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Thread: Arica

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    What I have clear about Arica is that it is a good coastal town, it is small and its tourist activity is centered on the beaches, with 3 of them being the most visited for having short waves, which is a family-type beach for visitors, these They are Playa el Laucho, La Lisera and Playa Chinchorro, however, the strong part as a city is in the center, very close to the port of Arica, there we can find night spots for fun, although for now we may have problems because they are mostly closed.

    One place with an erotic atmosphere that I like is the Club Éxtasis, a pub that is on the Gral. Pedro Lagos Marchant Street where you can have a few drinks and enjoy the dance atmosphere of girls who work there, there are pole dance and events, but There are also different themed discos that are worth visiting, if you like salsa there is a place called Salsoteca Vieja Habanna and in Bucanero's Pub you have a place near the beach where local artists and live music singers perform.

    Today these places are closed by the Covid-19, but once this issue is controlled, they are places that are worth enjoying, I just hope that there are not a few broken ones on the way, in the You can also find places near Chinchorro beach, this part of the coasts is one of my favorites because it has waves, but they are calm waves, there are also areas where you can comfortably bathe as a family, but for those who do not have plans to travel as a family and want fun for adults, there is the Arica nightclub Soho Nightlife is a spacious place, with different atmospheres and a stage for you to enjoy events with local, national and international artists, I think it is one of the favorite places if you are looking for musical events.

    For an escort, some escorts can be found in pubs, in the Ecstasy Club you can meet some who work in the place or who frequent the site for drinks and men, also in ad portals and dating pages you can find escorts, Tinder is a One of Chileans' favorite options, so I have no doubt that you will find a companion willing to live an adventure during your stay.

    Also, at you can find couples and even people who are organizing group appointments, couple exchanges or any type of occasional relationship which is what we need for a trip or walk. Or if you like to go direct with a companion you can visit and you will have proposals from girls who can accompany you to what you like for an hourly rate.

    The panoramas are diverse, the majority as I mention is between the center and the coast of Chinchorro beach, preferably I am located in the center for having all the stores, shopping centers and because there are some good-priced hotels, but if you want to give yourself a Evenings in a motel with an erotic atmosphere, you can visit the Love Palace Motel De Fantasias that you can locate between Toltéand and Papudo streets, the important thing is that if you visit Arica or Chile from abroad, wait until the country is active in its accesses and night life, it is not worth trying a trip, buying tickets and then you have problems entering or touring the country, I think that at the moment there are restrictions on entry to the country like most, in addition to the fact that places that crowd people are closed for any reason, including discos and pubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illini333  [View Original Post]
    Anything new in Arica? Are the bars by the casino still open?
    If you take a walk around the Av Gran Velasquez, through the Parque Brasil you will find the Arica Casino open from 12:00 to 6:00 AM from Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it has hours from 12:00 to 07:00 The schedule can be found at, the opening hours of tables and the machine room are different, also on the Web they give you information on events.

    The Casino Luckia from 11:00 to 5:00, they are a mandatory point when we visit the city, my wife loves it, I do not do much activity in the bars when I go with her, but some streets from Cachabuco to San Marcos you can find a few open bars, when I go I only go to anaconda 4, there I have some glass beers and I get in the company of some girl from the area, sometimes I look for companions in erotic portals.

    It is an area with a lot of activity, how close the pier is, Isla Alacran which is really a peninsula and Playa el Laucho, Lisera and El Chinchorro, el-laucho-arica /, this is how the beach looks, I always stay at the Panamericana Hotel Arica so I go to nearby beaches because they are places that I do not stop visiting because they have wave breaks and one can spend a day at the beach with some bars nearby, and the route from the beach to the casino is 3 km with many stopping points, some bars, restaurants in the area as well as tourist destinations.

    When I travel to Chile I have to visit Arica, I almost always look for mountain destinations and try to travel to the south of the country, but I often take a few days at the beach before leaving to adapt to the heat again, it is better in Summer to travel, the rest the water is very cold even when you are in the north and I always do the mobility by plane, it is not very expensive, saving time is enough because Arica is on the northern border with Peru, so the distance is quite a lot.

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    Anything New

    Anything new in Arica? Are the bars by the casino still open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasy
    by bus 8 hours if you make it. By plane, about 45 minutes into the New airport just North of Arica............
    This place looks interesting. Hope you can post a report with a few chica pix. I wouln't worry too much about monger hoards. It looks too far off the beaten path.

    Thanks in advance, Schwmm

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    what method!

    by bus 8 hours if you make it. By plane, about 45 minutes into the New airport just North of Arica............

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    Arica directions

    Hey, anyone know how far is province in Santiago to Arica?


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    one of many night spots!
    a nice place to visit in Arica , located next to the casino!

    About an hour by Taxi is a huge brothel in Tacna (Las Cucardas). This is in Tacna, Peru and involves crossing the border, but not a big deal in a reputable Taxi. How does $10-$15 u.s. for an hour with a 19 year old 8.5 sound to you? i really did not see a 9 or 10 here.

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    Be A King In Paradise!

    A bit of a challenge to get too, but well worth the struggle. This tranquill beach town really "wakes up" after dark! I wanted a place where I was the only gringo, and where they didn't know that the u.s. dollar was in the toilet. How does three girls for a week (24/7) @ 75.00 each sound! Send me a pm if you want to know more about my $22.00 a night ( for the four of us) beach bungalow! Pictures available soon!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails arica, chile.jpg‎  

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    Quaint seaside town

    I understand why there are no reports here as there is not much going on in this pretty beachtown. Although there are a few chongas and a discotheque called Sunset, not much else. If you ask a Chilean were there is a good restuarant, Bar or Chica's they all say go to Tacna,Peru which is about a hour away, due to having to pass thru customs. As it is a 28 hour bus ride from Santiago and much like any other beach town I would not recomend it.

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    There is a place called Madonna's across the street from Club Sophecles. Busty happy girl there that speaks some english, and some petite morenas. I think its 30bucks USD to go to the "champagne room" which is pretty nasty. Me and my buddy bagged a couple, and by closing time they wanted to go home with us. He gave them $40 worth in Pesos cuz we were leaving that morning. Sophecles is a "eye-candy" bar, lots of cute girl bartenders but they arent for the taking.

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