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    My friend!

    I am going to Addis the 5. December, staying there for at least 5 weeks. Donīt worry, all hotels allow girls, the upperclass ones will charge you, most will not. For more information you are very welcome to PM me. I dare say I know almost all about Addis,


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    I am planning to visit Addis soon and would appreciate any tips on where to stay (that allow girls in) and where the best scene is.

    In return you can be assured of a good report when I get back.


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    I am very sorry - I forgot to look in the "Ethiopian section". I have never been in Axum, so I have no concrete offer. But, as always in these countries: girls, sitting alone in a bar for a longer time are looking for a guy. Get a visual contact, so you will know if she is willing to acompany you. Some days it's very easy to find a nice girls, on others it may turn difficult. Some girls first are willing to go with you, but then they feel they have headace, have to look for the little brother ......... a good sign, to stop the action.

    So just try like this or like your way. You will find what you want and sometimes a little bit more. In my opinion it's not a good way to get advices from any male as long as this is the only reason of the contact to this guy (for shue, he will take a lot money form you for the deal). But every friend-friend you get, is willing to help you if you ask him after hours (!!). It sometiems really turns easy

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    Hi Oetziboy and Poturu!

    Regarding Axum: It's like a dead place. No much action. However you can go to the Africa Hotel (50 birr single room) and talk to Dirar Teshale (frist name pronounced Drar) who is like 20-23 years old and the guy who helps out the guests with transport, airport pick-up etc. I asked him when staying there about how much the girls were. He said he would arrange it for something like 50-100 birr. This area is very poor so there should be a chance for some cheap pussy.

    To Poturu and safety in Addis:
    I have always felt safe in Addis. Even around the Plaza where some of the action in dingy bars takes place. Ethiopians are very nice people and this is one of the only countries where I have never had trouble. One thing though: Bring cash or T/C as credit cards are only accepted at the Hilton, Sheraton and a few other places.

    Good luck and don't forget to write back about your experiences.

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    I'll be soon in Axum, can you give us some info & suggestion, I'll might have some customer around while I'm there but at night I believe they will give peace of mind.
    Where is the action? It is safe ?
    Thanks a lot

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    Rastaman: no, I did not go there and I don't have any information about that place. But in general, you should find willing girls at any place.


    This a good place to visit as a tourist. Harar lies at the border to the Ogaden and has good connections to many places to the east like Somalia. This is one of the few african cities with a city wall. And it has nice markets. Since it is a muslim town, it's a little bit more difficult to find willing girls. Just go around and will will probably find a girl who will do it for you. I found one nice girl by walking around in day time; she took me to her room. We talked a little bit, which was not so easy, since her english was quite limited. By the end I took her to my hotel, where we had nice sex for some hours. At the end I gave her 100 Birr and she was happy.

    There are also some bars in the main street, where you will find girls. I didn't try this way

    Dire Dawa

    A very nice place in my eyes, even though you find different information in the Lonely Planet. I didn't face any problems in respect to aggression or so. In Dire Rawa are some clubs, which are not so easy to find. Just ask a taxi driver, who will bring you to one of them. In the club I visited, there were about 15-20 girls, mostly 7-9. If you call for them, they come to your desk, you pay a drink (mostly they don't take alcohol, the prices are very reasonable) and you check for the rest. The girl I went with was a real beauty, but lame in bed. She went for a whole night for 100 Birr.

    You will find, that the prices may differ quite strong, but this has nothing to do with the "quality" of the girl. You need some experience to find the right one. For my opinion, nearly all african girls are more sensitive: if they like you, they do nearly all for you and you have a wonderfull night. Otherwise you pay money and may get a very angry creature - so as it is in life - treat them as you would like to be treated (actually a matter of course !)

    Have fun !!

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    I was there in 1998 and it was amazing. A lot of selection's
    in the brothel scene and on the streets. I got a girl about the age of 18 of the street with a nice butt and pretty smile for
    (130 bir=$15 dollar)

    For you real ***** mongrols there are even spots were you can get for (5-10 bir=$0.80 cents) around the block for the Sheroton hotel (and many other places about 40 bir:::you do the math). I trip when people report on forums
    that they paid so much. There is a lot of street action starting aorund 10:00pm on Bolerd around the stadium just drive and enjoy.

    I would like to see a (web page) just for African bar girls with pic and video. Can't really find good ones.

    EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

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    Coming back from my second visit to Ethiopia, I want to give you some actual information. Ethiopia - as everyone knows - has stunning nice women from different tribes, so it should not be difficult to find a girl for your taste.

    Many of the girls I found were willing to do sex, but most didn't like BJ and I never found one doing anal. It's always an advantage to have some time and to meet the girl twice or even more. The quality in general will getting better and better.

    Addis Ababa

    You find much information about the clubs like the Concorde and the Memo. I have never been there.

    The girls I had sex with I found on the street. First a prostitute just at a corner of Bole Road coming from the airport at night. She gave me a fantastic sex, soft and hard, full of emotion - really too much emotion at the end. She really cried by fucking me like hell, and afterwards she hit me for a while and then wanted to fuck again - my most strange sex event (I paid 200 B for the night).

    The next I met at a bus station, waiting like others. We stood beside each other began to talk, she showed me Piazza and after 3 hours we had nice sex. She didn't know BJ, so I showed her what I liked- a good role to be a teacher in this field. I paid nothing and had many fantastic nights.

    Last experience was in a club called Karamara, just near the big fruit-desk on Bole Road, 1 -1.5 km away from the airport. It's a music club, traditional, very nice. And at 9 p.m. its filling up with ladies of the night. I chose a lady like 25-28 old with good experience; she didn't have that perfect body like the others, but fucking was good. At the end she wanted 400 B for just 1,5 hours. I didn't believe, but this time I was in the Hilton, not in the cheap hotels like before. A nice place, but for that price, I never will do that. So don't forget this fact.

    About the other places I will give you some more information in the next days. So enjoy, if you stay in Addis!

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    Stay in Hotel Concorde. There is a bar below where action starts at around midnight. The selection is huge, the girls are - as so widely known from Ethiopia - fantastic. You can take them up at no surcharge.

    Street action is very rotten. Very rarely nice girls there.

    My Pub is small but beautiful. Silver Bullet has a good crowd on weekends. There is a new one: 17 or so. Was never there, but I have been told it's very good, even on Sat afternoon. The Mask has sometimes nice girls. Go to the restrooms: porn pics and condoms everywhere. Very unique set up!

    But the best for wide selection stays Concorde!

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    Sorry guys, but I have taken my site down for awhile and so the Ethiopia report is no longer available, and NO I can't e-mail to you since it is HUGE. BUT If you have any questions I will try and answer them as best I can within reason. Just e-mail me as it says below.

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    There is a full report I did on Ethiopia and of other destinations at this URL. I am happy to try and answer any questions I can. Label your e-mail something like "Ethiopian Travel Question" so I know it is not spam (I get so much now) and send it to

    Carlos III

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    may be you will find in the archives.

    have fun

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    i will head for a trip to Bangkok in few months and i was thinking
    about making a stop on the way in Ethiopia and spend a week there !!
    is any body could give me all infos on accomodations (middle class hotels) how to get around in town ,what is the most interesting sights and above all how is night life
    what are the price (short time or all night ) where to find and
    can i bring the girl to the hotel

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