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    DET....Not related to AGU but probably of interest to you.

    Mongering in the Detroit area today. Stopped at LaChambre today. Not much happening there. About 6 girls working and all but one fat. Had a coke for $3.50 with no cover. Stayed about 5 minutes and split.

    Headed down to Bogurts on Michigan Ave. $5 cover and the coke cost $6.5. Tons of girls working.......not bad at all for a MONDAY at lunch. Mix was 50/50 between good looking and fat girls. Chased away about 5 girls before Danielle came over. Nice looking leggy curly blond with stockings on. Took her up on the VIP dance. $10 just to get into the VIP section. She started dancing and I asked right away if she would split with me to a hotel. My luck has been 50/50 with this at local clubs. She stated that she could not because the club has been running a special since Memorial day for the that day and each consectutive day after that is only $10 for the girls instead of $80. Once you stop the cost goes back to $80 a day. This is probably why so many girls.

    Anyway, she stated we could have some fun right there. Asked if I was a cop and asked me to rub her pussy to prove I was not. I obviously complied. She stated she would give me BJ for $100 as long as it did not take more than 3 songs, this was including the cost of the songs ($20 per song). I said hell ya and she started right away. 30 seconds into the first song I exploded and she took every drop of it. Cleaned me up with a nampkin and back to work I went. She wanted my # to get together later in the week but I split when she went to the restroom knowing that I am headed to Lousville tomorrw (Tuesday) and then back to AGU on Wed. Plus, I don't want to give my #, I would rather get their # and call when I want to.
    Perhaps we could me sometime at this club during the day and monger together pulling two chicks out of there and working a deal to swap afterwards thus getting to bang two for the price of one.

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    for sure the name was 1125. at first i thought is was the address of a place but it was not. i am pretty sure it is south of downtown but not far at all. a real hole in the wall of a place. worse than any club i ever visited in detroit. headed back there wednesday and thursday of this week so i will try to gather more info.

    for gaud. unless you know where [CodeWord123] is (which i don't), i would find the mission carlton hotel. it is very close to wal mart. across the street there is a place that looks like a beaty salon. they parade the girls in front of you and you can choose which one you want. cost was 400peso. read the gaud section for the full report.

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    Mou. Nice report. I guess there is hope after all in Agua. I will be down there and in Guad most of next week again. The name of the place you went to was 1125? I will try to find that somehow.

    Last week I was in Monterrey for one night only. However, did not get a chance to go mongering (although I'm sure its easy there).

    I will let you know if I find anything promising next week. Also, if you find anything else, please let me know.


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    Visit 5-19

    Just returned from my visit and am beginning to sober up. Would have to say that this may have been my best visit to Mexcio ever.

    Was there only one night and stayed at the Fiesta Inn. I was up at 3AM on Monday to catch a 6AM flight out of Detroit. Arrived at 11 AM and was picked up by a co-worker who drove me back to my plant for several meetings prior to going to visit a customer. We went to dinner afterwards and had quite a few drinks. They dropped me off at the hotel around 10PM and I checked in, changed clothes and off to find a piece of ass I went.

    Walked down the street a bit and observed how to catch a cab. Stopped on and made sure he spoke english. Figured that I needed to head to downtown and made sure he quoted a price before I got in. I knew which direction downtown was and he started to head the opposite direction before I gave him shit and told him that it was the other way. He turned the cab around and off we went. While driving I explained to him what I wanted. He just shrugged his shoulders and acted like he did not know. I kept at it and he eventually offered up a place called 1125, sorry, no fucking idea where this place is at. He dropped me and in I went. The place was almost empty. There were about 10 girls just sitting around and one really really drunk local at the bar. I sat down and ordered a drink and just watched. A few people came in and had the girls dance for them, but it was not like a dance that I am used. The girls dance with their clothes on on a normal dance floor. Still confused by what I was seeing, I asked the waiter to bring me a drink and to buy a drink for one of the girls. He did and the girl came over to sit with me. She spoke zero english and I speak zero spanish so it made for a very dull connversation. I asked if she would go back to my hotel, whcih she said no. I had the waiter come over and asked him if any of the girls would go to hotel. He pointed of them out that was probably the hottest in the place. I bought her a drink and had to almost kick the first one away from my table. I had to pay her 50 PESO just to leave. The new one came over to the table and I was not waisting any time. She knew what I wanted and told me 600 PESO. I indicated that I was in and off we went. Right outside their were several cabs waiting so I would assume that this is common. We hopped in the cab and we really could have been headed anywhere by this point as I was pretty smashed. To my surpirise the first stop was at some hosuing complex. We both got out of the cab and she knocked on the door which was opened by an elderly mexican lady. This place was like a compound with many doors inside. The girl that I was with had to get a key from the lady and I am thinking we are just going here. The girl takes the key and we head further in a few doors and she unlocks a paddlock and we enter. Inside there is a 10X10 room with no furniture. Just a mattress on the floor and several bags of clothes. Now it hits why we are here. She was wearing a very short skirt and had to change into jeans so we could get in the hotel. She changes and back to the cab and off to the hotel we go. She stays a very long time and fuck like rabbits for a very long time. Not being a druggy I think she was smoking crack.....have no idea how to do this so it is just a guess. I let her do her thing but I was not partaking. 4Am and I kicked her out. Up at 5AM and still drunk to catch the flight home. Slept on both legs of the flight back home.

    Girls name was Angie and I will definately be back. Whoever said Aguas was not a place to monger was wrong. catching this?

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    Mou, Although I think some of your comments were obnoxious, the advice was sincere. Go to Las Violetas. It should be reasonably close to your hotel. You will need to negotiate with non-English speaking people or you will get ripped off. However, if you do not want an escort, it is better than the alternatives you are considering.

    The place north of town that Don Guadalajara is describing is probably El Charquito. You will spend a lot more time in a taxi getting there, and your chances of getting knocked in the head are somewhat higher. You will however find more women at your preferred price level (i.e. dirt cheap).

    Given the problems you've had finding and communicating with prostitutes in Mexico, I would not count on going to the feria, picking up a good girl and getting laid the same night.

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    You are joking about the co-worker right? I mean, it would pretty much be a career ending move to solicit help from a co-worker in getting a prostitute!

    I know you are trying to be helpful but by providing directions that say 10 minutes to the north of the town and then to the west for about 5 miles really provides no useful information.

    I am hopeful that Phasuto shows up at my hotel but if he doesn't I will try the fair.
    Perhaps you and I could monger together in Guadalajara on my next visit, which should be in about 2 weeks.

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    Surely you have a co-worker that can help. I have been to two no-name Centro Nocturnos outside of Aquas. One was east (toward San Luis Potosi) and after 10 miles or so he turned north. The other was about the same distance north of town heading toward Zacatecas, then a bit to the west. The fact that you speak no Spanish could be a problem. You can learn a few of the basic necessary terms elsewhere in the Forum. Blowjob = mamada, etc. Study up while you are on the plane. Good luck and try a few more cabbies. Also, the Feria is still going on. There are many, many horney gals walking around looking for guys and just about all of them like gringos.

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    I would very much like to join up with you and monger together. I will be staying at the Fiesta Inn (Mahatma Gandhi 302 Sur Villa Asunci).

    I arrive on Monday the 19th at 11:12AM. I work for a company that has a facility on the north side of town and I someone from my plant picking me up at the airport and taking me to my meeting, also on the north side of town. I chose the south side and the Fiesta Inn so I could ditch the worker after the meeting and just catch a cab to the hotel. My meeting is at 3PM. Not sure how long it will last. We could meet at the hotel lobby at 7:30PM? I will be the gringo in wranglers looking like a need a beer and a piece of ass.

    If the hotel lobby does not work provide very detailed directions of where I need to be. Remember I speak zero spanish.

    First couple of rounds of drinks are on me my friend.

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    I'm here at the "Feria Nacional de San Marcos"

    Hey, I'd like monger around with you. I'm in Aguascalientes, enjoying the fair, the gambling (because of the Casino=, and of course the pretty "chicas". Tell me when you are going to be in town, I may even pick you up at your hotel. I hope this time you can get a MUCH BETTER experience.

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    You guys are killing me. I am headed back to Aguascalinetes for one night and will be looking for a piece. I am staying at the Fiesta Inn. Does anybody travel to Aguascalientes?

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    Trip Report

    Just got back from a two stay last week to Auguascalientes. Possibly the worst experience of my life!

    I stayed at the Los Trojes hotel. This is probably where I went wrong but I was meeting with customers and people from the company I work for so I did not have a choice. Very Very nice hotel, just not a very nice hotel for what i was looking for.
    I arrived on Wednesday night at 8:30. Got a taxi and immediately started asking him questions. His englished was bad my spanish was worse. I did manage to tell him I needed to stop to get El Sor paper. He knew what i wanted at that point and provided me with a paper he had in the taxi. Only problem is that the paper had the message section missing. He never did stop to get me a paper so upon arrival I sent out to find one. 1Km or so away I found a store and headed to the Applebees for a beer and review of the paper. Even if I did not read Spanish at least I could get a buzz and develop a strategy. After a few cold ones I went back to my room and started calling. Mind you, I am particular and do not like any fat on the chics. First few calls no english. Finally got one that spoke english, very little. She was smart enough to hand the phone off to some guy. Normally this turns me off but I needed a piece of ass and if this guy was going to let his lady give it up then what the hell. He confirmed that the girl would be skinny and that they would be there in 25 minutes. 25 mintutes later the phone rings. It is the front desk asking if I have a problem. I state no and am told that there are not one but 2 girls in the front lobby. Something else about paying for a room was said but I could not understand what they wanted. I had heard about the walk of shame and was ready for it if I meant I got a piece of ass. Proceeded to the front lobby and saw nobody. Headed out the front dorr and down the stairs and sure enough there they were off to the side. I approached 2 girls and 2 guys. Only 1 guy spoke english. He told me that security stopped the girls. I told him I only wanted the one girl (she was not thin but like I said I wanted a piece of ass). Paid the $ (1000 Peso).

    Now we had to get her past the front desk. My room was at the absolute rear of the place on the second floor. I was told to go to the back and open a door. Not knowing the hotel layout I figured this would be easy. I proceeded through the front door and to the back of the hotel. Once there I realized that the doors do not open. Not from the inside or outside. No place for a key and signs that say in case of emergency to break the glass. Only way in and out was through that damn front door. I began to panick and was frantically reviewing all of the doors. One by one I reviewed them until I discovered the english speaking guy inside the hotel picking the door open. Yes, he fucking broke the door to get the girl in. We proceeded to the room with non english speaking guy and the girl. Once at the room he asked for a tip. I was pissed at this point as I hate this but gave the guy 50Peso to leave. I could tell he was pissed and wanted more. He looked at the girl who obviously wanted my cock as she nodded and he left.

    She was not good looking at all and like I said I wanted a piece of ass so I did her. 5 Minutes later I was done and told her she could leave. She made a call and a few minutes later a knock on the door and she left. I locked that damn door behind her so fast.

    Now I start to kick myslef for nailing her and realize that there is no iron in the room for my stuff. I proceed to the front desk and am told that they will bring one to my room. 5 minutes later a knock on the door and it is the same english speaking guy that was with the girls and he has my iron and a piece of paper from the hotel charging me $400 PESO. I take the iron and he wants me to sign his receipt. I figure he is trying to hit me up with additional charges for the girl and am totally confused on how the hotel gave him the iron to bring to me. I argue with him for a bit and he makes a call to somoene. Moments later the phone rings in the room and he wants me to go answer. I pick up and the guy says that I need to sign the paper for the iron and when I leave the iron in the room that the charge will be credited. Skeptical, after hanging up I call the front desk to make sure this is ture. Sure enough it is.
    So after reviewing the situtaion I can say that security at this hotel is on the take as this english speaking guy was security for the place. The next night I saw addtional security with the same shirt that this guy had.

    Bottom line....I have to learn spanish if I want to get the kind of ass that I want in Auguascalientes. Plus I either have to stay in more of a local hotel or be willing to venture out. Both of which are easier when you speak the native language.

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    I'm Back

    Hi! Fellow mongers,

    After a long absence (I got a job far away. The good part is that I had a lot GOOD new experiences elsewhere, the bad. Well you know there are no bad part); Iím back to help my friends from the forum. So if you are interested and want to go out and meet some cool, hot and sexy chicas from the region (bajio Aguascalientes, Jalisco (Guadalajara), Zacatecas and Guanajato (Leon, Irapuato); you are invited. I canít send private msg in the forum but leave a post and I will reply. It is good to be back

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    Ken Tucky,

    I will follow your instructions. I did not have any luck with the taxistas helping me in Guadalara 2 weeks ago. But then again I did not offer any $ either. Perhaps that is the way to go.

    In all probability I will pick up a paper and go from there. The only problem is that with all of the different shapes and sizes I have no clue what the ad says and what I will get. Lucky for me a piece of ass is a piece of ass.

    I have also printed out the entire forum and will take it with me. I will report when I return.

    Thanks for the hlep.

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    Using Your Head

    Mou. Listen, I don't know anything about Aguascalientes except that I had a hot mamasita in Austin who was from there. Now, IF I WERE you.

    1) I'd go to a local street corner newstand and inquire about a paper that contained numbers to chicas. IF it is like it is here in GDL, chicas are everywhere, but they can not flaunt it. Those local corner newstands carry all kinds of information.

    2) Then, IF you don't speak any Spanish, you will have to find a person who will help you. Many of the locals like to 'practice' their English, so IF you find someone who speaks a 'little' English, then try to solicit their help.

    3) Taxi drivers. Some taxi drivers will not help a gringo find a Mexican chick because:

    A) they are prejudiced;
    B) they are very religious and think it's 'wrong';
    C) they are NOT being compensated enough.

    But most taxistas know where to find the putang. You may have to 'shop' a little before you actually 'get in' a cab; or D) Read every report posted here under Aguascalientes. There may still be some good information here even though nothing has been posted in over a year.

    Good luck and PM me if you have any other?

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    I am now thinking of staying at the "Las Trojes" hotel. Can anybody provide a review of the area and where I need to go and how far to get a piece of ass? Come on guys, I need your help here. Any locals that would like to meet for a drink and show where to find some ass? I will buy! Arriving in less than 1 week.

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