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Thread: Maracay

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    Senor Culito


    Best place to stay in Maracay for the money is Hotel Aventino.

    Very nice, clean and chica friendly. about $20 a night (worth $75-80 anywhere else in the world).

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    Visiting soon

    Guys I would like to know of a couple of good hotels near PARQUE ARAGUA/las delicias to take ladies to. i would like the hotel safe and clean. I am visiting very soon and will probably be looking for some hotties. Any recomendations? by checking out the ads there are some hot ones in the 18-20 yo range. Any recomendations?


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    Where to Find Chicas Lists

    A short list. Got Info?

    1. Quinta Cristal, $B20,000
    2. Buenos Aires,
    3. Chanel, at 51 Calle San Marcos, La Cooperativa,

    4. Club right near the hotel Princesa Plaza, which supplied Massajistas.

    Out Calls: avisos clasificados section 48 (Solo para adultos),

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    escorts in maracay

    Maracay is the basement of the militar power of venezuela, over 12 batalions
    are in town, A big quantity of single men are moving around seeking for girls,
    there many discos and tascas, and also many escorts agencies, prices are
    cheap in comparison with other venezuelan cities (starting in US $ 8),
    places like quinta cristal are of of budget for mostly all the guys because it
    is a bar where you have to drink and talk to the ladies first, after you go with
    them to their room, if you want to take them out you must pay a fine.
    In Maracay you get more young girls that in all venezuela (borderline 18 y.o.)
    beeing escorts, most of them are girls finishing their studies and seeking for a regular job. There are over 60 escorts agencies offering all kind of services,
    as you can see in avisos clasificados section 48 (Solo para adultos), also you can come to


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    Address of Quinta Cristal

    Hi Madra,

    Quinta Cristal is close to the industrial area, you better take a taxi, and tell him to come back at the time you want. It is a very nice place, not so expensive with nice girls. If you pick up someone, you can ask her to go out on sundays, there are wonderful beaches like turiamo and cubagua you have to visit and enjoy.


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    directions to quinta cristal?

    Can you guys help and tell me how to get to QUINTA CRISTAL?

    Or the address?


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    This is a mini-report on Maracay which I posted in September of 2002. I would like to add that maracay sees way fewer gringos than Caracas and thus, non-pro opportunities abound. Have fun and eat a few tostones para mi...

    I spent the weekend in Maracay, Venezuela, a medium-sized city about 2 hours straight west of Caracas. I hit "Quinta Cristal" as well as another place called "Buenos Aires". On a Saturday night, Q.C. had 15-20 chicas working who ranged (in looks, on my subjective rating scale) from 4's to 7.5's. The price was Bs. 20,000 (at the time I visited the exchange rate was about Bs. 1500 to US 1$) for everything (25 minutes full-service, in a room on location). You can negotiate for longer if you like. I was told take-out is not available, however, I would doubt that.

    Also, checked out B.A. at a taxi driver's suggestion- this place was more out of the way on the outskirts of town. Definitely appeared a little more "peligroso" and I confirmed this with a couple of locals later. I wouldn't go there alone next time. B.A. was definitely a local place but in my opinion was better than Q.C. on this night. There were at least 30 women working ranging from 5's to solid 8's. Add to the fact that the price was only Bs. 15000 for 30 minutes and it was definitley a better overall value.

    By the way, there was no cover charge for either of these places and a beer will set you back Bs. 1000 (US $.66). That's my price!

    In conclusion, Maracay seems to be worth checking out if you get disillusioned with the Caracas P4P scene (not hard to do). You probably won't find any 9's or 10's in the brothels of Maracay but you can find some quality, cheap fun. Would I make a special trip from the U.S. or another country just to visit Maracay- no. But it's definitely worth a look-see if you're in the area...

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    One more try.

    Anyone have any info about Maracay that they can share?

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    Well I threw another dart at the map and it landed here. I was here for lunch a few months back, but no time for anything else. Now it looks like I will be here for a week or more and I need information. You know, all the usual stuff, good hotels in good locations with a friendly policy, strip clubs, dance clubs, anything.

    Also, crime in Venezuela is high. Where should I not go?

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