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    It seems Russia has such hot girls when looking at the higher class escorts.

    Am I basically right that Russia will probably offer me the hottest girls anywhere if I'm into white girls?

    I'm looking for quality over quantity here.

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    Good Salon recommendations


    Can any fellow mongers who have good knowledge of the Moscow scene kindly offer some salon recommendations please.

    I have read the forum back 20 pages but couldn't see much info. I will be in Moscow for a week and keen on visiting salon's where it's possible to choose from a lineup. I will be staying near Chekovska within the garden ring but can travel to other areas.

    Criteria is:

    - Ok to spend 6000/7000 roubles each visit (can pay a bit more for good quality).

    - Girls looks should be around 7+.

    - Salons with about 6+ girls available to choose from is the sort of place I like. But smaller salons should be ok as well, of course much depends on day of week and time of day.

    - Any established salons with good reputations?

    I saw on rusdosug a number of salons listed but not sure if the pictures of the girls are actually real at all.

    Third time in Moscow but haven't tried p4 p there as previously I was with Russian GF 24/7. I will of course be trying out some of the indy's as well.

    I like the salon concept as you can just turn up when you want and there should be a girl that's good quality, no waiting hours for her not to turn up, no feeling the bait and switch, no taxi fares etc.

    Thanks fellows. Will definitely will report back.

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    Make sure you get a russian number +79 and then search intimcity for girls near your metro stop who respond via Whatsapp. I had more responses than I could see.

    I wound up seeing a tall brunette from Kazan at my hotel 6000 rub, a 20 well reviewed blonde at her apt walking distance from my hotel 10.000 rub, an 18 blonde from Arkangelsk at my hotel 10.000 rub. All were BBBJ, CIF or CIM and each surprised me with how friendly and nice service they offered. Maybe because they were not Moscow natives.


    Quote Originally Posted by HappyMimiore  [View Original Post]
    Did you make phone call to them, or short messages, what'sapp, viber wrote in Russian or English.

    Try to change position you go to their place what would respond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HydLover  [View Original Post]
    I am in Moscow for another week; been trying to find WG to visit my hotel.

    Checked out intimcity and rusodog, either no response or they keep stalling.

    Seems a lot of scammers, even after agreeing to everything, the girl just doesn't show up!
    Did you make phone call to them, or short messages, what'sapp, viber wrote in Russian or English.

    Try to change position you go to their place what would respond.

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    Post the link of the video, so that we can see it

    Post the link of the video, so that we can see it as well.

    IHMO to answer your question I can tell 2 things: most girls are nice. But yes, if you go to one for bla bla they can become annoyed of you, as you know time is money. But I think WGs in any country don't want to waste their time for nothing. Yes, they are direct, it's due to the culture. No fake simile, basically WYSIWYG. But concerning their, well 'profession' they are not very open and direct, and they should not be very open and direct about this because it is still man illegal profession. So, it's rare that they will openly admit they are a Pro. Once I went to one with a lot of mileage (recommended by a friend, but I didn't tell this to her), prior we had a small talk on telegram and when I asked what is her usual procedure, she wrote "I don't know, I am doing this for the first time", too funny. But maybe it's the way she found to protect herself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward5  [View Original Post]
    Would you say Russia is a good place for me if I want the girls to be direct and kind of like WG, or would there be even a better country in Europe?

    Any country where Prostitution is allowed would be better for you. Germany for example. So that you can focus on the fuck and not on 'how not to get arrested.'

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    Do Russian girls come across not nice?

    I was watching a you tube video of someone who was dealing with a Russian prostitute.

    Everyone was saying that Russian girls come across very direct and not nice and that is just how girls in Russia are due to their culture.

    I am actually attracted to girls who are basically WG. I don't know why I'm attracted to girls like this, but I like them direct, kind of like I'm annoying to them and I am wasting their time, etc.

    Would you say Russia is a good place for me if I want the girls to be direct and kind of like WG, or would there be even a better country in Europe?


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    Out of luck in Moscow

    I am in Moscow for another week; been trying to find WG to visit my hotel.

    Checked out intimcity and rusodog, either no response or they keep stalling.

    Seems a lot of scammers, even after agreeing to everything, the girl just doesn't show up!

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    Travel tips

    I received a question about travel to Russia so I thought I would provide the answer for public benefit too.

    July 28,2021 the Russian Federation opened to travel for travelers carrying certain passports AND traveling from certain countries.

    In my case, I have a passport from one of the approved countries with a 3 year visa I acquired in 2019.

    But I made the mistake of trying to fly thru a country not on the accepted travel countries. I tried to fly via Latvia on AirBaltic. At customs in moscow, I was not allowed to enter. I ended up buying a ticket to / from Istanbul (which is on the approved list) for the next morning. Later that day after flying 8 hours to Turkey and back, I was finally admitted into the Russian Federation.

    Hope this saves some of you some hassle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes007  [View Original Post]
    It looks like most of the girls asked for prepay but they asked for a smaller amount.
    My monger friend paid 2000 are in advance via smartphone and the girl did not show up. He complained on her telegram (girls who don't want to give her phone number, it's already a red flag, small flag, but red), she then deleted the chat and blocked him. The money is gone. There is absolutely nothing he can do now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jes007  [View Original Post]
    Long time ago, I used to pick up girls at clubs like night flight, chesterfield etc. Are there any such places?
    Freebies on NF? Interesting. Or you are talking about WGs? I heard that they closed BTW.

    Chesterfield still exists, but it's rather a obychno night club, not a brothel nor strip club. During the day it's just a restaurant, among many others at New Arbat. Sometimes local companies book it for 'Korporativ'.

    Many freebies there at the ladies' night thou (used to be on Wednesdays, now Idk).

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    Quote Originally Posted by VorteXz  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for letting me know.

    The problem is all of the girls I have contacted for outcall at my hotel room asked for prepaid.

    It looks like most of the girls asked for prepay but they asked for a smaller amount. These girls have good reviews in both dosug. NL and intimcity. NL. I adon't know how trustworthy they are. Long time ago, I used to pick up girls at clubs like night flight, chesterfield etc. Are there any such places?

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    Strip clubs update

    Addendum to Steve 9696's excellent strip club report:

    1) Aurora no longer has a free entry password. However they do offer a free private dance if you give them your cell number on their website (2000 rub value so it's equivalent to the entry fee).

    2) Sunday night talent wasn't great, but maybe two I would waste money on.

    3) From 9-10 pm drinks and food are half off. So that 500 beer is now 250. Not bad.

    4) Apparently there's a free taxi between Aurora, Penthouse, Hunters, Loft and Angels.

    Club-aurora. Ru.

    Club-hunters. Ru.

    Clubangels. Ru.

    Penthouseclubmoscow com.

    Loftclub. Ru.

    If anyone is in town this week and wants company visiting the clubs, drop me a PM.


    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    Since it's kinda quiet in here, let's liven things up with my FR from 2019. Enjoy.

    Moscow Trifecta -- Aurora, Angels, Penthouse.

    The next time I was back in Moscow and by now I have the drill down pat. Aurora, Penthouse, and Angels are all super similar and inside the city loop or nearly so, so these are easiest to get to. I call this the Moscow Trifecta. Last time I had visited the Trifecta, but had not done the Trifecta, having failed to pull an Aurora girl. This time, I thought I'the give a fully consummated Trifecta a shot. I was not disappointed.

    Oh before I get any farther a few important pro tips. First, if you go on their website there is a free entry code. You simply say it to the hostess and Bam you save the R2000 ($30 ish) entry. Did this all three nights they did not change the code and saved nearly $100. Sweet!

    Second, apparently rooms are discounted 50% - R3000 ($40+) before 10 PM, which is not small change either. They open at nine. I did not know about this discount, nor expect to session before 10 but when you read encounter 3, you will see that I did and for good reason.

    Third, like anywhere else, you can negotiate services with the girl. For some reason, this didn't occur to me till I had two CBJs; but it proved epically important in encounter three.

    Aurora. JLo Look-alike Inga.

    OK back to Aurora. I rolled in around 11, said "Brandy" (the passcode) to the hostess and was given free entry and a seat at the bar. Be forewarned that mixers and spirits are priced separately. So Jack is R650 and coke R500. It adds up over an evening. I settle in and scan the action. It was not explicitly stated, but when I have come in the past, the barmaids, waitresses and hostesses are equally available. So I scan all three in addition to the gogo hotties.

    Of course I am sampling the dancers as they come by to offer me the lap dance, that I am tipping an apparently generous $3 for. And after a couple hours of this, I ended up getting danced on by a girl named Inga. Her face looks like Jennifer Lopez but super skinny and with a thinner, high cheekbones face. Clearly 30 ish but a ton of fun and good English. I tell her to come see me later and sure enough she is back later in a sexy black dress. She joins me and we talk quite a bit. Eventually we discuss price, which is R12000 for the girl and R6000 for the room. This appears to be standard, because it's exactly what all three girls at the three different clubs offered.

    So I pay the waitress 6000 (this you could put on a card it seems) and she takes our drinks on a little tray and takes us to the room. I would say of the three clubs the Aurora room was the least nice, but still very nice. Generally high end and well mirrored with the bathroom down a notch from the other two. Still, nicer than 90% of the rooms you might come across in your career.

    The in-room experience was about as expected with a very experienced girl. The CBJ surprised me a bit but I didn't protest (probably could have). And she is otherwise a wildcat. It was really all about fucking a whole lot and in various positions. A new one for me was me on knees, her legs over my shoulders and her fucking the hell out of me from the bottom.

    Possibly the most interesting part of the visit was pillow talk and discussing her condoms vs mine. I'the brought Skyn which are not bad for a US brand. She'the brought purple-package Durex and had insisted on those. Afterwards she said that she and these other girls had executed a test of 8 different brands using the best blowjobber in the group and several guys and found that one to be best. We busted open one of hers and one of mine and compared and sure enough hers felt thinner / better (I was too spent for a dick-based test).

    All in all a nice first experience this time in Russia. But each one was successively better.

    Penthouse. Mid-eastern Hottie Anastasia.

    The next night it was Penthouse. Penthouse is in a real toney part of the city with a nice bar / restaurant next door that was still hopping when I exited at 2 AM.

    Arrived 10:30 or eleven I suppose. And again said "Brandy" and went straight in for free. I decided to get a couch and table at R3000 which was really nice. Actually got same one as two years ago! Got a Jack and Coke and settled in.

    Of course the usual parade of girls grinding on me for R200 each. The couch is really nice for this or for other girls who may approach to chat. Worth the R3000 I'the say. Now in addition to the Gogo dancers and waitresses I notice other beautiful ladies in short tight cocktail dress roaming. I think these are dancers with a wait for their shift. Anyhow they look super nice.

    There is one lovely Asian girl in a sparkly black dress but I never seem to catch her eye. I even stalk her to the back bar area but she is always engaged with some Asian dude. (I think I was literally the only round eye in the place not sure what was going on that night). I see another gorgeous girl in a beige / silver sparkle dress and have my eye on her.

    I forgot to mention that at the top of the hour they do a girl parade, up on stage, of all the girls. And immediately following that, they put on a slow song and the girls look for dance partners. I'the done this at Aurora and nothing beats slow dancing with a pretty girl (if you must have your clothes on that is). Well Anastasia (beige sparkle) tries two guys but no go. As she is walking away from my area and trying to snag another guy, I literally chase her down and make her my girl. She seems VERY pleased and pulls in close. Lovely tight slow dance with her face buried in my neck. I am a complete sap for this kind of romance. Sigh. So lovely.

    I can't recall why but I don't have the sense to drag her to my table but I continue to keep an eye on her all night. Lots of hotties I consider going with, but really having an epic time at $3/ pop and enjoying the vibe.

    As it nears 1 AM, I start to think I'the better grab a hottie and there is Anastasia just over on a couch all alone. Just wallflowering it no active game at all. So I go grab her hand and escort her back to my couch. We sit and cuddle and she is very affectionate but almost zero English. But wow. Solid 9 for sure. So we agree the same R18000, including room, as I had at Aurora. Here the format is that you separate and meet at the hotel downstairs in 5 minutes.

    This is the same venue where I did my epic Sushi and Jack duo two years ago and the rooms are the nicest of the three venues. Best feature is a 8 feet by 8 feet shower that has a clear glass wall to the bedroom.

    So after some nice light kiss and cuddle I head to the shower. And I can see she's now naked on the bed. I give her the "come on in" finger gesture and sure enough she joins me. Nice! She helps a bit with the soap up and I soap her tits and touch her pussy lightly. It's very nice but not passionate. Still, showering with a hot girl never sucks!

    In the bed this is one hot and bothered girl! Again CBJ, which I don't love, but then I roll her over to work on her some. I spend a lot of time just kissing and licking her neck and tits. I discovered with Carolina (Casarao. Brazil) last year that some small-titted girls (she is a soft bee-cup) like their tits deeply sucked. And Anastasia is no exception. I suck each tit fully into my mouth and she moans and writhes. Although I lick my way down to her belly button I am surprised when she covers her pussy with her hand no DATY. I respect that. Her loss, but she will make it back later!

    So we fuck in all the usual positions and she has no problem with FIV which I adore. She is plenty worked up and sloppy from giving the BJ and has great pussy feel in all three positions. She is truly lovely in cowgirl a ten for that view. After some serious doggie pounding I don't think I can make it go in the condom. So I pull out and roll her over and put her hand on her pussy.

    She gets the message and starts working herself and I am of course working myself and enjoying the view. She prefers finger fucking which tends to cover the view but she is working to a REAL O which is very sexy. So I eventually drop my load on the sheets but she is still going. Never seen this before. She is totally lost in it and goes another solid ten minutes till she hits a shattering O. I just kind of hold her or work her tits a bit. But it's thrilling to watch.

    A nice joint shower wind-down and off we go. Back in the club, I decide to just sit and enjoy it a bit rather than hit the hay. To my surprise, Anastasia, in full sparkle, comes to sit with me and cuddle. I order her another drink and we spend another companionable 15 or so minutes together snuggling. It is a really nice wind-down and then alas I must go.

    I get her WhatsApp and contact her the next day. I inquire as to whether she will BBBJ and she declines. I kick myself a bit because I am pretty certain with the initial R12,000 dangling in front of her she would have said yes. Fortunately I am smarter by night three -- read on!

    Angels. A True 9. 5 Tatyana.

    Having a flight the next morning I decide to go a bit earlier. I am tempted to repeat with Anastasiawhat a doll but the guaranteed CBJ sends me packing. So Angels and a true Moscow Trifecta it shall be!

    I arrive Angels around 935 or 940 (completely unaware of the room special). Again "Brandy" gets me in for free. I am thinking I might go for two rounds as this is my last night for a while and have the funds to do it. So I am drinking Red Bull Vodka to get me ready for the assault!

    As usual, I have a seat at the bar. I am surprised by how LAZY the girls are here. There must be only 3 or 4 guys and probably 12-15 girls but they are all just laying around on the couches to the left. No one makes any move to approach the fresh new meat just placed before them at the bar.

    So I am content to sip and watch the show. After maybe 10 minutes, a girl approaches Tatyana. And whoa is she my type. I had been with a full-on 9. 5 at Scandallo in Brazil in July named Andressa. Andressa sent me 15 model pics after our night together so I have studied every curve and perfect imperfection. This girl Tatyana could have been her twin! She even had the pronounced bikini lines of a Brasileira come to find out.

    Well she asks if I want a lap dance and I say sure. And it is sexy with lots of tit squeezing and considerably longer than normal. Despite this, I vow to try to resist going to the room. I've only been there 12 minutes!

    She asks if I want to go to the room while stroking my cock in full view of the rest of the girls and it is hard to say no; but again, I just got there. When I say "no" she says baby I don't understand? And then says oh rooms are half off till ten. Well that got my attention. I mean who doesn't like saving $50 and all I have to do is cave to this 9. 5!

    So, having learned my lesson earlier I had already keyed into Google translate: "Blowjob without a condom and I lick your pussy. OK?. " She reads the Russian translation and says yes number 2 but no number 1. Damn!

    So I say I am sorry baby but I really can't go then. Pregnant pause. She says OK we do number 1. Let's go! And, after paying only R3000 for the room, we head up two flights of stairs with our waitress carrying our drinks for us. It's good to be the king.

    Before we go farther, pause and take in how easy it was to get BJ no condom -- I simply had to make it a deal breaker. I was prepared to walk and she caved in literally seconds. That's not to say this will happen every time, but often, if you are truly prepared to walk, the negotiation will go your way. This is true worldwide -- make clear what you want, be prepared to walk, and you will often get it.

    In the room, what a sweetheart. No hard feelings over negotiation. No rushing. No cheating. Great girl. First we kiss and cuddle and then she helps me undress (love that) and then leads me by the hand to the shower. She then does full on bath prep like I've only had in Japan. I am not to do anything but enjoy, as she soaps me up, including armpits, dick, balls and taint. She gets me super clean and I soap her some too. Gives a nice preview blowjob too. I hope that is not the limit of her BBBJ though and oh my -- definitely not!

    Back in the bed she puts me on my back. Now to be fair she is a careful girl and douses me in alcohol before proceeding. Totally worth it. She embarks on a top five BBBJ. She knows just how to do it -- lovely BLS, followed by shaft licking. Tongue tapping under the head. Full mouth for some pumps and then. Rinse repeat. OMFG. At least 20 minutes of this. It is pure heaven. She is a magician!

    I consider finishing like this but decide to fuck her for a while. We start in cowgirl where she is extremely vocal but I totally believe her. Very sexy. I even think I might cum there. We switch to mish. Same thing. Very vocal. Great feeling. Might cum but don't. Doggie is a little disappointing lacking feeling.

    Lose the condom and after enduring a re-alcoholing (brrrr) we do more BBBJ. It remains spectacular but even more so after fucking. We probably go another 10 minutes at this. In the end I finish by hand while she licks and sucks my balls. Lovely.

    When I cum she seems a bit exasperated. And I wonder if I got some on her face or mouth or what. But pretty quickly she says "I'm sorry" indicating she failed me by my needing to use my own hand. What a sweetheart. I tell her it's fine and how beautiful she is about ten times and all is good.

    Final shower is just as good as prep -- she fully cleans me and my johnson and the boys. What a wonderful attentive girl.

    I give her a $40 tip. What a trooper BBBJing for nearly the whole session and shower before and after. What a keeper. Got her WhatsApp! And she sent a pic the next day (most girls will) and no beer goggles at work here she is a real cutie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mateocast98  [View Original Post]
    Is it hard to get Russian escorts and SA girls to go bare, assuming I have a recent clean test do you think some girls will allow it.
    Look for ads with 'MBP' in the text (meaning BBBJ). Some will charge more, some won't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mateocast98  [View Original Post]
    Is it hard to get Russian escorts and SA girls to go bare, assuming I have a recent clean test do you think some girls will allow it.
    Not all WGs in Russia speak English, so do you have this in English? There is a company call invitro in almost any district of Moscow, you can make a test there, so the results will be in Russian. But IMHO I don't think it's a good idea to go bareback with a WG. But this is just my opinion, not judging you. I think it depends also a lot of what kind of WG. Those who use drugs, and those who are clean, etc.

    Talking about drugs, I noticed in recent times that there is a drug going around called "mif" aka "meow", a kind of synthetic stuff. Just for the record: I don't take any kind of drugs. According to a friend of mine monger (who bangs also many freebies from dating apps), some girls like to take it before sex. He also doesn't take drugs, but he knows when the girl took it by the smell and behavior (the girl becomes wilder in bed) and some tell him that they take it very openly. As for me on my end prefer girls who are clean.

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    Getting it bare

    Is it hard to get Russian escorts and SA girls to go bare, assuming I have a recent clean test do you think some girls will allow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroHero  [View Original Post]
    However, how can one find normal independent workers with real photos? Is there a website for general ads where there is also "women seeking men" section where all the independent prostitutes have posted an ad with photos and other information?
    Intimcity NL.

    Rusdosug com.

    Google it.

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