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Thread: Republic of the Congo

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  1. #55

    Pointe-Noire: Alliance & Axelle

    After the long and tiring trip to Pointe-Noire, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours by the time I went out for dinner at French-owned restaurant Le Kactus. After dinner, a cutie walked in, introduced herself as Maria, and promptly offered me a massage. Feeling knackered, I risked falling asleep "on the job", so I just collected Maria's phone number. Two more girls showed up and hit on a group of young sailors. Finally, tall & skinny Alliance joined me and offered to keep me company. I promised Alliance I'd call her the next day.

    After getting a local SIM card and activating a data plan, I contacted Alliance. I was hoping for an afternoon tryst, but Alliance could only visit me in the evening. I told Alliance to make herself pretty for the photo shoot. She liked to pose.

    After showering together, I licked Alliance's sweet pussy until her juices flowed. She thanked me with a playful & varied BBBJ, with plenty of saliva and attempts at deep throat. After donning a condom, Alliance wrapped her tight pussy around my dick, and rode me like a cat in heat. Auspicious start to my trip.

    Congo added. ISO country #102. More importantly, Congo is UN country #100. Lifetime objective achieved!

    When Alliance left, it was after 11 PM already. I figured she would go looking for her next meal-ticket, but she claimed she was going straight home, and remained tight-lipped about other P4P venues. Damn! Since restaurants were closed, I had a quick bite at the Total gas station. On the way back, I spotted a few girls loitering outside pizzeria Caffe Torino. I fancied a tall & skinny chick, but a short & pudgy chick talked to me first, and claimed me as her trophy. Seconds later, 3 girls and 2 taxi drivers were all vying for my attention. Total mayhem! I grabbed my favorite, and started walking towards my nearby room at Hotel Atlas, with my high-heeled admirer in hot pursuit, still claiming dibs on me. At hotel reception, I was finally alone with the object of my lust. After seeing her in the light, I was even more excited to devour fresh-faced Axelle with the cute dreadlocks. But the hotel receptionist was reluctant to let her in, as Axelle had caused trouble with another hotel guest. And Axelle refused pictures, which was a total deal-breaker. Damn shame!


  2. #54

    Pointe-Noire: Elvina & Mamita

    The next day, I chatted with several Badoo cuties, trying to arrange a date for Saturday night. They all wanted to meet me… on Monday or Tuesday night. I guess the hotties already had dates for the weekend. While having dinner at Le Kactus, I received a message from Badoo honey Elvina. When I told her where I was, Elvina surprisingly replied: "J'arrive". Mere minutes later, Elvina made her entrance. As her photos suggested, she was tall & super-skinny. Not surprisingly, Elvina was attending modeling school. She was also training to be a truck mechanic, like her daddy. Strange combo! Elvina was still wearing the engagement ring received from a French guy, even though he left her for a Thai hooker. Strangely enough, the French father of Alliance's child had also abandoned her for a Thai hoe.

    When the restaurant closed, Elvina wanted to go dancing. I was game! We walked hand in hand to Chatham House, which happens to be above Caffe Torino. Take the hallway on the right, turn left at the end, and walk up the stairs. It also explained why there were girls outside a closed pizzeria last night. Even though I'd explicitly asked them why they were gathered in this precise spot, they wouldn't answer.

    Chatham House was almost deserted as we arrived. It's a modern, classy looking club with expensive drinks. All beers cost 3000 CFA. In the absence of Ngok (65 cl), the best value is Mützig (50 cl). Elvina & I had the dance floor all to ourselves at the start, but the club soon started filling up. When Elvina's 2 girlfriends showed up late, they managed to find a seat behind the bar. As the 3 girls ripped up the dance floor, I was stuck on handbag duty. Actually, I was happy to get a break from dancing. Elvina danced her sexy little butt off until she was totally exhausted, after which her girlfriends took her home. On the one hand, I was sad I didn't get to bang the cutie. On the other hand, I was grateful she introduced me to Pointe-Noire's premier hooker disco.

    I was now flying solo in a disco full of hookers – my natural habitat. Even though it was after 3 AM, there were plenty of honeys left. When I first spotted a girl wearing a sexy red outfit, showing her midriff, my eyes popped. I was surprised she was still solo, and gravitated towards the black angel with the exquisite smile. Mamita was soon grinding her ass against me, grabbing my dick, and even French kissing me. It was a very short walk back to my hotel. After a great fuck, Mamita insisted I come in her mouth.


  3. #53

    Pointe-Noire: Teresa

    Party people were packed like sardines on Saturday night, but I wasn't expecting a big crowd on Sunday night. Nevertheless, Chatham House filled up nicely. While there were plenty of girls, the quality wasn't nearly as high as the night before. After staying on the sidelines for quite some time, I finally started dancing with a tall & super slender chick. To my surprise, Teresa was from Angola, visiting Pointe-Noire on a 2 week "business trip".

    In my room, Teresa was drunk, tired & sleepy. Nevertheless, I couldn't wait to jump her bones. Like her Congolese sisters, Teresa was a great blowjobber and a horny fuck. Unlike the Congolese pros, Teresa spent the night. When we woke up early afternoon, Teresa just wanted to blow me, but we ended up banging anyway.


  4. #52

    Pointe-Noire: Elvina & Sarah

    As I was having dinner at Le Carnivore, Elvina inquired where I was. As on Saturday night, she showed up a few minutes later. After dinner, we retired to my nearby room. But Elvina wasn't a hooker and was playing hard to get. She did love being photographed, though. After the photo shoot, Elvina had to hurry home to avoid getting caught by her overprotective daddy.

    Chatham House was closed for Whit Monday, a holiday in Congo. Nearby Le Zanzi was open, so I decided to check the place out. Le Zanzi is much smaller than Chatham House, and not nearly as modern, but beers are cheaper (2000 CFA).

    I was mobbed as soon as I walked in. I escaped by saying hello to 2 old flames, both of which were sporting new hairstyles. Mamita, with long dreadlocks on Saturday, now had short, boyish hair. Teresa had traded in her wig for natural hair with a ponytail. While chatting with them, I had my eye on the cutie hiding by the A/C unit. Sarah had an exquisite face and was wearing a see-through top showcasing her spectacular tits. By far the most provocative outfit I spotted in Pointe-Noire!

    Sarah & I hit it off straight away. Back in my room, Sarah's behavior was a little weird. She wouldn't shower together, and emerged from the shower with a towel around her waist – showing her tits, but hiding her legs. She insisted on banging with minimal light. In short, I never saw the ugly marks on her legs she must have been hiding. That doesn't mean she wasn't a great performer, though. Sarah was sweet & passionate. After a great BBBJ, we banged each other's brains out.


  5. #51

    Pointe-Noire: Aïcha

    Aïcha was a Badoo girl I'd been chatting with before my trip. She had a fever when I arrived in Pointe-Noire, but was now ready to hook up. We met as I was having dinner at Le Carnivore. Aïcha was as pretty as her photos suggested. After dinner, we headed straight to my hotel.

    Aïcha liked to model. She used my razor to shave her pussy, then washed her big, white baby. After licking her cleanly-shaven pussy got her soaking wet, Aïcha looked deep into my eyes as she lowered her hungry snatch onto my erection. Sans condom! Aïcha was visibly enjoying herself as she rode me like a tigress in heat. Inevitably, she got cum-sprayed.

    Aïcha asked if she could spend the night. She was welcome to! When we woke up, she was quick to initiate another roll in the hay. Aïcha had made it clear she wasn't a hooker, though she happily accepted my donation. The problem with regular girls is that they tend to get clingy. Aïcha wanted to see me again the next night. She was already making plans for the weekend. While Aïcha was wonderfully sweet, I'm a natural born butterfly.

    During the afternoon, I noticed my phone charger cable was missing. I looked all over my room, but couldn't find the damn cable. As it turned out, Aïcha had taken my cable "by mistake". I was convinced it was a ploy to ensure a return visit, and would make sure her plan backfired. I told Aïcha my phone battery was dying, and I needed my cable ASAP. Aïcha was doing her sister's dreadlocks at the time. Even though I urged Aïcha to come straight away, it took 2 hours before she arrived. By prioritizing her sister's dreadlocks over me, Aïcha unwittingly provided me the perfect excuse to feign anger and dump her.


  6. #50

    Pointe-Noire: Marinela

    The next night in Chatham House, I hooked up with cutie-pie Marinela from Angola. Like Teresa, she spoke passable French, though I took the opportunity to practice my limited Portuguese as well. Also like Teresa, she agreed to spend the night. Marinela was a photogenic girl who liked to model. She also loved to have her pussy licked and enthusiastically rode my dick, as I gazed at her pretty face and grabbed her round bunda.

    I wasn't so happy when Marinela woke me up early morning, already fully dressed, announcing she had to leave. Still sleepy, I was disappointed at not getting a 2nd round, but I gave her the agreed upon amount anyway. Marinela suddenly claimed we'd agreed on 50000 CFA, when the actual deal was for 30000 CFA. I'd said it in Portuguese (trinta mil) and had stuck up 3 fingers to make it crystal clear. When Marinela refused to leave unless I gave her 50000 CFA, I called the security guard. When Marinela tried to stop me, I managed to get her out of my room, into the hallway. The security guard escorted her out.

    I'd read reports about girls changing the price afterwards. The bad news is that it does indeed happen. The good news is that it doesn't happen very often. I only experienced one rotten apple out of 12 girls.


  7. #49

    Pointe-Noire: Elvina

    After 2 dates with Elvina, I had plenty of pretty pictures of her, but hadn't banged her yet. An optimist might say the job was half done. Elvina wasn't allowed to go out much. She still lived with her parents, who treated her like a child, even though she was an adult. I called her daddy's prisoner. Ironically, things changed when daddy went to prison. Some complicated story about using a customer's tires without permission. Elvina needed money. I wanted her sweet pussy.

    With a super slender body, Elvina looked great dressed. With a huge pair of hooters, she looked even more amazing naked. The huge rack on her small frame made Elvina a true ebony goddess. I wanted to suckle on those big boobs like a newborn baby, but the twins were ticklish. Her pussy & clit loved my tongue's caresses, though. Elvina had previously told me she was an expert blowjobber, and she wasn't exaggerating. The sloppy BBBJ with plenty of deep throat action was masterful.

    Elvina warned me she had a tiny snatch, so I gently inched deeper & deeper inside her. Elvina may have been inexperienced, but she knew how to get her kicks. She bumped & grinded my dick in various positions until she reached the big O.


  8. #48

    Pointe-Noire: Andrea

    After the afternoon romp with Elvina, I decided to check out Platinium at night. It's a new, modern club on the corner of Avenue Barthélémy Boganda and Rue Libóka. Beers cost 2000 CFA. You may also wanna check out New York Club, a brand new club on the same street that wasn't open yet at the time of my visit, but would be opening soon.

    In Platinium, a girl who wasn't my type soon hit on me, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Another girl was after me as well. I was soon getting double-tagged, with 2 girls grabbing my balls. Even though I didn't get a moment's peace and didn't meet my dream girl, it was all good fun.

    I returned to my usual stomping ground, Chatham House. I liked a curly haired petite cutie, but she was best friends with old flame Sarah, which made it difficult to approach her. When I finally did have a chat with Alicia, Sarah dragged her onto the dance floor, after which Alicia went AWOL.

    At closing time, I was still solo, but there were cuties waiting for me outside. Andrea was tall & slim, with luscious BJ lips. She would be my queen for the night. In my room, Andrea immediately took her white jeans off, and modeled what looked to be a white swimsuit. Sexy!

    Andrea put her BJ lips to excellent use, pounded my dick hard, and held me ever so tight as I was drilling her. Another wonderful girl!


  9. #47

    Pointe-Noire: Mirna

    The next day, I decided to check out Chez Aimé. Ignore both Google maps locations. It's on Boulevard du Général Charles de Gaulle, right across the street from Le Kactus. You can't miss it. It has lights in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Most girls still call it Masters (Club). There's actually a sign with that name at the old entrance, a couple of buildings down the street. After walking down a long corridor, you enter an old, yet very popular bar/club, with a small dance floor and pool tables at the back. Chez Aimé has the cheapest drinks in town. Small beers cost a mere 1000 CFA, while big beers cost 1500 CFA.

    While other clubs only get going well after midnight, Chez Aimé already attracts a good crowd in the evening (from 10 PM, maybe even earlier). It's a damn shame I only discovered Chez Aimé near the end of my trip. Knowing what I know now, I would have been there every single night.

    A couple of girls I'd previously spotted at Le Kactus were all over me, but I had my eye on a cutie with black & blonde hair sitting nearby. Mirna had a light complexion and Chinese eyes, giving her an exotic look. After dancing with Mirna, I invited her to my room.

    Despite the tiny eyes, Mirna was a photogenic model. As I was cooling down after the shower, Mirna was quick to suck my dick like a lollipop. She loved it when I reciprocated, then proceeded to fuck me silly. As Mirna was encouraging me to fuck her harder, my juices flowed.


  10. #46

    Pointe-Noire: Julhia

    Last Saturday, a beauty sitting right across the bar had caught my eye. She was also staring at me, to the point where it annoyed my date, Elvina. Exactly a week later, the exact same girl was in the exact same spot. While she wore a black wig & blue dress last week, she was now a blonde in a pink dress. Julhia's light complexion and European facial features were explained by the fact she was métisse. Her mother was from Kinshasa, DR Congo. Her father was a Portuguese guy working in Angola. As we swayed to the music, Julhia was soon kissing me. As she rubbed her sexy ass in my crotch, Julhia could feel my rock hard dick. She liked that!

    Julhia had a super sexy little body, with pert titties. After getting Julhia nice & wet, my dick naturally slid inside as we were French kissing. While on top, Julhia was maneuvering her lithe little body for maximum pleasure. Julhia was moaning as she held me tight when I violently exploded & she got cum-sprayed. Julhia was sleepy, so I suggested she spend the night. As soon as we woke up, Julhia got on top and stuffed my erection inside her pleasure cave.


  11. #45

    Pointe-Noire: Merveille

    Surveying the selection at Chez Aimé, I identified 2 targets. A cutie with black & brown hair went to the toilet, than disappeared. A girl wearing an orange outfit was playing pool with another white guy. As I sat down in a quiet corner to avoid unwanted attention from undesirable specimens, the orange girl found me.

    With 100+ pictures, Merveille was my #1 model in Pointe-Noire. She excelled in other areas as well. After a great BBBJ, my dick slid inside her as she got on top. After a long & passionate fuck, my aim was true as my spunk hit Merveille right in the face.


  12. #44

    Pointe-Noire: Jennifer

    As I walked along the long corridor to Chez Aimé, I spotted the girl with black & brown hair I'd missed out on the night before. Once again, Jenny was making an early exit. I didn't even have a beer on my final night in Pointe-Noire!

    Photogenic Jenny with the BJ lips liked to model. She also loved having her sweet pussy licked. It really turned me on when she made sexy eyes at me while sucking my dick. I simply adored French kissing those luscious lips. After plenty of foreplay with this total sweetie, I had a great final bang.


  13. #43

    Pointe-Noire: Observations

    ST vs. LT

    Most girls in Pointe-Noire prefer ST encounters. That doesn't mean they'll be in a hurry to leave, but they'll go home before sunrise. The girls most likely to spend the night are the non-pros and foreign girls (from Angola).


    When you ask a Pointe-Noire girl how much she wants, 2 things can happen. If she's a pro, expect a long pause, followed by a request for an unrealistic amount of money (like 50000 or 60000 CFA). If the girl doesn't consider herself a pro, she won't want to discuss money at all. Julhia, for instance, told me her mother taught her never to ask men for money. She should simply wait until they gave her money.

    The best approach is to simply tell girls how much you'll give them. After inquiring whether they would spend the night, I'd offer the girls 20000 CFA ST or 30000 CFA LT. Most girls will accept that. Some will ask for a little extra.


    Most hotels in Pointe-Noire are damn expensive. Atlas Hotel has its shortcomings, but is by far the most affordable option, and has a perfect location to boot. The hotel requires the girls' ID, but the receptionists are flexible with girls not carrying ID. Beware if your hotel has a stricter policy, as most girls don't carry ID.


    Don't let the lack of reports fool you. Pointe-Noire is alive & kicking! There are plenty of cuties on offer any night of the week. The true pros will be on the prowl most nights. The semi-pros go out when they need cash, which means there's a constant influx of new talent. Even the non-pros are easy to seduce. Beware, even if the girl doesn't consider herself to be a hooker, she'll still expect a parting gift.

    A white man in Pointe-Noire is hunted like an animal. You'll feel like a rock star! The girls provide excellent service. I truly had a blast in Pointe-Noire!


  14. #42

    The Democratic Republic of Congo vs. The Republic of Congo

    The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo are 2 different countries. The DRC is the bigger country. It was a former Belgian colony and used to be called Zaire until the 1990's, I think. Its capital is Kinshasa. The Republic of Congo is smaller. It used to be a French colony and its capital is Brazzaville.

  15. #41

    Pointe Noire

    I accompanied a journalist / camera crew to the airport where the police gave the driver a hard time. At the airport, I noticed a number of very attractive ladies and one in particular caught my eye. She was wearing some nice tight pinkish pants, high heels, and she was the complete package. Too bad she was with a number of other ROC guys and the police were giving my driver a hard time so not a good time to snap any photos. Later, I observed a lot of tall and short slim attractive ladies around Pointe Noire. So the next day, I planned to hit the night clubs and have a bit of fun. I had a helper reserve me a room at Atlantic Palace Hotel and went out around midnight. The club (I don't know the name but could find it if I visit again) was jumping and I must say it was the best club I have been to in all of Africa, and that is taking into account clubs in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Togo, Malawi, Senegal and Sierra Leone. This club was packed with a variety of beautiful women, most of them dark or medium complexion. Some were tall, slim and leggy wearing nice high heels while others were shorter, slim and very attractive. There were also some that were average bodied but still pretty and even a few big girls. I opted for the average body since I knew the ones wearing the dynamite mini dresses and tight pants were the pros or were highly contested by the other foreigners. I just wanted a simple relaxing night. It was nice to watch the scenery!

    I bagged Panal, and she was a nice enough girl at the club and during the initial action back at my room. Her puss was dry so I lubed it up. I also accidentally went anal with her. The next morning, she was not happy with the 10K CFA I handed her, so I had to get an additional 10K CFA to please her.

    Pointe Noire is a definite revisit for me as it features good restaurants, nice beaches, nice hotels, built up infrastructure near the port, and beautiful women. The only downside is the expense of the entry visa ($200 for a 30 day visa) , the expense of airfare (Air France, need I say more! Way more expensive than KLM) , and the corrupt police.

    I will consider revisiting Pointe Noire on my own terms.

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