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Thread: Merida

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    Merida visit - middle of March 08

    One afternoon when I was walking on Plaza Bolivar I saw a chocolate woman with the body of an 18 yo (very slim and very tender) and black long hair and a white short dress. From the back this was really very nice and I was already getting horny! She was standing around some telephone cells and seemed to wait for something when she caught my eyes and she smiled at me and so I went over and talked to her. Yes, she was a SW, she was 42 yo (ok ok, normally ways too old), but she was very nice and wanted only 40 BsF for a f**k. And since I was already without any sexual encounter for some days I agreed and we went to a nearby hotel, where we soon get started. For oral sex she wanted 30 BsF more but I declined without any bargaining since I only wanted to f**k her asap! Since she allowed photos I gave her 20 BsF more and for the hotel I had to pay 5 BsF.

    She also told me of a bar in centro where you can find chicas: Restaurant & Hotel Margarita, at the corner of Av 5 Zerpa and Calle 19 Cerrada.

    The next day I went there. It is a normal beer bar. At that time 5 girls where there. But all fat, above 30 yo and not very attractive. I was told the rate is 30 BsF for a f**k and you have to go with the girl to a nearby hotel. But I didn’t try it!


    On my last night I went to Excalibur. At 10. 30 pm. But as I learned this was way to early. The action starts after midnight, but since I had to catch a very early morning bus I went home at midnight without any further investigation and without seeing what is going on there.

    Taxi from Centro to Excalibur: 8 BsF, back to Centro 10 BsF, no cover charge, beer was 5 Bsf (but is only 222 CL! )


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    thanks man. I already made plans for this place. should be there soon.

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    I spent about a week in merida, so I went to excalibur (the strip club). It was a 5000 bolivares cab ride (about $2) each way from the center. Beer was 2500 bol. , ($1). Liquor (at least for the girls) was 12, 000 bol. (about $5. 50). Half an hour of service was 70, 000 bol. ($30), not sure how much it was for an hour. I asked about all night prices and got a quote of 180, 000 ($80). There were only about 10 girls, but they said a lot of girls had not returned from semana santa holidays. Out of the 10, about 2 or 3 were hot. I bought a drink for a girl and she danced and grinded on me for almost an hour. I turned her down on the half hour for 70k, though. I told her I would call the next day for all night, but I never did.

    The next day I bought a paper called "el cambio" or something like that. It had ads for escorts. There were several ads sharing multiple numbers. Only one agency answered and quoted me prices of 40, 000 for one hour or 60, 000 for two. Black market pays 2300 bol per dollar. So it's cheap. I told her where I was staying and hung up, expecting a girl within an hour or so. She never showed. I called back and I understood that they didn't have a chauffer, so I had to come to they hotel "la santana. " I'm pretty sure that name is fairly accurate. I asked a taxi how much and was told 4, 000 one way, but I was too tired after waiting over an hour for the girl to show up. I figured I would wait until the next night and go earlier, since she said they were open 24 hours per day.

    The next day I call back and nobody answers. I call every number listed in the paper (about 10), and never got one answer until the last one. Finally this guy answers and I ask for "playboy, " (the name of the agency), and he says "policia. " I didn't understand, so I repeated, "esta playboy? " (no, I don't speak spanish properly) and he repeats, "no, policia. " so I hang up and that was the end of my unsuccessful mongering in venezuela. I could not figure out what was going on with the inconsistency of the agencies.

    I did, however, find the "normal" girls to be more friendly here than just about any other country in my whole trip. That's all for now, until I get my report for medellin, colombia together.

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    Lots info on Merida is mixed in with the Other Areas Thread.

    Also see Merida Lists for the latest updates to finding Chicas.

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    Ok, Since you ask.

    World Travel 69, I can at least give you input on a couple of things. I is nearly two years since the last time, so things could have changed but anyway...

    Ok, you could classify it as a nightclub. It is a place you normally go to after the other bars a little bit longer up the street close( e.g. El Hoyo del Queque). I believe they keep open until about 5-6 in the morning. By 2 am the place would be packed(ie I could nearly move some of the days) with students(mostly young people) dancing and drinking. As always cheap to drink there. It is easy to meet people in general and girls are friendly when you talk to them.

    One of the big bars/clubs, more or less packed every day. Placed opposite of El Hoyo Del Queque. Always a lot of girls in this place. Only been there a couple of times.

    El Hoyo Del Queque
    Superfun bar in my opinion. We always met new people there every day. A hangout for students(drinking i almost free in this place). The place gets packed around 11-12 pm, so you better get there a bit early. The place has a lot of good looking girls walking around. I actually think I met one of the prettiest girls Iv'e seen in South America in this place(model material, but was lacking height, i guess 1,60). We went to this place almost every day of my 10 days in Merida.

    Alfredos Bar
    If i remember correctly this place had no people. We went there once, emty. Luckily El Hoyo is right next to this place.

    It is a stripclub. BEST one in Merida, with out a doubt! We went there a couple of days. First day probably the best session ever in a strip club! We brought a hole lot of students from El Hoyo. Paid for everyone to get in + free booze(was drunk when we came, and these guys showed us the place). Cost was about $20 i guess. We got our own table, our own stripper(which was crazy). She trew a bucket of ice into my buddys pants!

    The strippers does various shows. Walking on all four with candles in their ass and stuff.

    If you like, you could take the girls with you to your hotel. Costs approx 40.000 Bol. The girls were good looking to.

    We went to a couple of other strip clubs/american bars which I don't remember the name on right now. I guess If people is interrested I could find out.

    Since we met lokal people we went to some other places as well, but i just don't remember names.

    Anyway Merida is all worth a visit!


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    The report originally posted here has been superceded by a new report posted later in this thread.
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    The report originally posted here has been superceded by a new report posted later in this thread.
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    Merida General Overview

    A few general questions:

    1. What was it like getting to Merida? Did you go by plane? What are the logistics?

    I had made plane reservations through a Venz carrier in Miami for the CCS to Merida leg. Unfortunately, I was delayed in Customs and Immigration and missed the national flight that I had made a reservation for. It was Saturday, early afternooon, and all the other flights for the day were sold out on both national carriers which fly there. OW fare was around $100. It was either wait on the long standby list or come back the next day. I eventually decided to just get to the Bus Station and get to Merida ASAP. The station (I think La Bandera) had several express executive buses but unfortunately they all were evening departures. So I waited for several hours at the station and endured the way too long bus ride. It was a beautiful new Volvo sleeper bus with seats that fully reclined and was an enjoyable passage. With hindsight, my only concern was with my bags and the cash on my person while waiting in that bus station in Caracas. The Flamingo executive bus line also has direct buses to Merida from Caracas from their own private and safe station.

    2. How does one access their money in Merida?

    There are plenty of ATMS. I brought plenty of US dollars to make the most of the black market and know now a few people who give me 2400 per dollar here in Merida. I've heard of individuals exchanging their US Greenbacks for up to 4000 bolivares per dollar in Caracas but that rate can't be found in Merida . Bank of Venezuela worked the most frequently for me as others have the Visa/Cirrus/MC symbol but didn't always work with my card.

    3. How is safety in Merida? I've had friends tell me they actually feel safer in Columbia than Venezuela which has made me nervous about visiting Venezuela in general outside Margarita.

    Super safe. If you have basic street smarts and aren´t in to wearing shorts and loud hawaian shorts you should be just fine. I´ve been to Colombia, Beirut, Syria, etc and feel super safe here. There are few foreign tourists outside the dirty backpacker breed and plenty of tourist infastructure for the Venezuelans coming from Caracas. I have heard of slash and dash cell phone grabbers from a few women but yet to see anything to make me nervous.

    4. I'm just curious if you have met any students who speak English? Of course we should all learn Spanish-- I know that.

    Only bits and pieces, probably not enough to get their pants off in English. And personally when I hear horrible english from a young lady it is a real turnoff as I get flashbacks from *****s overexplosed to Gringos. But, there is a major at the University in Modern Languages, so I´m sure that billingual babes exist. Buy some Pimsleur CD´s and you´ll be cruising. You could easily find a tutor here too. Yet for day to day you´ll need Spanish to get the gems.

    5. How friendly are the women towards young gringos? Are the women as attractive as those you find in Caracas?

    Some have an aversion to the dirty backpacker type as Merida is on the South America Lonely Planet circuit. For me those days are over, so if you know how to dress, can speak the language, and have a little game, you´ll do great.

    Personally, I think the ladies are a little sexier in Caracas but I still find plenty that make my jaw drop and the costs are much cheaper here.

    6. What are some of the places you have found fun to meet the ladies? Any favorite clubs, bars? Any luck walking around the university? Too many names to list here, but there are plenty. PM me when you plan to go and I´ll give you the details from my memoirs. The university is spread out all over town so there isn´t so much as a central campus as there is in the US sense.

    7. About what are you paying a month for rent? Where is a good area to find an appartment?
    I paid about $500 for a 3b, 2 bath furnished apt in an exclusive area on the 8th floor. From my research and after being here for two weeks I realize that what I´m paying is probably above market. However, some of the others I looked out weren´t nearly as nice and I was eager to get out of the hotel that I was in. There are 3 local newspapers, one has better classifacados than the others but most agents want 6 mos to 1 yr committments. Yet those that cater to the weekenders from Caracas are more open for the month to 2 month arrangement.

    8. What do you think of the city and area, outside partying with the chicas? Is Merida paradise?

    Merida has many positive qualities once you get past the typical 3rd world setup of things. I was expected more of a historic looking place but unfortunately it isn´t colonial in the sense of Antigua, Guatemala or Tallin, Estonia. So initally I was a little disappointed with that aspect.

    Yet, the climate is perfect, I found an awesome gym, there are plenty of outdoor pursuits in the Andes, cabs and food are cheap, and stylin´gringos are quite rare so I´m pretty happy here.

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    Merida After Action

    I just got back from a 7-week trip to Venezuela, 6 of them spent in Merida and the final week was in Caracas.

    Merida doesn't have much of a pay for play scene but it is a goldmine in many other respects:

    First, there is a huge surplus of young, attractive, and very receptive women. (Due to the presence of the university, ULA) They generally only speak Spanish, but are very receptive to the style conscious Spanish-speaking Gringo.

    Second, Merida is cheap. At a bar or disco the going rate for a beer is 1200 Bolivar’s, most taxi rides cost 3000 Bolivar’s, and I was paying a daily rate of 45k for a very nice 3 bedroom apartment.

    Third, Merida is very safe and secure.

    Fourth, the climate is cool and fresh with the same elevation as Denver. No need to worry about that sticky hot as hell feeling so common in Havana, Maracaibo, or San Juan.

    And fifth, there are very few other Gringo mongers there as the majority of tourists are of the backpacker grunge vintage so a little spit and polish goes a long way.

    I had a ball in Merida and more than my share of local free action. I also sampled the pro scene, which at 30k an hour is quite the bargain. The key was purchasing a local cell phone, having a nice apartment, conversing in Spanish, and aggressively pursuing the closing of deals. These girls are no stranger to playing games and many prefer to try and hold out before giving up the goods. Nevertheless, once they realize that you are willing to cut bait and pursue other options most suddenly understand the importance of quid pro quo.

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    Merida Overview part 2

    More from Merida
    I have yet to find any street walkers here.

    There are three escort-massage agencies which will send you a nice gal for 30k an hour or 40k for two hours, quality varies but I have been very happy with some of the options.

    The local non-pro free scene is where I have bagged most of my entertainment ranging in age from 18 to 32. Some were first date kills, others required several dates and sometimes complicated ruses to get them naked.

    The two biggest jumbo discos are Bodegon and Cucaraca. Other popular bar-discos are Hoyo de Queque, Grados, Mac-Wen, Predaspaco and Yesterday. Most people go in there own little social groups out to the discos or bars so you either have to bring your own girl or like me just be agressive in approaching the girls with or without guys at the locations. Many of these guys are just escort chumps who pay the tab for the gal but aren´t tapping the ass. So many women are ripe for the picking if you have a strong game plan. My general rule is to never take sand to the beach and so once I establish myself I take them to a smaller little bar on another night to liquor them up, get them to laugh, and then get them back to the pad if the timing is right. Otherwise, I´ll just invest a little money and some time and take them to the movies(5k bolivares) or for lunch or cafe. I tend to avoid dinner or lunch with these gals until they have given up the goods as I want them to distiguish between a free lunch paying chump and my style of pimping which is my way or the highway. Too often these classless bitches (mostly college students) always order the most expensive thing on the menu and aren´t the greatest dinner company so I don´t put this on offer. They get drinks, and appertizers.

    Midway´s located under the movie theater at Centro Comerical Alto Prado is a good place for closing deals in this capacity as it is a nice little bar with pizza available and a good dark and optimal atmposphere.

    There are also plenty of women to meet in other social situations like the various open area malls (Centro Commerical Alto Prado, CC Las Tapias) and all over El Centro.

    There is one strip club, that I have yet to fully explore as both times I went it was early and pretty empty. Hopefully, I get a chance to report on it before I pop smoke for Caracas.

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