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Thread: Queretaro City

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnClayton  [View Original Post]
    I've always been curious about Tenancingo (Tlaxcala) -- the Mexican city of pimps!, _Tlaxcala.

    Thinking of a drive through next fall / winter. Anyone been there?
    Many times. No mongering, though, there are no venues.

    The last time I went, the padrote houses were not visible from the main street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomJackin  [View Original Post]
    Welcome to Queretaro!

    Queretaro is a large metropolitan city that has a lot to offer... Solo mis dos pinche pesos, por supuesto!
    Excellent as always. I am in Queretaro now -- I will try and be more like you!

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    As always great report. Maybe one day this will work better: Felipe Ángeles International Airport (IATA: NLU).

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    My 2-night romp in Queretaro City, Queretaro.

    Welcome to Queretaro!

    Queretaro is a large metropolitan city that has a lot to offer. It was the whitest city I've ever seen! Not because of the people, but because of the buildings. As you come into the city from the airport you will notice every building is painted white. Why? I don't have a damn clue, but I just found it a bit weird.

    It is quite a modern city and anything but conservative. During my stay, it was a tad hot throughout the day, but the temps cooled way down in the evenings. There was a decent amount of interesting things to see and do in the city. Very few people in the city wore masks, unless they worked with clients; like hotel staff, restaurant workers, and taxi / Uber drivers.

    Why Queretaro?

    I'm still slowly working my way through each state in Mexico.

    Note: I flew to Queretaro out of Tijuana and back only using my passport card. A passport book is not required!

    All the money I quote is in pesos, unless you see the dollar sign.

    I used CBX from Otay to the Tijuana airport and back. CBX round trip was around 38 bucks. CBX prices are seasonal. They have a low season, regular season, and high season. I crossed during the low season.

    After clearing immigration at the Tijuana airport, I headed to the VIP lounge to chill-out. Returning, there was a VIP lounge at the Queretaro airport in the same area as the gates. The lounge was quite small, but nice nevertheless.

    Getting there:

    I flew Aeromexico round-trip to Queretaro. Each way, there was a layover in Mexico City. Beware of layover times at MEX! Make sure you have at least an hour layover between flights at that airport! I can't stress that enough. The airport is a cluster fuck. They have too many planes and not enough gates. I got lucky this trip because all my flights were on time; what a fucking concept!

    The taxi from the airport cost 420. I took an Uber back to the airport for 419, yep; I saved a pinche peso! Traveling each way took around 30-35 minutes.

    Getting around town:

    I used taxis and Ubers throughout my stay. Taxis were hard to find, but Ubers were abundant. After dinner on Friday, I found an Uber driver and he hung with me during my first two clubs. Later he fucked up and I ditched his ass to the curb. I found another driver and he ran with me for the rest of Friday night and Saturday night. His name is Arturo and I have his number if you need his service.


    I stayed at the HS HOTSSON hotel. This hotel chain is quickly becoming my favorite. It's a beautiful hotel with great amenities. I got an amazing room on the VIP floors for a decent price. On my same floor, there was a VIP lounge with free food and drinks. I highly recommend this hotel.

    Was it girl friendly? Yes, it was. I met a bargirl in the lobby early Saturday evening and we shuffled our asses up to my floor without any issues. Then we stopped in the VIP lounge and we both stocked up on goodies, like tasty snacks and adult beverages, again, no issues. Her price was 2000 for 2 hours.


    I have the North American T-Mobile plan; no worries.


    I did a lot of research before I left and here are my thoughts on the food scene:

    Cocono Excellent.

    Hacienda El Salitre Outstanding.

    Sonora Grill Outstanding.

    Overall, the food was pretty damn good!

    BTW, there were very few street food venders to be found.


    Every now and then, I see some tourists' websites that claim, "English is spoken throughout the city. " That is absolutely bullshit! None of the taxi / Uber drivers spoke a lick of English. That also included restaurant workers, staff and girls in the clubs, and hotel staff. Sometimes you can find someone in the hotels that speak decent English, but that is not the norm.

    Thus, if you plan to travel to Latin American countries, I highly recommend that you learn some Spanish. It is not that difficult and it opens up a whole new world!

    The mongering scene:

    This city was not easy to gather information about the clubs. Initially during my research, I thought I found 6 to 8 clubs, but that didn't quite pan out. I only ended up going to 4.

    Strip / table dance clubs:

    In each club, I asked several questions and did my best to write the answers on my trusty note pad. Thus, if I am wrong with any of my notes, feel free to chime in with the correct information. I wrote down the price of the cheapest ficha and beer.

    Club: Fiesta Charra.

    Cover: 50.

    Beer: 70.

    Ficha: 200.

    Sex: 3000 for 40 minutes or 3000 for 2-3 hours in the VIP rooms (no sex).

    On site: Yes.

    Number of chicas: 20.

    Quality of chicas: Good to hot.

    Night / Time: Friday /10:15.

    Comments: Nice big club with lots of beauties, but the chicas were way too pushy for my taste. The chicas tried to upsell the 2-3 hours in the VIP room. After I kept digging, I discovered there was no sex in the room, just me buying drinks! I passed on all offers.

    Club: Olimpo (private club).

    Cover: None.

    Beer: 80.

    Ficha: 200.

    Sex: Rooms within the small compound, 1500 for the room, 3000 to 4000 for 40 minutes. I was told all the chicas have different prices.

    On site: Yes.

    Number of chicas: 20.

    Quality of chicas: Very good to very hot.

    Night / Time: Friday /11:30.

    Comments: This was a private club that my driver knew about. Apparently he knows a chica that works in the place. She was not there, but they let me in anyway. Maybe it was because I had "ATM" tattooed on my forehead. There was no pressure from the meseros and I had a chance to speak to the manager at length. And I played with a few hotties to boot! Great place!

    Club: La Envidia de Escobedo.

    Cover: 50.

    Beer: 70.

    Ficha: 200.

    Sex: The chicas had different prices. One was 4000 for 40 minutes, another was 3000 for 40 minutes, and the last one I asked was 2000 for 40 minutes.

    On site: Yes, but only in the VIP rooms.

    Number of chicas: 20.

    Quality of chicas: Good to hot.

    Night / Time: Friday /12:30.

    Comments: This club was more of a local place and I thoroughly enjoy the place. I played with a couple of chicas, but I was quite fond of one in particular. I asked her about cumming to my hotel on Saturday and she quickly bought off on the offer. Before I left, we exchange numbers. I thought the place was great and even greater because it was across the road from La Guitarra.

    Club: La Guitarra.

    Cover: None.

    Beer: 50.

    Ficha: 200.

    Sex: On Friday evening, I conducted rack operations with two chicas; each was 1000 for 1 hour. Saturday night I paid 700 for 1 hour. Thus, the chicas were different prices as well.

    On site: Yes.

    Number of chicas: 20.

    Quality of chicas: OK to very good.

    Night / Time: Friday /1:30 & Saturday / midnight.

    Comments: This club was off the fucking hook! It was a large club that seemed to only cater to locals, and me. The chicas were a blast and had little to no rules. I was able to probe all the orifices I wanted! And while sitting and drinking, there were always one or two hands yanking on the Little Sailor; he loved the club too. It was my favorite club of my trip.

    Club: Fiesta Charra VIP (mystery club).

    I was told by a few drivers the club was closed or no longer existed. I read there was a double homicide in August 2021 and the club was closed at that point. Also their FB page is pretty much out of date. But please chime in if you went there after August 2021.

    Club: Elite.

    Because I have been to a few strip clubs named Elite, I thought this one could be a club for nasty thingys as well. So, I had to check out the place and it turned out to be a gay / trans place. I just finished my shot and moved along smartly.

    Street scene:

    It did not take long to find out where the street girls were standing. They were surrounding a park named "Alameda Hidalgo. " The main crossroads are "Av. Luis Pasteur Sur and Calle Ignacio Zaragoza. " Most of the girls were on Calle Ignacio Zaragoza. I arrived there on Saturday around 5 in the afternoon. During my first walk around, I saw at least 20.

    I walked up to a cutie and asked her, "Cuanto me cobra?" She replied 600 for 30 minutes. I agreed and we walked together across the street and from there, we hopped in a beautiful SUV and rode to her place. I really wanted to question the SUV, but I could not find a reason to ask. Once we were in her elegant room, I stripped down to bare metal, but she left her top on, WTF?

    Then all the extras were discussed:

    Sin ropa 300.

    Blowjob 200.

    Two or more positions 300.

    Play with her tetas 200.

    Photos 200.

    Then I thought to my silly ass self, "What in the fuck were you thinking? You knew you were in the land of OZ with street girls running amuck looking for that yappy dog!" Yeah, I know how the street girls operate, but was hoping for better. When I asked for a ride back in the SUV, all I heard were crickets!

    After my lengthy walk back, I talked to 4-5 other girls. All had different prices and fucking rules. I was quoted 500 for 20 minutes, 1000 for 45 minutes, and 600 for 30 minutes. And those were just the starting prices! So, decide for yourself if you want to indulge in the action. But if anything, at least check out the action.

    Final thoughts on Queretaro:

    It was a seeking putas and eating great food trip. I thought the city was safe and I never felt threaten in any manner. Would I ever return to Queretaro? Yes, but only after I explore the rest of the states. Would I recommend it to other mongers? Yes, there were enough monger venues and things to see and do to keep one busy. It would be worthwhile to go and explore the city! I had a blast!

    Como siempre, Solo mis dos pinche pesos, por supuesto!
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    I've always been curious about Tenancingo (Tlaxcala) -- the Mexican city of pimps!, _Tlaxcala.

    Thinking of a drive through next fall / winter. Anyone been there?

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    My first effort knocked it out of the park. The second one, well, less successful.

    I got a quick response early in the day, which usually indicates that it's not a service. The girl that showed up at my hotel definitely wasn't the one in the photo and didn't provide the services as promised. On the other hand she was flaquita and attractive and gave a decent CFS. For 1800 mxp she was ok but then asked for a tip as she was dressing to leave. I told her she didn't give the besos or oral natural that she promised so there would be no extra for good service. I'm sure the nice hotel and gringo heritage made her think she could extract a little more out of me but I was still irritated at not getting all the service we agreed to on WA.

    I'll be in Chihuahua in about a month if anyone has info on that city.

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    I'm not always looking for a big rack but on a recent trip through Queretaro that's what I needed. Of the several providers I contacted Melania answered promptly and consistently while the others surely from some service and not independent. Once I was in the hotel Melania caught an Uber and was there within an hour. She's quite thick but she's holding the belly in nicely with no rolls or cauliflower on the butt and legs. The rack is natural and she's happy to use it for your pleasure. Unfortunately she's not really enthusiastic about BBJ and kissing but she'll do both to some extent. Another downer, she wanted 500 mxp for cab money when she got to the room and she's already pricey in Mexican terms. I got what I wanted but probably wouldn't call her back if I'm in that town again.

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    No posts in this town for quite a while. Does anyone have some current information?

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    Update on the previous post, I can verify 6-9 SW on Calle Ignacio Zaragoza in front (other side of the road) of Alemeda Hidalgo. Price was $500 for basic service 1 position clothing on for 20 min. They were mostly around 5-6 looks wise, not fat but not thin either around 25-35 yr old. They took me on a short Uber ride up a hill to the fuck house and change me 50 pesos for the ride back. I'm glad I waited 5-10 minutes around the hoes and saw Katrina arrive, she was a petite 8 in looks with a hot ass and nice little titties. Same charge $500, I snatched her right away. She paid the house fee of 100 peso for 20 min, extra 20 min is 100 extra for the house. There is a bar down the street, "sevilla" where takeout seemed to be available depending on the chica. I didn't have the time to figure out price / time as takeout seemed to be available after the place closed. It was a place that had around 5-7 girls from 3-7. 5 in looks, good luck to you guys if you try and report back with results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyonLay  [View Original Post]
    Prices are $400 with 3 positions (everything with condom).
    The only suggestion I would make is to write $400 MXP to clarify the currency in this forum.

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    Qro is not death yet

    Sorry for my bad English.

    I had been living in Qro for almost 8 years and went to USA to study, recently I came back and found that SW from University Ave. Are few.

    But in front of Alameda in History center are at least 6 SW from 10am to 9pm.

    Also they lead you to a small house that works as mini motel with 3 small rooms.

    Prices are $400 with 3 positions (everything with condom).

    $100 BJ and $100 more for full nude.

    I know is expensive but is what I found recently.

    I never tried to contact university girls because Idk where LOL.

    (Suggestions welcome).

    In Fridays are more accessible and more beautiful girls.

    Also La Yegüita has opened their doors again, I never been there before because I got told that is expensive but Idk.

    Just a new 24 yrs fellow entering in this wonderful world.

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    QRO update

    This thread here in QRO is still dead and so is the mongering scene here in this town. It was like that a long time before Covid came along.

    In case your interested I think I found the most honest escort in QRO she's name Tanya on The Whatsapp exchange went like this.

    ¡Hola señorita! Enconté tu numero en ¿Estas disponible?

    Tanya: Hola, mi servicio de 1 hora es de 1300 pesos por promocion, te incluye oral, relaciones ilimitadas, masaje why lenceria.

    Tengo que pedir una cosa para estar seguro de que no hay malentendido. ¿Tu servicio incluye besos de novio? ¿Oral natural?

    Tanya: No brindo trado de novios.

    Claro. Cuidate!

    My unhappy experience has been the SOP of other escorts is to come in the door asking for their money then they tell you GFE is not on the menu. Just do your poke and get over it. At least Tanya is honest about it.

    SA has worked pretty well for me in QRO and thank god CDMX is only 3 hours away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochestarian  [View Original Post]
    Thought of sharing my experience this week, where I stayed in Queretaro for 2 nights. After one of the agreed providers stopped suddenly 30 min before the planned meeting time, I contacted a backup and that was a disaster. She was a 4.5 ft old lady with a horrible face that you can't even imagine from her pictures in the website. I just asked her to leave but she still asked for payment. I did not want to create a scene and hence paid what she asked for. I should have listened to the experienced folks here.
    Hey Rochestarian sorry for your bad experience in QRO. It's a great city except for the lack of our hobby. I gave up long time ago on the escort scene. Kept making contact with pimps and had to change my phone and Whats when they got my number.

    Seekin Arrangement takes a lot of time to setup but is way to go for this city. There's a lot of university girls looking for extra spending money. The rules are way different from CDMX. My SA girls don't want to be seen going into a hotel. My watchful landlady's a cock blocker too when it comes to inviting over chicas young enouhg to be my grandaughter. Our cover story is I'm helping with English lessons and its for real when she brings her books. And we've had some no sex dates at Italian Coffee with the textbooks that were still fun. Bottom line is that SA in QRO ain't the instant gratification of the CDMX escort scene but it's worth the time to get hooked up it you have a few weeks.

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    Thought of sharing my experience this week, where I stayed in Queretaro for 2 nights. After one of the agreed providers stopped suddenly 30 min before the planned meeting time, I contacted a backup and that was a disaster. She was a 4.5 ft old lady with a horrible face that you can't even imagine from her pictures in the website. I just asked her to leave but she still asked for payment. I did not want to create a scene and hence paid what she asked for. I should have listened to the experienced folks here.

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    Independent Providers

    Quote Originally Posted by AquaWatt  [View Original Post]
    Yea, avoid those web sites. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Get a paid membership and I'll be able to send you some Twitter and Whatsapp contacts to check out but I got to tell you if you're staying in QRO two weeks you'll probably be glad Mexico City is only a couple of hours away.

    There may be some independents in QRO and I've tried to find them but a bunch of times when I've called a number I ended up talking to some guy I figured to be her pimp. A few years back I used to see messages from escorts in CDMX or Monterrey saying they were going to be in town on certain dates but I have'nt seen any of that lately. I've talked to a few cab drivers and bellboys who've told me they didn't know of any action in town other than SW on University Ave or the Yeguita club. The scene in QRO really must be dead if that's the best those guys can offer.
    Thanks AquaWatt, KC Questor and Juan Carter for your guidance and suggestions. I do not prefer go to MPs or other locations, I will have a good hotel room and prefer to have some independent providers to come over. And you are right, some of the ads are too good to be true and I just try to convince my brain to ignore those! .

    I do not want ti invest in SA, as it is a time taking process. Moreover, I don't know Spanish. So would not be able to do the meet / talk / dine process. I have checked twitter as well, but it is evidently crowded by pimp / agency driven girls, huh. I will be making attempts to contact some of the girls I feel as genuine in the website and will report back my experiences.

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