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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvMexicanas  [View Original Post]
    There is no substitute for the elasticity and glow of a joven chica. Taken in Hotel Rio Rita.
    Thanks for posting!

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    There is no substitute for the elasticity and glow of a joven chica. Taken in Hotel Rio Rita.
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    Just waiting for some hard cock to enter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJLee  [View Original Post]
    Why stopped?
    Completely agree that we need to revive this thread. For a perv and limited attention span dude like me, sometimes I just want gratuitous nudity without the plot. A bit clumpier than usual, as I was bit dehydrated that morning from partying the night before. Jaja!
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    Post more photos

    Why stopped?
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    This chica used to work at an agency but is now UTR. I've been seeing her about monthly for 4 years. She was happy to pose wearing the panties I brought for her!
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    HK girl.

    Saw this HK 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night.
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    I had a great time with these two girls from HK back in July 2017. They were sisters!
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    Is it safe to post pics? Any legal risks?

    Here we go again.
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    marks  *****.jpg‎   laura  2018.jpg‎   DSCN1481 - Copy.JPG‎   DSCN1484.JPG‎  

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    La MAGUANA. Finally gave up the ghost.

    It was sometime in March maybe around March 19th, 2018. I know many of the vets have spotted her, decades ago dancing or walking around nude if not passed out on the sidewalk. Last few years she was sitting on a blanket W side Constitucion in the afternoon shade of that supermarket NW corner. What a life, another Tijuana legend bites the dust. Despite her challenges it appears she had long periods of sobriety in recent years and was sober more often than not. Article is a translation so some words may sound out of place. LOL.

    Died "LA MAGUANA" (Mara Luisa Castro Valenzuela).

    - at 08:30 am This Wednesday, she died with more than 60 years, Mara Luisa Castro Valenzuela, better known as "la maguana", who for about a month was in the asylum Shelter. Authorities of the shelter reported that he had arrived at the asylum with severe dehydration caused by a poorly guarded gastric ulcer. They also explained that they are waiting for staff and public prosecutor's office to lift the body. On the funeral services, they mentioned that they will take charge of claiming the body to bury him, but they asked the citizenry to be interested in supporting the expenses to the number 664-700-65-61.

    It was all confirmed by Jesus mondragand, coordinator of the asylum "the shelter", where he was cared for. It was around 08:30 when asylum-seekers requested the services of an ambulance, as the 60-Year-old woman was very sensitive to health; however, at the arrival of paramedics of the red cross, Maria Luisa I didn't count on vital signs. The Holder of " the shelter " pointed out that they will wait for a time for someone to claim their body; if not, they themselves will, so they ask the authorities and the community to support the funeral expenses. " Maguana " has been known in Tijuana for years and her life of indigence was surrounded by legends and rumors.

    Info: the tijuana sun. Tijuana in time.
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    Seite de copas

    The place has changed a lot, it's like a las pulgas now. It's in La Mesa no gringos.
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    A lot late but better than never

    I tried to post these last month after my trip from TX and failed. This is from aN HK girl with huge natural boobs that I overpaid to play with. Ended up BB without even asking. A month later and I only have minor pain on urination, the discharge does require me to change my underware three times a day, othwise no problems (just kidding, no problems). So I got BB once each on my last two trips without even hinting for it. Be nice, let romance take over and who knows. I still do not promote my lack of self control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kman1  [View Original Post]
    Wishing all ISG members a great 2017 and you Tom. Nice titties and booties, I see you are going strong as ever, good for you.
    Back at you Kman, I see you are still going strong as ever as well.

    The key is, never listen to your doctor!
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    Happy new year all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomjackin  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the pics. Happy New Year to you too!
    Wishing all ISG members a great 2017 and you Tom. Nice titties and booties, I see you are going strong as ever, good for you. I spent 2016 New years at Tijuana. I was in HK for NYE and the place was crazy with pyrotechnics and all, too crazy for me, but no complaints, the year turned out good.

    Here's some pics of a Lebanese Mexican beauty from Adelitas I had the pleasure of spending some time with (the next Salma Hayek, wink). Of course, she was a busy bee and I had to wait my turn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomjackin  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the pics. Happy New Year to you too!
    Who's the bottle blond with the lovely all-natural mams in your 2nd photo, and is that also her from the rear in your 3rd photo?

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