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    Ah Yes. The True GFE.

    Everything Blue I sure enjoyed your write up. So happy to see you come to the Boate side of the fence. It's sooo amazing if you have the coin. I notice more guys doing the takeout I've only done the hourly st Scandalo. May have to give it a try when I get back.

    I don't know if you are a USA guy but let me say if you are that Seeking Arrangement is AMAZING for true GFE in the states. By true GFE I mean more than just DFK and BBBJ a true and whole girlfriend experience including dinner and nightlife and sleeping over. I am going to be seeing Kayla for the fifth long weekend since I discovered her in August (Miami). Doing 500/24 hrs and she is a solid nine. Done a ton of 7-9's in the past two pandemic years on SA. It's amazing.

    See the thread under General and Dating Agencies for more or PM me. Thanks again for your contribution to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markon  [View Original Post]
    I'm leaning towards an Airbnb rental over hotel. Assuming I clear it with the owner....
    Hotel is more straightforward. Airbnb will depend more on the building security and probably your Portuguese ability. If you are in a building with security, the security shift at night may not even recognized you so it is a hassle to get thru that with the girl if that happens. If the building has no security, then there is no problem.

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    I just got back from completing my second trip to SP. Overall it was a good trip, the highlight was finally experiencing Scandallo's potential. But first, some final comments.

    SP seems to be improving along quite nicely since the pandemic has eased, I don't get the same sense of concern among people anymore, which to me is great. I know many are stilling sitting on the sidelines, and if you are because you prefer social distancing, then remain where you are. I saw full capacity bars and restaurants, hotels are definitely getting full again, and our beloved Scandallo was rocking Wednesday and Friday night. I imagine next year's Carnival will be incredible.

    The more I monger in Brazil the less appealing Clinicas become, I think I'm starting to see more appeal in finding a stunning girl at a boate and enjoying time together, have a mini relationship if you want to call it that, versus being with many girls for short sessions in Clinicas.

    I had planned to repeat with an online girl from my prior trip, but she ghosted me, and so on Friday I head back to Scandallo. I arrived around 10:30 pm feeling a little hungry, so I went to the dining room for a quick bite. I spotted a few hot girls, some already giving me looks, some already taken unfortunately. But I had the feeling the talent would be quite high this night, and I was right.

    Once I finished I got up and grabbed a drink. I walked the place a couple of times to spot the talent, and then came back around to the club area. First I talked to a couple of girls, including a 19 year old that says she's being doing this for 5 months, and that she will do "tudo" in bed except anal, that she's saving that for her future husband. She quotes 1000 for an hour or 2000 to come back to my hotel. I decided to take her number and pass. Other girls approach me, and some become hard to shake off, but I politely say I'm not interested in talking to them, and if they insist I head to the restroom and keep moving.

    Finally, here comes this girl wearing a tight sexy dress that accentuated her fit body, beautiful green eyes, branca skin and a perfect butt. Our eyes locked in for a couple of seconds and we both smiled, I lost her for a moment and thought I had lost her to another monger, but when I found her again our eyes stayed locked in this time, until we embraced for a hug and a kiss.

    We settled down to talk on the couches for what seemed like minutes even though it was close to an hour and half, eventually I approached the topic of service and compensation, I asked about kissing and she said joking that the only thing I had to worry about is if I was a bad kisser, only one way to find out then, we made out right there and then. She was adamant about no BBFS, and started her rate to come to my hotel at 2000, I was only able to bring her down to 1500, which to me was well worth the price of admission for this fine 26 year old lady.

    WOW. Service at my hotel was incredible, we fucked like 2 lovers full of passion. We had so much chemistry it was crazy. It's the experience I had been waiting to find, and there it was, finally. She stayed with me for about 3 and half hours, my only complaint is I would've liked her to sleep in, but she's not the type to be tamed easily.

    The next day I thought about bringing her over again, but we couldn't agree on price. So I decided to try Scandallo again, this time my luck ran out, quality was pretty low around midnight Saturday when I left empty handed, regretting not seeing my dear lover from the night before. More disappointed knowing that this could have been the last night to see her again, since I had to head back to the States Monday night.

    But I'm a persistent monger, and so on Sunday we met up again, we visited Skye Bar for dinner and drinks, and then headed back to my hotel. A fellow monger recommended the place for great views and fancy setting, and it sure hit the spot. Once again she performed admirably in bed, but the level of connection and our conversations made me feel like I was indeed hanging out with a girlfriend. Brazilian girls are the best at this, no doubt. I hated having to say good bye, I really enjoyed my time with her a lot. And so, in short, yes Scandallo is the place to find the one, the place to find a gold mine.

    On the topic of BBFS, I was able to acquire it by both negotiating upfront at Boates and even from online girls by repeating and stating what I wanted during the session. Offering a little extra helps with some, others just being cool and friendly, but definitely being able to talk a bit of Portoespanol helped. I'm not sure I could've pulled this off using only Google Translate.

    Lastly, I spoke to quite a few girls about Christmas and New Years holidays, and sure enough most will be out starting around Dec. 20 and until around January 5, so be mindful about this and plan ahead if you decide to come out then. Me, I will cancel my trip. Maybe I'll be back after Carnaval, many girls told me they don't enjoy it as much, since it's too crowded. We'll see. Until the next time.


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    Airbnb vs. Hotel.

    I'm leaning towards an Airbnb rental over hotel. Assuming I clear it with the owner. I plan on booking one for 3 guests, are there any other negatives to using one?. Would an independent escort be more reluctant to visit an Airbnb over a hotel? I've used Airbnb only in Ireland and England with mixed results. The place I had in England had an issue with the heater.

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    Does anyone have experience with SA / seeking on here? Some good candidates but I've haven't tried yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anaggie  [View Original Post]
    I got this website sent to me via WhatsApp and maybe it can help someone out.
    I also got sent a website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixedSalad07  [View Original Post]
    One girl from Bomboa who I pursued rather aggressively seemed a bit meek in the boate area. She also didn't want to shower together in the room, However everything else was great. I guess that's just her personality and preference. She reminded me of a Brazilian pornstar, Kelly, I used to watch less Kelly's huge natural breasts.
    Ahhh, Kelly. Kelly is simply the winner of the genetic mega-lottery. Pretty face, big large breasts and a big firm ass. For those of us young enough to remember, she was literally built like Playboy's running comic character Little Annie Fanny. Who would think there was women like this.

    Kelly used to knock around Copacabana in the mid-2000's. I didn't run into her at Help Disco. (I'm guessing she was gobbled up early if she showed up.) We ran into her on a rainy non-beach day hanging out at Meia Pataca. She was wearing a baggy, matching sweat outfit. I called her over to our table. I steered one of my buddies who likes big, natural breasts to take her home for a midday hook-up. The crew thought she looked a bit chubby in her non-revealing clothing. I was apparently the only one who knew who she was (and what her body looked like underneath her baggy clothing). I told them every pound was accounted for in dramatic fashion in her breasts and ass.

    My buddy went home with her and had a great time. At Meia Pataca, Kelly was a very cool, friendly chick. Kinda regret not taking her home myself.
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    I got this website sent to me via WhatsApp and maybe it can help someone out.

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    Pernoite Dulpa

    Quote Originally Posted by Markon  [View Original Post]
    Good report. The places you went give you a chance to interact to get a vibe which is good. How much was the dupla for pernoite?.
    I paid 3 K per night. I met them in Scandallo, so that inflates the price a bit which I understood. Wasn't too price sensitive as I was in town to celebrate. Anaggie's past trip report gave me inspiration to try something like this over a more extended period. I'd refer back to some of his old posts as well. Initially I was just looking for a weekend companion, not a dulpa. I kind of got nudged into the situation by a wing man, and it ended up working out very well.

    Most girls in Scandallo who I showed an interest in started off the negotiations for a per noite at 2K. One Paulista told me that she didn't do pernoites. Of course YMMV.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CatBert55  [View Original Post]
    IMO, Brazil is the easiest Latin American country to get by with little knowledge of the native language.......
    That's so with regards to p4p. Your comment made me recall my one time visit during carnival. There were so many approachable non-pro women walking the streets looking for guys to party with. I tried my luck but these babes weren't looking for guys walking around with google translate to have fun with. I thought to myself, if only I knew the native lingo. Ah well.

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    Unfortunately, that is my time frame to visit. Just wanted to know what was decided. I may just end up in Portugal and Spain instead.


    Quote Originally Posted by Turgid  [View Original Post]
    I have been to Sao Paulo's carnival. Thousands of bodies jammed tightly together. Very pandemic friendly.

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    Dress to Impress.

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]
    I'll be visiting Scandellos a few times next week and just wondering how I should prepare to dress. Can I just dress very comfortable in shorts and t-shirt or should I plan to look nicer with button down shirts and jeans? What do most guys wear at this club? Is it mostly open air or inside and air-conditioned? TIA.

    Steve I tried to PM you with this question but you're at your limit of messages
    Sorry. Cleared inbox. In brief I'd dress to impress. Don't need a sport coat but long pants, nice shirt, nice shoes is what I'd recommend. I know a lot of guys say it's purely a money game but there are lotsa guys there and the hot girls can pick and choose. My rule of thumb is always look your best and make her feel good about the date if you want the best outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNimble  [View Original Post]
    I have RTFF going back over a year, but still have an earnest question for the experienced board members who have been to Scandallo (and other (not quite as good?) Sampa area clubs): are there ladies there in any significant number night in and night out who can speak passable English?

    While I am semi-fluent in Spanish, I don't find (at least my level of) Spanish a reasonable substitute for Brazilian Porto. And I would not like my hopes / chances on finding the "needle in the haystack" English speaker. Wish I were better at languages -- and can already hear the knee-jerk response that I simply need to learn some Portuguese; but answer me this, at least at those higher level clubs -- any ladies in any reasonable numbers that speak passable English?
    I speak Spanish, but very little Portugues, and I've had incredible experiences in Brasil over the years. I wouldn't go out of your way to find an English speaking chick. It's just not necessary. If you speak Spanish, they will generally understand what you're saying. However, you won't understand what they're saying. But it won't really matter that much. You will find ways to communicate -- thousands of guys have been in the same situation and done just fine.

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    Scandellos Dress Code

    I'll be visiting Scandellos a few times next week and just wondering how I should prepare to dress. Can I just dress very comfortable in shorts and t-shirt or should I plan to look nicer with button down shirts and jeans? What do most guys wear at this club? Is it mostly open air or inside and air-conditioned? TIA.

    Steve I tried to PM you with this question but you're at your limit of messages

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    IMO, Brazil is the easiest Latin American country to get by with little knowledge of the native language. In most cases there's not as much to negotiate except money. Maybe anal and / or BBFS. Other services like DFK, BBBJ, etc. Are pretty much standard service, unlike other countries.

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