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05-16-02, 06:12
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07-23-02, 20:38
Parlour tend to restrict themselves to topless hand relief in response to strict local law enforcement policies but independant providers give the full service for roughly 50 per half an hour. The red light area is apparently best avoided in view of police activity.

For the more affluent there are a couple of superb out call agencies with a comprehensive range of ladies for 150 per hour. Mobile punters are advised to check out the surrounding villages and towns where within a 20 minute drive, ladies provide quality full services in call for less than 100 per hour.

07-26-02, 20:04
Hi CP, thank you for this post, as well as taking the time to do your recent posts in other UK areas as well. As a tourist, where would I find info on these outlaying incalls for less than $100 that you mention? I'll be going to UK in about 3 weeks. Specific references would be appreciated. Thanks for your help! thor

07-28-02, 09:28
Thor: Collette is the best within your stipulated category which I've had personal experience of if you're looking for a girlfriend experience ie french kissing and owo. She's based just outside Nottingham near the M1 motorway also reachable via public transport without too much difficult.


If you want a parlour, the Sanctuary have a very good reputation but a bit further away from Nottingham.


As stated elsewhere on this site, anyone wanting comprehensive info of the UK scene check out:


07-28-02, 17:36
Hi CP, thanks for your help. Do you have any suggestions for independents on the thin side? They don't need to be young necessarily, just on the thin side. Thanks for your advise.

07-30-02, 20:40
In the sub 100 sector of the market, ladies tend to be fuller figured but however right on the upper boundary Lisa might be just what you're looking for. Check out her web site:


Plenty of lovely slim ladies though in the price range 120-150 in this area.

08-06-02, 19:31
Thor: just found this lady who may be more to your liking:


08-07-02, 16:32
Hi CP, thanks for your help. Any Red Heads in the area? thor

09-18-02, 20:50
Thor: if you're still looking for a redhead, I would recommend Shauna in Luton about an hour and a half drive away from Nottingham and less than a 10 minute cab ride from the airport. She's curvy with large breasts and naturally ginger haired as her pubes will confirm and charges 30 for 30 minutes but will take longer if she likes you. Great service including french kissing, owo and rimming. At this price even with the airfare of one of the several low cost airlines that flies into the local airport on top, it must be good value.

09-21-02, 18:12
Hi CP, thanks for all your info. I had to postpone my trip to UK. It looks like I'll be going after the 1st of the year, but primarily London. thor

09-22-02, 07:04
Thor: if you require any further recommendations in the UK, feel free to post against relevant towns/cities on the board and I'll do my best to help.

10-23-02, 18:06

Thank you for the previous answers regarding parties, your information was invaluable and has set me up very well.

I'm organising trip to the UK in November, taking in a party. I would also like to visit Shauna in Luton. Do you have a web site / contact details?

Regards, Havanaman

10-26-02, 10:41
Havana: contact details for Shauna can be found under "Luton"

11-09-02, 19:47

Thank you.... found it. If all goes well will see her in next weeks.

Regards, Havanaman

06-23-03, 19:27
Most street activity is concentrated around the Forest Road area of Nottingham. There are usually about 20 girls out on any time and quality generally varies between bad to very bad. There is the occasional surprise, however, and do not agree more than 20.

The earlier advice is correct the massage parlours rarely offer more than hand relief however every night the Nottingham Evening Post has about 45 advertisements. In my experience the quality of these girls is not good although one occasionally finds a gem.

02-20-04, 02:04
Stayed at the Park Plaza on Maid Marion Way last weekend.

The hotel bar from around midnight onwards had 4-5 girls sat on their own looking for company.

Spoke to a couple of cute blondes and was quoted 100 an hour.

As I was on a Stag Do, I was pretty much to wasted to do anything but I thought I'd pass on the info.

07-04-06, 10:35
Hi there. Passed thro' Nottingham on Sun afternoon for the 1st time to check out the scene. Started about 2ish. Found Forest Road. Saw a cop car doing the rounds a couple of times but was never stopped. Anyway, initially all I saw was one large readhead who looked older but was probably in her 20's. She was with a slim, young-looking black girl around the jct with Mansfield Rd I think. Anyway, they looked like junkies but the unusual thing was that the black girl was wearing specs.

Anyway, I continued over to what I now know is Mapperley Road. Saw a well-dressed, slim blonde who looked in her 30's standing on a cnr nr the jct with Woodborough Rd. Said she couldn't use her place that day. Gave the area a bit of a rest and returned 30 mins later. Not much change except the blonde had gone. The readhead was still around but was no jumping around and shouting at passers by. Definitely on something, but wouldn't have stopped anyway. Then I noticed this fairly well-dressed, 30's blonde with lovely tits sitting on a low wall along Forest Rd but closer to the Alfreton Rd end. Wasn't sure if she was working but she was talking to this older guy who looked homeless. Anyway, I stopped in a side street opp. and she eventually walked over. She seemed friendly and a little tipsy. Said she would do oral both ways and anal at her place but not for 20. Left it at that. Soon after I saw a young, slim, brunette walking down the hill on Woodborough nr the jct with Mapperley. Was wearing a nice red outfit. I turned down the hill and then noticed a young blonde dressed like a WG walking up the hill. By the time I came back up both had disappeared. A couple more passes later, I saw the blonde again. Was happy to do everything but couldn't use her place cos of the kids. Said she went 'out in the country'.

Anyway, I went along again and saw that the voluptuous blonde was still lurking around. Decided to have another chat. This time we agreed on everything for 30 and we went off to get the money. On the way, on one of the corners, I did notice an older, slim brunette wearing plain clothes standing at one of the big juctions on Forest Rd. Had the look of a working girl. Eventually we ended back at her place. All on the way, she kept making sexy talk which got me worried as it's usually rip-offs that act like that. Still I put it down to the alcohol. At her place she started acting a little funny and took the money right away. We got down to it anyway. Said she was 31 with 2 kids. Had an impressive body though, by my standards. Pussy was hairy but I still went down. She wouldn't kiss and seemed to fake orgasm. However, barely 5 mins in there was a bell rung. She then said someone had come and she'd forgot etc. She did let me carry on in a rushing manner though. She did suck me off for a bit and her technique was good but refused to suck balls (which she agreed to before). She totally refused anal and then agreed to straight sex. As the 'bed' was basically a sheet on the floor, this was difficult for me and decided to call it a day. Let her know how annoyed I was but she didn't care. I left feeling pissed off and doubt I will ever go back there again. Still, could have been worse.


09-05-06, 23:18
If you are looking for just hand relief, but with an attractive girl, then Bubbles in Nottingham and Derby is worth trying. Their website has all the details as well as pictures of the girls - http://www.bubblesmassage.co.uk/.

10-08-06, 20:37
Whilst driving along Forest Road this evening (1900) I spotted a tallish girl, mid-20s who offered OW (20 pounds), OWO (30 pounds) and possibly other services but I didn't ask. Her mobile/cell is 07870 850 069. She seemed quite pleasant and was fairly talkative and mentioned, first, that she occasionally did domination (not my thing) but also that her younger sister was on the game as week. Although I didn't ask her the obvious, I am sure if there was enough money it would be a possibility. I went for OWO which was OK - certainly for that price.

09-05-08, 12:16
Having already had 2 BJ from decent enough girls along forset rd it was after 2am and neither had satisfied me totally, so I was still prowling and came accross a nice black SW named samantha on mapperely rd, lovely cocholate skin and nice smile was enough, she was a gem talented and worked hard with no rush to make me very pleased indeed.

I did get talked to by police earlier as I was chatting to another SW, she walked off and the police asked me what I was doing, I said simply I need my dik suked, that shocked him a bit but I'm never going to lie about what is supposed to be a crime yet there is never any victim, he let me go and I continued. I work hard for my money and I'll spend it where I please and its form of philanthropy, these girls are not bad, just desperate, if they don't get my cash they will be forced to steal and then someone will be a victim, but law makers have thier heads right up thier asses on this score.

05-19-09, 03:26
Guess it is possible to get into trouble in Nottingham, if you're really doing the wrong things.


When it says "the Mapperly area" I'd presume it probably means Mapperly Road? Nothing much out as far as Mapperly, is there?

Chinese Bloke
10-25-09, 23:49
I drove up and back Forest Road West, Forest Road East and Mapperley Road at 11pm last Wednesday night. Only saw 3 girls: one black SW on Forest Road West, and two white SW on Mapperley. Numbers appear down. Is this the general experience?

Sheff Videoman
10-22-10, 00:14
Plenty out. Spotted about 8 along Forest Road (both sides). Chatted to a couple and took Nicky. Pretty girl (as they go), pleasant, nice person. Was only a quicky and 20.

Would see her again.

Gave me her number and gave me permission to post. [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

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Big Greek
10-04-11, 06:11
Hey guys,

How about an update? Has it been dead here?

I'm heading over from the states last week of this month.


10-04-11, 19:06
Hey guys,

How about an update? Has it been dead here?

I'm heading over from the states last week of this month.

BGI was there midweek in April and didn't see any trace. But more likely to be things happening Friday and Saturday nights, I'd bet. Let us know.

Big Greek
10-06-11, 04:43
I was there midweek in April and didn't see any trace. But more likely to be things happening Friday and Saturday nights, I'd bet. Let us know.Will do, if I go. I stay in Leicester when I'm there, and Leicester is a sure thing. So I'm not sure I'll make the half hour drive (on the wrong side of the rode LOL) up for a dead town or not. If I do, I'll let you know.


Kingh Singh
09-23-13, 14:03
I see some new parties will be taken place next month in Nottingham, 100 for 90mins. 4 girls with a strict 2. 1 ratio. Parties are needed out of London. The info page is on that blue directory. Hush Parties may book a place.

07-27-14, 17:13
This ares appears to be dead. Any one got any recent info about Asian escorts operating in this area.

06-24-15, 02:38
Any update guys?

I will be in Nottingham for a couple of days later this week, and was hoping to meet some ladies in my hotel. Recommendations are really welcome.

08-10-16, 21:13
If you are looking for just hand relief, but with an attractive girl, then Bubbles in Nottingham and Derby is worth trying. Their website has all the details as well as pictures of the girls.You can always try Hush Massage in Sherwood - http://hushmassage.co.uk.

10-22-16, 07:06
Free nympho at Blidsworth woods. I found her and was glad I did. I tried to pay her but she wouldn't let me. Today was my lucky day. She is still there if anyone is interested.

10-22-16, 16:24
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03-22-17, 07:38
How are the 80 pound escorts in vivastreet.

01-03-18, 16:47
It is still possible to find some WGs on the streets of Nottingham although most are druggies. This one seemed to be an exception. She claimed to be 19 and was waiting at the corner of Waverley Street and Arboretum Street. Wanted 80 for FS and an extra 10 for OWO and had a nearby bedsit. She said her name was 'Jane' a keen performer and swallowed the lot! She didn't want to give me a number but said that there were a few WGs on the streets in the area and remarked that the police were far less obvious than they had been in the past.