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Thread: 2005 Rio de Janeiro Reports

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    Great Post Y&R

    It makes me want to save my pennies.

    I think a "Rio - Restaurants and Bars” would be a really cool addition.

    Wow, my first post is about Restaurants and Bars... Go figure.

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    Oi amigos,

    First, thanks for the good feedback on my report and I look forward to reading your reports so I can keep up with the scene in Rio!


    I knew that I was going to catch some grief when I mentioned paying R$ 285 for the first girl from Help. Truth is, the next morning I did feel kind of shitty about it, but blame it on the alcohol and "horniness", I guess. That's one big reason why Help will never be my favorite place... The key like you said is to stick to your guns, but if your "other head" is doing more thinking than the other, well... you might get taken for few reis...

    Also, thanks for mentioning the Churrascaria Palace. I have not head about that one yet, but sounds like it’s worth trying. Another one that I have been to that was good, had cheaper prices and is about a block off of Av. Atlantica. is called “Carretão”.

    A few months ago, I debated on asking Jackson if he would create a section under Brazil where people could recommend restaurants to each other, but I never did because I figured that I would be ridiculed by too many people since this is a site that discusses sex. Since then I’ve noticed that there is a section in Argentina called, “Buenos Aires - Restaurants and Bars”. Maybe a “Rio de Janeiro – Restaurants and Bars” section might be good for the Brazil section too. If enough people agree, I bet Jackson would set it up.


    Y & R

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    November '04

    Spent some days in Rio that time together with a friend. He did two escort girls (see this section).

    Once I took a girl out of help, but also had the budget service of 30 reais for 30 minutes in an apartment.


    When my friend was about to leave with the garota he chose (bad choice by the way, let's just forget about her) I didn't want to go home alone. Too many guys, just some nice looking girls for my taste - so I was feeling some pressure to choose quickly. There was a girl that didn't dance once that night, always sitting on one of these boxes next to the dancing. All she was doing was talking to other girls now and then, never men. I like this kind of girl much more than the pushy aggressive prostitutes, touching your ass when passing by and grabbing for your dick...
    Anyway, so when I talked to her first I asked if she was working at all this night. But of course this is HELP, and of course she was working. I was asking why she didn't dance, and immediately she offered to dance with me. No interest, I wanted to go back to the apartment and do programa. She agreed in a second for 250 reais TN. Don't blaim me for paying too much - she was cute for my taste, and there were many dollars around!

    To my surprise she had a good attitude, started deep french kissing right on the stairs on the way out, didn't complain about walking two blocks, and again lots of french kissing in the taxi.

    In bed she would do whatever I liked (exept anal, she wanted some extra reais), fingering her pussy, banging her in every position, BBBJCIM and cum on face etc. And again she had a nice attitude, after the first bang she would feed my with chocolate and cookies, just to please me.

    She was morena, slim with a nice little bunda, but a pair of silicone fake tits - but nice size and shape. She was the type "safade" I like very much. Would repeat but try to get a better price. If anyone is interested PM me for her mobile number.


    Also went to an apartment on Av. Prado Júnior 297/801. Definitely you have to speak some Portuguese. Friendly atmosphere in a very basic environment, I had the choice of ca 6-8 girls, all more or less morenas. Took a young morena, 18 she said (I'd say 20...), and we went just behind a sliding door. Cost: 30/30min or 60/1h. Nice friendly girl, helped me undressing, beijos na boca, BBBJ, though no anal :-(
    Would repeat, but take the hour. By the way, Av. Prado Júnior seems to be full of apartments with working girls.

    Also had the pleasure of meeting to regular girls, but this is strictly private and with one I have the pleasure that she is living in my city outside Brazil :-)) She was the one I knew first and the started my addiction for Brazil...

    Have fun but take care.


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    bang boat

    Does the "Bang Boat" still exist? It was a big yacht with lots of ladies on it.

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    Great Report

    That is one of the most thorough reports that I have seen posted about Rio, Y and R. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Luck with 2 non-pros on one trip is unreal.

    Termas Time

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    You have written some great reports about the marvelous city
    I got back from Rio 5 weeks ago and can`t wait to go back in April.

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    That is the best report I have read in a long time. It's reports like those that frist brought me to Rio 5 years ago, 15 times later and 12 days to go until I land at Joabim airport, and man am I excited. Thanks for the stories and I will post my own when I arrive.

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    Y & R GREAT REPORT !!!

    Thanks for taking the time to write a detail report, with your attiude you will have fun and a good time NO matter were you go.

    Some guys have lots of hang ups and issues and then blame it on Rio or being picky lol.

    I know these girls can be a trip at times I try to make it a habit of not telling ANY girl when I am leaving ( I think maybe your girl from Sao Paulo was trying to line herself up with another guy after you left).

    I just tell them I don't know when I am leaving I met girls down there that don't have any where to stay and just hang around and sleep with one guy for a few weeks and then hook up with another guy for a week or two (always on a look out for their next guy).

    The problem is once they get your trust and once they know when you are leaving back to the USA some NOT all will steal from you and then hide for a few days until your flight have left back to the states.

    I have a habit of only dealing (sleeping) with a girl maybe two times at best for some reason the second time is NEVER as good as the 1st time just like the SADE song lol, after a few rounds and a full night of love making I pay them no more then what you did around (150 -275 reals) and if they are were really GREAT I see them a second time.

    Over the past few years there have been a few times I had some (Victoria's Secret lookalike) that I had to see for a 3rd time just to make sure I get them out of mine system the worst thing is to go home wishing you would have tap that "BUTT" a few more times before kicking her out.

    There are a few clowns walking the streets around Rio that from time to time I had to work over.

    Saint/Godfather like to paint me as the tough ex- Navy SEALS as you notice I never brought it up until he did, but normally I can walk around without any problems around Rio maybe because I stand almost 6'5 over 245 lbs,I am a cool clam person unless I AM PUSH or a person don't take mine warnings.

    I don't know but there always a few clowns that want to try you after they been coke up or dope up or beer up or just seeing you walking with a fine "blonde hottie" they maybe feel should be with their foolish childlike acting shelves and they are jealous the girl want give them the time of day and then they have to be taught a lesson (even some drunk off his ass American gringo) I had to put mine size 13 boot in a few of their butts a few times too.

    But, once again that was a really good report I hope your boy enjoyed himself too.

    Kid Cisco

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    Y & R, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you so much - that type of detail is what we crave. I feel like I know everything I need for my trip based on reports like yours.

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    Re: Young and Restless

    I enjoyed your post as I like hearing about everyone's adventures! But I must say I have NEVER paid more than 200 reis for a girl in front of or in Help. All of them were young and extremely pretty. And also, lots of them joined me at the beach once in a while or spent a couple days with me at NO charge. When some girl asks me for R$300 to $400, I simply start walking and they start following.

    I always rent a decent apartment as opposed to hotels for the very reason Corey was having problems. The apartments have security and are cheaper than hotels. Plus apartments have amenities and a kitchen. Not that I really use the kitchen. But comes in handy when a girl wants to make you a sandwich.

    Also, after being there for the first few days, the girls come to me. The guard downstairs calls me and I choose who can come up to my apartment.

    The apartments in Leme are better and nicer than the one room places near Help which I don't recommend so you don't get profiled as a gringo. People in Leme are much more laid back and theres great food everywhere. Marius is in Leme. One the best churrascarias in the world. However, there are places with the same food for a quarter of the price at Marius. Churrascaria Palace at Rua Rodolfo Dantes 16B just a half block off Avenida Atlantica.

    I hope I run into you guys someday

    "I decided to check things out solo for a little while and ended up finding a really hot looking girl. Same complexion as the girl from Centaurus, but had a slightly smaller frame and pretty green eyes. After a little chitchat we started to discuss prices. She started off with R$ 400 and I just smiled a little bit and asked her if she was serious. She asked me what I would pay and I said that I was looking to pay something around R$ 250. Something that I have noticed is that if you counter offer with something much lower than the price that she starts out at and she does not walk away immediately, she will more than likely give in to your price or somewhere near the vicinity of it. If you can feel that she is not going to give in to your first offer, slowly increase your offer in R$ 25 increments NOT R$ 50 increments. Remember this is Brazil and if you increase your offer by R$ 50 just like that… she will see you as just another gringo with a pocket full of money to burn. It is not much money to you and me, but you would be surprised at how much more serious they will take you when you increase your offer by R$ 25 instead of R$ 50. Back to my price discussion with this girl…. After I counter offered with R$ 250, she said that she would charge me $ 350 (since she did not turn her nose up when I said R$ 250, in my mind R$ 350 is just another bogus number). I asked her how long she would stay with me and she said she would stay for 2 or 3 hours. I told her that if she would agree on R$ 275, but only if she would agree to stay all night. She didn’t say anything. I then offered her R$ 285, as my last offer. She agreed and said that she had to leave at 6am though. The deal was made and now I had to go find my friend to let him know that I was leaving."

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    Thank you Young & Restless

    This was a great report that I will use for my next trip. It was thanks to guys like you who are generous enough to share their info here that during my first trip to Rio I knew enough from the info I had read on the WSGForum to find my way around to the essential places. I still have not been to HELP or any terma..I never made it beyond Meia Petaca..I guess I am one deprived fucker. On my next trip I will make it to HELP and either Solarium or Centaurus.

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    Day 1

    before i get started, i’ve been telling myself forever that i am going to put together a detailed report for one of my trips to rio. i’ve finally wrote a fairly detailed one here. my intent was to put back into the wsg. it was the detailed reports that were very helpful to me on my first trip to rio, so if this report helps anyone with their travel plans, then i have put back in what i have taken from the wsg forum.

    in my report, i wrote about my experiences with the p4p scene (of course) and the non-pro scene that i dabbled in. there are a couple of days that i wrote about here dealing only with my non-pro experiences and provided very little or no info. regarding p4p. so… if you only like to read reports that talk about sex and nothing else but that, you should just skip over this one. for all others, here goes…

    i am recently returning from an unbelievably fun week in rio. this trip makes number four for me and it seems like they get progressively better each time that i go. i am still just a rio novice, but over the last three years i’ve come to know quite a bit about this amazing city. i went to rio this time with a longtime friend of mine that was traveling outside of the u.s. for the first time ever. i had been telling him about rio for the past few years and earlier this year he made up his mind to go. after so many painful months of waiting went by, the time for our flight had now come so we sat out to conquer.

    after a long 12-hour flight, we arrive in rio.

    day 1:

    we arrived in rio around 1pm on a saturday and had a driver from the rio roiss (fernando) waiting at the airport to take us to the hotel. in the past i have had problems with exchanging money when i arrived in rio on saturdays. i think your best rate would be at the atm machine at the blockbuster in copacabana, but i did not feel like worrying about my card not working or the machine being out of order or money. all of the other cambios that i knew of in copacabana would have closed by the time we got there from the airport, so i decided to use the amex inside the airport to get me started. the exchange rate at the airport in the u.s. was terrible so i called the amex at the airport in rio prior to the flight and found that their rate was much better. so the first mission was to go to there and get some reis.

    there were so many parasites in the airport it made it a real pain in the ass to exchange money. i discretely told fernando that i wanted to go to amex before leaving the airport and next thing you know some guys come running up to us asking what we need. after a few seconds, i just started walking away and fernando caught up with me and said that he would take us to amex right away. if you want to exchange money when you arrive at the airport, here is amex’s info (the amex in copacabana has weird hours and long waiting lines most of the time, so while you’re still at the airport this is a good opportunity in my opinion):

    amex - int’l airport 011 (55 21) 9749-2645
    terminal 2 – 1st floor

    thinking that the hard part was over, i get out of the car and go into the terminal, only to find a group of about four guys staring at me like i had a hundred dollar bill pasted on my forehead. great. we went to amex and got what we needed to get us by for a few days and headed back out of the airport.

    you’re probably better off just using the atm at the blockbuster. i only had one problem with using it on my previous trip. the machine could not read the magnetic strip on my card and the people at blockbuster obviously couldn’t do anything to help. i went to numerous banks with every major credit card that you could think of and none of them would let me withdraw money because i did know any of my pin numbers. finally, i went to amex in copa and explained to them what the problem was. they were nice and let me withdraw money from my amex card for the rest of my trip and i only had to show them my card and my passport each time, no pin. i wasted so much time that day and was way too frustrated with the whole thing.

    try the blockbuster you’ll get a better rate, just don’t be a dumbass like i was and bring a worn out atm card with you and be sure to memorize the pin numbers of your other credit cards as a backup:

    blockbuster – copacabana
    av. n. copacabana n°: 619
    tel: 011 (55 21) 2549-8677

    real quick, in case anyone is still wondering about having to be fingerprinted and photographed by immigration at the airport, don’t worry. we didn’t have to do either one and i did not see anyone else having to either.

    after a surprisingly quick drive from the airport, we arrive at the rio roiss. i have read about the rio roiss on the wsg forum for a long-time now and wasn’t 100% sure on how my reaction to this place would be. well, my first impression was not that good. we walked into the entrance and they had guys painting the entranceway of the hotel on the inside and wearing respirators, so it was a little hard to breath and their set-up was somewhat of an eyesore. renovating is a good thing, but i was hoping that they would not be doing that the whole time that we were staying at the hotel. turns out they finished up that same day, so it was not really that of a big deal.

    after checking in we went up to our rooms. first, let me say that i’ve stayed at some very nice hotels in rio and some that were above average, so i was a little worried that this place might suck a little. after taking a good look inside the room, i was totally impressed. their furnishings are a little older and not the most expensive, but everything was nice, clean and comfortable. my favorite things were the size of the deluxe room and the overhead shower was cool too. i usually like to stay at nicer places, but i would not have any problems staying at this hotel again.

    once we got settled in we decided to go eat at a sandwich shop that i’ve read a lot of good reviews about called cervantes. if you have not been, i highly recommend it. we ordered the “sanduíche filet mignon com queijo” ~ “filet mignon sandwich with melted cheese”. it was unbelievably good and cheap (<r$12 p/ person). if you are coming from the direction of help on ave. atlantica headed in the direction of the copacabana palace, take a left onto the street that mab’s is on, continue pass barbarella and cervantes is one more block down on your left, right next door to a chevrolet car dealership:

    av. prado junior, 335 loja b (copacabana)
    tel: 2275-6147

    now it was time to hit the termas. i have told my friend about all of the termas that i have been to in rio and left the decision up to him as to which one we went to first. his choice was centaurus and that was perfectly fine by me. we arrived there around 6pm and the lady at the desk told us that if we could hold off taking a girl upstairs until 7, all of the girls would be there by then for us to choose from. sounded like a good idea to me. one thing i noticed right of the bat was that the price has went up a little bit. it was r$ 310 for 40-minutes. i asked the lady when did they raise their prices and she acted clueless. when i told her that it was r$ 290 on my last visit, she said that they changed their rates about a year ago. bummer, but oh well. i did not fly 5k miles to boycott my favorite terma over r$ 20. after changing, we went straight to the boite where all of the chicas were. this place seems to get better and better every time i go (minus the price increase). there was no shortage of beauties in centaurus. before our trip to rio, i told my friend that going to centaurus has to be the next best thing to being at the playboy mansion. the girls there are always the best looking girls that i see while i am in rio and after four trips in three years they have kept their standards up every time that i have been.

    one thing that i emphasized to my friend prior to our trip is that you have to make a conscious effort to be picky in these termas and do not take the first girl upstairs that gives you wood. once one of these gorgeous girls sets down with you, all of them have perfected the art of making the male horny to the max. you still need to keep looking at all of the other girls in the terma though, because there is always another girl that is better looking than the one setting with you. if you’ve never been to a terma before you may feel a little uncomfortable about telling a girl that is sitting with you that you are interested in meeting a different girl there, but don’t be. i’ve been in the termas so many times a cannot tell you how often i’ve had girls blowing kisses at me and winking at me while the guy she is with is kissing all over her neck and fondling her boobs. i would be an idiot if i said that the same thing never happened to me. you won’t see it happen, but it certainly will a few times. my point is don’t feel guilty if you turn down a girl here, because they certainly aren’t feeling guilty about blowing kisses and winking at some of the guys setting around you when you’re not looking. if there were an entry in the dictionary for the cliché “mixing business with pleasure”, there would be a big picture of a terma right next to it. no one would ever need to be reminded about the pleasures inside of the termas, but while you are there don’t repress the fact that this is business too. be picky and make sure you get exactly girl that you want.

    he evidently listened to what i said, because he went through 2 other girls before he picked the one that he wanted. i only had to weed through one before i found the perfect candidate. at this point, we had been sitting down drinking for well over an hour and i was ready to make a move. my friend went upstairs first and i only had to wait about 20-minutes before they had another room available.

    i wanted to ask a few people on this trip if they post on the wsg forum. while i was waiting outside of my room i met a black guy from the u.s., and he said that he post here on occasions. i told him my user name and he told me his. his user name was not familiar to me and i cannot remember it, but dude if you’re reading this now and remember our conversation, i hope you had a damn good time at centaurus!

    i hate to say this because i have read other posters on here receiving a little criticism for not remembering what the girl’s names were that they hooked-up with while at the termas. unfortunately i will fall into this category. some of these girl’s names are very hard to remember and if i was drinking at the time… forget about it. i could not remember this girl’s name (and a few others). this girl was hot, hot. she had a cinnamon skin, gorgeous face, beautiful eyes and her body was bangin’ (very typical brazilian girl) and she knew exactly what she was doing. although i didn’t request this in the beginning, she did allow cim, which was such a nice way to start off day #1.

    i know that everyone has their own opinion as to which place (terma) is the best one to go to. let me just say that in all of my trips to rio and all of the places that i have been to while i was there, the best looking girls in rio de janeiro were right here:

    rua caning 44,
    cnr rua raihha elizabeth, ipanema
    tel: (55 21) 2267-5088
    (web-site has been down)

    after an excellent session with this girl i was feeling satisfied, but ready to go to another place. again, i left this decision up to my friend and he decided on help. i will be the first to admit that this is not the best place in rio, but i still enjoy dropping by there once or twice while in rio.

    the girls sitting outside of help were some of the worst that i have ever seen. they were horrible. some of them were older ladies that were well into their 40’s and some of the other bad ones were around their mid-thirties, overweight and not cute at all. i felt sorry for my friend at one point, we made the mistake of sitting at a table that was close to the sidewalk and there was some nasty old lady that had to be in her 50’s that was trying to hook something up with him. i couldn’t help but laugh my ass off the whole time. there were a small handful of cute girls outside of help, but they were few and far between. i told myself that if the girls inside were as bad as the ones on the outside, i would leave immediately and not return again on this trip.

    all of a sudden, we started to see a lot of people lining up to go inside help and we were right behind them at matrix speed. inside of help was 100% better than the outside. there was a decent amount of hot looking girls to choose from and it was still early in the night, so you could actually walk around for a change. from here on out, i will refer to my friend as “corey”. we both walked around help for a while before he spotted a hot looking girl (or she spotted him, i should say) that he was interested in. i told him that it was cool if he needed me to help translate. corey does not speak much portuguese outside of saying obrigado, so i knew it would not long before he took me up on my offer.

    i decided to check things out solo for a little while and ended up finding a really hot looking girl. same complexion as the girl from centaurus, but had a slightly smaller frame and pretty green eyes. after a little chitchat we started to discuss prices. she started off with r$ 400 and i just smiled a little bit and asked her if she was serious. she asked me what i would pay and i said that i was looking to pay something around r$ 250. something that i have noticed is that if you counter offer with something much lower than the price that she starts out at and she does not walk away immediately, she will more than likely give in to your price or somewhere near the vicinity of it. if you can feel that she is not going to give in to your first offer, slowly increase your offer in r$ 25 increments not r$ 50 increments. remember this is brazil and if you increase your offer by r$ 50 just like that… she will see you as just another gringo with a pocket full of money to burn. it is not much money to you and me, but you would be surprised at how much more serious they will take you when you increase your offer by r$ 25 instead of r$ 50. back to my price discussion with this girl…. after i counter offered with r$ 250, she said that she would charge me $ 350 (since she did not turn her nose up when i said r$ 250, in my mind r$ 350 is just another bogus number). i asked her how long she would stay with me and she said she would stay for 2 or 3 hours. i told her that if she would agree on r$ 275, but only if she would agree to stay all night. she didn’t say anything. i then offered her r$ 285, as my last offer. she agreed and said that she had to leave at 6am though. the deal was made and now i had to go find my friend to let him know that i was leaving.

    i was trying to find corey, but he was nowhere in sight. i have been friends with corey since junior high and knew that this scene was all new to him, so i wanted to make sure he remembered how to get back to the hotel before i left help. after walking around help for what seemed like forever, i assumed he was taking care of business back at the hotel already. i went back to the rio roiss and asked them to call his room. they did, but no one ever answered and the night clerk said that he had not seen him. i asked the girl to wait for me in the lobby of the hotel while i went back to help for one final look. shit this sucks!! luckily, i saw him as soon as i walked in and told him that my girl was waiting for me back at the hotel. i made a final offer to help him talk to this girl that was with him, but he said things were ok at the moment, so i was outta there.

    my girl was still waiting for me in the lobby, so off to my room we went. i had an excellent time with this girl. she was 21 and really cute. about 15 minutes into a very nice bbbj, my phone starts ringing. i almost ignored the damn thing, but answered it anyway. it was corey and he said he had two girls downstairs, but the night clerk would not allow him to take both of them to his room. i told him to try to palm him some money and he said that he already offered him r$ 50, but the guy would not budge. i told him not to offer any more money to the guy. there is a love motel called the vanity that is a 3-minute cab ride from the rio roiss and there are no problems with having two girls there. the last time i stayed at the vanity was in 2001 and the rate was r$ 60. apparently it has increased to r$ 80 (but that is still only r$ 30 more than the “facilitating payment” that he offered the night clerk at the rio roiss). just out of curiosity, i asked him what price the girls were asking and he said r$ 150 for each girl. that should have thrown up a big red flag, but i was too preoccupied and wanted to hang up the phone as soon as possible.

    about 40-minutes later, my phone was ringing again and now i am getting annoyed. this is twice that i was interrupted while trying to enjoy myself. it’s corey again and he is pissed-off this time. once he paid to get inside the vanity, the girls asked for the money upfront and he told them that it was at his hotel and he would pay them afterwards. he said that they started putting their clothes back on and got the hell out of there. i would never pay a girl from help in advance. i told him that he was better off just letting them leave. in the meantime, he has already paid for the room at the vanity and the guy would only reimburse him r$ 25 and he only got that much because he told him that he did not have any taxi money. looking back, i am certain that corey misunderstood the girls and i think that they both wanted r$ 300. he told me that was impossible because he took his finger and pointed at one of the girls and said “one hundred and fifty reis for you” and pointed to the other girl and said ““one hundred and fifty reis for you” and they both shook their heads yes. i told him, “do you really think they understood you when you said “one hundred and fifty” in english? and even if they did understand, would they tell you the truth??” they would have done whatever it took to get r$ 300 each.

    finally, i get back to business. i had an excellent time with this girl and even though she agreed upfront that we could go at it more than once as long as she could leave by 6am, i decided to call it quits for the night. i was exhausted.

    there are so many better places to go, but you can go to help and have a good time despite popular opinion. here is a link help's web site. i think it's a good depiction of help, because you will see one decent looking girl in about every tenth picture...

    help discoteca

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    Day 2

    this girl kept trying to wake me up at about 5:30am. she kept calling my name and shaking me. i was too tired to even answer her. finally at 6am, i woke up and gave her money to her and off she went. a few minutes after she left, i was wide awake and decided to go for a short walk to kill a little time before the hotel restaurant opened at 7am.

    finally 7am rolls around and i am the 1st one in line for the free hotel breakfast. once i saw what they had available, i realized quickly why it was free. all they had was a few different slices of deli-style lunchmeat, two different types of sliced cheese and about three different kinds of bread/jam to choose from. if i would have known this beforehand, i would have just stayed in bed earlier. it damn sure doesn’t look anything like that picture they have on their web site. anyway, while i was picking out something to eat, i saw a good-looking redheaded girl (bottled red) come in the restaurant with a man in his mid-fifties. she was about 22 and looked kind of like uma thurman’s character in pulp fiction, but with dark red hair and a brazilian body. i thought she looked really sexy. i noticed that the entire time she was in the restaurant with this guy; she was staring at me real hard from the time she walked in, until the time i left. it was a good kind of stare, but i could not figure out why she was not even trying to be discrete about it while she was setting there eating with that man.

    one of the ladies that works in the restaurant came up to my table and offered to cook me an omelet with some bacon. anything would have been nice to liven up this boring breakfast. i ordered my omelet; she asked for my room number and returned shortly with my food. after i finished eating i got up to leave and i noticed the girl and the man getting up to leave by the time i was getting inside the elevator. once i got inside my room i laid down and closed my eyes for about 2-minutes when i heard a knock on my door. i open the door and the girl from the restaurant is standing there.

    i invited her in and we sat down on my bed and started talking. she said that she had been in that man’s room with him since 8pm the night before. i wanted to laugh so bad, but i kept it in. my first question to her was how in the hell did she know what room i was in and she said that she listened to me tell the lady in the restaurant my room number.

    well, now that she was there with me, we obviously had some other things to discuss. this girl’s name was gleyse and i asked her if she wanted to stay with me for a little while and she said yes. i asked about money and she said r$ 300. i told her that i was glad that she came by my room, but there was no way i could do that. she then said that she would accept r$ 250. i told her that was too high as well. she asked me what price would i pay and i said that i would pay r$ 200, if we could have two sessions. she agreed without any hesitation.

    the session was superb. i think this girl was somewhat of a nympho, because she was already with that other man earlier and made it obvious that she was still enjoying her time with me. i thought she was sexy with her dark red her, no fat and a nice round ass. i did not last nowhere near as long as i thought i was going to. we ended up passing out and not waking up until corey called my room to ask when i wanted to go eat lunch. i told him that i found some company after breakfast and still had something else that i needed to do before we left.

    after the second time, i went to the restroom and showered. when i came back into the room, i got the money out of my safe to give to her, she asked me where we were going and i told her to lunch. she told me that she was hungry too. i just looked at her while i was counting the money. i told her here is r$ 200 and after i gave her that i gave her r$ 20 more and said this is for your lunch. she laughed a little bit and said ok and goodbye. two sessions with this girl was easily worth more than r$200, so i more or less wrote the extra r$ 20 off as a well earned tip. truthfully, i think she deserved more than what i gave her, but that was the price that we agreed upon and i would look like an idiot if i paid more.

    we decided to go to a café styled restaurant/bar that i was introduced to on my last trip to rio. i could not remember the name of it on my last rio report, but i have the complete name and address this time:

    botequim informal
    rua humberto de campos, 646 (leblon)
    tel: 2259-6967

    this is a nice little place where you can relax and drink some chopp. the also have great food too. by now, i was already picking up on the trend of us eating only one time per day, so when we went to this place i told corey that we should order several different things and split them between each other. we ordered empadas de camarão (pastries filled with shrimp & melted cheese), bolinhos de bacalhau (fried codfish balls) and mineirinho (filet mignon w/ melted mozzarella and grilled onions). there was no way we could finish everything, but it was not expensive and we had the whole variety thing going on.

    while we were sitting there, a table of three girls and one guy was sitting next to us. their table was so close that you might as well say that we were all sitting at the same table. after a few minutes of waiting for our food, a chinese lady walks buy selling some rated r trinkets, such as a lighter that pops-up a penis instead of a flame, a vibrating brush with an ~8” shaft and a combination lighter/switch blade. our table and the girl’s table were all laughing our asses off at everything that she showed us and i was thinking this could be a good opportunity to use some portuguese and try to get acquainted.

    i told the girl sitting next to me that i lost my appetite after when the lady showed us that lighter. she starting laughing and to my surprise starts speaking to me in perfect english. i asked her if she and her friends had eaten at this restaurant before and she said that it was and this was only her second time to be in rio and she was staying with a long-time friend of hers that lives there (the only girl that had a boyfriend with her). this girl was from sao paulo, 20 years old and hot. i told her that later we were going to go watch some live music later and told her that she and her friends could come. she said that she and her friends were not going to stay out late, because the other two girls were leaving rio early in the morning and this was going to be there little celebration. i did not want to push the issue, since maybe that was her way of telling me nicely that she was not interested, so i told her if she wanted to call me some other time, i could be reached at the marriott on ave. atlantica after tonight (that night would be my last night at the rio roiss, will explain later).

    after we paid our bill, we took a cab back to our hotel. for all of that food, a coke for my friend, 3-beers for me along with 2-caipirina glass and 2-cerveja glass (which i left at the rio roiss and am still pissed off about), total damage was about $10 for him and $15 for me. at this point, food had hardly impacted our budget.

    it was sunday and as far as i knew solarium & monte carlo were the only termas open. we chose to go to solarium. if you are staying in the copabanaca area, this place is about 20 minutes away depending on traffic, but seeing some of the city on the way there is nice.

    we get to solarium and walk in to the reception area. after briefly speaking to the lady at the reception, i thought she had some nice sex appeal to her. if any of you are solarium regulars, she is what i would call a classic brazilian woman; naturally curly hair and deep bronze skin… very nice. i thought about asking for her phone number or offering mine to her on the way out, but i was perfectly satisfied by that time.

    one cool thing about solarium is that you pay for everything on your way out instead of in the beginning like at centaurus. after changing into our robes, we went upstairs to the boite. there were plenty of gorgeous girls available. once we sat down and it did not take more than a minute or two before we both had girls setting with us.

    the first girl that was sitting with me was very sweet and burning hot, but at this point i was overdue for a nice brazilian blond. after about 20-minutes, i spotted the one that i wanted. i had to use my “who is that girl over there?” technique with the girl that was setting with me. once i asked her that question, she asked me if i wanted to talk to her instead. i told her that i did want to talk with the other girl for a few minutes to see if i thought she was my type or not. this second girl was smokin’. she was 25 and built like a brick shithouse. i believe her name was elie, but i am not 100% sure. flawless body, bottled blond and on fire. i told her that i wanted to rent the suite and she went to check on it. she returned and said that the suite was booked for the next two hours and the regular rooms had a minimum 45-minute wait. i was a little disappointed because i used the suite on my last visit at solarium and it was awesome. it had a huge bed, jacuzzi, shower and a tv that was playing porn the whole time. i highly recommend it if it is available when you are there. i believe the price is r$ 330 for one-hour.

    waiting 2-hours was out of the question, so we went to the standard room. the standard rooms are very small, but you forget all about that once you both lay down on the bed. this girl (along with every other girl that i have been with in a terma) allowed bbbj and knew exactly what she was doing. after about 10 or 15-minutes, we got down to business. very talented girl… incredible.

    corey and i both finished up around the same time, so it was time to take off. while we were paying, i noticed that they had a tv in the reception area that displayed some of the girls that were working. it was cool, because there were two brazilian guys close to our age standing in line and we were all giving high-5’s when our girls were shown on the tv.

    solarium is tied for 2nd place with l’oumos for my favorite termas. their establishment is a little nicer, but one could say that l’oumos has a slightly better selection of girls. total setback was r$170 plus drinks.

    rua j.j. seabra, 21 - jardim botanico - r.j.
    tel: (55 21) 2294-6599 / 2274-2741
    open mon - fri 3pm until 2am
    saturday 2pm - 9pm
    sunday 4pm - 12am

    we left there and went back to the rio roiss. at this point, my libido was content and really just wanted to go somewhere to hang out at for the rest of the night. i asked the front desk clerk if he could recommend a good place with live music. i had not heard of the place that he told us about, but the venue sounded cool. he said there was a place called galeria gômer (<=sp?) located in a place called “shopping downtown”. the thing that confused me the most was when i asked him if it was located downtown, he said no that was just the name of the place. i want to say that this place was located in barra da tijuca. maybe some of you rio experts can shed a little light on this. anyway, we got a taxi and he told our driver where to take us and off we went. we get there and this place was awesome. all locals, no tourist or working girls whatsoever, but we had already fulfilled that part of our agenda for the day so this was perfect.

    the band there was excellent. they played everything from stone temple pilots and pearl jam to the beatles. they also played some brazilian rock too. i would say that the ratio was about 65/35, u.s./brazilian music. i saw two girls sitting by themselves watching the band. once i determined that they were there alone, i told corey that i was going to try to get them to sit with us. both of them were in their earlier twenties and were very beautiful. i told them hello and asked if they were waiting for somebody. they told me that they just came for the music and that was exactly what i wanted to hear. i told them that we would like to invite them to come and sit with us and have a few drinks, if they would like. they started talking to each other and i could not understand everything, but they were smiling the whole time so i took that as a good sign. next thing you know, we have two girls sating with us.

    i knew it was up to me to maintain their interest since my friend does not speak portuguese, so i asked them what type of work they do, what their interest are, and tried to make them laugh as much as possible. things were going fine until the girl that i was interested in suggested that i drink a caipirinha. i love caipirinhas, but i usually drink them way too fast and this time was no exception. on top of all the beer that i drank, i gulped down about three caipirinhas. i can’t say enough how good the band was, so the time was going by so fast. the girls said they were going to order some food, so they ordered a beef dish that was served on a grill of some sort and was really deicious. just for setting down at a table, we were served a variety of complimentary breads and garlic butter. the whole scene at this place kicked ass.

    the band stopped playing around 2am and it was obvious that the girls were not interested in calling it a night. paying the check was just a footstep away from being a very embarrassing moment. between the two of us, we had just barely enough money to pay the bill. i told the girls if they would ride with us to our hotel (wink, wink) we could visit a little more on the way there and we would pay the cab fare to take them home.

    they agreed, so we found a cab and headed to the rio roiss. once we arrived at the hotel, we told the driver to wait for just a minute while we went to get the money for the fare. i invited the girls to come to our rooms, but the night clerk would not let them up to our rooms because neither of them had their ids. i was furious, but did not make a scene. i asked the girls if they wanted to go home after we paid the taxi or if they would like to visit with us a little more. their response was music to my ears, they said they wanted to visit some more… yes!!! we went up to our rooms while the girls waited downstairs. once we returned downstairs we all got back in the taxi and i told the driver to take us to the vanity, because i could not think of any other place where the girls could get in without ids. corey said that we could go anywhere else besides there. last nights memories were evidently still fresh on his mind. i asked the cab driver if he could recommend a nice hotel that did not require ids and he said that he knew one that would end up being around the same price as the vanity, plus it had a swimming pool in the room. hell yeah!!!

    the name of this place is “nosso hotel” this place was unbelievable. you rent this place in time increments just like at the vip motel, but much cheaper. some words of wisdom… check this place out!

    nosso hotel
    av. niemeyer, 210 - leblon
    rio de janeiro - rj - tel. 2274-3247

    the second i walked into this place, i knew that i had to mention it to everyone here on the forum. we walked inside of the room and it was unreal. we either stayed in the “vitória régia” suite or the “king’s”; i honestly don’t remember which one it was. the room had a lounge area with a very nice mini-bar stocked with all kinds of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks. at this point, i had switched from drinking alcohol to drinking red bulls like a madman. everyone else got something to drink and we headed into a different area of the room where to my surprise i saw the f**king swimming pool inside of our room!! corey and the girl that he was making friends with got into the swimming pool. i was laughing my ass off because we did not bring swim trunks with us, so the only alternative was to swim in your underwear. i don’t have a problem with that, but i do if there is another guy in the pool. i told the girl that i had been talking with to come with me and let’s go see the rest of this room. the bedrooms were badass too. one of the bedrooms even had a strobe light above the bed. i turned the corner and what i saw left me speechless… another f**king swimming pool inside of our room!!! two pools inside one room! i wish that i had given our taxi driver a better tip.

    when the girl saw the pool, she started to get completely undressed and got in the pool… hey, when in rio… i had not been skinny dipping since i was in high school, so i was enjoying the hell out of this. after awhile in the pool, it seemed pretty obvious what was next on the agenda, so it was time to go see if the other room had strobe lights too…

    after an unforgettable time, it was time to leave. this next part was the only shitty thing about day number two. we had to pay and turn in our keys. the first part was no problem, but the second part… apparently, we were issued two sets of keys for this room. why two sets? i have no idea, but one of the girls knew where the first one was, but the second one was like an agatha christie mystery. there were two hotel employees in our room helping us look for this key. i had to laugh the next day, corey told me after he got dressed he was walking around the room and saw a hotel employee walking around (probably looking for that key) and he said to himself “holly shit! there are other people in here!” all of us were looking everywhere. i looked all around and inside both swimming pools, all over the bed, inside the minibar… everywhere. it was ridiculous. we were all in the lounge area and the girls where talking to me about the key. corey kept asking me, “what did they say? what did they say?” after every sentence. by this time i was too tired to speak portuguese much less translate it every 10-seconds. i was ready to get the hell out of there.

    beforehand, i told corey that most of the girls in rio love to take photos, so he bought a disposable camera and brought it with him to rio. apparently, he and the girl with him were taking lots of pictures of each other while they were in the swimming pool (i am laughing my ass off while i am typing this!) and both girls were asking him for his camera. we both were pretty lit by now and he came up to me while i was sitting down while this whole “key fiasco” was going on. as long as i live, i will never forget this little conversation. he said “man… this sucks”, i said “yeah, no shit”, he said “plus i can’t find my f**king underwear!” this kind of took me by surprise, because i could not find mine either. i told him that and what he said made me laugh during this miserable moment. he said, “i can’t understand what anyone is saying here, but i just want to know three things. #1 why can’t anyone find that key? #2 why do they want my camera? and #3… where in the hell is our underwear?!?!” i was in bad need of a good laugh.

    i stood up to revive myself and put my hands in my pockets. what did i find? that f**king key. i did not remember them giving it to me, but oh well i did not care or want to talk about it any more. it was way passed time to leave. we get back to the rio roiss and i don’t even remember if we gave the girls cab money or not. once i got up to my room i collapsed. on the days to come, i had more than my share of fun, but there were several screwed up things that happened too. day 2 turned out to be my favorite day in rio on this trip.

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    Day 3

    This was our last day to stay at the Rio Roiss. About two months prior to this trip, I received an advertisement from the Marriott with an offer that I could not refuse. Stay three nights and get the fourth night free, plus a complimentary room upgrade. This was great, but I still think the Rio Roiss is your best deal if you are going only to monger.

    If some of you stayed at the Debret back when they allowed girls in your room and are maybe thinking that the Rio Roiss is something along the same lines, don’t worry. The Debret is a dump compared to the Roiss. Whenever I make it back to Rio, I plan to go look at some apartments. The two that I see mentioned on here the most are and I don’t know if either one is better than the other, but when I make it back to Rio, I’ll have an opinion for you. Also, I have some Brazilian friends that keep telling me they can show me the best apartments for the best prices in Rio. I’ll try to set aside a little time to do some research on all the above and report on what I find. For now, I am waving the flag for the Rio Roiss:

    Rio Roiss (R$ 200,00 Deluxe Rm. ~$75)
    Rua Aires Saldanha, 48
    22060-030 - Copacabana
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
    Reservations: 011 ( 55 21) 2522-1142
    Fax: 011 (55 21) 2521-7719

    Once we arrived at the Marriott, I was greeted on a first name basis by one of the hotel employees that I’ve known for a couple of years now. He’s helped me out with several tips and recommendations on many occasions.

    We got checked in and our rooms were great. For the first time ever, I had a room facing the Copacabana. The view from my room was unbelievable. Sometimes it takes something like this to make you realize how amazing Rio really is. Corey said that he was going to sleep some more, but I was wide awake at that point and wanted to go to the beach. This was a Monday and normally would be a shitty day for going to the beach, but this was a feriado (holiday) and the beach was packed.

    When I got to the beach, I was surprised to see another hotel employee that I have known for a long time just hanging out. Throughout my stays at the Marriott, I ended up making about four good friends. If you get a chance to hang out with some locals that speak English, do it. They will take you to places off the beaten path, introduce you to other people and give you a lot more insight about the city than you would have known about otherwise.

    Anyway, he asked me if Guilherme knew that I was in Rio (Guilherme was one of the two guys that I mentioned in my report from 07-13-04. I gave him an assumed name because he was still working at the Marriott at that time). I told him that he knew I was here, but I had not spoke with him yet. He let me use his cell phone to call him and Guilherme said that he was going to come to the beach.

    While I was sitting there, my eyes were drawn to this mega-hot chic. She had dark blond hair, cinnamon skin, a perfect Brazilian butt with a tattoo just above it and a bangin’ body. As far as I could see, she had only one flaw… some guy (Brazilian) was sitting down talking with her the whole time. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that 99% of every girl you see on the Copacabana is working. I asked my friend from the hotel what he thought and he said that he was almost certain that she was. I kept waiting for that guy to get the hell out of there, but never would. Finally he did leave… along with the girl. Oh well…

    Once Guilherme showed up he said that he and the hotel employee on the beach with us were going to a concert tonight at a place called “Hip Hop” (pronounced Hippie Hoppie in Portuguese). They both said that it was safe and would be a lot of fun. I agreed to go and we planned to leave at 1030 that night.

    I had to get back to the hotel, because the two girls from the night before were coming to meet us for lunch. During my little caipirinha binge, I told both girls that we were going to eat at Marius and invited them to come with us. I know that I could not have invited them to a place that was more expensive, but these girls were really nice and never asked either one of us for anything, plus we planned on going there anyway. Up until now we had spent hardly any money at all on food, so we were overdue to splurge a little.

    This was my first time to eat at the seafood side of Marius. There is no denying that this place is expensive, but the food is unbelievable. Everything was all you can eat from lobster, jumbo prawn (biggest that I’ve ever seen), shrimp, fish, salmon, etc., etc. Total cost per person was about R$ 87,00. Very expensive, but it was my favorite meal of the trip and if we had one where I live, I would be eating there tonight:

    Marius (R$ 87,00 - Seafood / R$ 60,00 - Meats)
    Av. Atlântica, 290 Copacabana
    Tel: 2104-9002 Seafood / 2104-9000 Meats

    Both girls had to leave afterwards. The one with me had to go to school and the one with Corey had to go to work. They agreed to meet us again the following night.

    Back at my room, I noticed my message light was flashing. It was the girl from Sao Paulo. On this trip I met two non-pro girls. I will refer to this one as the “Paulista” and the one from the previous night as the “Carioca”.

    She asked me what my plans for the night were and I told her about going to the Hip Hop and invited her to come. She said that sounded like fun and I told her to come to the hotel at 10pm and we would be leaving 30-minutes after that. She arrived a little before 10 and looked awesome. Guilherme called my room from the lobby and said that we could all go have a few drinks at a kiosk across the street before we left. After about 2 or 3 beers a piece everyone was acquainted and we got on our way to Hip Hop.

    I believe this place was in the Lapa district and was covered with some pretty impressive graffiti. You had to buy a ticket to get in and I think the price was R$ 2.50 p/ person. The guy we bought our tickets from ripped me off right in my face. I paid for the Paulista’s and mine. He refused to give my change to me and started walking away. Guilherme handed me 5-reis, but I told him to forget it. It was only about the principle. Oh well… if you would have seen this place, you would understand why I was not going to make a big scene over my change.

    We get inside and this place looks like a cross between something out of Harlem and 8-mile. Hip Hop was about the size of two high school gymnasiums. On the front of the inside was the main stage, where I guess the more popular acts were doing freestyle. About two-thirds of the way towards the back was a basketball court with people playing. On the outside of this place opposite to the entrance, there were some concession stands and smaller stage with other people doing freestyle. Everything here was dirt cheap, from the entrance fee (well… it could have been even cheaper), to beer (R$ 2) and food (R$ 2-3). I was still full from Marius, but the Paulista ordered a barbeque plate. I tried a couple of pieces and it was delicious.

    As far as I could tell, we were the only gringos at this place. I am no good at guessing headcounts, but there had to be at least 600 people in there. The quantity of the good-looking girls there was definitely not anything overwhelming, but there were some cuties walking around. When we first walked in, I was wondering if some drunken asshole was going to try to start some shit with us, but nothing like that ever happened. Overall, the scene was pretty cool and definitely different.

    After a few beers, we all needed to go to the restroom. As long as I live, I will NEVER forget this moment. The other guys walked into the restroom before I did and I asked the girl if she wanted to wait outside the door for me. We were a good 90-feet from the restroom and she said, “No thanks, I can smell it from here”. There was no way I could delay going to the restroom. Once I stepped inside the restroom, I saw Corey in the distance and he looked like he was trying to hold his breath. No sooner did that thought cross my mind, before I understood why. I have been in some horrible restrooms in Mexico and in various gas stations and truck stops, but this one took the cake. After breathing in only one breath, my eyes started to water up and my gag muscles started working some serious overtime. On his way out, Corey started laughing when he saw me gagging, but I didn’t see too much humor in this (at the time anyway). How I kept from vomiting is beyond me. This restroom was hideous. There was about an inch of water (or something else) that covered the entire floor and it was impossible to breathe. You either had to cover your face with your shirt (and it was still nearly impossible, even then) or hold your breath. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life and even thinking about it is kind of making me gag a little bit right now. If you’ve ever had to use those nasty public restrooms on the Copacabana that you have to pay one or two reis to use, this restroom made those seem like the Ritz-Carlton. There is no way I would have sampled any of the food from this place if I had witnessed this atrocity beforehand.

    I got the hell out of there and Corey is waiting for me with the Paulista. We both could not believe how disgusting that restroom was. Anyway, we started watching the main event. The show was awesome and outside of the restroom incident, everything was still fine. Until this… I wanted to help Corey get hooked-up and this was not the right place to do it with someone that can’t speak any Portuguese, but my mind was not thinking rationally at the time. I saw two cute girls standing alone while we were watching the show and asked Guilherme if he would try to help Corey get introduced to one of them. He made an attempt, but I did not think he was being aggressive enough, so I walked over to them and said “Oi…”. The Paulista got major pissed. At first, I thought that she was just joking, but I could not be that lucky. She started yelling at me and I told her that I was just trying to help Corey. It took me several minutes to get her calm, but trying to help a friend just proved to be a bad idea. After things calmed down, I told Corey that I was trying to help him meet one of the two girls and he said, “Oh… is that what you where trying to do??” Unbelievable. Even he didn’t believe me. From here on out, no more favors like that.

    After watching the main act (a guy from Cidade de Deus) we all left. The guys wanted to go to some other clubs, but I was ready to go back to the hotel… They dropped us off and left. Since it was so late, I offered the Paulista to stay the night with me (wink, wink). She accepted and the night ended quite nicely…

    Corey told me that they stayed out for a few more hours, but he ended up going back to the hotel alone. For some reason they did not go inside Help even as a last resort, but it was so late all of the good ones were probably already gone.

    My friend Guilherme told me earlier in the day that he was working on renovating two small buildings on another beach in Rio and once completed, he was going to start working as a travel guide. I’ve never recommended anybody to anyone here on the WSG Forum, but I will give this guy my highest recommendation. For me, it is really hard to trust damn near anyone in Rio, but this guy has never asked me for anything and is 100% trustworthy. Even if you’ve never been to Rio, you do not need anyone’s help to have an excellent time, but you would have even more fun if you let someone like him show you around a little. If it is permitted I will post the address to his web-site once he has it running, if that sort of thing is permitted on here.

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    Day 4

    The Paulista stayed with me at the hotel. It ended up being a hell of a night and I started the day off perfectly. The only problem was that we had already made plans to go out with the two girls from the day before, so I had to tell the Paulista something. The only thing that I could think of to tell her was that tonight was going to be the guy’s night out. We told the girls to show up at our hotel at 7pm, so I told the Paulista that we were leaving the hotel at 6pm to meet up with the guys again. She was a little confused and disappointed, because the time was so early (and it definitely was), but I told her in Gringoland we do weird stuff like that (I know this sounds lame, but it was the best I could do at the time). She left at 5 and said she would call me the following morning.

    Corey and I went to Mab’s for a couple of beers and went back at the hotel a few minutes before the girls were supposed to show up. To my surprise, they were both setting in the lobby waiting for us. Isn’t this sort of thing not ever supposed to happen in Brazil and especially in Rio? I’ve noticed that people hardly ever meet you or call you before the time you both agree. Anyway, I was glad that I told the Paulista to leave a little early. I had to take a quick shower and change clothes. I told Corey to stay with the girls in the lobby and keep them company for a few minutes.

    After I finished and went back to the lobby, I started laughing. Once they all saw me walking towards them, Corey and the girls were ecstatic to me see me. Neither of the girls spoke any English and Corey’s Portuguese is still limited to ‘obrigado’, so their conversation was challenged to say the least.

    They asked where we wanted to go and I suggested Rio Sol, because Corey wanted to buy some clothes while we were in Rio. If you’ve never been, Rio Sol is one of the biggest shopping malls in Rio and there is eye candy galore. This place is definitely worth checking out. There are so many hot girls shopping there and they have tons of nice stores and restaurants. I can’t tell you much about meeting girls from there because I’ve never tried, but you’ll be impressed even if you go and just check it out.

    The girls said that Rio Sol sounded fine and plus that would let me see if they were going to try to get us to buy them stuff. One thing that I’ve been told by my Brazilian friends and it makes perfect sense, is that if you bring a girl to a mall and she starts picking out all kinds of things for you to buy her… get rid of her. They said that the girls bring the things back to mall and exchange them for cash when you are not with them. I totally believe this, because after they told me that I remembered when I brought a girl there and she picked out a few things. Before we left, I thought it was strange that the salesman gave her a store business card with his name written on it. After my friends told me that, I knew exactly why he did it. It was so that she could bring the things back to him for a refund on a later date. So sneaky… I could be totally wrong for saying this, but it is very hard for me to trust anyone in Rio. My suggestion is to never give anyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter how nice or honest they come across to you.

    Anyway, on the way to Rio Sol Corey brought his disposable camera with him with the intent to destroy it in front of the girls. They both kept asking about it since that night at Nosso Hotel and he said that he didn’t mind breaking it if they would stop asking for it. I had to laugh a little, because he let out a loud yell in the taxi when he pulled the film cartridge out. He said it shocked the living shit out of him. Everyone except him had a good laugh from that one. Once we got to Rio Sol, we walked in front of a restaurant that had draft beer. I told them that I was going to get one to drink while we walked around, but they wanted to set down at a table. Everyone ordered a beer, except for the girl with me. She said that she had to be at work very early the next morning and had to end the night around 11 or 11:30. I was surprised and disappointed when she said that because I thought that they were going to stay with us at the hotel. I asked her why she could not stay at the hotel and just go straight to work from there. She said that she did not bring a toothbrush or anything else with her to get ready for work in the morning. I told her that I had an extra one that she could have and that I would buy her some clothes for tomorrow while we were at the mall. She then said that she has to wear a smock at her job, so… I gave up at that point.

    I told them that I wanted to go back to the hotel so we could visit (wink, wink), since the night was going to end much earlier than I thought it was going to. They both said that they wanted to stay at Rio Sol, so Corey could pick out some clothes. I told them if they wanted to stay that was fine, but I was going back to the hotel. After a few seconds, they wanted to go back to the hotel.

    I know it wasn’t cool for me to be like that, but my trips to Rio are always so short and I didn’t want to waste time on shopping once I realized what our time constraints were.

    We got back to the hotel and I could not figure out what was going on. The girls did not want to go inside the hotel and they would not tell me why. Eventually, my friend that works at the hotel asked how everything was going and I asked him to ask the girls what the problem was. They agreed to tell him, but asked me to walk away. This was insane.

    Finally, he walks up to me and said that the reason they do not want to go inside is because the taxi driver told them that we were going to try to have an orgy with them. I was furious. I started looking for the taxi driver so I could confront him about this, but he was already gone.

    I told him to tell them that was crazy and nothing could be further than the truth. I told him to let them know whenever I am trying to be intimate; I want friends and other people as far away from me as possible.

    I was still very pissed at this driver. The only reason that I could think of for him to do something like that would have been because I told him to stop his car about 3-minutes after we left Rio Sol, because he was not using his meter and I was not about to let this fuckhead rip us off (he quoted me a fair rate, once I told him to stop the car). He must have told that to the girls after I got out of the taxi. Orgy in Portuguese is ‘festinha’, right? I would have heard that or picked up on what he was saying to them if he said it while I was still in the cab.

    Anyway, the girls were put at ease so we went up to my room to have some drinks. The hotel bar might have been a better option, because my mini-bar ended up being raided and I went ahead and ordered more beer from room service, but what the hell… I won’t let myself be cheated in Rio, but on the flipside of the coin I will not let a few bucks get in the way of having a good time while I am there on vacation.

    I noticed the time was approaching for my girl to leave, so I had to ask Corey and his girl to go to their room while I had some time with my girl…

    Eventually, the time that she said she needed to leave by had past and things were going great. After a few more minutes went by she stopped and apologized, but said that she had to leave. DAMN!! I was big time disappointed. She called Corey’s room to speak with her friend and I was listening to them argue with each other. Apparently, her friend did not want to leave. When she hung up she told me that her friend said that if she was going to leave, she was going to introduce me to one of their friends. I just laughed it off and told her that I understood why she had to leave and not to worry about it. I really was disappointed though.

    We saw them off and she told me that she could stay out as late as she wanted tomorrow night. I told her that I would call her in the afternoon to make plans.

    It was close to 1am and I was not ready to end the night. Corey and I decided to go to Barbarella. I had not been there in so long and was way overdue for a visit. We sat down at a table and were brought our drinks. The last time that I went there they brought you a bottle of whiskey that was marked off down the side so you could measure out your own drinks. This time they brought each of us a glass filled with ice and about ¾ filled with whiskey. It really sucks that they don’t serve beer here.

    I was surprised to see how the quality of girls there was so inconsistent. They had some girls in Barbarella that I thought would be lower quality Help girls. Some were well above average, while about 4 or 5 that I saw were perfect 10s and looked way better than the terma girls that I saw on this trip. Only problem was that they were all sitting with a bunch of guys at one big table.

    I had about four girls come sit with me. Two of which, I could not wait for them to leave and one was easily above average looking. She was an average girl at Centaurus at best. She wanted R$ 350 and I wasn’t even in the mood to negotiate. After she left I was working on my second whiskey and coke. I think the only reason that I was drinking them was to try to justify the R$ 60 entrance fee, which included these two drinks. They really were awful. One last girl sat down with me and she was pretty hot, but she started out at R$ 450. There was no way this was going to happen. She didn’t stick around too long and neither did we after we finished our drinks.

    The samba show at Barbarella was pretty cool and during their breaks all available girls would get on the stage to try and entice the patrons. If we would have went there earlier on in the night it would have been a lot cooler, but it was around 1am when we arrived and I was a little tired from all of the drinks back at the hotel and the two whiskey & cokes.

    We decided to take off. The waiters at Barbarella have no shame at all. When the waiter gave us our bill he said immediately “R$ 60 and my tip!!” I’m not 100% sure what the exit fee for a girl was the last time I was there, but it seems like it was R$ 70. So if you take a girl back to your hotel, remember to add R$ 130 (R$ 60 entrance + R$ 70 exit) onto whatever price you and the girl agree upon in order to get the actual price.

    Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro, 24
    Tel: 2275-7349

    Neither of us had eaten anything today and we were starving, so we got the cab driver to take us to Cervantes. Unfortunately they were closed, but I really just wanted to get back to the hotel and crash.

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