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Thread: Recife

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    Does anyone have any experiences with these clubs? Or Any boots on the ground can add a report? They look promising!


    Rua Cosmorama, 89, Recife. PE, 51030-640, Brasil.

    San Paolo New Club

    Rua Wilfrid Russel Shorto, 45 - Boa Viagem, Recife. PE, 51020-300, Brazil.

    IG: (@ sanpaolonewclub).

    Sampa Night Club

    Rua Wilfrid Russel Shorto, 90 - Boa Viagem, Recife. PE, 51020-300, Brazil.

    Ninfas Night Club

    Av. Zequinha Barreto 387, Jaboato dos Guararapes, PE, 54400-090.

    IG: (@ ninfasnightclub).

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    Sophia ferraz namoradinha

    Quiet brunette without frills!

    Mion body, oral without cape.

    Take 4 at the beginning and I stayed like that for 15 minutes. Then I went with roasted chicken, for another 5 minutes and it was almost time, milked in the bag inside her pussy.

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    Karine silva

    I've been there more than 5 times because she is top and mackerel. Cost benefit, totally no frills and likes to fuck and give the ass.

    It's worth it, and warning can even get addicted!

    Local in Madalena, I went there about 2 weeks ago.

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    Another nice place for action in Recife Boa Viagem

    I visit an other nice erotic massage parlour in Recife, Boa Viagem.

    Bellas Massages, located in Boa Viagem on Avenida Fernando Simes Barbosa 498, Boa Viagem. Kamer 105 (first floor, walk up the red iron stairs).

    In April 2022 1 hour / hora are 150 rs and 30 min are 120 rs. Friendly service. With shower, a few girls in the afternoon. Closed on Sunday.

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    Nice place for action in Recife Boa Viagem

    I visit a nice erotic massage parlour in Recife, Boa Viagem.

    It is not so easy to find, the place is located on Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar 4880. This is a small shopping center with a huge sign Praia sul. (on Google maps Praia sul shopping).

    It is between supermarket Super Bompreo and Mercado de Boa Viagem. There is also an entrance from Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira.

    In the corner is an elevator, of course you can take the stairs. Go to the second floor. It looks empty, but from the elevator walk straight till you see a white & red sign with an arrow and Sala 2. There is a wooden door on the right with the number 02. On the right side next to the door is a bell, ring it and a lady will open the door. Have fun.

    In April 2022 HJ are $100 and FS are $150. It was all good, good service with a bit of massage to start. After you can shower. My visit was in the afternoon, there were three young girls. Closed on Sunday.

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    Safe meeting with a Scort girl in Recife

    Recife is a beautiful city full of charms. I travel the world and whenever I go there I like to use the website and receive escorts at my hotel. The site I trust the most is Musa Class, because there the girls are real and there are videos to prove it. In addition, it has a direct portal for complaints in case something unforeseen happens with a girl. Follow the link:

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    Recent weekends

    They had about 8 specimens working Av Conselheiro Aguiar Friday at midnight. At 8 pm there was a thick one dress nice but I suspect it was a tranny near a hotel. I forgot the name of the hotel. I think the two plump specimens out of the 8 at midnight were trannies. The old Sampa has a nightclub kiddy corner. I didn't see any women go in or standing around the entrance so I decided it must be an empty club and a waste.

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    Recife Talent / Landscape

    The local Recife women look like average middle of the pack Brazilian women. Its not a freak or horror show from the backwoods of Bama or W Virginia. Uber is cheaper here.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Quote Originally Posted by George90  [View Original Post]
    My main question is whether you noticed if Shakatak was now completely closed or whether it had re-opened or perhaps moved. Club Bamboo was a stone's throw from the Praca.
    Both clubs are gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sperto  [View Original Post]
    Update on Recife. Long time since I've been to Recife, and it will be a long time before I go back.


    Non-pro's: As mongering in Recife is quite bad, the non-pro's is a good option.

    Note: IMO Pernambuco has the ugliest women in Brazil. The hot girls are very few.

    Thanks for the great update. I have been to Recife but haven't visited for over 10 years. The last time I was there, the city of Boa Viagem was renovating its Praca Boa Viagem upon the large Hotel Viagem used to front as well as the club Shakatak. The hotel seemed to be closing down. The stores beside Shakatak were razed and the ground prepared for new construction, though the club was still open at that time.

    My main question is whether you noticed if Shakatak was now completely closed or whether it had re-opened or perhaps moved. Club Bamboo was a stone's throw from the Praca. I had heard that a murder occurred there some years ago. I wonder if that played a part in its closing.

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    Extra notes on the Recife update.

    Just some extra notes on Recife:

    * Bar Lisboa, Avenida Conselheiro Aguia (in front of Bompreço). Portuguese owned bar with some pro's showing up. There is a very cute waitress, Erika, that's worth trying pick-up.

    * As mentioned I was surprised there were few street-walkers on Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar. Yesterday the situation was better. I walked from Bompreço to five blocks after Sampa. Each block had about 5 pro's. A total of at lest 50 pro's. A very mixed crowd of GP's. Housewifes, crackudos and also some really beautiful girls. Asking price R$70-150 (goes down to R$100). Most of them bring clients to a nearby motel, R$26, with taxi. A few girls offered a cheap quickie between parked cars. Some girls were really cute and sexy. Stay away from the girls that can't show ID. Also stay away from the GPs on the parallel avenida Av Engenheiro Domingos Ferreira, they are not real women. If you bring a SW back to your place, be cautious.

    * I went to Divas this morning at 9 AM. Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar 4880 (next to Bompreço), sala 2 (top floor). Divas have several negative TDs on Gpguia, telling the girls are mechanic. However I can strongly recommend my choice today. Vivia, morena clara, cute, normalsized firm tits (no kids), muscular legs, a nicely shaved bush and a large, very curvy bubblebutt. CBJ and great performance. Extra plus for posing willingly for photos. Offered her whattsapp for services after work. R$150/1 hour.

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    Update on Recife. Long time since I've been to Recife, and it will be a long time before I go back.

    * Sightseeing: Olinda is nice with lots of old churches. Recife has some nice spots to visit around Marco Zero and in Centro. A must is to visit Instituto Ricardo Brennand which has a very impressive collection of art and cold weapons.

    * Beaches: Praia da Boa Viagem, not very impressive. Watch out for sharks.

    * Tourists: Very few gringos, mainly germans.

    * Nightlife, Boa Viagem: Most are cleaned up since my last visit. Bamboo and Bar Maria Bonita are long gone. Sampa Club is still working, but I didn't go there. Very few bars left in Boa Viagem. The boteco on Praça de Boa Viagem is nice for having dinner, beers and watch people. There is one regular boate close to Praça de Boa Viagem, called Armazem. I saw a lot of beautiful girls lined up to enter. I didn't check it out as the crowd were too young.

    * Pro's, Boa Viagem: No GP-bar left in Boa Viagem except Sampa Club. I noticed a few pro's along the orla, hardly doable. I used to like the street-walkers on Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar, where you could find gems. I was surprised there were so few SW left.

    * Rua da Aurora 295 (Centro), sala 415: Three girls, all ugly. Massage+BJ R$50, massage+sex R$70.
    * Rua da Aurora 295 (Centro), sala 112: Six girls, one almost doable and the rest fat uglies. Massage+sex R$100.
    * Divas, Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar 4880 (Boa Viagem), sala 2 (top floor): Eight girls, two doable. R$150/1 hour, CBJ cost extra.
    * There are few other privées in Centro, but according to Gpguia they are trash so I didn't go there. (There do exist good privées. I got a privê recommendation from a brazilian guy, very nice girls R$100, but I had to promise to keep that one secret.)

    Non-pro's: As mongering in Recife is quite bad, the non-pro's is a good option.

    Note: IMO Pernambuco has the ugliest women in Brazil. The hot girls are very few.

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    Porto de Galinhas.

    Update on Porto de Galinhas.

    * Porto de Galinhas is 1,5 h busride south from Recife. It's one of Pernambucos major tourist attractions. It's a very touristy little city. A pleasant place to spend a few days.

    * Beaches: The big attraction are the beaches with piscinas naturais, natural pools created by the reefs. The snorkeling is good, specially if you swim away from the hords of snorkeling tourists close to the beach.

    * Tourists: Mainly brazilians.

    * Nightlife: The main street has many restaurants and bars. Lots of beautiful girls strolling up and down. Everything closed om main street at 23 hs (at least in the beginning of the week), except some bars close to the beach front.

    * Pro's: I only met 2 pro's. Quite cute, but I didn't ask about prices as I wasn't interested.

    * Non-pro's: Lots of cute local girls and tourist girls.

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    Hello guys,

    Probably you weren't lucky last time you visited Recife. As for GDP Escort girls, I can number a large dozen of striking, fine-looking girls and women, including my own wife, she is a top escort girl and never disappointed anyone, I may tell you. 100% service. We live in the area of Boa Viagem.

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