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Thread: Democratic Republic of the Congo

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    Quote Originally Posted by James02  [View Original Post]
    I checked the DR of Congo out and it said it was the world poorest country.

    So why so expensive?
    Almost everything must be imported. They don't even have a own Coca Cola production.

    Companies need a import-license, which is cheap but the corruption makes it expensive. Once a company has a import license, for example for coke, this company is the only company which is allowed to import it and then this company starts to exploit the monopole and also pays their contribution to the local politicians and officials.

    The import-license or business-license system is widely spread in all Africa, because it feeds the local politicians and officials. That's the reason, why many things are so expensive in these poor countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westcoast1951  [View Original Post]
    Stayed the other night in the Hotel Cosmopolite in Lubumbashi in the Katanga Province (south) of the DRC. The hotel was expensive (US$ 150 / night single) but everything is expensive here. A steak and chips at a restaurant was $32, coke for $2. Pick up a girl from the street for $40 for a short time and the service was not great but I was horny as hell. A problem is the language ( mostly French) for a foreigner. No probem from the hotel to bring the girl in for a short time.
    I checked the DR of Congo out and it said it was the world poorest country.

    So why so expensive?

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    Hi there,

    Will be in Kinshasa Jan 2014.

    Need some help with action



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    DRC Kinshasa

    I will be in Kinshasa soon and I heard they have plenty of hot half cast girls over there. If you guys know some of these hot half cast girls. Please feel free to help a brotha out and share their contact info by pm!


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    Boma DRC

    I went on a daytime tour of Boma and at the end we passed this lady sitting under an umbrella beside a copy machine. She was wearing a yellow tank top and brown cotton pants and had a pretty face. The photographer in our group snapped a few shots of her and I did the same after he was finished. Later that day, we saw her again and she recognized us. I showed her the photos I took of her and she was happy. She said she wanted to have my number, but I didn't have my phone on me nor had I obtained a local SIM yet, so I asked for her number. She gave it to me and later when I obtained the SIM, I texted her. I called her the next day only to find out my text likely did not go through. It took me a few tries of changing the number, but finally, I was successful in reaching her. I arranged to meet her in the afternoon of the last day there. After a few phone calls and me passing the phone to fluent French speakers, she joined me at Le Parisean. She was a bit dusty and had sand over parts of her skin as that is how the dust is in Boma. After a drink, she told me via my French speaking colleague that she wanted me to go home with her. So I did and she got cleaned up. As we were going, she pointed out different things and would say, 'This is Boma. ' She also introduced me to a number of people she knew and lived around. She had asked me to give her my phone, but I obviously could not do that. We had dinner at a local hotel restaurant that cost 26, 000DFCA. Then I suggested I go back home with her, but as we were heading to catch a taxi, I thought it best if I stayed within close walking distance of the port. So I suggested we go to a hotel. The first one we checked was fully booked so we went to the one where we had eaten dinner and got a room for $75USD. Not the best hotel but suitable for the situation. We got undressed and she kissed me and then went down and gave me head even though I was quite sweaty. So I stopped her and we hit the shower. I knew she was clean but I did it more for my own comfort of my own tail being clean. She had a bit of hair on her puss and under her arms but was quite clean. Then she resumed the BBBJ and then I came up and entered her. I pulled out to let cum spurt on bed and continued. Repeat. Then for the third time, I just let it go up inside of her. We got cleaned up and went to sleep as it was about 10PM. I set my alarm for 0100, but I awoke before it went off and since my dick was hard, I roused her and we went at it again, with me busting my nut deep inside of her. My alarm went off and I told her I had to go back to the port for work. She was not happy but she let me go. This is Boma!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxesHunter  [View Original Post]

    I'm noticing here uou talk about Kinshasa. I need talk about Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire towns. I don't see any Republic of Congo with Brazzaville capital here.

    May be in this forum is not there Republic of Congo Brazzaville?


    The forum for ROC which has Brazzaville and Pointe Noire is further down in the Central Africa forum. Last post was in January 2013. DRC has Kinshasa.

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    Is there Republic of Congo Brazzaville in this forum?


    I'm noticing here uou talk about Kinshasa. I need talk about Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire towns. I don't see any Republic of Congo with Brazzaville capital here.

    May be in this forum is not there Republic of Congo Brazzaville?


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    Hi all,

    Will be in lubumbashi for few days next week, is there any nice place to pick nice girl or contact of one? What are the price there?


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    Trying to eliminate my post.

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    One excellent address in Kinshasa : 3615!

    One excellent girl = Solange. I can provide contact details in mp.

    You won't regret, she's gorgeous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodknee  [View Original Post]
    Heading to DRC.

    Any updates?
    My two-pence worth observations:

    A) The girls in Mambo were hot. I had my eyes on this fabulous lass, unfortunately she was already hooked on by another customer.

    Be) Have seen the Av Justice girls. They are trouble. Best avoid them.

    See) There are some classy ones also in the Ambassador. Will pick up one and post my experience

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    A scam? 100% yessssss!

    Still wondering why a guy with 4 posts history comes here to tell his sad story.

    Maybe to' find a partner in his great stunning financial adventure. Maybe the he is the scam, not the friend he partnered with.

    It is nearly two decades the world is flooded by unique money-making opportunities coming from Nigeria. I, myself, got at least 10 of them.

    How people believes them goes beyond my understanding.

    I do understand, tho', how these scams keep on regularly showing up: there must be a good and solid pack of 'believers'. So the market is alive and kicking.

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    Oldest scam in the world

    The moment you go anywhere with the money your life is forfeit.

    Quote Originally Posted by BKKoneluv  [View Original Post]
    I am a Korean American living in Seoul, Korea. About a year ago, it came to my attention that there was money to be made in Africa. After some time, I was introduced to a businesswoman in DPRC from a Nigerian friend I have befriended when was studying in Chicago. I sent her about $20, 000 in total to establish her company so that she can legally export gold from DPRC to my company in Korea. Now, it has been 10 months. Obviously, it didn't turn out as what I have expected.

    I knew that this was a risky venture so I ended up not giving her any money to purchase our first shipment of our gold. With the export license and the contract between my company and her company, we were able to get a loan from Raw Bank and Eco Bank to buy 1 kilogram of gold. However, the loan turned out to be just enough to buy 650 grams. This whole process took 10 months. I don't think I am getting scammed because she is a good friend of my good friend. Also, I have all of her personal information including our export license, her passport copy, her business registration papers, her Visa to Korea documents, etc.

    I have couple of questions for the pros. Do you think that I am getting scammed? She told me that the gold price in Goma for 1 kilogram is around $25, 000. Is this really the price or is too damn low? My life is on the line. It would be great if someone could share his or her insight of the gold prices in Kinshasa and Goma. Do you guys think that I am chasing after something that is not real? Or, do you guys think that it is possible to make a fortune by buying gold at a cheap price and selling it back in Dubai or Korea at an international gold rate?

    After some thoughts, I have decided to visit Kinshasa early November. I have told my partner that I will go to Kinshasa and get the 650 grams from her and purchase 350 grams to make our first kilogram. If this process goes well, I am going to invest more money so that we can move more weight in the future. Bono once said that "idealism detached from action is just a dream." To me, the meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. I hope that the upcoming trip doesn't end up being the opposite of what I have hoped to achieve.

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    25,000 a kg for gold? IF IT IS GOLD, it is probably less than 60 pure. That's a big IF. Most likely a big scam. Have heard of buyers purchasing smaller amounts. The seller(s) came through a few times. When the amount and of course the money put down was substantial - the gold never showed. Seller never seen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zircon
    Why r u posting this one here? Did you not already post it elsewhere and people basically think you are nuts? If you go over there, you can be killed if they think you have money on you or can git it. Stay home.
    I think he realised he'd been scammed before he even wrote this crap..

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