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    Finally it rained this past weekend. But miles and miles of precious forest, woods and people's houses were destroyed. Still don't know how much it will affect the future of the country. If someone here is religious, please remember paraguay on your pray.

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    State of emercency due to large bush fires.

    The PY government declared the state of emercency since last tuesday. They asked surrounding countries to help fight them the large bush fires in the north-and North-Eastern regions.(Chaco area)
    A Russian antifire-airplane is allready there. Also some other equipment which was in Greece (also for bushfires) from other countries is flown into PY.

    Anyone got any updates....???


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    It sounds like your trip to Encarnacion was not that impressive. I would not go there just for women. By the way, did you check out the corner of Irrazabal and Caballero. There is a 20 year old by the name of Sonia working there regularly. Excellent service is dispensed with a smile. I was going to take her out for all night, but I ended up returning to Posadas. I found the overall scene in Posadas better. It's all relative of course. Other than that, when you see a woman with a cellphone walking the street there at night, it's a sure bet that she's working. I ended up propositioning two of them, and it turned out that they were on the program. That may have been just luck though.

    Another possibility is to visit some of the German towns near Encarnacion and see what kind of action exists. There are three of them within 50km of Encarnacion.

    Also, part of the northwestern suburbs of Encarnacion is Ukrainian. It's another place to start. Surprisingly there are a lot of European looking faces in that town. Still, my favorite one was Sonia the morocha.

    I, personally, would not go back to monger in Encarnacion without a purpose such as a visa run.

    By the way, a good quality short time motel is the Rosa.

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    Encarnacion Trip

    I visited Encarnacion in early August to check it out on my way to Posadas, Arg. to get a new visa for Paraguay.

    I was impressed with nothing in Encarnacion. The city center is small and boring. The main city is about 10 blocks by 10 blocks. There is little there in terms of stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels or anything else. It is a small city of some 50,000 population, mostly relatively poor.

    The taxis here are metered and cheap, so one could use a taxi to review the areas without the problem of being ripped off constantly.

    There is a large market with mostly sidewalk stores in the southern part of the city, near the bridge. This market also serves shoppers from Argentina looking for bargains. My current favorita from Posadas went over to Encarnacion shopping for baby clothes. She is very poor in Argentina, so this market was cheap to her compared to Posadas, which has nothing similar. For those who know Asuncion, the market area is very much like Mercado 4 in Asuncion, or the market area of Estigarribas in San Lorenzo. I have never found these markets to have good value, because the low priced merchandise is usually very poor quality, and the quality merchandise tends to be overpriced.

    I stayed at the Hotel Cristal. This is a large old hotel that saw its better days years ago. It had very few guests, and appeared to be mostly unused. It was cheap, Gs75,000 for one person, Gs100,000 for a double. Other options are the Hotel Parana, which is also in the city center and appears a little better than the Cristal, and the Hotel Arthur and Domingo Sabio, which are on the outer edge of the city near the bridge to Posadas, but nice. All are fairly cheap and chica friendly.

    I was here in early August and it was quite cold, in the low 40's at night. It is a damp chilling cold because it is near the river and sea level.

    I am told there are no clubs in town with working chicas. There were maybe 5-6 hardy SW braving the cold and working Ave Bernardino Caballo, but they were of poor quality. There is no local paper, so there are no sex ads. I can find nothing on the internet. I did not try to pursue the bars on Ruta 6 to Ciudad del Este that have been reported. The cabbies I talked to did not seem enthusiastic about the places.

    I stayed only Friday thru Sunday and left for Posadas. There seemed to be no real purpose in pursuing the town further at this time. Perhaps when the weather is warmer I will return for a visit, hoping there will be more activity.

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    Yeh, Garotez, your experience confirms pretty much what I think and said. For any good stuff, you have to get local connections of some kind. Since there is no public advertising, everything in these small towns is going to be word of mouth, and most of it very discreet. I think that may be why I couldn't get a sex tour in Concepcion. They just weren't going to do drive-bys to show me private places.

    I wasn't about to start an excercise like yours with a cabbie because the towns are too uncomfortable for me to stay the 3-4 weeks I would like to make the effort worth it. The lack of internet access in Concepcion for me is a deal killer by itself. I couldn't stay there comfortably more than a week.

    I am thinking of trying that sort of thing in Ciudad del Este and/or Encarnacion. I think it may be possible to stay in these towns longer. I have been in Asuncion now for some 9 weeks total.

    By the way, our descriptions are almost identical. Small world. I can carry on a conversation in spanish, but still have trouble understanding normal spoken spanish. I have been studying it for 3 years including 700 hours of 1 on 1 classes in Costa Rica. I am still studying it a little every day. That makes it difficult for me to joke, since that is the hardest in any language. I did get hit on by a young woman in the grocery store in Concepcion. She was too big for me, unfortunately, so I didn't try to make a play for her.

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    I am sorry you had such a disappointing experience in Concepcion. I was there 1 year ago and had a fantastic time. When I was there, there were a lot of moto girls cruising the main street every night. Most were thin and cute. I stayed at the Pises on the river. They charge extra to bring a girl to your room for the night, but not for a few hours. Also there is a no tell motel in town for $3 an hour. The town is very cheap, about half the price of Brazil for food, pussy etc. 25K Guarani is $4.26 USD so I never worried about the cab rates or the price of pussy or anything.

    The key to mongering is to find a horn-dog cabbie. I had one that I sent out to find girls that would go for descreit P4P at the local motel. He got paid well and he, his aunts, cousins, and distant relatives canvassed the entire city for willing girls. The going rate was 50 to 100K. That was a bank breaking $8 - $16. Ouch! Some were all nighters. My buddy actually was taken to a house where an attractive 18 Y/o lived and the mother demanded G25K for her daughter's services. He paid, stepped behind a curtain and did her right there. She later spent the night with him.

    I, was very happy with a 29 Y/o woman with an incredible lean body, She and I spent many a night together. No limits. Intelligent. Not beautiful, but great in bed.

    The cabbie also told me Horceta (on the way to Pedro Juan) was even hotter for horny locals who want to make a few G and fuck a foreigner as well. I think there a are al lit of local girls and women available. Being descreet is the key and you need an intermediary.

    I only passed through Pedro Juan, but I met a cabbie at the bus station woh told me the town was loaded. I didn't stay to check it out. But while I was in the bus station I was hit on by a stunning thin, tall dark skinned beauty with a young boy. She got on the same bus I did and I struck up a conversation with her while showing her digital photos of Foz and Bonito. She was a student on Ponta Pora and lives in Jardim on the weekends. Unfortunately, she got off the bus at her sister's house after I hurridly got her name and phone number.

    I admit I am fluent in Spanish and near fluent in Portugues and it helps especially because these ladies like to joke a lot. Most want to meet a foreigner. And a lot want to fuck one just to see what it is like. I was hit on by 18 to 20 Y/o's in supermarket in Miranda of all places.

    You might think I am a 25 to 30 Y/o Tom Cruise look alike. I'm not. I'm not ugly but I am a lot older than most mongerers at 58. I admit I am slim and athletic, and I look younger than I am, but they grey and a few wrinkles are still there.

    The bottom line is there is pussy everywhere. The greater the poverty the more opportunity there is. Either speak the language or go with someone that does, especially when after locals. News papers, cabbies, cruising on busses with a digital camera are all props and tools for a successful adventure.


    By the way thanks for the tips on the restaurants and hotels. I plan to go soon.

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    Concepcion Trip

    On Mon, July 5, I went to Concepcion to check it out. I took the Santaniana bus from the Terminal de Omnibus in Asuncion. The route is Concepcion por Chaco, the shortest way that takes you through the southeastern part of the Chaco. I left about 11:00AM and arrived about 4:30PM. The trip is boring because the Chaco is empty and all the same, very flat land with palm trees in grassy fields. The growth is limited because the ground is salty, and produces salty water.

    To summarize this report, there is hobby activity in Concepcion, but it is hard to find and get to. The town is very boring, so it is not worth visiting for city activity. It might be worth a stop for a few days on a country tour, if you are travelling through the area.

    It is possible to buy a city map of Concepcion. I found one in Asuncion in a kiosk outside the supermarket in Shopping del Sol. I did not see one in Concepcion, but did not look in the librerias. It is a large map, and cost G19k in Asuncion. It shows all the streets and area very well.

    Concepcion is a city area of some 50,000 people. It is alone, with the closest town of any size 200km away. It is a college town primarily. Before you get visions of fucking young coeds, realize that rural college towns are boring for non-students. The students tend to have a life centered on the college and each other, and have friends. Also, a coed is not going to embarrass herself in front of her friends. So rural college towns tend to be very conservative, and Concepcion is no exception.

    The town is split into two main parts by Ave Depinedo. West of Ave Depinedo is very clean and colonial with many colleges. It also contains many houses on unpaved dirt streets. The houses are mostly decent, but cheap. The students seem to live on this side. East of Ave Depinedo is mostly poor, delapidated and very dirty. It contains the street mercado area. It also contains many of the very cheap hotels. I walked in the parts of the east near Ave Depinedo in the early evening, but was very nervous.

    Most of the stores close by 6:00Pm, and it is dark at 6:30PM. Some street cafes that sell beer are open till at least 12:00. I was able to walk in the entire west(good) side at night with no problems, until about 10:00PM. I was a little nervous at times because many streets are relatively dark, especially the residential ones. But the west side is generally quiet residential with many students and police and seemed relatively safe.

    Most of the traffic in Concepcion is motor scooters and small motorcycles. Many students have them, and give rides to their friends. Distances are usually in the 10-15 block range to get anywhere from anywhere. Most of the streets are not paved, and are simply dirt. Prdte Franco is paved, and most of Ave Depinedo. Some of the streets with colleges in the oldest part of town are also paved. So a moto is ideal. There is a local bus system, but is very limited and infrequent. The taxis have a G10k minimum, and a 15 block ride is G15k-G20k, so taxis are expensive. Also, the taxis are at taxi stands, and they are mostly in the town center. So it is hard and expensive to get around. I walked the 9 blocks from the Hotel Frances to Ave Depinedo about 30 times in the 4 days I was there.

    The main street for commerce is Pdte Franco. It runs East-West. On the East side, it contains practically all of the high end businesses in a stretch of 9 blocks. On the West(poor) side, for a stretch of about 6 blocks, it is the center of the low end business area and the Mercado area, which runs north-south on two streets. Ave Depinedo also contains many businesses, on the 6-8 blocks centered on Pdte Franco.

    There are 3 hotels in town in the tourist class. There are other hotels, 6-8, in the G25k-G60k range. I did not look at them. They are for poor locals, and presumably for use by prostitutes. In these 3 hotels, a double room is necessary to have guests.

    Piscis Club: This is the best, but is on the river bank at the very west edge of town. There is nothing in the area within 6-8 blocks. For this it is undesireable. The price is about G100k single, G150k double.

    Hotel Frances: On the main street, Pdte Franco, on the end toward the river. It is about 5 blocks from anything, but is the best option. I stayed here. The rooms are plain and worn but clean. The ambience is of a classic old style hotel. The price is G85k single, G130k double, for a room with a double bed. There is a luxury room for G100k single, G150k double, but I did not think it was as good as the standard. For one thing, it had no bidet. Breakfast is included and is decent; eggs, bologna, cheese, bread, jam, juices, coffee. On Mon-Tue, I stayed in room 9. It was nice but had only an instant heater in the shower for hot water, which I hate. No hot water in the sink or bidet. On Fri-Sat I stayed in room 16. It is in a different section of the hotel, near the luxury rooms. It was also nice and had central hot water for the shower, sink, and bidet. So you know what to look for.

    Hotel Victoria: On Pdte Franco, in the best location closer to the town center. The rooms are cheaper. They showed me a nice looking room with a double bed for G120k double. But it did not have a bidet, which I have come to like, and did not seem as nice as the Hotel Frances for G130k double, so I did not stay here. It also had an instant water heater in the shower. But it is worth looking at the rooms. You may like it. It is a grand old Spanish motif hotel.

    I found 2 places to eat in town. There is a Churrasqueria on Pdte Franco, all you can eat of salad and parilla for G15k. A real bargain! The food is basic, but decent. There is a large grocery store on Ave Depinedo near Pdte Franco with a restaurant with food by the kilo. G12k per kilo, also a bargain. The food is also basic but decent. There are also the little street cafes that sell sandwiches/burgers, but I don't like/use them. One unusual thing is there are 3-4 street vendors with sandwich carts in Ave Depinedo that sell very good lomito/egg sandwiches, and you can watch them being prepared, so you know the meat is well cooked and clean.

    On Mon and Tue night I walked many of the streets of Concepcion to check it out. I was amazed that I could find absolutely no SW activity. Then I thought about it being a rural college town, and was no longer surprised. I was so disgusted I decided to go to Pedro Juan Caballero immediately Wed. On the way to the bus station I talked to the cabbie about it, and he said there were many places with girls working, and he could show them to me. So I thought maybe there was something on the poor side he could show me. I went ahead to Pedro Juan Caballero Wed.

    I returned from Pedro Juan on Friday. I couldn't find the cabbie, so I went to the main taxi stand to try to negotiate a sex tour. Amazingly, I couldn't. I talked to a few of the cabbies about a tour for G40k/hr, the same as Asuncion. They were reluctant to give me a tour at all. One said it could be dangerous. They finally said they might give me a tour for G70k/hr, and I said that was ridiculous. I got the impression they really did not want to try to do this for some reason.

    On Sat, I got in touch with the cabbie of Tue thru the hotel staff. He said he would give me a tour for G40k/hr, but didn't seem enthusiastic. We left early, about 6:30. He took me to a small hotel/rooming house with no name next to the Hotel Fortuna. The Hotel Fortuna is one of a group of very low end restaurants/cafe/open bars/hotels accross from the Terminal de Omnibus. The main terminal is on the west side, but on the far north end. The far north end is also quite poor, as is the area around the terminal. He introduced me to a nice looking mestizo girl of about 20 years. I did not discuss price or going with her, because I thought we would be going to other places. I would have expected about G50k/hour. There was another young girl there, on the very chubby side. We left that place, and I thought we would go to some places on the poor side. Instead, the cabbie returned to the hotel, and said there was nothing else open to see. I doubt this, but don't know what the problem is. I tried to find out more from the cabbie, with no success. This was 2 failed attempts. I am sure there are some houses on the poor side of town. But there are all sorts of possibilities why the cabbies did not want to take me over there at night.

    I did find out from the cabbie there is a love hotel on the road to Pedro Juan Caballero, just outside the city. I saw this place on the way to Pedro Juan, and it looked decent as a motel from the outside. But it did not look like it was in a area that would have SW activity.

    There are no newspapers for Concepcion. I doubt there are any massage parlors. There are none on the good side of town. There are no good sex shops. The locals are not likely to be interested in this type of action.

    In short, I failed miserably in finding any action in Concepcion to speak of. I am sure there is action there on the poor side, and possibly some on the good side, in private homes. But you are not going to find it without being taken there, which is going to take a lot of time/money. The poor side is simply too dangerous after 7:00PM to go over there wandering around. I walked around a good part of the poor side in the daytime and could see nothing that looked like sex action. If you talk to enough cabbies, you might be able to get more introductions.

    For me, the city was so uncomfortable to stay in that it wasn't worth it to search further. I knew I could never stay there for a significant time. There are only 2 internet cafes I could find, small with very slow access. There were no stores of any size, no shopping centers. The availability of any product was very limited. There were only 2 places I could find that sold Coca Cola Light; the bar at the Hotel Frances, and one small restaurant that opened in the evening about 6:30PM. I looked in every cafe on the good side, the gas stations, the grocery store. There was very little product selection anywhere.

    In the end, if you like to sit at a sidewalk table in a quiet town and drink beer all day, then you might like Concepcion for a while. And you can probably find some action in private houses. It is surely going to be cheap, about G50k/hour. You have to find someone to take you to it. I can find nothing on the internet about Concepcion. Staying here is going to be cheap, relative to other cities.

    I left on Sun to return to Asuncion.

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    Pedro Juan Caballero Trip

    On wed, July 7, I went from Concepcion to Pedro Juan Caballero to check it out. Pedro Juan Caballero is a city on the border of Brazil, in the Northeast part of Paraguay. I took the Amambay bus from the Omnibus terminal in Concepcion. Many maps show the road from Concepcion to PJC to be unpaved. But a new road has been completed in the last year or so and the road is good pavement the entire route. I left about 11:00AM and arrived about 3:00PM. The bus stops many times in small towns and estancias along the route. The route is not very interesting, but is better than the route to Concepcion thru the Chaco. Near PJC there are some very large and prosperous looking estancias. There is also some interesting mountain terrain and rock formations, somewhat like Arizona, but with more water. I was worried about problems with the bus and hijackings and all that, especially from information in the US state department report. But everything appeared very safe and professional. It did not appear the people living on the route would tolerate much danger.

    To summarize this report, there is cheap activity in Pedro Juan Caballero. There is some SW activity and at least one massage parlor. You are going to spend a lot of money on cab fares, possibly more than on pussy. The town itself is a disaster, so it is not a good place to visit as a tourist destination. If you don't speak passable spanish, don't even think of coming here.

    PJC is a very poor town. It is also quite large in area. The main city is at least 28 blocks by 14 blocks, so it is difficult to cover it by walking. There is a local bus service, but it is not very good. The cabs have a G15k minimum, at least for gringos. I was told this by several cabbies and the hotel. They are not metered, so you are going to have a serious problem with rip-offs until you learn where things are, because the area is large. I did manage to find a very bad map of PJC. I found it in a libreria, but forgot to write down the name. I can tell you it is in the next block over from Mcal Lopez where the Hotel Eiruzu is, at about cross street Iturbe. It is about 1 block from the Libreria "4 Caballeros" on Mcal Lopez. The map is a photocopy of a map published on a 1996 calendar that the guy in the libreria made for me. It does not have names for the long streets like Dr. Francia and Mcal Lopez. But it helps for giving perspective on things.

    The main business streets in PJC(Mcal Lopez and Dr. Francia) look like many of the business streets in the run down sections of Asuncion. It is not good. There are 2 hotels of interest in PJC. The hotel Bertea is on the list of hotels for PJC and doesn't look bad, but is way the hell out on the road to Concepcion in the outskirts of town. Doesn't look like a possible choice. The other hotels are(a double is needed for guests in these hotels):

    Hotel Eiruzu: At Mcal Lopez and Mcal Estigarriba. This is supposedly the best hotel in town and the most expensive. The G60k single room had only a single bed. I was shown a decent room with a double bed for G90k single and G130k double. But the room had only an instant water heater in the shower for hot water, which I hate. I had a reservation for a room with a double bed, but when I arrived they first said they had none left because of some group in town, and showed me the single bed first. They showed me the double bed when I said I was leaving. On the way over from the terminal, I passed the Hotel Fiesta, and it looked decent from the outside. This surprised me because the list showed it very cheap, 1/2 the price of the Eiruzu.

    Hotel Fiesta: I took the opportunity when they jerked me around at the Eiruzu and went over to look at the Fiesta. They showed me a couple of rooms and I chose a decent room with hot/cold water in the shower, bidet and sink for G50k single G100k double. I think it is a nicer hotel than the Eiruzu. It is about 4 blocks from the Eiruzu at Dr. Francia and Alberdi. The location is about as good as the Eiruzu also. Breakfast is included, but is very basic, little more than coffee and rolls. But for the price, the hotel is a fantastic bargain.

    The hotels are very close to the Brazil border. Ave Dr Francia runs parallel to the border on the PJC side. The border is actually a strip of plaza/park about 200 feet wide. It is possible to walk accross the border at all points to the Brazil side. There is no fence or police barricade of any kind. I crossed over several times, but there isn't much on the Brazil side either.

    There are several old, cheap hotels in PJC also. I do remember the Acapulco Hotel on Mcal Lopez about 5 blocks from the Hotel Eiruzu. The ones I saw did not look good. I assume they run in the G20k-30k/night range.

    There is a street thru the border plaza about 6 blocks from the hotel with SW activity. There are no street signs so I don't know the names of any streets. Both nights I was there, there were about 10 women working. I would rate them decent, in the 5-8 range, but like most SW too big for me. They are along the street in the border plaza area. I went with a young Brazilian of about 21 years old. The price was cheap, G40k for a CBJ and covered sex. She had a reserved room in a house about 2 blocks away which was included. There was a knock on the door after 30 min to end the session. For me, it was not an interesting session, and she was not interesting either. I like small slim women, and she was the best of the lot on the street, but when she took her clothes off she was overweight. I am also not that fond of Brazilians.

    I passed a massage parlor on the way in on the bus, but don't know what street it was on. I also saw ads for a place called Angel Massage in some store, so there is at least one massage parlor in town. I don't like massage parlors. I did not try to get a sex tour from a cabbie. On the second day(Thur) it rained all afternoon and I was so miserable I decided I was going to leave Fri morning to return to Concepcion to see if I could get a sex tour from the cabbie there. To me, the women in Concepcion generally looked more interesting than the women of PJC.

    I looked all around the main long streets of Dr Francia, Mcal Lopez, and the next 2 blocks over, for a distance of about 24 blocks looking for a restaurant to eat. I never found one. There are many of the small, dirty places that serve beer and sandwiches prepared somewhere out of sight. I don't eat in these. There are no decent looking restaurants anywhere in the main town center. I would have been delighted with a "Pancholos"(a chain in Asuncion) that serves hamburgers, pizza, and large hot dogs. There is only one store of any size, a place called Shopping China. It is a medium sized department store, with nothing worthy of note. All the other stores are tiny shops. On the bus coming into town, I saw nothing better on Route 5 on the outskirts. There are a couple of small grocery stores. Believe it or not, I decided to buy some ham, cheese, and bread to make my own sandwiches. I couldn't find a grocery store with these, either. The 2-3 grocery stores did not sell meat and cheese or bread. Only pre-packaged food shelf goods. I eventually found a small bakery about 12 blocks from the hotel that sold all three. It had one kind of cheese, and one kind of ham. All of the stores I saw are small with a very limited inventory. And they all sell virtually the same products and brands.

    What little I saw of the Brazil side did not look better than the Paraguay side. There are no restaurants along the frontier in Brazil, either. I did not go beyond the frontier street in Brazil, because I didn't want the possibility of problems of some kind with no visa(such as an accident, robbery). What I could see of it did not look at all promising, and so I spent my time reviewing the Paraquay side.

    There is no newspaper for PJC. So there are no sex ads. I saw no newsstands of any kind. There are not going to be any good sex shops, because there are no stores with much inventory. I can find no internet information. Typing "Pedro Juan Caballero" in google in various ways yields nothing of interest about the city. I was able to find out nothing about the city in advance of going. I did have the hotel information from the site

    I saw no bars or disco type places. I also saw none of the open door pool room bars with women popular in Asuncion. This in the roughly 25 by 5 block area(the most upscale part of the city) I covered. There may be something, but generally the town is too poor for much, it appears. I did not try to find out more, because I decided to leave early on Friday.

    In summary, there is action in PJC, and it is cheap. I would bet there are other SW areas, and there certainly must be private houses with action. The problem is finding them. Private houses are probably spread out all around the city. You will need to invest time and money, mostly in taxicabs. But the city is so uncomfortable to stay in that I don't believe the action is worth it.

    I left Fri morning to return to Concepcion.

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    I think itīs been mentioned before, how to get a Paraguayan visa for US citizens. I want to add though, that your best bet is the multi-entry visa for $65 (has to be in US dollars cash or credit card). Itīs valid for three months. Here is what you need:

    1. $65 US dollars

    2. one passport photo

    3. A bus or airline ticket showing proof of onward passage from Paraguay, is a must.

    4. Three photo copies of the first two pages of your passport

    5. Three photo copies of each document they make you sign. Usually there is a photo copy place near the consulate. You run back and forth a couple of times.

    6. You need a credit card, and 3 photocopies of it. The credit card is an absolute must.

    7 They take your fingerprints also.

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    This city is great for shoping also. You can purchase things for about half the price of what they ask in Argentina. This applies to more or less everything you can buy: goods and services.

    As far as mongering action:

    Itīs best to start at the intersection of Irrazabal and Caballero (this is the point where Avenida Caballero begins). Then work your way up to the intersection of General Arriga and General Bernardiono Caballero. Itīs about ten blocks where you will find car dealerships, bars (Galaxy Bar), streetwalkers who need to be asked point blank. There is no shaking of the ass here and really overt signs of hookerdom. There is a pink-colored short-time motel that services johns as well as long distance truck drivers. I consider Encarnacion fairly safe at night. I have not been to the really bad neighborhoods though.

    Info on hotels? Not really, except that your best bet is to hire a taxi and have him take you and the girl to one of those drive-in love motels outside of town. They have waterbeds, stereo, porno movies at 25,000 Guaranis per hour and well worth it.

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