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Thread: Burkina Faso

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    Ouaga 2022

    In case you're wondering it's well dead.

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    Ouaga 2021

    Is it dead in here or what?

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    If anyone is there on those dates and wants to hang around on evenings please PM me.

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    I'm going to be in Ouagadougou in April (2th to 5th). I'm reading the whole thread but was wondering if anyone had some more fresh info which would be very welcome.


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    Female excision

    It is not infrequent to meet women now 25 or older who have been excised in Burkina Faso. In the last two decades I met 4, all muslims. Here is a specimen. This woman like others still react to stroking or licking the mutilated area. Discovering that a girl has no clitoris always took me back, though.
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    Trip Burkina Togo Benin

    Am planning a trip from Burkina to Togo and Benin in December. Anybody interested to join in might send me a PM.

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    Besides the night clubs, there are some other places to meet girls: Taxi Brousse has many semi-professionals, locals go to New Loolak Bar, Av. Bassawarga or LE Cyclop, Av. De la Liberté or to dancings like Matata. I like to go to Ciné Neerwaya Bar, they have delicious small brochettes and you may hook up with a waitress or guest. There is street action in the lower part of Kwame Nkrumah towards Nations Unies, in a side road to the left, gazelles on motobikes are waiting. Same, if you go in the opposite direction near Verdoyant. If you don't care about money, the swimming pools of the big Hotels are good hunting grounds. Sunday, I saw a real stunner at the Silmandé, and preliminary eye contact, smiling and greeting indicated that possibilities were there.

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    Av. De la Liberté

    In fact, there are two bars at the Liberté near the pharmacy before the road leading to the barrage. One is called LE Cyclope, closes at 3 and is somehow more "respectable". They have some cute waitresses one of which I visited during daytime. The other one next door is more crowded with a lot of Nigerian and Ghanaian prostitutes, open unti 5.
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    Street action

    There is some street action at the lower section of Kwameh Nkrumah, some girls are waiting on their motobikes. Taxi Brousse was quite crowded in April. There is also a place with street action at Liberté going just before the intersection to the Barrage no. 1.

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    The flight with TunisAir was rather cheap (452 EUR all-in from Brussels). As I arrived over 3 hours late, my 1st night in Ouaga was a washout. As soon as I'd checked into my hotel, I'd received a mail from TunisAir, announcing my return flight had been cancelled. Since the Feb 3 flight from Tunis to Brussels had been cancelled, they'd booked me on the Feb 2 flight instead. But my Ouaga-Tunis flight was still on Feb 3. When I replied to the mail, they simply reconfirmed my itinerary:

    Ouaga-Tunis: Feb 3
    Tunis-Brussels: Feb 2


    The problem was resolved after several visits to the TunisAir office in Ouaga (Av. Dr. Kwame N'Krumah). Since TunisAir had cancelled plenty of flights, and I wanted to avoid spending the night in Tunis, I returned home 5 days earlier than scheduled.


    I'd made reservations by mail for a junior suite at the Hôtel Koulouba. For a mere 30000 CFA, I had a salon (with ceiling fan) and a bedroom (with A/C). The red brick wall in the salon was really photogenic. The hotel is excellent value. Unfortunately, the apartments (with kitchen) were fully booked.

    The hotel is within easy walking distance of Le Calypso, Ouaga's #1 hooker disco. Even wearing high heels, the girls walked back to my hotel. A taxi to Taxi Brousse should cost no more than 500 CFA (per person).


    Taxi Brousse

    Taxi Brousse is a maquis (bar / restaurant) next to the Hôtel Yibi on Av. Dr. Kwame N'Krumah. Girls start trickling in around 8-9 PM. The better looking specimens tend to arrive late. Hunting gazelles at the Taxi Brousse mainly requires patience. Sit down, order a cheap drink (Coke: 600 CFA; big beer: 900-1000 CFA), and patiently wait until you spot your dream girl. If you fail to hook up, move on to Le Calypso after midnight.

    Le Dingo

    Le Dingo (ex-Byblos; ex-Jimmy's) is a disco very close to Taxi Brousse. During my 2 visits, there were no girls apart from the many waitresses (who are available).

    Le Calypso

    Le Calypso is a hooker disco on Av. John F Kennedy. The action starts around midnight. One night, I met a true beauty walking in after 4.30 AM. Drinks are more expensive (Coke: 1500 CFA; small beer: 1500 CFA). The girls are much better looking than in Taxi Brousse. In a bar, you're sitting down, and are the prey of girls who aggressively target foreigners. In a disco, you can freely move around, and be the hunter instead of the game. Le Calypso is by far the #1 P4P venue in Ouaga!

    White Meat

    Strangely enough, there are 2 bars with white (Ukrainian & Moroccan) waitresses in Ouaga: Appaloosa & City Bar. No top beauties, but a few attractive enough girls. They mainly make commission on drinks, but apparently they're also available for take-out. No idea about prices.


    Many of the girls have to go home to mommy very early morning. If you're looking for a true LT, don't waste any time before inquiring about the "menu". If the girl didn't do LT, I'd take her ST, then go back out on the prowl.

    The Ouaga girls tend to be greedy. Make sure to always talk money in advance to avoid nasty surprises. Even then, expect the girls to ask for extra money to "help them".

    During one conversation between 2 girls (in their local language), I only understood the figures in French. She didn't want "dix mille" (10000 CFA, which I believe is what the locals pay), but "cent euros" (100 EUR, which she hoped to extract from an unsuspecting foreigner). Personally, I refused to pay more than 20000 CFA ST, and 30000 CFA LT, which is still expensive for African standards.

    Apart from local girls, you'll meet girls from Niger, Mali, Benin, Ghana...

    Most of the local girls have been cut. No clit! Or even no pussy lips.

    Speaking French is essential in Ouaga!


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    What a great and phantastic Story, tanx, john 2 pix from Niger

    What a great and phantastic Story, tanx.


    Just a pix from a Girl Tuareg Girl from Tchirozerine / Niger from about 1995, will write the Story once I have time.
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    Massage Parlor

    Quote Originally Posted by Repepito  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the answer, I`ll try that I tell you how it goes.

    Does any one knows any massage parlor in Ouaga?

    The question has been raised quite a long time ago. There is one Thai place just before the intersection of the road to Koulouba and Av. Babanguida coming from the Charles de Gaulle at the right hand side. Would be curious myself, whether they provide hapy endings.

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    Fortune may strike everywhere

    Once, coming from Niamey, at the police post of Kantchari an officer asked me, if I would take his "cousin" to Ouaga. The she-cousin was no beauty, but not ugly neither, so I embarked her. She told me, she was a student. I had had a pro in Niamey the night before, did not have enough sleep and was horny from too much beer. So, I was thinking about how to approach my guest. Remembering how I fucked a SW sitting on my lap while I drove in Cotonou, I asked my passenger, if she could drive. Then I proposed to learn her to drive and made her sit on my lap. This supplied occasion for touching here and there. After a little dirving experience, I made her sit closer stroking her thighs and feeling for her breasts. When approachng Ouaga, I turned into the Pharao Camping to have a drink. Unfortunately, she did not accept my proposal to take a room there. Well, I then dropped her at her place which she shared with her sister. To cut it short: When I came back a couple of days later she was ready to follow me to a hotel with "chambres de passe" informing me there that it was her first time. Well, she turned out to be a good pupil liking to suck until completion and even accepting to try the back door. I had to end the relationship because she became too attached to me, but not before laying the older sister also on occasions when I dropped by at times when the younger was having classes.

    The lecture is simple: Keep your eyes open! You have the advantage of prestige and money that creates various opportunities.
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    I'll be in Ouaga Jan 19 - Feb 3.

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    I will be in Ouagadougou in 2014 and want some recent informations on this town. Any update here? Any mongers going there soon?

    Thank you

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