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    Quote Originally Posted by Neddy69  [View Original Post]
    I made it safely back to TG. Using public transportation. What can you say. Sat besides nice looking Gambian Chica in traditional African dress. A. is her name. Very slim and gorgeous African Ass. Took numbers. But back to Bissau.

    Who is Bissau for:

    For the hardcore adventure monger who likes to explore. The kind of guy who feels comfortable in Congo Brazzaville or Madagascar will feel at home.

    Who Bissau is NOT for:

    For the tourist monger who likes cash and carry air-conditioned rooms and is afraid of the natives. Stay in Thailand.

    Clubs: Best to worst for pickup....
    One of the most adventurous sex reports I have read in my ISG history, neddy you my man are the Columbus for Africa, three cheers to you mate it should be three pussies to you mate on the house in Dubai just to listen your tales and adventures.

    Absolute bliss, I want to learn from you man and start exploring Africa, one year at a time it will be bliss, adventure is the new thrill for pussy.


    Awesome is the word for all your daily reports about this place.



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    Final notes on Bissau.

    I made it safely back to TG. Using public transportation. What can you say. Sat besides nice looking Gambian Chica in traditional African dress. A. is her name. Very slim and gorgeous African Ass. Took numbers. But back to Bissau.

    Who is Bissau for:

    For the hardcore adventure monger who likes to explore. The kind of guy who feels comfortable in Congo Brazzaville or Madagascar will feel at home.

    Who Bissau is NOT for:

    For the tourist monger who likes cash and carry air-conditioned rooms and is afraid of the natives. Stay in Thailand.

    Clubs: Best to worst for pickup.

    Number One: Saburo that place rocks. Period.

    Two: Plack only weekends.

    Three: Bambu2000 loads of chicas.

    Four: Tabanka posh place but high quality chicas.

    Five: XClub Expat place nice.

    Six: Insonia goid club but too many kids.

    This list is personal Weekend and Wednesdays were good days.

    Prices: Locals pay ST 3000 cfa LT 5000 to 6000 cfa.

    Branco: I aim to pax no more than 10.000 cfa but paid 15.000 cfa to 20.000 cfa. But once my house in barrio X I ll have loads of Chicas for local prices.

    Lodging: Expect BAD accommodation standard. Walk around expect to pay at least 15000 cfa a night.

    Food. In the barrio brochettes with bread can be had for 500 cfa up to main dishes for 7000 cfa.

    Should you go? Well if you stay in Gambia pop to Bissau for a week see if you like it.


    Miss CT. Listen to patche di rima...

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    Barrio X Part 2

    Bom tardes,

    Latest adventures. Friday I supposed to meet my walkyrie. Called her. Made lame excuses. Who do I see in the evening at CT. Her. Blabla buy me chicken Haeeh. Bono last chance. 2000 cfa. This is a typical gold-digger. No more dinheiro without moka moka. That's shagging for you. Next time. Maybe. Got pissed on Cintra minis which I really like. Than went to Saburo again. Was invited by 4 Chicas más linda sweet and young things like to party. And me to foot the bill. WTF. Paid 2 rounds of Softdrinks 4000 cfa. Again great fun great vibez. From bissau Cabo verde Angola. I loove that music. Called it a night. Took digits from one Chica. But again gold digger. Nao.

    Saturday I fell back on plan see. Met very nice homely african girl. Not a beauty queen. But very nice African bunda stuck in pink mini. Small tetas. Came to my ST hotel at 8. First unpacking. Than long DATY. She really enjoyed. I really enjoyed her African bunda. Sucking Tits. Than she gives me good sloppy BBJ. I really f. Her big African lips. Pheew.

    Took me not long to finish in doggy looking at her beautiful African ass. That's why I love africa. After round 2 again DATYd her, she enjoyed. Than shag in missio, from the relaxed side, than shot my load in doggy. I was a very happy man. She was very happy. Damage 10.000 cfa. Than I went to CT totally relaxed. Movie was on. Watched Djungle book. Very appropriate. The moral of the story. Sometimes its much better to take a homely African broad which you can shag to your liking rather be than chasing starfishes and golddiggers. I don't mind giving out drinks. But if I get only blabla, that's where the fun stops. I delete you from my list. Period. My time in bissau comes to a close. Enjoyed myself.

    Neddy out.

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    Barrio X

    Gooood Mooorning Bissau.

    Reporting life from the city that never sleeps. Tuesday I made a decision to extend my stay for another week. I just like it too much. But I moved ops to outlying barrio. Barrio X. I will not divulge the location. This is my dirty little secret. Only as much. I am the only white face there. You have to feel comfortable with that. Its pussy heaven. But no creol, no experience in sub Saharan Africa. They will eat you alive. If you fall out with law enforcement they haul out your ass from Bissau in no time. Do NOT take pictures and videos of ANY kind in these barrio joints. One guy told me in no uncertain terms that he is going to break my mobile and than possible my neck if I do it again. All kinds of people don't like it to be pictured. Maybe unfaithful husbands, or hunted by interpol, drug dealers or government bigwigs. But Barrio X is the deal. Just walked in the afternoon found a nice brand new ST Hotel which is totally empty as almost nobody can afford pay 5000 cfa an hour. But I stay there for 10.000 cfa. And that includes breakfast. Chicas approach you in the afternoon. Ok she looked a bit ugly but doable. Boy said she wants l'amour with me. Big smile. Nao obrigado. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to my new haunt in barrio X. Sat there with a friend. Than I see a black walkyrie if you know what I mean. Big girl with G?? Cups huge knockers. Maybe 1. 85 tall. Nice ass squeezed in hotpants. OMFG. I am not into BBWs but this one is not fat. Just big. Paid a couple of beers. She downs the minis like shots of liquor. Pay two rounds and fags. Than she dances in front of me gyrating her hips and my eyes hang in her huge knockers. I basically got a lapdance for the price of around 4000 cfa. Claims she has boyfriend. Plays coy. I want her. Wow. Agree on date. Friday Bambu2000. She is a fula. And best of all she speaks decent enough english. Lets see.

    Called it a day. Five more days in Pussy heaven.

    Neddy out.

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    Saburo 1st floor

    Bom DIA. Thats good day to you in creol. Sitting in Kalliste breakfast. Viewing mass in TV? Last night was rather good. Went househunting to the Barrios. Very enlightening. Had a look at some apartados. Besides huge empty villa. Small pool. Local guys entertain some Chicas in the pool in bikinis. WOW. Went to CT container toni. Saw petite Chica walking past. Tight leggins perfect African bunda promising tetas. Took digits. Paid beer. Told her I ll call her later. Around 11 pm went out to Lenox which is a big outdoor convention place. Big party. 12th anniversary of radio nossa. All local singers live on stage. 1000 cfa cover.

    Dirt cheap. Around 1 am went to Saburo. They have a first floor too. Guess who I met there. My Chica I previously chatted up at CT. These Chicas KNOW how to party. Raunchy. WTF. Paid her and GF cervejas. Again total party cost ridiculous. Spent maybe 5000 cfa on taxi, cover and drinks. Chica started to grind her perfect tiny ass against my crotch grinding my dick down for half an hour. A small spliff was passed around. The beer flowed freely. WTF these Chicas Party until sunrise.... After having a hard-on for around 2 hours. Called it a night around 4 am. Chica initiated price negotiation. Used mobile. She types 20 I type 10 she types 18 I type 15. Bono. Let's move. Kicked out my mate and his GF. Ripped off her cloth. Perfect body perfect bunda sweet see cups tetas. WOW. When I DATYd her she went off like a firecracker. Than cowgirl sucking on her perfect tetas. Had a blast and shot my load. Perfect. As I had no change gave Chica for outstanding performance 20.000 cfa and taxi. She s a keeper. These Chicas are the toughest party girls. Sleep in before 1 am club's empty. That said I probably could have pulled her already in CT and do her in one of the ST rooms. Anyway pensao creola deserves special mention. The Swiss owner is an old African hand. So he knows the game. As long as you are discreet no issues to take Chicas to the room.


    Bissau is a hard party destination. Wow. And rock bottom booze prices and cover charges means you can enjoy yourself for rock bottom prices.

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    Container Toni / XClub

    Another lazy day in Bissau. Sort of screwed up. During the day admin issues kept me busy. Went on Recce to outlying Barrios to reconnoitre the lay of the land. Househunting. Proofs again that you can pull Chicas ANY time ANY place in subsaharan Africa. Walked on foot. Suddenly from side road Chica más linda. Was sort of shell shocked and slow witted. We went different directions but she and me turned head several times, she and me had fits of laughter. Was dumb not take number. Evening set up date with Chica I met 2 days ago. Drew first blank. Did not show up. Knowing Africa I took it as a man. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. La Vida. Went to container toni my favorite haunt. Deserves special mention. Head even ST rooms in the back. Today was BBBW day. Loads of really phat asses and tetas multo graaande. WOW. One caught my eye. Huge tetas. But somehow disappeared maybe went ST with a guy. After a couple of sagres mini I went back to praca. Walked a bit around to check SW scene. There is some but f. Ing ugly. Decided to reconnoitre XClub. Nice club. Rather new. But absolutely not my cup of tea. Expat haunt. Western style club. Nao. Obrigado. Passed by Club Tabanka. Raised the cover charge to 3000 cfa Haeeh?? Nao! Went on foot to Plack. Cerrado. Not my day. Finally decided to have a final mini at Insomnia. Very nice club. Good atmosphere good DJ. But. Free entrance loads of young bissau boys consuming nada. That place probably losing money every day. Some chicas shaking ass though. But seems more regular place no WG. Good tunes. Salsa. Azonto. Good selectah.

    Call it a night night.

    Bueno noite.


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    Lenox / Bambu2000


    Today lazy day. Had a look at accommodation. Planning to shift ops to bissau. Huge run down place 3 BR. 200.000 cfa. NFW. Nao problem. My contacts look. Spoke to some business people. Tiger shrimps. Used SUVs. Used Yamaha outboard engines. Cashew Nuts. You can do it all. If you want to make a fortune arrive with an even bigger one. LOL. Evening I went to Lenox. Airport road. Besides and opposite loads of eateries and big djumbai beer joint. Got pissed to bissau hiphop reggaeton and nigerian tunes. Plastic chairs and tables. On 2000 cfa you can get quite pissed. On one neighbouring table a tall fula goddess. Blonde hair extensions to the bunda. OMG. I like hunt. Elusive prey. Sat there with guy and 2 other chicas. No numero telefono. Sometimes you loose. Nao problemo. Went to Bambu2000 disco still empty. Free entrance. No people. Thursday I ll rest. Went home 0100. Preserve power for the weekend. Big Party at lenox. Loads of selectors. Buono. On Saturday. Will report.

    Neddy out.

    Still other fula lined up.

    Texted. Ti Amo. I love you in creol.

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    Today I thought nothing special. Until. During the day I was busy with administrative stuff. Afternoon siesta. Today ash Wednesday. The usual hangover from carnaval. I thought. In the evening I went to container toni with a German friend. Unfortunately they ran out of draft. Loads of barrio chicas paraded past. Is this f. Ing Paradise. Is this f. Ing Shangri La. No its Bissau. Until now I wrote I THOUGHT it was the most underrated destination in Westafrica. Now I KNOW it f. Ing IS! I approached very slim balanta / manjago mix which I hooked up with my German friend. That's me. Generous. LOL. After a couple of beers we went to. Club Saburo. Its Wednesday so I thought. Boring. WTF. I had A BLAST! This place is purely 70 disco. Playing all sweet west African tunes bissau Cabo verde salsa. Jusr gorgeous. I felt like I was seventeen again! And I am 53. Than a sweet fula Chica caught my gaze. Now no shy any more. I approached her. GAME. She wore sweet sexy top white lingerie. Innocent. Maybe 20. No child. Paid couple of beers. In total I spent on drinks entrance and taxi maybe 15 bucks. Had a blast dancing until 3 oclock in the morning. Took number of fula babe. Call her in the afternoon. Its SHANGRI LA. WTF. I make residencia and move operations to Bissau. Forget The Gambia. Again only white man in the club. Branco rules. Any Chica here moves after sunset is game. Until I shagged my way through all barrios it will take ages.

    Bissau rocks.

    Neddy out.

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    Carnaval 2

    Monday I missed the carnival parade. For Tuesday I had my usual breakfast at Kalliste. Phone flashing. My new Chica from yesterday. Comms impossible. Petit francais. Creol. Then off to port. My favorite place is brisa de Mar. A hangout for locals and port scroungers. Good to befriend some english speaking locals. Have already some good contacts. I use them to set up dates with the chicas. The place is under the old Portuguese fortress. After Siesta I went to carnaval parade around 5 pm. It starts from the national Stadium. There is a large Djumbai beer container with some plastic chairs and tables which allowed me unrestricted view to the parade. Groups of wild dancing warriors caked in mud and some bare breasted chicas glistening with palmoil. Wow. I sat there again with a Djumbai draft enjoying the show. At an adjacent stand after the parade I sampled some local cana chatting portuguese with a guy I just befriended. Told him to set up date with my fula chica. Just handed him my mobile. Portuguese is quite different from creol. Although it has similarities creol is basically 15th century Portuguese mixed with local lingo. He told me chica will come in 40 minutes. Obrigado. Got quite pissed with cana. Than my fula chica showed up. Petite figure grande tetas. What can you say. We went straight to my place. Got undressed. Did the deed. Nice sagging tetas from on child. Again great shag satisfactory. Sweet BBBJ. Finish doggy. Great ass. So even without creol it's easy to get laid. Gave 10.000 cfa. Slight complain. Pequeno dinero. Whaat? Quarter monthly salary of a government worker. Anyway no drama. African chicas are sooo sweet. Just bullshit your way out. Told her will be repeat customer. She wants me to bring blonde hair extensions from Europe. Sure babe. Dropped the idea to go to club. Too pissed and tired.

    Still on my list. Bamboo 2000 and XClub. Will report.

    Neddy out.

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    Sunday was no carnaval parade. Lack of funds. Yesterday I was lazy also no club outing. Until Ashwednesday very hard to get taxi to outlying places. However. Sundays loads and I mean loads of slim chicas in hotpants strolled around, coming from the barrios to stroll in Bissau velho and praca. OMG. A sight to behold. Just sat there gaping with a local draft Jumbai beer and enjoyed the show. Better than carnaval parade. Got some eye contacts. Endless possibilities. I usually have breakfast at hotel kalliste right in praca che guevara. The best espresso in town. One thing I miss in Gambia. Plus Omelette con queso and bread. 2500 cfa. Also recommended coffee and cake at Hotel Imperio right on praca des heroes nacionais. Food Maindishes in Restaurants are between 4000 and 7000 cfa. But excellent brochettes can be had at local food stalls. 4 brochettes porco and chips and 2 sagres mini 2000 cfa. Food and accommodation will be your biggest expense. The lowest you can get is Hotel Ta Mar in velho. Single room with communal shower. From 15.000 cfa. GF I don't know. But during day afternoon I am sure you can sneak a chica in. The best value for money is pensao creola. I sneaked the chica in in the afternoon. But I think the swiss proprietor might not like it though.

    Monday I watched the parade in the afternoon, but missed the bare breasted chicas in front. Hopefully today. My mate told me slim tall tribe with nice tits, have to look for the region. Yesterday chatted up a sweet chica fula girl. Again comms french and creol. Took numbers for date today. Got flash already this morning. No credit no smoking no alcohol. Just how I like it. Let's see if this turns out in an afternoon shag.

    Neddy out.

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    That means white man in Creole. Today was my first date. The girl I met yesterday in the taxi. Ugly face but nice African shaped butt. First surprise. We agreed on 5 o'clock. Point 5 and I mean sharp mobile flashing. WTF. Unheard of in the Gambia. She does not feel comfortable seen in public place with branco. Straight down to business. Back to my place. Good tongue fuck. Ripped off my clothes. BBBJ. After good DATY I fucked her doggy style standing from behind. Not bad. Local tribe. After she tried to convince me that the the ST price for branco was 30.000 cfa. I countered NFW!. Settled on 15.000 cfa which was still way too much. But she was hardcore. Evening I went Carneval opening party. WTF. Bissau is the Thailand of Westafrica. Tiny waists and figures squeezed in hot pants.

    Just enjoy the show when they shake assss. Unreal. Easy the most underrated destination in Westafrica. But these Chicas are not in your face. None will approach you. But once you made contact they are game. No blabla marriage. They know it's about getting laid. Period.

    Neddy out.

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    That seems to be the more basic version. Anybody who knows Wow in Senegambia. Cover charge only 1000 cfa, Superbock mini only 500 cfa. Same thing club starts to fill up at around 0030 hrs. Packed with Chicas of all sizes. Clearly some attractive ones. Good vibes again. Also good ratio roughly 60 to 40. Again girls will not even look at you. You have to approach them. The place rocks. I was the only white face in there. I ll look for a Bissau wingman. Let's see. I am not a great club puller. Go there more to enjoy myself. Of course if I see I nice shaking ass I might get weak. But as it is my first time I try to get the vibes.

    When I went by taxi a nice Chica entered the taxi. Young tight leggins. Fortunately the driver spoke some English and translated. Result I got my first phone number. Meet her tomorrow. Wonder how I communicate. Lets see if I close the deal. She is a local tribe. A papel.

    Neddy out.

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    Tonite I file this quick report. Blue white Benz taxis. Before midnight in greater bissau area 500 cfa, after midnight 1000 cfa. Went to a place called Container Toni. Spaniard from Madrid. An absolute african joint. I love it. Large draft 250 cfa! WTF. In the back ST rooms. Crazy bissau vibez. Did not see anything I liked. More ghetto booty. Then back to bissau velho. To club Tabanka. Cover charge 2000 cfa to enter. Superbock Mini beer 1000 cfa. After 0100 in the morning chicas started to filter in. I the say around 30 at 0200. There were clearly a few 8 to 8. 5's. Good portugues and bissau party vibez. Good club. Seems to be a mix of regular chicas and a few hardcore WGs shaking Ass. I was the only white guy. Maybe 2 or 3 Lebanese. A drop dead gorgeous chica with tight black dress lounged besides me but sending mixed signals. Maybe shy of white man? Anyway this was only warmup. But Bissau looks promising.


    Reporting live from Bissau.

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    Neddy a bissau

    Obrigado. That's about the only Portuguese word I know. Arrived by my car after 11 hours trip from Banjul crossing two borders negotiating countless potholes handing out 1000 cfa notes like candy to all kinds of uniformed people putting funny stamps on forms. Anyway I made it. I am in Bissau velho the old quarter. The vibe is like havana vieja 30 years ago. Carnaval is only 2 days away. Surprise. Internet is working quite well. And so far no power cuts in 24 hours. Finding low cost GF accommodation is a challenge. Right now I stay in pensao creola. Nice place for 20.000 fcfa with a mate. Don't know if it's GF yet. Today I will venture out for nightlife warming up phase. The place is right off praca Guevara. Should be right in the center of action. Will prepare full night club report. Judging by the amount of booze they sell in the shops starting from cana a local cane spirit which probably blinds, to various imported beers people like to party and shag Chicas. Total different vibez compared to The Gambia. Minumum hassling from beggars and sim card sellers. Chicas on the street mas linda. I ll hit the club's later and will report on the SW scene in port area. Will post pics as soon as I resized them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxesHunter  [View Original Post]
    Interesting report. Can I ask you how old are you please?

    Very late answer, but I have not visited the forum for a very long time. I'm 42 years.

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