.


01-04-03, 07:16
Yes, Tantrik, it wastes a lot of time pulling off several layers of clothes when you screw the window girls. A lot of times I try to negotiate that this time does not count (since the colder it is, the slower business will be) and this often works with the Thai girls and seldom with someone else.

Didn't understand your remark about Yab Yum but your experience does not need to be limited to the length of the ride from the airport.

Be quite careful with your belongings if staying in a hostel in A'dam, but you probably know that. There is a lot of theft in A'dam although not much violent crime.

01-04-03, 10:34

Here are directions to PHG from A'dam CS using public transport combined with taxi:

1. Take A'dam-Koln train from CS. Get off at Duisburg Hbf.
2. Take S-bahn from Duisburg Hbf to Krefeld Hbf.
3. Go in front of Krefeld Hbf and approach waiting bank of taxis.
4. Open door of taxi and ask Driver: "Was kostet die Reise nach Club Planet Happy Garden in die naher von Oedt?"
5. Price should be something like 20 to 25Euros.

By the way, if you will use Amsterdam as a base, you should really be looking to include the Alkmaar RLD (Achterdam) and the Utrecht Houseboats (Zanpad) in your itineraries. I think you will find these venues more rewarding and value-for-money than Amsterdam Wallen.


01-04-03, 19:17
Anybody know where I can find action in Lieden ? Massage, escorts - esp oriental ?

01-10-03, 05:11

Thanks for the response a while back on bringing my wife to Amsterdam. I am intrigued with this Happy Garden FKK club -- sounds like a good value for the money. Do they welcome couples? At 50 Euro an hour, seems like a good deal to what we might find in Amsterdam (thus worth the drive). How long does it take to get there if we rent a car?

Thanks again,


01-10-03, 08:57

I am really not sure whether Planet Happy Garden Club accepts couples. My first reaction is: If you and your wife did go there, it would be a rather unique event and you might stand out a bit. The place has lots of lovely eastern European babes, 20-26years old, but they are, in my opinion, all geared towards providing services to men. It's a very heterosexual environment.

To find out a more insightful opinion on your question, I suggest you visit the German FKK Club section of this Message Board. Seek out the advice of Kaleu by posting the question for his attention under Happy Garden thread or in the General area. Also the PartyTreff or Swingers Club scene is more up your alley, I would have thought. Once again, seek opinion of another expert, Wizard, who will be rather forthcoming with info.

There are good clubs for your needs near Dusseldorf --about 2.5-3hrs driving time from Amsterdam. One is the Beverly Club in Solingen. Search for it under Germany.

Happy Garden is 2.5 hours from Amsterdam by rented car. I made that drive a few weeks ago and could post specific driving instructions if you need. But my gut feeling is that it is a fantastic place for heterosexual male; but not a place for a bi-woman or couple.


01-17-03, 23:10
Hi board,

Could anyone give me more information on the gang bang nights at Club Paradise and Club candy. Also any other clubs which host such nights.
I am quite young and fairly inexperienced on the scene and am not sure whether it would be my thing, but I am very interested in learning more.

I have also been told that there are several smaller red light districts in Amsterdam. I have seen one which was on Street Ruysdaelkade, but would be interested in hearing more.

I am planning a trip to amsterdam some time early this year and would also be interested in more information on which FKK clubs are close to Amsterdam, whether they are any good, and how to get there.
I have heard that the best way is to hire a car and drive there, so if anyone would be interested in sharing the journey some time between late Jan or March, feel free to contact me here or at lazlo@talk21.com.


01-19-03, 04:29
Originally posted by Lazlo
Hi board,

I am planning a trip to amsterdam some time early this year and would also be interested in more information on which FKK clubs are close to Amsterdam, whether they are any good, and how to get there.

The fkk clubs are in Germany.. There is a whole section in the Germany folder.

01-19-03, 06:02
Originally posted by Travinguy
A quick wander around the RLD and you should have no problems finding Asian girls. From my experience the best bets are Oude Kennisteeg, Stoofsteeg and along Oz Archenburgwal at the end furthest from Stoofsteeg.

There are translation websites for hookers.nl but are not terribly useful. I tried Da after translating one of those reviews. She's on Stoofsteeg with large artificial breasts and a tattoo of a scorpion over one breast. She was gorgeous but just so-so service and an added disadvantage that her kamer was so hot it was like fucking in a sauna!

I've found pretty much that all the Asian girls give pretty good service, good luck and happy hunting.

Are Oude Kennisteeg, Stoofsteeg and along Oz Archenburgwal streets or places? If they are street can you give me an idea of the location. I have a small map of amsterdam(streetwise Amsterdam) which does not show this street. please help

another Q's : any good s&m place where you can get your fantasy realice? any sug. about hotels close to RDL.

01-20-03, 00:26
Oude Kennisteeg, Stoofsteeg and along Oz Archenburgwal , are streets, the main RLD is south east of Central station, there is also a small one close to the Single canal.

01-20-03, 10:57
Originally posted by Rand
Are Oude Kennisteeg, Stoofsteeg and along Oz Archenburgwal streets or places? If they are street can you give me an idea of the location. I have a small map of amsterdam(streetwise Amsterdam) which does not show this street. please help

another Q's : any good s&m place where you can get your fantasy realice? any sug. about hotels close to RDL.

They are all alleyways/streets around the Old Church area... If you can see the Old Church East of Damrak, that's all you need. You don't need to plan the route etc before you get there.

01-22-03, 01:39
Aren't there some smaller red light districts in Amsterdam away from the main area near the old church?

I have heard of there being more but I only know of one along Ruysdealkade.

Anyone know of any others?

01-23-03, 00:27
Besides de Walletjes which is the main red light district, there are two smaller areas: de Pijp (along the Ruysdealkade) and the Singel. There is also a pick-up zone (Tippelzone) and a smattering of gentlemen's clubs. All in all, I find the talent to be the best at de Walletjes but to each his own. Also, the gentlemen's clubs can get real expensive if you get suckered into buying numerous bottles of pricey champagne for your companion.

Jeff Sinclair
01-23-03, 02:31
The one you refer to is the Pijp its a fair distance from the Wallen- the main touristy RLD

There is another local rld called the Singel it is on the other side ofDamrak the main street

As you leave Central Station and cross the Bridge turn Right and cross the Road outside the Hotel Victoria and contune heading right at 90 degrees to Damrak until you come to the next Canal the turn left you are now on Singel there is a maze of streets around hear with loads of Windows

for more info and maps try www.rld-info.com they have maps of the windows etc but the bbs is a little outdated

01-23-03, 05:36
Can anyone give me some info about the NH Baarbizon Palace hotel? Or any good hotel with private bath and close to the rdl

01-23-03, 09:30
The NH Baarbizon Palace Hotel is a little pricey, no? Many RLD afficianados prefer a place like the 4-star Hotel Inntel, which is positioned smack in the middle of the Wallen RLD and the Singel RLD. Go out of the hotel door and turn left, and you are strolling the Singel red lights in under 3 minutes. Exit the hotel door to the right, and you are crossing the threshold of the Old Church square in 6 minutes. The quality of the rooms are the same or higher than Baarbizon, but a good internet price from one of the hotel discount price websites should be about 100Euro/night.

I think many people over-emphasise the importance of having a hotel "close to the RLD." Central Amsterdam is not so vast, so many good places with excellent prices can be found five to ten minutes away. Quieter and better neighbourhoods than the Wallen, imho...

01-23-03, 17:18
O! how about having a private bath? does it let you bring someone in ie a girl?

01-23-03, 23:09

Are you asking if the Inntel rooms have private bath? Well, usually 4-star hotels do! And the Inntel is no exception in that dept.

As for bringing in a "friend": I cannot think of a better hotel for that. The elevator is controlled by your electronic room key, so you just walk into the lobby, go to the lifts, and no body bats an eyelash!

01-24-03, 04:11
Originally posted by Ortos

Are you asking if the Inntel rooms have private bath? Well, usually 4-star hotels do! And the Inntel is no exception in that dept.

As for bringing in a "friend": I cannot think of a better hotel for that. The elevator is controlled by your electronic room key, so you just walk into the lobby, go to the lifts, and no body bats an eyelash!

The Victoria has a similar system and is very nice.. Late at night they have someone on the door to check you have a key, but they don't go into details, just that you have a key... And their baths are big enough for 2...

01-25-03, 01:37
Will be visiting Amsterdam next week, but only for the day, and would like a bit of info on the main RLD.

1. What time do the windows open for business - is there a lunchtime trade going on?

2. What is the "going rate"?

3. Particularly interested in the following, so any recommendations would be appreciated; Large Breasted girls, Asian (Thai/Indian) and Lean Athletic girls.


01-25-03, 04:56
Originally posted by Archer
Will be visiting Amsterdam next week, but only for the day, and would like a bit of info on the main RLD.

1. What time do the windows open for business - is there a lunchtime trade going on?

2. What is the "going rate"?

3. Particularly interested in the following, so any recommendations would be appreciated; Large Breasted girls, Asian (Thai/Indian) and Lean Athletic girls.


1 late morning. Fair bit of lunchtime trade, but later is beter.

2 €50-75 basic €100-150 for a decent session

3 Loads just walk around.. Others may have more specifics.

01-26-03, 14:08

There are some kamers open quite early, actually, when I was there in Oct/Nov last year, around the ouder kerk (old church) there are quite a few women at work at 9 - 10 am, though once you see them you will know why, I think trade is a little slow for some of them, but depending on the depth of your need, if you look around there you will still find one that you like, but as farty said, around 12 noon and after you will see more women, the later the better.

As for the going rate .... at 9 - 10 am the women around the ouder kerk, mostly black women, you can negotiate around 30 euros .... most of the others will start at 50 euros, but tell them what you want up front, ask them to be nude, as often after you have started they will say it's extra if you haven't agreed on what you get for your money .... but seriously if you pay more than 50, you want to be certain you are getting more than the standard service, I never paid more than 50 euros, and the 3 of them were stunning, model types .... of which there are many ..... anyway, let us know how you go ..... good luck.


01-27-03, 01:25
Thanks, will hopefully have some good news to post later in the week.

01-27-03, 19:56

I just arrived back home from this great land of fun last night, hope this info helps you as well.

1. What time do the windows open for business - is there a lunchtime trade going on?. Yes definitely there are a few babes open for business in the early AM, as far as a lunchtime treat you will have no worries.

2. The going rate?. Your basic flat rate in the RLD is typically no less then 50 Euro, I asked for a simple massage with no sex from a normal average girl and even she did not offer any break in price.
However I found the girls in the Singel area much more reasonable with some starting off at 30 Euro, prices going up from there depending on what you want. This blonde Dutch/German about 30 years old on Spuistraat totally rocked my boat and for 50 Euro she spent literally an hour with me. This was a real treat and she was above and beyond the normal "nice". I found that walking around at all times of the day could be productive so enjoy!

3. Particularly interested in the following, so any recommendations would be appreciated; Large Breasted girls, Asian (Thai/Indian) and Lean Athletic girls. In the RLD there’s many Asian girls to select from, plenty with large breasts and the Lean Athletic type are to be found in both RLD and Singel.

After spending 4 nights there, I am ready to go back asap and enjoy again. Amsterdam is a fun place!


01-30-03, 02:16
Holy Enhancements Batman!!

OK, I just got back from my day in Amsterdam, and as promised a brief update.

Large Breasts? Well I found them in the form of Polish Girl Anna, who I'm sure has been mentioned here before. Although well and truly inflated, I have to say they look good and I just couldn't refuse her. She is really a nice girl and we chatted a long time before and after, and I suppose in all I spent atleast 45 minutes in there. Business started with fantastic slurpy tongue action which didn't really need to be as enthusiastic, cos boy was I ready! Moved on to her piston pumping on top, while those two lovely puddings banged and drowned my face. Awesome! She really is a very nice girl and I know I WILL DEFINITELY be going to see her on my next visit. Treat her well boys.

Lean and Athletic? I got that too!! I've stupidly forgotten this 10/10 beauties name, but again, she was fantastic and really nice as well as great at her job. Dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful, and long, lean, and leggy, this early twenties Dutch girl sported fantastically full yet pert breasts, topped with stout brown nipples. She also sported a couple of tattoos which I would usually find a big turn off, but these were small and discreet, and the one down in her (beautifully) shaven haven was her name. Started with an exceptionally powerful suck (lessons from Hoover?) progressed onto her on her back looking stunning and receiving a good deal of man punishment! Great at her job, and again not a clock watcher and happy to have a chat and a laugh.

Finally, my last recommendation until I get back to A'dam again.
All you hardworking chaps out there will no doubt get a bit peckish after a long tour of SOME of Amsterdams streets. Well if you want some great food, try the little Indonesian cafe near rhe square with the fruit stalls. Very good meal for less than 7 Euro's and you'll have all your strength back for another trawl of the windows.

Good Luck!

01-30-03, 03:17

Good Report !! Do you remember the district / street/ time-of-day for the lovely's you describe in your report. As you know, the rooms are occupied by different ladies... depending upon the "shift" they are working. However, sounds like you had a "great" time, please share additional information if available.

Thanks, and keep your powder dry.

01-31-03, 08:20
I am looking for info on club Paradise or like. From what I understand that besides Thursday, there is no real point of going there, since in reality not too many single women there.

Please help with any relevant info.

Thank you

01-31-03, 11:54
With Pleasure!

Anna, the lovely, sporting the unfeasibly enhanced hooters, was located in a room inside the indoor "La Vie en Rose" which is in an alley named "Bethlemsteeg". I believe she works midday 'til about 5 o clock. An unbelievable "cartoonish" figure!

The other cutie (I'm so ashamed I've forgotten her name) was in the narrow double sided alley named "Trompettersteeg" (or it may have been the adjacent alley, remember I was high!) and was working the same shift. Eyes and a body to die for!

Good luck and Enjoy.


Jon Jones
02-01-03, 19:52
Can anyone tell me if the Marriott is convenient to the RLD, particularly Chaing Mai? If not, any other hotel recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

02-02-03, 05:24
Jon Jones

The Marriot is a tram-ride away from the RLD. However, it is very close to Overtoum which has a number of clubs and prives.

I would not make Chaing Mai a priority. It is expensive for and offers an incomplete service.

Take care


02-02-03, 19:49
Jon Jones,

The Victoria Hotel, Ibis Sopera, Krasnopolsky and my favorite, the Crown Plaza are all within a five minute walk of the RLD. This time of year you can get a good deal, esoecially at the first two (100 Euro/night). The Crown Plaza tends to run a bit more (160 Euro) and the Krasnopolsky is about 130 Euro. There are mixed reviews on the Krasnopolsky; some say it is the best hotel in the Dam, others feel it is over-rated and pretentious.

Jon Jones
02-03-03, 22:52
Originally posted by MeisterPat
Jon Jones,

The Victoria Hotel, Ibis Sopera, Krasnopolsky and my favorite, the Crown Plaza are all within a five minute walk of the RLD.

Thanks for your comments and those of LatinTraveler. I booked at the Victoria.

02-04-03, 13:22

I seem to remember hearing about a club in Amsterdam that offered an experience where you pay upfront (a hefty sum I think) and then you could spend plenty of time inside and be with as many ladies as you like without any extra fees. And if I'm not mistaken, even the drinks were no extra charge once inside.

Have any of you heard of this place? If so, is it in Amsterdam? Does it have a website?

Even if it's someplace else, could someone give a complete run-down of the experience? I'm sure all the fellow mongers would be appreciative.

Thanks in advance,


02-08-03, 18:05

Nevermind the previous post. I found what I was looking for in the German section, specifically the German FKK clubs. If you haven't seen or heard of it, check it out. Looks very interesting, and I can't wait to make it there someday.


02-08-03, 21:08

....> I see the Ansterdam reports, but I'd like to know what the price range is there doe a decent to good time. And the area with the Best sporting chance to get anything exciting at.

....> I know price are NOT cheap, but I will be making a breif trip there, and I would have time to search around, I need to know everything quickly.

>>>> Lastly is there anything near the airport, that is convenient for a stop over, or lay over quickie.

(((( WORD ))))


02-09-03, 05:36

If you look back approx 13 posts in this section you can find some good details per prices and the farther you look the more detailed it gets on locations. Prices have not changed and still the going rate is about 50 Euro depending on what you desire.

"The area with Best sporting chance" Red Light District should have all need and desire.

"Airport areas?" I have not bothered to look around there personally, especially since the RLD is literally minutes from Schiphol depending on your mode of transportation. Maybe some of the other guys here have some input there. Next week I will be back again to enjoy all the goods. Looking forward to it.


02-12-03, 16:24

Can anybody recommend a good clean fairly inexpensive hotel near the city center, preferably with a view of a gracht?

Will be in A-dam shortly and need a place to check in to.